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(333.05 KB 1084x1024 IMG_20191210_101716.jpg)
The Bible is White history. Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 19:58:48 ID:8d05e7 No. 562
https://christogenea.org/ Here's a proposition for you all. White Europeans are the true descendants of the tribes of Israel. What we call modern Jews are actually Edomites, descendants of Esau, who went against God's law and interbred, ruining his purity. Compare this to his brother Jacob who married within his race, the ancestor to modern white man. So while technically Jews ARE related to the tribes of Israel, it's through a mongrelised bloodline that God explicitly cursed and tossed away as irredeemable. Of course they ignore this fact when they claim their inheritance. This is what Jesus referred to when he addressed those who call themselves Judahites but are not. After all Jews have European DNA, because Jews are a corruption of the white race beginning with Esau, their whiteness becoming more corrupt the more they mongrelize. Jesus is not a "Jew", he is a Judahite. However the English translations of the Bible make a (((mistake))) and twist the two words together, causing confusion. The Bible translations (especially Catholics) have universalized the teachings to non white peoples when it was only intended for the Israelites. God is only concerned with "Adam/Man" and HIS descendants (being the nations of Israel), and Jesus was only concerned with his Sheep (Israelites). The prophecies also only make sense when applied to Whites. Have Jews spread their seed across the Earth and formed many great nations? That's laughable, they couldn't form a genuine nation to save their skin, and the one they have now was achieved through political snakery. We all know who holds the torch of civilization. Follow the link and learn the truth, do you believe Europeans during the height of our civilization willingly practiced a religion that worshipped Jews? When they were kicked out 109 times? When there were folk tales of blood sucking vampires, evil long nosed witches, Toll collecting "Trolls" living under bridges? All these are lessons meant to teach young children of Jews and their psychological trickery. Jews, the people stereotyped as inverting the truth of everything, claim to be the chosen people, and whites the "cursed Edom", really? You're going to take their word for it just like that? No, it's obvious there's more going on here.
>>562 There is nothing very "new" here Not exactly Politically Incorrect You would get better discussion for this subject on >>>/culture/ Christbro' Beside's White Europeans predate Christianity by at least 4000 years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOM2fT6tBFE&list=PLru9zi8j7G3Nsz03pkBzFdv_1tRxdCMJo
>>563 True, White men have existed in the Middle East and surrounding areas before anyone else, long before Christ came. Arabs are the result of mongrelization in the region leading to their residence in that part of the world today. That's fine and not disputed, I'm unsure what you're trying to say. Generations upon generations have passed during the New Testament from the beginning of the Adamite people and them spreading across the Earth. All white people are of the creation, even if they are wild olives on the tree, on the tree they are regardless. If you are white, you are an Israelite and have a common ancestor in Adam, even if you're pagan. That's what happened with the European pagans, early Christians identified them as fellow whites that drifted, and were grafted back onto the tree. There's a reason a lot of them willingly changed their ways and turned over, of course not anyways.
>>562 Sorry, although we have few Christian Brothers here, most here are very hostile to Abrahamic religions and we tend to range from Atheist to Pagan heathen's. I'm sure you can understand as you said in your post, "English translations of the Bible make a (((mistake)))", so there is no way for you to use it as a historical source if you get to pick and chose what parts have been "edited". In the end it doesn't matter who is true tribes of Israel were. You can float the idea, but doesn't make it true, will not be accepted or matter at all to zog. In my honest opinion, it doesn't even appear the Proto Europeans got close to Israel, at best they were later bleached by West Iranians but it was the horse back Scythian's who migrate north seeding the first Germanic, Celtic, and Baltic peoples. They were not Christian
>>564 What Im saying is that by the time of jews the white race was already well on their way to Europe. Look at the maps and dates your off by 500-1000 years for your theory
>>566 I get it now. That map showcases a branch, just because a gene pool of Whites spread doesn't mean that's the only group of them. They're wild olives that never got introduced to Christianity but they're still pure whites that drifted from an earlier group. The problem is thinking the men of the Old Testament and earlier were Jews, they were White. That's the big trick I'm speaking of that Jews convinced us of. Jew's claim to the Old Testament is wrong, they're Banylonion and Talmudic in origin. Of course I'm here just to spread an alternate view of Christianity, if you want to learn more there are podcasts and articlesin the link. There's also a Mein Kampf segment if you want WW2 truth. I'm just a messenger for a movement bigger than me. I respect your opinion. God bless
>>564 >If you are white, you are an Israelite and have a common ancestor in Adam, even if you're pagan. What about no?
>>567 Just let it go. Yes there were Whites in many places but who gives? Old Testament is mixed with garbage and Semitic nonsense. The New Testament is even worse. Just move on and stop trying to save what is nothing more than a collective work of people based on distant tales, vaguely remembered, heavily modified, largely incorrect too in dates and places, etc. Seriously, Christians are so addicted to their Bible dope they just cannot let it go. They must salvage something, recycle it.
>>563 >super detailed maps with crisp borders >4000-3000 BC Please.
>>569 That's fine, I was an athiest most of my life, it was only until the "Christogenea" lense of looking at it did it start to get my genuine interest. The truth about the Bible fundamentally is that it's a book about Race, and that race is the white race. If you are white, you are saved. Only if you bastardize your bloodline do you become bastardized in the eyes of god. And when the world approaches its end only Whites will be left, after their homelands have been swarmed. The Catholic/Protestant view of Christianity is corrupted nonsense that is so far removed from the original interpretation that it's not even the same religion. I ask you again, do you believe Jews at their word when they claim they are the chosen people of God, and Whites are Edom, the bastards? After everything you've learned about the Jews, this is the one thing you let them have? That curiosity alone led me down this path, and if proved fruitful.
>>570 These where clipped from a video and the map is in motion What your asking for doesn't really exist When we say Group 1 is from Point A it is a bit of a misnomer. What your really saying is these people were concentrated at a particular place around this time. That is not to say there was not smaller groups in surrounding area. That is why the edges are light green then dark as they spread out Honestly you should watch the series as there is much more to the story First video is general overview citing what was lost and why it matters Bitchute Video embeds posted in other thread >>20315 jootube playlist at 1080p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOM2fT6tBFE&list=PLru9zi8j7G3Nsz03pkBzFdv_1tRxdCMJo Clipped from this video right at beginning Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 2 - The Scythians and Their Kin https://www.bitchute.com/video/QQIzzSfr3Yvm/
>>571 circumcision is really gay though. not a fan of a dick chopping god.
>>573 Circumcision is an archaic practice that was put away by Israelites during the time of the New Testament. Like sacrificing, there were many traditions Christ told to disregard in light of the new covenant with the Israelites. Also it has a sketchy history, Moses wasn't circumcised as were many Israelites, and Paul later in his life called it mutilation. And any meaning it did have in my opinion has been corrupted by modern Jews that do it as a form of rebellion to God and his creation. Plus just because it's in the Bible doesn't make it infallible despite what Catholics would have you believe, especially the corrupt English translations. Bible scrutiny is well in line in Biblical history and writers can make mistakes recognized by future writers. If you're not somehow referencing the Greek NT and Hebrew OT you're just reading corruption. That's the price to pay for a religion that's lost it's way.
>>562 Interest
>>573 Other
>>562 Hey anon. Here is a 650 page schizo suicide note from a 33rd tier Freemason proving what you're saying is true with 20 years of research. https://mega.nz/folder/pLoESIJb#EKWvpr6Y9JSywa1L6ZH9iQ
>>562 Jesus was a Celt and he was born in DunDreich. Hadrian annihilated the city and killed anyone who had even heard of it. This is why the Roman legions came in from York. They didn't journey thousands of kilometers to go to Palestine. It was the closest Roman fortification. When Constantine was setting up Christianity they didn't know where Jerusalem was. They chose a random city in the hinterland and the rest is history. Only the Knights Templar and the Scottish Freemasonic Rite figured out the truth, but they're satanic at the core and do not want people to know that whites are the 12 tribes of Israel. We made a covenant with the one true God.
>>571 >if you are white then you are saved And God the same one true God that our 30th great grandfather made a covenant with says in the Quran to you, child of Israel, kill yourself if that is the case.
>>562 This is what I posted here on this forum but I was called a kike for it and a shill. You are probably correct OP. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. Also OP, see the most recent topic on Ascension being only for Whites. Ascension is the Rapture.
>>571 >The truth about the Bible fundamentally is that it's a book about Race, and that race is the white race. If you are white, you are saved. Only if you bastardize your bloodline do you become bastardized in the eyes of god. This shows how full of shit we wuzers are and that every race is one in Christ Jesus. And also shows that his heritage was different from the Greek >Galatians 3:28, KJV: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."
>>795 >Jesus was a Celt and he was born in DunDreich. KEEEEEEEEEEEEEK No fucker! he was from Mars and carried a lightning sock. >When Constantine was setting up Christianity they didn't know where Jerusalem was. XD my ribs
Oy vey another thread about the true origins of Whites moved to culture where it gets a soft ban since no one browses here. Oy vey https://16chan.xyz/culture/res/935.html
>>936 your thread sucks, fag
>>562 That's not correct though. Europeans are a mix of anatolian neolithic farmer peoples who came into europe about 10k years ago and protoindoeuropean steppe peoples who invaded ~5-6k years ago.
>>960 It's important to remember that this element had existed as the pharaohs of Egypt of about 1300 BC. This was before the "exodus" out of Egypt. It would have operated similar to the way the indo-european caste system worked. Which allowed a small group of pure blooded to rule over many. Of course this wasn't needed when the countrymen and the leaders were the same, only when they were significantly different.
>>562 no the Bible is made up hebrew history.
>>562 This is actually incorrect. The European Jews separated from the Eastern Jews much, much later at around 773BC - 70AC, when the Jews were exiled into Europe, Asia and Africa. Most things you just said are wrong, actually. Do minimal reading before posting next time, okay? It would save everyone else some time.
When do we begin to speak about the white races that came from argartha? middle of the earth /the battle for middle earth slashh lord of the rings is about the agarthans white descendants from middle earth the ELS Elder race elves and wizards aka psychic aka alien connected humans then talk about artificial intelligence and zion
u sound just like my stupid fuck ass college teachers bro. fuck the bible and anyone who has embraced its teachings. kill religious people with fire and bullets
>>1036 Silence infidel


no cookies?