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(160.77 KB 1024x1350 GAB avatar AA.jpg)
Division Achangel 03/20/2021 (Sat) 15:53:20 ID:3653fa No. 154 [Reply] [Last]
The first thing we should look at when making a judgment is DIVISION. If we are looking at a person, perhaps their online posting habits, the FIRST thing we need to ask is "Is this person divisive?" Are they brother-warring? Are they hyper-political? Hyper religious? Ageist? Perhaps purity spiraling? If this person falls into such a category, you need to shun them. AND TELL THEM WHY. Even if you agree with them. They spread division by encouraging YOU to be divisive youurself. Like a virus. Like cancer! There is only one group that behaves this way consistently, One group that tries to drive a wedge between brothers, encourages them to hate each other. That group is our enemy. REJECT ANYONE ACTING LIKE YOUR ENEMY. Individualism is not Fascism. Make no mistake there is a role, a critically important role, in Fascism for the individual, but it is not the focus f Fascism.  Unlike communism, a system that absorbs all individuality, Fascism cannot exist without the individual. How do you think an individual holds up against a group? Whites are the *ONLY* people who fail to recognize themselves as PART of a larger group, with our own unique beliefs/needs. This is because of decades of anti-White programming. In a Capitalist society, individualism translates to selfishness. Fuck the nation/race/community, "If it doesn't affect me, I don't care about it." We have been programmed to think this is somehow noble. It isn't. This is where our enemies want us. White people must ignore their programming and UNITE. We must embrace FASCISM! If we do not, we will be under the yoke of our enemies who are successfully taking over our nations as we speak. ANYONE promoting hatred or division between the White people is an ENEMY of us all. Reject them, and tell them why you are doing it. We will not survive without doing this. Be an individual within the fasces.

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>>5014 It's the same one with the same double spacing and the same "anti-Christian"-ity wording in every thread, maybe just purge him. He's just claiming things based on how much of the brainwashed herd believes it and then getting blown the fuck out easily each time. Boring tbh
>>5017 Agreed. I'll mop him up now.
>>193 This was also recognised by Jung in his "Essay on Wotan". Considering the founder to the CIA employed his services in creating a psychological profile of Hitler, it's well worth reading.
(25.13 KB 609x322 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5035 What I find most interesting about his essay is that he seems to make a prediction that this is not the end of things. His general analysis has always seemed very accurate to me, so let's hope that Jung was able to peer into the future as well. https://carljungdepthpsychologysite.blog/2020/11/09/essay-on-wotan-by-dr-carl-jung/
>>190 >Perhaps, but whatever the case, if such a thing is to truly take off and become successful, it will in no way resemble the sad and pathetic group of those who currently identify with Paganism. Oh you mean the entitled christniggers who decided they would larp as "pagan" to piss off mommy and daddyu anmd who continue to virtu8e signal like the christnigers they are, then yes you are correct they will NOT be the ones leading the way. >I find your sources of "evidence" for some Pagan revival to be utterly lacking. Then you haven't been looking very hard nor have you bothered finding places Folkish Aryanists of any stripe congregate, either in the flesh or on the internet. >From bizarre and half forgotten massacres perpetrated by "anti Christians", to advances in science, none of this changes the nature of what Paganism actually is today, that being a collection of flower pickers chanting in the woods. That is absolutely not what "pagans" are, those are christniggers larping as "spiritual" and continuing to push christian morality and the ideas stemming from it ceaselessly. >Whatever revival is coming, it will surely be a spiritual revolution, it will be a revitalization of the European soul. And it will be violently Anti-Christain to the fucking core. >I suggest however, that the current incarnation of "Pagans", perhaps even the bizarre word itself, which denotes some inorganic and forceful revival of long dead spiritual systems, is not the way forward. Those "religions" are in our blood our very DNA, they can and will, nay must be recreated, no they will not be the same and anyonje who seeks to push the old beliefs as some kind of revival of the old ways exactly as they were previously practiced is a fool, and guided by pride and arrogance, not the Gods. This is one of Hitlers biggest mistakes, and he was aided by and channeling, Baldr, unconsciously and unknowingly so, at least until he escaped to South America. >I suggest actually getting to know these so called "based Pagans". In short, it's a fucking irredeemable mess. Which pagans? that term is meaningless I have seen it applied to Islam and to fucking jews, and it pretty much means goyim anyway. >So sure, we must usher into the spiritual revival, but holy shit, it better not resemble in any way, shape, or form, the current makeup of "Paganism". You will not be ushering in anything, you will be at best, a soldier. Mostly because you're too fucking retarded to look past what the mostly jewish controlled internet shows you about "pagans".

(111.30 KB 600x898 integralist poster.jpg)
(21.71 KB 334x441 integralism.jpg)
(58.69 KB 688x400 integralism 2.jpg)
(17.97 KB 302x400 plinio salgado.jpg)
Integralism Blackshirt 05/11/2021 (Tue) 19:17:39 No. 4656 [Reply] [Last]
Can Brazilian Integralism and the thought of Plinio Salgado truly be considered Fascist? The Integralists were clearly opponents of international communism and adopted much of the symbolism and aesthetics of the larger Fascist movement, but the obvious fact that people focus on is their stance on race. Interestingly Giovanni Gentile contrasts the ideas of Nationalists who believe that the state is based on the nation and that the nation is an empirical fact, prior to the individual, and a "datum of nature" with a Fascist idea of the state that is "an entirely spiritual creation" that is both popular and totalitarian. Note that this doesn't reject necessarily ethnic nationalism, but with talk like this I can see how people like Salgado were able to pick up and adopt the Fascist label for their own countries. What seems to be the mistake that Fascists pre-NSDAP made is that they put too much emphasis on the spiritual side of the equation and the idea of the state and the individual being in a sort of inseparable synthesis 'within us'. Fascism without a concern to race is inherently limited. Fascism without a spiritual side is of course inert as well. Both are needed. Salgado wanted to create a club that anyone could join, and this is why his type of Fascism as well as Gentile and Mussolini's are inherently flawed, even if there is much good. Anyway, discuss Integralism and whether this guy was a Fascist or not, and post some rare Brazilian fascist pics. Integralist-chan should be posted here: >>3463
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>>4662 Nations and ethno-racial groups form and break apart all the time, and the divisions between nations are to some extent arbitrary. For example, Han ethnogenesis occurred through the assimilation of other ethnic groups. There's no reason why it would be against the spirit of fascism to use the process of ethnogenesis to contribute to the creation of an ethnostate that consists of people who originate from multiple nations but are now one nation. Of course it might be good to have a few guardrails against miscegnation and so on, but we shouldn't be focused on removing and cleansing populations, since it's neither necessary nor achievable. The whole ethnogloob meme is just another way for the kikes to divert our attention from reality to fantasy, to weaken us, and to get us vanned.
>>4991 Waiting for the usual "might is right, nigger" post to appear
>>4991 Good points. Rootlessness once does not mean rootlessness for ever. Theoretically new, healthy and organic groups could form if there was no outside globohomo influence and people were allowed some degrees of autonomy. The distance between groups in appearance, behavior and the like might also be a relevant factor. In Asia many of the people look rather similar, so the creation of a new ethno-group from diverse origins there in China is certainly not inconceivable, and as you say it certainly appears to have happened with the Han. As it is often said the Chinese of today are not the Chinese of the past. In the case of places like Brazil though I still feel like it would be impossible to create a new ethno-racial group or true nation without mandating race-mixing due to some of the stuff I mentioned above. In other cases it's very possible, but due to the IQ-gap and other racial, social and culture questions it becomes increasingly difficult if not impossible otherwise. >>5006 They could say that and probably will since I'm bothering to reply to this now, but even if they did they would still be retarded. To say that in some sense 'might is right' holds doesn't mean anything about how one should act. 'Might is right' is really not even that good of phrase unless it has a huge amount of clarifications and relevant factors attached with it. Also, being able to exercise the might to do something doesn't mean that one should or has to do it. As the other anon said, it's literally the definition of a distraction. They're almost worse than Star Trek fags at this point
(296.47 KB 1200x1390 1436565779649-0.jpg)
>>4991 This is how I've been viewing things recently. The various people that came from Europe were at eachother's throats for thousands of years yet they comprise the core of what America as a nation is now. We were an anglo nation once but now we're a pan European one and no White is less American for it unless they are a recent arrival. The more time Whites spend here the more people just identify as just American, and there is even an American "look" to Whites living here. We're becoming something separate from Europe but still connected to it.
>>5058 America was definitely on its way to becoming a sort of pan-European nation in the new world (one with heavy Northern European influences) until this was disrupted and the replacement began in earnest.

(322.41 KB 612x540 follow the jewish science.png)
Aryan Science Thread Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 15:39:43 ID:cb48d6 No. 2551 [Reply] [Last]
The main purpose of jewish science is to demoralize and undermine societies. The phenomenon of jewish science has gradually formed over time, but by the 19th and 20th centuries it has become a openly anti-White, anti-Nature force. Prime examples of jewish science include the following: >materialism >eliminative materialism >abiogenesis >Big Bang (esp. according to the mainstream account) >'heat death' of the universe >atheism What is the purpose of each of dogmas of modern science? Demoralization. Relativism. Nihilism. The views listed above, held by many, many scientists and atheists, lead one to think that the only thing that exists is matter occupying time and space, that their mind and thoughts are just illusions and products of 'folk psychology', that magically life arose from non-life despite no evidence that such processes can occur, that the universe came into existence out of literally nothing, violating the most basic intuitions of metaphysics, that nothing comes of nothing - such ideas make rational analysis feasible in the first place. It is materialism that has led, first and foremost, to relativism, hedonism, nihilism and other modern, jew-influenced doctrines. We can hope that one day, true science will again displace these. Nothing is as it seems.
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
The real radical change in Aryan science, I feel, will be a shift away from materialism, reductionism and the denial of the reality of consciousness.
There is no jewish science and White science. There is only truth and falsehood. It would be a grave mistake to allow ideology to overpower science; that's what happened in the Middle Ages, and it's also what happened during the (((Soviet Union))).
>>4990 >There is no jewish science and White science. There is only truth and falsehood. I am really confused on why some anons here did not come to realize that science is knowledge of truths, and that there can't be a such thing as "jewish science".
>>4995 There's no such thing as jewish science, but there is such thing as jewish ((("science"))).
>>4995 "Science" as peddled by the jews is a very specific type of thing. The world has become totally perverted from its original meaning.

Avoiding Assassination Blackshirt 03/25/2021 (Thu) 04:58:14 ID:38374c No. 698 [Reply] [Last]
Nowadays you hear about semi-prominent figures that speak out against the establishment dying in extremely suspicious ways all the time. Maybe this healthy 50 year old suddenly died of a heart attack or illness, or maybe they spontaneously decided to kill themselves after never showing any signs of depression before, or maybe they kill their families too in a murder-suicide. Obviously these people were assassinated and it was covered up by the media. The thing is, with these kind of deaths the people usually were normies who practiced no physical security at all, that is, they lived in a normal suburban house with their family. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, I am a the leader of a fascist movement who has amassed several million legit fascist followers online. I decide to go public, reveal my identity, and travel around the country campaigning. This would make me a prime target. How do I avoid being assassinated? It's not the 1920s anymore, intelligence agencies probably have all kinds of classified methods of discretely killing someone, so I doubt just a bullet proof vest and "being careful" would be enough. There's also the question of how to keep your assassination from being covered up, which I imagine would itself be a good deterrent. Going back to the normie assassination above, glowies could poison someone, and all they would have to do is pay off the coroner and get the police to issue a story and the media would eat it up (and the big corporation media would get the hint). Being able to avoid this would be helpful.
47 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>4577 >Not a single one of them went for valuable (((targets))). Your standards for morale boosting are pretty low. The first three targeted, a jewish communist training academy, an Al Qaeda associated mosque, and A literal fucking Synagogue, Al three are targets of value, continue lying if you wish. >Spoken like a true glowbot. Yes they should be attacked and rejected. How long will this joke keep going on? Can't you see these people were groomed into being radicals that would never go for the real enemy? They did go for real enemies, just because the top kikes are out of reach for lone attackers, and for all but pewrhaps a hardened squad of 50 NS, does not mean lesser targets do not have value. >You moron, it's the ZOG that manages them. Nope any and all people who believe t his are sytem supporting morons who think political solution is possible. Tell me, whats the NJP up to these days? they got their candidates running as Dems and Repubs yet? >Truth being, since The Order's actions, there's been nothing worthy of notice. They only failed because they trusted Christcucks, specifically CIniggers who betrayed them AND testified against them and those same CIkes went on to stay in this sphere because of retarded attitudes like yours. >It doesn't matter what strategy we come up with because people like you will simply never get it. Because only one strategy is left all other paths are closed and literally every happening over the last ten years has proved it. DROP OUT and then TOTAL ATTACK. >Minus the financial, logistical or insurgency support from Turkey/Saudi Arabia/israel/America I suppose. Yeah, we are alone, no shit. >Are you some kind of fucking retarded boomer who is yet to get the memo and understand they created this monster? Yes they created the violent impulses in the most violent race this planet has ever seen, the Aryan Race, absolutely. >Do you remember how US/NATO dropped those Muslim killers is Bosnia?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>4444 Hitler literally waited for a collapse to do what he did, so guys lets follow Hitler's model with a slight modification, more violence, more direct action to crumble the system.
>>4577 >Not a single one of them went for valuable (((targets))). Your standards for morale boosting are pretty low. Utøya was an indoctrination center for globohomo socialist politicians and was full of shitskins and communists when Breivik hit them. Tarrant killed terrorists. Bowers killed jews. Crusius killed mestizo Mexican nationals. By any standard, the least valuable of these in the long-run was Crusius, but in accelerationist terms he did what we did. The meme output alone online for these attacks showed that in some respect they were successful, and they evidently inspired copycats, especially in the case of Breivik and Tarrant. >Spoken like a true glowbot Projection. >Can't you see these people were groomed into being radicals that would never go for the real enemy? Communists, jews, Muslims and Mestizos are the enemy. I do not mourn them. The race war hasn’t even really turned too hot yet from what I have observed. These should really be seen as pre-tremors. Regardless of how much you struggle to deradicalize people and spit on the deeds of brave Whites, this is basically inevitable given the situation we find ourselves in. Note that no one said that they have all the answers or were 100% correct tactically STOP COUNTERSIGNALING WHITE WARRIORS
(18.23 KB 273x234 patler.JPG)
>>4416 its really strange, since patler was one of their most active men he did most of the art for the party magazine rockwell even requested patler for a interview and biography from Patler for their magazine shortly before the assasination >just look anywhere in a ANP magazine, you will find Patlers name >>4444 the Koehl NSLF split is intresting as well Koehl was a "ns-conservative", he wanted to keep the brownshirt-marching, political rallies basically just continue the old path meanwhile the NSLF with tomassi and james mason was new thinking, youthfull and sometimes even degenerate but it attraced adventurous people i really recommend listening to interviews from Mason on this subject >listen here https://archive.org/details/james-mason-interview-archive

(41.53 KB 220x330 the bell curve.gif)
Demystifying Eugenics Blackshirt 04/20/2021 (Tue) 04:56:19 ID:6393b1 No. 3012 [Reply] [Last]
>What is Eugenics? Eugenics is an adjective that describes the manifestation of beneficial traits in a population increasing in frequency. Eugenics is the result of selection, not a program in itself. Eugenics is NOT about killing people who are genetically "inferior" however those who have heritable physical and/or mental diseases and/or incapacities may be sterilized if they are at risk of breeding. There are two types of eugenics, positive eugenics and negative eugenics. Positive eugenics is when those with positive traits breed more and negative eugenics is when those with negative traits don't breed. These two forms of eugenics can be accomplished by any means. >Why do we need Eugenics? After the dawn of the industrial revolution Darwinian pressures that selected for intelligence, conscientiousness and moral character were eliminated thus, simply rewarding those who bred the most. Most of society's problems could be prevented with an explicit eugenics program that increased the number of naturally good willed, hard working an intelligent people and decrease the number of impulsive dumb criminals. A civilization is defined by it's people, not by it's government or borders or anything else. So if we are to improve civilization to where we will be able to colonize space we must bring back selection. >But I thought eugenics was a pseudoscience! The lines between science and pseudoscience are non-existent because science in itself is a method of deriving truth from the world and not a truth in itself. It is true that mental characteristics are completely heritable and there are countless and genome wide association studies to prove it. The reason why eugenics has a bad rap is simply because of public ignorance of the importance of heredity in society. Spreading public awareness of the reality of eugenics is essential to preventing the collapse of civilization.
61 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>4646 >>4645 Most issues have been shown to be due to genetic defects and passed on to offspring. So apart from gene editing the easiest solution is to just test and sterilize, allowing natural selection to take its course again. 1000 years ago most of this was handled naturally, but because society has become soft, including a welfare state that supports undesirables, most of these issues are becoming more and more prevalent.
>>4645 Fixing these problems in the individual does not do anything to fix the fact that these disorders could be passed down to their descendants. Just imagine we have some person with a hypothetical disorder that causes their legs not to form correctly. If we give this person prosthetics to be able to walk, does this mean that his children in the future will never have a chance for getting this disorder passed down to them? No, of course not. The 1933 law was for sterilization, not euthanasia. Euthanasia came during the war when they could not waste resources on these people. It's far less cruel to prevent someone from having children than to let them pass down their problems to their potential children and grandchildren. Many of them could adopt children too, I'd imagine, provided that they were capable of functioning and didn't have other problems that would preclude this.
>>3012 These non productive ideas of sterilization are unnescesary ideas today since sterilization already happens in the womb, is commonly accepted and done even just for fun in these degenerate jewish times, the only thing we would have to do is eliminate this incredibly disgusting joykilling of healthy White children by irresponsible individualist scum and legally enforce abortion for those with illnesses and very gravure and miserable genetic disorders such as Down's syndrome.
>>4657 Only silly, stupid edgrlords keep bring up eugenics, because I repeat we already have commonly accepted eugenics program called abortion today, and most parents are unwilling to bring up a retard so they voluntarily agree.
>>4657 >>4658 You can't detect everything before a child is born, and you don't know what problems they will have. Schizophrenia only develops in the 20s in the vast majority of cases, for example. There is nothing wrong with sterilizing people who will selfishly pass on their disorders to future generations.

(2.05 MB 2344x2736 1616915123-0.jpg)
School shootings > Species war Blackshirt 03/28/2021 (Sun) 22:24:58 No. 926 [Reply] [Last]
The problem is the kids with the most potential are being told that the kids with the least potential are just as good if not better than them, and that you'd be a bigot to deny that. There's no hierarchy, everyone is equal, and so nobody feels particularly exceptional when they think that anyone else can do what they can. They feel disposable and replaceable. They feel unremarkable, and have no pride in what they are. Their society neglects them in favor of low potential, useless individuals. What you get is an entire generation of frustrated and confused young people that want to get back at society somehow. Because they feel meaningless and replaceable, their only option left is to go out and assert their existence by shooting other people. No wonder young men are snapping their mental carrots all the time. This is why school shootings are so common amongst White males, they are full of unbridled potential, but they’re told that they have privilege, and that they are oppressors, and that they can’t satisfy women, and that they’re not cool and have nothing to be proud of, and that they better stay quiet. Then their low IQ, low potential black classmate or degenerate frat boy gets all the praise. The problem isn’t access to guns, or video games, not even school stress. The problem is that the brightest in our societies are being horribly mistreated, and are entirely underappreciated. Instead of providing actual help to these disenfranchised young men, we numb the effect of their issues, we don’t attack the root cause of their issues. “Don’t have a girlfriend? Here’s some porn to keep your mind off things”. “Too energetic? Here’s some depressant drugs you can take to keep you in line during class.” “Have violent tendencies? Here’s some shoot em’ up games” The reason females, (asides from maybe a couple freak incidents) are never responsible for school shootings becomes very clear. Women are highly valued by our society. Perhaps not even valued so much as they are praised. They are told they can do anything, be anything. That they’re smarter than men, and that they’re strong independent women who will grow up to constantly break down oppressive and outdated societal norms. Not only that, but the sexual marketplace for women of all shapes and sizes is limitless. You could be introverted, you could be fat, you could have no personality whatsoever, but so long as you’re a female then they will always be a male that wants you. The story changes when it comes to males. No female will ever make advances towards you unless you're at the very top of the food chain in terms of attractiveness. If you happen to be shy then you’re just going to have to deal with being single. The number of male virgins above the age of 20 keeps multiplying every year. The sexual marketplace is geared towards women. When looking at all of these reasons as to why White males are so disenfranchised these days, one could only come to the realization that the current system that perpetuates this disenfranchisement was make that way on purpose, it’s purpose being to continually keep White males shooting up schools. They want to lower Whites to the level of niggers. The same could be said about Covid, businesses are being destroyed due to this drawn out and dramatified virus, and now only black businesses are receiving the funding to reopen, leaving White owned businesses in dead. Again, to lower Whites to the level of niggers. This could be seen as a method of achieving equity between Whites and niggers by unnaturally forcing Whites into a position similar to niggers through social engineering, and not by the merit of any particular race. But if this whole system was set up to raise up niggers at the expense of innocent Whites, why aren’t there other races who are being discriminated against in order to raise niggers? Why aren’t Indians and Asians being lowered to the level of niggers? It’s because the whole system isn’t about achieving equity, it’s simply vehemently against Whites, especially White males. This is not how young men were meant to grow up. Their egos need to be inflated, not suppressed, they need to go out to slay the beast and get the girl and provide for their tribe and prove their worthiness to their elders. We look at arrogance as such a rotten thing these days, when in reality it's a totally normal and necessary phase of growing up. These young men need to kill animals or other humans threatening their tribe. Today they are shunned, they are slaves to women. They are slaves to niggers, they are slaves to their employer or school. They cannot go out and conquer, they must stay idle, their ego must be kept in check and their confidence must be kept at an all time low, or god forbid another holocaust might happen! For example, the entire purpose of pornography is to keep the sexual energy found in young men from being harnessed usefully. It is to keep young men, especially White young men from realizing their issues
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>>4187 Neanderthal traits aren't that very common in Europeans and this image is nothing burger that does not prove anything other than that some features still persist despite being insignificant, which is common knowledge. Neanderthal DNA is at most 2% percent in Europeans, while being at least 3-5% in Asians. They were not our original ancestors and you can look at any pure Nordid and see the lack Neanderthals features. I don't even think they come from Europe because their DNA persist heavily in Asia, which is likely their homeland especially when you learn that they are cousins to Denisovans, who are one of the main ancestors to East Asians and some West Asians. I don't believe jews are Neanderthals myself, because it is likely that they are just a mixture of different races that extend from Asia, Africa, and Europe. Which makes sense you consider the fact that happa babies are literal autists and are more likely to have mental issues than a child that is a product of incest.
>>4198 Forgot pictures
>>4175 >If you think that Neanderthals contribute a significant amount of DNA and development to our modern phenotype, then you are actually cucking yourself out of IQ points. If you think that the kikes care so much about theirs that they'd wage a 40000 year shadow war against the cro magnons then you're absolutely cucking yourself out of IQ points. >You know you Vargist are really something else, people like you are embarrassments to the Nordic race and give us a bad look Eat shit. >Neanderthals didn't even originate in Europe and weren't the original fathers nor children of us Europeans Source: Dude trust me. >you don't need DNA tests that comes from (((Harvard))) For someone who thinks so little of DNA tests you sure do quote DNA percentages a lot. >Neanderthals lost against Cro-Magnons and deserved it when they tried to rapefugees Pre-historic Europe Yeah because the race known for its cold climate adaptations and are known from skeletons found almost exclusively in Europe were the rapefugees, not the wandering pajeets.
>>4175 >Vargist If you had browsed this board for any length of time at all you'd know that /fascist/ by and large is critical of Varg.
>>4515 >If you think that the kikes care so much about theirs that they'd wage a 40000 year shadow war against the cro magnons then you're absolutely cucking yourself out of IQ points. You're just repeating the same shit over and over again and not making any points lol. Kikes are indeed waging a war against Cro-Magnons considering they've tried to call them black, because they had a error in detection of the tone of their skin-color, and still claim that they came from and evolved Africa and not born straight from Europe, while le Neanderthals can be only found in Europe, due to the lack of skeletons, while their DNA of being more present in Asians. I've never seen kikes claim that they were Cro-Magnons and look like them. The insult "Neanderthal" was only used, because scientists were too retarded to realize that they weren't actually a dumb species and, because they assumed they came from Europe, because kikes hate Europeans and everything about us. Cro-Magnons are modern humans who look like Nords by both phenotype and skull shapes, while having little in common with Africans, Asians and West Asians. They are also more related to Denisovans than Cro-Magnons meaning that their cousins were the prehistoric ancestor of gooks. >Source: Dude trust me. You are the one making a shit ton of claims without sources that they were our forefathers n shiet. Either you can agree with the shitlibs that we are Neanderthals are European, but phenotypical Nordics are Africans or admit to being the clueless and sourceless faggot who claims they were our forefathers. Stupid ass nigger. https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/neanderthals-war-0014492 >For someone who thinks so little of DNA tests you sure do quote DNA percentages a lot. I only quoted DNA of Neanderthals, so you aren't making a point. >Yeah because the race known for its cold climate adaptations and are known from skeletons found almost exclusively in Europe were the rapefugees They were not exclusively found in Europe you imbecile. They were found in Asia and their DNA is mostly in Asia as well. Scientists don't want to admit that them and their cousins were mostly in fucking Asia before the European migration, because it ruins the Out Of Africa theory and crumbles it apart for proving that humanity's ancestors can exist out of Africa, while you are doing more of a job to reinforce it. Coming to a conclusion based off of what archeologists said years ago is dumb, because they change their information almost every 5 to 10 years. Archeologist are either lying or too stupid to dig up the dirt in Central and East Asia to find the Neanderthal skulls and just admit that they were actually Eurasian or Asian. They are already having hard time collecting them, because China and other Eastern countries prevent them from doing further research. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/policies-politics/article/2075753/fleshing-out-past-ancient-chinese-skulls-offer-strong https://time.com/4690289/china-skulls-human-neanderthal/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(101.89 KB 960x642 1582068219775.jpg)
(171.64 KB 624x334 1484856782699.png)
Germany, The White Rose and resistance to our current regime Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 08:45:44 ID:3e00f4 No. 2524 [Reply] [Last]
Right now we are in a very precarious situation. Our situation is a direct result of Germany and the Axis powers losing World War 2. Since then there has been no great power on earth that has tried to oppose the slowly encroaching Globalized New World Order system that is now starting to lift the veil and come out in full force, and it is worse than anything Goebbels, Hitler, Rosenberg, Darré, Streicher, and co. could even imagine. It's a sterile anti-human and anti-nature system, that seeks to assimilate everything into its collective hive-mind and destroy what won't be assimilated. There is no future for us or anyone but the satanic elites in the post-human age they are trying to create and it must be fought at every turn. The problem is that right now, we, as in the people, the Volk, have no political power. Our so-called democracies are just smoke and mirrors by the elites. The only option we have left than when the hour comes is to organize small resistance cells. Like the Anti-Nazi resistance movements in Europe and Germany. With (((their))) plans of depopulation and (((their))) past history in the early Soviet Union, leaves little doubt of what fate awaits dissidents in the future. This brings me to Die Weiße Rose. The student-led resistance group in Munich that distributed leaflets around the city in in 1942. In their eyes, they saw what we see now in our countries. A tyrannical government destroying any hope they had for a future, leading millions to an early grave. Instead of standing still, they chose to do what they thought was the right thing. If you read their pamphlets, they could just as easily be used against our current regimes. >Why do you allow these men who are in power to rob you step by step, openly and in secret, of one domain of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanised state system presided over by criminals and drunks? Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right—or rather, your moral duty—to eliminate this system? — 3rd leaflet of the White Rose. In Norway, our resistance against the National Samling Government and the German military occupation was organized under MILORG("Military Organization"). MILORG members were, like the White Rose, made up of ordinary people, who did what they thought was best. After a war, there was a dialogue between former MILORG resistance members and Norwegian SS fighters. They both agreed that they did what they thought was best, for Norway, for our people. To secure a free future for themselves and their children. One can argue in hindsight that the German side was the good side, and from my extensive reading, I believe so too. But, these people were living in it with only their limited human perspectives on grand world events, so one cannot really blame them for joining their national resistance movements. Most people, just want to live peacefully and be left alone. This is what lead to the rise of National Socialism in Germany in the first place since the International elements would not leave Germany alone. They attacked from left and right and squeezed the German People from top and bottom, and when Germany said no and went to war to defend themselves from this International threat, the normie citizens of the countries they occupied that had some self-respect naturally saw the occupying force as a threat to their peace and security. This leads me to my point I guess. If things continue on the current trajectory, we may find ourselves forced to work with people we never would have associated with normally. With the planned rollout of vaccine passports worldwide and other coercive tactics being used to make people take the Gene Therapy "vaccines", we are quickly becoming a polarized society. With the followers on one side and the rejectors on the other, and from what I've seen so far, it is a very diverse group. The more people that reject and work to disrupt this blatant satanic system, the better. Right now, that is the most important thing for our survival. Other questions will have to be answered later.
>>2524 Any good insurrection is organic, but any successful insurrection is inorganic. Would Iran or Russia be willing to fund anti-democratic movements?
>>2524 > The student-led resistance group They were commies, dude. > In their eyes, they saw what we see now in our countries. No. T hey were leftist traitors, same as modern-day antifa. There was nothing noble about their "cause." >.A tyrannical government destroying any hope they had for a future, lolwut? How was the German government tyrannical? Because it promoted health and made people exercise? >leading millions to an early grave. I suppose they had no problem with France and England declaring war on Germany. > If things continue on the current trajectory, we may find ourselves forced to work with people we never would have associated with normally. Except Europe's enemies are racial aliens who want our genocide They have no intention of ever reasoning with us.
>>3833 >They were commies, dude. Spiritually, yes, as they felt free to collaborate with the Red orchestra and the socialists. Most were gullible pro-democracy tripe losers > No. They were leftist traitors, same as modern-day antifa. There was nothing noble about their "cause." I think you misunerstand what OP is saying. Like the last remaining fascist resistance, from their perspective was restricted by the government. >lolwut? How was the German government tyrannical? Because it promoted health and made people exercise? The Gestapo wiretapped suspected communists and disloyal conservatives (something virtually every "free" and "democratic" country is guilty of). Unfortunately, to the libshit this serves as ammunition and they never shut the fuck up about how Germany was literally 1984 because of this. >I suppose they had no problem with France and England declaring war on Germany. Yes because democratic fools are dishonest hypocrites who love to play double standards >Except Europe's enemies are racial aliens who want our genocide They have no intention of ever reasoning with us. Don't forget the self-hating cucks and jewish bankrolled politicians who let this happen The point isn't that the White Rose was morally good or anything, it's that he is advocating for their tactics- spreading leaflets peacefully first to gain popular support and then an eventual alliance with the libertarians and political radicals against jewish neoliberal democracy. Definitely wont get COINTELPRO'd.
>>3888 >The point isn't that the White Rose was morally good or anything, it's that he is advocating for their tactics- spreading leaflets peacefully first to gain popular support and then an eventual alliance with the libertarians and political radicals against jewish neoliberal democracy. Definitely wont get COINTELPRO'd. I understand what he's saying. My point is their tactics won't work with us. The Right is compromised by its moralism. It treats people respectfully, even enemies. jews and commies explicitly don't believe in being honorable, moderate, or respectable. When they sense an enemy, they destroy them mercilessly. The White Rose faced human enemies. Our enemies are inhuman.
>>4038 Good thing we're not right wing then.

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Interesting Links Blackshirt 03/31/2021 (Wed) 20:07:44 ID:167089 No. 1159 [Reply] [Last]
For information that is not worth its own thread, but also doesn't fit into the news thread or Aryan religion thread(s).
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The Jesus Hoax: How St. Paul’s Cabal Fooled the World for Two Thousand Years This sounds like an interesting book that explores many of the things that people here talk about: >The Jesus Hoax attempts to convince the reader that there is no rational basis for Christianity and that the motivation for its main originator, St. Paul, was antagonism toward the Roman Empire. Within this framework, Paul was a jewish nationalist whose goal was to recruit non-jews to oppose the Roman imperium: “Since the biblical Jesus story is false, it was evidently constructed by Paul and his fellow jews in order to sway the gullible Gentile masses to their side and away from Rome” (43). Indeed, Skrbina claims that Paul may have been a Zealot, i.e., a member of a jewish sect dedicated to violent resistance against the Romans, concluding “it seems clear that he was an ardent jewish nationalist opposed to Roman rule, as was the case with most elite jews of the time” (37). >The first Romans to comment on Christianity were Tacitus and Pliny (~115), both of whom disliked Christianity. As Skrbina notes, “the Romans were generally tolerant of other religions, and thus we must conclude that there was something uniquely problematic about this group” (60). >Skrbina, discussing the Gospel of Mark, notes that Paul et al. had two enemies, the Romans and non-believing jews like the Pharisees who “wanted to kill Jesus” (95). Mark therefore blamed both, and Skrbina concludes that “Mark’s anger against his fellow jews … got the better of him; for centuries afterward, Christians would blame the jews for killing Christ, not realizing that the whole tale was a jewish construction in the first place” (95). >Skrbina’s reconstruction of the trajectory of Christianity is presented as tentative (“I’ll not claim certainty here” [81]). For example, he imagines a soliloquy by jewish patriot Paul asking, “What message could our ‘Jesus’ take to the masses,” answering “we need them to be pro-jewish, not make them jews–no, that would never work. We need something new, a ‘third way’ between Judaism and paganism. Maybe for a start, we could get them to worship our God Jehovah, and not that absurd Roman pantheon” (84; emphasis in text). And the whole point was to encourage revolt: “Throughout [Paul’s] letters we find numerous references to enslavement, revolution, insurrection, war, the importance of the disempowered masses, and so on. In the early Galatians we read of the need for Jesus to ‘deliver us from the present evil age’ ([Galatians] 1:4)” (90). https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2021/04/27/review-of-david-skirbinas-the-jesus-hoax-how-st-pauls-cabal-fooled-the-world-for-two-thousand-years/ >>4363 This looks pretty comprehensive. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to have to spend the time digging through this later.
>>4369 This is interesting and I've always questioned the validity of Jesus' existence due to the lack of mentions of him by Roman historians, so thanks for this information anon. Although do you have anything on Muhammad as well? Because I've heard that he lacks evidence for his existence and there being some inconsistency in his story of working as a missionary.
>>4373 >This is interesting and I've always questioned the validity of Jesus' existence due to the lack of mentions of him by Roman historians, so thanks for this information anon. No problem, anon. I'm not entirely convinced yet myself, but I don't think this information can be completely dismissed at all. We know that Tacitus referred to Jesus' death in his Annals, which are apparently written around 115 CE. This is nearly 85 years later, and there is no mention of a miraculous resurrection or any other Christcuck claims. And then Suetonius mentions in his text written around 120 CE events that occured in 49 CE about jews rioting in Rome over a "Chrestus" figure. All of these mentions are multiple decades later. An anon on the /fascist/ Matrix chat was recommending that I read Richard Carrier's book on Jesus' apparent non-existence. He said it's very dense and loaded with good info. I haven't read it yet and had some reservations due to the nature of the author, but having scrolled through a PDF of the work it does look pretty comprehensive. >Although do you have anything on Muhammad as well? Because I've heard that he lacks evidence for his existence and there being some inconsistency in his story of working as a missionary. I don't have too much on this. Maybe look into the book 'Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World'. The gist is: <Cook and Crone postulate that "Hagarism" started as a "jewish messianic movement" to "reestablish Judaism" in the jewish Holyland (Palestine) and known at first as muhajirun, not Muslims, their hijra (migration) was to Jerusalem not Medina. Its members were both jewish and Arab to begin with but "with the Arabs' increasing success" that group broke with the jews (culminating around the time of Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan). They first flirted with Christianity and adopted a respect for Jesus as prophet and Mary as Virgin, before asserting a new independent Abrahamic monotheist identity. This borrowed from the jewish breakaway sect of Samaritanism "the idea of a scripture limited to the Pentateuch, a prophet like Moses (Muhammad), a holy book revealed like the Torah (the Quran), a sacred city (Mecca) with a nearby mountain (Jabal an-Nour) and shrine (the Kaaba) of an appropriate patriarch (Abraham), plus a caliphate modeled on an Aaronid priesthood. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hagarism Some other facts I've learned over the years though is that the name 'Muhammad' literally means 'praised, commendable or lauded'. This could easily be a title of someone, and not a personal name. The word 'Qur'ān' too is not even an Arabic word. It comes from a Syrian loanword 'qeryānā'. Given how there are parallels in the Qur'an between it and the Syriac Infancy Gospel is also suspicious and maybe more proof that it's just some mutant form of Christianity. There's also something addressed directly in the Qur'an about Muhammad being fed lines by a group of people. This is extremely interesting, as it is very similar to other allegedly fake 'accusations' given in the Gospels, such as how the body-snatching hypothesis for Jesus is directly mentioned in one of the Gospels. I'd have to find what I'm talking about in the Qur'an
Found what I was talking about: Q 25:4-5: < And those who disbelieve say, "This [Qur’ān] is not except a falsehood he invented, and another people assisted him in it." But they have committed an injustice and a lie. < And they say, "Legends of the former peoples which he has written down, and they are dictated to him morning and afternoon." Q 16:103 < And We certainly know that they say, "It is only a human being who teaches him [i.e., the Prophet (ﷺ)]." The tongue of the one they refer to is foreign,1 and this [recitation, i.e., Qur’ān] is [in] a clear Arabic language. What is going on here is the real question. We see accusations that Muhammad is being fed lines that he is made to memorize and repeat to people, claiming they are from God. And then 16:103 seems to be directly referring to a specific individual teaching Muhammad what to say. But the attempt at refutation is that this man pointed out can't be teaching Muhammad, because he speaks a foreign language! Was it Hebrew??

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/fascist/ OC thread Blackshirt 04/23/2021 (Fri) 17:30:12 ID:5b088e No. 3463 [Reply] [Last]
Post Integralist-chan!
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>>4147 Bought a very special koikatsu controller already and lost your speech?
>>4054 >>4210 What a butthurt faggot lmao. I'm glad you like her this much.
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>>4210 >being this new
>>4261 >dat flag yeah, kys stupid fag
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Ecofascism, Deep Ecology, Tech Critical Blackshirt 03/15/2021 (Mon) 14:00:30 No. 22 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for the discussion of ecofascism, deep ecology and tech-critical thought and its connection to Fascism, National Socialism and White Nationalism. READING SUGGESTIONS >Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore J. Kaczynski >Technological Slavery by Theodore J. Kaczynski (2019 edition) >Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How? by Theodore J. Kaczynski >The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul >Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola >Man and Technics by Oswald Spengler >The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph A. Tainter Old thread archives: https://web.archive.org/web/20190804033752/https://8ch.net/fascist/res/13412.html https://archive.fo/XQMX7 https://archive.fo/XIUyd https://web.archive.org/web/20210227221831/https://anon.cafe/fascist/res/19761.html
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>>766 Meant for >>761
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(6.00 MB 406x720 Forest Bio-Communications..mp4)
I've been waiting for months for this book to come out at this point. I've got it on pre-order and it should be here by midweek. Hoping it will be good. I am always sad to see perfectly trees cut down for garbage like parking lots and highways, and after having learned stuff like this it really only underlines it.
(140.21 KB 992x558 forest swastika trees.jpg)
>>4112 Got my book but I'm not as pleased as I thought I would be. It's some personal memoir interlaced with tidbits of information that I largely already knew from reading many articles on the topic. I'll probably just skim it and take the info I want and ignore the rest.


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