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(255.58 KB 600x779 cathedral.jpg)
The Cathedral Anonymous 08/18/2020 (Tue) 01:22:58 ID:758094 No. 972
There exist certain people who get together in secret and decide exactly what the narrative of the day will be. It is a priesthood. It probably has around 100-200 high priests, but we do not know for certain. We call this group The Cathedral. The high priests of The Cathedral place this narrative over society through their various mid-level agents: >academics write words that describe the narrative (e.g. blacks are poor because the white man oppresses the black man) >journalists write every day stories that manipulate facts to fit this narrative (e.g. a white man who kills a black man who was attacking him is an example this of systemic oppression) >the legal system enforces the narrative (e.g. the police charge the white man with a hate crime and the DA and judge get together to decide that he is guilty and what the punishment will be) >bureaucrats support the narrative throughout the various governmental and semi-governmental organisations they control (e.g. the tax and transfer system takes money from white men and gives it to black men) The Cathedral also has lower-level agents that we know as SJWs who are embedded in every company that is over a certain government-mandated size. They are usually found in HR but can appear anywhere. This is why companies go woke: the SJWs make sure whatever the company does fits the narrative and if the company does not follow their direction they go to Twitter, Discord, their other secret channels, etc, and get all the other SJWs to gang up and attack the company until it does as they say. Because all of these people are connected, the narrative, which is a lie, appears at all places at once, and can change overnight in a coordinated fashion. Normies believe the lie because they hear it from multiple sources. This is also the reason why the left thinks the dissident right (us) is coordinated when we are anything but. We all speak the same words and thoughts as well, but because our thoughts are based on the truth, we do not need to coordinate. As in any priesthood, the high priests are chosen for their adherence to the faith. However, because anyone can be a priest, and because there is no absolute authority, or king, who decides exactly what the faith will be, what exactly the faith is escalates as each high priest, group of high priests, cathedral agents, and lower functionary hopeful tries to out-compete each other in faithfulness. Thus, we see that in the 1800s they wanted blacks to be freed, in the 1900s blacks to be equal, in the 2000s black lives to matter (and by implication white lives not to), and increasingly bizarre occurences such as one group chanting "black lives matter" while one particular individual says "no, black TRANS lives matter." We call this ever increasing escalation the purity spiral or holiness spiral. This escalation will not stop until it reaches limits imposed by reality. We are seeing signs of this today, with black "programmers" and "chemical engineers" who will soon collapse the civilisation that blacks need to survive outside of sub-Saharan Africa. We are likely to then see a dark age where technology is lost but also where intelligent people are highly selected for. The white race will rebuild and restore itself during this dark age, but we must keep alive mathematics and science and technology that will let us do this. The other alternative is that a king emerges whom the military supports. The military could kill off the Cathedral priests and restore order. The king would then decide exactly what the faith would be and appoints an official priesthood who will burn as a heretic anyone who tries to out-holy any of them.
Go away, (((Curtis))).
>>973 (((Moldbug))) didn't come up with holiness spiraling theory you moron nor did he think that a traditional monarchy would be a good way to end the spiral.
(655.45 KB 1242x1555 ClipboardImage.png)
The Cathedral also has agents embedded in the military. These are the same as Soviet Commissars. The Cathedral appears to own the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff along with many high-ranking officers. When The Cathedral wants the military to attack something its priests will write a narrative that says how the target is "undemocratic" or similar. This is how a group of left-wing priests can get a group of nominally right-wing warriors to act against their own interests and kill reactionaries and would-be monarchs. This is why we cannot rely on military support. It is a part of the system that The Cathedral controls.
>>972 There certainly is such a thing as Cathedral, a decentralized cancer of mass consciousness. I don't think Moldbug's jew genetics should be used as a basis to discard it. We all know about normies participating in this bullshit. What Moldbug's genetics make him *not* talk about is the Synagogue. One might say Synagogue of Satan but that's really just redundant. And in any case, the actual term is probably Tabernacle. It's really a way bigger problem because it's *rational* and because *not anybody* can become a high priest of the Synagogue. So they won't run their thing into the ground over a holiness spiral. They'll get us all the way to Third Temple. Occasionally, Cathedral and Synagogue conflict; better to say Cathedral outgrows the Synagogue and rampages. Soviet Union was like this; everyone knows it was a result of jewish attack on Russian state, but the whole thing tripped over itself, was too haphazard, and after killing millions of Russians Stalin started purging jews too, in his quest for power. His handler/servant, Kaganovich, survived and even poisoned Stalin, but has lost influence, and for the better part of 20th century USSR was in fact relatively uncucked. Cathedral didn't notice jews which handled it, and so could not be controlled precisely. There simply wasn't enough jews to subdue it. Eventually it became a problem for Israel. And even still, USSR ran on fumes as a threat for half the world, governed by random minorities, until a russian guy (with jew wife) turned up and dismantled it. There's enough jews in the US, the people are fatter and lower-T, and technologies allow better brainwash at scale. You fags will doom us all.
this thread glows in the dark
>>977 Because...?
>>972 Nah, jews and other similar groups always play both sides. This is a very misleading thread and the solutions are stupid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtBF6MxquWI It looks like the jews and their goons are astroturfing their redneck garbage everywhere, not only on 4chan. It's mostly a problem of mafia-like groups including freemasons, jews, jesuits, ... filled with mentally ill people (psychopaths), infiltrating every institution with any kind of power and influence.
(728.24 KB 1400x1121 43928ed9idias.png)
(213.78 KB 1067x727 freemasonryJewsMeme644.jpg)
>>979 freemasonry is a jewish thing, regarding jesuits, well I refer you to william pierce
(728.24 KB 1400x1121 43928ed9idias.png)
(213.78 KB 1067x727 freemasonryJewsMeme644.jpg)
>>979 freemasonry is a jewish thing, regarding jesuits, well I refer you to william pierce
>>981 oops
>>980 >>981 William Luther Pierce was a glownigger.
>>972 >We call this group The Cathedral. You should call it the synagogue.
>>984 Ha ha very clever. But Epstein died in prison and Clinton walks free, so it looks rather like evil white people are still in charge.
>>985 Epstein raped, prostituted and murdered thousands of white girls, all with the blessing of the fbi and the rest of the American regime and was only killed himself so he wouldn't expose the jewish pedophiles that rule America. Hillary Clinton is just an alpha slave.
>>986 You are a moron and I believe that reddit would be more your cup of tea. Which particular Jew is at the top of the Jew hierarchy at the moment and is responsible for funneling government funds to BLM and Antifa? His first name is George.
P.S. Board Owner get these fucking shills off your site.
>>987 Lol, that's not how jewish "hierarchy" works. George Soros is high up, but there is never just one at the top for this Tribe. There are always many, each heading their own spheres of power and influence. They compete, to a degree, amongst each other, yet always maintain absolute hostility toward the various Goyim, and an absolute unity of purpose and ultimate goal. They all want the same ultimate thing, despite taking many different routes there.
>>989 You are a fucking retard.
>>990 You should address the substance of the opinion which you don’t agree, or don’t say anything at all.
>>991 Fuck off faggot.
>>988 This isn't reddit newfag. Stop windging to BO
>>990 Great argumentation, anon - I doubt anyone has ever been so skilled at rational debate! Care to tell me *WHY* you think I'm wrong? What did I say that is not true, specifically? What do you disagree with? You are literally at the lowest tier of ad hominem. It is pathetic and shameful. Try debating in good faith, see if we could come to a consensus on the matter. Sadly, I doubt you will, seeing as you are almost certainly a kike, or other non-white. If you are European, you must either be ~90IQ or less, unless you are just a teenager who simply doesn't grasp how one is to debate when with the "big boys". If you come back, which I seriously doubt will come to pass, try using words to indicate what I said that is incorrect, and exactly HOW it is incorrect. If you can do that, in good faith, I will respond reciprocally and we canaybe learn something. At least one of us.>>990
>>983 Evidence that WLP was a fed informant/agent, please. If, indeed, such exists.
>>995 Suck a dick faggot. >>996 I'll post evidence of WLP being a fed when faggot posts evidence of a secret Jewish cabal that is more important than the Cathedral.
(115.23 KB 650x1024 Iraq war.jpg)
>>997 Let's start here, then. The war on Iraq was concocted and pushed by jews for the benefit of israel. The reasons that were given to the public were entirely fake, it costed America trillions of dollars and great loss of life, it was a huge net negative for America and it only benefited israel. The war makes no sense at all unless you see it under this light. Show me when "The Cathedral" started a war and spent trillions of dollars flattening a foreign government and show how it was done to benefit "The Cathedral" instead of its values just being used as a distraction.


no cookies?