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Race War General - /rwg/ Blackshirt 03/18/2021 (Thu) 08:29:23 No. 81
This thread for the discussion of pro-White resistance, past or present, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Discuss! Previous thread https://archive.is/nEctv
>>6743 This dude either snapped or this is all a cover story to arrest a completely innocent dude over a crime he didn't do.
This article has gone 404 but someone has snagged an archive https://archive.fo/8KDYR https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/court-documents-portray-london-attack-suspect-as-prone-to-anger-medicated-for-mental-illness-1.5464021 Court documents portray London attack suspect as prone to anger, medicated for mental illness >OTTAWA -- New details about the man accused of intentionally driving his truck into a family in London, Ont., killing four, are emerging from court documents in which his parents reportedly describe him as “peculiar and challenging.” >Documents filed in Veltman’s parents’ 2016 divorce proceedings make no mention of racism or radicalization, but portray someone prone to anger and who was medicated for mental illness. >According to divorce records, his parents agreed to encourage him to continue therapy and to ensure he was not left unsupervised with his younger siblings. >He was often awkward socially, lacked confidence and was preoccupied with what others thought,” according to a 2017 report on custody issues, prepared by London psychologist Dr. Richard Zayed, in a section titled “Nathaniel’s struggles.” Worth noting that this Richard Zayed follow looks like a massive Jew (pic) https://uwaterloo.ca/mental-health-research-treatment/news/dr-richard-zayed-workshop >As his parents' marriage faltered, Veltman became “frighteningly angry” and was particularly disrespectful to his mother “raising his voice and towering over her in an intimidating way, and pounding on doors,” the report said. His mother said she locked herself in her room to avoid him. >Veltman later apologized to his mother for his behaviour, the report says. She tried to address his issues with him but, “Nate refused to discuss these issues, rejected the need for boundaries and refused to discuss his mental health,” Zayed wrote. >She told the psychologist that “he is not a bad kid” but said he “lacks discernment” and does not make good decisions. ONCE AGAIN this seems to paint a completely different picture from>>6743. This entire story is weird.
>>6774 >Sure it is. Check out how nonWhite it is. >As per the 2016 census, the most common ethnicities in London, Ontario are English (28.4%), Canadian (25.8%), Scottish (20.9%), Irish (19.8%), German (11.6%), French (9.6%), Dutch (6.3%), Italian (5.0%), Polish (4.4%), and British Isles Origins, n.i.e. (3.4%).[68] Visible minorities make up 16% of London's population and include Arab (2.8%), Black (2.5%), South Asian (2.4%), and Chinese (2.2%), in addition to 2.4% Aboriginal population. >According to the 2011 census, the majority of Londoners profess a Christian faith, which accounts for 62.8 percent of the population (Roman Catholic: 27.0%, Protestant: 25.0%, other Christian: 9.0%). Other religions include Islam (4.4%), Buddhism (0.8%), Hinduism (0.8%), and Judaism (0.5%), with 29.9 percent of the population reporting no religious affiliation. >>6775 >They always underreport the number of non-Whites Its not under-reported, with today's pro globalhomo, lefty municipal government, they would love nothing more than to brag that the place is 50% non-White, were that the case. London isn't a big city, and is easily over 80% White. I'v been there a ton of times visiting a girl I was dating for a while, even accounting for the last 5 years of immigration its not over 20% non-White
>>6778 >they would love nothing more than to brag that the place is 50% non-White If you read the articles and/or watch news reports from London, they often mention how proud they are of their Mudslime population, adding many of whom "have been in the community for generations"
>>6777 Narrative is falling apart >This article has gone 404 Soon to be memory holed They wanted this to be some nazi extremist Truck of Peace story, and of course are running unfounded shit like "An eyewitness, told his boss, who told his neighbor, who told our reporter, on the condition of anonymity, that the suspect might have been wearing what looked like body armour and maybe it had swastikas drawn on it blabla bla" Its all starting to seem like bullshit, and if this was just a regular cuck, who was off his meds and had some manic episode they are going to have to start to downplay the story now, and only run the occasional rumour mill tabloid story. Of course they are going to keep up the Islamophobia angle, they cant stop now, just listened to another report and some mudslime was on saying we KNOW this was a terror attack. When nothing could be further from the truth. Where are the Hitler memes he posted? Where are the texts about hating shitskins? The court has already put a gag order on his case. Clearly they have decided to railroad this guy though. I don't know about any of you, but if I ever went postal, and media interviewed my co-workers, they would say I was a nice guy, but they would also not be shocked, and a couple would even state I was openly Natsoc
>>6780 >who was off his meds and had some manic episode Not only that, we even have statements from co-workers that his steering was fucked up, he seemed weird at work and his grandmother had just died. This dude probably spaced out at the wheel and unintentionally took out a whole family of Mudslimes. I’m just glad they weren’t White. They’re going to push this as long as they possibly can, but it’s interesting to see how much of a mess this story is. <h-he totally laughed as he got arrested, he was covered head to toe in Swastikas! He was wearing a full suit of body armor! No I won’t show you pictures or footage! Hilarious
(97.63 KB 1440x810 WYWJCOY4AS7WLL72XA3LXUGZQM.jpg)
They are going to do a movie about Christchurch, apparently. Rose Byrne is going to play Jacinda Ardern. https://archive.is/kwOBM Title is going to be "They Are Us" and will basically be a propaganda movie centered around the Ardern character, even though NZ gov said they are not involved. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/christchurch-mosque-shootings-prime-minister-jacinda-not-involved-with-new-movie/WDOP6HCBWVQB5C4Y2V5HLT33FM/ Muzzies are not happy about it, still screeching about being oppressed victims and not getting enough money: read this shit, absolutely infuriating. Typical semitic "crying in pain as they stab/bomb/mow down/rape you" behavior. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/opinion-christchurch-mosque-shootings-they-are-not-us-and-it-hurts-to-be-props-in-a-hollywood-movie/ULRMX7G7236AVOWORQW7GBDJAY/ https://archive.ph/RBfTC >OPINION: By Mohamed Hassan >In the months following the Christchurch attacks [...] it was unsettling trying to process and grieve the unimaginable, while watching the world celebrate a New Zealand "success story", a "heroic" leader, a country overcoming racism and horror. The country was being held up as a beacon of tolerance and peace just days after the worst terror attack in our recent history. >But what did we have to celebrate? >The mantra of They Are Us repeated over and over like a prayer soon began to lose its meaning. After March 15, many of us felt more isolated than ever before. We looked over our shoulders when we walked through a crowd. We felt our chests tightening while walking into a mosque. Some of us stopped taking our children to Friday prayers. >All of us were grateful for the beauty we witnessed in the days that followed, the empathy and warmth and shared grief we were able to experience as a country. But [...] We are not ready to move on, and the road is long and difficult. >There are dozens of March 15 survivors who are still being treated for their injuries. Men, women and children dealing with deep trauma that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, barring them from being able to ever return to normal life in their societies. There are families still fighting the Government and ACC for compensation. Others who feel silenced and ignored by police, intelligence and a Royal Commission that failed to hold anyone to account. >Now, watching this same phrase being used so callously to market and finance a film adaptation makes it hard to think of it as anything more than just another tourism slogan. >Even worse, that the film has chosen to focus not on the tragedy and the victims, but instead on the Prime Minister and the rest of the country and their response. It is being sold as a feel-good story, a portrayal of heroism in the face of terror. >In its essence, it is a story about an act of White supremacy that is centered around White voices, White feelings and White heroism. The irony is nauseating. The lack of self-awareness is profound. >As a Muslim, I have never had any faith in Hollywood. My people, my history, my culture and my religion were plot points film producers in California salivated over in writing rooms, shaking each other's hands while making millions off of our systematic erasure. >And here we are again, being spoken about but not spoken to. Our intimate and devastating trauma packaged and sold by yet another twinkle-eyed Hollywood producer. Our voices are irrelevant. Still crying for not being heard, after having an entire unprecedented procedure and travesty of a trial to put the invaders on a pedestal and to crush the White freedom fighter Tarrant and make an example out of him as demoralization tool for Whites worldwide. Still crying for compensation after being showered with money and free stuff like visa and medical care. And most of all, crying about "White people" making money by painting muslims as the bad guys in movies, purposely avoiding to point out that no White has a say in the jewish Hollywood propaganda machine (same goes for the wars in Middle East). However, I hope that a war or something will happen before they manage to realize this abomination of a movie. I cannot fathom the amount of filth they will pour onto Saint Tarrant in this.
>>6785 I hope this causes muzzies to chimp out, riot, and attack people. it will be a good reminder of why Tarrant did what he did in the first place.
>>6786 They are disgusting hypocrites and liars, like all abrahamitic religions teach them. They will happily parade on the red carpet craving attention and some money on their side when this garbage movie will come out.
>>6785 https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/all-about/cobridge Compare the coverage of this to how the local newspaper of Usman Khan treats him. I don't understand how anybody can deny that the media is in favour of these Islamists.
(926.52 KB 724x476 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6785 Kek, that horse-faced traitor went as far as to put on the fucking hijab and Muslims still cry out about how she is a White supremacist. Serves her right. Anyone with a brain has already realized that there is no satisfying these invaders and they must be exterminated to the last man, woman and child. Muslims are truly the scum of the Earth. I can't wait to see how they slander the Saint in this movie though.
>>6742 >How many of these fucking 'Divisions' are there now? And why are all so ineffectual? I'm glad there's so many people interested in forming groups but they talk big game while doing nothing. Doubt it even fucking exits. It's just kike demoralization propaganda. "oy vey goy don't even try and plan anything because we will know and stop you!1!!"
>>6809 Plausible. Just looking at how a lot of these ‘Division’ spin-offs are named raises some eyebrows for me. They take some German word and tack on ‘Division’ on the end and have them hyped up as major WN / NatSoc terrorist groups that do literally nothing except put out posters and get arrested—worth noting that the ones arrested seem to invariably be teen boys. Names like ‘Sonnenkrieg’, ‘Feuerkrieg’ and ‘the Base’ are almost meaningless, not to mention that the last one is just a direct translation of ‘Al-Qaeda’. I’m not the one to call everything honeypots but these might be.
>>6742 >>6809 >>6813 They are all edgy groups meant for young lads to vent and express their anger and edginess, then they get infiltrated by ZOG and fed as boogeyman in their propaganda and turned into honeypots by glowniggers. Most of these are just chats and social media channels. The real deal like Tarrant and Breivik never joined such groups, they just kept their heads down and got shit done on their own. The only effective way for a small group to be a real danger to ZOG is if people from the military will start to amass weapons and intel as insiders to strike important ZOG assets. That's why all NATO armies are getting purged.
>>6814 >>6813 >>6809 The real thing I've noticed is that many of these "groups" can't speak German, and those who can have a poor grasp of its culture. Germany is worth paying attention to. It's funny. Many have been conditioned against violence for decades, but their industrial culture has been furthered. Infact a lot of the modern weaponry we see in the opp-controlled states are developed by German engineers. German engineers who are very proud of their work. It surprises me that there are so few "Armouries" in Europe - it really can't be so hard to stamp metal. If you can have meth labs, you can surely handle recycled high-grade steel and make your own unregistered firearms. Similarly with brass casings. The equipment doesn't seem particularly difficult to manage either, a lot of it was based on simplicity until the last thirty years, which implies a lot of the German weapons like the MP5 can be smithed with relatively small tools. Similarly with ammunition, from what I understand this is a hydraulic press, some heated brass and a shaped "stamp" which folds the metal equally to the appropriate shape. Across a lot of Western Europe, you can find this equipment in antique stores, sheds, garages and the like with no real way of tracing it. The reason they target German language and culture is the same reason that the media hates Germans - they think of the Germans as an evil race and want to imitate it to feel powerful. I have seen this so frequently, and few can even speak German. Any experience with Germans should tell you that not only are Germans literally just White people with some vaguely defined nation built around them, they are not special in any regard. They're not a master race, and they themselves didn't consider themselves uniquely positioned as above their neighbours either. These "Deutscheswort Divisions" should probably interest you less than a German man in his shed - the DDs aren't going to give you anything you haven't seen before, but that German guy might come out with a 10mm submachine gun given enough time.
>>6820 >The reason they target German language and culture is the same reason that the media hates Germans - they think of the Germans as an evil race and want to imitate it to feel powerful. Also worth pointing out that here in the US a lot of people like to say that German is an 'angry-sounding' language. The Jews have conditioned them through Hollywood to associate anything German with their caricature of the Third Reich. When a normalfag sees words like 'Atomwaffen' or 'Sonnenkrieg' the conditioning probably kicks in even faster than it would have otherwise. I've noticed too in WWII documentaries that they love to play snippets of Hitler speeches, but they almost never translate them. You just here 'angry' Hitler. If they translated what he was saying the audience would probably be in tears as he speaks right to their soul, realizing that he was right.
>>6823 >hitler speeches I know it sounds dumb, but I literally was redpilled and aligned myself to National Socialism by just reading translations of Hitler speeches. Alerta Judiada videos are really top notch in this.
(2.76 MB 480x480 hitler video.mp4)
>>6832 It would not surprise me in the slightest. His speeches are powerful. Seeing 'Hitler did nothing wrong' memes softened me up a bit towards Hitler, but it was eventually hearing from the man himself that made me realize that the memes were right. For me it was The Impartial Truth's videos.
>>6823 I have noticed this and it pisses off actual Germans to no end, and since it's such a widely spoken language, Americans should be more angry that that are lied to this way. They overpronounce the consonants in such a naked and crass way that they are literally just playing games. Germans are an extremely pleasant group of people, especially by world standards. I dislike the pathetic fags who attach themselves to angry people to feel stronger. We have every reason to be angry, and I didn't come here because I have some religious calling to the far-right. I came here because it has been brought to my attention that our states are dominate dby organised crime, much of it motivated by ethnic hatred. I don't believe the Jews are against us for religious reasons, either, making me somewhat less NatSoc than most here. I believe that black, Hispanic, Paki, Chinese, all sorts of organised rackets see Whites as a threat and Jews are the only people willing to sell out so readily.
>>6835 >I don't believe the Jews are against us for religious reasons, either, making me somewhat less NatSoc than most here. I'm not sure about this. Judaism is more of an ethnic cult than a religion as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't deny that there is a possibly a religious angle to this though, since many Jewish Supremacists will outright admit that goyim are worthless and animal-souled, but if we look into it a lot of the Jews that have been particularly detrimental to White societies have been openly atheistic Jews. Just think of Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Saul Alinsky and many, many others. I almost have no doubt that these people are the exact soulless materialists that they make themselves out to be. Even without religion they remain neurotic and insane, and work to undermine the goyim at every step of the way
>>6836 But the scale of this, over the last ten years even, they are not working alone. This focus on Jews rather than the Paki politicians working in local councils to actively stamp out White businesses, the nigger black-nat crime lords in the USA working with the DNC, the ISIS-related criminal gangs keeping their foot soldiers hidden by bribing local police and immigration control - we have a HUGE fucking problem. Gossiping about Jews is one thing, but I just noticed - finding any reliable arms dealers is almost impossible in Europe, but I could find ten prostitutes and order mail-in heroin in the center of London with no eyebrows raised.
>>6837 There's definitely a risk of over-focus on the Jews at points. This shouldn't be read as any sort of downplaying of the JQ, of course, but you're definitely not wrong that there are lesser players at work here that shouldn't be ignored. I'd argue that ultimately these are expressions of the larger problem, but they are always worth pointing out, because they are indeed really problems.
>>6843 It's the lack of focus. /pol/ shut fucking down that talk of the coke dealer a while back - a coke dealer who had the local paper in his pocket and was bragging about it on Facebook. I have seen enough of the local papers in the UK to see that they worship these Pakis, and I reckon their journos are coked up tarts - hardly any of them can type for shit. Actual specific information, local level, all that good shit. Speak with your mates where you can. Real information isn't infographs - it's a database of corruption, real names and information on these cunts.
>>6836 >goyim are worthless and animal-soul Call me a kike in this one, but with the exception of Whites, how are they wrong in describing nonWhites in this way?
(315.34 KB 1357x1825 chabad jews goyim animal soul.jpg)
>>6846 The Jewish view is based entirely on their religious dogma of being 'Chosen' by the demon Yahweh.


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