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卐 LUCIFERIAN HITLERISM 卐 - ϟϟ ******** ϟϟ Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 23:46:23 ID:0c363c No. 74
In Judaism the god Satan is the enemy of Yahweh, the god of the Jews. The Hebrew name ‘Satan’ literally means Enemy, the Adversary, the Accuser etc. It is useful to think of Satan as the god of the Gentiles. According to the Jews Yahweh is the one true god and all the pagan gods of the Gentiles are false gods, idols. Collectively, all the heathen gods of the Gentiles could be described as ‘Satanic’ i.e. enemies of Yahweh and the Jewish people. This metaphysical dualism was inherited by the Jews disciples the Christians, who portrayed as ‘Satanic’ evil and demonic all the pagan gods of their enemies that they forcibly converted to Christianity or killed. The god of the Jews and the son of God Jesus became the only true God, and Jesus Christ’s enemy Satan the god that all the Pagans worshipped (including the Jews themselves, which creates the absurdity of the Jews being described as worshipping Satan, an absurdity that continues to this day. It is not Satan that the Jews worship but Yahweh!). To put things into proper perspective before the ‘transvaluation of values’ done by the Judeo-Christians, the Ancient World was pagan and polytheistic and the Jews cut themselves off from the people around them. They not only saw themselves as unique and the rest of mankind as goyim, but metaphysically they viewed themselves as having knowledge of the one true god, a monotheistic god whose chosen people they were, in contrast to the false polytheistic gods of the pagan goyim around them, who their god YHWH-JHVH had given them dominion over.
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>>91 >You cannot be a nationalist and a polytheist at the same time. That claim. Where the logic?
>>101 >i have nothing but stupid empty claims now grovel at the feet of my made up monogod goyim Let's not even get into the Monad, it's above your level nigger. To accept Satan, one has to accept the Abrahamic scriptures. Outside of them, no Satan. Begone with your filth!
>>106 >Remember, Revelation 3:9 says Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. You Jew no You Jew no You Jew no You Jew no You Jew no You Jew This jewcalling is tiring. Who would even want to claim being the true Jews? Sowing even more division, that's all it is. Don't fall for this shit dear autistic frens.
>>111 >I think he's also on Endchan and made some longwinded thread talking about Illuminati symbols in Nintendo games like a myopic faggot. Ha, you saw that insane bread too lel. Zelda was actually meant to be a very Christian-like tale/game, but from the perspective of the Japanese mind (Zen Buddhism and old paganism), that explains what we got. The moron can't stop seeing illuminatips when it's actually plenty of old symbols. Soon he'll say that Ganon/Satan is our fren too. See the similarities?
>>132 >as pagans go, they aren't very good about forming any kind of state They just happen to have done that for thousands of years before the (((Jebus Kult))), but don't let facts hinder you.
>>138 >Reagan also got the US out of a quagmire, not to the same degree but still, should we worship him? A ZOG country, reaping the fruits of destroying the rest of the Western World. Sure Reagan could put something up that looked good and shiny. But for real?
>>145 >Human sacrifice Kike sacrificed on a stick so we could eat his flesh each sunday for thousands of years. Yummy. >fornication It's called sex moron, it's necessary. Ask your parents. >piracy The fuck it has to do with paganism? Piracy was practiced by fucking Muslims. Yet they respect toe "books" and Issa (Yeshua).
>>236 Any decent White Man should read at least one of the three major books Klassen wrote.
>>250 Bro, please. I mocked the Srimad Bhagavatam, aka the Bhagavata Purana. That's a late product, it's largely Hindu, not Vedic. It contains the same Buddhist-like detachment skullduggery. Stick to the oldest material and you'll be safe.
>>321 There is One Truth and religions, to succeed, must coalesce around this Truth and incorporate it with the less alterations possible. Starting with the Laws of Nature.
>>336 >no wonder science cannot know the divine and supernatural It's a theist thing to think that the Divine is separated from Nature. This drags the mind into seeing Nature as godless, inferior, somehow sick, expandable, etc. 1. Any religion or teaching which denies the Natural Laws of the Universe is false. 2. Whatever People’s perception of God, or Gods, or the motive Force of the Universe might be, they can hardly deny that Nature’s Law are the work of, and therefore the intent of, that Force. 3. God and religion are distinct, separate and often conflicting concepts. Nature evidences the divine plan, for the natural world is the work of the force or the intelligence men call God. Religion is the creation of mortals, therefore predestined to fallibility. Religion may preserve or destroy a People, depending on the structure given by its progenitors, the motives of its agents and the vagaries of historical circumstances. 8. What men call the “super natural” is actually the “natural” not yet understood or revealed. David Lane, 88 Precepts
>>348 This document is implicitly theistic, and is actually an outgrowth of Christian natural theology of Aquinas
>>74 (continued) Also, to look at things through the false perspective of the Christians, Adolf Hitler is The Anti-Christ, or at least an Antichrist figure, as He is the polar opposite of Jesus Christ. National Socialism is the polar opposite of Christianity. The Swastika symbolizes the opposite value system to that of the Crucifix. The morality of the Hitler and the Swastika is as Nietzschean morality system, basically one where the Christian Evil is recognized as what is actually Good, and the Christian ‘good’ recognized as that which is evil and harmful to the Aryan race. “And whoever wants to be a creator in good and evil, must first be an annihilator and break values. Thus the highest evil belongs to the greatest goodness: but this is—being creative.” (Thus Spoke Zarathustra, II, 34.) It is also important that Nietzsche acted, through his character Zarathustra, as the Prophet of the Superman. He saw that his own people-Europeans, but more especially Germans, were in the process of becoming supermen and correctly stated the Superman would arise out of them. Arise he did in the form of the annihilator of Christianity and the creator of the New Order Adolf Hitler. It is also noteworthy that Nietzsche proclaimed himself as The Antichrist. As Nietzsche wrote in Ecce Homo: “You highest men whom my eyes have seen, this is my doubt about you and my secret laughter: I guess that you would call my overman—devil.”
>>74 (continued) Of all the Satan’s (i.e. enemies) that the Jews have ever faced, the greatest was Adolf Hitler. Moreover, just as Satan represents the Gods of the pagan Gentiles as a collective, it is the Gods of the Nordic-Aryan race who represent the biggest enemy of Yahweh and his children. Many have spoken about Hitler being an avatar of the Germanic god Wotan. To the Jews Wotan would be the same figure as Satan. So while Esoteric Hitlerists can talk about Hitler being an Avatar of Wotan, we could also say Hitler was an Avatar of Satan, the enemy of the Jews. For us Aryans, Yahweh, who doesn’t exist, can be viewed as the negative force that possesses the collective unconscious of the Jews while Satan can be viewed as the positive force that represents the collective unconscious of the Aryan race. The Judaized Christians in WN who say that Satan is the god of the Jews and Adolf Hitler is a good Christian man truly have things the wrong way round, brainwashed victims of the inversion of values that the Jews have brought into the world with Christianity. Friedrich Nietzsche was absolutely right when he wrote: "Must I add that, in the whole New Testament, there appears but a solitary figure worthy of honour? Pilate, the Roman viceroy. To regard a Jewish imbroglio seriously -- that was quite beyond him. One Jew more or less -- what did it matter? . . . The noble scorn of a Roman, before whom the word "truth" was shamelessly mishandled, enriched the New Testament with the only saying that has any value -- and that is at once its criticism and its destruction: "What is truth?"" Anti-Christ, 1888 Down with the Semitic plague! HEIL TYR HEIL THOR HEIL ODIN
>>74 Bullsh*t. you didn't ever learnt what Satan is not even from the Jew neither from the Christian prespective. Beware of partial visions If you people just read Bhagavad Gita, then Quran, then you'd think twice about saying more or two things like >semitic God being happy about Jews >aryan God being different from semitic God Compare what Krsna says to what this "Allah" says in this Quran. Also the figure of Mahdi with Kalki, also the "ahadith of last times" with the "prophecies of Kali yuga", compare too "Manu" with "Noah" and their common feature of suffering the flood while having a giant ship, compare too "gog and magog" with "Koka and Vikoka" demons. Compare the part where both religions say that "children's hair will become white out of worrying". The hadith where God says "nothing can contain me but my servants heart" with every other thing God being at the heart of every creature in Bhagavad Gita. You don't even know the deep origin of norse gods, yet you just take them for the love of your flesh, foreiting any other relevant data.
>>415 Islam is just yet another fall from the primordial Vedic Tradition, anon. The Jews fear the Bhagavad Gita, if people read it and truly understand the message it is far more radicalizing than a million Tarrant manifestos
End recreation Duplicate thread, reported, deleted, report closed
>>403 >This document is implicitly theistic Well then that proves my point. Deism should be the sane starting point.
>>414 All true but let's not go praising Satan for it would ensconce us within the Judeo-Christian paradigm. As much as it is necessary to be aware of what Satan represents in the weltanschauung of our enemies, Satan is not our true moving Force. It's the name used by the enemy, like today they call you homophobe. Would you then accept this slandering label simply because that's what they call those who oppose the sexual and moral degeneracy of our perilous times? Certainly not! So let's use the proper sacred names.
>>416 >Islam is another fall Oh, why so skeptic about being another original revelation? >Gita means radicalization I humbly request anyone to explain me how is that even possible. Right now I see two good things: >Do the Jews fear it? Good! >Its coincidences with Quran (and so with Sufi tradition, if you give a closer look) shows that both religions are showing each other as true, each one of them for its respective age.
>>416 Ok, I see now that war verse in Gita. But Gita is even more clear than Quran when revealing that every verse has a context... like the name of those warriors mentioned in that very same verse you posted. Learn please to take the texts wholly, not like the freaking khawarijim from the ISIS.
>>414 >down with such and such >evocating deities used and worshipped by famed blood-drinkers who turned theirselves against other whites It's nice to be aware and well disposed, but pls, avoid exaltation...
>>577 would be a waste of time putting a desperate nazi spin on sufi bs does not cut it read savitri devi but leave serranos crap out


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