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Irish Resistance Music Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 22:38:05 No. 939
This thread is dedicated to the 800 years of Irish resistance music. Both old songs and new songs welcome in this thread. www.irish-folk-songs.com is an invaluable resource, unfortunately the site doesn't seem to work with tor. If you're looking for chords or lyrics, they probably have it there. We'll starting off with a classic - Me Little Armalite. As relevant now as ever.
This one's from 1867, Manchester Martyrs. Pretty catchy for a ~150 year old song. Apparently they mostly reused the melody from "Tramp Tramp Tramp", an amer*can civil war song, but I haven't heard that one.
A more recent one. I rather like it.
Similar theme
I think I have a rowdier version of this one around here somewhere. If I find it I'll post it.
Another classic from 71
Turn in your arms - the government will protect you
Irish Soldier Laddie - Classic Version
>>950 Irish Soldier Laddie - Rowdy Version
Merry Ploughboy - Classic Version (plus some other stuff)
Merry Ploughboy - Rowdy Version
>>947 Boys of the Old Brigade - Medium Rowdy version
Boys of the Old Brigade - Full Rowdy version
travelling back in time for a bit
Follow Me Up To Carlow - Classic Version
Follow Me Up To Carlow - Medium Rowdy version


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