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(723.81 KB 900x1350 Louis Riel - Chester Brown.jpg)
Comix General Anonymous 09/12/2020 (Sat) 09:35:55 ID:ebf7a9 No. 1010
16chan Approved books only. No degenime, No capeshit, No 'toons, Nothing by Rick Geary.
(142.92 KB 490x616 R Crumb - Old Testament.jpg)
https://libgen.lc/comics/seriestable.php?series_hash=1bb17945e30892c79513669bd9a3c095 The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R.Crumb This is a truly seminal work from the legendary arch degenerate hisself, when you read this you begin to understand what a masterwork from a master artist is. He took the contract and got $100 000 for it, it took him 5 years. Behold its glory, marvel at its verve, its chiaroscuro. It is a pinnacle work of the comix medium
(7.83 KB 225x225 sumatra pdf reader.jpg)
(20.57 KB 472x237 Libgen rus ec.jpg)
You can get comix from libgen.rus.ec the file type is .cbr or .cbx Sumatra will open them, or get yourself a .cbr reader.
(10.05 KB 196x293 louis riel chester brown.jpg)
https://libgen.lc/comics/seriestable.php?series_hash=1e37fd57311ab1d8fe63d561f36fcaaf Louis Riel is not Chester Brown's only readable book but its close, His other one is 'Paying For It', an autobiography. His early work is wonderful art but schizophrenic writing. Fortunately for us he grew out of it and has made these two entertaining and amazing works. Louis Riel seems like a scam with the panels often being largely the same save for minor differences, but they break new ground in comic art for me at least thus making Louis Riel truly cutting edge modern art, of which comix are the only legitimate form thereof. Down with modernism. Autobiographical comics are always puke city but not in the case of Paying For It, which is truly an inspirational book and look into the life of a unique person. Check out the photo portraits of Brown hisself. Amazing. https://libgen.lc/comics/index.php?s=paying+for+it&res=25&sorted=0&mask=0&show=0
Joe Sacco - Footnotes in Gaza http://booksdl.org/comics0/_NON_ENG_ORIG/F/Footnotes%20In%20Gaza%2C%20by%20Joe%20Sacco%20HB%20c/ A staggering work by a colossus in the medium, I believe Joe Sacco was the originator of comic book journalism. Footnotes in Gaza is Sacco's magnum opus where he returns to Palestine for the last time and positively owns the history of an early massacre and brutalizaton of the palestinians by the occuping zionist forces. I was shocked at the magnitude of the largely suppressed crime against humanity occurring in 1956, and this is on top of being familiar with his other works covering palestine and the civil war in the balkans. Check out 'Safe Area Gorazde', another phenomenal work that blends top tier journalism with technical mastery of the medium


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