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(54.74 KB 640x713 hitler brown house.jpg)
Rules / Moderation / Request / Meta Blackshirt 03/14/2021 (Sun) 18:45:31 ID:92820e No. 3
WELCOME TO /FASCIST/, PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING /fascist/ Matrix community chat: https://app.element.io/#/room/#fashgen:matrix.org 16chan on Tor: (save locally!) http://47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion/fascist/ Neuchan Bunker (TOR ONLY): (save locally!) http://dibzdpeu52cpmeuvdynm5mf6nawoslxozxmhx3fjozjz44cksodhkaqd.onion/fascist/ Tertiary Bunker: https://8chan.(((moe)))/fascist/ /fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism, etc). Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, non-fascists are permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs as long as they respect the rules of this board! This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation (currently just me), banners and general bitching. BASIC RULES 1. Global rules apply (see https://16chan.xyz/.static/pages/globalRules.html ) 2. Literature requests should go in the proper thread >>4 3. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go in the QTDDTOT 4. No avatarfagging, namefaggjg or tripfagging without reason 5. No self-advertising. No Discord shilling. 6. No degeneracy* 7. No spam, flooding, serial double- / triple posting 8. No fedposting** * Note on 'No degeneracy' For purposes of this board, this means no unspoilered gore, no pornography, no advocating for race-mixing, transgender ideology, homosexuality, bisexuality, sexualizing prepubescents, etc. ** Note on 'fedposting' Fedposting will be defined as posts that actively attempt to rouse users into carrying out terrorist attacks or acts of violence. Speaking positively about Breivik, Tarrant or similar individuals does not count as fedposting, think more of ""Hey kid, you wanna bomb a federal building?" type posts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT TYPE OF CONTENT WE WANT Here on /fascist/ we want high quality on-topic discussion and threads. If a major news event occurs (e.g. war breaks out, major terrorist attack, migrant crisis 2.0, another 9/11-tier event), go ahead and make a full thread. WE ARE NOT A NEWS BOARD, generally speak. We don’t care about what Trump did today or muh Republicans and Democrats. That should go to the /pol/ of your choice. LOW-EFFORT THREADS ARE DISCOURAGED This means we don’t want here on /fascist/ shit-tier threads which do not foster any interesting discussion or contribute anything of worth. This style of thread will in most cases be locked after being directed to the QTDDTOT or outright deleted. Examples of this type of thread: >what do fascists think of X Y Z >can gays / blacks / trannies / jews be fascist? IS FUN ALLOWED HERE?? Of course, but the main objective of this board is to foster actual discussion about fascism, third positionism and related ideologies, movements and literature. Some archives of the old boards: https://web.archive.org/web/*/8ch.net/fascist/ https://web.archive.org/web/*/julay.world/fascist/ https://web.archive.org/web/*/anon.cafe/fascist/ http://picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/fascist/
Edited last time by FashBO on 04/05/2021 (Mon) 16:55:17.
>>1330 >Neinchan was hit by a massive shill-wave too, and really it ended up killing the site, because the admin went full retard and revealed himself as a cuck. I think it may be more than coincidence. Raises some suspicions about the possibility of shills knowing some personal info on admin and a shill-wave being specifically targeted or him being a part of it.
(3.83 KB 256x192 zombies.png)
>>1260 >>1265 It's clearly a demoralization troll. Just look at the writing style, the attempt to inject emotion, and the way he's jumping all over the place.
>>1362 This post makes no sense it is like it is a bot or like??
>>1369 >This post makes no sense Only if you are illiterate or you are a no JS nigger, and fail to realize he is replying to >>1260 >>1265, and he is referring to >>1258
>>1371 >he is referring to (the green text in*) >>1258
>>1371 What does using niggerscript have to do with anything? Replies work just fine without your kike shit, you click on them and they scroll to the post in question.
>>1371 >no JS nigger You can click the post numbers to jump to them by anchor hash even without javashit, or search for the ID and jump to the post that way too.
>>1378 >>1379 So it's illiterate then.
>>1378 The links work, even in my crapi Web 1.0 browser. Which means either you're a troll or a dumbass.
>>1371 Accusations are cheap then? His formatting really looks like random bot post but what do I know. If real, its his opinion, I shrug and I say just take some sunlight it isnt hurting. What kind of man is this if feeling cold about crazy shooters is demoralizing, if not weakness? that you so badly need the killers to keep your hopes up that's ridiculous, it's almost the genocidal version of snowflakes. What is wrong with reason and intelligent talk? It is like he doesn't want any talk to happen he wants things to remain ultra extreme so we all agree because of online threats and complaints to mods, but I'm in failure to see what supports us in this, and this is just a matter of opinion too. There is plenty of topics we can be radical on without feeling like we're endangered because someone on internet is saying mean things about muh shooter, we're all must be equally questioning about why some people post here yet dont want debate and sanity to happen. As for zzzchan I didn't know because I was off internet for long, it changed fast in little months so I must ask people who know better than me. >>1378 I think without js you dont have the popup on mouse rollover thats all. It's a cool ib function you dont have on forums but it requires js so be careful with this.
>>1383 >His formatting really looks like random bot post To reply to 2 different posts about the same thing while referencing a third post, would be some pretty advanced AI. When most anons say 'bot' the are referring to shills that paste the same copypasta (whether on topic or not) seemingly at random. In either case the post in question certainly wasn't a bot
>>1384 >To reply to 2 different posts about the same thing while referencing a third post, would be some pretty advanced AI. It isn't. AI are capable of good context scanning since 15 years already, combining pretyped sentence elements is also not too hard, ok?? Modern AIs can simulate ongoing discussions and this isn't even a discussion so AI has more time for analysis and working. Most bots in use are bottom level, some lazy spam types, but there are better systems. But I not need more paranoia I just found the typing weird. I also understand him in being cautious but he's stupid by attack anyone who is in disagreement.
Is Neuchan down aswell? If so where did it move?
>>1566 It's down right now, but no one is sure why. Keep an eye on the crossposters thread here.
Can the BO please remove shit-stirrers and retards who shit up threads? Is it also possible for you to detect IP hoppers, because faggots have been doing this in the Covid-19 and unpopular opinions threads?
>>3377 >Can the BO please remove shit-stirrers and retards who shit up threads? Is it also possible for you to detect IP hoppers, because faggots have been doing this in the Covid-19 and unpopular opinions threads? I've cleaned up everything related to Trump, for or against in the Covid thread to nip it in the bud in response to this post, and partially because I had been following it myself. Also, I have no really way that I know of detecting IP-hoppers, and I really don't see any evidence that there is IP-hopping happening, and I've seen accusations of IP-hopping towards and against pro-ethnoglobe posters, so it seems to be a lot of throwing around of accusations with little to no proof. I might clean up the unpopular opinions thread too, but less thoroughly than the Covid thread since unpopular opinions are what started the shitflinging in there. Posts that are of no substance I might delete (e.g. accusations of IP-hopping with no other substance, etc)
>>3378 >I don't see any evidence of IP-hopping beyond people being buttmad about being mocked about spelling or people complaining about topics How about the fact that we're on a dead board and there were multiple (1)s all responded around the same time within the Covid-19 thread? Or take a look at the unpopular opinion threads. Just delete the spergy, I'm tired of seeing the same retards fight back and forth on Tor, then on another IP.
>>3381 Sorry I deleted and rewrote the post you responded to, but the mere fact of getting lots of posts in a short period of time doesn't immediately imply IP-hopping. This board seems to operate in cycles of almost zero activity, to peaks of high activity and lots of posters posting at once. Maybe there is IP-hopping, but I really don't know. Anyway, like I said in the second response I wrote >>3380 I'm cleaning the shit up. Covid thread is already clean.
>>3377 What exactly are considered shit-stirrers? Because they have a different opinion or what?
>>3381 This has happened in multiple threads lately, not just that one. It's only natural on a board where positions are established and everyone more or less lurks until something controversial is posted or there is a happening of some kind. Was that too hard for you to figure out that you had to jump to totally baseless assumptions?
(248.52 KB 538x800 wiz.jpg)
Pretty much all of my opinions are unpopular, and this makes you uncomfortable. Clearly I don't fit in here, so farewell.
>>3403 >>3387 >What exactly are considered shit-stirrers? Arguing and bickering over something that isn't even important, while becoming a third or most of the posts within the thread. Or worse taking your argumentation over every little thing from one thread to another only to say absolutely nothing intelligent. >Because they have a different opinion or what? No it's because it's was two faggots shitting up two threads over something really petty, and won't drop the conversation. >>3392 >This has happened in multiple threads lately, not just that one. I didn't say or imply it only happened once. So cool that you can't read, because I mentioned the Unpopular Opinion thread as well, also it didn't happen on multiple threads, just two to be exact and around a time where there were few anons on here. > It's only natural on a board where positions are established and everyone more or less lurks Yes it's totally natural for retards to shit up a thread that has little or nothing related to the subject of the thread. Totally normal that two egoists won't just drop the argument and call each other faggots, so we can talk about actual important things. I don't want to have to skim through a bunch autism, and have to make an another thread myself just because both parties couldn't understand each other due to egos. There wasn't any argumentation just insults and crying boogeyman back and forth. Either calm your autism or leave.
(83.70 KB 640x360 knowing.png)
>>3406 If your opinions are shit, then you be best keeping them to yourself, especially if it has to do with race-mixing. >>3407 I can understand where you are coming from, but the best way to counter spergs is to either tell them to shut up or ignore them.
The derailing was deleted in the virus thread and the unpopular opinion thread was cleaned up while leaving the unpopular opinion and ontopic discussion regarding it untouched, I don't see what the problems are. Drama, as usual, is gay
>>3407 >Either calm your autism or leave. Again, I'm not the one calling it a "dead board" and going around accusing people of things that aren't remotely true. Who is the autist here?


no cookies?