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(48.63 KB 382x597 png.jpg)
Economic effects of corona & unrest Anonymous 09/03/2020 (Thu) 17:34:13 No. 1086
Remember when about two or three months ago there was headlines about people missing their mortgage payments and missing rent? Maybe its just me, but I haven't seen too much of this recently in headlines. If the US economy is mainly backed by debt and people begin defaulting how long until we begin seeing major and widespread economic effects? Obviously there is rioting, looting, etc. now, but what are your thoughts on the degree to which the violence will extend when the full extent of the economic effects kick in? Also, to what extent do you think the US dollar will be devalued? How long will it take to kick in?
>>1086 Just other day saw headline about moving companies overbooked due to mass exodus from jewyorkcity, supposedly due to both civil unrest and loss of economy. Couple weeks ago articles about high end luxury condo's in NY and Florida marked down and not selling Sale prices are down 15-20% and sales are down 30-70%
>>1086 >Also, to what extent do you think the US dollar will be devalued? How long will it take to kick in? Ahem Do you think the mines just ran out of precious metals?
>>1088 Precious metals aren't money.
>>1089 kek. that's where you're wrong, kiddo.
>>1089 Got an nice new crisp tubman for your ounce of gold. Deal?
(392.46 KB 1440x828 15991234874331.png)


no cookies?