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How to genocide a race Anonymous 01/02/2020 (Thu) 02:14:09 No. 556
We must never stop remembering it - it is ONLY ONE carefully planned process of extermination of the white race: by Christianity, extermination of our priests, IE spiritual extermination of our people (a rabbi recently reminded that "war in the manner of the Jews" consists, first of all, in destroying the "sacred places" of their enemies) - by communism, extermination of our elites, IE cultural and intellectual extermination of our people - by interbreeding , biological extermination, IE physical extermination of our people. Rabbi Paul of Tarsus saying: "If Jesus Christ is not dead and risen, then our faith is vain" and Dr. WD Rubinstein saying: "If the holocaust happened to be a sham, weapon no.1 Israeli propaganda would disappear "say the SAME thing. The cast inverts (and castrated: let us not forget that the first man to become a Christian by way of an apostolate was an Ethiopian eunuch - a whole program) to found a CATHOLIC (= universal) church occupied the SAME function in the service of the Jews as the inverted Delanoë when he declares: "The more we become Negroes, the more we become UNIVERSAL (= Catholics)!" It is enough not to forget the Natural Law, that is to say the Tripartition, that the Jews, not so crazy, have never forgotten, them ... To be able to take flesh, an idea must pass successively through each of the stages of the Tripartition. This is the natural law. Therefore, the New World Order / Jewish World Government first version had to be based on religion, on the spiritual principle - it was Christianity. The New World Order / Jewish World Government second version was to be based on ideology, on the intellectual principle - it was socialism. The New World Order / World Government final version must be the embodiment of the entire sequence, its descent to the physical plane - this is Zionism. It's late. The Jew Attali already tells us about the Messiah who will arrive in Jerusalem once the whole process is completed - Jerusalem, which will then become, he tells us, the capital of the World Government The only solution, for us Whites, is not to worry about whether there are anti-communist Christians, or anti-Zionist communists, or anti-Jewish Christians, or anti-Christian Jews, or anti-Christian communists, etc. - but to reject ALL THE SEQUENCE. The gods of Asgard make only a mouthful of the Christian non-gods - the 88 Precepts make only a mouthful of the absurd ideology intended to lead our minds into a labyrinth of impractical political notions - the 14 Words make the idea impossible even crossbreeding. Because everything is there: once the interbreeding accomplished, THERE IS NO MORE POSSIBLE RETURN, SINCE THERE IS NO LONGER BELONGING TO A RACIAL SOUL, TO A COLLECTIVE LIVE AND TO THE GODS WHO ARE HIS OWN. As long as you are not Métis, you can cancel everything in two seconds (in practice: the time to turn north and say "Heil Wotan" - or, in a more ritual way, to turn north, vibrate the name "Wotan" and clap your hands three times - or downright shamanically, turn north, bow twice, clap your hands twice, and bow slowly one last time) - but, as soon as there is physical crossbreeding, it's OVER ..
>>556 >-by communism The USSR was a White Nationalist stronghold compared to the West.
>>556 *looks at thread* >same shit, different day *yawns* <nope
>>556 Wasted digits. Take your schizo thread back to 4. Reported.
>>556 don't worship mere archaeotypes >Wotan: humanoid


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