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(89.12 KB 897x800 book chad.jpg)
Interesting Links Blackshirt 03/31/2021 (Wed) 20:07:44 ID:167089 No. 1159 [Reply] [Last]
For information that is not worth its own thread, but also doesn't fit into the news thread or Aryan religion thread(s).
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>>15223 1. It's made by a kike 2. It's filled with boomers and kikes 3. It has tons of glowniggers
>>14997 Your link is a website of cuckservatives and disinfo shills. I don't know whether you are trying to agree and shill that racism is bad or do not understand that most of what this guy says isn't factual at all and he just casually lies about the meaning Volk and embarrassingly fails to create convicing arguments on how caring for your kin is too materialistic for metaphysics or not optical for mainstream politics. This isn't even good critque of materialistic racism, if anything you can criticize right-wing White atheists for downplaying the necessity of spirituality without downplaying the reality and importance of race as a whole, and then make stuff up on the meanings of metaphysics and lie on how Volkism was actually civic nationalism. Although it does not come to a surprise to me that articles like this exist on cuckservative platforms. If you haven't realize this site shills (((Dugin))) as many others did (Alex Jones, Lauren Southern, Milo whatever his last name, Richard Spencer, etc).
>>15242 >>15213 I disagree with the article obviously, I really just wanted an excuse to bump the thread. I noticed where the guy seemed to be the most off the mark is when talking about the racial composition of places in the past - Greece in particular, not to mention India and similar places. As we have well-documented on the thread on White history right here on /fascist/, Whites used to live all across the planet. There's just too much evidence. The browning was a gradual historical process, it seems. The only one good critique is that there are types of seemingly racial nationalism that are too materialism and 'modern' for lack of a better word. They are obsessed with quantity, either of numbers, or of stuff like IQ (which leads them to become advocates of race-mixing if they follow the logic to it's end). To deny the conditioning factors of biology is obviously extremely foolish. It's a great modern superstition to think that inequality reigns between varieties in the animal kingdom and yet it magically disappears as soon as we reach the domain of man. People in the past would have realized that it was not a question of either / or (either race or 'spirit) but a question of both / and (race AND spirit). Both are necessary conditions.
>>15244 >The only one good critique is that there are types of seemingly racial nationalism that are too materialism and 'modern' for lack of a better word. They are obsessed with quantity, either of numbers, or of stuff like IQ (which leads them to become advocates of race-mixing if they follow the logic to it's end Well you didn't have to link that astrocious cuckserative article to critque racial materialism. This could of been said in the unpopular opinions thread, and I'm sure most anons here would agree with you, because we had this discussion on cafe and had to tell off the atheist transhumanists who only cared about IQ and genes and denied the existence or neccessity of having a spirit. I can see where you are coming from, because I and other anons have discussed the dedcadance of being immaterialistic and materialistic before. I would argue these types care more for protection of themselves or gains of superpower over their race. They clearly show themselves off as indiviualistic and somewhat support progressive values.
https://www.unz.com/article/how-fake-is-roman-antiquity/ https://www.unz.com/article/how-fake-is-church-history/ https://www.unz.com/article/how-long-was-the-first-millenium/ https://www.unz.com/article/revision-in-islamic-chronology-and-geography/ Some interesting articles on historical fakery that some anons might find interesting. I've got to say, it goes a little wild at times, but it really is kinda suspicious how a lot of these works just appeared randomly and in full in the late Middle Ages after being lost for over a thousand years. It was quite lucrative as well.

Defeatism - Cowards = Traitors? Blackshirt 09/25/2021 (Sat) 20:08:32 ID:835e37 No. 14971 [Reply] [Last]
The creator of the game Der Sieg, Vasily released a statement on his gab where he says that he is frustrated with not getting enough attention for his game (which he only advertised on gab) Der Sieg was a genuinley intresting and uniqe creator from "our corner", not much OC is being created by the "movement" these days so Der Sieg was very welcome. He then goes on a large tangent on how he "met someone" and how he does nto wish to redpill anyone anymore because it brings only pain Id say clear signs of a sad/mentally unstable person who threw out National Socialism as his hobby to something else Basically >How should people like this be treated? Try to cull them back in? Help them? Or let them return to the system (which they know hates them) With fringe beliefs like this, it's bound to happen that strange people enter the """movement""" as a coping mechanism it's a shame if these people can genuinley bring something to the struggle but suddenly drop everything and go to their next coping mechanism
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>>15311 Yes this sums up the entirey of your posting. >>15314 >No thinking White man should ever live in a city or anywhere near one <We should retreat and run away from As expected from retards who have no real world experiences or understanding of anything pretty much.
>>15318 >Nothing makes a woman more excited than a violent man. I remember the times when (actual) fascists did not care on what women want or think about. What I get from this statement is that you have some insecurities on how women see men, because no one with a brain cares about incel logic or what females want out of a man.
>>15330 Why are you so mad? The cities offer nothing to White men. They are concrete hellscapes. The anti-nature. >>15331 I don’t care what women think but it’s still true.
>>15333 >Why are you so mad? The cities offer nothing to White men What showed that I was upset? I just find it incredibly stupid to want to abandon and retreat from the very thing that allows Jews to control Western nations in the first place. You're having too much optimism expecting that White people should just exclusively live in places and take over places that aren't America's and our rivals' center of gravity. If you abandon our cities then you're only going to lose strategically. Once again /pol/tards do not think within reality.
>>15335 >You're having too much optimism expecting that White people should just exclusively live in places and take over places that aren't America's and our rivals' center of gravity White people aren't going to leave cities. I'm talking about THINKING White men. Of course retarded cattle-tier White people are never going to leave the cities. Living in a dirty, crowded, crime-infested concrete hellscape brings no benefit to White men who are concerned with the state of the world currently, and the state of our race. If anything, we are far more constrained in the domains of the city. No one denied that cities are important centers of ZOG, but if anything that is more reason to live nowhere near them.

(231.24 KB 460x353 men who promote equality.png)
Political Subversion Blackshirt 09/17/2021 (Fri) 12:46:20 ID:90d7da No. 14355 [Reply]
Is it realistically possible to subvert a socialist party today? The contemporary socialists are so pozzed by post-modern critical thinking and political correctness it seems very difficult to redirect their purpose. Now their priorities are in brown/fragile people rather than the common worker. If I were to attempt subverting a socialist party today, I would probably argue that these SJWs aren't "real socialists" or something like that. In my view it is possible in most countries but USA where all socialist parties are run by zoomers and autists.
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>>14613 >I meant that Hitler was running out of steam. He needed more people on his side You're still not making a point here, because most of his volunteers were European. They weren't needed at all and most of them did not see with the NSDAP. >Also how am I a "racist liberal" if I notate non-Whites as useless you stupid fuck? Lol you're really upset, but I was rather mocking you losers at how you call someone who disagrees with your BS a racist liberal. Although I wonder if you really see Jews as non-Whites since you have apologies for Marxist Jews.
>>14575 Soviets/Bolsheviks brought to Russia and the rest of Eastern Bloc the following: - Greatest mass robbery perpetuated by the Jews against Whites in history - Massive purge of anyone with an IQ above the room temperature - Massive genocide of White people, especially those with better genetic quality - Massive displacement of quality Whites (You fill find that ethnic Russians in Siberia look far more Aryan than those in (((Moscow))) ) - Mixing of Russians with Jews and other Asiatic ethnicities - Total degradation of values, decades of poverty, suffering, rapes, starvation, pandemic of alcoholism and later drug abuse And worst, but not last, the creation of the so called "sovok" mentality, that populations of ex-communist countries suffer even today The only reason why they didn't get flooded with niggers and gay propaganda was because it was not practical for the Jews ruling them at the time. >then why did they need to wait until the USSR dissolved to move in to raid them They waited for the price to drop enough
Subversion is a dishonest method. It should only be done when absolutely necessary
>>15179 The problem is when you're facing any enemy without any honor at all, the only solution is to be even more brutal and dishonorable.
>>15207 That's why the only solution to the jewish question is total annihilation. The jew is fundamentally incompatible with civilization or humanity. As long as the jew exists or has any power there will always be war and strife. The entire history of the 20th is one of jewish wars. The jews have killed over 200 million people in the 20th century alone. The jews are the only real enemy of humanity. I believe even niggers can be redeemed with enough force to keep them in line but the jew simply doesn't have that spark of humanity. It's truly the only completely worthless race. Woe to the nation that ignores this warning. Just look at America. They're paying and will continue to pay a heavy price for their stupidity.

(263.99 KB 769x904 Integralist chan colored in.png)
/fascist/ OC Thread Blackshirt 07/21/2021 (Wed) 16:19:22 ID:09b1e4 No. 9197 [Reply] [Last]
Had to do some merging of posts into another thread, so I am remaking this thread. Post /fascist/ OC! Previous thread archive: https://archive.fo/gNWcu
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>>14585 Hey there samefag, but it doesn't. Are you going to stop crying and derailing this thread yet?
I can't fathom this much autism from waifufags as they hypocritical use the term "degenerate". Your waifu is shit and you should just get laid lol.
>>14584 >>14586 Newfag we've been making fun of you while you've been crying and raging about cartoon pictures you're some humorless newfag that slithered out of a sewer grating lol, with a cyber ego that attests to what an absolute loser you must actually be. You are unironically a worthless presence on the internets and the reason why it's shit these days.
>>14588 I like my mascots keep being a gay cyber ego betazoid devoid of any humor or irony if it makes you feel better. You're nothing kid.
>>14518 "my great-grandma was raped by a spaniard" isn't the own you think it is.

(147.88 KB 736x1037 EREOHo2U0AADjfY.jpg)
Turning theory into practice Blackshirt 03/29/2021 (Mon) 13:19:41 ID:564b8c No. 946 [Reply] [Last]
I'm sure we can all agree that talking and discussing and debating is all well and good but unless we actually put our thoughts and desires into practice it all means nothing. This is a thread about action. I'm currently trying to think of a way to put into being a version of the RAD from NatSoc Germany into play here in the states (Specifically my state, Wisconsin). I want to see my state improve and start getting people motivated, show them what good fascist thought can do for them. For me, that starts with giving them a place to belong. A labor force that directs their efforts through out the state. What're ways you anons are putting your ideology and thought into action in your lives?
133 posts and 27 images omitted.
>>14645 I just met a beautiful red haired southron girl at work. Just to spite you I will make sure she's pregnant with my spawn my the end of the year.
>>14701 Blackpiller and the "come on anon, do a terrorism" are two sides of the same shekel, a false dichotomy. There are countless ways to do something and make a contribution, without doing stupid and counter-productive things.
>>14707 Would you kindly fuck off back to reddit, faggot?
>>14726 what are some ways to make a contribution? what things would be stupid and counterproductive?
Best thing to do right now is just to be a living affront to Jewry. Fit in body, spirit and mind. Free from the Jewish narratives about reality and other spooks that they push onto us to enslave and domesticate the Aryan man. It is not the easy path, but it is the most fulfilling path of them all. Anything that isn't lived or practiced is worthless and you're wasting your time even learning about it if one is not going to actualize within themselves.

(14.31 MB 640x352 Our Purpose.mp4)
Cosmotheism - A Deficient Worldview(?) Blackshirt 04/28/2021 (Wed) 01:38:42 ID:88f8df No. 3860 [Reply] [Last]
Cosmotheism at first seems like a fantastic philosophy for our race, and in many senses it does provide us with a good and powerful inspiration of why to fight for our people that I adhere to to this day, but I must caution /fascist/s against adopting Cosmotheism without reservations, especially to the exclusion of worldviews such as the Aryan Pagan one. First, to start off with the strong points in Cosmotheism as I see them - Cosmotheism posits a monistic / pantheistic view of Nature. Nature, the Universe, is the Whole or the Absolute. Everything else is fundamentally an abstraction or something that exists relatively to the Whole. Only the Whole is an end in itself. To an extent, I hold such views myself today, largely due to the influence of Pierce's philosophy on my own thought. Where the issue comes in, is the idea that the processes of this universe are progressing along an evolutionary pathway. It is clear that if we are to accept the current cosmological models of the universe, the universe as we know it had a hard beginning some 13 billion years ago, gradually ordering itself and developing to the point that it is now. And then in the last several hundred million years life began on Earth. And the evolution continues today. The question is if it is truly a directed process traveling more or less directly towards a goal. What is that goal? Pierce says that it is essentially godhood. The problem with a progressive philosophy like this where history is orientated towards a goal, especially one that is evolutionary like this, is that it becomes remarkably easy to destroy traditions and to sneak in degeneracy under the heading of it being 'the next step in evolution'. I have yet to see a good rebuttal against this, and it was first brought to my attention by an anon on Anon Cafe, and despite my attempts, I was unable to think my way out of, especially in how one would avoid transhumanism and other obvious forms of degeneracy. Another question / issue is the nature of the universe. If the universe as we know it began 13 billion years ago, what was it before? And if the universe was eternal, should not its purpose have been achieved? If the past is infinite, this should be so. I feel like the only option to here is to posit some sort of theism as unpalatable as that may be to some, and this also would explain some other various factors about the world better than Pierce's philosophy as I understand it. But this does still not solve the problem of an evolutionary / progressive philosophy that I have already pointed out. I do not mean to declare Cosmotheism 'subversive' or shame anyone who adheres to it, but I thought it would be good to bring these issues to peoples attention and see if anyone has any insights.
99 posts and 26 images omitted.
>>13578 I think the problem is considering that this universe has forever existed. For all its faults, a total rejection of observations made by modern science would be infinitely stupid. Its observations brought back evidence of changes and displacements of entire stellar masses, not necessarily in support of the Big Bang but certainly in support of the universe we're in as inflating in various ways (:breathing). The known, visible universe need not being the whole and when one aggregate grows, another shrinks. The Big Crush is not a stupid idea in itself. Even a universe would therefore have its own lifespan. We could infer that some might be formidable successes, others might have failed majorly too. This is quite theoretical though and without having a broader understanding of Pierce's own cosmological view, I cannot provide more substance to this thread for now. >>13603 >Great Filters Vanquishing these obstacles would easily be part of the whole maturation process.
>>13603 You've got to remember that we are not just talking about the Earth here though. We're talking about the Whole, which is essentially the Universe understood as an organic unity of some sort. I always doubt our ability to throw out numbers like this for certain, but for sake of discussions scientists claim that there are anywhere from 100–400 billion stars in our galaxy alone. Though we don't know exactly why or how there is life here at all, it would be quite strange if we were the only planet with life, especially in Pierce's version of the Nature that is constantly striving and striving to reach a state of self-realization. If even 0.1% of these stars had life on them, that would be some 40,000,000 (forty million) planets with life of some kind on them, and if we say that 0.1% of those had complex life like our planet, that would be some 40,000 planets with complex Earth-like life. That's a lot. Not to mention that we're not just looking at the Milky Way, we're looking at the entire Universe, with trillions and trillions of stars. Of course though I'm just pulling these percentages out of my ass, but I'm operating under the assumption that life on other planets, assuming it exists, is very rare. But even under the rarest possible conditions we still get tens of thousands of planets with complex life, not to mention millions with simpler forms of life. It's understandable if a single planet like Earth degenerates into a global favela, this would be expected under Pierce's vision, as it is a universe in which there is lots of trial and error, but for trillions of planets, of which billions could possibly have life, we are led to wonder why no one can break these filters. Surely they don't all fall into the same pitfalls we have. There seems to be nothing necessary in how this world has ended up. >>13607 In my post I assumed a universe past eternal because otherwise I thought that it might lead to more questions than would otherwise be answered, mainly the coming into being of this particular universe. There are scientists today who make claims like this: <The picture of quantum tunneling from nothing has none of these problems. The universe is tiny right after tunneling, but it is filled up with a false vacuum and immediately starts to inflate. In a fraction of a second, it blows up to a gigantic size. <Prior to tunneling, no space or time exists, so the question of what happened before is meaningless. Nothing - a state with no matter, no space, and no time - appears to be the only satisfactory starting point for the creation. Of course what the author of this excerpt, Alexander Vilenkin, means by 'nothing' is some sort of inexplicably existing quantum vacuum, which then somehow 'fluctuates' or 'tunnels' and inflates into a new universe, leading to the beginning of time, space, etc. He also assumes pre-existing laws of physics. I think this shit is bonkers, personally, and that science probably doesn't work as well as one may think when it comes to analyzing the origin of the system being studied (the natural world), but but sake of discussion, I'm not sure how Cosmotheism would incorporate such a thing. We seem to have some sort of quantum vacuum outside of time, which randomly spawns off universes. What would such a thing even be? To me, some of this wording seems like a cope to avoid the idea of God, and instead they just plop the word 'quantum vacuum' in the blank space. But then the idea of a personal God in Cosmotheism kind of undermines Pierce's entire philosophy, unless we have a creative God who makes infinite universes, endowing each of them with immense creative potential to grow, develop, and create and to show his handiwork. It would undermine the pantheism of Pierce's philosophy, but I think it would make more sense that what we have now. This said, I would have some issues even with that for a few other reasons, but I'm already rambling here.
>>13614 >words in pink >false vacuum A silly concept. A vacuum is a vacuum, otherwise it's not one and it contains matter. They are so troubled by their own science that they need to come up with equally strange and unworkable concepts. But then the divine light seems to shine upon their braincells and they come up with this: >no space or time exists ... Nothing All traditional theologies already stated this, this pure void. But these people, they spend billions over decades to come up, in their own terms, with the same idea. It's both amusing and pathetic. It also appears that the word quantum is a magic invocation they throw around to sound legit. >We seem to have some sort of quantum vacuum outside of time, which randomly spawns off universes. The nothing is merely the recipient waiting to be filled. The "Nothing" cannot spawn anything on its own and its certainly not its purpose. What we're looking at is an absolute form of yin and yang. >To me, some of this wording seems like a cope to avoid the idea of God ALL the atheist science is a never ending tortured dance to avoid using the theological lexicon in any positive way.
>>13886 > It also appears that the word quantum is a magic invocation they throw around to sound legit. I've called it 'quantum of the gaps'. >ALL the atheist science is a never ending tortured dance to avoid using the theological lexicon in any positive way. It's especially amusing in the realm of biology. There are multiple quotes out there from people like Dawkins and other biologists about how we must 'constantly be on guard to avoid the language of design when discussing biology despite how natural it seems to say.
Cosmotheism is an interesting attempting at formulating a new grand narrative for Whites. I agree that there are many holes in it if it is taken too seriously, but it has value nevertheless. It is a good adoption of the Faustian drive, and draws on aspects of Hegel, Nietzsche, etc. The question is whether modern Whites are capable of sincerity? Most people today seem only halfheartedly attached to any sort of grand meaning or narrative in their lives. They drift aimlessly on the surface of some sort of postmodern sea, trying to satisfy themselves with degeneracy and hedonism.

(242.32 KB 900x1353 nietzsche 3.jpg)
(2.76 MB 1548x4096 nietzsche list.png)
Nietzsche Thread Blackshirt 08/26/2021 (Thu) 00:49:37 ID:a29648 No. 12294 [Reply]
Thoughts on Nietzsche? I have a love-hate relationship with him personally. I have only read three or so of his works, but when it comes to certain aspects of modernity, and how it is built on a sort of 'slave morality' and glorification of weakness, and how it is rapidly turning into a meek society of 'Last Men', I cannot help but agree with him in total. It is often amazing how he was aware of these things even ~150 years ago. This said, though, I am not too sure I like his sort of anti-metaphysical, anti-spiritual and immoralist leanings very much. I think he offers more good than he does bad though, that said. My favorite work by him is 'The Twilight of the Idols'. If anyone is looking for a place to start for him, I'd say it would have to be there, or the Antichrist.
21 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>12810 >It seems like everything that isn’t immediatedly tangible to Nietzsche is worthless His ideas about the Superman obviously show the contrary, he did conceptualize some sort of higher state and he did hold a certain set of values from which his critique was derived from, otherwise he would not be in position to criticize anything. Also, seeing how his philosophy was somewhat individualistic and personal, I don't know how favorably would he look on a scenario where a small tribe of quintessentially last man people min-maxes worldly power to sabotage and prevent anyone else from attaining power. He clearly lacked the insight needed to bring his philosophy to it's logical conclusion. If interpreted in a certain way, it could lead to a single "god" enslaving everyone else, which is kind of the theme of Christianity. Yet, it was clearly not what he endorsed. From Nietzchean perspective, the only good part of Judaism was "becoming our own god" attitude.
>>12821 I think rather than lacking the insight, his chronic migraines, and the lengths he went to, in order to stop them and many other things stripped him of that insight before he could bring it to a head.
>>12810 >everything that isn’t immediatedly tangible to Nietzsche is worthless I could go on assumption that the White race lacks this. If only out ancestors had this attitude, oh, just visualize. The beauty of a White centric future. Free of the dark, swarthy hands that hold the White people down. Just Aryans and the animals. No one else.
>>13620 >I could go on assumption that the White race lacks this. If only out ancestors had this attitude Welcome to the last few centuries, such a paradise...
>>12300 >>12304 Though Nietzsche was an atheist, it's clear that he saw the 'death of God' as something that was going to be incredibly destructive for the West. In the mouth of the madman in The Gay Science, he compares this event with the Earth flying away unchained from the sun, and general chaos. The death of God in his view basically comes down to the destructive of all traditional narratives, absolute values, etc. It's clear to him that these are going to be extremely difficult to overcome, if at all. I think he's right on the mark as far as this goes. I don't know if this sort of worldview can overcome though. Even the Jews in charge of building the modern system attempt to construct hollow metanarratives to give us purpose, such as 'progress' or doing things for the 'good of humanity', but they are all bullshit. It is just filling the void. I don't think Nietzsche's ubermensch ideal will ever come real in the sense he meant it, the herd needs metanarratives, the herd needs absolute values. Without them the degeneracy will deepen and deepen until we justly go extinct.

Women and Fascism Blackshirt 03/18/2021 (Thu) 02:26:52 ID:4e73d1 No. 78 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is a continuation of our thread at Anon Cafe, dealing with the topic of women and fascism, or more broadly, the topic of women and pro-White politics, anti-feminism and the discussion of any notable female fascists. Old thread: https://archive.fo/h5Eje
274 posts and 152 images omitted.
>>14931 You just deleted your post claiming that you were, fucking retard.
>>14932 Doesn't stop the fact that you can't stop thinking about other dude's penises you turbo faggot.
>>14936 >This thread is so autistic. All thanks to you, clueless dipshit. Pretty funny you're going on about how Italians are jews while subverting the thread topic and trying to hide anything incriminating. >>14937 You've made more mention of cocks than anybody else in this thread. Three times at the very least, so far. I haven't injected any homoerotic imagery into the conversation either, as you have by imagining me kissing other men. You sound gayer with every reply.
>>898 >What're anons thoughts on the place of women in a fascist world? I think that they should be held to traditional roles, but with husbands having full control over their wives. It would be best if women were to stay working as caretakers, nurses, assistants or stay at home mothers. I really don't see the reason to allow them to pursue a career, because females today seem too immature and idiotic to know what is best for them. This applies to some males as well, but I believe there are more rewards in educating males than females. No hate against any them or anything, but they clearly show to be too irresponsible and ignorant to ever be given rights. >>14939 >All thanks to you, clueless dipshit. You're not better, you're going full autismo mode over spergy and petty posts. Be quite and keep the thread on topic.

(40.84 KB 1200x800 National_Bolshevik_Party.svg.png)
National bolshevism thread Blackshirt 04/22/2021 (Thu) 16:28:54 ID:0a3033 No. 3362 [Reply] [Last]
Do you think national bolshevism is much potential alongside other 3rd positionist movenents.Why is the national bolshevism isnt as legit movement nowdays somelike many leftists are obsessesd with infighting alongside themselfs seeing it as a violent Threat to leftism.
451 posts and 82 images omitted.
>>14901 >everyone bumping a thread is a nigger How is someone this retarded? You cry about a fallacy that doesn't exist and then make strawmans. >If you were not a NazBol, why are you so fixated on this thread? Hey brain-let, this is my first time posting on this thread after discovering it. I couldn't find it after we left cafe and now it is one of my very few post here. You still haven't answered my question, because you've only posted on two threads. >Just like you. I'm not talking about at the moment, you keep coming here period. >You are the kind of cuckservative retard who would start a civil war over a word rather than fight the common enemy. You are the type of moron to complain about ad hominems, but then make ones yourself. Nazbols are jews, they are enemies to all of fascism and Whites. They have never fought against a common enemy, because they only validate and work with our own. You aren't fighting anything, you're bumping a thread, because you can't stand your ego getting attacked. >You are a jewish sleeper cell in waiting, ready to sabotage genuine resistance the moment you encounter someone with a slightly different opinion on what is good for White people. This is some Q-anon mental gymnastics lol. You can't say this when you're a White knight for the Soviet Union, an anti-White state. >Something I never once did, yet the shrill retards screaming at me do constantly.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>14910 > You cry about a fallacy that doesn't exist and then make strawmans. After anon said that anyone bumping a thread is a Nazbol. >this is my first time posting on this thread after discovering it. And according to >>14898, you are a nigger Nazbol. >You still haven't answered my question, because you've only posted on two threads. What question? I post because retards like you keep making shrill arguments in bad faith, so I respond to each claim and correct your lies. >you keep coming here period. People keep making jewish non-arguments. I respond with the simple truth. >complain about ad hominems >EVERYONE I DISLIKE IS A JEWWWWWW! Amazing.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>14909 >This thread is kept around for dumping incisive reinformation on NB And yet I have not seen one good argument against it, except the one I wrote.
>>14920 >only my posts exist ITT t. sollipsist
>n-no you're the nazbol Yeah this dude is a kike. Janny you are a retard not banning this obvious shill and thread.

The Joy Of Mechanical Force - Futurism General Blackshirt 03/21/2021 (Sun) 23:29:33 ID:43560e No. 273 [Reply] [Last]
BE A CHEMICAL REACTIONARY Does anyone remember a few years ago when the Bagger 288 became a meme? I came across it, and it turns out that it was built by Krupp, the same Krupp that gave Uncle all of his Tanks, Ships, and AA guns. Investigating the matter further, we discover that it was the far right that gave the world dozens of the innovations we take for granted today: >A far-righter named Henry Ford gave the world the automobile and assembly line. >A far-righter named Konrad Zuse made the world's first programmable computer. >A far-righter named Otto Ambros was the best chemist in the third reich and invented a new type of rubber. >A far-righter named Werner Heisenberg discovered quantum mechanics. >Two far-righters named Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the structure of DNA. >A far-righter named Wernher Von Braun got us to the moon. >A far righter named William Shockley put the sillicon in the valley. >Pierce himself interned at Los Alamos, got a PhD in Physics, and lead an R&D team at Pratt & Whitney.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

196 posts and 34 images omitted.
>>1196 >Right now we don't even have control of our own homelands bodies
>>2272 Ubuntu. Nigger word for something something because it's cool.
>>2068 Jews haven't cut any trees though. And if to get rid of them we'd have to destroy 80% of the world's forest, I'd sign in.
>>13562 It's for peace, aka goyim be neutered.
>>13563 This statement is akin to saying that anyone who has hired a hitman to kill someone hasn't done anything wrong.