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Covid Thread IV Blackshirt 12/02/2021 (Thu) 14:29:07 ID:49918a No. 18697
This is a continuation of the thread on the isolation & elimination of dissidents under guise of "COVID-19". This is a global matter of importance to the White race and especially those who are actively fighting or preparing to fight for the preservation of our people. Previous thread: >>13993 https://archive.fo/Yov9s
Living in Germany right now where the government is trying to implement a general vaccine mandate. I consider moving to Poland or some other eastern state. Really not sure how to move forward right now. I doubt acquiring fake vaccine passports is a viable long term strategy and i don't see a violent uprising happening anytime soon. Anyone has any good ideas on how to avoid this gov bullshit?
>>18719 Maybe it is a silver lining that they feel they have to move to mandatory. The numbers they have been putting out through regime media are obviously faked and inflated in an effort to peer pressure the population into taking the vaccine, and it is not working as well as they wanted.
>>18697 Any Jews who have actually taken a mRNA vaccine are no longer kosher or biological Jews because their genes got altered. That means that they are now considered as gentiles for all Talmudic purposes. A rather clever trick from the elite Jewry to thin up and refine their ranks while still maintaining loyal servants.
I might be going on an international flight in the near future. Is it possible for me to fake credible proof of vaccination, or should I just not go? >>18697 Is there any evidence that different vaccines their subjects differently? I would be curious to now if Jews who took say, the Johnson and Johnson, would be considered gentiles or suffer the same symptoms as those who took the mRNA vaccine.
>>18723 Is this a joke? Kikes made an entire religious doctrine based around their whore women mixing with other races and blending into local populations. There are mixed poos, mixed slants, mix spics, and they are still part of the greater jew clique even if maybe excluded from some inner ashkenazi circles.
>>18719 Have you considered Belarus? https://twitter.com/korolvostok/status/1463828900782485506 I've also seen reports Bulgaria and Romania are not buying the vax bullshit, but it's hard to find info.
(7.26 KB 225x225 max happening paul.jpg)
Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning > Recently, with the advent of the mRNA COVID 19 vaccines (vac) by Moderna and Pfizer, dramatic changes in the PULS score became apparent in most patients. >We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination. https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/circ.144.suppl_1.10712
(157.84 KB 860x701 ClipboardImage.png)
(500.80 KB 1648x469 ClipboardImage.png)
(32.38 KB 673x374 FFnY15LVEAIwfCq.png)
>>18760 Is it possible to download that study? The only download link I saw was just the citations. >Twitter Slaps 'Unsafe' Label On American Heart Association mRNA Vaccine Warning https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/twitter-slaps-unsafe-label-american-heart-association-mrna-vaccine-warning
(67.43 KB 252x291 jew mask indian.png)
>>18778 Since it is a new(ish) article, it might just be that abstract for now, unfortunately. I just look again for a download link of any kind, but I didn't see it either. And yeah, I saw what you're posting here myself when I found the link in a Twitter thread. As soon as it popped up I know it was some kike fuckery afoot, and that was before even knowing that it was from the American Heart Association. The new Pajeet there is surely getting direct marching orders from his Jewish funders who ousted the old CEO
Up to 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder, warn physicians >Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned. >This could result in a 4.5 per cent rise in cardiovascular cases nationally because of the effects of PPSD, with those aged between 30 to 45 most at-risk, they claim. >Mark Rayner, a former senior NHS psychological therapist and founder of EASE Wellbeing CIC, said that as many as three million people in Britain are already suffering from PPSD, thanks to stress and anxiety caused by the effects of Covid-19. >He fears this could result in a dramatic rise in physical health issues, such as coronary heart failure, if cases are not detected or treated early. >“We are talking about as many as 300,000 new patients with heart issues.” >Mr Rayner warned that without at least doubling the current funding, the NHS will not be able to tackle the “trauma timebomb”, which could have potentially fatal consequences for those suffering with long-term PPSD. >He said: “I’ve seen a big increase in thrombotic-related vascular conditions in my practice. Far younger patients are being admitted and requiring surgical and medical intervention than prior to the pandemic. >“I believe many of these cases are a direct result of the increased stress and anxiety levels caused from the effects of PPSD. >“We also have evidence that some patients have died at home from conditions such as pulmonary embolism and myocardial infarction. I believe this is related to many people self-isolating at home with no contact with the outside world and dying without getting the help they needed.” >PPSD is a mental health condition induced by the pandemic. While it is not yet officially recognised, many experts believe it should be. >Heart and circulatory diseases account for a quarter of all deaths in the UK - equating to more than 160,000 deaths each year. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/health/post-pandemic-stress-disorder-heart-conditions-covid-london-physicians-b969436.html https://archive.fo/q5E2D This is genuinely one of the most sinister and disgusting articles I've ever read in my life. It's so obvious what they are doing. The vax genocide is in full swing.
>>18783 When you're the nigger of the jews, you get the whip. lol
>>18772 Great to see the Austrians finally stop being cucks. Still hoping for a genocide (in minecraft) of jews and their rat servants.
>>18783 Some or even most of those numbers might be side effects from corona virus or the vaccines. Wouldn't surprise me if this narrative is being used to cover that up somewhat.
>>18730 Their lineage is matrineal, it doesn't matter who the Jewish woman reproduces with. Their concept of the race is quite different compared to ours, they don't discriminate based on quality just like a virus doesn't discriminate will it infect the cell of a White man, negro or a sheep, as long as it gets to reproduce and/or control the host. They do maintain genetic continuity however, and the top Jews do discriminate based on "purity" (potency would be a more adequate term in this case). You can never be a real Jew without being born as one. Since mRNA vaccines alter their genetic structure, the heritable "Jewishness" gets compromised. Meaning that they and their offspring are no longer considered true Jewish lineages. Your average liberal kike might not give much (or any) importance to this, but the rabbinical court does. And they are the ones who matter.
Any information out there on alternative treatment methods for COVID? Also, what are some examples of countries which have refused the vax without consequences? I'm looking for information to use for when I inevitably have to defend my unvaccinated status.
>Two hippos in a Belgian zoo have tested positive for Covid-19, their keepers announced Friday, stressing that the giant animals do not appear to be in danger. Well thank god they're okay, I'm sure they were triple vaxxed
>>18842 >Any information out there on alternative treatment methods for COVID? https://ziverdo-kit.com/ https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/
>>18697 >and especially those who are actively fighting or preparing to fight for the preservation of our people. I made a large effortpost about precisely that on cuckchan. I highly recommend that you read this, it was a massive Whitepill to me even when I was writing the draft. As the words came out I slowly realized that there IS in fact a way and that being a blackpilled cuck because a bunch of shitskins moved into the European civilization and then had 5 babies each is not the way to handle the modern world. It too has its flaws and we can abuse them so easily that we can accidentally dig out the literal hyperinflating Weimar Germany out of its grave. And with it, the rest of the historical package. Radical order only comes from radical chaos. I also rewrote wrote a good paraphrased summary over at /pol/ if you want to come check it out. It's the minecraft thread. This is probably the biggest Whitepill you'll consume so far. It makes everything impossible possible again. If you have questions or ideas on how to improve it, or even criticism of some sort, come post them in the /pol/ thread.
(1.07 MB 4096x3511 18.jpg)
>>18737 >I've also seen reports Bulgaria and Romania are not buying the vax bullshit, but it's hard to find info. In Bulgaria about 20% of the people are actually vaxxed while everyone else is with a fake certificate. Even with all the repressive measures and the green pass people still refuse to vaxx because no one here believes that the vaxx changes anything, and there is this weird aura of western weirdness around it that people tend to avoid. They are not anti-vax in the American sense, because everyone here has the commie cocktail that they used to inject, but they are skeptical of this specific one. The only ones who vaxx are the leftist soyboys.
>>18878 Are they still crying about the nAaTtttZzzzeeeEEss? I can't wait to see cuckservatives being put in concentration camps by jews and complaining about the NnNnzzZZZZeEetssss. At some point you just have to realize that some people simply do not deserve to live.
>>18880 this reminds me of the cell structure of the Resistance in Heinlein's Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. We don't have to copy it necessarily, but I think it's useful source material. >>18890 ironically, "nazi" is now used as a slur to dehumanize anyone with the wrong political beliefs.
>>18892 >Heinlein's Moon Is A Harsh Mistress I looked it up and in fact found a discussion on specifically the cell structure https://groups.google.com/g/alt.fan.heinlein/c/dqb0BHlBsj4 Yes, while that is similar, that approach involves a centralization wherein one cell connects to another so that it develops into an organized tree. That's a great idea, but all you need is a single glownigger in any of the cells in the entire structure and he can intercept the central plans of the leadership, voiding it useless. In addition this makes participants aware that glowniggers exist so they turn paranoid and defer a huge part of the caloric maintenance of the cell towards preventing glownigger subversion and in preparation for one just in case. But either way if you actually have a great idea on this, come to the /pol/ thread. I don't care whether it's the original plan or whether it changes completely as anons come up with better means to resist. All I want is to finally see us resist in some way, any way. I will keep it updated daily with my own takes and whatever I manage to figure out meanwhile.
Investigation into spike in newborn baby deaths in Scotland >A spike in the number of deaths of newborn babies in Scotland is to be investigated. >At least 21 babies under four weeks old died in September, a rate of 4.9 per 1,000 births. >Infant death rates vary widely from month to month, but the increase is larger than expected from chance alone. >Public Health Scotland (PHS) and other agencies will now look into whether the Covid pandemic or other factors could be behind the increase. >The average mortality rate among newborns is just over two per 1,000 births. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-59347464
>Spanish Investigation Finds Vaccine Passports Have No Impact on Infection Rates https://summit.news/2021/12/03/spanish-investigation-finds-vaccine-passports-have-no-impact-on-infection-rates/
DENIED: Sixth Circuit Refuses OSHA's Request To Transfer Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit To D.C. https://nationalfile.com/denied-sixth-circuit-refuses-oshas-request-transfer-vaccine-mandate-lawsuit-d-c/ >The Sixth Circuit Court has denied the federal government’s motions to transfer the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) vaccine mandate lawsuit to Washington, D.C. and hold it in abeyance, dealing another blow to the Biden regime that has banked on the relatively small agency’s ability to enforce its divisive mandate.
Dr. Jessica Rose's Estimation of Vax Adverse Events and Deaths https://archive.fo/Z4JDP https://thekylebecker.substack.com/p/the-fda-issues-major-warning-about >Dr. Jessica Rose, a prominent critic of the universal vaccination agenda, has spoken out forcefully on the issue, only to face censorship in "peer-reviewed journals." She makes an outstanding point that the VAERS system can be proven to to be grossly undercounting Adverse Events. >Her analysis shows that the VAERS underreporting rate is roughly a factor of 41 >Based on her analysis that the vaccines have led to an estimated 148,000 to 216,000 deaths (in the USA only). >A recent investigation into all-cause excess mortality showed that there is no significant difference from 2020, despite the mass rollout of the 'vaccines.' >Baris poll showed that "serious adverse effects" from the Covid vaccines – described as events so serious they "prevent daily activity" – were reported to be 5.2% among all groups. Consistent with the estimate that only 1 in 20 batches contains the kill juice, and the rest are placebos >>17310 So 5% of he shots have caused 148k to 216k deaths in the USA alone. And remember goy, they'll want you to take 4 shots per year.
>>18878 Australia is one or two steps away from Bolshevik purges and gulags, and there's deafening silence from the rest of the world. It's all very ominous. Australia, Austria and China are laying down the blueprint for the rest of the world. AustraliaOneParty's Riccardo Bosi has a good Rumble channel, did a very interesting interview with Steve Kirsch: https://rumble.com/vp5pip-steve-kirsch-talks-withy-riccardo-bosi-about-his-covid-19-work..html >>18882 So is everything normal in Bulgaria?
(197.10 KB 1691x784 StefanYanev.png)
>>18928 >So is everything normal in Bulgaria? Unfortunately no. The government passed the green pass, i.e you cannot go to work or even to the store without showing a proof of a negative test that you have to pay for constantly, or the required amount of shots that only seems to go up. The people themselves despise this and refuse to vaxx but to no avail because they're too divided and pic related is what is passing these dystopian laws. Whenever you have this, and then you have Biden announcing that it is the new geopolitical agenda of the United States to crush covid all over the world because covid overseas triggers the Monroe Doctrine and threatens America, when you put both of these together it becomes impossible to do anything about it. Hence why I came up with the antidote to their stupidity here >>18880
(67.07 KB 222x222 vax insane.gif)
>>18922 >Consistent with the estimate that only 1 in 20 batches contains the kill juice, and the rest are placebos >>17310 >So 5% of he shots have caused 148k to 216k deaths in the USA alone. And remember goy, they'll want you to take 4 shots per year. What is the motive? So they can slowly kill people off and blame it on Covid, PPSD (see >>18783) or other health issues? I guess that is smart from their perspective. If everyone realized they were going to die, the elite might lose control of the situation. >>18920 I'm always happy to see small Whitepills like this. If there is anything good about America, it's that the elites do seem to have trouble pushing through some aspects of their tyranny due to the original set-up of the founders.
(94.50 KB 1871x351 1637684983366.png)
>>18932 >What is the motive? So they can slowly kill people off and blame it on Covid Yes. They stepped up to a new kind of warfare against White people. After the WW2 experience, where the culling of millions of Europeans was gained at the cost of trillions in infrastructure, which triggered a collective response of national, economic and scientific advancement, they now need to keep the infrastructures intact and obtain the culling in a way they can get away with. This Great Reset/covid farce has the perfect plausible deniability. People will die at higher rates from a variety of reasons - basically you either get sick from the shots or you get sick because health care will no longer be provided to the mass of new poors that westerners will become in the next 5-10 years. Unless a smocking gun can be provided, there is no way to point at a culprit with certainty. Every "leak" and unofficial inquiry or research is labeled a conspiracy or a right wing fanatic plot. The only non violent solution would be to find and publish the smocking gun. If this will not be done, anything other than starting to kill the shabbos and their puppet masters is pretty much fucking useless.
In the last 13 weeks alone ~107,700 seniors have died above normal rate. Despite 98.7% vaccination rate. (USA) An increase of 85%. Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/USMortality/status/1464985828904554496
>>18880 Good effortpost. What also needs to be accounted for is information warfare and counter-intelligence, since internet is not an independent network, and such small cells are prone to coordinated misdirection. They might be led into thinking that they are doing something beneficial for the cause, while it being the opposite. There has to be a certain matrice, a formula, and a set of goals in accordance to which every action is waged from a cost-benefit and other perspectives. >>18890 Even if Jews came and personally started gassing them while quoting Talmud, they would still yell "You are working for the Naaazis" >At some point you just have to realize that some people simply do not deserve to live. What annoys me the most is that I have to suffer because of other people's stupidity >>18929 >covid overseas triggers the Monroe Doctrine and threatens America <A Vietnamese peasant having "covid" is an existential threat for USA I wouldn't discount a possible ongoing biological global war where one side keeps trying to make a more potent bioweapon while other keeps trying to force "preemptive" gene-editing on population as a response. The lesser players might be convinced how it's for the patriotic causes while for the globokikes it's just problem-reaction-solution, a way to use various puppets in order to bring the final stage of the Protocols and alter everyone's genes so they can be patented. Think of glowniggers inciting school shootings so they can bring laws to confiscate guns, or them DDoS'ing chans so they have to start using Cloudflare, something along those lines.
>COVID Outbreak On US Cruise Ship Despite Fully Vaxxed Passengers https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/covid-outbreak-us-cruise-ship-despite-fully-vaxxed-passengers https://www.wwltv.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/10-covid-cases-detected-on-cruise-ship-returning-new-orleans/289-f2f46815-24cc-48fb-af3a-fc3a92372a2d A spokesperson for Norwegian Cruise Line tells WWLTV that all cases of COVID-19 onboard were asymptomatic.
(31.78 KB 598x402 1638729638937.png)
Fresh update from central Europe
UK sees increase in child deaths after jab rollout for young teens https://archive.md/WIQnH https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/uk-sees-44-increase-in-child-deaths-after-jab-rollout-for-young-teens-data-shows/ >According to official government statistics the weekly figures recorded for the year 2021 show a 43.9 percent rise in deaths among children ages 10-14 over the five-year average between 2015 and 2019. >the sudden change in recorded deaths is stark. For the 16 weeks before the COVID jab rollout, for example, an increase in deaths of only around 3.9 percent is observed, a factor of 10 less than the weeks thereafter. >Though there is a pattern of increased deaths since the shots began being used in children, the causes of the deaths were not published. >This summer, researchers with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found a “mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia” when they “analyze[d] approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with COVID in health-insurance data from April to August 2020.”
>>18983 This is the make or break here for Austrians. Either everyone will cuck, or all hell is going to break loose. I look forward to see which path they will choose.
Medical Treatment is 3rd Leading Cause of Death in United States! https://odysee.com/@realworldnews:d/3rd-leading-cause-of-death:b
I thought this (boomer meme) might be worth sharing: >20 Years of FEAR!!!!! >2000-Y2k is going to destroy everything! >2001-Anthrax is going to kill us all! >2002-West Nile Virus is going to kill us all! >2003-Sars is going to kill us all! >2005-Bird Flu is going to kill us all! >2006-Ecoli is going to kill us all! >2008-Financial Collapse is going to kill us all! >2009-Swine Flu is going to kill us all! >2012-The Mayan Calender predicts the world ending! >2013-North Korea is going to cause WWIII ! >2014-Ebloa Virus is going to kill us all! >2015-ISIS is going to kill us all! >2016-Zika Virus is going to kill us all! >2020 Corona Virus is going to kill us all! >2021... "We're all gonna DIE!!!"
>Omicron: More Transmissible, Less Severe Due To 'Common Cold' Mutation? https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/omicron-more-transmissible-less-severe-due-common-cold-mutation As many may already be aware, Omicron (if it even exists at all, which is doubtful) is shaping out to be extremely mild. Based on official data, there is absolutely no reason for Austrians, Australians, or anyone else to be locked down or forced to vaccinate. While many of us already know this, it is very important to share the news of the high transmissibility and low lethality of Omicron to normies. Recharacterizing COVID as no different than the common cold is the key to ending all mandates and lockdowns. People want to get on with their lives.
(29.90 MB 1280x720 Austria Protesters 12.05.2021.mp4)
>>19000 of course, the jews want to keep everyone afraid and distracted. otherwise the goym start to talk and interact properly, and as should be obvious that's a very bad thing for the kikes.
Reiner Fuellmich Invited to Warsaw: a “Nuremberg 2.0” Initiated by Polish Intellectuals POLAND has already set up a NUREMBERG 2 commission, and is meeting with Reiner Fuellmich and his team, to detail out the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. https://www.europereloaded.com/reiner-fuellmich-invited-to-warsaw-a-nuremberg-2-0-initiated-by-polish-intellectuals/ Based Poland
>>19000 Now you know why nukes were invented
(158.22 KB 1337x746 Book Club Chart.png)
>>18989 >I look forward to see Don't look forward to seeing, anon. Make it happen instead. Stop expecting people to protest when it is apparent that they cannot/do not protest. I am dropping a lot of material in the /pol/ thread, which is the type of material that can drastically change how this goes if it spread in the chan community. Specifically around the Austrian threads on 4chan. Come check it out (ignore the walls of text and just scroll to the bottom three pictures).
>>18979 >Good effortpost. What also needs to be accounted for is information warfare and counter-intelligence, since internet is not an independent network, and such small cells are prone to coordinated misdirection. They might be led into thinking that they are doing something beneficial for the cause, while it being the opposite. There has to be a certain matrice, a formula, and a set of goals in accordance to which every action is waged from a cost-benefit and other perspectives. An EXCELLENT idea. Read James Masons 'Siege' to gain an understanding of EXACTLY what to do. If done correctly, there can NEVER be 'coordinated misdirection' due to the fact that there's no 'coordination' at all. That's exactly what makes this approach so effective.
>>18880 This is a most excellent idea - right out of Mason's playbook. One thing that I would add is that although you've created a 'cell' -- you haven't given a real TRUE purpose to the cell beyond 'sticking together'. That's a good start - for sure - but the cell needs to understand that they're going to have to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE if they want to instill real change. And by participate, I mean inflict pure, raw, merciless violence. Anything less is pointless - and they may as well be a 'cell' of masturbators.
>>19037 I agree but isn't it all apparent right away? I don't think that there exists a human so stupid that he would see a poster with a tl;dr of that plan and not get the exact implication of it right away. It is something created by annoyed people for annoyed people. I think it's obvious. But we can still use the websites that they will congregate on to discuss it - 4chan specifically - to talk about the Turner Diaries and other lightweight redpills that would convert lolberts into one of us. We don't have to overload the initial message with info.
>>19038 >I agree but isn't it all apparent right away? Ah. Good point.
>>19038 >I don't think that there exists a human so stupid that he would see a poster with a tl;dr of that plan and not get the exact implication of it right away. I know a LOT of people that are willing and able for this, but Unfortunately - some will need it spelled out.
>>19037 >And by participate, I mean inflict pure, raw, merciless violence. Unnecessary glowposting. Everything is implied. Wouldn't like seeing the site go the way of 8 because of retarded faggots like you.
(257.17 KB 1572x1402 Book Club Stats.png)
>>19040 >but Unfortunately - some will need it spelled out. I disagree with you here. We have two scenarios: >a rapid growth one where all right wingers are attracted by default, majority of libertarians, and then some conservatives >a typical spinoff into irrelevancy after a year because we alienated literally everyone to attract the farthest far-right with something that was completely unnecessary as a filter This is why I believe that using such filters is a terrible tactic. If you use an ideological filter you filter out almost everyone straight from the start and something like this >>19035 becomes physically impossible. If you put on a violence filter you filter out not only everyone but also 90% of the far-right on our side and then you shatter the reason why this was created in the first place - paranoia of glowniggers. Just look at the absolute state of what happens when Patriot Front is mentioned. What do you gain from only feeding these fears? Nothing. So it is obvious that inciting violence directly in the initial message is the dumbest thing one can do. It achieves nothing. No one would even follow the calls to violence to begin with. Therefor, this is not a violent movement and there is a zero incitement to violence in any of this. The violence should not be caused by the people who form such cells but by the state trying to suppress them, which will then inflame the cells and turn them militant. I can guarantee you that no western state will back down from their position because they're expecting a world war and need this level of suppression to not collapse. They will make the first move and will walk right into the trap. And then we will hold the moral high ground and will be able to provide a replacement to the hostile ZOG with the full support of the population, which is now militant. That population will also be anti-leftist because every leftist movement supports the covid dystopia unconditionally. This war is not won by acting like violent niggers. We need strategies. And as far as this specific strategy is concerned, preemptive violence adds nothing to it. Look at the table I created here. We need to hit somewhere between 20% to 3% attractiveness to attract enough antivaxxers to do any of this. Anything else is impotent and irrelevant. So we need to opticscuck for zero violence and to go with the option where we wait for the ZOG to hit us first.
Dr PabloCampra, Prof of Chemical Science, talks about graphene in the vax, and wireless nanotechnology: https://www.bitchute.com/video/O7dUFQ7ZcOir/
>>19053 >>a rapid growth one where all right wingers are attracted by default, majority of libertarians, and then some conservatives Libertarians and conservatives are not potential allies. I don't know why this still isn't sinking in for a lot of you.
>>19108 Because most of us were former lolbergs, cuckservatives, and leftards
>>19108 /Fascist/ recruits from /pol/, /pol/ develops from edgy teenagers getting redpilled/burned by the truth. These teenagers grow up from lolberg, cuckservative and leftitard households.
>>19036 I mean each individual being targeted by specifically tailored disinfo, demoralization/radicalization (depending on the context) and propaganda until they are neutralized. They you are already doing it to an extent. >>19043 That's exactly what I'm talking about, they find a vulnerable individual, target him with psyops, he does something stupid with no long-reaching effects whatsoever (other than terminating himself), they get an excuse to go after the rest and close their communication channels. Any action must be carefully evaluated from a cost-benefit perspective. >>19053 Nothing except a vastly superior strategy will work. It needs to be several orders of magnitude better than the one of the enemy in order to make up for the difference in power projection.
(134.76 KB 574x536 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19108 I think that's too hasty of a generalization. As one anon points out, much of /pol/ (and thus by extension /fascist) is from conservative and lolbert backgrounds. I doubt we have lots of former liberals here. Really, we should try to be waking everyone up. There is zero benefit from not trying to wake up everyone.
(3.88 MB 360x640 kosher_asmr.webm)
>>19117 >There is zero benefit from not trying to wake up everyone Only thing to keep in mind is tailoring the message to the specific audience, since one size doesn't fit all. And since there is an opportunity cost in spending your time and energy to outreach, you want your effort to get the highest yield. But that all seems pretty common sense anyhow.
>>19119 Very true. Know your audience, and realize that some types are hardly worth spending time on. It's really to be done on a case-by-case basis. I've redpilled some conservatives on Jews, but there are also many completely bluepilled ones.
(72.73 KB 938x602 63546643465546654345.jpg)
>>19117 >I doubt we have lots of former liberals here. Plenty if disillusioned leftists get snubbed for speaking up too much about Palestine, not sure if they are here though. I'm pretty sure everyone who has been pushing OBI have been former leftists at one point. On weather one supports White nationalism and open borders JUST for israel is another question, cuckservatives react harshly the most to OBI.
>>19117 If you want liberals you need to use emotional stories, create easy to repeat messages with repetition and manipulative language like changing the definition of words they rally behind like nazi or racist need to become joke words. Nazi itself is a propaganda word anyway it can be turned to mean Ashkenazi by just respond to being called "nazi" "saying something like i'm not jewish though how can I be a nazi? " Get them to use the term National Socialist again.
(34.06 KB 843x395 ClipboardImage.png)
Québec Doctor testifies that covid patients were euthanized rather than treated. https://archive.fo/Z6NyZ https://thereisnopandemic.net/2021/11/26/euthanasia-prevention-coalition-there-has-been-a-massacre-of-the-elderly-in-quebec-by-euthanasia-on-pretext-of-covid-19-19-november-2021/ >In 2020-2021, it is documented that the ELDERLY in QUEBEC have been subject to a deliberate policy of EXTERMINATION on the pretext that they had contracted the imaginary illness labeled “Covid-19”. >It has now been confirmed by EUTHANASIA PREVENTION COALITION that there has been a “MASSACRE” of the elderly in Quebec. Elderly persons alleged to have symptoms of Covid-19 have been EUTHANIZED and NOT TREATED. A Québec inquest where doctors state heavy covid cases could have been treated easily with oxygen and hydrating, but obstacles were put in their way to prevent the transfer of patients, instead they were put on ventilators and drug protocols: “These are protocols that lead to death. […] It was in fact euthanasia,” he insisted. Dr. Réjean Hébert, professor in health policy evaluation at the University of Montreal, testified that these deaths represented a “massacre” by “systematic ageism.”
(421.49 KB 854x480 tAZg1fhyKZdR.mp4)
> It is very clear, our vaccine for the Omicron variant should be a 3-dose vaccine. - Uğur Şahin, BioNTech CEO How can people be so blind to this scheme?
>>19187 Another article along the same lines: https://archive.fo/8Z0Q3 https://alexschadenberg.blogspot.com/2021/09/quebec-covid-19-inquest-uncovers-many.html >A Québec inquest into covid related nursing home deaths has uncovered some disturbing facts. A report published in the Globe and Mail reports on testimony concerning the Herron nursing home. The report indicates that covid was cited as the cause of death at the nursing home to hide the fact that residents were dying of dehydration, malnourishment and neglect, also known as elder abuse. >Starting March 13, 2020, a government directive banned visitors, including family caregivers, from entering nursing homes in Quebec. Many elderly residents with Alzheimer’s disease declined quickly when left by themselves. >“I saw first-hand that they were dehydrated, in spite of my best efforts to keep them hydrated. I saw that they were malnourished,” the auxiliary nurse said. Worth reading the whole article to see what an industry of death and abuse that "health care" has become.
>>19188 People who believe in obvious bullshit like the holocaust will believe anything.
>>19188 Same guy who says he's "legally not allowed" to take the quaccine: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ghBlLSMXyGIQ/ Can't find when this clip is from, but it seems the last few days.
Important update on the vax patents, from Dr Ariyana Love: https://rumble.com/vq6e3h-moderna-patent-uncovers-horror-nanocensor-contained-in-bioweapon.html The patents themselves confirm that they contain graphene, wireless nanotech, and modify your genes.
(41.95 KB 640x360 8CpXALwJfHEW_640x360.jpg)
Tangentially related, but who exactly is the man in this image? Also does anyone have the original video?
>>19199 >The Great Reset. You'll Own Nothing and Be Happy. World Economic Forum Commercial / AD. Davos Group
>>19199 anyone else feel like that guy is a deepfake or something? something about his face inspires revulsion in me, it could also be because he looks to be a kike to some extent though.
>>19109 >>19117 There is a difference between what Sam Francis coined as the "middle American radical" and a conservative. Naivety or hopeful assumptions about conservatives/conservatism can and will get you killed.
>>19188 >Uğur Şahin Obvious Dönmeh
>>19199 Sorry that vid was cut short, here is full >https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/11/8-predictions-for-the-world-in-2030/ >https://twitter.com/wef/status/828646291399913472 https://archive.fo/zwV3R
>>19205 >he looks to be a kike to some extent kek anon, trim your jewdar, that's 100% a kike.
>>18697 just a small nitpick, too many White people in your image otherwise I'd believe it
>>18690 Very good points, a pity few people saw your reddit spaced post. There are a few points I'd like to comment on though. >Reminder: no government can confirm SARS-cov-2 has been isolated and exists. We may need a website or some place where these documents are actually shared and proved to have been stamped by the health authorities. I have seen videos of groups making these claims, referencing papers, documents, but without proving their authenticity they are as good as shit really. >Reminder: median age last year of 'covid deaths' was the same or higher than life expectancy. So the life expectancy halted by any cause but Covid (officially) is even slightly, what, lower than the expectations of number of deaths by Covid in a given population? >Reminder: all vaccine trials are done by giving the ‘control arm’ a vaccine know to cause significant harm, in order to make the vax on trial look safer. See Dr Vernon Coleman. This might need a more detailed reminder. >Reminder: no independent science on the vaccines produced in record time by jewish pharma companies. ‘Peer review’ was worthless before covid (Ioannidis), and covid produced a tidal wave of bullshit research, most infamously on HCQ Clarification on "loannidis" please? Is that a references to loans, which universities and laboratories are dependent of and incurs obvious conflicts of interest and bias in their "scientific" output? What about HCQ and RCT? >Reminder: all vaccine trials are done by giving the ‘control arm’ a vaccine know to cause significant harm, in order to make the vax on trial look safer. See Dr Vernon Coleman. Let's see. There are two groups usually in an experiment, sometimes more, one being the observation group that is in fact neutral. The targeted vaccines were tested against more poisonous vaccines in order to, by means of comparison, show that the targeted vaccine was safer? >Render: Even if you believe everything the jews say about covid, even if covid was real, even if the vax was literally 100% safe and effective, if the government has the power over your body without your consent, then you literally have no rights at all, the government can do whatever it wants to you. This is where we are right now in most Western areas. Kids are being pushed into mandatory vaccines against Covid and there is no argument one can use to object because authorities, the mainstream medias and assorted laboratories' spokespersons will say that you already complied with the other batches of mandatory vaccines for your newborns so what's the problem here now? Obviously, the issue being that the other vaccines were pushed onto us too and made mandatory very recently, on the basis of the same fraudulent levidence. >Reminder: the point of the mandatory vaccines is to get you on the digital ‘health’ passport, which will morph into full spectrum electronic control over your life by the jews, it will be tied to a global digital currency from which there will be no escape. You will forever have to do exactly as the jews tell you or they will just cut you out of society completely. It will be harder to implement in the countryside but Jews are already working hard to push people towards cities. >This is our final battle against the eternal plague of mankind. If we lose this, civilization will be extinguished forever. Saving this for the grating trollus thread.
>>18830 >Since mRNA vaccines alter their genetic structure, the heritable "Jewishness" gets compromised. Meaning that they and their offspring are no longer considered true Jewish lineages. Your average liberal kike might not give much (or any) importance to this, but the rabbinical court does. And they are the ones who matter. What is your proof that the vaccines disqualifies a Jew, that is specifically alters the genetic part (the Semitic silver lining) that defines them as Jewish? How does it affect their soul's value?
>>18842 >Also, what are some examples of countries which have refused the vax without consequences? Aside from >>18875's answer, there is a surprising dearth of organized and centralized data on the following of all Western countries' measures over the last two years. If at least we had the 50 American States and the European nations (Union and outside), plus Australia, New Zealand, Russia... the lack of shared information is absolutely hurting us. Way too many people are absolutely unaware of what is not going on elsewhere, and Sweden has literally been memory holed.
>>18880 >how the fuck do the do the FUCKING thing okay? Not enough fucks in post sorry. >picks many examples that were just different sides of the proto-ZOG, pretending they're relevant Then >individuals acting alone won't go anywhere >form a structure, but made of cells >won't get glowniggered I'm almost tempted to say that you must decide since most examples you picked involved people who banded together or formed paramilitary groups and most of them were driven by the (((USA))) or (((USSR))). The French Revolution was a Judeo-Masonic operation establishing the core principles of Communism ahead of its time, it was a bloodbath and France barely got out of it in one piece. Cells that count more than two people have a high tendency to be infiltrated at some point. >2-5 people >an oath <actually didn't protect The Order My sides. Drop the oath and simply subdivide work as much as possible. Only regroup for the most civilian and peaceful side of the political activity while also sharing files on a 1~2 men cell resistance type. Don't swear and adorn yourself and house with paraphernalia that will be the equivalent of painting a target on your head. Have a far right public face and secretly share the illegal-resistance files under the coat and political meetings. When organizing an operation, keep it quiet. If you want to enlarge your cell, only do it, at best, with your closest family members you live with, assuming they're all OK with you. People who wish you had not such "violent and extreme opinions" should not be in the loop because they'll flinch under pressure and the ZOG will know for sure how to pull your wife and kids out of your own sphere of influence. If you have a brother or two who are very, very close to you, then I guess that's somewhat fine. In a small town of 2000~5000 people, you will need a vast majority already closer to the far right than the center or the left. Following this, the smarter and more fit people must be identified until a group of 1~2% people of that politically adequate group seem receptive enough to underground radicalization. Don't try to mount a mini army, simply share the guidelines so each one of these persons can act individually and autonomously. The tools in question must however include a way to quickly gather a few reinforcements in case something goes wrong. It's true that this be can used as a bait so cells will have to be careful. On the other hand I totally agree on the need to push older cells to multiply horizontally, like a cancer, into a wider number of independent yet mutually supportive cells. Five cells people are much more risky and one snitch can land four good men in jail. Don't post about your lovely guns and extreme opinions on the clearnet with a clear ID btw. Too many people of all ages are still getting caught this way, with sometimes whole proto-organizations falling.
>>18882 We absolutely and desperately need translated or subbed Bulgarian and Romanian videos and articles. The fence sitters who object to the Covid "vaccine" are probably now second guessing the vaccines they considered safe.
>>18892 >ironically, "nazi" is now used as a slur to dehumanize anyone with the wrong political beliefs. now? It's been like that since the end of WW2 and especially the 70s when the Jews started to roll out their chimney fairy tale.
>>18917 >babies dying Were they vaccinated? What about their mothers? Officially the spike is not supposed to leave the locus of injection but a few studies had already demonstrated this to be false. >>18919 >>Spanish Investigation Finds something nice and— <WE ARE THE MSM! YOUR OPINION IS WRONG AND IT IS IRRELEVANT BUT IN FACT IT DOESN'T EXIST AND EVEN IF IT DID IT WOULD BE WRONG AND IRRELEVANT ANYWAY!! >>18922 >Consistent with the estimate that only 1 in 20 batches contains the kill juice, and the rest are placebos I think this is quite a solid theory by now, it seems to be the model, making the shit look safe enough but also generate deaths to scare people while denying the true cause of it and still claiming it's because of the naughty variant x13th. knowing the kikes, they'd probably rely on some kabballistic number to define the gud kill-goy ratio too >>18929 It looks like we'll have to start targeting pro-Covid politicians. It has to begin somewhere.
>>18486 >Also something we've not really talked about here, but they also use fake pandemics to cover-up financial shenanigans Yes but, really, there's so much stuff going on, it's dizzying. Yes, we know, corruption, corruption everywhere! What gives? At this point it's not even relevant anymore. You'll never get that money back, it's the whole rotten structure that needs to be taken down. >>18490 More like assisted suicide. >>18492 <face diapers that can't stop a virus will make your kids catch teh dumbs >>18479 >Why do you think White people are so pathetic? Negroes are pathetic. We Whites have been repelling invasions for the better of twenty six centuries and we're still there. You negroes wouldn't survive one year against such onslaught. Jews are currently pushing for tyranny in White countries, all the colored ones are given much more leeway because they are not really dangerous. Jews know they need to destroy the White people once and for all then any other problem will be easily solved. >>18546 Well... >>18554 It's very technical but it seems that the effect is increasing the inflammatory response, which is the last thing you want. Has this Bowden doctor said anything in defense of this attack yet? The picture highlights Stanley Perlman. Other than possibly be Jewish and the team including lots of people with Chinese sounding names, are there things we should be made aware of here? >>18563 Try arguing intelligently next time. Knowing and understanding what monoclonal antibodies are all about should be very important to anyone here. >>18551 There always was the possibility that the numbers of vaccinated people are inflated, but I haven't seen any evidence of this unfortunately, not even here. >>18604 >>18605 The article says it's the virus that causes the stillbirths. Logically they will use to argue in favor of vaccination. What we may know is that it's actually the spikes that are likely related to this just like they cause the health problems. Our enemies would not release a virus into the wild that would be that dangerous and which they couldn't control, while at the same time counting on the vaccines to protect themselves, unless they kept real normal vaccines that do work, but that would be a big gambling. It's much easier to control the narrative about a virus that is in fact fake for the most part while the "vaccines", which are 100% controllable, are the real source of danger. On top of that, poisoning the populations with lacing water sources or food with dangerous elements in some regions of some countries, while also perhaps spraying nasty chemicals onto clusters of people in other regions used for testing and to feed the hysteria with seemingly real and natural cases of people dropping like flies, would all compound into a much more sinister but effective strategy. >>18670 What about telling him that the vaccines will actually destroy his immune system? >>18681 >All vaccines have adverse reactions in SOME people, it was always expected a very small fraction of a percentage of people would die from whatever "vaccines" were implemented, just that it would be worth it to save a greater number of lives. Huh, depending on your stances on vaccines, and let's assume for a moment that you would say classical vaccines can make you feel nauseous, with the bad reactions being very very rare and hardly going as far as causing death, then it was expected by the plebes that the mRNA vaccines would be innocuous, whereas here we had already theorized that the vaccines would result in terrible side effects that would be both, and in part, ignored by the medias, and spun to serve the agenda by claiming the effects being caused by the virus, not the science jewce. A likely scenario is that the people dying is used to create fear and induce submission into the population since the end goal is the complete control of populations through digital IDs and social credit. The graphene angle remains tenuous, it has not been sufficiently substantiated nor documented.
>>18932 >insane GIF Anyone wanna bet she's a single mother? >>18974 >The only non violent solution would be to find and publish the smocking gun. Publish? Where? How? And what will it do? >>18975 Let's play a game and guess how our nosed friends could pilpul this upside down. >>18982 It's the mutants who carry that crap around. Holy sheet. Could have it been that the X-Men crap was to make people with native, non-mutated genes look like neonadzees? >>18983 >rich people will stay rich >and healthy >and alive So many people never realize soon enough how simply that vicious the Jews are. To people like you and me, to Aryans, it's leaving us aghast for how revolting it is. Goddammit, NeoHitler, where are you??? >>19000 >boomer memes Can't care anymore. TRUTH IS TRUTH. >>19002 The mildness of it is even literally pasted on Twitter's headlines. Austria is a test lab, they're pushing the insane shit as far as possible to see how much they can get out of it, knowing that there will always be something left from this amount of psychological raping. It's like negotiating by use of firepower. >>19030 >NuNuremberg Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Are they going to be hunting down more evil baby hitlers or are they actually targeting globohomo and trolling them all at once? >>19036 Honestly, the targets are not very hard to guess. Traitors and kikes. By the thousands. Plus some work against the power grids.
>>19053 >Therefor, this is not a violent movement and there is a zero incitement to violence in any of this. The violence should not be caused by the people who form such cells but by the state trying to suppress them, which will then inflame the cells and turn them militant. <in two weeks The point of cells is to ACT, not sit on your hands until zoggies come knocking on your front door. >I can guarantee you that no western state will back down from their position because they're expecting a world war and need this level of suppression to not collapse. They will make the first move and will walk right into the trap. The whole point of true acceleration was to entice the governments to react violently by targeting traitors and kikes. I know they are already receiving tons of death threads, but that's not enough. We must teach people how to be independent in defining suitable targets, surveying them, moving in, delivering the killing blow and moving out silently ASAP. No yyt or fb gaylord shit. <you mean, like Los Pepes? Sorta.
>>19120 Young people and radicals. Even look into the left for either /fit/ people (weaponized arm) or bookworms (propaganda arm) and see how you can crack their indoctrination. We have a thread on converting leftists, don't we?
>>19188 Going from one or two shots per variant to three shots now. Where's that multijabbed NPC meme again? >>19193 >Love Lowe? Technically patents are not hidden. What did she exactly discover? >googletagmanager >googleapi <sign in to see the 500+ comments HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAnope.
(400.22 KB 3024x4032 unvaxxed blood.jpeg)
(451.33 KB 3024x4032 vaxxed blood.jpeg)
A redditor from the /r/conspiracy subreddit has been comparing blood from the unvaxxed (first picture) to blood from the vaxxed (second picture). Interesting stuff. https://imgur.com/a/FvI4Bu0 https://imgur.com/a/Wi7RnQO
>>19209 >Dönmeh Dönmeh How much I wish more people knew about these crypto-kikes too! It's similar to the Saudis. >>19226 Well, Turks are naturally disgusting. Only kidnapping White people and raping White women allowed them to groom some kind of racial elite within the Ottoman empire.
>>19276 >blood cells clotting Unfortunately, without a reliable enough source, how far can you go with this?
>>19278 I think we definitely need a larger sample size to see whether this is legit or not.
>>19259 >We may need a website or some place where these documents are actually shared and proved See the links in this post, under "FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification": /pol/53098 >So the life expectancy halted by any cause but Covid (officially) is even slightly, what, lower than the expectations of number of deaths by Covid in a given population? Yes. If you take the median of the ages of all the people who died 'of covid' last year in most countries was basically the same or higher than life expectancy, maybe a little lower, depending on the country, never more than a few years difference; which is exactly what you would expect if they were just relabelling deaths. In this respect covid is nothing like the Spanish Flu, which killed mostly young people, see: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3734171/ So the morality impact of Spanish Flu was orders of magnitudes higher than covid. Even Boris Johnson made a joke that catching covid would extend your life, based on this fact. >Clarification on "loannidis" please? Prof John Ioannidis, who is the leader in this area. You can read this paper attached “Why Most Published Research Findings are False”, and look into more of his work yourself. He also published the most comprehensive work on he IFR of covid. >What about HCQ and RCT? See attached clip of Dr Peter McCullough talking about this, but this only scratches the surface of academic fraud and bad science, most experiments on HCQ, Ivermectin etc. are setup to fail, Dr Campbell on jewtube has put out a few videos discussing such papers, for example. There’s just no way academic journals like the Lancet can survive what they’ve done since the start of last year. >The targeted vaccines were tested against more poisonous vaccines in order to, by means of comparison, show that the targeted vaccine was safer? Yes. Dr Coleman used to be a famous medical writer in Britain before he jews ruined his career (alas he’s still blue-pilled on the JQ). He occasionally talks about his on his video podcasts and when he used to appear on the Richie Allen Show. https://brandnewtube.com/@DrVernonColeman https://www.vernoncoleman.com/main.htm Maybe he wrote about it in his book “Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying”, but I haven’t read it. >Obviously, the issue being that the other vaccines were pushed onto us too and made mandatory very recently Yes, just because there wasn’t much opposition when previous vaccines were mandated doesn’t mean it’s ok to mandate this or any other vaccine. As the jewish press reminded us recenly, Hitler was against vaccine mandates. Somewhat related, the infamous clip of Dr Carol Baker revealing the truth about vaccines. https://www.bitchute.com/video/FSTzDssuTEJP/ Before covid, the most anti-vax people were White university-educated mothers, so you see a lot of propaganda on social media targetted to them, like stories of mothers getting their child vaxxed, who then gets injured or killed as a result, and the mother claims she happy with everything she’s done and would do it again. These jews are unimaginably evil.
(1.22 MB 949x1024 1622803791849.png)
>>19424 > that pic who wants to bet that from here on out they are just going to report any minor sickness as covid so they can get the normies to say "see the vaccine and boosters do work!".
>>19442 We already see them conflating Goyid and the seasonal flu, while conveniently the health hazard procedures high. In other words, we are also going to fight the random flu as if it were as dangerous (as that Goyid virus that had never been dangerous to boot). >>19407 >Extra sources, info and links, overall Appreciated. Thx. >Even Boris Johnson made a joke that catching covid would extend your life, based on this fact. What a POS. They can do and say pretty much anything they want anyway, even laugh in our masked faces. >Somewhat related, the infamous clip of Dr Carol Baker revealing the truth about vaccines. Thinking of women, there is another one who was in the pharma business before quitting and opposing it, denouncing vaccines as a fraud. She died this year I think of a heart attack, right? Her name, err.. I want to say vegan for some reason but I'm probably totally off the mark lel. >jews are unimaginably evil. Even people who think are awake on the JQ think it's just a matter of them worms being over represented where power lies, but it's so much more sinister than this. Either they, the Jews, or the shabbo goyim they use, are some of the most despicable and twisted creatures one could think of. Take Fauci and the Beaglegate. How could anyone aware of this even think this man: - is sane and nice - wants the best for the people ?
>>19442 That's what they were doing from the start. The claim is that masks eradicated the flu, but according to official data, flu disappeared before masks were mandated and when Fauci et. al. were telling everyone not to wear them, see pic. That's one of the things that made people suspect 'covid' deaths were just other things relabelled. >>19446 >Thinking of women Brandy Vaughan?
>>19446 >>19450 well shit, I already knew they were doing it to some extent but I figured that they would show at least some restraint or finesse in doing so, as opposed to going full retard right off the hop. I suppose I should know better than that by this point though considering the normalfags buy it no matter the presentation.
(46.50 MB 854x480 The Emperor Has No Corona.mp4)
>>19407 Corrections. -FOI links >>>/pol/53098 -Obviously meant "mortality impact" not "morality"
Biden just claimed that 350 million Americans have been vaccinated. But the population of the US is 330 million. This makes me wonder what the real numbers are if they're so desperate that they claim that a number larger than our actual population is vaxxed. https://youtu.be/0OIHuQfLGLc >>19442 That's literally all this scamdemic is.
>>19496 >This makes me wonder what the real numbers are if they're so desperate that they claim that a number larger than our actual population is vaxxed. Low and I'd imagine largely restricted to regime loyalist types.
>>19496 Never forget the 350 million
>>19496 >>19498 >>19500 20 million deaths due to vax apparently, big brain biden confirmed the science
>>19450 >masks TBH I'm lost when it comes to the chronology. There's an overlap of claims, denials and false scientific assertions, I'm dizzy. What I know is they started claimed the masks were useless, in many Western countries. >>people wearing masks would be called science deniers See this? It's what I'm talking about. There was, it seems, a very short period of time when the people willing to wear a mask and mounting no opposition would have been called science deniers? I'm lost. What the anti-vax crowd was actually saying was how these masks were to be used for very specific purposes, where body fluids would be included as vectors of viral transmission, but we later on precisely used the fact that politicians said early on that masks were useless to laugh at the NPCs who were convinced of the necessity of using them, as this is now the norm: living with masks on as often as possible. I also remember the very early talks about how long the virus could survive once out of the body, there were talks on 8ch about its lifespan on this or that type of surface (wood, metal type, etc.). Whatever happened, the point was to create a maximum of illogical and incoherent confusion, just like when an explosion happens during a drill and during the following days or weeks, the narrative will roll out the terrorist attack official story. >Brandy Vaughan? I think that's her name yes. I found her death very suspicious considering the conditions. >>19473 >Post-2019, no flu spotted, just Covid. Word Aye captain! WHO fuckers are just rubbing it into our noses.
>>19617 >TBH I'm lost when it comes to the chronology Don't even try to 'follow the chronology' of this. Research the effects of masks during the Spanish Flu pandemic. That will tell you everything you want to know. btw - I already know someone that has fucking DIED from bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing a mask most of the time.
(53.51 KB 800x667 IMG_88051.png)
>>19619 I don't know, one of the few upsides to this is is that I can use the virus as an excuse to cover my face in public. Not sure masks are really as harmful as they might seem.
(2.44 MB 856x480 dan cuckdrews.webm)
I need the original video where Dan Andrews announces lockdown in Victoria. This exact speech/audio where he says you are not allowed to leave home
Doctor Warns Stillbirths Are Rampant Among Fully Vaccinated Mothers, Launches Investigation https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/video-doctor-warns-stillbirths-rampant-among-fully-vaccinated-mothers-launches-investigation/ https://archive.md/jGWhc >"Doulas who work in women and children’s hospitals in one of the birthing centers for Vancouver “had 13 stillbirths in a 24-hour period,” Nagase contends. >“In Waterloo, Ontario...there were 86 stillbirths between January and July. Normally, it’s only five or six stillbirths every year. So, about one stillbirth every two months is the usual rate. To suddenly get to 86 stillbirths in six months, that’s highly unusual,” he continued. >“But the most important confirmation that we have from the Waterloo, Ontario report was that all of the 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated. >"They’re saying it’s ‘unvaccinated people,’ [ filling hospitals ] but there are so many people who are within 2 weeks of their second shot and they getting deathly ill. This information is our information." [health authorities consider someone as unvaccinated until 15 days after the latest required shot, most of the short-term deaths from the vax occur in the 1st week, see pic ] >Nagase launched an official complaint with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police against executives at the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC, alleging conflicts of interest influencing their policies, decisions and statements made to the people of British Columbia.
>>19625 >this exact comment again Who knew?
>>19617 I specifically bought p100 filters back in March 2020 because the talking point was "masks need to be prioritized for Healthcare workers" and unironically "masks don't work because you didn't go to medical college and learn how to wear them"
>>19623 The section you mentioned is around 5:43 Source: https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=1f9VbXfF8SQ
(577.56 KB 1129x712 p100.png)
>>19628 >I specifically bought p100 filters back in March 2020 because >"masks need to be prioritized for Healthcare workers" Me too
(262.40 KB 600x600 angry pepe.png)
>>19619 >btw - I already know someone that has fucking DIED from bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing a mask most of the time. That better not be why my father has bronchitis
>>19623 >>19633 Found a much longer version, the section you mentioned is now around 5:32. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=rkYfnfYwO8o
It's flogging a dead horse at this point, but here's a good overview article on the role of vit D in health, including covid. Everything is about the vax now, but you and your family should have sufficient vit D levels for your general health Immunologic Effects of Vitamin D on Human Health and Disease https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/12/7/2097/htm https://archive.md/tQpFX Sunlight and Vitamin D: Necessary for Public Health https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/07315724.2015.1039866 A wiki on vit D that covers a wide range of health problems with the research: https://vitamindwiki.com/ ----- An analysis by applied mathematician Eleftherios Gkioulekas on early treatment for covid: https://rumble.com/vpc4bw-a-mathematical-perspective-data-for-the-early-outpatient-treatment-of-covid.html >Prophylactic protocols reduce infection by about 80% >Early treatment protocols have an efficacy of at least 90% >Together they could have reduced deaths by at least 95% >This was known in the middle of 2020 <covid doesn't exist The treatment and prophylactic protocols probably work on a wide range of viral infections that have been re-named "covid", and that's where we're seeing the reductions.
(380.11 KB 963x591 ClipboardImage.png)
Vaccines pose 7 times higher death risk than COVID for young people, Japanese experts warn >‘Even if children and adolescents and people in their 20s are infected, it is naturally mild or asymptomatic,’ Japanese drug bulletin Med Check said. ‘It is a ridiculous to consider vaccination for school children.’ >A review in the most recent issue of Med Check, a bimonthly bulletin published by the Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance (NOPJIP) as a member of the International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB), found that the death risk of the jabs may even be as high as 40 times greater for young people. >Med Check also pointed out that there were no COVID deaths in Japan under the age of 20 until September 2021. “If children in this age group are vaccinated, it may cause death,” the bulletin warned. >Med Check’s analysis echoes similar assessments by other experts, such as Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist who told an FDA panel in September that the jab’s dangers “outweigh any potential benefit,” citing a “highly anomalous” rise in vaccine injury reports due to the injections. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/vaccines-pose-7-times-higher-death-risk-than-covid-for-young-people-japanese-experts-warn/
Speaking of the Spanish Flu, Eleanor McBean, who lived through it, claimed "The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 was caused by vaccinations. I was an on-the-spot observer of the 1918 influenza epidemic" https://archive.fo/yonyj More on McBean: whale.to/v/mcbean.html "As far as I could find out, the flu hit only the vaccinated. Those who had refused the shots escaped the flu. My family had refused all the vaccinations so we remained well all the time. "It has been said that the 1918 flu epidemic killed 20,000,000 people throughout the world. But, actually, the doctors killed them with their crude and deadly treatments and drugs. This is a harsh accusation but it is nevertheless true, judging by the success of the drugless doctors in comparison with that of the medical doctors. "While the medical men and medical hospitals were losing 33% of their flu cases, the non-medical hospitals such as BATTLE CREEK, KELLOGG and MACFADDEN’S HEALTH-RESTORIUM were getting almost 100% healings with their water cure, baths, enemas, etc., fasting and certain other simple healing methods, followed by carefully worked out diets of natural foods. "If the medical doctors had been as advanced as the drugless doctors, there would not have been those 20 million deaths from the medical flu treatment. "There was seven times more disease among the vaccinated soldiers than among the unvaccinated civilians, and the diseases were those they had been vaccinated against. One soldier who had returned from overseas in 1912 told me that the army hospitals were filled with cases of infantile paralysis and he wondered why grown men should have an infant disease. Now, we know that paralysis is a common after-effect of vaccine poisoning. Those at home didn’t get the paralysis until after the world-wide vaccination campaign in 1918." Plus ça change eh?
Thinking of joining an IRL church for religious exemption to the vaccine mandate. Which groups are the least cucked?
>>19665 Orthodox Christian
>>19642 >>19619 SPARS pandemic scenario talked about bacterial pneumonia after the primary effects of the pandemic. Hypothetical scenario claimed so many bacterial pneumonia cases, the US ran out of antibiotics.
>>19665 >>19666 The Orthodox Church is the best Church in terms of historical continuity and doctrines, but they're not going to be good when it comes to the vaccine. I attend an Orthodox church and they've never mentioned the vaccine once, but I'm almost positive that they wouldn't give you an exemption for the vaccine. They also do a mask policy during the liturgy but it's clearly just for show since everyone takes them off as soon as they go into the other room afterwards. That said, even if anon was to attempt to join the Orthodox Church and even if they would probably help him out of the vaccine, it would take too much time for him to do it. It takes essentially a year of attending, helping out and getting to know people at one of their churches in order to be accepted as a catachumen, chrismated and baptized. There's a lot of hoops to jump through.
>>19665 know that it might not work anon, some places will refuse you no matter what you come with. and furthermore make sure the specific church you join actually will allow for exemption and not refuse because they "believe in science".
(386.67 KB 1739x2048 asahara shoko.jpg)
(3.00 MB 320x240 Aum Shinrikyo Anime(1).mp4)
Worst comes to worst, found your own cult, LARP as a guru, gather some cat-lady followers or dumb college girls, and then claim religious discrimination if they try to force the vax
>>19669 All of that is bullshit. Anon asked which church is "least cucked." From experience, the Orthodox church is least cucked. If anon is solely interested in gaining a religious exemption letter, you are correct in that an Orthodox church is but one of many options. I doubt there is much rhyme or reason to which denominations/churches are pro or anti vaccine (except for Catholic because of the pope). For me, one of my coworkers attends a church that specifically had a lawyer help draft their religious exemption letter from the church. I never attended the church in person at all, I merely attended a Zoom meeting and joined the church that way. I received my exemption letter and have not had to take the vaccine. If I were interested in going to church in person, I would not attend a church where people wear masks. That would be one of the first things I look for in a church. For anons interested in joining a church specifically for vaccine exemption, there is this option: https://www.freedompeacejustice.com/
>>19673 FWIW, I should add that my grandmother attends a medium sized evangelical church in a deep blue state and very few people wear masks.
>>19673 I didn't realize that church asks for a donation of $100 for vaccine exemption, that's bullshit. I would imagine there are similar options from Christian churches online if one were to do a bit of searching.
>>19259 Found a source on vaccine trials and placebos. https://archive.fo/mv2RP -Using a placebo in randomized clinical trials of vaccines is optional. -A study published in 2010 reports that there are no inert substances and there are no standards for what should be the composition of a placebo. The authors of clinical trials are not required to disclose what the composition of the placebo was, and medical journals do not require this information. The authors analyzed 167 clinical trials published in the four most prestigious medical journals. Most clinical studies have not disclosed the placebo composition. Only studies of 8% of tablets and 26% of injections reported what they used as a placebo. -To license a new vaccine, it is enough for the FDA that it is no more dangerous than some other vaccine, or than an experimental vaccine, or aluminum hydroxide, or any other substance that a pharmaceutical company is not required to divulge. -Clinical studies of vaccines almost never use a real, inert placebo.
>>19676 Good find
(107.13 KB 225x225 rings.png)
god, I'm so blackpilled rn. qt potential romantic interest is getting pozzed today. it's all over
>>19690 >It's all over. Most sane people have come to that exact conclusion, friend. I have pretty much moved on from this and am trying to enjoy what little is left of my life.
(26.97 KB 1280x720 Adolf-Hitler-Quotes.jpg)
>>19690 >>19691 If it was all over their propaganda would be unnecessary. Never forget we are all in this together
>>19691 it's over for her
>>19692 >>19691 Is there hope if your whole family has been injected with jewish gene manipulated matter only time will tell
>>19690 >>19691 >>19695 >>19697 Well, the 4cuck demoralization shills/bots are here. The faggot anime proves it. It's pointless, as we can all see through this shit and realize instantly what it is. If there are those that are reading this whose entire family have taken the jew poison, please let us know how you're doing. We won't get demoralized - at all - we merely want to laugh at your infinite stupidity.
>>19698 >If there are those that are reading this whose entire family have taken the jew poison, please let us know how you're doing. Doing fine. Means I feel like shit. Like always. Wouldn't notice the difference. I'm almost exclusively sorrounded by 3rd booster+® shot sheeples. If I'm feeling shit because they are shedding some kind of they are shedding some kind of jew molecules or because I'm an aimless loser retard manchild is another matter though. So don't take my word for it
>>19698 >If there are those that are reading this whose entire family have taken the jew poison, please let us know how you're doing. Nothing too interesting report on my end. My family is all vaxxed, and my father just got the booster earlier this week. Fortunately, unlike >>19699, I have not noticed any symptoms of shedding at this point yet, and they got vaxxed over six months ago. I'm not discounting that shedding might be a thing, though. There's lots of anecdotal evidence for this. Luckily my family has left me alone though, regarding the vax. I told them to fuck off basically and said I'd rather go homeless than get the vaccine, so none of their bluffs worked and life goes on as normal. I really feel for anons in Europe or Australia though. Hopefully no-one in my family dies, but I have accepted that this is a possibility.
>>19712 I wonder if the mRNA shit can be passed on to the next generation
>>19698 Hurr durr everyone is a demoralization shill bot from 4chan
Wayne Smith was investigating Midazolam which is being used in the UK to kill elderly patients, which are then put down as a covid death, and which was used to kill his father. He was also working on a documentary about this. He died suddenly 'of covid'. https://plandemic.co/2021/08/19/wayne-smith-the-man-exposing-the-midazolam-mass-murder-care-home-scandal-found-dead/
Severe COVID could reduce male fertility Translation: the Covid Vaccines are doing what Bill Gates intended them to do. https://news.uga.edu/covid-affects-male-fertility/
>>19779 Kek /cvg/ called this shit back in April 2020
>>19783 So-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ have literally been right about everything this entire time. Makes me wonder whether another happening has ever been so easily predicted beforehand in the past before.
>>19789 Many people called bullshit on the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, Saddam's WMDs, the many school shootings in which the FBI was informed ahead of time, etc. There are just a large amount of NPCs who will follow any perceived authority no matter how outlandish their narratives. As long as the man on TV says it, it must be true.
>>19767 I wonder why they're trying to kill off the elderly, maybe to relieve some of the strain on the health care system?
(414.81 KB 720x720 ted equality.png)
>>19797 The elderly are seen as a burden of society by the elite, whose only goal is maximum efficiency and organization. Elderly people are useless from this perspective.
The name of the guy is Alexander Tschugguel.
>>19779 Could have these issues from the virus itself which the vaccine doesn't even prevent you from getting
>>19808 Lots of the deaths from the vaccine have been recorded as deaths from COVID so it wouldn't surprise me.
(44.78 KB 676x380 Doompaul.jpg)
>>19766 Finally, someone who isn't a delusional retard who believes in the whole "if it were hopeless, their propaganda would be useless" meme. You do know that Jews are evil, sadistic, subhuman pieces of shit right, and when they win, they like to gloat in order to further break the loser when he is already past the breaking point? It is in their very nature. History is full of examples; thus, there are no demoralization bots, only an organic community of frustrated anons tired of this bullshit. For this reason, I advise people to just move on with their lives, straight back to vidya, entertainment, and hobbies, avoiding the vaccine as long possible while being as big of a leach on the government as possible. Why, I live off of welfare, own a high end gaming PC, and probably have higher test levels than the average vaxmaxxed, wage slave faggot on account of having more time to exercise alone. This is rather fun, so I intend to enjoy it as long as last. It is too late to salvage anything of the White race; the vaccines have seen to that already, with the boosters further confirming my point. By next year, White pregnancies will become a myth, a legend from a by gone era, and you can thank the kikes for it all. Anyone who ignores the evidence that is, for all intense of purposes, clear in their fucking faces is mentally retarded.
>>19844 Robort Malone has confirmed your point. https://www.bitchute.com/video/vTfSq6wbIdor/[Embed]
>>18719 >>19844 I'm thinking of leaving it all behind. I have nothing to lose really. I could just walk over to poland and live there as a Hobo. I've been treated a retarded child my whole live. That would be my first move to break away from this dependence. I will figure out some way to not starve to death. I hope they won't implement the mandate this winter. Wohlan, Kamerad
>>19844 I may be a dumbass, I admit it I am a dumbaas but I'd rather be a dumbass who's still willing to get his hands dirty, and if everyone just laid down like you said they should our already low chances would go into the oblivion. We'll see what happens mate. This is one weird time and we can't predict everything
>>19801 It's fucking weird to see a country cucked this bad. The fact that they aren't shooting government lackeys in the streets at this point is disturbing to say the least.
(28.24 KB 800x561 Fatty doo doo.jpg)
>>19850 >>It's fucking weird to see a country cucked this bad. Weird to whom? The average White male is an effeminate faggot like pic related.
>>19851 >Weird to whom? The average White male is an effeminate faggot like pic related. Weird to everyone but effeminate faggots I guess.
>>19851 Yeah but that's just European genes, they're still intellectually superior.
>>19851 I have exactly that beard growth :(
(133.09 KB 886x1000 1599941213317.jpg)
Some parts of the USA have been reinstating muzzle mandates so I thought I would take a minute to type this up. Don't let yourself get tripped up with minor things like wearing masks into a store or whatever. If the places you frequent do not care, that's fine and dandy but let's not lose sight of the big picture -- exposing yourself unnecessarily by making a scene won't do any good. I don't think I have to tell anyone of you this, but if you aren't wearing a mask in a public place that enforces muzzling you are likely to be on video and if some ZOG enforcer accosts you, it is very possible that retards will whip out their phones to record the encounter and post you on ZOGbook. You can do much more meaningful things with a neck gaiter, a pair of sunglasses and some kind of headgear to conceal your hair length, color and texture. It is good to be discrete and fly under the radar. With states like Jew York having signed legislation to detain people who are deemed a "public health risk" in camps, discretion, foresight, calculated planning and level-headedness are not only deadly weapons in our arsenal against the ZOG but *absolutely*, unquestionably pertinent to our survival. I need to expound on some techniques that can help us evade trouble but that should be a separate post. Remember that self-control and knowing that there is a time and place for all things are virtues of manhood. There is nothing manly or admirable about a fat MIGA-tier retard sperging out in a shart-mart.
>>19844 This is what pure, unadulterated tubo-faggotry looks like. At some point, we that know will meet you on the street and you will be dispatched from your misery without effort. >>19847 I'll be right beside you, my brother.
>>19849 Holy fucktard, I bet your hairy, pus-infested tranny hole smells. Goddammit, I can smell it from here. You should just drink bleach.
(1.62 MB 640x360 thatssomegoy360p.mp4)
>>19864 It's true though. Look how the kikes laugh at you. You're their little bitch.
(57.68 KB 480x600 1370895589845.jpg)
>>19861 >exposing yourself unnecessarily by making a scene won't do any good. In a precise & psychically potent way, with intense direct eye contact, a straight spine, and a firmness, add in occasional trolling, socially or psychically and I find making a stand and especially potent, within 1-3 encounters they may have accosted me, but I am too prickley for them yet othewise too mild for escalation to want to accost again and again, they may be "just doing their job" but what they really are doing is executing NPC code and I became the one pointing out the cognitive dissonance whilst on a auric level returning the throat chakra constricting energy, or force choaking. I have gotten effect from this even when kidnapped by (((authorities))). DIRECT EYE CONTACT IS A MUST. ENERGY CULTIVATION IS A MUST. NO FAP YOU FUCKER. >>19861 >There is nothing manly or admirable about a fat MIGA-tier retard sperging out in a shart-mart. Walmart does not enforce maks mandates, it's a nation wide policy, even their workers don't need to. This is the last place some one would be accosted. and the you project >fat MIGA-tier retard sperging out I really must wonder about these new users we've picked up in recent months...
>AstraZeneca For the love of me, I can't comprehend their logo. It's a mess. I see the A, I see the Z, but the way it's drawn there's a huge chance it's hiding another symbol and we know how they love to hide their eyes and pyramids. Am I therefore missing something with AZ's logo or is it simply horrid?
>>19624 Just going to extract the juicy juice here. >A birthing center, Vancouver >13 stillbirths in 24 hours >390 stillbirths / month, if this rate is maintained in this center alone (there are several in Vancouver >multiply according to the number of birth centers, perhaps halve the number for sake of being conservative >Waterloo, Ontario >"all of the 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated." <totally safe >86 / 6 months (Jan - Jul) >14.33 / month >usual rate being 5~6 stillbirths every YEAR (about 1 stillbirth every 2 months) >they have double-vaccinated people who are getting deathly ill >"health authorities consider someone as unvaccinated until 15 days after the latest required shot" >ergo you can carry the poison but you're not declared vaccinated anymore, you become part of the unvaccinated >AKA the virus of the unvaccinated >Nagase sent paper stuff to higher ups in the hope that justi... <Yu rill be missedu Nagase-san >>19657 In Winter, vitaminc D levels drop logically because of less sunlight, thus extra cough. <B-B-But it's the deadly and super contagious Covid poteta variant of year 2026! >>19662 >>‘Even if children and adolescents and people in their 20s are infected, it is naturally mild or asymptomatic,’ Japanese drug bulletin Med Check said. ‘It is a ridiculous to consider vaccination for school children.’ >> found that the death risk of the jabs may even be as high as 40 times greater for young people. We correlated that a long time with what we knew since day one. But this will be brushed under the rug. Cohen-19 literally was a non-event for 99% of the population. This tells you how much power Jews and Freemasons have over the MSM and their ziobots. The good news? Kali Yuga is about to end, and them with it. >>19663 >Speaking of the Spanish Flu, Eleanor McBean, who lived through it, claimed "The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 was caused by vaccinations. I was an on-the-spot observer of the 1918 influenza epidemic" Imagine my surprise. Now time to look into the laboratories that produced these vaccines and see where this (((leads us))). >> the non-medical hospitals such as BATTLE CREEK, KELLOGG and MACFADDEN’S HEALTH-RESTORIUM were getting almost 100% healings with their water cure, baths, enemas, etc., fasting and certain other simple healing methods, followed by carefully worked out diets of natural foods. Now that's a shocker. So soap, water, a healthy life and eating anything but the shit coming from Walmart actually got people walking through this "horrible pandemic". This information is of the utmost importance because the fraud that Covid is was often compared to the Spanish Flu, with a twist being that it's what we would get if we didn't destroy peoples' lives, morale and economy. <they might have hesitated calling the Covid a Hitler virus for all we know >>One soldier who had returned from overseas in 1912 told me that the army hospitals were filled with cases of infantile paralysis and he wondered why grown men should have an infant disease. BECAUSE HE WAS A PEDOOO!! Question for you anons: Why should kids be vaccinated against Hepatitis B since it's a virus that is sexually transmitted? >>19665 Joining a Jewish derived cult to avoid a Jewish propaganda? >>19672 Anon would be better off pretending being a nigger and go full BLM at this point. >it's over Let it be told that the ADL says it's actually a far-right antisemtic meme. Yes, in a way, it is over. Read Savitri Devi. And prepare the fireworks. >>19765 >I wonder if the mRNA shit can be passed on to the next generation From a much older thread, studies proved that contrary to the public claim, the cells will actually assimilate the new DNA message and store it. Two threads ago I think. Logically it will likely be passed on. If true, people are legally becoming mutants. Meaning that even if we survive whatever storm comes our way, we will have to establish a filter system to screen mutants. >>19767 >Wayne Smith >investigating Midazolam >used in the UK to kill elderly patients >died suddenly 'of covid'. Get used to it. Jews can kill anyone with this now. They take you somewhere, have you tested with a specific test kit tailored for you, anything really, or even give the special soup treatment in a vial, and you're good to go. Perfect murder.
>>19844 >For this reason, I advise people to just move on with their lives, straight back to vidya, entertainment, and hobbies, avoiding the vaccine as long possible while being as big of a leach on the government as possible. <paul meme That shit you listed will not save us. It's just as blackpilling as the next thing. >It is too late to salvage anything of the White race Nice try Shlomo. You're next.
>>19853 |> | |3 We will be observing a mild invasion, sporadic raining and a few spotty clouds.
>>19861 >Don't let yourself get tripped up with minor things like wearing masks into a store or whatever. Uh oh, Andy Anglin isn't going to like this!
>>19863 So delusional!
>>19876 I think the stillbirth counts as a full kike sacrifice to whatever demon they worship, so there's that. I mean, at least the fully vaxxed are good for something.
>>19870 Nah. Only on talmudvision. IRL, They have the highest percentage of sniveling cowards I've ever seen. Right now, they know that I'm awake. What they don't seem to grasp is that if a low-iq redneck like me is awake they're about to have some real issues with ... breathing and maintaining a state of not being gutted or on literal fire.
>>19849 >can't even greentext >oy fucking vey just give up and play vidya Cringe
(6.38 MB 854x364 self-immolate.mp4)
>>19844 Let's assume for the sake of argument that you aren't a shill. If you're going to blackpill then at least consecrate yourself to the future of the White race: 1) Get a "White Lives Matter" sign and a can of gasoline 2) Go to a highly public location such as an intersection or public square 3) Pour out most of the gasoline into the shape of a swastika 4) Stand in the middle of the swastika 5) Douse yourself in the rest of the gasoline 6) Self-immolate
reminder that the blackpill nigger who usually brings up this discussion has been caught samefagging multiple times and so the entire argument is highly dubious if one has to stoop so low hoping to convince others.
>>19948 There's a real return to the mean going on there. All these trust fund jews are getting as stupid as niggers.
>>19952 He's the very same niggerpiller TORfag who has been caught exactly doing what you said and is hated and driven out from other imageboards, Faggot never really gives up.
Everything is "so hopeless" that they have to set up shop on our boards and desperately spam it at us. Just ignore until BO deletes
>>19953 >>19961 >>19962 shut up shills, sit down and play the new elder scrolls and smoke weed. Haha nords are literally nazis
>>19876 Thinking about it a bit more, what % of pregnant mothers are vaxxed? I'm guessing low, given that the rate among under 18s is low in many countries, and the fact that they're targetting pregnant women with so much propaganda. On top of that, only 5% of vaccines have the kill-juice. It just shows how powerful a sterilizing agent these quaccines are. >>19844 I can't say if it's hopeless or not. A lot of the time we're relying on what ZOG tells us, for instance the vaccination rate: I'm sure it's lower that the official figures, and they do that exactly to demoralize people like you. I doesn't even matter to me if the situation really is hopeless; you still have a choice: will you submit quietly to these eternal subhumans, or will you at least go out fighting like a man? Read the Preinstall Minecraft thread in /pol/ and Operation 5 Man Squad in /fascist/. Even if you're completely alone, I'm sure you can think of some way to contribute, rather than LDARing and wasting away potential help to the cause. The truth is we still don't know the outcome. We don't know our numbers. We don't know our strength. We don't know if we all just fought our best fight what the outcome will be. Say not the struggle nought availeth Worth reading again.
>>19876 >From a much older thread, studies proved that contrary to the public claim, the cells will actually assimilate the new DNA message and store it. Maybe just cope because whole family got that shit. But that it stores *something* in the DNA doesn't necessarily mean much. It could just be (((their))) experiement to what possibilities this mRNA technology holds for modifying goyim and how far they can bring them goyim to blindly trust (((them))) if brainwashed long enough. Could just be a massive psyop at this point.
>>20010 you don't find it odd how npcs have been programmed to think eugenics = literally hitler but DNA modification is settled science?
>>20017 Why do you think it's odd? NPC programming doesn't require internal consistency.
(845.98 KB 945x882 ClipboardImage.png)
What did he mean by this?
>>20046 Just bog-standard fear mongering trying to juice pharma stocks.
>>20047 Speaking of which when were we supposed to achieve herd immunity, again? Has this happened in any country? It feels like a constantly moving target.
>>20046 He's implying heavily that the unvaccinated will live to see severe illness and death, wtf im a Democrat now
>>20049 There are only a handful of ultra-ZOGged countries still pretending coronahoax is real.
>>20049 Herd immunity doesn't exist anymore. They defined it out of existence.
I wouldn't be surprised if the American regime released a new disease that only kills unvaccinated people. The American regime is the most evil regime in human history, if you live there you're in grave danger.
>>20061 I don't understand your comment. Was this some recent news item in the corporate media where they said science was wrong about herd immunity before or something?
>>20063 You're really overestimating their competence. They were trying to leverage the coronahoax into a "pharma-dollar" to supplement a failing "petro-dollar" and to also serve to harden the failing multi-cult state's view of China as an external enemy. They unironically did not expect such a massive swath of the population to completely reject it. You're watching a failing state having cognitive dissonance as it doesn't want to come to grips with how discredited it actually is.
>>20046 It means Biden is going to personally gas us with arsine.
John de Nugent has a very good article collecting information showing vaccination is junk science: https://archive.fo/E4B0z
>>20046 What's this stuff about the unvaccinated overwhelming hospitals?
>>20091 it's a fearmongering lie >>20077 it means ZOG has officially changed both the definition of vaccine and herd immunity to tailor it around the new mRNA killshots. Herd immunity was previously described as reachable through natural immunity of a person's immune system or via vaccination. Now herd immunity can only be reached via mass vaccination.
"Italy: after the mandatory vaccination for all security forces is approved, the military warehouse where the vaccines were stored magically catches fire." https://twitter.com/JackSlaterPT/status/1471849829408116743 Clip in tweet
(473.32 KB 1248x1155 covid war zone.jpg)
>>20091 It's just propaganda. Just think of the earlier accounts of how hospitals all across the world were being overwhelmed by Covid patients, but numerous people went and saw that hospitals were empty and all of the nurses who were dancing in TikTok videos. It's a hoax from the top to the bottom. I believe at this point if you don't believe in Covid, it doesn't exist. It's a mental illness, completely psychosomatic.
>>20110 Good. Ugly building, too.
(90.14 KB 755x225 ClipboardImage.png)
"The Truth Is, We Have No Idea" - CDC Data Missed Millions Of Unvaccinated Americans Link: https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/truth-we-have-no-idea-cdc-data-missed-millions-unvaccinated-americans Archive: https://archive.ph/mKnbd
(144.63 KB 742x763 ClipboardImage.png)
>2024 One year before SPARS.
It Was One Year Ago Yesterday On December 17, 2020, Tiffany Dover received her first jab of the vaccine. She is way overdue for her second shot. This is her instagram: www.instagram.com/tiffany_dover_/?hl=en Inactive facebook too. No social media posts from her since then. The hospital where she worked, CMI Memorial in Chattanooga, has locked down its Twitter account ever since this happened.They tried to cover it up with a fake video. Rest in Peace Tiffany. Your murder has not been forgotten. She was just too trusting. There are many like that. Sad. They tried to cover it up so hard you have to scroll all the way down to get past all the articles from 2020 saying she’s alive Her name is on ancestry.com as deceased and not a single photo of her from 2021 and not a single interview or phone call or anything. She's either dead or aliens took her to their home planet. Higdon, AL - where she lives. Tiffany Pontes Dover - the exact identical name. She died at home in Higdon Alabama. https://newdeaths.com/2021/08/10/tiffany-dover-obituary-tiffany-dover-cause-of-death/ Not a vax death my ass Say 'Hello' to Darwin for us.
(231.92 KB 579x522 vaccine faint lady.png)
>>20145 Her death was not in vain, at least. Her collapse on live television redpilled many.
(260.31 KB 510x680 billions.png)
Pic is not mine, but the look of horror on the face of every single 'normie' that I have shown this to is priceless. The sheer impact of the math hits like a fucking sledgehammer.
>>20146 She was such a qt, what a shame
ZOGbot smashed in the face by a glass bottle. Things are heating up in London. The comments seem supportive of the protestors too. https://youtu.be/Ih_WFwk_C5g People should have been doing this months ago. >>20147 I’m having flashbacks to the articles that came out right when the hoax began of how Israelis were miraculously already making Covid vaccines beforehand. Oy vey!
(6.96 KB 293x293 goyimknow.png)
>>20147 OY GEVALT, NEXT YOU'RE GONNA TELL US THE NAZIS COULDN'T BURN DOWN 6 MILLION G*DS CHOSEN PEOPLE TO A CRISP EVERY YEAR. LITERALLY ANNUDA SHOAH! >>20146 F I knew something was afoot when (((they))) announced a vaccine when Biden got elected, but she was the confirmation it was really bad shit. >>20154 >I’m having flashbacks to the articles that came out right when the hoax began of how Israelis were miraculously already making Covid vaccines beforehand. Oy vey! Let us remind our friends about that.
>>20170 >I knew something was afoot when (((they))) announced a vaccine when Biden got elected, but she was the confirmation it was really bad shit. They had a vaccine rolled out under Trump through "operation warp speed".
>>20171 Ah, that's right. How could I forget that?
>>20172 >How could I forget that? It probably wasn't in your assignment notes.
Very good analysis on the Pfizer vax by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance. Their own study shows the vax was doing more harm than good, but they and the regulators jewed the outcomes to recommend the vax based on PCR case numbers. https://rumble.com/vqx3kb-the-pfizer-inoculations-do-more-harm-than-good.html
What is the general consensus on the Chinese vaccines? Most WN and right-wing websites often criticize the western vaccines for their side effects (blood clots, heart issues, etc) and for the fact that these vaccines use technologies that are relatively new and untested (like mRNA). But I've never seen any of these websites criticize the Chinese vaccines (or the Russian one for that matter). Most of the Chinese vaccines work in the traditional way. One is inoculated with a weakened version of the virus, which activates the immune system, and than protects the body against the real virus. There haven't been any reports of major side effects from these vaccines either. Have any WN's argued that these vaccines are safer than the ones used in the West?
>>19872 >Walmart does not enforce maks mandates, it's a nation wide policy, even their workers don't need to. This is the last place some one would be accosted. and the you project Listen here retard, if your deformed head weren't so far up your own ass that it was restricting the bloodflow to your brain you would realize it was an example. Maybe that's why you are going to shartmart too, try supporting local White-owned small businesses you spastic LARPer. Every time you go into ZOGmart you are being surveilled and herded around like the NPCs you talk about, they have cameras everywhere at face level with facial recognition software. What's more, you are financially supporting people who are against you. Get a fucking clue, man. You're going to end up having a lengthy chat with Dr. Nosenbaum in a psych ward if you LARP as hard in public as you do online.
>>20170 See if reporters were genuine about news there'd be at least one person saying "what the fucks in the vaccine" as she's laying there
>>20204 Anon, it sounds like you want to talk yourself into getting the jab. For a start, it doesn't even matter because those "vaccines" probably are not recognized by your government. Secondly, even if there is a 'safe vaccine', the jab is just to get you on to the digital passport. So you're asking us to give you an excuse to plug yourself into the jewish Matrix? Do you think a Chinese port is better than an American one? At the end of the day it's your life, you decide what to do.
>>20209 Not the anon you are replying to, but I was asking myself the same question, even just to confront ZOG behavior (tagging us as cattle and injecting literal poison to kill us/sterilize us in delay mode) and asian behavior towards their own citizens. I am not aware of policies by asian governments that deliberately kill their population's demographic growth, so I am inclined to believe they have no intention to exterminate them via mysterious vaccines.
>>20206 Fucing based
>>20212 I agree with everything you said but >I am not aware of policies by asian governments that deliberately kill their population's demographic growth lmao, you may want to re-read that line.
>>19053 >So we need to opticscuck for zero violence and to go with the option where we wait for the ZOG to hit us first. >we wait for the ZOG to hit us first. The ZOG is already exterminating us and replacing us with non-Whites and has been doing so for decades. They already struck the first blow decades ago, then another, and another, and another, and about a hundred other attacks against us from feminism to talmudivision to estrogen in drinking water and its at the point where they're at their endgame in the White genocide plan finishing us off.
(210.98 KB 609x591 jew vaccines impfung.jpeg)
>>20204 All vaccines should be avoided across the board. Not just for Covid either.
>>20204 Sinopharm is probably safer. Sputnik however is the same adenovirus tech as Johnson and Johnson afaik so I would avoid it. But really there's no reason to take any of them. The virus isn't much deadlier than the flu. I know I'm probably never taking a vaccine ever again after witnessing all this propaganda
>>20228 >I know I'm probably never taking a vaccine ever again after witnessing all this propaganda Even if the science behind it is sound you can't really trust the companies producing it, or the corporate media obfuscating any real information on it, or the government guaranteeing no liability to the manufacturers for any side effects. It's a shame that every institution is fighting a war against the people it claims to represent the interests of.
>>20228 Even if one trusted traditional vaccines, this is smart, because traditional vaccines will undoubtedly be slowly phased out for MRNA gene therapy across the board.
>>20228 The company making Sputnik is also owned by a Jew afaik.
>>20232 (((Alexander Gintsburg)))
(1.58 MB 544x480 xFRWZHg7AUyS.webm)
>>20147 Can someone confirm the math on this?
>>20239 Sounds like nonsense to wow impressionable retards. They can probably make way more than five vaccines per second.
(187.36 KB 285x231 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20239 Schizo tier shit that barely warrants a response, let alone the time needed to check the math. To start with, as >>20241 said, they are not cooking the vax in single batch recipes. They make thousands if not tens of thousands at one time. So even if it takes a few hours per lot, it still amounts to more than 1 per second Second, you are pretending there is only "one oven". As opposed a dozen different corporations with hundreds of different facilities all around the world.
>>20222 Never forget how conservatives tried to portray vaccine mandates as "democrat nazi policy".
>>20204 >Chinese vaccine >Chinese >Vaccine Don't trust them. They started COVID and now you have to trust them?
>>18723 all Jews are non-Israelites, or 'goyim'
>>20241 Ok. Probably should keep in mind that these facilities aren't making chinesium fidget spinners. >>20245 So, you just happen to have a really cool image of some liquid stuff in even cooler glowing bottles handy in a folder - and took the time to post this.. and you're *not* a shill? Just so you know - I'm in a job that's supplies key products to this industry, and there has been NO ramping up at ANY time during this 'pandemic'. Just so you know.
>>20252 If you're talking about the chinks, they may have 'released' the weapon, but it was *made* right here in the Good ole US of A.
(1014.80 KB 960x539 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20261 >ClipboardImage.png >image of some liquid stuff in even cooler glowing bottles handy in a folder >t. 80 IQ search vaccine manufacturing / images >I'm in a job that's supplies key products to this industry Your company makes the lil bottles? And you think the jews at pfizer don't buy their bottles for half the price from some overseas pajeet factory?
>>20262 Fuck the chinks either way.
>>20046 Usual 33nigger-tier masonic threats that align with my dick on a full moon but it very important to them anyway. ZOG has deployed whole legions of NPCs and fresh bots on SNs to spam threads that call to resist against this poison. Sometimes you see isolated posters dropping wake up memes, the most basic being showing vested $$ interests in the demonstration of all these people being in bed with each other. That is the most basic tactic because half-normies can only think like commies and are obsessed about cash, so if they see that kind of stuff they believe they have reached the apex of truth-seeking: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!! No sweet heart, it's not. This is a very leftist remark which means if at this point such people are not routed towards a more far-right mindset with other redpills, they will fall into the lazy routine of blaming the greedy elites. In this day and age it does take great minds to see through the whole bs. Let not even tell them, these frightened rabbits, that The Great Rest is merely a step, yet if we get there it's definitely going to be harder to resist unless we go all mad and simply try to bring down the rotten civilization all by ourselves, aiming for implosion leading to a civil war, hopefully, escalating into a full blown global war that this time we will have absolutely have to win by being the most ruthless and zealous murdering sickos we could be.
>>20063 The unvaccinated have their own immune defenses dropping like flies. Laboratories cover their asses on saying that these lab rats must then take boosters. NPCs will literally think that enslavement to (((BigPharma))) is the only way to be saved, from something that wasn't even dangerous, even less real for all we know. Vaccines are a scam, Jews cannot take the risk of releasing something that could verily spread and mutate beyond their grip. They need to stay in control and the mRNA or "adeno" methodologies are the safest and 100% controlled, because there is no real virus, just a deadly spike they throw in your own body or have yours create for them. This warrants a more detailed post, coming soon.
>>20261 >Just so you know - I'm in a job that's supplies key products to this industry lol are you the guy in this pic? >>20147
>>20252 I think it's much more plausible that the virus was released by rogue elements in the American government as an attack against China and Iran, given Robert Kadlec's position of prominence in the Trump admin, and our history of using biowarfare during the Korean War
(34.24 MB 1920x1080 stream.mp4)
(5.17 MB 1280x720 videoplayback.mp4)
(876.96 KB 1421x682 1392354195001.png)
>>20105 They will just buy some more with the taxpayer's shekels. All of this is meaningless until the people with weapons, military and civilians, take a stand. Kikes cannot backpedal now so this circus is going to reach is foreseeable course. We have now reached a point where we must consider varying level of struggle, from the most public and peaceful to the least, knowing that the latter is the only way since the only way to freedom is through the Jew.
>>20142 There is that 2025 "special date", right? :o) >>20147 I guess this is where all the MAGA cash went. We need a detailed calculation. >>20154 >Israelis were miraculously already making Covid vaccines beforehand Don't you believe in the power of rabbinic luck? Poles do. But you must be a nasty naughty filthy nazi. >>20204 >ZOGOOK >report Anon, please. Jewish puppet Xi wouldn't even need to use tricks such as those used in the Western worlds because the gooks have abandoned their liberties a long time ago already, notably when the commies won against the nationalists, whom for those who escaped landed in Taiwan but then just got as cucked, but in a democratic way. It appears that the spike is artificial, that it is the thing that was developed in a lab, that the corona virus is not even new, that the structure we saw millions of pictures of, that coronal spherical virus, is just nothing more than a brushed up corona virus of old. Whether the scientists, paid with US and Euro money, tried to cram the artificial spike protein into a normal corona virus or not is almost beyond the point now. How could you trust anything coming from China when at the very least, according to the lowest degree of truth-seeking criteria, this country is the hotbed of an uncontrolled emission of a virus devised with the government's imprimatur? It might also be totally possible that globokike doesn't even want to hurt the Chinese because new golems will be necessary to invade Western countries. Degooking China would make no sense.
>>20236 that board is so full of antisemites omg I cant breathe!! >>20261 >Just so you know - I'm in a job that's supplies key products to this industry, and there has been NO ramping up at ANY time during this 'pandemic'. Just so you know. Noomburz & fagts plz >>20316 >China innocent, bad USA <Wanglin wrote this comment Event 201, does it ring a bell? All of this scamdemic happening worldwide in a flawless and concerted manner, does it look like a surprise decision taken by a fraction of the geopolitical players? Could you just die rn, you fucking inbred brainlet faggot? >>20322 Who invited the ickebot?
>>20316 Yeah, I never understood how the boomers who think China released the virus on purpose grapple with the fact that if that was the case they would never release it IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR FUCKING COUNTRY.
>>20327 >Jewish puppet Xi >t might also be totally possible that globokike doesn't even want to hurt the Chinese because new golems will be necessary to invade Western countries. I don't even think you people believe this stuff at this point.
>>20340 >Jews would never want to use Chinese to invade White countries Just for wait for the slightest glimmer of economical collapse in the Western world and see what happens when the countries that produce food for the Chinese and buy their shitphones will have new priorities.
>>20351 Fuck off, pvt. Gomez.
>>20332 Given that it has like a 99.5% survival rate, I don't see why they wouldn't. It's not like governments don't do this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Sea-Spray
>>20352 You first, Xi shill
Hilarious stuff. Boston’s chink mayor and other stooges getting heckled for nearly twenty minutes straight. Do you think they’re getting nervous yet? https://youtu.be/ZXUYV2ecNgA
HAPPENING IMMINENT, PREPARE NOW Biden speech today—i.e. December 21st. What is today? The winter solstice. The longest night of the year, the beginning of winter. This is entirely planned. It’s the Dark Winter. It’s about to begin. All of the smallpox stuff needs to be kept in mind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Dark_Winter
(2.90 MB 290x189 crazy-laughing-white-guy.gif)
>>20395 "free, safe and convenient"
>>20394 >nervous >heckled >20 whole minutes No, anon. They're not afraid at all. Why would they be? They have seen no action. They have seen no one fight back. If there would have been 2 snipers, and several exploding heads - that would have caused fear. 'Heckling' does nothing.
>>20394 >>20401 I think they did not anticipate the population refusing it in such large numbers.
>>20411 Why is there a chink mayor of Boston, anyway? Why don't they just kill her?
>>20412 I'm surprised no politicians have died in general yet.
>>20316 A bioweapon that's killed 5 or 6 million in 2 years, allegedly, out of a global population of between 7'500 and 8'000 millions? And is not even targetted towards ethnic Chinks' genetics? That's highly treatable with cheap and plentiful substances like vitamins, HCQ and Ivermectin? What sort of retarded theory is this?
>>20399 Translation >its on sale at walmart, buy 6 today
(1.35 MB 2313x2231 foto_no_exif (8).jpg)
>>20421 >vitamins, HCQ and Ivermectin Or maybe just stop eating mcdonalds so you don't need to gobble down horse worm medicine
My dad wants me to take a booster shot tomorrow. What are the chances that it's a placebo shot?
>>20452 Fuck right off with that bait. Fuck you.
>>20395 The absolute level of lying is staggering. Fucking jew'd world. But people who reject the vaccines are literally VACCINATED against ZOG talk by now and their resolve is getting harder as we speak. >Dark Winter, bioweapon Just do it faggots. I dare you. Go on, poison the wells an umpteenth time. Throw the troops in the streets. Show us your true face. Do it now. >>20413 A shared feeling actually. They probably expected some bloodshed at this point. They might be wondering what the trigger will be. >>20431 >don't need to gobble down horse worm medicine You sound like a Facebook fact checker.
>>20454 I am serious. I'll go out of anonymity and say that I am not White. As far as I know, there's been info that they give placebo to nonWhites and the actual one to Whites. Hence my question.
>>20458 >continues baiting Eat shit faggot nigger.
>>20457 That image was copied from someone else in ausneets. Poster is a faggot as you surmised.
>>20395 >Our patience is wearing thin. Hate to be a redditnigger who has to relate everything to fiction, but reading that third image with Dr. Breen's voice from HL2 is both hilarious and fitting. >>20457 I doubt (((they))) will ever do something so apocalyptic as release smallpox, but you never know. They threatened that 'dark winter' shit last year too, I think it's just more bluffing.
>>20413 >>20457 >Just do it faggots. I dare you. Been saying this myself for over a year. >A shared feeling actually. I've been thinking about this myself. It's likely that politicians HAVE died. It's not like it would be broadcast on any media. Anywhere at all. Fucking kikes don't want anyone knowing that people are fighting back. Fuck, half of them could be dead with the number of deep fakes I've seen in the last year. We just need to keep killing the ones that show their face in public.
>>20431 You realize that Ivermectin is actually a drug created for humans - don't you? The whole 'horse paste' thing came much later. And it kills whatever 'covid' actually is in 24 hours. Many such cases - including myself and a number of friends and family.
>>20465 >They threatened that 'dark winter' shit last year too, I think it's just more bluffing. I've thought about that as well - a LOT. So, they haven't even attempted to do a gun grab. Not at all. Gun parts are cheaper right now that they have been in many years. You can build an 80% ar for about $300. 80% Glk for about $350. Ammo is a little steep, but there's NO shortage or rations of it at all. We know what's happening in other Western countries. It CAN NOT happen here. They would die. They know it. The jab rates where I am are under 40%. Probably around 25%. Not a single person that I know that is a gun nut has taken the jab. Not one. So ... how do they fix this problem (us)? Here's a tidbit of information: The 'FCC' has rolled out the 988 'Suicide Prevention Hotline'. Riddle me this: Since when in the US has suicide been a thing (besides trannies I mean)? Answer: Never. When I look at all of what appears to be converging, it does give the appearance that they would, in fact, 'release a plague'. Either that, or do something that causes your jabbed love one to shed some exotic spike protien that gives the unjabbed a heart attack. Think that couldn't happen? Yeah. Read up on mRNA fuckery and prepare to be concerned. My advice is that if you see something like that starting - do whatever it takes to take as many fucking filthy jews down as you can. It's your duty.
>>20421 Well, more of a weaksauce bioweapon intended to crash the chinese economy, but it must have backfired since the US seems to be doing worse overall in that regard. The elites knew that China would react the way it did by shutting everything down, the Rockefeller Foundation discussed it 2010 (Scenarios for the Future of Industrial Development, specifically Lock Step) All this shit is too convenient to be the result of some lab leak imo, especially the Johns Hopkins drill a few months before the pandemic. That leaves the question of who released the virus, and I think America is more plausible, since we're a cornered dog geopolitically. All china had to do was wait a decade or to and the US would have collapsed on its own, I really doubt they would have risked biowarfare of this magnitude. The early severe outbreak in Iran that killed a lot of their politicians is probably the smoking gun though, not just for American but Israeli involvement. Just my two cents though
(3.38 MB 3615x4434 foto_no_exif (6).jpg)
>>20462 >copy Eat shit nigger I only produce OC
>>20468 Shills have been out in full force recently. >>20475 You're interpreting facts backwards. The Rockefeller document predicted what China would do because China is run by the jews. There is no "bioweapon", it's all jewish theatre on a global scale. The Chinese central bank is a member of the BIS, which means it's run by the Rothschilds. The jews got China to pretend that there was some mysterious new plague to fool the rest of the world into thinking there was one, then lock down China with extreme force so the jews could promote the idea that a highly centralized and barbaric state could save people from disease, so that the jews could use it as an example to promote judeao-Marxist states globally as being in the best interest of your health and safety. All the data of this fake pandemic is entirely made up to promote judeao-Marxism. The US data is faked in the opposite direction to which the Chinese data is faked, to send the message that traditional Western individual independence, including the open debate on science and public policy, is a danger to public health and should be replaced by Chinese-style judeao-Marxist states. I'm tired of all you niggers that still can't see that everything about this 'pandemic' is entirely fake jewish lies to promote Marxism, including China. Fuck you Duginist niggers too.
>>20485 Everyting here is truth. Every. Single. Thing.
>>20475 >(Scenarios for the Future of Industrial Development, specifically Lock Step) kek, (((they))) shut it down
>>20475 >Rockefeller Foundation discussed it 2010 Not discussed - War-gamed.
>>20485 Based truthposter.
>>20485 >someone that tells you to stop eating mcdonalds so you wouldn't have to resort to eating horse worm medicine just be a shill The absolute state of you american mutts
>>20485 I dislike dugin and traditionalism in general intensely. I would be interested in reading more about the theory that china is controlled by the jews via the BIS if you have a source that goes into that. I don't like them or Russia, I just find the idea that the jews are so omnipotent that they run every country on the planet a bit of an implausible blackpill It is true that a rothschild patented the testing technology that's currently being used back in 2015 before anyone had ever heard of "covid," though
>>19863 Never surrender. >>19861 Capped.
>>20542 >1874x260
>>20316 This a chink bot post and actual retard. Every plague historically has come from China. Also the Chinese are incompetent and are collapsing faster than the USA because china is a failed 3rd world mutt chink shit hole.
>>20332 yes they would retard like every single other plague china has released on the world, started in the middle of china. The Chinese knowningly sent chinese back to the west after new years to spread it in which milan italy was hit the worst for this reason
>>20465 >I doubt (((they))) will ever do something so apocalyptic as release smallpox, but you never know. True but they need that Digital ID system sooooo badly. You know, it's their way towards world peace, the Jewish way. >>20467 >I've been thinking about this myself. It's likely that politicians HAVE died. It's not like it would be broadcast on any media. Anywhere at all. Fucking kikes don't want anyone knowing that people are fighting back. Fuck, half of them could be dead with the number of deep fakes I've seen in the last year. Well, it's possible to some extent. Not widespread, but possible yes. Deepfakes and CGI has advanced quite fast. There are several politicians who are barely seen outside of carefully staged TV sessions. Undoubtedly, because of such advances in technology, I think it is safe to assume that in ten years from now, the use of deepfakes will be well entrenched and conspicuous. let's hope the crypto miners buy all the GPUs because realtime df don't run on cardboard coal engines
>>20470 They are focusing on collecting the citizens' DNA signature right now. Two Covid threads ago an anon posted something about a (((Frenchman))) closely related to Wuhan and involved in genetic projects that were all about tailoring a solution for each individual for "better medicines" in the future (AKA tomorrow). Or am I remember this wrong? There still are the oxide related nanofolds. I have not seen this side of the scam advance much so I do not know if it was some flatearth-tier BS thrown at us although it's totally doable. We see them being on a rush to expand the 5G network, you bet it's not just to make Netflix more available to the whole world. At the very least we saw Japan reject some 1.6 million doses IIRC after they spotted the presence of steel particles. It is very likely that they could also fall back onto the totally insane Bluebeam aaymo nonsense. They certainly spent a good amount of time laying ground for this too, including all sorts of supposed "leaks", including from the CIA (they our frens now, right?). They could attempt a new 9/11 but this time with White Terrorism. Hard to sell though since a lot of people would rejoice and ask for more of such "terrorism" no matter how bloody. Besides, would the target seem totally nonsensical, most of Whites would already classify this as a false flagged event right off the bat. Kikes have certainly made sure that (((Hollywood))) paved the way with tons of predictive programming of big bad guys unleashing poison on cities. But thanks to internet, redpilling and NYC's 9/11, we would most certainly know who is behind that and no MSM would prove strong enough to brainwash us. We know the kikes relied entirely on these MSM even before WWI to push burgers into Europe. What is all the more pleasuring about all these attacks is how every time the kikes and their masonic boys use them, they train us in seeing through the deception. Even a soft form of collective control through the ZOGnald backfired a lot because the run for the Capitol turned out to be a complete betrayal. I don't think kikes have enough purple powder left to bewilder us now. The only places where the Covid scam worked the best are in Democrat states in the US and in other very democratic nations in Europe or the Pacific. In Europe, specifically, the North and Western countries under late NATO dominion fell rather swiftly and now we see the most abusive programs being unleashed against the Kelto-German group. Kikes don't get it, they are just making Whites stronger. I'm convinced that it's precisely where the situation is the worse for Whites that it's where the backlash will be devastating. If only because if it does not come, then it's over. And 2025, lel.
>>20475 Only old school neocons, completely out of the loop reality-wise, would even think of delivering such a last bite, but they're not much in control anymore. China vs US is one or two meta levels too low. Your post dear glowie is completely retarded beyond belief. The Kabbalistic Covid is a means towards pushing the entire Western world, much more attached to liberties than riceniggers are, into a globalist communistic panopticon based on Digital ID and the Chinese Social Credit, with your city and houses stuffed with snitchy sensors. Then it's 00:00:00 and GAME OVER.
>>20503 Like the simulation before 9/11, like the simulation before Covid.
>>20537 Take a look at our local National Bolshevism thread, the one with the sickle and the hammer in nazi style. You will appreciate how NB and Duginism are very deceptive if you're not aware of the duplicity. >>3362 Actually, lemme bump it for you.
>>20537 Read the section on the BIS in Goodson's history of central banking: https://archive.org/details/a-history-of-central-banking-and-the-enslavement-of-mankind-pdfdrive/page/n93/mode/2up?view=theater The book should be basic reading for everyone. Aaron Russo also says the same thing near the end of this interview: https://www.brighteon.com/6049230424001 If I remember correctly, he says it after the 1hr mark. The whole interview is interesting because Russo was personally acquainted with one of the Rothschilds; even though Russo seems a lolbertarian unaware of the JQ, and he is talking to a tool. The idea that the jews don't control Russia and China seems to me wishful thinking, if not malicious dis-info. No one ever gives any plausible evidence that the jews gave up control Russia and China after going through the trouble of having those heavily financed Marxist revolutions. What, they just gave up power because...? Duginists never explain. Never let your wishful thinking cloud the facts, always be a realist and face up to the truth.
>>20609 Sorry, Russo was acquainted with one of the Rockefellers, not Rothschilds.
>>20537 I think to take the China stuff seriously, you'd have to believe that jews don't control the West and more specifically, the US. It's very clear that that's a laughable assertion.
My original post got deleted. I got coerced into taking a booster shot. My dad told me it's the last time. I don't believe him. So far all I've gotten is arm pain and the arm being weak. Feeling a bit feverish. I'll update more later on in here. As obvious, don't take any shot. This is not to encourage anyone to "try out" the jabs.
>>20612 Russo got killed but I heard he was a kike too. I remember watching the interview more than a decade ago when those 9/11, RFID and banking cartel videos started to get released. Back then Youtube was something else, there was much less filtering, they were much less prepared. >>20617 Bot post.
>>20619 He was actually named Aaron Russo.
(7.47 MB 854x480 BNGyp4YUquKI.mp4)
>>20478 mind if I ask what's under the second tarp?
>>20705 Just the default tent cover, mostly used for wind since the top tarps are water/mold proof
Robert Kennedy Jr on Vaccines and Gates https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/robert-kennedy-jr-exposes-gates-fauci-and-govt-collusion-in-interview-with-tucker-carlson/ https://archive.ph/I72ey >...if you’re a vaccine company and you injure somebody, no matter how grievous the injury, no matter how reckless your conduct, no matter how negligent you were, no matter how toxic the ingredient, nobody can sue you. >Pfizer in the 80s assumed their DTP vaccine caused permanent brain injury or death at a rate 1 in 15'000, the CDC listed the serious injury rate at merely “one in a million”, and later it was found to be one in 300. >Congress and Reagan then pass the Vaccine Act, giving pHarma blanket freedom from liability. >vaccines are the only product that never has to be safety-tested >not one of the 72 doses (administered in a series of 16 shots) of vaccines that are given to children has ever been safety-tested against a placebo in pre-clinical trials. >So nobody can tell you with a scientific certainty whether any of those products are causing more deaths and injuries than they’re averting >Kennedy says that Gates uses his foundation’s influence over the WHO to require countries to use the vaccines he is heavily invested in or they will no longer receive the money from the WHO that they require to operate See also this from last year: https://www.gfilotto.com/bill-gates-of-hell (not an endorsement of that website) >Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter, who was fighting Bill Gates on vaccine policy, mysteriously ended up dying along with her boy in a “freak canoe accident”. >Gates bribes the Indian government with $1.2B, mandates polio vaccines and leaves 496'000 children paralyzed between 2000 and 2017. >Indian government then stops the Gates polio vaccines and paralysis rates dropped precipitously. >In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony “tetanus” vaccine campaign. >After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing sterility vaccines for over a decade. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines. >In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI and PATH, Gates funds private pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines, and a massive network of pharmaceutical-industry front groups that broadcast deceptive propaganda, develop fraudulent studies, conduct surveillance and psychological operations against vaccine hesitancy and use Gates’ power and money to silence dissent and coerce compliance. >In his recent nonstop Pharmedia appearances, Gates appears gleeful that the Covid-19 crisis will give him the opportunity to force his third-world vaccine programs on American children.
Latest Estimate of Vax Deaths in USA. https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/latest-vaers-estimate-388000-americans https://archive.ph/e51Oq -VAERS Analysis finds the underreporting factor URF to be 44.64 -This number agrees with Steve Kirsch's estimate of URF = 41 -Using VAERS data, as of Dec 14 2021, best estimate of the number of “excess deaths” caused by the vaccine is 388,000 -In the Pfizer trial, you were much more likely to die if you got the vaccine than if you got the placebo. A tiny detail they tried to bury in the published paper. As the clinical trial showed, the vax was more likely to kill you than to save you. -Annualized deaths is 423'000. It's still an open question what the real vaccination rate is. If they lie so blatantly about everything else, why wouldn't they lie about the number of people vaccinated? -On top of that, only 5% of batches are responsible for all the adverse events >>17310. If everyone got the kill-shot there would have been 7.7million deaths by now due to the vax in the US alone. -It's also completely unknown what the long-term effects of these vaccines are. Half the people with myocarditis could die in 5 years. Prion diseases, autoimmune diseases, reproductive issues...
>>20085 >It means Biden is going to personally gas us with arsine. That's schizo. But I'll raise you. What if they do the gassing to make people go to the ER where they get arsenic put into their sinus with that long-ass covid test. This will of course worsen the symptoms and along with a positive covid test they have all the excuses they need to put you in a room where your relatives aren't allowed so they can't see when the kike witch nurses administer the killing solution via IV while humming their fucking spells.
>>20754 If (((they))) call something schizo, it's most likely true. Also, you will hardly see this theory pushed through the usual disinfo channels. Arsine is only an example, them using chemical agents is nothing novel, and it's actually the cheapest and most effective solution for what they plan, as long as it can dissolve after a while and as long as it doesn't make the area permanently and cumulatively toxic. Oh, and they also spray fecal matter to cause bacterial infections
>>20761 Ok schizo (((They're))) literally intentionally getting us to be anti vax so that they can killl us with the virus
(2.00 MB 848x848 pagan.mp4)
>>20764 the board knows it isn't the virus that kills I would rather die than take the mark postunrel
>>20764 Whatever, retard. Covid doesn't exist. The vaccines are poison, it's all a plot to gradually normalize further government overreach and control, vaccine passports, microchipping (look at Sweden) and to eventually institute the Mark of the Beast.
(64.12 KB 1024x768 pepsi covid walmart.jpg)
>>20770 Isn't the simplest explanation that the corona virus likely does exist, but its lethality was overblown especially for non-elderly demographics. That the vaccines were rushed to market for profit and to consolidate government and corporate power. And its side effects and lethality might be comparable to if not worse than the corona virus itself, especially when taken by younger people who were not at as much risk from the actual virus itself. Basically you don't even need to believe the virus doesn't exist to explain all of the other shit going on.
>>20764 That might have been plausible 2 years ago, not today. They push for both vax and anti-vax propaganda anyway, it's meant to divide people and set them against each other, sow confusion and distract while they implement E-Talmud. Vax is poison, but it's not the only poison with which they can kill you, most people seem to forget that. >>20780 Perhaps, the virus does exist but is relatively harmless, so they ramp up it's lethality and severity by poisoning people...
(990.90 KB 1284x1118 image5.png)
>>20780 Yes.
(1.26 MB 640x360 david is driving.mp4)
I need a source to the claim that about 200 rhesus monkeys died during covid vaccine testing.
>>18697 What does this have to do with fascism?
>>19808 It's both
>>19851 Nikado is manlier than you
(5.97 KB 450x457 fash_laugh.png)
>>20865 The newfag here never heard about projects Pogo and Zyphr
(80.18 KB 539x850 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20865 We've always allowed threads for major ongoing happenings of interest to posters here, newfren.
>>20877 They are using professional sports to try to sell the legitimacy of corona.
>>20877 Funny cohencidence how these leaky vaccines allow the virus to continue to propagate and evolve among the vaccinated, creating a situation where they can sell you infinite new vaccines and boosters. Combined with all of the imcompetency (n-95 masks do nothing!) you have to wonder if these jewish corporations and governments really want to end the pandemic, or if it's more in their interest to make it the new normal.
>>20879 Yup, it's becoming as clear as day now. Fat retards will sit in front of their TVs and see that their precious sportsball has been cancelled because of 'Covid', and then it will be stuck in their mind that Covid is still rampaging through the world and disrupting aspects of their life. I think people are starting to realize that a lot of this is a meme, at least where I live. Their box of tricks will only work on smaller and smaller numbers of people as time passes and the Jew cries 'Covid!' one too many times. Of course though, they have created a situation with a segment of the population, as >>20880 points out, that are essentially operating on sunk-cost, in that they are going to keep getting the vaccines, boosters, Covid pills and other scams until they drop dead from a heart attack or turn into some sort of mutant. It's the same sort of scam they do with trannies, by turning them into perpetual patients of the pharmaceutical industry.
>>20879 You mean, niggerball?
>>20881 >Fat retards will sit in front of their TVs and see that their precious sportsball has been cancelled because of 'Covid', and then it will be stuck in their mind that Covid is still rampaging through the world and disrupting aspects of their life. Yes, that's the idea. >>20884 Yes.
https://twitter.com/i/status/1475617300317310980 Antivax protestors in NYC making their stand in a Burger King.
>>20875 Are projects Pogo and Zyphr real?
>>20909 Why does everyone in cali/new York act like they're on a TV show
>>20734 >WHO finally admitted it had been developing sterility vaccines for over a decade. While I will not cry over niggers being sterilized in large quantities, a direct citation from the WHO would be welcome. This could be then used against NPCs since these idiots are so concerned about the niggers' well being. You gotta adapt facts to baby's tastes, right? In fact I could unironically stand behind Gates if I knew that he wasn't working with kikes against Whites.
>>20754 That is totally possible. The thing to understand here is that they do not need to blanket the entire population with poison to maintain the narrative. In fact, as they need minute control, they require only small quantities of people to hit and push into the slaughterhouses FEMA-Covid-ER where they will administer whatever they want and the staff, most of it anyway, won't even know what they contribute to, for the same reason that few scientists have actually looked into what's in the vials. >>20770 >microchipping (look at Sweden) First, what? What kind of program for microchipping is being pushed in Sweden? Second, what?? How can they force this in Sweden on the back of scare tactics related to Covid when Sweden has been allowed to be the odd duck there, super lenient on its antiviral policies? >>20881 I have seen in the news signs that even the double vaccinated have had enough of the flu show. >>20909 >going to the Capitol to defend Trump and democracy >going to Burger King to defend freedom and truth USA rn
eugyppius.substack.com/p/omicron-is-not-normal >Omicron is Not Normal >Everything suggests this variant was leaked from a laboratory engaged in gain-of-function research. >Omicron is not normal. No immediate progenitors are known; its closest relatives are viruses last seen in early- to mid-2020. >The orthodox explanation for this awkward fact, is that it has spent the last 18 months lurking “in a geography with poor genomic surveillance … or … in a chronically infected individual.” The simpler explanation is that it leaked from a laboratory. >As el gato malo and others have indicated, evidence is strong that Omicron circulates preferentially in the vaccinated. In all likelihood, it is the result of gain-of-function research, in which SARS-2 was passaged repeatedly through convalescent or vaccinated plasma, in the hopes of helping the virus evade acquired immunity. The purpose of this research would be to anticipate future immune-escape variants that vaccines might target. > >Omicron carries a series of highly unlikely and suspicious mutations in its spike protein. It is hard to imagine that these mutations can have arisen via natural processes, because all but one of them are nonsynonymous – that is, they code for different amino acid sequences. Starkly mutated variants favoured by natural selection should have a great many meaningless synonymous mutations as well. Synonymous mutations means you can trace the evolution of the genome as it leaves amino acid footprints, so to speak, until reaching destination. But with Omicron, an observation of its own spike form shows that we go straight to a nearly all new set of mutations. We know that vaccinated people are carriers and most likely spreaders, otherwise without spreading the virus wouldn't jump from one person to another. Nevertheless, if the not-Xi Omicron variant had evolved in a vaccinated variant, not only would there be many many combinations, but the natural evolution could be traced back to the earlier variant. Like some kind of natural blockchain. Yet with Omicron, it's like having a blockchain said to be based on an old variant, which would result into a long blockchain, yet we only get one or two blocks at most when looking at the spike's genetic makeup. >Omicron’s ancestors may have spent a significant amount of time adapting to mouse cells, before re-entering human hosts. >Omicron appears selected to replicate primarily in the bronchial tract. Deeper in the human lung, it functions far less efficiently than Delta or the first strains from Wuhan. This is probably why it causes mostly mild illness, and it is reminiscent of techniques used to make live attenuated influenza vaccines safer for use in humans. Such vaccines are cold-adapted, that is, selected to circulate primarily in the cooler upper respiratory tract rather than in the warmer, more vulnerable lungs. > >The balance of the evidence is that Omicron leaked from a lab engaged in SARS-2 vaccine research. There are many possibilities: It might represent a live, attenuated virus vaccine used informally among researchers, that mutated back to virulence and escaped; it might have been released accidentally; it could even be an attempt to develop a self-spreading vaccine to immunise animals or third world populations. There are several links in the article, including a secondary source confirmation.
>you're not going to get covid if you get the vaccine Video compilation of this lie and later contradiction
Sorry forgot the file after captcha
Jewish Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Herzl award from the World Jewish Congress
Even Pissrael has had some rowdy protests against the vax passport: https://twitter.com/sylwie_sch/status/1473656698925633545
(956.61 KB 1421x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20978 >flashes the tribe hand sign
>>20912 >ongoing extermination and tagging of the herd is tHiS hApPeNiNg For ReAl gOyS? are you blind or just stupid?
>>20960 What if Omicron is the cure? >>20979 lol
More evidence on the vax trials being rigged: https://maryannedemasi.com/publications/f/are-adverse-events-in-covid-19-vaccine-trials-under-reported https://archive.is/COYyP Background: a literature review previously showed that vaccine studies published in science journals reported fewer adverse events than internal company documents. In the Pfizer and AstraZeneca covid vaccine trials participants were given digital apps to record adverse events. The problem is that there was a pre-selected list of adverse events they could choose from, but no way for them to record anything not on that app list, such as myocarditis, transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or thrombosis; which we now know are indeed adverse events of the vax. When someone experienced one of these unlisted serious adverse events they were removed from the trials and not included in the data of adverse vax events. Apparently this is common practice in vaccine trials, anyone who experiences a serious adverse events is simply removed as an "intercurrent illness", i.e. the drug company claims the person develops an illness unrelated to the trial and then uses that as an excuse to remove the adverse event from the data; this destroys the whole integrity of a randomized control trial. For example in the Pfizer covid vax trial, there was the famous example of 13-year-old Maddie De Garay, who had a severe reaction to the first shot, leaving her in a wheelchair and fed by a nasogastric tube. The doctors gaslighted the family by saying she had a mental health problem, and her disability was unrelated to the injection; as a result she isn't going to receive the correct medical treatment for her reaction to the shot, she's being subjected to further medical mal-practice by being treated for a mental illness she doesn't have, while her real physical injuries are being ignored; all so that Pfizer can have excuse to remove her severe adverse reaction from the trial data. This explains why the published data shows a significant increase in minor adverse events, like headaches, but not in serious adverse events. For example, the link to myocarditis doesn't show in the trial data, but was only seen after they started injecting the wider public. CDC data also shows that there is a spike in deaths post-injection in the first few weeks before it levels out, which suggests a causal link. Well worth reading the full article. TLDR: drug companies just remove severe adverse events from the published data and act like they never happened.
(731.80 KB 676x791 ClipboardImage.png)
They are admitting the truth but the next sentence kills it with fear. There’s no time to wait! Emergency, emergency! Run for your fourth shot or die! https://archive.fo/Eq2WD
>>21003 My greatest ally says I need this, wtf pure blood bros I don't feel so good
(300.24 KB 740x534 Zurich ICU occupancy 2021.png)
(33.05 KB 828x610 hospital beds UK since 2000.jpg)
Summary and history of the fake pandemic, by Dr Thomas Binder, Swiss cardiologist with a doctorate in immunology and virology: https://www.thomasbinder.ch/post/the-prevailing-corona-nonsense-narrative https://archive.is/BfXDX Last year Dr Binder was arrested and put in a psychiatric ward for saying there wasn't a pandemic. History -In 2006 a fake pertussis epidemic was caused by the use of the PCR test. Months later all of the bacterial cultures, the diagnostic gold standard for pertussis, come back negative. -The last fake pandemic was the 2009 swine flu, H1N1. Dr Drosten predicts millions of deaths worldwide, and the WHO relaxes the criteria for declaring a pandemic. Based on the WHO declaration of a pandemic, countries purchase hundreds of millions of expensive antiviral drugs and hundreds of millions of doses of hastily approved vaccines. Eventually critics of the fake pandemic, like Drs Bhakdi and Wodarg gain a hearing in the media, and the global madness ends. Swine flu kills between 150 000 to 600 000 people globally. -In October 2019, the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum run a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic, which is suspiciously like the alleged current pandemic. The event is attended by the UN, WHO, governments, global corporations in the fields of high finance, pharmaceuticals, the media, as well as Dr George Gao, director of the Chinese CDC. The participants say the only way such a pandemic can be tackled is by global governance and private cooperation, supporting large businesses while sacrificing smaller ones, censoring critics, and vaccinating the entire world. The Current Fake Pandemic -Dec 2019, the Chinese CDC, led by Dr. George Gao, reports a mysterious new coronavirus to the WHO -Jan 2020, Dr Drosten et al. submit a paper on a PCR test for the detection of this new virus. It is accepted just the next day and published in the journal EuroSurveillance another day later [it's impossible to do a review in that time]. But the WHO had already posted the Drosten PCR test on its website one week before its publication and recommended it as the global diagnostic gold standard. -Drosten also publishes a paper on asymptomatic transmission of covid, which is contrary to decades of prior research, and which later turns out to be rubbish. -March 2020 the WHO declares a pandemic. Meanwhile, its Director-General, Dr. Ghebreyesus, has been accused of genocide in Ethiopia. -Unlike in 2009, this time there is blanket censorship of dissenting doctors and scientists, including the leading expert in scientific fraud, Prof Ioannidis, and Drs Bhakdi and Wodarg. -In most countries there is no exceptional excess mortality. ICU occupancy, whose capacities have been massively reduced in the course of the alleged pandemic, has never been unusually high. -The PCR test is not fit for purpose. No culturable viruses are present in samples with a Ct value above 28, while tests are performed with Ct >35. -There is effective prophylaxis, like vit D3, budesonide, HCQ, ivermectin, anticoagulants etc. -Covid is evolving to become more contagious but less dangerous. -Normal response to a suspected pandemic is to form a representative cohort for study, which was never done for covid. -Pic shows ICU occupancy in Zurich for 2021. Note when the number of covid patients (yellow line) goes up, it is mirrored by a drop in non-covid patients (green line), suggesting that all they do is randomly re-label patients as having covid on the basis of a PCR test. Total ICU occupancy from all causes is relatively stable. Notice also the drop in total ICU beds. Wouldn't health authorities do the opposite in a real pandemic? Since April 2020, Switzerland has cut ICU beds from over 1500 to under 900. -Second pic also shows drastic reduction in UK hospital beds since 2000, while there has been mass immigration in the same period. Governments complain of hospitals allegedly being overwhelmed by covid, while at the same time drastically reducing hospital and ICU beds.
HAPPENING Old Parliament House badly damaged by fire as federal police drag away protesters in Canberra >A fire at the doors of Old Parliament House in Canberra has caused extensive damage to the front of the building as protesters were dragged away by police. >Just before 12pm on Thursday ACT Emergency Services were called to the scene to find the front doors alight. https://7news.com.au/news/canberra-fires/flames-flow-from-the-steps-of-old-parliament-house-in-canberra-as-federal-police-engage-with-protesters-c-5129137 Things are heating up...
>>21030 >freedom causes people to burn things That means gulag camps are WORKING
(125.85 KB 500x835 arson.jpg)
>>21030 Aww, I thought it was the White house burning.
>>21030 >Things are heating up... Not really. A 'start' would entail beaded jews and body parts
>>20979 You might be able to tell me if I am mistaken here, I remember seeing a picture of a Sumerian wall engraving, said to represent two or three noble people holding one palm in the other. I do not think this is typically le jew hand thing, since you actually need to rub them. >>20995 >The problem is that there was a pre-selected list of adverse events they could choose from, but no way for them to record anything not on that app list, such as myocarditis, transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or thrombosis; which we now know are indeed adverse events of the vax. Oh, these symptoms: Dead, fucked up, brain damaged, paralyzed, etc. But a trifle! < we didn't include options you could not realistically select and report anyway
>>21003 4th dose. Soon the fifth. This is what I "like" about Jews, their sheer audacity. Why not anyway, normies suck it up like sweet milk so why pass on the extra cash? Still trying to flatten the curve aren't we? >>21006 Whatever it is, it cannot be the vaccine. Must be something running in your filthy goy family.
>>21039 You people are never pleased with anything, even government buildings can be lit on fire and it's still bad.
>>21044 If it escalates further it could be interesting. But we've seen similar things with the Yellow Vests that only ended up fizzling out. After a while one starts to notice a pattern where it seems like a pressure release valve unless you can reach escape velocity. Videos attached are all from frog/yellow vest stuff, to be clear.
In the clip Robert F. Kennedy explains why they are pushing so hard to get the vax approved for children. Full interview: www.yewtu.be/watch?v=lkKOt4SYYiY
I used to post very regularly in the last COVID thread. I've taken a long break. I found this article interesting. Perhaps most of you already know the concepts in the article, but it is still interesting to see it articulated succinctly. >The COVID Narrative Is Insane & Illogical... And Maybe That's No Accident https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/covid-narrative-insane-illogical-and-maybe-thats-no-accident
>>21044 >You people are never pleased with anything, even government buildings can be lit on fire and it's still bad. <Not my government buildings! There's an old Pierce podcast where he talks about how rioters in Capitalist Russia seized control of the government while the real powers deployed the military to defend the TV stations. The rioters were no better for their seizure and soon lost what they had gained. When these COVID rioters start destroying, or better yet seizing the mass media to broadcast the truth about WWII, then things will be getting interesting.
(990.36 KB 800x800 npc media.png)
>>21069 I guess you're right - the places of communication and the media are far more strategically important to ZOG than any old government building is. Those are mostly for show.
>>21067 Good article, thanks for the link.
>>21160 Thank you rabbi :DDD you truly are my greatest ally :DDDD many choices are hard but freedom isn't free :DDD
>>21049 Their fight was pathetic tbh, starting with a mere concerned for money and the rise of price on oil. It even got triggered by an old lady iirc. It got poisoned with most urban strife turned heavily leftist. Some far right elements and figures were spotted though, but as said, all of these are nothing more than pressure valves that result in a lot of damage to citizens' assets but never ever coalesce and fall unto the political and financial seats of power, despite them being right there, out in the open, for all to see. Then the dogs got slapped some with Covid and they all behaved like the goyyim they're supposed to be.
>>21069 Let's agree to disagree. Once you kick the politicians out of the picture, you have a direct access to those behind. The TV are only there to control the masses and what would the military protecting the TV change to a proper coup, to which the masses are absolutely irrelevant? The problem in Russia was the fact that the army was acting like a bunch of mercenaries directly in the hands of those who have the politicians on their payrolls and the rioters were almost anecdotal. Besides nobody today would even want to hear about the WW2 truth. So the real question is how do you bleed the army and the police forces so that enough of them actually join you? Their expertise and knowledge of many strategic points of each county, state or country give us a chance to hit the government where it hurts.
>>21067 The self contrarian nature of the entire narrative coupled to the constant absurdity and the dehumanizing and humiliation requests is typical psychic torture used by communist states. It's Jewish, it's all. There's even a meme that flies around the webs that perfectly establishes this through a comparison of measures that have been applied in a communist shit hole in the recent history and what we're going through right now in the world. But ain't it boring? We know who does this and (((they))) have started something they would not stop, they cannot stop and must not stop. >>21160 Not even surprised. Out local ZOG's official guidelines were starting to merge Covid and flu and a month or two later with also saw papers talking about all-in-one vaccines.
(1.13 MB 500x533 ezgif-7-61f260efbb6a.gif)
qt romantic interest got first dose. Moderna. Say somthing comforting, you fucking faggots. She was sceptical and just did it because she couldn't take it anymore with their psyop bullshit. Saying she regrets it now. It ain't that bad, right? propably just a placebo. She's doing fine Weird. I didn't feel anything when my worthless family got the jab
>>21276 Aye man it happens but dont count on her having children
>>21190 Encourage more uncontrolled gibs so their pension is worthless combined with supporting niggers rioting
Pathology Results on the Vaccinated https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/bhakdiburkhardt-pathology-results https://archive.ph/Ug1Ew Bhakdi and Burkhardt did autopsies on the bodies of 15 people who died post-vaccination. All 15 deaths had been declared unrelated to the vaccine by the coroner. The autopsies revealed that the vaccine was implicated in 14 of the 15 deaths, or 93% of deaths post-vaccination. Dr Bhakdi chaired the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz from 1990 until his retirement in 2012. He has published over 300 research articles in the fields of immunology, bacteriology, virology and parasitology, and served from 1990 to 2012 as Editor-in-Chief of Medical Microbiology and Immunology Dr. Arne Burkhardt headed the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen for 18 years. He has over 150 published scientific articles. Commentary from a doctor wishing to remain anonymous [summarized]: If the findings are confirmed by other pathologists with additional samples, and if they are combined with the findings of Dr. [Charles] Hoffe (>60% inoculant recipients have elevated D-dimer tests and evidence of clotting) and Dr. [Ryan] Cole (increase in cancers after inoculation, including twenty-fold increase in uterine cancer), we are seeing a disaster of unimaginable proportions. The conclusion is that essentially EVERY inoculant recipient suffers damage, with more damage after each shot. Given the seriousness of the types of damage (autoimmune diseases, cancer, re-emergent dormant infections, clotting/strokes, cardiac damage, etc.), these effects will translate into lifespan reduction, which should be counted as deaths from the inoculations. So, in the USA, where ~200M people have been fully inoculated, the number of deaths will not be the 10,000 or so reported in VAERS, or the 150,000+ scaled-up deaths from VAERS, but could be closer to tens of millions when the inoculation effects play out!
>>21281 Do you have a sourcerino on that? Will she get uterine cancer? >>18922 >>18932 Possible she just got some kind of placebo?
>>21334 Listen mate theres a low chance its a placebo and from family and friends the thing about heavy menstrual cycles and pain in the balls is really common so its doing something. https://archive.ph/jWOO5
>>21346 This. The whole 'most are placebos' is cope. Reality is, we are well beyond the point of preserving anything.
>>21365 fuck you nigger cunt
is everyone dead yet? I'm tired of bullets being 5x the price of a year ago
>>21368 The vast majority of people who got vaccinations will probably be relatively OK, but with higher incidence of long-term health effects like heart issues, immune system issues, or somewhat increased chance of stillbirth and miscarriage. And of course some percentage will have died shortly after getting it but that % will likely be less than 1. The boring reality of "slow" decay. Still waiting for that black swan event everyone seems to be waiting for. But rice rabies could be part of the trigger for it.
Lord Fauci just confirmed what 'conspiracy theorists' have been saying from the start: you'll have to take an endless number of quaccines and you'll never be fully vaccinated. Will these retards ever realise that the 'conspiracy theorists' have been right about everything?
>>21379 He can say that, but it's not going to materialize and he doesn't have the power to make it happen.
>>21379 >Will these retards ever realise that the 'conspiracy theorists' have been right about everything? No, but those who don't kind of deserve it at this point. >>21191 It was funny seeing the reactions when during Q3 2021 the FDA basically said, "vaccinations won't ever get rid of COVID, take it anyway you filthy goyim".
>>21381 >FDA Meant CDC
>>21380 That's quite true.
The tl;dr of this PDF is that the vaccines contain Graphene oxide which is toxic to humans and the government will create an EMP attack or a 5G frequency that will kill the vaxxcattle. How likely is this hypothesis?
And the Chad pure of blood shall inherit the earth. Your Whitepill for today: Vaccinated Women Are Now Lying About Their Vax Status As More Men See Them As Infertility Risk https://archive.ph/s58nd https://thecovidworld.com/vaccinated-women-are-now-lying-about-their-vax-status-as-more-men-see-them-as-infertility-risk/ Say strong brothers.
>>21390 Funnily enough, this is not what I would classify as a Whitepill, the women having taken the vaccine in this instance being White females, forcing the unvaxxed chads to settle with negresses and spics when all is said and done. Put simply, all White women, at least to my knowledge from 4/pol/ and my area, have taken the shot and are now reproductively invalid. It really is a shame, as I have green eyes and red hair, and now finding a eugenically compatible woman to pass my genetics on is now borderline impossible, a most unfortunate effect of the vax bullshit forced upon us by the Jews to slowly kill of our kind by 2025 to 2030. The only White woman I know who is unvaxxed has brown eyes and black hair, not compatible for breeding with a White man who has recessive traits, adapted for coldest most desolate regions of Northwestern Europe. Shockingly enough, most of the women who are anti-vax are either niggers, latinas, and if they are White, they are of the Mediterranean variety. It's hard to be a Nordic, one of the purest of the White subraces, and know that all of your women are vaxxed. I guess I'll have to roll the dice with a vaxxed blonde, hope I can wake her up, get her pregnant, and have a healthy White child. Just because someone is White doesn't mean they are necessarily, safe to breed with. There is a reason why Whites are superior to other races, and that was because we practiced eugenics prior to Christianity. Our ancestors selected based on hair, eye color, intellect, et cetera, wheras semites, negroids, and chinks literally selected around ass and tits. Think before you declare something a White pill.
>>21391 >most of the women who are anti-vax are either niggers, latinas Why must God punish us like this? I wish that only Whites didn't take the vaccine. I figured that the vax can wipe out the shitskins.
>>21391 The vaccine will only continue having an effect if they keep getting the boosters, I'd estimate a year or so after getting it the body will have sufficiently destroyed whatever meddling the vax has done and begin repairing the body properly.
>>21391 If all White people have taken the vaccine and the vaccine is a death shot -- then why are they still bothering with all the threats, pressure tactics, etc.?
>>21397 The same reason a python doesn't let go its prey until its last breath.
>>21397 People seem to forget that kikes are sadistic fucks with no sense of honor, which is precisely why they continue to do what they do; it's all for their sick amusement at this point. By the way, I explicitly said "all women", most if not all people who refused the vax in our race are men; thus, we may almost certainly be at a point where it would not even matter if we revolted, for we would simply be dead within a generation due to the fact that there are no fertile White women left on this godforsaken rock. >>21398 Big brain post. With how quickly everything has gone to shit, this leads me to believe that the whole frog in a pot metaphore is utter horseshite, as the Jews can push as far as they want and as fast as they want without any repercussion, so long as the bread and circuses are intact, thus gaurenteeing our degradation and extinction at the hands of these vermin who have crept into our lands from the sewers of the Orient. Why, I am almost surprised they didn't push the tranny shit, the forced racial mixing, hatespeech, and gun grabs all within 1950. Whites still probably wouldn't do shit, the allure of TV and barbecue too strong to get them to leave their bloody couches. Hell, I don't even know why we even bother posting here anymore, as all we seem to do is bitch about our inevitable and rightly deserved fate at this point, too cucked and cowardly to do anything. I really am starting to think that WWII was the final blow and becoming redpilled was just a waste of our time. I admit I won't do anything, but neither will any of you.
>>21401 Based and endpilled Have kids though We were always doomed to face extinction/ragnarok at some point anyway. Doesnt mean we cant try to be as great and glorious heroes as possible. Even if all the light disappears from the world, should monsters consume the sun and moon and stars, we should still strive to be our own light and burn fierce and bright before that final endless miscegenated night
>>21403 >Have children with subhuman abominations. Nah, I just wanna see this world burn to ash before my eyes, leaving nothing for non-Whites, considering Humanity is pretty much gone anyway by this point. If I could, I would take a nuclear bomb with a yield of—say—a hundred megatons, line the thing with cobalt, and watch from the top of a mountain as everything on this rock dies. If we are going to die off, and let's face it, we are, it is best to salt the Earth, leaving behind an irradiated ball of shit floating through the ether devoid of land-based life. That is the point to overthrowing the government now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEtldt-FI8Y
>>21401 >Big brain post >we >our Niggerpiller’s on the loose
>>21406 That ain't no niggerpiller, you are just in the first stage of grief: denial.
>>21407 You too are a faggot in denial.
In what way am I denial, retard?
>>21391 >uwääää all my women are infertile there's no harm trying, you know
>>21410 LOL, I already tried that and it didn't work. The vaccines literally destroys all their eggs so they can no longer have kids. I know this because I actually tried. Vaxxed women don't get their periods anymore.
>>21411 This. That is what heavy periods do, as it is all of woman's eggs getting dumped from her box. It is also the reason why most women with PCOS can't have kids.
>>21411 I know. Our extinction is guaranteed. Get over it, you little baby and find a hobby. Let us LARP/vent in peace.
Dr Robert Malone: The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=4NDs55GCfJs Kinda interesting to see a normal, leftist academic coming round to what the 'conspiracy theorists' having being saying for decades.
>>21397 They haven't, there are reports they are consistently overestimating both the pooulation that has taken the covid-19 (variant here) "vaccine" and the numbers of people with the virus. It's lies meant to make the blackpiller niggers feel vindicated
>>21292 AKA Jews and their mental lepers acolytes are poisoning the wells people again. They are going to push as much as they can so something will remain even if they have to retreat some way. >>21366 Yet he could be right, that the "placebos" are only the diluted form of the poison. In other news, mandates are being pushed throughout Europe now. >>21379 The tormentor of Beagles confirms the n+1 eternity of jabs. That he and his pals feel safe enough to make such statements is perhaps the most worrying part and yet the funniest, because it is so brazen, so grotesque, i wish them good luck with their private armies. >>21391 But there were too many people anyway, even among Whites. Like it or not, but most of the people who got the jabs are NPCs and idiots. Assuming the best and smartest avoid the jab, this would turn into a eugenics program, so perhaps we should exploit it?
>>21401 >Hell, I don't even know why we even bother posting here anymore, as all we seem to do is bitch about our inevitable and rightly deserved fate at this point, too cucked and cowardly to do anything. I really am starting to think that WWII was the final blow and becoming redpilled was just a waste of our time. I admit I won't do anything, but neither will any of you. Sun and Lightning. People and to suffer first, resisting the hammer, being ironed out. It's sad but that's the way it goes. Now hopes are crushed, all but one, that of a final victory through complete destruction of this Jewed reality. Focus on that anon.
(11.20 MB 406x720 give me my product.mp4)
BO please delete the "all women are infertile now" blackpill spammer
I suppose everyone has seen this story by now: CEO Of Major US Insurance Company Says Deaths Are Up 40% Among People Ages 18-64 https://archive.ph/0mI5Z https://archive.ph/HNysR https://archive.ph/3GPPb >President and CEO of the Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica said the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people. So total deaths among people aged 18-64 in 2021 is up 40% from pre-pandemic levels, which is a 12-sigma event; there was no increase in 2020. A three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic. A 12-sigma event would happen by pure chance every 2.8e32 years 2021 also saw increases in short- and long-term disability claims. The pay-out of this insurance company was the same in 2019 and 2020, $6B, more evidence suggesting nothing happened in 2020. Brian Tabor, president of the Indiana Hospital Association, said that in 2021 hospitals across the state were being inundated with patients with many different non-covid conditions. Dr. Lindsay Weaver, Indiana’s chief medical officer, said that the number of hospitalizations in Indiana is now higher than before the covid vaccine was introduced a year ago, and is higher than it’s been in the past five years. A lot of people think this is a bombshell, but I’m not sure, all these execs and public health officials are saying the increases in deaths and hospitalizations are definitely not because of the vaccine. The same insurance company is still mandating the vax for their employees, and the CEO also implied that the huge increase in deaths and hospitalizations are due to under-reporting of covid. Unless one of these people comes out and says unequivocally that the vaccines are causing all this death and injury, the authorities will just say covid is responsible. Anyway, at this point the evidence is overwhelming that these quaccines are causing enormous damage.
>>19260 Their covenant is quite strict and legalistic, and while their blood (genes) might not hold any special value per se, it is something that their god considers as a patent of sorts. Lesser Jews might be oblivious to this, but the rabbi elders put great importance to it, especially among the inner circle jewry. Why do you think they are the most anti-vax population group? Think of it as voiding a warranty by tampering with some device even slightly, regardless if it remains fully functional. Any Jew who has altered his DNA by artificial means, even if to a seemingly negligible degree, is no longer the chosen. This means that any (actual) Jew who has taken a mRNA vaccine and not a placebo/saline solution, is now technically a goy, and can be treated as such per Talmudic law. If you ever see something bad happening to a lot of them, you will know why. They will keep being used in the meantime.
(106.07 KB 800x450 It's over.jpg)
>>21424 >He said a fact. >That fact hurt my feelings. >Call him a spammer! That'll surely discredit him. Kill yourself you fucking kike. The only thing people like you do is wreck board quality by calling people who speak the truth shills, blackpillers, and feds, you pathetic fucking negroid. >Assuming the best and smartest avoid the jab, this would turn into a eugenics program, so perhaps we should exploit it? All of the women in our race, regardless if they were members of mensa or tards in the shortbus, have already taken the jab and the following booster shot that goes along with it, you retarded nigger. With women sterile, the only thing that matters is revenge, making sure the other races get nothing but extinction and misery along that road, a fitting punishment for all of them before we exit stage left from the annals of history. >>21423 The only possible scenerio I see is to nuke the entire planet so that none of these wretched creatures can inherite, the final act of vengeance before we are snuffed out for all time. If we can sieze power, we simply line the nuclear arsenal's bomb casings with cobalt, firing them across the world, saturating the surface of this wretched world with radioactive Cobalt isotopes so that no life on this world may ever return, leaving the surface—for millions or perhaps billions of years—a barren wasteland. In short, destroying this world is our only option left at this point. No White ethnostates, or even more retarded now, an ethnoglobe, just irradiated for the kikes and their shit colored pets to suffer in, until they all die of cancer, and other diseases induced far more brutal than they could ever dream of with these vaccines. When you can't win, it is time to salt the Earth and leave every party on this planet with nothing. We are at that point now. It is time to consider causing a doomsday of our own when we seize a country, preferably a US state that has nuclear weapons to fire upon this world. That is our only viable option now.
Any hope for those forced to be vaccinated? And will continue to be forced to do so?
>>21435 >it's over If you really believe that, what good does it do to post here? >>21436 Nobody is forcing you to get vaccinated.
>>21437 >If you really believe that, what good does it do to post here? Nigga, I don't think you may have heard, but this one of the last few areas in this hellhole that allows for free speech outside of tor.
>>21439 I understand.
>>21436 There is none.
(30.32 KB 400x410 back to 4.jpg)
>>21439 >Nigga
>>21437 because he thinks it's funny to demoralize this board and has samefagged a lot in the past trying to achieve that goal.
>>21443 >because he thinks it's funny to demoralize this board and has samefagged a lot in the past trying to achieve that goal. It's the truth, though, you mental invalid.
>>21445 you need to get into a burning car wreck already fucking annoying retard
>>21421 They only need to get one of the sexes to succum to the vax and they already have. You are just in denial.
>>21446 Come to think of it, you would probably off yourself and livestream if you accepted reality as is.
>>21450 you are so obviously disingenuous it's almost funny, but you have consciously bad intent behind your posts and so it's just obnoxious. fall down a flight of stairs faggot.
>>21453 Did you notice they took a break during the holidays? >>21436 Why bother getting vaxxed this late? Shit's only going to get worse so it's not like 'muh job' is a valid answer.
>>21453 How's he being dishonest. He is right about at least one thing: White women have all been sterilized by the vaccines.
>>21457 >he You mean, "I" faggot. We all know you're one or two dedicated trolls at most. It's a well-established fact that non-surgical methods of causing infertility are rather temporary. Even the most advanced blockers developed can only remain active in the body for 6-8 months. If the vaccines are intended to create infertility something which I rather doubt as we only have very spurious metrics from fear mongering sources to point to then the constant boosters would be the only way to keep this effect. Keep in mind that Bill Gates' foundation got hammered for doing this very thing in Africa some years ago. The local officials claimed that the vaccines he offered had negative effects on fertility. Once the women stopped taking them, their ability to have children rebounded. However, this being Apefrica, it was never established whether there even was an effect or the local doctor were just angry that they weren't receiving their cut of the charity gibs. tl;dr you're a fag and I doubt you're genuine rather than concern trolling for either fun or (((profit)))
>>21435 >All of the women in our race, regardless if they were members of mensa or tards in the shortbus, have already taken the jab definitely a shill. This is so patently false that it's pathetic. kek. Don't get me wrong, all the kikes should be skinned alive, and revenge is a most excellent reason. But not all White women have taken the jab - at least not here in the states. Based on the women I know the number might be 20%. Maybe. And with those the vast majority fall into the single-jab-then-no-more category - which probably doesn't help them. If you're in a country with a bunch of stupid cunts, it sucks to be you. And for the record, women - regardless of IQ - are really just overgrown children with tits, and should be treated as such.
>>21461 the retard has claimed to be from british columbia before, but also claimed it was ultra-conservative or something. i don't think anything this faggot claims is true at this point.
(126.07 KB 1150x662 vax race cdc.png)
(38.66 KB 806x827 vax race 1.png)
(73.21 KB 1529x810 vax race 2.png)
(78.52 KB 1016x763 vax race 3.png)
(238.83 KB 1024x1341 72730.png)
>>21457 >muh hywte wahmen sterilized Lets unpack that Proof? Sterilization has yet to be proven, miscarriages and stillbirths have yet to be empirically proven to be link vax, and even if they are... By all accounts the vax rates between races is relatively the same. With the exception of asians who as a group have really out preformed others. In a few states black vax uptake has even been ahead of Whites. Digging even deeper, it seems the faggots and commies in the cities have the highest rate of vaccination with most of the based rural folk passing. States with majority White populations have also been reluctant to get vax or try to pass mandates for vax
>>21465 https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccination-demographic
>>>21465 >4th pic kinda funny that you can tell when all the normgroid cattle and alarmists had already taken the jew juice, also goes to show that despite how bad everything has become and how much the kikes are focusing on us we are still the most aware and thus dangerous race to them.
>>21401 >thus, we may almost certainly be at a point where it would not even matter if we revolted, for we would simply be dead within a generation due to the fact that there are no fertile White women left on this godforsaken rock. This is pure BS. You are simply looking for ways to justify doing nothing, stagnating because "blah blah blah its hopeless". Even if every single White woman who could possibly take the jab took it from age, 12 to 90, There would still be loads of girls who would grow up and be capable of childbirth when they reach adulthood in the future - as long as we secure that future for them. But we don't even have to think about that possibility, because its impossible. They massively overstate the number of jabbed to blackpill and demoralize people, and coerce them into taking it. And still it doesn't even work and people refuse the clot shot. There are millions of unvaccinated White women and they have the jews slipping and sliding in their own piss and shit begging Whites to take the vaccine. >>21435 >All of the women in our race <waaaah all 5 women i asked have taken the jab, its all over abloo bloo bloo
(14.79 KB 966x336 image.png)
>>21476 the jews already have this shit planned, there is no lie they aren't able to tell and feed the goyim with, their dominance is literally based on denying reality itself. there will never be escape from this nightmare without destroying the grip of mass media on the cattle.
>Moderna CEO warns people may need fourth Covid shot as efficacy of boosters likely to decline over time cnbc.com/2022/01/06/moderna-ceo-says-people-may-need-fourth-covid-shot-as-efficacy-of-boosters-likely-to-decline-over-time.html
>>21486 >there will never be escape from this nightmare without destroying the grip of mass media on the cattle. naming the ones responsible, and who owns the media, will in time change this. in fact it is already taking place sometimes i wonder if that is why they are so seemingly so desperate to pull this virus hoax off so fast. the time is against them. people are waking up.
>>21496 Dup?
>>21462 One other thing people forget is that he likes to fuck fatties, one of the reasons his women could be failing to conceive instead of the vaccine, as being a 300-400+ pound land whale is not conducive to good reproductive health for females. Thus, since he likely still has this degenerate fetish, I would classify him as purplepilled: redpilled on race but not on what is healthy sexuality. There was a reason why past aryan societies had rigorous fitness programs, as being a fat lump of shit was not conducive to masculinity for men and reproductive health for women. I recommend he goes to /sig/, so he can have a more natural, healthy form of sexuality instead of having an unnatural urge to fuck large, blonde women with hanging baloon tits and cottage cheese asses, assuming, of course, that he is no shill and just a depressed anon.
>>21515 >he likes to fuck fatties i almost think that's another lie to give a false portrayal of people in these circles. i think the whole claiming BC to be ultra-conservative thing is just him being a dumb faggot and picking a random majority-White population to try getting his foot in the door. very hard to take someone or their demoralizing opinion seriously when they do underhanded things like samefagging, not that they hold up to scrutiny either when people actually do put forth the effort to debunk his bullshit.
>>20395 >Operation Dark Winter, small pox attack Does anyone think that maybe the vaccines are designed to protect the sheep from this? Think about it logically. If these kikes want to get rid of their ideological opponents with minimal damage to infrastructure they would use a biological attack to wipe them out. If these "vaccines" also provide protection from the biological agent in addition to chemically lobotomizing the recipient, they just killed two birds with one stone. They have their compliant slaves, intact infrastructure and a genocide of the populist threat to the establishment.
(295.54 KB 411x412 1494867580381.png)
>>21527 Stop this retardation, please. How difficult can it be to apply simple logic? If they wanted their "ideological opponents" dead they wouldn't be pushing like crazy for EVERYONE to get the mystery juice. If the juice was for protection, they would not be forcing it on the supposed targets/enemies. Instead, this is now mandatory for each and everyone in the West. I think it's time to stop these useless conjectures and deal with the reality that White genocide is real, is happening as we speak and it is targeting all White people with no exception in regard to age, gender, income or political affiliation.
>>21529 >targeting all White people with no exception I would still argue that the targeting is not restricted to just White people. Aside from the US statistics >>21465 the WHO is on record, stating they are opposed mass rollout of "booster" shots as they wanted to prioritize making sure the third world got their first and second doses. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/21/who-repeats-warning-against-covid-booster-shots-for-healthy-people-.html https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/14/giving-covid-booster-shots-to-healthy-people-is-not-right-who-says.html >World Health Organization officials called again for wealthy nations to stop distributing Covid vaccine booster doses in hopes of making more shots available for poorer countries with lagging immunization rates. >The WHO lacks sufficient scientific data to condone the widespread use of boosters, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a press briefing Tuesday. The organization has worked to address vaccine inequities since last winter, asking world leaders on Wednesday to impose a moratorium on third doses through the end of the year to redirect surplus vaccines to low-income nations. >“There are countries with less than 2% vaccination coverage, most of them in Africa, who are not even getting their first and second dose” Tedros said. “And starting with boosters, especially giving it to healthy populations, is really not right.”
>>21527 >small pox attack Well it would be really unfortunate if the vax lowered your overall immunity and/or gave you autoimmune disease https://rumble.com/vrg9nv-dr.-nathan-thompson-bloodwork-on-vaxxed-patient-is-terrifying.html
A bit of relief from the doom & gloom.
>>21527 That would be the most logical thing to do as a little tribe of tyrants, but once the deadly disease is on the loose they will no longer have control over it and the risk of going rogue and horribly backfire on them is too much to bear for those control freaks. So creating a petty disease, fearmongering it and then convincing the unwashed masses their poison is the best answer to it is a much better, more manageable alternative. The more stubborn ones can later be dealt with more conventional methods of eradication.
>>21527 None of this shit is real. Jews openly brought in hundreds of millions of people who aren't White and gave them preferential set-asides and tax credits until they completely displaced White Americans in many/most core professional endeavors. That's their method. They aren't trying to depopulate anything. Very old populations don't engage in open rebellion -- their plan is to just wait them out. Covid is a hoax. They clumsily hyped up regular flu season for a variety of reasons: trying to create a "pharma-dollar" based on subscription medicine while also trying to tank consumption in the US to hurt China's export economy. It morphed into this class warfare angle once the elites in the Western world realized they don't have credibility with their populations and domestic resistance made them look weak and unstable to foreign power centers.
School kids in NW England are refusing to take the tests and wear masks. https://twitter.com/JamesfWells/status/1479136868591718400
(378.89 KB 567x788 ClipboardImage.png)
(618.24 KB 1238x794 ClipboardImage.png)
Surprised no one mentioned this. The chutzpah of this Jewess is unlike anything else I've ever seen. So bad, in fact, that mainstream outlets have been exposing her for making false claims. And to think that these are the people who are going to be deciding if Biden's mandate will go through.
"Triple Vaccinated Swiss Olympic Athlete Fabienne Schlumpf Diagnosed with Myocarditis – May Never be Able to Compete Again" A local newspaper confirmed that Schlumpf has been vaccinated and boosted and has never been infected with Covid before. “Nobody can say how long I will have to take a break,” she said. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/triple-vaccinated-swiss-olympic-athlete-fabienne-schlumpf-diagnose-myocarditis-may-never-able-compete/ https://archive.is/4PXTR "The Amish Covid Experiment" https://rumble.com/vnvc9x-the-amish-covid-experiment.html I missed this from last year, but it's what you expect, they don't give a shit and carried on as normal.
The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good Higher Quality Video: https://rumble.com/vqx3kb-the-pfizer-inoculations-do-more-harm-than-good.html
Bob Saget died "suddenly" at 65, and people are going off about the 'vaccine' in the comments here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10385141/Bob-Saget-dies-65-House-star-dead-Orlando-hotel-room.html#comments Dundeeknox, Winnipeg, Canada Lot's of sudden deaths before the jabs. BUT WE KNOW 100% THE VACCINES AND BOOSTERS DIDN'T KILL THEM. give-me-liberty, Florence, United States I just buried a friend yesterday. 36 yrs old - dead from stroke, developed AFIB after his booster. People better wake up. dolly daydream, london, United Kingdom Is this another another coincidence (Vaccine related) Lìeutenant Colúmbo, United States Get the jab, get a toe tag. Diving Biker, Cairo, Egypt I have just watched a video of him in two recent podcasts where he mentioned, twice, that he'd just had the booster. This must be investigated for possible vccn damage but I doubt it will. Jeffrico, Fort Lauderdale, United States Hard not to notice athletes and people like Bob dying after the jab, right?
Man tests positive for 'covid' and is sent home to isolate. Turns out it's coronavirus 229e, i.e. a cold: "Human Coronaviruses 229E, OC43, NL63, and HKU1. HCoVs 229E, OC43, NL63, and HKU1 are commonly associated with the common cold, which is typically characterized by rhinorrhea, nasal congestion, sore throat, sneezing, and cough that may be associated with fever. Together, the HCoVs are the second most common cause of the common cold after rhinoviruses." https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/human-coronavirus-229e
(((CDC director))): "The overwhelming number of death, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities": https://twitter.com/TPostMillennial/status/1480557790527635460 What the 'conspiracy theorists' have been saying from the start, nearly all these people were on death's door from other causes, and 'covid' just happened to be present.
>>21611 The question is why they are coming out and admitting it now. Like you say, this is exactly what people were saying in early 2020 and were called schizos for. What necessitates this sort of massive correction of the narrative? This isn't good for them on the face of it.
>>21608 You have no way of knowing if comment boards are real people or bots.
>>21614 >The question is why they are coming out and admitting it now. Probably economic reasons.
>>21618 I don't know, I was under the impression that the elite were making bank over these lockdowns.
They're claiming there's something new in China, a new “haemorrhagic fever virus”, which is a quality of the Ebola family of viruses. https://rumble.com/vsb5mq-dr.-robert-malone-latest-disease-spreading-across-china-an-ebola-like-hemor.html --- Dr Kory talks about the huge increase in deaths in 2021 from the insurance data: https://bestnewshere.com/huge-number-of-vax-deaths-its-getting-worse-dr-pierre-kory/ “It’s not only data from a life insurance company that came out this week that is based on CDC data that can’t be explained by Covid alone, there are huge increases of dying in this country this year. . . . They have done huge analysis of the European mortality data as well as the U.S. mortality data and they controlled for vaccination status. They found that for every age range that they looked at, the all-cause mortality of the vaccinated were increased over the unvaccinated. All-cause mortality and that means that you are more likely to die of something if you are vaccinated. . . . All-cause mortality are coming out of actual databases by credible scientists. You have life insurance companies showing the data, and you have our own federal government showing unexplained large rises in dying. . . . Don’t you think a good scientific question and a good hypothesis to test would be ‘Could these be the vaccines?’ The answer is ‘the vaccines,’ and I cannot find a better fit to answering that hypothesis than that, it’s this mass explosion of this vaccination policy with single, double and booster shots. It’s going like wildfire through the population. If the mortality of the vaccinated is higher than the unvaccinated, you have the data that you can safely and confidently conclude the vaccines are associated with and causing death.” --- Nurse Testifies to Louisiana Lawmakers. More Kids Are Dying From Vaccines Than From covid-19 Covid protocols in hospitals are killing patients https://rumble.com/vs6m8h-more-kids-are-dying-from-vaccines-than-from-covid-19-nurse-testifies-to-lou.html
>>21630 >They're claiming there's something new in China, a new “haemorrhagic fever virus”, which is a quality of the Ebola family of viruses. Kek, I've noticed they've been trying to fear-monger about various sorts of weird viruses for a few months now. Gotta keep the goyim on their toes. If only one of them would actually become a problem and wreak havoc on the West. I'm somewhat upset Covid was a hoax.
Interesting court case, but details are had to find; I had to use online translators. An autopsy confirms that a French man dies from the covid vaccine. His insurance company refuses to pay out, his family appeal to the court, and the court agrees with the insurance company, saying the vax is in phase-3 experiment, with no proven safety, and taking it is a "voluntary mortal risk not covered by the contract and legally considered suicide" (according to the online translator). The court also said he voluntarily took the vaccine and wasn't obliged or forced to. Article in French: https://ns2017.wordpress.com/2022/01/06/en-france-deces-apres-la-vaccination-dun-grand-pere-tres-fortune-ancien-chef-dentreprise-parisien-de-versailles-avec-assurance-vie-de-plusieurs-millions-deuro-pour-le-benefice-de-ses-enfants/ Seems to be based on this tweet in Italian: https://twitter.com/El_Dic_TatoR/status/1477405020526153728
>>21620 Probably not all of them.
>>21638 heh i hope that people start memeing about how taking the vax is legally classified as suicide.
>>21638 tweet not found >>21662 kek, this should be memed. too bad I am tired to try to convince people who clearly don't want to save themselves.
jew Professor Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University, knocks down the covid scamdemic. https://swprs.org/professor-ehud-qimron-ministry-of-health-its-time-to-admit-failure/ https://archive.ph/9RxBJ -It is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions. -Infections come in waves and there's no intervention (masks, lockdowns, etc.) that can stop that. -Mass testing is ineffective -You refused to admit that recovery is more protective than a vaccine. -You refused to admit that the vaccinated are contagious despite the observations. -Based on this, you hoped to achieve herd immunity by vaccination—and you failed in that as well. -You have not set up an effective system for reporting side effects from the vaccines. -Doctors avoid linking side effects to the vaccine, lest you persecute them as you did to some of their colleagues. -You chose to publish non-objective articles together with senior Pfizer executives on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. -You can clearly see that the destruction you have caused has only added victims beyond the vulnerable to the virus. The economy you ruined, the unemployed you caused, and the children whose education you destroyed—are the surplus victims as a result of your own actions only. -There is currently no medical emergency, but you have been cultivating such a condition for two years now because of lust for power, budgets and control. More Evidence of Pre-Existing Immunity to Covid https://dailysceptic.org/2022/01/10/imperial-finally-acknowledges-pre-existing-immunity-to-covid-19-what-took-it-so-long/ https://archive.ph/iDhZU -T-cells from common cold coronaviruses can provide protection against covid. -Study was begun in September 2020, but only published now. They're suggesting this 'new' knowledge should help develop new 'vaccines', hence the delay. -“We found that high levels of pre-existing T cells, created by the body when infected with other human coronaviruses like the common cold, can protect against covid infection”. -Cross-immunity was proposed early on, but it was rejected without evidence because they wanted to act like this was some deadly new virus that no one had immunity to and everyone was going to die from (and yet they knew it was similar enough to call it sars-cov-2). -Pre-existing immunity explains why lockdowns have no effect; why only 5-20% of people get infected in each wave, same as for flu. -Exposure to pathogens has been shown to reinforce the immune system against pathogens without infection-proper occurring, and some experts have suggested social distancing may have weakened our immune systems through reduced exposure.
>>21642 Only the top of the top. They're the ones pulling the strings. Other competing interest groups might want to open up, but the giga-kikes of the world want it to keep going on.
>>21669 So, narrative flip incoming?
(401.75 KB 615x946 vaccinenotlegallymandated.png)
(102.83 KB 1092x727 pig-transplant.jpg)
>>21638 Is it something to do with pic related? On other news... Surgeons transplant pig's heart into human for first time https://(vvvvvv).cnet.com/news/surgeons-transplant-pigs-heart-into-human-for-first-time/ https://archive.is/wJzKS Needless to say how much of a goldmine this is going to be when millions of people worldwide will suddenly, if not already, develop heart problems because of the jewish concoctions, as well as further leading the way to (((transhumanism))).
>>21680 >Goyim with pig hearts Good one, kikes
Who the fuck knows what's going on in Israel: https://twitter.com/GalG____/status/1480835205686509568 Allegedly it's one of the most vaxxed countries on earth, but also the restrictions are allegedly very severe. According to this thread, they're pushing to make the fourth shot mandatory. "MSM began to treat any criticism of COVID policy and/or opposition to the vaccine as *national security* offenses in Israel punishable by death or life imprisonment." Everything closed for the unvaxxed. Young children forced to wear masks all day, even outdoors. "...the unvaxxed [students] are required to do a supervised test- and in any case - even with a negative - they stay a week at home." Who knows if this jew is even telling the truth. Anyway, whenever someone says if everyone gets vaxxed the 'pandemic' would end and restrictions will be removed, just point to Israel, most vaxxed on earth and some of the harshest restrictions. Complying is not going to end this. Also see this article in the BMJ on the history of respiratory pandemics: https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj-2021-068094 https://twitter.com/equal_ibrium/status/1470811728804036617 "Pandemic closure is better understood as occurring with the resumption of social life, not the achievement of specific epidemiological targets." I.e. pandemics end when the public says they end; that's how it was historically.
>>21700 >Who the fuck knows what's going on in Israel How many times do we have to repeat this? What "goes on" in Israel is the blueprint for what western populations will be forced to go through. This doesn't even mean this stuff is actually happening in Israel. In my opinion it's not, and all news and "scientific data" about the "pandemic" provided by Israel are as fake as bolshevik news from Pravda or from communist chinkland. Now Israel is saying they will mandate the 4th booster and increase restrictions - soon after western countries will do the same (usually Italy goes first among EU countries, Australia among anglo countries). The next thing you will hear coming from Israel are "quarantine camps" for the unvaxxed. You can screencap my post to refer to it in a few months, if you will. Or not. So far this is what happened. Israel is getting saline injections to keep the farce up, and by pure coincidence Israel's fertility has not been affected by the pandemic.
>>21704 >Israel is getting saline injections to keep the farce up You can make up a pet theory but don't be surprised if people don't take it face value as a fact like you are trying to pass it off as
>>21704 Someone needs to get the placebo shots for the sake of comparison and they just happened to be lucky to get those batches. A lot of them probably have some scheme to avoid the whole thing altogether as well, or doctors are only pretending to give it to them for a couple of shekels etc. I mean it's the fucking Jews lmao. The minority of them who got genuinely oppressed by the system are being punished/culled for not jewing their way around it.
>>21704 >all news and "scientific data" about the "pandemic" provided by Israel are as fake as bolshevik news from Pravda or from communist chinkland. Or from american tv.
>>21706 Knowing that politicians get special vaccines themselves, it wouldn't be surprising if the same happened with Jews getting vaccines in Israel. We know that literally every major vaccine in the West is linked to Jews, too. It's highly plausible.
>>21704 Yeah I said it doesn't even matter if it is happening, what matters is they're saying it's happening, and they're saying Israel is one of the most vaxxed countries. So when people tell you the 'pandemic' will end when everyone gets the jab, you point to Israel as the counter-example to prove that this shit is never going away, no matter how much you comply. There's also some evidence that the vaccines are also killing Israelis: https://archive.is/px6Zf At first it makes sense to think the jews would only pretend to vaccinate Israel, but you're forgetting that most people are completely clueless about jewish power. We covered this a bit in a pervious thread >>7378. Personally I reckon the high-level jews don't give a shit about ordinary jews; if they have to kill a lot of them to push through this Great Reset and create their panopticon of control, then that's what they'll do. nb4 <The Great Reset isn't real Anyway, who really knows? We're all just speculating.
>>21729 if I had to guess I'd say this is the higher-tier jews getting rid of any of the mixed infiltrator jews now that their usefulness is almost up. because no matter how much the low-level kikes like to go on about >muh chosen lineage not even kikes like mutts.
>>21793 Jews are mutts. There's no purity to speak of.
>>21803 yes, I'm aware of that, but I was speaking about their self-perceived "purity". the same "purity" that emboldens them to the extent that they could kill a child in front of its parents and still become shocked and act the victim when they are met with scorn for such actions.
>>21281 I gave her stuff to detox the jew proteine. if she ends up infertile it's not that bad. we are both mentally ill and autistic, so we propably shoudn't procreate anyways https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/spike-protein-detox-guide/
>>21459 based Whitepill
SARS-COV-2 Vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease https://archive.is/yoP8e https://stephanieseneff.net/sars-cov-2-vaccines-and-neurodegenerative-disease/ By Stephanie Seneff (senior research scientist in CS and AI at MIT, also an expert in the role of nutrition and environmental toxicants on human disease) Article doing the rounds again because it was republished in EpochTimes and then re-tweeted by Dr Peter McCullough. -People don’t realize that these vaccines are vastly different from the many childhood vaccines. I find it shocking that the vaccine developers and the government officials are recklessly pushing these vaccines on an unsuspecting population. -Together with Dr Greg Nigh, I recently published a peer-reviewed paper on the technology behind the mRNA vaccines and the many potentially unknown consequences to health: https://ijvtpr.com/index.php/IJVTPR/article/view/23 -Such unprecedented vaccines normally take twelve years to develop, with only a 2% success rate, but these vaccines were developed and brought to market in less than a year. As a consequence, we have no direct knowledge of any effects that the vaccines might have on our health over the long term. -...ingredients like cationic lipids and polyethylene glycol are also toxic with unknown consequences. -The vaccines were approved for emergency use based on grossly inadequate studies to evaluate safety and effectiveness. -...these vaccines could lead to severe disease, including autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative diseases, vascular disorders and possibly reproductive issues. -There is also the risk that the vaccines will accelerate the emergence of new strains of the virus that are no longer sensitive to the antibodies produced by the vaccines. -The DNA vaccines are [also] based on novel biotech gene editing techniques, so they too are a massive experiment unleashed on a huge unsuspecting population, with unknown consequences. -Both DNA vector vaccines [ J & J and AstraZeneca] have been associated with a very rare condition called thrombocytopenia, in which platelet counts drop precipitously, resulting in system-wide blood clots and a high risk of cerebral haemorrhaging Long article on the theoretical ways these vaccines can cause death and disease. The sections are: How to Make an Adenovirus DNA Vector Vaccine The Spike Protein is Toxic Bell’s Palsy, Autism and Parkinson’s Disease Prion Diseases Tracing the Vaccine Trail to the Spleen Germinal Centers and Parkinson’s Disease Impaired Immune Response due to Over-vaccination
(130.75 KB 1024x801 jew vax - 6bdacc2097be0e022.jpg)
HAND RUBBING INTENSIFIES Central Council of Jews Advocates Universal Vaccination https://www.domradio.de/themen/corona/2022-01-10/ein-akt-der-die-welt-verbessert-zentralrat-der-juden-befuerwortet-allgemeine-impfpflicht The Central Council of Jews in Germany advocates a general vaccination requirement to contain the pandemic. If this measure, which has been debated by politicians, is introduced, however, further protests and violence cannot be ruled out. Judaism views medical achievements such as the development of a Covid vaccine as an 'act that makes the world a better place'. Therefore, vaccinations are advocated as preventive measures, said the Central Council of Jews in Berlin. 'In the event of epidemics, vaccination is mandatory. The basis is the biblical commandment to protect life and avert physical harm.' However, a compulsory vaccination could not be derived from this. "In addition to the consequences for life and health, the Covid-19 pandemic is also causing dangerous social developments. Vaccine opponents and corona deniers are radicalizing to a frightening extent," complained Central Council President Josef Schuster. With the introduction of a general vaccination obligation, further protests and violence could not be ruled out. 'Nevertheless, the health protection of the population as a whole weighs more heavily. Therefore, we consider a general vaccination obligation to be unavoidable.' Schuster added: "However, it is imperative that the rule of law exhausts its means to curb state-endangering and anti-Semitic developments in the context of the protests. Just as compulsory vaccination must be accompanied by further measures to get the pandemic under control, a longer-term political commitment will also be needed to smooth out the social upheavals." <OY VEY! Opposition to vaccine mandates is anti-semitism!
(6.47 MB 540x960 L8A8ta7C_-6cAmu3.mp4)
Supreme court blocks Biden's OSHA vax mandate >The court allowed a separate rule to take effect requiring shots for workers in nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid payments from the federal government
(1.98 MB 359x346 laughingmerchant.gif)
>>21911 (checked) When you put in the context of jewish pigs wanting you dead, one can easily read between the lines of this article, no matter how "good-hearted" it seems to sound... >to curb state-endangering and (((anti-Semitic))) developments ...But even so (((they))) just simply can't help themselves, can (((they)))?
>>21912 So they cucked, but made it appear like they were resisting?
>>21729 Given that a good portion of their identity is based on muh shoa and that they get quite neurotic about it, I'd find it really strange if they just accepted the measures, the forced vaccination and the digital equivalent of a yellow star without completely flipping out and overthrowing their government. Let's not forget that they are not some kind of nation like the Germans or the Japanese either, but a rather unruly and contrarian bunch (which would turn out to be better in this case). The only scenarios that make sense are that most of them either knew that they won't get harmed and that they just need to play along to pied piper the rest of the world into it while avoiding the blame, or, that they figured out how to jew their way out of the situation. >Personally I reckon the high-level jews don't give a shit about ordinary jews Could be
(31.66 KB 680x850 alegria.jpg)
>>21911 Jews want everyone to take vaccines that have to be purchased from companies with jewish CEOs? Seems like a conflict of interest.
>>21915 The mandate would have applied to 80 million federal employees, forcing them to vax or get tested weekly. Wouldn't exactly characterize striking that down, "cucking"
>>21919 Maybe not, but they still have ground
>>21920 *gave
>>21916 The majority of askenazis are around as literal canon fodder for the rest of the jews, also don't forget they came from countries that were high on Authoritative trust and the initial building of israel was literal commie scum. I think overall though they go along with it because now they have skin in the game by having a nation, so they will accept ridiculous measures to keep the peace. But I have a feeling if they had mass deaths they would use it as a false flag to take the rest of Palestine.
>>21922 Ash-nazis are not the majority in Israel, it's mostly Arab Jews afaik. So they just came, told some local "hey Chaim, come on, be a good boy and hop up on that train, it will take you to a place where they will perform medical experiments on you (without any compensation), and if you refuse, you will be given a digital yellow star and potentially end up in a concentration camp. It's errm ... patriotic! Yes, what do you have against yellow stars, it's a symbol of your state. Are you some kind of anti-semite? And they went along with it, just like that. Doubtful.
(1.08 MB 619x839 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.02 MB 627x839 ClipboardImage.png)
(1004.87 KB 580x839 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.13 MB 602x840 ClipboardImage.png)
>>21922 Nonsense, it's Ashkenazis who are the actual giga-kike elite all over the West and in Israel. They have a good deal of European genetics, and this is what gives them such an advantage intellectual, genetically and otherwise. And they are 75% of Jews. Mizrahi are glorified Arabs. Sephardic Jews can compete on mostly the same level as Ashkenazi Jews, but they're still inferior to Ashkenazis. Every significant figure in Israel is Ashkenazi. The less European a Jew is, the more the Jews hate them. They don't like browner Jews. The power-elite of Israel are almost all Ashkenazi with a few exceptions.
(85.63 KB 720x1280 take vax go to heaven - WHO.jpg)
UK Scientist Craig Paardekooper does analysis on the vaccine batches and finds "some batches are 50 times worse than others". https://celiafarber.substack.com/p/uk-scientist-reveals-bombshell-data https://archive.fo/HvccB Paardekooper's channel: https://www.bitchute.com/Craig-Paardekooper/ http://howbad.info/ -Moderna batches belong to two main groups - 20A or 21A - the 20A group is much more toxic. In fact all of the batches producing more than 1780 adverse reaction reports - all of those batches have batch codes ending in 20A. -These companies are working in concert so they did not interfere with each other’s results. The toxicities are very specific, and they come sequentially. -All of that non-randomness was the key. As soon as you see that… if I was on a jury I wold convict those people of grievous bodily harm and wilful homicide In a recent video, Paardekooper suggests red states in the US have been given more toxic vaccine batches: https://www.bitchute.com/video/AdIvdbx1CxDc/
>>22052 >In a recent video, Paardekooper suggests red states in the US have been given more toxic vaccine batches This shouldn't surprise anyone. Red states have more White people.
>>22053 If Spixas got vaxxmaxxed, it would not be much of a tragedy, seeing as how most of the people who inhabit spixas are mestizo trash barely fit to be considered animals, let alone people who build civilizations like White men. For this reason, whenever someone tells me to get vaxxed, I always say, "why waste such a precious vaccine on a privileged White man such as myself. To fight this privilege, White people should not get vaccinated until every non-White in the West has been given two doses, plus thirty boosters, for that added protection of the oppressed minority."
(2.47 MB 352x199 charles.gif)
>>22057 >why waste such a precious vaccine on a privileged White man such as myself. To fight this privilege, White people should not get vaccinated until every non-White in the West has been given two doses, plus thirty boosters, for that added protection of the oppressed minority. This is brilliant
I already heard about PCR tests testing positive with fucking colas, but then I heard about a rumor that PCR tests are glorified pH tests. If that is true, do you guys think I can manipulate the result by eating alkaline foods to test negative, no matter how rigged or shit the test is? I'd rather not take such a dogshit test, but I don't have much of a choice but to do one tomorrow.
(707.66 KB 703x692 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22063 >manipulate the result by eating alkaline foods to test negative [X] doubt Firstly I think you want more acidic. There was a vid in early 2020, where some docs/scientist in lab, got a positive from rapid testing a piece of kiwi. I would be more inclined to think you you should try spray the inside of nose with acidic solution. Maybe buy a nasal spray fill with Coke or orange juice and use just prior to test hmmm https://fullfact.org/online/kiwi-covid/ According to this (((fact check))) the same guy also did an orange test. As well some Aussie did Coke test. Now fact check claims they didnt use the buffer correctly and that may have resulted in false positive. Or perhaps these guy have a clue and either end of spectrum can give a positive. So maybe you need to stay in the neutral area. Only way to know for sure would be to go buy a box of test kits and do some experiments for your self I guess.
>>22063 >22068 cont' Do you think/know you are positive? Or just scared that you are going to get a false positive? Guessing what you eat would have little to no effect. Maybe just rinse nasal with a ton of water before hand.
>>22069 When I was afraid to get a positive result because I had the sniffles I put a bit of hand sanitizer on a swab and rub it inside my nostrils before performing the test. It came negative, but I must confess that none of my tests ever came back positive despite performing 3 tests per week for 4 months.
>>22070 Same did one test last year, had the sniffles for the week prior. Just tried not to stuff the qtip in very deep. Result was negative. But yeah watered down hand sanitizer doesnt sound like a bad idea either
>>22068 I figured it wouldn't be that easy, so much for having hope for an easy way to cheese it. >>22069 >Do you think/know you are positive? Almost certainly think I got the coof about a week ago. Managed to recover quite easily with green tea, NAC, and vitamin C and D. Hadn't felt my upper chest hurt this bad since two years ago, but it didn't last as long. >Or just scared that you are going to get a false positive? That's my biggest problem, yeah. It's not like I care much about being stuck at home, but risking anchoring my parents as well is another story. >Guessing what you eat would have little to no effect. Maybe just rinse nasal with a ton of water before hand. >>22070 I'll try something like that, thanks.
>>22072 I'm not sure if hand sanitizer will do anything against corona viruses you probably want the active ingredient in Lysol wipes dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride or perhaps saccharate
>>22085 >There's stuff happening in the UK. Is it being reported by the media? Is this information easy to find on the Internet? Are 'government agencies' confirming any of this information? If the answer to any of these is 'yes', then it's a kike psyop like all the rest. This should be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a fern at this point.
>>22082 >>22085 No one is going to get any justice in a jew-controlled court system. I'm also struggling to believe they'd just drop this covid scam now. If they did they'd have to replace it with some other public health scam.These kikes are determined to kill most of he people on the planet and enslave the remainder, by hook or by crook.
In England, surveillance of Omicron found just 75 deaths among 212,019 confirmed cases. That's a 0.03% case fatality rate and that's deaths "with" positive test up to 28 days prior to death. Infection fatality rate of flu is ~0.1%. UK has since stopped publishing surveillance. https://twitter.com/kylamb8/status/1483112070581207051 Keep in mind, the CFR < IFR. We've gone from: "it's the flu, bro" to "it's less than three times less deadly than the flu, bro"
(270.40 KB 631x679 Pfizer buys Arena.png)
>>22089 >Is it being reported by the media? No. >Is this information easy to find on the Internet? As easy as any information contradictory to the official covid narrative. In other words, it's relatively easy to those that actually care about searching different points of view about the covid narrative and have been following it since the beginning, collecting various sources of information besides the mainstream. >Are 'government agencies' confirming any of this information? The police confirms that the case has been opened to those that contact them directly with already some information about the case (case number, etc), they also seem to be collecting some personal information about the callers. The fact checkers deny that the case exists or that the police confirmed anything. This seems to be either damage control, something to give dissidents hope in the system and wait for results or a way to collect more information about these same dissidents. Or maybe it's all three. >>22090 >No one is going to get any justice in a jew-controlled court system. Agreed, if any "good result" happens then it's just some figureheads being thrown under the bus. >I'm also struggling to believe they'd just drop this covid scam now. If they did they'd have to replace it with some other public health scam. They have been trying since the beginning to merge the covid scam with the climate change scam soo they might start giving more prominence to climate change again. They might need to either drop or attenuate the covid narrative since they didn't get as many people vaccinated in time as they hoped and the damage on the vaccinated is starting to show. The unvaccinated and those who have had adverse reactions to the vaccine are also making enough noise to be noticeable which is a problem for them.
Another professional athlete gets pericarditis after vaccination. A 26-year-old nigger sprinter calling herself Swiss, Sarah Atcho. The first symptoms only appeared after her booster. https://www.berliner-zeitung.de/news/sprinterin-sarah-atcho-herzmuskelentzuendung-nach-booster-li.206680 Black footballer (soccer player) also develops myocarditis after he got the shot in Dec, but they're blaming this on covid he allegedly caught this month. https://www.visiontimes.com/2022/01/17/alphonso-davies-canadian-soccer-myocarditis-vaccine-booster.html
>>22063 >>22068 >>22069 >>22070 >>22078 Re: Nasal Wash Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) aka Betadine comes in 10% solution available over the counter at any pharmacy Dilute with water to 1% (If that is too strong, studies have shown it is still effective at 0.5% and even 0.23%) >Again, Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone or Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) is a strong microbicidal agent having 99.99% virucidal efficacy in its only 0.23% concentration, irrespective of all known viruses, even in SARS- CoV-2 (in vitro). An oro-nasal spray is designed to apply the PVP-I in nose and oral cavity to gain a protective layer or coating over nasal and oral mucosa, so that SARS-CoV-2 can’t bind with the ACE-2 receptor and prevent their entry inside. So, it will be effective for prevention of COVID-19. Moreover, as PVP-I has the ability for destruction of SARS-CoV-2, transmission of SARS- CoV-2 from patient will be reduced also. Thus PVP-I oro-nasal spray can act as an effective shield for COVID-19 protection for healthcare workers, for all. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8026810/ Or you can use hydrogen peroxide again diluted to 1/3 or 1/4 with water. Spray generous amount up nose, sniff it back to the palate where you choke on it a bit, then spit it out. You can then gargle a bit of solution then spit it out too. Online Shopping Guide: 1% Povidone Iodine: Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash (Amazon) https://amzn.to/3pYj7xE 10% Povidone Iodine: Povidone 10% Iodine on Amazon (Betadine) https://amzn.to/3eTigYH Povidone 10% Iodine on Amazon https://amzn.to/3JME2vk
>>22116 full vid
>>22097 I cannot explain with words my deep disgust and hatred for Whites who are so cucked they have to wait for ZOG's permission to fight for themselves. Anglos have had everything taken from them yet so many still jump for joy when some small police agency slightly contradicts the narrative. "We're saved! The government is going to fight itself - we can go back to sleep now!" If we are victorious, and we somehow 'save' these people from vaxx death, cull them anyway. Cowards and traitors are worse than enemies.
(68.09 KB 827x463 vaccine side-effects.png)
Good news, goyim, the side-effects are all in your head!
>>22120 Go fuck yourself, edgelord. They're still our people and they're still worth saving. They're weak, they're subverted, and they don't know how to fight anymore, but they're still ours. Besides. The virus seems to be a decent impetus for reigniting some spark of defiance.
(984.18 KB 360x250 soldiers marching hitler heil.gif)
>>22120 >still blaming White people for what Jews and elites have done 95%+ of people are innocent. They are mere raw material for the elite of a society to shape and mould as they please. They're NPCs. If the programming turned all NatSoc overnight, these vaxxies would be goose-stepping down the street with a Swastika armband on. They're that dumb. That's just how they are.
>>22141 I am incredibly blackpilled. I think the kikes have done too much damage for us to save the White race.
>>22182 And yet look at what Hitler managed to do with Weimar.
A few days ago a ball girl at the Australia Open collapsed: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/vaccinated-ball-boy-collapses-at-australia-open/ Given that the players had to be vaccinated, it's safe to say she was too. Oxfam report: https://www.oxfam.org/en/press-releases/ten-richest-men-double-their-fortunes-pandemic-while-incomes-99-percent-humanity >The world’s ten richest men more than doubled their fortunes from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion during the first two years of a pandemic that has seen the incomes of 99 percent of humanity fall and over 160 million more people forced into poverty. >If these ten men were to lose 99.999 percent of their wealth tomorrow, they would still be richer than 99 percent of all the people on this planet >Oxfam says that inequality is contributing to the death of at least 21,000 people each day, or one person every four seconds. The cognitive dissonance on the left is reaching levels that shouldn't' even be possible. They're the biggest supporters of this economic warfare against the 99%, who they claim to represent. And of course these reports never include families like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Saudi royal family etc.
>>22091 I mean, IFR < CFR of course
(220.39 KB 850x400 quote hitler.png)
(227.33 KB 850x400 hitler struggle quote.png)
(762.60 KB 860x946 ClipboardImage.png)
(795.38 KB 1021x683 ClipboardImage.png)
Big changes in England: Covid: Face mask rules and Covid passes to end in England >England's Plan B measures are to end from next Thursday, with mandatory face coverings in public places and Covid passports both dropped, Boris Johnson has announced. Caveat: >But, he said, this should not be seen as the "finish line" because the virus and future variants cannot be eradicated - instead "we must learn to live with Covid in the same way we live with flu". >Mandatory Covid passports for entering nightclubs and large events would end, though organisations could choose to use the NHS Covid pass if they wished https://archive.fo/VnXYm Good news from the Czech Republic: New Czech government dismisses mandate vaccination plan >The Czech Republic’s new government has dismissed the previous government’s plan to require older adults and people in some professions to get vaccinated against the coronavirus >The previous government, led by Prime Minister Andrej Babis, released an order in early December, making vaccination mandatory for people age 60 and over as well as medical personnel, police officers, firefighters and medical students. >“We’ve agreed that vaccination against COVID-19 won’t be mandatory,” Fiala said, stressing that his government still considers the vaccines “the best tool to fight COVID-19.” https://archive.fo/OfXrU Makes me wonder what they're doing here, for this to all happen on one day.
>>22204 No, anons. This is NOT good news. All this means is that the fucking filthy jews have accomplished their goals. I'd prepare for a massive number of White deaths in the next couple of years. It's your DUTY to take as many of these fuckers out when you see this starting. And you will see it start, of that you can be sure.
>>22209 I was thinking the same, they are starting to "shift" the narrative and talking about (((compasion))) for the jews that got it wrong and forced you to take the poison. This is not over, it's just starting....
>>22209 >>22213 It could also just be a bait-and-switch. They've promised rollbacks on restrictions several times, only to rescind the promise because COVID suddenly "got worse". It's common for them to play this. Just when things seem to reach fever pitch, restrictions relax so the public drops their guard.
>>22216 >It could also just be a bait-and-switch. They've promised rollbacks on restrictions several times, only to rescind the promise because COVID suddenly "got worse". Bingo. It might just be an adaption of the course they have followed in 2020 and 2021, i.e. where late fall and winter are where they are ringing the alarm bells for Covid, and where the spring and summer they make it look like everything is returning to normal before starting the cycle over again. If they do this for too many years in a row, normalfags will catch on. This seems like a variant of the general scheme. Another pressure release valve.
(739.65 KB 480x480 covid - definitely not a cult.mp4)
In Germany, a panel of 100 thousand doctors is against mandatory vaccination. Andreas Gassen represents 100,000 statutory health insurance physicians. He says a practice is "not a place to enforce government action." https://www.berliner-zeitung.de/news/deutschlands-kassenaerzte-wollen-impfpflicht-nicht-umsetzen-li.206864 https://archive.fo/UDmF8 6 year old boy in Portugal dies from a a heart attack after taking the vaccine. The hospital said in a statement that "the child had the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine the previous week". According to government data, three children between the ages of 0 and 9-years-old in total have died from covid. https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2022/01/18/vaccinated-boy-died-aged-6-heart-attack/ https://archive.fo/5JfWb 18 year old Emma Burkey, after taking 1 shot of the J&J vaccine has multiple strokes, brain bleeds and blood clots in her brain, is put into a coma and has 3 brain surgeries. Now she's in a wheelchair with quadriplegia, and has to re-learn simple everyday tasks like eating, sitting, standing, walking, talking, etc. https://www.realnotrare.com/post/emma-burkey-18-years-old https://archive.fo/vLn8m Study on dominant covid strains say you need to exclude 1'000 unvaxxed people to stop one transmission, which would think would end the debate on vax passports: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.08.21267162v1 "Excluding unvaccinated people has negligible benefits for reducing transmissions. This is because unvaccinated people are likely not at significant risk of transmitting covid to others in most types of settings since current baseline transmission risks are negligible. Consideration of the harms of exclusion is urgently needed, including staffing shortages from losing unvaccinated healthcare workers, unemployment/unemployability, financial hardship for unvaccinated people, and the creation of a class of citizens who are not allowed to fully participate in many areas of society." Claims of people being held down and forcefully vaccinated against their will in Rwanda: https://www.dw.com/en/rwanda-forcibly-vaccinating-people-against-covid-victims-say/a-60413978 https://archive.fo/fbwhN
>>22204 More on the Czech Republic: https://beckernews.com/czech-prime-minister-ends-vaccine-mandates-we-do-not-want-to-deepen-the-rifts-in-society-43795/ "There's still quarantining and isolation, mandatory testing of employees, and an amendment to the nation’s coronavirus measures extended the period for which the legislation is active up to August 2023. "Furthermore, Health Minister Vlastimil Válek announced that there may be more coronavirus measures, such as allowing booster doses for children over the age of 12." So not much changing in reality. My guess is they're going to have businesses, schools, universities etc. pick up the mantle and start requiring vaccination of their own volition, i.e. independently of gov. mandate.
>>22220 That seems like the general case with the UK as well. As the article in the post you're replying to says, though the government is not making the NHS passes mandatory, they're leaving it up to certain types of businesses to use as they please. We all know that in practice this means nothing more than the complete outsourcing of all of this to the private sector, as you say here yourself. It takes some of the pressure off the government, and in Europe from what I understand the people are more likely to protest and tussle with the government a bit more than docile Americattle are. Worst case scenario for businesses is that people take their business elsewhere.
>>22209 >>22213 Revenge is all that matter now. There is nothing left of the White race to save.
Has anybody read this study on ivermectin. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5929173/ Is it not safe for elderly patients?
>>22262 >Has anybody read this study on ivermectin. I just did. A better question would be DID YOU read it? >Is it not safe for elderly patients? Nowhere does this paper specifically mention elderly being at higher risk for adverse effects Ivermictin has been prescribed to millions and millions of people for a variety of different diseases for OVER 40 YEARS The study found only 1,668 adverse events. For "Neurological disorders,” there were a total of 426 reports; 156 of these were classified as “serious” The paper then went on to only look closely at the reports where Ivermectin was used to treat a specific parasite, O. volvulus. >Sixty-four of the 155 serious reports described the use of ivermectin for O. volvulus. Forty-two reports did not include an indication; one reported only “infection parasitic.” The remaining 48 reports underwent clinical review, and twenty reports were further excluded from this analysis. Reasons for exclusions were some patients had other Neurological disorders like brain cancer, history of epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s etc. >The remaining 28 reports are included in this case series (Table 1). The cases were received from the United States, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and Sierra Leone. The patient ages were included in 25 reports and ranged from 11 to 97 years. >From a global database of suspected adverse drug reactions we have identified a case series describing serious neurological adverse events with the use of ivermectin beyond its indication for O. volvulus. Supportive evidence for a causative role of ivermectin was found with the identification of ivermectin in brain tissue in one case and recurrence of symptoms on repeated exposure to ivermectin in three cases. This case series suggests that the serious neurological adverse events observed with the use of ivermectin in the treatment of onchocerciasis cannot be entirely explained by concomitant high burden loiasis infections. >Serious neurological events in humans, such as encephalopathy, confusion, stupor, or coma, after ivermectin were initially observed in campaigns to treat O. volvulus in African countries. Co-infection with L. loa was found to be a risk factor for the development of these reactions >A number of cases included in the final case series may be related to drug–drug interactions. Drugs that are substrates of CYP3A4 enzymes are often also substrates for P-glycoprotein transport, and thus there may be a risk of increased absorption past the blood-brain barrier with concomitant ivermectin administration. >Another possible explanation is that some humans experiencing serious neurological adverse events after ivermectin therapy may have mutations in the mdr-1 gene, allowing for penetration of ivermectin into the CNS. >Limitations of spontaneous adverse event reports are that they are come from both voluntary and regulated sources, a suspicion that the reported drug caused the event may or may not be present, and the amount of information included in the report is variable. Detection of “signals” in these types of databases is intended to be hypothesis-generating rather than evidence of causality. >In conclusion, there is evidence that serious neurological adverse events can occur with ivermectin beyond the treatment of O. volvulus complicated by concomitant high burden L. loa infection. Potential explanations include concomitantly administered drugs which inhibit CYP3A4 and polymorphisms in the mdr-1 gene. By comparison with the extensive post marketing experience with ivermectin in the successful treatment of parasitic infections, the total number of reported cases suggests that such events are likely rare. However, elucidation of individual-level risk factors could contribute to therapeutic decisions that can minimize harms. Further investigation into the potential for drug interactions and explorations of polymorphisms in the mdr-1 gene are recommended. If someone has cited you this paper as irrefutable proof that Ivermectin is unsafe, then they clearly are a shill grasping at straws.
>>22262 The Pfizer funded NIH page that tried to debunk Ivermectin also cited the paper, had to add the caveat https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/therapies/antiviral-therapy/ivermectin/ >Neurological adverse effects have been reported with the use of ivermectin for the treatment of onchocerciasis and other parasitic diseases, but it is not clear whether these adverse effects were caused by ivermectin or the underlying conditions.
>>22262 There's no such thing as a drug that's perfectly safe, even aspirin has side effects. Shills complain about Ivermectin, yet they're handing out opioids like vitamins. The difference is entirely explained by Big Pharma profits. In reality Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs in existence. Also, the quaccine was never tested on the elderly or those with serious comorbidities, so it's a bit rich to question Ivermectin in that regard. Lastly, the question isn't "is it safe?", but "does it save more lives than it harms or takes?" and for Ivermectin the answer is an emphatic YES. The shills want to question whether Ivermectin is safe or not, but turn it around and claim the quaccines are safe because they kill fewer people than covid allegedly does, which even if it was true is an irrelevant point. The whole discussion on Ivermectin and the "vaccines" is full of this sort of sophistry and dishonesty.
>>22262 There's no such thing as a drug that's perfectly safe, even aspirin has side effects. Shills complain about Ivermectin, yet they're handing out opioids like vitamins. The difference is entirely explained by Big Pharma profits. In reality Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs in existence. Also, the quaccine was never tested on the elderly or those with serious comorbidities, so it's a bit rich to question Ivermectin in that regard. Lastly, the question isn't "is it safe?", but "does it save more lives than it harms or takes?" and for Ivermectin the answer is an emphatic YES. The shills want to question whether Ivermectin is safe or not, but turn it around and claim the quaccines are safe because they kill fewer people than covid allegedly does, which even if it was true is an irrelevant point. The whole discussion on Ivermectin and the "vaccines" is full of this sort of sophistry and dishonesty.
>>22268 >adverse events comparison - E5RF0SRXMAU-4bh.jpg Little out of date >https://openvaers.com/covid-data
>>22216 Absolutely this. The kikes have been playing this game for 2 years now. They apply and then release pressure at alternate pace. They have reached an impressive % of vaxxed cattle, they are now satisfied with the knowledge that cattle is so braindead and desperately dependent on the System to give up their own bodily autonomy whenever asked. The next stage is where the true "fun" begin: the minority of people who refused to bend the knee have now been officially indicated by ZOG apparatus as the Enemy, the Danger that needs to be wiped out as sole responsible for "hospital being clogged", for "virus still circulating and mutating" and basically the only Obstacle left between cattle and their longed "return to normal". Long story short, next phase is extermination of dissenters, pic related. All the steps identified by jewish scholars themselves have been implemented so far, we are now about the enter stage 8. Do you think they are building the camps for nothing? (((Who))) do you think will be collecting the private property of the people about to be exterminated?
>>22259 There’s nothing left in (you) to save if you’ve swallowed the blackpill. Swallow a bullet and leave us optimists behind. >>22134 Essentially they are flipping the charge against Covid cultists that the entire virus is fake and an example of the nocebo phenomenon onto vaxxies themselves.
>>22271 >the minority of people who refused to bend the knee I don't know where you are, but there is not a 'minority' that refused to bend the knee. There is a VAST majority that has done so. It might be 25%. Maybe. You must be in Israel anon, because you're most certainly not here in the US.
>>22219 >Gassen kek'd. Sturmbannführer Andreas Gas'em >>22271 >They apply and then release pressure at alternate pace. That can't work forever, even the worst NPC's are beginning to question the narrative lately. They might try to push the whole fiasco under the rug while they plan their next devious trickery.
>>22265 I did read it but thanks for the effort post, I just wanted to see if any others had information or thoughts on the study because thats the only I saw pop up with some negative attributes, I have some for my elderly neighbors that were asking and just wanted second opinions before I gave it since so much of the medical industry is absolute dog shit.
>>22266 checked >>22267 thanks. That is true that vaccine was never a option for me but this was just because who im giving to are elderly and like to have second opinions since i'm not versed in medicine.
>>22350 >thanks for the effort post np >second opinions before I gave it since so much of the medical industry is absolute dog shit. There will always be rare occasions where people have very bad reactions to certain drugs. While underlying causes was likely the possibility, people having certain gene mutations may also be an issue. The adverse event of pruritus (itchy-skin) was fairly common and probably nothing to worry about, however headaches* (also a symptom of covid) and dizziness were more rare, and should be monitored for. Stick with safe dose of 200 µg/kg (15mg for 75kg(165lbs) for first day or two, followup and inquire to side effects.
(66.87 KB 1548x334 safe_meaning.png)
>>22296 I am in western Europe in a place where things are going very, very bad. Believe me when I say I am pretty sure I will be sooner or later arrested under some new made up felony like biological threat to society or bioterrorism. There is not a single element of authority here that is not 100% on board with the genocidal Great Reset plan.
>>22359 Either use the freedom of movement within EU to go live in a more free country or arm up and stand your ground.
>>22361 This, and remember: weak men have bred hard times, but hard times will create strong men. We are with you.
>>22359 The French government is gona do jack all. The administration's dick can't get any more limp as it is now, they aren't paid enough to have the zeal to round up the bad goys
German journalist Boris Reitschuster did a survey of1004 adults in Germany on vaccination. In total 83% have taken the vax: 60% have had the booster, 23% have had two doses without the booster, and 4% had one shot; this agrees with official government figures. AFD voters are the least likely to get vaxxed, with 44% not being vaccinated. Green party supporters are the most vaxxed at 96%. More people in east Germany are unvaxxed compared to west Germany: 19% v. 10% As for side effects: 15% report severe/heavy side effects; 45% report weak side effects; and 40% report no side effects. A general practitioner confirmed that this matches the figures from her practice – although she assumes more than 20% cases of serious side effects [so are the vax-worshippers under-reporting bad side effects?]: "In my experience, young healthy people are prone to side effects, severe headaches, swelling in lymph nodes, fever. And also some thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in the elderly, although this is difficult to prove. Overall, the rate of heart attacks has increased." Dr Gunter Frank comments: "In the 30 years I have been a doctor, I have only rarely experienced red injection sites after an ordinarily approved vaccination, or very rarely a fever that lasts for several days, and [only] once a rheumatic attack probably related to the vaccination. That’s it, after 30 years. And now this: 15% severe side effects after covid vaccination. Just like me and many of my colleagues have experienced for several months.” https://anti-empire.com/15-percent-of-germans-report-severe-side-effects-after-mrna-treatments/ https://archive.fo/1jdYl
(17.63 MB 854x480 never despair hitler.mp4)
>>22359 Never give in. Stay strong, anon.
>>22487 Them targeting Germanic countries the most with the vax agenda was a red flag from the start. t. living in a country where only about 1/3 of population has taken it
>>22528 The former axis countries are prime target for quick extermination: Germany, Austria and Italy. It helps Japan they are in Asia and not under EU rules.
(392.23 KB 500x831 amalek holocaust.jpg)
(284.57 KB 780x826 amalek.jpg)
(751.67 KB 1534x1318 amalek redpill.png)
>>22529 >>22528 The Jew never forgets and never forgives. For whatever reason, the Jew has branded Europe, especially the Western European countries as Amalek, and have devoted themselves to their utter annihilation. I wish this was just a schizo theory, but they literally put it on their holocaust memorials.
>>22539 Actually anyone not jewish is an enemy of the jews. Not just Whites or Japanese. But I will admit that if jews were ever defeated, it will not being peace. Rather, it will lead to a race to the finish, with Whites being an obvious winner.
>>22539 yeah like >>22567 said the jews despise anything that is not either them or completely controlled and attached to them. this is so strong that many of them have an almost instinctual hatred of nature itself. the only difference with Europe is that they stood up to them and the jews became eternally butthurt about this.