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(13.32 KB 744x570 Perceived Structures.png)
Kalergi Plan, The Great Replacement, White Genocide Blackshirt 08/08/2021 (Sun) 15:23:17 No. 10378 [Reply]
There is a plot to destroy White and western nations, this plot is blatantly apparent to anybody who can see, but not quite obvious to those who cannot see. Those who cannot see are misled. This plot is all encompassing and highly sophisticated far beyond what many people give the plot credit for. The plot consists of: Large groups of people actively generating ideas for genocide, Large sub groups of people knowingly and unknowingly implementing the ideas for genocide, Large sub groups of people actively infiltrating, hijacking and disassembling our groups. If this is to be countered we must find the central groups and destroy them. The knowing groups create unknowing groups. The unknowing groups are immediately problematic, but are not our real enemies. The destruction of the sub groups will accomplish very little. There is so many forms of genocides being implemented that it is impossible for a single person to list them all.

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>>11221 You need to lurk more. Market economies =/= capitalism. Capitalism is modern.
>>11223 >jewish usury is modern Not sure about that. Everyone should lay out their definitions of capitalism before arguing about it anyways.
(82.23 KB 1024x995 cbfda70e1839a403.jpeg)
>>11223 lurking? I've been on the web since 1998. lurking time is over
(19.11 MB 1264x520 .mp4)
>>11764 what do you mean with this meme? are you saying with need to go somewhere and destroy something?

Avoiding Assassination Blackshirt 03/25/2021 (Thu) 04:58:14 ID:38374c No. 698 [Reply] [Last]
Nowadays you hear about semi-prominent figures that speak out against the establishment dying in extremely suspicious ways all the time. Maybe this healthy 50 year old suddenly died of a heart attack or illness, or maybe they spontaneously decided to kill themselves after never showing any signs of depression before, or maybe they kill their families too in a murder-suicide. Obviously these people were assassinated and it was covered up by the media. The thing is, with these kind of deaths the people usually were normies who practiced no physical security at all, that is, they lived in a normal suburban house with their family. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, I am a the leader of a fascist movement who has amassed several million legit fascist followers online. I decide to go public, reveal my identity, and travel around the country campaigning. This would make me a prime target. How do I avoid being assassinated? It's not the 1920s anymore, intelligence agencies probably have all kinds of classified methods of discretely killing someone, so I doubt just a bullet proof vest and "being careful" would be enough. There's also the question of how to keep your assassination from being covered up, which I imagine would itself be a good deterrent. Going back to the normie assassination above, glowies could poison someone, and all they would have to do is pay off the coroner and get the police to issue a story and the media would eat it up (and the big corporation media would get the hint). Being able to avoid this would be helpful.
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(108.52 KB 1440x810 07275091807474.jpg)
Can someone give me a QRD on McAfee? Why CIAniggers were after him? Really just tax evasion?
Use a completely fictitious identity. Prevent the enemy from being able to go after your family, or fuck with you by hiring P.I.'s to dig into your shit etc.
The path of Fascism always ends in assassination. After all defenses are set, the final thing to worry about is betrayal. After enough time passes, the ones you trust will betray you, you either step down before then, die or kill them first.

The Natural Order Blackshirt 03/21/2021 (Sun) 23:25:53 ID:23c877 No. 272 [Reply]
How exactly is the Natural Order defined? How do we discern its laws? Should we always adhere to the Natural Order when it conflicts with human conventions? NatSocs like to mention this concept a lot, and while I myself consider myself a NatSoc and refer to this concept quite often, I am thinking that I need to flesh out my idea of what exactly this implies and how exactly it should be interpreted. We know that Hitler correctly pointed out, as have many others, that man is an integral part of Nature, never able to truly divorce himself no matter how hard he may try to “conquer” it. He remains subject to its laws regardless of how much he may protest their “injustice” or “cruelty” according to his moralistic humanist view. It seems to me that the Natural Order is primarily defined as the essential nature of things in general, more narrowly human beings and their behavior, independently of social engineering, nurture or anything else, referring to what is natural and healthy to us. Given this definition which I adhere to, degeneracy or decadence is anything contrary to this. What exactly does this imply (certainly not exhaustive): >inequality between races, men, men and women, etc >hierarchy (rule of the strong over the weak) >life defined in terms of struggle Is it always good to live in accordance with this? From my view it seems to imply that the jews are ‘rightfully’ (according to natural justice) in power now, but this power is not absolute and inviolable, as life is struggle. The weak being ruled by the strong is natural justice. The weak are often utilized by the strong in their plans – sidestepping, I think, Socrates’ objection to Callicles’ claims in Gorgias. Sheep are guided by shepards, rarely do they spontaneously do anything en masse. Of course we are left to define what is meant by the strong – clearly not physical strength alone, intelligence, charisma, perhaps technical organization – all constitute qualities of the strong today. Technics are merely tactics of living in struggle which is identical with life itself. I rambled a bit but I think there’s some things to discuss.
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>>3717 Artificial, yes. Though humans have the ability to innovate, especially culturally, though it is of course not the same thing as something which developed biologically. The real question is however is whether the basic "intent" is the same, i.e. whether there is a survival advantage in rendering females less noticeable, at least in some species. As we know, thwarting women's power is an important part of having a stable and healthy civilization, and it appears that some cultures, through various different practices, have realized this on their own accord and have imitated (likely unknowingly) what has developed through natural processes
My own definition of the Natural Order, taken from a conversation I had a month or so ago: The main ideas, condensed as much as possible, are that 1: Evolution and natural selection are the foundation for life. 2: Mankind, as an animal, is subject to the same laws as the rest of nature. There is no room for anthropocentrism. 3: What is eugenic, is considered 'good' for the evolution of the human race. What is dysgenic, is 'bad' for the evolution of the race. 4: Therefore, to be aligned with the Natural Order, means to constantly strive for improvement, for self and for all mankind.
>>3855 So basically, what is eugenic is what makes humanity more vigorous, healthy and strong. The real question is whether this is referring to a group sense or an individual sense (i.e. each person becoming stronger, or as a collective). When it terms of 'might is right', it seems to come down to the strength of well-organized collectives rather than the strength of a individual people, though of course this is not to say that the one does not contribute to the well-being of the other. The transformation of the individual human into a dependent, sickly weakling is of course never desirable.
>>272 What separates mankind from the rest of the animal kingdom, essentially, is the ability to create our own adaptations rather than being at the mercy of the evolutionary process entirely. So while I revere nature, I also recognise that our destiny as a species is to master it. That doesn't entail destroying the natural world, the environment etc. as a bunch of consumer rats in a concrete maze have hardly conquered anything. We should work in harmony with the natural world, the agricultural revolution is a good example, though purely living on grains and whatever is grown on the farm isn't ideal, we should have some degree of variety from hunting and gathering with it. In medieval England, deforestation was a massive problem, tech and industry going too far isn't a new problem. A society that doesn't take more than they need (fuck the economy) and puts back as much waste as possible to good use (manure good, battery acid bad) has truly mastered things, as they have no mounting issues like trash in landfill, chemical waste, pollutants etc. Trying to conquer nature means creating problems that pile up, basically, whereas working with it benefits us. This level of society simply isn't achievable natty with the population we have on the planet today. Luckily, we're doing everything wrong now. Collapse is inevitable, death in biblical proportions as the world keeps trying to grow and grow and hope solutions to problems emerge later. Perhaps in thousands of years, better people living simpler lives will have myths about our time, of the abundance of things, and how greed destroyed us all. If they learn from our mistakes, maybe they'll usher in the final Reich. Until then, our last and only chance is an Eco Fascist reincarnation of Uncle Adolf, who promised his spirit would rise from the grave once more. Ideally, in every single one of us.
>>8278 What's really the difference between mastering and conquering Nature though? It might just come down to semantics though, because Nature cannot but be the superior element. Hitler pointed this out in MK. There is no mastering Nature, working with it (like you say) is as much as we can do, but we are the subordinate partner.

(18.93 KB 474x342 Putin.jpg)
fascist news website Blackshirt 08/19/2021 (Thu) 19:18:20 No. 11543 [Reply]
I'm contemplating developing a fascist news/opinion website, both motivated by the absolute lack of such a site in my country, and the feeling of duty i have to contribute something professional to the movement. I have a decent education and a good grasp on whats happening around the world. Do you think this would work? The readers are definetely out there in my opinion. There has been a great growth of far-right voters in my country but no competent news website standing next to their positions at all. The closest thing we have are some blue-pilled facebook-boomer blogs arguing about immigration. What do you think of my idea, do you have any tips or warnings? I'm not from any english-speaking country btw, not Russia neither.
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
There's already https://dailyarchives.org/ , but I think a website that focuses more on current events/politics from a fascist viewpoint and is more frequently updated would be good, not to mention more websites spreading truth and showing different perspectives is always a good thing. Will the website be English language or the language of your country? But let me say this as someone who has hosted an NS website before: it won't be easy. All sorts of people will come out of the woodworks to attack you. Government, Jews, communists, shills, they'll all try to do things like hack your website, DDOS it, harass you, spread misinformation in the comments, spread lies about you, etc. And that's not just when your site gets a little popular, it'll be practically from the beginning. Whatever company you host it with might get scared and try to shut you down (I think Stormfront had their own ISP and physical servers, and they still had problems with top level domains banning them). You need to be very experienced in IT security and you have to go to great lengths to keep your identity a secret. If your identity does leak, well, prepare for trouble. >>11550 I haven't seen such an infographic, I'd like to see it. Also I'm under the impression that it's practically impossible to have a website on the clearnet without the feds finding out your identity, but you can keep it from the public if you put some work in.
I would love to see something like that but aiming from the start to be used both for news and propaganda. It might be a controversial opinion, but I believe the articles should be written in the same style of jewish propaganda (MSNBC, CNN, etc, or whatever the style used in the propaganda outlets in your own country) because as Hitler teaches us, propaganda must be shaped for the target audience, and so using the same jewish style the goyim are used to would be valuable. If you do that, I can see even a significant number of Marxists reading it out of curiosity, but if you are too blunt and to the point about things like the JQ you will drive away even conservative boomers.
>>11581 This is a good idea, I think. If I were to make such a site making it look as close as possible to a mainstream ‘legitimate” source would be the smartest news possible. Reporting matter-of-factly on many issues while subtly pushing our views would be the smartest move possible. It would be the best way for normalfags to spread the links too. The same principle applies IRL when talking about Fascism. If you don’t use certain bad goy words, normalfags eat it up. They will often agree with much of it.
>>11565 >Will the website be English language or the language of your country? It will be the language of my small european country, probably not spoken by more than 3-4 men here. >>11581 >>11582 I agree, I will attempt to design it professionally and trustworthy. Hopefully the website can serve as a small step in the awakening of many people. That's the goal.
>>11585 Sounds great. Be sure to keep us updated if you go forward with this, anon. Even if I don't speak the language of your country it would still be interesting to keep tabs on.

Fascist News General /fng/ Blackshirt 03/21/2021 (Sun) 23:22:09 ID:b05fd1 No. 271 [Reply] [Last]
Revival from cafe. This thread is for discussion of recent happenings that may be of interest to users of this board. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, news involving fascist parties around the world, info related to government / corporate responses to White nationalist / fascist activities, and events that are likely of interest to users here, such as declining race-relations, anti-White policies and jewish-related scheming. This thread existed on 8chan, but it's gonna be here on a trial basis. If it attracts too many outsiders, it will be deleted. If it results in garbage-tier discussion not healthy to /fascist/, it will be deleted. This is still /fascist/, not a free-for-all area. PLEASE ATTEMPT TO ARCHIVE CONTENT, VIDEOS AND USE ALTERNATIVE SITES WHERE POSSIBLE, THANK YOU
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(466.43 KB 284x176 Get The Fuck Outta Here.gif)
>>11143 >>11146 >>11148 >>11237 >>11241 >>11244 >>11248 >>11279 >The West is shit, Soviet Russia was better. > Dugin's alright and anyone who criticizes him is paranoid or a kike. > Hurray National Bolshevism. What else, Putin is the savior of the White race and western culture? See >>11326 and fuck off back to where you came from.
>>11334 You're taking everything out of context.
GET IN HERE >>11342 >>11342
>>2109 It was bad enough with them tossing opponents in with black inmates to silence people, now its guards

(98.31 KB 753x1024 1626727309980m.jpg)
Franco did nothing wrong. Blackshirt 07/27/2021 (Tue) 18:35:17 ID:cc86a8 No. 9660 [Reply]
In this thread we discuss how Franco did nothing wrong with running things in Spain and why he was the only successful fascist in Europe and if there is a possibility of another Franco coming to power to save Spain again from the Communist bastards.
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he wasnt even a fascist he was a reactionary authoritarian
>>10562 Just hoping she won't turn out to be like one of those Red Ice whores.
(7.90 MB 1280x720 isabel car spanish.mp4)
>>10929 I think she is involved with some actual parties there in Spain, so there is some hope there, at minimum. She's young, so it will be interesting to see what she does. Just hoping she doesn't just grift off of her one moment in front of the cameras earlier this year.
>>10929 I always heard about some stuff going on with Red Ice but never understood what. Not that it matters, because e-celebs and all that, but can you explain to me what the major problem seems to be? I know they interview some shady people from time to time but I unironically believe they are trying to create some unity between groups (the interviewed person's audience) at least in some matters. Not that this is necessarily good in the long run but with everything moving faster and faster I kind get why they are trying to organize even if some of the people aren't to be trusted.
>>9695 >>10914 Schizo-amerimutts don't know the difference tbh.

(73.46 KB 587x800 Oswald_mosley_MP.jpg)
Why did it fail bros? Blackshirt 07/20/2021 (Tue) 12:16:43 ID:82bc18 No. 9038 [Reply]
Title says it all, where did it go wrong? Do you think it could rise again in Britain either?
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
>Do you think it could rise again in Britain either? If it rises again anywhere that could cause a chain reaction. If it was open season on shitskins somewhere in Europe or the USA that would be the perfect time to start replicating it wherever you are. So I'd say it's possible. The pent up energy certainly there. It's only the police-state apparatus preventing it from spilling over on a day by day basis. A perceived lack of consequences or gap in the capability of state reprisal would be a game changer. Or even just seeing a successful example to template off of elsewhere may be enough. Failing that, a collapse of the US federal government would create a power vacuum that could give others enough room to breathe long enough to get things popping.
England was kiked since the beginning.
>>9169 >No Hitler >No fascism >European monarchies continue to collaborate with jews >White nationalism as an ideology impossible due to Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Austria oppressing everyone else >ideal world Seems pretty unideal to me. An ideal world would be one where Hitler focused on global revolution against the jews rather than German domination of her neighbors.
>>9169 >>9179 Actually, now that I think on it more, without the French revolution, there might not even be a Germany at all since Austria would continue to dominate the weak states. Which means that eventually, we get a Europe with hundreds of tiny states like Lichtenstein and Luxembourg in the German area and Russia is by far the dominant power in eastern Europe. Which raises the question; Would there have been a Crimean war? Probably since the British were largely responsible since they wanted to prop up the Ottomans to balance power against Russia. France would have been much weaker due to its continued feudal nature so maybe Russia would win? So more of the Balkans comes under Russian dominance and with nothing to stop them, Russia ends up dominating Europe.
>>9169 It was already too late by the French Revolution to save the West. The Enlightenment itself would have to be avoided. But even then like >>9179 said the Jews would be in the courts of these kings and princes. It's a tricky situation.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Mein Führer Blackshirt 04/20/2021 (Tue) 04:00:06 ID:645ae6 No. 3008 [Reply]
ITT we pay our respects to one of the greatest men of the White race. Heil Hitler.
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(45.06 KB 603x960 autobahn shovel.jpg)
>>8227 It might be Hitler ceremonially breaking the ground for the Autobahn's construction
>>8233 meant for >>8232
(2.38 MB 2319x1580 IMAGE.1)
SIEG heil kameraden Always loyal
(580.33 KB 820x563 hitler car edit.png)
>>8594 I couldn't resist on that third pic

(23.94 KB 186x279 3007622.jpg)
Gotz Aly and the economical narrative against NatSoc Blackshirt 04/19/2021 (Mon) 22:49:53 ID:e7c9f8 No. 2993 [Reply]
Gotz Aly (image attach) is regard as one of the most important historians surrounding Hitler's economical motivations for invading Poland, been the economical breakdown because of socialism and therefore the transferring of debt to conquer nations along with the pillaged of their wealth. - This is one of the most common rationalisation of the issue by "scholars". What are the faults of this argument?
7 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>2993 The "argument" that the Germans invaded Poland, the USSR, ect because they needed to steal shit in order to fund their government programs is one the most retarded, and ignorant things I think have ever heard about history. And the fact that so many "scholars" and "historians" shill the "theory" without even a hint of irony just shows how much critical thought exists in modern academia. Imagine unironically thinking that you can fuel a modern industrial nation, and army through stealing furniture, paintings, gold teeth, and other miscellaneous garbage from neighboring countries, like some stereotypical Visigoths of yore. Or thinking that Germany was just going to magically collapse by enacting very similar economic policies to the U.S, and Britain, because some hysterical, jewish, ideologue shrieks at the notion that any economy could function without the chosen people's parasitism. No, you can't fund a modern army of millions who all need food, ammunition, transportation, medication, ect by looting banks, and stealing gold teeth, let alone keep your entire country going off of plunder. The second world war was a net drain on the German economy from beginning to end, it turns out that sending your workforce to die in the millions, burning through your reserves of food, metals, rubber, and fossil fuels in a venture that generate no immediate economic growth, and having enemy bombers turn your farms, factories, villages, towns, and cities into burnt out ruins actually puts strain on your economy, rather than saving it. Turns out that truly failing and dysfunctional society's can't sustain their economies, yet alone pursue the most costly, and logistically straining action a nation can undertake. When Roman society was collapsing, they did not invade new lands and steal pots, and textiles from barbarian tribes to fund their legions. The USSR didn't try save themselves from economic ruin by expanding, they abandoned their longstanding policy of kick-starting revolutions and coups in minerally wealthy third world countries, turned inward to try and deal with their internal problems, and then fell apart due to internal strife. When nations undergo depression, and economic turmoil, they do not expand, they do not create great empires, they do not conquer, they suffer internal strife until the state stabilizes the situation, or collapses, and is replaced. Now the Germans did harvest raw material "timber, oil, coal, rubber, metals" in the territories they conquered. But this was never profitable, it never offset the staggering cost of invading those countries in the first place, and such resources were mostly just fed into the war machine, to keep it going without exhausting Germany's meager natural resources too fast. The war was never profitable, and the German economy was perfectly stable before the war. And this policy is pretty much completely unrelated to the jewish propaganda bullshit, that the Germans needed to steal jew gold, in order to pay for their social programs. Which is so retarded on so many levels, I'm amazed the idea is taken seriously by anyone, even in the degenerate society we live in. The fact is that the Germans fought against the world's juggernauts, Great Britain, the United States, and the USSR, who all had vastly more natural resources, larger populations, and vastly larger industrial capacity, and still managed to persevere so long against such overwhelming odds, holding on as they were isolated from the rest of the world, and bombed into oblivion. The very fact that they did last so long, that they weren't just a footnote, that they still inspire such fear, and hatred in the hearts of the enemies of our people, goes on to show the true resilience, and genius of the National Socialist economic system "and of the German people themselves" not it's faults. Tell me with a straight face that a failing economy is going to fund itself with jew gold, and French paintings while it's lifeblood is drained away, and it's natural resources are basically thrown into a giant hole. They fought to protect their people, and secure their nation's long term interests. As explained by these anon's posts. >>2997 >>3004 It was never about the economy, but instead the war was about national, and racial survival.
(23.87 KB 310x480 kauft deutsche Ware.jpg)
>>3017 >It was never about the economy, but instead the war was about national, and racial survival. Yes, of course ultimately that was fundamental. That is why kikes struggle to understand the strategies and thinking of the Third Reich so often, because they are viewing it from a solely economic perspective. Economic issues of course play into the issue of racial survival, so when I was appealing to economic explanations at points in my posts, it should always be kept in mind that said explanations are only relevant in relation to the issue of racial / national survival
Looking for sources of Hitlers economic policy, too much of what I've found is literal semetic lies. Did the labor backed Reichmark really work? Where did the stimulus for industrialization come from if not keynesian stimulus? Did the de-valuation of the mark really just facilitate the nominal payment of unilaterally imposed war debts? What did land reform look like, did it happen of was it just rhetorical? Did the ordinary German still use investment banks? So many questions, so few sources
>>8119 Not really technical enough I know these things already as I have posted- it does not go into detail and cites few sources

(101.89 KB 960x642 1582068219775.jpg)
(171.64 KB 624x334 1484856782699.png)
Germany, The White Rose and resistance to our current regime Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 08:45:44 ID:3e00f4 No. 2524 [Reply]
Right now we are in a very precarious situation. Our situation is a direct result of Germany and the Axis powers losing World War 2. Since then there has been no great power on earth that has tried to oppose the slowly encroaching Globalized New World Order system that is now starting to lift the veil and come out in full force, and it is worse than anything Goebbels, Hitler, Rosenberg, Darré, Streicher, and co. could even imagine. It's a sterile anti-human and anti-nature system, that seeks to assimilate everything into its collective hive-mind and destroy what won't be assimilated. There is no future for us or anyone but the satanic elites in the post-human age they are trying to create and it must be fought at every turn. The problem is that right now, we, as in the people, the Volk, have no political power. Our so-called democracies are just smoke and mirrors by the elites. The only option we have left than when the hour comes is to organize small resistance cells. Like the Anti-Nazi resistance movements in Europe and Germany. With (((their))) plans of depopulation and (((their))) past history in the early Soviet Union, leaves little doubt of what fate awaits dissidents in the future. This brings me to Die Weiße Rose. The student-led resistance group in Munich that distributed leaflets around the city in in 1942. In their eyes, they saw what we see now in our countries. A tyrannical government destroying any hope they had for a future, leading millions to an early grave. Instead of standing still, they chose to do what they thought was the right thing. If you read their pamphlets, they could just as easily be used against our current regimes. >Why do you allow these men who are in power to rob you step by step, openly and in secret, of one domain of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanised state system presided over by criminals and drunks? Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right—or rather, your moral duty—to eliminate this system? — 3rd leaflet of the White Rose. In Norway, our resistance against the National Samling Government and the German military occupation was organized under MILORG("Military Organization"). MILORG members were, like the White Rose, made up of ordinary people, who did what they thought was best. After a war, there was a dialogue between former MILORG resistance members and Norwegian SS fighters. They both agreed that they did what they thought was best, for Norway, for our people. To secure a free future for themselves and their children. One can argue in hindsight that the German side was the good side, and from my extensive reading, I believe so too. But, these people were living in it with only their limited human perspectives on grand world events, so one cannot really blame them for joining their national resistance movements. Most people, just want to live peacefully and be left alone. This is what lead to the rise of National Socialism in Germany in the first place since the International elements would not leave Germany alone. They attacked from left and right and squeezed the German People from top and bottom, and when Germany said no and went to war to defend themselves from this International threat, the normie citizens of the countries they occupied that had some self-respect naturally saw the occupying force as a threat to their peace and security. This leads me to my point I guess. If things continue on the current trajectory, we may find ourselves forced to work with people we never would have associated with normally. With the planned rollout of vaccine passports worldwide and other coercive tactics being used to make people take the Gene Therapy "vaccines", we are quickly becoming a polarized society. With the followers on one side and the rejectors on the other, and from what I've seen so far, it is a very diverse group. The more people that reject and work to disrupt this blatant satanic system, the better. Right now, that is the most important thing for our survival. Other questions will have to be answered later.
1 post omitted.
>>2524 > The student-led resistance group They were commies, dude. > In their eyes, they saw what we see now in our countries. No. T hey were leftist traitors, same as modern-day antifa. There was nothing noble about their "cause." >.A tyrannical government destroying any hope they had for a future, lolwut? How was the German government tyrannical? Because it promoted health and made people exercise? >leading millions to an early grave. I suppose they had no problem with France and England declaring war on Germany. > If things continue on the current trajectory, we may find ourselves forced to work with people we never would have associated with normally. Except Europe's enemies are racial aliens who want our genocide They have no intention of ever reasoning with us.
>>3833 >They were commies, dude. Spiritually, yes, as they felt free to collaborate with the Red orchestra and the socialists. Most were gullible pro-democracy tripe losers > No. They were leftist traitors, same as modern-day antifa. There was nothing noble about their "cause." I think you misunerstand what OP is saying. Like the last remaining fascist resistance, from their perspective was restricted by the government. >lolwut? How was the German government tyrannical? Because it promoted health and made people exercise? The Gestapo wiretapped suspected communists and disloyal conservatives (something virtually every "free" and "democratic" country is guilty of). Unfortunately, to the libshit this serves as ammunition and they never shut the fuck up about how Germany was literally 1984 because of this. >I suppose they had no problem with France and England declaring war on Germany. Yes because democratic fools are dishonest hypocrites who love to play double standards >Except Europe's enemies are racial aliens who want our genocide They have no intention of ever reasoning with us. Don't forget the self-hating cucks and jewish bankrolled politicians who let this happen The point isn't that the White Rose was morally good or anything, it's that he is advocating for their tactics- spreading leaflets peacefully first to gain popular support and then an eventual alliance with the libertarians and political radicals against jewish neoliberal democracy. Definitely wont get COINTELPRO'd.
>>3888 >The point isn't that the White Rose was morally good or anything, it's that he is advocating for their tactics- spreading leaflets peacefully first to gain popular support and then an eventual alliance with the libertarians and political radicals against jewish neoliberal democracy. Definitely wont get COINTELPRO'd. I understand what he's saying. My point is their tactics won't work with us. The Right is compromised by its moralism. It treats people respectfully, even enemies. jews and commies explicitly don't believe in being honorable, moderate, or respectable. When they sense an enemy, they destroy them mercilessly. The White Rose faced human enemies. Our enemies are inhuman.
>>4038 Good thing we're not right wing then.
This is a very short thread that pinpoints the irony of it all. The White Rose message is fairly generic and as such it was as disingenuous as it could get. We can see the importance of communication and transparency, of addressing directly even those who oppose you on not because of being liars but simply because of being plain wrong and ignorant. I am currently looking more and more into left wing politics to see what is compatible. The major issue resolves around biology, race and perhaps even spiritual questions, or in simpler terms the real place of man in this universe. Our failure stems from our inability to provide a correct context. Even National Socialist Germany failed. If nobody explains why we exist and what we must do, how could people even hope to think coherently and begin to come up with a proper life strategy? This is the purpose of philosophy and religion. We must work very hard there and manage to provide several layers, the outer ones to be almost secular, more of the agnostic type, if only to plant (good) doubt into the minds of people who would not, in good faith, reconsider their whole existence. To quote Wodensson: >A revolution in the mind must precede action or we will fall back into >the same traps as in the past. >We can no longer compromise with the executioner’s institutions. >A revelation in fact must be preceded by a revolution in thought. >Out voting a majority in the deceptive horror called a democracy >is impossible and those who advocate participation in such a system, >especially under current circumstances are either deluded idiots or >deliberate deceivers. Even at it’s best democracy is two lions and >a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

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