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(3.43 MB 3445x1882 external-content.duckduckgo.jpg)
Gardening Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 03:41:50 No. 4
GARDENING THREAD I'll start: >be me >constantly complaining to the people I live with about how the food we eat is poisoned with fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and who knows else >the gods sent me an idea >go to farmer's market >buy one of 30 kinds of fruits/vegetables >go to garden, make 30 holes and plant 30 fruits/vegetables whole so that the non-seed part works as a natural fertilizer >spend the rest of the day killing the grass with my shovel >2 months later, about half of the plants failed to grow, have like 15 plants growing out of the ground. >3 months later eat my first meal that isn't poisoned (because I fertlized the plants with compost from leftovers instead of stupid chemicals) >my eyes instantly turn blue and my hair turns blond
(234.29 KB 400x400 costagnominclature.jpg)
>>4 sounds true and hetrosexual. > be me > likes quiet time > weed garden every weekend > buffalo grass constantly invades my immaculate kikuyu > grumpygnome.jpg > use Grandpa's method of future speculation, been 5 year now, keeps me planned out > scanning and tracing the roots back to their origin > buffalo grass is like a hydra, always grows another sprout if you leave its base intact > select the biggest root at the end of the hunt, count the ribs as do every week > <3 ribs - 'danger zone, avoid people' > 4-7 ribs - 'be cautious but otherwise smooth sailing' > >7 ribs - 'theres something interesting around the corner' > last week found a vein like a kangaroo tail, thicc and 16 whole ribs > flusteredkoala.jpg > never happens, wasn't a rainy week either > is my neighbour going to finally pay back the damages he did to my shed? > am I getting 2 extra scallops in my next takeout order? > should i keep the scratchys i was going to gift to my sisters? > in awe, walking around the block bigtail in hand > hands waving all over the place heads racing with speculation > zone back in to the world around me > looking straight towards the second story of redbricked building > a young lady is getting a bit hot and heavy in the shower facing an open window (why?) > we lock eyes > "Eeep!" *window slams shut* > family with a stroller looks to the paniced women whose naked silhouette can still be seen through the stained glass, then back to me > i'm a shirtless man from the pliocene era wearing only a pair of boxers looking straight at her with glassy out of focus eyes > veryflusteredkoala.jpg > scamper back home rootail in hand, "what else does week have in store?" > keep sisters scratchys just incase i've still got some good fortune > nothing out of the ordinary happens all week, only get scratchy return of $3.50, not even the full price of a single ticket > lesson learnt. Way more than 12 ribs is inhuman and the method of predicting the future becomes literal and immediate.
(702.06 KB 3840x1080 1423803647892.jpg)
What resources for learning about gardening would you guys all recommend? >books >websites & blogs >etc. I'll recommend the Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder -- It has a lot of information about plants, but it is more about Botanical Gardens, rather than vegetable gardens. Still, you might find it useful. http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/plantfinder/plantfindersearch.aspx


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