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/fng/ Fascist News General #2 Blackshirt 08/18/2021 (Wed) 04:04:30 ID:f89fb6 No. 11342
Continued from the last thread. Post news and information related to happenings of interest to /fascist/s ITT, such as Jewish scheming, racial issues, developments in Fascist and third position politics worldwide, etc. Old thread: >>271 https://archive.fo/jACVi ARCHIVE LINKS AND SAVE CLIPS IF POSSIBLE
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/18/2021 (Wed) 04:06:48.
Will America collapse?
>>16183 It depends what timeframe you are thinking of. The next few years will see America get worse and worse economically-speaking and socially it will only continue to get worse as it has been for the last two decades with school shootings and similar antisocial outbursts. Whether we get a civil war is still very much up in the air. It’s possible. By 2030 though America will be a complete dump, and I would be shocked if it still existed by 2100.
(493.59 KB 718x404 norwegian bow.mp4)
(14.80 KB 640x360 breivik kek.jpg)
NORWEGIAN BOW-KILLER WAS A MUSLIM >The statement Thursday follows a police briefing in which authorities say the suspect is a Danish citizen and Muslim convert who had previously been flagged by authorities over concerns that he had become radicalized. He was apprehended on Wednesday following the attack in the town of Kongsberg about 50 miles southwest of Oslo. >Regional police chief Ole B. Saeverud said the suspect was a "convert to Islam." https://archive.fo/witov More proof that Breivik was right.
(421.92 KB 600x331 dissapoint.png)
>>16194 lol, what a cringy faggot. >mfw the next potential Saint turns out to be a Norwegian soyboy who converted to Islam.
>>16194 >Norwegian weirdo converts to Islam and becomes a terrorist Anyone ever seen the show Lilyhammer?
>>16198 Notice how the average saint is a handsome chad, while the White Muslim convert is a fat egghead. Draw the conclusions
>>13210 There's more than just lack of make-up going on in that picture, though. She's making a retarded facial expression too.
>>16201 He looks pretty high T. What are you talking about?
>>16212 That's just a neutral facial expression. Asian women are extremely deceptive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozO6iTFLWg8
(1.35 MB 426x240 hesamuslim.mp4)
One of the video posted by the bow attacker before the attack in which he admits he converted to a desert cult, What a race traitor.
>>16223 This guy will be free in a few years since it's Norway and since he's a Muslim.
>>16223 A huge disappointment.
>>16348 It was really a coin-flip as to who would be behind it, really.
(2.12 MB 1606x1473 ClipboardImage.png)
(303.09 KB 2309x1265 cc8hy.jpg)
(121.17 KB 628x864 cce7d.jpg)
(54.27 KB 632x471 cce7f.jpg)
15 YEAR OLD SWARTHOID LARPING AS SAINT TARRANT PLANNED TO ATTACK HIS SCHOOL If anyone here is swede please translate the document Here's what we know >A brown, 15 year old, 170 cm (5'6) Nazi tried to attack his school. He live-streamed the attack. He managed to stab one teacher, badly injuring her. VIDEO is not available, but screenshots from it are. Ironically, both his parents are members of the Green Party, and his father is actually elected in the local region of Eslöv. The attackers name is Hugo Jackson, which is a swedish name, I think he may have been adopted. >This shitskin or probably an mixed breed one mentioned Saint Tarrant as an direct inspiration and wanted to attack his school with several knives and fake replica airsoft pistol >The shitskin called himself a """swede"""" and wanted to target non-Whites and muslims in his school >The shitskin wrote an entire manifesto detailing his plans to carry out an attack and his beliefs, he even admitted himself to being a non-White invader who praised Whites and other accelerationist warriors >The shitskin also sent his plans to trannycord and carved his room with White nationalist symbols and slogans >It also is proven that the shitskin was a tranime fan. >He recorder his entire attack on a go-pro and some stills of the video are available >He was also said to be inspired by the actions of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold along with Anton Lundin Peterson and Anders Behring Breivik It is disappointing, waiting for a White Saint to rise up and kill traitors in a Shitskin-ZOG infested country, but all we get is a Swarthoid shitskin in Sweden who is a teenage larper who clearly calls himself a shitskin killer despite being one. Shitskins will never be White, Even if a shitskin were to kill like 70 or 100 people who are enemies of our race, He will never get any support from us, It is contradictory for modern non-Whites to call themselves and carry out such act just to get support from the Whites, We are the ones who would fight for our cause, Not shitskins. If any shitskin wants approval from people who share the same views as him, He could simply leave his own land and never come back. All the people he was inspired by were all White, and all of their motivations were to spread fear amongst the Non-Whites including him, National Socialism is a White ideology, Not for any shitskin or any other non-White who tries to adore our people, This incident was an example of what happens when shitskins don't care what our intents are against them and therefore they want to side with us for survival purposes. Let them know that these swarthy shitskins who they are , even if they adore our volk, leaders and warriors and are willing to take action are not welcome and definitely don't belong with us. Hail Victory, Don't Feed Shitskins.
>>16600 the enemy of our enemy is not our friend but can still be a useful tool anon. for if nothing else I'm sure incidents like this cause the kikes to shake in rage and mistrust their subhuman puppets. due to knowing that some subhumans would rather join us and die as opposed to living as mindless mongrel cattle under their "divine ownership" of humanity.
>>16600 They don’t make saints like they used to! This is obviously another social reject (he says it himself) retard latching onto /pol/ memes and making a joke of himself. Funny shit.
>literally into futa Remember this next time you see cuckime posting
>>16600 >Saint Tarrant's influence grows once again >non-White swedish nazi reminds me of this Jackie Arklöv https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_Arkl%C3%B6v Pretty interesting guy tbh. It seems Sweden has this "civic nationalism" down really well, lmao
(39.64 KB 692x423 jackie.JPG)
>>16600 lol vafan väldigt intressant swede here This isnt the second time we have a non-swede NS criminal Jackie Arklöv was a cop killer and national socialist bank robber lol Ill check through the document later, is there a video leaked?
(9.86 MB 480x360 Jews.webm)
>>16605 Webm related. By genociding and degenerating Whites, kikes are pretty much cutting the branch that they are sitting on. We should get some popcorn as more and more of their golems turn against them.
>>16600 It's not the kid's fault if his libtard swede parents adopted him and brought him on White land. If all races would embrace national socialism there would be no place on earth where multiculturalism and melting pot existed. Also, not the first time something similar happens, i.e. the Sonboly kid in Germany.
Why does one of the stills show him lunging with a knife at a White girl? >>16621 No video leak known. This happened a few months ago apparently so if it was out there it probably would have been found. I guess the documents are just coming out though. Not many people saw the stream it looks like.
>>16629 >Why does one of the stills show him lunging with a knife at a White girl? he only stabbed a male teacher the White girl is a female teacher which he ordered to leave because she was a "good teacher" https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/skane/skolattacken-i-eslov-minut-for-minut >08:56 >Gärningsmannen fortsätter in i skolan. Där möter han en lärare som han ber sticka. Sedan säger han ”Hon är en bra lärare”. The perpetrator continues into the school. There he meets a teacher whom he asks to stick. Then he says "She is a good teacher".
(412.16 KB 644x526 ClipboardImage.png)
(505.72 KB 714x424 ClipboardImage.png)
(413.85 KB 749x260 ClipboardImage.png)
(288.45 KB 468x412 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16635 I wonder why the retard stabbed a random White teacher then.
>>16640 Looks like he wasn't really ideological then. Just an edgelord. He said he was inspired by Columbine too so that would support that angle.
>>16642 Yeah it looks like another mentally ill retard latching on to National Socialist aesthetics because they were edgy to his eyes. Many such cases.
Sorry he's still not based. I fucking hate that shitskins will do anything to latch onto White people. I think if he read 16chan (in theory only, I wouldn't want brown bugmen reading niche sites like this) he would've realized that no matter how he eats, shits or breathes, White nationalists would see him as not one of us and he would've just not do the spree. That's why if White people want to be fascistic, non-Whites cannot be fascistic.
>>16600 >If any shitskin wants approval from people who share the same views as him, He could simply leave his own land and never come back You mean the shitskin leavig White countries. Not "his own" land.
>>16650 >I wouldn't want brown bugmen reading niche sites like this Plenty of them in here lol. I don't mind them though, as long as they don't try to push for some kind of egalitarianism or how their entire race is somehow valuable. We can cooperate with browns who are smart enough to realize that great percent of their own kind is excessive. What this kid did is irrelevant, him being brown is good because it makes it harder for the MSM to shill that NS Whites are terrorists.
>>16651 My bad Anon, I was typing too fast, Thanks for noting it down
>>16650 Speak for yourself. If he had actually done something but stab a White teacher and then get his futa artwork exposed to the world, he would have been based. However, this was a cringelord 15 year old who should probably stop using imageboards before it fucks him in the head permanently.
>>16640 probably one of the "bad teachers"? his goal was to stab non-Whites, muslims and pride fags perhaps the teacher was a faggot
>>16600 probably 4/pol/ in action but if he had good intentions it's actually wise to follow his lead.
>>16644(heiled) dubs of truth, natsoc is mental illnes.
>>16652 >it makes it harder for the MSM to shill that NS Whites are terrorists How does it do so? Why does what the propaganda arm of the government says matters to you when you know they hate you and want you dead?
>>16611 Disgusting.
>>16689 He looks too high-T to me from that screenshot. If his goal was to stab Muslims they are literally pictured in the image - Burak, Mahmoud, Afshin, Omar, etc. He was just a mentally ill loser, hence why he celebrated the Columbine shooters (one of whom was a Jew and they posted screeds online about killing 'racists'). >>16652 They'll never care about his race. They will just see the swastikas and cringe graffiti of 'WHITE POWER' or 'RAHOWA' and remember the 'ebil Nazi' message more than anything else.
>>16782 >They'll never care about his race. They will just see the swastikas and cringe graffiti of 'WHITE POWER' or 'RAHOWA' and remember the 'ebil Nazi' message more than anything else. I'm getting mixed signals here. What do you mean.
>>16787 >What do you mean. What I said. They don't care if the attempted attacker was non-White. They'll see the swastikas and other LARPer shit and then use it to just agitate against Whites more.
>>16788 The current state, I swear. They'll be like >White people bullied him and made him their bitch! Although imo no one in the right mind should not care a shitskin sacrificed himself for White people. He just did it to appease White nationalists. He's no different than other shitskins who want to assimilate to White culture and get rid of their own.
>>16640 Teachers and journalists are about as virtuous as prostitutes.
(209.46 KB 2204x2624 math.jpg)
>>16790 >He just did it to appease White nationalists I don't think he stabbed a White teacher to appease White nationalists. Was just latching onto anything he perceived as edgy.
>>16782 >He looks too high-T to me from that screenshot. hahhaha he can still be a PC faggot, most likley is because hes a teacher
>>16918 It's Sweden, so it's probable, but I doubt he was any worse than any other retard in that school. Still don't think he deserved to get stabbed by some brown incel. To think that I'm probably posting with edgy teens like this online.
>While Jewish communities worldwide are celebrating Hanukkah, the small community in China must do so in secret as Beijing works to crack down on foreign influences and unapproved religions in the country, The Telegraph reported. >The community in China is very miniscule, consisting of around 1,000 people of which experts say only 100 are actually practicing, and have lacked a rabbi for well over a century. However, it goes back over a thousand years, having settled in Kaifeng. Even at its height during the 16th century, it numbered just 5,000. And throughout the years, despite losing many of its members to conversion, wars, disasters and more, the community has lived on through the passing down of tradition between generations. >Already, the Chinese leadership has worked to erase much of this long history, The Telegraph reported. This includes not only the removal of museum exhibits regarding the community’s history, but also razing any physical trace of the community. This has included removing the remains of a 12th century synagogue alongside stones with engravings of the community’s traditions and heritage, some of which dated as far back as the late 15th century. >They have also removed the few signs in Hebrew that could once be found in the city, and the spot where the few practicing Jews once gathered to pray has now been covered with Chinese propaganda, a security camera and reminders that Judaism is an illegal, unrecognized religion in the country, according to The Telegraph. >"Judaism is not a Chinese faith and has no right to exist within China," a spokesperson for the ruling Communist Party told Telegraph reporters. >Israel has so far refused to complain about the crackdown, fearing that protesting the Communist Party's abuses could result in retaliation from Beijing. https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/chinese-jews-celebrate-hanukkah-in-secret-amid-govt-crackdowns-report-652084 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/12/13/chinas-tiny-jewish-community-fear-beijing-erases-history/
(252.93 KB 1100x619 1470296870164.jpg)
>>17024 Nice hope to see more of this from China. Doesn't make me sympathetic toward anti-European subversion from their expats in European countries. But it may align well with their self-interest overall.