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Music Thread Blackshirt 05/06/2021 (Thu) 16:21:48 ID:10d7a5 No. 4371 [Reply]
Post relevant mp3s, mp4s and webms ITT. The song by the Carapintadas has a little speech at the beginning, it's underrated I think though.
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(18.80 MB 872x480 ALL HAIL THE BLACK SUN.mp4)
(8.95 MB 480x360 Sturmperecht_001.mp4)

Esoteric Motives of the Jews Blackshirt 07/18/2021 (Sun) 04:59:02 ID:118513 No. 8831 [Reply] [Last]
Is the Jewish war against Aryans primarily one of mere survival of the fittest and eternal struggle, or is there a greater mystical / spiritual dimension to the machinations of the Jews against our people? The more I look into it, it seems like Kabbalah is behind everything the Jews do. Even as basic an idea as ‘progress’ stems from the Kabbalist Isaac Luria, who taught that when Ein Sof (the Infinite) contracted itself in the process of the Zimzum, there was a primordial “breakage” within itself. The mitzvot or laws of Judaism are part of a process of cosmic restoration and reintregration (tikkun) of the universe back to Yahweh’s original intent. So the process of Tikkun Olam, often associated with progressivism (and even referred to by Obama at one point), is really an esoteric Jewish doctrine of divine repair and fixing what they see as a broken world. Many more examples could be offered, as I am sure anons will do or I will do mysef, but that is a major one. Or perhaps the mystical elements are expressions of the outward reality? A mixture of both? We certainly cannot deny the struggle for existence, but the Jews sprinkle their symbolism and doctrines everywhere, just like the Masons. I can’t help but think they are serious.
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>>12831 There is no escape form the Jew in this world. They are here to remind us of the purity we need to ascend. We must join our ancestors in the higher worlds, where we will meet again and be with God.
>>16474 This is probably truer than some may want to believe. I might actually think this planet is nice if it weren't for things like Jews. Don't get too comfy.
>>16474 >There is no escape form the Jew in this world A Jew will always exist in such worlds and ages, in one form or another so there is truly no escape from it. >We must join our ancestors in the higher worlds, where we will meet again and be with God No, we must defeat the Jew on these, if not in one timeline or lifetime, then in another. Those too weak to show resistance, no matter how steep the uphill battle may be, will definitely "join God" as it's food >We must join our ancestors in the higher worlds That needs to be earned
>>16489 It's not just jews. Think. We have more enemies surrounding us. It's us and those not us locked in this dirtball.
>>16504 Remove kikes from power and flora and fauna will sort itself out.

(60.10 KB 600x400 breker.jpg)
(590.38 KB sun and steel.pdf)
/smg/ – Self-Mastery General Blackshirt 03/14/2021 (Sun) 19:14:37 ID:3f539c No. 11 [Reply] [Last]
Get your shit together, anons Some Books and Info: >EasyPeasy Method (free yourself from porn) https://easypeasymethod.org/ >Calisthenics Archive https://anonfiles.com/H0v9FdC7p5/Calisthenics_zip >Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics) https://archive.org/details/ConvictConditioning_201602 >Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima (Attached) Old thread: https://archive.fo/ZjihA
Edited last time by FashBO on 03/26/2021 (Fri) 03:15:24.
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>>15720 It's very fattening I think
>>15720 In itself nothing, the devil is in the detail. Bread is made from cereals, which are a type of fruit. Depending on the processing of the cereals they have been stripped of anything nutritional except the carbohydrates they contain, which the human body turns into sugar. So if you eat White bread and not whole grain bread you are in fact eating sweets. On top of that, most bread today is created with yeast to make it fluffy and give it more taste, this is caused by the yeast eating the flour(sugar) and turning it into alcohol(ethanol) and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide vanishes into the air, but small amounts of ethanol remain in the bread, some types of bread(like toast) have such a high amount of ethanol that in some countries there are warnings on it to not feed it to little children. All of that isn't so bad, as long as you moderate your bread consume and we talk about home baked bread, but the jewed food industry has further fucked with bread to make it more addicting to eat. The majority of store sold bread has an excess of salt, fat, additional sugar, acids and a whole mixture of chemicals called Dough conditioner to make the bread more prettier, tastier(but not more healthy or nutritional) and more self stable. >>15722 >It's traditionally the food of the peasant/serf/slave. It's actually more akin to a type of survival food. Cereals have a long shelf live as long as you keep them dry and dark, which makes it a perfect food insurance for pre-refrigeration societies. The problems comes when it's the main or only source of nutrition, similar how it's unhealthy to eat modern MREs for an extended period. Banking has allegedly it's origin in ancient Egypt and was centered around how much cereals you owned in the public granary.
Lads i have a question is it possible to lose fat and still get considerable muscle?
>>16401 Yeah. Muscle and fat aren't the same types of tissue. Fat cannot turn into muscle and vice versa.
>>16401 It's hard to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Body recomposition technically works but it takes just as long as cutting, then bulking and is much harder. But if you want to do it that way, I think you should eat at roughly maintenance calories, lift and do cardio.

(226.56 KB 800x300 ancient aryans 2.jpg)
The Hidden History of the Aryan Race Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 14:33:25 ID:9a0652 No. 2541 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we gather and discuss information concerning the origins, history and historical distribution of the White race. This thread is not primarily about genetics, though it may play a small supplementary part, with due caution being afforded towards such information. Areas of Potential Discussion: >Where did Whites in ancient times live? How big of a percentage of the population were they? >Why does White Genocide seem to be something that has gone on for millennia rather than decades?
Edited last time by FashBO on 04/14/2021 (Wed) 14:42:59.
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>>16488 >I've seen a common type of people who strongly believe in genetic sciences are also the ones who to kvetch at Nordicism Of course. I don't think Nordicism is or ever can be critiqued from any sort of neutral or disinterested standpoint. As you say, it comes almost exclusively from crowds that wish Nordicism wasn't true. All of its proponents think that they can just ignore all historiography in researching the past. If they were to take note of it, their neat little artificial picture of the past would totally collapse.
>>16490 >If they were to take note of it, their neat little artificial picture of the past would totally collapse. Not only that, Jewish science and egalitarian ideologies would been recognized to have no meaning or truths, because the National Socialists would be acknowledged by even normalfags, in everything or most of what they said to have been true. The total erdication of Judaism and its goal to take over the world.
>>16491 Yeah, that's right. The entire purpose of modern science, believe it or not, is demoralization and psychological warfare against the populace, not to mention serving as a replacement for religion (everyone is aware of this last point, of course, it is undeniable post-2020). Exposing Jewish science is actually one of the most important tasks that there is, because it breaks their most powerful control mechanism today and opens up limitless possibilities. Destroy the foundations, break the conditioning.
>>16493 >jewish science It's not science. Jews don't own the scientific method or natural science (they would love for us to believe that). Call it what it is, the technocratic religion of "scientism".
>>16497 Science is ultimately an inferior system of knowledge that is essentially a fruitless endeavor by itself, because some of its axioms are not even substantiated. It has its place, though.

(445.78 KB 1020x1024 proxy-image.jpg)
Aesthetics thread Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 22:09:26 ID:f94c16 No. 2575 [Reply] [Last]
Post paintings, sculptures, music and other forms of art that you find aesthetically pleasing.
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(370.82 KB 1080x1350 nietzsche painting.jpg)
Some Nietzsche paintings.
(12.04 MB 640x360 The Atomic Kurukshetra.webm)
Nuclear War.
Different perspective
(7.38 MB 368x656 20210409_010650_1.gif)
Earth, our fractal reality.
(360.65 KB 1080x1812 20211018_140103.jpg)

(5.26 KB 226x223 varg stop watching porn.jpg)
/aag/ Anti-Abrahamism General 2 Blackshirt 09/12/2021 (Sun) 19:56:12 No. 13995 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for combating and deprogramming individuals from jewish ideologies, particularly Christianity. Christianity is irreconcilable with White racial politics and National Socialism. It is necessarily universal in all respects, downplays the value of life, makes one worship a jew as their lord and savior, and worst of all preaches ethics fit for weaklings. The strong, beautiful, superior, etc are all denigrated before the jewish imposter god. It must be said that Christianity is among one the greatest enemies of racial regeneration, and cannot be viewed seperately from the problem of the JQ. I urge Christians to realize that they been deceived. Previous thread: >>1395 https://archive.fo/FyjjL
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>>16339 6f4cea is a christfag shitting in basicaly ALL threads about aryan religion, archeology and history, the way he type is very characteristic by the excessive use of pink quotes and blind hate for anything aryan.
(194.12 KB 500x673 love being white.jpg)
>>16326 Anon, the evidence has literally been compiled in the other thread >>2541, there's no excuse for this level of ignorance. Every major civilization got off the ground because of Whites. It's just a fact. We wuz because we literally were
(135.83 KB 665x874 1607827750353.jpg)
>>16355 Checked 5 Hyperborea >there's no excuse for this level of ignorance. There is if he's a bad faith actor shilling judaic philosophy for damage control.
Even if Jesus was secretly an Aryan Godhead Deva, wouldn't believing in a religion that teaches tolerance amongst racially foreign peoples be kinda cucked?
>>16381 I don't see how Jesus is any different than from any of the figures in Dharmic teachings told here, except that Jesus has more of a messianic dimension to him. The perfect example of this is the Dhammapada, for example we have very Christian teachings like: <Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased. This is a law eternal. Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased. This is a law eternal" This is little different from turning the other cheek and loving your enemies from a Christian standpoint. <Let none find fault with others; let none see the omissions and commissions of others. But let one see one’s own acts, done and undone. This is actually worse than Christianity here, because while Jesus taught not to judge others lest one becomes a hypocrite, saying that they should first fix their own faults before focusing on the faults of others. I could undoubtedly find more points of comparisons in the Dhammapada, but I know people will point out that this is a Buddhist text. I do not think it matters that much though, because the entirety of Buddhism's basic system is drawn directly from Vedic teachings, ethics, etc.

Kino media: Art / Books / Movies / Music / Series / Podcasts / Games / Anime Blackshirt 07/27/2021 (Tue) 05:01:42 ID:3d5ad7 No. 9628 [Reply]
You turn on your TV, go to a cinema, turn on the radio, open a book, start a game, but there's nowhere to run, it's all propaganda. >women written as if they were men >no modesty whatsoever >will either have a lot of sexual relationships with a lot of different guys or won't be interested in men at all >diverse cast >interracial couples >pederasty >trannies >heavy drug usage apology >muh nazi is le bad!11! moment And much more, I'm sure you know it all. They are brainwashing society with all sorts of pozzed shit for decades now. So ITT we recommend and discuss good kino stuff, not strictly related to fascism, but fun stuff that's (((propaganda))) free, at least. May it be paintings, books, movies, games, music, or even weeb shit, we must gather resources to use as entertainment. Even if you are a purist and won't touch media anymore, it's good to have some kind of list to recommend to your family and friends. When posting something, try to explain why it's compelling, instead of just throwing the name here. And keep it spoiler free.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(52.97 KB 474x711 land of mine.jpg)
>>9715 Land of Mine is pretty decent. It shows the German kids in a sympathetic light and with almost no moral finger wagging.
>>10033 That moofie rekt me. It was such a blackpill, basically atrocity porn. Dont watch it, not worth the trauma.
>>9636 >people in fascist and NatSoc circles tend to favor cartoon good guys Vs bad guys when they don't realize that the world does not work that way I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with that. If our myths and folklore are anything to go off of, people are hardwired to some extent to respond to those types of stories. But at the same time, people are losing the ability to see without the rose-tinted glasses. Feels that almost every movie will take the mythic approach and portray allied groups supporting each other with little reservation, a la Lord of the Rings. Rarely do you see allies strategically undercutting each other, such as in Lawrence of Arabia.
>>9636 The longer one ponders the JQ and sees the state of the world today the harder it is to deny that there is some objective metaphysical evil at work.
>>9633 >scene where nigger rapes a White woman. You forgot to mention that.

(1.28 MB 1421x2100 Ch06_Image02_large.jpg)
(1.43 MB 1478x2100 Ch06_Image03_large.jpg)
(645.98 KB 1804x1796 Ch06_Image06_large.jpg)
Propagand thread Blackshirt 08/19/2021 (Thu) 02:00:57 No. 11486 [Reply] [Last]
For sharing and discussion of political propaganda of any kind.
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>>15791 >The ethnoglobe or the Day of the Rope is akin to the Day of Judgement under an Abrahamic paradigm Exactly. We're morally superior to the jews so we shouldn't act like them unless absolutely necessary imo >>15793 I just question whether genociding all shitskins is worth the psychic toll it would take on our men. You may not see them as human but most people do and I doubt that's gonna change much tbh. Just send them back and let them wallow in their own filth. What's important is that we take care of our own. Plus like I said I don't actually hate blacks or whatever. I'm just upset that they allow themselves to be weaponised against us by the jew I've only read a tad of Nietzsche so I can't comment on that part >>15818 K. You're clearly disengenuous and only looking for an argument so I don't really care about your opinion
>>15788 I don't hate the Jews either, despite having every reason to. It's pointless to hate them just as it would be to hate a disease or invasive insects. How can you hate something that doesn't have a will of it's own? A Jew jews just as the dog barks or virus takes over a cell. >>15791 It's not a revenge fantasy but a matter of basic hygiene. Unless you can tell us why does this world need an excessive billion of niggers? White ethnoglobe is the most reasonable option, and it's exactly the slave morality that has prevented it from becoming a reality. Just because it's not a realistic scenario today, doesn't make it any less plausible overall. Subhumans breed like cockroaches and the only way to prevent the genetic waste from spilling over into the White societies in the long term is to provide them with some humanitarian assistance in regards to controlling their population. I don't think a 100% White ethnoglobe is necessary though, the best of other races can stay. So can portions of other higher races like east Asians. Hell, I would even support a scenario where every race gets an equal pop cap/quota and an equal land-mass with equal overall quality, with a guarantee of absolute segregation. People like Tarrant are not related to this, they were just manipulated by Jews to do something counter-productive. What's truly Abrahamistic is thinking that all life is precious because it was supposedly created by the cosmic kike, or at least all people. >It's a slave fantasy, just like is the fantasy of the Christian who images the wealthy, the powerful and the proud burning in hellfire for eternity Yes, I'm actually jealous and have a slave fantasy to finally reverse the natural order and get back to all those Hindpoos, Guatemalans, Aboriginals, Moroccans, Pakistanis and central Africans because of how wealthy, proud and powerful they are.
>>15818 >Revenge is a good thing and no it isn't. It's to secure the protection and supremacy of our raace and put the sword and balance into the world. The only ones I've seen to hate ethno-globe are the ones who will inevitably be eliminated. I've never said that I 'hate' ethnoglobe though. I don't think that it will ever happen, admittedly, but that is far from 'hating' the idea though. This said, from observing vehement ethnoglobe-posting here for the past year or so both here and on Anon Cafe, I still think that the idea that ethnoglobe is primarily utilized as a psychological coping mechanism and revenge fantasy in the same way that the character of Mizoguchi - a slave moralist through-and-through - did in Mishima's novel. This is regardless of the origin of the idea. It's the same thing with the DOTR. >Nietzsche is a total faggot and loser. One does not have to agree with every single aspect of a man's thought to realize that he had piercing insights on certain matters, and the topic of ressentiment is one of them. >>15820 >I've only read a tad of Nietzsche so I can't comment on that part Start with 'Twilight of the Idols' >>15823 >Yes, I'm actually jealous and have a slave fantasy to finally reverse the natural order and get back to all those Hindpoos, Guatemalans, Aboriginals, Moroccans, Pakistanis and central Africans because of how wealthy, proud and powerful they are. I'm glad you can admit it. That's the exact sort of psychological state that the Abrahamist has. Imagine yourself as an embattled Christian today. You look around and see the world wallowing in sin, degeneracy, atheism, idolatry and everything else abhorrent to God. But you have faith that one day Jesus will return in the clouds and annihilate everyone who has not obeyed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this day, the prosperous and powerful, who were careless in their sin and rebellion against God, will be punished, turned into hell and then YOU will become the powerful, the prosperous the happy. Shitskins are indeed privileged, powerful and proud in how they have gotten the protection of the Jews and Western states against White people. There's dialectical tension though. The White man burns with slave morality at the incoming non-Whites, but at the same time - this is the ironic part - the non-White himself is a slave moralist - he's certainly no master moralist! He's filled with envy against Whites. Every sight he sees around him is a testimony to White greatness. He feels inferior, like a loser, a subhuman. Yet he is a prospering and powerful subhuman.
>>15849 >I'm glad you can admit it. <Not getting obvious sarcasm >In this day, the prosperous and powerful, who were careless in their sin and rebellion against God, will be punished, turned into hell The difference being that subhumans would go back to their natural misery as soon as the Jew stops taking from Whites and giving to them, there is no divine intervention needed whatsoever. And if other Whites stopped being idiots, no god would be required to purge the subhumans, they could do it quite well on their own.
>>15989 >Not getting obvious sarcasm I did, I was making funny of you with it. I'm really just getting the feeling that you are missing the larger psychological root of the average ethnoglober here, and how it is indeed a Christian mindset that they operate on. You have not yet escaped the typical modern ideology which is no more than a secularization of the Abrahamic vectorial scheme.

(67.04 KB 454x303 lehmann3.jpg)
STANFORD ACCIDENTALLY RELEASES TRUTH ABOUT NUREMBURG TRIALS Blackshirt 10/07/2021 (Thu) 03:37:37 ID:ce7b25 No. 15678 [Reply]
OK faggots, Stanford scanned and uploaded all of the Nuremberg Trial documents. Some shitposters grabbed them and have made them available before Stanford realizes how badly they fucked up. Grab the file and start seeding torrents, we want this shit everywhere. STOP WHATEVER YOURE DOING AND DOWNLOAD AND SEED THIS 40 GIG MAGNET AND GET TO WORK. YES IM SERIOUS DONT BE FOOLED BY THE ALL CAPS MY KEYBOARD IS BROKEN FROM POUNDING IT WHEN I HEARD THIS IS YOUR CALLING. MAKE YOUR ANCESTORS PROUD. SAVE THE HUMAN RACE THREAD 1 >>342267936https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/342267936/ THREAD 2 >>342305729https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/342305729/ Stanford: https://news.stanford.edu/2021/09/30/stanford-scholars-expand-digital-database-historic-records-nuremberg-trial/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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received and understood, d/ling now.
This is definitely important to comb through. Just hoping that they have no edited this or censored it majorly.
>404 Is Poast run by kikes/cucks or what? Also how do I use the magnet link? I wanna be cool like you guys.
>>15877 Copy the magnet link into your torrent client and open it. For example with qbittorrent you should find the file open magnet link from the File menu.
(26.78 MB 512x328 help_wanted.mp4)
Based OP

(322.41 KB 612x540 follow the jewish science.png)
Aryan Science Thread Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 15:39:43 ID:cb48d6 No. 2551 [Reply] [Last]
The main purpose of jewish science is to demoralize and undermine societies. The phenomenon of jewish science has gradually formed over time, but by the 19th and 20th centuries it has become a openly anti-White, anti-Nature force. Prime examples of jewish science include the following: >materialism >eliminative materialism >abiogenesis >Big Bang (esp. according to the mainstream account) >'heat death' of the universe >atheism What is the purpose of each of dogmas of modern science? Demoralization. Relativism. Nihilism. The views listed above, held by many, many scientists and atheists, lead one to think that the only thing that exists is matter occupying time and space, that their mind and thoughts are just illusions and products of 'folk psychology', that magically life arose from non-life despite no evidence that such processes can occur, that the universe came into existence out of literally nothing, violating the most basic intuitions of metaphysics, that nothing comes of nothing - such ideas make rational analysis feasible in the first place. It is materialism that has led, first and foremost, to relativism, hedonism, nihilism and other modern, jew-influenced doctrines. We can hope that one day, true science will again displace these. Nothing is as it seems.
175 posts and 67 images omitted.
>>12342 I'm not sure, to an extent you might be right, but it certainly becomes harder to learn a language the more used to one's native one one gets. Their mind gets firmly in the mould of their native language and can't think outside of its structures and concepts.
>>12409 when you're very young, the brain is like a sponge, absorbing all sorts of information from your surroundings. it's especially designed to absorb language, and this process is greatly accelerated for your first language in your early years. you can still acquire new languages later, although not as quickly or easily. I didn't start studying Japanese until adulthood, but I've still made lots of progress in listening/reading comprehension, in spite of how different and challenging it is, and in spite of the fact that I barely scraped through Spanish in high school. it comes down to wanting to learn, a willingness to commit time and energy. that said, even if you become fluent, it's never quite the same as being a native speaker.
I'd argue that science today is largely founded on a death-drive. The West has been delusional about a 'will to Truth' for centuries now. The Christian narrative and other narratives all collapsed under their own weight and the Freemasons came and erected their own idols of science, reason and progress on top of the corpse of Christianity. This is why in the French Revolution, briefly they attempted to sweep away Christianity and replaced it with a 'Cult of Reason' which deified human ideals. The will to truth in Western thought is no more than a will to closure, a will to a great end where everything is known and nothing is a mystery. The result will be nihilism, degeneracy and a general freezing-over of culture and the human race. True Aryan science [knowledge] is not caring about science. Life isn't about science. Modern man is a freak who thinks himself a god.
>>9226 >putting <muh >before arguments invalidates them >>9242 >>9236 >>9254 >more bullshit Shut the fuck up, bad faith nigger. Eugeny, just by showing you CAN change beings into something else, btfo the creationist nonsense that things are the way they were. >Inb4 "<muh evolutionism is jewish" Oh fuck nigger, and how creationism is different? From what book it came?
>>15855 >just by showing you CAN change beings into something else, btfo the creationist nonsense that things are the way they were. Um, no. Even the lowest of low brow Christian creationists such as Ken Ham and Kent Hovind affirm the reality of microevolution, i.e. changes within a species. No one has ever denied this in the history of humanity outside of some dumb strawman created within your mind. And before you say that there is no distinction between micro- and macroevolution, I will just appeal to the coiner of the term himself, Theodosius Dobzhansky, who was central to the modern Neo-Darwinian synthesis. Macroevolution is pseudoscience peddled by Freemasons. >how creationism is different? From what book it came? The Vedas.