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(60.10 KB 600x400 breker.jpg)
(590.38 KB sun and steel.pdf)
/smg/ – Self-Mastery General Blackshirt 03/14/2021 (Sun) 19:14:37 ID:3f539c No. 11
Get your shit together, anons Some Books and Info: >EasyPeasy Method (free yourself from porn) https://easypeasymethod.org/ >Calisthenics Archive https://anonfiles.com/H0v9FdC7p5/Calisthenics_zip >Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics) https://archive.org/details/ConvictConditioning_201602 >Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima (Attached) Old thread: https://archive.fo/ZjihA
Edited last time by FashBO on 03/26/2021 (Fri) 03:15:24.
I've been reading Sun and Steel and I'm about halfway through it. It's a great read if only to understand Mishima's own mindset, but the idea of steel shaping the body to be more like itself and understanding the feedback loop of lifting steel are cogent points important for anyone who doesn't want to be a waifish weakling. Also important is the unity of mind and body (thought and action).
>>17 I can’t wait to read this book, especially when I see good endorsements of it from posts like yours. I know I was alerted by someone on anon.cafe a few weeks ago about it having gotten a reprint, which is exciting and the reason why I’m going to buy it here soon. It was about time that it got reprinted, I guess they are finally responding to the renewed demand for this particular work. >Also important is the unity of mind and body (thought and action). This will be the most interesting to read about, because I think it’s absolutely key to Fascism in general. Thought without action is incomplete thought. I loved when this was touched on by Isao in Runaway Horses, so it will be interesting to here it from Mishima as Mishima, not that he was ever really distant from his work
>>18 I finished the bulk of the book yesterday, all that's left is the epilogue and Icarus. The way everything comes together with his final conclusion about individuality versus group "oneness" is excellent. Hard to believe people say Mishima wasn't a Fascist after reading that.
(537.56 KB 1208x916 mishima fascist quote.png)
>>62 It's unfortunate that we really do not have any access to any of his more political works. In Roy Starrs' book on Mishima he mentions that Mishima wrote a work or essay in 1959 titled 'A New Theory of Fascism'. The author of the book quotes him saying the following things like the following: >...'it was easier for fascism to make use of the followers of Nietzsche than of drug addicts...' and more interestingly >...'thought and action are always inseparable; fascism does not respect thought which is not transferred into action'. That last quote is basically something that would be right at home in Giovanni Gentile's work. The small aphorism on the image I have attached similarly comes from a quote found in Andrew Rankin's 'Mishima: Aesthetic Terrorist". It's highly unfortunate how so many people act like he was not serious in anything that he did at all. He's an interesting man, not perfect obviously, and with quite a grotesque aesthetic taste at times, but I think he was sincere. No one goes as far as he did without a core of sincerity, and we also see in many of his interviews his distaste with the reality of post-war Japan and his despair about the future. He was a fascist, even if rather unorthodox in some ways.
(597.81 KB 967x945 chad meditating.jpg)
About to start trying a new approach of meditation and exercise together to see if it will have any results. Might even try prayer, since some studies have indicated that it has effectiveness. I don't know lads, literally nothing seems to work for me, but this is going to be my most ambitious struggle yet.
>>413 What are you trying to achieve? Muscle strength? Endurance? I've found that visualization can work quite a bit in gaining muscle, 10 minutes of simulating exercise movements after a workout also reduces fatigue and soreness.
(3.37 MB 480x272 Real Talk.webm)
Like it says in the original post of this thread. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER
>>418 I'm mainly hoping to tackle and do away with once and for all a handful of vices, and one of those is not exercising as much as II should. When it comes to a goal with that, I don't have any set goal as much as I probably should. I mainly want to be doing something. I'm not unhealthy per se, but I could be a lot better. What exactly do you mean by visualization in this context?
>>709 Who is that guy? Good video.
>>709 Kek that video only got better as it went on
yo anyone know some good workout music?
(5.26 KB 226x223 varg stop watching porn.jpg)
>>750 Burzum is always a good choice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTaMPkdOE1c
>>751 lol im listening to some Burzum songs right now to see if there good for my playlist thanks anon I'll check the album out
(293.60 KB 498x401 music apu.gif)
>>753 It wasn't in that album but Dunkelheit is a classic of Varg's too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZENtivAi6I
>>750 Some songs from Rome's last two albums (The Lone Furrow and La Ceneri Di Heliodoro) are good for lifting.
(2.35 MB 853x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>750 Arditi - Leading the Iron Resistance album has amazing songs. One of them is called Forging a New Man. Why do you fascists use the Self-Improvement term instead of the Self-Mastery?
>>757 Self-mastery, to me, is more about suppressing urges or abstention from things like alcohol and other vices. Self-improvement is about taking what you were yesterday, destroying the weak parts, and creating something beautiful from combining what remains and what you use to improve. To put simply, you master the self as it is, which is admirable but not improvement of the self.
>>755 Rome’s definitely good. Seconding that rec. >>757 >Why do you fascists use the Self-Improvement term instead of the Self-Mastery? I do think the latter is the superior term. Maybe I should edit the thread name kek
>>755 I listen to both of those on a daily basis I made a music edit of some ones else's vid they made but added Rome music instead lol https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/21367.html (the newest posts if it was not obvious) but thanks anyway we gotta keep spreading Romes music around lol >>757 thanks sounds more like something you put in a loading screen or calm battle music then anything else lol but thanks anyways also tf is self mastery an't that the same thing as SIG self improvement?
(1.84 MB 640x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>758 >>759 >>760 Well, Self-Improvement arose from Jordan Peterson's infamy, so it has it's origins in liberal ideology irc. It's ultimate destination is for one man to find himself in the current world of neoliberal and neomarxist alliance. I.E the goal is to be happy. To have Self-Master over yourself means that you have to awaken the authoritarian in you, you must become the dictator of yourself. So that you may achieve greater goals through the sacrifice of your mind, spirit, and if necessary your body. This doesn't mean you're a martyr, but through pursuing your will to power, you personify a higher ideal and creating an upward projectory for others. I hope this helps. I'm from /liberty/
>>762 Well said. The thread now bears your mark
my music playlist so far is just a small part of this vidhttps://www.bitchute.com/video/msg6gwgsscxP/
(1.37 MB 853x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
(134.36 KB 1279x929 Receipts-BPA-Estrogen.png)
>>763 Thank you. The current modern world is not fucking around when it wants to mess with the people who are able to topple it down.
>>764 Ear-rape warning >>765 Now I’m going to be paranoid to touch receipts ever again. It seems like xenoestrogens are in literally everything. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if this was partially by design. Even giving men estrogen was floated sometime last year as a form of (((prevention))) for Covid
>>765 It really sucks that fucking every modern material either causes cancer or acts as estrogen in the body.
>>714 I don't know who he is, I just found the video and posted it here.
(223.67 KB 528x379 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.66 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>768 Oh, it doesn't just end there. More evidence essential oils 'make male breasts develop' https://archive.ph/4uIL0 A FIFTH OF MALE FISH IN UK RIVERS NOW ‘TRANS-GENDER’ DUE TO CHEMICALS IN HUMAN WASTE https://archive.ph/5E7fm COMMON CHEMICAL LINKED TO IDIOPATHIC MALE INFERTILITY https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23435201 The Testosterone Epidemic: How Endocrine Disruptors are Crushing Men https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N11tqwVrhZo
>>787 >Atrazine God help us
(450.87 KB 500x651 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.86 MB 1774x1602 ClipboardImage.png)
(8.64 MB 2640x2420 ClipboardImage.png)
>>788 It's really quite scary, isn't it? Every synthetic material somehow has adverse effects on male testosterone. Well, this is where I'll leave, before I bring any more grim prospects.
(654.74 KB 1211x1920 aryan ubermensch.jpg)
Whether in nature or in the human world, it seems far easier for one to be mutated into a tranny or a walking vagina than it is to become the opposite. Females are truly a less complex form of life which exist to rear great men
(320.86 KB 564x412 ClipboardImage.png)
(99.21 KB 1024x925 grandfathers soy modern man.jpg)
Relevant to the current stuff
>>794 What is this, a guide for manly ants?
>>797 Here's a bigger version
>>796 This one gets me every time
>>799 There's another picture like that that really makes it hit home how much degeneration there has been. I am unable to find it right now, but it showed a man's grandfather, father and himself, and you can literally see the degeneration of the jaw from generation to generation and how the youngest one was chubby and effeminate.
>>796 From his eye color I am guessing there was some serious racemixing going on.
>>802 That, plus being fat, not exercising, and from the looks of his skin having shit hygiene.
>>806 Redditors, not even once.
>>11 Can someone vouch for what's in the calisthenics archive? That's a big zip file for me to download without knowing what's in it. Very interested in this topic as I'm too poor to afford weights/gym.
(406.55 KB 526x735 luftwaffe_officer_scaled.png)
(51.73 KB 525x700 neckbeard.jpg)
>>806 there's also the slightly mongoloid look to his features, which his grandfathers don't have at all. they looked like men, he looks like garbage with his mutt influence, corroded skin, and dirty/sloppy beard. there certainly has been degeneration.
>>827 Original poster of the calisthenics archive. Here are the archive contents: Paul "Coach" Wade » C-Mass [PDF] » Convict Conditioning [PDF + EPUB] » Convict Conditioning 2 [PDF + EPUB] » Convict Conditioning Vol. 1 - The Prison Pushup Series [AVI + PDF] » Convict Conditioning Vol. 2 - The Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course [AVI + PDF] » Convict Conditioning Vol. 3 - Leg Raises: Six Pack From Hell [AVI + PDF] » Convict Conditioning Vol. 4 - Advanced Bridging: Forging an Iron Spine [AVI + PDF] » Convict Conditioning Vol. 5 - One Arm Pullup Series [AVI + PDF] » Explosive Calisthenics [PDF] » The Super F.A.Q. [PDF] Pavel Tsatsouline » The Naked Warrior [AVI + PDF]
If you want to reach peak performance read "Oxygen Advantage" and "Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises". Buteyko will completely change your life and energy.
(565.30 KB 2109x3200 mishima working out.jpg)
>>17 >the idea of steel shaping the body to be more like itself Undoubtedly one of my favorite lines from that book. I must think of it every time I'm lifting ever since I read it.
Do you do yoga and splits after working out? Is it safe to do stretches everyday? thai muay's philosophy promotes being as flexible as possible especally on your limbs.
>>956 It's good to do some minor stretching before and after working out. I don't do yoga or splits though, just loosening up the muscles so they aren't stiff in a painful way.
Anyone have tips to put on some weight? I am 6'0 and only 130 pounds.
>>1176 SS + GOMAD
>>1176 Start eating a higher quantity of calories per day. Count how many calories you eat per day now, and build up a bit more even if you feel full, until you're eating about 3,000 a day, then figure out how much you need to eat to maintain your desired weight once you reach it. Avoid too much bread but otherwise calorie-dense foods like beef, nuts, and dairy are your friends here. Here is a calculator for calories to eat to cut/maintain/bulk. https://www.fatcalc.com/rwl
Despite my best efforts, I keep falling back into bad habits (overeating, porn) when I get burned out from being anngry and overhwhelmed with despair after overexposure to demoralizing propaganda. Anyone have tips on overcoming that?
>>2169 I don't know if this is an actual tip, but what I will mention is that when you feel angry or demoralized, the best thing to do is not to go back to exactly what the (((demoralizers))) would want you to do, i.e. be unhealthy and waste time on pornography, but to take that anger and go spite the kikes, channel the anger into push-ups, lifting, a jog around your neighborhood, anything of that nature. Our enemies want us to be demoralized and doing things that are bad for us. Giving into blackpills is granting the jew victory.
>>2169 If you're going to wank just use your imagination instead of looking at porn. That's already 80% better than the alternative.
>>2174 This. At least you're not allowing your head to be filled with kike propaganda and filth
>>2174 Or don't wank at all.
>>2182 Of course that's the preferable choice.
>>2169 Stop allowing yourself to be exposed to propaganda? Where is it coming from? Take a break from that. You already know things are shit, there's no need to have it blasted into your mind all day. Go for a walk instead of whatever it is you're doing.
>>2243 Usually the reason why men masturbate is because they're bored. In his case he should do something productive.
>>2244 From his post it seemed like he was doing it out of frustration rather than boredom. In any case you're right that he should spend his time productively.
>>2169 Read EasyPeasy. https://easypeasymethod.org/ Watching porn only stresses you out more and overeating won't satisfy your porn pang, it will only make it worse. >All substitutes have exactly the same effects as any porn. Some even begin eating, but although the empty feeling of wanting a session is indistinguishable from hunger for food, one won’t satisfy the other. In fact, if there’s anything that’s designed to make you want porn, it’s stuffing yourself with food.
Reading and understanding all this stuff about testosterone/estrogen, i have a thought. It is truly to say, man is more suited for nature, when woman is more suited for civilization ? And living in nature makes you masculine, when living in civilization makes you feminine ?
>>750 Synthwave Workout Mix 💪 80's vibe Retrowave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMbjuVC7CS8 Sunlover Records - Maximum Workout [Full Album] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTDOayZmuyA Dance with the dead (i don't if you will like it, but their music is mix between metal and synthwave and very energetic) https://dancewiththedead.bandcamp.com/
>>2300 Civilization is definitely more feminine. Men have selected over history for women who are more docile and obedient than not. If your tribe exterminated the men of another and took the wives of others, you would naturally not put up with the disobedient and crazed ones. You'd just kill them. The rest can be beaten into submission. So what we have here is a population of people were docility, obedience and getting along was rewarded by males for thousands upon thousands of years, and these people were not permitted to associate with outside males or strangers almost at all. We see here why women are dumber, more child-like and in need of male control. They have been selected to be like this over the millennia, and we see how poorly adapted they are to anything else today. The traits desirable to a modern society are precisely feminine traits of docility, obedience and the like. Instead of the husband being the "lord" of his home, instead the government lords over all families and the entire country and forces the acceptance of feminine traits. Feminine traits = slave traits when present in a male
>>2300 >i have a thought. It is truly to say, man is more suited for nature, when woman is more suited for civilization ? And living in nature makes you masculine, when living in civilization makes you feminine ? In my opinion, I think it does considering how civilization requires men to be submissive in order to survive within one. Civilization has always thrived off creating weak men for economic and material purposes rather than social, spiritual, genetic/generational and collective benefits. No matter the type of civilization and government, weak men are always in control of a state, while the strong are to be sacrificed for the sake of the weak rulers. I still take what William Pierce said regarding his theory on why the Romans had lost their empire was due to Roman citizens becoming too "civilized" or how Nitschze would say they have become entirely to plebian.
>>2307 >The traits desirable to a modern society are precisely feminine traits of docility, obedience and the like. Instead of the husband being the "lord" of his home, instead the government lords over all families and the entire country and forces the acceptance of feminine traits. But didn't the Romans and Ancient Greeks do the exact opposite of this? Or at least allowed fathers to rule their households, while they had some or little control? I admit I don't know much about Roman and Classical Hellenic history, but I always thought the patriarchy within society was something in regards to all men being able to rule their household like kings. >>2307 >Civilization has always thrived off creating weak men for economic and material purposes rather than social, spiritual, genetic/generational and collective benefits. But this also begs the question why humanity has failed to do these things. There could be very good reasons why Rome had no choice, but to care more about enlisting men through material promises rather than devotion and so-called spiritual means.
>>2310 First response meant for >>2304
>>2310 Yes, in almost all Indo-European societies the father has been often compared to the "king" of his family. What I was talking about is strictly a modern phenomena relevant to the last two centuries or so.
>>2307 When I think about it, it seems that the jews goal of civilization is about domesticating men over the course of centuries, killing off the strong in pointless wars (they even wrote books about this), which results in creating an eternal slave caste who will "serve" them unconditionally. I can't help but remember the quote from the bible: "The meek shall inherit the earth", it literally means that the "meek" will be all that remains if the strong keep being duped into killing the wrong enemies. Civilization also reminds me of the mouse experiments on urbanization done by Calhoun. The end result was a complete and total breakdown of natural relationships and mental behavior- mirroring our human world.
(305.42 KB 1872x816 jews world domination.PNG)
(8.79 MB 776x432 jews slaves torah.mp4)
>>2318 That's exactly what the plan is. It's written right in the Old Testament. jews will rule the Earth, foreigners will serve them, kings of the goyim will come to pay tribute to them and everyone who resists will be completely annihilated. And jews on the streets in Israel literally admit this shit: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qg2E66KWHj79/
>>2319 >video the hand rubbing is a nice touch
>>2323 It’s like this gif manifested into reality <it’s gonna be world peace!
(1.07 MB 406x400 crying pepe 2.gif)
How long does it take to recover from hypofrontality? Any firsthand experience here?
>>2552 I quit porn last November, it took a couple of weeks until I was free from any urge to look at porn at all but it probably depends on the person and severity of addiction.
>>2555 That's a lot quicker than I thought, really. I obviously don't know how bad you were, but assuming it was lesser than me, maybe it will take me around a month then. Thanks for the insight.
>>2556 I was lucky enough to have done it right when the initial wave of interest around easypeasy reached /fascist/ on anon.cafe, so there were frequent reminders. I also sent it to a couple of friends who I knew were trying to get out as well. I'd advise connecting with people in a similar way as that can be good for motivation.
>>2552 >How long does it take to recover from hypofrontality? Why does it matter? Are you counting the days? What will you do if you reach this arbitrary date and nothing happens? Will you just give up and go back to what cause the problem in the first place? You shouldn't be focusing on how long it takes but instead be happy that you freed yourself from a horrible addiction that as damaged you and caused you, and still causes many others, suffering. Don't use the willpower method, you shouldn't be forcing yourself not to watch porn, that's not your goal, your goal is to be a non-user to not have the need for porn. And guess what? Since the moment you stopped watching born you became a non-user, be happy about it. Realize that you're not being deprived of anything from not watching porn, porn only "relieves" the stress it itself causes and at a certain point doesn't even do that. Realize that every pang you have is your body healing itself and the little monster (your addictive inner voice begging for dopamine) dieing and be happy about it. Don't run from your thoughs about porn or you will create a phobia, realize that every though you have about porn is the little desperate for dopamine. Realize your winning, realize you're no longer a slave to a disgusting addiction and BE HAPPY ABOUT IT! Most importantly, READ THE BOOk, the sooner the better. Take notes, one word, one sentence, a paragraph, the whole book if you want, but take notes it helps alot. You should be able to read the book in a day or two, I took two weeks since I was having a weird problem, when I wasn't reading I had some resistance to start but when I was reading I was loving every moment of it. GO READ THE BOOK: https://easypeasymethod.org/
>>2558 I read EasyPeasy back when it was originally posted, and had a brief period of success. I think I lasted ten days before losing my streak. Maybe it's time for me to read it again. Because I think the basic ideas put forth in the book are onto something, and I have heard many anons here and elsewhere attest to its power. I vaguely recall the author saying that it might take a few reads to really 'get' it.
>>2601 I'm actually in the same boat. I was moved by it when I first read it, and had a 2 month long streak... Then I got stuck in limbo. I'm also re-reading it and planning to read Sun and Steel too. Wish you luck, anon.
>>2602 Coincidentally I have been reading Sun and Steel myself. It can be dense at points for me at least but it is part of what has me taking on these problems again. Never give up, anon.
>>2602 Sun and Steel is excellent. Reading it made me want to get some cheap freeweights so I could work out in the sun at home. I think that's probably the best way to lift in Summer.
>>2601 >Maybe it's time for me to read it again. Good idea. The Hackauthor² keeps updating the book so make sure you are using the most up-to-date version. >I vaguely recall the author saying that it might take a few reads to really 'get' it. The author says to re-read the book in case of a relapse into porn which is caused by a failure to completely erase the brainwashing, a failure to follow the instructions or both. In the most up-to-date version of the book theres is a Resources section which contains a chapter called Combining EasyPeasy with Jack Trimpey’s Addictive Voice Recognition Technique (AVRT) for the minority of those that keep on relapsing even after completely erasing the brainwashing and following the instructions to the letter. I uploaded with this post the book this chapter is referring to.
(58.31 KB 680x810 spurdo varg.png)
>>2625 Ah cool, I didn't know that this book was still getting updates and stuff. I'll definitely check out what you've posted and start rereading here very soon. I'll try any combinatio of methods to get rid of the brainwashing at this point
Anyone got anything for bulking weight pretty fast? I'm a so-called 'hard-gainer'.
>>2761 SS + GOMAD
>>2770 SS? What do you mean by this? I found what GOMAD is, but not about SS, does it mean starting strength?
>>2792 His response is a meme and will make you look like a T-Rex. What you want to do is best achieved by eating multiple protein-dense, high-calorie meals per day (4-5) and doing compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, etc.
>>2792 Yes do Starting Strength or any other powerlifting program like 5x5. They are all very similar. And you won't look like a T-Rex lol. That's a meme from people who didn't do any accessories at all. What the other anon recommended of squats and deadlifts is half the base of SS anyways. The other half is upper body like bench press and overhead press. Then there are accessories like pullups, curls, and face pulls, etc. Buy or download the Starting Strength book and read through it, then get a gym membership and follow it.
>>2794 >>2798 Thank you both for answering so quickly. I'll be changing my schedule to fit that regime.
>>2602 >I'm actually in the same boat. I was moved by it when I first read it, and had a 2 month long streak... Then I got stuck in limbo. Read EasyPeasy again, then afterwards read Conflict Communication: A New Paradigm in Conscious Communication by Rory Miller.
It wasn't until I cared about my Volk that I cared to improve myself. Now, every time I hit a wall or bitch out, I try to understand that wall is the barrier between me and my potential, and ideal self, it is just as much a mental block as it is a physical. We are now moving bodies in the realm of the spiritual I am redeeming myself for years of adolescent degeneracy & I am becoming a champion of the Aryan race. The old, corrupt parts of my spirit writhe and lash out; I hear them when they tell me to quit my new job, (a highly physical one, learning a trade!) I silence them with Will and persistence. The self who was subject to the jew inside is experiencing its final death rattle, and at last, I will be a free man. Thank you all.
(609.82 KB 513x946 arno breker statue.png)
>>3440 Keep up the good work, anon. The struggle never ends
Alright lads, how do you stop wet dreams? I was on an excellent month-long streak, like, if porn was shoved in my face I wouldn't even react to it now, but then I slept in one day, and just like that, ruined.
>>3599 Wet dreams aren't breaking your streak. I don't know of any ways to stop them so maybe other people can give some advice if they know any, but they're just a natural thing that happens, especially when one isn't spending all of their time jerking off in front of a computer.
>>3599 >Alright lads, how do you stop wet dreams? I was on an excellent month-long streak, like, if porn was shoved in my face I wouldn't even react to it now, but then I slept in one day, and just like that, ruined. It is perfectly normal and does not end your streak. I view it as a sign that I am healing because I never had them when I was jerking 24/7.
(13.95 KB 250x236 BEGONE THOT.jpg)
>>3611 >>3614 I mean if you guys are sure. Personally I'd rather not have nut in my undies, so I'm gonna learn lucid dreaming so I can go banish the dream whores next time.
>>3623 If they seem too lifelike, I'd be careful. Succubi can appear at night to harvest your semen, and they will leave you drained and without energy. There are many, many stories of monks and other celibates being attacked by entities who disguise themselves as women. They love semen and want to lure you away from the right path. Just be glad you haven't been forced to cum by an incubus
Here's a PDF that's been extremely helpful for me. It's a book entirely on argumentation with Leftists and Liberals. Don't reveal your power level senselessly, boys, but know when to stand your ground and how to defend yourself in casual debate.
(4.26 MB 3063x4430 thor.jpg)
(27.48 KB 560x304 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3650 I just went and read the introduction of this. I have immensely high hopes for this book and will be reading it through over the next day or so for sure. I think that all of us could find something to learn in a book like this, because it does seem to be true that despite being so stupid and illogical, the soundbites programmed into normalfags can easily trip someone up who takes the bait and doesn't know how to properly respond.
>>3440 Great post. Keep it up, anon.
Just read this great passage in Hagakure: "To summarize the essence of samuraihood, first and foremost the warrior must be devoted body and soul to his lord. In addition, he must internalize the virtues of wisdom, compassion, and courage. Although it may seem impossible to embody these three virtues, it really is easy. To nuture wisdom simply requires listening to others. Immeasurable knowledge comes from this. Compassion is for the sake of others. It is opting to do good things for other people rather than through selfish motives. Courage is found through 'gritting one's teeth.' That is to say, gritting one's teeth and charging forth without concern for the consequences. There is no higher mind-set than this. External matters requiring attention are one's appearance, manner of speech, and handwriting. These are routine affairs which can be refined through daily training. Most of all, one should try to generate a sense of calm inner-strength. Once these things have been realized, study the lore [of your domain]. After this, you may enjoy learning the arts as diversionary pursuits. All things considered, loyal service is quite straightforward. These days, those thought of as exceptional retainers are men who are attentive to the three external details."
>>3726 It is interesting how the internalization of the virtues listed in that passage like compassion, wisdom and courage, as well as the routine affairs like appearance and the like are all suggested to be focused on first before one gets into things such as studying the lore and doing other sorts of more intellectual and artistic pursuits. This is extremely different from what we try to do today. Today there is no real cultivation of virtues, especially more physically active ones like courage in modern times. I really think that this here would result in much better, healthier and more masculine men. The calm inner-strength is the most neglected of these all.
>>3623 >learn lucid dreaming If you have any resources, pls post here ITT. anon recommended the "Astral Dynamics" book by Robert Bruce. I know it sounds like new age trash but I found it actually pretty interesting. I haven't read it fully yet, but it's better than I thought it would be. While it's not stricly related to lucid dreaming, there was also another (?) anon who recommended "A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis" by Melvin Powers: https://gutenberg.org/ebooks/22814 >>3625 >Succubi can appear at night to harvest your semen, and they will leave you drained and without energy. I know some of you probably won't believe me, but this actually happened to me once, or at least the symptoms were similar as to a classic succubus/incubus encounter. I had about month long nofap streak. I never had felt as energetic before. But when I went to sleep that night, I encountered an entity in my sleep. The encounter itself wasn't actually very sexual in nature (or it was, but not as sexual as you might think). Also the encounter itself happened in some kind of out of body state. When I "woke up", or rather became aware, the entity was looking at me curiously. Basically, the entity came really close to me and then I had a couple of sexual thoughts. Rigth after this I felt that the entity started draining energy out of me. After this encounter, I was really tired for like 2 days but I regained my usual strength after that. The entity itself didn't look frigtening at all. In fact, the entity looked pretty qt and pleasing to the eye. I know the entity had some kind of telephatic access to my thoughts. Also, in the morning there was no cum in my underwear or the sheets or anywhere else.
>>3744 That sounds exactly like what I've read on /x/ before. Of course sometimes it's hard to tell on /x/ whether you're reading a LARP or not, but I've seen so many people relay certain things and many people report of things like this historically and cross-culturally that I'm inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt. It's surprising that the mere presence of that thing drained you for over a day afterwards. Luckily nothing more happened, because it seems quite powerful from that description. All I know is that the qt look was probably deceptive too. This is another common theme in the old descriptions of these. They have protean bodies and can change forms.
Anyone else have the problem of increasing stress and demoralization leading them to fall back into old habits and vices? I know it's by design but fuck is it a challenge to keep myself sane.
>>4121 Remember that you degenerating is exactly what they want when they put that sort of stuff out there. Just think that when you resist their attempts at psychological warfare and programming that you’re actively spiting their designs, even if in a tiny way. That has always helped me to an extent. The best thing to do is to expose yourself to degenerate / demoralizing content as little as possible. I’m not saying to pretend this stuff isn’t happening, it’s good to be on top of the narratives to an extent, but don’t swim in it or spend hours looking at this. Every mainstream outlet, and most secondhand news that comes from them, is quite literally written and framed to manipulate and shape the perceptions and attitudes of different target audiences, Whites in particular. It’s designed to keep people angry, it’s designed to keep them disoriented, it’s designed to make them afraid. It’s a literal weapon. We all already know the basics, and these aren’t going to go change anytime soon: >White Genocide >jews >Covid hoax Therefore 99 times out of 100 it’s not worth listening to any bullshit on /pol/, or any filth pushed out by the news. If you’re going to be spending your time doing anything, make sure it is building you up
>>4123 Thanks anon, this post was exactly what I needed. Cheers!
>>4135 Glad you found it helpful in some way. Keep up the struggle, anon.
>>4166 This is great stuff, from the quick look I took anyway. Thanks for posting.
So after probably a good month and a half now, my nofap streak finally ended due to some pretty bad circumstances, but I wanna take this opportunity to blogpost but especially inspire others wanting to go on nofap. During my teen years, I definitely fapped myself into quite a few health problems. I won't describe them 'cuz quite frankly this is already TMI, but I'll say it's where the sun don't shine. It can happen to you. Years and years of practically fapping every day, and it was only 'til recently I decided to take on nofap. It was only after a week that I started noticing the benefits, and after that it only got better. Parts of me that were damaged by fapping way too much healed a lot faster than I thought they would, and when that streak finally did end, well again TMI, but basically, it didn't hurt at all as compared to my earlier years, and I didn't feel drained at all. In any case, the whole point of this blogpost is to hopefully inspire any other young lads out there who might have a bad addiction on their hands. My health has increased massively by being on this adventure, and hopefully I can make my streak even longer next time. Polite sage.
If you're slouching while reading this, do 30 pushups. Seriously, having good posture is incredibly important, and it is one of the first thing that people notice about you. I know that people saying 'It makes you more confident!' is annoying, but it's true. I was always timid and unassertive, but having good posture changes your mindset. It feels weird at first to be standing straight up, chest out in public. Once you become accustom to bad posture, it feels vulnerable to stand confidently. It probably taps in to a part of our brain that feels like opening yourself up to being challenged by other people. Your subconscious will notice that nothing bad happens, nobody challenges you. It quickly starts to feel good to stand assertively, with masculinity. It's also important not to walk or wait with your hands in your pockets, either. Plus, you'll stand a little taller. After awhile, your discs won't be compressed as much. Lessening back problems later on and squeezing out an extra ~1-1.5 inches in height.
(187.46 KB 255x652 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4392 I think there's been studies saying that in job interviews those who sit in a more dominant posture do better on average and feel better about themselves even, even if they're not super confident people themselves - so I can imagine that standing up straighter and with a better posture can have some good effects. It's definitely something I know I need to work on. I've had my mom berate me before saying I look like an 'old man' because of how I'm standing. Curious to see what results I'll get.
>>750 For me it's nasheeds. I know, I know, alien kike religion and all that; unlike Christianity, Islam hasn't even ever been part of Aryan culture. I just like the music. It helps me clear my mind and calm my nerves. Is it bad to enjoy this music, and would similar songs written from a Christian perspective be any better? I'm not sure what I should listen to to get the same feeling from a /fascist/ approved source.
>>4397 Nasheeds are great, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the music. https://youtu.be/cxzBQJQwFd0 https://youtu.be/C4NGrjNWmwA https://youtu.be/oDk_mEE8_Lg https://youtu.be/xxWo9UO4B3A https://youtu.be/CbUvFMTT7fA It’s not the same mood really but Varg has a lot of stuff that’s good for workouts I think too. Some of my favs: https://youtu.be/DPyOhP1GTRQ https://youtu.be/vfBmYfnjLho https://youtu.be/7jqAhRh6dmY https://youtu.be/iFMjdgu3A4A https://youtu.be/qwKIUxy5XbA
>>4397 >... and would similar songs written from a Christian perspective be any better? Nasheeds are basically the islamic version of Christian chanting and European medieval folk songs about Christianity like the Palestinalied and "Christ ist entstanden". Especially the Orthodox church has some songs that can give Nasheeds a run for their money. Just look around the cyrillic parts of jewtube.
>>4420 Seconding the Eastern Orthodox stuff. Nasheeds are nice, but I feel like one of these old church songs are done rightly they'll bring you to tears even if you don't understand the language or follow the religion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnG85eO_J68
(2.34 MB 1280x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11 For those who only have hate in them
>>4610 Wojak stuff is garbage but the image in essence isn't wrong. That said not everyone can be the man on the right.
Anyone else have emotional eating problems? I seem to have trained myself at a young age to binge eat under stress and it's very hard to stop, just wondering if any anons have a similar problem. wat do.
>>4622 I used to eat out of boredom. Obvious trick was to find something better to do. As for emotional eating/stress eating, attack the source of stress directly instead of running away and into food.
>>4627 >Obvious trick was to find something better to do. I try to do this, but unfortunately as soon as I have a moment of downtime I succumb to the temptation >As for emotional eating/stress eating, attack the source of stress directly instead of running away and into food. Problem is the main source of my stress is the current problem we are all facing, and it's rapidly worsening state... I have noone else I can rely on if SHTF, I feel isolated and alienated
(318.00 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4689 Do you mind posting the video too? It seems to be unavailable for me but maybe I put the wrong URL. youtu.be/y_XUN1HOI2c
>>4733 I had the same issue, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_XUN1HOl2c
I'm the anon from >>4592 in the QTDDTOT thread. What's the best way for me to do nofap?
>>4740 It's not full-proof by any means, but this is one of the best ways I've seen: https://easypeasymethod.org/introduction.html
(110.53 KB 634x482 Hitler Thumbs Up.jpg)
>>4736 Thank you.
(43.31 KB 1109x577 evola.jpg)
>>4751 No problem. Not sure how familiar you are with PhilosophiCat's work, but her adaptation of Evola's Revolt Against the Modern World is top-tier quality and worth checking out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD5B8P2wUbA
>>4743 >Do you spend far more time viewing porn than originally intended? I don't intend to view porn at all, so yes. >Are you unsuccessful in efforts to stop or limit your consumption of pornography? Yes. >Do you go out of your way to keep you pornography consumption secret Yes. >Do you spend significant time thinking about pornography even when not watching it? I spend a lot of time thinking about the focus of my fetish. Yes. Thanks for the link. It seemed more appropriate to ask about this here than to derail the other thread to talk about fetishes.
>>4792 Best of luck, anon.
So, how does one learn to fight? What's the best self defence method I should look into? My place of living is becoming more and more dangerous and I want a way to defend myself outside of a gun.
(70.61 KB 1007x1024 apu aspie workout.jpg)
It's incredible how much energy semen retention gives one just after a few days. It's day and night.
(1.86 MB 856x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5036 It depends, how fit are you? Have you been doing some complex exercises that require stretching your muscles around till now? If you're neither, then you'll have to be playing dirty.
>>5040 >It's incredible how much energy semen retention gives one just after a few days. It's day and night. Yes, I'm also in the same boat. After 2 weeks I feel almost reborn again, like a new person. I'm free now, finally free from the porn trap. Fuck you jews.
>>5042 Another big benefit I've seen is clarity of mind. Much less of a brain-fog feeling than before, and in general feeling more awake. It's sad that this feels almost weird to me, to feel like a normal human-being should. I had come to the realization that when one ejaculates it literally feels like you're losing some sort of vital essence, or just losing your brain-power. It's a disgusting feeling. I wouldn't be surprised if I get even more energetic when I get up towards the level you are at. Hoping to use this as a springboard to get nice and /fit/. If I don't redirect it somewhere it won't be good. This goy has to become a living affront to the jew.
>>5036 Someone on anon.cafe posted a pdf of NS hand-to-hand combat manuals but I neglected to save it. But you might look into that kind of thing.
(326.94 KB 1632x1424 HISQwGy.jpg)
>>5036 >So, how does one learn to fight? By fighting people and surviving. It's a lot like a bird flying, you have the genetics that give you the ability, but you only know really how its done until you do it. For a more in depth explanation read Rory Miller Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training and Real World Violence. >What's the best self defence method I should look into? Look at pic related and find what is locally available to you. You need to learn how to strike and how to grapple, under which tradition you do it doesn't really matter as long as it isn't some joke Martial Arts that tries to sell you made up shit. All human bodies move the same, so the important things about striking and grappling are universal across all martial arts. Additionally download the Calistenics stuff from this thread and start training, learning a Martial Arts is useless without a fit body. >>5066 In Nazi Germany boxing was taught at school for boys at all levels of education. Higher level education also taught modern European academic fencing. At school and in private German kids and teenagers were also doing German Gymnastics(look up Friedrich Ludwig Jahn), which is more or less identical to the Calistenics stuff you can find here in this thread. Hitler youth, Adults, Veterans and Soldiers were doing a more updated version of German Gymnastics called Wehrsport(Military sports) with the additional Jiu-Jitsu or Judo if they didn't stick with the boxing, academic fencing or folk wrestling they knew from childhood. Criminal gangs made up from WW1 Veterans in Weimar Germany were organized in so called Ringerclubs(westling clubs). Just look up English versions of these sports(Boxing, Calistenics, Wrestling, Military Sport, Jui-Jitsu, Judo) from the same time period and you will find the same knowledge.
>>5040 How do i learn semen retention?
>>5069 While NoFap is really just about refraining from watching porn and masturbating, semen retention is basically no ejaculating at all. So for me really it's no difference since I'm a virgin and don't have any other outlets anyway kek. I'm really just approaching it like I expect most people on NoFap would. I'm not too far in yet but I've been doing regular cold showers morning and night, trying to fit in more exercise into my schedule as well as meditation. Another new thing I'm doing is not trying to think about the fact that I'm doing this constantly. In the past I've dwelled on it too much. I don't get mad if some stuff pops into my head but I've been trying to acknowledge it, and then to move move past it. Looking backward is not the right way to approach this.
>>5044 >Another big benefit I've seen is clarity of mind. Much less of a brain-fog feeling than before, and in general feeling more awake. It's sad that this feels almost weird to me, to feel like a normal human-being should. Yes this is the same feeling I have too, but not only that I finally feel like I have drive for life, motivation to do productive things. I am both happy and angry at the same time; happy that I am free and have a new lease on life and angry that I wasted 15 years of my life jacking off to fucked up shit and wasting the prime of my life not finding and securing the woman I wanted, the job I wanted, the knowledge I wanted. Porn is a weapon designed to hook destroy men at a young age and allow the jews to unobstructed access to viable women and success without competition. >I had come to the realization that when one ejaculates it literally feels like you're losing some sort of vital essence, or just losing your brain-power. It's a disgusting feeling. Yes 100% agree and I feel the same. >I wouldn't be surprised if I get even more energetic when I get up towards the level you are at. Hoping to use this as a springboard to get nice and /fit/. If I don't redirect it somewhere it won't be good. This goy has to become a living affront to the jew. Speaking of that I am actually seriously able to consistently work out now, before I was always starved for motivation and energy. The dopamine cravings always keeping me away from difficult tasks. Having great success working on my posture to build the foundation for my transition into full blown strength training. We must shape ourselves into formidable men capable of surviving the worst these demon inbred rats can throw at us.
>>5070 The trick for me, and it is mentioned in easypeasy too, is to view it not as giving something up, but that you are free from slavery, free from a vice that has held you back at every turn. Jacking off to porn to feel better is like wearing tight shoes only to feel the pleasure of taking them off. Dopamine abuse leads to low stress tolerance, high irritability, brain fog, depression/anxiety issues and weakness.
>>5081 Regardless of how much time it took to break free, at least you were able to do so at all. So many White men today have been completely enslaved by the porn jew. The most tragic fact of all is that they don't even know it in many cases. That's the sinister fact about pornography. From my experience I didn't even realize I had an addiction until I was in very deep. Looking back now it's obvious. It's absolutely a weapon. Just another tool to keep White men docile and enslaved to their lusts. Keep up the good progress, anon. Every instance of improvement sends the jew kvetching and screaming. I don't even think this is hyperbole. I feel more Whitepilled than ever. >>5083 >The trick for me, and it is mentioned in easypeasy too, is to view it not as giving something up, but that you are free from slavery, free from a vice that has held you back at every turn. Jacking off to porn to feel better is like wearing tight shoes only to feel the pleasure of taking them off. Dopamine abuse leads to low stress tolerance, high irritability, brain fog, depression/anxiety issues and weakness. Exactly. Though it was not EasyPeasy that led directly to my current streak, I think reading it back a few months ago really in the long term was a major fact in me freeing myself from it. I don't know why, but after reading it, abstaining for a period and then giving in again, it just suddenly seemed to click randomly sometime last week. The details are unneccessary of course, but I just kind of sat there and thought that I'm completely done with this shit, and that I'm tired of being a slave to the cycle. Haven't done it since.
Has anyone tried the zero-carb or keto diet? What did you experience?
>>5116 Haven't tried it seriously (personally I don't need it) but I've seen people get great results myself.
>>5116 For nearly a year now. Very fast initial weight loss with a slow downward trend (vs the upward trend I was on) afterwards, lots of energy, cravings for sugar and bread replaced with cravings for protein and fats, would recommend.
>>5156 >>5174 Thank you. I'll try it.
>>5278 >quit masturbating and watching porn >start working out >stop basing your beliefs on memes and start educating yourself on National Socialism and Fascism That would be my advice.
>>5278 >how can I become a real nazi and stop being a autistic larping cringe beta loser First you can start by stop using the term "nazi" like a faggot.
>>5279 >>5307 Why would you fall for his bait? He's not serious at all, just some faggot commie dreg here to shit up the board.
>>5315 You’re almost certainly right, but you never know sometimes. The post was certainly self-deprecating, but in case it was legit it’s good to see some anons at least trying to help them out.
When I get sore and / or achy arms (or really any limb or part really) from doing exercises, is it best to suck it up the next day and keep going or should I let it rest? It's really not that bad, but it does make my arms feel weak and sore afterwards. The only reason I ask is because I don't want to fuck something up. I'm not doing anything too extreme so I'm thinking I ought to just push through and not be a pussy
>>5341 You shouldn't work out every day, but take a rest day for recovery. That's how strength grows. Now if you're sore after resting, then you suck it up. Usually doing the same exercise works out the soreness anyway.
>>5341 >>5347 Work different muscles each day, that way you get both rest for max gains as well as the benefit of steady routine and overall fitness ie. Day 1 arms, chest and back Day 2 legs and abs Day 3 arms, chest and back Day 4 legs and abs Day 5 arms, chest and back Day 6 legs and abs Day 7 rest or even a three day cycle 1 bicep, shoulder 2 leg, ab 3 tricep, chest
>>5347 >>5352 Thanks for the advice. Alternating things seems to be the best way to do it. I'll rest my arms today and work on something else.
>>5353 This looks fine for starters to intermediate www.lifehack.org/688549/the-ultimate-workout-routines-for-men https://archive.fo/uIJHU couple more www.muscleandfitness.com/workout-plan/workouts/workout-routines/gain-10-pounds-muscle-4-weeks-1/ www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/30-day-dare-do-more-program-days-1-14/ www.menshealth.com/uk/building-muscle/a28433729/full-body-workouts/ Experiment a little bit. Finding the right workout routine is the key. In order to progress, you need to find a workout that appeals to you and is feasible based on your abilities.
>>5354 Thanks, anon. These links look pretty solid.
>>5191 Lower leg cramps are pretty common when starting up so you might want to supplement magnesium, and the trick to jumpstarting the rapid weight loss for me was working up to 4 spoonfuls of C8 MCT oil a day (start with very low amounts in the beginning or you'll feel awful). Good luck
>>5358 Look into Stronglifts 5x5 or Starting Strength if you have access to a good gym or a power rack and bench with weights. I've gotten much stronger since starting the 5x5 in January and I look better too.
If anons are having trouble with diets/nutrition, whether for calorie counting to lose weight or specific nutrient goals (protein, low carb, etc), I've been using cronometer for a while and I've found it's pretty good. The default goals are based on maintaining your current weight at your height, so you can adjust down for cutting or up for bulking. More important are the nutrient targets so you can be assured you're getting enough vitamins and macronutrients. Don't pay for it though, that's a scam. The thing is perfectly functional in the free version.
>>5438 Link to this tool that you've been using?
(381.15 KB 805x3425 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5455 Thank you.
>>5469 Beautiful post. This kind of info is what I've been advocating for for years. Terror must be fought aggressively; it is a waste of time trying to fight a dishonest enemy, honorably and this is our greatest weakness. We must only treat our own kinsmen and allies with honor, and treat our enemies as they deserve to be. If they cheat in a fight, you must cheat first and bring him down at any cost. They thrive on lies and the suppression of truth, the only way to counter this is to be open, courageous and aggressive in getting the truth out there, This is why I hate ccuckservatives- they always play the defense, always whine and bitch about the enemy not playing fair , when they have never and never will. The key tenement of leftism and their repressive tolerance is to attack and convince the public that only they should be tolerated by suppressing the opposition and providing in-advance the statements of said opposition. TL;DR Fire must be fought with FIRE. Pour gasoline on their embers! As GLR said the Marxists are ideological fanatics, and unless you develop in yourself a counter fanaticism to combat it you will not survive. Boomer retards and cuckservatives will never understand that this is the reason fascism is always a fanatical, uncompromising reaction to jewish communism/enslavement.
so I'm a bit sceptical regarding this "convict conditioning" program. Any experience with calisthenics? I haven't gone to the GYM for over a year and feel weak and pathetic. Is there any way you can archieve similar results to barbell lifting just using body weight?
>>5497 No, bodyweight will not get you similar results to using the barbell. However, it's a good way to keep yourself in decent shape if you lack gym access/the money and space for equipment at your house (which is what you should do if you can, it's cheaper than the gym long-term and you don't have to be surrounded by normalfags all workout/wait for racks/etc). I have a friend who did convict conditioning for a while and he got some results but nothing like going to the gym would have done for him.
>>5497 >so I'm a bit sceptical regarding this "convict conditioning" program. >Any experience with calisthenics? >I haven't gone to the GYM for over a year and feel weak and pathetic. >Is there any way you can archieve similar results to barbell lifting just using body weight? I have been doing calisthenics for 2-3 years and have gotten good results. For upper body calisthenics should be comparable to a barbel lifting. It is worse for lower body than barbell lifting but still better than nothing. There is no deadlift equivalent and pistol squats will only take you so far. Any program you do is better than a program you don't do.
any recs on budgeting/money/finance?
>>5512 -your wage slave job only exists to pay the monthly bills, food and get you your investment capital. Your investment capital is the real golden goose, what you invest in is your own choice and there are so many ways to make money as there are stars in the sky -save at least 3 full monthly wages, this is your security for job loss and your time to find something new to pay the bills -afterwards try to save at least 30% of your monthly wage if you can to build up your investment capital -never take a credit/loan ever, credits/loans bind you and turn you into a slave of your circumstances not just financially -if you make an installment payment, pay it off before you make another installment payment. Only have one installment payment at most. -install payments take from your investment capital, don't make a new investment until you have paid off your install payments -buy good property, without it you will be a nomad your entire life. -don't marry, the institution of marriage has been ruined and without a restoration to the old quality standard it is just not worth it for men. There are ways to have a wife and kids without being buttfucking retarded and buying into the current marriage package.
>>5841 >There are ways to have a wife and kids without being buttfucking retarded and buying into the current marriage package. Can you elaborate? Particularly on how you would get a woman to agree to that (or put her in a situation where it wouldn't matter if she did).
>>5845 1. One of your major goals in live should be to reproduce. If you fail to do that then your family line dies, your race dies and all your ancestors did was for naught. History can be recovered and reconstructed, but what dead is is dead. Single motherhood and female entitlement are a plague on our current society, but if the choice is between fathering a child upon a disloyal slut or not fathering a child at all, the single mother is the lesser of two evils. 2. With Nr. 1 out of the way, the question is not how to get a woman and child as to get them is as easily as cruising your countries waterholes and fucking every lose hole you cant get, but how to keep the woman from leaving and cashing in the single motherhood neet bux so that your children can have a healthy upbringing. The simple, yet complex answer to that is that you have to be the dominant partner in the relationship. You have to dominate your woman and lead her willingly into it. To do that you have to understand how women tick and one of the the best source I have found for that are the "Rational Male" books by Rollo Tomassi.
>>5877 Rollo Tomassi:' - The Rational Male (Volume I) - The Rational Male: Preventive Medicine (Volume II) - The Rational Male: Positive Masculinity (Volume III) - The Rational Male: Religion (Volume IV)
>>5891 You can make fun of me as much as you want, but the fact of the matter is that the law governing marriage in most Western countries has been thoroughly corrupted by the jewish establishment and the old securities and fail-safes it once provided no longer exist. Until these law change partaking in the official version of marriage is like playing Russian roulette for men. To solve this problem we have to create our own fascist version of partnership that will lead to a healthy household that creates children that will share our worldview. There are even historic examples for this to imitate, European peasants in the Middle Ages thought of the Church as corrupt so they had their own marriage culture and traditions outside the Church. It wasn't until the Modern Era that having your wedding in a church in front of a priest became common for normal people. You can decry the Pickup Community for their degenerate behavior as much as you want, but these guys have certainly done their studies on female behavior and our current society and some of their text like The Rational Male are worth a read. Afterwards I can only advise the interested men here to learn about the history of marriage in the Western world, to learn what goal and meaning the wedding customs and traditions had and then come up with their own system to recreate it without relying on the current official system that will ruin them. And if it fails, at least you put some racially pure children in the world and there are more of your race. As a side note, one can use PUA tactics to destroy leftist groups.
Interesting PDF on diet advice for getting bigger/stronger. Not sure how true it is but the anecdotal evidence is fairly convincing. Do any anons have experience with raw eggs or egg-based diets? Of course I know eggs are good for you - I didn't know that cooking them damages the cholesterol in them though.
>>7057 It's a question of bioavailability vs. overall nutrients. Cooking does denature compounds, but makes others/what remains more readily absorbed by the body. I won't pretend to advise on which, if either, is better. >political ethic built upon the massive consumption of raw eggs Twitter never ceases to rub me the wrong way.
>>7058 >Twitter never ceases to rub me the wrong way. Yeah it's pretty hammy. The guy seems to have good intentions though.
>>7068 >The guy seems to have good intentions though I don't disagree. Doesn't change the fact that the way people posture and treat themselves like a brand on Twitter is unhealthy for the psyche. >>5915 >these guys have certainly done their studies on female behavior I'd argue only on a certain type of female
>>7070 Of course - this is why I don't use such sites.
>>750 >>751 >>753 >>754 Since we're on the topic of Black Metal, I like like Absurd which is a neo-NatSoc Black Metal band. Ashes to Ashes is the best song that really cemented my love for Black Metal (and metal in general). I was introduced to Black Metal through Absurd rather than Mayhem or Burzum, while researching about National Socialism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M388IcbOX1s
>>7058 Cooking is essential to the human diet. Because of cooking the human was able to devote more energy to intelligence.
>>7107 I was referring more specifically to eggs, but I imagine there is some tradeoff in other foods as well, and is dependent on how the food is cooked. The biggest advantage historically was probably the elimination of pathogens, which can be mitigated today with proper sourcing or growing and raising yourself. I won't denegrate either camp.
>>7057 Debating about raw vs cooked food is typically just majoring in the minor. If you homestead or at least source your food from local farms that you trust, details are not that important. A good goal is to eat foods you can remember all the ingredients of at least 90% of the time. >>7058 The protein in egg Whites is barely bioavailable to humans unless cooked.
>>7057 For fun I did the first recipe from this PDF the "Gironda Egg Shake" yesterday. I brought everything fresh and my eggs were from a regional family owned farm that keep their chicken free range. First of all the recipe will produce a shake that is over one liter in volume. I have a good blender, but I had to do it in two parts because of that. I drunk 2 long drink glasses(about 600ml) of that and I felt stuffed, yet I still had over half a liter of the shake left. Unless a person is starving or really masochistic there is no way a normal person can drink that much for one meal. This brings another problem with it, because eating certain things raw is not a problem, but you have to eat them fresh. The eggs have to be fresh and once you break it, you have to consume it because leaving it in the fridge just turns it into a Petri dish. So I had to throw away what was left over. On top of that this shake really needs bananas in it, because it's just bland. Anyway today I had the shits. I don't know if its the eggs, if the heavy cream was too fatty for my guts or because of a combination with all the other food I ate yesterday, but I will not try that again. Another recipe in the book calls for a shake that combines milk with orange juice, which is a notorious bad combination because the acid in the orange juice makes the milk go bad.
>>7402 Thanks for being the experiment. I personally think the sheer amount of raw eggs in those shakes is ridiculous, but I have been adding 1-2 raw eggs to my usual protein shakes (the only one without soy I can find) and it isn't bad - just makes it a little smoother. Anyway, I think that shale is meant for bodybuilders who are trying to bulk fast. Even so I can't imagine drinking three of those mammoth shakes a day plus food.
>>7402 >Another recipe in the book calls for a shake that combines milk with orange juice, which is a notorious bad combination because the acid in the orange juice makes the milk go bad. Acids can cause milk to curdle but it won't make it go bad, it will still be perfectly good to eat.
Nofap Anecdotal Evidence imgur.com/a/g4eGH
>>7968 Good find. Thanks.
I quit smoking thanks to the Furher. Hitler was not wrong about cigarettes
>>8114 One really discovers over time that he was right about everything. The only thing of his that I can't quite get behind is his vegetarianism. When it comes to abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes, I completely agree and follow that personally, but when it comes to that, I just can't see the reason. Slaughterhouses (esp. kosher ones, but really all industrial ones) are just horrible, but I don't think the solution is to stop eating meat. Even plants have been proven to suffer a bit when they are destroyed. There is just no way around it, but things can certainly be made better and healthier for animals.
>>8130 Sounds like he wasn't forcing vegetarianism on anyone and it was a personal choice anyways
(88.17 KB 850x400 Goebbels meat vegetarian.jpg)
>>8144 The only piece of counter-evidence I am aware of is from Goebbels' diaries, which seem to indicate that it was an issue that he was leaving off for the future, much like the problem with the churches. Unfortunately we cannot find as much corroborating evidence here like we can with his statements on Christianity. I know he talked about how bad meat was in Table Talk, and how he thinks the world will be vegetarian in the future, but I can't recall him saying that it was a major policy issue for the future.
>>8130 > The only thing of his that I can't quite get behind is his vegetarianism. You have to understand that Hitler was heavily influenced by his WW1 experience and during WW1 the German Government heavily shilled for Vegetarianism, because it was easier to supply the population with vegetables than with meat. During 1916/1917 there was a food crisis in Germany that became known as the Steckrübenwinter(turnip winter), because turnips was the only thing the common people could still buy. Every meal of the day was some dish made with turnips and they government even released a cooking book exclusively for dishes made from turnips. Bread? Made from a mixture of turnip and potato flour. Coffee? Made from roasted turnips. Cake? Turnip Cake. And almost every meal a soup or stew made mostly with Turnips. So Hitler was either convinced of vegetarianism from that time or he simple supported it, because it made his preparations in the case of war easier. Another thing is the food hygiene back in the day. The National Socialist actually introduced food hygiene standards that are still used today. Before Hitler you had two types of butcher in Germany. One for the poor people and one for the rich people. The one for the rich people had all the meat you know today: beef, pork, poultry The butcher for the poor people had whatever the butcher could cheaply buy or catch: dogs, cats, doves, ducks, sheep, goat, rabbit, horses etc. Hitler was actually the guy who made eating dogs in Germany illegal. Dogs were never a feature of German cuisine, but poor people would simply get what they could to have meat in their stew.
(583.25 KB 1017x1019 Tierfreund hitler.png)
>>8263 Unfortunately I'm not sure if we know exactly when Hitler adopted vegetarianism. We have the story of how he quite smoking from Mein Kampf if I am remembering correctly, but not of how he adopted vegetarianism. While it's definitely possible that the situation in Germany at certain points led to his gradual adoption of vegetarianism or him coming to think that it was the better choice, I think a big part of his reasoning definitely had to do with his concern for animals, rather than this concern being a post hoc rationalization of early choices. I never knew that about dog meat though, that is very interesting, I will have to look into that. There is just not enough out there in English unfortunately about Hitler's moves to protect animals.
>>8272 This is the Reichstierschutzgesetz(Reich Animal Protection Law) from 1933, eleven month after Hitler took office. It's the first animal protection law of its kind for the German lands. Previous Prussian law only outlawed public mistreatment of animals as a misdemeanor, this law makes the mistreatment of animals a full crime and punishes it with up to two years of prison and a fine of up to 150 Reichsmark, repeated offenders can be banned from owning animals and working in occupation in which they work with animals. I don't have the time to translate it in full, but for it being only 3 pages it is really expansive if you consider that all the stuff it outlaws was previously legal. For example it outlaws the training of dogs for aggressiveness with the help of live animals like cats and foxes. Another thing you might want to look up is the Lebensreform movement, which was a cross-party social movement in German speaking countries in the late 19th and early 20th century centered around health and a back-to-nature lifestyle. It was a huge inspiration for the later National Socialists and the inventors of the Blood & Soil ideology came from it.
>>8272 I heard some rumors that it was only due to how his body just couldn't really handle meat at all, though obviously I've got nothing to back that up with.
(592.14 KB 1532x1200 suetterlin script example 2.jpg)
>>8289 Thanks for the PDF, anon. I'm able to read some German so maybe I will be able to get something out of it. The problem is that old German texts that use Fraktur and the like are such a pain some times, kek. Don't even get me started on Suetterlin, that is illegible for me. Fraktur's doable though. It's kind of a shame they got rid of the unique aspects of their writing though. It does have a character all of its own. Reading just what you've written here though, we can see that these laws are still ahead of their times from what is the law in many places, at least from my knowledge of the topic.
The things keeping me from exercising, reading, writing or whatever, is my computer and the internet. Whenever I try to do a full day without a computer or the internet, I get a lot done, and enjoy my day more than I would usually do. The hardest thing I struggle with, on these days, is what to do. I get things done too fast; so fast that I have nothing else to do. What can I work on, when I have nothing left to do? How do I stop using the internet? I feel like porn and sugary foods are easier to quit than the internet. I often go on a long bike ride to waste some time, and I enjoy it, but sometimes I don't feel like going on a long trip. When I have plans with my friends or family, I don't think of the internet. It's a tool I use when I'm bored. Summer does not help, I have nothing to do. I miss studying for school. There is more to my life than the internet. I could die tomorrow, I could die in ten minutes; I know this, but still, I choose to sit with my PC all day.
>>8765 >What can I work on, when I have nothing left to do? Have you tried a list of things to do? Look into the Getting Things Done system. I can't imagine having nothing left to do with my backlog.
>>8767 >Have you tried a list of things to do? Yes, I've tried to make a list of things I could do the next day, but my tasks are not time consuming enough to fill the whole day. >Look into the Getting Things Done system. I can't imagine having nothing left to do with my backlog. I haven't heard about this before. I'll check it out. Thank you!
>>8768 >GTD I did a search and it looks like this has developed almost a self-help cottage industry around it since I learned it a decade ago. But don't be scared off by that. If you read the original book it describes the system pretty well. It's just a fancy way to organize your todo list and calendar for efficiency without getting overwhelmed. Works with index cards or on computer or phone program.
>>8765 One thing I think a lot of people have forgotten how to do is relax in silence. Just sit and think for a while about whatever topic comes to mind. I need to work on doing this to, but this is what all men, great or not, in history have done with their spare time - even if they had a group of close friends they still spent much time alone, thinking.
>>8819 it's nice to go to a forested park and walk around off the trails alone for awhile
>>8962 It's also a great way to get killed or to kill someone since there are no cameras around. That's where many of the more successful serial killers find their victims.
(3.48 MB 3648x2736 IMG_2184.JPG)
>>8962 This. This so much. I spend a lot of time on the computer anyway, so it's always nice to be able to log off for a few days. >>8967 There's no danger as long as you stay on the main trails and don't make yourself a victim.
>>8968 Every place is safe. Until it isn't.
>>8967 With that mindset you should probably just never leave your house. >>8968 Comfy pic
>>8973 >With that mindset you should probably just never leave your house. I bet those European tourists who find themselves raped and murdered in a trail at some third world shithole justify their behavior with a similar fallacy.
>>8975 Going off the trail at a state park in a predominantly-White area isn't the same as hitchhiking in Morocco. Maybe I should double-check for any disappearances or murders before I go next time, but I don't think there will be any.
>>8979 What about every shithole...? Is it possible that safe areas exists in shitholes?
Is there a simple way of self-mastery that doesn't require viewing a wall of text? If you want to make it just stay away from these things: >porn >masterbation >eating junk food >playing video games >using the internet >watching TV You get what not to do but here is what you should do: >lift >have a job you enjoy >have a large family >believe in a polytheistic religion Is there anything else to say? It's simple and you don't need to have anything over-complicated to save your life.
(1.27 MB 2000x1672 a current lifestyle chart.jpg)
(486.32 KB 1800x2320 the neckbeard challenge.jpg)
(60.31 KB 736x572 ]kshsjsg.jpg)
(450.88 KB 1907x2074 PORN AND CUCKERY.png)
For coomers:
>>802 This is why eugenics is important when selecting a mate. If a woman's face is flat or sloping, she is a dysgenic mate who probably has some very recent chink, or in the case of the latter, kike ancestry. If her eyes are darker than light brown, she is a dysgenic pairing. If her skin is darker than the normal bronze skin tone one gets from tanning, she is dysgenic. Ideally, she should have a milky complexion. If her hair is thick, black, and/or frizzy like wool, she is also a dysgenic pairing, as those traits come from Mongoloid or Negroid admixture. Thin, strait, wavy red/blonde is the preferable hair a woman to breed with should have. Ideally, your QT 3.14 should meet all of that criteria I just listed above. That guy shouldn't even compare himself to his grandparents. He is a half-asian muttgolian, while they are pure or almost pure Nordic Aryans. By Gods, you'd think one of those men, especially from that time, would disown their race mixing son for marrying a slant and producing such an abomination. He is one of the few I hope gets vaxxmaxxed. I hope he gets genital shrinkage and can no longer have kids without expensive, invasive IVF techniques. We don't want people like that to self improve so they can piss in our gene pool. The only thing mongrels like that could do if truely do for us would be to unironically take the Jew Juice, if even redpilled. But in all honesty, I see killing these people as an act of mercy. Non-White and White DNA are not as compatible contemporary (((science))) would have you believe. The mixing of foreign DNA actually causes problems. I worked in the psyche ward. It was full of mutts.
>>8975 All of those cases involve dumb White women who are naive about the world traveling in strange areas. They are so dumb that they almost deserve their rape and murder.
Any advice on finding male friends when you currently have no friends at all? In my mid-twenties and haven't had a solid friend group since high school.
How do I stop wanting women?
>>9019 Can you elaborate on exactly what you mean by that?
>>9023 I've had lots of female friends and acquaintances that I've had sexual feelings for, but none of them seem to reciprocate these feelings. Whenever I try to act on these desires, I just end up pushing them away further. I've had sex exactly once in my life, and that was when I was a horny teenager and couldn't keep it my pants. I was race-mixing, too. To this day, I've never actually seen a naked White woman in person. A lot of the girls I went to school with I still see on a regular basis. A lot of them are involved in leftist causes and movements, and post about their 'activism' on social media. There's this one girl I used to have a huge crush on who became an Antifa member. She seemed beautiful and charming at the time, but also very physically vulnerable. I still get anxious about the thought of her being injured, no matter how much she might have deserved it. I know that nothing good will come out of simping for people who don't like me anyway and would sell me out without a second thought, but I haven't been able to bring myself to move on for good.
>>9019 >>9031 1.You can't, its what makes you a man. 2. However you are blue pilled about the female nature. Go read the Rational Male pdfs linked in this threat. 3. It's because you are blue pilled about the female nature and aren't a man who leads women which caused the woman you fancy to fall into degeneracy instead of your arms.
>>9031 Well for better or for worse, I don’t think you’re going to be able to stop wanting women since you’re literally hardwired to want them at a subrational level. I think >>9032 is offering some good advice here though. It seems like you’ve partially got the wrong idea about women. For one, women and politics are a joke. Don’t take anything they say or believe concerning it seriously. It’s all just brainwashing and social engineering, and any woman who is redpilled is only like that because of the influence of a redpilled man in her life that is able to supress her retarded emotionally-driven slut instincts. It sounds harsh, but that’s basically the truth. Women can be changed. I would probably avoid any sort of insane leftist activists though. Women virtue-signaling in minor ways is different than literally being Antifa. Also, never simp for women ever. It’s beta behavior, and once women see a man simping for them they are filed immediately under the orbiter category in her mind.
>>9031 Most retarded post itt
(364.24 KB 590x446 Solipsism.png)
>>9034 >her retarded emotionally-driven slut instincts. It's actually a little bit more complex than that. Women are solipsistic in nature, which is a world view that only considers the own ego as truly real. It may have been evolved as a survival mechanism to deal with the loss of children and mates. Much of women's "emotionallity" comes from this, it's a rationalization of their own ruthlessness. Women also claim to be more emotionally than they actually are to hide this. In truth a women has to be taught to really able to empathize with other people. Without this education the say "...cries out in pain, while she strikes you" is pretty fitting. On top of this a woman is driven by the need to find the strongest mate she can attract and find a provider of resources to rear her children and have security. Because few men are actually able(taught) to accomplish both roles, to be the musclebound ruthless Hunter/Warrior on one side and the successful Buisnessman/Worker/Farmer on the other side, women become disloyal sluts and sleep around to get both from different men. They fuck the hot bodybuilder guy, regardless if he is a loser in the rest of his live and/or a criminal, because women are told by their instinct that these guys have the better genes. And once they are too ugly and/or old to attract these guys, they look for a blue collar worker chump to provide the financial security for themselves and their children, children who might not be the blue collared workers. The problem of our blue pilled post WW2 western world order(not just leftism) is it that men are taught by the system to be the blue collared worker chumps, while they tell women they have the right to everything. The result is this Anon >>9031 . He has the normal healthy biological need for women, but all the system has taught him is being a chump. A chump is not sexually attractive for women and only interesting as a provider once they are 30 year old single mothers. The best example for this is that he only know "simping" as a way to deal with women. If he was taught right, he would never simp for a woman. He would build a successful live and strong body and then invite/lead a woman into it. The woman has to become the supplicant, offer herself up and needs to know how to behave. If she doesn't, she needs to be ejected as fast as possible to not waste any time and resources on her.
>>9018 Make friends at work. Just approach people and ask to eat lunch with them. That, or you could look into groups in your area that are dedicated to a hobby of yours.
>>9034 >Women can be changed I admit that I've been tempted by the idea of trying to 'save' White women from leftism in the past, but the fact is I really don't have anything to offer. I'm not especially strong, handsome or talented. I have no close friends or connections. I don't have a well paying job or any practical skills expect for very basic stuff like carpentry and gardening. My problem is that I can't stop wanting women even though trying to act on these desires would end in disaster. Even the antifa girl still acts in a delightfully feminine way, you'd never know she was antifa just by looking at her. Naturally my subconscious mind reacts to the traits I find attractive, not the crazy politics. I end up craving female attention and find myself compelled to seek it out, no matter how harmful in might be in the long run. If it's any consolation I've never given a woman money or gifts. Mostly I just enjoy having attractive women show me positive attention, not sure if that makes me an 'orbiter' or not. I'd like to establish some modicum of control over my own life. Even if I can't get rid of desires for good, I should at least be able to control them better, or work towards a state where I'm not such an undesirable.
So I've been on a nofap streak for a while now, but there is one problem - I can't delete the porn I have saved on my computer. I'm not looking at it or anything, but if I just delete it all I inevitably start to think about saving it all again, and then somehow trick myself into 'just looking and saving' and end up relapsing again. But when I have the porn saved and I know I have it, there's no problem for me. What should I do about this? It almost feels like when I could access it when ever I wanted that I have more control over it, but at the same time as soon as I delete it I inevitably get the urge to download some stuff that I have. Not even like gigabytes worth, but like a dozen things. I hate that I'm some addicted to this stuff even when I'm not even looking at it or jerking off at all.
(3.25 MB 1280x720 overhead thot press.mp4)
>>9181 >I'm not especially strong, handsome or talented >I'd like to establish some modicum of control over my own life. You can get strong, and you can acquire talents. You can also establish friendships and build connections. Pick up a barbell, pick up a trade, pick up a guitar. Figure it out and get started. >>9182 You could delete the hardcore stuff and only keep the softcore pics of just women. Or just don't worry about if you aren't looking at it anyways.
>>9208 Yeah, everything I have saved is softcore pics and a few videos mostly of like girls dancing. I think I just need to keep pushing forward until I totally lose the will to indulge in the habit at all, and then delete the stuff eventually. I'm getting better over time in actually holding a streak down thanks to some reading of stuff like EasyPeasy, personal reflection and other stuff.
>>9219 Sounds like you are perfectly on the right track already so good job, keep it up!
(396.33 KB 830x360 monkey on back.png)
I don't look for porn regularly but I do go to a lot of erotic chat and roleplay sites. I have a somewhat unusual sexual fetish that I've posted about in this board's QDDTOT thread before. My motive for joining in the first place was to find partners willing to indulge in this fetish, something these sites make it a lot easier to do. I find that the interactive aspect makes it harder for me to give up for long periods of time than my other porn related habits, though of course they all feed in to each other. I get the urge to jerk off almost every other night, and most of the time I give in.I think my habit is starting to turn me into a coomer. I have a collection of erotic images that I've deleted several times, but I keep getting the urge to download them again every time I log in to any of my accounts. Most of my collection isn't even that sexually explicit, but since it appeals to my fetishes I have a hard time letting go of it. Even if I were to delete my accounts, I'm not sure how I would deal with the temptation to make new ones. I was thinking of just not visiting the sites for a while, then deleting them at a later date. I want to completely lose the desire to ERP, or at least develop the willpower I need to give it up for good. Is the above a viable strategy? I'd be interested in hearing from anons who've kicked similar habits.
>>9334 Keep the accounts for now and don't delete the images you have. This is basically the issue I was describing here >>9182, more or less. Getting rid of the stuff for whatever reason makes everything worse in my experience, probably because I still have a subconscious attachment to it, but not purging everything and growing my own will-power has so far been a working strategy for me, even though I won't pretend like I have not stumbled occasionally, but I have just shaken that off and restarted again. Don't log into the accounts, don't download any more pics, and don't look at any of the pics you have saved though. "Just one look..." is the ultimate trick and every time I have thought that I end up relapsing within the hour. I've never had accounts at places like you are describing, but I have had a problem with spending inordinate amounts of time online chatting with people about degenerate stuff. It's more addicting than pornography in some ways. I don't have any special advice for that that differs from what I'd say for porn though. EasyPeasy is always good, as is realizing eventually that the benefits from abstaining outweigh anything you'd get from short term indulgence (i.e. nothing)
>>9337 >growing my own will-power has so far been a working strategy for me How do you do this, by meditating or exercising? I think part of the issue for me is that I'm tempted to indulge in escapist fantasies where I can ignore the parts of the real world I find unpleasant. I don't have to think about White Genocide, the Great Reset or any of my many personal failures. I'd like to get married and bring White children into the world, but I'd never be able to support a family in my current condition. Instead I find myself engaging in fantasies scenarios where not only do women want me, but actually rely on me to protect and care for them. The more I'm upset, the more I'm tempted by fantasy, but the more I give in to my temptations the less time I spend trying to improve my standing in the real world. >but I have had a problem with spending inordinate amounts of time online chatting with people about degenerate stuff Me too. This is probably what I spend the most time on, just talking to people about degenerate stuff. How did you finally quit?
(120.50 KB 808x849 nofap nazis mass shooting.jpg)
>>9405 I'm really not as free as you might think, really. I'm roughly two weeks into abstaining right now, which is really not that impressive, but for me that is a great streak. So while I don't want to come off as any sort of nofap guru or anything, I do think that I am getting more control over it as time passes. At my worst I've done it two or three times a day, sometimes skipping a day here and there, but not often. I think I just have a super high sex drive or something. But anyway, I always kind of had it in the back of my mind that I was out of control and wanted to stop it, so I'd swear after doing it to myself that I'd abstain starting the next day, and that never worked, and I'd end up just repeating this cycle endlessly. Occasionally I would end up reading something that would knock me back into a streak. EasyPeasy set me on a good streak for a while, but I relapsed after that eventually too after like a week. It still has some good knowledge in there though, I've recommended it to people who have asked for help on this stuff even while struggling myself still. I'd also learned various things on the nature of desire from reading stuff like certain Socratic dialogues, the Bhagavad Gita, Dhammapada and stuff like that that really helped me conceptualize why, beyond just feeling shitty about porn and jerking off, it is good to have self-control and mastery over lower lusts. I've started to try to incorporate things like freezing cold showers (at least for the last minute or two before I get out), basic exercising, meditation and prayer, and most importantly, trying to avoid temptation in general. I try to avoid any sites where scantily clad women are posted wantonly like 4chan. It sounds pathetic, but in the past the smallest things have thrown me on a downward spiral. But through this current combination I have had great progress, including the especially good streak that I am on now. When I first started it I would be able to abstain a day, and then I would fail. And then I would abstain a day, and then I would fail. I caught on that the second day was my weakness, and becoming aware of this, I was really dedicated to get through the second day. The important thing is to not act like the world is over when you fail, but to harden your motivation towards beating the previous streak. Eventually I started to get the hang of it and have not had any problems beyond temptation here and there since then (which is inevitable, what really matters is not giving into the lust). >escapist fantasies I don't have this particular problem as much, but I can understand it. I guess with watching porn and giving into this stuff constantly, one is really not getting any nearer to reaching goals such as getting a wife or having White children in the future. Being a porn addict is definitely probably an obstacle to this, so that is one piece of motivation here. The second is to think of not giving in to this stuff as a personal affront to the Jews and all of those who want the White race to degenerate. They want you to watch porn and be an animal with no self-control over lusts and urges. This is how they control people and pacify them. To say 'NO' to this and to instead spend that time doing something that is what the Jews would fear is the best thing to do, such as exercising, or even just resisting the urge and going to do something else is a small victory. It's also good not to spend too much time viewing demoralizing news media and blackpills. The media is designed to make you angry, to demoralize you, etc. 99% of the time there is nothing of value to discuss on places like /pol/. Following the news to the letter will just make one miserable. Just focus on spiting the Jew. While I'm not that far in, and while I am probably not qualified to be giving much advice, I hope you found at least something helpful in there. I tried not to blogpost about me masturbating and so simpled some stuff up a bit, but that's basically what has been happening
>>9411 You're still doing better than I am. The last time I attempted nofap I didn't even last a full week. You're right in that it's the small things that set you back, I never know when I might see, hear or read something that excites me. It's partly habit too, I get the urge almost any time I'm bored and alone, even if I'm not particularly horny. When I talk about fantasy, what I mean is that I have sexual fantasies about women I know and then go online to find partners willing to erp these fantasies. It's a lot easier and more immediately gratifying than actually trying to approach women in real life, and then to get to the point where they might be willing to entertain my fantasies about them. I think the solution for me is to stay away from the internet and news in general and find something else to occupy my mind. I might also try some form of prayer or mediation; I never really took that sort of thing seriously before because I saw it as a fad for women and leftists. As for exercise, I don't really do a lot except for some light calisthenics. I do fifty push-ups and fifty squats every night before bead, sometimes I also go running in the morning or lit weights. I haven't been able to put on a lot of muscle, probably because I'm not getting enough protein in my diet or because I'm probably low T because of my masturbation habits. Would going to the gym help? I was also thinking of getting a pull-up bar. I would like to be able to get strong without spending a lot of money and without much bulky equipment.
>>9425 There's nothing wrong with you anon just make it irl instead, most people have fantasies etc.
>>9425 Yeah I guess a big thing to do is to just to find alternate things to do so that when you get bored or are alone you don't immediately fall back into bad habits. One thing I've done is just get off the computer totally when no one is home so I'm in a different room and usually doing something like reading a book or something. This isn't full-proof, but my computer is the most dangerous area for me. Not being near it it actually takes a bit of effort for me to go do that, and it gives me some time to snap out of it instead of just mindlessly clicking to a new tab or something. Anything to fill that void would be good then, gym, meditation, finding friends to hang out with, etc. >You're right in that it's the small things that set you back, I never know when I might see, hear or read something that excites me. Yeah it's as annoying as fuck. I think I might just have a really weak will-power or a very strong drive. Getting a girlfriend would be ideal for me kek.
>>9405 >How did you finally quit? For me, lifting and reading more has helped a lot. I spend about 1/5th the time online that I used to these days.
>>9428 >For me, lifting and reading more has helped a lot. I spend about 1/5th the time online that I used to these days. What kinds of things do you read? I have a lot of books in pdf form that I've collected over the years, the problem is that I need to use my computer to read them so most of them go unread. I'd also like to build up my strength and stamina, but I'd rather not much spend time and money going to the gym. I'd like to have a few simple exercise to do to maintain my fitness, that can be performed in confined spaces with as little special equipment as possible.
>>9478 Read these then.
>>9495 >>9478 Start with Convict Conditioning in the OP post, third link, too large to post here.
>>9478 Get a e-book reader like a kobo, then get epub versions of the books and drop them on there with Caliber. Then you can read books in the comfort of any location and comfortable position without distractions on a nice low eye-stress e-ink surface
>>9478 >What kinds of things do you read? Right now I'm reading some early 20th century pulps. Previously this year I've read >Twilight of the Idols >Germania >Sun and Steel >LotR Return of the King >The Prince And some other stuff, all as physical books. You can find a surprising amount of good materials at stores like Half Price Books. As for fitness, Convict Conditioning and Start Bodyweight are both okay but the Stronglifts 5x5 is what I recommend, ideally at a home gym but the cost and space can be prohibitive so a cheap membership at a faggy gym like PF can be better for beginners. I've gone from squatting the bar by itself to squatting 225lb in 6 months, and that's with 2 deloads due to week-long breaks, 1 due to failure and one on my own volition to fix my form. Theoretically I could be squatting 280 or so right now, but I was cutting calories and doing keto which make it harder to make gains. In roughly the same time period (6 months) on bodyweight stuff I got much less noticeable results and my shape/posture/appearance approved much more and faster with weights than with bodyweight stuff.
(2.25 MB 1261x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9334 I've forgotten the last time I fapped and masturbated, it's almost very rare to have an urge to do it. My trick in the early stages was, do as many push-ups as it takes for my muscles to hurt and where I could barely even eat. I found out that the 1st week it's the week with the highest urges. If you can pass the 1st week and replace it something else that it's really enjoyable(fitness is really enjoyable in my case) then you'll go through it quite easily. Deeply ingrained habits cannot be removed, but they can be replaced, apparently the brain stores them in reserve(way back) because it wants to conserve so it makes things easier for itself later on, by recalling things from its storage. Things to mule upon on: This is my cry into the void. Your life is slowly ending. The days you spend doing nothing compound. Solutions for your problems exists, you just need to search for them. Answers exist. Look around. You are not alone in your struggle for meaning. Men since the dawn of time have yearned for meaning and answers. Each day wasted is a day of regret on your death bed. It is approaching with certainty. You’ll be lucky to meet death knowingly surrounded by love ones. Meditate on your temporary and short time here. What do you want? Where are you going? Who do you want to be? What do you want out of life?
>>9426 >There's nothing wrong with you anon just make it irl instead, most people have fantasies etc. My problem is that I can't spend any length of time around attractive women without having sexual thoughts about them. I also have a somewhat niche sexual fetish that I almost have to erp to fulfill. I think it would be best for me to remain celibate, at least for the time being. I'd like to be able to channel that energy into improving my lot in life and honing my skills. I can't avoid women entirely, so I'll have to work on minimizing their effect on me. I already plan to abstain from masturbation and pornography and to practice strength training regularly. I'm also thinking of taking up mediation as a way to improve my focus, willpower and overall mental stability. What's the best thing for me to do in this situation?
>>9524 Focus on getting yourself together first and foremost but don't completely keep yourself closed off from any opportunities with women. Never know what could come up, especially if you are self-improving at the same time. All of what you suggested in the final paragraph is good, I see nothing to nitpick there. >My problem is that I can't spend any length of time around attractive women without having sexual thoughts about them. Completely normal. >I also have a somewhat niche sexual fetish that I almost have to erp to fulfill. Are you the dude who was into girls fainting or something? If so, don't even worry about that. If there are freaks out there who can find other weirdos to indulge in their fetishes related to consuming shit or other bodily fluids, I think you'll be fine.
>>9526 >Are you the dude who was into girls fainting or something? Yeah that was me. I enjoy having women think of me as strong and dependable. Mostly I fulfill this desire by doing small favors for women like opening opening mason jars, holding bags, walking them home at night, ect. Not sure if that makes me a "simp" or not. It's exciting to imagine a woman completely caving under pressure and being completely dependent on a strong, patient man (me) to keep her safe and protect her modesty. Videos linked below should give you an idea about the kinds of things I fantasize about. youtube.com/watch?v=9LXfuCTsiHk youtube.com/watch?v=60-gRZFqApA&list=PL1vc1GChpHYqOIaHC2E3bf7wV5Vq3OZDS youtube.com/watch?v=qfRy5vDVTak youtube.com/watch?v=7jTS_I5_m1g youtube.com/watch?v=bB23QIsaz3U I would like to be able to stop having these fantasies or at least get them under control. Hence my interest in mediation.
>>9533 That's about as vanilla as it gets, honestly (and I don't mean this in a bad way, obviously). I wouldn't worry about it too much. Focus on getting over the pornography, masturbation and other bad habits more than trying to expunge specific fantasies from your mind. Also I noticed you said >>9524 here that you 'plan to abstain'. I would move this to start as soon as possible. With addictions there is a tendency to say shit like 'I will start tomorrow or on X date', but that is really just an addict cope. Meditation will help though. It's deceptively easy-looking, but it gets easier.
Not exactly sure this is exactly related to /sig/ at all, but if any of you guys had a fear of driving cars, how did you get over it? I've always had poor motor skills but that doesn't seem to stop several people from getting on the road, but like, any time I end up behind the wheel, I end up getting a fuckin' massive panic attack when I thought I had managed to stop having those a long while ago.
>>9539 I felt that a little when it had been a few years since I drove. But it went away quickly when I started driving regularly again. Try just driving more regularly and you might be fine. For motor control, get good at jump rope, handstands, and line walking stuff like that. Even riding a bicycle is a start.
>>9536 >I would move this to start as soon as possible. I was going to start on the 24th but I've already broken my streak. I get the urge every time I find myself lying in bed in private. I spend(waste) a lot of time on sites like Deviant Art and F-List. I'm hesitant to delete my accounts there because I know I'll be tempted to make new ones, which is exactly what happened the last few times I've tried to quit. I'm really kicking myself for not getting into meditation earlier. I actually have a few manuals gathering dust in the closet. I got them from westernized Buddhist temple a few years back, but never actually read them. I saw how cucked this particular temple was and that was enough for me to dismiss the entire idea as a fad for women and hippies. >>9539 >>9540 I never learned to drive and I'm 22. Whenever I need to get somewhere I walk, ride my bicycle or have someone else take me.
>>9547 >>9540 I personally don't wanna be a bikefag since like, all of the fucking bikefags around my area are either niggers with stolen ones looking to surround someone, or idiots who don't know how to stay in their lane. But, handstands and line walking don't sound bad, so thanks.
>>9547 >I was going to start on the 24th but I've already broken my streak You just have to start right back again with trying. Persistent effort is the only way to get anywhere. Again, don't worry about deleting anything, just focus on stopping with the vices. Every time one indulges they are throwing fuel on the fire. Even a bumpy route with occasional failures will grow your willpower and starve the fire a bit, giving you more success. >I actually have a few manuals gathering dust in the closet. I got them from westernized Buddhist temple a few years back, but never actually read them. Western Buddhism is terminally cucked, but I'm sure the manuals are fine for that topic, at least.
>>9547 >I never learned to drive and I'm 22 It's a good life skill and super fucking easy even nigger bitches can do it
>>9539 Just practice. I used to be super nervous about driving, but the more I did it the more I could just go through the motions easier. This is especially true with routes that I have taken a million times by this point. I do get a bit thrown off when I have to take routes I've never taken before though. I don't see myself as particularly good at driving, but at this point I can do it. The biggest issues are really clueless niggers and aggressive teenage girls more than anything.
>>9562 >It's a good life skill and super fucking easy I'm not saying it isn't, its just not a skill I've had the opportunity to learn. In fact, learning to drive is probably next on my agenda.
How does one control their anger and chill out before impulsively doing something retarded that they instantly regret? t. just drove my fist into my computer monitor over reading an email
>>9726 Direct your anger towards more productive things, or you can learn how to set it aside and use it for more productive destructive undertakings. If you wish to lessen the anger itself, figure out what triggers it and try to expose yourself to that trigger enough that it stops bothering you unless you choose to allow it to.
What kinds of foods should I eat if I want to stop being skinny fat and possibly low T?
>>9731 Stop eating foods with vegetable/soybean oils. Eat more eggs and meats in general.
(232.19 KB 404x396 yes-barbarian.png)
>>9731 You have to change your training program in concert with diet if you want to get bigger. If you just want to lose weight without getting bigger, cut out most processed foods, eat more protein and less carbs, and reduce your overall calorie intake. Macros and calorie counts matter more than individual foods.
>>9547 >>9553 just remember that porn is mindless indulgence, and you have nothing to show for the time & energy spent on it.
>>9760 I've stopped erping and viewing porn for the last few days but I still get the urge to masturbate when I'm alone and comfortable for prolonged periods of time. Last two times I've relapsed have been while lying in bed after waking up early. I'm considering setting an alarm and putting in a place where I have to get out of bed to turn it off.
(75.75 KB 1920x1080 Corneliu Codreanu.png)
>>9765 Good to hear that you have freed yourself, anon. I definitely recommend being familiar with what >>9767 posted here. Also since you are familiar with when you usually relapse, I would definitely do something like you are suggesting with the alarm and see if that helps. I have noticed myself that I would typically fail in certain scenarios and places, so I began to take countermeasures against these and overcome them.
>>9767 >>9768 At some point I'd like to practice complete semen retention. I'm single so I have nothing to lose by not ejaculating and I'd like to be able to channel that energy into something productive. Can definitely understand that part about porn induced erectile dysfunction, at one point I found myself alone with a girl I used to mutually masturbate with online and then couldn't get it up because I'd been spending so much time masturbating. I'd rather not have any humiliating incidents like that again, but I'm not sure I have the willpower to be completely celibate. Every time I've engaged in sexual acts with women it was completely spontaneous. Usually I'd either be responding to sexual advances or making these advances myself to girls who were already horny over me. I've had a very poor track record of being able to turn down attention from girls of any kind, this led to me racemixing a lot in high school and college. Any ideas about how I can learn to stop craving female attention?
>>9769 You sound like youre beating yourself up for no reason. Pussy is pussy why worry?
>>9769 >Any ideas about how I can learn to stop craving female attention? Simple answer: you can't, just have self-control Hardcore answer: look into how Buddhists and other types meditate on decomposing female corpses or mentally deconstruct their bodies into disgusting combinations of muscles, organs, shit, saliva, stomach acids, etc. There's no in-between
>>9769 I more agree with this anon though >>9770. Don't try to *not* crave women, that is just going to make things worse and probably make you crave them more. You're literally designed to crave women, there's zero reason to beat yourself up over it. I am doing NoFap / semen retention more often than not myself, but I'm under no delusion that women aren't attractive to me. That's the main reason I avoid places that have lots of pics of them. And even then I don't put that much effort into that. If I see something I'll just scroll past, or if I see something in real life that could have a bad effect on my streak I'll just lower my gaze and move on.
How are your lifts going, anon? Getting any gains? How's your physique?
>>9840 Nothing to brag about. Not really lifting, mostly doing strength based calisthenics. What about you?
(4.81 MB 359x202 tap-fail.gif)
>>9840 Haven't lifted in a few years due to complete focus on work leaving no time, but still have the muscle. Powerlifting really is a long-term investment and the gains don't just go away.
>>9840 I'm going with convict conditioning to help me not be a fat fuck, for a bit I only went with mondays and fridays since the workouts burned my muscles so badly, but in just a couple of weeks my recovery from that got fast enough to the point where I'll be able to work in all of the weekdays now. Thanks to that and swapping to oats and honey for my breakfasts now, my gut has probably shrank about at least a couple inches by now, maybe even a few.
Has anyone on /fascist/ done Buteyko? What is your CP and how do you feel? I've never done it as an exercise, but have changed to nose breathing 24/7, and it has given me more energy than I had before. I don't have as much brain-fog as I had when I was mouth-breathing. I have tried to go KETO, but never really stayed long-term. Days where I was eating <20 carbs I felt more alive than ever, and my brain-fog was completely gone. I can't figure out how to measure my CP; I think it's around 10-20 seconds. I have read posts by people with >60 CP; they feel like a superhuman compared to what they were before. A lot of these people also become more spiritually-connected with themselves and nature. Is Buteyko the secret to the Übermensch?
>>9842 Currently >235 squat >135 bench >100 overhead press >220 deadlift But as I'm taking some time off lifting since I have a ganglion cyst and don't want to aggravate it these will go down. As for physique, I'm about 20lb down from this time last year and about 10% less body fat, so down to about 180lb or 80kg. Doing a cut while I'm not lifting to get rid of the last bit and to embody the aesthetic I want all men to strive for as well as I can. Warrior physiques don't come easy in these times of no struggle, you'll get there too anon. >>9851 >too much work Shitty feel but I know it. >>9856 >convict conditioning Sounds like it's treating you well. If you are looking to lose fat I suggest tracking calories and cutting down about 500 from your bmr (give or take) while doing the calisthenics and eating plenty of protein (I think it's like .85g per pound for ideal gains/maintenance). Exactly calorie counting is kind of faggy but it's hard to deny the efficacy of doing so, at least for a while. I also lost a bunch of fat on a keto diet for a while but now that I'm off keto I haven't regained the weight back - maybe that's an option.
>>9873 >...and eating plenty of protein (I think it's like .85g per pound for ideal gains/maintenance). Eat plenty of protein, but don't fall for the "gramm per pound/kilo" meme, as it is unsustainable on normal food without protein supplements or really disgusting food combinations. I have tried it myself and always found that I would go over my recommended fat/carbs/calorie chasing that perfect protein to body weigh ration, so I stopped doing it and later I found an article nicely showing how it is a scam by steriod taking lifecoaches to sell you shit. If you don't take drugs, you don't need that many proteins for muscle gains and maintenance.
>>9873 For the last few years I've been doing fifty push-ups and fifty squats every night. Every other day I also lift dumbells, and when I have time I also run a few miles every day. Despite this I'm still weak and skinnyfat. Not really sure what I'm doing wrong.
>>9877 It's probably your diet. >>9876 I haven't had that problem myself, yet. Of course if you are bulking the excess fat/carbs don't matter so much.
Been doing convict conditioning for a little over two months now, still on the first steps on all but pull-ups. The book claims that these first light exercises will help with joint-pain and the like but I find that my wrists keep hurting the same way they have for the past ten months or so. It's especially noticeable after doing shoulder-stand squats where I must support my body with my hands on my lower back and during wall push-ups. I can't even do the push-up movement correctly since I can't angle my hand all the way, as if my finger tendons are too short to accommodate the full range of movement. I've been using my knuckles instead of my palms because of this. I'm not sure how patient I should be, if I just need to stick to it until my joints heal or if I actually need to seek medical help. I'm just concerned that I'm only aggravating whatever injury I have since it doesn't seem to be improving noticeably.
>>9878 >It's probably your diet. What kind of foods should I eat if I want to benefit more from strength and endurance training? I just downloaded Convict Conditioning, haven't had the chance to read the whole thing yet but it looks promising. If prisoners can get big in a confined space eating terrible prison food, I'd think I'd be able to do the same in much better conditions.
>>9880 >The book claims that these first light exercises will help with joint-pain and the like but I find that my wrists keep hurting the same way they have for the past ten months or so. This can have many causes. Overweight, unhealthy daily movements and the wrong diet can cause your joints to get into a state of constant inflammation, this inflammation should be cured before doing any sport because the sport itself will naturally put your joins under stress and cause a little bit of natural inflammation, which should heal on it's own if you have proper rest days and sleep enough. If you have been a heavy computer and/or smart phone user also look up carpal tunnel syndrome, the nerves in your wrist have probably take some damage from it that needs to heal. But the problem of having already inflamed joints and nerves and then doing sport that stresses the body should be obvious. The cure for it is usually to rest your joints with the help of bandages(as in move them as little a possible for the time of a week), take anti-inflammatory meds/salves and food and then give them lots of movement without putting any stress upon them like swimming. It can take some months before it is totally gone and a return to bad habits can cause a reinflammation, but once it is done you should be able to do sport without constant pain. >I can't even do the push-up movement correctly since I can't angle my hand all the way, as if my finger tendons are too short to accommodate the full range of movement. Your tendons can actually harden and shorten if you don't have an active lifestyle. If you have lived unhealthy before this is probably the case. The cure against that is a proper stretching routine every day. It's painful, but no pain no gain in this case. >I've been using my knuckles instead of my palms because of this. This in itself isn't bad and it hardens your knuckles, which means you can throw meaner punches.
>>9882 A LOT of eggs for cheap protein after workout. Or protein powder making sure it doesn't have aspartame or msg(this is rare). If your diet isn't very good maybe a good quality multi vitamin too. >>9880 DON'T do an exercise if it hurts, find a substitute or do something else.
>>9882 In terms of getting stronger, your best bets are >meat (chicken is cheap and has more protein than fat) >eggs (raw in shakes or cooked, but you want the yolks to be as intact as possible) >dairy (cottage cheese and yogurt have a shitton of protein) are your best bets, and you should round out a diet with those as its "core pillars" if you will with lots of vegetables and some fruits/nuts/etc. Bread isn't outright evil like some say but you should enjoy it sparingly.
>>9884 I suspect it's a combination of inflammation and carpal tunnel, since I've been sat before my computer for most of my life it's unsurprising my joints and tendons are poorly equipped for this. I've got an appointment with a physiotherapist in a week and a half's time, hopefully they can offer something more more than what I got last time which was essentially telling me to rest and wait for it to go away. Thanks for the advice.
Day 10 of nofap nocum, lifting every day after work and feel better than I have for years. I failed to get past day 6 well over 100 times and this is it, this is the time I finally free myself from my vices and failures. This is it. After failing so many times im finally doing it I am free.
>>9923 Good to hear anon. Keep it up.
>>9923 That's great to hear, anon! I would not underestimate the positive motivational effects that such Whitepilling posts have on other struggling anons as well.
>>9933 Thanks lad I will, and the thing is I'm not even thinking about how far I'll go or about the chances of relapsing or anything. I'm free now so, when the urge to fap or use porn comes along, it's hard to explain but I stop and think to myself for a moment and realise no I don't want to. For me at least, I think the key was changing my mentality. Like instead of thinking oh I can't give in I have to resist, instead think to myself, no, I'm free now and I don't need to do that any more. No matter how powerful the urge, I am free to reject it. >>9938 Really? Well if what I've said helps I'm glad it does. It's hard to put it to words other than I failed enough times to want to succeed enough. I genuinely failed over 100 times to even get thks far and now it feels amazing, no matter how strong the urge for porn or a fap is, I'm able to cast it off. Maybe this next bit is due to being more.self confident, but people are treating me better irl as well now. Have had several women even say somethings different about me in a good way, and the women noticing you thing is 100% real. One other small thing, i decided to record my voice every morning saying the same sentence and it really does sound deeper. Fuck porn and fuck fapping, it actually drain your soul.
>>9942 It seems like eventually I relapse any time I'm alone and online for a prolonged period of time. Part of the issue is that I miss being able to talk about my sexual desires with people who at least claim to be girls and are willing to entertain my fantasies. What should I do to limit the amount of time I spend online?
>>9959 Can't you just get a girlfriend and fuck her instead of these weird chat rooms?
>>9959 I'm on my own 99% of the time but I prefer it that way so I'm not sure I've got anything useful for you man, I'd start with trying to stop relying on girls for anything about anything. I'm assuming you already do things like work out which is something you do offline anyhow, try going for walks in your spare time, or just sit in the garden if you got one, find a book you'd like to read and turn everythng off and read that for a while. Start meditation, you can do it loads of different ways; e.g. I listen to the sounds in my surroundings, the breathing of my own lungs, my own heartbeat, my chest moving as I breath, birds outside twerping or the garden being mowed across the road, the tap in the kitchen etc. Go talk to family about something for a bit. Not sure if any of this will help reduce your time offline or if you're already doing some of these but this is stuff I do that's helped me out
>>9959 >Part of the issue is that I miss being able to talk about my sexual desires with people who at least claim to be girls and are willing to entertain my fantasies. This is your lower self trying to throw you off track. At a higher intellectual level you realize that chatting with gross men online and jerking off together while one of them pretends to be a girl is degenerate and not beneficial for you mentally, physically or otherwise, but you have created a bit of a nasty habit here that has some inertia of its own, and the body / lower self cries out now that it has been denied its hedonism and degeneracy. DO NOT dwell on the fantasies. They will come and go, but you just have to recognize them and learn to ignore them rather than dwelling on them. Think of it like a cloud passing by the sun and let it pass. I can guarantee you if you give in you will regret it immediately after finishing and you'll realize that you threw away all of the benefits described here >>9923, >>9942 for ten seconds of mediocre pleasure. Addiction is like a mind-parasite that will try to lead astray and make you think that just 'one look' is enough and that it is okay. It's not. >What should I do to limit the amount of time I spend online? Can't say it much better than >>9963.
>>9877 Practice intermittent fasting (Start with 16 hours of fasting, and a window of 8 hours of eating, then progress to longer fasts if you can) Fasting will increase your discipline and HGH levels and your body will both retain and build more muscle. You also have to lower carb intake (cut the trash bread, cereals, pastas, cookies, pizza, sugar etc), and focus on making what you eat the highest quality you can afford, especially the protein and vegetables. Stop eating garbage or you will stay as garbage. You cannot out exercise a poor diet.
>>9961 >>9966 A couple of different reasons. For one thing, I'm a neet with no social skills. I go to university and work a lot of small jobs, but I still live with my parents and have no close friends I regularly interact with IRL. Besides, I've had bad luck with women in the past. Every girl I've ever been interested in has ended up with another man or turned into an unfuckable feminist landwhale. Even when I can get their attention, they lose interest in me in less than a year. I've never gotten anything from a girl that I haven't gotten from chatting with strangers. They only time I feel relaxed and in control is when I'm alone and offline, having a girlfriend would just get in the way of that.
>>9970 >NEET >university >small jobs >NEET That's not what it means. Anyway, you don't sound too different from the me of a few years ago, and I had a long-term gf at that time. Just talk to them and ask them out, nigger.
>>9970 >I go to university and work a lot of small jobs, but I still live with my parents and have no close friends Literally in the prime position right now to meet people and find a girlfriend eventually, especially if you are self-improving.
>>9970 >They only time I feel relaxed and in control is when I'm alone and offline, having a girlfriend would just get in the way of that. Sounds like you've made up your mind to become a monk then
>>9982 >That's not what it means. I'm not a neet in the technical sense, but in every other way I may as well be. You say your were in a similar situation a few years back, I'd be curious to know what changed. >>10003 >Sounds like you've made up your mind to become a monk then I admit the idea of living that way does appeal to me, but realistically I don't think I have the willpower to pull it off. I can't avoid being around women, so I may as well enjoy their company as best I can.
>>9970 >Besides, I've had bad luck with women in the past. Every girl I've ever been interested in has ended up with another man or turned into an unfuckable feminist landwhale. Read the Rational Male books that were posted in this thread and you will know why. >>5908 I would also advocate to read the Conflict Communication book that has also been posted here. >>2884 It tackles some of the same issues from a different perspective.
Relapsed again after abstaining for a few days. Now I feel tired and irritable all of a sudden. What am I doing wrong?
>>10078 Don't take it out too hard on yourself. Relapses happen, you just need to get back up and keep fighting it all. It is important that you think about what caused you to relapse and the course of events that led towards that relapse so you can avoid such situations in the future. If you are new to this stuff, it can be a bit of a bumpy road at first (at least it was for me). How you are feeling now is basically the result of orgasming in general, though I imagine you feel a bit frustrated over relapsing, so that may explain some of the irritability
>>10078 You aren’t doing anything wrong as long as you start right back up with it. I relapsed tens of times while trying to quit porn and masturbation, but it eventually stuck and I’ve been free from it for a while now. What matters is that you’ve tried abstaining and given yourself a taste of what life free from masturbation can be like.
>>10078 Who cares just wank less and less over time sounds like you are putting up this nowank stuff on a pedestal
>>10101 Different anon than the one you are replying to, but abstention does have certain benefits from my experience. Cutting down is still important, but to reap the highest fruits total abstention is the way to go. Even after a few days of abstention the energy boosts are insane. It's like swallowing a literal Whitepill
>>10101 >>10103 Mostly I'm interested in it as a way to build self control and curb my unsavory internet habits. I haven't experienced any major energy boosts yet, but I have experienced the opposite when I've given in. Even when I'm viewing porn with actually touching myself, I still get that feeling. I can almost feel the energy leaving me.
>>10104 > I haven't experienced any major energy boosts yet These start around 5 to 7 days in, in my experience. > I have experienced the opposite when I've given in. Even when I'm viewing porn with actually touching myself, I still get that feeling. I can almost feel the energy leaving me. Yes, definitely, it's reverting back to the sluggish coomer state when one gives in. The mental fog and lethargy kicks in almost instantly. Porn has mental effects on a person even from just seeing it, so it is good to avoid that too, it is just as bad.
>>10078 Failure is a part of the process, don't worry. Fail again and again and again until you build enough resolve to finally succeed. It sounds cheesy but it's true that the road to success is paved by failure. I'm >>9923 and as I said, I failed well over 100 times but I got there in the end. Now I'm on day 13 and there's no stopping me now. Yes I get strong urges but I'm free to choose to not indulge because I know where it gets me, nowhere. For me at least, it's not about streaks or relapses, it's about being free. I'm free to ignore the cycle of relapse and repeat, so that's what I've done. But I only got here by failing more times than I can remember.
(66.56 KB 720x644 APU.png)
>>10121 Awesome, thanks for posting. The summary is especially helpful. How did you make the text like that?
>>10134 >How did you make the text like that? https://16chan.xyz/.static/pages/posting.html
>>10135 Thanks, anon!
>>10121 Thanks for the links, anon. The more I think about it, it really is an addiction. I've been thinking of taking up fasting to help with my gains. Would that also help with my withdrawal pains?
>>10151 The withdraw pangs really aren't that bad if you at all if you are able to really internalize the mindset recommended in these links, however cold showers and the like have helped me in the past as well, and I have heard that sexual desire is majorly controlled by intermittent fasting.
>>10154 >I have heard that sexual desire is majorly controlled by intermittent fasting. What about mental stress and fatigue in general? I tend to fall back into old habits as a way to cope with my own personal issues. Maybe it would help if I could make some friends.
I get angry very easily. How do I learn to better control my anger?
(70.82 KB 540x810 marcus aurelius.jpg)
>>10211 Consider what Marcus Aurelius wrote on anger: >[C]onsider how much more pain is brought on us by the anger and vexation caused by such acts than by the acts themselves, at which we are angry and vexed. http://classics.mit.edu/Antoninus/meditations.11.eleven.html I have seen it better worded elsewhere as 'How much worse are the consequences of our anger than the causes". In observing my own behavior in the past and that of angry people and how dumb they act, I think this is a great piece of wisdom.
>>10211 Anger is controlled by breath. Breathing lighter makes you calmer. Everything is controlled by your breath. Feel like you have no energy? Try Buteyko Feel sick? Try Buteyko Feel dumb? Try Buteyko Buteyko is one thing that's never recommended on this board. I tried Buteyko for a week, and I've never felt more energetic, smarter, confident; it makes you feel more alive than ever. Does anyone take Creatine supplements? Is it safe or is it a no-go?
(1.07 MB 226x255 cereal.gif)
>>10237 >Does anyone take Creatine supplements? Is it safe or is it a no-go? Good to go https://examine.com/supplements/creatine/
>>10237 >Buteyko Where do I start?
>>10249 I would recommend reading The Oxygen Advantage and https://www.normalbreathing.com. The book will give you some exercises, while the website is a bit more advanced, but with articles about how Buteyko was invented. Then if you want to proceed above 40CP read Artour Rakhimov's books. There is also /r/buteyko, which has some info, but nowhere near as much as Artour Rakhimov's website. Buteyko is simply breathing through your nose no matter what you do. To train your body to take in smaller amounts of air you meditate with focus on slowing down your breathing. By doing this you are actually getting more co2 in your blood. You can however also do breath retaining while walking, but this is explained in Oxygen Advantage. This was an interesting interview with Dr. Buteyko himself :https://www.normalbreathing.com/interview-konstantin-buteyko-newspaper/
>>10249 >Where do I start? Follow what >>10255 said. The books are available here >>893.
>>10255 >>10257 Appreciate it.
Day 15 almost at 16 now. Fought off another wicked strong wave of urges. People are a lot friendlier with me, even strangers. Had a total stranger open up to me about some really personal shit, and I genuinely empathised. I was so self absorbed as a coomer and nobody would want to talk to me. Makes me realise how much porn and masturbating was destroying me. To get this far makes me want to keep going and see where it takes me, I'm happier than ive been for a very long time. I feel human again. Posting this update to help other anons trying to quit, if they see the positive changes posted on here it could help them get there too.
>>10272 >Fought off another wicked strong wave of urges. What is your go-to method to shut off urges as they hit you? It's almost scary how the coombrain can shape my way of thinking in the moment. I am able to resist more often than not, but it seems like you're doing great and have truly freed yourself from porn. Definitely inspiring for people like me who are struggling on and off, but never giving up.
>>10273 Not him but every time I think about it I remind myself that I will feel like complete shit afterward and not even that good during. Has worked so far.
>>10273 Honestly I don't have a specific go to I just get up and do something, anything. This time I went for a piss then sat outside in the garden for a bit and just enjoyed the fresh air. I do find getting up and changing your area helps, get an urge then get your shoes on and go for a short walk or go have a wash. It does take a lot of practice and failure to get to where I got to though, I mean... Over 100 attempts.and then something just clicked and I was done relapsing and repeating the same broken cycle. Yeah so doing things like workout, go for walks, go have a wash, find a book you like and read it, meditate, talk to some family, go sit in the garden, do self reflection, watch a film, learn some DIY skills and self improvement type stuff. I'll post updates now and then just to help others who are struggling to succeed, it can be done. Look at me, over 100 failures and I never gave up and got there in the end. Oh yeah the other guy is right too remind yourself how awful you'll feel starting over again and how you don't want to lose the benefits and progress you've made too although my mindset is just I'm free of it now so I don't need to indulge or resist what I'm free of. Sure the urges hit me I'm only human, but just because it's there doesn't mean I need to listen, I don't want to, so I don't. That's all there is to it for me
>>10274 >>10278 Thanks for the advice and tips, anons, I appreciate it. All of this rings as if it is true to me based on my experience. Oftentimes when I inadvertently come across something that triggers a bout of urges in me, I don't do the smart thing and just get the fuck off the computer for a while, instead I stay there and wrestle with it instead, which may or may not work, and is often a source of my failures in the past. >Not him but every time I think about it I remind myself that I will feel like complete shit afterward and not even that good during. And this is definitely true. It's literally White and black. Once the deed is done I come crashing back down hard and feel gross, lethargic and angry at myself. If it was truly something pleasurable it wouldn't lead to that state of mind.
>>11 >Convict Conditioning I've been looking at pull-up bars but can't decide on anything. What should I be getting?
>>791 Aye you have to treat them like children, the idea that women are more naturally mature than men is kikery.
>>10290 It doesn't matter literally any bar will do. You can even use a rafter in your attic. But those ones that lock into your door jamb work fine.
>>10154 >sexual desire is majorly controlled by intermittent fasting. I agree with this, I have also found that eating carbs makes me more horny for some reason. Try lowing carb intake as much as you can.
>>10383 > I have also found that eating carbs makes me more horny for some reason. Try lowing carb intake as much as you can. This might explain so much with the struggles that I have. I will have to monitor this more, interesting.
>>10385 >This might explain so much with the struggles that I have I used to be a sugar and porn addict, but I've been doing keto (low carb/ no sugar), intermittent fasting and nofap for the past year. I noticed that after I got over the cravings of both when I reintroduced a significant amount of carbs (70 grams + a day) I started getting very horny again but not enough to fall back into the porn trap (thank god). I'd recommend reading EasyPeasy if you haven't already, it's the only think that clicked for me in trying to escape the porn slavery.
>>10390 It sounds like keto might be for me, then, based on this. I'd obviously have to read up on it a bit more then, so if you (or anyone else) knows of any good links for that I'd appreciate it. Sugar and pornography are the two banes of my existence, really. Slowly over the last few months I've been getting better at resisting pornography and masturbation in general (not that it's been smooth sailing), but compared to the last few years I'm doing much better in that I keep getting back up and remaking effort. Part of it might be due to the influence of EasyPeasy and trying to internalize the mindset put forth in there. For example right now I'm only on the fourth or fifth day of abstention (and even before that I have small on and off periods), but still even that has me feeling good. With the good advice in this thread too I've been doing better than in the past. I had not considered the dietary aspect to this though. That might really be the key.
>>10237 >Does anyone take Creatine supplements? Is it safe or is it a no-go? It's safe if you stay under 3-5g a day and drink enough water. It can make the body collect water inside the tissue, so don't use it 365 days a year and give your body some rest. It really does give your body a little bit more power in the muscles, which allows you to do more reps. The best usage for it is to take it when you start training for half a year or when you are in a slump and then drop it once you have enough progress/are out of the slump. Also if you are doing Keto, there is a chance you grow resistant against Creatine because of the changes you brain makes on Keto. Your brain will make enough of it's own stuff on a high fat diat that it may not use the Creatine.
>>10392 Glad to hear you are improving anon, it really is baby steps. Trust me that I know how difficult it is as I programmed myself into using sugar/porn as a coping mechanism for stress, but once I read the part in Easypeasy that stated counting the days, using willpower, and trying to purge the thoughts from your head only leads to failure, I realized what I did wrong. What I always tell myself when I have thoughts of relapsing now is "no, you are free now, porn is slavery, you are not missing out", because the truth is, it IS slavery and I am missing out not on porn, but REAL human encounters, bonding and relationships. A famous quote from the book sticks in my mind:"Using porn to relieve stress is the equivalent to wearing tight shoes only to get relief from taking them off". We trick ourselves into rationalizing the little monster. I combine the thought of freedom from slavery, with the through of how disgusting the women are in the porn, selling themselves and their bodies for money, most of them endowed with repulsive feminist viewpoints which I want no part in enabling and ofcourse the fact that the jew wants all of us dependent on his porn so that we will never develop the confidence and emotional stability to find a woman worthy of reproducing with. After quitting porn alone my confidence has done nothing but go up, and my anxiety go down. When you combine this with eating right (they say the stomach is the second brain, and I'm inclined to believe that) you further unhandicap yourself by fixing your endocrine system which has been disrupted by all the jew garbage they poison the food with (soy, xenoestrogens, sugar in everything, GMOs, highly toxic and inflammatory grain oils, etc) If you're looking for solid information on keto I'd recommend watching a guy on YT called Dr. Berg* (yes, I know, but his information hasn't steered me wrong yet) try to watch as many videos from him relevant to your own problems and situation as you can (ofcourse reading between the sales pitches) and you'll have good success I believe. Just make sure you combine keto together with intermittent fasting for the best results. All the best, anon! Starting Keto: https://invidious-us.kavin.rocks/watch?v=dR6TnC1RY_8
>>10383 >>10385 >>10390 >>10392 You have to remember the evolution of humanity's diet over the millennia. Humans evolved from forest dwelling primates that used to eat fruit, they then adapted to a change in their environment and changed from being forest dwellers into steppe and plains dwellers and for some time they existed on a diet of seeds, nuts, roots and tubers. In other words their diet was mainly carbs. Then 2,6 million years ago hominids started to incorporate bone marrow and meat into their dietary plan and this caused hominids to slowly become hunters who can live only on fat and beef jerky for some time. Here is the thing: steppe and plains have seasons. They have a rain season, when lots of plant life grows and most animals have their mating season and they have a dry season when lots of animals die and plant life becomes rare. This dynamic doesn't change wherever it's Europe, Asia or Africa. So for the bodies of our ancestors a high carb diet was a sign of the rain season/spring/summer aka best mating season, while a high fat and meat diet was a sign for the dry season/autumn/winter. This didn't change much even with the development of agriculture thanks to the domestication of animals. Autumn is traditionally the butcher season in Europe and because of the rarity of sugar and salt, the majority of food conservation was either done by drying the food or storing it in lard. People ate almost any animal they could get their hands on during winter and once the preserved food was gone there was only the lard.
>>10400 All of this doesn't mean fuck all when we've been collectively poisoned for the past 75 years by jews through the food supply. Since at least 1970 the food pyramid has been turned upsidedown and they've been telling/forcing us to eat a heavily refined grain, high carb, low fat diet that has destroyed people's bodies through inflammation, and fat storage. To fix these problems one must first reset the body by lowering/eliminating carbs for a period of time with fasting and then slowly reintroducing them at a reduced amount. Even the mongols 800 years ago knew that low carb with high quality protein was the way to improve stamina, muscle development and energy where the chinks ate nothing but grains.
>>10397 That quote about the shoes has always been one of my favorites from EasyPeasy, because it is just spot-on from my experiences. Even more funny though, is that the 'relief' from porn is actually less pleasurable than the feeling of taking off tight shoes, if one really thinks about it. I obviously only have my experience to go off here, but for me the pleasure from porn after the fact only last five or ten seconds, and then I am left sitting there feeling disgusting, and there is often a complete reversal of my mood into one of self-loathing. If it was a healthy form of indulgence I don't think that would be a side-effect. Eating a nice meal after feeling hungry, or drinking something when you feel thirsty, does not lead to this sort of mental state. To be free from this really is like being free from slavery. You become the master of yourself, instead of the slave of porn, lust, paranoia, self-hatred, etc. >All the best, anon! Thanks a lot, anon. I will be sure to check out this link and do my research.
I'd like to ask for some unexpected help. You see, I've done a lot in regards to self improvement and mastery. Breaking the nofap relapse cycle, quitting porn, getting into better shape, meditation, the whole bit. But the one thing I'm abysmal at which I've avoided and put off for as long as I can, is women. E.g there's a girl at work I have a thing for and I can't talk to her for the life of me. I just freeze up and say nothing because I don't want to creep her out which ironically probably creeps her out. I'm 25 and been out of the game since a real bad breakup 5 years ago (tldr she cheated, I dumped her, she gets back at me with false accusations) out of a 4 years relationship so I'm not experienced at all. I never normally got nervous in the past like this so I just don't know how to handle it. But I do know she has a bf so what I want to deal with is the nerves not try anything.
>>10465 I can sympathize to some extent, I used to get nervous around girls too. Have you tried getting a girlfriend to distract yourself? Otherwise I'm not sure what to tell you.
>>10465 If someone likes you, they will continue to talk until the conversation is done, no matter what you say. I also had a problem talking to people, specifically girls, but realized; why do I care what they think about me. If they like you they will continue the conversation no matter what. One trick is to not think and just talk about everything that pops into your mind. Works for me every time.
(150.79 KB 483x378 crying pepe.png)
>>10493 >One trick is to not think and just talk about everything that pops into your mind. Works for me every time. Be careful about this one for you spergs who are reading this though, I always come off as a schizo when I do this, none of the topics I am interested in are normalfag friendly (/x/ stuff, philosophy, fascism)
I'm beginning to see self-discipline like a muscle. At first it's real weak and underdeveloped, but with practice and a bit of will-power, it gets stronger and stronger.
How do I improve my overall memory skills?
>>10509 write important things down on a journal or on napkin you are somewhere. The act of written things down alone helps your remember things more then memory itself. It tells your subconscious that this important to remember
>>10511 Seems like that would just make a lot of disorganized notes. Is it worth writing down my dreams or other thoughts in a journal?
>>10524 That anon's advice regarding writing things down works good for books and other forms of information you want to remember about philosophy and the like, at the very least. I do that quite often if I know that I will want to remember some given fact or piece of information and it has worked pretty well for me. >Is it worth writing down my dreams or other thoughts in a journal? Don't see why not, especially if you have interesting dreams.
>>10527 Mostly interested in remembering things I see or hear IRL and then being able to recall that information later, not sure notes would help with that. >Don't see why not, especially if you have interesting dreams. Sometimes I'll have very vivid dream that I can remember perfectly clearly just after I wake up, only to forget most of the details later. Occasionally I'll see something IRL and suddenly remember it appearing in a dream. I'm interested in expanding my mental capacity and control over my own mind, I think being able to keep track of my dreams and conscious thoughts would help with that.
>>10533 If you’re having dreams like that I’d definitely write those down. Seems like a worthwhile endeavour. I haven’t written mine down ever personally but I know if I don’t really think about them right after I wake up, like while I’m eating breakfast or something, I’ll forget it pretty quickly too.
How can I get some self-respect? A lot if not all of the problems with talk about ITT are a result of a lack of self-respect. We study, understand and put in practice all the information required to make our lives better but most of us fail after a while may that be a month or year. Even though we know what to do and what not to do consciously we are still bombarded and influence by propaganda and other people. Since most of us have been raised to be polite to others we don't cause much trouble and either give up or don't even try to express our thoughts and beliefs for fear of the very real problems that that can cause in our lives. We put ourselves in a weak position towards others and let them do what they want without making any fuss. We might like to believe that this doesn't influence us but our subconscious perception of ourselves is completely destroyed. How can we fix this? How can we gain back our self-respect while fighting off the negative influences?
>>10542 >We put ourselves in a weak position towards others and let them do what they want without making any fuss. This, I find it frustrating being exposed to all sorts of demoralizing propaganda and sentiments, but not being able to refute them for fear of ostracizing myself. I honestly think that's been harder for me to cope with than anything else. I think it might be helpful to surround myself with like minded individuals who might at least be receptive to our ideas, even if they don't consciously associate those ideas with fascism.
(1.36 MB 460x460 Pleasure & Happiness.mp4)
>>10543 >I find it frustrating being exposed to all sorts of demoralizing propaganda and sentiments, but not being able to refute them for fear of ostracizing myself. I honestly think that's been harder for me to cope with than anything else. Exactly. So what do we do when we can't cope with it? We go back to those things that we find comfortable and that gives us huge amounts of dopamine but not happiness. Things like porn, video games, tv , npc "friends", etc... all of which will push even more demoralizing propaganda on you, which you will not defy for fear of losing your source of dopamine, your source of comfort and so brainwashing yourself a little more, at least subconsciously, creating doubt and a vicious cycle. We need to find a way to be completely self-reliant for our happiness, at least to a certain extent, so we can push through this, I'm not saying being a radical individualist who only cares about himself, but someone who can sustain himself in all bases so that he can be ready for anything when the time comes. Happiness however is only experienced in social groups (video related) and I don't believe some text on a screen is considered a social group, I believe that in the long run it could even be harmful. So what can we do? How can we be like that japanese soldier who continued to fight alone for is fatherland after the war had been over for years? How can we get his mentality? I know he didn't know the war was over but he still fought on without any news for years.
(61.59 KB 418x960 vishnu npc.jpg)
>>10545 >>10543 This all comes down to what the matters of ultimate concern are. Is it truth, or is comfort? If one values truth above all else, they have nothing to fear. This is the trait that all great men possess. They do not fear the opinions of others, regardless if they are family or friends, because they know what the truth is, and they will not be diverted from this path unless they are killed. Imagine if Hitler had thought 'wh-what will my friends think?' or if any religious prophet in history had just trembled before mainstream practices of his people instead of fearlessly proclaiming the truth. The ultimate redpill is that happiness / tranquility is completely internal. Not just found in social groups. It is not found in external. Everything you are looking for is already there within. This is repeated in Aryan wisdom literature time and time again, where those who seek the stable among the unstable are condemned as fools, as well as those who chase endlessly after pleasures that just drag them into more misery and cravings. If someone wants to be like Hiroo Onoda they need to have something of ultimate concern that is so far above their own self that they almost cease to exist except to fulfill what they think is their duty. For Onoda this was of course his Volk and the fact that he believed that the Emperor was descended from the gods of his Volk.
>>10559 >The ultimate redpill is that happiness / tranquility is completely internal. How can I a reach this? Should I meditate? What are the steps? What do you recommend? >If someone wants to be like Hiroo Onoda they need to have something of ultimate concern that is so far above their own self that they almost cease to exist except to fulfill what they think is their duty. Most of my 'successes' have had no meaning for me for a long time even before I was redpilled, I want to achieve something of actual worth, something bigger then myself, something that can help my people to be better. We all die, I want my sons future to be better then mine and my grandsons future to be better then my sons and so on. I want that for all of our people, in other words I want our people to continuously reach new heights. How can I focus on this ultimate concern, there is so much "noise" around, so much shit we do not fully understand, so much doubt. How should I train myself to gradually increase my ability to focus only on my ultimate concern? How can I teach myself to not give importance to that which is ultimately not important but that we have been brainwashed to believe it is?
(23.22 MB 854x480 pierce 3.mp4)
>>10565 >How can I a reach this? Should I meditate? What are the steps? What do you recommend? The vital prerequisite here is self-control. Particularly from lust and similar pernicious desires. From what I've read, one basically shouldn't even waste their time meditating if they are not actively trying to practice semen retention and abstention from vices. It doesn't have to be perfect though. For one beginning, self-control can be difficult. As I said above here >>10507, self-control is best seen as a muscle that strengthens gradually over time, even if one repeatedly fails and continues to try. This is not to say that one has to be perfect prior to beginning to meditate, these can be done simultaneously. Check this out too, it's all good, I'd focus on the breathing methods in particular: https://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/ariyadhamma/bl115.html >How can I focus on this ultimate concern, there is so much "noise" around, so much shit we do not fully understand, so much doubt. How should I train myself to gradually increase my ability to focus only on my ultimate concern? How can I teach myself to not give importance to that which is ultimately not important but that we have been brainwashed to believe it is? Discernment. You've got to figure out what matters, and what is ultimately irrelevant. Video related is relevant.
>>10565 >How can I a reach this? Should I meditate? What are the steps? What do you recommend? This is going to sound trite, but stop thinking of things in terms of steps or procedures. Goals are good to have, but assuming that there is a procedure for this will get you nowhere.
Need some unethical advice for the greater good. I work in an extremely corrupt shit hole job drowning in nepotism. Need a way to get some or even one of these ass holes fired for sure and preferably in a way that doesn't get back to me. I'm not in a position to easily get another job so bumping off corrupt management is all I can think of.
>>10542 >How can I get some self-respect? Independence. Live a life in which you are your own master and can't be fucked with by other people once they feel offended by you. Take having a job for example. A job is useful to raise capital and to cover your livelihood, but it makes you a servant of others. To be really free, you have to either become self sustainable (Homesteading/Survivalism) or you have to become so skilled and wealthy that you are your own boss. For example, if the discomfort of my job isn't worth the rewards(money/work conditions/free time) I get, I will be looking for another job. I can do it, because I have stable finances and aren't a dept slave. Should for any reason my home burn down I would be sad for all the stuff that I have lost, but I can just grab my BoB and live in the woods. I have trained for it and even have my own dead drops for stuff that I value. And my retirement plan is having a nice little homestead, because I don't want to live in an retirement home. Same goes for my relationships. I will have a wife and kids in the future, but I will not let myself be bound by the ruined institution of marriage so I can walk away should my women favor degeneracy over me. >Even though we know what to do and what not to do consciously we are still bombarded and influence by propaganda and other people. You will always be influence by other people to some degree that is the nature of humans as an social animal, but you can cut out the propaganda to such a degree that it doesn't have an effect on you. The first thing is that you have to be able to identify the propaganda, both old and new and then cut out mass media from your live. Don't listen to the radio, only listen to music that you have chosen. Don't watch TVs or go to the cinema, only watch movies you have chosen. Don't read the Newspaper or any News Site, read books that improve your life and if you read something simply for entertainment make sure that it hasn't been besmirched by the usual suspects. >Since most of us have been raised to be polite to others we don't cause much trouble... Respect is earned, don't be polite to people who haven't earned it. There are also limits to respect and politeness. >...or don't even try to express our thoughts and beliefs for fear of the very real problems that that can cause in our lives. There is a word for that and that is cowardice. If you have truly studied our literature, trained your body and put the information into practice then how can it be that you are still a coward? Have your muscles not given you a straighter back? Has the philosophy not enabled you to hold a dialog an win in debates? Is your knowledge of human behavior still so poor that you can't direct and manipulate the blue pilled cattle to your advantage? Are you not trying to rise to positions of leadership or at least a positions others have to rely on, so you can direct the social environment to your liking? Are you still working for organizations that are disciples of the bluepill, who hate you and treat you like a potential criminal at every step you do? >>10602 Start a black book with all the crimes these people do. Then collect all the data of the one person you want to go away, write it so that it can't be followed back to you(i.e. leave situations out only you and the person can know, change your writing style etc.) and then send it anonymously to a person in a leadership position(or the police/tax authority etc.) who gives a shit. Alternatively you can covertly try to assassinate the health of the person. I once had a co-worker who everyday brought sweets to the office because he wanted his colleagues to become fat and unhealthy. There are many other ways if you are creative.
(341.82 KB 1290x1825 abs exercise.jpg)
>nofap energy finally hitting at full force Make sure you channel it into exercise, anons.
>>10543 >>10559 >>10570 >>10575 >>10589 >>10603 Thank you all for your help.
(1.67 MB 975x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
⁃ You are unendingly powerful and capable of anything you can dream of. Your limits are entirely self imposed. Allow yourself to achieve and receive anything, and it shall be done, if you concurrently put in the work too. ⁃ Your word is your wand. Never speak anything you don’t want to come true. ⁃ The modern world is not setup for human beings to thrive. We have been shifting away from optimal health-inducing lifestyles for a long time. It’s up to you to live in a natural way that supports your health, no one will do it for you. ⁃ The information we are receiving as a populace is set up to enrich megacorporations, institutions and other entrenched power structures. ⁃ Mainstream news is actively working against you to decrease your sovereignty as an individual and program your mind to be a slave ⁃ The body exists as a wonderful machine. Disease results when the system is not operating properly. Fix the root cause, rather than treating symptoms. ⁃ Let food be thy medicine. Whole foods you cook yourself only, avoid processed industrialised seed oils at all costs. Avoid Soy. ⁃ Become as primal as possible. Wear minimal clothing. Sun your balls. Sun your entire body. Frolic in sand, dirt, natural water, on grass. ⁃ Love freely, show the world the beautiful energy you are capable of and never waste a second on ⁃ Life is a game of boomerangs. What you put out, you will receive. ⁃ The past has happened. The future is yet to come. The present moment is all that there is, so spend as much time there as possible. Avoid Time traveling in your mind in either direction. ⁃ Healthy Body = Healthy Mind. Sleeping well, getting outdoors, a proper diet and so on will mean you are in the best headspace to achieve and win in this life. ⁃ Movement is medicine. Don’t sit for too long. ⁃ Develop the body; lift weights often. Practice Yoga, become athletic across all modalities. ⁃ Develop the mind; read, write, speak, think. ⁃ Intuition is your inner guidance. Trust it and follow the path that the universe has decided for you. ⁃ Your sexual energy is your power. Never deplete it through masturbation or cheap meaningless sex with people you don’t care about. Retaining your semen increases your spiritual and creative power. ⁃ Aesthetics matter. Curate your surroundings with beautiful things. Always take pride in your appearance, opt for quality not quantity. ⁃ There is a resonant energy in thoughts and feelings. Be aware of the patterns of the thoughts in your mind. ⁃ Time is the only finite resource. Only spend time with people who are aligned with your vision and raise you up to do better. ⁃ Things have power over you only as much as you give them. You can choose how you react to events in your life. ⁃ Just as your food diet affects the body, the content you consume affects the mind, cut out all garbage.>>11
Any advice/resources for dealing with confrontation? People being aggressive or disliking me makes me shut down, I am very passive. Usually people treat me with respect by default because I am muscular but the moment they realize how passive I am they tend to push me around (especially in the workplace).
>>11109 Think of something that pisses you off or gets you hyped up. That adrenaline rush gets me through some good retaliatory arguments. Picture the person being a dick doing something unspeakable to someone you care about deeply, that'll do the trick.
>>11109 Just be mean.
Are there any benefits to long distance running on a regular basis or will that just kill my gains?
>>11320 Well, it will make you able to run for long distances without much trouble, so that's a benefit. It won't kill your gains as long as you are eating enough and lifting while doing it, but you'll be more slim (not that this is a terrible thing).
>>11320 I read somewhere that sprinting is better.
How do you deal with bouts of nostalgia? I am currently beset with a nostalgia for my teenage years, but I find it distracting me from improving myself. I've got books to read, my workout to improve, a thinkpad to repair and a general desire to experience media I haven't already seen, yet I am drawn to the most brainless pop culture songs, games I have already played and rewatching movies I have already seen.
>>11372 Finding out that the media I used to consume had direct jewish involvement or other degenerate messages counteracts the nostalgia effectively for me. These days I analyze whatever little mainstream media I happen to encounter and pick it apart instead, and sometimes I revisit the things I used to like with a critical eye.
>>11372 After you learn to notice the subtle propaganda cues in media it quickly loses all of it's charms. There's a channel on Bitchute called Blackpilled that is basically dedicated to analyzing all the subliminal globohomo messaging in movies, tv shows and music.
>>11372 What >>11373 and >>11500 said. Like it was suggested before Blackpilled's channel is good for analyzing the messaging of mostly movies and some tv shows, you can also check out E;R for analyses of messaging / actual reviews of movies, tv shows and cartoons. Finally American Krogan does the same things but for video games. Blackpilled https://www.bitchute.com/channel/blackpilled/ https://odysee.com/@Blackpilled:b? E;R https://www.youtube.com/c/ERofthesemicolon/videos https://www.bitchute.com/channel/erofthesemicolon/ American Krogan https://www.bitchute.com/channel/americankrogan/ https://odysee.com/@americankrogan:3? Even though I'm sharing these links you should continue to mostly focus in improving yourself and only watch these videos so that you remind yourself of why your not consuming these types of media anymore even though they might remind you of better days. Don't live in the past or mindlessly dream of the future. Live in the present and build yourself up now so that the future isn't just some fantasy but a reality.
>>11373 >>11500 That may be working for somebody newly redpilled, but I have been aware for a long time about the jewish fuckery with media and can filter the propaganda out. On top of that not all the media I am talking about had direct jewish involvement, lots of it is from ignorant bluepilled guys. Whatever the case for one particular type of media is, the nostaliga is less about content as it is about moot and moments of beauty. My knowledge about the jewish involvement with the music industry doesn't help with the fact that I have earworms of songs from certain parts of my live. The jewish involvement in TV and movies doesn't change that some of these movies lead me on the path of becoming redpilled and the bluepilledness of video game developers from the late 90s doesn't turn their good games bad. >>11513 Good links, but with the exception of Blackpilled(and even he mostly) they are all about media from the 2010s onwards. Do you have anyone who goes through media of the VHS, CD and Cassette tape era?
>>11536 I used to play hours and hours of 90s games, whether it be spending an entire 17 hours of the day grinding to beat a bullet hell without dying or playing emulated Nintendo and Sega titles. I started browsing Cuckchan sometime between late 2015 and November 2016 (the earliest memory I have of imageboards is seeing a sticky for the Trump victory the morning after the election, yes I was an election tourist). After Christchurch, I browsed 8Chan in its final few months religiously. 8Chan turned into Facebook after the Congressional hearing and even more so after Cakekike was "fired" by Ron and Jim, and my frequency of participation in imageboards dropped significantly, 4/pol/ was still infested with the likes of conservatives and subversive elements. Imageboards didn't hold up to the standard they did before 8Chan died so my contact with "like-minded" people was primarily through Discord and Telegram. Interaction with these mediums lead me to do something I didn't think I'd ever do, read passages longer than two sentences outside of English class. I came to sympathize with the philosophy of Fascism and realized Fascism is a much deeper and more serious cause than I previously expected. Before 8Chan I considered myself a "conservative and traditionalist." The first grave realization I had after prolonged contact with these people is that they don't give a shit about Fascism and are here for a combination of entertainment and to fulfill their absence of real-life friendships. These people are crude Libertarians convincing themselves they are fighting for a righteous cause. The people Dr. Pierce referred to as attention-seekers are an overwhelming majority of the people on 4/pol/, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and wherever retards who talk about useless e-celebs like Nick Fuentes and Catboykami gather nowadays. However, the realization that made me disgusted to even pick up a controller and play a video game or look at a television screen is the realization that I am completely alone and that Fascism will never take place unless I do something. Sure, the anons on this board are fine most of the time and I can tell most here are sincere in their intentions, but this doesn't parallel actually meeting someone with the same knowledge. There is nothing to physically reassure me that I am not alone. I am sure these feelings resemble those of the people who I am criticizing had but they absolutely took the wrong route and ended up learning nothing through their interactions. They're staying in the same useless place they are because they have not grown up, and they are children here for laughs and to feel reassured they are useful. Even media without blatant messages didn't help, I couldn't stop thinking about taking things into my own hands and steering this hellhole country founded on the values of Liberalism to greatness. It haunts me to try to consume any Jewish-influenced media, regardless of the format. A year ago I was almost 300 lbs., right now I am 225 lbs.. I reject every chance of easy goy slop and immediately go to the gym or read every time I try to convince myself I can sit through hours of a video game or Jewish media. TL;DR: It's all about idealism. You are not in the correct mindset. They want you to consume and be a retarded cattle even if you're not consuming media that's outright GloboHomo propaganda. You need to become a solider, the opportunity to strike can be anytime and our people need guidance away from evil.
It's incredible just how unhealthy processed food really is. Any time I do research on a certain food product or common ingredient used in food manufacturing, there's always dozens of results on how this causes inflammation, that contributes to diabetes, this causes cancer, digestion problems, etc. All food corporations purposefully make their food as "tasty" as possible in order to get you hooked on it. However, this tastiness is completely empty, it's essentially tricking your body into thinking something is nutritious with chemicals. Making food this way strips it of all nutrients and replaces it with chemicals that are practically poison, not to mention the food is usually made under unsanitary conditions. They even spray literal poison on the crops, which of course instead of protecting the plants from pests it compromises the plant's immune system and protections, and severs its connections with beneficial organisms in the surrounding environment. Don't let the corporations manipulate you. I implore all of you to reject all food that you don't make yourself out of raw ingredients. Ideally buy this food organic from your local farmers market. When you start eating healthy, you immediately feel better, and once you get used to eating healthy, processed food will taste terrible and make you feel like absolute crap.
>>11542 >A year ago I was almost 300 lbs., right now I am 225 lbs GJ keep going lad
>>11542 > You need to become a solider, the opportunity to strike can be anytime and our people need guidance away from evil. How do I "become a soldier" without joining the zog military? I am not sure how one could attain the same level of expertise or discipline without formal training.
(75.87 KB 250x400 breivik.jpg)
>>11636 >I am not sure how one could attain the same level of expertise or discipline without formal training. It's certainly doable
>>11636 SS+GOMAD + carbine classes + wilderness survival classes + basic medical training + hunting license & experience + reading field manuals. All of this can be had for less than $15k, and be accomplished over the course of 3 years in your free time outside of work and on the weekends.
>>11642 If you want to "become a Soldier" you should train like what the actual military is training. So lots of strength endurance and endurance in general. Lifting should only be one part of your routine. You should study actual military tactics (on squad, platoon level) to have an understanding what is actual happening. Combat psychology can also be important to better understand how people are reacting in combat. Learning this in a group would be much better for understanding but is obviously very dangerous. But you can do small scale "operations" yourself, like going inna woods for a couple of days. There you could study where the best positions are, how to navigate without gps, how to navigate at night and so on. Of course you have to take it slow and have a backup plan. Smaller skills like quickly drawing a tactical map of your surroundings being able to quickly communicate the current situation and next plan are also important.
>>11636 >How do I "become a soldier" without joining the zog military? I am not sure how one could attain the same level of expertise or discipline without formal training. People throughout history have trained for war under oppressive regimes. Germany in the 17th and 18th century had the Turner(gymnast) movement as a reaction of the Napoleonic Wars and the German Federation, the most important work of that was the book "Die Deutsche Turnkunst"(English title: German Gymnastics) by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. On the surface it's a book about teaching the youth some games for school, but it teaches absolute everything a solider in the 17th and 18th century needed. Including how to use guns. After WW1 the Turner movement developed into the Wehrsport movement by veterans of the Great War in the Weimar Republic and it was basically a collection of sport disciplines centered around army infantry training. The National Socialists later even build their own Wehrsport league around it (look for "Die Wehrsportfibel" if you want a book) . After WW2 Wehrsport and similar military sport events were sanitized into the Pentathlon Olympics, they made the news this year at the Tokyo Olympics because some cunts abused their horses. Of course such movements didn't exist just in Germany. I have books about the history of Italian Knife Fighting and the Mafia and how both of these developed before the unification of Italy as an answer to oppressive regimes. Several weapons from Asian martial arts and the martial arts themselves developed as systems of self defense in dangerous times and as an answer to weapon bans. The French have invented the sport Parkour/Free Running, it also has it's history in french infantry escape tactics from the Vietnam war. What all of these movement have in common is usually: -Training for fitness: endurance, flexibility and strength. This goes usually more in the direction of calisthenics, running and swimming than going to the gym or doing Starting Strength. -Training a self defense system, with and without weapons that are common to your time and region. -Training Fieldcraft skills. It's basically everything about how to camp and survive in the wilderness without help, but also includes topics like how to camouflage oneself and how to use different tools for communication like radios. -Training of infantry squad tactics with the help of games to masquerade their true purpose. Some people for example use airsoft or laser tag for that in this day and age, but there are many types of sports and competitions one can do. Just read field manuals from the army and think about how to turn these exercises into a game you can play in a Public Park. The first three things you can do alone: -Simply get fit and healthy so you aren't winded if you have to walk for miles and can climb over a wall. -Join a local martial arts group, it almost doesn't matter what martial arts you do so long as they teach you how to hurt people. Read the "Meditation on Violence" pdf from this thread. Also get a gun and train how to use it. -Learn about Fieldcraft by reading and watching everything you can find about Survival, Prepping, Bushcraft, Hunting, Camping, Camouflage and Communication tools and put it into practice by going into the woods yourself. There is a legion of youtube channels dedicated to the topic, but also visit /k/ on the webring. Torrent the Ar/k/ which is a massive collection of information collected by /k/ for everything related to Fieldcraft. Fieldcraft is really a topic you will never finish, there are always new things to learn and tricks you haven't thought about.
>>11642 Military is free and that shit costs 6x as much what I have than in my bank account. It's much easier to get in then get out.
>>11653 >free If you consider selling your soul to the Jews for four to six years to be ‘free’, maybe. I almost joined but I bailed right before swearing-in. Recruited seethed hard. No regrets.
>>11655 >No regrets. What did you do instead?
>>11655 >If you consider selling your soul to the Jews for four to six years I've been doing the same for eight for paying taxes. Once you are born on this countries soil, you are expected to serve in their education, their labor pool, and their tax collection. Joining the military hardly makes an impact unlike killing yourself to rid the state of your effectiveness. There is one thing that the US military will always do and that anons can't. Structure and discipline. That can't come from the individual. Hitler even talked about this, saying that the state and/or other organizations needs to exist in order to better the individual. That was the whole point of the SA. You might as well use the internal structure of ZOG to better yourself (because one can not better himself by himself, fundamental knowledge demonstrated by Plato and Julian)
>>11656 Just kept doing school and doing miscellanious odd-jobs, and selling shit online here and there. It’s not the money-making path, but I like free time more than that usually.
>>11647 Powerlifting increases your VO2 max with a long-term adaptation, whereas other endurance training is ephemeral. You definitely want some kind of endurance like fast walking at least but it's something you have to constantly keep up or if you stop running for a few months you will be nearly back to square 1. A lean powerlifting vs a lean non-lifter, both who haven't done endurance training in a few months, the powerlifting will have better baseline cardio. So I'll I'm saying is don't neglect powerlifting because the low-standards army doesn't do it (although many special forces do, along with steroids)
>>11653 If you can't scrape together $15k over the course of 3 years maybe you just don't want it bad enough. And the military isn't "free" if you talk opportunity cost (plus they will force you to take the vaccine, assuming you care). If you have no skills, better off decent paying job unloading airplanes or trucks for UPS or something and using your savings toward that training.
>>11657 >Structure and discipline. That can't come from the individual. It can provide a framework, but you don't need to join an organization to obtain structure and build discipline. You must be really young to believe this.
>>11667 I agree, I have singlehandedly disciplined myself better than any attempts with a group have. Just hold yourself accountable.
>>11657 >Hitler even talked about this, saying that the state and/or other organizations needs to exist in order to better the individual. Said organisations were created by a Männerbund, the US military is not a Männerbund.
>>11636 You could become a mercenary.
>>11636 Can go to PMC training center. >>11679 >Become zogbotV2
>>11691 Mercenaries are independent organizations, at least in theory. I'm sure there are some out there that are free from zog. Of course at that point you end up like that one anon who greentexted about chasing down rich mens' missing wives and daughters who were whoring around the third world.
>>11679 Most PMCs want military experience. Though I've heard you can guard ships from somali pirates and shit even without military experience it's just less likely. You can go to semi-affiliated training schools with merc instructors though
(392.21 KB 1600x1200 A_small_cup_of_coffee.JPG)
Should I stop drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages? >>11671 >Just hold yourself accountable. What did you do when you screwed up?
>>11731 >caffeine I recommend stopping. >What did you do when you screwed up? Usually I was diligent enough that it wasn't a problem. Stuff like missed workouts I would try to find a replacement for. Bad dieting would be met with personal admonishment and a stricter diet for a while to reset myself. That sort of thing. Alternatively you could set up a reward system for progress but I think the improved health is good enough reward.
>>11731 I'd cut out caffeine as much as possible, if not totally. In my experience I didn't realize how addicted I was to caffeine until I stopped, and then I felt like I was in hell for a few days.
>>11731 >Should I stop drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages? It's plant poison, closely related to nicotine. Nicotine in the past was used as a pesticide by the farming industry, until it was banned for being to harmful. Unless you really have to stay awake, why consume it? And if you constantly have to stay awake beyond what your body can do, shouldn't you look to live a healthier live?
>>11731 If you're going to drink coffee I wouldn't recommend more than one cup of coffee in the morning as a habit. The people who drink energy drinks throughout the day are a mess and often end up keeping strange hours.
Finally got rid of my F-list and Deviant Art accounts after avoiding them for the last few weeks.
>>11767 Nice job, I imagine that feels like taking off chains and being freer and freer from those wastes of time.
>>11767 >deleted deviantart account You stopped drawing? Or were you looking at furry porn there or something
>>11780 I was looking at photos of clothed models lying down pretending to be unconscious, the only reason I had an account in the first place is because it was hard to find that sort of thing in other places. Glad I quit though, >>11768 is right.
>>11679 >>11702 All Western militaries already are mercenary organizations. There is no honor, or valor; nothing worth fighting for. It's just money and service to the ZOG. Hell, police forces are the same.
Out of curiosity, does nofap have benefits for women, too? I haven't watched porn since I became religious but I feel like I would have trouble staying celibate if I didn't get off at least once a week. I see it as sort of a necessary evil Reading this thread definitely lifts my spirits but I don't even know where to begin on my self-improvement journey. My diet is probably my worst problem but learning how to cook and making time to grocery shop seem like enough of a pain to where I just keep putting it off. I probably eat over 100 grams of sugar on an average day because I'd rather buy crap at a convenience store
>>11665 >A lean powerlifter will out-cardio someone who hasn't lifted or done cardio I should hope this is obvious to everyone. >You definitely want some kind of endurance like fast walking Unless you are a complete novice, I wouldn't recommend this as your only endurance exercise. If you aren't exerting yourself at speed, you'll be missing out on something integral.
(2.53 MB 1035x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11854 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF9CRW_AguA Well, I made my own plan using this as reference, one for calisthenics and one strictly for cardio.
>>11851 >Out of curiosity, does nofap have benefits for women, too? Do you mean whether women who abstain from porn experience benefits as well? Or whether doing NoFap will help a man in his relationships with women? Either way, the answer is 'yes' to both. I've read a good deal of accounts from women in the past who have said that they were also suffering from porn addiction, and that nofap was very healthy for their relationships with their husbands / boyfriends, and that they feel happier and more productive after they have stopped. They have the same issues with hypofrontality and susceptibility to supernormal stimuli as we do. Regarding the other possible interpretation of your post, there is a lot of evidence from anons over time that nofap has helped them get a gf or wife: https://imgur.com/a/g4eGH
I've had an add-on on my browser for a bit now where you can turn off all images on a page. For those who are trying to stay away from certain types of images this is pretty helpful. I'm sick of browsing images and seeing dozens of completely unrelated scantily-clad whores. Would recommend.
>>12024 Okay great. What's the name of the add-on?
>>11851 >I don't even know where to begin on my self-improvement journey Stop being lazy. Learn how to cook (which is easy) and prepare good food for yourself rather than eating trash. Grocery shopping takes 45 minutes if you write a list and know what you plan to get going in. If you don't have 45 minutes a week to make your health significantly better, I don't know what to tell you.
>>12029 Here it is for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/image-hide/ Some of the 1-star reviews say that it doesn't work, but that issue must have been fixed, because I've never had that problem.
>>11851 >Out of curiosity, does nofap have benefits for women, too? Yes. It teaches discipline over the body, so you don't become a slave of your instincts which in return means that you become a more faithful and valuable partner. There are a bunch of behavior studies that show that women are less able to pair bond the more sexual partners they had. Watching porn is a simulation of sexual acts. On top of that constant masturbation wears out the genitals both for men and women, but for women it's worse as they end up with disgusting beef curtains and a loose hole. Blue pilled fuckers deny it, but you can literally see the aging by looking at porn actresses over the course of their career. Women who use Dildos to masturbate are just as threatened by that as some whore you fucks hundreds of dudes for the money. Constant exposure to the plastic of the Dildo also isn't healthy to the body. At last the orgasm in female mammals is tied to ovulation, it's a signal to tell the ovaries to let the ovum go. Human women are less effected by that because they have the menstrual cycle instead of going into heat, but there are evidences that some vestigial effect remains. Anytime the ovaries become active it effects the hormonal balance of the body and a change of the hormones means a change in behavior for both men and women. Add to that that women get harassed by the Pharma Jew and told to swallow hormonal contraceptives as early in their live as possible and It's no wonder that today's women have so many health problems with their reproductive system. They guzzle pills that make the body think they are pregnant and then they indulge in behaviors that tells the body they aren't pregnant yet.
Should I become a vegetarian in honor of Hitler or would that be a stupid idea?
>>12073 ideally, if your body can handle it unlike hortler, getting some good red meat in you is always incredibly healthy. although, i do wonder what his diet was? god knows i need some more veggies in me
>>12073 Vegetarianism makes it pretty hard to get all the nutrients you need, protein and vitamins and all that. You have to take special care with your diet. (and veganism is basically impossible to be healthy with, so definitely don't do that.) If you're worried about cruelty to animals, I'd buy your own livestock and raise and slaughter them in a humane way. Usually in suburbs you can at least have a few chickens, but if you're in an apartment this wouldn't really be an option.
If you really wanna be powerful in the Kali Yuga, then stop jerking off. Here's my experience of doing NoFap for 4 years straight. It was amazing https://youtu.be/H-wn2cTivD4
Wouldn't this fit better in the self mastery thread?
>>12134 I merged you into this thread here
>>12134 It seems like it would be a lot better to work out regularly and take up meditation. Maybe celibacy would help too, but I'd think the thing to do would be to avoid pornography and idleness in general.
>>12134 Nofap seemed like a psyop, it accumulates frustration (in young people with normal T levels) which may lead to irrational and self-destructive actions. Plus it's not even healthy as it can lead to prostate cancer. Excessive cooming is much more harmful though. Reducing it seems to work the best.
(2.17 KB 112x112 cringe pepe.jpg)
>>12144 >>12144 You're a retard who is too addicted to pornography and masturbation to even think rationally about any of the bullshit you just shit out into this thread. You're supposed to use the accumulated energy from nofap for self-improvement, exercise, spiritual growth, etc. You don't just keep sitting in your basement with blue balls and not changing anything about your lifestyle. That is how you fail nofap. That is why retards on cuckchan cry about how they relapse all of the time because they don't change their lifestyles. Accumulated frustration is a meme, I haven't jerked off in over a year and I am never just constantly horny. It's all mental. I know that I'm not a slave to desires, and I know that it does not make me happy or fulfilled to do. It's literally a non-issue. It's called self-control. It's like a muscle, it's built slowly. Don't meditate on porn and masturbation 24/7, and you'll never get horny. >muh prostate cancer Literally have sex with a real woman if you're so scared of this (it's really just propaganda to get the goyim to touch themselves every day and make them think their addictions are healthy), do you really think that the specific act of masturbating with your hand will save you from cancer? Falling for Jewish propaganda hook, line and sinker.
>>12144 How many times should you be cooming every month, once or less? Even though I quit porn I still get the urges whenever I'm lying alone in bed, and I always feel sluggish and cranky afterwards. I've tried nofap but I haven't been able to make it more than a few days at most. I seem to have very poor self control when it comes to anything sexual.
>>12144 Don't take advice from someone shilling for debunked memes like 'not masturbating gives you prostate cancer'
>>12151 You never have to cum.
>>12151 >How many times should you be cooming every month, once or less? None. Nocturnal emissions keep your reproductive system from atrophying. >Even though I quit porn I still get the urges whenever I'm lying alone in bed, and I always feel sluggish and cranky afterwards. Your brain is recognizing the pattern of you lying alone in bed and then cooming from the past. You have to stay out of bed until you want to go to sleep. >I've tried nofap but I haven't been able to make it more than a few days at most. I seem to have very poor self control when it comes to anything sexual. Keep going. It's like >>12149 said, willpower is like a muscle. The more you resist your urges the easier it becomes. It took me about a year or so to finally free myself from porn. It isn't easy at first, but it gets easier and easier as you go on.
>>12149 I did slightly longer nofaps and the desire subsides over time. Yes, it gives you more energy and motivation but the tension remains. >Literally have sex with a real woman I did, not much difference As for not being a slave to passions, nothing beats the complete absence of desire after cooming. >>12151 It depends on your age, diet, testosterone levels etc. Cooming depletes you of some valuable nutrients and there are a lot of neurochemical processes at play which make you more docile and less energetic afterwards. It's a trial and error until you figure out the optimal balance between life energy and lack of frustration.
>>12160 >As for not being a slave to passions, nothing beats the complete absence of desire after cooming. Are you an atheist?
>>12160 >nothing beats the complete absence of desire after cooming. Yeah, and then the desire comes back. I bet someone feels momentarily satisfied after they drink a giant gulp of ocean water too, before realizing they are thirstier than never before.
Serious talk here, lads - how do I find a job despite never having had one before? I'm a guy in my early twenties. It's somewhat embarrassing, but I've just been a student since graduating high school in a dead-end college life. This has been made worse by some personal issues and today learning that the vax is being made mandatory at my school for all students. This is somewhat upsetting for me, but I could use it as a springboard to actually get a life and start doing something. If I don't find something else within a few months I'll probably just off myself. I don't mean that to blackpill, but that's just my personal feelings about my personal situation right now (and no one else's)
>>12164 Right now jobs are easy to come by if you are in the US, if you need something immediately just get any grocery store/fast food job. If you have time to wait and want to do something more indoor/desk oriented, volunteer and make connections through your volunteer work. If you are willing to do something physical, try construction. If you are willing to do some shit work early on, eventually you can work your way up to machine operation or project management and make a very comfortable living doing something useful for society.
>>12167 I am in the US - your right that there seems to be a lot of vacancies right now in jobs. Now that you mention it, I have seen a lot of hiring signs when out at places like restaurants. I have until about late October, but getting something low-end is probably my best option because I have zero work experience and there's zero reason for me to go to this university if I am not planning on finishing the semester. I might even start looking this week and might start selling my shit, because I'll probably be kicked out if I drop out of college, but I've felt it a waste for years now, and I have seen too much suspicious stuff to ever get the vaccine. Though I am worried that since the vaccine got (((FDA-approved))) yesterday, they are going to start mandating it everywhere. It seems like there is no escape from this thing, but I'm not giving in no matter what.
>>12168 Construction won't have any experience requirements you just need to pass a drug test. If you can find a place that is unionized or is working prevailing wage jobs you will start off more than what you would do for fast food. You could also aim for an inspector role for third party contractors for government funded construction. Line work is also an option for making real good money if you are willing to travel and work in the middle of the night during thunderstorms. None of those jobs will mandate vaccines.
>>12170 Thanks, anon. I appreciate it. I will have to look into these.
>>12164 Get a job unloading UPS trucks. Or commit homicide.
(44.50 KB 704x528 mycard.jpg)
(564.36 KB 1024x758 george floyds vaccine card.png)
>>12168 >I am worried that since the vaccine got (((FDA-approved))) yesterday, they are going to start mandating it everywhere Print a fake vaccine card. You can figure it out, White man. I have faith in you.
Oh yeah and about the degree, you can just finish it online at a place like WGU (which will not require a vaccine) when you are in a more stable situation.
My own situation is very similar to >>12164 only I don't even have a driver's license. What's the quickest way to get one?
>>12193 It’s pretty easy. Just go the DMV and get one of their pamphlets with the road rules, spend a few days memorizing that and taking your state’s practice permit test online a few times, and then go in and get it in person and you’ll get temporary license pretty quickly. Once you get that though, I’m less sure what advice to give. I had my dad help me learn to drive. If you’re able to have one of your parents help you, do that, or maybe find a buddy who can do that. If neither of those, I’m less sure what to say and maybe other anons can give advice there. You get use to it pretty quick even if it’s tricky at first. The final driving test there is like stupid easy too as long as one doesn’t really fuck up or run over the cones in the parking part. This is how it is in my state though, not sure about others.
(76.95 KB 680x680 return to monky.jpg)
if you feel loathsome after cooming it might be related to repressed circumcision trauma. it is genital mutilation and sexual abuse after all. not trying to say that's the only thing at play but I've heard a lot about it anecdotally on foreskin restoration subs >>12030 you're right anon. my family would never teach me growing up and there was a lot more neglect on their part where that came from but it's mostly just a mental block. I know if I actually try cooking is pretty hard to fuck up, at least to the point where something is inedible I've started doing yoga too which is helping. and yes I'm actually studying hinduism alongside not just the gay westernised shit >>12057 I agree with you about discipline at least but as I said I'm celibate and don't watch porn >>12076 vegetarianism isn't impossible but a lot of people can't tolerate gluten, dairy, or legumes because of the leaky gut / IBS epidemic. A lot of things are to blame for that -- pesticides, antibiotics, stress, processed garbage etc. people also underestimate the amount of fruits and veggies you're supposed to eat; the food pyramid is totally inverted
>>12209 >f you feel loathsome after cooming it might be related to repressed circumcision trauma Shills just won’t stop tonight.
>>12216 >acknowledging that abrahamists engage in trauma-based mind control to shame sex makes you a shill retards just won't stop ever
>>12188 Will they not check the name of the doctor and stuff on here? What’s the penalty for a fake?
>>12226 >Will they not check the name of the doctor and stuff on here? Who's "they"? Your employer like a gas station or accounting job? Most likely not. Most places don't even verify the degree you have listed on your resume. Do you imagine that doctor's offices are fielding phone calls all day about the vaccine status like the background check when buying a gun? Or that every employer has access to some central computer system where they can just look up anyone's vaccination status? There is no central registry for all of this. The only place you might want to be careful for is air travel or submitting to federal agencies, and even then for air travel they will probably just check it like the grocery store looks at your photo ID when buying alcohol, except probably with even less scrutiny. And do you suppose there is some streamlined process for them after they attempt to verify, if they can't verify, you are automatically submitted to some central agency to be reported and escalated for further inquery and subject to a penalty? If you use your brain and display this card on a case by case basis you'll be fine. Many people are even laminating photocopies of their vaccine card instead of keeping the original with them, as has been recommended by media outlets.
>>12164 >Serious talk here, lads - how do I find a job despite never having had one before? Go to at least two different professional career consultants and let them give you advise what kind of jobs would fit for somebody with your talents, education and personality. The job market has exploded in the last decades and it is almost impossible for young people to know what is actually open to them and what kind of jobs exist. However watch out that you don't fall for some weirdo who wants to sell you some bullshit just for ideological reasons, that is how we got so many deatbeats with useless university degrees. At the end the job you chose has to pay your rent, food and medical insurance. Once you know what you want to do apply for a job in which you are trained. If you can't find one do an apprenticeship or go to a school that teaches the job. If you wanna do a certain kind of job, but there is nobody who can or wants to train you in it, it could be that you are in the wrong location and the industry sees no market at your location. At that point you can attempt to teach it yourself with a self study and prove them wrong with your own business or you have to move to a better place. Once you have 2-3 years experience and knowledge in your professional field, check if you are at the right place and if you are happy. It can make sense to change your employer, because it's more difficult to get a pay raise from people who know you as a beginner, but even inside a certain professional field there are huge differences for how people work. Let's say for example you are a cook, a cook who works at a restaurant has different work times and environment than a cook who works in a cafeteria, a snack bar or for a catering service. This difference can be the deciding factor if you are happy where you work or not. People who are self employed or are entrepreneurs life a different life from a public servant or advisers. The first have more independence but less social security, the later have more social security but no freedom. The worker at a big company needs to join the right network of people if he wants to advance and morality usually plays no role. Meanwhile the worker at a midsize or small company needs to be loyal and have respect for the owner, while being aware that he is working in an environment with two classes of people. Do you wanna work outside or inside? Do you wanna make decisions or do you hate that? Do you like to work alone or in a team? Do you like to travel? Do you like to work with customers? Do you want prestige or do you hate being the center of attention? Do you want a fulfilling work that actually achieves in creating something or keep something running? Once you have found all that for yourself out and you still don't like your job, don't beat yourself up. It is important do find something you can always do with enthusiasm. You are still young and can change your path and with the experience you have gained, you have a better understanding what you actually want to do. But whatever you end up doing have a dream, a goal and a vision to raise up in life. Your dream should be what you want to be in life, your goal should be where you want to be in three years and your vision should be where you wanna be in 15 years. That is the only way not end up in a dead end job and to be successful. Don't listen to people who call you crazy and it's better to plan too big than too little. If for example you go into construction and work for a small company, don't just stay as a normal worker who can be fired at any moment. You should try to become one of the bosses under the owner and if that isn't possible you should think about moving to a bigger company where you can move into positions more fitting for your experience or you should think about opening up your own company for something that is in high demand in your professional field. Even working at a place like McDonalds is only a dead end if you decide to stay as a burgerflipper and don't go into management.
>>12254 The last secret to a good work life is financial stability. Only if you are financially stable are you independent and can you deal with business failure or job loss. Also if you happily end up in a job that doesn't pay you a high wage, it doesn't have to mean you have to live a poor life as long as you save enough investment capital and create an additional income beside your job. I can only advise to save 10% of your gross monthly income into a savings account and adjust your living standard that you can live with that. One of your first goals should be to have enough money on your bank account so that you can live for 6 month without work. You should also get a safe in your home and save enough money in cash to live for three month without work should a situation come where you have to pay for your livelihood but the banks are closed. After that, maybe think about owning property because constantly living for rent is not financially smart in the long term. Every type of rate-payment is a liability that takes from your independence, as it threatens you with debt and poverty the moment you don't have a constant income. In some cases like some insurances and taxes it's a devil you have to live with, but don't burden yourself with too much payment obligations. Never go into debt, pay your bills on time and don't gamble with money you don't have.
>>12228 I had in mind specifically universities, but I just got hold of a vax card and it is pretty clear that they have no way of double-checking this shit, luckily, just like you are saying here
>>12228 Don't they have vax databases and the data from the people who get vaxxed is sent to the state health department? I just spent forever photoshopping a card but then I read that they have a database and the last thing I want to get is some gorillion shekel fine.
>>12266 Proof? Without that it's just FUD. Besides even if they did there is no mechanism to easily check it if you got a shot at Walgreens or one of those pop-up vaccine tents. I don't think you have to Photoshop a card anyways you just print the PDF and write on it...
>>12164 Look into apprenticeships for skilled trades. Locksmithing, electrician, that kind of thing. Trucking companies are also desperate for people, but you might not want to travel for a living. >>12193 If you aren't underage b& you can just go to the DMV and take a written test and a driving test. I'm sure you know someone who will let you learn to drive in his car and as >>12194 said be sure to read up on your state's laws - you don't need to know them in detail, though, the test is piss easy. >>12216 >any year >he's still not anti-circumcision >>12266 No - in fact they have recently come out and said that the CDC et al have no way of knowing who is vaccinated, just the number of people.
>>12273 My state has something called 'ImpactSIIS' which appears to be a vax registry, beyond just Covid-19 in general. It stands for 'Impact Statewide Immunization Information System'. It looks like there is someway that employers and stuff are able to access it. Maybe I'm just paranoid I don't know. >>12282 >he's still not anti-circumcision That post may have been talking more about the wording of what he greentexted more than anything else. Not that it was strictly about circumcision, but the idea that the sole idea one might be loathsome after masturbating and falling into the addiction cycle might have been interpreted as a shill comment. Not sure though, as I didn't write it.
>>12283 Who's to know you got it out of state at a participating mcdonalds in X where your mom/dad/aunt/uncle/ lives you visited for spring break? dude lol and the chance of getting caught with a good story is literally nil, just grow a pair mate you ameritards have it the easiest of everyone, golden chance easymode everytime. Don't fucking squander it.
(2.36 MB 1280x1024 1618355262310-1.png)
How do best I apply the teachings of the Vedas and Upashinads to everyday life? I would like to know what rituals, sacrifices, ect to perform on a regular basis.
>>12317 Starting basic yoga / meditation is the most important. The Upanishads stress this over and over again, saying that this is the only way to experience Brahman, and that learning, rationalizations and the like are inherently insufficient for this task. The Katha Upanishad in particular comes to mind here— (2.6.11): <This they consider as yoga—The firm holding back of the senses. Then one becomes undistracted. Yoga, truly, is the origin and the end. There are different ways to approach this. Japa [mantra meditation] is recommended in some of the more obscure upanishads. The Narayana Upanishad gives the mantra ‘Om namo Narayanaya’, promising the practioner the highest state. In the Kali-santarana Upanishad we are taught that all of the effects of the Kali Yuga are purified from one who chants ‘Hare Rama Hare Rama , Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare’. A perceptive eye will notice that the order is slightly different from how it is known popularly (the order of Rama and Krishna are switched), but what is shown here is the original version of the mantra as given in the Upanishad. It’s best to do one of these with beads of some kind so you can keep count of how many you do. After that I typically just go into breath meditation for a while. The Bhagavad Gita’s sixth chapter has some useful advice on meditation, as does 2.55-72. Sacrifices I might need to read up a bit more on. The first step is establishing an altar. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Even a small shelf, or place on a mantel, or a small table would be enough. It should just be a clean area. I would probably put a cloth of some sort down, and then place a nice image down of any gods you are devoted too, and maybe an associated object, and some incense if possible. Needless to say, it should feel authentic and not overly ornate, I think. It’s the attitude that counts more than anything. Same principle can apply for departed ancestors as well as gods. If you are interested in stuff like bhakti as a means too since you’re interested in the Upanishads and of course then by extension realization of Brahman, this of course applies for that as well even more. It’s ultimately internal realization, but the external component has its uses. Hope that helps even a little bit
>>12317 Rituals, sacrifices or yoga are of secondary importance, it's self-understanding and understanding of the existence that are the highest state. It's about elevating your mind's eye so that everything attains a different perspective. Then you begin seeing the inherent nature of everything, why some things happen and are less affected by the lower states. >>12325 >that all of the effects of the Kali Yuga are purified from one who chants ‘Hare Rama Hare Rama How is this different from christcucks praying to a magical rabbi to save them?
>>12338 If Brahman is defined as the foundation of existence and a sort of panentheistic reality qualified by never-ending being, cognizance and bliss (satchitananda) or possessing infinite auspicious attributes as others say, it makes perfect sense as an object of meditation, chanting or whatever one would do of this nature. Doing that is supposed to gradually spiritually elevate one and allow them to cultivate a purer spiritual nature and bring them away from degeneracy in the Kali Yuga. This is often described as a fire burning up all of the impurities from gold, or like such: <“Just as the blazing fire, fanned by the wind, burns up dry wood, in the same way, Viṣṇu situated in the mind of the yogī burns up all transgressions” Having the mind focused in the right place is key for overcoming degeneracy. >it's self-understanding and understanding of the existence that are the highest state <yoga [is] of secondary importance Lel, yoga is the means for true realization. Intellectual understanding alone is incapable of reaching the highest state, as is empiricism. The epistemology of reaching Brahman is a of a completely separate category.
>>12325 >>12338 Thanks for the advice. I am mostly interested in the ritualistic aspects of the vedic religions as a way of "deprogramming" myself from secular and abrahamic influences. I was raised in an atheistic household, but was exposed to a lot of Christian influences growing up. I figure that if I can experience the presence of the real god firsthand, I won't be tempted by superficially virtuous but ultimately false and anti-natural religions.
>>12364 No problem, anon. Good luck with everything. >I figure that if I can experience the presence of the real god firsthand, I won't be tempted by superficially virtuous but ultimately false and anti-natural religions. Yes, once you directly experience something there is no way to be tricked again. Even on a lower level once on has some minor mystical experiences that can’t be explained away rationally they will never be tricked by atheism again. Same principle.
>>12360 Understanding Brahman is very important, although it's not the highest state. Try thinking of Brahman as a self-referential mold, a superimposed quantum field that's all and nothing, an endless sea of potentialities whose waves materialize as phenomena. It's deceptively easy to identify with this, and for most people, correct. However, it lacks the transcendent component, and the Self. It's not the Personality but a shadow, a reflection of Personality. This is the One, and it's causal/deterministic by inertia. Atman is the eternally differentiated, unique, acausal center of being, of which there are Many. Atman gets projected onto Brahman to acquire shape, to "clothe" itself in it's qualities and to shape it in turn, so it gets to know itself. This is the dynamic element. But this transcendent quality is not inherent in all creatures, only the few souls are imbued with it. All things strive towards their center of being, for most it's melting back into Brahman, for some it's the highest Self. >it makes perfect sense as an object of meditation, chanting or whatever one would do of this nature Didn't say it doesn't, but as the means of achieving the certain mental state, not as an end into itself. The tools being of secondary importance to the end goal. >Having the mind focused in the right place is key for overcoming degeneracy Correct >Intellectual understanding alone is incapable of reaching the highest state Depends on the definition, i'd rather say it's different types of intelligence >>12364 Glad to help. I'd recommend learning more about natural sciences, then philosophy, then metaphysics before getting into Vedic philosophy though, but you intuitively know what works for you the best.
>>12375 >Understanding Brahman is very important, although it's not the highest state I don’t think the scriptures support this. There are many verses in the Upanishads that refer to Brahman as the highest. Brahman is both immanent and transcendent, and indeed it is referred to in various upanishads as being the highest thing there is, and indeed it is not just a ‘quantum field’ or some sort of similar reductionist view. I do not think that it can be explained away in such a manner. The knowledge of Brahman was not gotten through scientific study or intellectualization, but through yogic techniques and mystical experiences. The Kena Upanishad (2.3-4) warns against overly-hasty attempts to understand Brahman: >It is conceived of by him by whom It is not conceived of. <He by whom It is conceived of, knows It not. <It is not understood by those who [say they] understand It. <It is understood by those who [say they] understand It not. <When known by an awakening, It is conceived of. I would argue too that the evidence from the texts support Brahman having itself personality distinct from individual atman (Shvetashvatara Upanishad, elements of Katha Upanishad, certain elements of others, etc). >The tools being of secondary importance to the end goal. Yes, of course, but without the tools there is no goal that one can reach. It’s best to take the statements of the rishis at face value since they are describing mystical attainments, which are notoriously difficult (actually impossible) to reach by the means of our senses and intellect. The statements of the rishis themselves are best viewed as a scientific hypothesis, while the yogic techniques, doctrines and other pronouncements are best viewed as experiments or regimens to undertake in order to recognize the truth of the hypothesis and to confirm it or disprove it. Natural sciences are actually an inferior means of knowledge in regards to this in particular.
Any good books/resources on not giving up important info in conversation? I'm likely going to be asked some important questions in the workplace by sly people over the coming months and complete silence will likely not work.
>>12762 What's the context of this question?
>>12763 Mostly vaccination status, but also how I've handled projects in terms of regulatory leniency.
>>12764 In terms of vaccination, I would just lie. No one really cares that much and people who do are too stupid to tell a lie from the truth. As for how you've been compliant with regulations, I can't say for sure since I don't work in that kind of environment.
>>12764 Imagine all the details of going to get the vaccination as if you actually did it. Look up where you would get it, what times it is available, who administers it (if possible, some medical centers even have full staff photos), and any other details related to the process of physically getting the vaccine. Come up with a reasoning process behind which vaccine you selected based on various articles, maybe include a couple short anecdotes from friends/family. Essentially, flesh out the details of the entire process of getting the vaccine and get your story straight. Who, what, when, where, why, how. Now, if you don't want to lie, then that is a different story. Your only defense in such a scenario (if you're adamant about not telling the truth that you haven't taken the vaccine) is to deflect and change the subject. This is not likely to work for any extended period of time. Normies have been fully programmed regarding all aspects of the vaccines. They love the vaccines. They love to talk about the vaccines, and about getting the vaccines. Personally I plan to tell the truth, that I didn't get the vaccine. I will do so until it gets me thrown in a camp or gets me killed. I am fully prepared to go out guns blazing in any case, so I will likely die before I am put in a camp or have the vaccine forced into my bloodstream (unless I am hit with a vaccine tranquilizer, which would make me VERY MAD).
>>12769 >Personally I plan to tell the truth, that I didn't get the vaccine. I will do so until it gets me thrown in a camp or gets me killed. I am fully prepared to go out guns blazing in any case, so I will likely die before I am put in a camp or have the vaccine forced into my bloodstream (unless I am hit with a vaccine tranquilizer, which would make me VERY MAD). Based. I’m on the same page. I don’t even care if the sterilization and memes about mass deaths that are going to happen are totally overblown or fake. There’s no reason to get, the pandemic itself is fake and the whole thing is as suspicious as fuck. I would be very disappointed if anyone on this board actually gave in and got the vax.
Just say that you already had the coof and that you are now naturally immune and thus less likely to spread it than someone who have been vaccinated. To spite those vaxxtards, add that it felt just like the flu and that you wouldn't have taken this shitty vaxx for such a mild disease even if you weren't immune.
>>11 Thank you for this thread and the appended texts. Are there any books you would recommend regarding water fasting and/or meditation?
>>12910 >Are there any books you would recommend regarding meditation? I still haven't read it but Mindfulness In Plain English (annexed) has been recommended to me.
How legit would you say this image is for getting fit?
(662.54 KB 3060x1628 convict-conditioning-summary.jpg)
(69.55 KB 600x362 1388803947438.jpg)
(760.40 KB 2544x1850 1390440816546.gif)
(1.57 MB 2481x6600 1427328430151-1.jpg)
(2.75 MB 3773x4000 Bodybuilding.jpg)
>>13548 Not bad for an short intro. The running advice is good, and about strength see >>849 for theory, history, details. In the mean time here are some comparative infographics for ya newbs.
Every day I have to remind myself I'm in a marathon, not a sprint. I'm taking a bit of time to recuperate from my exercises and get my head clear while I plan out what to do for the future. But I tell you lads it's been incredible. I feel awake, aware, and I've been getting adrenaline surges every other day now that make me want to run, climb, fight and explore. I lift my weights and fight through the pain for myself and my race. I remind myself the pain I'm feeling is small potatoes compared to what mine has been subjected to. It's a good pain, anons. A very good pain.
>>12188 What about fake QR codes?
>>10211 Destroy what makes you angry.
>>13548 This pic has been spreading terrible misinformation for years. Calisthenics are great and if you literally have nothing else then of course they are all you are going to do, but your lower back and torso will not get strong. The torso is meant to bear weight, the lack of strengthening of the low back and abs (and to a lesser extent the hamstrings) is part of why so many american military members end up with such bad overuse injuries. If you really insist on a minimalist approach to fitness, you can spend less than $500 on 3 kettlebells and a pullup bar to have every piece of equipment you will ever need. I'm sure the guy who wrote those posts is healthy, but if I need help moving my couch I'm probably not going to ask him.
>>13566 What would be the point of a fake QR code?
>>709 Holy shit that sounds like my Polish relative
>>13579 When I first started working out I just copied the exercises from high school gym class without really understanding them. I worked out almost every night with no appreciable results. Then I took up running and developed very muscular calves but my arms remained twigs. In retrospect I think I've been performing these exercises wrong, I've been studying the materials in the OP to correct my mistakes. >>13567 >destroy niggers for playing their jungle beats too loudly >destroy female relatives for regurgitating anti-White propaganda >destroy my colleague for being a whiny, pretentious faggot Mostly I'm worried about retaining my composure in public so I don't say or do something I regret.
>>13579 there are ways of lifting without a gym. I find I can deadlift by lifting my bed out of its frame, idk if that's proper, but it works for me.
(1.99 MB 480x270 folded tempered2.gif)
>>13589 There's a reason people say SS + GOMAD. The gallon of milk a day is the meme, but Starting Strength is a full powerlifting program that gives you a comprehensive program and detailed instructions on the form for the most important lift. Of course there are other powerlifting programs and they are all roughly equivalent for a beginner to early intermediate. Everything else is inferior to powerlifting for developing full body strength. The people who say otherwise probably never went through a powerlifting program.
>>13579 You can work your back by doing Bridges and Leg lifts, the infographic isn't wrong, it's just incomplete. >>13589 You got nowhere because you didn't do a progression, if you do the same excercises over and over you will plateau, you have to increase the resistance on your muscles progressively, climb ropes etc etc. all of this is explained quite well in the Calisthenics books in the OP and if you figure out how to do it and do it properly you will never need lifting bars although nothing wrong with kettlebells they are quite similar to rocks in how they're lifted.
>>13555 >>13594 For anyone starting with fitness, be it Calisthenics or Weightlifting, really train your core, chest and back muscles before anything else. It's easy to make quick and observable progress on the legs and arms, but you will look weird and either run around with thighs like a god and T-Rex arms or you look like a cartoon character with big arms and tiny legs.
>>13775 >It's easy to make quick and observable progress on the legs and arms, but you will look weird and either run around with thighs like a god and T-Rex arms or you look like a cartoon character with big arms and tiny legs. I don't understand. If you do bench press, overhead press, and pullups, along with arm accessories like curls and face pulls you will have large arms, shoulders, and upper back. If you do squats and deadlifts you will have large legs, obliques, and a strong core. All of that is from Starting Strength. How do you come out of it looking like T-Rex? Maybe this happens to people who don't do any accessories at all?
>>13781 Yes, when people do SS+GOMAD straight they look like this redditor (granted redditors are retards) https://archive.is/z5iPk
>>13791 SS includes accessories in the program though lol. Anyways even if you didn't do them at all and ended up looking "t rex" you could just do them afterwards to fill out the spots you neglected
(58.48 KB 500x600 CKV5ixI.jpg)
(193.11 KB 651x485 Hj9VYCZ.jpg)
>>13804 >How do you come out of it looking like T-Rex? Squads and deadlifts train your leg muscles and gluteus maximus(arse muscles) more than your core and obliques, leaving you with more muscular legs and a thicker ass than your lower torso. The majority of weightlifting exercises also train the upper arms and shoulders more than they do the lower arms, breast and core. Combine that with the fact that you move your legs and arms more in daily live than your torso and thus they get more stimuli and the result is an Anon entering T-Rex mode. Some of the most hilarious threads on /fit/ boards over the years have been about people who did Starting Strength and ended up that way.
Unpopular opinion: Weight-lifting is dysgenic and degenerate People with good genes gain muscle mass easily, so even light exercises and proper diet can make them look good. If they do physical labor or battle, their muscles develop naturally, if not, then they are not really necessary past certain level. People with inferior genes spending all day in a gym to look developed are actually deceiving their potential partners and spreading their weak genes to their offspring. It's also a vain pursuit, no different from women putting tons of makeup to feel better about themselves and deceive potential partners that they have better genes than they do.
>>13864 It’s completely different than makeup. Makeup is a painting over of a woman’s actual face with a superficially more perfect and beautiful mask. It’s a trick. Muscle mass is actually earned (apart from steroid usage) and is much more than a fake mask artifically imposed on an individual by their use of cosmetics. In fact if someone puts in the effort to be healthier and more muscular, this shows a great deal of willpower and is a good trait for one to have. What you’re labeling as ‘inferior genes’ is just the average person who isn’t some sort of godlike Übermensch, especially in a modern sedentary society
>>13860 I did starting strength then kept going to other intermediate programs and that didn't happen to me. You get a large chest from doing bench, and you get large lats from doing deadlift and pullups. You can also quickly train up your forearms by using wide grip wraps over the barbell during any barbell warmup like overhead or bench. Can also add some ab accessories to balance it out. So it's a funny meme but people who avoid powerlifting because of it are the ones really getting memed in the end. If you get T-rex mode it's because you did only the 3 big lifts and didn't read the rest of the book (or read it at all) or look at any other powerlifting resources.
>>13864 This is the most ridiculous take on fitness I have ever seen. The body simply responds to a stressor and adapts to be better suited to that stressor in the future. Different stresses have different demands, which is why humans have the capability to change our body so much. Larger muscles are a benefit to be more physically capable, and they will be the same quality whether gained from a barbell or from physical labor. Larger muscles are a negative because of the extra calorie requirement and oxygen debt. If you live in the western world you don't have the level of food insecurity that would make an athletic body a bad thing, and you will never be in a situation where it would be better to run 30 miles instead of use a vehicle. If shit hit the fan you could lose all that muscle and be better suited to running very quickly due to our ability to adapt. To anyone in this thread, basic weight training combined with calisthenics and running will only make your quality of life better and your body more useful. Please do all three, even if you think one or the other is more important. All it takes is a few hours a week consistently.
>>13867 >So it's a funny meme but people who avoid powerlifting because of it are the ones really getting memed in the end. I didn't advise people to avoid powerlifting. I advise them to train all their muscles, especially those that Starting Strength and GOMAD tend to not focus on.
>>13864 >go to the gym >can't squat >too autistic to ask personal trainer for help <go on /fascist/ and say lifting is dysgenic and like makeup>>13864 >>13864
One also have to keep in mind that lifting (especially Powerlifting) is an Sport in itself with highly specific movement performed in an perfected environment. If you are active in any other sport, these movements can fuck up your technique and muscle memories. There is a reason why other pro athletes rarely do heavy lifting. There is an argument to be made that if you are doing an other sport and use lifting as supplement, its better to go for Hypertrophy training without the big lifts and plenty isolation exercises (basically a bodybuilding plan) to avoid these problems. Muscles can only contract and do so no matter the size as opposed to highly complex lifts which are demanding on the cns and so on. It would also be interesting to discuss what being fit should mean. I think everyone agrees that lifting alone isn't enough, neither for aesthetic nor to chase numbers. but what should be the measurement? Being fit should serve a purpose, so maybe the military standards should be the goal?
>>13874 >It would also be interesting to discuss what being fit should mean. I think everyone agrees that lifting alone isn't enough, neither for aesthetic nor to chase numbers. but what should be the measurement? Being fit should serve a purpose, so maybe the military standards should be the goal? A lot of people think being fit means a lot of muscles and low body fat, or being able to do a special number of reps in a specific exercise. Being fit is calculated through your breathing. You can measure your "level of fit-ness" while sleeping. If you breathing is slow and shallow you are fit; if your breathing is constant and hard, you are sick. To measure your exact level of "fit-ness" there is an exercise some people call Control Pause: Ensure there is no solid food in your stomach. (Water is OK.) Sit down for 5 to 7 minutes and allow your breathing to normalize. Then completely relax all muscles, including your breathing muscles. This relaxation will produce a natural, spontaneous exhalation. (There is no need to push the air out from your lungs; simply allow yourself to exhale.) Once this happens, pinch your nose closed and count your breath-holding time in seconds. When you experience the first desire to breathe, release your nose and record the Control Pause. If you get below 20, you are sick; if you get above 40 you are healthy, and if u get above 60 you are the Übermensch. A control pause of 240 is possible.
>>13874 Military standards (at least the ones that aren't a joke) are heavily biased toward rucking, long-distance running, and carrying heavy objects or your dying buddy for short to medium distances. You need to be able to carry gear, move around in combat, and fire your rifle. Benching 250 has little to do with any of that.
>>13865 >Muscle mass is actually earned Those with better genes (for physique) gain it quicker and easier than those with inferior genes. Simple as. Compensating genetic inferiority with effort is as dysgenic as it gets. You don't improve your ability to gain muscle mass quickly, which is an evolutionary advantage. >>13869 I was referring to powerlifting and other heavier practices, never implied that you shouldn't exercise at all since even a total ubermensch would turn into a slob with modern lifestyle. >>13872 I have never been to a gym Manlets, will they ever learn ...
>>13880 >I have never been to a gym yeah, and it shows lmao
>>13874 >There is an argument to be made that if you are doing an other sport and use lifting as supplement, its better to go for Hypertrophy training without the big lifts and plenty isolation exercises (basically a bodybuilding plan) to avoid these problems No it's the opposite. Full body lifts train your nervous system to a level you won't get from isolated movements. A heavy squat/deadlift and olympic lifts will translate directly to a higher vertical jump, which is also highly associated with athleticism. Vertical jump is used as a benchmark test for the NFL, along with bench press (another power lift).
(198.12 KB 446x236 laughing taliban.png)
>>13880 >I have never been to a gym
>>13882 >Full body lifts train your nervous system to a level you won't get from isolated movements My point is more related to the technique which can be falsified. But depending on the intensity it canl also interfere in the regeneration of the nervous system if you lift to heavy and do something else seriously. All depends on the priority of course. >A heavy squat/deadlift and olympic lifts will translate directly to a higher vertical jump, which is also highly associated with athleticism Thats not true at all. The movement is different. For example for a jump you don't get very deep as opposed for a Squat (Well it also depends on your muscle fiber composition). You also push from your ball of the foot for a jump. There was one NBA player who got shit on for his Squat form because people didn't realize this. There are athletes, even powerlifters who argue to drop deadlifts completely if you don't need them for competition. We are not at the end of training related research. >along with bench press (another power lift). Doing a bench press doesn't mean one is powerlifting. Also depends on the Sport. Have you ever seen the infamous Bas rutten training video? >>13877 I see you red the Oxygen advantage book. >>13879 >Benching 250 has little to do with any of that. That is my point. Lifting and Fitness in general are pretty new concepts. And i am pretty sure in the next decades it will change quite a bit what is considered healthy and fit. I do think that it is better to go for a well rounded approach to have a "complete" training regime
>>13880 >I have never been to a gym Post your physique.
>Compensating genetic inferiority with effort is as dysgenic as it gets. Like if someone is inferior because of their short height, ugly face, horrible race etc, they should not attempt to exercise, right? I mean you do make sense as being an alpha chad means your social standing will increase. Imagine having six pack but having an ugly face. Your social standing is going to be stunted. Guess you can't be very Alpha then. >inb4 exercising is for self improvement Yes, but let's be real. We all want that kind of good body because we are sick of being betas and nerds. You only have one life after all. If your genes are good, give exercising a go. For those with bad genes, maybe God just doesn't want you to be elevated.
>>13880 >Those with better genes (for physique) gain it quicker and easier than those with inferior genes. Gaining muscles too quick and too much can also be the sign of a genetic disorder. This can cause a strain on the cardiac and respiratory systems resulting in super strong people with low endurance and short breath. >Compensating genetic inferiority with effort is as dysgenic as it gets. Actually it's not. The concept of Eugenics predates the knowledge of Genes and the goal was only to have a healthy population in both body and mind. For this goal born cripples and the insane had to be prevented from breeding, but the most important part was that people live a healthy live. A person not using the potential of his body has is just as dysgenic as a cripple and thus a person who works out is certainly more Eugenic regardless of how fast his muscles build, than a slob who just trusts in his "good" genes to carry him. Nature promotes the ones that can adapt the best in the face of a challenge. It doesn't matter how much of a good swimmer an animal is if it's source of water dies up. >>13897 >Like if someone is inferior because of their short height, ugly face, horrible race etc, they should not attempt to exercise, right? The problem with this kind of thinking is that most people are ugly because they don't work out. Beauty comes with a healthy life unless you are a born freak. Telling people who have potential to be beautiful to not do fitness because you are so stupid to belief that people are beautiful right out the box caused a downward spiral that is mentally dysgenic and creates Untermenschen. In fact this is one way the Jew ruins our people, they tell them that they have no potential and that they are naturally sick and ugly and not because of the unhealthy lifestyle, food and upbringing that has been pushed upon them. On the other side things like short height in men can be caused by natural selection and you can't argue with Nature. There is a picture from the early 20th century that shows soldiers of different nations side by side, with the US soldier being the biggest compared to the soldiers from Europe and other parts of the old world. The reason for that was that the USA had not seen a big war after the Civil War, meanwhile Europe had constantly wars going on at the time which killed most of the tall men in Europe. For all the jokes about manlets, they get through gun fights easier than tall men. All the wars the USA lost they lost against people who are manlets compared to the average height of the US male.
>>13874 The military standards aren't very good. The best alternative I have seen is a double bodyweight deadlift, 3/4 bodyweight OHP, 12 pullups, 16 minute 2 mile run. You can train a healthy young man to do this in <6 months and by having a running and pullup requirement you can eliminate body composition tests because a fatass can't complete them.
>>13895 As much as I'd like to post it so you could all grow muscles due to the mere sight of such a handsome figure, alas, I cannot, for obvious reasons. I never claimed that this was about me by the way, no bully pls. >>13897 People with poor genes shouldn't reproduce, unless they have other good genes to compensate with (like high intelligence), and only to a limited degree of disproportion. Exercising or not, although devotion and willpower can be seen as a positive trait, it's more individual than hereditary. >We all want that kind of good body because we are sick of being betas and nerds. Never said that you shouldn't try to get one, although your motives would be vanity and (limited) utility instead of some kind of national and cosmic improvement as it usually gets implied in such threads >>13906 Quicker =/= too quick >The concept of Eugenics predates the knowledge of Genes The concept of wheel predates the knowledge of cars, knowledge gets adjusted over time >but the most important part was that people live a healthy live Never claimed otherwise, except when it comes to reproduction >A person not using the potential of his body has is just as dysgenic as a cripple and thus a person who works out is certainly more Eugenic regardless of how fast his muscles build, than a slob who just trusts in his "good" genes to carry him No. You see, while a person can train with iron willpower and appear "eugenic", his children will most likely inherit his bad genes and suffer from the same physical flaws and mental complexes as he did. On the other hand, a slob with good genes will procreate children who will be healthier, stronger, more beautiful and intelligent by default. That's why weightlifting and excessive exercising is dysgenic when it comes to partner selection. A woman can invest a lot of time and elevate makeup to a level of art, it's still a form of deception if her natural face is ugly. People should seek to improve themselves, but without seeking to appear beyond their league. >In fact this is one way the Jew ruins our people The more the people are inferior by default, the more stuff the Jew can sell them to compensate for it. Who do you think runs the gyms? >For all the jokes about manlets, they get through gun fights easier than tall men <We are reaching cope levels that shouldn't even be possible
>>13910 If everyone appears 'beyond their league', wouldn't the naturally fittest individuals just stand out again? For that reason I would say that exercise in general is actually very eugenic. It's true that many men practice for vain or selfish purposes, but that doesn't mean others can't do the same things for more practical or enlightened reasons.
>>13906 >Beauty comes with a healthy life unless you are a born freak Exactly, if one is a born freak, exercising cannot fix him.
>>13910 >People with poor genes shouldn't reproduce, unless they have other good genes to compensate with (like high intelligence), and only to a limited degree of disproportion. The problem lies in the fact that it is impossible to describe what are "good", "normal" and "poor" genes unless in the obvious cases in which poor genes lead to disability. Your own standard for "good" genes that you have expressed are the same vanity you accuse bodybuilders of when you compare them to Makeup(beauty) and you only show interest in the time it takes muscles to grow(speed). However beyond those two things there are a myriad of other deciding factors that can lead to a superior individual. An individual with slower muscle growth could produce more stronger and resilient muscles, less susceptible to diseases or cancer or have a metabolism that requires less food and uses food more effective. The list is long and you cannot just look at a singular thing. The genes of an Individual have to be looked at as a package or you end up like dogbreeders who destroy the health of their breed chasing after certain characteristics. >Quicker =/= too quick You did not make that difference. You just said that the individual with faster muscle gain is the superior individual. This is simply wrong. >No. You see, while a person can train with iron willpower and appear "eugenic", his children will most likely inherit his bad genes and suffer from the same physical flaws and mental complexes as he did. You contradict yourself. The individual who trains and as a result is healthy has no bad genes inside him concerning in this aspect and there is a big chance that his genes also helped create his iron will character, so he doesn't possess the mental complexes you try to invent for such an individual. You also seem to have no idea how genes work, because the genes you start out with are not all the genes that you transmit to your children. Genes change over the lifetime of an individual, mutate and get damaged and then mixed up with the genes of the partner in a process that can eliminate faulty gene, but also can introduce new flaws. >On the other hand, a slob with good genes will procreate children who will be healthier, stronger, more beautiful and intelligent by default. Wrong, because the slob has a good chance to waste his good genes on a dysgenic life and never reproduce and if he reproduces that is no guarantee that he will be a good parent and there is a high chance that he stunts he growth of his child. >That's why weightlifting and excessive exercising is dysgenic when it comes to partner selection. Unprovable, because just like with your fast muscle grow=better individual claim, you give no metric of what is excessive and what is not. >Who do you think runs the gyms? In my corner of the world almost every ethnic mafia except the jews. <We are reaching cope levels that shouldn't even be possible No coping Anon, I am 1,90m or six feet and three inches. When it comes to a meele I can easily overpower a smaller man and fold him in half, but it remains a physical fact that in a firefight I am a bigger target than a manlet that is just 1,70m or even 1,60m. We live today in a world where the majority of wars are fought with ranged weapons, vehicles and traps.
>>13910 >I never claimed that this was about me by the way, no bully pls. What a jew.
What's a dead simple workout regimen that allow me to achieve nigger-ripping strength and mass without having to calculate co-efficient and carry-the-hypotenuse weird math bullshit? Since I have a gym membership, anything with machines is perfectly fine. I just hate all this overly complicated fad-calisthenics shit. Might be helpful if you're trapped in a gulag, but I live in the first world. Just give a simple and effective schedule. How many sets? How many reps per set? What exercises? What days should I do it on? What muscle targets and exercises should I do on that day? God damn this should be just common knowledge without reading a faggot's entire world-life book. This should just be a .png diagram with <100 words.
(7.63 MB 1280x720 no flinch.webm)
>>13947 Starting Strength. Train 3 days a week. 3x5 bench press one day, 3x5 overhead press the next day 3x5 squats twice a week, 3x5 deadlifts once a week Add 5 lbs to the bar each time for bench press and overhead, add 5-10 lbs each time for squat and deadlift. When you the weight gets too hard then switch to only adding weight once a week. Do accessories after the main lifts. 3 sets of pullups repped out. Things like curls, face pulls, or whatever machine you want to do for 3-5 sets of 8-12, adding weight every few sessions as it gets easier. And any other vanity accessories you want to do to get certain muscle groups bigger. Dead simple program with guaranteed results. You don't have to do starting strength exactly though. Look up any other powerlifting program they are almost exactly the same, some just recommend 5x5 instead, or different sets of accessories. If you get stuck on the form just read the chapter on that lift from starting strength and it will give you tips to do the lift properly. For diet, just eat a decent amount of non-junk food at a caloric surplus. By the time you are 6-12 months into this you will start to hit the end of the beginner's gains and will know enough to search out intermediate programs and more advanced dietary advice on your own. Gymnastic level calisthenics is great but it does require more thought to program the routine since progression is actually different movements instead of just "add more weight", the technical details of the movements are more complicated, and it doesn't give you the same lower body results as powerlifting on its own unless you add squats and deadlifts on top.
>>13947 >God damn this should be just common knowledge without reading a faggot's entire world-life book. This should just be a .png diagram with <100 words. If you are a retard and don't understand what you are doing you will ruin your joints, tear your muscles and end up as the world's most muscular cripple, living in constant pain. >>13952 >...and it doesn't give you the same lower body results as powerlifting on its own unless you add squats and deadlifts on top. I don't know a single calisthenics program without squads, naturally it doesn't contain the "weighted squats" of powerlifting but that is replaced by the rise in difficulty of the squads technique.
>>13976 Sure but even pistol squats and shrimp squats are not going to give you anywhere near the same size and strength gains as barbell squats. And they certainly can't make up for a lack of deadlifts.
>>13947 Stronglifts 5x5 is dead simple and even if it's complicated there is a free app that does all the math and tracking for you.>>13947
>>13985 Can vouch for this. I met a guy at the gym doing stronglifts with that app and he made awesome progress.
(259.77 KB 353x269 ClipboardImage.png)
I've read an interesting text. And something came over me to write a quick post. As a fascist, you can't live in your magic bubble. I've noticed that we often close ourselves in our hermetic groups or forums and we consider normies to be a foreign element, even enemies. Because they do not share our views, because they are too normal, not radical enough. You complain about them, you laugh at them, you make memes, but have you ever tried to explain certain things to them? Sometimes a simple, friendly conversation is enough to open someone's mind, or maybe you yourself are just a coward, and maybe it's ok with you. Then you are not a true fascist. This is where a change begins. Think about this.
How do I get a sperm dank to accept me? I already jack off a lot anyway so I may as well do it for a good cause.
>>15031 I would not become a sperm donor. Assuming you qualify, you never know who exactly would be getting the sperm. Non-White women could be inseminated with it, or even worse, you could provide children for homosexuals to raise.
(257.04 KB 1280x2000 brain chemistry.jpg)
I have a lot of important work to do but I have a hard time focusing on it. How do I overcome this? Here is what I've thought of. >use the internet only for work the internet is probably one of my biggest distractions in my life, and it affects my attention, if I just use it for work my ADHD might not be as bad >writing/making plans would work, but I would have to check it every 30 minutes so I don't forget it >7 days of discipline >>8987 This is it right here, I've done this 3 times and it changed me for the better but my life is so much better and I don't think this is required anymore. What should I do?
>>15191 Try meditation. It's designed to train you to focus your mind. This anon >>12916 posted a book that can help you learn to meditate.
>>15193 but meditation is for gooks, and pajeets. What's something else that can focus my mind?
>>15193 also I'll check out the book
(396.97 KB 1332x1949 7 days of disiplin.png)
>>15191 oops wrong thing , I did not mean to click on those anti-porn infographs. This is the 7 days of discipline that I was talking about:
>>15194 Chinks and poodoos breathe. So does that mean you should stop breathing.
>>15198 we'll see I'm about to read that book you mentioned
>>15194 Retarded mindset to have, anon.
(13.66 KB 286x331 Asian cook.jpg)
>>15210 >it's retarded to be suspicious of something that's mostly practiced by pajeets and chinks No its not
>>15225 Again, you're retarded, because the modern inhabitants of China and India are not the same as the ancient cultures that gave birth to many of their traditions (as is demonstrated in the White history thread here). They're built on the foundation of a Nordic substrate. A secondly, meditation has been present in every culture on the planet. One can just do a cursory search on the history of the practice and come to this conclusion >muh mud people with rats Not an argument.
>>14970 >As a fascist, you can't live in your magic bubble. This is right, you have to be the change you want to see or things will never change and you will remain frustrated. Even if you fails in changing the world, you will at least have the satisfaction of having tried. > I've noticed that we often close ourselves in our hermetic groups or forums and we consider normies to be a foreign element, even enemies. Because they do not share our views, because they are too normal, not radical enough. That I can't agree with. The problem isn't that normalfags don't share our views, we could care less about it. The problem is that these people have been indoctrinated from youth that we are THEIR enemy even if it isn't true and there are laws and policies in place to persecute us. So the problem when you open up to a normalfag is that there is a chance that he can think that it is part of his civil duty to oppose you or thinks to are a child eating monster that needs to be stopped. And if he complains to the right institution you will be persecuted and your live ruined. This means you can only be open to people who don't give a fuck about what the establishment is telling them and people who are complete strangers that can't follow you and ruins your live. And even if you find a partner in crime, there is the chance that he will tell on you if you get into some kind of childish quarrel. The other problem is that normalfags are the useful idiots for the ZOG system. You will run into more golems that do the bidding of the jews than you run into actual jews. This naturally breeds contempt.
How do I control my sex drive and improve my willpower? I've been training in strength and endurance for the last month or so, and I just made it a week without fapping. Now that I've finally been getting some positive female attention, my sex drive is stronger than ever. How do I make sure I won't relapse again?
>>15359 There is no easy answer. If you look online, you will find a thousand different methods. The best you can do is stay busy, distract yourself whenever you get urges (ie. do pushups). The end of the first week has always been hardest for me, then the end of the third week. I haven't made it more than a week in four years since I first tried (when I made it 3.5 weeks). Of course you can satiate your urge by chasing women, but if you do not wish to do that, I can only suggest staying in the places of the internet you can be sure you will not see any suggestive images. Lastly and most important of all: DON'T TOUCH YOUR PENIS. This is the most simple way to abstain from masturbation. Never allow yourself to touch it unless urinating. Piss sitting down for a few days until the urges pass if you have to.
>>12188 >>12188 Reminder the third dose came out about a week ago for the delta strain but it's only for those for 65 or older. you might have to add the third in next couple of months when the CDC approves it for 18-49 years olds.
>>15359 The best thing to do is to stay busy and don't use the Internet as much, especially when you're bored and just aimlessly browsing around. That is usually when I run into problems.
>>15359 >Now that I've finally been getting some positive female attention, my sex drive is stronger than ever. How do I make sure I won't relapse again? Have sex with those women
>>3650 The Christianity section of that book is retarded.
(75.97 KB 900x900 serveimage(4).jpg)
Status report after a brief absence: Haven't masturbated since July. The urge is totally gone. My voice has deepened. I fail fewer sets at the gym and my gains are more noticeable. My attention span improved. Girls flirt with me all the time. My methods: >easypeasy (you don't even think about it after a certain point, I wouldn't tell someone "I am doing nofap," because that's gay - just don't do it) >raw eggs from a local farm, at least 4 a day >only good meat from a butcher >no bread ever >stronglifts 5x5 I've modified this slightly - instead of squatting every workout I do squat/incline bench/ rows on workout A and bench/overhead press/deadlift on workout B. I also added dumbbell flyes to B, skullcrushers to A, forearm curls and extensions to A, and I do a few sets of pullups on the 2-day gap between workouts (so if I am doing M-W-F I do pullups on Saturday). >read daily >supplements Most important ones besides vitamins are acetyl l-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, ashwaghanda, turmeric, zinc and magnesium. Recently got some cat's claw (suppresses estrogen) and cordyceps (boosts testosterone) so huge balls incoming. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration. We're all gonna make it, brahs.
>>15717 What's wrong with eating bread?
>>15720 It's traditionally the food of the peasant/serf/slave. Plato in The Republic describes feeding the lower classes with mostly bread (see also food pyramid). It won't kill you in small amounts, I suppose, but you should still steer clear.>>15720
>>15720 I eat bread all the time but if you want a balls to the wall improvement challenge, go further than just bread.
>>15720 I eat bread like crackers when I eat things like spinach or eggs
>>15720 It's very fattening I think
>>15720 In itself nothing, the devil is in the detail. Bread is made from cereals, which are a type of fruit. Depending on the processing of the cereals they have been stripped of anything nutritional except the carbohydrates they contain, which the human body turns into sugar. So if you eat White bread and not whole grain bread you are in fact eating sweets. On top of that, most bread today is created with yeast to make it fluffy and give it more taste, this is caused by the yeast eating the flour(sugar) and turning it into alcohol(ethanol) and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide vanishes into the air, but small amounts of ethanol remain in the bread, some types of bread(like toast) have such a high amount of ethanol that in some countries there are warnings on it to not feed it to little children. All of that isn't so bad, as long as you moderate your bread consume and we talk about home baked bread, but the jewed food industry has further fucked with bread to make it more addicting to eat. The majority of store sold bread has an excess of salt, fat, additional sugar, acids and a whole mixture of chemicals called Dough conditioner to make the bread more prettier, tastier(but not more healthy or nutritional) and more self stable. >>15722 >It's traditionally the food of the peasant/serf/slave. It's actually more akin to a type of survival food. Cereals have a long shelf live as long as you keep them dry and dark, which makes it a perfect food insurance for pre-refrigeration societies. The problems comes when it's the main or only source of nutrition, similar how it's unhealthy to eat modern MREs for an extended period. Banking has allegedly it's origin in ancient Egypt and was centered around how much cereals you owned in the public granary.
Lads i have a question is it possible to lose fat and still get considerable muscle?
>>16401 Yeah. Muscle and fat aren't the same types of tissue. Fat cannot turn into muscle and vice versa.
>>16401 It's hard to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Body recomposition technically works but it takes just as long as cutting, then bulking and is much harder. But if you want to do it that way, I think you should eat at roughly maintenance calories, lift and do cardio.
(915.74 KB 1588x1536 Untitled.png)
How do I make my back stronger? I've been practicing calisthenics regularly using Paul Wade's books as a rough guideline. I thought I was making progress, but I still can't do more than a few pull-ups in a row.
>>16516 I should think the typical bulk/cut cycle would be easier. >>17258 it takes conditioning over time. for anyone with back issues, a great solution is to firm up your mattress, and an easy way to do this is to put a layer of wood between mattress & box spring. as long as it's a large, even layer, it works wonders.
(316.41 KB 385x556 ClipboardImage.png)
(424.31 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
(465.63 KB 736x1041 ClipboardImage.png)
(589.94 KB 736x1041 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17258 You can use a resistance band (pic 1) to assist you. Or start with "Australian Pull-Up" (pic 2) It will help build a lot of the muscles that you need. If you can't adjust your bar height ie its installed on a door frame, then just put a kitchen chair under your heels If you keep at it it shouldn't be too hard to begin progressing past just a couple unassisted pullups
>>17258 Deadlifts and pullups. If you are too lazy or cheap to go to the gym and do barbell exercises like deadlift, pullups are the best bang for your buck. You can do them weighted too so you can actually progress instead of just spinning your wheels repping them out all the time.
>>17262 What's the best way to do pull-ups if you don't have a good bar to use? Should I just go outside and start doing pull-ups on the tree out front? It might get some weird looks but hey it's all about the gainz
>>17275 You can get one that installs (no screws needed, uses pressure and leverage) on a door way pretty cheap. Can even find one at walmart
>>17276 Oh the price on those is a lot better than I anticipated.
>>17275 I've done pull-ups on trees before and I ever got any trouble. Have you ever tried using a a door or door frame?
>>17411 Would a door even work? I feel like that would break it, and I can’t see a doorframe giving a big enough finger-hold
(20.94 KB 340x296 upside down pepe.jpg)
I stopped watching porn and masturbating recently and now I literally have too much time on my hands. What do?
(38.31 KB 800x1033 holdup.jpg)
>>17724 Do a powerlifting program Learn math Learn to play the guitar Learn German Those will take about a year or two each to get to an intermediate or even upper intermediate level and pay guaranteed dividends that no jew can take away from you
How do I measure my testosterone levels? I think I might be low T; I have very poor upper body strength and muscle mass even though I exercise regularly, my voice is whiny and high pitched, and my facial hair is thin and patchy. In other words, I look like your typical numale. I rarely get sexually aroused even though I spend lots of time around attractive White women and have masturbatory fantasies about them almost every night. I also get depressed and mentally fatigued very easily. I am guessing that my T levels are at least somewhat below average, though I am not sure exactly how far. Not really sure what I can do to improve my situation either.
>>17765 Why measure your T levels if you don’t have a plan to boost your T? I’m certain I’m low T but I don’t want to be dependent on TRT when shit hits the fan, which is right around the corner. Just do squats daily and eat foods that boost your T and be happy with the way God made you.
(64.08 KB 523x814 Mann, der Tierfreund.jpg)
>>17765 Did you finish a powerlifting program? If you are just "exercising" that doesn't mean shit. Also you have to get to a lower body fat percentage since that promotes free test.
(1.09 MB 1078x948 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17732 Yeah I'm definitely thinking some sort of exercise is the best thing to fill the gap with. I'm not sure I'm ready for powerlifting though yet. I'm thinking of maybe working on abdominal areas
(60.32 KB 625x702 stronger.jpg)
>>17775 If you don't want to go to a gym for powerlifting, the next best thing is a serious calisthetnic program. Read "Overcoming Gravity" 2nd edition and follow the routine it outlines. http://libgen.is/search.php?&req=overcoming+gravity&phrase=1&view=simple&column=def&sort=year&sortmode=DESC I guarantee you will get way better results than a half-assed fuckarounditis ab routine. https://leangains.com/fuckarounditis/
>>17770 I don't lift on a regular basis. I've been studying some of the fitness books posted in this thread and elsewhere, I am trying to find a good way to practice bodyweight exercises. I've been experimenting with different exercises, but I do push ups and squats most regularly. I also run 3-4 miles every other day or so as part of my routine, not sure if that's helping.
>>17780 Thanks, I'll check this out. I appreciate it.
Is it worth going to a large university in this day and age? I started back in 2018, but had a few bad semesters and ended up with failing grades in several important subjects. This was around the time I started getting redpilled, I ended up being very depressed from being constantly exposed to demoralizing propaganda. I've managed to recover my will for the most part, but I still have to complete at least another 2-4 years in order to graduate. All my old friends and acquaintances are moving on without me. I'm surrounded by beautiful White women, but all of them are far more successful and independent than I am. It's completely humiliating. I have no job, I just live at my parent's house and do nothing but study, play video games and use the internet. I'm basically a NEET except for my college courses. Is it worth continuing at this point, or should I just drop out and find a job or go to trade school?
>>17937 You didn't even say what you are majoring in. Kind of an important detail. I will say though that college is your last best chance to impregnate prime young pussy. Life doesn't really get that much better in your 30s despite what the MGTOW crowd would like you to believe.
>>17937 I think >>17942 is asking the right questions here. It all comes down to the major. Do you actually have a plan going forward, or are you just sort of treading water and not really going anywhere with college? If you're making progress and have a good major and plans for the future, it might be worth pushing through, but if it's some sort of retarded major, you're better off lining up some sort of job and then when you've got it, leaving college and moving on with your life. You should probably look for a job regardless during the summer too so you can have a degree of independence and some actual money on hand.
>>17942 >>17952 I started out in the life sciences, now I am studying and majoring in linguistics. I am making progress towards my degree, its just that its slow and frustrating. I have not worked a day in my life since I started college four years ago. I do plan to learn to drive and start working this summer, preferably in some position related to my field of study. I can vaguely imagine myself as a professional linguist or translator sometime in the near future, but for right now I'm not going to be too picky. At this point I'm mostly worried about getting my degree and turning into money as quickly as possible. >I will say though that college is your last best chance to impregnate prime young pussy I'd like to get a girlfriend, but hot girls aren't going to be impressed by some loser with no job and half a degree. Besides, I'm in no position to pay for child support or to support a family. I actually approached one of my female classmates and it turns out she's set to graduate this spring and accept a high-paying teaching job overseas. Meanwhile I'm still stuck in mama's basement. Until I can get the right credentials and start making money, I would just be a burden on anyone I associated with.
>>17987 >hot girls aren't going to be impressed by some loser with no job and half a degree They are supposed to be impressed by your muscles and confidence. Dude I am honestly somewhat of a genetic beta, not a super chad, and even I managed to get several decent girlfriends in college. So I'm sure you can too. I was just too dumb to impregnate them because I indocrinated about how you are supposed to wagecuck for a decade before starting a family. >I'm in no position to pay for child support or to support a family. Where there's a will there's a way. If you start a family you'll figure out how to hustle. And there are plenty of ways to make more money without a degree than you will get paid as a professional translator anyways. It really sounds like you lack vision and self confidence the way you talk about yourself as a burden to a woman (lmao). Hit the gym with a powerlifting routine and build up your physique and T. Then fuck one of your college co-eds and knock her up. Regardless you will want higher T if you want to control your life. But as for the degree itself you are probaly better in some kind of STEM field if you want money. It's a meme but it's also true. Maybe it's too late for you to switch now if you're already 4 years in and close to graduating. But if you are that close to finishing you probably should anyways.
>>17987 Linguistics was my original major when I went into college. I ended up dropping it though. I started to feel as it was far too abstract and most of it I would never apply in my life ever, though some of the information I learned about the IPA, phonetics and phonology, etc. has been helpful for language-learning, admittedly. Plus, at least at my school, there seemed to be lots of trannies and really arrogant people in the linguistics program, so that turned me off of it gradually. Different schools have different experiences, though, needless to say, so if you're liking what you're doing and have some plan for the future, more power to you, in that case. >I can vaguely imagine myself as a professional linguist or translator sometime in the near future, but for right now I'm not going to be too picky In that case you should be taking classes for a specific language and focusing in on it ASAP, if you have not already started to do that already. Basically what I had myself was a double major for linguistics and a specific language before I dropped linguistics and went all in on the language. You don't need the double major, but the sooner you start learning one in-depth, the better, because as you've probably noticed from linguistics classes, they give you a lot of abstract samples from all sorts of weird languages from different countries in order to demonstrate various things, and nothing really specific, which is what you'd need of course. And don't even worry about getting a girlfriend until you can drive a car or have some money. There's no reason to feel bad about it, but girls won't find the fact that you are unable to drive and are broke attractive.
(1.79 MB 1025x965 ClipboardImage.png)
Have some self-motivation content.
>>17732 >Learn to play the guitar careful it's an addiction, I used to spend all of my free time playing guitar until I discovered imageboards now it's really hard to get back into. Don't waste your time on /v/ most of them are retards anyhow. I believe that video games just riot your brain as much as porn does
Does anybody have any advice on hair styles?
>>18051 Ask a few guys you know with really good haircuts where they went and try there. Basically there are tiers to barber/hait stylists and if you pay a little bit more you will generally get a better cut. But it also varies among who is cutting your hair.
>>17989 >>17993 I actually started out in STEM, I only switched because I flunked out of all the required classes. I went through a period where I was very depressed and constantly exhausted, I didn't have the willpower to do much more than just showing up in class. I'm doing much better in my current field of study, I figure that I may as complete my degree since I can't get back those four years anyway. >but girls won't find the fact that you are unable to drive and are broke attractive. I'm always open to ways to make money if you were going to suggest any. I haven't had a girlfriend since high school. Sometimes it seems like girls are flirting with me, but nothing ever comes of it.I can't avoid them entirely, so I'll focus on physical training and controlling my sex drive.
Yo can someone dump homesteading/gardening stuff ?There's none even in this thread imao how you gonna improve your self while eating food produced by ZOG while also living in a bank owned house?
>>18086 >I'm always open to ways to make money if you were going to suggest any. You don't need money to get laid. What you need is social clout, physical attractiveness, and exposure to social circles with girls in them. Pick up the guitar or some other instrument and join a band. Get a cool haircut and hang out with the hipster graphic design kids and nail one of the chicks.
(237.07 KB 422x618 257272617.png)
>>17937 You seriously need to change your mindset. >I'm surrounded by beautiful White women, These women are only beautiful as long as they are in their early teens and twenties, try to fuck them as long as they are ripe, find the one with the best character and impregnate her. >...but all of them are far more successful and independent than I am. Here is the thing: They are not. Female education and career are less worth than toilet paper. Can you fuck a woman's degree? No. Will a woman's career make for a good and stable housewife and mother to your children? No, women in the workforce play pretend and act like defective men. On top of that these women get a tone of support that you will never get or have ever experienced simply because they are young beautiful White women. Outside of being born in the 1%, there isn't a groups of people that is more privileged than them. Their independence is a sham. Get it out of your head that women are your equal, that they are people like you and me, because they are not. They are weak, they are pampered and they are passive, waiting for a man to take charge and pin them to the ground. Women despise men that don't take charge and even if they complain about your character and gossip, they are basically lying through their teeth. The truth is they love what they complain about. A woman value is young fresh pussy and her ability to be a good mother, nothing more. So don't beat yourself up, you are not playing on female easy mode you are playing on male hard mode. Don't complain that you suck, just grind to get gud and then dominate the game. Be greedy, have drive, ambitions, a clear goal and don't be afraid to take up leadership if the spoils are worth it. Don't be conned into things that force duties on you, but don't give you right and privileges. Get muscles and clean up your wardrobe, learn about finances from books if you think you have too little money and since you try to major in linguistics use your talent and passion to learn and master the way to win debates and manipulate humans with language. Become the gigachad of communication. >I actually approached one of my female classmates and it turns out she's set to graduate this spring and accept a high-paying teaching job overseas. Meanwhile I'm still stuck in mama's basement. Until I can get the right credentials and start making money, I would just be a burden on anyone I associated with. Don't think about what you can give a women, think about what a women should and needs to be giving you and judge them on how much they give you. Never allow a women to judge you and never listen to female judgement, because they know jack shit about how to live as a man. They are born that way, they are physically unable to be empathic to men or think like men. You female classmates will fuck a hot young latino barkeeper without any education should the moot hit them and only afterwards will they make excuses for themselves why they acted that way.
>>18121 >You don't need money to get laid. I'm more interested in the former than the latter. I have severe social autism, so I'm used to doing without. I was thinking of getting into cryptocurrency, but I would have to do more research first. Also, some nog hit me in the face the other day while I was riding the subway, idk what to do about that.
>>18144 >Also, some nog hit me in the face the other day while I was riding the subway, idk what to do about that. lolwut? Do you not have a conceal carry permit? Good chance I would have shot him. Otherwise you should have stabbed him or at the very least beat the the shit out of him. You can't just let yourself be attacked man. Around blacks never relax. Head on a swivel. But I seriously hope you didn't just get punched in the face and do nothing in response if so that is sad and you seriously need to take up powerlifting and get to a boxing or MMA gym or something ASAP.
(589.96 KB 680x648 PANS.png)
>>18144 >I was thinking of getting into cryptocurrency Invest in <PANS> Pure Aryan NEET Sperm
>>18145 Sounds like a good way to go to prison for years. Remember - Nogs are the gods of the West. Unless you have an indisputable case of self-defense, killing a nigger for being hit in the face isn't going to work. Michael Drejka is living testimony to this.
>>18145 Concealed carry permits are not legal in my city unfortunately, I never really felt the need to arm myself anyway. He let up after the first two punches, then left the car at the next stop after glowering at me for about ten minutes. Should I have hit him back? My nose has already bleeding by then. >>18146 I have Autism Spectrum Disorder and some other hereditary defects, I don't think I would qualify as a sperm donor. Besides, I would rather not have it be used by nonhuwyt women or other undesirables.
>>18155 Letting a nigger assault you without consequence is also a great way to possibly end up dead. Honestly if your mindset is to let a nigger attack and possibly follow up because you are too scared of the consequences of defending yourself maybe you are ready to accept your ethnic replacement. I get your point but it's just such an alien mindset to me and is pretty pathetic.
>>18160 >He let up after the first two punches >should I have hit him back? This is so pathetic I have to wonder if you are someone false flagging here. Of course you should have fought back. I gave you good advice before arm yourself and get into MMA/BJJ/boxing. If you aren't willing to take control of your own life and your own destiny just stop posting.
>>18146 >400% Wew lad. Depending on what sperm usually goes for, I wonder if it is worth breaking my semen retention streak for. Though I'd feel weird having children that I'm not aware of on the other hand.
>>18146 I keep seeing this meme everywhere, but it sounds like whoever manages it gets more money than the actual donors. Either way though, where the hell do I even start?
(492.69 KB 560x469 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18161 Anon, you can't even film niggers without being found guilty for murder anymore. If you're going to kill a kang even in self-defense, I'd be careful
>>11 I’m gonna quit all masturbation, and gonna start hermetic alchemy with SR. also reading Evola
>>18184 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门
>>18173 Good luck, anon. It can be tough at first to quit, but even if you fall down, keep pulling yourself up. It gets easier. Part of this depends on how badly you were addicted beforehand. I know I was in a real bad place.
>>18161 >>18162 So I wasn't in any immediate danger after the initial assault, I just shoved him backwards and stared him down until he left. Not sure what I could have gained by artificially continuing the fight at that point. It's the same reason I don't intervene when I see nogs ganging up on old White men or making lewd comments towards lone White girls. It's none of my business, and I try to avoid getting into any trouble I don't need to, especially legal trouble. In this case it's pretty clear that I was defending myself, but I just as easily been charged with assault if I'd attacked him without further provocation. Maybe it was a bit cowardly of me, but that's the way I was expected to behave by the law. >>18173 >>18202 Doesn't complete abstinence have adverse health effects and lead to sexual dysfunction? I can see it as a way to build self discipline or stop being a porn addict, but making it absolute seems excessive. It's something I've never been able to do anyway, at least not for more than a week at a time.
>>18206 >Doesn't complete abstinence have adverse health effects and lead to sexual dysfunction? I’ve been masturbation free for 5 months and have not experienced any adverse effect. The body uses nocturnal emissions as a way to keep the reproductive system from atrophying. > It's something I've never been able to do anyway, at least not for more than a week at a time. Keep trying. It took me a year and a half to really free myself from porn, but I made it. The more you try and fail the closer you will get to getting rid of it forever.
>>18206 >Doesn't complete abstinence have adverse health effects and lead to sexual dysfunction? no, monks have gone many decades without ejaculation and there wasn't/arent major prostate issuses in monasteries. its only good to ejaculate for procreation as all other forms is just hedonism. >It's something I've never been able to do anyway, at least not for more than a week at a time. read easypeasymethod.org , meditate and get divine help
>>18202 thanks anon
>>18217 >meditate and get divine help Interestingly, recently I attended a few Divine Liturgies at a nearby Orthodox Church mainly out of curiosity and just general exploration, and afterwards my desire to chase after lust basically dissipated. With someone like me, that is close to a miracle. It was like instantly being jolted into a state of dispassion. I am now curious what other sorts of religious ceremonies could do, and if was merely a fluke, or what. This sort of stuff absolutely works though.
>>18261 read Evola's books on alchemy and try practice that if your interested in ancient religion. you could also go to an asatru place if there is one near where you live
Should I intervene when I see nogs misbehaving or not? Looking back I probably could have won that fight if I hadn't been taken off guard. As it was, it was more of a stalemate than a straight loss. I ride the train every day and this is the first time I've seen a fight break out there, let alone been involved in one myself. >>18261 >>18332 What do you think of Buddhist mediation? It's been advertised to me in the past, but at the time I wrote it off as a fad for spiritually confused liberals.
>>18358 >What do you think of Buddhist mediation? buddhism is not perfect but it has a lot of truth that has been erased and basterdized in the past. theres no problem with just doing basic 'buddhist' meditation. just get in a quiet place and try to connect with divinity and with the spiritual world
>>18358 >Should I intervene when I see nogs misbehaving or not? Looking back I probably could have won that fight if I hadn't been taken off guard. As it was, it was more of a stalemate than a straight loss. I don't think you really did anything wrong, honestly. You said you shoved the nigger back, and the nigger didn't do anything after that. He had enough respect for you that he decided not to strike back. Granted, I don't know the full story behind the events. Some stuff isn't worth fighting over, especially with low-IQ violent apes. It's another thing if they're severely accosting elderly White people or White girls and no one is helping them. >What do you think of Buddhist mediation? Technique-wise it's fine. I agree with >>18359 largely here. I've taken up some basic stuff like breath mindfulness (anapanasati) from the Pali Canon and have found the Dhammapada to be a good little text in what it teaches. I find the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and stuff like the Bhagavata Purana to be closer to the truth though, but the basics overlap a lot.
>>18358 >Should I intervene when I see nogs misbehaving or not? Read this, they will answer your question in depth.
I got a question lads, can you use Ivermectin for dogs (the pills) as a man? Normal Ivermectin is illegal here and costs too much to get from other countries.
>>18803 It would be better if you asked this question in either the QTDDTOT thread (>>8615) or the Covid thread (>>18697).
>>18803 Look at the ingredients, research them, most things that are fed to dogs can be fed to humans without harm but personally I see nothing wrong with using it, the dose isn't likely to be high enough to do any harm nor have I seen any realevidence that it can even be harmful.
How do I learn to become an effective unarmed fighter? Assume I'm caught by surprise in an enclosed space with no potential improvised weapons on hand. >>18362 >It's another thing if they're severely accosting elderly White people or White girls and no one is helping them. Mostly it's just really small things like playing music or smoking. Occasionally I'll hear them discussing antiWhite talking points or making lewd remarks about White girls they see. Usually they don't do anything more, but there are a couple of incidents that stand out. Once I saw a mulatto threatening an older White man who he seemed to think owed him money. The mulatto was the much larger of the two, and shoved the old man back and forth several times while cursing and berating him. Another time two negroes, both clearly drunk, were yelling threats at a White social worker who they thought was an undercover cop. In the latter incident, one of the negroes also made some vaguely flirtatious comments towards a younger White woman who has riding the train alone, calling her beautiful and stuff like that. She was clearly uncomfortable, and left the car at the first opportunity. Both times I happened to be sitting directly across from the culprits but I didn't do anything either time. When I got hit myself, the one other White man on the train (there were only four people in total) simply moved to the other end of the car, completely ignoring me. It wasn't pleasant to see at the time, but I know I would have done the same. I know some things aren't worth fighting over, but I still feel like a cuck for seeing and hearing these things and not being able to do anything about it.
>>19049 there are always potential improvised weapons on hand, but the best way to learn how to fight unarmed is to master punching and dodging, and counter attacks, and remember that in a real fight it is he who can inflict the most brutal damage first that wins, and he who can inflict that damage is usually the one who can observe and find the opening he needs. You can always look into some variety of HEMA, there is a pretty wide variety of reconstructed fighting styles, from all over Europe. Quit feeling like a cuck for letting the lemmings suffer the consequences of their actions, it helps no-one, least of all you.
>>19049 Depending on the situation you can at the very least call them out, tell them to stop, call them faggots or something. You can also call the cops. Considering the cops are the only reason we aren't able to goodify these niggers directly, might as well redirect their monopoly on force toward the nogs in question.
>>5067 Do you have any books of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn/Wehrsport? I would feel more comfortable following those traditions.
>>19770 Difficult, Jahn's work of German Gymnastics has been translated into English(see the pdf), but it's missing some things like his advise on using guns and dancing or the huge list of old European Books from several languages that Jahn saw as the definitive work on a certain discipline. Jahn was also an oldschool German Nationalist and they were into the Fraktur blackletter typefaces, so if you find an older German copy of his works, you not only have to be able to read German but be also able to read Fraktur. I know the German Turner movement(which was what Jahn's movement has been called) influenced school sport in the USA, but I am not aware of any English books talking about it. It didn't catch on in the British Empire at the time because the British were into different sports like Tennis. Wehrsport is also problematic, you can find antique books from the German Reich but it was banned after WW2 in Germany and Austria and the groups practicing it were criminalized. Only the Swiss did continue with Wehrsport after WW2 until the 80s, but those works are usually in Swiss German.
How is a National Socialist supposed to deal with a crushing sense of despair and recurring suicidal thoughts? I'm failing at all my life's goals and have very little control over my own destiny. I spend at least three to four hours a day online and am constantly tired and depressed. Sexual things in general tend to add to my depression. I have a very low libido and have never been in a relationship with an attractive White woman, even though I've developed several cases of onetis over the years. I have very few male friends, and all my immediate relatives are dying of old age with no children to replace them. The only things that really keep me alive are my own cowardice, and the general sense that the drawbacks of suicide would outweigh the benefits. Thoughts?
>>19941 >I spend at least three to four hours a day online and am constantly tired and depressed. You're not going to like this answer but stop wasting your life online 4 hours a day. You're also not going to like this answer but you need to start powerlifting to increase your T levels and reduce depression. Although circumstance can cause depression a surprising amount of it is chemical and although I've felt despair at some points I haven't been truly depressed ever since I started powerlifting many years ago.
>>19941 You're a fucking coward. kys
>>19079 >>19049 I wouldn't get involved unless another White person is at risk of being seriously injured or killed. Otherwise it probably isn't worth escalating the situation, you could actually do more harm than good. The most I'd do is make eye contact with the niggers in question and send the message you aren't going to sit back and do nothing if they continue. That might be enough to dissuade them. I certainly pull this when I see people mistreating their children or girlfriends in public and they usually wise up quick >>19941 As someone who spent several hours a day online for three or four years what helped the most was running out of money and being forced to find a job I actually liked. I have less friends than ever thanks to the covid psyop but tbh I don't need them so long as I have a schedule and some semblance of social interaction. I'm probably gonna start going to church and cultivating hobbies other than reading depressing political shit as a new year's resolution though. I imagine exercising regularly would help both of us a lot too. I'm very autistic though so YMMV
>>19947 So much for brotherhood. Even if victory was achieved, you still would hate your own kind?
>>19971 My advice and the advice of 99.999% of every anon that sees this? Grow up, grow some balls and be a fucking man. Or kys. Either way, WE win.
>>19971 >Even if victory was achieved, you still would hate your own kind? And the greatest man that ever lived once said (paraphrasing)... if you're not willing to fight and do whatever it takes to protect yourself, your family and your folk - you do not deserve to live.
(1.04 MB 640x360 Act like a man.mp4)
>>19971 Ignore this asshole >>19977 Sure, at a certain point you have to stop mulling over the negatives and try to make things better in order to get anywhere. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't listen to and support each other. Maybe this anon is like me and doesn't even know what it looks like to "man up" because he never had any real role models coming up. Or maybe he has some serious trauma that he's avoiding by wasting all his time on the internet. Being a cunt is only going to reinforce his sense of isolation and helplessness It really bothers me when people use the anonymity of spaces like this as an excuse to tear people down for no reason. We're all in this together and you aren't helping anyone, including yourself by fostering a toxic atmosphere. There's a reason 4/pol/ bans SIG threads, (((they))) don't want us helping each other get better
>>19991 He is right though except for the gay "kys" nonsense. And not providing any tangible advice, just the abstract "man up". At some point anon has to find the solutions and implement them. There is no way around it.
>>19986 Among our bros I think we can express ourselves as we see fit. No need this crap.
>>19993 Yeah I'm just saying there are better ways of expressing the point than "man up or kill yourself" even that is what hitler essentially meant when he said life is struggle
>>19999 That is what *HE* said. That is what you should do under the circumstances. We absolutely should NOT help those who will not help themselves. Step 1 is to man the fuck up. Sorry if your mommy didn't tell you that or your daddy wasn't there for you.
>>19993 > tangible advice K. Here's some tangible advice: 1. Stop whining 2. Stop crying 3. Stop feeling sorry for yourself 4. Stop being a coward There. Although ALL of this is implicitly stated by telling someone to MAN THE FUCK UP.
>>19941 You have plenty of control over your life's destiny. You need to start exercising it. Even if your circumstances are legitimately awful, every second you spend bemoaning that is a second you aren't spending improving those circumstances. Self pity is a luxury you cannot afford, so stop wasting your time with it. Focus on improving your circumstances. If your problem is poverty, get a job or work your ass off at your existing job, even if it sucks. Others have recommended improving diet/lifting, and I agree. Getting yourself in shape will help a lot with mood, low libido and with getting girls. You will suffer, and you will encounter failure after failure. This is natural, and there is no recourse but to face it head on. Ignore your suffering and work towards your goals anyway. Dispassionately autopsy every failure you have. The goal is not to beat up on yourself, but to learn how you should have handled that situation. Implement your findings and repeat till you get good at whatever it is you are doing. As far as cowardice/suicide goes, recognize that you are already mentally dead, and if you keep up your current trajectory, you will become physically dead as well. If you wish to remain physically alive, you must become mentally alive. Life is an eternal struggle. Embrace that struggle. If you are suffering, you are alive. If you are struggling, you are alive. If you are fail, but stand up and try again anyway, you are alive. If you wish to live, fight. If you do not wish to fight, then die. I hope you decide to fight.
>>20012 Sure but that's still not enough though. People who are stuck in a loop have to know what to start doing to replace those behavioral and thought patterns. Because if you are chemically depressed to the point of considering suicide you need an external change to break the internal cycle. This guy's endrocrine system is probably fucked so he needs to change his routine in specific ways that will get him out of that loop, and stay out of it. Otherwise he will revert back to old habits. If he doesn't make those changes and comes back here crying again though there's nothing left to say except man up though.
>>20011 >Sorry if your mommy didn't tell you that or your daddy wasn't there for you. Don't be a prick, bro. I'm not here to ask for advice, just give it, as I've been in the process of getting my shit together for the past few months already. I'm just saying that "man up" means nothing to someone who's never had positive male role models in their life, for example. Giving concrete advice like develop an exercise routine, improve your diet, or stop having a negative bias is much more useful I bet five dollars you haven't actually read mein kampf because hitler actually had empathy
>>20019 I really do need to calm my shit down. Apologies to both you and >>19941 It's been more than a little frustrating trying to get my indoctrinated friends and families to wake the hell up. Obviously, my approach needs a LOT of work. I'll strive to do better, and yes I've read Mein Kampf. About time to read it again.
I'm asking whether it makes sense for me to stop consuming porn / masturbation. Generally the answer is yes, but in my case there are two reasons that make me view this as futile. 1.) I am physically unable to enjoy masturbation due to my circumcision, so i do not suffer from dopamine addiction. The only reason i engage in it is just to quell my sex drive. 2.) The probability of me finding a gf is practically zero and consequently this would i wouldn't ejaculate again for the rest of my life. This doesn't sound healthy to me.
>>20088 It's okay anon, I think we've all been a little on edge since this covid psyop started. I've put quite a strain on all of my friends which is why I don't have many anymore >hitler dubs based >>20089 First off I would recommend looking into foreskin restoration. The subreddit is a very supportive community that has helped me with the psychological trauma aspects of my cirumcision especially. Secondly as someone in a similar situation it not getting much out of masturbation I have found that quitting porn was much more important than quitting masturbation in general. When I try to look at it now it almost makes me sick to my stomach. It's so overstimulating it can't possibly be healthy. I had religion to help motivate me though As anons have already said in this thread even if you don't masturbate at all nocturnal emissions and morning wood will ensure that your equipment stays functioning
>>19945 >>19949 >>20013 Here's some background. In 2018 I graduated from high school with a 3.77 GPA. My parents had saved a lot of money for me to go to college, so I decided to double major in statistics and biology at the local university. Things were going great at first, I even got accepted into my university's prestigious honors society. After the first semester or so, I started to fall behind on schoolwork and my grades started to slip. I coped with the stress by playing video games and browsing imageboards, but that just took up more time and I fell even further behind. I was exposed to several blackpills and demoralization propaganda during this period, and eventually I became so depressed I barely had the willpower to show up to class. I ended up with failing grades in several critical classes and came within a hair's width of being expelled. Now, I'm almost 23 years old. I still go to University, but with a mediocre GPA and at least another two to four years before I graduate. I still live with my parents and haven't had a real job since I started college. I'm tempted to kill myself for two reasons. First, I can't come to terms with the guilt and shame of knowing that I've squandered the opportunities that I've been given. Second, I worry that if I don't have the willpower or mental capacity to succeed at school, I'm not going to even begin to be able to address the bigger issues like White Genocide and the Great Reset.
(1.60 MB 1210x6307 Women_User_Manual.jpg)
>>20174 That actually isn't too bad. Serious question, did you want to go to university or did you go because your parents expected it of you? I went because of my parent's expectations and it basically went the same and I had a meltdown after freshman year. I wasn't racially aware then, so in that respect, ignorance was bliss. You need to decide, do you want to drop out, or do you want to commit to college? In either case, you need to start working your ass off. If you drop out, you need to learn a trade. If you stay in, you need to seriously apply yourself. If you still have the wherewithal to finish the double major, I'd suggest doing it, since you've already on the hook for it. GPA isn't everything, especially in hard majors. With liberal arts, you pretty much need a 4.0 to have a chance outside college. For serious majors, like engineering, biology, and math, you can get away with weaker gpa because everyone know those are actually hard. It should still be as high as physically possible though. Also keep an eye out for internships/chances to pad your resume. If you are mad at yourself for wasting opportunities, don't waste more of them by killing yourself. Suicide will only double down and waste even more opportunities. The whole guilt and shame stuff is basically slave morality. Neither guilt nor shame ever helped anyone. Let them go and forgive yourself. You can't undo the past. What you can do is learn from your mistakes and not fuck up the future. So attend every class, I don't care if you are tired, sad, or sick. Suck it up and go anyway. Same deal with your homework, do it, regardless of how you suffer. If you truly don't understand something, go to office hours and have the professor/TA work with you till you do understand. You aren't going to get affirmative action, so you have to actually know your shit. As far as racial stuff, I'd actually set most of that aside for the time being. Your job right now is to get your shit together. You won't be any use to the Aryan race, or to anyone else for the matter if you cant do that. So be disciplined with school work. For spare time, start working out. You don't need to go full bodybuilder, but you want basic fitness. If you have the opportunity to learn how to fight, do it. A lot of schools have clubs to learn various martial arts. Pick one and learn it. Assuming you are American, and depending on finances/parents, also take up shooting as a hobby. This may not be realistic depending on nationality and if your parents are anti-gun, but if they are cool with you owning one, get one. Learn how to handle and maintain it. If they are liberal dumbasses, take up archery instead. In general, keep your power level hidden. While you are in school, you are in the belly of the beast. Don't get in fights, no matter how much commie bs you hear. You won't win and will get your life destroyed for your trouble. Basically, shut up, keep your head down, get your degree, and gtfo. Once you are graduated, you will have more leeway to behave how you want. Don't drink, do drugs or otherwise act the fool. With girls, there probably isn't much hope for finding a serious one to wife up. You will probably see nothing but feminist thots. If you are going to interact with them, hit it and quit it. Always wear a condom regardless of what they say about being on birth control, and mainly just use it as an opportunity to learn how the female brain works. If women become a distraction or a problem, cut them out and focus on your schoolwork. Men have a longer timeframe to be reproductively successful so it won't hurt you to wait till you are more stable to get in a relationship. Women also like confidence and success, so don't worry too much about them and focus on getting your shit together. That alone will get you half way there with most girls. Every so often the stars will align and there will be a Savitri Devi, but the sad reality is most women are basically retarded. Don't put them on a pedestal. You want to get to the point where they are dependant on you for emotional validation. Pic related is a bit woo at times, but as a general oveview it has proven useful to me for managing women's minds, especially with long term relationships. Basically, your goal is to graduate with a decent career lined up, the ability to fight, and in a position to start a family. Not gonna dox myself, but if you play your cards right, you are in a position to be more successful than I was at your age. Keep working to improve yourself and don't give up.
>>20174 Dang bro you sound just like me except less pathetic lol My parents got divorced when I was a teen and I basically raised myself from then. My mom ignored me except to terrorise me when she was having a bad day Once I graduated high school I was emotionally manipulated into going to college even though I didn't want to cause my parents had saved some money for it. I just partied and ended up flunking out, partially because 4chan convinced me a liberal arts degree was worthless (not far from the truth tho tbh) After that my family basically disowned me so I spent years feeling worthless and being a neet until my money ran out. I have a bullshit job now but I'm in my mid 20s with basically no accomplishments (or friends for that matter)
>>20097 >I've put quite a strain on all of my friends which is why I don't have many anymore Holy fuck, it's not just me.
>>20089 Stop watching porn, yes; stop masturbating, maybe not. The first shouldn't require explanation. Use your imagination or memory instead. As for masturbating, you can't expect men to live like monks, that's a ridiculous standard. A few can do it, many can't. The evolutionary purpose of your existence is to propagate your genes, and few people can entirely ignore that. The reasoning behind "no-fap" or "no-porn" is to motivate you to go out and pursue women, which may be difficult due to several reasons. Masturbation is like drinking: a beer everyone now, or even getting drunk, and then isn't a problem. It's a problem when you're doing it too much, like having a 6-pack every day; either it's an addiction or it's covering up other problems that need to be addressed. >>20174 I don't know how it works in America, but have you considered taking a year or two off to work and using your free time to study the courses you've already completed to bring yourself up to speed, because all these things build on what comes before, so you can quickly get overwhelmed. There are loads of resources online for people studying on their own.
>>20174 >First, I can't come to terms with the guilt and shame of knowing that I've squandered the opportunities that I've been given. Most people fail before they succeed. You have to learn from it and change your behavior to turn the L into a win. >Second, I worry that if I don't have the willpower or mental capacity to succeed at school, I'm not going to even begin to be able to address the bigger issues like White Genocide and the Great Reset. A man is not a static being at one point in time. We are always changing based on our experiences and how we grow over time. So the you of tomorrow will not necessarily be the you of yesterday. You need to start getting some wins under your belt and see growth, then you will understand.
(99.86 KB 765x1185 pornhub oy vey.jpg)
>>20089 You should cut out pornography. Pornography is evil. If something like porn is free and easily available, it's because (you)'re the product in this situation. It's also linked to all sorts of addictions, literal brain degeneration, and a loss of control over one's passions. There's nothing to be gained by watching porn, and everything to lose. Regarding masturbation, it's not good to do it frequently, but to do it every once and a while is not the end of the world. Just use your imagination or something if you absolutely have to. Semen retention is legit and it is powerful, but masturbating every once in a blue moon won't kill you.
What aspects of modern hygiene are detrimental to the human immune system or health? I'm thinking that being overly hygienic might be harmful. I don't mean this in a gross way, I shower daily and keep my teeth clean, but I mean stuff like aluminum-filled deodorant, washing hands without reason, using hand-sanitizer, etc.
>>20416 >What aspects of modern hygiene are detrimental to the human immune system or health? Fist rule is, if your skin is getting dry, your eyes slightly red or more puffy than normal, you are getting red skin patches or pimples there is something in your environment(clothes, furniture, bedcovers, carpet, your washing agent etc.), your diet or your hygiene routine that you have to remove that part and replace it or change how you do it, because your body can't deal with whatever is in it. Constant inflammation of body parts is bad for your long term health, both physical and mentally. >I shower daily... How much you should shower depends on your race, skin type, your activities and the water available to you. Whites excrete naturally more oil than blacks, which is an adaptation to a climate that is more moist. Certain skin types are more durable to when it comes to coming into contact with water and chemicals and if you are not doing physical labor and sweat there is no point in showering daily. Taking a bath takes more time, but can be more healthy and saves water. Taking hot baths to combat and incoming cold and when healthy to take cold baths of 15min. to stimulate the body is a good damn cheat code to stay healthy without drugs. >...keep my teeth clean There are different types of teeth too, some people have harder teeth than others. Diet also plays a role. Don't brush your teeth directly after having eating, wait 30min to 1h or you put additional stress on your teeth and attack their protective outer layer. Avoid toothpaste with florid and anything that makes them to spicy/hot/burning. Use dental floss and brush the gums to, but not so strong that they are bleeding. Health gums should never bleed if brushed. Don't brush your teeth more than two times a day, you don't have to brush your teeth after every meal and you shouldn't be a glutton in the first place. >I mean stuff like aluminum-filled deodorant... All deodorant is a scam, it was literally an advising campaign in the 1940s and 1950s that told people to be disgusted by human odors. Same goes for body wash gel, it's a literal snake oil salesman industry and non of the added ingredients beyond soap are scientifically proven to do anything. Same goes for make up and perfume. One of the main reason so many woman start the look like shit when they hit 30 is that they basically poison their skin with this shit and their aging body can't keep up with that. >washing hands without reason, using hand-sanitizer, etc. If you wash your hands after touching something truly dirty you don't need hand-sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is only ever needed if you actually need sterile hands for treating a wound or doing similar medical procedures to other people.
>>20420 Regarding the topic of deodorant, it is certainly full of metalloestrogens and should be avoided by all people, as well due to the fact that it is carcinogenic. What would be a good replacement though, if any? Baking soda or baking powder? I have heard some people say that before. Usually I think there's no odor issues though, except for in the summer if I've been out and about, and even that would be just condescending to normalfags. >teeth Have you ever tried a miswaak? I know it's mostly a Muslim thing, but my research seems to indicate that it is essentially a natural toothbrush. I've been thinking of trying to get some. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miswak
>20420 >body wash gel What about body lotion? I use that.
>>20437 meant for >>20420
>>20180 >Serious question, did you want to go to university or did you go because your parents expected it of you? Both. You have to understand that for most of my teenage years, being a good student was the only thing I was really proud of. I was very disciplined and efficient, but I never really learned to handle pressure, and looking back that's what really did me in. Now I struggle with basic things like keeping a consistent schedule and getting enough sleep. I also get tired and distracted a lot more easily, and it seems like I'm overall a lot physically and mentally weaker than when I first started. >>20200 For now I'm going to focus on finishing my education and making myself more financially independent. I'm in a completely different field of study than the one I started out in, but I still have some trouble keeping my grades up. I'm probably going to stay in until either the money runs out or until they kick me out, but I will definitely be looking for more ways to make money. >There are loads of resources online for people studying on their own. I already do a lot of my research online, so any specific recommendations would be helpful.
>>20464 One thing you should probably do is limit yourself to minimum credit hours to maintain full time status. Quality > quantity. You are better of graduating a year later with a higher gpa than you are graduating "on time" barely passing. That said, use this time to actually study and master the concepts. You need a work ethic, and you need to treat school like work in terms of seriousness. Going to class, doing homework/projects is your job now. Once you graduate, people aren't really going to ask how long it took you to graduate. They will want to know what you majored in and maybe what your gpa is. If you have a solid work history, internship, letters of recommendation, you can largely avoid the gpa question, but you still want it as high as possible since it will help with getting internships. When push comes to shove, you need to be able to demonstrate that you can be an asset to a prospective employer. Look into entry level job postings in your field, try to figure out what they want, and then figure out how to get the skills that you can credibly add to your resume and back up in an interview. If you don't already have a resume, figure out how to make one. Most universities will have informal classes/job help groups, especially in the spring semesters. Go to one and get formatting and layout advice. Start playing the connections game. For the early stages, it boils down to being a good student. You want to hang out with the top students in your class, and you also want your professors to like you. When people need employees, a lot of the time they will go with people they know, or they will ask their old professors if there is anyone they recommend. Basically, start seeing your professors as prospective peers. Being on good terms with professors and top students means you will be on the list people think of when they are asked to recommend someone, and if anyone asks about you they will say, "I went to school with anon, he knows his shit.", or "I have a student in my class who would be a perfect fit for your internship, here is anon's email.".
>>20469 >When people need employees, a lot of the time they will go with people they know, or they will ask their old professors if there is anyone they recommend This is true. Acquaitances are actually worth more than friends in terms of opportunities. Sad but true. IIRC there is even math backing that up. Probably accounts for a decent amount of jewish success just constantly making large networks of superficial connections, then playing nepotism among themselves.
>>20471 That unironically is a large part of their success. If there is a choice between two candidates, and they are roughly the same, or even only a slight mismatch, a Jew will pick the Jewish candidate any time. We can bemoan that, but the reality is, it works. Frankly, I think we need to adopt the same attitude. If/when any of us are in a position to advance an Aryan, we should take that opportunity every time. That is my personal policy. Just don't tell anyone you are doing that. You are just picking who you believe has the right qualifications for the job. This is literally how the Jews got the positions they have, until we are in a position to remove them by force, we have to play the same game.
>>20416 I recently started coconut oil pulling and swishing sea salt twice a day instead of brushing and it makes my teeth look even better tbh. I have some cavities so I figured the scrubbing wasn't doing my enamel any favours. I still floss like every other day though The oil kills bacteria and the salt helps remineralise things. Taking D3, K2, and magnesium, combined with sufficient dietary calcium, is supposed to help teeth heal on their own, at least according to Weston A. Price's research. Avoiding phytic acid in food is part of it too I dont use shampoo or deodorant either. I even tried going several months without soap (inb4 autist); it's not as bad as you'd think, but I still prefer using it occasionally. I shower probably less than once a week
>>20473 I should add, plaque doesn't build up on my teeth because the oil kills the bacteria that produce it in the first place. This only works if you cut out most sugar and refined carbs from your diet, though. Otherwise you won't be able to keep up and will still need brushing to dislodge everything. Bad mouth bacteria feed on sugar and produce acid, hence tooth decay
>>20472 >Just don't tell anyone you are doing that. I think that's what anyone of any color does anyway, but with niggers, spics, chinks and jews they can come and outright say that's why they did it. Whites don't do that cuz' 'White supremacist' - but they still do it without saying.
>>20422 >What would be a good replacement though, if any? Using it is pointless, because the smell comes primarily from bacteria that is attracted to the wet climate created by sweating, the bacteria is already on your clothes, in the air and environment. Hence why some deodorants try to prevent you from sweating, but that fucks with your body. >Have you ever tried a miswaak? I know it's mostly a Muslim thing, but my research seems to indicate that it is essentially a natural toothbrush. No, but I know similar things have been used in Europe in the middle ages before the toothbrush was invented. Every Muslim I know stinks from the mouth. >>20437 >What about body lotion? I use that. Body lotions are light skin care you use when you skin is already getting attacked by cleaning products. Some are ok, because they are basically like wound salves from the ingredients, most however are just snake oil like body wash.
(515.55 KB 1175x1495 1607012984203.jpg)
Haven't masturbated or looked at porn since last July. You can do this too, anon.
>>20474 very natural man pilled of you cavities also benefit from the occasional dry fast and high nutrition diet, like bonebroth. i wish you the best of luck with healing from modern toxic environments
breathing exercises after having a bad cough? can't do any deep breathing, I feel something on my sitting on chest every time I breathe too heavy,leaving the humidifier in my room on high and windows open to help me breathe more easily.
>>21270 What is your secret?
>>21287 Not the original author but you should check out EasyPeasey. Its been posted here before. https://easypeasymethod.org/
>>21270 >>21293 Why is every other post on this thread about pr0n or fapping? Is the problem really that bad. I am more interested in setting measurable goals, ie how many push-ups I should be able to do in a minute, how long it should take me to run a mile, ect. As well as cultivating general self control and discipline (as opposed to "don't do this") but that's harder to measure.
>>21287 No secret, really. Just decided to stop doing it. I tried easypeasy and other methods before but just deciding, firmly, that I didn't want to do that anymore is what really worked for me. I know this is horrible advice. The best takeaway from easypeasy is to not allow yourself to peek, that's what killed my 3-month streak before. >>21309 It's a big problem to overcome for a lot of the kinds of people who congregate on obscure imageboards of any kind. Anyway, as for other measurable goals,there's >bodyfat % You don't want this to be above 12% as a guy. There are tons of ways to calculate it, the Navy calculator is the most feasible for most people. How to decrease bodyfat everyone is different but these will work unless you have godawful genetics or don't sustain them for at least a few months: 1. Intermittent fasting. Eat within a 6-8 hour window and do not eat anything with calories before or after that window. I only eat between 12 and 6 when cutting. 2. HIIT cardio 4x/week (hill sprints are the best for this, yes they suck) MOST IMPORTANTLY, IF YOU DO ALL THE OTHERS AND DON'T DO THIS IT WON'T WORK 3. Caloric defecit. Calculate your maintenance caloric intake using your lean body mass (in other words, take off your bodyfat), add the thermic effect of food you eat, and estimate your activity (multiply by anywhere between 1.1 (little to no exercise at all) to 2.0 (a job that requires sustained physical labor), then eat less than that number. You must do this. Fat people who call this "starvation diets" are retards and fat for a reason. 3. Optional: Keto. Worked for me the first time I did it but the weight comes back quickly. But it does use fat for energy so if you can manage it I think it's worth trying. >aesthetics See Breker statues or the David for good male aesthetics that are attainable without drugs. As for the ones you asked: >how many push-ups to do in a minute If you can do 20 without stopping within a minute you're more fit than most guys these days. If you want to be considered "fit," I'd say to push for 40 or more. Best way to get better at pushups is to do pushups. >how fast to run a mile A good benchmark is 10 minutes. A great goal is to run a mile in 7 minutes or less, without stopping. Same as pushups, best way to practice is to do it. >general discipline Really hard to give advice about this. The single best thing that worked for me was keeping my goyphone as far away from me as possible any time I want to focus on anything. Something about their design entices you to interrupt what you're doing and "check" the nothing on them. Better yet to throw it away if you don't need it for work or something. Any networking can be done with a PC and a landline. As for dietary discipline, focus on dairy, meat, and fruit for your main staples. Salad is oay.
>>21309 >Is the problem really that bad Yes for men without girlfriends or wives
It's very simple. If you want to lose fat, exercise more and/or reduce your carb intake, wait 2 or 3 weeks and see the results. You know basically what foods are high in carbs already. There's no need for 'counting carbs' or any of that. I've been exercising regularly for over 15 years and that's what I've always done. I've rarely been over 12% body fat, and when I was younger I was lean enough that you could see the veins on my lower abs, chest/shoulder, upper legs, etc.; and in those days I just exercised at home, I didn't have any equipment, other than a backpack full of books to help with weight training. Losing weight is really not rocket science. You just look at the results, and adjust accordingly. People act like it's some complicated mystery and hard to achieve, when all it takes is discipline and common sense. All I'll add is if you do cardio make sure you use the interval method.
>>21324 >>21338 Lads i got a question im 17 and i was 100 kg but lost like 30 kg with intermittent fasting and Convict Conditioning in a year, the question is how do i bulk up? chicken breast and eggs have protein but not too many calories
>>21427 If you want clean calories on top add brown rice to the chicken and egg dishes. Yams are also good
>>21427 Pretty sure bulking is covered in Convict Conditioning, the link to the basically long essay that covers it is in the Calistheics archive in this threads OP, but if not, here it is.
>>20422 >>20422 >Regarding the topic of deodorant, it is certainly full of metalloestrogens and should be avoided by all people, as well due to the fact that it is carcinogenic. What would be a good replacement though, if any? I've been using Primal Pit Paste/P3, now called Pretty Frank for several years. It lasts a solid 24 hours. Example of ingredients https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1543/8323/products/BackLab_JAR_BS_WL_800x800.png?v=1627607523 A jar lasts a month and a half. They also have it in sticks. It wasn't available in stick from when I started using it. Get on their mailing lists and get notice of sales. That brings the jar price down to supermarket stick price. https://pretty-frank.com/collections/natural-deodorant/products/baking-soda-deodorant-jar-woodlands I'm not familiar with all the scents, but Woodlands meets female approval.
>>21514 >I'm not familiar with all the scents, but Woodlands meets female approval. I just ordered a stick of Woodlands. The Shea butter better not make me smell like a negro.
>>21514 >>21526 Multipurpose: Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE) p-Menthane-3,8-diol (PMD) 30% and/or Clove Essential Oil, for best performance. Also, Lavender Essential Oil. Mosquito repellent.
I've seen memes about this, but does chronic masturbation really cause hair loss? I've been a porn addict for many years, and recently finally quit it. I'm in my early 20s, but my hair seems to be in the early stage of thinning. Does it actually cause hair loss, or is it something else? My diet is reasonably good, but maybe it's me washing my hair too much, or just all the pollution everywhere. And since I've stopped masturbating, will my hair come back? Also for the people talking about deodorant, if you're not going to be very sweaty or dirty you really don't need it, but if you do you can just use baking soda as deodorant. It works great, and is stupidly cheap. You can also use baking soda as a great toothpaste, look into it.
>>21548 Balding is caused by DHT on the scalp which is a byproduct of testosterone, which any man must produce. Some men genetically respond to DHT by stopping hair production in certain areas of their scalp. Your best bet is to use Nizoral shampoo to slow down the process, since Nizoral blocks DHT production on the scalp to an extent. And it's more effective the earlier on you use it.
>>21548 Personally, for me, yes, quitting masturbating did in fact give me thicker hair and stopped any receding. Make of this what you will, but I'd say yeah. Fapping ups your DMT hormones which cause hairloss, so, stopping fapping stops that.
>>21554 DHT sorry
>>21554 Man, I wish fapping released DMT.
(70.58 KB 1009x533 ClipboardImage.png)
(34.75 KB 825x329 ClipboardImage.png)
>>21427 Pic related is the easiest way to bulk. Pic 2 describes the shakes.
>>21548 Anecdotally, the guys I know who struggle with porn also struggle with early hair loss. My hair stopped receding when I stopped masturbating.
(430.51 KB 1170x1528 grant amato coomer incarnate.jpg)
>>21548 > but does chronic masturbation really cause hair loss?
>>21583 Can confirm. Am big coomer and also balding early. Wish I had known. Jews got to me early.
(36.13 KB 600x655 1634152417623.jpg)
I smoked ganja for years as a way to self-medicate my cptsd but I had to stop cause it was making me too anxious and introspective all the time. I ended up just going back to drinking every day just so I could sleep so now I'm trying delta 8 thc instead. I would really recommended it tbh, it isn't as strong so the negative side effects are practically nonexistent. It'll still make you stupid if you smoke too much, though >inb4 degenerate Since I added thc back to my self-care routine, my resting anxiety, mood, and autism have all greatly improved. I still think doing it all the time, especially solely for recreation is bad. But it isn't inherently harmful like hard drugs. They just grow it too strong these days
>>21645 Have you tried not masturbating to alleviate the symptoms, or are you driven to the devil’s lettuce because it didn’t work for you?
Any supplemental material to easy peasy method for stopping masturbation? I really want to quit but my life is all fucked up right now and when I get low I just fall back into the habit after a short break of abstaining
>>21937 The best thing you can do besides really absorbing the wisdom of the Easypeasy method is to keep off of sites and away from activities that cause you to fall into masturbation and pornography. For example, for me, the site that causes me to fail a lot is 4chan. It hardly matters what board. I'll be browsing /pol/, and my eye will catch some borderline pornographic or eye-catching image, and before I know it, I'll be watching pornography. I'll be browsing /lit/, and someone will post some coomer-tier bait posts or images, and next thing I know I'll be watching pornography. Same with /a/, /x/, /fit/ or similar boards. So the take-away in my experience is to stay away from 4chan, especially if I am struggling at a given time. Some sites like 16chan don't give me any problems. It's best to look into your own past failures, and to see why, how and when you most often relapse, and seek to avoid those situations. It may be that you're different from me though, for me, I almost never masturbate without some sort of material, so I almost always am started on the slippery slope to relapse by images or text. It's also good to work out, meditate and do similar things. Keeping busy in some way, even if you are feeling down, is the best way to avoid relapsing. Even small things can be effective. Just never give up. I fail more than I should still, but I'm better than I was at my worst.
(113.18 KB 736x533 power-rangers.jpg)
>>21937 Fuck your wife or girlfriend instead of masturbating to porn. Man was meant to fuck women instead of masturbate. If you don't have a wife or girlfriend, stop masturbating and get one. This may be oversimplified, but it's 90% the truth.
An update on the delta 8 thc: it seems like tolerance builds a lot quicker than with normal weed, so probably not recommended for daily (medicinal) users. Still, it's worth giving a shot and seeing if you like it imo >>21651 I don't think masturbating has much to do with my cptsd lol. I'm fortunate enough to be clean off porn like three years so I don't think I have a problem
How, if at all, should I practice fasting while I am trying to put on muscle? I have some extraneous fat around my midsection that I'm trying to lose, but I also have very thin arm and legs.
>>22333 Intermittent fasting. Basically you reduce the time window where you eat to say 8 hours (only eating between noon and 8pm). This helps you eat less and get some benefits of fasting, without feeling too hungry since you still allow yourself to eat well within that time frame https://leangains.com/ http://libgen.is/search.php?req=leangains+method&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=1&column=def
>>21962 Man was meant for the individual man's purpose. Fucking women is auxiliary to that purpose, women are a waste of time, energy, and resources. They slow down every man that subscribes to the imposed realm of coupling and marriage. For those that are of good stock and natalists, put the woman in her place by defining time rules, make her less of a constant brain-occupying companion, and more of an on-demand utility. Masturbation is more efficient overall. Now get back to work.
>>22363 cucked. If we should only pursue individual betterment, then there's no reason to do anything for the sake of your race at all.
(189.90 KB 512x512 wlp.png)
>>22363 >For those that are of good stock and natalists Lol what is this nuspeak. "Natalists" as if it isn't the natural state to want to procreate. And qualifying yourself as "good stock" or not is cucked because unless you have some very obvious deformities that will completely ruin the viability of your offspring, even considering to categorize yourself as "good stock" or not is cucked as hell. Also masturbation isn't "efficient" because it doesn't satisfy the same power drive as fucking a woman and impregnating her. You are doing some real over-intellectual hamstering, fren.
>>22363 Man is not even complete in himself, and can't even fulfill all of his biological functions as a self-contained unit. That tells me everything I need to know. Celibacy is degenerate in almost every case, except for in the cases of a few legitimate geniuses, who are almost invariably virgin volcels.
(31.06 KB 333x333 1622686672456.jpg)
This is quite a paradox mates, on one hand every one of us is biologically motivated to reproduce but on the other hand we are in the middle of a genocide, this is complicated i suppose.
(149.84 KB 643x1024 Runenlauteren.jpg)
>>22424 That feel when the biological urge to procreate kicks in but you are a crypto-Cathar so you resist the animic temptations and channel that energy into your immortal Vajra instead.
>>22424 I can relate. I want to have children one day, but my greatest fear is that they have to live in a world where they are just bombarded by propaganda 24/7 and are turned into self-hating trannies or homosexuals by the media, or the school system, or popular entertainment, or by even contact with other people their age. It's bad enough living right now. I don't think the future is set in stone though. I'm in no position to have children right now anyway though. There's not even a prospective mother, so my words on this subject should not be taken that seriously. I think if I had to choose though I would have some. The idea of being with some woman but never having kids seems sort of hedonistic and weird to me.
>>22424 >This is quite a paradox mates, on one hand every one of us is biologically motivated to reproduce but on the other hand we are in the middle of a genocide, this is complicated i suppose. Not really. Reproduce and protect your offspring with your life.
>>22452 If anything, having kids gives you something to ground yourself with. Now that you really have a stake in the future, you would be inclined to fight for it even harder.
>>22426 So true. Very real indeed.