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(60.85 KB 576x768 jesus sword in hand.jfif)
Looking for information on Christian Identity Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 22:29:46 ID:7cbb41 No. 654
I am starting to believe the White Race are the true Israelites. Realizing the Jews and their freemason lackies are Satan wortshippers, I believe the Jews are Satan's chosen people. All my research is leading me to this conclusion. Any information on Christian Identity would be great. God bless you all.
We don't have an /x/ board. Also jfif not JPEG wtf?
Isn't there already a thread where CI astroturfers got BTFO? The catalog, use it.
If you're going to be Christian, Christian Identity is one of the better options. Sorry I don't have any links for you kameraden, as I'm not CI, but here's some infographs I have access to on this machine.
Whether OP is an astroturfer or not, since this is getting too huge here, CI is clearly bullshit considering that Northern European culture existed before 800 BC and that there's a continuity that proves that the jews are from Judah. What you should know is that CI is based on British Israelism, which was a philosemitic theory that the Anglo-Saxons were Israelites, supported by jews in the 19th century. It literally just adds "jews are Edomites", brings back the old "serpent seed" theology and then claims it's a tool against jews. It's utter horsecrap that no historically literate person should believe in.
>>659 /thread
CI is a nice easy off-ramp for people who are already hardcore into the religion thing but it's still worse than nothing. You don't need to believe in any voodoo to understand that the "Jews" are people who look after their ethnic brethren and you need to look out for your own ethnic brethren as well. I mean separately for all the supernatural stuff, christian morals are great. but they are great because that builds healthy, above-replacement-fertility communities, not because of some anthropomorphized skydad. consider yourself tipped
>>654 Christianity needs an update.
>>669 It needs a removal. There is no point trying to repair what was built to be poisonous and flawed by design.


no cookies?