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(259.88 KB 728x937 german cringe collection.jpg)
Unpopular Opinions Thread Blackshirt 04/17/2021 (Sat) 15:46:54 No. 2775
What would /fascist/ be without this thread? Post 'em
>>16535 You pretend like kikes don't run countless front organizations that have one official doctrine to draw members and then an entire program to judaize them once they take the bait. The entire lore that CI bases it's identity on would be a long forgotten sandnigger fairy tale if there were not the Jewish (as in, the kikes) authors of the bible who made it popular among Europeans. Even if contemporary Jews have somehow hijacked it, it doesn't make the supposed "true Jews" any better. An idea of "chosen people" is antithetical to Aryan values. Whites don't need a pact with some desert demon to justify their superiority, it's self-evident.
>>16552 >just like how Arjuna a troon supposed White nationalist was inspired and taught by kikes. Can you prove that he was a troon? >He may also be the guy who tried to argue that muh nigs have more testosterone and are more manly n shiet. Wasn't there a guy claiming to be married to a tranny, it's probably him too.
>>16553 The ancient Israelite authors of the Bible were White people, period. Both textual evidence and archeological evidence support this. >An idea of "chosen people" is antithetical to Aryan values Aryan values come from the Bible. Aryan values are Biblical values. God chose and forged a particular nation of White people to bring about Jesus Christ, and then Paul and the apostles preached this doctrine unto the Israelite tribes of Europe. All human beings (i.e. all White people) can attain salvation, no one else. >Whites don't need a pact with some desert demon to justify their superiority, it's self-evident. How arrogant of you to call your own Creator, who made you into a superior White man in the first place, a 'demon'.
>>16557 >Can you prove that he was a troon? I can't unfortunately, because a guy named Zoltanous, deleted his one of his livestream videos where he implied that he was a tranny, although I think he was apart of a group of sodomites and tranny radfems who LARPed as a fascists. Further proving my point that there are a-lot of fake people and groups claiming to be on our side. >Wasn't there a guy claiming to be married to a tranny, it's probably him too. I don't know who you're referring to, but it wouldn't be surprise, because queers love niggers which is why I say they're all anti-White. >16560 Funny bait, now kill yourself.
>>16539 >actual White men who believe that they are chosen by God and that all other races ought to be exterminated and cannot even gain any sort of salvation because they are literal soulless beasts <c-chosen? Whites are le evil as de jewz! No difference! Not referring to you but figuring what a newfaggot would've thought at that statement. I came to the greentexted conclusion only after a while and not immediately. Sadly, others don't get it. Look around and see, you'll know what I mean. Talks of "X people must die but Y people can be redeemable". Comparing which race of the Barbie doll sucked and which one is better. Childish, wishful thinking. Hitler made a big mistake and made non-Whites overstay their welcome. He was oblivious at the time. If he saw what was happening now, kikes would be a part of what he would be trying to crush. Not the whole. Here's another problem, there's the massive hordes of swarthy dirty shitskins. And then there's the ones who are in the know just like us. They are a much bigger threat (in my opinion). They have snuck into speech zones like here (even though no one in the mass media world knows what a 'chan' is) to lie and sweet-talk their way into our hearts. Why? >oh golly jee, I'm cool with these guys, I'm one of them now! They're scared. They know what happens when White men are done with all this mess. They want acceptance. They want relief that they're "okay". We must continuously reject their attempts of trying to impress us, for they can never be a part of us. They should live in fear for their short lives. We should never make the mistake Hitler made from now on, and forever.
>>16560 Whites were doing quite fine before they began getting "saved" . (((Saul))) was obviously a fellow White. >How arrogant of you to call your own Creator, who made you into a superior White man in the first place, a 'demon' No one "created" me, I chose this body for specific reasons. Your Jewish demon has no power over me.
>>16560 The only thing more disgusting than Whites pretending to believe christian garbage is Whites larping as 'israel'. You follow a religion designed by jews for manipulating the la creatura underclasses of Rome.
>>16573 >Whites were doing quite fine before they began getting "saved" Whites who reject Jesus Christ are siding with Satan and his Jewish spawn and will burn in hell. >((Saul))) was obviously a fellow White. Yes. Jesus came only for "the lost sheep of the House of Israel", whom Jesus said were the only reason for His coming. Paul preached to the same lost sheep of Israel, i.e. White people. Whites are the descendants of the ancient Israelites (not "the Jews") who moved into Europe and forgot their identity. Today they are mostly the White nations of Europe, America, Australia, etc. The Jews say that the 10 northern tribes were "lost", i.e. "the lost tribes of Israel", but it's clear that they migrated into Europe, and that they were and are White people. Where the Bible says "there is neither Jew nor Greek" (some versions say "neither Jew nor Gentile"), it's actually a retroactive mistranslation in that the words and meanings expressed no longer mean the same thing today -- A good translation today might read something like "Of the descendants of the man called Jacob/Israel, there is no distinction between those who maintained the knowledge of who they are/were and those who did not (i.e. migrated to Greece and began worshiping their gods, or migrated to Rome and began worshiping their gods). All of the children of Jacob/Israel are one people." Et. cetera. Only White people are human according to the Bible. >>16576 The ancient Israelites were White people. Look into what the Bible says, look at the murals that have been found in the region, etc. They were identical to the Greeks, who were blonds and redheads themselves. You are descended from the Israelite tribes who settled in Europe, as are all Europeans. >>16577 (Yahweh digits) WUZ ISRAELITES
>>16581 You fail as a troll, just kill yourself.
>>16583 Cope however you'd like.
(449.03 KB 729x1085 Taymour-Joumblatt_0_729_1085.jpg)
>>16586 >cope Go back to cuckchan >pic related There's no context for these mosaics. Your only legit evidence doesn't mean that modern day Lebanons such as the Druze do not look the same. We aren't Jews, die Mossad.
>>16581 >Whites who reject Jesus Christ are siding with Satan and his Jewish spawn How about siding with neither? Stop trying to drag White people into your tribal disputes rabbi >The Jews say that the 10 northern tribes were "lost", i.e. "the lost tribes of Israel" They are now claiming how Pasthuns (Afghani) are one of the lost tribes, it was just a wildcard they left for themselves to use when it's politically convenient. The other anon is right, you are a rather poor troll.
>>16544 >They are now claiming how Pasthuns (Afghani) are one of the lost tribes
(1.55 MB 850x478 We wuz kangz.webm)
>>16603 Pashtuns are undeniable Aryans. They speak an Indo-European language and are related to Iranians and other European groups
>>16594 You are mixing them up with Kalash people, who are a very mutted and degenerated remnants of Indo-Aryans. Afghans are your typical shitskins, although I wouldn't be surprised if they had some kike DNA/ancestry, seeing how much the kikes are enabling them lately. >>16613 Niggers in the west speak Indo-European languages too. Niggers in America have 2-5% European ancestry or something like that, are they le based fellow tribes of D-G as well?
>>16619 Those pics are all from people in Afghanistan. Kalash look different than Pashtuns. Not everyone in Afghanistan looks like that, obviously, but there are more than one would expect.
>>16619 >>16603 Those are not just the Kalashs, they're probably lived in Afghan longer than the Kalash or just as. Are we all forgetting that Afghanistan was invaded and home to many Indo-European cultures? The Iranics (the Medians, Sogdians, Bactrians, Parthians, and Yuezhis), Indo-Aryans, and Greek were all reported to had resided there. Even some of the Pashtuns are descended from Aryans.
>>16633 >they're *they've*
>>16633 Some of their distant ancestors being Aryans doesn't make them any less shitskins. The idea that anyone is muh tribe as long as he can trace a lineage to some distant common ancestor (should be applicable to most of humanity anyway) is Jewish retardation that not even the elite kikes believe in, they just sell it to lesser kikes so they can use them. White traits are mostly recessive, once you lose your blood purity past certain threshold, there is no going back.
>>16639 Some of them are clearly still very pure. There are Whites all over central Asia.
>>16639 >Some of their distant ancestors being Aryans doesn't make them any less shitskins. Except that none of them are shitskins as anon's posts illustrate, so you're only making a conjecture. There are still Whites in the from the West to East Asia.
>>16643 What percent of population are we talking about here? Someone being born with light hair and eyes doesn't automatically make him pure, because his descendants can still inherit shitskin traits from the ancestral pool. Only those who display such traits after several successive generations can be considered pure. >>16645 >Few handpicked pictures that probably don't even make up 1% of population prove that all Afghans are pure Poonigers are really retarded lmao, you will never be White Krishna
>>16647 If Indo-Europeans have lived there for more than 4000+ years (undeniable since the Pashtuns are mentioned in the oldest work in any Indo-European language, i.e. the Rigveda) and we are still seeing people with blue eyes, light skin and Caucausian features, there are more pure elements than one would think. I’m not going to be able to provide you with the racial demography of a third-world country that has been in a constant state of war for thirty plus years though if that’s what you want. Pictures like this can be found all over the Internet. Aryans are scattered all throughout Asia. If you weren’t a newfag /pol/ tourist you’d know this
(121.49 KB 373x1920 Amerimutt 2.jpg)
>>16661 Mixing with niggers once is enough to ruin a 4000+ years old genetic legacy, let alone mutting it up with various brown nations for countless centuries. Anyone who has actually seen Afghans can confirm that 99% of them are shitskins. Yes, some of them do look quite White, but the distribution is negligible. There is no reason whatsoever to consider them over actual Europeans. >If you weren’t a newfag /pol/ tourist you’d know this t. pic related
>>16647 You're so brain-damaged that you're refusing to read my posts and understand my argument, but want to pretend that you're White. Try read my previous post again, slowly, shitskins need to take all the time they need in order to comprehend what is responded to them.
There are small tribes that consists of Aryans all over Afghanistan without any admxiture of either MEs or Dravadians, so your muh less than 1% and purity spergy is unnecessary. We can clearly tell that your genetic legacy consists of niggers and spics, because you post and read posts like a down-syndrome patient. They look nothing like mutts and have remained isolated out or largest cities and towns of Afghanstan, which are where most Muslims reside. They are White and you have no proof that says otherwise. Point to where we ever said that all Afghanis should be considered to be European?
>>16669 >purity spergy mutt detected >without any admxiture sure thing abdul
(79.05 KB 1280x720 (((You))).jpg)
>>16805 >mutt Nigger, the kind of people who would purity sperg about something they little knowledge about and make accusations based on emotions are literal mutts. As always you have nothing intelligent to add to any discussion you're apart of. >sure thing abdul <no argument As expected from the brainless Amerimutt. You will never be White or Aryan Jamal.
(334.58 KB 720x450 subvlook.png)
>>16807 >purity sperg again
>>16808 >>16495 >You do realise that tiny cult doesn't represent all black muslims, right? Elijah Muhammad taught his followers not to even carry weapons. Elijah taught his followers to hate the White man and kill him whenever they deem it necessary. They didn't carry weapons whenever they were protesting, but that didn't stop them from forming militias. Elijah's hated Whites and wanted White America to replaced with black supremacist BS. Him working with KKK should not earn our applaud, because they were a controlled opposition and Rockwell as much as I respect the guy, was a fool and should of focused on bring in actual Whites into his party and not a bunch of Jews. This board keeps pretending that we need non-Whites and that the Jews are the only threat to us and that everyone will work together harmoniously without the them as the Marxists think if the world never had the capitalists. >>16503 Fuck off cunny kike. >National Socialism isn't fascism Then leave the board. >>16808 You're proving anon correct. You're sperging out on something that you have no knowledge of at all and are referring White Aryans as racially the sames as the other mudslimes. Pablo, with this type of low-IQ posting, you've clearly outed yourself as an Amerimutt.
>>16805 >>16807 >>16810 You know /pol/ exists for a reason right? I'm glad to see people are actually starting to push back against cancerposters like (you)
pretty sure that poster is one of the IP-hopping shills.
(150.89 KB 440x553 muhpol.png)
>>16819 >Why won't you accept Noahide Laws and join your black, Mexican and Indian brothers in praising YHWH/Saturn and implementing the Talmud and the Protocols, err, I mean "Fascism"
(1.99 MB 1424x862 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16829 Take your meds
(611.59 KB 891x849 1416788718908.png)
>>16834 this board has already been successfully de-radicalized over two years ago, in my experience.
>>16835 >this board Should have said /pol/ as /fascist/ wasn't here 2 years ago. Point stands, though.
>>16810 Would you let a 'White Aryan' Afghan fuck your sister? If not, they are not sufficiently pure.
>>2775 Invading Poland was a catastrophic mistake. Hitler greatly expanded Germany entirely diplomatically up until September 1st 1939. After the war, Germany was totally destroyed psychologically and biologically. It wasn't worth it.
>>16835 how so
>>11459 > sheer tyranny and destruction of wealth and culture can only work that long before it falls apart. Thus proving my point. Dictatorships are extremely fragile and yet fail in destroying the nationalistic spirit of the subject populations. Liberalism is so deadly that we may not even survive it. (intelligent) jews do not want a dictatorship because it is extremely difficult to control a dictatorship, especially a popular one. All it takes is for a small number of non-jewish elites to want to seize power. The minute this happens, the new regime will likely purge the loyalists to the old one. This easily can end with an actual holocaust.
>>16864 Sorry. Friendly fire, so reposted
>>16865 Ah, okay.
>>16842 Yes, they are probably better than xenoestrogenized Western males at this point, unfortunately.
>>16868 > they are probably better than xenoestrogenized Western males at this point Ironic that you say that since wanting a foreigner to fuck your own sister is the same kind of ethnomosochism which you (presumably) decry in Western men. If a worthy White man cannot marry your sister, then it is better that she stay childless forever and fight for the Revolution than produce muttified orc children. The problem with orc children is more than just miscegenation. By producing half-White orcs, you would be confusing the less stern White nationalists who will eventually arise to retake our homeland. It is one thing to kill a black nigger. But many people will not be capable of shooting mutts because they see the Whiteness rather than the blackness. Those orc children will grow up rootless and may easily learn to hate their White parents, becoming yet another hostile element within our population. I truth, the biggest dangers to our race are not black niggers or brown skinned indians, but mutts and jews who look White or could pass for White. They will be a hostile, yet silent race within our race seeking to undermine the homogeneous majority for their own gain.
>>16870 This entire retarded post is based on the assumption that there aren't Whites in Afghanistan today in small amounts.