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(91.36 KB 1200x627 cross.jpg)
What to do with Judaism, Christianity, and religion in general? Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 04:42:58 ID:793f5b No. 500
Hello everyone, today we are going to discuss the issue regarding religion, and if it should be dismantled or not. The thread is also meant as criticism of "uninspired materialism", "positive nihilism" and other riddicilous thoughts. So let's begin. What exactly is, religion? According to the Wikipedia (aka the most redpilling website in existence if we ignore the Holocaust articles): >Religion is a social-cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, morals, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations, that relates humanity to supernatural, transcendental, or spiritual elements.[1] However, there is no scholarly consensus over what precisely constitutes a religion. We can clearly see in this regard that in it's most basic formulated concept, religion is a system that explains why certain things are bad, and why certain things are good. However, there is a one major flaw with this system that most people do not even try to give materialist proof for it. And that implies to "supernatural, transcendental and/or spiritual elements" mentioned above earlier. However, before we dvelwe into the reasoning to why God or any kind of deity is not real, and that religion is simply a flawed system of reality that confuses the human mind, let us take a look at what Feuerbach says regarding religion and God (that is Christianity in this context): >RELIGION is the disuniting of man from himself; he sets God before him as the antithesis of himself God is not what man is – man is not what God is. God is the infinite, man the finite being; God is perfect, man imperfect; God eternal, man temporal; God almighty, man weak; God holy, man sinful. God and man are extremes: God is the absolutely positive, the sum of all realities; man the absolutely negative, comprehending all negations. So we see here that God, who is out there according to the Christian faith, is someone we should trust because we as humans are weak and we will never surpass his strenght. And he is also full of wisdom, aware of all truths that exist in our world... however, there is a one tiny contradiction: >But in religion man contemplates his own latent nature. Hence it must be shown that this antithesis, this differencing of God and man, with which religion begins, is a differencing of man with his own nature. >The inherent necessity of this proof is at once apparent from this, – that if the divine nature, which is the object of religion, were really different from the nature of man, a division, a disunion could not take place. If God is really a different being from myself, why should his perfection trouble me? Disunion exists only between beings who are at variance, but who ought to be one, who can be one, and who consequently in nature, in truth, are one. On this general ground, then, the nature with which man feels himself in disunion must be inborn, immanent in himself, but at the same time it must be of a different character from that nature or power which gives him the feeling, the consciousness of reconciliation, of union with God, or, what is the same thing with himself. This is a grand fatal mistake in regards to Christian philosophy. How can I even be in a relationship with something that is very much different from me, and how in fact it really is just entirely alien? I cannot, as human being, who is by regards of Christianity, a most evil thing in existence, to be in relationship with a being that has entirely different nature than me, because that is not how, by a simple observation, society in general function. We all thrive based upon on circumstance that we all belong in the same tribe, one group, not that we are entirely different. These are my arguments so far, feel free to refute my claims and have proper debate regarding this issue.
>>500 Our biological world functions symbiotically by the coexistence of things with incomparable natures. The disparate factors of life function as a cohesive whole. On that note, I do not see any disunity, as God is a manifestation of the desire for ascendance by man, whereas man's imperfect form and nature is the vehicle to be subjected to trials in pursuit of this ascendance. In essence, the material is used as an expression of the immaterial. In the Abrahamic faiths, it also emphasized that God is merciful and forgiving beyond comparison. So, the material world and its tests act essentially as a process for bringing souls closer into unity with him. The two parties (God and Man) are perpetually reaching to each other, implying unity, first through imperfection (life) and then perfection (unification by death). This is the Abrahamic concept of God, but there are many others.
Immediately stopped reading upon first sentence. Your choice of words are very poor and lead to an instant collapse in logic. Religion being dismantled makes absolute zero sense due to the simple fact that it is a fundamental construct in society dating back 1000's of years.
>>502 You seem to be of mind that we should keep religions because they are part of our history. So was bloodletting in medicine, and countless other things early science got wrong then later corrected Hypothetical. In 1000 years, all religions have almost entirely died off, and science, or some alien culture, is able to prove beyond any doubt, that 'god' does not exist and never did. He was merely a creation of men to explain what they didn't understand, and later used by men to control other men... Would you still make the same argument?
>>19670 OP here, and I understand your views regarding this issue. I shall ask all the mods here who are here to delete this thread, if I myself have no actual power to do it on my own and move it somewhere else.
(16.31 KB 316x413 user options.png)
>>504 >I myself have no actual power Users can self delete posts, if you delete your first post, the entire thread will be deleted. I will move the thread to culture, however you won't find many anons here debating the need for religion as it is a minority view in general.
(280.12 KB 942x958 christ bot.png)
(11.18 KB 216x234 mind virus.png)
>>500 Hello I like your post OP however I will skip the long elaborations I tend to use for the sake of quick answers. >What exactly is, religion? A meaningless word actually something you go on explaining in detail. Christianity, Islam and the other kind of crap can be properly understood to be mind viruses. This also includes other things that don’t really use names like SJW or leftists(not the names they use for themselves however we need to categorize them somehow) in general who will try to kill anyone who questions their deluded world view. > however, there is a one tiny contradiction This is more sophistry the main points against christieanity would be: <Literally irrefutable evidence that christianity and its god can not exist and are proven to be fake <christianity is a government made up religion! There is no debate about this. see Theodosius I <Nothing in Christianity makes sense <Christians are simply crazy and hurt themselves in their madness. See rapture and snake handling. Remember the 2011 rapture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QynNpzqYt0Y Yes enjoy your debt and no magic teleport to heaven for you! Idiot christians. >>503 > is able to prove beyond any doubt This is already here and everyone can see it for himself. Want to know the real kicker? Christians will literally refuse to listen to this and continue being crazy. >because they are part of our history The muh ancestors argument can not fly because christianity was only the dominant religion for 1500 years And before that your ancestors where pagans. So the ultimate comedy of christieanity is we must only look back 1500 years and not further. <But muh ancestors (don’t go further then 1500 years). The rest of what you say is mostly in place, christians simply refuse to accept facts and will go ultra crazy and refuse everything and reject everything, because the mind virus in their head will protect itself at all costs.
>>500 Ah, a holocaust denier. Bring me back my dead family you piece of shit.
(664.91 KB 952x1473 20200117_175230.jpg)
>>500 Body, mind, spirt, soul and personality TLDR Personality is the one changeless reality in an otherwise ever-changing creature experience; and it unifies all other associated factors of individuality The Urantia book >[Paper :Section. Paragraph] >[0:5.7] 1. Body. The material or physical organism of man. The living electrochemical mechanism of animal nature and origin. >[0:5.8] 2. Mind. The thinking, perceiving, and feeling mechanism of the human organism. The total conscious and unconscious experience. The intelligence associated with the emotional life reaching upward through worship and wisdom to the spirit level. >[0:5.9] 3. Spirit. The divine spirit that indwells the mind of man—the Thought Adjuster. This immortal spirit is prepersonal—not a personality, though destined to become a part of the personality of the surviving mortal creature. >[0:5.10] 4. Soul. The soul of man is an experiential acquirement. As a mortal creature chooses to "do the will of the Father in heaven," so the indwelling spirit becomes the father of a new reality in human experience. The mortal and material mind is the mother of this same emerging reality. The substance of this new reality is neither material nor spiritual—it is morontial. This is the emerging and immortal soul which is destined to survive mortal death and begin the Paradise ascension. >[0:5.11] Personality. The personality of mortal man is neither body, mind, nor spirit; neither is it the soul. Personality is the one changeless reality in an otherwise ever-changing creature experience; and it unifies all other associated factors of individuality. The personality is the unique bestowal which the Universal Father makes upon the living and associated energies of matter, mind, and spirit, and which survives with the survival of the morontial soul.
(490.98 KB 1110x1388 20200222_180327.jpg)
>>500 God is spirit The Urantia Book >[Paper :Section. Paragraph] >[1:6.8] God is spirit—spirit personality; man is also a spirit—potential spirit personality. Jesus of Nazareth attained the full realization of this potential of spirit personality in human experience; therefore his life of achieving the Father's will becomes man's most real and ideal revelation of the personality of God. Even though the personality of the Universal Father can be grasped only in actual religious experience, in Jesus' earth life we are inspired by the perfect demonstration of such a realization and revelation of the personality of God in a truly human experience. >[5:4.5] All religions teach the worship of Deity and some doctrine of human salvation. The Buddhist religion promises salvation from suffering, unending peace; the Jewish religion promises salvation from difficulties, prosperity predicated on righteousness; the Greek religion promised salvation from disharmony, ugliness, by the realization of beauty; Christianity promises salvation from sin, sanctity; Mohammedanism provides deliverance from the rigorous moral standards of Judaism and Christianity. The religion of Jesus is salvation from self, deliverance from the evils of creature isolation in time and in eternity.
>>500 >regarding religion, and if it should be dismantled or not. No. If religion is gone what you have left to evolve morality is science and philosophy and both will fail to reach spiritual levels. >What exactly is, religion? Religion can't be defined with exactitude. However, it can be said definitely that is based on faith and it encourages morality. Science is based on facts. But religion gets more updates of truth than science and both should be unified by philosophy. > and that religion is simply a flawed system of reality that confuses the human mind So it is science and philosophy. Because they are growing, new updates are required. Religion, science and philosophy are evolving and their partiality at some point will cause confusion. > God is the infinite, man the finite being; God is perfect, man imperfect; God eternal, man temporal Jesus unified these as the Son of God and as the son of Man. Jesus unified the flesh and the spirit. The divine and human nature unified. Jesus is the way to be spiritualised. Mat 5. 48 Be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. >If God is really a different being from myself, why should his perfection trouble me? It should not. Rather it should be be taken as a goal to achieve, as a reference to follow. Mat 5.48 Be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. >How can I even be in a relationship with something that is very much different from me, and how in fact it really is just entirely alien? Jesus proved that you can. God is your spiritual father. Humans are divine in potential. The flesh can be spiritualised. A human with actual divine values. The body is matter, meanings reside in the intellect but values are spiritual.
>>500 What isin't religion lmafo. Religion is supposed to be about faith, but the longer you study it the more it becomes about knowledge, kinda like a "science" would do.You receive your proofs, but realize that there are limitations and divine decrees to what you can and cannot know. Thus you are compelled to study it with other people, in hopes that you find someone with the same thirst for knowledge. If you do, you are very lucky if you don't, you make a גזלים (golim).


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