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(1.42 MB 2500x3000 fascist with flag.png)
/fascist/ Screencaps Blackshirt 03/20/2021 (Sat) 16:04:38 ID:7e006e No. 155
Post screencaps you have saved ITT
(305.42 KB 1872x816 jews world domination.PNG)
(193.11 KB 1341x602 zoroastrianism.png)
(105.87 KB 1863x649 homosexuality fascist pagan.PNG)
(208.32 KB 2445x722 universalism redpill.png)
(173.81 KB 948x657 ethnoglobe redpill.PNG)
(44.71 KB 1102x368 Why ethnoglobe is sensible.png)
(218.36 KB 1892x538 schoolshootings.PNG)
Good to use when people reference Mein Kampf and Christianity.
>>156 Do you have the source for the blond Iranian for the Zoroastrian screencap.
>>4125 It's from a larger mosaic in Susa, in modern day Iran. Not all of them look blond, but some certainly look blond.
>>4141 Thanks, I'm surprised they didn't try to cover these up.
(63.74 KB 780x520 iranian woman.jpg)
(198.30 KB 800x567 iranian women.jpg)
>>4212 With Iran there's less impetus to cover things up. Iran is of course not a mono-ethnic country, but many people still exist with Aryan phenotypes. The fact that some of them are descended from Aryans (and in some senses still classifiable as Aryans) makes this very difficult to even attempt. In places like China and other parts of East Asia, this is where they want to cover things up the most, as this is what would bring about the most radical changes in our conceptions of history.
>>4213 Iran still has a pretty radical and kiked community of Islamists, along with the Elamitecucks who try to pretend that Aryans nobility were their ancestors and look just liked them. Iran despite being an enemy of Israel, still has a tolerance of jewry and zionism to an extent, so it's either undergoing a slow process of hiding and destroying the truth or Iranians just don't give a shit is my guess as well.
>>4219 The only good thing that can be said about present-day Iran is that the government there is probably single-handedly preventing its complete jewification. Of course in a sense with Islam they are already partially jewed, but as we know it can get much, much worse. Ideally one day the Islamist government there will be destroyed, and Zoroaster and his religion will be re-embraced.
>>4221 >>4220 Of course, Iran is itself degenerate in aspects and this should not be overlooked - just think of the tranny-phenomenon in Iran. They rival Thailand in this regard.
>>4221 >Zoroaster and his religion will be re-embraced By the brown Arabs? I mean if they do, then good for them.
>>4235 Ignorant retard detected. Iran has nothing to do with Arabs besides cultural influence. They speak an Indo-European language and are descended from Indo-European ethnicities.
>>4236 Right. However it's sandnigger land too. So that's why I'm wondering if arabs can do such a change. I'm guessing not because race reality teaches us that attitude comes from race and so from this, it can be said that the arabs and groups of non-Whites will never change (at least in my guessing).
>>4237 >However it's sandnigger land too It’s really not. Zionists have trained your mind well
>>4238 Fair enough I need to learn more. But then what are these browns supposed to do? I was referring to current day situation.
>>4239 What Arabs and similar types do is up to them and their free will. We must focus on ourselves and our revival, especially of Europe
>>4238 >Zionists have trained your mind well Are you really being this retarded? Iran is mostly Elamite and partially sandnigger. This isn't a lie it's a fact. The religion is sandnigger and the culture has been deluded by them as well. Iran is now nothing like it was before Islam invaded. You can look at the modern Iranian and you will see nothing, but a lack of European features in terms of racial look and culture.
(56.48 KB 602x304 races india iran arab.jpg)
>>4241 Iran is very diverse. Contrary to what you are saying, Arabs only constitute 2% of the Iranian population. Over 60% are various types of Persians, while the rest are Turkic groups. Among the Persians there are certainly those who are more Aryan, even if not on the level of Europe - particularly Robust Iranids and Iranian Nordoids. In truth they are really in a similar situation to how Europe became under Christianity. Their old religion was wiped out, but it could not totally extinguish their true nature. This can be seen in the fact that many great Islamic philosophers and mystics are Persian such as Mulla Sadra (known as the single most important and influential of all Islamic philosophers), Suhrawardi, Al-Hallaj, Rumi, Al-Ghazali, etc. One could probably even say that they saved Islam from being even more of a dark age Semitic cult by injecting some (even if slightly diluted) Aryan blood into the mix.
(273.35 KB 1611x894 christianity is a hoax redpill.png)
>>4241 The National Socialists acknowledged Iranic people (Persians, Afghans, Kurds, etc) to be Aryans, albeit non-European. This was a view also supported by European genelogists prior to 1945, when discussions regarding race was forbidden afterwards. This idea of "Iranians are now Arabs" is some horseshit post-9/11 idea. > The religion is sandnigger and the culture has been deluded by them as well. Alfred Rosenberg acknowledged that Iranian culture has been tainted by the semetic religion. Europeans and Iranians should work together to rid semetic influnce in our homelands. > You can look at the modern Iranian and you will see nothing, but a lack of European features in terms of racial look and culture. What do you mean "racial look"? Surely it's common sense that you have to expand on that.
(273.35 KB 1611x894 christhoax.png)
>>7000 >The National Socialists acknowledged Iranic people (Persians, Afghans, Kurds, etc) to be Aryans They did not see your average Iranian as Aryan nor had plans to mix with them. Hitler called Iranians Aryans to appeal to diplomatic means as a way he thinks of tgem highly, but there is no way in hell we should mix with people who look nothing White today and always been friends of the jews.
>>12745 And, even though they do share ancient history with Whites, they have mixed with their neighbors plenty by now. They're no "Whiter" than a spic. They also threw away their traditional religions for another abrahamic death cult, just as Whites did.
>>12745 Is there any proof that Hitler was just faking his belief that Iranians were Aryan?
(386.25 KB 1662x823 sacrifice to the gods.PNG)
(54.89 KB 618x285 1630942670449.jpg)
(238.31 KB 1002x552 SabbataiZevi.png)
(503.26 KB 1350x1900 silverpill.png)
(80.00 KB 1093x660 niggers.png)
(510.63 KB 1238x2513 Niggers2.jpg)