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(147.98 KB 674x1000 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)
Movies and Kino Thread Anonymous 11/28/2019 (Thu) 04:45:39 No. 73
A thread about movies that you like or are considered KINO. I saw this movie (Parasite) recently and though that it was very good. It is a Korean Drama, but it is NOT weebshit. I had the most original story of any movie that I have seen in a long time. I recommend it.
(213.40 KB 1200x632 reservoir_dogs.jpeg)
>>73 tarantinos debut. no hollywood jew influence. no faggotry, no race mixing, no sjw hidden messages whitey steals (((diamonds))). kills cop infiltrator. based af . . . everything he's done after this is typical hollywood jew propaganda
>>434 Loved 'Dogs Didn't realize it was a debut, not sure if is KINO level but then Im not a film buff and don't see much of anything these days
>>447 >not sure if is KINO level relative to everything he's put out since
>>452 well thats a low bar, gramma super 8's are kino then
>>434 Damn that was a good movie. I should rewatch it. Kinda short though
Waltz with Bashir Either all or none of Wes Anderson's works Jeunette and caro, Amelie was popular but there were a lot of others Either all or none of Stanley Kubrics films Hitchcock, Vertigo. Casablanca Akira, which in many was is drawn as if it was a life action. There are a few Russian classics as well, but you can't mention any of them online without being lambasted. IMHO there are some instant classic shots in parasite, the top down pan of the flooded street in particular.
Been watching a lot of Dogma 95 films. Legit good, BPA free.
(194.32 KB 1288x1600 results.jpeg)
>>73 you are fucking a on parasite. the most unique story of any film i have seen and the film changes bloody genre half way through. the 400 blows is the first film that his hit hard in a long time bro. cant believe it is practically doesnt exist outside of academic circles and film fags. you can justly torrent it off of yify.
(1.84 MB 1275x1884 11231314124121.png)


no cookies?