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(2.05 MB 2344x2736 1616915123-0.jpg)
School shootings > Species war Blackshirt 03/28/2021 (Sun) 22:24:58 No. 926 [Reply] [Last]
The problem is the kids with the most potential are being told that the kids with the least potential are just as good if not better than them, and that you'd be a bigot to deny that. There's no hierarchy, everyone is equal, and so nobody feels particularly exceptional when they think that anyone else can do what they can. They feel disposable and replaceable. They feel unremarkable, and have no pride in what they are. Their society neglects them in favor of low potential, useless individuals. What you get is an entire generation of frustrated and confused young people that want to get back at society somehow. Because they feel meaningless and replaceable, their only option left is to go out and assert their existence by shooting other people. No wonder young men are snapping their mental carrots all the time. This is why school shootings are so common amongst White males, they are full of unbridled potential, but they’re told that they have privilege, and that they are oppressors, and that they can’t satisfy women, and that they’re not cool and have nothing to be proud of, and that they better stay quiet. Then their low IQ, low potential black classmate or degenerate frat boy gets all the praise. The problem isn’t access to guns, or video games, not even school stress. The problem is that the brightest in our societies are being horribly mistreated, and are entirely underappreciated. Instead of providing actual help to these disenfranchised young men, we numb the effect of their issues, we don’t attack the root cause of their issues. “Don’t have a girlfriend? Here’s some porn to keep your mind off things”. “Too energetic? Here’s some depressant drugs you can take to keep you in line during class.” “Have violent tendencies? Here’s some shoot em’ up games” The reason females, (asides from maybe a couple freak incidents) are never responsible for school shootings becomes very clear. Women are highly valued by our society. Perhaps not even valued so much as they are praised. They are told they can do anything, be anything. That they’re smarter than men, and that they’re strong independent women who will grow up to constantly break down oppressive and outdated societal norms. Not only that, but the sexual marketplace for women of all shapes and sizes is limitless. You could be introverted, you could be fat, you could have no personality whatsoever, but so long as you’re a female then they will always be a male that wants you. The story changes when it comes to males. No female will ever make advances towards you unless you're at the very top of the food chain in terms of attractiveness. If you happen to be shy then you’re just going to have to deal with being single. The number of male virgins above the age of 20 keeps multiplying every year. The sexual marketplace is geared towards women. When looking at all of these reasons as to why White males are so disenfranchised these days, one could only come to the realization that the current system that perpetuates this disenfranchisement was make that way on purpose, it’s purpose being to continually keep White males shooting up schools. They want to lower Whites to the level of niggers. The same could be said about Covid, businesses are being destroyed due to this drawn out and dramatified virus, and now only black businesses are receiving the funding to reopen, leaving White owned businesses in dead. Again, to lower Whites to the level of niggers. This could be seen as a method of achieving equity between Whites and niggers by unnaturally forcing Whites into a position similar to niggers through social engineering, and not by the merit of any particular race. But if this whole system was set up to raise up niggers at the expense of innocent Whites, why aren’t there other races who are being discriminated against in order to raise niggers? Why aren’t Indians and Asians being lowered to the level of niggers? It’s because the whole system isn’t about achieving equity, it’s simply vehemently against Whites, especially White males. This is not how young men were meant to grow up. Their egos need to be inflated, not suppressed, they need to go out to slay the beast and get the girl and provide for their tribe and prove their worthiness to their elders. We look at arrogance as such a rotten thing these days, when in reality it's a totally normal and necessary phase of growing up. These young men need to kill animals or other humans threatening their tribe. Today they are shunned, they are slaves to women. They are slaves to niggers, they are slaves to their employer or school. They cannot go out and conquer, they must stay idle, their ego must be kept in check and their confidence must be kept at an all time low, or god forbid another holocaust might happen! For example, the entire purpose of pornography is to keep the sexual energy found in young men from being harnessed usefully. It is to keep young men, especially White young men from realizing their issues
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Friendly reminder that anti-neanderthal is codeword for anti-White.
>>1441 >anti-neanderthal is codeword for anti-White. Whites are Cro Magnon, not Neanderkikes
>>1443 Whites are cro magnon AND neanderthal. I know that race mixing isn't exactly a popular concept in these parts, but we do have a mixed heritage and to denounce our neanderthal heritage is nothing short of cuckoldry. Especially if you're only denouncing them over the bullshittery of some tribe whose first member was born thousands of years after the last pureblood neanderthal died. Even if we assume for the sake of argument that ashkenazim do indeed have more neanderthal blood than any other tribe on Earth: So what? They are also cro magnons so should we denounce our cro magnon heritage too? Should we denounce our caucasoid status too, just to be sure? No and no. jews aren't douchebags because of some occult blood feud of an ancient race that somehow managed to hold onto its culture and grudges for milleniae after it went extinct. They act the way they do because their religion is based around a bunch of perverted old men wanting 1984-tier control over every aspect of every tribe members' daily life and creating a situation where jews regard outsiders with blind hate yet cannot survive without their assistance. Blaming their actions on their minuscule neanderthal admixture being slightly larger than our minuscule neanderthal admixture is absurd. Are you the same clown that posted this schizo crap on the BN board on 8chan?
>>1477 Whites are 1% neanderthal and the rest is cro-magnon. I don't see how it's cuckoldry to deny something that barely makes up for our DNA.

The Joy Of Mechanical Force - Futurism General Blackshirt 03/21/2021 (Sun) 23:29:33 ID:43560e No. 273 [Reply] [Last]
BE A CHEMICAL REACTIONARY Does anyone remember a few years ago when the Bagger 288 became a meme? I came across it, and it turns out that it was built by Krupp, the same Krupp that gave Uncle all of his Tanks, Ships, and AA guns. Investigating the matter further, we discover that it was the far right that gave the world dozens of the innovations we take for granted today: >A far-righter named Henry Ford gave the world the automobile and assembly line. >A far-righter named Konrad Zuse made the world's first programmable computer. >A far-righter named Otto Ambros was the best chemist in the third reich and invented a new type of rubber. >A far-righter named Werner Heisenberg discovered quantum mechanics. >Two far-righters named Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the structure of DNA. >A far-righter named Wernher Von Braun got us to the moon. >A far righter named William Shockley put the sillicon in the valley. >Pierce himself interned at Los Alamos, got a PhD in Physics, and lead an R&D team at Pratt & Whitney.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>2704 Well you should continue and not listen to some of the retards who cry nay. Anything that can help us our revolution would be great, although if you feel there will be subversion or it would be waste of time while learning it, then give up or find a way around it.
>>2703 >there's no purpose for this thread for it hasn't been very "scientific" in the first place other than back and forth arguments The thread keeps getting derailed by people arguing against technology in one form or another. That's fine, but it would be more fruitful to keep that to an anti-technology thread, or a thread specifically about debating the merits of technology. Right now it's like having a thread about paganism and getting spammed nonstop by christcucks. >Yeah I'm doubting that, it's not inevitable The use of science and engineering is inevitable or you will be crushed by other civilizations who wield it. This seems obvious enough, and has already been discussed. National Socialist Germany also utilized science and engineering. >Most of the nimrods here are just NEETs and /fascist/ already discourage anyone from getting a degree or some form of knowledge and experience on how to use vital technology against the jew A lot of people here have advanced knowledge of technology. We have engineers, architects, programmers, networking specialists, system admins, and even the occassional people in academia doing research.
>>2707 >A lot of people here have advanced knowledge of technology. We have engineers, architects, programmers, networking specialists, system admins, and even the occassional people in academia doing research. I know this is going to sound glowie, but can you confirm this indirectly or in a way that proves that there are people in our field who understands this.
(729.63 KB 514x662 wanderer 2.PNG)
>>2691 I've never liked Futurism either, really. I have always felt that Romanticism as an art movement was always truer to Fascism, but perhaps I say this because of my own leanings towards Nature, anti-Industrialism and paganism, all of which are associated in greater or lesser degrees with Romanticism. Romanticism also has close associations with the awakening of nationalism in Europe, particularly of the Völkisch variety, and of course study into the past of one's nation, and its folklore.
>>2712 Not sure how it could be proven. But lurking over the years there are people who claimed to be professionals in these fields and discussed the topics in credible enough ways to seem likely. I'm a programmer and have seen a good amount of detailed discussion about computer science and IT related topics. It's not like it's a super power to have one of these careers you just need an above average IQ and/or a good work/study ethic.

(89.12 KB 897x800 book chad.jpg)
Interesting Links Blackshirt 03/31/2021 (Wed) 20:07:44 ID:167089 No. 1159 [Reply] [Last]
For information that is not worth its own thread, but also doesn't fit into the news thread or Aryan religion thread(s).
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(344.49 KB 491x461 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2644 Good thread, thanks. Seems like an Abrahamist was riled up by it too, kek. It's good to see him warn in the beginning about the dangers of overly individualistic practice / eclecticism as well. That's a major issue I've been concerned with myself, and is a major downside of paganism as it exists right now. Though one can of course travel alone to an extent, community has always been an important part of religion / spirituality.
>>2647 /fascist/ is not one person, retard. We've always been a FASCIST board and there are diverse opinions on some issues, and consensus on other issues
>>2649 >/fascist/ is not one person, retard. Yeah no shit, but I didn't think there would be some on here who are retarded enough to think that the "place for every race" slogan isn't cuckoldry and retarded at the same time. /fascist/ doesn't need to be so diverse it has retards like (You) who come on this board to stir shit up and sperg out like a tranny.
>>2654 >I didn't think there would be some on here who are retarded enough to think that the "place for every race" slogan isn't cuckoldry and retarded at the same time I wouldn't even deny this statement in the slightest. That said, /fascist/ isn't anything like an 'ethnoglobe' board. Most people who can't shut up about it are themselves spergs
>>2655 >That said, /fascist/ isn't anything like an 'ethnoglobe' board. You don't get to determine that, especially considering the fact that most of the anons on here have been for ethnoglobe. I think what you meant to say here is that you personally, a liberal do not like the idea of ethnoglobe. >Most people who can't shut up about it are themselves spergs The people who orbit around /fascist/ and cry about ethnoglobe on a White supremacist board are actually spergs and you are indeed one of them.

(322.41 KB 612x540 follow the jewish science.png)
Aryan Science Thread Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 15:39:43 ID:cb48d6 No. 2551 [Reply] [Last]
The main purpose of jewish science is to demoralize and undermine societies. The phenomenon of jewish science has gradually formed over time, but by the 19th and 20th centuries it has become a openly anti-White, anti-Nature force. Prime examples of jewish science include the following: >materialism >eliminative materialism >abiogenesis >Big Bang (esp. according to the mainstream account) >'heat death' of the universe >atheism What is the purpose of each of dogmas of modern science? Demoralization. Relativism. Nihilism. The views listed above, held by many, many scientists and atheists, lead one to think that the only thing that exists is matter occupying time and space, that their mind and thoughts are just illusions and products of 'folk psychology', that magically life arose from non-life despite no evidence that such processes can occur, that the universe came into existence out of literally nothing, violating the most basic intuitions of metaphysics, that nothing comes of nothing - such ideas make rational analysis feasible in the first place. It is materialism that has led, first and foremost, to relativism, hedonism, nihilism and other modern, jew-influenced doctrines. We can hope that one day, true science will again displace these. Nothing is as it seems.
1 post omitted.
(394.00 KB 602x787 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2559 Pic related is what theoretical physicists nowadays are proposing when it comes to the origin of the universe. There is no time, no space, no matter, and then it inexplicably pops into existence from literally nothing with no cause. Of course this point is pilpuled a bit, they define nothingness so that just inexplicably the laws of physics just happen to exist independent of space, time and everything affected by said laws, as well as laws of quantum mechanics. Theories like this are being churned out by jews regularly. The particular excerpt attached to my post is taken from the book 'The Mystery of Existence: Why Is There Anything At All'. The particular section is written by a Soviet-born jew named (((Alexander Vilenkin))) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Vilenkin Another prominent cosmologist working with (((Vilenkin))) and pushing out these theories is (((Alan Guth))): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Guth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borde%E2%80%93Guth%E2%80%93Vilenkin_theorem This is why I specifically mentioned the mainstream Big Bang theories being put out. The theory itself could be true, but I have almost wondered whether intentionally absurd theories are pushed out to the public after reading things such as this. It is of course worth noting that a Jesuit Georges Lemaître is behind the Big Bang too
>>2563 Thank you for the explanation!
>>2563 >The theory itself could be true It isn't, not only does it lack evidence along with skeptical scientists debunking it, but the ancients themselves have explained that the universe has always existed.
>>2570 Any good starting places to look into this stuff? I know that our ancestors either believed in an eternal model or a cyclical eternal model. I'd be interested to see how things like Olber's paradox, redshift and cosmic microwave background radiation are explained, since these are apparently their main pillars in the theory. Granted, the latter two could be bullshit for all we know, I've never observed it
>>2572 I forgot the links I had for Dharmic and pagans, but I do have scientists explaining why there couldn't have been a bang that started the universe and how it cannot ever be calculated to date the beginning. >https://phys.org/news/2015-02-big-quantum-equation-universe.html >https://www.icr.org/article/big-bang-theory-collapses/

(226.56 KB 800x300 ancient aryans 2.jpg)
The Hidden History of the Aryan Race Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 14:33:25 ID:9a0652 No. 2541 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we gather and discuss information concerning the origins, history and historical distribution of the White race. This thread is not primarily about genetics, though it may play a small supplementary part, with due caution being afforded towards such information. Areas of Potential Discussion: >Where did Whites in ancient times live? How big of a percentage of the population were they? >Why does White Genocide seem to be something that has gone on for millennia rather than decades?
Edited last time by FashBO on 04/14/2021 (Wed) 14:42:59.
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(639.55 KB 1151x849 buddha blue eyes.jpg)
(125.47 KB 956x483 china.PNG)
(205.35 KB 956x417 wusun china.PNG)
(25.20 KB 644x374 chinese coverup 1.png)
(34.97 KB 624x503 chinese coverup 2.png)
Some excerpts from an article on the red-haired mummies of the Tarim basin, and how only Chinese scientists are allowed to stud them. https://archive.fo/58dDc
(2.00 MB 2000x1411 bhagavad gita race mixing pic.png)
(762.55 KB 800x1280 Indrapill India Aryan past.jpg)
Anyone got info about the Persian Emperors and nobility having blond or red hair, and blue eyes or green eyes?

(101.89 KB 960x642 1582068219775.jpg)
(171.64 KB 624x334 1484856782699.png)
Germany, The White Rose and resistance to our current regime Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 08:45:44 ID:3e00f4 No. 2524 [Reply] [Last]
Right now we are in a very precarious situation. Our situation is a direct result of Germany and the Axis powers losing World War 2. Since then there has been no great power on earth that has tried to oppose the slowly encroaching Globalized New World Order system that is now starting to lift the veil and come out in full force, and it is worse than anything Goebbels, Hitler, Rosenberg, Darré, Streicher, and co. could even imagine. It's a sterile anti-human and anti-nature system, that seeks to assimilate everything into its collective hive-mind and destroy what won't be assimilated. There is no future for us or anyone but the satanic elites in the post-human age they are trying to create and it must be fought at every turn. The problem is that right now, we, as in the people, the Volk, have no political power. Our so-called democracies are just smoke and mirrors by the elites. The only option we have left than when the hour comes is to organize small resistance cells. Like the Anti-Nazi resistance movements in Europe and Germany. With (((their))) plans of depopulation and (((their))) past history in the early Soviet Union, leaves little doubt of what fate awaits dissidents in the future. This brings me to Die Weiße Rose. The student-led resistance group in Munich that distributed leaflets around the city in in 1942. In their eyes, they saw what we see now in our countries. A tyrannical government destroying any hope they had for a future, leading millions to an early grave. Instead of standing still, they chose to do what they thought was the right thing. If you read their pamphlets, they could just as easily be used against our current regimes. >Why do you allow these men who are in power to rob you step by step, openly and in secret, of one domain of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanised state system presided over by criminals and drunks? Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right—or rather, your moral duty—to eliminate this system? — 3rd leaflet of the White Rose. In Norway, our resistance against the National Samling Government and the German military occupation was organized under MILORG("Military Organization"). MILORG members were, like the White Rose, made up of ordinary people, who did what they thought was best. After a war, there was a dialogue between former MILORG resistance members and Norwegian SS fighters. They both agreed that they did what they thought was best, for Norway, for our people. To secure a free future for themselves and their children. One can argue in hindsight that the German side was the good side, and from my extensive reading, I believe so too. But, these people were living in it with only their limited human perspectives on grand world events, so one cannot really blame them for joining their national resistance movements. Most people, just want to live peacefully and be left alone. This is what lead to the rise of National Socialism in Germany in the first place since the International elements would not leave Germany alone. They attacked from left and right and squeezed the German People from top and bottom, and when Germany said no and went to war to defend themselves from this International threat, the normie citizens of the countries they occupied that had some self-respect naturally saw the occupying force as a threat to their peace and security. This leads me to my point I guess. If things continue on the current trajectory, we may find ourselves forced to work with people we never would have associated with normally. With the planned rollout of vaccine passports worldwide and other coercive tactics being used to make people take the Gene Therapy "vaccines", we are quickly becoming a polarized society. With the followers on one side and the rejectors on the other, and from what I've seen so far, it is a very diverse group. The more people that reject and work to disrupt this blatant satanic system, the better. Right now, that is the most important thing for our survival. Other questions will have to be answered later.
>>2524 Any good insurrection is organic, but any successful insurrection is inorganic. Would Iran or Russia be willing to fund anti-democratic movements?

(160.77 KB 1024x1350 GAB avatar AA.jpg)
Division Achangel 03/20/2021 (Sat) 15:53:20 ID:3653fa No. 154 [Reply] [Last]
The first thing we should look at when making a judgment is DIVISION. If we are looking at a person, perhaps their online posting habits, the FIRST thing we need to ask is "Is this person divisive?" Are they brother-warring? Are they hyper-political? Hyper religious? Ageist? Perhaps purity spiraling? If this person falls into such a category, you need to shun them. AND TELL THEM WHY. Even if you agree with them. They spread division by encouraging YOU to be divisive youurself. Like a virus. Like cancer! There is only one group that behaves this way consistently, One group that tries to drive a wedge between brothers, encourages them to hate each other. That group is our enemy. REJECT ANYONE ACTING LIKE YOUR ENEMY. Individualism is not Fascism. Make no mistake there is a role, a critically important role, in Fascism for the individual, but it is not the focus f Fascism.  Unlike communism, a system that absorbs all individuality, Fascism cannot exist without the individual. How do you think an individual holds up against a group? Whites are the *ONLY* people who fail to recognize themselves as PART of a larger group, with our own unique beliefs/needs. This is because of decades of anti-White programming. In a Capitalist society, individualism translates to selfishness. Fuck the nation/race/community, "If it doesn't affect me, I don't care about it." We have been programmed to think this is somehow noble. It isn't. This is where our enemies want us. White people must ignore their programming and UNITE. We must embrace FASCISM! If we do not, we will be under the yoke of our enemies who are successfully taking over our nations as we speak. ANYONE promoting hatred or division between the White people is an ENEMY of us all. Reject them, and tell them why you are doing it. We will not survive without doing this. Be an individual within the fasces.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>154 This is a thing to remember. Most public events could be used to our advantage, if we unite other them, instead of petty bickering
>>924 I'm convinced we don't really bicker. Most of the argumentation is from consensus crackers (infiltrators). The rest of the argumentation consists of minor disagreements and learned behavior from aforementioned shills.
>>925 I definitely think that on the fundamentals and basic issues there is a wide sense of agreement. This is great, actually, because if we compare this with something like /leftypol/, we will see what a mess their politics are. They can hardly agree on a thing besides the vague declaration of 'capitalism bad'. I think every single person on this board can agree with the following: >White genocide is happening >The jews are the perpetrators >We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children >Some form of Fascism is how this is done.
>>451 >they're treated like mentally handicapped children They are.

Avoiding Assassination Blackshirt 03/25/2021 (Thu) 04:58:14 ID:38374c No. 698 [Reply] [Last]
Nowadays you hear about semi-prominent figures that speak out against the establishment dying in extremely suspicious ways all the time. Maybe this healthy 50 year old suddenly died of a heart attack or illness, or maybe they spontaneously decided to kill themselves after never showing any signs of depression before, or maybe they kill their families too in a murder-suicide. Obviously these people were assassinated and it was covered up by the media. The thing is, with these kind of deaths the people usually were normies who practiced no physical security at all, that is, they lived in a normal suburban house with their family. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, I am a the leader of a fascist movement who has amassed several million legit fascist followers online. I decide to go public, reveal my identity, and travel around the country campaigning. This would make me a prime target. How do I avoid being assassinated? It's not the 1920s anymore, intelligence agencies probably have all kinds of classified methods of discretely killing someone, so I doubt just a bullet proof vest and "being careful" would be enough. There's also the question of how to keep your assassination from being covered up, which I imagine would itself be a good deterrent. Going back to the normie assassination above, glowies could poison someone, and all they would have to do is pay off the coroner and get the police to issue a story and the media would eat it up (and the big corporation media would get the hint). Being able to avoid this would be helpful.
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>>1784 Very true. Rockwell should have created a seperate group for non Whites who wanted to help, like how the SS had foreign divisons.
>>1780 There will not be any "groups", not until the situation deteriorates to the point that Zog cannot enforce their will anymore, until then build your group of friends who will work with you, and work toward creating the collapse.
>>782 Speaking of the ANP, what are the chances of James Mason being a fednigger? He was part of the ANP at one point and I found it quite odd how alot whove come into contact with him ended up being blown out and arrested. I think it's obvious that when Rockwell died the jackass who replaced him was a fednigger whose mission was to drive the party into jokeland.
>>2046 Mason’s been in and out of prison over time, so anything’s possible. I do know that even if he isn’t a fed Atomwaffen has done plenty on its own to make itself into the laughingstock of White Nationalism / Fascism. What a farce
>>1784 >This. One of the biggest mistakes fascists make is trusting obvious traitors and working with morons who only embarrass and ruin your movement. Rockwell could of been successful if he chose his cards right and not just accept anyone. No you are all wrong both you two. Rockwell v Pierce, one accepted any one and the second had few people but all ended in nothing. Pierce is gone he was core of NV. Reality? Too soon you cant have NS in America country needs collapse first, loss of faith in institutions and tv news. jews used trump to exploit this need, turning it into an other slow boil variant. I believe we have little control on destiny now, things to happen if they are allowed by higher forces. It's faith and despair which we need. The needed man will be coming when its decided, not by you or me. What you can do is about your soul, the choice to be make, to be pro White and truth or for jews who are ugly and this is lack of beauty because that's the way of nature to say look at these monsters. Perhaps you can pray for Him?

(58.25 KB 526x526 BLACK SUN CAT.jpg)
Neuchan crossposters general Blackshirt 03/14/2021 (Sun) 18:58:55 ID:84e530 No. 7 [Reply] [Last]
All discussion regarding /fascist/ TOR bunker goes here. All anons are welcome to suggest improvements, assist Neumoot with tech advice and especially grow the board by posting and letting cobbers know that we moved on Neuchan. Shillniggers and butthurt people will be reported and shat on.
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>>1971 He knows full well. The same sperg posted the same CP image on Neu
Posting pictures of young girls for no reason gives always pedo vibes no matter if it happens to be Ebba or not. As long as it lacks context and isn't say part of a longer post with perhaps other pictures to illustrate a point it should be deleted.
(550.12 KB 616x340 rifle girl.PNG)
>>1974 Sometimes one just wants to attach something cute to their post
>>1975 Nobody really has a problem with that either though. It's only when the pictures are suggestive or attached to some agenda that it becomes cancerous.
>>1990 Yeah I would be surprised if they did. I don't like the suggestive ones either obviously, it's just asking for kikes to shut the site down.

Getting your shit together: Digital Edition Blackshirt 04/06/2021 (Tue) 01:54:05 No. 1737 [Reply] [Last]
Greetings. I'd like to start a thread to raise awareness about some things which are very important for us all and deeply troubling to me. I'm sure I'm not the only one who notices that for every one of us who is thoughtful in his decisions, deliberate in his actions, and educated in the necessary fields for our success (more on this later) there are a great number of people who, despite having good intentions and the right ideas are in danger of being v& or put on a watch list as a result of either youthful hubris or carelessness/lack of discretion when it comes to their use of computers/technology. I can't help but cringe every time I hear of someone with the right ideas and the right intentions getting caught or landing in trouble from using something like d*scord or some stupid goyphone app to discuss certain things. Here are some of my suggestions to get good people onto more secure & private places: >Host an IRC server over the tor network using a raspberry pi or an old PC. Only invite your most trusted friends, you can password protect the IRC server and certain channels too. >Get your friends to install GNU/Linux on their computers, help them setup full-disk encryption to cover their ass and convince them to give up shit like steam gaymes and other dumb crap >Do not post on cuckchan (I'm sure most people here don't), don't browse cuckchan or other imageboards without using tor. Avoid reading any news sites on an IP address that can be connected to your meatspace identity. >Alter your typing style/word choice/etc when posting anonymously or under a different 'net handle/identity, do not mix your 'net activities >Avoid discussing things related to your local weather, timezone or geographic region with people you don't know in meatspace >Do not fall for platforms that offer a shiny interface and throw a ton of buzzwords at you >DO NOT USE EMAIL AT ALL FOR ANYTHING PRIVATE, IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT'S GMAIL, PROTONMAIL OR COCKMAIL This needs to be said and it needs to be spread to everyone on our side. STOP USING DISCORD AND SMARTPHONE APPS TO COMMUNICATE! STOP USING MICRO$HIT WINDOWS! DON'T RUN YOUR STEAM GAYMES CLIENT IN THE BACKGROUND ON YOUR COMPUTER WHILE YOU ARE "RESEARCHING" THINGS FOR YOUR "CHEMISTRY CLASS"! I will also mention some things I have seen people do WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER DO, like the videos of people going on omegle with siege masks and guns and "pranking" people. Firstly, it was so LARPy and gay that I could hardly bear to watch these overweight manchildren "prank" random niggers over the internet like they are actually doing something important without covering my face and cringing. I'm sure they didn't realize that when you are using omegle's video chat, you are connecting peer-to-peer, DIRECTLY to the other party, so some fed/kike/antifa nigger can fire up wireshark, go on omegle's video chat using the same tag/interest or whatever they call it, and once they connect to those LARPing faggots they have the other party's IP address, and you can be sure at least one of those parties already has done this. Omegle blocks both tor and VPN's so unless they are using proxies on boxes that they popped themselves (which I highly doubt they are given how retarded their little LARP is) their gay little voice changers and skull masks aren't hiding squat. I noticed over the years of interacting with people on the net that it's often people like this who always get in trouble for the stupidest reasons. If you can't point them in the right direction and get them to STFU and simmer down when it comes to this, you should just avoid them. Another thing, printing off propaganda posters seems fun and epic, but many people don't know that almost all printers imprint a unique code onto every document using a series of yellow dots which are almost imperceptible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_Identification_Code here is just a basic kikepedia link about it. So next time someone on an anonymous imageboard says go out and print some edgy posters and take pics and share with everyone think twice about what you're doing and if it's really worth exposing yourself and potentially risking legal trouble. I'm not trying to sound like a no-fun-allowed boomer dad but you should heed small laws if you plan to break big ones or just generally so you don't have the cops or feds up your ass. Once you are on their radar they will be out to get you, you will be the first one they think of if someone else does something, trust me, I know.

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>that neuchan post I can't begin to imagine how someone like that managed to download and install Tor, much less acquire thousands of dollars to shell out on obvious honeypots. I think the most important point in securing your comms is that, if you don't understand something, you should never use it for sensitive shit that could get you behind bars or under suspicion. This is the main reason phone shit should always be avoided. The app itself may be open-source and reputable, but the mystery soup of spyware it's running on ensures that you're still shipping any sensitive information directly to jewgle HQ at the end of the day.
>>1874 what post are you talking about?
>>1892 kek Not everyone has the necessary expertise to take certain roads, personally I would rather avoid the risk than ending up scammed and vanned like a retard. >>1765 Would be very helpful, post it on Neu as well.
>>1901 Kek for his sake I hope he was trolling us, because I'd hate for him to get arrested over being a complete retard.


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