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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Mein Führer Blackshirt 04/20/2021 (Tue) 04:00:06 ID:645ae6 No. 3008 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we pay our respects to one of the greatest men of the White race. Heil Hitler.
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(2.44 MB 1280x1738 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.02 MB 1386x1914 ClipboardImage.png)
(573.05 KB 612x766 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.38 MB 880x1068 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.40 MB 731x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(997.86 KB 789x942 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.29 MB 1280x876 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.24 MB 1024x716 ClipboardImage.png)
(331.01 KB 421x640 ClipboardImage.png)
Спасибо за попытку освободить мир от марксистской и большевистской заразы дедушка Ади!
Happy Birthday Hitler! God bless you and Sieg Heil!
Alles Gute zum Gerburtstag Mein Führer. Wir werden Sie nie vergessen.

(115.34 KB 1024x690 mucha.jpg)
Slavic thread Blackshirt 03/21/2021 (Sun) 15:08:29 ID:376b53 No. 236 [Reply] [Last]
Any slavs here?
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>>597 The axis are PCA axes of haplogroup single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), chosen to maximize the variance across them. It's not a geographical map,though you can see that close geographic neighbors cluster together. Basically this is a relatedness chart.
>>736 They need some Whitepill, someone to like. Don't ruin their fragile fantasy outright, but try to lead them to the truth slowly. As individuals endowed with sharper understanding of our situation, it is our calling to lead our people to prosperity.
>>737 Well some right-wing e-celebs are shilling him and telling the dumbasses that Putin is the greatest threat to democracy and zionists. /pol/ just doesn't want to admit that voting and relying on e-celebs is not a solution, because this would mean they that the NEET life would have to be abandonded.
(1.90 MB 2500x1000 hitler struggle quote updated.png)
>>3041 >/pol/ just doesn't want to admit that voting and relying on e-celebs is not a solution This is the prime way to know that /pol/ is full of retarded teenagers. It became painfully obvious as soon as I started to actually believe things I got redpilled on, and went much deeper than the average poster on /pol/ ever has. They want retards to think for them and, like you said, to do absolutely nothing. I was skimming cuck/pol/ last night to see if there was a Hitler birthday thread, and at least one of the replies in the thread said they disliked Hitler because of the mess he made for Whites today. I guess laying down and dying is the way to go for cuck/pol/
>>3043 It's not just teenagers who browse /pol/. The board has been hit with a ton of retarded shills, trolls and reactionaries. As for the case of the reactionaries, we are seeing the same stupid shit that they've done when Hitler declared war on the Bolsheviks, which is cucking out and betraying fascists. Ever since /pol/ took the Christ pill and decided to LARP as devout Christians, they've switched their positions and know think they need to be as retarded as the boomers and a-social conservatives who think that Yahweh is going to save them and rely on powerful politicians who are kikes.

(23.94 KB 186x279 3007622.jpg)
Gotz Aly and the economical narrative against NatSoc Blackshirt 04/19/2021 (Mon) 22:49:53 ID:e7c9f8 No. 2993 [Reply] [Last]
Gotz Aly (image attach) is regard as one of the most important historians surrounding Hitler's economical motivations for invading Poland, been the economical breakdown because of socialism and therefore the transferring of debt to conquer nations along with the pillaged of their wealth. - This is one of the most common rationalisation of the issue by "scholars". What are the faults of this argument?
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>>3001 I don't deny any of those facts. But considering the mayor gains that Hitler already obtained through diplomatic ties with Chamberlain, it seems too illogical to push the risk of war against Britain and their allies.
>>3003 Basically, Hitler had nothing to gain from waiting any longer to act. They key thing here is the balance of the arms race. Even in 1939 Germany was still far behind the Allies when it came the balance of arms. They were simply outgunned and had inferior industrial capacity, especially when the US was included in the picture. The longer Germany waited, the greater the gap would become, even if Germany itself was already making big strides. And this is of course exactly what happened. Part of this problem would have been solved if Russia would have been subdued properly, as Germany would then have access to huge amounts of land, men and resources that would help to offset the balance, not to mention the other occupied territories. Occupying them did keep Germany afloat longer, but it wasn't enough. This is essentially part of the argument put forward by Adam Tooze in his book 'The Wages of Destruction', where he talks of a 'strategic window of opportunity' .Lend lease didn't help, but America actually entering the war sealed Hitler's fate. If Hitler had been more ruthless in the beginning at Dunkirk and in bombing Britain, and if America had somehow been kept out of the war, winning may have been more possible. And ultimately, it was the (((Allies))) who decided to start a world war over Poland. Mosley was right when he said years after the war that they should have just let Germany take back Danzig, the rest of their lands and expand into Russia and defeat the Bolshevik menace. And then there is the question of whether Hitler could have continued to truly ignore the plight of his Volk in Poland for much longer given what was happening.
>>2997 >>3004 One of the points that makes no sense to me in this "economic argue", is the point of NatSoc Germany asking for loans for "economic miracles" considering the weimar financial crisis, the total devaluation of the Reichmark, the anti-german blockade and the jewish-controlled international banking system. How Hitler could even apply for a loan in that scenario?
>>2993 The "argument" that the Germans invaded Poland, the USSR, ect because they needed to steal shit in order to fund their government programs is one the most retarded, and ignorant things I think have ever heard about history. And the fact that so many "scholars" and "historians" shill the "theory" without even a hint of irony just shows how much critical thought exists in modern academia. Imagine unironically thinking that you can fuel a modern industrial nation, and army through stealing furniture, paintings, gold teeth, and other miscellaneous garbage from neighboring countries, like some stereotypical Visigoths of yore. Or thinking that Germany was just going to magically collapse by enacting very similar economic policies to the U.S, and Britain, because some hysterical, jewish, ideologue shrieks at the notion that any economy could function without the chosen people's parasitism. No, you can't fund a modern army of millions who all need food, ammunition, transportation, medication, ect by looting banks, and stealing gold teeth, let alone keep your entire country going off of plunder. The second world war was a net drain on the German economy from beginning to end, it turns out that sending your workforce to die in the millions, burning through your reserves of food, metals, rubber, and fossil fuels in a venture that generate no immediate economic growth, and having enemy bombers turn your farms, factories, villages, towns, and cities into burnt out ruins actually puts strain on your economy, rather than saving it. Turns out that truly failing and dysfunctional society's can't sustain their economies, yet alone pursue the most costly, and logistically straining action a nation can undertake. When Roman society was collapsing, they did not invade new lands and steal pots, and textiles from barbarian tribes to fund their legions. The USSR didn't try save themselves from economic ruin by expanding, they abandoned their longstanding policy of kick-starting revolutions and coups in minerally wealthy third world countries, turned inward to try and deal with their internal problems, and then fell apart due to internal strife. When nations undergo depression, and economic turmoil, they do not expand, they do not create great empires, they do not conquer, they suffer internal strife until the state stabilizes the situation, or collapses, and is replaced. Now the Germans did harvest raw material "timber, oil, coal, rubber, metals" in the territories they conquered. But this was never profitable, it never offset the staggering cost of invading those countries in the first place, and such resources were mostly just fed into the war machine, to keep it going without exhausting Germany's meager natural resources too fast. The war was never profitable, and the German economy was perfectly stable before the war. And this policy is pretty much completely unrelated to the jewish propaganda bullshit, that the Germans needed to steal jew gold, in order to pay for their social programs. Which is so retarded on so many levels, I'm amazed the idea is taken seriously by anyone, even in the degenerate society we live in. The fact is that the Germans fought against the world's juggernauts, Great Britain, the United States, and the USSR, who all had vastly more natural resources, larger populations, and vastly larger industrial capacity, and still managed to persevere so long against such overwhelming odds, holding on as they were isolated from the rest of the world, and bombed into oblivion. The very fact that they did last so long, that they weren't just a footnote, that they still inspire such fear, and hatred in the hearts of the enemies of our people, goes on to show the true resilience, and genius of the National Socialist economic system "and of the German people themselves" not it's faults. Tell me with a straight face that a failing economy is going to fund itself with jew gold, and French paintings while it's lifeblood is drained away, and it's natural resources are basically thrown into a giant hole. They fought to protect their people, and secure their nation's long term interests. As explained by these anon's posts. >>2997 >>3004 It was never about the economy, but instead the war was about national, and racial survival.
(23.87 KB 310x480 kauft deutsche Ware.jpg)
>>3017 >It was never about the economy, but instead the war was about national, and racial survival. Yes, of course ultimately that was fundamental. That is why kikes struggle to understand the strategies and thinking of the Third Reich so often, because they are viewing it from a solely economic perspective. Economic issues of course play into the issue of racial survival, so when I was appealing to economic explanations at points in my posts, it should always be kept in mind that said explanations are only relevant in relation to the issue of racial / national survival

Identifying jew features Blackshirt 03/23/2021 (Tue) 00:19:29 ID:2512e9 No. 441 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for sharing information on jewish physiognomy and for furthering research into this topic in order to allow Whites to further hone their jewdars and detect likely crypto-kikes. Some jews may be more distinctly jewish than others. As has been pointed out on this board, jews engage in a type of mimicry known as Wasmannian mimicry, where the mimic assumes the appearance of the model it lives among or preys upon. The more a jew looks like you and me, the better for them.
12 posts and 18 images omitted.
I thought I was well educate on jew faces and hair, color, but during 2020 I spent more time looking at the forehead slope at almost 45°, a revealing feature too. Sometimes it makes weird combination when there's White and ashkenazi mixing, like the head and face not agreed on what to do, look a lot into nathali portman, see her profile. When she smirks or cries she's extremely ugly like an old witch face and the jewish face comes out strong.
>>1375 --gab.ai, Gab AI Inc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gab_(social_network) >Gab was founded by chief executive officer (CEO) Andrew Torba and chief technology officer (CTO) Ekrem Büyükkaya, who had previously worked together at advertising technology company Automate Ads (formerly Kuhcoon). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automate_Ads >Kuhcoon was co-founded in 2011 by Andrew Torba and Charles Szymanski, who were college roommates at the time, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In October 2011, Torba became CEO of the company. Adtech full with the jews. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabbai >Gabbai >A gabbai, also known as shamash or parnas or warden is a beadle or sexton, a person who assists in the running of synagogue services in some way. The role may be undertaken on a voluntary or paid basis. A shamash or gabbai can also mean an assistant to a rabbi. --Andrew Torba https://www.hebrewsurnames.com/TORBA >Torba is the word for bag or sack in most Slavic languages, it originates from Turkish. Most people named Torba are not jewish, they are likely to be Christian Slavs from Poland, Ukraine, Czechia, Slovakia, or the South Slavic countries. As a lot of jewish families in the Slavic countries adopted Slavic names, jews named Torba are most likely to originate from Poland or Ukraine. https://www.ancestry.com/search/categories/cen_century1900/?name=_torba https://www.ancestry.com/search/categories/40/?name=_torba --Ekrem Büyükkaya https://infogalactic.com/info/Ekrem_B%C3%BCy%C3%BCkkaya

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Aside from skull shape is there any way to detect rhinoplastized jews?
Possible successful use of the model on a suspicious figure: >>2676
(990.57 KB 1098x641 wew.PNG)

(600.33 KB 1250x1000 imperial girl japan.jpg)
(623.47 KB 1800x2266 mishima coup.jpg)
(102.53 KB 749x936 kamikaze.jpg)
(215.49 KB 969x667 rising sun anime.jpg)
Japan Thread 2 Blackshirt 03/14/2021 (Sun) 19:08:46 ID:04c4fa No. 8 [Reply] [Last]
ファシズムと、大日本帝国と、日本の歴史と、神道について一緒に話しましょう~ This thread is for discussing Japanese fascism, nationalism, religion and history.
129 posts and 76 images omitted.
>>2957 Every single time race mixing happens it creates a chain that is pulled back to the source. See the Japanese in Brazil, the Spanish in Latin America, the French in North Africa, Western Europeans in Amerindian North America. What you're advocating for is utterly reckless. Integralism was a mistake.
Cumbrained retards conceal their fetish for Japanese women under the guise of "eugenic improvement"
>>2965 I doubt even most of the faggots on this board have actually stopped masturbating or done any form of self-mastery and improvement. This explains why so many niggers are on here.
>>2966 They're coming in from /pol/ is my guess, or are here to troll. This was a regular theme on anon.cafe. I think there is more self-improvement going on here than one would think. I have been using this board for quite some time. The core user-base is solid.
(30.91 KB 500x435 Hiroo Onoda.jpg)
>>2893 Fuck the commenters on those videos, this dude is giga-chad in the flesh. Imagine holding out for thirty years like that and not giving up. It really boggles the mind. I really can't imagine having this level of devotion.

(31.92 KB 329x313 1.jpeg)
(195.08 KB 1265x903 2.jpg)
(34.78 KB 414x438 3.jpg)
(78.46 KB 840x890 4.jpg)
(606.13 KB 2500x1667 5.jpg)
Race War General - /rwg/ Blackshirt 03/18/2021 (Thu) 08:29:23 No. 81 [Reply] [Last]
This thread for the discussion of pro-White resistance, past or present, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Discuss! Previous thread https://archive.is/nEctv
111 posts and 58 images omitted.
>>2737 Not to say the jews did or did not steal the star of david from hindus. But if you step back for a second it's two triangles with one upside down overlaid on top. A pretty simple geometric pattern. It's not surprising that some of these basic geometric symbols get re-used. For example with the swastika in the west vs its use in the east.
(18.95 KB 263x304 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2769 Interestingly outside of the Hindu usage the only usages mentioned on the Wikipedia page have to do with jews, Freemasons and Abrahamics. The Thelema symbol is also a variety of a hexagram. This whole thing might have something to do with Saturn, since as we all know the jews are obsessed with Saturn, sixth planet from the sun
>>2769 So its basically just "as above so below" but with triangles?
>>2810 If you're talking about the Hindu use of the hexagram it's apparently some sort of symbolism for the intersection of spirit (purusha) with matter (prakriti), as in the case of a person, which is the conjunction of both, at least in Samkhya philosophy. Purusha is metaphysically masculine, while Prakriti is metaphysically feminine (because matter is essentially passive and "used" by the spirit)
>>2773 jews are obsessed with Saturn because Saturn was compared to El as being the father of the Thunder Son (Baal/Jupiter) Thus the Caananite El is then therefore conflated with the Judean Yahweh.

(60.10 KB 600x400 breker.jpg)
(590.38 KB sun and steel.pdf)
/smg/ – Self-Mastery General Blackshirt 03/14/2021 (Sun) 19:14:37 ID:3f539c No. 11 [Reply] [Last]
Get your shit together, anons Some Books and Info: >EasyPeasy Method (free yourself from porn) https://easypeasymethod.org/ >Calisthenics Archive https://anonfiles.com/H0v9FdC7p5/Calisthenics_zip >Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics) https://archive.org/details/ConvictConditioning_201602 >Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima (Attached) Old thread: https://archive.fo/ZjihA
Edited last time by FashBO on 03/26/2021 (Fri) 03:15:24.
85 posts and 39 images omitted.
>>2792 His response is a meme and will make you look like a T-Rex. What you want to do is best achieved by eating multiple protein-dense, high-calorie meals per day (4-5) and doing compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, etc.
>>2792 Yes do Starting Strength or any other powerlifting program like 5x5. They are all very similar. And you won't look like a T-Rex lol. That's a meme from people who didn't do any accessories at all. What the other anon recommended of squats and deadlifts is half the base of SS anyways. The other half is upper body like bench press and overhead press. Then there are accessories like pullups, curls, and face pulls, etc. Buy or download the Starting Strength book and read through it, then get a gym membership and follow it.
>>2794 >>2798 Thank you both for answering so quickly. I'll be changing my schedule to fit that regime.
>>2602 >I'm actually in the same boat. I was moved by it when I first read it, and had a 2 month long streak... Then I got stuck in limbo. Read EasyPeasy again, then afterwards read Conflict Communication: A New Paradigm in Conscious Communication by Rory Miller.

Anti-Abrahamism General /aag/ Blackshirt 04/03/2021 (Sat) 17:39:05 ID:b84e53 No. 1395 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for combatting and deprogramming individuals from jewish ideologies, particularly Christianity. Christianity is irreconcilable with White racial politics and National Socialism. It is necessarily universal in all respects, downplays the value of life, makes one worship a jew as their lord and savior, and worst of all preaches ethics fit for weaklings. The strong, beautiful, superior, etc are all denigrated before the jewish imposter god. It must be said that Christianity is among one the greatest enemies of racial regeneration, and cannot be viewed seperately from the problem of the JQ. I urge Christians to realize that they been deceived.
148 posts and 85 images omitted.
>>2550 Anything in particular you have in mind? I view the culture change more as a result of a collapsing Roman empire and the subsequent de and re-urbanization
>>2554 What you mention about the collapse of the Roman Empire's obviously a factor in some changes, but the most obvious thing here is the complete change in religion. Religion and culture mutually interact and shape one another, especially in cases of where we are talking about a new religion coming in and being imposed on a culture. With the pre-Abrahamic traditions of our ancestors there was a much tighter symbiosis between religion, culture and everyday life, but this was ruptured with Christianity, which then began to reshape aspects of native European cultures, and more slowly, the way that Europeans thought and acted.
>>2557 I'm not denying that religion creates a feedback loop to reinforce culture, but again I find it downstream of culture, which is downstream of genetics. People will act differently if they are in a dense city, or a roving tribe, or in times of war and peace. How the religion manifests or shifts is a reflection of this state of being, as opposed to the state being a reflection of the religion. I'll ask again if you have any particular examples of religion driving culture. I'm struggling to make logical connections for your argument that I find satisfying.
>>2639 How is the coming of Christianity to pagan Europe not an example of religion driving changes in culture? I definitely wouldn't say that religion is the only or even the driving force (i.e. most of the time it is downstream of culture), but it certainly can drive it in greater or lesser ways depending on circumstances. A better example might be the coming of Islam to Arabia. Their culture majorly changed due to this religion, particularly in the doing away of the practice of making statues of gods, practices like divination, frequent female infanticide, certain marriage practices like sororal polygyny, etc.
(106.37 KB 189x297 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been reading pic related related, and it is truly amazing what goes on in the Christcuck's mind. First there is reference to God as the ultimate brute fact - fair enough - as well as a person (being with intentions, thoughts, etc) that is utterly simply, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. But then in the author's desire to make moral truly 'objective' he goes and claims that God is not the author of all morality, and that it would be literally impossible for God to command something else than what is defined as "good". It seems to me that he is setting something higher than the "ultimate brute fact". God is best seen as the ultimate expression of "might is right" Also amusing is the chapter on evil, where he discusses "natural evils" like suffering brought about by nature, and how horrible this. I've noticed Christians constantly cry about Nature and how horrible it is. Nietzsche is absolutely right here in saying that they just hate and despise life. If something like God exists, and he is the author of the Laws of Nature, what reproach do I have? They are already perfect

(445.78 KB 1020x1024 proxy-image.jpg)
Aesthetics thread Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 22:09:26 ID:f94c16 No. 2575 [Reply] [Last]
Post paintings, sculptures, music and other forms of art that you find aesthetically pleasing.
13 posts and 28 images omitted.
(30.19 KB 600x413 gungnir odin breivik.jpg)
>>2661 I feel with the right music, a video with Breker's art could be really good. "Fashwave"-type music doesn't fit very well with it in my opinion. Maybe I will see sometime in the next few weeks if I can make something good. I have had an itch to make a video for a while now. >>2686 Guns are the best place to carve one's runes.
This is from a very old french/hungarian anime.
(434.17 KB 1598x899 1594572997.jpg)
(156.33 KB 1200x900 1602173093.jpg)
(146.88 KB 1000x666 1602172908.jpg)
(62.98 KB 700x638 1608168422.jpg)
(1.65 MB 1140x1444 1545575710.jpg)
Here are a handful of images I like. I have a ton of these so I'll post a few once in a while when the mood strikes.
First three images are some pieces of Slavic pagan art by Boris Olshansky: http://www.renegadetribune.com/the-slavic-pagan-art-of-boris-olshansky/ >>2765 I’ve always loved that photo of Hitler with the bird as well. It’s just little photos like this alongside the rest of the details we know about Hitler that really solidify him as something special. He was a leader who appears only once in a few centuries, if at that, and the Third Reich itself is so evidently far more than just a dictatorship that existed for a decade before being destroyed. The reaction of the enemies of National Socialism itself testifies to this. And then we have stuff like this, animals seemingly unfraid of Hitler, who just landed on him or ate of out of his hands. I’ve seen images of deer and squirrels being fed by him as well. I can only imagine the aura that this dude gave off by his mere presence. Even if one reads a (((mainstream))) account of Hitler, they always testify to his presence, and the sheer power of this man’s gaze. There’s quotes saying that it seemed as if he blue eyes drilled right into their souls, and I believe it 100%. One can fake photos with humans, but animals don’t lie. Also I like the last picture with the girl. I will have to look at what else this artist has done.

(147.88 KB 736x1037 EREOHo2U0AADjfY.jpg)
Turning theory into practice Blackshirt 03/29/2021 (Mon) 13:19:41 ID:564b8c No. 946 [Reply] [Last]
I'm sure we can all agree that talking and discussing and debating is all well and good but unless we actually put our thoughts and desires into practice it all means nothing. This is a thread about action. I'm currently trying to think of a way to put into being a version of the RAD from NatSoc Germany into play here in the states (Specifically my state, Wisconsin). I want to see my state improve and start getting people motivated, show them what good fascist thought can do for them. For me, that starts with giving them a place to belong. A labor force that directs their efforts through out the state. What're ways you anons are putting your ideology and thought into action in your lives?
115 posts and 21 images omitted.
>>2566 >The point is that it's impossible to research this stuff independent of institutions. No actually it isn't, majority of (((science))) surely, but it's always possible to strike gold. But you have to look for it. Re-Examining the "Out of Africa" Theory and the Origin of Europeoids (Caucasoids) in Light of DNA Genealogy https://www.scirp.org/journal/paperinformation.aspx?paperid=19566 Reconsideration of the “Out of Africa” Concept as Not Having Enough Proof https://www.scirp.org/html/42557.html Klysov wrecked the kike narrative completely by purely comparing genes honestly without (((bias))) or any other jewish bullshit. And furthermore course this study isn't famous because jews never report on findings that prove them wrong. On disagreeal subhuman poz brain "scientists" will also never try to openly disprove or debate such people and papers either when they are correct, so challengers would get directly humiliated.
(13.82 MB 1062x480 misanthropic division.mp4)
If you have redpilled close friends and family members, convince them to form a small cell with you. Otherwise, do it on your own. Scan your zone of operations for targets. Technically, any non-White, White traitor or irredeemable degenerate is a fair game, though obviously things like journalists, bankers, local politicians and the like have priority. You can also target locations in a similar way, preferably with explosives, though more conventional types of arson also work. Power plants are always excellent picks due to blackouts being inherently accelerationist, especially in places with high minority populations. What you want is to spread fear, violence and chaos without getting caught. Then do it all over again. And again. The age of livestreamed mass shootings and online manifestos has long passed, the age of OpSec and a low-intensity warfare that continually escalates into more destructive forms has come. From lone wolves and small cells, to decentralized terrorism, to guerilla warfare once violence against non-Whites and ZOG has been sufficiently normalized. DO NOT PLAN SHIT ONLINE, BY PHONE, FAX OR ANY FORM OF TRACEABLE COMMUNICATIONS!
>>2571 Why is the text on the second link so messed up, I can't read this.
>>2517 This is be true, however the idea that he was trying to depose Hitler was never proven. Strasser was not an ally of Hitler, and was essentially a leftist that they kept in the party too long and was gaining influence, so they should've killed him much sooner. Rohm did want a full revolution though, a full National Socialist revolution where these jews, Industrialists, and the aristocracy would be slaughtered. Hitler chose them over Rohm and the SA, regardless of their hooliganism and degeneracy, they were loyal and fanatical. They could've removed Rohm and kept the SA, they could've stuck to the revolution without him. But instead they worked with the people who eventually betrayed the Reich, the same people the SA wanted a revolution against. On one hand Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler knew for a long time about this problem with Rohm, but they were fine with using him until that night. So personally, I believe they should've used them a little longer, at least until the end of the war. Since you're still parroting history instead of learning from it, who were the people destroying the Reich from the inside? Oh yeah, the same jews, Industrialists, and aristocrats he wanted to purge, so history proves the revolution was the correct idea. History should be learned from if you ever want to win. I'm obviously opposed to homosexuality myself, and find it strange that they were so offended by it all of a sudden when they were putting up with it for a decade before that. If they were already using them, once again, they would've been better off using them than compromising with jews. The idea to remove Röhm from power originally came from Minister of defence General Von Blomberg, Chief of Reichswehr General von Reichenau, who conspired with Himmler, Göring and Reinard Heydrich. Heydrich fabricated evidence saying that Röhm had been paid by France to depose Hitler. When presented, Hitler laughed at it. There are also sources that claim Himmler himself was fooled into this belief by a foreign sting operation. You could look all this up. Himmler is my personal idol in that era, but I look at history objectively and not emotionally and they made a lot of mistakes in hindsight, but it's always easy to judge in hindsight. Now let me tell you some more, since you apparently don't know what you're talking about. Do you know that Hitler's driver Maurice was a kike that Himmler and the SS wanted to purge and this was blocked? This was not the only time. If you read the books of Austrian SS member Wilhelm Landig, which is available for free online, you'd know the SS trusted nobody after a while believing they had betrayed the Reich and that freemasons had escaped due to people interfering with their work. Does that mean I'm against Hitler? No, but he did have a character flaw and trusted the wrong people. Ribbentrop didn't hate the English, which is why you can look into documentaries and books about Ribbentrop, a man from a wealthy family, who had friends within the British elite, which many British elite testified to. Any reactionary actions are just that, reactionary because he failed.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>2535 Ribbentrop was very competent as leader of the Dienststelle, but as he entered the Foreign Ministry the decisions he made were generally very ineffective, I believe he was responsible for the Iron pact with Italy though, so he did a little right. Goebbels and Goring both hated him according to Goebbels' diary and a Goring quote, but obviously these could be false. Ultimately he served well when he was using his own private service, but when he became the official Foreign Minister, his service was lacking. And yes unfortunately they made a lot of errors regarding choices, but these are judgements made in hindsight, we weren't there to see how they saw it.


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