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(126.49 KB 1170x1253 2021 covid.jpg)
Covid Thread 3 Blackshirt 09/12/2021 (Sun) 19:50:56 ID:8f2535 No. 13993
This is a continuation of the thread on the isolation & elimination of dissidents under guise of "COVID-19". This is a global matter of importance to the White race and especially those who are actively fighting or preparing to fight for the preservation of our people. Previous threads: >>71 https://archive.fo/tZhdS >>7378 https://archive.fo/dZT9K
>>16758 >any independent analyses of what's in the vax? I've seen a number of them but nothing I trust. There have been videos of things swimming around in the vaccines, claims of "absolute proof 95% graphene" tested, and many more. So far I have not come across a single independent analysis that I believe to be true. As far as I know the vaccines are mystery serum. They may very well contain lipid nanoparticles that encapsulate synthetic mRNA as well as a couple adjuvants and salts, but I have no idea. Without being able to obtain the liquid and test it ourselves, how can we believe anything? Earlier this year I posted a video of a guy that managed to steal a vial of one of the vaccines which he claimed he was going to have tested, but I never saw any update regarding the contents if the vial.
>>16759 yes, I recall the vid, I was hoping there'd be results by now. it would be useful to get an honest look at something so shrouded by propaganda.
>>16759 Another thing to consider is that there are most likely different batches. One could be a pure placebo (salt water solution normally given to patients in hospitals), one could contain nanoparticles, one a more deadly strain of the virus, one some toxic elements, one the default spec vaccine and so on. Any proper study would need to collect random samples all over the world, without restrictions to any facility where they are administered, and without prior announcement. Without knowing their distribution scheme (that's very tightly controlled), it's hard to know what are you actually getting. All conspiracy theories aside, the fact that you are injecting something based purely on trust into pharmakikes and various institutes owned or seriously influenced by them that are approving those, is enough to be highly skeptical alone, since they literally make money on sick people. No matter how much money they fleece with the original batch, it would be poor business sense for them to make a single, permanent solution. No, expect to get various updates and patches so they can continue fleecing money indefinitely while your health gets ruined. The grip that they have over the medical industry also allows them to perform medical experiments without the usual restrictions since it's officially a "national health threat" Any deaths and side-effects can be written off as "covid" or justified as a consequence of fighting the "greater evil" . In normal conditions, they would be sued to hell and back, but this way they are clear of any liability.
>>14192 "for the MET" lol How does EMET and MET translate into Hebrew? מֶת
(52.82 KB 583x548 skekstein.jpg)
https://space.skyrocket.de/doc_sdat/starlink-v1-5.htm Starlink is SpaceX's 12.000-satellite low earth orbit constellation to provide broadband Internet access. The mass-produced spacecraft carry a communications payload using the Ku and Ka frequency bands. The satellites will employ optical inter-satellite links and phased array beam forming and digital processing technologies. That's right, not 12, not 120, but 12.000. https://space.skyrocket.de/doc_chr/lau2021.htm A lot of modules to be officially used for the "Internet of things" Either they plan to make The Jetsons real or it's about something much less comical... I guess the real goal is to cover every inch of the earth and atmosphere so no magnetized vaxx zombie can ever disconnect, not even when flying at high attitudes or going to remote corners of the planet with poor internet infrastructure. Project blue beam is an obsolete concept, why play optical tricks when you can beam VR directly into people's brains.
>>16885 horrifying I'd imagine that the main point of the project is so that any normalfags dumb enough try and fuck off to the wilderness with any tech when shit really hits the fan won't be getting away.
>>16887 >any normalfags dumb enough try and fuck off to the wilderness with any tech when shit really hits the fan won't be getting away They won't need to bring any tech, they will BE the tech.
(232.53 KB 1565x1083 DARPA1.PNG)
https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2016/nh/c6nh00082g >We report the synthesis, characterization, and assessment of a nanoparticle-based RNAi delivery platform that protects siRNA payloads against nuclease-induced degradation and efficiently delivers them to target cells. The nanocarrier is based on biodegradable mesoporous silicon nanoparticles (pSiNPs), where the voids of the nanoparticles are loaded with siRNA and the nanoparticles are encapsulated with graphene oxide nanosheets (GO–pSiNPs). The graphene oxide encapsulant delays release of the oligonucleotide payloads in vitro by a factor of 3. When conjugated to a targeting peptide derived from the rabies virus glycoprotein (RVG), the nanoparticles show 2-fold greater cellular uptake and gene silencing. Intravenous administration of the nanoparticles into brain-injured mice results in substantial accumulation specifically at the site of injury. There seems to be a mostly synchronized effort to roll out next generation network grids (5G, IoT satellite swarms, etc.), medical nanotechnology (incl. brain mapping and manipulation), human genome editing, mass surveillance/tracking/sensors, advanced, distributed AI capable of processing tremendous amounts of data, advanced behavioral algorithms and digitalization of everything. The "internet of things" will likely aim to remove any barriers between biological and inanimate things, reducing everything to the lowest common denominator, which is quantitative data mapping. This would, in theory, give someone absolute power over earth, not only over matter, but minds as well. Any similarities with certain religions and esoteric beliefs are purely coincidental of course. "Covid" is just a smokescreen for this, being used as a social engineering scheme, cover up for various experiments and justification for rolling out many technologies that would otherwise be considered ethically questionable.
(2.66 MB 198x360 homo_multiculturalis.mp4)
>>16885 >the "Internet of things" Just to add on here. IoT means connected devices that almost always have some form of sensors since they are so cheap to produce. It's already started with smartphones and alexa. Think millions of little audio, visual, tempature, and gyroscope sensors all around you everywhere you go feeding data to the databases and machine learning models of jewish megacorporations. All conveniently able to blackmail you or ottherwise incriminate you, with information about you and situatiosn you are in, whether in context or out of context, or even setting the precedent to outright fabricate data in the deep fake sense ("the data says he was there!"... whether true or not). Oh yeah and all of this PID about you and your family is conveniently available for hackers and OSINT combing through data leaks to profile you. Moving towards the ever perfect asymmetric jewish panopticon where those who rule over you are the only ones who can't be criticized, and therefore benefit the most from it.
>>16735 This is a superficially well written post by a seemingly completely ignorant and out of touch, but to the point to make me question if it's even authentic. Certainly >a certain containment board is leaking again. >>16887 At a certain point meditative mastery and bodily purity become meaningfully electromagnetic. That is to say an Aryan ubermensch will literally disrupt signals and electronics just as much if not more as electromagnetic sensitivity would effect the biological man. Strong psychics have problems with technology and their aura's will create problems but only with inorganic systems, for the biological one's their field will vivify, soothe, and heal. Humanity is diverging into mutually exclusive paths and Wizards vs Robots is no longer sci-fi/fantasy but reality.
>>16903 They don't even have to blackmail or incriminate you, they can simply use various social engineering AI algorithms to ruin your life by creating very unfavorable circumstances, for example creating a traffic jam when you have an important date or meeting, steering the wrong kind of people (like robbers or drug dealers) into your neighborhood, matching your daughter with some punk, matching important events when you typically exhibit poor performance, not to mention affecting people around you by targeting them with specific ads, articles, media etc. For example, you can have some specific personal trait, and your boss gets targeted with articles telling him how people with such trait are literal Hitler etc. With deep knowledge of behavioral patterns, social dynamics and huge database on everyone, combined with tremendous processing power, high-speed connection and diverse sensory inputs, the possibilities are vast. Communist governments used to do this by more conventional means to target dissidents, now they can somewhat automate it. That's already becoming old news however, as if it wasn't horrifying enough, now they are extending this to hijacking people themselves. Genetic manipulation, neurological application of nanoparticles, microwave weapons, all of that is supposed to get integrated into the IoT. All of those technologies and research are pretty much public at this point, not some kind of conspiracy theory. If it's somewhat public now, we can safely assume that it was developed for military purposes several years ago, and that some other countries are not far behind, possibly being even ahead of it, only less transparent about it. >outright fabricate data They can do that manually, and not only them. Any creative scam artist with enough money and political connections could achieve the same, just with more effort. Especially under certain types of governments.
(27.37 KB 279x254 panicscout.jpg)
This sort of thought went through my head but... Some of us have been saying the vaccines, sooner or later, are going to make covid take advantage of ADE, turning it into AIDS, consequentially turning even something as petty as a common cold to a deadly disease but, what if the common cold IS actually the intended ADE'd disease? There's a lot of attention going on both jew flu and the common flu, but it seems like very few people noticed the runny underdog brat of the cold season turning into the equivalent of a school shooter, as it's caused by a lot of viruses, including other coronaviruses. I should've known better since I got hit hard by it and never felt this awful in my entire life over a fucking cold. The green goo would never stop from being coughed out, my nose was almost Rodolph red and was clogged almost all the time and my throat/upper lungs ached horribly whenever I breathed. Thankfully zinc supplementing (and perhaps NAC too) seem to have alleviated the symptoms a little and I'm recovering somewhat decently. Not vaxxed btw, though I'm forced to be exposed to them.
>>16923 Take some Quercetin with your Zinc, it is a Zinc ionophere which can transport the Zinc where it's needed. It's also an antioxidant, just like NAC.
As time goes on, the purpose behind COVID and the vaccines is coming into focus. As anticipated, people haven't been keeling over en masse from taking the vaccine, but we continue to see the further isolation and demonization of the unvaccinated. The social element thus far seems to have been relatively unsuccessful in that the demonization hasn't really been able to drive the hatred and othering the elites appear to be gunning for. However, this process can easily continue for a long time and still has a lot of room to ramp up in the media. It's truly incredible how seamlessly normies have made the transition from the world we lived in in 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWbnjyktkVw Of course, given that a relatively small portion of vaccinated people are dying (which will probably remain so through early 2022), many who are currently unvaccinated may ultimately decide that remaining unvaccinated isn't worth the difficulty and social ostracization. They may run out of money. If they aren't Christians, I believe many of these people will cave in and will take the vaccine so they can have some of their "freedoms" back. I believe many who frequent this website and consider themselves "White nationalists" or people who support the fight against the jews will ultimately assess that taking the vaccine allows them to have more resources and thus they will convince themselves it is worth it to take the vaccine so as to be able to "fight from a better position." This is of course a massive cope, but that is the rationalization I believe people will make in the face of losing their entire livelihood in the fight against the jew. In the end, the only holdouts will be the diehard Christians and those who care deeply about personal liberty. These people will become the bane of society in much the same way the jews were supposedly treated during the holocaust. This brings us to the true purpose of the vaccines, which is the isolation and elimination of Christians in the west as well as the obliteration of liberty. Now one must ask why this board and globohomo are so explicitly aligned on the degradation elimination of Christians.
>>16927 This is nigger-tier shit right here. 'Time' has not 'gone on'. 1 year means little when we're talking about DNA altering gene therapy that has been developed over 30 years. 'Relatively small portion are dying'... this is obvious kike gaslighting. 'Relatively small' should be replaced with 'more people have died from this than all other jabs in HISTORY -- COMBINED' Then you go on with your obvious demoralization that is a plague to chans everywhere. You are a filthy, disgusting ugly jew - and I can't wait to add the like of you to my lamp shade collection.
>>16927 >muh christians I think you're lost.
>>16927 I'll give you credit, your trolling is more subtle than other shills I've seen.
>>16927 >This brings us to the true purpose of the vaccines, which is the isolation and elimination of Christians in the west as well as the obliteration of liberty. The powers that be would be more than happy to flood the west with christian mullatos, as they do it now in the United States. Our media isn't vilifying african christians, it's vilifying Whites. I guess with you being a christian, you couldn't care less about what happens to Whites as long as the world stays christian.
>>16928 Can you imagine the smell when your lampshade heated up? You're just trying to get cozy and do some reading, and the smell of warm jew-skin assaults your non-covid-destroyed nasal passages. The idea of things made from jew-hair is just as bad. And using soap made from jew-fat? Disgusting. You'd never get clean. The old story about people making wallets from nigger skin is pretty hilarious though.
>>16929 >>16928 There is no group that is more hated by the Jews than Christians. Like it or not, we outnumber you LARPagans by at least 10 to 1, you NEED us to win this war. We have always been the greatest threat to world jewry. So fuck off with your cringe elitism.
>>16938 https://archive.org/details/Ralph_perrier--revilo_oliver--theJewsLoveChristianity1966 They hate you if you're White, they love that you're caught in their worldview. The only threat you pose is in your blood. Well, maybe not yours, but hypothetically. jesus would be a jew, except he never existed at all. >So fuck off with your cringe elitism. It's better than your egalitarian view on every soul being the same in the eyes of your jewish deity
(44.45 KB 853x620 braisejebusdd.PNG)
>>16947 You're the equivalent of those niggers who pretend they were the real jews. Pathetic.
(3.81 MB 1280x720 DEUS VULT.webm)
(3.72 MB 854x480 crusade.webm)
>>16952 >>16952 >P-Pathetic! Says the guy who LARPs as a viking. If you read a book you'd know Jews themselves were White before they gave themselves over to the Devil (Moloch). Judea destroyed Israel with the help of Babylon and scattered Whites across the world. Pagans are just degenerates who know they'd go to hell under christian morality. Gays, coomers, and other undersireables. We don't need you to beat the Jew, but you need us. You are few and fearful, we are many and courageous. And when the crusade is done with the kikes and the shitskins, christian identity will be restored the day the last pagan is either converted or cast into the lake of fire with his master, Satan.
>>16928 >>16929 >>16930 >>16931 Anticipated kvetching. Sounds like I was right over the target. Prove my points wrong instead of attacking because >Christian post Not trying to subvert the board or convert anyone to Christianity or even Christianpost, really. This is just my on the ground analysis of what I’ve been witnessing anecdotally irl. I’ve seen a lot of people cave under the mandates in the last week. The only ones left are all White Christians.
>>16958 I was 2 of the 4 posts you called out, and both dealt DIRECTLY with items that you mentioned. I love it when a jew claims 'kvetching' and 'being over target'. Your 'not trying to subvert the board' and 'only ones left' is more bullshit. 'White Christians' are the number one group that I'm seeing wake up - by far. I personally witnesses a fucking BAPTIST MINISTER call out the jew, which caused him to get wrecked by the jew overlords running the southern baptist conference. It's FUCKING GLORIOUS because *I* was the catalyst constantly telling him to not 'think like me' but JUST TO THINK. All it takes to see through all the lies is 1. Turn off the media. 2. Apply critical thinking. Do that, and you can actually see reality.
>>16954 Who believes in a literal hell except christians? If your priests didn't try to scare the shit out of little kids to manipulate them, no one would believe in it. Even if it was real, what do we care? I'd rather go to hell with my people. Your heaven sounds boring and gay as fuck. >larping as pagans you do know that larping as crusaders is essentially the same? Crusaders weren't exactly known for being 'good christians'. reed The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity for how you got tricked >>16958 >christians don't cave in! Except some of us still remember when they caved and shut all their churches down last year. That was when I lost the last trifle of respect for any christians I knew personally. I don't believe their shit, but if they do, they shouldn't have tolerated that. And when they opened (if they opened) they were jumping through hoops to appease the old women who are the majority of their 'flock.' Early on, almost everyone was saying they would take a shot. They aren't refusing it now because of their religion or principles, but because now they're SCARED of it.
>>16952 >Who believes in a literal hell except christians? If your priests didn't try to scare the shit out of little kids to manipulate them, no one would believe in it. Even if it was real, what do we care? I'd rather go to hell with my people. Your heaven sounds boring and gay as fuck. LARPAGANS HAVE NO MORALITY >you do know that larping as crusaders is essentially the same? Crusaders weren't exactly known for being 'good christians'. They were excellent christians in a time prior to the bible being subverted and turned into commie propaganda. They fought back and pushed back the moors and slaughtered Jews, unlike your pagan vikings who sold White people to sandniggers into slavery. Whites only enslaved each other when they were pagan, because they were worshiping the devil and his minions. Christianity comes and slavery of Whites by Whites instantly ends. I'll say it again, LARPaganism is for amoral degenerates that are too self aware for atheism. Each and every single one of you will be thrown into the lake of fire. BURN THE HERETIC KILL THE MUTANT PURGE THE UNCLEAN
>>16961 >Who believes in a literal hell except christians? Lots of people. Vedic texts describe dozens of hell realms, where one is tortured by demons after death for expiation for their earthly sins such as eating meat, lusting after women, etc. Here are just a few of the punishments people will be subject to: <Kumbhipaka (cooked in a pot): A person who cooks beasts and birds alive is cooked alive in boiling oil by Yamadutas here, for as many years as there were hairs on the bodies of their animal victims. <Taptasurmi/Taptamurti (red-hot iron statue): A man or woman who indulges in illicit sexual relations with a woman or man is beaten by whips and forced to embrace red-hot iron figurines of the opposite sex <Puyoda (water of pus): Shudras (workmen-caste) and husbands or sexual partners of lowly women and prostitutes – who live like beasts devoid of cleanliness and good behaviour – fall in Puyoda, the ocean of pus, excreta, urine, mucus, saliva and other repugnant things. Here, they are forced to eat these disgusting things The list goes on and on. These same Naraka (Hell) realms are also present in Buddhism and Jainism, involving the same sort of brutal torture and suffering for earthly deeds. Let's not forget Islam either, which has a doctrine of hell that is sprinkled all throughout the Qur'an. Pagan Greeks also had an idea of Hell, such as Tartarus, where people such as Tantalus, Sisyphus, Ixion and others are being eternally punished in various ways. Norse mythology has the location of Náströnd where Níðhöggr chews on people such as those guilty of murder, rape, and oath-breaking, etc. Christian hell isn't that much of an exception. >no one would believe in it. People don't want to believe in hell because they want to believe that nothing can happen to them after they die. That's the main reason. >Your heaven sounds boring and gay as fuck. That's because you've fallen for the meme of playing a harp while sitting on a White cloud, which isn't even in the Bible. It's funny that you imagine that you would have any sort of communion with 'your people' in hell either, because you are already going to be deprived of everything good, everything relating to life, benevolence, peace, etc. It's just eternal suffering brought about by one's free will rejection of God. It's not even going to be literal fire. Those in hell will be scourged with spiritual 'fire' infinitely beyond our comprehension. >Crusaders weren't exactly known for being 'good christians'. Daily reminder that the same God who manifests in the flesh in the NT is the same one ordering the extermination of everything that breathes in Canaan in the Old Testament, precisely because they were degenerate pagans who sacrificed their own children to demons and engaged in every sort of abominable practice. >Except some of us still remember when they caved and shut all their churches down last year. The word church just means a gathering. Imagine thinking that you need some designated building. "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20. Every good Christian I know has not gotten the (((Mark))).
>>16790 Do you accept non-White Christians who have fully realized that their own shitskin gods are crap and that Jesus is the one true one?
>>16975 Every single White and spic christian I know of has gotten the vax. It's the black christians who are convinced it's the 666.
>>16888 >>16889 >Post something relevant to the subject and the future that they have planned regardless of what someone believes in <Christian vs Pagan baiting starts Pure coincidence
>>16889 Seems like the "Drop out of jewed soyciety and build your own" meme might actually have merit. >>16982 >Get onto topic of jews plans and how to counteract them >D&C shills appear to yell about niggers and religion Every time.
>>16952 Tbh black hebrew israelites make more sense given that a lot of the old testament is cribbed from African mythology. Not just the Egyptians but other northeastern African tribes. Lots of similarities with the kikuyu for example Wignat christians are pathetic. "Never take spiritual guidance from your enemies." -THEM
When I posted that the only people I know still holding out against the vaccine are Christians I intended it to be a data point, not spark a debate about Christianity. The intent of my post was to convey my shifting understanding of what the perpetrators of the COVID-19 planscamdemic appear to be after with their operation. Yes Christianity is a hot button topic on this board but personally I’m not here to convince or convert, merely to discuss what the goals and intent of “the operation” are and to discuss plans and tactics for Whites to survive or even defeat the operation. It appears others personal experience has provided counter points in that they view the attack has been more proudly against Whites in general which is still absolutely on the table. Let us look at the situation as soberly as possible. Personally I don’t want to see White pagans, White atheists, White Christians or any Whites harmed by the vaccines with the possible exception of White traitors to the race, racemixers, and of course our enemies (“leftists,” progressives, commies, etc.).
>>17000 *proudly should say broadly Shame on me for phoneposting.
>>17000 I do not think it an incorrect or unfair assessment to say that Christian Whites are more likely to resist the vaccine than non-religious Whites, but I think their reasons for doing so have less to do with a specific religion and more with a willingness to see our enemies as an absolute evil. It has been said that aspiritual 'rationalism' is the most insidious of killers and I am inclined to agree. Slippery slope is only a fallacy if one has values enough to say 'when'. The question is how to encourage rapid development of those values and I contend that any spiritual growth helps. Though cattle will always be swayed more by material means. Do not neglect new economic paradigms
>>16981 >It's the black christians who are convinced it's the 666. This annoys me. Niggers are dumb and so it would be more favourable for them to be some useless footnote of history and stay extinct. Then suddenly they show that they're smart. The fuck? And I hate the fact that they had to be smart about the one thing I wish they were not.
>>16990 >"Drop out of jewed soyciety and build your own" meme might actually have merit This will become increasingly more difficult as they are obviously aiming to cover every millimetre of the planet. They don't intend to leave a single subatomic particle on earth and a single frequency band unjewed. >>17000 They are targeting everyone (except the Jews maybe). It's not any specific group, but certain traits that they wish to eliminate. Whites have most such traits, and are thus the primary target. Christianity has this meme about the mark of the beast, which makes them suspicious regarding the vaxx. A lot of Christian churches all over the world are supporting the vaxx, and a lot of nominal Christians have taken them (probably). You are basing your impression on a group of White, American Christians that you are most likely to interact with, and who are likely to be most vocal against the vaxx, and the most targeted group due to being White, and due to being likely to oppose it so it's not a very realistic assumption that they are targeting Christianity itself. >>17005 Niggers in Africa are killing doctors treating Ebola because they consider them to be warlocks, as the other anon wrote, it's pure animalistic instinct and natural distrust that more civilized nations have lost due to oversocialization. We again see the situation where <90 IQ and >115 IQ people have the same attitude, but for different reasons, while those in the 90-115 range eat up whatever agenda is being pushed on them.
>>17012 something people don't seem to understand is that there is almost no way to just "leave society" nowadays. the jews have intentionally sabotaged every legal avenue to create a cage. the jew has also so damaged and warped people's minds and bodies that most physically could not live outside of society even if they wished to do so. I believe the only way for one to escape is to pack quickly with abundant knowledge in the form of books and disappear within a very short timeframe without telling anyone. and even then that can only work if your country has a sufficiant wild and unpatrolled area for you to escape to.
>>17005 Pure ressentment. Niggers are actually smarter in a lot of things. They are suspicious of the government, they are suspicious of police, they are suspicious of politicians, they are suspicious of vaccines, etc. They are smarter than Whites in everywhere where it counts. The average White person is actually dumber than the average nigger, because the average White person isn't in tune with his instincts at all, while the average nigger is, he refuses to be domesticated, meanwhile the White retard is peer-pressured into being a good goy, licking the boots of Jews and the police, not to mention the federal government. This isn't bait either. It's an uncomfortable truth. Savage niggers are better than Whites.
(615.00 KB 1021x1342 1448646646722-0.jpg)
>>17017 Niggerwat. Also I see a many more White couples getting out of Dodge then any other race couples activly fleeing and/or taking consecutive counter measures. Niggers just run and riot, it will not serve in the long run.
>>17019 Niggers rioting and destroying is more efficacious and you know it. Whites should be rioting and destroying everyday based on what is perpetrated against them in this country, but they don't. They act like good little domesticated cattle. They whine, they cry and ultimately they comply, 95% of them. Niggers are in tune with their natural instincts, still have a natural joie de vivre, and will still exercise their natural and aggressive instincts. Nietzsche was 100% right. Civilization led to bad conscience, to the interiorization of instincts, which led to psychological sickness and degeneracy. Be more like a nigger.
>>17013 >legal avenue There's your problem. You must be willing to entirely disregard the kiked legal system. Here is your motto to live by - if we can get away with it, do it - and I am referring to the collective by saying we. If three men work together to accomplish a task and go to prison or die, but ensure that hundreds of other Whites are empowered, then it is worth it. >could not live outside of society Their society, not all society. You have to build a new one. Take the morbid and deranged example of the Mexican cartels. To this day they are powerful not by simple virtue of having money, but they created entire parallel systems. In many areas, they are the police, they are the military, they are the lenders of money, and they are the largest employers of young poor people. Lolberts popularized the phrase "become ungovernable", I would add "become the government".
>>17021 what you say is partially true. yes, blacks have some healthy instincts. I think their shortcoming as a race is that they're too given over to their animal instincts, and lack our capacity for reasoning.
(370.06 KB 698x524 laughing mujahideens.png)
>>17023 >To this day they are powerful not by simple virtue of having money, but they created entire parallel systems. A more recent example: https://archive.md/7ryah
>>17030 good read. >decentralization >meritocracy >code of honor >know thy enemy >war of attrition >absolute dedication to the cause I have to admit, the Taliban are based, no wonder they won against ZOG in the end.
>>17031 They didn't win, they were simply abandoned for strategic reasons, or made some kind of deal with ZOG to enforce its policies locally instead of foreigners.