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/fng/ Fascist News General #2 Blackshirt 08/18/2021 (Wed) 04:04:30 ID:f89fb6 No. 11342
Continued from the last thread. Post news and information related to happenings of interest to /fascist/s ITT, such as Jewish scheming, racial issues, developments in Fascist and third position politics worldwide, etc. Old thread: >>271 https://archive.fo/jACVi ARCHIVE LINKS AND SAVE CLIPS IF POSSIBLE
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/18/2021 (Wed) 04:06:48.
Any guesses on how long the taliban get to remain sovereign before sanctions and "intervention" start cracking down? Can't say I care much for Islam, but I do respect the Taliban's refusal to flee their homeland in the face of occupation, especially when compared to the dirty little rodents who flooded the airports to run away as soon as things got uncomfortable.
>>11344 It depends what happens with Russia and China and their stance towards them. The Russian embassy in Kabul said they saw no reason to evacuate and they appear to be open to trying to engage with the new government. Chinese already have some failed investments in copper mining im Afghanistan they might want to cash in on, but it remains to be seen, I think, whether the Taliban will play realpolitik here or will prioritize Islam due to how China treats the people of Xinjiang. Letting China invest or exploit resources, and having Russians at least not be completely negative towards them would definitely offset the inevitable sanctions that will be coming in the near future. I can’t see an interventions coming though. I know neocons have being crying over this, but it just doesn’t seem like it will happen to me.
>>11344 I think Afghan assets inside the US have already been frozen.
(74.58 KB 666x666 bolton stache.jpg)
>>11347 >how China treats the people of Xinjiang
>>11352 I’m almost sure a good deal of it is propaganda put out by the West. Muslims in non-Muslim countries definitely continously stir up trouble as well—one just has to think of the Muslims in Myanmar, and India, and probably other places as well. Whatever they are getting is probably to some extent deserved. I know Muslims online like to cry about China though, regardless.
>>11316 Either way, it's not like the Taliban defeated ZOG, they withdrew to do something else in the US.
>>11344 >Can't say I care much for Islam, but I do respect the Taliban's refusal to flee their homeland in the face of occupation Lots of the cowards and traitors fled to Europe over the past 20 years. It where all those Afghan rape gangs came from. Taliban must be selected for their best men.
>>11363 Modern war is logistics based and Taliban won through attrition. We also don't know yet if this loss will be one of the final nails in the coffin for ZOG. Overextended wars and bankruptcy have ended many empires.
>>11363 I wouldn't say they defeated ZOG, but it is still definitely a victory for them. It's a great moral booster for their people, and a brief time away from ZOG occupation could do wonders for their people.
>>11376 They were absolutely defeated.
>>11376 ZOG occupied that land for 20 years and achieved nothing. The people of Afghanistan won by mean of pure resistance to a foreign invader. Cannot tell the same for most of Zionist Occupied countries.
>>11388 >>11392 What I'm trying to say is I don't think that ZOG pulled out because of the taliban. The USA will always do what is in the Jews best interest, so there must be something much more important they need the troops for than destabilizing Afghanistan. Something like enforcing covid lockdowns and vaccination in America would be a perfect use for these soldiers.
>>11396 Or as I suggested earlier, the DHS is signalling some sort of false flag soon, perhaps the troops are needed for marshall law?
>>11397 That could definitely be the case. The media is priming people for a "terror attack", as you probably saw or posted in the last news general. Do you think it'll be a covid measures thing or a White nationalist scare sort of thing?
i think some of you guys have gaslit yourselves into thinking the US is stronger and more capable than it is
>>11399 I mean, but it is strong and capable? They have enough bombs to turn Afghanistan into dust, the only thing stopping them from doing so are democratic insutitions.
>>11401 Nice non-argument.
>>11400 They were not interested in destroying Afghanistan, they were interested in exploiting it (which they did with the decades of trillion spent to feed the military-industrial sector and also with drug trafficking profits) and in subverting its people (which failed completely). The times when ZOG wanted to crush someone in absolute destruction they had no qualms in doing so (like they did to Japan, Germany and Italy).
>>11403 what's the point of arguing with you? all you're going to do is keep asserting the US is all powerful despite all evidence to the contrary.
>>11403 This is the same guy that was shitting the other thread see >>11334
>>11408 gotta be jewish the way you get your back up when the US isn't held up as infallible. i know it's generally unproductive to throw around kike accusations, but i'm doing it.
>>11405 I'm not the same guy you retard. I just logged in and am telling you that America's strength is burden by its democractic values. >>11408 >Everything I don't like is a shill! This place is losing braincells.
>>11411 >America's strength is burden by its democractic values. this is wrong, though. america has seen a precipitous decline in its physical industrial capabilities and its population's mental abilities. it's formalization as an afro-zionist entity means that it is going to lose its parasitic access to europe and east asia, which is why the US has been working overtime to flood western europe with non-Whites since the USSR dissolved.
>>11398 If they really wanted to up the chutzpah they'd false flag a terror attack on 9/11, right on the 20th anniversary, and then immediately use it as a justification to re-invade. That seems massively audacious and almost ridiculous though.
>>11416 It would be interesting if we had a 9/11 2, but I doubt it. It seems like most ZOG governments are winding down on foreign affairs and beginning to focus on the final steps of their plan. My money is on them trying to combine the covid narrative with the "White nationalist terror threat" to pressure cuckservatives into getting the vaccine. If they start getting called anti-semitic, they'll begin to drop like flies.
>>11411 >lol >like what? >be more specific. Yeah he is defending his point perfectly not just wasting our time and shitting on the West. No one is saying America is great or even good, but he is shitting on how the US is currently while saying that the USSR was better. He is saying he doesn't care about people having NazBol or Duginist ties while ignoring all that the other anons have been presenting against both. But I'm sure we are just taking it all out of context >>11336 . I'm sure he will give us all the context we need and not just call us kikes.
(1.15 MB 1570x859 zogmutts.png)
>>11411 >America's strength is burden by its democractic values. >democractic values. What you just wrote means nothing. It's an empty slogan that has no meaning outside implied abstract government propaganda.
>>11418 The USSR was "better" or the illiberal nature of the USSR and the realities of absorbing populations under direct fascist rule provided better internal resistance to jewish control and eventual ousting of jewish power networks? All logical discussion of functional reality goes out the window with you types.
(5.74 MB 1280x720 waco tanks.mp4)
>>11400 >the only thing stopping them from doing so is a fundamental characteristic of them Hypothetical scenarios are of little use when they are predicated on removing axioms
>>11417 >It seems like most ZOG governments are winding down on foreign affairs Bet you a buttcoin we're in for more foreign wars this decade
>>11426 >that pic I mean, they are following traditional gender roles in some sense. I would bet at least 3 buttcoin on the opposite. Everything happening would lead me to believe that the U.S. only has enough steam left to enslave it's own populace. I think the Jews are probably satisfied with the amount of honorable men they've killed through wars in the last 100 years, and are ready to move foreword on different fronts.
>>11411 >America's strength is burden by its democractic values. Zionist banker wars continue regardless of what the average humanoid shuffling around Walmart thinks. Another anon (>>10532) in the QTDDTOT summed it up perfectly a while ago when he said that "Democracy is a form of dictatorship where the dictator hires politicians through 'campaign contributions' to rule the country on his behalf. When a person votes in western democracies, it's no different than an African nigger hanging voodoo charms in front of his house to scare away evil spirits. It's nothing more than a silly superstitious ritual." >>11426 >implying the US will have that capacity a decade from now I hope they try it, they are weakening with every passing year. America is rapidly becoming irrelevant. Brazil 2.0
(755.66 KB 500x375 contemplative vegeta.gif)
So, how to actually fight ZOG at this point? I can avoid the vaccines, but normalniggers are soulless materialists and will never fight. Lone wolf actions are too small in scale to have a real impact, and anons are isolated from each other. Other than riding the tiger and hoping ZOG collapses under it's own degeneracy, what can we actually do?
>>11448 >Lone wolf actions are too small in scale to have a real impact Then take action in groups of 2 or 3. Or find ways to fund those who can/will take action.
>>11448 >Lone wolf actions are too small in scale to have a real impact You don't remember how WW1 started.
>>11451 Was that not just an excuse for a war they had planned already? Makes more sense than the kosher version of history we learn is school; unless I'm misunderstanding you.
>>11415 > america has seen a precipitous decline in its physical industrial capabilities and its population's mental abilities. ALL OF THESE THINGS LITERALLY ARE CAUSED BY ZIONISTS AND DEMOCRACY YOU DUMBASS. Also you're wrong, because America could of easily turned Afghanistan into dust if they declared total war or dropped their stupid humanist bullshit and decided to go full holohoax on the Islamic goatfuckers. I be better off trying to get a more intelligent communication with /leftypol/ than a bunch low IQ Amerimutts. AT this point you guys are coping that America has more potential and Israel can be fascist than a bunch of half-mongoloids who can't stop bickering with each for every 5 minutes. Fuck you faggots I hope you get fucked by ZOG , maybe fascism will actually be filled with White people for once.
>>11455 i don't understand what you're trying to say. the first and second halves of your post seem to be arguing different things.
>>11453 There are many very impactful actions in history that contribute to the desired goal, however most of them are caused by phyiscal events. For example: If someone with actual power dies it causes a vacuum and power struggle internally and externally. Who is the emperor today? And if enough physical resistance happens, ZOG will have a problem. Regardless of ideology, if it is directly anti government, It will lose face. Many actions combined makes any government rot, loses face and agency until all is lost and nobody trusts it or cares like USSR, it all sends waves. Drive propaganda to illegitimize ZOG, propaganda memes to legitimize violence. Propaganda to illegitimize ZOG simpathisers. (the npc is an incredibly good example) You cannot discount anything including word of mouth of any said events or in general. Already very few people today believe in their governments and that they are there to actually help it's citizens, I'm sure the pro government people are in the minority at this point, but they are propped up vocal minority online as in general, 2 years ago over 50% of zoomers said they thought the holocaust was over stated, 70% said the official version of 911 was a fraud. I don't know how recent polls fare. We can assume its even better. After the recent election in America, I will say I believe many have absolutely zero trust in their government. TLDR: All sides must embrace and spread violence and physical dissuasion tactics it is the quickest end halt ZOG's genocide, because there is no political solution, left or right, we will never be able to vote who we want into power. That is why the glowniggers like CREST and other agencies have as literal mission objective of deradicalizing people, never forget this, the ZOG is anti-violence, anti radical for the same reason. They don't want to deal with a bunch of angry people who hate them want to kill them for their own reasons. Example: ZOG will even try to terrorize completely innocent, non violent people preemptively like in Germany last week or yellow vests in france or other places in the hopes that people will not commit to physical action again, because this quickly leads to violence if demands are not met. The answer is never de escalation from protestors or anyone, the answer is the protestors violently dealing with attacks against their lives and freedom with violence. If someone comes to arrest you one day to take your guns, force you to take the (((injection))). You kill them. Groups like yellow vests failed and fizzled out because they did not commit to enough violence against the people responsible for their suffering, the first line of their suffering being the police who agitated and who even killed some people sniper rifles, the end.
>>11451 WWI was orchestrated by Zionists in order to begin to lay the foundations of Israel. Look at the circumstances of the Balfour Declaration. Thedore Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, also said nearly twenty years before the war that a great European war will and must come so that Israel may be established. >It may be that Turkey will refuse or be unable to understand us. This will not discourage us. We will seek other means to accomplish our end. The Orient question is now the question of the day. Sooner or later it will bring about a conflict among the nations. A European war is imminent—the great European War must come. With my watch in hand do I await this terrible moment. After the great European war is ended the Peace Conference will assemble. We must be ready for that time.
>>11455 >he thinks that America actually does anything remotely humanist Naive. Sounds like the real coper here is you.
(1.96 MB 640x356 Amish lift.mp4)
>>11448 Create Amish-like parallel society. Produce and trade everything internally with no records. Avoid paying taxes. Have millions of children.
>>11466 #SigmaMaleMindset Seriously though, how does one avoid getting the Waco or Ruby Ridge treatment then? The only reason the Amish are allowed to survive is because they are literal pacifists who take 'love your enemy' and 'resist not evil' literally, and so do not pose the slightest threat to the system. You can literally be a pedophile and gun these peoples' kids down and commit suicide afterwards and they'll show up at your funeral and forgive you, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Nickel_Mines_School_shooting
>>11353 even before I left islam (studying hinduism now) I figured they deserved it. american glowniggers have been funding wigger terrorists in xinjiang since like the 70s or 80s. now that I know what muslims did to india even if the chinks had a million of them in camps harvesting their organs like adrian zenz says I would probably still support it
>>11416 I think it's more likely the jews who control american foreign policy take one last shot at war with iran before usa collapses completely. it would be suicide for the americans but so were iraq and afghanistan and those wars still happened. iran would be 10x worse though
>>11470 Yeah we can find the same story repeated in Asia over and over again. Muslims function like a clique of Jews wherever they go. It's a classic example of the saying 'the Jew cries out in pain as it strikes you'. It is hilarious to see how Muslims for decades annihilated and destroyed Dharmic cultures and traditions on a near-genocidal level, but then go absolutely ballistic when Hindus demolish things like Babri Masjid or call them out for stuff like love jihads.
>>11472 no i think it's over and that's why they are really lashing out at biden in their media. they don't like the reaction -- indifference or schadenfreude -- from the american public, either.
(84.32 KB 500x368 panjshir province.png)
supposedly this province is holding out
(2.07 MB 1056x805 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11479 They don't even control half the province. The media is lauding them now as the last holdout against the Taliban but they will be silenced inevitably within a few weeks, I'd bet, just like those squadrons of 'heroic' women that were shilled before later news showed that the cities fell with no resistance. Being an island in the middle of Afghanistan is not the best case scenario either. Will be comfy to keep track of either way.
(320.43 KB 602x320 646466543456546345.png)
>>11468 >Seriously though, how does one avoid getting the Waco or Ruby Ridge treatment then? Well Slavs managed to pull it off in Poland starting chain reaction of protest in all Warsaw pact countries leading to the eventual fall of the USSR. They started out operations hidden within the church, similarly to the Shia revolution in Iran that toppled the US puppet Shah. Worked on zog east and west. I truly recommend all of you read up on it. The establishment wants to avoid governing religious buildings at all costs. Poland’s Solidarity Movement (1980-1989)
(915.61 KB 1280x1810 1 gRqjNTdFt_faqyAWzTUb2w.png)
>>11468 Keep it as private as possible, do not advertise it. That said I think forming small cells of less than ten anons (2-5 is ideal) can let you get a lot of work done with minimum risk of capture. Target jews, almost exclusively. And leave flyers or something at the crime scene that makes it clear who did it, and maybe propaganda telling others to form their own cells instead of advertising your own. What got groups like Attomwaffen dissolved was their size and publicity. You can name your group if you want, but ffs don't shill it on the internet. Don't plan or announce anything on the internet period.
Was it ever about Osama? https://archive.fo/ZlGCX
>>11497 jews are not taking this pull out well. did old crusty biden just stop giving a fuck?
>>11375 >attrition There's none of it. The military budget is taxpayer money and it is about to get increased. It's just that the priorities now are about a new case of terrorism: domestic White terrorism. >>11392 >ZOG occupied that land for 20 years and achieved nothing. They achieved what they wanted to achieve on day one: production of opioids. >The people of Afghanistan won by mean of pure resistance to a foreign invader. They didn't win anything, they just sat there and give off the feeling they're winners simply because the other player has left the field.
>>11449 Cells of 3 should be preferably avoided. We're yet to see genuine lone wolf actions though. It says a lot of the White Nationalists and assorted veterans, even if young. None of them have the will and hatred necessary to take action. Whether you like it or not, they're all waiting for a messiah to tell them what to shoot at and lead by example. More Bidenism and BLM will, let's hope, pave the way for a civil war, but I'm afraid Jews will maintain this low intensity formula. Nothing will happen until politicians start being filled with bullets. >>11462 >That is why the glowniggers like CREST and other agencies have as literal mission objective of deradicalizing people Or pushing dupes into ineffectual radicalizing, although this is not managed by CREST. The FBI has made a specialty of theirs to find young people who want to do something radical and are pushed into becoming terrorists which then see their actions thwarted at the last moment. This is literally verified because the FBI has openly declared they created such terrorists. This feeds the propaganda against all forms of agitation and terrorism. Jews want a controlled chaos, one they can stir in a direction that serves them. >the ZOG is anti-violence This is false, the ZOG uses a lot of violence when it suits its needs. It also cleverly disguises it as achieved by the enemy, the most blatant case being that of 9/11, but it's far far from being limited to that. Again, see to FBI's open admission. As I said a long time ago, if that is what the ZOG is ready to admit openly, in our faces, just imagine for one moment what it actually organized and still organizes undercover. What we need is a logical, cunning and efficient violence. Politicians are cowards too. They fear for their wages and a good lot of them are blackmailed, but they also care a lot about their skin. >the first line of their suffering being the police who agitated and who even killed some people sniper rifles, the end. No such firepower ever was deployed against the YV, only rubber balls, water cannons and gas canisters, all of which proved nevertheless dangerous enough to hurt, wound and sometimes even maim people. >>11463 >Jews and their Masonic lackeys staged W W 1 for preparing the ground work to allow the rise of the state of Israel I wish more people would comprehend this. You know, whereas it's quite clear to see how W W 2 started, the former one is murkier and complicated to understand in how countries were pushed against each other. W W 1 always seems to be a case of much European stupid and paranoia being involved. Without this, I do not know how far a near-suicidal Jew called Princip could have cracked so much of a match alone. A lot of this paranoia and bad decisions stem from faulty intelligence. Then this intelligence is often provided by international liaison agents, who often times happen to be Judeo-Masons, and fewer times plain Jews. >>11468 A pacific minority of cowards who flee and bow down, this allows them to fly under the radar. I wonder if we couldn't hose them with propaganda that aligns with their beliefs, a bit of Linkola, a bit of Kaszinsky, and an overall guide on how to operate in clandestine ways to topple the enemy through one-man guerilla, assuming you can convince them they're doing God's bidding to purge the world of its filth.
>>11494 >Keep it as private as possible, do not advertise it. That said I think forming small cells of less than ten anons (2-5 is ideal) What is your evidence of this quantity being ideal? > Target jews, almost exclusively. How could you forget the traitors? >What got groups like Attomwaffen And what did they truly achieve anyway? They got moled too IIRC. Besides, announcing your existence with an official division is retarded beyond belief.
>>11350 Can't freeze cash can only freeze a shipment from entering a country. Afghanistan is a rural country and most of trade is done by cash. $362m in foreign currency cash holdings are already in the banks and $159,600 worth of gold bars and silver coins held in the bank’s vault inside Afghanistan’s presidential palace,
(51.50 KB 960x532 amish chad.jpg)
>>11521 >I wonder if we couldn't hose them with propaganda that aligns with their beliefs, a bit of Linkola, a bit of Kaszinsky, and an overall guide on how to operate in clandestine ways to topple the enemy through one-man guerilla, assuming you can convince them they're doing God's bidding to purge the world of its filth. I'd have to doubt it, honestly. Not only are they pacifists, but their values and mindset are so different from mainstream Western society today that they probably would never change and would gladly go to extermination if it came to it. All they do is pump out children, read the Bible and do farm work. This isn't to shit on them though. I live not too far from where a lot of Amish are, and I like to drive past where they are. On Sundays you can even see bearded young men walking home from church with their wives and four or five children out in the countryside. It's night and day compared to the mainstream culture, in good ways as well as bad. >>11522 >And what did they truly achieve anyway? They killed some random Jewish faggot, inspired some kid to kill some girl's parents because they didn't like him and another guy killed his friends because they mocked his conversion to Islam. It's just a clusterfuck no matter what angle one looks at it from.
(26.55 KB 503x266 ClipboardImage.png)
(29.74 KB 507x293 ClipboardImage.png)
Twitter ‘Frog’ Account Successfully Negotiates With Taliban To Secure Safety Of Spanish Diplomats After Government Fails >A Spanish Twitter account with an Apu Apustaja frog avatar has successfully negotiated with the Taliban for fair and humane treatment of Spanish citizens at the nation’s embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Spanish government had seemingly failed to establish a clear and open line of communication with the Taliban, inspiring the owner of the frog-avatar account to take action. >“Nangarhar’s sweet district was completely conquered,” Taliban spokesperson Mansoor Afghan announced on August 14, to which the account @panamach2 reached out to respond using Google translate, “Hello brother, please don’t hurt the Spanish people at the embassy, we were forces in your country by America. We don’t like them either.” >Mansoor Afghan responded in English, “We are human beings, we all respect each other, we don’t say anything to any foreign troops.” The exchange was viewed as somewhat humorous by many Twitter users, with one pointing out that “a guy with a picture of pepe has done more for the spanish people in afghanistan than the spanish government.” >The Associated Press reported on August 13 that the Spanish government had moved to evacuate Spanish nationals after the Taliban began moving to take control of the country. An email from the Spanish government stated that “the advance of Taliban forces in their march towards Kabul,” and that the country would commence “the repatriation of the embassy staff, the Spaniards remaining in the country, and those Afghans and their families who have worked side by side with us.” >It does not appear that the Spanish government was able to establish a direct line of communication with the Taliban to negotiate for the safe passage of its embassy staff, unlike the frog-avatar Twitter user who was able to secure a swift response with just one tweet. https://archive.fo/0OzlI https://nationalfile.com/twitter-frog-account-successfully-negotiates-with-taliban-to-secure-safety-of-spanish-diplomats-after-government-fails/ /pol/ does everything better than actual politicians
>>11529 The Amish aren't completely cut off, even the Amish are reliant on phones and have a landline telephone outside and will travel by train or public transport. They have no problem using technology as long as someone else is operating it. This why many Amish communities pay outsiders to drive them everywhere. There are conservative Amish communities but they live far away from outsider communities and the majority are very liberal when it comes to technology.
(68.39 KB 1624x617 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11533 Yeah, strictly speaking it's wrong to say that the Amish 'reject technology'. They've never been anti-technology in such a sense, but they have always picked and chose according to what the communities think is necessary, and what is more helpful than harmful to the community, its values and its bonds. I don't know if I'd necessarily agree with the fact that they are 'very liberal' when it comes to technology, though. Maybe a few are though. I think it's a good approach though, instead of just mindlessly following (((progress)))
>>11463 >>11521 Any recommended sources to read/watch on WWI? >>11532 Optics done right? One sliver of good news in these dark days.
It's pretty funny how we went from no news about the Taliban at all in the media to an Emirate being established within the course of a week kek
NOOOOO WE HAVE TO GO BACK How long until we see a “The Taliban olans to ban bacha bazi, here’s why that is a bad thing” article? https://archive.fo/gadWU https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/taliban-afghanistan-drugs-heroin-ban-b1905589.html
>>11396 >so there must be something much more important they need the troops for than destabilizing Afghanistan. Yes there is. It's called bringing them home to protect the jew parasites imploding the US with the fake virus bullshit and passport system. They want to use them to police state/ city borders like the plan stated.
>>11529 >Bible, farms & carebears I think they're in a need of a reform, otherwise Jews and niggers are going to have a wonderful time with their young sons and pretty White-skinned daughters. Peace is deserved for those who fight and win. But these idiots, they're going to be eaten alive. They absolutely stand no fucking chance and I'd hate to see their White kids suffer because their cowardly parents shunned violence. In fact the best thing that could happen to them is if White militias came to their areas and either settled there or took their children away, to prepare them for what's to come. If their parents are willing to die stupidly because Jewsus was a hippie faggot, let's at least spare the kids this useless suffering. In this day and age, living without being threatened by technology is a privilege that needs to be earned.
>>11658 The withdrawal gives them a nice excuse to flood us with more rapefugees too, and get ready to start a new war in a new theater
(172.31 KB 791x1024 af684615.jpg)
>>11522 >What is your evidence of this quantity being ideal? Not evidence, it's more of a personal conclusion. The less dudes are with you the less likely one of them's a fed. >How could you forget the traitors? Sure, traitors too. But I find the traitors are going to be killed by the vax or shitskins anyway, unless they're part of the elites. >And what did they truly achieve anyway? They got moled too IIRC. They were infiltrated and betrayed, pressumably by their based muslim member or something. The groups that came out inspired on them like Sonnenkrieg have had much more success in Europe. But I think larger groups like that are unfeasible in a surveillance state like burger.
>>11668 I'm convinced at this point that all ZOGbots are retarded killer mercenaries who have no honor, or even a concept of betrayal. Just like Vietnam the kike led them into the slaughter, thousands of them died for no discernible reason and then despite the casualties they pull out, give the country back to the enemy making all sacrifices meaningless and wasted.
>>11397 There's that goon at the capitol claiming he has a bomb.
>>11494 I wouldn't recommend leaving flyers of any kind. Firstly, most printers print invisible (to the naked eye) tracking dots on documents. This would reveal where the printer came from, what store it was sold to, and if the police of FBI get records from the store it was purchased from they can see who bought it potentially, it would be very easy if the person who bought it used a bank card instead of cash. You might be able to get away with going to some faraway location, going into a store with a mask, sunglasses, hat and hoodie and paying in cash but this still opens up a lot of vectors for a criminal investigator to explore. For example, if you drove there in a vehicle, the license plates of cars are scanned by cameras on police vehicles and this can be used to track someone's whereabouts. So if John Doe from Michigan bought a printer at the Office Depot in Bumfuck Ohio and brought it home and used it to leave pamphlets at a crime scene, and his license plate was scanned by a police license plate scanner in Bumfuck Ohio at the same time that same printer was purchased, it allows the police to put the dots together even more. And you want to minimize those vectors. Besides, what good would leaving pamphlets at a crime scene do, they would be taken as evidence and most likely nobody other than the police/feds would see them. You need to think about these things thoroughly before you do anything because if you are sloppy you open a lot of vectors for the enemy to investigate. The less technology you rely on the better. No cell phone, no apps, no discord (delete that shit ASAP). If people just practiced simple discretion when talking in public and over the phone and didn't carry tracking devices on them to look at memes 24/7 imagine where we would be. The FBI would actually have to be competent to catch those people. Most of those who are caught are sloppy low intelligence people who use cell phones and discord and broadcast their intentions freely. Don't be a moron, don't fuck yourself. Here are some relevant links to read; https://worldofsecrets.org/en/2015/10/machine-identification-code-mic/ https://www.eff.org/pages/automated-license-plate-readers-alpr https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/01/clearview-ai-yet-another-example-why-we-need-ban-law-enforcement-use-face
>>11692 Also I should add even these days with muh mask mandates if you go to a big box retail/office/best buy type store in a neck gaiter, sunglasses, hat and hoodie you can get put on what's called a B.O.L list (Be On Lookout) because those people look like shoplifters and they keep records and pictures/footage of that. So don't bother with the pamphlet idea unless you know what you're doing and what to look out for. Maybe try getting a printer from the trash in a far-away place.
>>11494 >And leave flyers or something at the crime scene that makes it clear who did it,... You are fucking retarded. Never announce that it was you or your group if you do anything that can be called a crime. If your action is organized under a label and always looks the same, it's easy to organize law enforcement against it and find out who you really are. It is difficult for law enforcement to fight organized action, if they don't know that the action is organized and not just the work of independent actors. On top of that the word crime carries a moral stigma with it, even if you think and know your action is just and it's really the system that is unjust. If a 3rd party that isn't part of your group hears you are doing a crime, they automatically think you are a bad guy and your actions become contra productive. Any action you do has to be deniable or an accident. At last success is only measurable in the real world effect it has on the street, imagined ideological victories have no meaning. If your goal it to have less jews in your region, your actions have to make the jews go away and make people avoid them. Don't just assault them, leave a shitty identification symbol and then think you have won anything.
Assuming I were going to use fliers or similar for any reason, what would be the best way to print and distribute them anonymously?
>>11705 Find a place that recycles electronics and computers and look for printers. Take multiple since some of them are probably broken. Avoid cheap consumer inkjet printers if you can, look for business-grade laser printers. You can get cheap toner for them from third parties. Also, I do not know if monochrome laser printers have the same tracking dots since they lack yellow ink but there could certainly be some other method of identifying the origin of documents from a monochrome printer. But if you can get the printer from some place far away, verify it works and then sit on it for a month or so you should be good. Some recycling places have CCTV cameras but I doubt they would keep footage for longer than a month, but still it's best to wear a hat or something to obscure your face. You might have to talk to the guys working there to see if you can take stuff. Best case scenario is to find a place that has the stuff outdoors under tarps or in open shipping containers and sneak in at night with a friend or two. I know of multiple such places with no CCTV cameras but you should go scout it out ahead of time to verify if there are any and where they are. Good luck brother.
(265.50 KB 680x818 beard to kill.jpeg)
>Don't just assault them, leave a shitty identification symbol and then think you have won anything. Well, if the assault maims them for life than it is an ideological victory. If you walked up and torched some kikes with a flamethrower then left, that would instill a sense of dread in the local Jewish population, causing them to flee, even if the victims survived. Being badly burned is worse than death. People will look at you like you're a monster, and if you're a female burn victim, fertile or not, you will die alone, with a clowder of cats as your only companionship. Hell, you don't even need to burn them. Just run up to one and bash his skull in with a baseball bat--a true Burgerland pastime--wrapped in barbed wire. Those spikes would dig into their brains, scramble it, leaving the kike a babbling, shaking retard who can't even throw words together. Point is, an assault could have a greater psychological impact than any murder, if you maim your targets for life. That is why shitskins use acid attacks. They understand that maiming a person is far worse than killing them.
>>11709 If the US imploded they’d probably just pack up and head for Canada (assuming they didn’t implode at the same time). Most Amish and Hutterites are already close to the Northern border and some already live up in Canada. You’re right though that they’re prime bait for Jews and niggers, especially since I assume many of them are quite naive about the degeneracy of worldly life. I bet a good deal of them would willingly die for Jesus before fighting back, so if it came to it, taking the young would probably be the only option in case of a civil war. Whites are too valuable to just allow them to die off due to voluntary weakness.
>>11709 Anon you are stupid, because you think too much in big flashy actions that you can only do once or a couple of times, before your stupidity leads to your death or capture by the police, jewish security or mossad. In the end your action will change nothing, the jews will get to cry "muh antisemitism", play the victim card and get shekels and monuments blown up their ass by the government. Just look at the retard who did the attack in Halle, Germany. It's also not smart to act like Breivik or Christchurch, because these guys wanted to be martyrs and get their massages out. Now their messages are out, so who needs another messenger? You don't change the world by being a postman. > Well, if the assault maims them for life than it is an ideological victory. It's not, because in the end you are still left with the same number of jews in your city. What is the victory? 5 minutes of Schadenfreude? You are also left with an eye witness, which is a liability. >If you walked up and torched some kikes with a flamethrower then left, that would instill a sense of dread in the local Jewish population... Wow edgy! But you know what? You can do violent actions that will inspire dread in the local population without getting into the News and making your ideology look like the thinking of deranged psychos. People are afraid of becoming victims of crime regardless of the context of the crime. Doing a fucking hit against your enemy is enough, you don't have to announce that you are the big bad Fashman who has come to put them all in the oven. The world is full with successful people who break the law and they all have on thing in common that they either hide their crimes or are good enough that their crimes can't be followed back to them. BE LIKE THEM IF YOU WANT TO DO ACTIONS. Your actions have to stay hidden as long as possible, once they are discovered they have to look like the random actions of different people with another goal. Also moderate the timing of your actions, as you have to work with an overtone window of the publics tolerance for crime. >Just run up to one and bash his skull in with a baseball bat--a true Burgerland pastime--wrapped in barbed wire. Those spikes would dig into their brains, scramble it, leaving the kike a babbling, shaking retard who can't even throw words together. I have build tench clubs for WW1 reenactment and they don't work like that kiddo. You have to fill your club with lead, this will turn it from a simple stick into a real weapon. Then if you want to, you can hammer Nails and put Spikes at the end of the club and then you put wire or barbed wire around it to prevent the wood from cracking and splintering when you hit somebody with it. Hitting somebody with such a tool will not scramble anything, you will break bones, make them bleed and if you hit them in the head to will crack their skull and kill them. It's a serious weapon on the same level as a big knife. >That is why shitskins use acid attacks. They understand that maiming a person is far worse than killing them. Shitskins also understand that they have 1 in 4 people of their community being in favor of their action. You are ages away from that. Start small and simple.
(312.17 KB 912x606 1629292059534.jpg)
>>11497 Never has been, anon. >>11520 I was not talking about logistical or economic achievements, but about subversion of the afghan people. Talibans were able to gain territory so fast because the afghan people were not subverted into becoming westernized zoglings during occupation, so they didn't fight the Taliban back when Muttmericans left.
>>11713 This was meant for >>11664
(397.51 KB 785x1000 84042d1y22.png)
>>11497 >julia horowitz >y-y-y-yyyou need their minerals goyim no please >Trillions! Trillions i tell ya goy!
>>11709 shitskins do acid attacks because they care more about forcing women in their communities to follow their retarded jewish ideology than preserving beauty. this is a brainlet post
>>11737 Acid attacks are a rational response to certain behaviors of women. It’s the only way to nip them in the bud. Women are reliant heavily upon their beauty, and melting their face off and turning them into monsters takes away much of their sexual marketplace value. Just think of e-girls. They swindle men out of their money by making ahegaos and showing their butt on camera. This practice is always done in response to whoredom.
>>11739 refusing to wear a face veil is not whoredom you fucking semite
>>11742 t. purple pilled faggot
>>11742 I’m honestly not sure I can agree with this statement
>>11746 Based and Taliban pilled
(17.19 MB 1280x720 Taliban.mp4)
>>11692 >modern printers are backstabbing technosnitches Yes and be careful. The Serial Number extracted from the dot matrix will still provide a lot of information on the device's entire life. Your only chance to get through it is to buy or barter one that's gone through several owners following the same path of acquisition, or literally steal one from a NPC/normie/antifa/libtard/knownracetraitor/nigger and never get caught, and obviously far from the place you live in. Older B&W printers didn't print the (yellow) dot matrix I think. The big giveaway is any device that can connect with another one wirelessly, especially to internet. Device from the 90s are necessary. That or coming up with an old school carbon copier, the ones you had to roll several times to copy the sheet model. Or be totally hardcore and find a way to build a complete Guttenberg system. Practical low tech. Wondering too if there is any risk burning CDs with old late 90s burners... 300-600 Mb of data is more than enough to redpill someone.
Taliban warn failure to withdraw US forces by Aug. 31 will ‘provoke a reaction’ https://archive.vn/K2E0v
>>12027 Apparently Biden will decide within 24-hours whether to extend the deadline or not past August 31st. For entertainment’s sake, I hope he extends it, so the US will show itself to be weak again: >With thousands of desperate Afghans and foreigners massed at Kabul’s airport in the hope of fleeing Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers, U.S. President Joe Biden is expected to decide as soon as Tuesday on whether to extend an Aug. 31 deadline to airlift Americans and their allies to safety. >Two U.S. officials had said the expectation was that the United States would continue evacuations past Aug. 31. A senior State Department official told reporters here the country's commitment to at-risk Afghans "doesn't end on Aug. 31." https://www.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN2FO0CM Meanwhile... Taliban near Panjshir after retaking three northern Afghan districts >The Taliban were in position near the Panjshir valley and had retaken three districts in northern Afghanistan that fell to local militia groups last week, a spokesman said on Monday, though there were no confirmed reports of further fighting. They’re not going to last long. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/taliban-say-they-have-retaken-three-northern-districts-seized-by-afghan-militias-2021-08-23/
Kek some guy(assuming buttmad zogbot) calls bidet a fucking retard on RT.
>>12043 Biden’s a literal laughing stock at this point kek https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1429898380545757201?s=20
New poll claims most voters think Biden is incompetent and a puppet https://twitter.com/Rasmussen_Poll/status/1429757989154656261 https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/biden_administration/who_s_in_charge_most_voters_don_t_think_it_s_biden The mask is slipping, the normies are starting to notice the puppet-masters
>>12058 I'd be baffled if the dumb cattle didn't. The senile old man has even lower energy than Jeb!, so to speak.
To many retards ITT still seem to care about the ZOG circus. >muh Biden It would not have made the slightest difference if another president had been in charge. America is weak and the Taliban is strong, end of story.
>>12064 You’re ultimately right that the president is a puppet and ultimately doesn’t matter, but it is still certainly humorous to see this dementia-addled grandpa stumble around and act confused. I wonder if they got him elected for a purpose, i.e. if he is sort of symbolic of America itself, growing old and feeble. Soon the Jew will hold the funeral for America, and will move onto its next target
>>12069 We are practically witnessing a controlled demolition of USA while the Jew switches to China and soft power as his "Talmud enforcement baton"
(21.39 KB 402x307 Leroy.jpg)
As you all know Ashli Babbitt's Killer was not even disciplined for his murder of an unarmed citizen at the capitol on January 6th. She died a horrendous death, video related. The following link has his entire doxx, phone line and address. Make sure to let him know how you feel about the murder of Ashli Babbitt. https://www.npr.org/2021/08/23/1030354113/capitol-police-officer-ashli-babbitt-riot Ashli's death: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fpyew0FN1Rfp/[Embed] Neinchan Tor tdsrvhos656xypxsqtkqmiwefuvlyqmnvk5faoo23oh2m4xqg4gr47ad.onion/pol/res/44198.html In a world full of pain and suffering caused by the kike this is one way you fight back. LETS GOOOO
>>12201 Merged
>>12116 I sometimes wonder whether they will immediately relocate to China, or whether they will try to salvage Europe for a while longer until it too has become totally Africanized / Arabized. We all know that the Jews plan to eventually unite Europe into a single entity, a ‘United States of Europe’. Some might argue that this already more or less exists, since as I understand it the EU law overrides national law in places where it conflicts, and because they have been gradually pushing forward consolidation for some time now with the Euro, the Schengen Area and other related things. China seems to me like it will be slightly harder for the Jews to get a foothold in, mainly because of cultural and racial differences. It’s not impossible though. Jews have already planted the seeds long ago. And if they were to move to the EU after destroying America, they would doubtlessly move to China next
(4.75 MB 854x480 chinks worshipping jews.mp4)
>>12242 >China seems to me like it will be slightly harder for the Jews to get a foothold in, mainly because of cultural and racial differences. The Chinese are eager to have their daughters impregnated by jewish men, so taking them over might be quite easy in the end.
>>12253 I have noticed the same thing. Once the Jews’ offspring resemble the Chinese, it’s all over for China and by extension the rest of Asia. Their mimicry is their greatest weapon
>>12242 They won't completely abandon Europe (or USA for that matter) before they are completely squeezed dry. Europe is relatively close to Israel so it's not in their interest that it becomes completely durka tier. The Jew aims for complete world domination with Israel as it's center so no area will remain completely abandoned nor will have the power that USA used to have in the 90's, they will just use China (with tech taken from USA and Europe) for implementing the global digital tyranny/gulag. USA will be kept at a level of the post-Soviet (or modern) Russia, powerful, but not enough to police the world. >China seems to me like it will be slightly harder for the Jews to get a foothold in They took a foothold since Mao, if not earlier. Also, the Chinese are hyper-materialistic and thus easier to control with money.
Look we're becoming the new counter-culture "Rock and Roll makes your kids Evil-Hippie-Satanists who refuse to die for The Man" aka ZOG of this generation while the semitic rat (((casketeers))) seethe. And that's a BASED and very REDPILLED thing. Keep hammering at it.
>>12324 I never really got why they laser focus on incels so hard. perhaps it's because it's easy to get the normies to look down upon them and see them as lesser so that nothing they might say is taken seriously?
>US pullout from Afghanistan frees up resources for Israel, Biden officials say >In briefing ahead of Bennett meeting, White House insists it is not de-prioritizing Middle East or ties with Israel, but rather avoiding unachievable goals >WASHINGTON — The US withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will ultimately free up resources that can subsequently be diverted to other regional allies such as Israel, a pair of senior officials in the Biden administration said on Tuesday. >“If anything, the end of America’s military involvement in Afghanistan frees up resources and attention and ultimately allows us to better support our partners like Israel,” one of the officials said in a background briefing ahead of US President Joe Biden’s hosting of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the White House on Thursday. >The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Biden will use the opportunity to reinforce his commitment to Israel and other US allies in the region “in the backdrop of what’s going on in Afghanistan.” >The officials rejected a notion repeated frequently by analysts since the recent presidential election campaign that Biden is seeking to “de-prioritize the Middle East” in order to focus more squarely on combating the growing influences of China and Russia. https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-pullout-from-afghanistan-frees-up-resources-for-israel-biden-officials/ Bringing potentially pissed off veterans home would be pretty stupid of Biden. He doesn't trust the NG units in DC to have ammunition around capitol hill. Invading Iran will serve two purposes, serving master and keeping potential threats in the military to fighting across the ocean. Its would be applauded by zog media left and right overshadowing Afghanistan.
>>12332 Yes it's just another dehumanizing jewish defamation strategy to desperately try and brainwash the legions of morons watching the box with. They want to villify everyone that's White, try to degrade everyone that's different as not in with the ZOG or their narrative as lesser than and down to the lowest denominator, disparage peoples problems, people's ideas without touching upon reasons like why, because those reasons themselves would expose deeply rooted social problems in cancerous globohomo society and in turn showcase the regimes irresponsibility and incapability. It's so hilarious too because these old fucking kikes don't understand anything anymore. They don't even know they don't wield that kind of power anymore except the most dwindling amount of brainwashed low IQ's cultural Marxists who already agree with them which is hilarious. All they have left is illusionary power and acceptance projections.
>>12333 I doubt they would pull out of Afghanistan to attack Iran given that Afghanistan is just east of Iran.
>>12332 There is a high probability that someone is an incel because he doesn't follow the pre-programmed NPC routine (work/make as much money as possible, spend money, time and energy to make himself more socially acceptable and more attractive to female NPC's, use a lot of energy to appease the ever increasing female and social demands, etc.). They have created a hamster wheel of sorts where most people mindlessly chase the carrot while their life and mental energy is being sapped. Incels don't run after the carrot (or do it half-assedly), which leaves more time and energy for thinking, and Jews don't want you to think, or have any spare time to work on liberating yourself from their claws. So they are trying to use social pressure (stick) in the form of shaming in order to poke the "malfunctioning" hamsters back into the wheel. Sex is the greatest weapon of the Jew, they have conditioned the society in such a way that you must become a VERY good goy in order to get it, unless you are some kind of giga-chad who sets the rules himself.
>>12332 >perhaps it's because it's easy to get the normies to look down upon them and see them as lesser Yeah even when the topic gets brought up here you get several anons posturing about how incels are horrible losers and they are definitely not incels, when it really just means anyone who can't get laid in CY+6. Basement-dwelling virgin has always been an Internet insult but corporate media is trying to call it an ideology now lol.
>>12332 Incels are a byproduct of feminism and are naturally critical of it, because such ideologies have more and more began to deprive men of any love and affection with females, making them increasingly isolated, frustrated and upset with the state of modern society. Naturally this overlaps with other radical ideas that seek to upturn the modern state of society. Many incel groups I have lurked on occasionally have been aware of Jews and very critical of leftists. Combining this with the fact that some of them have lashed out in their anger against society with mass-shootings and the like, it’s no surprise the media is all over them. They’re also a good target. Male virgins are always the butt of jokes. There’s almost no lower status that a man could have in modern society than being a virgin past age 18 or so, and more and more as he approaches wizard status. The media has well-poisoned hard with incels, making normalfags think that it is based around ‘entitlement for sex’, but it is moreso like I said—wanting female companionship, especially of the type that is actually feminine and caring, not vile, whorish and arrogant like modern ‘independent wahmens’. I think incels are going to be around for a long time going forward. I sympathize, but they are bluepilled on some things. Some of them turn it into some sort of oppression olympics where they cry about how they are ugly and oppressed because they are judged on their appearance. The more resentful aspects are cringe, as are those who take the anti-feminism posting into pure anti-female posting.
>>12332 >I never really got why they laser focus on incels so hard. Western Society has been for decades corrupted with the help of the Women Rights Movement, the Jews tell women to become independent and empowered but in truth they only seduce them to become isolated and self destructive. Almost every fucking liberal trope about Equality and Tribalism that is today believed by bluepilled White people was sold to them with women rights as a vehicle. You can see that by the fact that the major movement behind things like Black Lives Matter and LGBT is Intersectional Feminism. In other words you have to believe in Feminism to drink most of the leftist Cool Aid. If now men discover that the whole women rights movement was and is bullshit, a gigantic mistake of western society, it endangers the whole shithouse to collapse because men who don't believe in the equality of men and women also won't belief in equality between White people, niggers and jews. And the moment Equality and the idea that People being born as blank slates is off the table, tribalism and a traditional worldview becomes ok again and if that happens, the tribes of White people might decide that they once again don't want to live together with the tribes of Israel.
Pentagon confirms casualties among Americans and civilians following 2 EXPLOSIONS outside Kabul airport >At least 13 people, including children, have reportedly been killed in an apparent suicide attack outside the airport in Afghanistan's capital on Thursday. US troops have been injured as well. >Reuters cited an unnamed US official claiming that initial reports suggest the blast is believed to have been caused by a suicide bomber. Up to three US troops may have been injured as well. A Taliban spokesman also told Reuters that the attack killed at least 13 people outside the airport, including children, and injured many others. Taliban guards were among those who were hurt by the blast, the official said. https://www.rt.com/news/533143-pentagon-explosion-kabul-airport/ Getting comfy fast.
>>12363 I guess that's Pentagon's solution for those Americans who remained there, it's certainly cheaper than evacuation. >>12367 What's ISIS-K lol? Some kind of "delta variant" of (((ISIS)))?
>>12377 ISIS in Khorasan, apparently. But your (((delta variant))) comparison might be apt though. A lot of people are saying they glow online, but I don’t see any reason why the US would make its evacuation from Kabul any rougher than it is. Either way I hope to be entertained. This is probably just the beginning of the sparks that will fly as August 31st approaches
>>12380 >but I don’t see any reason why the US would make its evacuation from Kabul any rougher than it is. pulling out might not be popular with everyone
(198.12 KB 446x236 laughing taliban.png)
>12 dead ZOGbots Imagine if they shoot down one of those planes. That would be funny
>>12380 >but I don’t see any reason why the US would make its evacuation from Kabul any rougher than it is To have an excuse for leaving some of them there, to ramp up the prices for private contractors evacuating them, or to get rid of them (less pensions to pay and the more violent durkas get some satisfaction so they don't organize a larger chimpout). It's not like they care about their public (domestic or international) image anymore and Jews in power are not well known for caring about their discarded goy assets. I'm hoping for some major Happening, but kikes always fail to deliver.
(125.89 KB 500x522 political compass ascended.png)
>>12260 >They took a foothold since Mao, if not earlier indeed. false nationalism false internationalism talks about how the soviets put a german jew with no military experience in charge of the chinese revolution. mao's faction eventually won out and broke with stalin but that's only one example >>12380 khorasan region covers parts of iran and pakistan not just afghanistan. wonder if we're gonna see a repeat of the syrian war i.e. US govt funds ISIS but then uses their presence as an excuse to bomb everything else personally I'm hype for what might happen on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. false flag terror blamed on wignats and iran (somehow)? they were originally planning to pin OKC on Saddam lol
I think it's fucked up that a country cannot save their own citizens that are in another territory. I mean imagine a country stabbing your back because they can't rescue you while they themselves are being pulled out of the region.
>>12377 >What's ISIS-K lol? Korn Pop
>>12392 The whole reason this evacuation is still going on in the first place is because they're focusing on all of these 'Afghan allies'. Apparently they've funneled like 100,000 of these people already into Europe and the United States within the last few weeks. If they really wanted to, they could have just focused on getting all of the Americans and getting the fuck out of there. I've been listening to MSNBC while in the car to hear their take, and they are increasingly desperate about this, especially after the attack today. If lots of Americans are left behind or if ISIS does a few more good catastrophic bombings, America's descent will accelerate even more. May there be chaos
>>12397 Its not just Afghans, its all 41 coalition members whom most likely too have civilian contractors left behind. All those "built up" giant permanent bases were maintained by multinational civilian contractors. In peaceful countries that have US bases these contractors gain dual citizenship and even bring their entire families over buying houses and land so they can keep making big dollars. Maybe its the same case in Afghanistan too but i don't know for sure. Biden fucked over so many people. Its unfathomably stupid. The press doesn't even mention left behind coalition citizens so they are still covering for his ass.
>>12401 Fuck off, shill.
>>12401 It's literal brown Afghans they're bringing in by the planeload. Entire families. Women are even giving birth on these planes. The US government is literally flying invaders in by the thousands into White countries as we speak' in massive C-17s. Coming soon to a homogeneous community near you!
(63.51 KB 1024x576 suicide bomber kabul.jpg)
>>12404 I know, that's on top of what i just said. That's why Its unfathomably stupid.
>>12253 Gooks love money. They are obsessed with bills. Talmud is a magic book, they learn from it. Not making this up.
(100.00 KB 767x861 talmud study korea.png)
(24.76 KB 994x235 koreans talmud 2.PNG)
(13.81 KB 675x193 talmud korea.PNG)
>>12421 >Talmud is a magic book, they learn from it. Not making this up. I wouldn't be surprised if they do this in China too
>>12377 It's the tool used by the Zionists when they want to subvert a country. That explosion is very convenient. Talibans were moving in and winning without efforts, without killing people. Now we're back to the old "they be killing our people" that's got the neocons all excited. >>12388 >pic Ima steeling it. >>12422 >Special K Japan did nothing wrong.
>>12424 >Japan did nothing wrong. All of Korea and China are Japanese clay.
(3.69 MB 338x332 IT'S JOEVER.gif)
Will it get any funnier than this?
(2.63 MB 2880x2880 political compass muslim.jpeg)
>>12424 have another >they be killing our people you have to be White to post here
>>12424 >without killing people I think they do, anon. Like the 22 commanders a few days back. Plus they do execute their own women.
>>12424 >>12426 How did banking never happen? I mean I've lived in an Asian country before and to see the Asian races hate each other is despicable.
>>12455 >banking Nanking. Oy vey I'm Freudian slipping!
>>12422 First pic seems like the Korean ambassador was subtly trolling them, but modern Korea is an extremely vapid, materialistic and cutthroat society with probably the most poz'd culture in Asia, which confirms my thesis that other races can turn into Jews as well, just of the lesser/subservient degree since they lack the blood pact/hereditary aspect and the experience.
(631.73 KB 572x753 zognigger cringe.png)
(1.11 MB 1421x801 marine clowns.png)
I still can't get over how fucking cringe the american government is.
>>12455 It’s just like the idea of ‘comfort women’ meme (also a hoax)— Nanking is part of the anti-Japanese rhetoric spewed from China and Korea. Check out this stuff: https://archive.org/details/therapeofnankingfactorfiction http://www.sdh-fact.com/book-article/220/
(94.64 KB 1106x537 Who would win.jpg)
>>12474 It will be fun watching them croak in the coming years.
>>12474 >2nd Image It's great that the American Cancer Society is finally holding a run comprised of cancer victims to raise awareness. Good for them.
>>12474 Aren't they losing White volunteers?
(661.09 KB 1040x2196 america in a nutshell.jpg)
>>12504 They can hardly get any volunteers period. Amerimutts here are literally too fat and unfit for service, or they have drug issues, criminal records or other issues that prevent them from serving.
Imagine the US army, but every soldier is a White man. There's no stopping the new White ethnostate. From what I know, the marines can take over the whole world with the tech they have. At least, they can take over smaller countries like the ones in South East Asia.
>>12510 Fuck off, neocon scum. Reported
>>12510 The chances for that happening are close to zero. But as far as imagination goes, I thought of a (fictional) scenario where parts of US, Russian, Anglo, German and other European navies go rogue with almost all White servicemen and commanders, forming a formidable naval force with plenty of destroyers, nuclear submarines, some aircraft carriers etc. that allows it to control international trade routes as some kind of corsair group and that can demand a formation of a independent White ethnostate in the UN or else New York, Tel Aviv, London, Moscow and similar cities get turned to ash.
>>12507 the main reason they can't get volunteers is no one wants to die for the ZOG imo. where I live in the midwest everyone knows at least a couple veterans and most of them will tell you their experience was a waste and not to join. obviously not everyone realises jews did 9/11 to pull us into wars for israel but they certainly understand the "muh oil" cover story
>>12532 The Navy is probably the least White branch of the US military. People need to get over the idea of the military as some last redoubt within the establishment -- in reality, it's probably the most corrupted institution in the country.
>>12538 True. The whole war in Afghanistan was just a massive grift used to loot trillions of dollars out of America and put it into the pockets of some very nasty people.
>>12510 US army has been purged of White "right wing" people for years now. Only globohomo loyalist are allowed to stay. US army will soon be used domestically to wipe out all dissidents and "domestic terrorists".
>>12558 A while ago I reminded people here about how the JewSA purged everyone who were racially aware, and simply just for having remotely racially aware tattoo's in the 90's, even a White pride tattoo would get people kicked out. This never ended of course, and the golems are not even allowed by their jewish masters to post as much as a pepe frog, pepe frog is "extremism." This contiunes to this day. Because ZOG is a paranoid regime that will want to use the nonWhites and cuck Whites in the Army to kill all manner of conscious White Americans soon. https://redstate.com/streiff/2021/02/03/dod-sets-the-stage-for-a-purge-of-conservatives-from-the-military-n321360 I'm sure if there are former zogbots here around that time they can tell us all about it.
(1.65 MB 1420x798 ClipboardImage.png)
INVADER WHO WAS SHOT IN THE BACK BY SAINT TARRANT PLEADS GUILTY TO SEXUAL ACTIVITY WITH A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL >A man who was seriously injured during the Christchurch terror attack has admitted engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl. >Ahmede Yesuf, now 29, appeared in the Christchurch District Court on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to having sexual connection with a young person under the age of 16. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment. >According to the summary of facts, Yesuf met the teenager in September 2012. He was 20 at the time. >Several days after their first meeting they met up again at the home of one of the girl’s friends. >The teenager got into Yesuf’s car and the pair drove to Victoria Park in the Port Hills. Once parked they engaged in sexual activity. >Afterwards Yesuf bought alcohol for her and her friends. >Yesuf originally faced a number of sexual assault charges and was set to go on trial, but that did not come about. All the other charges he faced were dismissed on Tuesday. >Link https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/125875875/mosque-attack-victim-pleads-guilty-to-sexual-activity-with-14yearold-girl
>>12904 Of course
>>12904 Screenshot. Also another article and video from when he was featured last year about the aftermath of getting shot by Tarrant.
>>12904 Doubtlessly preying on young White girls. Sad that Tarrant did not remove this invader too. Might be good at some point to start to compile the behavior of these freaks into an infograph showing that Christchurch is full of ISIS-supporters and predators
>>12437 Dude, I have to zoom on that shit pic to even read the joke. First rule of memes: no wall of text. >>12454 Clean killings though, very pro and military minded. Why the bombing? If the target was at least 95% military I would see the point but it looks like one of those usual attacks that end killing and maiming civilians more than anyone else. So now there's ISIS, which is the usual boogeyman pushed into a country to pave the way to democratic liberators from overseas. Also there have been two "leaked" pictures of that JDAM missile fired today or yesterday I think, with the names of fallen muhreens written on it. Check the list, half of them were tacos. >>12474 >pic2 lol @ sinomidget chased by nephilim. >>12510 >From what I know, the marines can take over the whole world with the tech they have. Huu rah! <semper feel
(99.39 KB 910x568 combo1.jpg)
>>12934 >Check the list, half of them were tacos. A couple 'stronk independent wahmen' too. Really no one of any value was lost.
>>12940 I feel sorry for the trumptards who think that the pull out of the ME was some kind of terrible atrocity. Military still there deserve it. Don't join the (((US))) military. Join an independent militia if you must. I'm sure everyone here already knows this
(198.12 KB 446x236 laughing taliban.png)
>>12944 >I feel sorry for the trumptards who think that the pull out of the ME was some kind of terrible atrocity Let me guess, these were the same people who in 2016 were shilling for Trump because he wanted to 'end the wars'?
>>12966 >end the worz Yeah, like Mr. Peace Nobel Prize Obongo lol. But let's not worry, Hollywood will make an umpteenth movie on war'is'bad with De Niro, (s)Pitt and Walberg.
>>12944 >I feel sorry for the trumptards who think that the pull out of the ME was some kind of terrible atrocity. I don't. Committed conservative types are just generally dumb and anti-White.
(398.68 KB 1240x1663 ane.jpg)
(78.73 KB 867x1024 jim.jpg)
The Danish Culture and Church minister dressed up as a pagan vølve for a photo gallery in the historical museum of Køge. The designer and photographer is a gay racist. Christians are very pissed about this, but in my opinion it's just unprofessional and funny.
wasn't sure where else to post this. four people got shot in my town last night but it's nowhere in the news because they don't want to scare the university students or their parents. it was in one of the parks the homeless always hang out in, they're the main problem here rather than minorities, although all the international students are definitely an annoyance. I only heard about it cause I was down there visiting the liquor store right after it happened
>>13155 >all the international students are definitely an annoyance How? What are we looking at here, niggers, squintys, poos?
>>13155 I've got a big chink problem in my school. There are tons of them, walking around speaking in Chinese among themselves. I can only imagine what type of info they gather for the CCP.
>>13165 International students love to shack up with the natives and work with NGOs to subvert the local community. Many of them also stick around after graduation and end up living there as well and building a family of invaders
>>13165 mostly chinks and pajeets. they only hang out with other international students because their english isn't too good. they come over here and buy luxury cars even though they can't drive. they drive up the cost of housing for everyone else, too. my city has gentrified so much in the past decade it's insane >>13176 fortunately there aren't enough high-level job openings here for ours to stick around after graduating for the most part
>>13184 I should add that the university has been actively pushing for more international students since they have to pay out of state rates. Not sure if I blame the lack of state funding or just greed and anti-White sentiment
>>13184 Chinks and streetshitters? Wow, sounds (from you) like they're not reputable people at all. I'm willing to bet they came here just for the White women. I mean imagine being with a chinkette or poolina.
>>13189 some of the rich korean girls are cute but no telling how much surgery they're had. as for indians there are a lot more men than women now that I think about it
>>13155 Nothing really new. Many American universities are located in towns or cities that have seen better days, but a few of the really prestigious ones are right in the middle of or very close to some of the worst neighborhoods in the country.
>>13190 Makeup is also another factor. There are some comparison pics out there for East Asian girls and its really spooky how much it can change their looks
>>13198 They really take it to another level
>>13205 Most Asian women look like Fukushima swamp creatures without makeup/surgery
>>13205 It’s quite the redpill to swallow on makeup and Asian women specifically. This sort of makeup on Asian women has probably led large numbers of White men to racemix and to destroy their genetic legacy for what is really just a painted yellow whore. Especially when so many White women are increasingly fat, dumpy and gross it’s important to redpill people on Asian women whenever they show attraction towards what in reality is just a superficial mask.
>>13210 Just because they learnt that Asian women are ugly doesn't mean that they will do anything about it. A so called friend ended up dating a filipino just a few months after posting a similar video. When I confronted him, he justified it by saying that he was in love, and had not changed his stance on race.
>>13234 Very sad what happened with your friend. Hopefully he got over her, and will not end up bringing any mentally-ill mongrels in the world. It turns out that he was not very principled, it seems. I have seen similar things with the vax. People proclaim up and down how much of a scam the pandemic is, and huff and puff over it, and then next thing I know they tell me they’ve gotten vaxxed. It’s ridiculous
(95.17 KB 800x1190 Women are lame.jpg)
>Especially when so many White women are increasingly fat, dumpy and gross Speaking of which, I had to deal with bullshit like this when living with a woman. I also know from experience that, when a woman gets fat, it's often best to just find a replacement. The damage to her body, the skin in particular, is often permanent, as her tits and stomach—for instance—will just sag like a 100 year old woman after losing weight. These reasons alone are why I just don't understand why men bother helping her lose the weight, when, more ideally, one could just get a new one that isn't ruined completely. I met her at the bar. We had drinks, we hooked up, and then we started dating. Then COVID hit. That was when everything started to go down hill. Instead of exercising, she now watches netflix and racks up a pretty hefty balance on my credit card, every now and again. That was how it all started. I think she went from 130 to 280 lbs, all in almost two years. For letting yourself one's self go so quickly, that's a fucking record for the history books. Even if she somehow lost all that, I still wouldn't be sexually attracted to her ever again. The excess skin is there to stay. In my mind, that is just as unattractive as being fat. Before you all judge me for my sexuality, I am not attracted to large women, nor am I attracted to women with excess skin. I find them both equally unattractive. I even rejected a formerly morbidly obese woman who asked me out for this very reason, because I knew she would have loose skin considering the amount of weight she had lost. Of course, I did it with tact. I didn't reveal the reason because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I get accused of bodyshaming on reddit for not being able to fuck her on r/relationships. Fuck, I even get called a coomer, or whatever the fuck that is, by people on 4Chan's /b/ board. There, they bring up some false studies about how my dopamine centers are fried, simply because I don't find women with skin issue attractive. For god's sake, I am twenty-three year old male who is physically fit and lives off a trustfund. Why should I stay with someone whom I don't find sexually appealing? Sounds pretty selfish to me! After gaining such a significant amount of weight like this, the wogs and White degenerate, soy boys can have her, for no masculine White male wants a fatty, even if she's redpilled, due to the mere fact alone no strong White man wants to settle for rubbish bag tits, rubbish bag ass, and just all around rubbish bag body. I can do better, for my ancestors would not settle for such rubbish either, let alone White men from thirty years ago. By this point, the darkies can have her; they love obese White women, particularly niggers.
>>13242 Seems like you made the right decision. Women are fairly interchangeable. Dumping one, you can always find another just as good and probably better in 99% of circumstances. If a woman can't even take care of herself, she wouldn't be able to raise children. She'd turn them into dumpy fatties too.
(54.58 KB 400x800 soyface vs man face.jpg)
>>13252 Even if they don't grow up to be fatties, your sons will often grow into effeminate, whiny, little bitch boys. I see this all too often in University, where the guy is a neurotic pussy who will have an emotional breakdown because his gayming PC broke down, often having an anxiety attack along with it, even though the problem is often an easy fix. Most of the so-called men raised by overweight women are whiny, neurotic bitches who often look like that Numale from the Covid Thread pic. Skinny, attractive, disciplined women do not tolerate bitch-beta behavior like that, which is why most fit guys were raised by thin, attractive women. Men raised by landwhales are almost never fit. They're either grossly skinny or fat, with no in between, and that's probably due to the shit diet they eat. The type of women you marry will decide how your sons grow up. If you want your son to be a hypo-gonadal, neurotic bitch, marry fat woman. If, however, you want your son to be a strong, masculine chad who stands tall in the face of adversity, marry a skinny women. There's reason why men choose their partners with their eyes, and it's because they know, deep down, they want a strong masculine son. Even the degenerate chubby chasers/feeders who like to fuck landwhales almost never marry landwhales for this reason: they know they will fuck up their kids.
>>13253 >emotional breakdown because his gayming PC broke down, often having an anxiety attack along with it, even though the problem is often an easy fix. Well shit I get annoyed and yell out when my laptop fucks up since I can't do vidya. As I read more of your post, I read up on signs on being neurotic, and I fit into some (worst case, all) of the signs. I thought it was just a quirk I had. Welp I'm a beta nerd. Regardless, you are right to prefer a fit woman. If you spent a lot of time and energy to look for yourself and go for a fat woman, then that is just weird and unbelievable.
>>13274 >If you spent a lot of time and energy to look for yourself and go for a fat woman, then that is just weird and unbelievable. Sad thing is, I have seen those types of men date fat women, and I am not talking black men with fat White women here, I am talking big, strong White men with fat spouses and girlfriends. What I don't get is why are men attracted to fat women; the only advantage they have is the fat on their bodies will keep their babies alive during pregnancy in lean times, when food is scarce. Aside from that, though, I don't like the idea of a woman who will die by the time my kids are in their twenties. Then again, if the pairing produces healthy White children, I don't care what the guy chooses to stick his cock in, so long as he's not drilling for oil and producing mongrel brats with a subhuman. Still, it's kind of sad, sort of like a billionaire choosing a fucking mid-tier car over a Bughatti Veyron. It's a status thing, more or less. But, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters to me is the propagation and survival of our race, and thus, I don't care how it's done, so long that it is and we survive to the next century and beyond. Hell, if the next Hadrian, because we don't need a Hitler we need a full-on Hadrian at this point, was to smite the kike and their non-White pets from this very Earth, I wouldn't care about the type of women he stuck his cock into, so long as they are—again—White and of overall decent breed. That's just my input on the whole thing. I am against sexual degeneracy, like transexualism, homosexuality. But minor shit like whaling (fucking fatties) we can debate about when our race is not about to be exterminated, and finally, free from Jewish rule.
>>13274 You have to learn that vidya is just a stupid fucking waste of time. You're not accomplishing anything by playing it, nobody admires your fake achievements designed to fool you into thinking you're doing something great. If anything they're a badge of shame. Remove the vidya jew from your life and adopt healthier habits that are not designed to exploit your psychology.
>>13278 It's a natural desire of men to fill the woman. It can manifest in erroneous ways like filling her with food.
>>13274 The first step to fixing negative traits is recognition. Congratulations, you've already surpassed 99% of unthinking golems. Video games are a waste of time in the vast majority of cases. I would say why, but >>13279 has already done the work for me here. I would also think on the fact that sperging out fixes literally nothing. And this is coming from the one who punched in their computer monitor a little over a month ago over a fucking email >>9726. Instant regret. >>13278 >But minor shit like whaling (fucking fatties) we can debate about when our race is not about to be exterminated, and finally, free from Jewish rule. Yeah it doesn't need too much focus. It should be called out as unhealthy though when it pops up, not that I'd go out of my way to spread much awareness of such issues more than generic calls to be healthy. It's safe to say that anything more a girl who is a bit plump is a sign of poor choices by the man.
http://www.renegadetribune.com/australian-authorities-can-now-legally-change-citizens-social-media-posts/ >Australian Authorities Can Now Legally Change Citizens’ Social Media Posts >Privacy has died within Australia. >So should you even post something online as innocuous as a simple link, you are fair game to be targeted by this bill. Police can now “legally” show up at your home and arrest you for exercising your right to free speech simply because you have alerted an algorithm somewhere that has red-flagged you as a cause of trouble. >Do Australians have the hope of a fair justice system if authorities arrest them under such a system? The police are both willing and able to alter evidence to make it appear as if people have done something against Natural Law. Furthermore, authorities are willing and able to break through their door in the middle of the night and haul you away in front of their screaming children. Would you say there is any hope for justice? […] A Jew's dream come true. The insanity continues and Australians haven't picked up anything resembling a weapon yet to fight back. David Lane warned us that perjury was as natural as breathing for Federal agents speaking in court. Just imagine where this will go. Australia is the perfect experimental sandbox.
>>13314 >Australia is the perfect experimental sandbox. I feel like this is every Anglo country outside of America. Canada, New Zealand, the UK and Australia are all shockingly dystopian. Ubiquitous CCTV cameras, hate speech laws, getting imprisoned for watching a video, banning guns, binning knives, etc. I don't usually spout the Anglo meme, but something is off in those countries, to say the least. Governments need to be toppled. These countries are worse than the USSR by leaps and bounds at this point.
>>13274 Don't beat yourself up about liking video games Anon, just don't be a sperg if they don't work. Remember we will win in the long run because we are funny and have fun. There are however some things you should be aware of: 1. Most video games are produced for kids. If you are on this board, you are probably not a kid anymore. Playing them is the equivalent of consuming beginner literature when you are already advanced. Find games that actually fit your mental development level. 2. Don't neglect your health for video games. Eat right, work out and sleep enough and do your daily duties like cleaning your home or going to work/school. If you have done all that, there is nothing wrong with relaxing. If you are however neglecting all of these things, be aware that you are literally wasting your life time and risk drifting into a downward spiral of unhappiness. 3. Video games have suffered in quality ever since 2007. That doesn't mean there aren't some Gems afterwards, but be aware that after this point it's mostly full blown pozz from the ZOG establishment that tries to force its narrative into the medium. If you play them, you are not better than a boomer who watches Talmud vision or Hollywood movies. 4. Just because the quality of video games has suffered, doesn't mean that all older games are free of negative influences. This is however mostly accidentally caused by bluepilled developers. If you are properly selective with your games, they are an awesome entertainment that can help you relax, raise your horizon and prevent you from consuming ZOG media.
>>13318 Fair points but that's like chasing the unicorn. Maybe we need a red vs blue vidya general thread?
>>13316 You see similar shit in France, Germany, and Spain. Most anons are just not exposed enough to what happens outside of the English speaking world to make an informed comparison.
>>13316 >I feel like this is every Anglo country outside of America. Canada, New Zealand, the UK and Australia are all shockingly dystopian. Ubiquitous CCTV cameras, hate speech laws, getting imprisoned for watching a video, banning guns, binning knives, etc. I don't usually spout the Anglo meme, but something is off in those countries, to say the least. Governments need to be toppled. These countries are worse than the USSR by leaps and bounds at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if the blackpill samefag shill came from one of those countries. I don't agree with anything he says, however. All I see from that faggot is someone who's miserable, and like a depressed drunkard at a bar, he wants everyone to be as miserable as he is.
>>13316 >I feel like this is every Anglo country outside of America. >outside of America American "right wingers" are delusional.
>>13463 Outside of demographic problems, America is superior to Europe in almost every way when we look at stuff like laws.
>>13618 You're delusional. America is a post-legal country. What the law is and what it means is entirely arbitrary.
>>13622 You're not wrong, but we're still better off than Europe, but who knows for how long.
(985.04 KB 640x640 4674567456.webm)
(51.84 KB 620x562 6345634563.jpg)
Volcano Erupts On Spain's Canary Islands Following Earthquake Swarm https://www.zerohedge.com/weather/volcano-erupts-spains-canary-islands-following-earthquake-swarm Nothing ever happens, but sometimes it can
Not really news so will not archive this shit but it's still good to keep in the back of your mind for us burger pigs. https://lulz.com/the-marketing-tricks-that-make-you-spend-more-62091/ >The power of 9s—and other marketing tricks that make you spend more >Why do stores charge $9.99 instead of $10? >The power of 9s. >The average human relies on “rules of thumb” known as a heuristics — quick decisions we make in order to navigate the everyday world efficiently. Needless to say, many of these are less than genius. >“One of the dumbest has to be the affection for prices ending in 9,” Poundstone says. “They’ve done experiments where the same item is offered at $39 and $34 (to separate groups of shoppers). More people buy the item at $39. The research suggests that, at some unconscious level, consumers think a price ending in 9 has been discounted and is a good value. Sellers have been exploiting this psychology since the 19th century. Look at any fast-food menu — over 95 percent of the prices end in 9.” My mental antibodies have been trained to negatively react to these practices since I know they're trying to screw with my mind with their "smart" schemes. Their trick only works in a world of ignorant consumers whose sole worth is based on the money they own and earn, based on a currency that keeps losing value! It is like usury for swine, scratching here and there for the wonderful and life-saving 0.00001 because, in truth, you're just poor and stupid but you don't want to admit it, but if you complain, you'll never do more than opening your clap trap and shake your fist at clouds or something. Pig Pig Piggy Pig oink oink >3) Economic tenets >America is the land of $4.99 instead of $5.00. It is Jewish in spirit, soul, practice, >language and morals. A healthy nation is founded on heritage, race and culture. As >Roosevelt said, "The business of America is Business." There exists a mindless pursuit of >money and pleasure while the race dies. Once I pointed out to another real estate broker >that by selling homes to Coloreds in White neighborhoods he was committing race >treason, that soon Negro boys would be with White girls. "So what?" he responded, >"Their money is just as green as a White man's!" My own mother was a loyal American >wage slave for over 40 years. She even worked in a shipyard building "Liberty Ships" >during America's great war to murder the White race and destroy the liberty of all men >everywhere. Today she is destitute. The small home she saved money to buy in a once >safe, White neighborhood is gone. She couldn't afford the ever rising taxes and she >couldn't go outside the door without fear of being mugged by Colored gangs. Your >vaunted Capitalism used her up and threw her away. The money she paid to what was >supposed to be a social security trust fund was used to breed tens of millions of non- >Whites and to enforce integration, i.e. the murder of her race. Virtually all business in >America is conducted by usury. The C.R.A.P. know their own holy book condemns usury >and they know usury is the charging of interest ay any percentage. The only difference >between 4% and 10% is how quickly the Jew bankers foreclose on the nation. They know >that money must be restricted in its use to a store of value and a medium of exchange. I >could write a book just on your Capitalism, but then the C.R.A.P. would call me a >Communist, as if one Jew system were better than another. How many Right Wing flimflam >artists and deceivers have bilked the patriots over the decades with their hard money >seminars, their constitutional money books and the like? As if the Jews did not already >own most of the world's gold and silver. As if they could not manipulate its value relative >to goods and services just as any other commodity they control. Of course the bottom line >is, who cares what money system the Colored races of the world adopt after the Jews >have exterminated our race? Again, the Right Wing, cowards, liars and screwballs. Wave >your red, White and blue murder rag. Better yet, manufacture them and sell them for >$19.99 a piece. It is the American way. It is the capitalist way. I spit upon your stripes >and stars, used by swine to sell used cars. David Lane — Revolution by Number 14, Ch. 2
>Ukraine's parliament has passed a law defining anti-Semitism and banning it in the country. >The Verkhovna Rada on September 22 approved a second reading of the bill by 283 votes with the required minimum of 226, sending it to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy for his signature to become law. >Zelenskiy, who is Jewish, has said he lost relatives in the Holocaust. >An estimated 0.2 percent of Ukraine's population of 41 million is Jewish. >The legislation defines anti-Semitism as hatred of Jews, calling for or justifying attacks on the minority, making false or hateful statements about Jews, and denying the mass extermination of Jews during the Holocaust. >Damaging buildings, monuments, or religious institutions would also fall under the definition of anti-Semitism. >"The lack of a clear definition of anti-Semitism in Ukrainian legislation does not allow for the proper classification of crimes committed on its basis," the law's authors said. >"In practice, this leads to the actual impunity of offenders," they said. >Under the bill, victims can claim compensation for material and moral damage and violators may face penalties under existing hate-crime laws. https://www.rferl.org/a/ukraine-passes-antisemitism-law/31473362.html
(90.17 KB 604x853 1409922450919.jpg)
(542.92 KB 2300x2336 kosher wars.jpg)
Finsbury Park mosque terrorist Darren Osborne could be left blind in one eye after murderer inmate stabbed him in the head in prison https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9980183/London-mosque-van-killer-Darren-Osborne-lose-sight-need-glass-eye-prison-assault.html ‘You have two months’: Islamic centre in Langley, B.C. receives death threat https://globalnews.ca/news/8158789/langley-islamic-centre-threatening-note-death-threat/ >The letter, made out of cut-out letters stuck to a piece of paper to form a message, reads: “You have two months to shut this place down and leave or I will go (full) Brenton Tarrant on you mudslimes, invaders must die!” >>14867 Very disappointing. The only respectable thing about the Azov Battalion (and similar organizations) was that they were fighting against a state that had hate-speech laws, while protecting one that didn't. Now all that goes out of the window.
>>14872 >The only respectable thing about the Azov Battalion (and similar organizations) was that they were fighting against a state that had hate-speech laws, while protecting one that didn't. No. You can't operate on behalf of American interests -- directly or indirectly -- and achieve any result other than serving jewish interests. It is not possible. No matter what any group/person/entity/organization says, no matter what symbols they put forward, no matter what they excuse their opponent of, if the actions are against an entity that is not on board with America, they are working for jewish interests. There was never anything good about Azov.
>>11374 >Taliban must be selected for their best men. The way in which they carry themselves and how they look... it's just different from the scum you see in Europe, different from the Talis of 20 years ago too.
(1.16 MB 1280x853 tarrant minecraft.png)
>>14883 Hardened from decades of war. If Whites had been subject to this sort of brutal terror for twenty plus years we'd be a race of chads compared to what we look like now. This is why too much peace can actually be a bad thing. >>14872 >>14877 Weren't the Azov Battalion full of Zionists as well? I believe I saw that somewhere before. >>14872 > “You have two months to shut this place down and leave or I will go (full) Brenton Tarrant on you mudslimes, invaders must die!” Actions speak louder than words.
>>14883 Some Israelis are claiming that Pashtuns (Afghanis) are one of the lost tribes of Israel. Most likely to try to calm down the kvetching resulting from US withdrawal, but seeing how they pamper them nowadays it shouldn't be excluded either.
(892.07 KB 878x492 DiversityForIsrael.png)
>>14892 >Some Israelis are claiming that Pashtuns (Afghanis) are one of the lost tribes of Israel. Oh, so they will open their borders and let them in then, right?
>>14883 definitely. I was watching a recent documentary about the Taliban, and something about them commands respect, kind of like NS soldiers/officers.
>>13625 >America is still better off than Europe Only because of the amount of weapons and ammo you can stockpile legally without the ZOG knowing about it.
>>14885 >Weren't the Azov Battalion full of Zionists as well? Many of their members had White Power and NS tattoos and were open Nazis. I suppose their rationale was that Russia had hate-speech laws and Ukraine didn't. So if Ukraine came under the control of Russia, they would lose their free speech and would have to cease most of their activism. When Christchurch happened, you had a lot of people in Ukraine openly supporting Tarrant and openly publishing his manifesto. This would not have been possible in Russia. I don't really support Ukraine allying themselves with the West and see Russia as a much better (and less Jewish) world power than the Western ZOG, but I do understand their rationale.
>>13625 >America is still better off than Europe 100% wrong Most European countries are still 80% + and even 90% + White, for starters. The rates for obesity, drug use, mental illnesses, etc. are also much lower. Most European countries also lack behind America when it comes to liberal causes (like "LGBT"). America is ZOG-central.
>>13625 >Amerimutts are better of than Europe Yeah no, Europeans are actually rallying and fighting back, while Americans are barely doing anything, despite having the largest number of gun owners and ethos around fighting big goberment. You guys care more about eating shit foods and jerking off to porn than Jews destroying White property, harvesting your information and molesting children.
>>14867 Ukraine turned itself into an irrelevant cuck country to be pushed around by NATO and Russia as soon as it gave up its nearly 1,000+ nuclear weapons. This is the final result. Jewish tyranny.
>>14938 >>14935 The only way in which America is better off is when it comes to gun laws and speech laws. For everything else you say, you guys are completely in the right.
(498.00 B 55x60 16bitmerchant.png)
https://archive.is/fptWC >Hello everyone, Vasily here. >At first, I wanted to leave quietly, like I'm used to, but after some consideration, I decided to say goodbye properly. >Yes, I am leaving this project completely and do not plan on coming back to it. But don't you think that this decision was an easy one for me though. I've been working on Der Sieg in one form or another for about 5 years now and existing game is just a part of this work. >Hundreds of gigabytes of data and materials were collected, hundreds of hours were spent on world building and other stuff, only known to myself... >Which means, of course it's painful for me to abandon this dream project of mine. So, why did I made such a decision? There are a lot of reasons, but I will name main two of them: >1) I got disappointed in result of the release of the first chapter. There was little to no interest to the game which killed much of my motivation to deliver anything again. I'm not great enough, neither I can be called Nietzsche's Ubermensch, so I can't create something so big altruistically for people, I need something in return for my work, which I did not found on 4chan or Internet in general. So I feel that my work is simply not needed, be it because of genre, quality, form of delivery or something else. >2) I've met someone special to me and we've been living together for about half a year now. I finally was able to find happiness I was earning for and now I want to dedicate my time and all my skills to someone who cares about me as much as I do about them. >I am blackpilled enough to not care in the slightest that this is a form of escapism from surrounding reality, since Whites and out world are doomed to fade away and turn into a stagnant and dark non-White China-like dystopia, no matter what "we" do. >People speak loudly on the Internet, but by now I'm disgusted by this naivety and bragging. I'm tired of waiting "two more years" until le epic collapse of the system, which is nothing but a cope. >So, in spite of this I decided to live for myself and people who are close to me. I do not feel sorry for this decision, however cynical and egoistic it may sound. Rather, I feel relieved and thankful to you guys for teaching me several very important lessons. >Thank you, anons... and goodbye. I wish you to find your own happiness at the end of the times. >Have this wonderful OST from one of my favorite series. >P.S. To /nsg/ anons and tripfags. It's worth nothing, but I'd be thankful if you remove "Der Sieg" from OP. I don't want to redpill anyone, since it just brings misery, pain and anger into their lives. >P.P.S. I will answer any questions that you may post here or send to my e-mail from 01.09.2021 to 07.09.2021
>>14963 > I've met someone special to me and we've been living together for about half a year now. Der Ewige Frau robbing a White man from his energy and inspiration once again. > since Whites and out world are doomed to fade away and turn into a stagnant and dark non-White China-like dystopia >China-like dystopia Peak blue pill. China is a utopia compared to the West. All in all, WN vidya doesn't really have much potential. Most WN's would be too paranoid to download such a game to begin with.
>>14966 >>14967 >t. blackpill samefag
>>14963 It seems that this guy never truly supported it anyway, it was just a pastime until his "true life" starts. Trying to be an NPC won't bring him happiness in the long run, as anything temporal and transient. >I don't want to redpill anyone, since it just brings misery, pain and anger into their lives By that logic he might as well suggest a lobotomy NS is eternal, it doesn't gain or lose value based on the circumstances.
>>14963 >I've met someone special to me and we've been living together for about half a year now. I finally was able to find happiness I was earning for and now I want to dedicate my time and all my skills to someone who cares about me as much as I do about them. Losing one's virginity is truly devastating.
>>14963 >I've met someone special to me and we've been living together for about half a year now "Sorry guys, my girlfriend said I can't make my game anymore. You know how it is with the ol' ball and chain" Has anyone played the game? Is it anywhere close to the quality of the Epstein's Island games?
>>14850 I learned allot of this from tv media teacher in high school. When watching commercials, a frame will only last 3 seconds before switching to a new angle. 3 seconds is the attention span of someone to get bored of a frame.
>>14934 Ukraine is jewed and the Azov Battalion have cucked a long time ago. >>14935 Western Europe, on NATO's side then, is way ahead in the poz. >>14965 >China is a utopia compared to the West. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. They're all shit in their own ways, but China is the model when it comes to mass surveillance it's so goddamn ridiculous.
>>15061 >Western Europe, on NATO's side then, is way ahead in the poz. Imagine being this retarded. Every nation in western Europe adopts it's ideology directly from America. The terminology, the symbols, the slogans, etc. The terms "LGBT", "White supremacy", "systemic racism" were awkwardly translated from English, 5 years after they were already popular in weimerica. cope harder, burger
>>15086 America is the fountainhead of world degeneracy, but when it comes to being cucked in every aspect of life, Europe is ahead of America. At the very least we have gun laws here, and no hate speech laws or anything like that, but it won't be long before we do. >>14965 > China is a utopia compared to the West. Delusional.
(733.31 KB 679x371 ClipboardImage.png)
Angela Merkel’s Departure a Sad Moment for Many German Jews >After a German court criminalized the nonmedical circumcision of boys in 2012, Angela Merkel did something very out of character for the “rule-of-law chancellor,” as she has been nicknamed. >“I do not want Germany to be the only country in the world where Jews cannot practice their rituals,” she said at the time. >It was symbolic of Merkel’s commitment to the Jewish community “over realpolitik,” said Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, the Zurich-born president of the Conference of European Rabbis. His organization in 2013 honored Merkel with a prize for “making a crucial intervention for enshrining milah in Germany and beyond,” as Goldschmidt termed it, using the Hebrew word for circumcision. >“She has been a steadfast ally, and not only in rhetoric but in decisive action,” Goldschmidt said. >for the German and wider European Jewish establishment, her departure marks the loss of “a reliable partner for the Jewish community,” Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told JTA. >“I am deeply sorry to see Chancellor Angela Merkel leave the political stage,” said Charlotte Knobloch, a Holocaust survivor who heads the Jewish community of Munich. https://www.jewishexponent.com/2021/09/27/angela-merkels-departure-a-sad-moment-for-many-german-jews/ German elections have some Jewish officials in the country worried >Under Merkel Israel enjoyed good relations with the German government, but the advent of a new political era has some Jewish officials in the country unnerved. >Gadi Gronich of the Conference of European Rabbis said that under Merkel Israel enjoyed “excellent relations” with the German government, which he said was Israel’s most dependable partner. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/german-elections-have-some-jewish-officials-in-the-country-worried-680376 Imagine being so paranoid that the tiniest and most inconsequential of changes in the German government gets Jews nervous of what happens after Merkel leaves. They act like Germans are going to be heating up the ovens before long even when mainstream jew-loving parties are firmly in power.
>>15088 >At the very least we have gun laws here, and no hate speech laws or anything like that, but it won't be long before we do. Stop. >>15107 Maybe israel/US were hoping the Green party would do better.
>>15107 Having a crippled frontal lobe, a chopped benis at birth and an engraved memory of being more or less violently expelled >100 times does this to you. They can't even trust each other, how can they possibly do on a bunch of goyim they barely know?
>>15107 >They act like Germans are going to be heating up the ovens before long even when mainstream jew-loving parties are firmly in power. The two big mainstream political parties the Christian Democratic Union and the Socialist Party Germany only got 24% and 25% in this election. That is a big thing, because it means whoever gets to be chancellor doesn't have the support of 75% of the German voters. Whoever gets to be chancellor has to form a government with two other political parties to get over 50%, the last time that was the case was in the 1950s when German refugees from Eastern Europe had their own big party. The Green party failed to make any significant gains despite being massively shilled by the media, both private and public. At the same time the German communist party The Left failed to reach 5% meaning they won't be present in the German parliament except a dozen of guys that got lucky and are only in it, because of some quirks of the German voting system. This means that the few % the German Green Party gained, they got from communist voters which means that overall the Leftist camp didn't gain new members in Germany, despite the massive campaigns that are running for it. Meanwhile the business liberal Free Democratic Party and the alt right Alternative for Germany remained stable with 11% and 10%, both are hated by the other parties, but they have to pick one of them to form a government. What this all means is that Germany has reentered Weimar levels of how much the German public trusts (((democracy))) and are unhappy with what all the political parties have to offer. This in return opens the door for change. Whoever gets his ideological and indoctrinated stick from his arse and make a politic the German people actually want has a chance to steamroll all the other parties in the coming years.
>>15124 I pray to Der Ewige Führer that you are correct. We cannot let the scum of human history win.
>>15120 It's hard to imagine living day-to-day with such a severe level of mental illness, but I guess they've ultimately brought it onto themselves.
Details about Sept. 4 Antifa shooter are released >The Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office has charged an alleged Antifa supporter with shooting a Proud Boy supporter during the Sat., Sept. 4 protest marches between the two groups. >Twenty-one police officers were involved in the investigations, arrest and reporting about the arrest last Thu., Sept. 23 of alleged “Antifa” supporter Benjamin Anthony Varela, 35, of Olympia. Varela, described by police as a claims adjudicator, was charged with first-degree assault and reckless endangerment in the Sept. 4 shooting of 25-year-old Tusitala Toese, 25, of Battle Ground, WA, a protester who was associated with the “Proud Boys” movement. >The shooting occurred at the Intercity Transit downtown hub. Five shots were fired. Toese was wounded in the foot. All five shots were reportedly fired by Varela, who fled on foot northbound on Washington street, according to a caller who reported the shooting. >Varela was allegedly captured on closed circuit television while painting “ACAB” or “Fuck Fascist” on the front doors of the Three Birds Tattoo Shop at 419 Water Street SW. Olympia Police were able to tie photos of Varela to the graffiti event at the business. >Varela is being held in the Thurston County Jail on a combined bail of $100,000, half for each of the assault and reckless endangerment charges. https://www.thejoltnews.com/stories/details-about-sept-4-antifa-shooter-are-released,2835 He doesn’t even get an attempted murder charge. Wew
>>15173 >He doesn’t even get an attempted murder charge. Wew Of course not, don't you see he's one of the G*d's chosen goblins?
>>15176 More like yahoo-eh spoiled brats.
(452.82 KB 1080x1794 76857685.jpg)
>>15417 Wow, it looks like there is actually something on Steam worth buying now
(151.76 KB 491x494 pepe muslim.png)
(3.54 MB 1024x576 israel btfo.webm)
>>15417 Jews are so fucking disgusting. I don't understand how it's possible to not hate them.
>>15431 Based
(155.04 KB 2244x1488 nothing-ever-happens1.jpg)
>>15482 It's Happ....
(4.64 MB 346x360 Nigs don't matter.webm)
What the fuck is this? No really! What the fuck is this shit? I really hope they are arrogant enough to pass this shit, not because I agree with it, but because I want to see the reactions this would receive, should it be passed. https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/Legis/CSM/showMemoPublic.cfm?chamber=H&SPick=20210&cosponId=36286 Here's who proposed the law. You can it only applies to one fucking race. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Rabb We are now living in a Turner Diaries/Brigade-tier dystopia. Fuck this gay Earth!
>>15431 That looks 100% like something a jew would create for the consumption of his retarded American cattle. It's literally fedposting sandnigger edition.
(11.94 KB 250x250 1566444398901.jpg)
>>15547 >required vasectomy after a third child >$10,000 rewards for reporting those who refuse >make it even easier to sue men who impregnate someone regardless of the situation into oblivion >there should be laws that address the responsibility of men who impregnate them > wrongful conception can now basically be applied to ANY pregnancy due to piss poor wording >the reproductive rights of cis women, trans men and non-binary people if I had to guess I would have thought for sure that this was written by a jew, guess that goes to show that the boundless idiocy and malice of the nigger can be just as much of a threat. also hellworld hellworld hellworld hellworld.
>>15547 >>15550 Leftists think that not murdering your child in the womb is the exact same as sterilizing a male, for some reason. This bill was written to be an attention-grabber, not something that would ever be passed. Maybe if they were a lawmaker in some more insane state like California though it might get some traction. Of course, this is to set aside the issue of whether this can count as predictive programming or not. >>15549 I think it's even sang in Hebrew too. Wouldn't surprise me if Mossad cooked it up.
Treasury Secretary (((Janet Yellen))) trashes minting a $1 trillion coin as solution to debt ceiling crisis as US inches toward default >Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen trashed the idea of minting a $1 trillion coin to defuse the debt ceiling crisis as the US veers toward what could be a devastating default on its debt payments. >"I'm opposed to it and I don't believe we should consider it seriously," Yellen told CNBC on Tuesday. "It's really a gimmick and what's necessary is for Congress to show the world can count on America paying its debts." >Yellen argued that minting a platinum coin would undercut faith that the US "can be trusted to pay the country's bills." >Her remarks throw more cold water on an idea that's gained traction, particularly among left-leaning economists as the US inches closer to what may be an economically devastating default. The law that covers the types of coins the US can mint allows the Treasury to create a $1 trillion platinum coin, and deposit it at the Federal Reserve to continue paying its bills as normal. Proponents argue preventing a debt ceiling breach with ruinous global economic consequences far outweighs the risks of a silly-sounding approach to sidestep staunch GOP opposition. >Yellen warned in the same CNBC interview that she "fully expects" a recession if the US defaulted. https://archive.fo/mNt3Y How likely is it that the US actually defaults on the debts? Is this where the Jews liquidate the American economy?
>>15573 i mean it really depends on when the jews plan to make their play. i'd imagine it will reach the edge of default ((they)) will hang it over everyones heads to increase strife. then it will either go over or some bullshit will go down to stave it off depending on if the time is right or not.
Rachele Mussolini wins most votes in Rome city council election >The granddaughter of Benito Mussolini won the highest number of votes in elections for Rome’s city council as support for Brothers of Italy, the far-right party to which she belongs, edged up in northern cities held by the left. >Rachele Mussolini secured more than 8,200 votes in the municipal elections on Sunday and Monday, an increase on the 657 received when she entered the council on her first mandate in 2016. >Brothers of Italy has been rising steadily in national polls in recent years and, according to a survey on Wednesday, the party was the second biggest in Italy, just slightly behind the Democratic party which has regained first position after the mayoral elections. >The growth of Brothers of Italy, led by Giorgia Meloni, comes as support for Matteo Salvini’s League dwindles, leaving the pair jostling for power within the coalition. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/06/rachele-mussolini-wins-most-votes-in-rome-city-council-election https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brothers_of_Italy
>>15547 It won't cause any reaction. The individualist poison of conservatism has completely destroyed White Americans. They cannot think critically or conceptualize organizing.
>>15663 If an upheaval ever occurred in the United States, It wouldn't be Democrats vs Republicans, but small groups or individuals of masculinized White men harassing the government in a consistent pattern. The Turner Diaries and The Brigade-type revolt scenarios are far more plausible than Republicans doing anything. I actually hate White conservatives even more than White liberals, as even White liberals, despite being degenerate faggots, seem to have more bravery than funding cuckservatives.
>>15667 *fucking Stupid autocorrect.
>>11448 make friends irl faggot >>11468 >You can literally be a pedophile and gun these peoples' kids down and commit suicide afterwards and they'll show up at your funeral and forgive you unironically based and christpilled >>11521 >None of them have the will and hatred necessary to take action. Whether you like it or not, they're all waiting for a messiah to tell them what to shoot at and lead by example. I think you'll see more happen when the risk of doing so becomes tolerable. The risk of taking action right now is very high. There is seemingly a 95% chance of getting fucked by ZOG if you try to push their shit in. I haven't heard of anyone getting away with it. John McAfee is the best example I can think of. When the risk of getting rekt by law enforcement goes down, you will see more people carrying out attacks. It's like what happens when the police get defunded in blue cities. Perhaps there will come a time when United States federal agencies will be entirely occupied with an enemy (eg China) and simply not have enough manpower to police things back home. >>11669 >atomwaffen >https://dailystormer.su/atomwaffen-member-gets-to-skip-prison-because-hes-a-tranny/ >>12025 >Wondering too if there is any risk burning CDs with old late 90s burners... 300-600 Mb of data is more than enough to redpill someone. would be cool but almost no one has CD drives anymore. >>11709 >If you walked up and torched some kikes with a flamethrower then left, that would instill a sense of dread in the local Jewish population, causing them to flee, even if the victims survived a. don't do this b. no, the local jewish population would actually be emboldened by your attack as it would be another shoah. now we're dealing with another White guy who's not making White babies and a second hall of cost >>11742 it's a slippery slope >>12940 >Really no one of any value was lost. please, plenty of sons and daughters died and that is enough. that being said, it is kind of hilarious that this was spun as a <muhrica thing when they were killed by the CIA >>13036 >The Danish Culture and Church minister dressed up as a pagan vølve this was unironically based and part of the reason why I love White women so much (sometimes) >>14938 Diversity ruins everything my friend. In White areas of America, the COVID "pandemic" is over and life is largely back to normal. Don't underestimate ethnic cohesion. >You guys care more about eating shit foods and jerking off to porn than Jews destroying White property, harvesting your information and molesting children. Is true. >>14965 >Peak blue pill. China is a utopia compared to the West. >All in all, WN vidya doesn't really have much potential. Most WN's would be too paranoid to download such a game to begin with. wrong on both counts. >>15547 >As long as state legislatures continue to restrict the reproductive rights of cis women, trans men and non-binary people, there should be laws that address the responsibility of men who impregnate them. Thus, my bill will also codify “wrongful conception” to include when a person has demonstrated negligence toward preventing conception during intercourse. Wait... I thought they were >inseminators not "men?" Tranny advocates can't even use their freakish vocabulary correctly. >>15573 Bring it on, Weimar let's go baby. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
>>15721 >unironically based and christpilled what
Tucker Carlson Tells Andrew Yang: The Unabomber Is a ‘Bad Person’ But Had ‘A Smart Analysis’ of ‘The Way Systems Work’ >Tucker Carlson touted the writings of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, in an interview with Andrew Yang. >Carlson then brought up the Unabomber: >Ted Kaczynski, I have to say, has written very convincingly on this. The Unabomber. Bad person, but a smart analysis, I think, of the way systems work. >“His argument is that large organizations order time morph into purely self-preservation projects. A big system in the end protects itself and that’s kind of all it does,” he continued. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/tucker-carlson-tells-andrew-yang-the-unabomber-is-a-e2-80-98bad-person-e2-80-99-but-had-e2-80-98a-smart-analysis-e2-80-99-of-e2-80-98the-way-systems-work-e2-80-99/ar-AAPdArR Is Tucker literally just reading /pol/ now or something? First the great replacement segment, then Moldbug, and now Ted. Wild
>>15777 My guess is, they're looking at what people on the right are saying, get Tucker to say something similar, then they can say "see, only far-right White supremacists support these positions, and we need to eradicate all far-right blah blah blah". Like Tucker is the only mainstream news person questioning anything about covid, so the establishment say "look, only the far-right questions the covid-tyranny, so anyone who questions the covid-tyranny is far-right whatever, and the far-right are not human and need to be eradicated" etc. It's the only angle that makes sense to me. Otherwise you actually believe there's someone in the (((media))) that isn't a complete jew-puppet. One can hope.
>>15792 Some were saying that this was proof that even Kaczysnki is able to be co-opted by the establishment. Tucker is likely a pressure release-valve. The good goy tunes into Fox News and sees a guy on the screen seeming to question the narrative, while in reality, he is just another puppet.
reminder to take the Ted-pill. it goes a long way in explaining the malaise and dissatisfaction that hangs over modern life. >>15794 as I've said, conservacucks are controlled opposition.
>>15794 Disappointing, but, that doesn't make his words wrong.
>>15829 It does when he constantly interjects "this isn't what Democracy is about" or "well of course we're not racist" or whatever other boomer brainwash reinforcement needs to be mixed in with what they're seeing people get banned off Facebook for these days.
>>15777 None of this is "brave" or controversial. There have been plenty of mainstream academics, writers, etc. who have said the exact same thing. >the great replacement Tucker literally frames this in a "democrats are the real racists" way. He's an overrated faggot. >>15794 Ted Kaczysnki never really opposed the establishment to begin with. They printed his manifesto without any problem in multiple major publications and even let him publish new material in prison. How many WN manifesto's were ever published by major newspapers? Whatever little bit of "opposition to the establishment" he had, already died when he started preaching pacifism at the behest of the FBI. >>15830 >someone posts a clip of Tucker claiming he's /our/guy >reluctantly decide to give it a chance >withing 10 seconds he's already implied "dems are the real racists"
>>15828 After you take the Ted-pill, take the Ellul-pill. His books 'Propaganda' and 'The Technological Society' were some of the biggest redpills that I've ever swallowed. They were a bit dense and slightly out of date technology-wise but they are just as relevant today in their implications. Once one goes and reads Ellul they will see how much Ted is really indebted to him. Not to be a downer on Ted though, his works are great. >>15831 I'm honestly surprised that his replacement immigration segment got on the air though. For something to appear on prime-time like that, that was pretty radical given general boomer news. You're right though that he of course couched his critique in layers upon layers of saying that this had nothing to do with race when in reality it clear has EVERYTHING to do with race. Tucker has been seen wearing a Kabbalah bracelet too, so that tells me all I need to know.
>>15850 >I'm honestly surprised that his replacement immigration segment got on the air though. For something to appear on prime-time like that, that was pretty radical given general boomer news. It's not radical, not even by boomer standards. It is quite common for basic bitch conservatives to use the term "great replacement". They just coat it in different things ("western culture", democrat vs republican, etc) Remember that only a few years ago, you had Trump calling for a complete ban on Muslims, among other things. That was much more "radical", and it was the same audience. Support for figures like Tucker, is one of the main reasons that the West is in it's current state.
Several people apparently dead in a bow-and-arrow attack in Norway. I wonder who or what that could be?
Will America collapse?
>>16183 It depends what timeframe you are thinking of. The next few years will see America get worse and worse economically-speaking and socially it will only continue to get worse as it has been for the last two decades with school shootings and similar antisocial outbursts. Whether we get a civil war is still very much up in the air. It’s possible. By 2030 though America will be a complete dump, and I would be shocked if it still existed by 2100.
(493.59 KB 718x404 norwegian bow.mp4)
(14.80 KB 640x360 breivik kek.jpg)
NORWEGIAN BOW-KILLER WAS A MUSLIM >The statement Thursday follows a police briefing in which authorities say the suspect is a Danish citizen and Muslim convert who had previously been flagged by authorities over concerns that he had become radicalized. He was apprehended on Wednesday following the attack in the town of Kongsberg about 50 miles southwest of Oslo. >Regional police chief Ole B. Saeverud said the suspect was a "convert to Islam." https://archive.fo/witov More proof that Breivik was right.
(421.92 KB 600x331 dissapoint.png)
>>16194 lol, what a cringy faggot. >mfw the next potential Saint turns out to be a Norwegian soyboy who converted to Islam.
>>16194 >Norwegian weirdo converts to Islam and becomes a terrorist Anyone ever seen the show Lilyhammer?
>>16198 Notice how the average saint is a handsome chad, while the White Muslim convert is a fat egghead. Draw the conclusions
>>13210 There's more than just lack of make-up going on in that picture, though. She's making a retarded facial expression too.
>>16201 He looks pretty high T. What are you talking about?
>>16212 That's just a neutral facial expression. Asian women are extremely deceptive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozO6iTFLWg8
(1.35 MB 426x240 hesamuslim.mp4)
One of the video posted by the bow attacker before the attack in which he admits he converted to a desert cult, What a race traitor.
>>16223 This guy will be free in a few years since it's Norway and since he's a Muslim.
>>16223 A huge disappointment.
>>16348 It was really a coin-flip as to who would be behind it, really.
(2.12 MB 1606x1473 ClipboardImage.png)
(303.09 KB 2309x1265 cc8hy.jpg)
(121.17 KB 628x864 cce7d.jpg)
(54.27 KB 632x471 cce7f.jpg)
15 YEAR OLD SWARTHOID LARPING AS SAINT TARRANT PLANNED TO ATTACK HIS SCHOOL If anyone here is swede please translate the document Here's what we know >A brown, 15 year old, 170 cm (5'6) Nazi tried to attack his school. He live-streamed the attack. He managed to stab one teacher, badly injuring her. VIDEO is not available, but screenshots from it are. Ironically, both his parents are members of the Green Party, and his father is actually elected in the local region of Eslöv. The attackers name is Hugo Jackson, which is a swedish name, I think he may have been adopted. >This shitskin or probably an mixed breed one mentioned Saint Tarrant as an direct inspiration and wanted to attack his school with several knives and fake replica airsoft pistol >The shitskin called himself a """swede"""" and wanted to target non-Whites and muslims in his school >The shitskin wrote an entire manifesto detailing his plans to carry out an attack and his beliefs, he even admitted himself to being a non-White invader who praised Whites and other accelerationist warriors >The shitskin also sent his plans to trannycord and carved his room with White nationalist symbols and slogans >It also is proven that the shitskin was a tranime fan. >He recorder his entire attack on a go-pro and some stills of the video are available >He was also said to be inspired by the actions of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold along with Anton Lundin Peterson and Anders Behring Breivik It is disappointing, waiting for a White Saint to rise up and kill traitors in a Shitskin-ZOG infested country, but all we get is a Swarthoid shitskin in Sweden who is a teenage larper who clearly calls himself a shitskin killer despite being one. Shitskins will never be White, Even if a shitskin were to kill like 70 or 100 people who are enemies of our race, He will never get any support from us, It is contradictory for modern non-Whites to call themselves and carry out such act just to get support from the Whites, We are the ones who would fight for our cause, Not shitskins. If any shitskin wants approval from people who share the same views as him, He could simply leave his own land and never come back. All the people he was inspired by were all White, and all of their motivations were to spread fear amongst the Non-Whites including him, National Socialism is a White ideology, Not for any shitskin or any other non-White who tries to adore our people, This incident was an example of what happens when shitskins don't care what our intents are against them and therefore they want to side with us for survival purposes. Let them know that these swarthy shitskins who they are , even if they adore our volk, leaders and warriors and are willing to take action are not welcome and definitely don't belong with us. Hail Victory, Don't Feed Shitskins.
>>16600 the enemy of our enemy is not our friend but can still be a useful tool anon. for if nothing else I'm sure incidents like this cause the kikes to shake in rage and mistrust their subhuman puppets. due to knowing that some subhumans would rather join us and die as opposed to living as mindless mongrel cattle under their "divine ownership" of humanity.
>>16600 They don’t make saints like they used to! This is obviously another social reject (he says it himself) retard latching onto /pol/ memes and making a joke of himself. Funny shit.
>literally into futa Remember this next time you see cuckime posting
>>16600 >Saint Tarrant's influence grows once again >non-White swedish nazi reminds me of this Jackie Arklöv https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_Arkl%C3%B6v Pretty interesting guy tbh. It seems Sweden has this "civic nationalism" down really well, lmao
(39.64 KB 692x423 jackie.JPG)
>>16600 lol vafan väldigt intressant swede here This isnt the second time we have a non-swede NS criminal Jackie Arklöv was a cop killer and national socialist bank robber lol Ill check through the document later, is there a video leaked?
(9.86 MB 480x360 Jews.webm)
>>16605 Webm related. By genociding and degenerating Whites, kikes are pretty much cutting the branch that they are sitting on. We should get some popcorn as more and more of their golems turn against them.
>>16600 It's not the kid's fault if his libtard swede parents adopted him and brought him on White land. If all races would embrace national socialism there would be no place on earth where multiculturalism and melting pot existed. Also, not the first time something similar happens, i.e. the Sonboly kid in Germany.
Why does one of the stills show him lunging with a knife at a White girl? >>16621 No video leak known. This happened a few months ago apparently so if it was out there it probably would have been found. I guess the documents are just coming out though. Not many people saw the stream it looks like.
>>16629 >Why does one of the stills show him lunging with a knife at a White girl? he only stabbed a male teacher the White girl is a female teacher which he ordered to leave because she was a "good teacher" https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/skane/skolattacken-i-eslov-minut-for-minut >08:56 >Gärningsmannen fortsätter in i skolan. Där möter han en lärare som han ber sticka. Sedan säger han ”Hon är en bra lärare”. The perpetrator continues into the school. There he meets a teacher whom he asks to stick. Then he says "She is a good teacher".
(412.16 KB 644x526 ClipboardImage.png)
(505.72 KB 714x424 ClipboardImage.png)
(413.85 KB 749x260 ClipboardImage.png)
(288.45 KB 468x412 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16635 I wonder why the retard stabbed a random White teacher then.
>>16640 Looks like he wasn't really ideological then. Just an edgelord. He said he was inspired by Columbine too so that would support that angle.
>>16642 Yeah it looks like another mentally ill retard latching on to National Socialist aesthetics because they were edgy to his eyes. Many such cases.
Sorry he's still not based. I fucking hate that shitskins will do anything to latch onto White people. I think if he read 16chan (in theory only, I wouldn't want brown bugmen reading niche sites like this) he would've realized that no matter how he eats, shits or breathes, White nationalists would see him as not one of us and he would've just not do the spree. That's why if White people want to be fascistic, non-Whites cannot be fascistic.
>>16600 >If any shitskin wants approval from people who share the same views as him, He could simply leave his own land and never come back You mean the shitskin leavig White countries. Not "his own" land.
>>16650 >I wouldn't want brown bugmen reading niche sites like this Plenty of them in here lol. I don't mind them though, as long as they don't try to push for some kind of egalitarianism or how their entire race is somehow valuable. We can cooperate with browns who are smart enough to realize that great percent of their own kind is excessive. What this kid did is irrelevant, him being brown is good because it makes it harder for the MSM to shill that NS Whites are terrorists.
>>16651 My bad Anon, I was typing too fast, Thanks for noting it down
>>16650 Speak for yourself. If he had actually done something but stab a White teacher and then get his futa artwork exposed to the world, he would have been based. However, this was a cringelord 15 year old who should probably stop using imageboards before it fucks him in the head permanently.
>>16640 probably one of the "bad teachers"? his goal was to stab non-Whites, muslims and pride fags perhaps the teacher was a faggot
>>16600 probably 4/pol/ in action but if he had good intentions it's actually wise to follow his lead.
>>16644(heiled) dubs of truth, natsoc is mental illnes.
>>16652 >it makes it harder for the MSM to shill that NS Whites are terrorists How does it do so? Why does what the propaganda arm of the government says matters to you when you know they hate you and want you dead?
>>16611 Disgusting.
>>16689 He looks too high-T to me from that screenshot. If his goal was to stab Muslims they are literally pictured in the image - Burak, Mahmoud, Afshin, Omar, etc. He was just a mentally ill loser, hence why he celebrated the Columbine shooters (one of whom was a Jew and they posted screeds online about killing 'racists'). >>16652 They'll never care about his race. They will just see the swastikas and cringe graffiti of 'WHITE POWER' or 'RAHOWA' and remember the 'ebil Nazi' message more than anything else.
>>16782 >They'll never care about his race. They will just see the swastikas and cringe graffiti of 'WHITE POWER' or 'RAHOWA' and remember the 'ebil Nazi' message more than anything else. I'm getting mixed signals here. What do you mean.
>>16787 >What do you mean. What I said. They don't care if the attempted attacker was non-White. They'll see the swastikas and other LARPer shit and then use it to just agitate against Whites more.
>>16788 The current state, I swear. They'll be like >White people bullied him and made him their bitch! Although imo no one in the right mind should not care a shitskin sacrificed himself for White people. He just did it to appease White nationalists. He's no different than other shitskins who want to assimilate to White culture and get rid of their own.
>>16640 Teachers and journalists are about as virtuous as prostitutes.
(209.46 KB 2204x2624 math.jpg)
>>16790 >He just did it to appease White nationalists I don't think he stabbed a White teacher to appease White nationalists. Was just latching onto anything he perceived as edgy.
>>16782 >He looks too high-T to me from that screenshot. hahhaha he can still be a PC faggot, most likley is because hes a teacher
>>16918 It's Sweden, so it's probable, but I doubt he was any worse than any other retard in that school. Still don't think he deserved to get stabbed by some brown incel. To think that I'm probably posting with edgy teens like this online.
>While Jewish communities worldwide are celebrating Hanukkah, the small community in China must do so in secret as Beijing works to crack down on foreign influences and unapproved religions in the country, The Telegraph reported. >The community in China is very miniscule, consisting of around 1,000 people of which experts say only 100 are actually practicing, and have lacked a rabbi for well over a century. However, it goes back over a thousand years, having settled in Kaifeng. Even at its height during the 16th century, it numbered just 5,000. And throughout the years, despite losing many of its members to conversion, wars, disasters and more, the community has lived on through the passing down of tradition between generations. >Already, the Chinese leadership has worked to erase much of this long history, The Telegraph reported. This includes not only the removal of museum exhibits regarding the community’s history, but also razing any physical trace of the community. This has included removing the remains of a 12th century synagogue alongside stones with engravings of the community’s traditions and heritage, some of which dated as far back as the late 15th century. >They have also removed the few signs in Hebrew that could once be found in the city, and the spot where the few practicing Jews once gathered to pray has now been covered with Chinese propaganda, a security camera and reminders that Judaism is an illegal, unrecognized religion in the country, according to The Telegraph. >"Judaism is not a Chinese faith and has no right to exist within China," a spokesperson for the ruling Communist Party told Telegraph reporters. >Israel has so far refused to complain about the crackdown, fearing that protesting the Communist Party's abuses could result in retaliation from Beijing. https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/chinese-jews-celebrate-hanukkah-in-secret-amid-govt-crackdowns-report-652084 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/12/13/chinas-tiny-jewish-community-fear-beijing-erases-history/
(252.93 KB 1100x619 1470296870164.jpg)
>>17024 Nice hope to see more of this from China. Doesn't make me sympathetic toward anti-European subversion from their expats in European countries. But it may align well with their self-interest overall.