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Atheist /pol/ Anonymous 03/30/2021 (Tue) 19:15:10 ID:c216ef No. 1219
A thread for atheist polacks to discuss their philosophical and political perspectives.
Atheism is the ultimate bluepill.
>>1220 what's the most redpilled religious belief?
>>1221 Any native pagan religion close to your cultural/ethnic roots. Abrahamism/Atheism is a disease designed to destroy you spirtually and enslave you.
>>1221 Natural Law / Dharmic worldviews as held by our pagan ancestors.
>>1219 I don't believe in god, but in absence of religion, many atheist completely miss the point of its necessity and as to why religion (or to be precise: spirituality) is such a fundamental thing that the average person needs. The whole reason religion is so successful is due to its ability to create clear value and meaningfulness to existence and personal development. With the west becoming more increasingly secular, it's no wonder how many who abstain from religion utterly fail at finding a spiritual replacement, and thus we end up with half-men obsessed with some fandom or their political beliefs, and latch on to them as their new religion. The overwhelming majority of humanity does not practice personal philosophy, or spirituality without a religion to back it up, and if they cannot have a god, they will have something else, as they have no agency over their own beliefs. What I've come to learn is that people will almost always be religious (god(s) or not), the important thing then is what exactly they are religious about. Politics or even worse, a faggy fandom, does not account for spiritual meaning or personal development, thus the state at which we are today.
>>1219 Posting in based thread. >>1220 >>1226 Religion is the ultimate bluepill. If you are not an atheist you are a traitor. There are no inbetweens.
>>1520 Atheism is what is destroying the West.
>>1521 The cretinous kikestian subhumans are the only thing destroying the west. If only the semetic virus had never found its way to Europe.
>>1521 Believing in semitic religions is BS
>>1521 as if bad things don't happen in majority religious societies. religion doesn't stop people from doing bad things. they'll always find a way to justify their actions.
>>1532 No one is disputing this. Atheism is Semitic too. This is the ultimate redpill. >>1533 No one claimed this. People in religious / spiritual societies are more fertile, more fulfilled in their lives and are less likely to be faggots or trannies. Materialism and atheism breed this, and they provide no purpose to life other than hedonism and degeneracy. Atheism ought to be made illegal
>>1521 Do you think there is any way the West or Christianity can be revived? Or should we look elsewhere spiritually?
>>1656 Christianity is the only thing which can save the Western man, or humanity in general. The entire project of modernity is founded on a war against God. This is demonstrated well in Fr. Seraphim Rose’s book ‘Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age‘. Other paths will only lead to destruction and death, such as atheism and materialism, the path that we are on now, or other possible alternatives, such as Islam, which is clearly a false path once one digs into its historical claims and the behavior of its prophet, or some sort of attempted neopagan revival, which is a non-starter as well because it is weaker on the historiographical side, it tends to fall into relativistic ideas like perennialism, and honestly looks to nations like India where they worship cows, destroy their egos and smear themselves with feces to try to discover ‘true Eastern wisdom™’. Plus the masses will never follow any of that. People don’t like to hear this stuff here, but that’s just how I see it from involving myself in pagan stuff for a couple of years.