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(178.54 KB 1280x720 download (5).jpg)
ASCENSION IS A WHITE ONLY EVENT; WHITES VS WORLD Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 07:38:55 ID:0f6810 No. 864
White people = Player Characters, Creators. ADAM/ATOM is a White man, it is all about genetics. All civilization was built by Whites. The real people of color = Whites. There is so much genetic diversity inside white culture White Civilization was all over the world, Egypt is White, all civilizations with Pyramids were WHITE, they were all White, all of them was White. White = right. White is the color of purity. Whites have the gift of ETERNAL LIFE (incarnating as a soul outside this world). Whites have lived all over the earth. The fall of man = Amnesia. Eden = White civilization. Fall of man = WHITES LOSING THEIR SPIRITUAL CONNECTION TO SOURCE AND THE INTRODUCTION OF NPC'S (NON WHITES) Evolution is one massive coverup to hide "God" they say, but more importantly its a COVER UP TO HIDE THE TRUTH ABOUT WHITE CIVILIZATION. Whites were all over the globe, including the middle east, and once they left the middle east, it became the barren desert we see today filled with the corrupt seed. The narrative that Whites evolved in the cold is a bold faced lie. Its a FUCKING LIE!!!!! A LIE TO COVER UP THE TRUTH! Whites bring prosperity wherever they go because God goes with them. Non-Whites = NPC's; At best, copycats (East Asian), at worst; parasites and destroyers (Blacks). Organic Portals, Hylics. Blacks as a genetic group are destroyers and parasites. Black is the color of corruption. East Asians/Indians seek to reproduce White quality. Asians are the quantity to White quality. They produce items en masse for the cheap, a literal manifestation of their attributes. "Cheap Chinese knockoff". Indians are Whites with corrupt DNA which is why they display some odd White-ish attributes Hispanics can maintain culture but will slowly devolve into mediocrity and crime Jewish Elite = The seed of the Serpent, the enemy of Whites, the deceivers; the opponent; the adversary; Satan The Kingdom of God = WHITE CIVILIZATION and WHITE GENETICS!!!!!!!!!! Browntown = Corrupt DNA of Cain (the Serpent). Shadow projections that do not have souls like Whites do White people are player characters aka Souls that exist outside this world that we live in. Name of the game is to destroy White people. Whites must remember who they are aka ASCENSION. "ASCENSION" IS A WHITE-ONLY EVENT. Which is why the vast majority of people in the spiritual community are WHITE with few exceptions. Whites are blind to their own existence as player characters (Amnesia; the veil) White are blind to their own history! They do NOT KNOW their own history and when told the truth they will cry foul They are blind to their true purpose They will strike down the truth All of this was foretold "ASCENSION" IS A WHITE ONLY EVENT!!! "RAPTURE" IS A WHITE ONLY EVENT!!! ITS ALL ABOUT WHITES REMEMBERING WHO THEY ARE!
>>864 yes and this is why we need a white revolution
Where do native Americans fit in all this?
>>866 Native Americans are Non-Whites thus NPC. They like all other NW claim an oppression narrative on Whites. This is designed as both a physical parasitism of resources, and also a spiritual parasitism. NPC and the Demiurge siphon energy from Souls called Loosh. What they dont tell you is that NPC's aka Nonwhites also participate in a form of loosh harvesting since they are weaponized against Whites by the Jewish Archonic Elite THE OPPRESSION NARRATIVE IS KEY TO SIPHONING ENERGY FROM WHITES
>>866 they are shitskins and aliens as the rest of other races
>>864 Preach brother. Also you forgot to mention middle easterners/Arabic. Similar to Indians most of them are Whites with corrupt DNA, essentially mongrelized. We see evidence of this mongrelization as a few Middle Easterners look White and avoided DNA corruption. Similar in India where a few Indians actually look Aryan. The more I think about this the more it makes sense, I always felt drawn to Ascension stuff but felt that something was missing.
When did 16chan go full schizo? It's simplier than you make it out; There simply is no reason to care about other races:Ttheir good is our bad. It's simple Darwian principles applied; "When one species expands it's living room and pouplation another one's living room and pouplation will decline in propotion" No other race thinks about the well being of other races, neither should we. It's not only negative for our race but for natural selection and this evoultion as a whole. There is no reason lesser races should use the resource or area we could be using. The strong must dominate the weak, not only will these lesser races abuse this land and resources. It's a spit in the face of nature as well. Lesser races lose land and resources whole in competion with higher races so that this competion can breed a species fitter for the enviorment. When it's backwards all you succede in doing is lowering the amount of the higher pouplation in favour of the lesser one. It's not "moral" and it has severe negative consquences for the world and your race. (See Japan and China, Japan's pouplation declines while China's rises because the allies interfered in the natural way. Now we have bugmen shitting up East Asia.) I only hate a handfull of races due to their inherit traits (Negros and Jews) the rest I am simply ambivalent to unless they negatively impact my race (Negros and Jews). Our goal should always be to conquer the weaker races, not for profit like Britian but for permant colonization to clear more living room for our people. It's not from hate; It's simply nature.
>>870 16 didn't, reddit spacing newfag sounds like the CI faggots and mods should probably send this thread to >>>culture with the rest of the spergy shit
>>871 "how do we bring more people to 16chan?" Censor them and call anything that we don't agree with schizo
>>871 It seems to be all I see. I've been checking back here and there and all I see is either; budget Q tards or whatever this is. >>872 Who said we want more users? I was personally fine with the userbase we had before, and it's not censoring. Anymore then it is censoring to move video game threads to /v/. Druidpol is pushing it, but this is pure relgious.
>>873 So you'd rather have an echo chamber? You do realize that this place is... supposed to be a place where people can voice their ideas and opinions. Granted, this place still censors, but something like that isn't even gonna be posed on 4chan, it'll get deleted. I don't come here for the same content, I come here for stuff like this. I don't want this to be an echo chamber for just NatSoc stuff. Honestly NatSoc tards are just as bad as SJWs, instead of racist they call you a kike. Same shit.
>>873 >Pure religious How is this pure religious? OP claims Whites lived all over the world. That's part history right there. It's not like he's discussing an established religion.
>>864 Oh shit, there goes the usual christian nutter. Can't this breed of idiots die already? Yeah WE WUZ but please leave the evangelical hijacking of our distant history at the door. >>866 They fit in Eastern Asia because that's where they came from after Whites had already occupied those lands. Whites and Reds didn't mix much. It's insane how most of the internet proved to be useless to so many Whites who think they are redpilled. Now chans are going the way of the dodo and it seems that this has gone no where. Okay fine you know more about the Fraudocaust, Nazis, Kalergi, etc. Great. But this can't get anywhere if you don't unjew yourselves, if you fail to understand this, failing to see that it begins with spirituality. Not to preach, not to proselytize here, just sayin'. No Jew means no Jew. No kike angels with chicken wings singing (((allelujah))) and blowing trumpets.
>>878 God you're so stupid. No wonder why our race is going nowhere, so many close minded brainwashed morons who repeat the same shit over and over again The 13 tribes of Israel are Whites We wuz... Putting our people down, real classy In those 13 tribes you had the tribe of Judah. Jews is a misnomer for Judah. Whites are Jews you fucking mong Modern day Jews are Edomites But whats the point? You'll just repeat the same things over and over like a robot.


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