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(41.31 KB 608x679 1599338158986.jpg)
Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 01:50:52 ID:5d133a No. 1001
>of course I believe in the valuable insights that can be gotten from a Youtube tarot reading for my star sign. You see, the nature of reality is symbolic, our objective reality is only a field of information, this has been proven by the Observer Principle in quantum mechanics. The entire experience we are sharing right now allows for no such thing as "randomness", not real, in any case. What divination is is merely tapping into this ordenated "chaos-like" reality, the same type of ordo ab chaos one gets from watching random numbers that are attributted to posts on many websites, notably imageboards. It was no accident that God has put this video right in front of me right now - the same way that it is no accident that one can meditate by reading randomized Bible verses. Their writing is even purposefuly vague, and always uplifting, in such a manner that all the insights, which are produced by my personal discernment and reaction to the randomized information is what truly counts. Serendipity is the way the harmony of the Universe asserts itself - it is for all effects and purposes, "God speaking to me". There is meaning in the numbers of gematria put on the headlines for that particular reason; the elites know that nothing is by accident, so the headlines work as a facilitator to occult rituals which they perform. Why my friend, it is a mistake to believe that we live in a physical world that can be affected by magick - we live in a magickal world that can be affected by the physical


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