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(103.42 KB 800x600 fascist questions qtddtot.jpg)
QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Blackshirt 03/14/2021 (Sun) 18:52:11 ID:cac026 No. 5
If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT.
>>2695 Don't want em, don't like em, and there is no such thang as a "homonationalism" and most gays aren't proud of being White in the first place. If you're a faggot, then you either head concentration camp or reeducation camp to teach you why there is so such thing as sexuality. If we nationalists accept them, then we would be validating and accepting the (((queer theory))), which is a destructive theory agaisnt normality. You can't be proud to be White and a fag, which is nothing more, but a contradiction.
>>2695 Homosexuality is a mental illness, and homosexuals are disease vectors for all sorts of STDs, AIDS and all sorts of degenerate things, not to mention the fact that they are pedos at a much, much higher rate than the normal population. On top of all of this, they are an affront to Nature, and the degeneracy and disease that follows from their lifestyle is proof of this. They are very sick and hedonistic individuals. There is no such thing as “homonationalism” either. Nations are not sustained through anal sex and eating shit
(192.07 KB 1499x1600 GermanyMapwithCities.png)
>>2706 >Nations are not sustained through anal sex and eating shit I beg to differ
>>2718 Weimar doesn't count as a nation.
>>2695 >homonationalism How can you sustain a nation where the citizens don't want to breed? Are there dedicated heterosexual breeders that are kept to solely keep the population up?
What's /fascist/'s reason for why the Roman Empire decline and collapsed?
>>2800 Christianity, granting citizenship to tons of foreigners, too much luxury, tribal migrations into the Empire, etc. It's very complex from everything I have seen, but all of these seem to be important factors.
(61.47 KB 498x400 society.jpg)
>>2695 >homonationalism? Is that what some people unironically call themselves these days? LOL fucking retards should be banned from living, reading shit like this just confirms fags are literally disease spreaders who want to corrupt everything and just for the life of them cant let go of the gay jew shit for a second. >>2800 Time decay, Caesar being murdered and Christcucks. But for historical purposes if you want to know who dealt the final blow it was most assuredly Christcucks. Codex Theodosius and the (((Pope))) making sure he succeeded the last Emperor and so the wealth, etc of the Roman Empire, and i.e all the power. Christcucks literally destroyed the Roman way of life which was the highest and most sophisticated form of civilization White people ever made lasting 2 thousand years.
>>2800 Rome declined, because the state and upper-class cared only for economic purposes and the plebian rule became the dominator of politics. This resulted in in the state becoming a shitty oligarchy and having less consideration and care for true tradition, and the representation of Latin people, and spirituality for money and power, something we similarly see in modern nations today. Rome was quite degenerate before Christianity came and converted the masses, pagan or not degeneracy and weakness can still prevail in any society, which is one of the reasons why Christianity succeeded in becoming the state religion in the first place. The Romans also ignorantly thought that nature could be "dominated" and everything that is made from nature is to be exploited by man, which resulted in hyper-urbanization and proto-capitalism, which again also lead to the rise of Christianity, diseases, and population decline. Last but not least, the Romans tried and made attempts to integrate and synthesis every culture and people they've conquered and allowed those who were of partial Roman/Italic birth which allowed mongrels sub-humans to become citizens and brought a new ruling class and emperors who further extended this and accelerated the collapse. I could add that women also lead to major declines, despite their society being patriarchal, although I think you can guess how this happened as well. Christianity, caring for only luxury and tribal migrations lead to the empire's collapse, but this could of all been dealt, if not for the the things the Romans should of solved in the first place.
Do some WNs on Telegram have a fixation on girls below 18? This White ethnoglobalist guy posted a picture that implied that kikes are getting more underaged girls than him. Another guy I noticed was in another group who was saying how niggers or indians are subhuman or something, while he had peter scully pictured as a supposed saint in his pfp.
>>2869 Various entrapment psyops. If they can entice WN's (or anyone) into pedophilia, those people can never become leaders. They are controlled for by fear of exposure for the rest of their lives. If they ever grow in popularity, .gov can easily shut them down or control them. >one of my personal theories
>>2800 I can list a couple similar to Tornigger: >Poor hygiene because the whole Romans were super healthy and clean meme is wrong. >Fucking up their religion and spirituality by synthesizing cultures and traditions from all across the empire. >Giving citizenship to non-Latins >Not being radical enough to forbid women by any means necessary to be involved in politics and prostitute themselves. >Having slavery becoming an economic dependence. >Not grooming their slaves to be clean and healthy servants willing to serve their masters. >Allowing rich plebs to take office The list goes on, but listed reasons are what I think are the major reasons why the empire declined and collapsed. It's quite sad and sadly too common for the most powerful forces in the world to prefer the life of comfort over hardships.
(1.04 MB 4000x2500 Abolute retardation.png)
>>2807 This maybe semi-related to your topic but This image from leftypol shows how retard they are,In this image their argument can be summarized to 'The Romans were the fault of their own decline and that the jews did nothing and were (((innocent)))', they don't even notice the over jewish representation in porn, race mixing , third world immigration ,trans faggotry or any from of mainstream media (Hollywood etc) or how their fucking Talmud which promotes pedophilia.. I never expected them to be so blind... In this image they say that Cicero doesn't blame the jews but in https://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/4384-cicero-marcus-tullius And this is what it says >Roman statesman and orator; born 106; died 43 B.C. In 59 he delivered in the Aurelian Forum at Rome a speech in behalf of Flaccus, in which he spoke disparagingly of the jews This is just at the first paragraph itself. In other just memes like this one that are so verbose its fucking funny. They also like to pretend to "debunk" IQ and Race ,(even though there are clear anatomical and morphological differences), yet simultaneously support blm and when they defend jews they say that they have higher IQs and that they have a culture of hard-work and discipline ... While i have no idea on the representation of jews in higher positions of Rome or what they did , im pretty sure it was similar to the Wiemar period of Germany.. They also say that national socialism is -- the same as marxist socialism and that you guys are just not willing to admit it.. what the fuck. Why are they like this?
>>2874 Most of "they" are not leftists but paid activists and AI designed to waste your time, throw you off course, confuse, frustrate and demoralize you until you give up on visiting the chans altogether. They poison the well of information that you drink from until you stop coming back. Their argumentation doesn't have to be logically sound. They must only be reasonable enough to appear to be a real person on the other side of your screen. Do not engage with them. We are all in echo chambers. Their goal is to sabotage your echo chamber so you are forced into one of theirs, so that their propaganda can wear you down until you slowly begin to accept their ideas (even if only partially).
>>2869 Sounds like glowniggers or edgelords to me. Anyone glorifying Peter Scully needs a bullet through their skull, I don't care if the victims were non-White or not
>>2876 No wonder..Makes sense no person would ever reason like that if they were born in a traditional household. Is it worth just reading their literature instead? .
>>2885 >Is it worth just reading their literature instead Some of it. Most of it is autistic and dry, but it will give you a leg up over some of these retards
>>2874 >They also say that national socialism is -- the same as marxist socialism I never seen an leftypol argue this ever in my time of exposing them as useless idiots. As a matter of fact it's been the opposite of the case, where they have completely denied National Socialism's connections or similarities claimed by some to marxism. I imagine if any leftcuck argued this, then it would probably because they don't understand socialism and want undeserved credit for rise of Germany's power during WW2 to marxist theory and desired social policies, even though Hitler saw that race was uptmost important, supported nationalism and wanted cooperation among all classes and to eliminate any division among fellow White Germans, and the fact that he had done more to help his people from poverty and solve the meme that is "class struggle" than marxists had ever done. I would even argue that NatSoc isn't socialist, but just a fascist and racial form of Prussian socialism.
>>2873 The romans were far more hygienic than Any society that followed because of christians and their stinky holy men don't bathe cult shit. the romans had public baths that the Aqueducts flushed constantly and used Sponges on a stick soaked in vinegar to sterilize to wipe their asses, sounds far more hygienic than peratty much all of Christian Europe for a good long while.
>>2900 >The romans were far more hygienic than Any society The Romans weren't as hygienic as the Celts or Germans who bath every ever week and groomed themselves daily in river streams and ate nutritious meals. I also don't see how they're cleaner than anyone else when their cities imported slaves from around the world, and diseases were frequently contracted due to their bad diet and sewage system, which lead to the Antonine Plague and killed a third of the population. >the romans had public baths that the Aqueducts flushed constantly and used Sponges on a stick soaked in vinegar The Romans also had the bad habit of forgetting to wash their public bath's sponges with hot water and detergent, which was left to the responsibility of the plebs. Vinegar and Aqueduct does not guarantee clean water, especially when Rome was filled with foreigners who didn't care for hygiene. >sounds far more hygienic than peratty much all of Christian Europe for a good long while. Look I know you losers hate Christcucks and all, but defending a declining and degenerate society that clearly had tons of problems before Constantine btfod the Hellenics, just to own Christcucks isn't a position you want to stand foot on. The Christians did worsen hygiene, but Rome suffered this issue from the time they allowed anyone from their provinces to become citizens and obtain access to the public baths and overpopulation. Also Christian Europe after Rome's fall did frequently continue to frequently bath, stop giving ammo to niggers and Romanboos who shit on Europeans as ignorant.
>>883 >>1465 Such a guide would be helpful, if not for a lot of the people here who already use good computing practices but for dissemination to others. An in-depth guide would be more useful than a simple tutorial as that other anon said.
>>2887 What is Prussian socialism?
>>3200 Prussian socialism is the usage of state to establish unity of all Germans to create the ideal Prussian character within Germans that concerns self-sacrifice, discipline, productivity, and innovation. It's something very similar to state shinto.
Was Milk apart of the Roman's daily diet?


no cookies?