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(103.42 KB 800x600 fascist questions qtddtot.jpg)
QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Blackshirt 12/12/2021 (Sun) 21:06:27 ID:21f148 No. 19638
If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it in this thread. Previous thread: >>8615 https://archive.fo/QgObN
>>19404 Not really sure how to deal with this, should I convince my father to divorce her? Also some friends from high school went woke and joined Antifa, they at least will be easier to part with. I also have some other, less closely related relatives with similar views, but they don't seem to be playing as much of an active role.
>>19598 This
>>19598 >Seeing the domination of others as fundamentally evil is a feminine, maladaptive trait. It's not that it's evil, it's that domination should be approached prudently.
>>19622 >Haven't seen it, but I've read positive things about it from WN's. Kek shut up kike, I haven't seen a single WN praise that soulless garbage side for the Xbox CGI. The main character who's supposed to be the absolute perfection of a long work of eugenics applied to long Aryan lines as part of some long term political game is played by a skinny tired looking kike. Niggers have been shoved everywhere, including as space scientists, a presence which would only be believable if someone needed an expandable bunch of slaves to pick up extraterrestrial cotton or die in the sand while looking for spice. The bad guys for the most part are full White so that's another case of teh ebil oppressive Whitey vs the ideal ZOG ark of all victimized (sub)races. Villeneuve keeps cock teasing the audience with the sequel that will be deepurr and moar spirituol but we know it's bullshit, his movies have been for the most part nothing more than pretty still shots.
Can anyone get me the image of the different types of eyes? The one with the White of the eyes on top meaning the guy is ready to fuck shit up.
(105.20 KB 1034x1034 sanpaku eyes.jpg)
>>19919 Thank you
Is being medically discharged from ZOG make you a guaranteed candidate for being a genetic dud?
>>20253 That would completely depend on the specific reason for the discharge. So, not necessarily.
What's the consensus on Robert Sepehr? I like his content but the fact he isn't censored more is making me wary at this point. Some of his content certainly aligns with my worldview and I imagine the /fascist/ worldview too but he also makes videos about inner earth and other conspiracies I haven't paid much attention to.
>>20284 Progressive hearing loss or heart arrhythmia.
>>20391 > look for pic where he openly declared his grandfather was in the SS and confirmed Maria Orsic's existence > open twatter for the tweet > account suspended You were saying he isn't being censored? He has a Patreon and publisher as income and his jewtube vids are being removed the whole time. He had to change how he presented his videos to avoid the (((copyright claims))) jewtube used to censor his videos, just look at how he experimented with gameplay videos from assassin's creed and narrated over it. Now he films himself walking autisticly and peacefully feeding ducks. It's fucking glorious, I love him for it. I agree it might be a red flag when someone isn't being openly censored and dragged through the mud by media, but don't shove that black pill too far down your throat or nothing will ever get done by anyone. He is just smart about it, watch his videos and you will find his hints to think for yourself. He keeps himself from being cancelled by knowing what to not say online and make himself into some symbol of whatever political movement, he stays out of it and spreads his understanding of history. He also diversifies his topics, like Eipstein temple symbolism gnosticism, Islamic Sufi cult, Catholisism, RH bloodtypes, Human evolution, Noah's story, ... He's not trying to make people into NatSoc's, he just produces interesting interpretations of history without cucking himself by (((consensus))). He rejects for example the out of Africa theory because it has no scientific base and has been debunked on many levels. He just happened to stumble on truths that only NatSoc's or very vocal fringe right-wing movements are willing to talk about. he does have (in our sense) redpilled based opinions, but doesn't sperg it around and finds his inspiration in it. He is subtle enough to make the viewer/reader think for himself. In one video he said 'People seem to have made up their minds about the events of WWII so I don't think it's useful to add anything to it'. He doesn't openly call out the jews like a controlled-op activist with specific goals in mind. His understanding of how the media and the academic world work made him realize it is corrupt and he must be careful about it.
>>20402 I didn't know he was recently suspended from twitter, probably for making anti-semitic comments kek I'm just a bit wary since most online personalities I follow have been forced to move to alt-tech like telegram and odysee. I'll try find an email and contact him to set up accounts on these platforms because he is quite large on YouTube and his twitter is obviously gone. You're right in saying he's smart about what he says, at least in his YouTube videos but it's not like our enemy needs to play by their own rules. The only reason I searched out some like-minded opinions on him is because I recently watched some of his videos about free energy and Tesla. I have absolutely no background in these fields but I found the topics extremely interesting. I think I'll read some of his books to get a better understanding and more coherent version of his worldview. Thanks for the reply anyway friend, enjoy the holidays
>>20402 >>20409 Also I found this picture on his Instagram, he looks like a poster boy for the SS or Hitler youth.
>>20409 He's on Gab, with his other links: https://gab.com/Robert_Sepehr https://tv.gab.com/channel/robert_sepehr >>20402 >He rejects for example the out of Africa theory Any links to vids discussing this?
>>20391 the system just hasnt noticed the videos or he has carefully balanced on what he can and can not say to be banned there are several nationalists who are still on YT
>>19638 Why do you all have to be massively deluded? It's degrading coming here because i feel shunned by the world, with the hopes to amend a sense of betrayal by a life of violence and instability, trying to conjure up a vision of a nation that is not corrupted, a way of feeling like my existence is not worthless and that i belong to a place that doesn't exist. All of that just to listen to the psychotic ramblings of people with little interest for any rational, technical, and academic ideological foundation. If you all stopped listing superstition and mysticism as a feasible political ideology the world would be justly terrified of the strength of fascism again, not just the anti war slogan of queer teenagers, but a respected political road. As long as idiotic people choose to degrade this ideology we are all condemned to live secluded, and when we envision a way to uplift our race we will rot never having reached our full potential. It's pathetic that i still hope for signs that there's something out there, my country will die, because I'm not willing to fight history itself just so a bunch of people that are not even my kind get to live a life that i never had. Fuck all of you.
>>20500 He does have a point. But if you create without first learning at least a little, you end up producing a product fit only for walmart.
>>20492 The overall ideological foundation has already been set so people on here debate details, discuss the religious aspects and seek truth. If you're a hylic most of these threads are meaningless to you. Why don't you just avoid the threads with religion and mysticism and stick to whatever is left and if you're still unhappy then simply stop reading the threads and instead read fascist authors. If you don't understand why spirituality/religion/mysticism or whatever it may be is so important I encourage you to read more of the threads you want to avoid but you don't seem open to learning and you appear to be a hylic
>>20500 Just winging it and trying to learn through trial and error won't save anything. We don't have the ability to make such costly mistakes that would have us lose favour if we did get in to power or even have natural public support making mistakes and appearing just as incompetent as the politicians they've known for years isn't going to help. We have our ideology, it's just a matter of ironing out details.
>>20504 >you end up producing a product fit only for walmart. ... and which after careful consideration of my own post and the current state of the US - might just work.
>>20508 The religious/mysticism thought must be coalesced into institutions that are ready to serve our people. So not individual cults who simply elevate their local demagogue, but something like a broad aryan shintoism, supported by organizations that can be plug and play adopted by upstart national socialist governments and serve as a pillar for racial unity. If the gap from theory to practice is never bridged, its usefuless will be limited.
(73.26 KB 675x785 lel.jpg)
>>20492 You feel "degraded" because your pathetic weakling of a being wants to appeal to the modern standards of the System and soulless nigger cattle which never works well. this "rational, technical, and academic ideological foundation" is what we call a worldview. The worldview what you call "rational, technical, and academic ideological foundation" already existed prior NS/fascism. Guess who discovered the worldview, faggot? Do you think Hitler and HIMMLER who banned atheist faggotry in the SS were fedoras with no use for ""superstition"" and 'mysticism'? Fascism is not a mere ideology as YOU think it is. we don't argue if 2+2 is 5 or 3.
What are other anon's thoughts on American Futurist? Some of their contributors have been influential in the historic US national socialist movement. They seem to be one of the few outlets willing to say outright who they are. Their latest article about Patriot Front expressed some frustrations I've held myself.
>>20535 He seems to have his head on his shoulders, and he is absolutely right on Larptriot Front. Aside from a bit too much optimism on pulling in rural Whites, he's doing shit the right way.
>>20535 Any other good sites like this? Also, attaching an interesting vid I found on the American Futurist site (even if some of what the speaker said sounds dubious to me).
>>20539 Sorry for the samefag, but I realized the actual URL had not been posted: https://americanfuturist.net/ And uploading a downsized version of a new James Mason video I found on their site.
>>20535 American Futurist is one of the greatest NS sites (there arent many) today
>>20540 >still posting this pedophilic federal informant who doesn't practice what he preached ever in his life
>>20575 Sorry I'm not familiar with the backstory here. Can you provide the decisive proofs?
>>20391 >It was only a matter of time before hard evidence that Robert Sepehr was discovered to be Jewish. His Jewish-Iranian father, Ben-Hur even made and produced a handful of holocaust films..... >>Video timestamp of Robert Sepehr at his fathers premiere of the holocaust film The Desperate + his role in said film. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGXqSackO4k&t=112s >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NU0fWz0JsY&t=1801s >>Atlantean Gardens listed as a Jewish organization >https://eintaxid.com/company/465098741-atlantean-gardens/ >>If you do a web search for Ben Hur Robert Sepehr you'll find that both a Ben Hur (Shokuhisepehr) Sephr and a 46 year old Robert Sepehr live at the same California address... >https://www.Whitepages.com/name/Robert-Sepehr/Encino-CA >https://www.searchpeoplefree.com/find/benhur-hur-shokuhisepehr >https://clustrmaps.com/person/Sepehr >https://clustrmaps.com/person/Sepehr-966dlv <post not mine, taken from /pol/
>>20492 >>20500 >>20504 >>20506 >>20508 >>20509 What a wonderful combination of pretyped and bot posts. Literally, nothing displayed in these posts has a meaning or even answers any previously asked question.
>>20623 >What a wonderful combination of pretyped and bot posts. Says the same guy that just >>20622 copy pasted a post that has been spammed four times in the last day
>>20622 well that's disappointing to say the least. In many of his videos he claims the real Israelites are Aryans, wonder what's up with that
>>20575 why would you just go on the internet and lie
>>20391 >>20622 >>20637 I have never bothered with him as I find much of the content too far out there. So for the past day I have gone through a bunch of his library. The fact that he seems to subscribe to almost every single fringe idea at the same time I find troubling. If you are an 'expert' say like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and want to lay out 911 was an inside job. And spend hours and days and years investing your self in that message, I find that to be credible. On the other hand if you make a 15min video on 911, then another on ESP, then another Vril and Nazi bases on the moon, and one on Neolithic structures created by a race of giants, then another vid for space aliens with 'advance technology' that managed to leave zero evidence behind, etc, etc. Then I find your message much harder to swallow. While I can say many of the examples could plausibly have some truth. The fact that many can just be exaggerations and/or also have more rational explanations can not be just waved away. >wonder what's up with that Few possibilities are that he is taking truths and sprinkling in disinfo to muddy the waters. Or another is he is mostly right and jewish lies run deeper than most imagine. While raised as a Christian (in name only for the most part and never considered myself a 'believer') I never bothered getting invested in the whole lost tribes theory. But at the same time, I can say it is at least 'possible' there is some validity to it. Blonde haired blued-eyed peoples have been documented from China to Egypt, so it is certainly possible they had a substantial presence in the Levant at one point in time. The people that currently reside in the middle east need not be the only people that have ever been there. Most "ancient" tiled and painted depictions of kikes and shitskins are from 300-800AD so its completely possible older images of Aryans in the area were destroyed. Especially when you consider that for the first 5 centuries it was common to go around destroying old texts and statues, followed by the Dark Ages, it is quite conceivable that much of history was rewritten. The same way niggers try to claim 'we wuz kangs' in Egypt, the modern kikes may have done something similar a thousand years ago. Of course he also could just be a nutjob with no motive, or just as likely, a grifter going with whatever he thinks he can sell.
>>20640 >If you are an 'expert' say like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and want to lay out 911 was an inside job. And spend hours and days and years investing your self in that message, I find that to be credible. It doesn't take 10 minutes to 'figure it out' once you've rid your mind of jew indoctrination and lies. It's obvious. Put another way: If you study this topic for more than 10 minutes, and don't come to this conclusion - well, you're still asleep.
>>20640 >Few possibilities are that he is taking truths and sprinkling in disinfo to muddy the waters. Which... is the hallmark of a good and faithful jew.
>>20641 >It doesn't take 10 minutes to 'figure it out' In no way was I suggesting it was more or less credible, just that AE911 was a good example of how to put forth a fringe idea in a believable manner. >>20642 >hallmark of a good and faithful jew. Agreed
>>20391 Inner earth likely has a degree of truth to it. Too much is unexplored. Honeycomb earth is the final redpill, though. What other theories does he cover? >>20596 Probably this: <In 1988 and 1991, police raided Mason's home in Ohio and seized pornographic photos of a 15-year-old girl. In 1992, he pled guilty to two counts of "illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material",[3] for which he was sentenced to a $500 fine and a suspended sentence.[7] In May 1994, Mason was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Mason threatened his ex-girlfriend, who was then 16 years old, and a Latino man who she had been dating, with a firearm. Mason struck a plea bargain and was convicted of weapons charges,[7] for which he was sentenced to three years of incarceration before being released in August 1999 Though let's be real, as much as I don't like Mason, a picture of a 15-year old girl isn't exactly pedophilic to anyone except for the biggest pussywhipped beta.
>>20627 >wah wah Someone doesn't enjoy another (((gatekeeper))) being exposed.
>>20660 >Inner earth likely has a degree of truth to it Like none you mean. At best, vast networks of underground galleries and caves in some parts, like swisscheese and that's all.
>>20669 >vast networks of underground galleries and caves in some parts, like swisscheese and that's all. Yeah, like I said, honeycomb earth.
>>20660 So he had a 15 year old girlfriend? That's young but kind of a stretch to call dating a girl who's gone through puberty a pedo.
>>20660 >>20679 Having a fifteen year old girlfriend is based. I'm tired of having to choose used hags due to social pressure.
>>20660 This post alone proves me right. It's a lost cause.
>>20660 Still… I don’t like that at all
>>20681 Kek… don’t go to jail m8
(186.32 KB 1244x750 terry.jpg)
What are some of the biggest funnels for power? Sounds dumb but I only realized recently after looking into them to what extent prestigious MBA programs (Harvard, Wharton, etc) are the networking centers for future corporate leaders. And Ivy League schools + Investment Banks. Maybe West Point is another one. Unsurprisingly their alum are mostly very tall + attractive + from wealthy families. There is also a lot of international elite from wealthy families who apply. I'm guessing this is where a lot of the pajeet tech CEOs are coming from. Also, are many of our guys in that world? If not, what sphere do you think our future elite will come from? And where did the elite in National Socialist Germany or fascist Italy come from?
(1.22 MB 545x1600 taking the islampill cunny.png)
>>20681 The color of the cunnypill is red. White woman start to lose their breeding viability at age 19. Good on you. >>20710 Everyone knows that if ZOGbots come knocking, the rounds should start popping. Invest in self-defense firearms.
>>20749 The best way to have stable families is for both parents, including the mother, to have maturity and responsibility. You have to go through the difficulties of adulthood before you can be a good guide on the path to adulthood. Pedos are disgusting and kiked.
>>20749 wanting to have sex with undeveloped children is not the Aryan way. 15 in some cases is old enough but in other cases it isn't. The way marriage worked for our ancestors also included a passing of protective duties, this means if they were married/betrothed when the girl is at say 9 or 10 this doesn't mean the husband is having sex with her from this age. His role was also a protective one and he would teach her and wait until he decided she was at an appropriate age for child bearing. Of course I'm not naive enough to think that no man ever exploited this and had sexual relations with a girl before it was appropriate. These men are still not men of virtue much like any of the "cunnyposters" who just focuses on having sex with young girls and not the bigger picture.
>>20731 >Also, are many of our guys in that world? Hard to tell. Most of them are pretty busy with studying and their careers, so they won't have time to radicalize. The majority of them will probably stay trapped in one of the many layers of conservatism. Any WN who has a chance to go to these places should do it imo. Don't let yourself be dragged down by all the power-allergic retards.
(35.71 KB 967x297 fbi btfo.PNG)
(1.98 MB 370x281 raid glowies btfo.gif)
>>20749 >Everyone knows that if ZOGbots come knocking, the rounds should start popping. Based
(201.73 KB 582x527 thank you christcucks.png)
>>20750 >women >having maturity and responsibility Are you fucking serious? This is the Kali Yuga. Women are and will always be children until their death. Nature has determined that is the most successful role. You as their husband become the new father that they never had. And if all women are children then you might as well get some breedable and fertile teen slash to bury your seed in.
>>20784 I hope you want a young wife and understand all the responsibilities that entails, and aren't just masturbating to some fantasy that the society of 100 years ago was one great big pedophile orgy that you think you're owed too.
>>20787 I'm already in a relationship with someone older than me. That's why I see the futility in caring about age, because no matter how old, modern women will have the same maturity of a middle schooler.
>>20791 Well, no arguments there. I love my older womenfolk, but they sure can make a bad situation worse with their hysterics.
(163.51 KB 1024x1024 dc95723bf3ac8ec2.jpg)
After doing some research on Nazi Germany my main question is how much should I look into the conspiracy theories about how the house of Rothschild run everything in the world. And the next question I have is why didn't Hitler kill the entire Rothschild family.
>>20910 Look as deeply as you wish into the Rothschild conspiracy. as for why Hitler didn't kill them all, they were out of his reach for most of the war, and there are better things to spend resources on than killing a single family even one as powerful as the Rothschilds. Even today many retards question why nobody has targeted the big jews, such as the Rothschilds, Les Wexner and his family, George Soros, etc.. Them doing so just belies how absolutely ignorant they are of just how much time, money, resources, men, planning etc. it would take to get even one Rothschild. Even given all that then a small change in their plan for the day you plan to strike can and will fuck the whole thing. As it cannot be done alone, it would require access to blueprints or floorplans to every property they own, requires those documents to be perfectly accurate. On top of that, it's essentially a suicide mission, unless you get all of them, every single living member, even babies, of any given powerful jewish clan, you will be tracked down, they will kill each and every person involved just to make sure everyone know not to attempt such a thing again.
On the topic of womenfolk: how would you go about finding someone good? I dont really think, going out and finding the first White woman and "converting" her is a good option. If we really want to live the worldview we profess here, starting a family, having a family and teaching them the ways of it is one of the most important things we must do.
>>21031 It would be meaningless on it's own, but it would be highly effective in some scenarios (Minecraft maps of course) where a full-spectrum attack is made on their levers of power. NS Germany has threatened their system of usury that most of their illusive power was based on (money is a meme basically) by providing a viable alternative, exposed their puppets and began removing their influence (which was the real reason for WW2), if things went differently we would likely see teams of elite SS commandos hunting down Talmudic robber barons anywhere in the world. And even if some of them tried, we would hardly get to know about it since they have enough resources to cover up a lot of things. I doubt they would make an example out of anyone since they would prefer not to draw any attention to themselves. Not that they wouldn't kill everyone involved, they just wouldn't broadcast it on CNN. I find it strange that there are barely any records of competing families trying to dethrone them, even if it was just an internal strife among the world jewry. They might appear untouchable today (still, not invincible), but there were periods when their monopoly was not as established. Reading about their true history would be very interesting. They might be a bunch of useless old people and basic bitch midwits having power solely thanks to being born on the top of the money bag today, but their ancestors clearly knew very well what they were doing, as abhorrent as it may be to us.
What do you think is best for the fight. Be a hacker or prepare with a gun. Provided that we want to devote ourselves to one thing
(185.14 KB 600x900 terry cat.jpg)
>>21054 Good question. I imagine good hackers will be rarer than door-kickers, and also essential, so I would pick that. Though you could still take a few carbine classes at a local gun training school for only a few thousand dollars over the course of a year or two and get 80% of the benefit of going full autismo about guns. Practically speaking all you need is CCW (G19, $500) red-dot rifle (AR-15, $500 + $200 red dot + $25 sling). If you wanted to snipe only then instead of an AR you'd want a scoped bolt-action ($500 + $1-2k scope) with an optional suppressor ($1k). All of the theoretical training material to supplement the classes can be obtained for free online with videos from the likes of Magpul and others. Most of the money spent on guns is people buying all sorts of different weapons platforms to try them all out and ending up with a suboptimal collection that is all over the place. Can't go wrong with an AR-15 + G19 and you avoid the double purchases and scattering over a bunch of calibers. Becoming a hacker will take a lot more time, but also be much cheaper. There are clear certification paths to benchmark your skills, and lots of different online capture the flag training progressions. And of course a great deal of high quality, freely available literature. Having these skills also make you highly employeeable in the security industry, or just doing IT/devops/software engineering. It's worth noting that OSINT and social engineering skills could also dovetail in usefulness with targeted minecraft games.
>>20910 The kikes run most of the western rule through decentralization. That's how they can get away with so much is that they aren't really one force, but a bunch of different little groups made up of factions fighting under the same goal, and that goal is "tikkum olam" or reshaping the world, under their own vision. Even kosher goyim are fighting for this, under Christianity and Islam.
>>21048 I don't think it's necessary to indoctrinate a woman with the finer points of national socialism and racial separatism. Simply find a White woman of decent racial pedigree, provide for her and bear children. Contrary to what most of the internet would have you believe most women (and White women especially) are xenophobic and have a high degree of in-group preference. Obviously this isn't what is promoted but the statistics bear themselves out when you actual examine them. Through the lifestyle you provide and the culture you uphold the woman you have children with will experience the benefits of the ideology that you have in your head. Your children will benefit from it as well. There isn't any need to be explicit and have a discussion about it--women are not as prone to reasoning out and contemplating the philosophy of national socialism, but through experience they will adopt it if it suites them. It's important to keep in mind that ultimately women are pragmatists. This is why giving them free reign over a society ultimately dooms it.
>>20910 The Rothschilds aren't some kind of magical beings. They are just Jews like any other, who follow their Jewish instincts. Most people who focus on them are blind to the JQ the begin with. There are plenty of Jewish families more powerful than them.
>>21100 Not really. All of their power really goes back to the central banking scam, where they can make themselves vastly richer than everyone else while making everyone else a debt slave. When you crush everyone else into relative poverty it's also easier to bribe them into doing what you want. Their secondary power lies in their extreme ethno-centrism, where tho jews who have never met have this hive-mind mentality of furthering all other jews, subverting their host nation and defending other jews and Israel while squawking about muh holocaust and anti-semitism.
What are good podcasts to listen to?
Happy New Years, anons.
Hey folks.How to deal with depression ?Maybe there is some philosophy that can help. I don't want to take pills
>>21123 Happy New Years, brother o/ >>21126 Take vitamin d. Eat healthy, and SLEEP. If you already sleep all day, go to bed AT A SANE HOUR. Practice self care, as in take time to yourself to nurture yourself. Practice good hygiene. Reduce self-criticism. If you're depressed because you're poor, work on your situation and practice gratitude for what you do have. You will notice your situation begin to change. Most importantly of all, imagine yourself being happy. Imagine yourself doing things you'd like to do. If you don't want to do anything, do the rest of the above and just go through the motions until you find something you want to do (it will come eventually without fail). Now imagine yourself doing that thing, happy. Imagination is the key to happiness. You are likely spending a lot of time introspecting on your feelings and spending time on the internet looking at things that make you unhappy (there is a lot of demoralization propaganda aimed at our circles). Turn away from things that make you unhappy and refocus on things that make you happy for a while. It is okay to take a break from the battle to recharge. Our fight in this era is mental and spiritual more than physical. It is honorable to rejuvenate yourself. I will say it one more time. Imagination is the key to happiness. You must take some time to flex your imagination. Drive your favorite car in your mind. Fly around. Sail a ship. Whatever floats your boat. Do this daily and the above self-care steps and you will be surprised.
>>21126 If taking care of yourself is difficult because you're really in the depths of despair, start with small easy tasks. Practice them one at a time until they become habits, and build from there. You did well to stay away from the meds. They do not help, even in the short term. Avoid drinking and smoking as well. Oh and if you're a nigger, kike, spic, chink, gook, towelhead, or any assorted nonWhite... kys yourself.
>>21128 Unfortunately, the problem is that I have 3 things that I would like to do, but to study each of them you have to spend a lot of time and therefore you have to choose one thing. And I am stuck in an endless circle of this choice. For example, I want to go shoot and I immediately dream of becoming a great shooter, but then I think why would I do this in my country, it’s possible that it’s bad with a shooting range and I don’t want to be an infantryman in the ZOG and drop. Then I switch to the next hobbie, for example, to become a hacker (it doesn't matter if it works out or not) and maybe look for compromising evidence on politicians, it doesn't matter just fantasies. And so I read that probably nothing will come of it, because "they" are stronger and I throw it. Then I think, well, maybe going to shoot is not such a bad idea and again everything in a circle . P.S I have money and work
>>21132 Interesting. Indecision is something I myself have dealt with for many years. I think in the end we must choose something or receive nothing. Perhaps go for shooting, no need to become an infantryman. If you practice it for a couple years, you can decide to continue or change to hacking (or whatever your desire is in the future).
>>21131 >Oh and if you're a nigger, kike, spic, chink, gook, towelhead, or any assorted nonWhite... kys yourself I think the seasoned visitors of nonWhite origin are used to hostility of White men by this point.
(34.66 KB 764x426 reject ho.jpg)
>>21132 It doesn't have to be all or nothing. The most important thing is to make steady progress over time. I have hobbies that have taken me 10 years to become any decent at, where I picked them up and put them on the shelf again over the years. Just start getting some small wins. Go to the range and practice shooting. Get an entry level security cert. Over time the small wins will add up. And even if you don't become a master at one thing, having some experience in it can be pretty useful in other contexts where you can relate the experience across disciplines in unexpected ways.
https://www.americanpartisan.org/2021/12/common-tasks-testing-ctt-the-armys-everybody-requirement/ https://www.americanpartisan.org/2022/01/common-infantry-tasks-testing-the-basic-requirements-applied-to-partisans-and-survivalists/ Some tasks/guidelines for anons to use to build up their skillsets. Some things you may not have the equipment for, or have the buddies you need, but, it gives you an idea for things to improve upon. Granted, it's from a boomer PoV, but take from it what you will; he's a vet, like many others you can gain information from. You don't have to do it exactly as he suggests; make it work for yourself and whatever buddies you may or may not have. You don't have to join a military to gain such knowledge. There are also courses ran by former military members teaching field skills, shooting (and precision/long-distance shooting), squad/tactical skills, outdoorsmanship, and more. PDF mentioned in the articles attached. Improving yourself and seeing tangible gains is a great way to get yourself out of a rut, using small, easier to reach goals that build upon each other. Don't just recruit and train and wait, though. Start making an effort to be ready when the time feels right. There may not be a mass movement any time soon. There may not be another Hitler. There may not be people you can depend on or a sympathetic populace. The odds are against us. So, be the leader people need and lead through your deeds. Pave the way for whomever comes next. Have the vision to see how you can affect the world and work locally, sending ripples that get stronger as more step up to do what's necessary as well as changing your community and surrounding ones. Eventually those ripples can merge and form a massive tsunami to wash away all the filth and parasites infecting our nations.
>>21101 I think you've made some really valid points here, points that I've seen my self in my day to day life. When a woman is provided for and is content with her situation it is not necessary "open her mind" as some have led me to believe. She will follow as it is most convenient for her. I reflect on what you say in what is possibly the final days of my relationship. I tried many times to "open her mind" and her reaction was usually one of indifference or disdain at my increasingly positive views on National Socialism. I look back and I think if four years of relationship are worth saving or if it would be better to start anew as I think that my current girlfriend already has a very distorted image of me because of what I mentioned above and of how things have been in the past for us. >>21126 I've been there and really the best way to fix it is to take a hard look at yourself and see what you dont like and make an effort to change it. It can be exceedingly hard but it is the best way and, at least for me, most rewarding. Of course do not forget what the others have mentioned, eating healthy, sleeping AT NORMAL TIMES and taking care of yourself and your thoughts. Ultimately alot of people are depressed because they want a life that they see on the media and when they cant even come close to it they crumble. Find happiness and contentment in what you have and always look one step ahead, not at the end of the path as you walk through life.
>>21054 >hacker You will spend literal days, and weeks, in the basement lacking sunlight engaged in "enumeration" because that will become your job. You will pour over literal mountains of data trying to catch discrepancies that you can exploit and get in, or you'll be hanging out on skid forums trading crypto for what is hopefully something that won't be a virus. It is one of the most snitch laden communities on Earth and you will regret the entire experience as a waste of time. You won't be Neo or the cute anime girl, you will be one of the soys at Defcon but racist so you'll hate everyone you come in contact with. That all said. Spend some time learning the basic skills, steal wifi credentials, learn some basic routing so you can build your own vpn for when the cianiggers or wef eventually take down Tor. If you were meant for it, you would have a genuine passion for it because that is truly what that takes. It's 90% art 10% skill because that is the margin of how that works. Depending on whether the soys between reddit and hacker news are right, Quantum Computing may or may not change this arrangement. So everything you learn now may go out the window. Which it may because if they can bits that aren't 0 or 1, and exist as -1 or 0.23 etc, then computing is going to be completely overhauled. And you aren't allowed to have one of those. The most important hacker skills, are the ones that let you bypass ZOG and niggercattle impositions. If someone else has more control over your computer than you *coughs* >gun Basic marksmanship, develop some basic survival skills, the best skill for the fight is self-sufficiency, and that is up to you to find out where you live and in regards to what you have to deal with. For example. >power goes out How done are you? Lets say power is out for two weeks, we'll say it's summer, do you have a stock of dried foods? Are all of your appliances electric? Can you cook with wood; without burning everything down? I really hope you're young or still in school. Because if you are, you are in the best position, better than any socially isolated retard who has been here for several years. Make friends, keep them close, and network with and through them. Be someone who will kill for them, and they for you. Really examine them close, but make that because it is the difference between someone who is successful and someone who is not. >>21058 >cheaper Hackers blow literal hundreds sometimes thousands in random equipment and material because that is what is needed to accomplish that one job. >this adapter doesn't have monitor mode available >hunt down this obscure wifi card module or use this obnoxiously sized usb one that would get immediate attention if you used it in public The hiring isn't as good as it seems, and there is a reason the scene is filled with trannies. If anon does anything with computers it should only be to increase his own security or enjoyment with them. Doing it to become le rich hax0rman is a quick way to blowing loads of money and hating yourself.
>>21162 >Can you cook with wood; without burning everything down? May be u have guide?how survive? how go to forest etc
(3.77 KB 100x93 unnamed.png)
How do I fuck with her? I tried to report but nothing is happening, she's still getting her welfare checks.
>>21164 Sign her up for immediate red flag list materials. Put out her contact details in places that are used for soliciting prostitution, etc.
(70.83 KB 720x540 suck squeeze bang blow.jpg)
>>21162 Better to just get a software engineer job. Pays way better than security, and less stressful. And you can still learn and apply security skills adjacent to the main job responsibilities. But I don't see how spending some money on computers and wifi cards matters much when you are pulling down 150k per year anyways...
>>21162 >enjoyment with them What's the usual take on /fascist/ regarding vidya PC rigs?
>>21176 Games are a waste of time. Do something productive with your pc if you're going to spend a lot of money on it.
(1.79 MB 3072x2607 foto_no_exif (9).jpg)
>>21163 >need a guide to walk in the woods Is this bait?
Who's got a link to a WWII era German physical training manual? I know there's at least one out there. I'd be pleasantly surprised if someone has one with training for women.
>>21335 Sportsvorschrift Fur Das Heer German Army sports regulations manual, 1938 Translation by Anonymous(s)
>>21189 It really is a drug cult. It stunts them, and retards them. Even if they arent the type thats into academic education, they could have been into articles and internet, porn and documentaries. Its the informational multitool that is the facility to enhance their lives thenceforward. Nope, vidya gaems.
Does anyone has the quote from that US Jew who warned his fellow tribesmen not to rush the immigration agenda? He was fearful that they had been reckless about it and might lose it all.
(128.30 KB 641x464 526.png)
>>19638 What is Fascism? Simple question, but hard to answer for so many people.
>>21156 The girl is the dog. She sneers because NS isn't translating into shekels and social status, so that's shit to her. Women and politics, few like one in a million get it. They're better at day to day concerns, small scale management of cash, spending. Eventually she'll manage being the mother she hoped she could become because nearly all women can't help but want kids. She's like she will never fit in, never really agree. If she doesn't now, it won't get better later. But if she can stay neutral and be useful and kind when not minding politics, perhaps you will pull this off too until the mega shit hits the fan (aka limp DOTR) and she'll depend on you ever more.
This is the most beautiful video on National Socialism I've ever seen. https://www.bitchute.com/video/tkbrpGQqHwvh/
>>21359 Its good advice! Though I fear my Eastern European girl is so brainwashed its beyond help. Even if I live NS in "secret" and have her follow me down the path of a good and pure life it will never be good enough for her because of "muh burned villages". Sorry for kikepedia but context: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khatyn_massacre Lets not forget that still, almost 100 years after WW2 they still have a massive celebration for the "Great Patriotic War" in most of Eastern Europe. Not to mention the fact they have monuments and symbolisms of marxism everywhere. Not to mention her father is ex-Military(trained soviet officer), still praises Stalin and even took me to a big museum named after him...
(23.55 KB 719x313 muhhatespeech.png)
>>21367 >Bitchute
>>21389 Yes, Slavs are just as bad there, totally mind-cucked. Their only saving grace was to have been spared direction exposure to capitalism and having clung to conservative life. Now that is also gone, resistance was but symbolic. The worst part is that if you live in the West, then she will have a lot of legal power against you over the control of children. If your instincts tell you it's unsafe, perhaps you should really look elsewhere and smack her face with heavy truths, that she's ignorant and her people nothing more than useful idiots, just another shade of slaves. Just be brutal. Show her funny videos of niggers doing niggery things. Tell her Whites don't do this. Talk about the grooming gangs in England. About the two blondes who got beheaded after they went to Morocco because they loved exotic males and wanted to help the world. Ask her who do she thinks brought these apes and cultural rapists in. Tell her one day turks, afghanis, niggers, beaners, mudslimes will just rape her friends, mothers, daughters, etc. She'll be raped too. Perhaps killed also. Tell her that's what the red army did in Germany. Put her on a leash mentally, you really need to find a way to control her. Another historical clue; as the Germans advanced east, they bothered rebuilding and repairing all that was had destroyed. There are so many good things Germany did for its people and which spread to other nations but remain uncredited. Does she know Fauci? Tell her about what he funds, the torture on dogs. Tell her Germans had strong laws against mistreatment and torture on animals, that they punished capitalists and communists.
>>21337 Danke!
>>21429 >Yes, Slavs are just as bad there, totally mind-cucked. Their only saving grace was to have been spared direction exposure to capitalism and having clung to conservative life. Now that is also gone, resistance was but symbolic. There are some good slavs who are redpilled and reject their stupid brothers blind sense of nationalism and delusional nostalgia for Jewish empires, but Slavic nationalists are (at-least the ones who reject being White) are some of the biggest retards to exist. Especially the pan-Slavic tards who unironically think that Slav is a term for multi-culturalism or something and still butthurt about Germans saving and avenging their kin from poles.
>>20622 >It was only a matter of time before hard evidence that Robert Sepehr was discovered to be Jewish. His Jewish-Iranian father, Ben-Hur Old news and I already guessed he was either genetically or at-least spiritually Jewish along with possibily being either 'Iranic' or a fanatic for them as he believes the Aryans came from the Middle East thus were Israelites (the first Jews) and rnade several references to how esoteric the (((kabbalah))) is and was. There also a case where I think he tried to claim that Western civilization owes a-lot to Iran and Jews or whatever, a-lot of his videos are just Masonic and Jewish nonsense, except for his UFO videos which are believable and convinced me that Hitler and Co really did escape from the wrath of the allies and traveled far south. There also the fact that he supports mainstream academia, but only to a degree that supports his beliefs. Quite interesting that a-lot of right-wingers and claimed third-positionists who support the whole DNA tests scramble are either outed as Jews or supporters of Judaism and Israel. I only watch him for his thoughts on the White giants theory and the proof that the German UFOs were successful, which I think the KGB and CIA did somewhat admit they indeed had the flying disks. TLDR, only watch his UFO vids with skepticism.
Why is it that you fascists/third-positionists detest monarchies so much?
>>21500 We detest Christain Monarchism, the only monarchism that people seem to talk about.
>>21500 Monarchists always point to the kind king, who loves his land and people as the example of why the system is preferred. And I will grant you, in an ideal circumstance a kind king, with well intentions, and a council of good meaning advisors would in function be, pretty much the same thing as classical fascism. However kings die, and their heirs often tend to be spoiled entitled brats. Next thing you know, you have some inbred tyrant running things, with very little political will to remove him. The People tend to 'love the crown' and honor the throne as much, if not more so than the person ruling, and will put up with more shit than they should. With fascism, it is a much simpler matter to hang/shoot a poor leader and move on, if need be. Also these days, every faggot that hears he is some distant relation to some nobody line of kings, gets it in his head that he "deserves" to be king. I have news for you faggot. True Leaders are selected by their deeds, not by birthright. If you can inspire men to follow you, overthrow the government and bring about prosperity for your people, we will let you call yourself king for a day, but your son is going to have to prove himself as well if he plans to follow your reign.
>>21500 Personally, I have distain for monarchies because all living monarchists are naked race traitors and almost all monarchists of the 19th and 18th centuries were anti-nationalists who had more loyalty to their trans national tribe than to the people (kinda like jews). Also, many monarchists openly admit that they hate nationalism too.
>>21500 Because our points of contention are the problems facing society and the usefulness in simply having a monarchy solve all of the problems with our respective nations. Gentile put it best: >Fascism has outgrown the dilemma: monarchy v. republic, over which democratic regimes too long dallied, attributing all insufficiencies to the former and proning the latter as a regime of perfection, whereas experience teaches that some republics are inherently reactionary and absolutist while some monarchies accept the most daring political and social experiments. Monarchy's primary tool to solve issues is nothing more than an autocracy that is not typically aligned to any concrete set of ideas to instill into a nation. Spain right now is the modern liberal democracy the Republicans died for because Franco decided to restore the monarchy for a naïve sense of tradition, and not for keeping Spain tied to a nationalist regime. A similar situation would apply to any country in Europe right now that adopts a serious monarchy. The descendants of kings and queens that live and breathe today have mostly been socialized the same way everyone else has, and would thus not deviate from convectional political conduct (retaining democratic institutions, encouraging political pluralism, etc.) in any meaningful way, should they even avoid restricting themselves to a ceremonial position. Mussolini understood that nationalism could not replace the growing liberal and Marxist influence in then-Italian society without major political changes, but also appreciated and made it a goal to preserve the most necessary of reactionary ideas. Tradition for the sake of tradition is meaningless, and Franco not realizing as such costed Spain far more vital traditions, those that have pragmatic effects on communities, which translate into positive effects for the whole of a society. Heterosexual, monogamous, and fornication-free marriage is a practical tool to cure modern ills, a monarchy is not in everywhere in Europe as of now. It is ridiculous to associate a republic or a monarchy with inferior or superior "efficiency" when in the end the relinquishment of our problems falls on the men who lead their nations towards nationalism and militarism and away from hedonism, not the ones who simply make society more "traditional." >>21501 The religion surrounding a monarchy is irrelevant. Christian or secular, a modern monarch in countries such as France or Britain would not change their situations significantly. >>21503 >Monarchists always point to the kind king, who loves his land and people as the example of why the system is preferred. And I will grant you, in an ideal circumstance a kind king, with well intentions, and a council of good meaning advisors would in function be, pretty much the same thing as classical fascism. This is also an important point. Monarchy can be good, but if it has the blueprints of Fascism anyway, then the government should just be ruled by Fascist policy and not tradition alone. Countries would be giving immense political power to people who most likely believe in democracy in the first place, making the entire process redundant.
>>21500 We don't detest monarchies and would support them in their most naturalistic and classical establishment. We are against monarch-"ism" as monarchies and monarchists are apolitical, multicultural, and anti-nationalism. They are inactive cuckservatives who want to serve a great leader, because he wears a crown and is said by clergymen to be given "divine rights" by God. It's trash and it is not a legitimate system, but nostalgia for a past that had overrated governments.
>>21507 >The religion surrounding a monarchy is irrelevant. This is wrong, Aryan monarchies were entirely different from Christian or any other Abrahamic one. Christian monarchism is merely that all humankind are to serve one king who is coronated by YHVH and that king is to serve him. While non-Aryans had similar concepts, Aryans kingship were either electoral or the rulers were severally limited in power and reduced only to devote themselves to nation and state, guide and protect the folk above all. Eastern despotism and despotism was unsupported, unless you exclude the Achaemenids (and Imperial Rome to a degree), in which they use to have an aristocracy similar to the Medians, but this deluded after they both began to absorb Syrian traditions. Modern monarchies are a product of post-Christian failures.
>>21503 >with fascism, it is a much simpler matter to hang/shoot a poor leader and move on, if need be well, roman patricians used to murder their incompetent emperors and they didn't stop until the right emperor would be in charge.
>>21500 I will speak for myself, but I understand why fascists do. & don't blame them, because the track record of collaborating w/ royalty is piss poor. I consider myself a black sheep in the monarchist larper fold & know my politics is universally hated by royalists AND anti-royalists alike... so I won't bother explaining my politics here. I am not a fascist, but neither am I as vehemently anti-fascist like the others. >>21503 >The People tend to 'love the crown' and honor the throne as much, if not more so than the person ruling, and will put up with more shit than they should That only applies to minority (like myself), but the majority of contemporaries I meet basically agree with what you're saying. >3rd screencap, r/monarchism, 44 upvotes on a post saying Nicholas II should have been shot by Bolsheviks for incompetence I have been fairly ostracized by constitutionalist peers (in the majority) for it. >Also, many monarchists openly admit that they hate nationalism too. Yes, this is true. /fascist/ talks about monarchyfags, but should also look at the groups behind this rhetoric. I would broadly say, the constitutionalists are largely represented by Windsor types or Kaiserboos. Then you have the traditionalists, represented by tradcaths or neofeuds. And then the libertarians, represented by Hoppeans. When you talk about this, the groups you're mostly talking about are the tradcaths & Hoppeans (both dislike nationalism for obvious reasons). & the Habsburg / HRE fandom. I would say they are largely responsible for that. >>21510 I agree with a great number of points raised here, b/c with royalists, it really is about the appearance of royalism and the glitter and glamor...
>>21507 >Franco The problem w/ Franco is he didn't think like a hereditary monarchist, first off. Franco should had known better. First Franco rejected the heir's father from taking the throne because he deemed him to be too liberal... then makes himself a regent and basically tries to adopt the son. Hereditary mentality is "like father, like son" -- so Franco honestly should have seen this coming.
>>21500 One of the main thought leaders of neo-reaction who was pushing monarchism is a jew IIRC. Not saying that damns the whole thing but it doesn't help.
>>21503 >with fascism, it is a much simpler matter to hang/shoot a poor leader and move on, if need be Why not, gee I don't know, just ban him from office?
>>21429 After much insistence I actually piqued her interest for a moment as to what the NSDAPs position on Slavs/Russia is/was. Of course thanks to the thorough brainwashing she received over there she genuinely believed that all Hitler wanted was to wipe them out, but nowhere in the literature I have read have I seen this. I also told her if this was the case there would be no Slavs in Ukraine or Belarus or parts of Russia as they would have just killed everyone, but they did not, they just cut a path straight to Moscow to rid the world of the threat of (((bolshevism))) Regarding modern issues I think I have succeeded in part to wake her up to them but she still fails to see who is pulling all the strings. In time hopefully she can see it herself and "connect the dots" as I tell her. Haven't told her about Fauci yet and the thing with the beagles will make her go mad as she is a big animal lover. In general I feel she is like this also because she is weak willed because she was never inspired by her parents, in her words they only clothed her and fed her, and had no interest in her life, nothing more. I've been reading Serrano and Devi and telling her a bit about Hyperborean Ascetism and her response to this is "just do what you like and enjoy myself". Right after she told me I worship demons and I'm an anti-christ I told her even her sacred Christianity says that self indulgence is bad, she could not reply :D:D:D I dont know where this will go but its what I have so I will not throw it away when there is still something worth doing. I recently graduated and good a good job in tech so I want to save some money to start a family, after that maybe I will go back to Europe and if this does not work out maybe I will look someone up in a Nationalist group there, with that most of the ground work should be done, I just have to polish the rough edges. Also if anyone is interested here is the article on Hyperborean Ascetism. If you are into that sort of stuff its really interesting: https://blacksun-sole-nero.net/hyperborean-nordic-ascetism-hyperborea-meditation-celibacy-solitude-diet-speech-miguel-serrano/
>>21500 In my opinion I think its because ultimately everything revolves around one family that for some reason or another are "worthier than others" to rule. Sure we might have a good king, or two, but what happens when the spoiled brat grandson of the original king decides to do something dumb or self-serving on a country-wide scale? What happens when he defiles the race because "he likes exotic things"? In a monarchy there would be few things you could do to remove this specimen from the throne and replace him with someone who is better. For me, in the spirit of National Socialist's "honest pay for honest work", you get to rule only if you worked for it, you are ready for it and you are worthy of it. And I'm not even talking about christian monarchies here... King by the grace of God? I want to see how long the "grace of god" part lasts when the carts of gold stop going to the Vatican and the Pope says that he is no longer "illuminated". The sheeple will probably want a new king then.
>>21500 Tradcaths and others like them give monarchism a bad name. The idea of kingship can't work without proper checks and balances instead of having some old men in robes telling us how to do things when they have no experience setting up nor running a government. Old norms that royalists consider to be 'traditional' such as nepotism is asking to repeat numerous historical mistakes all over again rather than preserve your ancestors' wisdom. Research the years of internal strife civil wars within medieval England and you'll know what I mean. >>21512 >well, roman patricians used to murder their incompetent emperors and they didn't stop until the right emperor would be in charge. Wasn't it actually the praetorian guards? I don't think it was required to be a Patrician or anything of the like to be enlisted as one. >>21534 Sometimes there can be cases where a king can be so powerful or influential that you're just better off killing him. For example, I personally think Caesar deserved his death as he was indeed ruining the Roman Republic and a major inspirator to christian monarchism for a reason (civic nationalism). Not to say the Optimates were any better, because every statesmen in Rome were corrupt.
Does anyone know where I can find more info about the education curriculum of schools in NS Germany? I am really interested in reading about the application of The Program's ideas.
>>21546 Hitler's Revolution briefly mentions them. There were the typical schools that just happened to be in the NS Germany, and then there were the "Adolf Hitler Schools". If those are the ones you're interested in specifically your best bet is to try and find material around AHC as an organization. What is interesting about the AHC is that it was meant to give talented people from lower income families a fighting chance to climb the ranks. I think the NSDAP in general didn't like the idea of "rich therefor powerful" and wanted "talented therefor powerful" to be the new paradigm.
>>21547 >What is interesting about the AHC is that it was meant to give talented people from lower income families a fighting chance to climb the ranks. I think the NSDAP in general didn't like the idea of "rich therefor powerful" and wanted "talented therefor powerful" to be the new paradigm. Totally agree with your interpretation there and I think its right on point as to me it seems like the economy and matters of money were meant to be second in the life of people. The economy served the people and was one of the many tools available to raise the White race above the rest and out of the slavery of interest. I heard about the Adolf Hitler Schools. Its a great concept I think. However I wanted to know more about the topics taught of how many hours were spent weekly on what subject. In Mein Kamf I recall a section where AH mentions how ridiculous the school system at the time was because all it did was pump useless knowledge into the minds of the children and how its appalling that only two hours a week are dedicated to gymnastics. (Incredible how 80 years after he wrote that the private catholic school I attended was the same as he described it, even down to the two hours of gymnastics, weekly... I bet it has not changed now, 100 years after) I wanted to see an application of what he said, as in: Maybe it was 6 hours of gymnastics now, and removed religious classes. Maybe history was increased and replaced foreign languages. Social studies/civics restructured to be more political and intended as an induction course for National Socialism and its core values.
>>21358 Fascism is a form of nationalism based on an organic conception of the people, i.e. one that views the people as a holistic unity with a division of labor and hierarchy, and is founded on a rejection of democracy, liberalism, egalitarianism and internationalism. I feel like most here could accept that definition.
Anyone got that one picture with Hitler going something like "why are you recording an old man?"
(2.17 MB 500x308 hitler filming you.gif)
(85.65 KB 422x750 HH.jpg)
>>21563 >>21358 Fascism isn't merely a form of nationalism. Fascism is the only modern political ideology that is non-materialistic, all other modern political ideologies (capitalism, communism and their derivatives) are based around different ways of organising capital. This is why Fascism doesn't fit on the traditional left-right political scale. Fascism is about the organisation of the people to ensure their maximum prosperity, happiness and social cohesion, all economic decisions are made down stream of this goal. In both capitalist and communist ideologies is social policy is influenced by economics rather than economic policy being influenced by social policy. Fascism is nationalistic because that is what is best for the prosperity of the people, it couldn't be anything else. In the same way that usury is fundamentally internationalist because that is what is best for usury. But it would be wrong to call Usury a form of internationalism in the same way that it is wrong to call Fascism a for of nationalism.
>>21646 Not merely nationalistic, of course, but nationalism is of course inseparably tied to fascism. It's different than your usury analogy, I would say. Because we can conceive of usury both in international and national contexts without contradiction (regardless of its desirability), but we cannot imagine a fascism without nationalism, because it would cease to be fascism. Nationalism forms an essential attribute of fascism.
>>21358 Fascism is a political manifestation of the timeless worldview of eternal Absolute Truth. the historical conditions make out the material manifestation. All "ideologies"/manifestations that do not adhere to eternal Truth are either out of ignorance or as opposed to it and thus they are Falsehoods. Falsehoods are many but the Truth is one, One falsehood may oppose other falsehoods but they all are enemy of the Truth. Any cellular organisms that isn't united in Totality/adhere to Natural Laws is unhealthy and thus will inevitably fall.
(476.37 KB 809x1285 banned from leftypol.png)
I got banned from leftypol for this post. There was no discussion, no refutation, just an instant ban. 4chan's /pol/ would never ban someone for posting "I'm leaving right-wing politics". Would such a post get you banned from /fascist/? Also, I'm an ex-leftist... Am I welcome here?
(1.18 MB 1700x3018 1610152775755.jpg)
>>21695 >assuming this is not bait Hitler considered himself a leftist growing up. Likewise, before I ever became political, when I was young I always thought I was leftist, would even say far-left. Believing that society should be structured in such a way that it is for the betterment of all. Later on, I wouldn't even say my viewpoint change very much. For the most part, it seemed more like the political landscape beneath my feet moved. I felt as though I didn't 'move' right, more like the world had moved left. Keep in mind, most of us here are not "Nazi's", but Fascists (from the Latin word fascis meaning "bundle" literally symbolizing "Strength through Unity") and National Socialists. >vast majority of us are unintelligent people >This is goodbye, That said, it would be hard not to see a similar post here, as anything other than a troll post. If you tried to shit up the board by making a thread of it, rather than just a post in qtddtot, you might have caught a ban if were up to me. >I'm an ex-leftist Reject the paradigm Embrace the Third Position
>>21695 Left and right is an oversimplification. At the very least you have to talk about the spectrums of Economics, Social Matters and Libertarian/Authoritarian. It's like those political diagrams you see with Economics as the x-axis and Libertarian/Authoritarian as the y-axis; which also shows how people tend to conflate economic and social matters when really they're independent. For example, many people think if you're left-leaning on economics you have to be socially on the left as well and support homosexuality and diversity and abortion etc., when logically those things are not connected: you can be economically on the left and socially on the right, for example. In fact, that conflation of social and economic matters is another jewish trick. Most people are broadly on the left on economics, so the jews conflate that with social liberalism to promote all sorts of degeneracy that destroy families and societies. They also use this confusion of ideas to trick people into supporting people who push socially leftists ideas. So for example in America, they get Democrats to push abortion, immigration, trannyism etc., and as a result people are fooled into thinking Democrats are economically left-wing, when in reality Democrats serve the interests of big business and the bankers over ordinary people, like all political groups do. (In reality left-wing parties these days are pushing us towards Marxism, which is certainly not economically left-wing. As you point out, Marxism is a trick to get people to support the destruction of the middle class and create a society where most people own very little and have almost no rights, and a few control and own everything).
(61.59 KB 680x677 occupy wall street.jpg)
>>21695 Keep lurking, fren
>>21695 i have had a lot of bad experiences with leftypol, mostly being that they never seem to want to have a discussion with you if you seem to believe something they are opposed to or even if you just stray from their dogma a tiny bit, but your post does kinda look like an astroturfing drive-by in a vacuum.
>>21683 (((Absolute))) (((One))) Stop shilling the most subversive lie in history as the Truth. Only a kike would present a proven falsehood as an ultimate truth.
>>21705 >implying the idea of "Truth" with a capital-T can even exist without an Absolute or One Kill yourself, philosophylet
(135.38 KB 708x1024 Back to the future .jpg)
>>21709 >Brainlet cannot conceptualize non-convergent, transcendental, multi-focal, acausal Truths all containing a mutual framework allowing them to interact as a shared, but not absolute set >Doesn't know that Truth allows for multiple planes of causation >Not knowing that perspectivism is the final synthesis of subjectivism and objectivism
>>21710 >he fell for the death of God meme and can't even grasp the thing-in-itself Sad. All of your posts are just your perspective according to your paradigm and so irrelevant to me, anyway
(168.02 KB 473x351 mfw.png)
>>21705 >Fascism >"""a proven falsehood""" LOOOOL Read actual NS literature instead of spewing out "SHILL!!1 SHILLL!!!" straight out of old cripplekikechan /pol/. Hitler himself SHARES this viewpoint in MK (provided that's it's the Dalton translation). "Man must never fall into the insanity of thinking that he was meant to become lord and master of nature, which a half-education has helped to encourage. Man must realize the fundamental necessity of nature’s rule, and realize that his existence is subject to the law of eternal strift and upward struggle. He will then feel that there cannot be a separate law for mankind in a universe in which planets orbit suns, moons orbit planets, and where the strong are always the masters of the weak—subjecting them to such laws, or crushing them. Man must submit to the eternal principles of this supreme wisdom. He may try to understand them, but he can never free himself from their sway." "If a spiritual conception of a general nature is to serve as the basis of future development, then the first prerequisite is to form a clear understanding of its nature, character, and scope. Only on such a basis can a movement be founded that will be able to draw the necessary fighting strength. From general ideas, a political program must be constructed, and a general worldview must by imprinted by a definite political faith. Since this faith must be directed towards practical ends, it must not only serve the general ideal as such, but it must also take into consideration the means that have to be employed for the triumph of the ideal. Here the practical wisdom of the statesman must come to the assistance of the abstract idea, which is correct in itself. Thus an eternal ideal, as a guiding star to mankind, must be adapted to the weaknesses of humanity so that its practical effect won’t be frustrated at the very outset due to general human inadequacy. The searcher for truth must here go hand in hand with one who has a practical knowledge of the human soul, so that we may select from the realm of eternal truths and ideals those which are best-suited to the capacities of human nature, and give them practical form." Below here is from "I Fight" aka Ich Kampfe. This is what they gave to new members that joined to read. "National Socialism serves eternal laws. This requires acceptance of the eternal laws to unselfishly serve the community and the welfare of the German nation and to live according to the eternal laws of our blood as they are expressed in the National Socialist Weltanschauung. This is where the party member seeks and finds the purpose of his existence ultimately expressed." Two plus two equals four is an famous example of Truth, the eternal laws of Nature manifesting itself in the material world. to assume otherwise is some faggy relativistic shit.
>>21701 Leftoid subhuman.
Can you list the characteristics of both Nietzsche's and Hitler's idea of the ubermensch?
>>21713 Based. Relativism has no place in National Socialism. This is why Hitler embraced true Aryan science and wisdom so much, because of its objectivity, its truth, its eternality.
>>21701 >For example, many people think if you're left-leaning on economics you have to be socially on the left as well and support homosexuality and diversity and abortion etc., when logically those things are not connected: you can be economically on the left and socially on the right, for example. Except that there is no such thing as economically left nor right. The left-right political spectrum is artificial and exists to prevent you from having using any organic political solutions. The left-right dichotomy is merely factionalism that existed out of liberal democracies. >>21701 This meme is gay and wrong. This can be easily debunked if you know that anti-racism articles have existed outside of NYT and first began in the 1960s with Marxist and Jewish influencers. Left-wingers have been complaining about racism since Lenin's as he claimed it was "zoological materialism". The left was always retarded and controlled by wealthy Jews.
>>21705 >(Absolute))) >(((One))) >>21710 >>Not knowing that perspectivism is the final synthesis of subjectivism and objectivism Why be a National Socialist if you're going to have views that completely contradict both the Mein Kampf and NS ideological framework as a whole?
>>21723 >This meme is gay and wrong You don't find it plausible that the corporate jewish media pushing the boogeyman of racism exponentially following the 2008 recession/bailouts and OWS, to distract from their consolidation of the economy after the 2008 recession and OWS? It may not tell the entire story but I think there's a bit of insight there.
>>21727 >You don't find it plausible that the corporate jewish media pushing the boogeyman of racism I'm calling your meme ignorant, because it's pretends that the fault of the racism boogeyman wasn't in partially the fault of Marxists as they were staunchly against racism as liberals are, so you're just deflecting what I'm saying here with a stupid question. Scapegoating American media as the reason why commies are faggots is a cope and what's even dumber about the wojack maymay is that it thinks Occupy Wall-street were ever a threat to Jews when it was actually ran by a bunch of hippies and drug addicts who never going to do anything against exploitative capitalism.
(176.80 KB 848x1200 ss.jpg)
Hello /fascist/, I want to become hitler 2.0 and save my country from jew destruction, How do I form my own natsoc workers party from the ground up? I need to know how to recruit and vet people into the party because I don't want any glowniggers infesting the thing, I need a second in command and people to fill vital roles such as security and propaganda. My main goal is to have a small sustainable party at first that provides services for the youth and the elderly against poverty, crime, homelessness, joblessness and suicide. What I want to know is where do I start off? Do I go door to door, hand out leaflets, put up posters and get word of mouth advertising to get people to join? Or do I setup an office somewhere and try to hire candidates to fill these positions? Country is an absolute shithole right now on par with eastern european countries, I want to get rid of the root cause of these issues and bring my country to the highest possible standards whilst being a militaristic nation of soldiers. Main issue right now is the formation of the party, once I get it up and running there should be no problems in getting rid of democracy and capitalism. I'm not a good speaker and have never had any leadership roles before so what should I expect going into this? Should I get a proper national socialist uniform to go along with my campaign? How expensive might this endeavor be because I have no funding and little savings, I don't know how much it would cost to print posters and leaflets or to get armbands in bulk, couldn't cost that much right? Are there any tips I should know before going deep into this or anything I can learn from past national socialist leaders? If everything goes well the party should be fully operational this year, the party will be 100% peaceful and no calls to violence will be needed, I expect to win by democratic vote and only then will I get the chance to overturn the system. Any ideas on what I should focus on first once the party is up and running? I was thinking about immigration issues and getting young people off the streets and into a hitler youth like organization where they can learn proper life skills, any ideas on what uniform they should have and what type of survival knife should be made official? I need to buy that stuff in bulk so I can sell it onto the youths at a decent price, should I contract a company to make uniforms, badges and knives or should I start my own company to do it for myself instead? Another thing is instilling our language and culture onto the youth, I don't want them speaking english anymore, gotta bring back the native language in all its glory so we can become a true independent country. This is all I can think of for now, any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you for reading this.
>>21722 I can already predict his response. He's gonna say Hitler "believed in perspectivist plural-truths without the Absolute" which is hilariously wrong with this mentioned: "Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: In defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." "Why wouldn’t it be possible to induce people to make this sacrifice if, instead of such a precept, they were simply told that they ought to put an end to this original sin of racial poisoning? And further, if they realized their duty to give to the Almighty Creator beings such as he himself created?" Hell, he mentioned 'Providence' many times as well to Goddesses of Fate, Doom and Destiny. On the other hand. so many fucking arguments and questions in this board can be seriously solved if one actually took the time to read Ironmarch's literature and Third Reich literature as well look at the infographs I dumped here, years of research and self-education, blood, piss and sweat on NSDAP and IM didn't just go down in vain so anons argue the same shit everyday. It would be actual step-up in board quality if anons here begin to criticize Christianity as lunar terrestrial religion that isn't solar hyperborean at all instead of funny kike man in stick or criticize Late roman era polytheistic paganism as a involuted decayed failure and weak worldview instead of lol capeshit worship Thor man. >>>/library/1289 https://web.archive.org/web/20170224025618/http://laraj.ca/AGwiki/ Enjoy.
>>21737 You're just as dumb as he is. >"Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: In defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." You do know that Hitler was not referring to Yahweh or the Christian God, right? Nowhere in the Mein Kampf does he directly references the Jewish God as almighty or the creator. >It would be actual step-up in board quality if anons here begin to criticize Christianity as lunar terrestrial religion that isn't solar hyperborean at all instead of funny kike man Correct, you and the traitors of National Socialism set an example that you are forever cucked and are eternally the slaves of Jews. Prove me wrong without a book that speaks words, but not actions of its fools. >in stick or criticize Late roman era polytheistic paganism as a involuted decayed failure Nigger what? Roman paganism was never decayed nor even Greek. What has failed, the fact that they didn't worship a Jew? The fact they didn't turn their men into literal cuckolds who have black sons? Or how about retarded faggots who unironically think we are all Israelites and declare that this isn't Judeo at all. Your nigger God doesn't even like you. Fascism is incompatible with Christcuckoldry. Prove me wrong or get banned and go back to worshipping a dumb hippie who didn't even exist.
Is there anywhere to look up, like, I dunno how to word this right but; George Washington's actual intentions for America? In fact, wasn't there a board dedicated to a similar political view before 8chan got the nuke?
>>21743 Where the fuck did I refer Yahweh as "Almighty Creator" AT ALL? Holy shit you are retarded as FUCK. by the failure of "polytheistic paganism" I mean the fact that it even allowed men to be converted to Christianity in the first place, the fact that narcissistic virtue-signalling weak men who, born after all the good and peaceful times of paganism allowed themselves to be swayed by the feels and whimpering nature of Saul of Taurus's feminine lunar Abrahamism So fuck you for assuming i'm one even, nigger. There is nothing inherently wrong with polytheism but it died for a reason. it wasn't rigid and strong as well fanatical to fight off the rising tides. Polytheism of the Ancients is dead and Christianity as well in the modern West is dying, and in just time you and I both know what the new future religion of Europe will be. Face it, Hitlerism is and WILL be the future religion.
>>21744 >Where the fuck did I refer Yahweh as "Almighty Creator" AT ALL? Unholy autism, you are a dumbass nigger and are going on this same tangent of autism trying to conflate One supreme entity as the same God you Christfags believe in. Look at your low-IQ statements. <Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: In defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." You're implying the usage of the word 'lord' is being used the same way Christians refer to Yahweh, which he isn't using the same context. Then your sperg out on pagans, due to butthurt. <t would be actual step-up in board quality if anons here begin to criticize Christianity as lunar terrestrial religion that isn't solar hyperborean at all instead of funny kike man in stick or criticize Late roman era polytheistic paganism as a involuted decayed failure and weak worldview instead of lol capeshit worship Thor man. Conflating Polytheism as a dichotomy and thinking you hold a truthful view of the Creator. Fucking retard. You Christcucks don't think for shit. Your religion is the reason why Europe is fucked. Stop being delusional and a stupid faggot thinking a woman's religion is going to save shit when you don't even lift a figure against mudslimes and niggers, because "muh racism!".
>Polytheism died for a reason Due to subversion and a bunch of mutt elites who shared no loyalty to Rome. It died out as a result of the Kali Yuga and turning age into it's peak of becoming a shithole. Christianity served its purpose in ruining Europe, there was never any ounce of evolution.
>>21728 >your meme It's just an edit of a /leftypol/ porky meme to make it name the jew, as is tradition
(120.70 KB 640x428 NRM.jpg)
(352.66 KB 999x562 Golden Dawn.jpg)
(85.84 KB 976x549 National Action.jpg)
>>21757 >>21758 Anon... Chill your tits down and re-read what I fucking posted, Where the fuck did I refer myself as a Christcuck? Where did I imply that Hitler's intentions of the "lord" quote were Christian at all? WHERE DID I IMPLY THAT HITLER'S "ALMIGHTY CREATOR" IS THE CHRISTIAN GOD? You're confusing me with TOR-anon judging from your exclusion of replies and the possible fact you're sleep-deprived, Get some rest. Hitlerism/National Socialism is why EUROPE IS FUCKED? LOL NIGGER WHAT? You're also bringing up Savitri out of nowhere despite the fact that she barely to do with the fact that there are millions of NS in North America, western and eastern Europe. >Due to subversion and a bunch of mutt elites who shared no loyalty to Rome. It died out as a result of the Kali Yuga and turning age into it's peak of becoming a shithole. How is this a disagreement? You pointed out the same issue I brought out.
>>21766 >Anon... Chill your tits down <UNHOLY FUCK!!!! >constant all caps Holy fuck shut up and go glow somewhere else.
>>21758 Polytheism died because it stunted the European mind scientifically and philosophically. Everyone with a brain knows that there are no 'gods' living in the clouds sending down rain or moving in the sun or the moon across the sky. Polytheism is from a worldview which predates the Laws of Nature. It is a chaotic worldview, where each aspect of Nature is under the control of different, often volatile, personalities and figures. This isn't how Nature works. Nature is harmonious, law-based and unified. This is the imprint of oneness upon multiplicity. There is one Creator behind the world we see. Numerous entities live within it that ancient Europeans and unenlightened savages today regard as solar, lunar or sky gods. Many of these are the same as UFOs, energy-beings, ghosts and similar entities. Respect them only as much as they show you benevolence (which can vary greatly). The mystical experiences of actual sages, scientific research into near-death experiences, and similar things all refute this worldview that you are shilling.
>>21795 No it didn't, we are constantly, despite all the jewish shillery against it, finding out our ancestors were far more advanced than we thought despite the seemingly primitive trappings, there isn't just one God, Nature is multifacted and dually chaotic and orderly, Destructive and creative, and it's laws are the will of the Universe/orlog/ whatever you wish to call the truly supreme being, it also seems to have willed that there exist a multitude of gods, failure to recognize this is childish and overly simplistic.
(125.40 KB 331x284 lel.PNG)
>>21770 >Actual evidence in MK posted as refutation <go glow somewhere else!11 This is the best that you could come up with? lol fuck off back to Cuckchan /pol/ faggot
What is your opinion about Miles Mathis? He wrote a paper about Adolf Hitler being Jewish with proof.
(2.06 MB hiller.pdf)
>>21897 https://nationalvanguard.org/2019/06/the-myth-of-hitlers-jewish-grandfather/ This covers the entirety of the bullshit Mathis spews, and links to the works of actual geneaogists who have researched Hitlers pedigree, Mathis's lies are all based on the similarity and outright thievery of German or other Aryan names names by jews or the use of jewish names by Aryans because of Christniggery all based on inconsistencies he finds in public jewish-owned publications and articles, don't believe me? Check the attached file out for yourself.
>>21735 >the party will be 100% peaceful and no calls to violence will be needed You are a fruitcake. There is no political solution. Violence is the only answer to an attempted genocide. Now fuck off you boomer faggot shill.
Any thoughts on the German Faith Movement?
(2.02 MB 2000x3131 Christian Rome.jpg)
>>21713 >>21724 >Point out a logical and mathematical fallacy that the entire Judeo-Masonic worldview and their power structure are based on <A bunch of kikes and/or their shabbos goylems throw themselves at your post making baseless claims and misplaced quotes that in no way contradict your position to try to pilpul and spin whatever misinterpretation was real in their minds >Two plus two equals four is an famous example of Truth So is (((One))) being a false god and there being no such thing as the (((Absolute))). The concept is both logically and mathematically false. At least the other kike tried to pull some kind of "YOU ARE NOT LE TRULY SPIRITUAL IF YOU DON'T UNQUESTIONABLY BELIEVE IN JUDAISM" angle because he knew he didn't have any ground to stand on when it comes to reason, while you are starting to thread in a rather uncanny territory for your kind >>21722 Perspectivism is not relativism. Your pillars and chessboard pseudo-dichotomies won't work here pal. You are presenting monotheistic absolutism as the only alternative to solipsistic nihilism, which is akin to presenting communism as the only alternative to capitalism, or vice-versa. Team red vs team blue, both serving the Jew. What I'm proposing is the third position. Objective and subjective are a mutual-feedback loop. >>21737 >Hell, he mentioned 'Providence' many times Will you use those quotes out of context to show how he was a Freemason now? >There is nothing inherently wrong with polytheism but it died for a reason It died when it stopped being polytheism, with the first notions of the "absolute" or some kind of "supreme being". You are either a polytheist fundamentalist or a monotheist. Monotheism won solely thanks to Judaic agentur infiltrating royal courts and riling up the unwashed masses to zerg rush their betters. Soviets didn't win on eastern front thanks to having better tanks, but thanks to having more of them. Quantity vs quality.
>>21913 At least you gave an actual argument this time. >So is (((One))) being a false god and there being no such thing as the (((Absolute))). The concept is both logically and mathematically false. How? Isn't the definition of Perspectivism about how all knowledge comes from sensory-perspective only? If all views are interpretations then how do you know if your or mine is right? If you reject all perspectives besides yours which you think is 'truths' wouldn't that be solipsism? Wouldn't that also be objective according to your own perception? Who's gonna stop other people from deciding Truths and Nature don't exist from THEIR perception? How would the 'Truth' in someone's perception not avoid destruction when he inevitably dies? Unless you are suggesting he somehow had access to his own immaterial realm of plural-truths? Then where do they come from if you say they are 'uncreated' and since the person mentioned is living a finite life? I would appreciate if you fully elaborated on this weird and complex perspectivist viewpoint you have and the complex issue of "acausal plural Truths only in someone's perception". The third position? Ironically my friend, you are operating in a modernistic political "right-left" spectrum dichotomy here, the definition of "Third Position" is used by Strasserists and duginist Nazbols to describe "socially right and economically left ideologies." "Economically left" a term used by delusional modernist economists which Hitler explicitly says economics is the least important part of History, Always. "The instinct for the preservation of one’s own species is the primary cause that leads to the formation of human communities. Hence the state is a racial organism, and not an economic organization. The difference between the two is so great as to be incomprehensible to our contemporary so-called ‘statesmen.’ That’s why they like to believe that the state may be constituted as an economic structure, whereas the truth is that it has always resulted from a will to preserve the species and the race. The qualities that are employed for the foundation and preservation of a state have therefore little or nothing to do with economics. And this is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the inner strength of a state only very rarely coincides with its economic prosperity. On the contrary, there are many examples showing that such prosperity indicates the approaching decline of a state. If it were correct to attribute the foundation of human societies to economic forces, then the power of the state would be at its peak during periods of economic prosperity, and not vice versa. It is particularly difficult to understand how the belief that the state exists by virtue of economic forces could become accepted in a country that has given proof of the opposite, in every phase of its history. The history of Prussia shows, in a particularly clear and distinct way, that it’s not material qualities but rather ideal virtues alone that lead to the formation of a state. Only under the protection of those virtues can economic activities be developed; the latter will continue to flourish until a time comes when the creative political capacity declines. Then the economic structure will also break down—a phenomenon that’s happening now, in an alarming manner, before our eyes. The material interests of humanity can prosper only in the shadow of heroic virtues. As soon as they become the primary considerations of life, they destroy the basis of their own existence." The term "Third Position" is described as beyond 'left' and 'right', both "anti-communist and anti-capitalist" which means it's unnecessary to describe a 'ideology' or worldview because National Socialism/Fascism already exists. The only ones who would unironically use "Third Position" are delusional Strasserists. It is a term of (((Modernity))) while the Fascist worldview already existed in the world of Tradition. where it was already the worldview of the Spartans and the ancient Germans as well ancestral Aryan invaders from the Pontic–Caspian steppe. >It died when it stopped being polytheism, with the first notions of the "absolute" or some kind of "supreme being". You should also elaborate on this. the notion of a "supreme being" or "tribal chief of the Gods" predated before the subversive Abrahamist kind of Monotheism happened at all. Dyaus Pitar the god of the Aryans is one example as well Zeus, Wotan. Rod (the Slavic supreme god). Xucau (the Iranic/Ossetian supreme god).
>>21907 massive failure
Where do I start as a complete beginner if I want to read about the true history of the Aryan race? I've looked in the Hidden History thread >>2541 but it assumes knowledge I don't have. I need to start right from the basics.
>>21940 Read Pierce's Who we are it fives a good if a bit dry History of the Aryan race, then Perhaps Kemp's March of Titans and for history focusing on the Christian Question, you start with this book https://hojaseliminadas.files.wordpress.com/2020/09/fair-race-15-sep-20.pdf which includes some of Who We Are in it as well as information on Anthropology etc.
>>21941 Oh and if you want to know the behavior of the allies during and after WW2, read this Hellstorm, a bit pro-Christcucky but eminently informative and a good historical read nonetheless.
>>21872 >he still thinks God and gods are the same Literally NGMI. You are still bound by the English language. Sanskrit doesn't have this problem. The advanced Aryan mind would have conformed itself to Vedic modes of thought long ago.
>>21946 No, the advanced Aryan mind would have realized Vedicism is corrupted by time and shitskin hands and minds and the only way forward is to eschew the past taking only what is useful and true and proceeding to rebuild from scratch.
>>21948 >the advanced Aryan mind I can tell that you have never pursued any form of serious Vedic sadhana, because you wouldn't be embarrassing yourself like this. It's real and it works.
>>21940 What sort of knowledge are you lacking? >>21913 >Perspectivism is not relativism. How can you say that? That's just your perspective bro, it's not the truth. The foremost shill for perspectivism was Nietzsche, who outright advocated that there was no such thing as truth and that there were only interpretations of phenomena and that morality didn't exist and was just symptoms of a certain kind of life. This is basically how leftists think today. Your entire leftoid philosophy debunks every single point you make, because it's just your perspective and interpretation, and I have no reason why I should give a shit about what you say then. Imagine not going for Absolute Truth.
(745.49 KB 796x1211 Urd.jpg)
>>21925 >At least you gave an actual argument this time. I do it all the time across the board, you should pay more attention before you begin to argue. See this post >>13536 and prior/afterwards discussion >How? Look up Godel's theorems, transcendental (non-commensurate) numbers, the concept of the boundless space, German idealism, Hermeticism etc. Also, read on the concept of Zero (incl. ancient texts that have Vedic undertones, remnants of the real ancient knowledge (in opposition to the Brahmanistic monism that usually gets shilled here), if the Judeo-Masonic gang didn't remove/memoryhole/reinterpret them already). It is the quintessential Aryan number (number of the uncreated Gods and race of the transcendent, acausal gods manifesting itself as the White race on earth), while One is the quintessential Judaic golem/animal-man number, the number of the created. They are trying to sell you their (inherently limited) perspective as the ultimate truth, with the goal to keep you enslaved to their god, which is in its finality, inferior to a fully actualized, double born (Aryan) White man. And that's the real reason behind White genocide/corruption/dysgenics. >Isn't the definition of Perspectivism about how all knowledge comes from sensory-perspective only? I pretty much coined that term myself to make a distinction, but I guess it was already taken lol. Either way, the idea is that objective Laws (such as mathematics, metaphysics, things into themselves etc.) exist, supporting essentialist philosophy (as opposed to modernism and relativism), but that those very Laws not only permit, but make a-priori, the existence of multiple planes of causation, centers of generation, Wills, Selfs etc. These planes interact within the infinite but shared framework, creating what we perceive as reality. And they are not equal, some planes are infinitely inferior compared to others (just as finite sets are inferior to infinite sets, which are inferior to transcendental "sets"). Ultimately, I am proposing a position that is an irrefutable axiom against egalitarianism, at ANY level, as well as the ultimate guarantee of individual sovereignty, under the condition that it was a-priori transcendental and not created. Solipsism (and absolute subjectivism as it's logical conclusion) also terminate into One, just in the opposite direction (circle, kikel). You have a lot to learn before you can hope to navigate this labyrinth. Third Position refers to a worldview transcending Masonic pillars of deception, a synthesis that generates (or rather, allows the manifestation of) something greater than the sum of its parts. >both "anti-communist and anti-capitalist" That's literally what Fascism is. Both communism and capitalism are exclusively materialist, zero-sum game theories. >"tribal chief of the Gods" It was just a normal, natural hierarchy. Those Gods often fought each other, changed their rank and status based on their deeds and tragedies, or even got completely overthrown (like in Olympian mythology). There was no supreme God in the sense of there being some kind of ultimate overmind/deity that is the basis of all that exists and that represents some kind of totality that everything else is forever subject to. A very important distinction to make. Those who failed to do so, eventually got subverted into accepting Abrahamism.
>>21950 I was simply quoting you, or rather that othe TOR anon and you apparently missed me saying take what is useful, still very little beyond the concept of Natural Law seems at all useful, no White man wants the trappings of the bullshit of the shitskins of india for the last 3000 years, no matter how Aryan they once were.
>>21957 But we have the original Aryan teachings. Obviously, that influence is in the distant past, and India has degenerated since then. But just because recent practice is corrupt and degraded (fraudulent gurus, a petrified & unjust caste system, etc) doesn't take anything away from the original influence. >>21795 You don't know what you're talking about. The defeat of European paganism was for two reasons: 1. Paganism in general depends on a Volk and a healthy society. Its rituals are very public, to the point that it's difficult to practice in a fragmented, private manner. If the body social collapses, paganism tends to go down with it, and that's what happened to the Greco-Roman world. Really, this whole divide between Church & State is a modern innovation; in the ancient world, religion and public life were blended together. To get a sense of this, just consider Shinto in Japan, and how the Japanese participate in it as a religion, and as just public holidays. 2. Paganism was replaced by Abrahamism, which is aggressive and virulent by nature. When Rome was strong, it could suppress the viral load of Christianity, but when the Western Empire collapsed, infection became rampant. By sero-converting the people, this prevented paganism from achieving natural regrowth, which would've happened otherwise. tl;dr: Paganism depends on a healthy society & volk, and when this declined, the people were infected by an aggressive Abrahamic virus, which prevented natural recovery. also, Paganism is perfectly consistent with Natural Law, and a proper scientific understanding of the world.
>>21956 I see. Thanks, I have checked Godel's incompleteness theorems and other things you have suggested. In my turns I have discovered the concept of Anekantavada, However I have one question. Would the realm of the uncreated be counted as a living entity like Mother Nature? some sort of species with the equivalent of the Jungian collective unconsiousness?
(348.18 KB 720x715 Hitler Morrowind.png)
>>21953 A tree exists, objectively. Its causes and effects are objective (within the specific, actualized, linear time-space category) as well. A squirrel and an artist come in front of the tree. They objectively exist as well. However, a squirrel sees a tree as a potential nesting place and possible food source. Period. That is squirrel's perspective, and it's real, regardless of its limitations. The artist however, sees a tree as something entirely else. An artwork of nature, perhaps something more than its generated constituency, or even something 'divine'. This is a very different perspective compared to a squirrel's, yet, equally real. When he makes a painting, the objective tree informs his mind, but what he creates on the canvas is not the same. Now, a squirrel would completely deny the artist's perspective, because it lacks it. However, if one knows that all phenomena are mental in nature, he would know that the subjective experience is equally important as the objective. Not more, not less. Otherwise, no subjective experiences would exist at all, since the "divine order" can function perfectly well without them as well. "Leftists" deny any higher perspectives becuase they are NPC's. Ironically, you are showing to be no better than them. At the highest level, they are a mutual-feedback loop and inform each other, to the point of generating alternate timelines, time-spaces etc. and influencing interacting sets. But only according to a certain mathematical/metaphysical rules. What does not adhere to these, cannot manifest and interact with the manifested/objective, or eventually disintegrates. Perspectives are a fundamental, a-priori necessity of objective existence, and indeed, the actual Absolute Truth. However, not all perspectives are equal (nor unique), nor are all of them true at the higher level (Think of bashing your keyboard randomly and comparing that to a work of Shakespeare, while both are real as a literary expression of some kind, the former is completely meaningless as anything else) . Some (most) perspectives are based on the finite, and within that category, you have the functional and the dysfunctional. Functional is what we may call the Natural law, and dysfunctional are various degeneracies and delusions. Dysfunctional perspectives are doomed to terminate within their own domain. The error of egalitarians ("leftists") is the assumption that all perspectives are fundamentally equal and equally valuable. The reality is, that most of them are completely worthless and quintessentially 'ugly'/defective, within the finite category alone, not to mention the higher categories. The (intentional) error of monism is to assume that all noumena emerge from and converge into a single point, that we are all different perspectives of the same mind experiencing itself, and that any mental state can "evolve" into another, which is ultimately false. The mental domain of the artist, and that of the squirrel might be completely, unabridgedly separate at the root level. How do they interact then? Simply, their minds both contain a duplicate set of information, or, they are informed by projecting themselves into a shared domain. But the artist also contains what quite literally doesn't exist for the squirrel, and never will. In this lifetime, or the next. Also, while there could be a infinitely finite instances of one, another one might be unique. What I am proposing is the anti-thesis of "leftist" philosophy, but without falling into either dualistic or monistic traps.
(5.32 MB 960x540 CiC9FEm.mp4)
>>21941 Thanks >>21953 >What sort of knowledge are you lacking? Earliest origins of the Aryans, their spread across the world, their culture, religion and civilization, it's development, interactions with other races and civilizations, genetic relationships etc. I just stumbled across this, looks like it might be a good documentary on The Classical World: https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/the-classical-world-in-a-nutshell_GNEPXwj6Y29IfYs.html
>>21971 What I actually meant to upload was this
>>21959 You're not even addressing the critique, you are merely saying the normal platitudes and rhetoric that people on this board use. All of the properly philosophical and scientific currents in pagan Europe were moves away from the mindless cultic rituals and superstitions of the average person, and it doesn't take much digging to see the truth of this. True natural law-based worldviews only developed under the influence of strong monotheistic traditions that didn't crowd out nature with a host of beings controlling a myriad of different natural aspects. It's a false imposition of the way human society works onto nature. The gods of polytheism can't be reached via rational argument, but a deistic God certainly can. There's nothing rational about believing a god lives in the sun or the clouds. Europeans have advanced beyond this, and there's a reason why the savages in India and other places are so foreign to the advanced European mindset of today, which was created in stable monotheistic and rational cultures. Polytheism is a defective worldview, I don't care what you think of Abrahamic religions, because that is beside the point.
>>21971 >>21972 One must also understand the current picture of the origins of mankind is fundamentally flawed and relies on the assumption of recent human origin. Watch this when you get some time, it's only the tip of the iceberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kH0sn-vxV0
(122.31 KB 500x500 H.P Lovecrafts Azathoth.jpg)
Wait. I just realised something, Question to a3a9ff/dbcbc5 anon here if he is still here. Wouldn't using human theorizing, methods and logic such as "Gödel's theorems" and other stuff be pointless to use to describe something immaterial and incomprehensible? We don't even know what actually happens after death so it's actually impossible to prove if either Plural-Truths or Absolute-Truth is right. If mathematics is material level then wouldn't it be pointless to try use it to disprove something which is far beyond any organisms here on this plane? Why would a extradimensional being like the Lovecraftian mythos gods give a shit if a limited three-dimensional being uses three-dimensional methods to try to disprove his power?
(597.81 KB 967x945 chad meditating.jpg)
>>21994 You are 100% right. This is why real mysticism will always be founded on apophatic principles. It's describing domains of experience that are so far removed from the world that we are familiar with that they can only be described by saying what they are not, and this is the reason why in the mystic domain, symbols, paradoxes and similar things abound. The three-dimensional world that we regularly experience is akin to the shadows on the wall of the cave in Plato's allegory. Higher dimensional entities and mystics literally transcend such petty limitations. Even reading up on things such as near-death experiences (which are being studied scientifically more and more) show that the nature of the reality described completely break and bend the rules of everyday reality.
(25.24 KB 293x400 lovecraft.jpg)
>>21996 He could be a secret historian and metaphysician in plain sight could he not? What did he know that we don't?
>>21998 Lovecraft wasn't perfect, but from looking into him, it is clear that he had Spenglerian influences and was aware of the terminal decadence of the West, and was familiar to some extent or another in the importance of race. He married a Jewess though, unfortunately, but it does seem like he was capable of understanding some topics discussed here rather intuitively. He is 100% correct than the average person in this world today would go insane if they knew the true nature of reality that is normally hidden from them.
(1.18 MB 822x1024 Awakeningpng.png)
>>21967 >Anekantavada Gave it a quick glance, it seems to be similar to what I am proposing, but more along the lines of Theosophy, which is misleading. Read >>13536 and the associated discussion to see it explained in Vedic context. Brahman is real and interconnected, but not fixed or the absolute. It's a feminine mold/framework (or a projector) giving birth to both the mental manifestations and physical/dimensional phenomena, based on certain rules. The created Atmans see it as the ultimate limit of existence (The Absolute), the uncreated Atmans see past it, into the domain of Zero, from whence their acausal, highest Selves have projected themselves onto the Brahman, but never in entirety due to Brahman, despite it's finitely infinite nature, still being a limited set. So in a sense, Brahman being absolute or not, as well as Atman being inferior, equal or superior to Brahman, depends on the inherent quality and nature of every individual Atman. Which means that when the designated "guru" of this board claims how Brahman/One is absolute, and when I claim that it is not, both statements are true, without contradicting each other, because the ultimate reality/perspective of his existence, and the ultimate reality/perspective of mine, are not the same, despite partaking of the same objective reality and being able to interact. To a larger (but not entirely exclusive) extent, this applies to races as well. TL;DR this nigger might as well be arguing with "Vishnu" or "Shiva" without realizing it. >Would the realm of the uncreated be counted as a living entity like Mother Nature? Depends on what do you mean by "living". On one hand, it's certainly more alive than One, which is eternal stasis/spiritual death, on another, it is the state of total annihilation of the created. And it's not really an entity, since it's boundless and transcends any particulars, as well as multi-focal by nature (or rather, non-focal). In theory, it could sever every connection between two created entities (or even the universes), being the ultimate separator as well as the ultimate 'gateway' beyond the cycles of Brahman. Definitely not something collective, nor accessible for most. When it comes to species, we could say that acausal beings are a "spiritual race" of sorts, to use Evola's term. And this race does not compromise on quality (unless it has a reason to or gets confused), hence why the physical racism as well. >>21994 >incomprehensible For you Protip: It's not. But the less you understand, the more you fall prey to those who do. That's why the usual (((bullshitters))) will keep trying to sell you some canned pilpul as "spirituality". >If mathematics is material level It's not. Material/dimensional is only a very small subset of it. While it does not represent spiritual experiences completely, it is the best means available for communicating them properly (at the highest level), and putting them under scrutiny. Lower minds don't have any use for it because their beliefs are worthless. Let's not forget that mathematics originated among Aryan mystics due to necessity to express certain ideas. >Why would a extradimensional being like the Lovecraftian mythos gods give a shit Because you could calculate how to hit it where it hurts. As well as gauge your future incarnations. Knowledge is power. >>21996 I'm pretty sure this is a bot at this point
>>21998 From my admittedly minimal knowledge of his work, he seemed to have an reasonably good understanding of hyperbolic geometry. While that doesn't make him a metaphysician, it does show, at the bare minimum, that his interest in "incomprehensible" spaces was beyond superficial and that he had some interest in higher mathematics. That said, non-Euclidean geometries were also a semi-popular popsci topic at the time. He could have sourced inspiration from something he read in a popsci magazine.
(74.97 KB 627x429 jew elephant.jpg)
>>21967 Anekantavada is a form of Jain pilpul. It's based of some true intuitions (the situation of the blind men and the elephant), but then sneaks in an omniscient Jina to say that they can see the whole elephant and have the ultimate truth. Far from being the sort of intellectual ahimsa that it is often put forward as today, it's really a polemical tool used by Jains to attack other philosophies. I guess though prima facie there's no real reason why one couldn't hypothetically have such ultimate knowledge though that would deliver ultimate truth. It would have to be pretty compelling.
>>21978 >All of the properly philosophical and scientific currents in pagan Europe were moves away from the mindless cultic rituals and superstitions of the average person, and it doesn't take much digging to see the truth of this. lies, there is no divide between science/philosophy and beliefs/rituals, they went hand in hand. if anything, the sundering of science from religion has led us into error, particularly the quasi-religion of scientism, in which scientific studies are considered as dogmatic truth, regardless of how flawed their methodology is. >True natural law-based worldviews only developed under the influence of strong monotheistic traditions that didn't crowd out nature with a host of beings controlling a myriad of different natural aspects. It's a false imposition of the way human society works onto nature. The gods of polytheism can't be reached via rational argument, but a deistic God certainly can. you assume that monotheism is incompatible with Paganism, but you're wrong. it's entirely possible that the various gods & goddesses, governing various aspects of reality, are all emanations from an original source. in fact, I believe this is what the Vedas tell us (correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't delved into them as much as others here).
>>22015 >there is no divide between science/philosophy and beliefs/rituals, they went hand in hand. The sources disagree with you. All of the evidence, even for pre-Socratic philosophers, indicates that they were all heterodox by the standards of the average person in terms of beliefs regarding rituals and the nature of the gods. Offhand one can mention Heraclitus, Xenophanes, Empedocles, etc. and like more. And then we can point to the thought of educated Roman aristocrats which clearly delineated between what was proper religiō and what was mere superstitiō. What the average person worshiped, and the general belief in anthropomorphic powers acting behind nature, was seen to be pure superstitiō, and indeed was lambasted as the tales of old wives. Consult Cicero's De Natura Deorum. True philosophy is almost always incompatible with the superstitious ooga booga ritualism of the masses. And science is contingent upon true philosophy. True philosophy is not worshiping trees and celestial phenomena. >you assume that monotheism is incompatible with Paganism, but you're wrong. I do not assume that. The essence of the Vedas posit monotheism (though the devas, whatever they are, still exist, but are subordinate immanent beings). >it's entirely possible that the various gods & goddesses, governing various aspects of reality, are all emanations from an original source Possible, but highly unlikely. Occam's razor, and the unified and apparently universal nature of physical laws more convincingly points towards primary governance under a single being (could this Source have subordinates who naturally work within the established and ordained order? Possibly).
I'm confused by /fascist/'s stance on Theocracy. First & foremost, Hitler, /fascist/'s #1 person of interest, was a statesman, partisan, & military leader, but not a priest except being an altar boy, but that's not high in the church hierarchy Yet I understand that Hitler says that "Religion was exploited to serve a purely political policy, and in this case a fatal policy, at least as far as German interests were concerned" & that "By employing religious motives in the service of politics, a spirit was aroused which the instigators of that policy had never thought possible." Hitler himself confuses me. Unless the interpretation is that this is apathetically and carelessly employing religious motives. Because Hitler first says, "The leading idea in the mind of the Archduke was to establish a Slav State, which was to be constructed on a purely Catholic basis" -- which would imply the opposite to me, that it was policy to further a religious bulwark "against Orthodox Russia". Because Hitler's criticism centers around nationalism (which, imo, has the relationship of being more political than religious -- it wasn't whether the wife of the Archduke was Catholic or not, but that the new Habsburger was Czech). I don't think /fascist/ would understand what exactly I'm picking at, unless they themselves have talked with traditionalist Catholics, whose narrative is that it was Nationalism & the French Revolution's nationalism that undermined the Religious supremacy of Catholicism, that it was putting Politics above Religion, Nationality above their Denomination, and secularism that tolerated Protestants and Catholics -- because they would have it that it matters much more whether someone is Catholic than their nationality or race or their political allegiance. If you talk with Habsburg & tradcath apologists today, their blame is squarely on nationalism for undermining the religious supremacy of Catholicism. Secondly, there is admiration for the Showa Era & WW2 Japan. But the fanaticism that /fascist/ admires in Showa Japan isn't the result of a "return to Theocracy", but rather the merging of political & spiritual power. That was the direct result of the (((modern))) Meiji Restoration. State Shinto's mobilization of the public around the Emperor with the imperial cult was only made possible by union of political authority with spiritual authority, by the same degree that Henry VIII was political & spiritual ruler & the Russian Holy Synod by Emperor Peter I. For it wasn't a return to the Middle Ages Two Swords doctrine, that put Pope above as spiritual head above political heads, but rather the union of a political & spiritual leader. The fanaticism nation-wide across Japan would only be accomplished by political mobilization, very important to understand, in relation to State Shinto, and how it differs from the basic view of a Theocracy imho. The Emperor wasn't revered to the same degree prior to the Meiji Restoration, as seen in memes about Japanese shouting Banzai, & that's because there wasn't political and spiritual unity to that same extent that would follow it up. In my opinion, it's more than theocracy -- the fanaticism that was seen to the extent of Showa Japan could only be made possible by the marriage of what traditionalists call "totalitarian" politics with theocratic spiritual aims, simply because without the political there wouldn't be such a public mobilization and nationwide reach. Contrast this sentiment with Codreanu in the last screencap.
>>22039 >All of the evidence, even for pre-Socratic philosophers, indicates that they were all heterodox by the standards of the average person in terms of beliefs regarding rituals and the nature of the gods. Yet the pagan Greeks had significant philosophical output. Maybe the conflict is not between paganism and philosophy, but rather a lowbrow vs highbrow understanding -- for the common people, it's enough to believe in whatever is the popular doctrine, while the philosophers go beyond this to question, elaborate, etc. And another thing: there is a philosophical pagan work in existence, namely the Treatise of Sallustius, which further indicates that it's not an inherent clash. >True philosophy is not worshiping trees and celestial phenomena. What is then, worshiping a famous, revolutionary preacher who lived 2000 years ago? Religious belief does not preclude rational thought and understanding, this is proven by the scholastics, who achieved philosophical thought even under the influence of Abrahamism. >Possible, but highly unlikely. Occam's razor, and the unified and apparently universal nature of physical laws more convincingly points towards primary governance under a single being (could this Source have subordinates who naturally work within the established and ordained order? Possibly). Occam's Razor is a very good principle, but it doesn't apply in every single case. I think a single Deistic being, vs an ultimate source with a kaleidoscope of derived beings, are equally tenable possibilities.
>>21940 Are the works of Carleton Coon any good? I'm guessing they're outdated by now.
>>22059 >Yet the pagan Greeks had significant philosophical output. I readily admit this, needless to say. And that is why I am quite sympathetic to your reformulation of the true divide as being between the highbrow and lowbrow / elite and plebeian conceptions of spirituality, the highbrow of course being informed by actual scientific and philosophical speculation, while that of the plebeians remained forever stuck in the realm of primitive magical practices, amulets, and similar things. Today these practices are mainly confined to more primitive non-White nations - Africa, large parts of the Middle East, India, South America, the Caribbean, etc. > And another thing: there is a philosophical pagan work in existence, namely the Treatise of Sallustius, which further indicates that it's not an inherent clash. Yes. It's also worth noting of course that Sallustius was a Neoplatonist, and thus posited the One as the first principle of the rest of reality, seeing the goal of life as ultimately the return to the One (very similar to many Vedic figures, needless to say). When we put him side-by-side with Julian, who was of course very close to Sallustius, we will see that he had similar views regarding a divine hierarchy, which is characteristic of developed European philosophical and spiritual speculation (and its root which is in experience). My main polemic here is against those who exclusively attack the notion of the One totally in favor of the cosmic gods (which likely do exist in some form). Spiritual beings exist within the universe undoubtedly, but I do not think that any of them are really the key to scientific and philosophical understanding. Maybe one can benefit from them occasionally, but in common with what the Buddhists and Vedic teachers have concluded, along with the developed varieties of European spiritual thought, to think that the cosmic gods are somehow pinnacles of reality is to make an error - which is not to say that these beings are evil or not far more highly spiritual advanced than most humans. >I think a single Deistic being, vs an ultimate source with a kaleidoscope of derived beings, are equally tenable possibilities. Agreed.
(38.26 KB 680x740 gigachad japan.jpg)
>>22055 The difference between the Catholic case and the Japanese case is that we are dealing with two different kinds of religions here. Shinto is a purely Völkisch religion, one that, prior to the Meiji Restoration, was indeed so interwoven with Japanese day-to-day life, rituals, activities, and holidays, that the term Shinto was not even known to the average Japanese person. In fact, I have read that the term 'religion' in a generic sense was completely unknown to the Japanese prior to this period as well and with more frequent contact with the Western religions and their concepts. So the Japanese only got the term 宗教 (shuukyou) in the 19th century, at least in common parlance. Shinto only really began to assert itself as something separate from Buddhism in the century or so preceding the Meiji Restoration as well, most especially in the Tokugawa Era Kokugaku / National Studies movement, which stressed the fact that Shinto was the true way of the gods and that Buddhism was a foreign intrusion into the Japanese kokutai / national entity. So Shinto was at once a true 'way' of the Japanese people, a racial religion in the truest sense of the term, and indeed already before the Meiji Restoration increasingly associated with nationalistic Japanese politics. Kokugaku scholars of the Tokugawa Era were already advocating for the direct rule of the Emperor over Japan. This wish would not be fulfilled until the Meiji Era and would last up through the Shouwa Era, of course. And your analysis is correct, I think. State Shinto was a 'return', nor was it a total break with the past. Though the seeds of State Shinto were of course already readily available within the Japanese context, the development of Japan spiritually and culturally following the Meiji Restoration was indeed in many respects a transformation as well. Shinto naturally developed and grew in a highly fascistic direction. The totalitarian and theocratic elements are certainly inseparable in the development of State Shinto. A good book on this is Skya's 'Japan's Holy War'. So while Catholicism was deflated by nationalism, in Japan Shinto was only energized and radicalized to a new degree.
(9.37 KB 225x225 download.png)
Especially in light of the whole Sutter thing. Are they just a bunch of degenerate retards and one of them got turned snitch or was it always an op?
>>22146 >QTDDTOT Go back to 4chaim.
I personally think of them as faggot retards just because of their connection to atomwaffen and child prostitution. And obv because they're satanists
>>22149 Haven't used boomerchan in years. Feel like there's enough to O9A for it to warrant its own thread. It's one of the longest running, weirdest and most convoluted ops in history if it's an op and it completely disrupted multiple orgs.
>>22151 Warrant discussion perhaps. That dosen't mean you get to shit up the board with this low effort OP.
(276.49 KB 589x561 247r5q2.jpg.png)
>kike on upside down stick is based, goys
>>22146 All of these degenerate groups are connected—Atomwaffen, O9A, Tempel of Blood, and they’re all fed honeypots in the truest sense of the term. The whole Sutter thing was so obvious that it should have surprised absolutely no one. David Myatt over in the UK is a perfect example of another likely fed given how he has bounced around between White Nationalism and Islam over the years. All of these organizations shilling for Satanism, degeneracy, depravity and similar things need to be rejected vehemently or the Jews will continue to use the media to convince normalfags that pro-White politics involves worshiping Satan and being a pedophile
>>22155 >worrying about what a jew says According to jews, being National Socialist is doubleplus ungood already, same with caring about Whites. Fuck optics.
>>22129 I have no objection to the One, and I think Deism is a rational position. I also think that the parallel you drew between devas/asuras and pagan deities is quite valid -- spiritual entities are to be taken seriously, and may or may not be of assistance to us mortals, but they should not be worshiped as the One, which is indeed an error. I'm glad we could come to an understanding. and well met, anon -- it's not every day I come across someone who can present a challenge.
>>22186 I guess we should just embrace Satanism and be pedophiles then!
(293.56 KB 1079x915 16130002297530.jpg)
You claim that "hate" is evil, but does not a black hate the KKK? Does not a Jew hate "antisemites"? Does not a government hate "terrorists"? When we ask ourselves what "Hate" really means, we realize that this word is only a shock collar to prevent the self-preservation of White Christian Europe. It is just as much a sin to love what is evil, than to hate what is good. Hatred is the highest form of love, because who doesn't protect what they hold dear? I have 3 unregistered firearms.
>>22205 >I have 3 unregistered firearms. >3 Childs play.
>>22191 If going below the AOC means higher White birthrates then I don't give a damn. The ends justify the means.
>>22015 >in which scientific studies are considered as dogmatic truth, regardless of how flawed their methodology is. So in other words, they became more religious (based on faith) and less scientific. >it's entirely possible that the various gods & goddesses, governing various aspects of reality, are all emanations from an original source That's a rather reductionist approach which turns them into mere instruments of the same machine. There is no reason why everything should emanate from a single source, in fact, something closest to the laws of existence that we have access to proves the contrary. Yes, many "gods" can emanate from the same source, just as many people can share a singular consciousness (like insects and Jews do), but that does not exclude the existence of multiple poles of emanation/causation, especially not at the ultimate level. Monotheism is the midwit cosmology/eschatology, again we have the bell curve where the sky worshiping grugs and high tier metaphysicians/esotericists are on the same page, while midwit golems believe in falsehoods such as "the supreme being" and live under the illusion that it makes them smarter and wiser than the rest. Monotheists were the original soys. >>22039 >The essence of the Vedas posit monotheism The essence of Judaism does >and the unified and apparently universal nature of physical laws more convincingly points towards primary governance under a single being Those laws could function the same without any such being. You are trying to use the atomist approach to defend the existence of the supreme kike without realizing that within such philosophical framework, it's entirely redundant, excessive and fails the Occam's razor, as well as the law of sufficient reason. Might as well be a deterministic atheist then. By the way, if you have ever actually read the work of any of the philosophers which you desperately try to mention or quote for the sake of appearances, or if their philosophy was of any worth, you would be able to make an actual counter-argument for once. >>22129 Anyone who supports the notion of (((One))) is not a real pagan/polytheist but a crypto-monotheist disguising as one, and a philosemite emperor is hardly a good example either. Many forms of "paganism" were (and are) as kiked as Christianity/Abrahamism is (if not even more in some instances). They are trying to sell kosher "paganism" as an alternative. There is only one true paganism, the fundamental polytheism based on the notion of Zero/Many. And it's as antithetical to Judaism as it gets, that's why you will hardly encounter it anywhere. >My main polemic here is against those who exclusively attack the notion of the One totally in favor of the cosmic gods Because ultimately, everything revolves around that issue. The sooner you understand that, the better.
>>22190 >I'm glad we could come to an understanding. and well met, anon Definitely, anon. It is comfy discussions like this is why I enjoy /fascist/
>>22214 >The essence of Judaism does And? You do know that the Vedas and Zoroastrianism (which is monotheistic, fundamentally, as anyone who has deeply studied the Gathas and the Yashts, etc. will know) predate Ancient Judaism by millennia, don't you? Judaism is unique in its monotheism, in that it posits the idea of a 'jealous' God which does not tolerate the worship of other deities or of idols, or images. Ancient Aryan mysticism has always included the idea of a fundamental One, and along with this has had the worship or interaction with spiritual beings that exists within the cosmos. The use of statues and images and worship is common to Aryan religions as well. The sort of divine jealousy of Judaism, however, is not a feature of ancient Aryan religions, as we can read in the Bhagavad Gita, where it says that no matter what one worships, it is ultimately to Krishna alone that one is devoting themselves to, even in ignorance, and due to various considerations and understandings about reality, this is indeed true. >Those laws could function the same without any such being. You are in no position to know that. The existence of an intelligible, harmonious and law-based universe that seems to function under the same laws no matter where one looks or goes is a great indication that there is a higher power at work behind nature. This is inexplicable given an atheistic worldview which just happens to be intelligible, law-driven and uniform for millions of light-years in every direction. Prior to having their brains lobotomized by scientific naturalism, one would naturally draw this conclusion, and there even exist numerous works by scientists and psychologists who admit that human beings are inherently disposed to draw such inferences from aspects of our lives and the world around us. And I do not even raise the question of the religious experiences had by mystics and sages throughout history, which provide one not with just discursive arguments to the existence of God, but also the direct immediate knowledge of said being. >it's entirely redundant, excessive and fails the Occam's razor You think the existence of God is akin to the conclusion of some sort of syllogism, which is a bugman way of approaching the question. Such arguments are post-hoc, and are not the reason why people believe in a Creator or Supreme Being in the first place. >Anyone who supports the notion of (((One))) is not a real pagan/polytheist but a crypto-monotheist disguising as one I don't care, I'm after truth, not your gay little labels of true pagan™. You have an entirely reactive position which is based off political concerns, rather than questing for the truth and discovering what the truth is and acting accordingly. The One is totally arguable for through sheer philosophy as well, as is demonstrated quite adequately in Edward Feser's rendition of the Neoplatonic proof in his book 'Five Proofs of the Existence of God', which is of course religiously neutral in that the conclusions of said arguments have nothing to do with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other tradition. And to repeat myself again, this is not even to talk of the experiential side of the equation, which adds even more evidence alongside the rational proofs.
>>22212 And how does smoking meth, having gay orgies and jacking off to novels about toddler rape help White birthrates?
>>22231 They don't?? Where did I say anything like that?
>>22246 When you responded to this post >>22191, you were responding to a post against groups such as Atomwaffen, O9A and Tempel ov Blood, all of which are well-known for being full of pedophiles, Satanists and edgelords. Your response makes it seems like you do not care if these people write toddler rape stories and about the glorification of pedophilia. It has nothing to do with the general 'I think the AOC should be two or three years earlier' that some people post here.
>>22247 That's not me at all. Pay attention to the ID's.
>>22258 >Pay attention to the ID's. He was responding to just YOUR ID Pay attention to the thread >>22146 QRD o9a? >>22150 connection to atomwaffen and child prostitution >>22155 degenerate, convince normalfags that pro-White politics involves worshiping Satan and being a pedophile >>22186 Fuck optics. >>22191 (sarcasm) I guess we should just embrace Satanism and be pedophiles then! At that point you pipe up, hurr durr Save the White race. Implying you support fucking children. kys ped
>>22258 Low IQ confirmed
>>22218 >Monotheistic Zoroastrianism Something that the Iranians should be thankful to for being shitskins and not White today. It did produce splendid shabbos goyim like Cyrus "the great" though, I guess that's why you shill it so much in here. >Judaism is unique in its monotheism, in that it posits the idea of a 'jealous' God which does not tolerate the worship of other deities Your "supreme being" is no different and by refusing to acknowledge the (logically necessary) existence of other sources/poles of causation you are acting the same. >Ancient Aryan mysticism has always included the idea of a fundamental One Unfortunately, many Whites got deceived by various Judeo-synarchic cults over the course of history, the subversion being much older than Abrahamistic religions or Christianity in particular. Judaic thought and "philosophy" predates Judaism by millenia and can be traced to the Brahmin castes of India (and their abominable interpretation of proto-Vedic sources). Various forms of Judaism are just its more recent expression. In spite of that, there are not sufficient sources showing the beliefs such as fundamental One being prevalent among Whites/Aryans, at least nor originally or organically. Those ideas are a cultural import, and a result of what modernists call "progress". >it is ultimately to Krishna alone that one is devoting themselves to Seems like a rather parasitic deity >great indication that there is a higher power at work behind nature Lack of understanding of forces at play. While shaping of nature is indeed possible, and to a great degree, your cosmic kike does not hold the patent for natural laws (that's talmudry). If you truly understood the cyclical time, you would realize that you are actually making an argument in favor of transhumanism. >which is a bugman way of approaching the question Bugman philosophies have bugman logical conclusions. Adding "God" does not change that. You need a better philosophy instead. >I'm after truth You are too weak to know the truth. That's why you cling to ideas that give you the least existential dread. >which is based off political concerns The other way around actually. I know very well what I want from existence, and how it can be obtained most effectively. Do you? >The One is totally arguable for through sheer philosophy as well I've been dealing with people much 'higher up' in the hierarchy in the past and they failed to deliver, but you are welcome to try. And I'm not even trying to argue (in a non-constructive way at least), if you think you have a case supporting those notions, make a thread about it and I'll gladly participate.
Hey boys. Been almost a year now since I first found this place (about 10 months in fact) and I have to say, this one year has felt like ten. I've learned a lot, suffered a lot, and I believe finally read to carry on into a better future as a man and I have to thank all of you for it because if it wasn't for you answering my ignorant questions and putting up with my shit I would have likely stayed an ignorant twit. I've recently started trying to learn more about Germanic paganism and believe I'm finally coming into my own spiritually. It's a good feeling and one I, again, have to thank all of you for. I hope you've all had a good one thus far, as difficult as the past year has been, and hope to see you all in the future. Failing that, perhaps we'll meet in the halls. To the future, my friends!
(1.07 MB 720x711 lift.png)
>>22338 Sieg heil, freund
>>22339 Sieg Heil. Here's to a better future that our children may inherit.
>>22304 Notice how this shill has continued for months to insinuate in almost every thread that Aryan spiritual hierarchies were akshually Jewish. I can tell that you are a good little church-going Protestant evangelical.
>>22338 Meditate sequentially week by week, on the Elder Futhark, staying with those that give you trouble until you master them, they will unironically be a better guide to finding Othinn and our other gods than any existing literature, whatsoever.
>>22372 I noticed that nonsense, although I didn't bother engaging at the time. just because Abrahamic religions have clergy, doesn't necessarily mean clergy are inherently Abrahamic.
>>22429 >doesn't necessarily mean clergy are inherently Abrahamic. I agree. The jewish religion is a Frankenstein abomination of practices from different Aryan religions and modes of thought, like Egyptian polytheism and Platonism, as a consequence of the jewish nature. Just because some aspect of an ancient religion is found in judaism does not mean it is jewish. Hierarchy is inherent to the Aryan understanding of the world, where each man needs something above and below him. A clergy would be the natural conclusion of this, because it would follow this rule. The people who said that the clergy is jewish have their reason as the aryan spirituality is directed inward, and is the journey of the individual. Again, this is not consistent with the Aryan world view. In an Aryan society, a man is meant to be an individual in the whole, so the Aryan spirituality would also follow this pattern. Rites and rituals are meant to be experienced communally as to strengthen the community, while an inward experience of spirituality is also experienced in each individual during it. The inward vs. outward spirituality argument is yet another false dichotomy, since both can be experienced at the same time.
>>22372 >church-going Protestant Your bot got broken >>22429 You didn't engage because it's above your pay grade (and IQ). >>22372 >A clergy would be the natural conclusion of this You will never be a rabbi of /fascist/ . People can have rites without some kike defining it for them, organizing it for them, centralizing them, and legalistically formalizing them. Clergy were parasites for the most part. >Just because some aspect of an ancient religion is found in judaism does not mean it is jewish. Judaism is the logical conclusion of the aspects that you keep promoting here. No such aspects = no Judaism.
>>22445 >People can have rites without some kike defining it for them, organizing it for them, Except they do. If you understood human psychology, you would know a group of people don’t just simultaneously decide to do something. A leader steps forward and helps figure out how it will go. From there, he becomes a sort of clergy or shaman. If you mean that we don’t need a globalized, bureaucratic congregation of priests to tell local communities how to worship, I agree, but these small communities need a spiritual leader in some capacity. But, even then, if a large Aryan state is to be created, it would need a little bit of bureaucracy. > Judaism is the logical conclusion of the aspects that you keep promoting here. No such aspects = no Judaism. What are you talking about?
>>22445 >People can have rites without some kike defining it for them, organizing it for them, centralizing them, and legalistically formalizing them. Your Sabbatean-Frankist antinomianism has no place on /fascist/ or any other place dedicated to the discussion of Aryan spirituality. Truth exists. There are right and wrong ways of doing things. This necessitates hierarchy and orthodoxy. This is true in the political and spiritual fields alike. Screaming about 'rabbis' isn't an argument. We're talking about Druids and Brahmanas
(50.44 KB 252x291 Sri Poo Shekelcharya .png)
>>22447 >you would know a group of people don’t just simultaneously decide to do something More advanced people do. Leadership, organization, and hierarchy are of course needed, and natural, but clergy has no place within it. >>22448 >Not having a bunch of parasites ruling the society based on pure pilpul and deception is Sabbateanism Why yeeesss, retarded cults like Hare Krishnas and Jehovah's witnesses were always tantamount to European social order. So were the Noahide Laws that you keep trying to sell here under the guise of le Aryan spirituality. >Truth exists Yes it does. And you repeating your lies for 1000 times won't make your Judeosynarchic lies any closer to that. >Screaming about 'rabbis' isn't an argument. You keep ignoring any of the actual arguments, do you really think something like that would work in any sort of organic environment? >We're talking about Druids Original ones or the (((Gauls))) and their Brythonic contemporaries that were often in conflict with Celtic princes? >Brahmanas Proto-rabbis like Abraham
>>22460 >Leadership, organization, and hierarchy are of course needed, and natural, but clergy has no place within it. <Leadership, organization, and hierarchy are of course needed, and natural, but leadership, organization, and hierarchy have no place within it. Lol
>>22460 >More advanced people do. Leadership, organization, and hierarchy are of course needed, and natural, but clergy has no place within it. You are just contradicting yourself now. Some sort of organization is necessary.
>>22460 >pic related kek. doesn't mean that poos are any better. They're scum in a different way.
>>22430 >I agree. The jewish religion is a Frankenstein abomination of practices from different Aryan religions and modes of thought, like Egyptian polytheism and Platonism, as a consequence of the jewish nature. Just because some aspect of an ancient religion is found in judaism does not mean it is jewish. Indeed. The Old Testament plagiarizes Aryan traditions/texts, reworking them into a chimera, as you said. In one of my older posts, I mentioned the good qualities of the OT, but that's really just a pale reflection of the original source material it rips off. It all makes sense that way, and there are blue-pilled scholars who admit that it's a pastiche of influences from the ancient world. >In an Aryan society, a man is meant to be an individual in the whole, so the Aryan spirituality would also follow this pattern. Rites and rituals are meant to be experienced communally as to strengthen the community, while an inward experience of spirituality is also experienced in each individual during it. Also true, and we see this pattern in Pagan traditions, which require a healthy Volk. For example, Japanese Shinto displays harmony between the individual spiritual experience and public expression through festivals. As for Western paganism, the collapse of Western Rome created a vacuum of power, which was filled by the Abrahamic virus, sundering us from traditional ways. >You didn't engage because it's above your pay grade (and IQ). you mistyped here, I think you meant 'below'. >You will never be a rabbi of /fascist/ . People can have rites without some kike defining it for them, organizing it for them, centralizing them, and legalistically formalizing them. Clergy were parasites for the most part. as others have said, you're hilariously wrong. an Aryan society needs specialists in various fields, including religion.
Spiritual authority of some variety is literally inescapable, as it is in any other domain in life. If one wants to know something, where do you go? To someone with experience and knowledge. Even if one does not entirely agree with everything that a person says, it is clear that there is benefit derived from interacting and inquiring to a person with years of belief and experience. Everyone does this for every topic under the sun. I put the most stress on experience too, because experience is always the most important factor in true knowledge of something, because mere intellectual dabbling is always a disconnected and incomplete path. In Japan traditionally there existed kannushi who attended to the traditional rites and rituals of Shinto along with fulfilling various other spiritual and religious tasks. Many traditional cultures have shamans who are skilled in interacting with the spiritual realm and its denizens. The Druids of the Celts were highly respected for their judgements, wisdom, philosophic abilities and assistance in defusing quarrels among the people. All of these are cases of clear spiritual authority. Also, crucially, none of these per se depend on some sort of super organized top-down bureaucracy. There is informal hierarchy in most of the cases, but even semi-formalized hierarchy is not bad if these people are legitimately wise and knowledgeable, which should not be a controversial proposition on a board about fascism and organic nationalism.
How to beat depression. I feel that there is not enough purpose in life
>>22570 Have you tried fucking bitches or going 120 MPH+ in a Supra?
>>22591 Like the tenth time I've seen you here shilling this >>20929 Do you think the answer is going to be different this time?
(245.77 KB 837x441 niggercon.png)
(226.96 KB 1157x597 niglet faggot.png)
>>22591 >ancient-forums open random thread >Negronomicon open another thread >faggots blogpost Ton of other namefags with trannime pfp
>>22555 >organic nationalism The way people use the term "organic" is as phony as corporations who label their product "organic". >Also, crucially, none of these per se depend on some sort of super organized top-down bureaucracy Does Fascism not critically acknowledge the Party organization & leadership organizing the Nation? While you berate anon for criticizing "spiritual hierarchy", you basically criticize political hierarchy no less with "top-down" and "bureaucracy", if the Fascist outlook on politics is Party-based. What /fascist/ cannot make its mind around is whether it's with the "All within the State, nothing outside the State" view, or with the side of the traditionalists who babble incessantly against this and want to return to ecclesiastical supremacy as opposed to the supremacy of the Nation, alongside the Anarchists, whose only complimentary feature is calling it an artificial State vs "organic", but this doesn't sideline the reality that political supremacy is literally an inescapable domain of life either. The Fascist symbol itself stresses the importance of Political authority, the unity of the Nation, tied together, stressing that political organization pertains to everyone involved, no less the clergy, than the people who sit in the church pews, no less the church, and all the other buildings in the City, no less the clergy, than the other worthy professions who build and consist of the City, that being the Polis, the Political, that which has the relationship of all the people who compose the State, should be united. That's why I cannot abide with the clerical view, that would deem the clergy matters more to the City, than all those who defend and constitute it. That the clergy is no less raised politically and sustained than the men who attend their services. So political supremacy calls for the unity of the entire City itself, no less the Nation. The clergy could be very well humbled before the interests of all.
>>22597 In my honest opinion, the only reason /fascist/ is enamored with the supremacy of priests is simply a knee-jerk reaction to globohomo & that in certain third world countries faggots get stoned to death or thrown off rooftops. I know, for many people, the state of nature argument doesn't work: but for many, who would they group with in a post-apoc scenario: a clergyman is not often on their list, but maybe like a soldiers, a physician, and farmer. Still, revealing to me... But for practical purposes, say, what profession and class is depicted on NSDAP posters? It looks self-evident to me: regular people, partisans, prominently soldiers, fathers & mothers as they ought to be, industrial workers... The natural order pertains to political authority no less than spiritual -- it is a delusion to say that there isn't a political hierarchy, and that heaven doesn't mirror it -- in the same sense that a father remains a political authority over his children. It's no matter of temporal vs eternal laws, neither does that negate the need for human laws and human organization, no matter how superior the laws of Nature be, because Nature intends that a Father rule over his Children, and that the Political encompass all those together. I think esoterics have taken Fascism's view of anti-materialism as a badge of supremacy to run amok, but disregard that this doesn't necessarily mean a return to ecclesiastical supremacy and dismiss the nature of the State and political authority as it pertains to all.
>>22597 >The way people use the term "organic" is as phony as corporations who label their product "organic". The idea of the organic state is precisely the idea of "All within the State, nothing outside the State" that you point to. It doesn't have anything to do with the corporate use of the term 'organic', it is a term which is used to make an analogy between the structure of biological organisms, which themselves are a complex and hierarchical arrangement of parts which function as a holistic unity, and the nation-state, which is at its most powerful and healthiest when it is arranged and organized in harmony with these same natural principles. I do not necessarily oppose a formal body of spiritual experts, but I am merely pointing out a fact to that other anon, who seems to think that people who support any sort of spiritual authority necessarily want to give a class of Catholic priests or rabbis absolute authority over all matters. This is not so, of course. Even in the ancient Aryan social structure, the clerical powers are not supreme in day-to-day activities. The temporal administration of the state naturally falls into the hands of the Kshatriyas, who are warriors, administrators, kings and government officials. In true Aryan societies, the spiritual experts have actually a very circumscribed set of duties and roles that they are permitted to work within. The work of the government should of course be informed by spiritual principles, but there are a variety of goals that need to be fulfilled according to ancient Aryan Lebensphilosophie, such as economic prosperity, sensual enjoyment (within the prescribed limits), etc. These are the Puruṣārthas. Keeping around priests is only good for knowledge in texts, rituals, consultation, blessings, marriages, moral instruction and other things. By no means should there not be a political class associated with keeping law and order, keeping the economy running, building projects and infrastructure, etc. From a strictly pragmatic perspective we know that the latter would have more influence and power and influence in the day-to-day life of the nation. The goal of course is to harmonize all of these disparate elements into a single unitary organic state, though.
(949.13 KB 768x638 ClipboardImage.png)
What do you guys think about the Eurasia Party and Dugin in general?
>>22602 >The goal of course is to harmonize all of these disparate elements into a single unitary organic state, though That's my thought exactly. But it doesn't matter whether it is called organic or not, but what's at hand: the harmony and unity of them all. That is the basis of politics for me. It's not exclusive from the priests that there be political order, but that they shouldn't rival the politics with their interests only. I do think that political supremacy, however, is the intent of Nature and that there should be well ordered states / peoples. My opinion is that economic prosperity does tie into political prosperity -- however -- economic derived from the term "househould management" -- a well ordered state resembles a well ordered household, both are no less political in their intent, that father governs children, that people are politically arranged and govern for the well being of all. But I don't view the State as temporal only -- the State has a perpetual nature and has the radiance of the infinite majesty, it is Nature's call, that men are politically arranged. Wolves are not divided by their temporal and spiritual needs, but simply put the organization of their pack. So the political pertains to each interest, temporal and eternal -- it is in the interest of a healthy State, that eternal laws are observed, that what pertains to each person and what they share in common, and their human laws, also fall in line.
(1018.02 KB 1000x1000 duginists.png)
(76.32 KB 591x420 dugin hebrew kabbalah.png)
>>22605 It's a subversive influence in pro-White circles. If you want the full rundown, check these articles out: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/04/08/aleksandr-dugin-part-1/ https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/alt-right-duginism/
>>22605 I don't know anything about them. What are they?
>>22602 Also, keep in mind, that I say that priests are no less part of the City than other professions -- it is in the interest of the State, how people are instructed, the media takes that role today, in informing the conduct and behavior of citizens. So the spiritual aims, that govern the mold and formation of people and how they ought to act, pertain to the interests of the State. It's no secret, that those in the spiritual profession are also politically motivated, and that what pertains to the State will inevitably pertain to influencing them and moving them to instruct for interests of the State -- because that's what the State, by its design, functions to do. The State's infinite majesty mirrors the boundless Heavens. It is for the interests of all, priests included and not priests only. The State's unity and harmony depend on its infinite majesty -- that's why I contend the notion that affairs that are political only contend to temporal matters -- the State in these terms sets to mold everyone. It does encompass both temporal and spiritual concerns, because it is all encompassing. People cannot be divided. There cannot be two infinities. So temporal vs spiritual cannot create this diarchy. If not, then it's no better than the problem with the Catholics, I would contend, except with pagan clothes... borrowing all their flaws, that's where I would agree with the other anon, because unlike traditionalists, I would say that there were problems that inevitably lead to our present predicament, and for me what was central to this was being opposed to the political, as explained >>22055 here, and not having this unity, but toppling it in favor of one or the other, and pushing people towards secularism, because the view of the Church polarized people to go that length to achieve that harmony and unity. There must be the political supremacy that folds over both, and unites them by harmony, for commonweal.
How should I sum up the meaning of my message? T;DR: Opposing temporal and spiritual interests to the interests of the political, that encompasses all, is like this: Men must have political supremacy in order to achieve social Harmony & Unity, do we agree or disagree? The City has the relationship of the Whole to the Part, the General to the Particular. All buildings and communities, their classes and hierarchies, work harmonically for the interest of all, spiritual and temporal. It is the interest of the State that people are molded for their roles, hence the spiritual authority, but the temporal to adjust to the ever-changing circumstances that face the City. The problem with clericals (because I don't think everything pre-modern was perfect) is they would take one community from the City, the spiritual community, and set them in opposition to the interests of the City itself. As if you were to take the arm from the whole body, and say that not only is the arm equal to the whole body, but also that the arm is superior to the whole body. Or create two infinities, two Cities, and demand people choose. The reasoning for their superiority is akin is spiritual over temporal sword, however, this clearly hits the wall in relation to the City. This menality, although it likens well to the reasoning of the State's infinite majesty, only serves to rival these powers to the detriment of the common good that benefits everyone. The early Christians well understood that they would be persecuted: because political supremacy is guaranteed. They understood, that they were going against social norms and the interests of the State, in not acknowledging idols and other social interests -- like anons have mentioned, this was in the interest of the State that for civil peace and conformity, and spiritual / religion was no way separate from the common weal.
>>22605 >Eurasia I've been on Asia on some occasions and the word "Eurasia" gets used in that continent. It means Euro-asian. Especially in areas like Singapore where it's all peaceful and shit (and surprisingly multicultural at the same time).
(93.46 KB 1024x598 2-1024x598.jpg)
I have one last query for /fascist/. I know, when talk about political supremacy, and how it is a fact of life, that some might be rolling their eyes: they imagine politicians today, and Dr. Fauci, and the COVID Crisis. Or the Christian conversion of Rome, and the Roman Emperors converting to Christianity. But does /fascist/ contest the nature of the supremacy itself, or is /fascist/ upset how tables have turned? I think it's that the tables are turned. That they are the ones being persecuted and suppressed. That's what the traditionalists are more upset about: that they are not the state. "The struggle between the two worlds can permit no compromises. The new cycle which begins with the ninth year of the Fascist regime places the alternative in even greater relief -- either we or they, either their ideas or ours, either our State or theirs!" -Benito Mussolini
Hey did anyone manage to catch American Futurist's Library? Seems like the page 404'd on their site.
Works fine for me, it's .net not .xyz https://archive.fo/7e6PD
>>22468 >You are just contradicting yourself now You are implying that all forms of organization are the same. Clergy has no merits to warrant any leadership roles in the State, and it's counter-productive for genuine spiritual development as well. Genuine mystics, occultists and sages have always had much greater informal influence anyway, but they had to actually demonstrate their power level compared to religious authority based on canonized pilpul, sophistry and crypto-materialist Machiavellianism that are characteristic for the Jesuit, Rabbinical, Brahmin and similar subversive and parasitical priesthoods of the Judaic type, or various cults serving their interests. >>22535 >you mistyped here, I think you meant 'below'. You are unable to address any of the central points or discuss anything that's beyond the scope of your instructions. You are doing a pretty bad job even when it comes to shilling, in a controlled environment nonetheless. Don't take it too hard though, even people much smarter than you wouldn't be able to counter my arguments, just as they couldn't prove 2+2 to be 5. Because it's not me who has invented them, nor was it the much smarter people than me who have proven them, it is simply the truth. I have merely cast it into a dagger to perforate the "all seeing eye" of your "supreme being", with the absolutely murderous intent. The effects of which, while far from immediate, will have the most drastic long term, cosmic-scale consequences. You see, once certain truths are revealed into what your kind perceives as the "all-mind", and once certain connections are made manifest, they can no longer be unmade, at least not within a great cycle. No amount of censorship, persecution, repetition of lies, pilpul etc. is going to change that. You were too late. Enjoy your illusion while it lasts. >>22597 Fascism is a fundamentally different political philosophy compared to Theocracy. It's closer to the idea of enlightened self-interest (just from the naturally/metaphysically emerging (organic) instead of nihilist perspective) where the individual and the State create a mutual feedback loop leading to a greater sum benefit (physical as well as spiritual) compared to what any individual could achieve alone. As Hitler said in one of his speeches, Germans, help each other. Ideally, a perfect State would be made of perfected individuals completely freed from any Judaic influences or any flaws at which such a virus could latch onto. The interests of any truly Fascist state would be opposite to the interests of a Theocracy, which relies on the weak, the stupid, the submissive and the subhuman for maintaining it's power. Theocracy is parasitic.
(74.49 KB 927x480 struggle for existence.jpg)
>>22636 It's all about the survival of the fittest and the struggle for power. Jews put their boot on the necks of White people when they are in power and attempt to transform society for their interests like some sort of destructive parasite, and if we were in power, Jews would go straight to the concentration camps and society would be rebuilt in the interests of our people. Might is right. This is purely a descriptive truth, but it is an eternal truth. True freedom is ruling over those below you and trampling all over them. When one is not doing this themselves, they are being trampled on, either by individual enemies, or more typically, by other racial groups. Jews have been using their power for decades to condition Aryans into a state of weakness. It's conditioning us for death. They've blunted our instincts. Now we flood our countries with subhumans and kill ourselves off due to the Jewish memeplexes that have been installed in our minds through religion, media, entertainment and public schooling.
>>22639 Thanks anon!
>>22644 Even so anon, I will personally dispatch more of them than they ever thought possible before I go.
(158.37 KB 683x1024 you won't do anything.jpg)
Is it good idea to be part of army?Or i just will be zogbot which die for shiet reason and cant change anything in this position?
>>22774 >Not using indefinite articles in sentences Are you in Ukraine? All militaries are more-or-less jewed right now. I wouldn't join if I were you.
>>22778 No but i want somehow be prepared for very bad times and cant chose right way. Be in somekind of military or be some "hacker" selfhosted little CIA
>>22774 Serving ZOG isn't worth it. You can learn all sorts of fitness, survival and weaponry skills online in this day in age.
(533.13 KB 474x627 black hat python.png)
(942.44 KB 1400x1850 how linux works.jpg)
(79.96 KB 565x731 web app hackers handbook.jpg)
>>22779 Just watch some Magpul videos and take a few rifle training classes. Then read some hacking books, practice CTFs, and get your OSCP. Joining the army is for people too lazy or clueless to figure out how to put together their own curriculum and and learn it. There are so many great resources out there now that the biggest problem is knowing where to start and then following through. Obviously it's your life, but you can actually get a better /k/ and /g/ education this way than through the government. And you don't have to be zog's bitch and take their good goy boosters.
(28.77 KB 474x612 531 for powerlifting.jpg)
(247.88 KB 700x1000 kalash.jpg)
(381.08 KB 750x619 magpul dvds.png)
(107.71 KB 880x660 make ready.jpg)
(55.37 KB 474x634 starting strength.jpg)
>>22779 Sage dynamics youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/SageDynamics/videos Some training classes. Search online and you can find more. There are TONS of these availabe in burger land. https://www.pewpewtactical.com/best-tactical-carbine-courses/ https://warriorpoetsupplyco.com/train/ https://www.sagedynamics.org/untitled-sitepage_1 https://www.gunsite.com/events/category/gunsite-classes/ Torrent those videos. Pirate the books from libgen. Skip through each video, and scan the table of contents of the books, leaf through them to get a quick overview. Set aside an hour or two a couple times a week to watch a video or read a couple chapters of a book. Do that for a few months and you'll have a good taste of what you're in for. If you don't do that before joining the army you'll know you're just lazy
>>22788 The biggest issue for a lot of people is being able to find time (and for some exercises/training fellow enthusiasts). Having an instructor can help a lot and point out any bad habits before they become ingrained (but be sure to set aside some cash for that). Also, dryfire can be a big help in practicing without needing to go to the range. Grab some snapcaps for your caliber or if feeling fancy, they have bore lasers that are shaped like cartridges. Also be sure to zero your rifle (and try to keep using the same ammo that you zero’d with if possible). Try out different ones though to see what your rifle (and wallet) likes best. There’s so much to learn and do, and this board doesn’t have much to offer for more...practical subjects.
(36.67 KB 898x454 ee life lesson.jpg)
>>22789 >There’s so much to learn and do, and this board doesn’t have much to offer for more...practical subjects. Ask in /sig/ and I will help point anyone in the right direction. But honestly there's no need to use this board once you have a starting point and know where to look, because the sites and communities for funs and hacking are not censored since they aren't political so anonymity has less value. Honestly even the imageboards for tech are mostly garbage, other than giving you non-conventional advice that can give you a different perspective. For example installing Gentoo is kind of a meme, but also not really beacuse it's one of the best ways to truly learn how Linux works even if you didn't ultimately use it as your daily driver. But yeah if you don't even know about the existence of those resources and subjects (unknown unknowns) it is definitely confusing. Doing some searches with site:reddit.com/r/whatever or site:ar15.com or site:lightfighter.net will answer most of your gun related questions that aren't laid out in books and videos. If you want to know how to do networking and hacking just find a few starter video channels like https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidBombal/videos and Chris Titus Tech https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6gPGh8HU2U01vaFCAsvmQ to get a sense of the buzzwords to orient yourself and know what to search for. One other trick I use is to find a couple good books on a subject then use the recommendation engines from amazon and z-lib to find similar books. For example https://u1lib.org/s/application%20hacker will show you similar books. Then you can get those books and check in their bibliographies for other related books until you have a mental network of the main works in a certain field. You should also be familiar with the best publishers. For tech the order of quality is roughly No Starch, Manning, then O'Reilly although they are very close. A book from each of those publishers on one subject will be 1000% more reliable efficient for general learning than dicking around with search results with spam blogs that jewgle's algorithm decides to fed you, because the information is so high quality and dense it's like drinking from a mountain spring vs licking puddles on the street.
>>20418 Vid related, narrated by Robert Sepehr but drawn by "A People Betrayed" I think. It's technical at a certein point, but the most important part starts around 5m20s if you are short on time. However you should watch it fully for laughs and keks and redpills Of course the jewish academia present it the other way around, as always.
> I belong to a place that doesn't exist No shit, there is a reason we say the jews deracinate people. (there is a webm on it, I don't have it here) Why do you think they are so unnecessarily dramatic taking down statues irl and smashing swasticas in movies. They do that on every level of society to destroy it from within, why do you think they are kicked out of every fucking country throughout history? Only now there are laws that prohibit the persecution of jews to facilitate them. > you would politically respected The jews are in power, politics is not the way. We can't play by there rules, jsut look at europe, anything that doesn't, want more niggers and rapefugees or shit like that is outright banned. > As long as idiotic people choose to degrade this ideology we are all condemned to live secluded You are right, but I prefer to live secluded in a small community and OUTLIVE the infertile jewish world they are creating. It will collapse onto itself, if we can just outlive them (natural selection) by making babies and make them cuckproof we will automatically win in the future. > my country will die Yes, and you can't stop the festering wounds . Don't try to save the dying, preserve what is living and outlive the soyim and their willful cuckery. it's natural selection, on which the whole fascist and NatSoc thought is based.
>>22814 universe 25 is truly a spooky account. already I see early warning signs of this under ZOG. I also think many people don't fully understand the implications -- that a utopia is doomed to degenerate into a nightmarish dystopia and collapse into extinction.
>>22813 Isn't Robert Sepehr a jew too?
>>22817 Yes.
>>22817 >>22819 This is why one should always research for themselves. Even if Sepehr’s videos are informative, always dig deeper and learn for yourself too.
>>22817 He believes in the British zionist myth that Aryans were originally Israelis, and come from the Middle East. If not a jew, he's spiritually of one.
>>22597 >>22599 >/fascist/ is one person The only person I've seen shill theocracies is that Christcuck who also posed as a guru of the Vedas. We do have non-fascist on here who have exposed themselves as lolbergs, marxists, and tradcaths, but they do not represent anything coherent.
>>22880 >/fascist/ is one person <goes onto to say everyone he doesn't like /fascist/ is one person Ironic
>>22881 You're a dumbass and newfag if you don't understand the meaning of green-text.
>>22881 >goes onto to say everyone he doesn't like Yes those people are not fascist and have been posting on this board for a while. I hold the hypothesis that they're a one or two person shills. But if you could read and not be clouded by butthurt you would understand that nothing I said is in error.
>>22884 The Christian poster/s on this board are clearly the same one or two people judging by the heavy reliance on scripture in argument and extremely similar writing and argument styles. I am almost that he is a shill, and if not that, an extremely subversive element.
(188.58 KB 1699x665 ClipboardImage.png)
(51.52 KB 1701x497 ClipboardImage.png)
(56.65 KB 1704x322 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22914 >The Christian poster/s on this board are clearly the same one or two people judging by the heavy reliance on scripture in argument and extremely similar writing and argument styles. They type differently and are often replying to the same posts, they're different people. There's one guy who use scriptural quotations as proof-texts and makes long-form posts, and then there's another guy who's not on Tor who posts usually short posts derisive of pagans, usually with no capitalization and sparse use of periods and other forms of punctuation. They often respond to the same posts, and will give answers written in different styles with different arguments. I don't think anyone is autistic enough to respond to the same posts twice in different writing styles and with different arguments. The posts here are made within one minute of each other (posted at 20:09:59 and 20:10:33, respectively), replying to an anti-Christian post made at 20:02:56. I would wonder whether it would even be feasible for a samefag to reply to the same post twice within six or seven minutes with different styles, different arguments. Pics two and three are another demonstration of Tor-fag and ID-poster replying to the same posts in entirely different styles, depth and with a ten hour time-gap in reply between the anti-Christian post and the Tor-fag and roughly twenty minute gap between the post of the anti-Christian and the ID-poster. We don't even always see a tight correlation between the posts either. They're different people. Of course one could make some dumb 4D chess mastermind shill argument, but I don't find it intuitively plausible or likely. They stay in their containment thread and have autistic arguments with anti-Christians and pagans.
>>22917 I see your point with it being two different posters, and they don’t leave the spirituality threads, either. The Tor poster only makes arguments that would appeal to christfags (scripture), so it probably isn’t a derad shill. Do you think they are just autists?
(172.22 KB 1701x301 ClipboardImage.png)
(168.84 KB 1696x294 ClipboardImage.png)
(105.73 KB 920x252 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22920 >Do you think they are just autists? Probably. I'd say there are probably differing motives though. One of them tries to engage with the other posts and attempts to formulate arguments. The other responds to posts as well but doesn't seem to be trying to win people over as much. I would imagine that the poster with the ID is younger and probably coming back to 'dunk on le pagans' daily. One of them has clearly been here for months, as we can look through the threads and trace the usage of images being reused. Here we have the same image with the same filename being used in an argument on 9/09/2021 and then used in another argument on 12/12/2021, months apart. The posts have the same style as the Tor poster on the current Christian thread. So we know that is at least a semi-regular poster who is interested in spiritual threads. The earliest posts like that go back to around six months ago. The other guy in the current Christian thread is of more recent origin from what I can see. He first posted 32 days ago on 12/28/2021 with an inflammatory and low-effort post. The style is less distinct though, so who knows.
>>22921 I think that the christcuck who gives longer answers and bothers to make actual arguments (regardless of them not holding up) is genuine, he even admits that he is not interested in the overall theme of the board.
>>22917 >They're different people No it's possible for someone to be both butt-hurt and autistic enough to change his posting style as it is easy to be retarded, while difficult for him to come off as someone who isn't single-digit IQ. He's likely samefagging as everytime you respond to one of his posts, he hops on Tor or off and vice-versa. This is a result of the fact that no one on /fascist/ supports (((chistianity))), especially no geninue fascists. >>22914 He also attempted to interject jewish shit into the Vedas by LARPing as a guru. He's the same muh platonic, "muh Nietzsche is bad!" and the theocracy shill.
>>22938 >He also attempted to interject jewish shit into the Vedas by LARPing as a guru. He's the same muh platonic, "muh Nietzsche is bad!" and the theocracy shill. "Duuude everyone is the same poster!" I hate to say it, but unironically take your meds.
>>22961 >butt-hurt again Hello christnigger. >take your meds Troon lingo.
>>22971 Rent free.
http://pritchardlab.stanford.edu/publications/pdfs/RosenbergEtAl02.pdf I found an archive.today link of this (https://archive.is/oMaKP) but the view is shitty. However the PDF is not archived on web.archive.org. It is a paper from Stanford stating that humans can be genetically categorized into five racial groups, corresponding to traditional races. Does anyone have a file of it?
(136.36 KB 741x1024 race.jpg)
>>22984 Here you go, you can download it from here in the original PDF: https://sci-hub.se/10.1126/science.1078311
Why do people apply the term 'Faustian' to White people when this is ultimately a negative designation showing everything that is wrong with our race? I have heard Pierce use it, if I recall correctly. >Of or pertaining to Faust, especially in the sense of being willing to abandon one's principles or values in order to pursue knowledge, wealth or other benefits. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Faustian
People post in this thread a lot about joining the ZOG military, and the general consensus seems to be that it is not worth the effort. But is it worth joining the local police force? It seems like you would learn many of the same skills, but without having to deal with the worst of the poz.
>>23048 Depends on the country. In America, fuck no. >It seems like you would learn many of the same skills Which skills? Paperwork and taking statements from victims of petty theft? Qualifying with your weapon once a year? Explaining to niggers that yes, you can pull them over and no, it's not your "mufuggin rights as a American" to smoke weed while driving through a stop sign? You might get some decent pursuit driving classes depending on the department, but that depends on budget. >but without having to deal with the worst of the poz. Again, depends on the department but most city cops have to sit though anti-White "diversity" training and hate crime seminars just like other branches of ZOG.
>>19646 I ban, block, and completely disassociate with anyone who I even suspect is related to Antifa. It's not just because I perceive that organization as a collective enemy, but also because I don't trust them to not spread lies or otherwise harm my reputation. They can't lie and rumor mill what they don't know about. If they at least had honesty as a virtue, I would be able to at least respect them while hating then. But they do not, so I do not.
>>23048 Depends on the state, city, and county. I wouldn't touch LAPD with a ten foot pole. Hunt County Sheriff's Department however, I probably would if I had a do-over.
>>23048 If you're looking for military-like training, state police (or perhaps SWAT) is a lot closer than regular local. For example some state police will do many of the same training classes at private training schools that military do. But it depends on the state. Some get more rigorous training than others.
Are there any other words for non-Whites than non-White? Frankly it doesn't flow off the tongue.
(132.19 KB 701x691 goyimTearsMug.png)
>>23100 I think you don't see a single word for this because Ethnic Europeans don't have the same mindset as jews. In Japan you have gaijin as a rough equivalent to outsider/foreigner because being an isolationist island for so long, ethnic outsiders people from other geographic regions were practically synonymous
>>23119 The Greeks used to view all non-Greeks as subhumans and referred to them as 'Barbarians'. This was a pretty common thing in the past.
>>23119 Yeah, I was looking for a word like goyim or gaijin but there doesn't seem to be one. Guess we should come up with one? Or just keep using non-White, but I want a word that has to do with the term Aryan instead of White.
(83.36 KB 383x532 shut the fuck up gaijin.jpg)
>>23127 >>23119 I thought it was funny to learn that gaijin (外人) is a controversial term in modern Japanese, and there is a PC version of it, gaikokujin ( 外国人). The former is more equivalent to 'outsider', while the latter is more like 'foreign country person'
>>23122 Imperial Chinese also had a term like this, translated to 'barbarians' as well. we have terms for specific ethnic groups such as nigger, spic, kike, mudslime (historically: saracen) but nothing that refers to non-Whites overall.
>>23100 Shadowskins, niggers, mutts, darkies, brownlets
>>23100 I've always like mud and its derivatives, ie mudman, mud race, mud blood, ect.
>>23139 Golems
>>23139 Mud people is my favorite
Anyone have the vid "Hitler in color"? It got shoad of course. It was a common Hitler vid in 2014 alongside "the lion" It had the Medal of Honor European assault theme, link related. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n-uWmgOm9g
>>22774 The only reason anyone should ever sign up for military service is a deep felt live for his Nation and it's people. As you can imagine, that ain't many of us. There are better ways to make it. Maybe go for becoming a Judge or Sheriff instead?
>>22779 That's nothing you can't learn from the Boy Scout Manuel, Army Feid Manuels, and some books on coding.
>>22914 I'm inclined to agree. Most Christians are pozzed and twisted into believing the opposite of what the Bible, God, tries to teach them. It's insane and I find it extremely depressing. I do see some hope in a new church rising, but even that requires first burning down the apostate churches.
>>23164 No, they are following exactly what the Bible tells them to do, which is to be a homogenous globohomo slave.
>>23161 not familiar, but I remember color videos of Hitler at the Eagles Nest which used to be on youtube years ago. I remember Hitler criticizing Goering for hunting with a rifle, saying that true courage would be going into the woods with a spear. someone gave a report on how smoking cigarettes was linked to lung cancer, little known at that time. he played with puppies in one scene, and in another, Eva Braun made fun of how he folded his arms. last but not least, on the topic of film, he said: >the future belongs to color film he was right of course, as he was about many other things.
>>23166 The Bible doesn’t say anything about forsaking your culture and identity. The Bible adapts to whatever context the people reading it live in. Most readings of it today are post-‘death of the author’. This is also a result of modern historical-critical methods that decontextualized the Bible from its traditional interpretations. Most people today approach the Bible with a set interpretation in mind that they want to draw out of it. Liberal Christians do this when they say that ‘God is love’ and that you should not judge others ever and that people should love sinners, but of course this ignores counterbalancing verses that says God hates sinners, and that you should not judge unless you wish to be judged by the same standard (which is not a problem if you’re not a hypocrite), and that we should not associate with evildoers and should abhor evil. Doesn’t sound like the pro-leftist nonsense it was made out to be now. This is another example of perspectivism. People look at this book and usually just draw what they want out of it, hence why we have today a million different Christianities, some of which are innocuous, others of which are based, and some of which are extremely pozzed and dangerous to White societies. We can read the Bhagavad Gita or the Qur’an and create pro-White and anti-White readings depending on our hermeneutical method and assumptions.
Is anyone else finding z-lib is requiring an account to make any downloads, not just if you want to make more than 5 in a day like before? I've tried on clearnet and Tor. I know there's libgen but sometimes it doesn't' have the books that are on z-lib.
>>23184 I don't use that site as much as libgen, but I just went on there and tried to download a few things and it didn't say I needed an account or anything. That's sort of weird.
>>23171 >We can read the Bhagavad Gita and create...anti-White readings depending on our hermeneutical method and assumptions Really. Ok, go. Let's hear an example.
>>23164 >I do see some hope in a new church rising As long as it's not a Christian church, or any Abrahamic variation, then fine. >>23166 >No, they are following exactly what the Bible tells them to do, which is to be a homogenous globohomo slave. Yep. The bible is the most effective weapon that the kikes have ever created.
>>23208 Not to hard to find them. The Gita says that the wise sage sees all beings as the same, whether animal, human or chandala, and that even those of ‘evil wombs’ such as women and the lower cases can attain liberation via devotion to Krishna, and that worshiping gods and ancestors is a lower and inferior path. If you say these are out of context or need qualified in the context of the holistic message of the Gita, you’ve fallen for my trap, since the exact same thing applies in the case of the Bible.
(255.47 KB 1200x900 KKK.jpg)
Would anyone care to explain the esoteric symbolism of the first Ku Klux Klan and the White colored con-headed robes?
(24.49 KB 152x200 NastyOldMan.png)
>>22774 >Is it good idea to be part of army?Or i just will be zogbot which die for shiet reason and cant change anything in this position? >>22783 >Serving ZOG isn't worth it. You can learn all sorts of fitness, survival and weaponry skills online in this day in age. First point is arguable but there's no way you'll learn the necessary skills online. One year of practice is better than five years of theory and one year of war is better than five years of practice, or so the Germans said and it's true. That's not to say I haven't learned plenty from reading manuals, I did, but you need to put that into practice and context. In the army you rehearse scenarios, you learn that works and you'll build muscle memory. Learning how to communicate and to move on a tactical level in an unit, small or big, is crucial, even absolute idiots (just look at cops lol) but who are trained to work as a team will most likely defeat you however smart and prepped you are. I've served and I get this lone wolf thing but if it's one vs the other my money is always on the army. >>22787 >you can actually get a better /k/ and /g/ education this way than through the government. now that's really a stretch especially considering a lot of /k/ommandos are former army or were at least army brats that got their knowledge there and now take that for granted. I mean who's going to make your training plans? Who gives you realistic feedback? Who builds the infrastructure? Who is going to pay for that? I'm not shitting on being self-taught, I actually appreciate it but it doesnt compare to what the army can teach you unless you're a POG but then you're worthless anyways. There's things that just can't be told just shown, things that have to be felt and experienced, again and again, and this can only happen in a military context. That's no online stuff even if you practice daily yet alone for yourself after work in your backyard. >>23048 >People post in this thread a lot about joining the ZOG military, and the general consensus seems to be that it is not worth the effort. The general consensus seems to be from like 3 or 4 people, thats really not much. And the problem is not the effort but that you're effectively a tool to be wasted by and for ZOG. Now ask yourself though what will happen if you dont join and some troon gets the job nonetheless. Because they will always find someone, it's just not you then. Maybe thats the morale thing to do but think what you can do if you take the job. You'll learn and practice stuff you dont learn elsewhere and you can still make a difference to our benefit. Dont like zog? Just do your job at your worst, ooops did I just crash our new $300,000 squad car, sorry Sir. Even better, blame some weebeez. There's a thousand ways you could be a faulty cog in the machine and you literally should. Did you know that Constantinople fell to the roaches because some disgruntled soldier opened a tiny little known door to them? Now you do. Be that man and all is forgiven brother. >But is it worth joining the local police force? It seems like you would learn many of the same skills, but without having to deal with the worst of the poz. Police or army will be pozzed at officer level but that doesnt mean that's the case when on duty and most people around you should be bearable if you can avoid women and niggers. Depends on the place quite obviously but that shouldnt still be your main concern. However if you look for skills the army is better for you. While joining the police will be useful, especially if you think SWAT, the main difference is that the army trains how to operate in a hostile environment and that's our reality.
The only good reason to join the army is to put yourself in a position to shoot them in the back.
>>23229 >The only good reason to join the army is to put yourself in a position to shoot them in the back. This is one of the best replies on this board. Thank you, anon.
(181.22 KB 804x818 desert scorpion .png)
Did /fascist/ read the NIGGER manifesto yet? This could be the pro-Nietzsche nigger that used to lurk here lmao.
>>23232 That is hilarious, Mind dropping PDF of it?
>>23232 Is that a new minecraft player?
>>23232 Who?
>>23237 There's some batshit crazy schizo nigger PhD from UCLA who posted an 800 pages manifesto with threats and ramblings like anon above posted. He obviously hates efricans from the bottom of his heart kek I haven't saved the pdf but the link pops up on 4chan occasionally.
(220.84 KB 634x560 opticfags btfo.PNG)
>>23234 Nevermind, Disregard that post I found out who he is and i'm fucking laughing holy fuck. >Manifesto https://files.catbox.moe/cd0tsi.pdf >Harris' Bruinwalk profile https://www.bruinwalk.com/professors/matthew-harris/philos-161/ >Harris' archived youtube channel https://archive.org/details/matthewharrisarchive/030+-+with+a+shotgun.mkv
(27.77 KB 500x375 sunohara mei 1.jpg)
>>23245 >>23232 Every philosophy course I've ever taken at my university is taught by a politics-obsessed leftist soyboy. Why can't I get a based schizophrenic nigger as my professor?
(1.16 MB 819x905 SEEJ by James Nigson.png)
(93.75 KB 848x293 efrikans.jpg)
>>23247 Shit, Man i'm fucking dying here HAHAHAHAHAHA
>>23253 >a comedic masterpiece written by a White man <turns out a nigger wrote it No, he does not get based nigger status, shut up. Sick and tired of that cuckolded meme.
>>23254 Relax anon, we're all laughing at him for being mentally unhinged. No one aside from the TORposter is saying he's "based"
>>23255 >the TORposter uh there's really more than one so yeah that nigger's extemly amusing however I bet he's a chantard nothing to sperg out about
>>23253 >>23245 >>23232 Every screencap I see is pure gold
>>23167 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n-uWmgOm9g "A magnificent era lays before us, Germany has awaken!" "Nobody talks about the tens of thousands of people, who have asphyxiated themselves, out of despair!" "I like many before you have experienced the despair of the great war" "How many of you know whats its like to wait in soup kitchen line!!!?" "Our party has fed millions of Germans" These are just some of the line i remember of the colored Hitler film with the linked music. At the time it was a top link, this was back when 'The Greatest sotry never told" had 8 million views on youtube before the great shoa of 2014 before, Trump was even a thing. Trump had no clue what he was getting himself into.
>>23210 This sort of thing is why I've basically forsaken religion in favor of simply having National Socialist doctrines and aesthetics replace everything, sort of like Juche but Best Korea simply lacks the Himmler/SS aristocratic class and suffers for it. >>23295 Remember any part of the filename? I probably have it but it's not coming up on a "hitler" search
(98.40 KB 1600x900 William_Foster.jpg)
Memes aside, is there actually such a thing as an "American Phenotype"? I have observed that a good amount of White Americans have facial features and other characteristics which seem (to me) distinct from the other European ethnicities. Maybe I'm just inexperienced with White racial types but most of the time I genuinely cannot pick out the origin of most Whites I see here.
(152.72 KB 1013x1000 nazicube.png)
>>23321 I've noticed that as well, it's probably a mix of Anglos and Germans or whatever the first few generations of European settlers were.
>>23321 >American Phenotype >>23329 >a mix of Anglos and Germans I love the mutt meme just as the next man but I'm not sure they mixed THAT much actually. To me as someone from Europe many Americans look just German, Italian, British or Irish. What makes people appear American to me is if they are just fat which distorts facial features, also style of clothing, hairdo and such. I think it's more of a cultural thing.
>>23321 The Mutt meme is correct in a sense, but obesity is the biggest factor here. There really are two distinct American phenotypes: The North American WASP, and the Southern Redneck. Appalachian could be counted as a third. They're all some combination of British, Celtic, Germanic, Italian, and often Native.
>>23232 Reminder that Nietzsche isn't a bad philosopher nor uninspiring, his fans are just super autistic, so they tend to give him a bad reputation.
http://www.renegadetribune.com/jews-people-whorehouse/ What fascist think about it ? Does it adds additional food of though to what Weinberger said in his book about fellow jews, i.e "jews are feminine by nature" ?
>>23340 Nietzsche was the first postmodernist. His conclusions only support radical leftism, regardless of his personal opinions about 'the strong' or whatever.
>>23357 Haven't read that but it is apparent in their behavior and it only gets worse for everyone as their influence spread. Typically, the more feminine one is the more influenced in their sphere they are. Jews were also notorious for proustition and drug dealing. Before blacks were the most popular criminals and thugs in Europe and America it was Jews.
>>23371 >First postmodernist You keep using this term as something derogatory like Christcucks do instead of actually attacking and connecting that Nietzsche's works were pozzed. His philosophy literally attacks the beliefs of leftists along with anarchists on how much they are slave-moralists within Beyond Good and Evil. Leftists latch themselves onto Nietzsche because they do not understand him and just believe he's just simply a faggot like they are, despite the contrary. They only like him, because he rejects the moralities of his time and in the current present. Foucault wasn't inspired by all of Nietzsche's work, but other radical leftists.
(135.05 KB 1080x1080 Take over.jpg)
What happened to Thomas Sewell? He got deplatformed off telegram which was his main board. Does anyone know his matrix channel?
Compulsory moral bioenhancement should be covert https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30157295/ Which implicitly admits that such a thing as 'moral bioenhancement' already exists. Dr Crutchfield here is saying this is a public health problem, should be compulsory, and should be done covertly; so who knows what these fuckers have been up to?
>>23574 No idea m8- I assume he's under some kind of secred gag order.
>>23669 hmmm. Its a bit poor of him to drop out like this. He had many thousands of followers on Telegram. No word from the other NSN channels neither.
>>22879 No he believes the original Israelis were Aryans or at least taught culture by Aryans. Big difference m8 He also elaborates about the different tribes I believe.
>>23695 You are indirectly proving leftists to be more intelligent than yourself when it comes to thinking philosophically and engaging with ideas. Leftists, unlike (you) can fundamentally grasp the logical consequences of Nietzsche's ideas, and can separate opinions from the philosophical core of a body of literature. You think that Nietzsche is presenting a system, when Nietzsche more than anyone is critical of retards who try to create elaborate philosophical systems. As Nietzsche said, there are no facts, and only interpretations :^) . Nietzsche's philosophy is fundamentally leftist, in that it is anti-truth and relativistic.
>>23694 >>23695 Yup, and this is what all of the evidence points towards. They were originally White. There is evidence in their own scriptures, and in the evidence that we have from them archeologically (esp. in terms of mosaics). They were essentially identical to Europeans. This should surprise no one, as there are groups of people as far out as Pakistan and Afghanistan that look White. People need to realize that Judaism was something that spread in the ancient world. It was not just something that existed within a static group. The narrative that Judaism was somehow 100% ethnocentric until Christianity came around is a meme. Conversions of non-Israelite groups to Judaism is well-documented within the past. The Khazars, who were Turks, of course adopted Judaism. We know that kingdoms in Southern Arabia adopted Judaism from their native Arabian paganism as well. All of these groups in time mixed together to create modern strains of ethnic Jews.
>>23715 Interesting, thx >>23714 I think you wanted to reply to someone else. Perhaps >>23389
>>23719 Ah yes, you are correct. >>23714 Meant for >>23389
Just so you guys know, wandy wanglin is still up at dailystormer dot name. The .su domain is down but he isn't sure why yet
>>23753 Nobody cares about you, Anglin.
I have two questions for any of you informed anons here. Does anyone have any stats on how non-Whites are more of consumerists or capitalistic than Whites? Or just how they simply are less critical of the product they purchase than White Americans? Is Generation Z the dumbest and most consumerist generation in comparison to the boomers and millennials?
>>23714 >You are indirectly proving leftists to be more intelligent than yourself when it comes to thinking philosophically and engaging with ideas. Adhom and no point. You're once again outing yourself as a psuedo-intellectual and only show yourself as a Platonic faggot who LARPs around as a priest on an imageboard. >Leftists, unlike you can fundamentally grasp the logical consequences of Nietzsche's ideas Such as what? I never said you should take Nietzsche wholeface, only that his ideas are pretty inspiring and contain some truths. You're coming to conclusions based on your imagination and think you did a gotcha, Ben Shapiro. >You think that Nietzsche is presenting a system, when Nietzsche more than anyone is critical of retards who try to create elaborate philosophical systems Again you only attack Nietzche, but never explain or elaborate on how his philosophy or what he recommends as a solution is fundmentally flawed or false. All you're doing is just insulting him than actual critiquing him, but you want to call someone retarded. Nietzsche inspired Adolf Hitler, this fact already blows you out of the water as some dumb right-winger. Funny that. > As Nietzsche said, there are no facts, and only interpretations Your point? >Nietzsche's philosophy is fundamentally leftist, in that it is anti-truth and relativistic. Like I said you didn't read any of his books, only took quotes that made you kvetch and then took them out of context to cherry-pick them. Typical. I also don't want this to be coming from a guy who says nothing truthful at all. As matter of fact, the many times we've argued you have only said things based your own interpretations, especially on Christcuckery you've been shilling and deflecting anon's main points.
>>23714 >Makes a statement based on false assumptions >No elaboration whatsoever or something completely taken out of the context >Uses buzzwords like "leftist" >No constructive contribution to discussions, ever >>23763 >Like I said you didn't read any of his books, only took quotes that made you kvetch and then took them out of context to cherry-pick them. Typical I'm pretty sure he didn't read Plato either. Anyone attempting to polarize the opinion or LE BTFO someone instead of attempting to reach a synthesis of greater understanding is an obvious shill.
>>23184 >libgen try both libgen and libgen.fun (different site, made by the original libgen author after he/she lost access to the old libgen site)
(65.91 KB 600x651 nietzsche braindead.jpg)
>>23763 >Adhom and no point. Nietzsche used adhoms in arguments constantly. I am fully within my rights. If you had read Nietzsche you would know this (e.g. his rhetoric against Socrates). Adhoms are a valid form of argument. It's not just what is said, but who says it that matters. >only show yourself as a Platonic faggot who LARPs around as a priest on an imageboard. Plato was one of the original globohomo intellectuals. Imagine thinking in black and White dichotomies so hard. The sign of a withering intellect. >All you're doing is just insulting him That's all I need to do. If you can't see without arguments why Nietzsche is anti-White and more fundamentally anti-Aryan (in the biological and spiritual sense), you have already been bamboozled by his thought, which is actually ubiquitous in the West today due to its appropriation by leftist intellectuals. Insults are a valid form of argument. This is why 'post physique' or 'post chin' is actually a highly refined form of rhetoric, because from the nature of one's postings, we can often discern physical weakness and inferiority merely from the content of their post. Ironically, I am more Nietzschean than you in this regard. Nietzsche himself was a weakling. His philosophy is a giant cope and power fantasy. The shadow of this fact lingers over his work and is impossible to miss unless you yourself are physically, mentally and spiritually inferior yourself. We live in a Nietzschean-Marxist society and you don't even realize it!
>>23762 >Does anyone have any stats on how non-Whites are more of consumerists or capitalistic than Whites? Or just how they simply are less critical of the product they purchase than White Americans? (Impulse-)buying correlates with high levels of testosterone, and primitive races have higher levels of testosterone. This goes especially for status symbols (expensive cars, jewelry, clothing, etc.), of which we all know niggers are the prime examples.
How old are you all? Genuinely.
>>23822 >Plato was one of the original globohomo intellectuals. Imagine thinking in black and White dichotomies so hard. The sign of a withering intellect. No it's not, and no he certainly wasn't a globohomo. Plato was against degeneracy. > Imagine thinking in black and White dichotomies so hard. Truth is truth, what is not true is false. Also, you just need to define everything well enough. Especially in ethics because you can't have relative morals since you start making excuses for yourself and people you like.
>>28322 > Insults are a valid form of argument You must think this nonsense because else there's literally no substance in anything you've said here so far saged and reported dumb pol tier retard nice argument, eh?
>>23822 >Adhoms are a valid form of argument Only if a person's character or background has a specific bearing on the matter being discussed. >discern physical weakness from the content of their post Maybe sometimes, but if you think this happens all the time then it's probably confirmation bias. About Nietzsche's being weak... People say this all the time, but it's not true. He was a professor at 24 years old and was the youngest person ever to hold the chair of philology at the University of Basel. He wrote 15 books before losing his mind at age 44, most likely due to a brain tumor (experts now doubt syphilis as the cause). He lived a productive life, contributed to literature and the advancement of human thought. So, tough guy, tell me what Nietzsche could have done to avoid getting a brain tumor. I guess you're so big and strong that the tumor would have run scared when it realized it metastasized in the wrong kinda guy.
(66.32 KB 720x540 nietzsche's sister.jpg)
>>23859 >Only if a person's character or background has a specific bearing on the matter being discussed. And it always does. >People say this all the time, but it's not true. Ironically your attempts to prove him to be not weak only demonstrate Nietzsche's weakness when viewed from a perspective of classical Aryan ideals. Having professorship is not impressive. Nietzsche was a physical and mental weakling. His entire 'philosophy' is a cope (forgive me for using this word) to make up for the fact that he was so weak and unsuccessful in his life. And you cannot accuse me of using these sorts of arguments and attempts to psychoanalyze Nietzsche here, because Nietzsche himself is a pioneer of this method of interpretation, which later went on to inspire Freud and other sorts of this ilk. His only experiences in battle were as a hospital orderly, where he suffered from bloody diarrhea the whole time and never saw actual combat. He then spent his life wandering around Europe like a rootless cosmopolitan, his health deteriorating when he should have been in his prime, chasing after a woman and being cucked by a Jew. Meanwhile Nietzsche was writing screed after screed on 'blond beasts' and other nonsense, loving them so much, because he himself was der letzte Mensch incarnate. He hated himself so much that he declared himself to be a Pole, becoming stateless, further solidifying his rootless cosmopolitan and self-hating nature. He cried endlessly over the fact that his sister (the real based Nietzsche) had a JQ-woke and pro-White husband who was building Whites-only colonies in Paraguay. Nietzsche went so far to claim that Jews were the strongest race in Europe. And then Nietzsche had a mental breakdown and his based sister treated him like a zoo animal for years until his pathetic life came to an end. Today his philosophy is so 'dangerous' that he is one of the most cited philosophers in academia alongside pedophiles like Foucault, who was of course thoroughly Nietzschean himself. The final redpill is that Nietzsche himself was a crypto-Christian. He was deeply mentally ill, and this culminated in believing that he himself was a 1st century Jewish carpenter.
What are your thoughts on gated communities locked behind steep requirements, that from time to time surfs the internet in order to find more like-minded individuals in a similar fashion to real life esoteric communities? >Make a forum >Gate it behind a required number of essays about key topics important to the community >Make guideline system that rewards effort and punishes glownigger behavior - you get glownigger strikers and after several of these you lose access to community and most write a new application of several essays etc. >Make annual, or monthly/bimonthly days where people hunt for potential community members in both real life and internet etc. What are your thoughts, and do you believe that you could improve this list? What about BO; is this something you can manage to pull-off?
Help a newfriend out. Is the Ernst Zundel stuff real? What about The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion? (I would greatly appreciate a PDF) Also, I can totally see that the holocaust numbers aren't probably real, but was there any systemic extermination of the jews? I would appreciate any relevant info on the holocaust.
Ernst Zundel was one of the few good men left in Canada. From what I understand he was brought to trial and literally convinced the judge the holohoax was fake. It's impossible to attest the legitimacy of the Protocols but even if you see it as a work of fiction, it still describes accurately the way jews operate and that's valuable in its own right.
Did this board just die?
(287.77 KB 968x1024 1631547281108.jpg)
Requesting info and content about Jews and what they call "Amalek"
>>23912 Yes, the admin said there was a brief outage.
(284.57 KB 780x826 amalek.jpg)
(392.23 KB 500x831 amalek holocaust.jpg)
(751.67 KB 1534x1318 amalek redpill.png)
>>23913 Amalekites are essentially those who seek the harm of the Jewish nation. The desire and lust for revenge in the Jews is so powerful, that if anyone ever crosses them ever, they will set out to annihilate that person, their culture, their history and their entire existence to the last man, leaving nothing alive that breathes, just as the Bible said. The Jews are demanded to remember Amalek. No Amalekite can survive. Europeans, specifically Western Europeans, have been labeled Amalek for the last two millennia or so. This has been explicitly confirmed post-1945, when the Jews became more open with this. Holocaust memorials all around the world are put up telling the Jews to remember Amalek. What the Jews did to Germany, and what they attempted to do to Germany, and what they are doing to all of Europe actively, is a recreation of the exterminates of the Canaanites from the Promised Land. Once the Jews identify you as Amalek, they will not stop trying to kill you until you are killed, or until you shove them in a gas chamber.
>>23316 >Remember any part of the filename? No. Back then i searched on youtube "Hitler in color" and it was the first to pop up.
>>23938 HCT's Erwin Rommle's Afika Core is now gone as well. There is only this slavic version left
>>23906 >>23907 The disgusting filth that is (((Talmud))) and the Protocols of Elders of Zion do support that conclusion. Yet, for some reason, I can't help but to still find it hard to believe that it's the jews.
>>23906 The Protocols don't even need to be real. They are true in their essence. It would hardly surprise me if they were real though. Either way it conveys truths.
>>23916 That seems like post-hoc rationalization of their psychopathic, megalomaniac OCD behavior. A Jew will hate and seek to exterminate anyone who doesn't agree to be exploited by them, or who dares to point out anything negative about him. Ironically, even those nations who were very good goyim throughout history still got the same treatment, just with less priority. A Jew will behave the same towards you regardless if you try to be friendly with it or try to shoah it. >>23963 Whatever the so called "elites" are, they seem to follow the Talmud and the Protocols to the letter. And it's not only done on some kind of transnational level, it goes all the way to local level as well, just to a lesser extent.
>>23972 Yeah, regardless of the origins of the Protocols, or its ultimate authenticity, it was created by someone who perfectly grasped the nature of the JQ, how they think and how they operate.
>>23977 Unpopular opinion but the protocols are garbage and I would only recommend people read them for historical reasons. I automatically question the motives of anyone who takes them seriously I find the idea that they were plagiarised from a criticism of liberalism with the word "goyim" thrown in a bunch pretty plausible tbh. They just read like a book, not what they're supposed to be (notes from a meeting)
(42.99 KB 491x491 1533862495730.jpg)
>>23985 I hate jews as much as the next poster on this board but continuing to recommend the protocols to people who are on the fence about the JQ is a good way to hurt our cause imo. Between old books like ford's international jew and newer news sites like occidental observer there's plenty of convincing stuff already without having to resort to a (probable) tsarist forgery
which sites other than here should I be aware of? I've been lost since 8chan shut down.
>>24042 anon.cafe - /fascist/ (((got kicked out))), still hosts a /k/ the whole "webring" - you can find a link at anon.cafe or zzzchan mlpol - degenerate site with a lot of cuckchan refugees endchan - a total clusterfuck 8kunt - glows in dark, don not go there
>>24051 there is also cob on yeshoney (formerly balkanchan i think). i think the owner of the new 3chan had been there discussing making a pol for them on his own website, but i haven't looked as 3chan is tor only and haven't used that in awhile. unsure of the rest of the site's content.
>>24051 there's a /k/-board here too but it seems to be dead. Tons of info to be found though. >24042 Then there's also neinchan Tor which is even deader but has some old good threads still up. There's also clearnet nein but its not a mirror of the former and I dont know if its any good. Probably not. Anyway there used to be a /bestpol/ on Ninechan (?) don't remember the name but it was from the guy from Kiwi farms. Is it still up?
>>24053 Yeah 9chan is still around.
(664.25 KB 1980x2190 9chtwtor.jpg)
>>24053 >there used to be a /bestpol/ on Ninechan (?) don't remember the name but it was from the guy from Kiwi farms. Is it still up? https://9chan.tw/ yes but I can't click through to the onion link can anyone on a clearnet browser get it and paste it in here for me? Thanks
>>24055 When I copy link location on that hyperlink it's just "http://"
>>24054 >>24055 [check] Ah thank frens for confirming But I don't even have this image nor the link. Hope you aren't barebacking Torbrowser offers me this link in the address field however but the site seems to be down http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion/
(31.60 KB 791x226 address bar.png)
>>24055 https://9chan.tw/ link works fine for me in tor browser After visting the .tw site there should have been a widget in the tool bar >>24067 Seems the .onion is down atm
>>24042 Many of us crosspost on /cob/ 26yukmkrhmhfg6alc56oexe7bcrokv4rilwpfwgh2u6bsbkddu55h4ad.onion/cob/
>>23032 >Why do people apply the term 'Faustian' to White people when this is ultimately a negative designation showing everything that is wrong with our race? As far as I know, it's because White peoples specifically have the highest potential to both create/build AND to destroy also. I wouldn't use that word, however.
(47.71 KB 800x513 surprise.jpg)
>>24107 >Faustian It's a somewhat dated figure of speech meaning to imply sacrificing spiritual values for power, knowledge, or material gain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Works_based_on_Faust
>>24131 The point is that the dude literally sold his soul to Satan to get that power. That's what it says about the West. And in a way it's true, but it's not positive.
(134.99 KB 900x506 kite-2.jpg)
>>24133 I suppose it can be interpreted that way if you're a small minded christcuck, but when people refer to the Faustian spirit, they're usually talking about the idea of making the greatest of sacrifices and taking the greatest of risks to explore the unknown. When early radiation researchers knowingly exposed themselves to lethal doses of radiation to advance their research, they were driven by the Faustian spirit. When sailors embarked on a journey of questionable conclusion to find a route to India by navigating around the globe, they were driven by the Faustian spirit.
Anyone have some good movies based around Nazis / WW2? Or even docs that don’t paid them as evil!! It seems incredibly difficult. Preferably a luv story but I’d assume those are not as common (besides the Danish movie Midwfe / Kaitainsomething). Thx :))
>>24170 unser mutter unser father
(365.25 KB 1638x2048 future dystopia.jpg)
>>24147 And then our entire society morphed into a soulless inhuman dystopia. I think the etymological meaning has more merit even from a figurative and non-literal sense.
(755.88 KB 1345x2366 governmentIPs.png)
>>19638 Would pic related still be valid?
(707.07 KB 5120x2880 5.png)
(38.79 KB 480x447 goodboy.jpg)
>>24170 I like this one very much although in the beginning it has the obligatory muh poor jews scene (while leaving a good anti-British explanation from the book out) but if you ignore it the movie is great. It also has one of the most correct commando firefight scenes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Eagle_Has_Landed_(film) That one is pretty kino too https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enemy_at_the_gates As always you have to live with some bullshit but in general the optics are there https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalingrad_(1993_film) Also modern Russian movies WW2 look pretty awesome, of course they are the good guys but the scenes I have seen gave even some respect to Germans. Something which is impossible to find nowadays in any Western movie. >> 24250 even if, some anon might look for decent movies lol
>>24248 DoD, alphabet boys and their likes have entire IP ranges reserved for them and your pic just shows some of them. I have seen the list but I dont have it anymore. But you should be able to find it quite easily, try sites like cryptom
I was hoping you lads might know a bit about the Asatru Folk Assembly. They seem a good group and I'm looking to join once I have some capability that I can lend to them, but a friend of mine recently said they're probably 90% feds. Do any of you know if that's true? I'm really hoping it isn't, but his words have brought up a concern I hadn't thought of before.
(53.56 KB 500x300 Sigtyr-500x300-1.png)
>>24278 They got a lot of attention from the local media a few years ago when they started a new hof in my home state. I personally think some parts of their religion are a little hokey, but I don't disapprove of their actions. Besides, they have a good sense of aesthetics.
>>24279 Do you know if they're suspicious at all? I'm hoping I can find a good religious community that shares my views and they seem the closest there is.
>>24280 >Do you know if they're suspicious at all? I don't know anything about them, I'm not a burger, so things might work out somewhat different at my place, but if in this day and age a group of people creates a germanic pagan religion they probably all have a long time right wing background and the feds were certainly interested in them before. That said, don't fall for the "its all feds honeypot meme". I wouldn't wonder if it is spread mostly by feds themselves in order to keep people from doing anything. So just don't let yourself talked into doing stupid shit and you should be fine. Bug out if you feel uncomfortable. Don't let yourself be impressed by people who are long in the game and press the right buttons. Here's why. In my experience with real life groups it's actually super rare that an actual agent or cop infiltrates a group. It would be extraordinary difficult since most people in the scene know each other for a long time and people who don't belong stick out. Does infiltration happen, even successfully, yes, but again it's super rare. The problem is that people turn. Not in the ideological sense, most informers are convinced right wingers to the end, but there often is a point in life of people where they have some sort of problem and feds will approach you. In fact the first encounters will probably have happened long before. If you are in the business for some time going regularly on demonstrations for example these people will be there, a sort of case officers, and know you just as you get to know them. You'll even talk to them, you shouldn't but sometimes it's not entirely avoidable. The problems start when you let you trap yourself. Say, you have a small debt, say you're charged with some minor thing that has no chance of going through but is just meant to be a hassle. You might not even be important in your organization but there's a chance they'll offer you help since they play the long game. >Hey anon what's up did you mess up? Maybe we can do something for you. <No thanks, I'm no traitor >Traitor, no no, we just feel that was really unjustified, I mean I don't like all these fucking foreigners either and I could've been you in your age, okay? <uhm well, I really need that money, but I'm not going to tell you anything >no worries trust me That's how it starts, but of course they'll gradually up the pressure, they will ask you nothing in return or just minor nonsense that is of no importance only in the beginning but this is just to get you going. You might be thinking, hey, why shouldn't I tell them the date of our next march, it's not like it isn't on our website anyways by tomorrow. But that's the point they get people to do their biding and after that you're literally blackmailed to work for them forever and they ask more and more. Don't give them an inch or you'll find yourself between a rock and a hard place inevitably.
>>24282 Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'll keep that in mind! I'm not close to joining yet. I still need to build skill. But I'll keep your advice in mind.
>>24280 Just use basic discrimination and smarts and you'll be fine. No harm in looking around or inquiring. If anything or anyone feels off, just leave and don't interact. I imagine that the actual number of real feds is pretty small.
There seems to be a bunch of 4channers here shitting up the place with loads of low-quality posts, or is that just my imagination? Stop advertising this place over there.
>>24357 There is definitely a 4chan or a fed/NGO infestation happening right now.
>>24357 Why of course fellow /fascist/ poster, such blatant anti-semitism should not be tolerated on an intellectual board such as this >>24369 >Board had ~10 posts in the past 24 hours <It was real in my mind
(183.10 KB 1649x600 1645025210801.png)
(656.87 KB 940x362 wikipedia20th.png)
Anyone else feel viscerally disgusted by the globohomo art style? Pics related. It's not just that it's bad and ugly (which it is), but it's so extremely inoffensive that it offends me to the core.
(42.90 KB 640x640 biden.jpg)
(12.52 KB 320x389 george.jpg)
(70.66 KB 1001x768 gook.png)
(60.09 KB 782x768 jidf.jpg)
>>24380 Yes it's called Alegria hov.co/blog/post/the-rise-of-the-globohomo-art-style There is a whole for it reddit.com/r/fuckalegriaart
>>24380 > but it's so extremely inoffensive I'm offended by its sheer fuckugliness so I'm not entirely sure what you mean. It's an assault on the senses and an affront to actual beautiful art.
>>24381 I see, thanks. >>24388 (heil'd) maybe a better word would be soulless. it's like art for castrated pod people.
>>24395 That sounds about right yeah
(37.59 KB 240x337 Degenerate Art exhibition.jpg)
>>24380 >Hitler denounced modern art and its practitioners as incompetents, cheats and madmen and he declared that there would be no place for modernist experimentation in the Reich.
>>24357 Just report retards, ignore them, and make more high-quality posts. Shills and retards thrive off attention. Sadly it does look like retards are advertising for 16chan on 4cuck: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/16chan/
(67.32 KB 520x449 iv.jpg)
>Corona was a bioweapon released to suppress emerging protest movements worldwide like in Hong Kong, the yellow vests and so on This is the basic thesis of a paper or book or pamphlet in France and I'm looking for it. I read about this allegedly very dangerous piece of work somewhere in an MSM article where the journo kike warned of this conspiracy. SAdly I didnt investigate further because I thought it would turn up on the chans but nothing. Maybe its from lefties, but I'd be interested nonetheless Does anybody have a link? In English? Thanks!
(2.96 MB 2500x2600 euromuttmap.png)
>>24576 these averages tell you the same as someone telling you that Warren Buffet and his driver are billionaires on average >23andme they are data-mining lying kikes
>>24633 >23andmea are data-mining lying kikes This. Several anons I've born witness to actually had detailed genealogical records going back 4 or 5 hundred years and when they got their (((report))) back it included, sometimes up to 7% DNA that legitimately did not exist to push the "every one is a mutt" narrative.
>>24633 >>24688 DNA testing itself is a pseudoscience. 23andme, ancestry.com, and many others have been proven to provide inaccurate and illegitimate results. PCR testing for SARS-COV-2 is garbage. I'm willing to bet CRISPR tech is more kike sorcery and does not have anywhere near the capabilities they claim.
>>24633 >>24688 Same story here with a woman I know. She can trace her line back to 1400s, and even has records of where they lived. She got records stating that she's 5% African among other bullshit. Literally impossible, especially considering location and how far away it was from ANY trading centers. It's incredible that people still choose to believe this bullshit.
>>24689 You might be on to something there tbh. If an important accessory belonging to specific person can be used for rituals, then what the hell can you do with a saliva sample?
>>24690 Physiognomy is much more important, that's why this kind of research in ancestral and racial context was mostly banned post-WW2. You can see a lot by observing various physical and mental traits in people, much more than any DNA test will tell you.
>>24690 they probably define and label gene clusters in a specific way to appeal to libtards who want to be 2% nigga egypt is in africa for example and they were White-ish so any genetic content you have in common with carthage or egypt is "african" even though it occurs elsewhere and shouldn't be associated with humanzees >>24695 physiognomy is basically proven. face averages for each of the OCEAN traits high/low populations were posted to twitter as five polls. each of them came up with a decent majority of twitter users intuiting the personality trait from the facial averages alone
>>24695 >>24699 What are some good resources on physiognomy?
>>24699 we're told that physiognomy is pseudoscience and baseless, yet it's always accurate. similar to how no one's allowed to research the relation between race and intelligence/aptitude.
Anyone know where the hell /liberty/ ran off to? Or at least where-ever their collection of books/info went?
(157.40 KB 1000x1000 polbertarian.png)
>>25147 thanks anon, i was really looking for any of their reading material (and was hoping they might have anything on the founding fathers' original intentions) but unless i'm blind i can't find it anywhere
>>25151 >founding fathers' original intentions Check out The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers
>>25153 thanks for the recommendation, but i can't find this book anywhere free; checked like everywhere
(105.29 KB 417x333 snek.png)
>>25177 gotcha, thanks again; thought that it was the least-edited version of them, but these books will definitely do
>>25132 They went to hell along with every lolberg who does not deserve to breathe or live at all.
>>23694 >No he believes the original Israelis were Aryans or at least taught culture by Aryans. This is literally no different from being pozzed. Also did you miss his retarded videos on how he thinks that the tribes of Israel invented Europe and European nations? The whole muh Jews invaded Europe and created our nations? >>23715 >They were originally White No they weren't Israelis are literal mutts and always have been. > and in the evidence that we have from them archeologically (esp. in terms of mosaics). They were essentially identical to Europeans. There is no evidence that supports this at all. You've outed yourself as a disingenous shill.
>>23715 Don't know what you mean with White, hueWhite?, but regardless the only actual Whites in the Levant were ancient Philistines and the "sea peoples" both of which were essentially Greek colonists. They died out or got absorbed by later invaders. Some women might have been married into the tribe but that's about as White as it gets. Just imagine this is my final post before the nukes fly. He died doing what he loved they'll say kek
>>23822 >Nietzsche used adhoms in arguments constantly Has nothing to do with the arugment. >muh rights You are truly a faggot. >If you've read Nietzsche I have and I don't care, because it's not fucking important. >his rhetoric against Socrates Socrates was a nigger and a faggot. He's a psuedo-intellectual who only knew how to make his arguments look good, but did not know how to carry them out. Nietzsche's main complaint about Socrates was 100% valid, because that Gayreek nigger was all talk and no action, which Nietzsche detested. >Plato was one of the original globohomo intellectuals Thanks for confirming you have never read a book in your life. Plato was against sodomy and degeneracy. He was statist, but this was only in the sense that it would be lead by philosophy (wisdom) and not a technocratic shithole. You should just stop posting. >I don't need to formulate an articulate argument, I don't need to prove myself correct, I just need to be assblasted and think I'm going to convince anyone I'm correct. So you admit you have no legitimate complaints? >Nietzsche is anti-White No he wasn't, Nietzsche literally appraised the ancient Aryans for their warrior ethnos and creation of caste system that were based on kinship and were a dominance hierarchy. If you've read a single damn book in your life, you would know that he has nothing, but praise for Aryans societies, which is why he had a high thought on the Laws of Manu. Read the Twilight of the Idols or Beyond Good and Evil and stop being a psued. > Insults are a valid form of argument No they aren't they only work when the person can be insulted, because it 100% hits home, but most of the time insults are used, because one cannot argue for shit such as yourself. You can't disprove me wrong, when you set as an example. >This is why 'post physique' or 'post chin' is actually a highly refined form of rhetoric, because from the nature of one's postings, we can often discern physical weakness and inferiority merely from the content of their post. Then post your physique or you set an example. Nietzsche was no different than the average German during the 19th century. Also this isn't a good form of rhetoric, because I've seen faggots who have solid chins and are /fit/ and yet they're all massive faggots. >Ironically I am more Nietzschean than you in this regard In what way? Nietzsche supported bright-minds you clearly don't have one. >His philosophy is a giant cope and power fantasy >Power fantasy is bad >Aryans weren't power fanatics >I'm more Nietzschean Cope from what? Reality or an observation that Western institutions are complete shit and are full of midwits? His philosophy hit the nail on head on the slave-morality of Christianity and nu-Vedas. He saw what Western Civilization was headed towards and surprise surprise, he was right. >The shadow of this fact lingers over his work and is impossible to miss unless you yourself are physically, mentally and spiritually inferior yourself. This is coming from some random loser who hasn't said a single intelligent thing and is like all midwits, all talk and no show. >We live in a Nietzschean-Marxist society and you don't even realize it! Lol what? You sound like a cuckservative and probably are physically one as well. We live in a Judeo world where kikes will do anything necessary to accomplish their greater goals. Hmmm, it's almost as if Nietzsche talks about something this in Will To Power and how every living being will fight from tooth to nail to reign supreme over others.
>>>23874 >And it always does. Not at all, most arguments in which someone brings up the subjects foibles and past mistakes, those things do not in fact have any bearing on the argument whatsoever. Nietzsche's or anyone's work being used wrongly and misinterpreted wildly by jews and subversives after their death is not on them. >Ironically your attempts to prove him to be not weak only demonstrate Nietzsche's weakness when viewed from a perspective of classical Aryan ideals. Nietzsche was writing for gods among men, the only people capable of understanding his works in full. He was not writing for your average moron nihilist, nor the jews he criticized and despised in spades, yet, rightly, praised for being victorious over the Aryans of Europe. He respected their ingenuity in accomplishing what they had, as one should should respect an enemy. He provided, for those who would recognize it and seek to reverse the change the jews had wrought, how to do that, nobody truly listened or seemed capable of listening, until Hitler and his most trusted and capable compatriots. Even they did not listen completely, as well as they understood his thoughts and foresight(with which he was blessed and cursed, by Odhinn), they did not take all the necessary steps nor did they have the level of ruthlessness necessary to do so anyway, and as such, they were fated to lose. On the subject of his "weakness", since you are so obsessed with it, the man was a talented Cavalry rider, which requires a goodly amount of strength and will to do properly. He was injured while jumping into his saddle and that's why he completed his studies. It's almost as if fate decreed he not go on to an illustrious career as a Cavlaryman because his mind was too important and his future writings would be of great use to our race. So he was by no means a weak man at all and was apparently quite adept at one of the most Aryan classes of warfare there is, Horsemanship/Cavalry. Nietzsche shits all over psychoanalysis and Psychologists, throughout many of his works. He has nothing to do with Psychoanalysis, except in criticism, and would quite literally be laughing at you for the accusation. Again, jews like Freud, using his works for their own purposes is not his responsibility, he was not writing for them, they took what was his, and like they try to do with all beneficial and truthful things, twist them to corrupt and obfuscate the truth so that they may turn what is mighty into what is weak, truth into falsehood, etc. etc.. He viewed base anti-semitism, mostly that driven by christianity, as flawed, and he was correct, even today most anti-semites focus on the jews as the only problem, when it is beyond clear the problem is multi-faceted and not so simple as killing all the jews, which is ironic as most anti-semites are blind to the jews among them, thanks to christianity. That explains his disdain for his sisters husband and some for his sister in general. They didn't and many today don't, see or care WHY the jews had won, and why simply expulsing them and barring them entry with ineffectual laws wouldn't work, they simply hated jews for being jews, and for killing a figure, I suspect he thought was a fiction, not for what they did to europe, not for their destruction of Our Race's Natural Values and Morality, but mostly for their killing of a fellow jew. I can find no evidence he hated himself, or his people, especially considering he took up a position as a medical orderly in war for prussia after denouncing his citizenship. He denounced his citizenship, to set himself apart from the German culture of the day, which he disliked for a myriad of reasons he elucidates himself throughout his works, and to attempt to underscore his greater yearning for a true Pan-European union, aka uniting the disparate Aryans to collectivize for their own interests, which would include opposing jews by necessity. Thomas Dalton wrote an essay debunking the philo-semite claims about Nietzsche, here it is, once again. >The final redpill is that Nietzsche himself was a crypto-Christian. He was deeply mentally ill, and this culminated in believing that he himself was a 1st century Jewish carpenter. beyond the fact of this being simply perposterous, he despised christianity with a passion few match, let alone exceed, today, using the symptoms of his descent into madness due to brain cancer against him, is just plainly ridiculous.
>>25224 In The Republic, Plato also argues that wives should be held in common, serve as soldiers, and that children be raised by the state not knowing their parents. It's really not a stretch to associate him with globohomo.
how can I find a sympathetic lawyer in Ireland?
>>25254 >In The Republic, Plato also argues that wives should be held in common, serve as soldiers, The Republic contains a contradiction of what Plato said and clearly believed. He believes that women can fit any role in society once they're educated, but also acknowledges that women are physically weaker than men. When he wrote the Timaeus he basically came to an agreement with with Aristotle that women are cowardly and unfit for positions that men dominate naturally. He never advocated true equality in your modern sense, this is a shitlib lie or mistranslation. >and that children be raised by the state not knowing their parents You can agree to disagree with this part, although I personally disagree to an extent, although it kind of makes sense as Plato's ideal state was programmed to model the ideal citizen. Don't tell me that none of you anons wouldn't do the same if you had control of the state. His positions and opinions are not of globohomo, unless some of you want to admit you don't know what globohomo means.
>>25284 >Don't tell me that none of you anons wouldn't do the same if you had control of the state I would not. I understand his goal of preventing dynastic struggles, but I firmly believe traditional family structure is too important for both the child and parents to do away with. >His positions and opinions are not of globohomo I agree, but it's also easy to see the root of globohomo in his work. It's not surprising, considering how influential he was.
>>25234 >Nietzsche was writing for gods among men Nietzsche was a sickly weakling and not a god among men, so he cannot be said to be truly writing for gods among men, because a true god among men would not be sickly, weak and incapable of finding a woman such as Nietzsche. True gods among men scorn his silly diatribes.
>>25336 You have done no good job of convincing anyone why we should hate Nietzsche. What you're doing is something of a shill tactic or you express your envy or him through butt-hurt and seethe.
>>25338 >butt-hurt and seethe. Okay, 4cuck. A man who was sickly, weak and incapable of fulfilling one of the basic human desires in life is most assuredly not a 'god among men'. You might as well argue that Elliot Rodger of all people is a true Nietzschean Übermensch. Just think - Elliot revolted against slave moralizing Abrahamic gender roles and dating norms. He was attempting a transvaluation of all values, indeed even thinking himself to be a 'god'. Elliot was far more of a god than Nietzsche ever was. He slayed his enemies, had a grand vision of a future society free from Christcuck morality and females who weren't breeding stock.
(129.68 KB 800x533 180629-azov-leaders.jpg)
Is it worth joining the Azov Battalion to gain combat experience and training as an American? I heard they were being funded and armed by Israel, but I don't think this is true and they seem like a fairly based group overall. Are there any other instances of foreigners joining them for this purpose?
If you just want training, I've covered that in other posts above in this thread replying to anons who wondered if they should join the US military. The short of it is you can get high quality training on your own fairly cheap if you build yourself a proper curriculum and go to gun training schools, buy yourself basic equipment (AR/reddot/sling/glock/holster/mags/ammo/chest rig) and watch training videos to supplement the more expensive school training, and do dry fire+weapons manipulation in your bedroom for muscle memory (clearing malfs, reloading). As regards to combat experience, yes that seems like it could be a good way to get it.
>>25353 You don't necessarily have to join Azov, the regular Ukrainian military is accepting volunteers. Those with military experience get deployed and those with no experience get training in basic military tactics and to be a paramedic. I know lots of guys from western Europe have joined already. As far as I konw they have been looking for Russian saboteurs and other support roles. I've been thinking of going myself to help in any way I can since I know lots of people in Ukraine and have been there before. But alas, I cant leave my woman, she needs me now. Also a note on what you said, just dropping into the middle of an active combat zone to "gain combat experience" will only get you killed. This is not call of duty or whatever game people play these days. If you really want to go: fly to Poland, take a bus or train to the border and tell them you are volunteering. Take any and all equipment you have(helmet, vest, first aid kits, sleeping bag, etc). The recruitment center is in Kiev so you will have to get there. There are lots of Telegram groups organizing this and some guys are carpooling from Germany and France to get to Ukraine and fight.
>>25336 >Nietzsche was a sickly weakling and not a god among men, so he cannot be said to be truly writing for gods among men, I never claimed that he was a god among men himself, but aside from his chronic migraine issues, and some occasional bouts with sickness, he died of brain cancer and lived in good health contributing to the education of Germanic youth for most of his adult life, was he what he yearned to see in the world?" not in body, perhaps, but certainly in mind and spirit. >because a true god among men would not be sickly, weak and incapable of finding a woman such as Nietzsche. Nietzsche was not incapable of finding a woman, all we know is that he did not choose a woman. There's much speculation and slander on that front, none of it very substantiated. Also there is no crime in living childless devoting yourself to a higher cause, in his case Truth. >True gods among men scorn his silly diatribes. True gods among men learn from everybody, discard what is useless, and keep what is useful, because they know what power ultimately is.
>>25347 >Okay, 4cuck >Using seethe is 4cuck That's literally all you've been doing. > You might as well argue that Elliot Rodger of all people is a true Nietzschean Übermensch. This is has no correlation nor contrast to anything that Nietzsche said. But such a case for the mulatto brain.
Can someone provide an explanation on how the Axis Powers lost the war?
>>25401 that could be an entire thread. I'll try to summarize: >fighting a 2 front war >underestimating Russia/China >losing control of the skies there were other factors too, like the American golem getting pulled into the fray, innovations like the stg44 coming too little too late, a crashed Zero being captured, etc. but the greentext covers the major points for both Germany and Japan.
Why was the thread on astroturfing deleted? I had a funny meme I wanted to post. What a letdown
>>25408 I wonder this too
>>25409 The behavior of the moderation on this website grows more outrageous all the time. Site is nearing the point of unusable
>>25409 I didn’t see anything about the deletion in the logs either by the way
(2.65 MB 270x480 1645680453329.gif)
>>25413 Ah shit, and I'm out of meds...
(8.42 KB 983x144 asdf.png)
>>25413 pretty sure this is the log event for that thread. there was a report for that thread saying something about having missed the mind control thread. i didnt delete it but i assume the reasoning behind the deletion was that the report was made by the op and that deleting it would be honoring their request.
>>25411 We might need another mass exodus. Otherwise they'll keep boiling the frog and authentic anon viewpoints will get shoah'd.
>>25404 Just make a thread explaining everything.
>>25415 This was my thought, assuming best intent. The posts should have been moved into the mind control thread but whatever. It does seem that there is enough evidence in the logs to sustain the thread was deleted, I must have not read carefully enough when I looked. The topics of mind control and astroturfing are disparate enough that it doesn’t warrant the deletion of quality posts. I keep coming back to this website hopeful the mods repeat foul behavior was more due to my overreaction, paranoia, difference in opinion etc. but the evidence just keeps piling up. I will have to find greener pastures.
>>25431 I could, but I'm not sure if it's worth the investment. my post already covered the fundamental points, and is a good starting place. to add on, going all in on Stalingrad was of course another mistake. but really, the big three are as I said: 2 front war, underestimating Russia/China, conceding air power. the first two are not redundant, btw. in theory, the Axis could've had hostilities with Russia/China without wasting their strength on ill-fated invasions. the Germans should've been content with splitting Eastern Europe (perhaps taking more than initially agreed, but not grabbing it all), and the Japanese should've been content with Manchukuo, Southeast Asia, and their Pacific holdings. it's all history now, the best we can do is learn from it.
I'm worried if shitskins start coming here from cuckchan. They know the link now. And I came here to get AWAY from them. I don't want then speaking for Whites, it's totally cringeworthy (I hate using this word but it fits).
>>25479 Men don’t worry.
>>25481 Pfft
Found ruski 2ch, pretty fascinating, but can't post. Is the pass shit obligatory?
Can someone tell me what documentaries these clips come from?
>>25401 Stefan Timm gives another angle: https://altcensored.com/watch?v=-o0Ucaqzw2I By the way, does anyone know what happened to him?
>>25495 It's probably some measure to keep foreigners from posting there. Don't Japanese imageboards do similar things to keep gaijin out?
>>25502 possibly "the greatest story never told"
>>25284 Children are already raised in public and tbh while on paper that idea sounds bad in comparison to the family, there are some merits to the idea that children should be raised with other children. For example, if children were exclusive to the family and separate from the community of children, it would likewise be bad in the sense that inbreeding within the family would be bad. Families model and compose the State, imo, and help govern and raise children. But there's nothing wrong with something like Hitler Youth and helping children have a sense of the nation and their role with others. It's very necessary that children should bond with others for their social skills and their own bond. There needs to be a public education by some means to instill children across the board. No less than people are educated and have propaganda across the board. Peer pressure and propaganda are very natural things. So I agree with >>25284 anon that yes, children ought to be instilled with a sense of our people's values. But also that the family shouldn't be abolished. And ask yourselves, if a child loses his parents and has nowhere to go, they become orphans and are adopted by the public. And if a family isn't instilled in a healthy public, but surrounded by degenerates -- than family education wouldn't matter, because outside of the family the children would still face peer pressure and influence that will shape their behavior. So there is a need for public education by whatever means, whether religious institutions, propaganda, schooling, youth organizations.
>>25651 Imo, in a macro-micro sense, the ideal state would be a great family, where people respect each other like kin, but still revere their own parents and follow a leadership that is like a political father to their people. A familial bond should be extended to the people as a whole since family values are so great that they should also be widely encompassing.
>>25651 Your argue as if families are islands unto themselves, and I cannot understand why, as no one advocates this.
>>25691 Families are the fundamental building block of society, but they're still just one layer. There are many more forms of association, scaling upwards from the family, and all of these must serve the needs of the Volkish state.
>>25651 >if children were exclusive to the family and separate from the community of children, it would likewise be bad in the sense that inbreeding within the family would be bad. Huh?? That makes no sense, Anon. Inbreeding is bad for genetic reasons. Over-sheltering kids, on the other hand, is bad because it prevents them from bonding with their peers and being exposed to the harshness of the world that will make/break them.
So, are you guys interested in actually making a change? Or is this all larping? I can't lie, imageboard culture confuses me. There's often no identifiable distinction between trolling and sincerity (in fact that's the mark of an effective troll) and I'm not savvy enough to tell if I've found a board of genuine White nationalists or just a bunch of larping trolls. I want to set something in motion before I die. I think there are a few things achievable through activism alone that would drastically improve my people's chance of survival here in the USA. The two I have in mind are, first, to stop anti-White racism in education and the media, and second, to allow freedom of association for Whites i.e. allow Whites-only companies and neighborhoods. I don't think these are out of reach. Even normies and non-Whites can understand that the former is already possessed by non-Whites, and the latter is desirable for everyone including non-Whites provided they be allowed to have the same. Is this something anyone here is interested in? I guess the first step is to start reading about successful activist movements. But it feels pointless to start if I'm on my own and no one else cares. The whole point is to sway the majority's opinion, and how can I do that if I can't even convince a single person?
It seems the social environment in the west is causing the extinction of my people. This is evident by birth rate / death rate; less of us each year. Even normies no longer deny this. It also seems like, if our social environment is killing us off, we have 3 choices: 1) Change the environment to suite us 2) Adapt ourselves to survive in this environment 3) Do nothing and become a lost race I think option #1 is mostly unattainable. The societies built by our ancestors are massive, powerful, and have over time developed methods of control over the general public that are insurmountable to any kind of grassroots movement. These structures were over time taken over by corrupt Whites and jews who have contempt for average White Americans and would rather see us go extinct than change their ways that are so profitable to them. Aside from the two possibly attainable goals I mentioned here >>25728 I don't think there's much hope of a full take over like the German NSDAP managed to do. Option #2 is more likely to be successful, at least for the foreseeable future for the next few generations of White Americans - obviously this applies to Europeans too, but their situation is a bit different and I can only focus on my own country. Parallel society and parallel culture are the obvious answer. Are there any good books on the subject? Is this topic worth a thread?
>>25691 A family tree needs a good pot of soil. it's not whether anyone argues it, that's the point, or whether there are families as islands, but that there's also what they share in common and the overall state. Like >>25718 anon points out. Yes, families aren't islands unto themselves, but when you look at the broader picture you must not place the family as opposed to the political. If you reject the political, you reject family values, for the reasons above. >>25727 Those are two examples to illustrate a point.
>>25738 I underpin all this, because I see the conservatives who triumph family values to be in folly when they don't understand how the political relates to the overall structure itself. Yes, if you take families without regarding the political, you might as well be talking about families as if they were isolated islands. That is a problem with the trend in conservatism in how they idolize the family as opposed to the state itself. That even acknowledging that families depend on and constitute the overarching political state is a controversial statement. To put it bluntly, to be an anarchist or to be a statist? I don't see a middle ground here. Either take the generic libertarian view of states and what states are or the alternative view of states as civil society where everything is ordered politically.
>>25744 The problem is they cannot tolerate the nature of supremacy -- they want to banish it, because they see it as the source of all our problems. Like tossing the ring of power like in LOTR. I know many anons might be Tolkien fans. I disagree with that view, that supremacy itself can be tossed away and done away with, that nobody should be supreme, that these instruments should not be sought after because they could be a double-edged sword. That is wishful thinking to me. I see the merit to the idea, that everything in modern society today and technology has allowed for all the destruction. But everything is well defined by supremacy. There's no escaping it. Right libertarians also talk feverishly about the Economy and Free Market. As if these were so independent and detached from any political orchestration, that it would be a hindrance to the prosperity of a people that things should be politically arranged, ordered, and orchestrated. That the economic freedom and independence sets you free from governance. That embracing the political is the ideology of slaves and communists. But I think most people here know that the economy is another means for the state to govern. That what is economic is also politically orchestrated and arranged, that the economy itself isn't independent from the state and that economies are no less arranged and defined politically. I disagree with the overall libertarian view.
>>25744 If conservatives truly supported family values they would frame it much differently. They are of course completely spineless as well, because everyone knows that though twenty years ago they would have almost all opposed homosexuals and certainly transsexuals as well, today they are gradually becoming more pro-deviancy while still trying to pretend that they support some degree of family values. One can also not support family values while shilling for retarded working-hours and mandatory public schools for five days a week that that separate families and put a lot of the raising of children and their indoctrination almost exclusively (this is key) in the hands of the state. I could also of course talk about capitalism, individualism and other ideas that are so loved by conservatives that are directly opposed to their allegedly pro-family agenda. There needs to be a healthy balance between families and the state. Either one having two much influence or power is harmful for society. Even the isolated nuclear family is unnatural.
>I'm a fascist >I'm third-positionist>I'm a White nationalist 😮 >I'm pro-White 😀
please suggest me some podcasters, youtube/odysee channels, people who do "twitter spaces" etc. (content creators or commentators) to follow I currently follow Richard Spencer and Myth20c podcast which I value a lot, and unironically recommend both of them. Other shit I listen to that's more just background noise is keith woods, i,hypocrite(kind of enjoyable normie-tier), red ice, Nordic Frontier, and occasionally trs shit too. I've seen a handful Blackpilled streams which were really good, but it seems like most of them are boring - when he's talking it's like 95% of the time is filled by pauses. I listen to books a lot using tts, which I recommend for everyone (for people who've never done this I recommend you install the app "Librera") but while working I prefer listening to "eceleb" shit because it requires far less attention - or maybe it's because I don't feel bad for not paying attention to it.
>>25792 >he unironically listens to richard spencer i don't like to shill much on this website because i don't like to give glowniggers any help, but it's really quite simple if you just want to find more content creators in the "dissident right." you go on millenial woes odysee channel, look through his vast catalog of 2021 milleniyule guests, and then find those creators own channels. listen through some of their shit, and see if there is anything you like. that ought to get you started. i haven't even had to do this myself because i find the space to be fairly hollow at this time. all talk no action. no real plans for change. YEARS of talk talk talk. it's a bit of a poetry contest now in my opinion. i already mentioned in another thread that morgoth is a crowd favorite, but there are many others.
>>25799 Mark Collett is alright background noise >>25803 >Millennial Woes https://odysee.com/@millennialwoes:4/GoyBye:7 this is my favorite video he's done. His videos always had a unique unnerving undertone. Some of his videos legit used to scare me (not scared of him, sared of the situation we're in). He went too deep into the WEF / covid stuff imo though. I'll have to check out his recent content. I hope he gets back to focusing on demographic replacement but I feel like he wants to avoid it to not get in trouble.
>>25709 >>25803 https://t.me/PatrioticAlternativeOfficial/4835 I wish MW would get involved in the nationalist scene again. He was arguably the most compelling British wn (optics aside) and what he's been doing the last year seems more like therapy for himself and his audience than anything actually productive. His speeches used to be awesome. The wn scene in Europe needs a sensitive faggot like him to speak to the emotions we all feel.
>>25832 I was not supporting Millenial Woes, I was saying you can find an easy list of the biggest names in the "dissident right" by going through his Milleniyule catalog. I did voice support for Morgoth. That is a great video from Woes though.
>>25832 I know this is kind of vague but does anyone know the channel name of the dude who posts videos mainly of himself in his car talking about society and topics you might hear about here. He's got a red beard and usually wears a hat. Sometimes is wearing a flourescant vest. I think he may have a job in engineering or something, as he is always driving around when he makes these videos.. thanks
>>25841 He is a tow truck driver.
>>25844 That's it, thanks again
>>25764 >Either one having two much influence or power is harmful for society The well ordering of society itself is the nature of the state / political. That what is held in particular and in general. The well ordering of families in particular and what they have in common is also the well ordering of the state. Keep this in mind, b/c this conception that society has nothing to do with the political is what I'm denouncing. A well ordered state doesn't mean to have all things to be in common, like you say with schooling having families deposit their kids exclusively -- I would agree with you, that for instance, it is a detrimental to the state itself that fathers of families cannot put children in their proper roles -- that parents cannot in particular hold control of their children, yes. Because if nothing could be held in particular, then nothing could also be held in common, the state concerns both in particular and in common. Most natural fathers would not let their children be exposed to all the things you listed, I agree, but schooling is the result of them in common wanting to educate their children. I would go out of my way to defend something like Hitler Youth or the concept of schooling and organizations because ultimately it is necessary children in general are also educated and raised to learn the values and customs of their people. For example, I see no problem with American children having to recite the pledge of allegiance and the education of them politically. Or how Japanese nationalists want portraits of the Emperor and Empress in classrooms. So it definitely is pro-family, imo, for families in general to have a means to educate and govern their children in common and comes to the benefit of fathers in particular. We can debate how it should be done, how these organizations should be structured, whether it is too secularized, who should be allowed, where and what places should children be taught when they are educated in common. I think it is a matter of state how a family is organized, how families raise their children, how they are taught and raised in common, and that this is all political by definition, since the political relates to the structure of the city / nation and that involves how families are and will be organized in particular and common. (1/2)
>>25764 >>25847 (2/2) For instance, curfew -- how late can children can be outside at night... that's parents in common governing for the sake of them in particular. There's no getting away from how the state will influence and indoctrinate, that's the second hand nature of how societies function -- people are defined by their unity in states. No matter how much control you give the father, the children will also be influenced by who's on television, what's being passed around by word, where they meet outside of the household, the athletes they watch, the problem is that the state is being ill governed or isn't well ordered -- the families in general are no less a part of the state and not independent in the sense that they are separate from it and can be balanced against it (since they depend on it). >There needs to be a healthy balance between families and the state There isn't a balance or equilibrium -- ultimately your states do influence the families. There's no getting over how superior the influence of society overall is. It's for the well governance of a state that particular families do teach their boys how to be men and for girls to be proper women, and how they raise children to later grow up and contribute to their people, and also for how they in common will regulate and ensure how their children are raised, that they will adopt their customs, and that they are politically educated for the benefit of their father and for them all together. I think it is in the interests of a healthy state overall that this happens. >their indoctrination almost exclusively (this is key) in the hands of the state. The family structure itself is related to how a state is organized. The relationship between father and son is also a governance. How a family is brought up, structured, even in particular, relates to the well ordering of a state. That's why Aristotle will say, "Seeing then that the state is made up of households, before speaking of the state we must speak of the management of the household." -- it's fundamentally also how a state governs / indoctrinates, the family plays a role in that process, that's why anarchists / communists in seeking to abolish the state also target the family. The main reason I say all this and don't view even families in general apart from the state in the sense it can be balanced against it is that they are frankly the building blocks. If you are a family man, you are a kind of statist imo and not the other way around being an anarchist. >One can also not support family values while shilling for retarded working-hours Are people ill-governed? It's bad how many working hours they do... But the nature of a household is also master and servants, boss and employee, that the family also constituted in (the household). That's why they say that not all people have the luxury for family life. >and mandatory public schools for five days a week Yeah, school system as it stands has problems, but again even in the particular household the father will sometimes appoint a teacher / tutor and it's really not far fetched that when families govern in common they appoint servants (like teachers at public schools, but not only public schools -- really any organization / institution is no less political, even private roads and institutions and church still constitute what makes a city). Think of the state itself also like a household in that sense, like how a household has the father and son, but also master and servants... the father might have servants for the education of his children... no less the nature of the state appoints has these relationships. But I see your point how these two things together make it as if children basically are held in common. "And because the first instruction of children depends on the care of their parents, it is necessary that they should be obedient to them while they are under their tuition; and not only so, but that also afterwards, as gratitude requires, they acknowledge the benefit of their education by external signs of honour. To which end they are to be taught that originally the father of every man was also his sovereign lord, with power over him of life and death; and that the fathers of families, when by instituting a Commonwealth they resigned that absolute power, yet it was never intended they should lose the honour due unto them for their education. For to relinquish such a right was not necessary to the institution of sovereign power; nor would there be any reason why any man should desire to have children, or take the care to nourish and instruct them, if they were afterwards to have no other benefit from them than from other men. And this according with the fifth Commandment." -Thomas Hobbes (2/2)
(1.30 MB 1280x720 ZpWfCaJC-MnrMQk3.cleaned.mp4)
my Aryan consciousness is rising
(6.17 MB 960x720 OBqeC9e6-JLM3C7C.cleaned.mp4)
I live in an EU country. Say if I get put in prison for hate speech - is there any way I can be sure I won't get raped or otherwise fucked with it prison? I'm very dysgenic - 5'3, the frame of a little girl. Will a prison let me stay in solitary confinement or anything? I'm really worried about this. I'm terrified of going to prison - so much that I'm afraid to express myself in public or on the internet in case some faggot reports me.
>>25880 Not sure about EU, suspect may even vary by country, but my understanding is EU prisons are generally more humane than the US. In both Canadistan and the JewSA there is whats called "Protective Custody" (PC), as opposed to "General Population" It's basically what you are describing. You are kept in a cell 23 hrs/day in a separate wing of the prison. Your 1 hour out of cell is usually for short yard time with other PC from your block. Prison officials can place you there for your own safety and/or you can request to be sent there.
What do you guys recommend for storing wealth? I have money sitting in a bank. Should I withdraw it as cash and store cash in a safe at home? I would buy gold but you need to pay VAT, AND capital gains tax if you ever want to do anything with it. and as bad as inflation has been the last couple years, I'd still come out with a loss if I bought gold pre-pandemic and cashed out right now, and that to me makes me feel like buying gold is a bad idea. And as for the future, I don't know if I want to take the gamble - e.g. the West not trading with Russia should be deflationary for the dollar and the euro, so who really knows? inflation isn't a certainty, the only certainty is taxation. maybe I'm being autistic and stubborn. I don''t have any money in stocks or gold. I have some crypto but my crypto savings are depleting since I occasionally donate to dissident groups. I want to own land but I still don't have enough saved yet - I have around 15k and I can probably save around 8k per year at the moment. Also, any opinions on mortages? I'm assuming a fascist board that's anti-usury is gonna say no, but maybe I can get on the property ponzi scheme ladder sooner with a loan. i am a complete noob on these basic things tbh
>>25881 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protective_custody this generally sounds good. one thing worries me though >Their request may be granted if the officials rule that the prisoner is truly at risk. I've heard horror stories about judges putting people convicted for hate speech / hate crimes in "diverse" prisons specifically to teach them a lesson, only for the guy to get murdered in prison. I'd worry that prison officers wouldn't be very sympathetic towards these kinds of political prisoners. although... >In a prison context, protective custody is used mainly in the following cases: ... people who have committed hate crimes this is hopeful. It's baffling to me how normies are ok with prisons not being segregated. anyone with two brain cells knows this is resulting in violence.
do any of you feel like reading any book has actually helped you with anything? I'm an atheist and I read philosophy and religious books and it doesn't help. I'm scared, depressed, just a shit useless person. All reading philosophy or religion does is release dopamine or whatever - I get a brief 'high' from the feeling that I'm learning something, but I don't know that I'm learning anything useful.
>>25882 i'm interested in strategies pertaining to that as well, i'm also in the 10-100k tier in euros puttong aside 500-1000e per month aside for a goal of 100-200k
what do you guys think of the british union of fascists?
>QTDDTOT >>25916 I think Sir Mosley was right when he said >"Low effort OP's get the rope"
(26.48 KB 420x274 british union of fascists.jpg)
>>25887 What sort of philosophical and religious books are you reading? What are you getting out of them? Are you trying to apply anything you have read? All of these will are important questions that will shape whether it is worth the time or not. >>25916 I like them, of course. Mosley's books were some of the first books on fascism that I read back in the day, and they are very easy to read, even if his solutions are more particular to that of Britain, which makes sense given the fact that it is a nationalist platform. Even so, one can see the common fascist spirit at work within the BUF. It was quite unfortunate how increasingly they got drawn into political scuffles, and were disbanded by the government and many of their members imprisoned. It goes to show that they were effective enough for them to worry about, though.
>>25882 As much as we hate usury, and it would obviously be better to buy your own home outright, If you use government resources like FHA loans and get a cheap but decent property even if it's not the most ideal area, at least it gets you under your own power, a Mortgage is a better idea than nearly any other option short of inheriting property, because even though you end up paying a lot of interest you are directly investing in yourself and your future rather than in a Landlord or whatever, if you aren't stupid and get a good long-term loan with a low interest rate, it's a wise investment. What you don't want to do is go get a home and then overload yourself in debt to renovate it, that's where most people fail these days.
>>25887 Why are you an atheist?
>>25965 Because god doesn't exist.
>>25966 That's not a reason, that's a statement, and a logically false statement besides, the First Cause(s) exist(s), if you wish to call it(them) god(s), or the motive force(s) of the universe, it(they) exist(s) regardless. Answer the question, dig deep, don't be a fucking coward afraid to look at the reasons you deny the existence of the divine(and no I don't mean the Christnigger gGAWDDd) evident in Nature and the physical laws of the universe, all around you.
>>25967 If god existed he would be on twitter.
(316.19 KB 1190x840 atheism 2.jpg)
>>25966 It's the inescapable conclusion. One has to be mentally defective to believe otherwise. Even simple teleological arguments make it obvious. There is nothing about the laws of nature that seem to be necessitated, i.e. we could easily imagine them being different, stronger or weaker, etc., and numerous physicists have theorized that if the laws of nature were only slightly different, there would be no possibility at all for a complex universe such as ours with complex and intelligent forms of life. In many of these cases they theorize that if the strength of the electromagnetic force was even slightly less powerful, there would no atoms at all, and hence no higher elements, no stars, no planets, etc. Same with gravity and many other things. Then there's the fact that we live in a rational, stable and intelligible universe full of different kinds of things that across billions of light-years behave the same way, and operate, as far as we can tell, under the exact same laws. I won't even focus on other cosmological arguments or other things. When we add in the idea of religious experiences, this is another powerful argument that makes it more likely than not that there's something akin to God immanent or behind the operations of the universe, and that one can experience immediately without any arguments or rational proofs at all. Meditation and prayer over time will make this abundantly clear if you are lucky.
>>25977 If you cannot seriously answer, I will not try to help you.
>>26010 Come on, bro. Admit it. If god existed he would have some social media presence.
>>26012 more likely, social media is a god-forsaken wasteland.
>>26012 >Come on, bro. Admit it. If god existed he would have some social media presence. more likely, social media is a god-forsaken wasteland.
>>25989 There is a concept of optimism (not to be confused with the attitude) espoused by the Leibniz and the like, where this is supposedly the best (most optimal) of all possible worlds, or the only world (out of all the possibilities) where this specific kind of existence would be possible. He mentions God (probably just to avoid being censored or attacked), but in fact, that fails his own principle of sufficient reason as the existence of God is not needed for this hypothesis. Basically, everything functions and arranges itself based on its inherent mathematical properties, resulting in a self-corrective function that resolves towards equilibrium. These mathematical laws are eternal and uncreated, and exist independently of any manifestation. The idea of God is entirely redundant here, and was only espoused by brainlets who did not have sufficient understanding on how the world works. There are flaws in this theory of course, and this universe might indeed be 'created' or rather, shaped by certain entities, but those were not the originators of the existence itself.
I recall there being some nationalist business that sold candles. I have a shrine dedicated to Hitler beside my bed and I want to keep a candle or at least a stick of incense lit at all times at it. Anyone know a shop I should be from? I am EU.
reposting this to get more eyes on it >>>/pol/56090 I need help figuring out what to do with my savings. I'm a poorfag and live in the EU. My country has high capital gains tax and low property tax (the latter might change soon), and property seems to be the way to go, but I still haven't saved enough to get on the property ladder. I've always been too autistic to buy precious metals since in my country you have to pay the initial VAT + any tax on capital gains. I've been saving for two years, I have about 15k all stored in cash. I know some people are gonna say I only have 15k so who cares about inflation or whatever but I have to at least believe I'm going to own my own plot of land and a house some day and everything seems to slip out of reach quicker than I can save. Property prices are still going up - and my country recently passed some law or whatever making it EVEN HARDER to get planning permission to build a house in the country (basically impossible at this point) so rural houses are going up even quicker.
Any /sec/ here? Do u think hackers still can fight against special service?(FBI,MI6,etc)
>>25965 But in what i can believe?Jewсhristianity ?
>>26040 No and why bother, what is the objective and what would you even gain? Go after soft targets like subversive NGOs and jews instead and cover your tracks. Asymmetric is the key
how can I challenge my energy and enthusiasm into something good for the White race? procreating isn't an option.
>>26040 Defense yes, anonymity yes, offense no. Technically any defense/disguise is likely permeable but they don't have the resources/exploits to spare if you prep right and aren't high priority outlier. Similarly, they are most likely not immune to attacks but they are insulated to the point that non-novel attacks are futile. >>26044 NGOs are more vulnerable and are essential to the scheme of our enemies. There are already mercenary hacking firms that target NGOs on behalf of interested parties. I bet with ukraine/russia splitting israeli elite into factions there is a lot of intra-jewish hacking going down already, which might serve as good cover to external parties with prudent opsec
(195.67 KB 1080x1147 leftists working out muscles.jpg)
>>26045 First work on fixing yourself. Get /fit/. Those who want to revolutionize society can't themselves not be in the best shape that they can be. Plus, the better shape one is in, the more seriously their opinions will be taken. For better or for worse (I'd say for the better), this is how humans think. Weaklings are subconsciously ignored.
Can someone give me a link to the yuletide website? I found an article about the UN and depopulation but I lost the link.
>>26056 Thuletide you mean? Here: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/
>>26056 You mean thuletide? thuletide.wordpress.com
>>26045 >procreating isn't an option. infertile: support the procreation of your genetically close allies. skeptical of fertility as strategy: 1. prepping is a good option that probably meshes well with any blue-collar skills you have. get an emergency preparedness club in your community so you can help out during minor disasters like floods and get to know the some of the most capable people if SHTF or even if it doesn't useful prep stuff from easiest to hardest: freeze dried food, first aid, physical fitness, HAM radio, long term disaster medical aid 2. less blue collar stuff. a bit more intellectual demand of different sorts. things as diverse as lawyers, programmers or scientists of all kinds. necessarily rather specialized but it always helps to be able to use technology competently and able to learn math if need be. specialization means the challenges you find to push on will be different. you will discover this on your own while deep in the discipline if you keep your eyes peeled for how it matters to the real world. ill give some ideas with lawyers as an example once i flesh out the tech/math stuff i said which is better: neuroscientists or neuroscientist who knows how to program a model? there are entire disciplines like "data science" which are just subsets of coding with a bit of math support. you can even find neuroscientists on youtube with tutorials about how to use tools like grep for text processing. knowing how to make your computer do what you want is a force multiplier. you don't need to get really good at it either, some low hanging fruit is just getting good enough at skimming some obscure open source code to tell that it isn't a malicious script, or setting up a virtual environment so that you don't need to worry so much about it. math is an extension of technical competence because you can use computers and existing libraries to run mathematical models on open source data lots of people learn math and then don't do anything with it, they get degrees just for the status of it or to larp as a broke genius. don't do that, only get into a field of math once you find it used in the frontier or an negected niche of your chosen field. (of course you need to learn its prerequisites first though) the same thing goes for subfields of programming that you should be aware exist but don't need to learn unless they will be useful. (e.g. scraping, GEOINT, OSINT, machine learning, formal verification, cryptography, networking) lawyers: -run judicial citation analysis or legislation analysis to map out (and report?) what the law (or proposed legislation) actually says and means when enforced. nobody can afford to read the volumes of law they pass anymore so this is the only way to tell what the legislators are doing (keywords: natural language processing, NLTK) -subvert enemy corporate power by designing genius systems of contracts that bypass their monopolies. this will require more vision and specializations than i have if it is even possible. look at manager-less or stockholder-less contractual structures (co-ops?) that leftards have set up but don't feel bound by their ideals and assumptions. see if you can find some fertile opportunity that meshes well with this mindset (game theory, business/contracts law, probably some other stuff idk) -research specific bureaucracies in depth with intent to comprehend their weaknesses like their legal limitations or required publication of internal information. Hold them to it, play them off each other, try to find ways to impair those most harmful to beauty and liveliness. none of these ideas are going to be explicitly pro-White but all of them are going to hurt your enemies, who are anti-White in all the ways that count. remember, publicity is not necessary nor desirable for asymmetric operations
>>26062 That's what I meant, thanks.
I've been doing convict conditioning for awhile and want to build some size, but I feel like using weights is wrong. Am I just being an autist, and is building muscle size even useful in real world situations?
>>26063 But what to do if im idiot? i cant do many things. Learn programming for idk deface lefties sites? Or learn some philosophy , read books ,learn how to debate? May be learn how shooting and survive in forest?
>>26041 Look into the arguments for everything and follow where the evidence leads. That's the only honest approach.
>But what to do if im idiot? i cant do many things. what can you do? if you can google you can do a lot of the prep stuff including physical fitness just by following instructions. if you are an "idiot" from some particular discouraging ask how generalized that is. are you really an idiot at all things or just at some things? even if you aren't great, if you haven't had a chance to prove yourself in a respect consider yourself untested. (e.g. maybe you suck at math, not just arithmetic discalcula but legit bad with math proofs. are you good with words? if you aren't good with words, have you read enough and written enough to be sure you couldn't be? even shakespeare would have been illiterate if he never read nor wrote anything.) sure, you could be an idiot in every respect. but you might want to check anyway. do you have: ability to "memorize" or remember a lot (use anki/supermemo, if you are really good at it use anki and space the review out farther) even if you can't remember things by themselves, if you can remember links between subjects in great webs you can figure things out that other people would miss. ability to envision shapes in space and their interactions. this is a tough one to tell if you are good at, not sure what tests to use etc. I think this is supposed to be good for engineering or design? (nasa hires dyslexic people) if you can read and comprehend things really well, or write comprehensibly really well, either of those is a good skill. I think lawyers are the most useful of this type, though there are tons of ways to leech off corporations in bullshit jobs like HR and redirect some income towards good. there is also an abstract intelligence that applies to everything, but you sometimes don't even need that for baseline competence if you know your stuff. people say that feynman was smart, but not very smart. I suppose if you had this but weren't good at anything else I mentioned you could get pretty far just by constantly immersing yourself in a subject and randomly reviewing different parts of your notes till you have a stroke of genius >>26067 >Or learn some philosophy , read books ,learn how to debate? idk if philosophy is worth it, and if you can do that are you really an idiot? reading books is always a good start, but once you have yourself put together you ought to be reading towards a goal when is the last time debate really changed someones mind? >May be learn how shooting and survive in forest? sure, anything you can manage
(505.04 KB 1120x2499 1000genomes.png)
>https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/variation/tools/1000genomes/ I'm sure you're all familiar with pic related. The source link is going to be retired next month. As as result, the information will not be easily accessible as it will be in another database. Both web.archive.org and archive.today do not save the information contained in the website. Would any codefags be up to the job of compiling the data into a website or some sort of folder?
>>26066 >I feel like using weights is wrong. Am I just being an autist Yes. Read "Overcoming Gravity" if you are too autistic to use weights >is building muscle size even useful in real world situations? Yes. Makes you stronger, faster, bigger.
Looking for advice. Forgive my writing skills and blog, I know it needs work. We're mid 30's and "her bio-clock is ticking".. which I'm sure is par for the course to hear at these ages. My woman gets fatter by the day. Sits on her ass and eats industrial waste and watches TV in her pajamas. She was in the military (boy, they sure know how to instill their programming) but is tolerant of my third position take on life. She does work a full-time office job so I know how it is to want to relax. OK looking maybe 6/10 and I have been told to be a 9/10 consistently. Every friday she goes on a tirade of how i'm not nice enough to her and makes a big fight up with me and it's annoying. I try to be cool and funny and as nice as possible but fat chicks gross me out and it's hard to hide my pain. For at least a year she's been doing the weekly melt-down bullshit but in the meantime I've been getting experience in my trades worker position and am making moves to further my career. The main issue is she wont work out after I've asked her to because bs reasons of judgements and depression. We own a house together on a shit-load of land (don't get me wrong, i'm not deluded into thinking that anyone other than the ultra wealthy *owns* land), are not married and I wouldnl't mind having kids with her even if she were to screw me somehow down the line because at least I know she'd' bring up them in a good way and they wouldn't come home from public reeducation centers called school with Mom's car pinned against the garage door with her foot on the pedal: engine full rev: and say "oh mommy's taking a nap in her car again hehe" with needle stuck in arm . I come from a life time of being trailer trash retard who's an artist and weird musician to changing everything around in the span of a few years to be a (((good worker lemming) etc while she's from a lineage of all lemmings and military, she moved for a bit but came back after divorcing a guy for not being nice enough. We've known each other since kindergarten so the roots are deep. I got her off her anti-depressants a year ago which she had been on for 20 years; seems important. tldr she's kind of a bitch sometimes but tolerates my shit and has a low partner count (loyal) and allows me to make forward progression in life. I don't want to lose the good property but she won't get /fit inb4 dominate and control her like some islamo faggotry any advice, plan b's, etc..? thanks mods delete if this is degenerate or in the wrong thread
>>26112 >(boy, they sure know how to instill their programming) but is tolerant of my third position take on life. pre-trained to follow orders, you still let her get fat? be a man. >>26112 >Every friday she goes on a tirade dump her. have self respect. if you were meant to be together she wouldn't be like this. if your life ambition is to be an emotional tampon and or punching bag then stay right where you are and never change >off her anti-depressants a year ago which she had been on for 20 years it is over. >We've known each other since kindergarten so the roots are deep >low partner count (loyal) none of this matters for fertility if she is biologically incapable of bearing you kids that aren't brain damaged and epigenetically doomed. your kids won't be growing up with a druggie ma, they'll be growing up with a mother who died because she couldn't stop shoving food in her face you are enabling a deadly descent into addiction by a stupid person who deserves to be led from their natural failings toward a noble life. if you cannot provide this leadership or pass it on from a stronger male model (maybe her boss, mentor or a respected senior coworker?) then your only option to save your wife is to leave her and hope the next man has a stronger will >inb4 dominate and control her like some islamo faggotry cuckold, you won't even knock up your own wife
>>26112 You might want to start making plans to throw her body on a river.
>>26112 >has no kids >mid 30s Anon what are you doing?
How do I stop looking like a soy boy
(70.91 KB 504x495 gabby petito deserve woman.jpg)
>>26112 If you even have to ask, dump her. Get a younger, fertile woman who is less of a clusterfuck.
>>26066 There's a book on gaining mass with calisthenics by the guy who does convict conditioning in the Self-Mastery thread, go find that. >>26041 Christniggerianity isn't suitable for anybody to believe in, I always suggest you meditate on the Elder Futhark runes, that will aid you regardless of if you believe in the gods or not, once you've done that at least some meditate on the questions and doubts you have, search for that insight you desire, that will give you the answer you seek.
>>26163 > you meditate on the Elder Futhark runes, Derived from a Semitic alphabet lol
>>26112 Why do you associate proper domination of a woman with Islam, even the fucking Havamal advocates for putting whores in their place, step up, dominate her or if you are too much of a fucking pussy to do that find a way to make sure you keep the land and everything you have earned in the relationship and boot her ass to the curb, either fucking way.
>>26174 >Why do you associate proper domination of a woman with Islam Because every other tradition on the planet has pussied out and has been destroyed. The Havamal at this point is no more than a confabulation of Christian monks. What deserves life does not die.
>>26169 No, they aren't. The evidence shows that the runic system as it's known today was complete on it's own by about 200 BCE, but there are runestones which reflect the evolution of it stretching much farther back than that, from places that had no interaction with semites or presemitic peoples until Rome reached it's corrupt hands outward, it is in fact more likely that the Phonecian alphabet and the Hebrew Alphabet were based on the Futhark than the other way around.
>>26178 >about 200 BCE Top kek, Phoenecian scripts predate this literally by centuries . The Germanic peoples made up runes after they stole the alphabet from Greeks and Etruscans, who themselves stole the alphabet from Semitic traders and travellers. Have fun meditating on Semitic shapes, buddy
>>26176 The Havamal has no christian morality within it. sure something must have been lost in it's translation but what remains is largely naught but good sensible advice, is it complete? no, but it doesn't have to be. The Nordic traditions were practiced openly until the 1500's in Scandinavia when those who followed the religion either gave up or went underground, nobody is quite sure.
>>26180 >The Havamal has no christian morality within it Everything in the Havamal can be found in the Old Testament and probably in another form in the New Testament. The only reason you soy-face over it is because it's allegedly a pre-Christian text. But again, the religion died, and thus it is worthless. As Hitler said, nothing dies unless it is moribund.
>>26179 And we have the evidence of it's evolution stretching back much further, the Romans and etruscans being the most likely origin of it as a writing system, but the fact is nobody can say for sure where they came from every avenue for their origin has numerous issues, the only one that adequately explains all inconsistencies is that the runes preexisted the Nordic migrations to what is now Greece, to what became Rome, and to everywhere else we are known to have conquered and spread the runes that way with differences and evolutions being explainable on their own merit from that first point of contact. >>26181 Not even close to true there are many things in the havamal that would only have a Nordic-Germanic origin, and most of what you claim comes from the old testament is common to all civilizations, From Ancient India and the home of the original inhabitants in the Arctic, to the Aryan invasion later on. The religion never died, it's carried in our blood, there have been believers consistently even after christianity's supposed victory, which was never a victory but a campaign of suppression from the top down out of greed. You are of course free to believe whatever you wish the solution to that anon's ill remains actually being a man and dominating his woman the method he chooses is up to him.
>>26183 Yea, I think that poster is spouting lies. I've read the theory for runes originating from the phoenician alphabet, but this may well be a Jewish lie, trying to take credit for things not their own. >Everything in the Havamal can be found in the Old Testament Lol, no. Have you actually read these texts? Aside from the OT plagiarizing ancient Aryan morals, they don't have much in common. Their content, character, and style are profoundly different.
>>26179 Except it's exactly the other way around. Phoenicians were a bunch of crypto-kikes who had contact with Whites (and probably mixed with them) at some point. Runes are much older than 200 BCE.
>>26183 >and most of what you claim comes from the old testament Nice reading comprehension, that wasn't what I said. I said you can find it in the Old Testament, retard. There's nothing unique in the Havamal. It was safe enough for monks to preserve, so it's cucked. It should have been destroyed too, ultimately. There's nothing to learn from civilizations that have fallen and failed. >>26189 > Have you actually read these texts? Quote verses from the Havamal and I will find you exact OT equivalents. It's just basic bitch aphorisms that literally every culture has. You soy face over it because it's le Nordic.
Now that my views in politics are changing, how should I treat my retarded sibling? National Socialism recommends that they should be discarded/liquidated.
>>26236 You aren't living under a national socialist state, or under wartime. I guess you could "liquidate" your sibling to leave more resources for niggers and spics. IIRC they were mostly sterilized though anyways, so it's a bit of a non-sequitur.
>>26210 >Phoenicians were a bunch of crypto-kikes this, they were a very (((mercantile))) culture. I wouldn't be surprised if the Phoenician alphabet (which Jewish history tells us is the forerunner of Western writing systems) was really a bastardization of the runes. >>26212 >Quote verses from the Havamal and I will find you exact OT equivalents. It's just basic bitch aphorisms that literally every culture has. You soy face over it because it's le Nordic. since you're up for a challenge, here: <The foolish man <thinks he will live forever <if he avoids battle; <but old age gives <him no peace, <though spears might spare him. <Cattle die, <kinsmen die, <the self dies likewise; <but the renown <for the one who gets good fame <dies never.
(17.86 KB 360x292 hg.jpeg)
What's this obsession with runes? They almost certainly weren't developed by Germanic people. They had no use for them for a long time. Culture and customs were orally traded and it was only when they became traders that they adopted/developed runes and in that context (trading) we find most runes. There's not a single trace of any longer text, prose or otherwise, written in runes. Some lines long texts is all really. That said, Phoenicians developed their alphabet from Mesopotamian cuneiform which in its first iteration was used by the Sumerians who spoke a non-Semitic and non-Indo-European language isolate and may have come from the Caucasus region. >runes in pic unrelated. it's supposed to be a Russian Wagner merc. Any idea what it means? STD >inb4 immature jokes
>>26264 The runes were probably prior to 200 bce kept only in the hands of those who had a talent for using them to manipulate reality and circumstance and in the hands of Seiđr's and of the Völvas, being that there was no need for a written language. The Ogham script is likewise similar and has a similar origin story, that is the most likely explanation of their use prior and as we know there are no written records of Nordic religion sourced to priests of the gods themselves, this is because like many of the Northwestern Aryan peoples they followed the restriction of never writing oral traditions down, seeing no need for it, with the advent of Christianity was this a mistake? Perhaps, but they followed the Gods commands regardless.
Get back to me whenever, anon. I don't doubt there are some parallels with the OT, because the Bible was plagiarized from older, Aryan sources. But the quotes I dropped itt are fundamentally Aryan: one warns against the coward's life, the other is about immortalizing yourself through a life of fame, virtue, and arête. You'd be hard-pressed to find anything like this from Semitic thought, which emphasizes servitude and submission so that you can obtain promised rich rewards in some other realm of existence.
Anyone else notice the lack of fedposters ever since the Ukraine war started? Lmao
>>26281 Idk what you mean by fedposters. There have been maybe 5 in the 4 years of /fascist/'s existence, as a fedpost is specifically bait to get you to do or admit to doing something specific, it is not advice on how to commit a "crime" or even suggestions on various "crimes" that could be committed with ease should one have the motivation or time to do them, it is not advocacy for violence, or complete extermination of subhumans across the globe, nor is it advocacy for further acceleration of this horrid worldstate to its natural conclusion.
>>26281 >Anyone else notice the lack of fedposters ever since the Ukraine war started? Lmao What I noticed on cuckchan was the absolute and sudden absence of all the tranny, blacked and BBC threads like those responsible had been tasked something new. There was also a sharp decrease of pro-Ukrainian posters after that cyber defense center in Kiev got missile'd. Like from 10 to 1 lol
>>26297 Kek. Is horseshoe theory bullshit? The far left and far right have the same aims. I sounds fantastic, like psyop fantastic.
>>26297 It was more likely JIDF/Hasbara, but I wouldn't be surprised if they outsourced to places like Ukraine or India. Israelis probably ask for too many shekels.
>>26302 Sure, but you gotta find a way to get them to swallow the racepill, otherwise they're just gonna keep thinking their own folk are evil and they need to save the poor brown people. It's really no different than the cuckservative "right" who think more about their money than their folk, and often times seem to be just as retarded (e.g. "the left are the real racists") While on the subject of horseshoe theory though, look at picrel I just spent a couple minutes making. The further you go from the Jewish south pole, the closer you get to National Socialism. Once you start thinking about your folk you're past the point of no return and ostracized from Jewish society. To be a National Socialist means a complete rejection of the Jewish Worldview. Left/Right is a false dichotomy. Infact some of the most brilliant /fascists/ I've talked to were formerly "leftists". What do you anons think?
(27.22 KB 800x600 spheretheory.png)
>>26308 forgot pic
>>26309 >Cattle die, kinsmen die, the self dies likewise; but the renown for the one who gets good fame dies never. This is merely saying that everyone does and their fame / deeds will be known after them. We can of course find Bible verses which say that everyone dies, such as Ecclesiastes 9:2, which says that everyone has the exact same fate. We can also find concerns with national image in various places in the OT, though they are framed in a negative sense, i.e. people will remember the nation of Israel's evil acts and that they will become a byword among the nations of the world for being so degenerate and godless (Joel 2:17, etc). The inverse would obviously hold as well. Many parts of the OT talk about the fame of powerful kings spreading far and wide (1 Chronicles 14:17, 2 Chronicles 26:8, etc). Needless to say, many of these figures are still known today, therefore their fame has not died. Might also be able to mention things such as the wise inheriting honor, while the fool reaps disgrace. This is just a basic truth. >The foolish man thinks he will live forever if he avoids battle; but old age gives him no peace, though spears might spare him. One could probably also point to the parts of Ecclesiastes and other places that mention that death is inevitable and comes to everyone regardless, along with other verses which say that there is 'a time to kill' (Ecclesiastes 3:3), since 'For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. The Bible seems to speak of reaching old age and seeing your grandchildren as a blessing though (Proverbs 17:6, also Psalm 128, etc), though this has to be qualified with the fact that all die. I'm not even saying the Havamal is bad, just that it is not particular unique. It's just a typical wisdom book that you can find more or less in any culture.
>>26313 you can find parallels if you reach far enough. but as I said here >>26276 the overall character is different.
>>26314 >>26276 I don't think I'm reaching that hard. All of these sorts of wisdom literature or literature of aphorisms essentially say the same thing articulated in different culture contexts. The idea that the Bible is somehow radically different in all respects from the Havamal is nonsense, to put it lightly. The Bible has many books about living a life of virtue and following wisdom, most clearly seen in Proverbs, the Wisdom of Solomon, the Wisdom of Sirach and similar books. Wisdom is clearly said to be the path of life that leads to success and leads to positive karmic outcomes (you reap what you sow, etc). The OT, overall, is an extremely life-affirming work, and promises this-worldly rewards (contrary to what you say) for following God's commandments and laws. Psalm 128 flies in the face of everything you said about 'muh afterlife' - those who walk in the ways of God are promised that they will eat the fruit of their labor, that they will have prosperity, that their wife will be fertile, that their table will be surrounded by sons, and that they will see their children's children. The Book of Proverbs is full of aphorisms and wisdom sayings which make it clear that one's actions can have very real effects on one's situation and life in this world, and thus "The wise will inherit honor, but fools get disgrace."
How Adrenochrom related to child abuse ?
>>26315 There are definitely commonalities, don't get me wrong. Since the Bible must've borrowed from earlier Aryan works, one would expect that. I agree that the Bible refers to this world, but the emphasis is otherworldly. I'm not saying the Havamal is absolutely exceptional and can't be compared to other ancient texts, I'm not soyfacing over it. However, admitted similarities aside, the Havamal is much more in line with the Aryan soul than Semitic texts ever will be.
Does anybody know of any music that is in the same vein as Peter Bellamy and the 2nd Carolina String Band's stuff, like folk music?
>>26342 You're generalizing too much on the Bible. Since we're specifically talking about the OT, you should know that the Bible is one of the most this-worldly text's in the history of the world, especially in the wisdom and law books, which talk about how to conduct oneself in wisdom and godly behavior in this life. Indeed, throughout the OT, there is very little talk of any sort of afterlife, the emphasis is the here and now. Only in books like Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel and others do we begin to see talk that about a great coming resurrection and bringing of history to a climax by Yahweh, culminating in a renewed and perfected earth. The resurrection too is one thing that is actually very different from the pagan view of the world, though. I would argue that from my research, I have concluded that the Jews actually have the most this-worldly religion. Most pagans texts from history say that you are essentially a soul wearing a flesh suit, whereas the Jews have taught that one is the body and the soul together, and that the body will be raised with the soul in the future, whereas pagans often talk of a disembodied afterlife or some sort of reincarnation, which is an idea that mixes up and muddles the natures of different types of life. The idea that has been going around /fascist/ lately that everything in the Bible is stolen from Aryans is hilarious, and is ultimately an untenable view, due to the fact that the pagan worldview (synonymous with the Aryan, I would say), and the view of ancient Israelite religion are actually diametrically opposed. This has been discussed by scholars before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRPqtGywkCw
Could the nazbol thread >>3362 be renamed to National Bolshevism Exposed please?
>>26368 >The idea that has been going around /fascist/ lately that everything in the Bible is stolen from Aryans is hilarious Not everything. The "everything was we" crowd is probably a bunch of Christian Identity absolutists. There are grounds, though, to wonder how much of the Israelite narrative is a mashed potatoes story of various origins, historicity aside.
>>26308 >Left/Right is a false dichotomy. Infact some of the most brilliant /fascists/ I've talked to were formerly "leftists" The origins of Fascism in Italy abound that way. It's not anything exceptional since there's perhaps 50% of the population that must, by virtue of probabilities, be born and or educated on that side of politics. I disagree with the false dichotomy because there is far more truth on the right, which never was against meaningful and productive, rewarded work. The left is a collection of subversion and lies. >>26309's picrel isn't really convincing since the bottom make the left and right come together under Jewish rule yet it's defined a true dichotomy. It's Jews who, coming up with Capitalism as a theory, created this neocon and economically liberal and traitorous right-wing identifier. They therefore monopolized the idea that the left is on the side of work(ers), whereas the right is on the side of exploiters and oppressors. Yet when this partition was historically created in France, much of the right was in support of honest work and distributism too when the church was involved. Distributism was an obvious sell from the Catholic church but it is NOT Communism. You can't appeal to the masses if you're going to sell them terrible news anyway. Wikipedia's page will be biased but you can already see in the Background chapter the differences with Communism, despite blatant attempts at presenting Distributism as the forerunner to Communism. Marx's goal was to collect anything that seemed fair and social (true social justice) to mount his fraudulant theory and poison everything. Capitalism was exactly that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributism#Background >The mid-to-late 19th century witnessed an increase in popularity of political Catholicism across Europe. According to historian Michael A. Riff, a common feature of these movements was opposition not only to secularism, but also to both capitalism and socialism. In 1891 Pope Leo XIII promulgated Rerum novarum, in which he addressed the "misery and wretchedness pressing so unjustly on the majority of the working class" and spoke of how "a small number of very rich men" had been able to "lay upon the teeming masses of the laboring poor a yoke little better than that of slavery itself". Affirmed in the encyclical was the right of all men to own property, the necessity of a system that allowed "as many as possible of the people to become owners", the duty of employers to provide safe working conditions and sufficient wages, and the right of workers to unionise. Common and government property ownership was expressly dismissed as a means of helping the poor. >Around the start of the 20th century, G. K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc drew together the disparate experiences of the various cooperatives and friendly societies in Northern England, Ireland, and Northern Europe into a coherent political theory which specifically advocated widespread private ownership of housing and control of industry through owner-operated small businesses and worker-controlled cooperatives. In the United States in the 1930s, distributism was treated in numerous essays by Chesterton, Belloc and others in The American Review, published and edited by Seward Collins. Pivotal among Belloc's and Chesterton's other works regarding distributism are The Servile State, and Outline of Sanity. A lot of this material is definitely compatible with National Socialism and would easily stand against the division of classes pushed by Marxism.
>>26297 NPC = BLM -> LGBT+ -> PRO-VAX -> MUH UKRAINE -> (((?))) You wished they had been euthanized already.
>>26264 >>26266 is right, although runes have changed in shape. Look at Orkhon (haha yeah not kidding), the Old Turkic, or Etruscan. Some Etruscan words are literally cognate with Scandinavian ones. Runes definitely have abilities, which you can only find by yourself by experimenting with them. Why their shape matter or where do they really come from, these are really deep topics.
>>26368 Maybe you're right, and the otherworldly emphasis is much more Christian than Jewish. But the point remains that there is a fundamental difference in character between Semitic and Aryan thought. >The idea that has been going around /fascist/ lately that everything in the Bible is stolen from Aryans is hilarious Not everything, but the Old Testament especially is a pastiche of influences from the ancient Near East. Some of the myths and stories in there can be traced back to Sumer & Akkad during the Bronze Age. It's not far-fetched to suppose that ancient Aryan texts may have provided source material. >>26396 As I said on here before, I seem to have blood memory of the Elder Futhark. Years ago I was reading about writing systems (a topic that's always interested me) when I came across the runes, and had the strange experience of seeing something for the first time that was also deeply familiar. There's no conventional explanation for this, it must be something more.
When I meditate, I fall into a state sort of between sleep and awareness where I am an active observer of my dreams and thoughts but cannot control them, and often cannot remember them. Is there a way to get past this state?
Hey. Im I go to uni at the physic and i need prepare myself. Can u give me books from zero to hero for math,physic ,chemistry?
>>26400 If you have a deep calling from the runes and you aren't already meditating on them regularly, you should start. I am the anon from post 26266 btw.
>>20391 >>20402 >>20409 >>20410 >>20418 >>20622 >>20637 >>20640 >>20641 For those who want closure about Robert Sepehr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBzRqbnoYfU Watch the whole video SHILLS BTFO SEETHE AND KEEP DILATING
>>26530 Using 'ancestry.com' to prove *ANYTHING* is like using fucking wikipedia as a valid research tool. Holy fuck some people are just flat-out fucking *stupid*. Your handlers need to fucking send someone a LOT smarter than you.
>>26368 >" scholars " ... youtube... You have to go back.
>>26541 >no different than a shitlib demanding a link to CNN
>>26540 Get the fuck out of here with this "your handlers" bullshit. Shills don't write like that dumbfuck. Save that shit for actual shills. FUCK. I've seen that exact sentence on this website at least three times in the last week. Our influx of underage posters should have been range banned immediately. Nothing worse than retards that haven't done their requisite lurking.
>>26543 Whine like a bitch all you want. Doesn't make anything I said less true.
>>26547 >Doesn't make anything I said less true. Yes it does, that poster isn't a shill. I don't care about Robert Sephyr.
>>26548 >that poster isn't a shill 'cuz I fukkin sez so' Fucking guy posts 'proof' that a kike isn't a kike by showing said kike posting a video on a kike site and saying that a kike owned company says he isn't a kike. What - exactly - about that isn't fucking shilling you stupid fucking nigger?
>>26555 With logic like that who can argue? I don’t give a shit about Sephyr. He set off my jewdar the first time I listened, I don’t give a shit if he is a real Jew or not. The poster that posted the link isn’t a shill you fucking schizo. Not every poster that posts something you disagree with is a shill. They posted a link with evidence and you’re over here screeching about shills, they’re screeching about shills… every other word from all of you is kike or shill. Get ahold of yourselves. The terms lose all meaning if you abuse them to such a degree.
anyone got those eren yaeger edits? you know the ones.
Am I the only one who feels that RW circles are some of the biggest retards who contribute to nothing whatsoever?
>>26530 >Shills BTFO'd >Jew Sepehr uses ancestry.me, a site known to lie about your ancestery daily >Calls us shills, but willingly to suck so much dick that you believe everything the person says even if it's sketchy. You set an example of what I'm talking about. >>26556 >I don't care about Sephr! >H-he isn't a shill, he posted le legit evidence! IP-hopping won't make you less of a retard.
>>19638 Please recommend me some esoteric national socialism books I've been reading miguel serrano but he's fucking hard to read.
>>26632 >cries about IP hopping on 16chan You must be new. I have a new IP every few minutes. Your false stuttering is rather gay, only fags carry over their cuckspeak from quarterchan. The guy posted evidence. I don’t watch Sephyr, he is a spiritual Jew regardless. I myself have said how ancestry.com and 23andme are fraudulent. This doesn’t prove Sephyr is a Jew. Posting a jewtube video doesn’t prove he is a Jew either.
>>26705 >You must be new IP-hopping is not a feature on this board. >I have a new IP very few minutes Because you consistently change it. >The guy posted evidence His video is not evidence and shows nothing of evidence that he isn't Jewish. You can easily lie about the process of a DNA test or just use a kit that gives the results you want. After-all Sephr is a Jew who enjoys shilling the Kabalah and this would expose him as a potential glowie in attempt to subdue esoteric fascists and boomers who aren't spiritually Jewish yet. >I don't watch Sephr <I don't watch Sephr, but I'll defend him and claim his DNA video proves that he isn't a Jew. You aren't very bright, but let's say he isn't a Jew, he is still bad as one and shouldn't be taken seriously. Spiritually Jew is still a Jew. >I myself have said how ancestry.com and 23andme are fraudulent. This doesn’t prove Sephyr is a Jew. Posting a jewtube video doesn’t prove he is a Jew either. He was already exposed to being a Iranian-Jew on 4chan. His DNA test is a response to the claims that he is a Jew and a way of saying "nothing to worry here goys! I'm just like you!" A common tactic Jews used against WASP to ease their hostilities and doubts, but without post-modern technology. If you shill the Kabalah, The Christian Zionism myth about the twelve tribes, promote nonsensical Scientism, and think Freud's psychoanalysis is 'esoteric', then it's clear as day that you are a Jew. You're totally not a fan of him by the way even though you are so urgent to defend him.
What is the Ubermensch?
>>26736 I asked a simple question and I got hostility from a faggot.
>>26556 >They posted a link with evidence No, they did not. No actual evidence was presented in the post in question.
(92.98 KB 1280x720 IOTBW.jpg)
(359.36 KB 624x870 god.png)
(12.62 KB 400x523 glowing.jpg)
(3.64 MB 500x281 Clinon seizure.gif)
>>26540 > reddit spacing > can't even format > lousy appeal-to-authority-argument So the glowies try to cancel Robert, noted. >>26632 > calls us You feel concerned? This is an anonymous board, there is no "us". > makes an argument by saying someone sucks cock and is therefore wrong for posting a video He can suck all the cock he wants, your homophobia makes you blind and incoherentl. Please seek mental help. To the both of you: look at the facial expression of Robert when he's on the couch. He's nervous. A jew with falsified results would be smug as fuck and anything but nervous. To me this adds to the credibility. You don't have to believe him of course, but calling it fraud without evidence means nothing.
anyone got any articles on how israel is the most vaccinated in the world yet is still in a covid panic?
>>26747 > reddit spacing You must be an adult to post here. >your homophobia This tranny doesn't even realize that it's own vocabulary outs it for what it is. We are *laughing* at you. >look at the facial expression of Robert No need. Jews radiate ugly with every fiber of their being, and it huts the awakened to look upon them. Of course, you have no idea what I'm talking about. *Seethe. Dialate.*
>>26750 Here. https://archive.is/7xJRX https://archive.ph/7OHtd >>20402 >He keeps himself from being cancelled by knowing what to not say online and make himself into some symbol of whatever political movement, he stays out of it and spreads his understanding of history Nigger, his understanding of history is boomer-tier. He says shit that only mouth-breathers think are true. The Israelite Kangz nonsense is an example of what I'm talking about. Only Judeo-Christcucks think "WHITEY WUZ JEWS N SHIET!!!". There is no reason for why he hasn't been banned. There is also the fact that he came out supporting and explaining his interpretations of National Socialism and how the allies committed war crimes against the Germans at Dresden in one of his videos. I can only imagine for why hasn't been shoah'd from Jewtube and Patreon is probably due to him being an Iranic Jew (with hints of being a former free-mason) and possibly having big connections with other kikes. >>26556 >With logic like that who can argue? I don’t give a shit about Sephyr. He set off my jewdar the first time I listened, I don’t give a shit if he is a real Jew or not. If he sets off your Jude radar, then you would not care so much about the posts calling him a Jew long ago. There's also the fact that (((You))) uploaded a video that you used as counter-evidence to dismiss any notion he is one, even though it doesn't show anything the contrary. All your posts have all been centered on denying his Jewish ancestry. You must be one of his secret butt-buddies. >Not every poster that posts something you disagree with is a shill No, but every poster who ends up contradicting themselves, being a hypocrite, and religiously defending said subject are most likely to be shills. And guess what? Those are two things you have been doing within this thread.
>>26815 >two Meant three.
(43.92 KB 657x527 1647568992308.png)
>>26631 Get off the internet and make some right wing friends irl. Not saying there aren't retards out there but with the recent degradation of the web via censorship and bots only the scum of the earth bother posting regularly in places like this anymore. There's also the issue of mass surveillance and hate speech laws. Agora Road was right about the old internet being essentially dead Irl friends are more useful when shtf anyway, which could happen any day now if we're being honest
>>26872 >degradation of the web Random internet gossip moment: apparently julay world (now alogs.space and former /fascist/'s home) site owner Robi gave the site to Joshua Moon who will now drop lynxchan. Didn't Moon already try the imageboard experience with 9chan, only to ditch it after a while?
>>26703 Savitri Devi.
>>26391 Done.
>>26631 No shit. That's because the political left and right are fake rebels. They scapegoat groups on an identity politics basis, like Whites (left) or Jews and immigrants (right), without realizing that the many societal issues inherently stem from technology. All the talk in the world, whether it be by Maoists, SJWs, or neo-Nazis, will amount to nothing in the long run.
>>26953 We know that technological change causes many of our problems (see the Uncle Ted thread). However when you are being ethnically replaced and subverted by jews at every turn, you have no effective way to address the issue. Only a unified people on the same page can begin to deal with that kind of problem. Put another way, a world of squabbling, rootless browns cannot even begin to address the technological question. Look at latin america for example.
>>26954 https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/ultimo-reducto-comments-on-the-communiques-from-individualists-tending-toward-the-wild They failed, but at least they tried. I have yet to see any serious attempt to form an anti-tech group (even a peaceful one) in the United States, Canada, or Europe. Of course, the Hispanics are burdened by many problems like the cartels, which distract from technological problems... in the same way that obsessing over identity politics does. The left and the right are like the Democratic and Republican parties or liberals versus conservatives; one side provides false agitation and opposition while the other one steamrolls it in implementing the most "productive" agenda without long-term regard for the biosphere. Could anyone see people on this board playing a role in a (hypothetical) societal upheaval where they actually try and tear it all down, to do what is necessary? I strongly doubt it. It's like with the left, its desire to propagate its own values and to maintain its power. Technology enhances collective power. Fascists couldn't give it up without sacrificing their own ideology, which itself is a technological product of the 20th century society.
>>26953 >inherently stem from technology. I'm not an atheist or anything, but it actually stems from religion. Technics aren't the only cause of 'modern' human behaviour, as Christianity, Judaism and Islam have had their effects on turning men into literal retards as we see today. Our world is the way it is because religious theocracies, secret societies and their scholars have sought ways to control the world by all means necessary (fall of Rome, the Crusades). Blaming everything on technology is pretty naive.
>>26955 >I have yet to see any serious attempt to form an anti-tech group (even a peaceful one) The Amish, an ethnically homogenous European group who is able to inulate themselves from the tragedy of the commons of multiracial mongrel society. No coincidence. Only a unified group can tackle such a problem, and that requires a healthy, racially homogenous society as a prerequisite. Which the United States, Canada, and Europe are not. Not even talking about ideology like fascism but just baseline physical conditions. Of course these technological issues may not be realistically addressable at all, but only an ethnostate can credibly even begin to tackle the issue at any level above a small group who will be overrun by the logistics machine of competing civilizations.
>>26938 My bad, I didn't notice it was april 1st
>>26958 The Amish are your standard Christians including the lack of homogeneity, there are nigger amish, and when the amish all over the country hit a genetic bottleneck they willingly and willfully whored out their women (lower half only) to solve it, not caring a bit what person provided the genetic material, as they advertised the shit on roadsides, how this was legal is beyond me, nor do I really care, o saw it several times myself, they are vehemently pacifist and this is displayed every single time the amish have had any outside influence harm them, they arbitrarily use a metered level of technology more restrictive than the Mennonites from which they spawned, they despise music(an essential component of the True ethnic European belief systems) in all it's forms, as such they have not insulated themselves from multiethnic society and most in fact know how to use and are not barred from using many elements of modern technology especially in construction tools, they simply cannot own them. Just because they seem good from the outside or have some attribute you think is beneficial idiots like you ignore the huge problems with cults like them.
>>27013 Calm your autism. Of course they have inherent flaws and are absorbing the AIDs of society surrounding them, but they are also a relatively successful example of moderating the use of technology, which was the only point of my post.
I don't want to have intimate relations with a woman out of wedlock but I keep ending up flirting with them. Its not right of me to lead them on, but I don't feel like I can stop until someone gets burned. What do I do?
>>27025 >Its not right of me to lead them on it is right actually. imagine if all flirt-capable chaste guys did this "wow, it seems like all the cool guys only want women if they can really have them as their own." would roar through the female exopsyche like a thunderclap. Guys who just want sex can always flirt because they aren't locked down in (real, respected) relationships, so it is important that chaste dudes muscle in on that experiential cultural territory. Every marginal male who provides the thrill of the chase but rations the catharsis of sex forwards the redevelopment of righteous masculinity.
>>26711 >IP-hopping is not a feature on this board. It is if you're on Tor. >He was already exposed to being a Iranian-Jew on 4chan. His DNA test is a response to the claims that he is a Jew and a way of saying "nothing to worry here goys! I'm just like you!" A common tactic Jews used against WASP to ease their hostilities and doubts, but without post-modern technology. If you shill the Kabalah, The Christian Zionism myth about the twelve tribes, promote nonsensical Scientism, and think Freud's psychoanalysis is 'esoteric', then it's clear as day that you are a Jew. That is pretty much it. He's way too close to Jews too. >>26815 >Only Judeo-Christcucks think "WHITEY WUZ JEWS N SHIET!!!". Correct. If one wants to argue that there are reasons to believe that there are references in the Old Testament that allude to Israelites, or some of them, being rather fair skinned, I'd say that's fine, and most Jews today are, but arguing that Whites are the real Jews on the basis that "Jews" lie and steal, so the people calling themselves Jews must have stolen the precious true Jewish identity, and that Jesus said "ye are not teh Jews but liars" is going way too far.
>>27031 You have a point. Hitler made an effort to appear single so that he could better mold the women of germany, and maybe I can do the same to those around me through the same method. I'm sure Aryan leaders of the past made use of this in one way or another.
(109.82 KB 332x350 1645584046443.png)
>>27041 All Jesus meant is that the Pharisees (the predecessors to modern kikes) weren't real jews because they followed the proto-Talmud rather than the Torah. But the Torah is full of stories about human sacrifice, genital mutilation, and jews genociding pagans. Idk why anyone would really want to be da real jooz tbh, aside from cope and self-hatred. Aryan values have always been better. The romans tried to be patient with the jews and civilise them and look where that got them. Subverted by Christianity. Hadrian should have just exterminated them and gotten it over with kek
>>27081 >Idk why anyone would really want to be da real jooz tbh, aside from cope and self-hatred. It's likely that their mind-cult has encouraged and developed their mentality for self-hatred that they disregard everything proper and natural of their ancient elders and refuse to accept them, unless they can do more Israelite LARP. After-all, normalfags are much more likely to fall for Jewish lies or to directly or in-directly affirm Abrahamic supremacy. For example, Christians create lies to hail the Jewish the greatest honour as they fully accept their duty that they are nothing, but pawns. They will always create and endorse and believe the lies instituted by their foundations as the (((Jesuits))) have done for years. The slanders and representations on how the Germanics, Greeks and Vedic Aryans were all demonic, has become one of the main reasons why they detest their ancestors so much and refuse to acknowledge them as generally "good" people. They simply are taught to hate the Aryans. It is so funny how we can also find similarities between the religiously Jew-worshippers and leftoid gentiles' self-hatred of themselves and their race. The only difference here is that, while Christians support hierarchies and social differences they still spit on the ancient polytheists for supposedly being oppressive and aristocratic and use rhetorics that are very similar to that of liberal, socialists and Marxists to justify placing the slaves and sub-human on top of our social structures.
>>27041 > If one wants to argue that there are reasons to believe that there are references in the Old Testament that allude to Israelites, or some of them, being rather fair skinned, I'd say that's fine Right, except that being fair-skinned does not make a person White or of European descent, nor should it make you think that a people who are completely unrelated to you are of the same race as your own. We have mutts and Jews who have fair-skin, so being White should not refer to skin-colour alone. As a matter of fact, this naivety that you're White, because you have light-skin and are Caucasian is how Jews took over Anglo nations in the first place. The identity of White has been screwed over by Christcucks so bad that even Rockwell believed that Jews were of the White race. White = ancestors and race are vastly descend from native Europeans.
>>26955 >Could anyone see people on this board playing a role in a (hypothetical) societal upheaval where they actually try and tear it all down, to do what is necessary? I strongly doubt it. It's like with the left, its desire to propagate its own values and to maintain its power. Technology enhances collective power. Fascists couldn't give it up without sacrificing their own ideology, which itself is a technological product of the 20th century society. Historically fascists never were anti-technology. They in fact strongly supported it. What warps the vision of some people is the failure to realize that the technological development has more or less always occurred in Jewed societies. It is therefore very hard to imagine what a world imbued with measured technology made submissive to Aryan values would look like. And no, highly futuristic sleek skyscrapers are not necessarily a sign of good values being at play in a society, no matter how much greenery you put around it.
>>27074 >Hitler made an effort to appear single so that he could better mold the women of germany Believe in the power of volcel! >>27088 >Right, except that being fair-skinned does not make a person White or of European descent, nor should it make you think that a people who are completely unrelated to you are of the same race as your own. Correct, hence why I said Jews would fit too. Red headed Jews are a thing too so it makes wuzzing hard on physical descriptions alone without relying on assorted and conjunct descriptions of the behavior of fair-skinned people. This said I think the Jews have been for a long time more oily-Semitic looking than they are now. They multiplied in Northern and Eastern Europe in the post-Rome era.
>>26958 Amish are abrahamists,you spiritual kike.
>>27097 Way to miss his point.
dailystormer appears to be down again
Now, as a teen (currently 21), I used to frequent the Vril/Thule board on Endchan. It is long dead, however I’d like to research more into it, conduct some of my own rituals. Does a community focused on Vril and Thule exist anywhere on the web anymore? I assume, those who are serious about the topic are quite elusive. If anyone could show me any pointers, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.
I've been reading alot of Serrano and associated works lately and something I see come up constantly is Yoga. Does anyone have any decent books on its benefit/practice that falls in line with that Serrano speaks of? None of that new age hippie Yoga but the real thing.
Can u redpill me about Christianity?
>>27172 Go to the Anti-Abrahamism thread, as well as it's previous iterations, you will find almost anything you could want on Christkikery there.
(200.38 KB 428x512 schiz.png)
So sad seeing stupid faggots in ukraine dying for some jews. I'm ashamed and disgusted. Why don't these azovniggers just turn their guns on the literal jews ruling kiev? Go rogue. They could have rushed B and set up provincial government for 8 years. Kiked to the fucking max. 8 Years those azov fucks got absolutely nothing out of it, no deal, no land, no republic, nothing. Absolutely worthless shit, zero mission objective. Only got to larp as meatshield zogbots that is literally being hunted by jews from both sides. Worthless. Imagine being presented with the ((("amazing choice"))) to live under kike A or kike B nice "sovereignty" retards. When of course both choices presented are an inherent fallacy and a trap. Jews are going to use ukraine as a meatgrinder trap to create israel 2 and literally kill as many White revolutionaries and radical people as possible dumb enough to step their retarded asses in there and destroy the entire country to the point where it will be even more piss poor for decades to come. Kill that faggot zelensky, kill his henchmen, then you can start diplomacy. Oh wait you can't because he and his jews fled the country. That would actually make it even easier to take care of (((the problem))) in kiev that refuses diplomacy and will plunge the world into a great reset, think food crisis, shortages, et cetera. All you faggots who think that anything about the conflict in UKR vs RUS is organic are fucking lost. It's all a cattle tier bread and games football death match, set up to fuck us all over. As a White person that war is unwinnable unless you go for a third position rebel group. I hope no clever or actually based White people decided to die in that war and I will for the sake of my sanity pretend it's all retarded redditors and bluepilled faggots, because if this is how the "right wing" is going to react it's literally over bros. Even fucking 80iq retards in the congo/shitholes have had enough reason to understand that if not for their own selfish gains(which are also based) they will try to complete a different objective by having to kill rather than a false imperative that has already been set for them by some filthy fucking jews. Why are people so servile, stop and think. Snap the fuck out of it.
(467.32 KB 444x670 ETbMhpZXYAA62y3.png)
>>27178 >Why don't these azovniggers just turn their guns on the literal jews ruling kiev? Yeah, because destroying their own country in the name of civil war while they're being invaded is a great military strategy. >Years those azov fucks got absolutely nothing out of it, no deal, no land, no republic, nothing Does Mariupol not ring a bell? They governed that cities with their own government and officials for years, up until it was destroyed by Bolshevik forces. >I hope no clever or actually based White people decided to die in that war Pretty much every Ukrainian man and woman that hasn't fled is dedicated to the war effort. A few good men who did UAgears as well as the STALKER developers have now joined the National Guard. As for based men- I've donated upwards to 1200 USD (600 directly to Denys as shown in pic for Azov) to the armed forces and plan to donate more, including body armor and optics. As for physically volunteering? Well it's a low chance for me, but using my law enforcement and technical experience I bet they would appricate me, but I talked to Starsky himself and he said the armed forces are filled with men. You're just one of many lost delusional White men on this Earth, whining on the internet. I used to be like you too, but as I lived through life more and more, gained wealth, had relationships... you realize the importance of action, rather than opinion. So in short, you're acting as a retarded blackpilled nigger right now. Perhaps going for a jog will clear your mind?
(41.26 KB 643x580 safety off.jpg)
>>27181 >Yeah, because destroying their own country in the name of civil war while they're being invaded is a great military strategy. Yes, and ukraine is already destroyed, no industry left, and demining might take a decade rebuilding will take more with today's constraints. It is infinitely better dying to try and establish a provisional government over evil jews who want to make sure to destroy everything in your nation, just out of spite and in order to fulfill their great reset plans. Such as food shortage being next. >Does Mariupol not ring a bell? They governed that cities with their own government and officials for years, up until it was destroyed by Bolshevik forces. Not good enough. Not a republic deal with mined borders and hostility to ZOG so completely irrelevant I'm afraid, you can't cooperate with kikes, the snakes will betray you and kill you at any moment. You see it happen now. >You're just one of many lost delusional White men on this Earth, whining on the internet. I used to be like you too, but as I lived through life more and more, gained wealth, had relationships... you realize the importance of action, rather than opinion. So in short, you're acting as a retarded blackpilled nigger right now. Perhaps going for a jog will clear your mind? Here are some thoughts. Think outside the box snownigger why should anyone with White skin die for jews that punked us into a faggot war over literal frivolities? Imagine having a rank and not advocating splintering off and fragging the disagreeing command before being sent into the death sentence. Imagine actually defending the jews in the ukrainian government with fucking menorahs in their offices intentionally deciding not to do any diplomacy and follow through with some freak suicide pact with globohomos. The politicians are guilty of this war, it's not anyone's responsibility to back them and they should die and suffer for the suffering their mismanagement has caused directly. These kikes are trying to make us fight for nothing. The mission goal is worthless here and not anyone White's problem. Jew on jew crime is never the White man's problem. But I guess "no more brother wars" went beyond the head of these (jew) backed kolomosky morons. Furthermore If i could not get what i wanted I would have my boys sit and evade the entire thing, killing all zogfaggots who try to extort people into fighting the worthless meatgrinder. Maybe try and take real territory and declare an independent stance, but definitely embrace the destruction into kiev. While preparing to coup the weakness that ensues and right time to strike while enemy guard is weakened, down and retard zogfaggots, brainwashed redditors and other soys and steppe nigger muslims kill eachother off because as we know the Whites will NOT win any of the current preconcieved outcomes of this war regardless. In any scenario. Even fucking 80iq retard warlords in the congo/shitholes have had enough reason to understand that if not for their own selfish gains(which are also based). Even niggers and arabs will often fragment and try to complete a different objective by fighting rather than a false, trapped A B ultimatum imperative that has already been set for them by some filthy fucking jews hiding in their bunkers. Servile ZOG cucks being brainwashed into a worthless war defending jews is criminal to the race and negligent. Something that servile civilized(cucked) Whites seem not to understand.
(207.60 KB 645x649 inhrsdex.jpeg)
>>27181 In short you should have known better than this. What you should have done was let zogfaggots from both sides kill eachother off, while amassing forces larping as helpers, larping as civilians and lazy fighters, hiding in safe places and wait for the right times to strike which would be before but especially after or at the time the rusniggers breach into kiev and other power structures all the meanwhile killing the (((management))). All along waging guerilla warfare on the kike management eventually as their power siphons off into your hands making statements to that effect. Which could for max subversive purposes posing as anarchists / etc not to get stuck in the "denazification" loss trap the jews have set up. Could even have legit frontline volunteer divisions faking it to make it seem you were "doing something" to amass the arsenal required from the jew igor kolomosky for a coup, while purging the commanders allied to him. But noo go go larp in escape from tarkov irl brother war 6000000 where no one wins in a pointless meatgrinder, just like the videogame. Yes go defend jewmocracy goyim, go defend the alien kike goverment while in reality it is none of our concerns. So much for that niggers. Stupid fuckers. >inb4 muh ur not authoritahhh larp And thats one of the problems facing leadership everywhere, only servile bootlickers who suck enough cock get to the top, and it's designed that way to keep anyone with a free, intelligent, thinking brain out of the equation(because that's dangerous to every power structure compared to faggot golems blindly following orders) unless they fake it well enough. This is also why intelligent people should purge npc's, because they're retarded and only respect dicksucking, blind order taking morons incapable of reflecting on anything. Whatever. It's probably too late anyway but if any of you fags actually have some weight the type of scenario I'm lining is the only hope Whites would have gaining anything from this kike staged conflict anymore, it's a matter of time before azov gets completely destroyed from following kike trap plan mismanagement. This is all a planned meat grinder to exterminate all based White fighters in line with great reset goals.
>>27181 >Yeah, because destroying their own country in the name of civil war while they're being invaded is a great military strategy. The country is not their, retard. It belongs to zog.
(104.12 KB 799x1172 UNRA_sl.jpg)
(1015.51 KB 1404x1209 russian_jews.png)
>>27182 >>27183 You might've had an actual argument except for one point- Ukraine didn't initiate military conflict with Russia first Because of that, Ukraine can genocide rusniggers til the cows come home. Self-defense is warranted. >BUT T-THE JEWS WANT IT Don't care. Just because my enemy breaths air doesn't mean I become a fish. Self-defense is self-defense. >>27186 Every country belongs to ZOG, retard. Even Russia.
>>27189 Dunno about every country belonging to ZOG, but it for sure doesn't fucking belong to Whites. I won't ever pick between two shades of brown.
>>27191 >I won't ever pick between two shades of brown. This is the mentality we need in the future. No more allying with any race besides our own. I hate it when some chink/nigger does something "based" and the comments of the video are like <wow he's aware of the JQ111!
Would you say that libertarians/ancaps are as much as enemies to fascism and NS as communism is?
>>27192 Whites need to abandon their altruistic and empathic natures, at least in regard to other races. i love my ancestors and all they have accomplished but we have to be realistic that they would have had a much easier time destroying the other races over us and instead believed that they could raise those ugly fuckups to the level of Whites. they were too naive for their own good and were still influenced by jews to a large degree, too. i can't blame them because these are natural conditions of Whites (and respectable in a non-predatory environment).
>>27193 Yes.
>>27193 Well most of them advocate for no borders and replacement immigration. Their only defense is that you can theoretically form small White communities, while being surrounded by a rising tide of statist browns that will inevitably overwhelm you by sheer numbers. I don't know about using the term enemy, but they are encouraging things that are directly leading to our ethnic replacement. Ironically all the migrants they love so much overwhelmingly vote against liberty, so it's even self destructive to their own ideals.
(90.17 KB 604x853 1409922450919.jpg)
(156.19 KB 1024x945 You.jpg)
>>27178 We tried to warn them, but they didn't listen. I am amazed just how incredibly stupid most of them are. Conservative ZOGbots were at least paid to lose their limbs for the kikes, these niggers are doing it for free. >All you faggots who think that anything about the conflict in UKR vs RUS is organic are fucking lost We don't, it's mostly tourists. >>27181 >their own country New Khazaria won't built itself, it needs to be "blessed" with goyim blood. White people have no country of their own today >Does Mariupol not ring a bell? <There there goy, here is a town close to the border and a port for you to larp in before it gets leveled to the ground as one of main military objectives >you realize the importance of action I guess most fedposters are now agitating for Ukraine lmao
>>27192 >muh ethnoglobe
>>27205 Even though everyone's anon here, I can smell the shitskin from your post. Sorry nigger, but your parlor tricks of trying to appear "civil" or "based" is exposed. We see ALL your scams, small to big. When the Whites have been ridden of the jew disease, your ilk and others not White are next. Jews aren't the only enemy.
>>27189 >Ukraine didn't initiate military conflict with Russia first I take it you're not familiar with the situation there. The Donbass conflict has been going on since 2014, with Ukraine attacking its Russian separatist regions. This led to Russia recognizing those regions and intervening. Obviously Russia is not free from kike influence, but I see it as the less bad option. Western sanctions will also help form a new Russia-China bloc, and a multipolar world is preferable. While Jewish influence is everywhere to varying degrees, the Western Globohomo Empire is currently the greatest threat to us as a race.
Do y'all think Le Pen has a chance? Does it even matter? From what I've heard she's moderated her stances a lot since getting BTFO by Macron last time Also, now that I know what proper French sounds like listening to Zemmour talk sends shudders down my spine. He literally comes across as a Der Stürmer caricature
>>27153 Bump
>>27212 Le Pen will win.
Could troons be a deep state response to communists pushing gender quotas? Subversives would try to get as many women in power as possible because women are generally incompetent, so instead of opposing it and giving them fuel to generate outrage/social unrest, they have decided to sublimate it by doubling-down on the commie propaganda instead, grooming men to become troons so they could fill female gender quotas with men when it comes to important positions.
>>27237 I like this sort of statecraft-oriented multi-faction analysis. It also makes sense, though I don't know much about whether they do active grooming as much as just leaving the option open for men who have no sense of self proportionate to their lust for status and control.
>>27253 Well, if there is one thing that's most important to them, it's pragmatism. Unfortunately, mostly based on sophistry and machiavellianism, not ideology or higher values (that they see as weakness). Identity politics, various social movements (regardless if liberal or conservative, including the controlled "far-left" and "far-right"), not to mention NPC party politics, are below their game. All that matters are the results and the power of the State, which is a corporate charter. As for troons, they should be called for what they truly are, eunuchs. They were historically used for similar roles, there is nothing new about the phenomenon, although it does get excessively encouraged for social engineering purposes. There is a very interesting aspect of USA, they are a fascist country with a soft caste system posing as a liberal democracy, and no matter how dumb their lower "castes" are or how many niggers and mutts they have, once past a certain threshold, you suddenly realize that you are dealing with some of the smartest people on the planet. That's why something is telling me that this golem won't go down as easily as some have anticipated.
What is fascism and NS based on? Abrahamic religions? Paganism? Atheism?
>>27286 >What is fascism and NS based on? the Volkisch state and Natural Law. >Abrahamic religions? Not at all. That's not to say that they can't have positive points here and there, but the overall structure should not be accepted. >Atheism? No, this is just the latest incarnation of the Protestant Christian branch of Abrahamism. >Paganism? Yes, afaik, because this is the original religion of our ancestors.
>You're Azov. >You are trusted nationalists. The Ukrainian government arms you and has integrated you into its own army. >You are respected by the population. >You place yourself close to the Ukrainian politicians and generals who count on you to kill the enemy. >Your men have access to the ground batteries and power lines. >Jewkraine is in good hands. <Execute Order 66 >You decapitate the ZOG in one fell swoop. Fucking wish.
>>27201 Not being pro-White today is being the enemy. Let's keep things binary and simple. If you're not with us, you're against us. Period.
>>27206 Take your pills. Let's reclaim our lands first before nutting over VR Genocide 3000.
This user was banned.
>>27216 No, but here's something a French anon told me after the last elections, even if they were partially rigged: you should think about what is implied in the fact that nearly 50% of people who (did) do vote in France pick the far right candidate, despite the relentless leftist propaganda that has been unleashed on this population for seventy years now and the absolute lack of representation of far-right ideas and spokepersons in the medias, entertainment included. Without the medias and a handful of infiltrators in the academies and highbrow schools, the Jews' grip is flimsier than generally assumed.
Hey /fascist/s, I got a porn problem. >was browsing tvchan and some cunt posted uncensored rule 34 characters who were looking very young (Ben 10 Gwen as an example) >get weird boner >quickly stop browsing tvchan and quit tvchan forever, assume that it's now a pedo heaven >Decided to nofap as porn has made me become responsive to the most extreme depraved shit (see above) >managed to last nearly 4 days before I couldn't sleep one night and had to fap to sleep >first thing I searched to quell my hunger was "jav high schoolgirl porn being fucked like mad" <realize that I like their child-like innocence and high pitched screams of orgasm I feel like overdosage of porn over these years has subconsciously made me a closet pedophile? I really do not want that shit in my life. I'll go back to nofap after the relapsing but fucking hell, porn (especially Japanese porn) is mind-altering shit, to the point where if I keep consuming I might end up as a pedo. I want to change that. I want a normal life. I don't want to walk down a street, eyeball a kid/teen and instantly have these depraved thoughts. What should I do? Is it too late for me? And if anyone here is an actual pedophile, just die already.
>>27349 This sounds like a bait post or you really are dumb. High school girls aren't pedo. And stop watching porn just use your imagination instead if you must.
(270.84 KB 578x1099 oliver_jew_strategy.jpg)
Revilo Oliver claimed this is in The Jewish Strategy. I've never heard of this allegation before. Is there any proof of this, or did he expand on it in any of his other books? It sounds like something Jews would do but I'd like some substantiation.
>>24278 This anon returning. I joined the AFA and am overjoyed to have done so. A lot of wonderful folks, a lot of wonderful literature, and I'm finally feeling at home for the first time in a long time. I just wish I had more damned money for gas so I could get to the moots and events more. Ah well. Hail the Gods, hail the folk, hail the AFA!
So, Im going to start my own national socialist party, but I have forgotten much of what it actually is to be national socialist, im sorta getting back into the natsoc game after abandoning it years back. anyone here have any good resources on learning about what it truely means to be a national socialist? I need to know everything about every faucet of everyday life so I can make informed decisions on policies and election promises. My main stances are less immigration, more guns, more jobs, less homelessness,etc, all standard stuff but im concerned about the normalfag vote and how i will atain them >inb4 why don't you just join an existing organization There are none in my country, so its quite literally up to me to bring forth the new natsoc revolution
>>27378 When I get back on my computer I’ll send some images that may help. Good luck to you anon, Gods be with you