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(163.67 KB 1198x674 linkola tree.jpeg)
(200.39 KB 885x374 the other fourteen words.PNG)
Ecofascism, Deep Ecology, Tech Critical Blackshirt 03/15/2021 (Mon) 14:00:30 No. 22
This thread is for the discussion of ecofascism, deep ecology and tech-critical thought and its connection to Fascism, National Socialism and White Nationalism. READING SUGGESTIONS >Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore J. Kaczynski >Technological Slavery by Theodore J. Kaczynski (2019 edition) >Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How? by Theodore J. Kaczynski >The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul >Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola >Man and Technics by Oswald Spengler >The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph A. Tainter Old thread archives: https://web.archive.org/web/20190804033752/https://8ch.net/fascist/res/13412.html https://archive.fo/XQMX7 https://archive.fo/XIUyd https://web.archive.org/web/20210227221831/https://anon.cafe/fascist/res/19761.html
>>22 I once carefully determined that ecofascism comes from glowniggers but I forget the details. It is odd how it is always pushed on these boards. If you want to live innawoods, just go live innawoods. Simple.
(120.02 KB 1024x586 girl lake goats.jpg)
(726.73 KB 1920x1152 soulless hellscape 2.jpg)
>>25 "Ecofascism" isn't something new in the slightest, in fact, if we go back and read a work such as The Lightning and the Sun or Savitri Devi's other work The Impeachment of Man we can see the exact same themes that people touch on today, and these books were written in the course of the 1950s and 1960s if I am recalling correctly, and it is essentially indistinguishable from what is today called "ecofascism". The truth of the matter is that the health of our planet and the fulfillment of the 14 Words are inseparably tied together. The 14 Words cannot be fulfilled without our environment being healthy. Under the current order we are sacrificing the future of our race for the sake of gain and pleasure in the present. Will our descendants inherit a beautiful green world with clean air, natural environments and open spaces, or a dirty grey world paved over by concrete, choked with smog and pollution and sequestered into tiny apartments? For me the answer is clear. The current society is disgusting, ugly, jewish, anti-nature, anti-life and anti-human and I look forward for the day when it will collapse and be seen as the aberration it is
>>26 Is ecofascism partially synonymous with odalism because from what I've read they seem pretty similar. If not what are the differences?
(467.86 KB 958x1200 ecofascism.png)
>>50 In a way I think Ecofascism is a bit of a strange term. I think it originates as a pejorative used against deep ecologists who realize the need to radically rethink our relationship with the rest of Nature and who are willing to use equally 'extreme' measures in order to carry it through. The real question to me is how fascist is it really. It's certainly not inherently so, but I believe it meshes well with National Socialism and pro-White politics in general, which is a reason why I think it has gradually became more popular among our circles. Pentti Linkola wasn't really a 'fascist' but he was certainly not willing to stand for democracy, human rights, capitalism and other jewish nonsense that prevented him from achieving his goals. He had definitely words of praise for the Third Reich but his main concern was always Nature more than anything else from what I have seen. Now to answer your question - if we're going by what Varg is saying in the link below to define Odalism, I'd say it's tangentially related at most. Varg says that Odalism is >"an ideology based on blood (of the native population) and soil (the homeland of the native population); protecting, promoting and if necessary reviving the customs, traditions, world view, values and religion that naturally came from each particular population in their homeland." https://web.archive.org/web/20161123172904/https://thuleanperspective.com/2013/07/31/why-odalism/ No one here will disagree with these tenets, but the real question is whether any of it is integral to the idea of Ecofascism as I have discussed it in my first paragraph. I don't think a 'pure ecofascist' is a real thing, as it would be actively anti-human and operate on no racially-subjective basis (i.e. we must preserve Nature in order to allow our people to prosper and be healthy' ). A purely ecofascist viewpoint would be giving the ecosphere absolute moral value and even Whites themselves would relative compared to this. For me I see Nature as valuable in itself, but also I firmly maintain my own peculiar racially-subjective viewpoint. I want both Nature and Whites to prosper, and I see the health of Whites as integrally tied to the former. By 'subjective' I don't mean that in a negative sense, I mean in the sense that we approach our survival from a first-person viewpoint, not coldly and dispassionately as mere objects. We affirm ourselves, we don't deny ourselves. Modern jewed ethics is founded on self-abnegation and overrationalization, removing any subjectivity from the equation.
>>51 Thanks for the answer anon, I take the idea of nature's benefit being tied to man's to heart. It is true that humans need to realize their relationship with nature. I think part of doing this is realizing that human nature is part of nature, as a whole, and seeing the benefit of putting the emphasis on the whole, just as the Third Reich put emphasis on the nation over the individual. But, just as the individual is a part of the nation, human nature is a part of nature and we must not lose light of the importance of caring for human nature either, less we damage the whole. As with many things, balance seems to be key. >meshes well with national socialism Indeed, National socialism inherently meshes so well with those who truly wish to benefit nature, as it opposes those who deny human nature and mean to twist it into a disgusting conglomerate of selfabsoption and greed.
(617.85 KB 500x500 fractal 2.gif)
>>55 >Thanks for the answer anon No problem, anon. >I think part of doing this is realizing that human nature is part of nature, as a whole, and seeing the benefit of putting the emphasis on the whole, just as the Third Reich put emphasis on the nation over the individual. Yes, that is exactly how I see it. We are a part of a greater whole, but we are selves are also wholes. We are both an integrated unit in the greater whole, and a self-assertive and fully whole whole. This naturally leads to a bit of a oscillation between resonance and discordance (harmony and struggle). The key, as you yourself say, is somehow finding a balance, whether between the race and the individual, humanity and nature, etc. >Indeed, National socialism inherently meshes so well with those who truly wish to benefit nature, as it opposes those who deny human nature and mean to twist it into a disgusting conglomerate of selfabsoption and greed. Exactly.
(140.21 KB 992x558 forest swastika trees.jpg)
Interesting links: >Pea plants conditioned like Pavlov's dog in research seeking to break new ground https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-15/researcher-teaching-plants-dog-tricks/10709530 >Plant responsiveness to root–root communication of stress cues https://academic.oup.com/aob/article/110/2/271/2769210 >The Social Life of Forests https://archive.fo/nSWOp Let me know if you have anything else like this. Reading things like this one begins to look at plants a bit differently. The last link is particularly interesting as well, because it underlines the importance of preserving old-growth forests, and how commercially-planted trees are often unhealthier due to the lack of symbiotic associations with fungi in the soil. >An old-growth forest is neither an assemblage of stoic organisms tolerating one another’s presence nor a merciless battle royale: It’s a vast, ancient and intricate society. There is conflict in a forest, but there is also negotiation, reciprocity and perhaps even selflessness. The trees, understory plants, fungi and microbes in a forest are so thoroughly connected, communicative and codependent that some scientists have described them as superorganisms.
>>26 >girl lake goats >industrial hellscape 2 Anon organizes his images like he organizes his death camps.
>>56 bro that fucking gif is so trippy I keep stairing at it waiting for it to stop some here but it keeps fucking gooing holy fuck mate
>>132 Wait until you take the fractal universe-pill. As above so below. Self-similar patterns can be found all throughout nature at all scales.
>>133 from what I can understand from the images you posted and the gif you mean tht everything is connected? or something wacky like that?
>>135 Everything is connected, yes, but what we often can observe in nature are fractal patterns in objects, meaning objects that are self-similar, or nearly so, at all scales. That is what is demonstrated in many of the images I have attached. We see that the fern has little leaves that themselves appear to be made of smaller leaves, and the image of Romanesco broccoli is made up of buds composed of smaller and smaller self-similar buds. This is what the ancients were talking about when they spoke of man as the microcosm of the macrocosmic universe, in that we are in some sense self-similar to the whole. Many people take this so far that they describe the universe as an infinite fractal of universes within universes within universe, never-ending, both infinitely large and infinitely small. I don’t know what significance it would really have in a practical sense but it’s completely mind-boggling. In the connected sense that you mentioned, it shouldn’t be viewed in a hippy-sense even if they talk of these things constantly. We are not something separate from the universe in an ultimate sense. We’re integral parts, and governed by the Natural Order. This part is important to understand for both National Socialism and Deep Ecology, I would say. Even William Pierce spoke about this with his Cosmotheism.
>>144 sorry for not uh sayin g anything back but thanks
>>51 I disagree that a pure ecofascist would disregard his own group, if one places nature on that highest pedestal you describe you begin to see that Nature has a will that it wants every group to fight for itself, if you are a White man, you would naturally come to the conclusion you should fight for your group above all else as a result. To follow nature as an absolute god which is kind of how deep ecology could be described, if simplified to an extreme degree, would lead one to fighting for your groups survival in balance with the ecosystem rather than opposed to it as we currently view it.
I definitely find it difficult to disagree with the spirit of what you are saying here. Maybe this is the difference between leftist and non-leftist tendencies in this type of thought (not just ecofascism narrowly but all forms of environmental radicalism) Leftism, needless to say, is inherently based on weakness and unhealthy self-abnegation. This probably has some sort of root in their psychology of resentment and self-hatred. I used to have some screenshots of these people lying around, but if one digs far enough into the anprim community on Twitter they will soon find people who are advocating for complete human extinction and the like, all of them leftists. Their hatred of self hits such proportions that they want to destroy everything like themselves, ostensibily for the planet. I don’t doubt that they are disgusted to some extent by what is happening, but it takes a perverted and unhealthy expression due to their leftist psychology. The biggest difference here is that in contrast we are not willing to negate ourselves, even if we recognize that we are faced with a severe problem in need of a radical solution. On top of this, there is of course also the factor that we are generally more cognizant of the restraints we exist within (Laws of Nature, etc) and the fact that there are essential natures to things. Leftists (esp. jews) despise all of these things, and want to turn them all upside down, yet still profess concern for Nature, despite what they preach being an actively rebellion against Nature and its laws.
>>766 Meant for >>761


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