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(140.13 KB 800x533 beaver.jpg)
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(1.14 MB 1844x2214 on confederation.png)
Beaver Anon Archive Anonymous 01/31/2021 (Sun) 09:39:17 ID:337347 No. 1194 [Reply] [Last]
Does ny one else remember Beaver Anon? He was one namefag who was more fascist-faggot than gay-faggot and thus worthy and respected on infinity. Here is an honorary dump in respect to the knowledge base curated and well known to the hivemind once upon a time. Again the time has come to restore the clarity of the reflection of what has been, and been great.
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(999.57 KB 1916x1166 on equal opportunities.png)
(361.60 KB 1274x778 on free speech.png)
(753.06 KB 1839x1123 on immigration.png)
(1.61 MB 1912x2611 on justice.png)
(752.67 KB 1274x1184 on language.png)
(712.58 KB 1903x1586 on money.jpg)
(1.58 MB 2218x1814 on morality.png)
(513.26 KB 1088x790 on multiculturalism.png)
(994.50 KB 947x2359 on nations.png)
(963.43 KB 1448x1122 on power.png)
(963.43 KB 1448x1122 on powerful men.png)
(1.36 MB 1898x1364 on propaganda.png)
(1.55 MB 1902x2054 on Quebec separation.png)
(908.33 KB 1875x1777 on revolution.png)
(353.11 KB 1486x1070 on rights.jpg)
(1.56 MB 1896x1752 on self-suffiency.png)
(781.33 KB 1903x1542 on statistics.png)
(494.19 KB 1518x839 on the media.png)
(747.86 KB 1394x1350 on unions.png)
(369.97 KB 915x1161 on violence.png)

Esoteric Cultural Implications & Ramifications: Connecting to, Reaping, & Cultivating the Hivemind Edition Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 22:59:45 No. 296 [Reply] [Last]
Lets /culture/ this place up a bit. Time for a refresher course in history, ancient history, and how the old one's have reached out to us, and how we, became aware of & greeted their invitation. How all this "esoteric" stuff is not just irrelevant red herrings inapplicable or unrelated to the world, matter, and present day events, politics & social structure. However before one can grasp such a cosmic view there is much understanding that provides necessary context to possibly put these effects into an intellectual framework that one may comprehend and work with to practical and potential goals. So please bear with me, put your reading glasses on, and patience if you will -- there is much to come.
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Does everyone have a soul Or must it be honed ? Can you loose it ? Where are the differences between etheric body/ aura and the spirit and the soul? What about the ending of the Kali yoga coming close? Thanks op
>>889 >Does everyone have a soul A soul is nonphysical energy field belonging to living beings, comprised of etheric and astral components. It allows Spirit to interface with the physical body. The soul can exist apart from the physical body, and even apart from Spirit. Just by itself, the soul is equivalent to a thoughtform. Compared to the spirit, which is the core of individualized consciousness within oneself, which survives death and rebirth and can continue growing in its complexity and intensity through numerous physical forms. It is the godspark that eventually achieves congruency and unity with God. Spirit is most developed in the Higher Self, and the two are essentially synonymous. Spirit is also the true source of freewill, empathy, and wisdom. >Or must it be honed? As one does that they grow up the meta-evolutionary of vessels, from minerals, to basic plants, to trees and more complex plants, basic animals, to complex multi-cellular ones, and within the slice of the spectrum of hominoids, from niggers, to chinks, to aryans, and then beyond into life composed of pure light existing on subtle levels beyond typical earth-like notions of worlds. >Can you loose it? There is a certain amount of energy that your spirit transmits into the soul every moment, how that power is used in the moment is up to you & the inertia directing/focusing that power is also up to you, however for many the attunement vector of said energy (over time) is mostly semiconscious or even unconscious. >Where are the differences between etheric body/aura and the spirit and the soul? <(A)etheric Lifeforce energy that also serves as the “source code” of physical reality. It is a subtle energy scaffolding that mirrors, permeates, and surrounds physical matter and lifeforms. Changes to the etheric create corresponding changes in the physical. In biological applications, the physical body is regulated, shaped, and vivified by formations, patterns, rhythms, inertias, currents, and structures in the accompanying etheric body.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

[2/2] >>889 >What about the ending of the Kali yoga coming close? There is a grand multitude of astrological systems and many of them disagree, so even despite much research, I can not speak definitively about it. What I can say with a degree of certainty is that there are many cycles, and cycles within cycles, that we are at a critical juncture right now and that said juncture is starting to erode the very basis of what we thought time was (a solid thing) and time streams/lines are diverging, branching, and folding through each other. By focusing out intentions and energies we can chose where we go/what manifests in our realm -- for the unconscious ones they will be drawn into the time streams of the conscious one's and as a log is carried by the current, they know no else but what sounds them, ever unconscious of the greater currents and undercurrents of the sea. By pooling our consciousness, we, the collective, can create massively impactful changes upon entire worlds. The only further more that I can say is, as within so without, so the more people that awaken the more we can exponentially shift our collective realm/world into our (perfect) image.
>>889 The way I have taken to believe is to look at the "freedom of choice" when it comes to a person. If your body gives yourself information, there is an automatic (or very nearly automatic) process of sorting what options you have available. If one is not chosen then it will go through automatically. How much choice you have over these options is something that is ingrained in you and also can be trained. It can be difficult to remember just how many nearly infinite potential decisions you have at any given moment is.
(11.11 KB 336x441 c64.jpg)

(678.42 KB 810x458 resim_2021-01-26_041036.png)
Turks traditional food Anonymous 01/26/2021 (Tue) 01:11:23 ID:06fa82 No. 1176 [Reply] [Last]
its adana kebab

(13.30 KB 474x266 download.jpg)
Inner Voice Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 15:38:16 No. 1177 [Reply] [Last]
Is anybody aware of any studies that show what percentage of people are capable of internal dialogue or people who think like that regularly? I'd be interested to know if certain demographics had disproportionate amounts of people capable of having an inner monologue/dialogue.
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>>1179 I think the guy in the first clip sounds somewhat right. I don't know though. People have to be able to both visualize and have inner speech. They way these people are talking about it makes it seem like there is no middle ground.
>>1180 Agree. While I can say my inner dialog is really strong, that's not to say that cant internalize images on occasion, perhaps some people think in images more often. Would guess maybe more so with a younger generation that grew up saturated with time spent in front of youtube vids and flatscreens. Perhaps a child that spent the first two years with an iPad would be different than a kid that spent the same time playing with toys and imaginary friends. Later in life, the iPad kid might by more the visual type learner/thinker Guy in first clip is Russell T Hurlburt Ph.D., same guy from >>1179 psychologytoday post
95%? I've asked this before and never talked to someone without an internal dialogue.
>>1182 Yeah, like I said I think 25% (again, survey that started this meme was of 30 college students) was complete bs, unless your deaf or on the spectrum, there is a voice in your head.
I imagine if you include Bantu people or Aborigines you'll varying results, just look at their language dictionaries and behaviors. My hypothesis is that people, like computers, have different grade hardware for processing and memory. Similar to IQ and brain size.

(139.45 KB 640x960 Shakshuka-with-Feta-6.jpg)
Favorite Breakfast? Aboodymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 16:18:01 ID:09c829 No. 1048 [Reply] [Last]
Mine is Shakshuka as i am glorious kebab boy
english breakfast for me
classic bacon and eggs :)

(330.68 KB 1280x720 saturn.png)
Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 07:43:15 No. 1124 [Reply] [Last]
>Jews worship saturn >Islam worship saturn >nazis subconciously worshipped saturn jesusbros where do we go from here? >inb4 estrology pic related all our signs were in saturn ruled house before 2020
(75.18 KB 405x671 1456191377672.jpg)
(4.26 MB 640x360 1602914696118.webm)
(892.25 KB 4744x1780 1392289056956.png)
(2.00 MB 400x354 1570054753945.gif)
(3.91 MB 720x480 test077.webm)
Get a brain because it's no so simple. There are both benefic and malefic aspects. The real problem is the imbalance, though these kinds of problems are for magical adepts not mundane plebs whom know not the mysteries. If you are serious then start by doing 7 years of research and then another 7 living it out. Then maybe your input can be more than a short and petty cry for deliverance whilst spouting the most unenlightened profane interpertations of things, seeking approval of such an idea, and then assuming others will just spoonfeed you everything needed for YourRevolution(tm). Kindly, read a book nigger http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=5D1B0B249BA460426F34865DFE4C1C09 Saturn is about persistence, discipline, foundation, efficiency over grand cycles, and the support of ageless truth. However most folk, even the overwhelming majority of would-be sorcerers and shamans petition deities/forces as though they are outside themselves, fundamentally misunderstanding we are constructed of them, and they live within us, beneath the threshold of consciousness, and thus we are they, in part, and thus the more attunement we an achieve the more of that virtue, excellence or divine harmony one, as a priest thereof, could wield. The planets are each their own essence. That is it's own mystery. Then once you master that (or get some real intuitive competency) then you are fit to study and learn their relations to each other, by angles/angel they relate to each other, and create geometries between each other. But that's not really babdies first astrology lesson stuff, and this is quite enough spoon feeding.

(212.07 KB 1280x720 question.jpg)
Question about occult symbolism in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Also general symbolism in media thread. Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 07:47:11 ID:2fcbd9 No. 1129 [Reply] [Last]
Watched the show a long time ago, recently rewatched it and in the intro montage, noticed very obvious references to the Tree of Life (pic related) and other symbols. As far as I can tell the symbolism doesn't tie into anything that happens in the show, but I am only about 10 episodes into the rewatch so maybe its too early. Or maybe I'm a retarded brainlet.
>>1129 Hit send too early, question is what is the meaning/purpose of that in relation to the anime? Also if there are other questions or examples of symbolism in media, this thread is the place.

(3.43 MB 3445x1882 external-content.duckduckgo.jpg)
Gardening Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 03:41:50 No. 4 [Reply] [Last]
GARDENING THREAD I'll start: >be me >constantly complaining to the people I live with about how the food we eat is poisoned with fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and who knows else >the gods sent me an idea >go to farmer's market >buy one of 30 kinds of fruits/vegetables >go to garden, make 30 holes and plant 30 fruits/vegetables whole so that the non-seed part works as a natural fertilizer >spend the rest of the day killing the grass with my shovel >2 months later, about half of the plants failed to grow, have like 15 plants growing out of the ground. >3 months later eat my first meal that isn't poisoned (because I fertlized the plants with compost from leftovers instead of stupid chemicals) >my eyes instantly turn blue and my hair turns blond
11 posts and 6 images omitted.
Realistically if I wanted to eat spinach every day, for gains of course, how many plants am I going to need for say half a year of eating a meal of spinach a day?
>spinachman I don't know the exact answer but it really depends on how much per meal you're going to eat probably. as a rough estimate I would think maybe 15 plants in a 3x5 grid with about 18 inch spacing in between them. Not sure exactly about spinach and your area, but my kale plant has turned into an absolute UNIT and is now like a cubic foot all by itself. it's a perennial in my frost-free zone so I just keep stealing leaves from it about 1x per week and it keeps me satisfied and manages to keep producing. some kale plants that i put in a little container but never harvested at all are now starting to bloom (about 12 months after initial planting). The bigg plant I harvest leaves off of still hasn't bloomed. I've had bad luck with weeds outcompeting food seeds and birds in my area so even though things are super fertile here I still prefer to start them indoors in a mini-greenhouse and transplanting them when they are recognizably big and it's easy to weed around them. Those are my two cents. I also bought a bunch of spinach and kale seeds this year when the supermarkets got cleaned out and it looked like we might be doing the Bad Thing
What successes have you all had with mulching? I'm looking at some modified Ruth Stout methods of mulching.
was too much gay shit going onto focus on the garden during the critical months of february and march. beans coming up very well, also grape vine has just exploded in growth from where it was last year. thank you ben shapiro very cool
>>4 fren what books?

(31.14 KB 500x318 perseus-medusa.jpg)
(148.76 KB 484x364 snake.jpg)
(284.57 KB 720x409 snake-swastika.png)
(79.15 KB 480x474 Swastika Snakes.jpg)
Conflicting Interpretations on Serpents Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 03:26:14 ID:a1b404 No. 589 [Reply] [Last]
Through-out Indo-European/Aryan civilizations, mainly from the Northern territories all the way to Mesopotamia, there are depictions of serpents in both ancient relics as well as various forms of art. However, this particular sacred depiction of the critter obviously contradicts the NSDAP's propaganda. If the National Socialists regarded the jew as a snake of sorts (I personally prefer the term "rat"), then why have serpents been depicted in unison with the swastika long ago, among other things? What exactly am I missing here? Forgive my apparent lazyness, but I doubt this specific answer I'm looking for is easily found. I'm not very resourceful and have trouble trusting sources in regards to kikes for obvious reasons.
24 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>598 Jörmungandr represents endless and self-destructive consumption. It is poisonous. You could, I guess, liken it to Capitalism and how the Earth itself is being polluted and destroyed this way. Thör represented the people and their crops among other things, so it makes sense that he faces what destroys the source of life of the people and pollutes the lands. Nidhögg is quite a negative creature, but after the war, in some versions of the Edda it unites with the general regal power (unnamed eagle) and even flies away. Creatures being negative do not mean that the species they belong to is to be seen negatively. Odinn has his own two wolves Gerri and Freki, tamed, but gets killed by an untamed and power hungry gigantic wolf, Fenrir. Potentially negative forces become useful and positive once subdued and put under the control of wisdom and solar powers.
>>590 The caduceus is nigger too (actually double nigger), right?
>>589 Bump
>>589 Short answer: The snake represents the sine wave, pure frequency from the creator. This is its esoteric significance and why it is revered in this school of thought. Shiva has the cobra around his neck, the Buddha was covered by the cobra from rain as he meditated, the naga is 7 headed cobra etc. Read this: Esoteric Meaning Of The Black Sun https://esotericawakening.com/esoteric-meaning-of-the-black-sun In its exoteric sense Christurds think it is evil because of the whole bible temptation story. A "snake in the grass" represents hidden danger, you can't see a snake in the grass and it can strike you unseen and kill you. Also calling someone a snake has the connotation they are a cold blooded reptile. Like all words it depends on the context in which it is being used and the audience
>>589 Buddhism and Hindu is not "niggery". You are a retard

>>923 >5 minutes >8mb Why tf>>923
>>1016 That's a cool Columbine remix anon
(7.20 MB 08 - sky high.mp3)
~Feeling good~


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