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(163.67 KB 1198x674 linkola tree.jpeg)
(200.39 KB 885x374 the other fourteen words.PNG)
Ecofascism, Deep Ecology, Tech Critical Blackshirt 03/15/2021 (Mon) 14:00:30 No. 22
This thread is for the discussion of ecofascism, deep ecology and tech-critical thought and its connection to Fascism, National Socialism and White Nationalism. READING SUGGESTIONS >Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore J. Kaczynski >Technological Slavery by Theodore J. Kaczynski (2019 edition) >Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How? by Theodore J. Kaczynski >The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul >Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola >Man and Technics by Oswald Spengler >The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph A. Tainter Old thread archives: https://web.archive.org/web/20190804033752/https://8ch.net/fascist/res/13412.html https://archive.fo/XQMX7 https://archive.fo/XIUyd https://web.archive.org/web/20210227221831/https://anon.cafe/fascist/res/19761.html
>>22 I once carefully determined that ecofascism comes from glowniggers but I forget the details. It is odd how it is always pushed on these boards. If you want to live innawoods, just go live innawoods. Simple.
(120.02 KB 1024x586 girl lake goats.jpg)
(726.73 KB 1920x1152 soulless hellscape 2.jpg)
>>25 "Ecofascism" isn't something new in the slightest, in fact, if we go back and read a work such as The Lightning and the Sun or Savitri Devi's other work The Impeachment of Man we can see the exact same themes that people touch on today, and these books were written in the course of the 1950s and 1960s if I am recalling correctly, and it is essentially indistinguishable from what is today called "ecofascism". The truth of the matter is that the health of our planet and the fulfillment of the 14 Words are inseparably tied together. The 14 Words cannot be fulfilled without our environment being healthy. Under the current order we are sacrificing the future of our race for the sake of gain and pleasure in the present. Will our descendants inherit a beautiful green world with clean air, natural environments and open spaces, or a dirty grey world paved over by concrete, choked with smog and pollution and sequestered into tiny apartments? For me the answer is clear. The current society is disgusting, ugly, jewish, anti-nature, anti-life and anti-human and I look forward for the day when it will collapse and be seen as the aberration it is
>>26 Is ecofascism partially synonymous with odalism because from what I've read they seem pretty similar. If not what are the differences?
(467.86 KB 958x1200 ecofascism.png)
>>50 In a way I think Ecofascism is a bit of a strange term. I think it originates as a pejorative used against deep ecologists who realize the need to radically rethink our relationship with the rest of Nature and who are willing to use equally 'extreme' measures in order to carry it through. The real question to me is how fascist is it really. It's certainly not inherently so, but I believe it meshes well with National Socialism and pro-White politics in general, which is a reason why I think it has gradually became more popular among our circles. Pentti Linkola wasn't really a 'fascist' but he was certainly not willing to stand for democracy, human rights, capitalism and other jewish nonsense that prevented him from achieving his goals. He had definitely words of praise for the Third Reich but his main concern was always Nature more than anything else from what I have seen. Now to answer your question - if we're going by what Varg is saying in the link below to define Odalism, I'd say it's tangentially related at most. Varg says that Odalism is >"an ideology based on blood (of the native population) and soil (the homeland of the native population); protecting, promoting and if necessary reviving the customs, traditions, world view, values and religion that naturally came from each particular population in their homeland." https://web.archive.org/web/20161123172904/https://thuleanperspective.com/2013/07/31/why-odalism/ No one here will disagree with these tenets, but the real question is whether any of it is integral to the idea of Ecofascism as I have discussed it in my first paragraph. I don't think a 'pure ecofascist' is a real thing, as it would be actively anti-human and operate on no racially-subjective basis (i.e. we must preserve Nature in order to allow our people to prosper and be healthy' ). A purely ecofascist viewpoint would be giving the ecosphere absolute moral value and even Whites themselves would relative compared to this. For me I see Nature as valuable in itself, but also I firmly maintain my own peculiar racially-subjective viewpoint. I want both Nature and Whites to prosper, and I see the health of Whites as integrally tied to the former. By 'subjective' I don't mean that in a negative sense, I mean in the sense that we approach our survival from a first-person viewpoint, not coldly and dispassionately as mere objects. We affirm ourselves, we don't deny ourselves. Modern jewed ethics is founded on self-abnegation and overrationalization, removing any subjectivity from the equation.
>>51 Thanks for the answer anon, I take the idea of nature's benefit being tied to man's to heart. It is true that humans need to realize their relationship with nature. I think part of doing this is realizing that human nature is part of nature, as a whole, and seeing the benefit of putting the emphasis on the whole, just as the Third Reich put emphasis on the nation over the individual. But, just as the individual is a part of the nation, human nature is a part of nature and we must not lose light of the importance of caring for human nature either, less we damage the whole. As with many things, balance seems to be key. >meshes well with national socialism Indeed, National socialism inherently meshes so well with those who truly wish to benefit nature, as it opposes those who deny human nature and mean to twist it into a disgusting conglomerate of selfabsoption and greed.
(617.85 KB 500x500 fractal 2.gif)
>>55 >Thanks for the answer anon No problem, anon. >I think part of doing this is realizing that human nature is part of nature, as a whole, and seeing the benefit of putting the emphasis on the whole, just as the Third Reich put emphasis on the nation over the individual. Yes, that is exactly how I see it. We are a part of a greater whole, but we are selves are also wholes. We are both an integrated unit in the greater whole, and a self-assertive and fully whole whole. This naturally leads to a bit of a oscillation between resonance and discordance (harmony and struggle). The key, as you yourself say, is somehow finding a balance, whether between the race and the individual, humanity and nature, etc. >Indeed, National socialism inherently meshes so well with those who truly wish to benefit nature, as it opposes those who deny human nature and mean to twist it into a disgusting conglomerate of selfabsoption and greed. Exactly.
(140.21 KB 992x558 forest swastika trees.jpg)
Interesting links: >Pea plants conditioned like Pavlov's dog in research seeking to break new ground https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-15/researcher-teaching-plants-dog-tricks/10709530 >Plant responsiveness to root–root communication of stress cues https://academic.oup.com/aob/article/110/2/271/2769210 >The Social Life of Forests https://archive.fo/nSWOp Let me know if you have anything else like this. Reading things like this one begins to look at plants a bit differently. The last link is particularly interesting as well, because it underlines the importance of preserving old-growth forests, and how commercially-planted trees are often unhealthier due to the lack of symbiotic associations with fungi in the soil. >An old-growth forest is neither an assemblage of stoic organisms tolerating one another’s presence nor a merciless battle royale: It’s a vast, ancient and intricate society. There is conflict in a forest, but there is also negotiation, reciprocity and perhaps even selflessness. The trees, understory plants, fungi and microbes in a forest are so thoroughly connected, communicative and codependent that some scientists have described them as superorganisms.
>>26 >girl lake goats >industrial hellscape 2 Anon organizes his images like he organizes his death camps.
>>56 bro that fucking gif is so trippy I keep stairing at it waiting for it to stop some here but it keeps fucking gooing holy fuck mate
>>132 Wait until you take the fractal universe-pill. As above so below. Self-similar patterns can be found all throughout nature at all scales.
>>133 from what I can understand from the images you posted and the gif you mean tht everything is connected? or something wacky like that?
>>135 Everything is connected, yes, but what we often can observe in nature are fractal patterns in objects, meaning objects that are self-similar, or nearly so, at all scales. That is what is demonstrated in many of the images I have attached. We see that the fern has little leaves that themselves appear to be made of smaller leaves, and the image of Romanesco broccoli is made up of buds composed of smaller and smaller self-similar buds. This is what the ancients were talking about when they spoke of man as the microcosm of the macrocosmic universe, in that we are in some sense self-similar to the whole. Many people take this so far that they describe the universe as an infinite fractal of universes within universes within universe, never-ending, both infinitely large and infinitely small. I don’t know what significance it would really have in a practical sense but it’s completely mind-boggling. In the connected sense that you mentioned, it shouldn’t be viewed in a hippy-sense even if they talk of these things constantly. We are not something separate from the universe in an ultimate sense. We’re integral parts, and governed by the Natural Order. This part is important to understand for both National Socialism and Deep Ecology, I would say. Even William Pierce spoke about this with his Cosmotheism.
>>144 sorry for not uh sayin g anything back but thanks
>>51 I disagree that a pure ecofascist would disregard his own group, if one places nature on that highest pedestal you describe you begin to see that Nature has a will that it wants every group to fight for itself, if you are a White man, you would naturally come to the conclusion you should fight for your group above all else as a result. To follow nature as an absolute god which is kind of how deep ecology could be described, if simplified to an extreme degree, would lead one to fighting for your groups survival in balance with the ecosystem rather than opposed to it as we currently view it.
I definitely find it difficult to disagree with the spirit of what you are saying here. Maybe this is the difference between leftist and non-leftist tendencies in this type of thought (not just ecofascism narrowly but all forms of environmental radicalism) Leftism, needless to say, is inherently based on weakness and unhealthy self-abnegation. This probably has some sort of root in their psychology of resentment and self-hatred. I used to have some screenshots of these people lying around, but if one digs far enough into the anprim community on Twitter they will soon find people who are advocating for complete human extinction and the like, all of them leftists. Their hatred of self hits such proportions that they want to destroy everything like themselves, ostensibily for the planet. I don’t doubt that they are disgusted to some extent by what is happening, but it takes a perverted and unhealthy expression due to their leftist psychology. The biggest difference here is that in contrast we are not willing to negate ourselves, even if we recognize that we are faced with a severe problem in need of a radical solution. On top of this, there is of course also the factor that we are generally more cognizant of the restraints we exist within (Laws of Nature, etc) and the fact that there are essential natures to things. Leftists (esp. jews) despise all of these things, and want to turn them all upside down, yet still profess concern for Nature, despite what they preach being an actively rebellion against Nature and its laws.
>>766 Meant for >>761
(218.07 KB 259x392 ClipboardImage.png)
(29.14 KB 525x487 ClipboardImage.png)
(6.00 MB 406x720 Forest Bio-Communications..mp4)
I've been waiting for months for this book to come out at this point. I've got it on pre-order and it should be here by midweek. Hoping it will be good. I am always sad to see perfectly trees cut down for garbage like parking lots and highways, and after having learned stuff like this it really only underlines it.
(140.21 KB 992x558 forest swastika trees.jpg)
>>4112 Got my book but I'm not as pleased as I thought I would be. It's some personal memoir interlaced with tidbits of information that I largely already knew from reading many articles on the topic. I'll probably just skim it and take the info I want and ignore the rest.
"I want to nip in the bud any notion that I am, or ever have been, anti-semitic. My opinions are not necessarily politically correct. It seems obvious to me that there are statistical differences between the behavior of the members of different ethnic groups. Whether these differences are purely cultural or have also a genetic component is very much an open question, and I don’t pretend to know the answer to it. But every rational person knows that any type of personality or behavior and any level of ability can occur in any ethnic group or race, and therefore I judge people as individuals and not according to the ethnic group or race to which they belong. - Ted Kaczynski, Truth Versus Lies https://archive.org/stream/TruthVersusLiesPart1/Part-I-of-II-Kaczynski-Truth-Versus-Lies-2013_djvu.txt https://ia800105.us.archive.org/24/items/TruthVersusLiesPart1/Part-I-of-II-Kaczynski-Truth-Versus-Lies-2013.pdf (see page 207)
>>7713 I'm hardly surprised to read this, honestly. Kaczynski provided a good and easily digestible expose on leftist psychology and problems with modern technology but those who think that he is some sort of Fascist or White Nationalist just don't understand Ted. Kaczynski was also heavily, heavily influenced by Jacques Ellul, who was a Christian and a pacifist who helped Jews during the Second World War and even got a reward for it. Ellul's diagnosis and critique is spot-on though, even if I don't agree with guy much beyond that.
>>133 The universe generates itself on an algorithm determined by the Gods.
>>7731 This is the best proof of the gods. For those who look, they leave signs of their handiwork in everything
>>22 I don't think ecofascism as a philosophy is all that concrete, but that's a plus for me. >deep ecology and tech-critical thought and its connection to Fascism, National Socialism and White Nationalism is a pretty damn good way to put it. The 'fascist' suffix serves well to scare off any unwanted elements. (My only gripe with the term is its association with Linkola. Not that I have anything against him per se. Just that I don't want to be taken as a disciple of his if I assign myself the term ecofascist.) When I explain to people my views (on nature, healthy living, technology, and so forth) I constantly find myself reminded of the "I hate liberals / so you're a republican?" meme. Except it's "so you're a hippy?" and then instead of the German soldier it's Ted Kaczynski. Anyway, having said all that, if there's anyone out there who's hardcore into this line of thought I'm building a compound out in the desert. I'm already here and I'm recruiting more participants now. If any interest I'll leave a contact email. >inb4 glowing If what I'm up to is of interest to glowniggers they must think buckets of human feces are a threat to national security.
>>7969 >The 'fascist' suffix serves well to scare off any unwanted elements Yeah it's pretty ironic, because the term (as far as I know) first originated among kosher environmentalists as a way to attack those who see the clear need to do more radical actions. It's the libshit definition of 'fascist' being used here, which, as we all know, means nothing more than 'people I don't like'. It has been embraced by actual Fascists and White Nationalists though, and this is not entirely surprising, because even in the works of Savitri Devi, written as far back as late 40s and through the 50s we can see a lot of similar stuff being said by her, a National Socialist. It's not the greatest term, but it has its uses. >I'm building a compound out in the desert. I'm already here and I'm recruiting more participants now. Why the desert though? I think if you're actually doing this it's a great thing and it's good to hear anons actually taking steps to put their thought into action, but if you have any sort of goals of partial or total self-sufficiency I feel like the desert will be the worst option when it comes a good water supply, growing food and the like. I am pretty ignorant about desert survival though, so if you are already doing this you have probably got these kinks worked out.
>>7974 Technically it's a high steppe desert, arid but cold in winter. I started telling people it's in the desert so they don't get the wrong visual in their head when picturing it. I'm innawoods. But there's no trees at my place. It's innadesert. That being said, there is a large national forest nearby (that's where I get my firewood) and a river about a 1/4 of a mile from my place. So it's not like a southwestern style desert as most would imagine. But the vast majority of what precipitation we do get is in the form of snow. Winter is at least 8 months long here. As far self sufficiency, survivalism, and working out the kinks on that, the process is underway. It's definitely possible. And I've found that for all the people dreaming and talking and planning of doing the same thing (people who think they've got a perfect plan with all the kinks worked out) there are next to none actually DOING anything. Whatever shortcomings my outfit has yet to overcome, we're still infinitely farther along than those who have yet to begin. At this point I'm ready to take on a hand. Things would progress much faster if I had more help. Problem is I can only find people who talk the talk. I need someone who's ready to walk the walk. It seems mainly courage is lacking. People are willing but not ready. They're afraid to leave their comfort zone (even though that zone is a shitty basement and a dead end job). From where I'm sitting whatever these people have to lose is laughable. I've offered people a place to live and a job. I don't know what more I can do.
Interest in ecofascism, I strongly suspect it's a new term for the various proto-fascist movements in Europe at the time. National Socialism has strong roots in volkisher nationalism, the wanderingbirds, alternative medicine and life reform movements that were all active and had tens of thousands of members at the time National Socialism emerged. (((Historians))) are quick to claim these movements were unrelated and their image was appropriated by the NS movement- but in reality the National Socialist coalition had been around for a long time and won and a democratic majority in the German elections. It's hard to explain WHO voted for the NS party if not the proto-fascist and eco-fascist groups. A large part of the 20 part plan of the NSDAP seems to relate directly to the concerns of eco-fascists, but it's hard to know how much of this was carried through to policy level because so much history has been destroyed. I really want to flesh out my understanding of this, because it's half the story of how the NSDAP emerged as a political force. In rural areas especially, bringing urban people in and teaching them about reclaiming living space creates a defensible platform and helps heal the gap between urban and rural people
>>8105 >build wood gas generator >power generator to start digging >dig aquifer channel underground >build solar still >build condensation collector >cut soft stone blocks >build above ground >rammed earth wind/frost breaks >start farming fiber crops >get goats to nitrigenate the soil Do it anon, build an earthship
>>8116 The more one looks into it, the clearer it becomes that there were a whole collection of trends in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that would later reach their fullest potential in National Socialism, many of which you already mentioned. Even the whackier groups like the nudists that existed during this period were very concerned with Völkisch ideas, and ideas like eugenics as the foundation of their movement. German Romanticism too was very Völkisch and contributed to a concern with the environment against the industrializing and dirty cities of Germany. The demands of many of these environmentalist groups and Völkisch nationalists would only be met under the Third Reich, even if not exactly how certain groups demanded it (due to political exigencies, etc). Nationalism and pagan revival were extremely closely tied together today. With the idea of a German national identity being desired in the 19th century, there was greater and greater research into folklore, old Germanic customs and ideas, and thus into the pagan history of the Germans, which was looked back on fondly by artists, poets, composers and spiritual seekers of all types. There is a convergence of so many factors here that it is really amazing.
>>8117 I've never been entirely clear on the term "earthship." The first I came across it it seemed to refer to a specific type of house built on a foundation of used tires. But I've seen it in other contexts as well. Now it just seems to be a generic term for any alternative eco-minded home. At any rate, I'm doing half the things you listed already. To return to the use of the term fascist: I think it's definitely appropriate especially when combined with the eco prefix. Basically there are people out there who can be lumped under the term 'hippies.' In my experience (visiting actual 'communes' or attempts at them) these people espouse, among other things, a naturalist or 'environmentalist' worldview and egalitarianism. Their downfall is inevitably that 1) they don't actually understand nature and 2) egalitarianism is a fallacious concept which does not work in practice. (Also, ironically, nature is entirely un-egalitarian. [That's real irony, kids. Not the meme kind.]) So either A) someone step ups and takes the lead in order for anything to be accomplished which usually leads to the diehard egalitarians becoming resentful and abandoning the project, or B) in the spirit of true egalitarianism, no one will accept any kind of authority and absolutely nothing gets done, which leads to the whole endeavor rapidly crumbling. Scenario B seems to be the more prevalent.
>>8184 I’ve done a bit of reading on communes and intentional communities of various types ranging from kibbutzim, to Hutterites to various other sorts of socialist colonies and the main take-aways are that authoritarian leadership and a spiritual foundation of some kind are absolutely vital to the long-term success of an intentional community. Egalitarian secular communities almost always implode due to the fact that no-one wants to work and that there is no real binding glue that keeps members together.
>>8184 So as this relates to my project and my weltanshauung, we simply apply the term fascist to its organization. Outside of Mussolini's official Italian Fascism, fascism can be boiled down to the leadership principle and subordination to a heirarchy. The hippie types I referenced above can generally be classed as anarchists, a category which boils to a total opposition to heirarchy of any kind i.e. absolute egalitarianism. So while national socialism is a political system organized on a fascistic basis, it is not in fact synonymous with fascism, as so many ill informed persons would have us believe. As another anon pointed out, in general usage, it simply means "whoever we don't like" or "anyone who opposes us." And so but, in process of recruiting I like to open with something along the lines of >its an off grid >permaculture >luddite >self sufficency >homesteader >back to the land >intentional community project in the start up phase. Is that something you'd be interested in? >Yeah, man. Ok. And also we're fascists. That gives a quick yay or nay. They either run the other way or they say Hail Victory, brother! I've come closest to finding the right type of recruits by saying succinctly >it's an ecofascist compound
>>8185 As your chart seems to indicate, the vast majority of these projects / communities were around prior to the 20th century. It's almost as if industrialization has made people incapable of breaking away. Or perhaps industrialization is ultimately inescapable (aside from its total collapse/destruction). As for myself, I envision something more along the lines of future primitivism or archeo futurism. We take the Amish approach and weigh the risk/reward of each technology in order to decide whether or not we accept it.
>>8187 People today are a lot deeper in their slavery and dependent on the system, that’s probably one major reason. It’s also worth noting that I believe the paper I took this screenshot from originally is nearly two decades old now, and there might not even be very much academic literature on newer, smaller and still-existing groups. I think there is definitely a clear trend towards a lot of these cropping up in the 19th century when things like utopianism and Christian revivals were going strong as well.
>>8188 Definitely. In America and England it was more on the side of transcendentalism, romanticism, the arts and crafts movements, and so forth. But I think it was definitely an anglosphere counterpart to the more explicitly folkish movements that >>8138 was referring to. The intense dependence on the modern system is a major factor in what led me to embrace ecofascism. For all the glory that national socialism once was or could, I believe it's a >you can't get there from here proposition. Of course I support its tenets and worldview and I would back anyone making an earnest effort for its realization. But it's really a totally untenable and unrealistic strategy at this point. So while I categorical lend support to any and all nationalist, ethnocentrist, etc. efforts as a matter of policy, I still pursue my own strategy. If others should succeed before me, all the better for my own plans. An ecofascist community would only benefit by being surrounded by a NS or otherwise fascist society at large. From where I sit, there (unfortunately) can be no unification and mobilization of an infinitely divided, distracted, deceived, and degenerated folk. One of my main objectives is ethnogenesis. We must build from the ground up.
>>8138 My assumption going in was that peganism was in many ways a slit from the foreign influence of Christian churches and a distinction between Germanic tradition and those of neibouring countries. Honestly I find nudism the least wacky >take off clothes >??? >PROFIT It's simply a way of embracing virtue ethics through struggle, and shunning capitalist materialism (though no doubt there was a strong element of virtue signaling). Germany still has many of the volkisher supermarkets/health food stores which are sustained through normal business. I feel that this is where the female half of the NSDAP might have come from, and ignring it is why many "blood and soil" movements failed. Without the Volkisher nationalism your party turns into SS stormweenies.
>>8184 It's just a generic term for an environmentally sustainable home- but too often this involved high tech faggatory and unreasonable expense. I agree the term eco-fascism is apt, but I feel too often people use it without really understanding what it means; I guess that's our job. >>8185 The Khibutsmin are interesting....I would go as far as to say they are the semetic volk. If all Israelis lived in this way I would hate them so much. I do actually know something about them, and I can tell you that the Israelis fucking hate the khibutsim. But I disagree on your ideological glue. from what i have seen of autonomous communities what sustains them seems to be economic factors. >can't afford goods from external inflation driven communities >secure access to primary resources, and to this ends typically well armed >secondary industry, not just banana republic >inter-generational inheritance The prohibition on goods produces outside the community is typically cultural rather than explicit- "no plastic shit". By producing goods themselves social value is vested in these goods- and goods from outside are regarded as refuse rather than items of status. And you might imagine this means lot tech village life, I've seen lots of that but it doesn't have to. The society can be industrialized to the point where it is no longer sustainable. And another major misconception is that the economy must be insular- from he dawn of time we have traded. The community can be reliant on trade- provided they do not cede the means of production. For instance I saw a community where woven goods were a labor-based currency, and wealth was accumulated in the form of woven goods- you also see this with beads. The problem came when some villagers started selling their native fibers to the city and buying back the yarn. This unbalanced the entire economy, because the resulting products were inseparable but had only 3/4 of the labor store value. But selling the woven goods and buying antibiotics was fine- because the antibiotics could not function as currency nor did they generate wealth. From what I have seen of the world, goods coming in should be disposable and goods going out should be labor-store.
(310.64 KB 1500x1226 arno breker man and woman 2.jpg)
>>8191 When nudists push forward their ideas as something that should be the norm, that is when I start to think it is a bit silly. Clothes are worn for very practical reasons most of the time, and one would soon wish they were having them if they were doing anything non-recreational. I don't have any intrinsic problem with nudity in the classical sense where it is a celebration of the form of the body and stuff, but this is of course much different than how nudity appears today, how it comes off as intrinsically vulgar or sexualized due to the way that it is displayed. To some extent it could just be a result of me growing up in an Abrahamized context that causes me to think like this, but when looking at classical paintings and works of art I don't get this vibe at all, so it is totally in the mode of presentation. It doesn't help that there are many perverts who want in on this, but again that might be only because of the climate of our society. For example the big nudist figure and National Socialist of the Third Reich, Hans Surén, was arrested for masturbating in public in 1942. Not a good look. >I feel that this is where the female half of the NSDAP might have come from, and ignring it is why many "blood and soil" movements failed. Very possible. Unfortunately even today I think too many people ignore the issue of appealing to the female members of our Volk. I don't mean by kosherizing our message until brainwashed modern women like it (that will never happen), but focusing more on things that women are traditionally drawn to, such as like you said the health and holistic aspects, the importance of motherhood, animals, Nature and the like.
>>8218 Check out some of the old issues of Homefront magazine. They have some on archive.org. It was a WN zine produced by and targeted at women. It's all about homemaking, child rearing, healthy living and so forth. Interesting to look into if you wanted to pursue female interest in the movement. It's a sticky subject, but I think the WQ could be easily tackled. It's just that at this point, there are enough obstacles to winning over men that no one can even be bothered to appeal to women. On the other hand, with the prevalence of simp culture and the thirsty male epidemic, a legion of right wing women could be highly influential. Maybe that's a chicken and egg thing though.
>>8218 Nudism is a practice, like yoga- not an objective. Obviously clothes have a practical value, but an unwanted side effect is that it makes people less comfortable with their physical form and undermines the social value of fitness. Nudism restores the balance. Men are men, women are women, fit people are fit and fat people are fat. We are rid of the sexualization of incidental nudity and people can bathe and change clothes in peace again. >perverts The problem here is that when we remove the abrahamism something must take it's place That's a social power vacuum where cults are going to develop. The church plays an important role in our society, and as the volk return to their nature and away from the church social standards must be reinforced.
>>22 Compound anon checking back in. Does anyone think it would be helpful to create some kinda recruitment poster/meme for circulation? I don't use social media and I wouldn't intentionally circulate it there as I don't really have any interest in attracting the sort of people who use social media. I like the image board crowd, but I don't seem to fit in with the irl demographic of the user base. It's more of a think tank than an action oriented group, generally speaking. At one point I had responded to another anon's posts regarding forming some kind of group. He ended up getting several respondents and starting a telegram chat which then devolved into a chat forum of people just talking and jerking each other off. Does anyone actually do things?
(600.64 KB 750x1187 girl spanish called out jews.jpg)
>>8261 I had never heard of Homefront magazine, thanks for pointing me that way, anon, I will have to go and look at some of these and maybe post them in our thread on women here soon. >On the other hand, with the prevalence of simp culture and the thirsty male epidemic, a legion of right wing women could be highly influential. Haha, it definitely cannot be underestimated. I know there is some controversy around this figure (at least looking at her /pol/ thread here) but the Spanish girl who gave a speech about the Jew back a few months ago absolutely sent /pol/ and other places crazy. Of course it was because this was a woman saying this. No one would have batted an eye if it was a man, unfortunately. That is the point that we have gotten too, and while we cannot completely follow the line of the culture, obviously, there is definitely something to learn from this. I would never say that we need to start putting women at the head of movements or as figureheads for movements, I would have to vehemently disagree with that, but the lesson to learn here is that females in the movement will attract 'simp' types. If these women have distaste towards beta males and other types, these men might even start to shape themselves up a bit too. >>8756 >Does anyone actually do things? Kek, good question. We know from some of the shenanigans with 8chan that there are absolutely a minority of people who are extremely dedicated and serious about what they post online, but for the average poster it's probably mostly letting off steam after having to deal with clownworld and Mr. Goldberg all day, unfortunately. That is why I have called the Internet one of the greatest social control mechanisms that exist. For your specific project though, I do not know if imageboard types (at least the average user) are going to be the type you are going to want to aim for. I could be wrong though, maybe I have too negative of a view of some of them.
>>8756 I don't know you but If you want to be low key I suggest religious route, pseudo religion which can be anything. Paganism, a form of right wing masons and so on, you can make up your own but the branding needs to be good. If you do a nice job and adopt a type of masonic cult strategy your religion might be very powerful at some point, but you have to aim for the right demands and have levels in charisma stat. But you must have clear goals and objectives as for anything and to understand people, which is group social psychology as a leader or you will have a bad time. Telegram and online chats can be useful, but as groups of people who have never met eachother to organize it's USELESS BULLSHIT full of larper, introverts, also polluting glowniggers spreading mistrust since ZOG is afraid of telegram, only say, if you get very lucky and have adopted the correct, strict, mindset of don't contribute to mission or desired goal=kick and gone otherwise it will devolve. Remember to always remove lurkers remove people that dont contribute. You can also count that people you can 100% trust will not come from other communities and hobbies and are people that you have redpilled yourself.
>>8762 Your post is the definition of "easier said than done".
>>10016 Wow that's your takeaway?
>>10027 His entire post reeks of LARPing, because no one is going to do what he suggests.
(157.75 KB 464x700 hitler deer.jpg)
(71.18 KB 700x638 hitler bird.jpg)
How do I get animals to treat me like this? I don't hold any ill-will towards them, and will even help insects out of spider webs or out of my house and still animals seem wary of me. What do they know that I don't? Does anyone have the pic of him feeding the squirrel too?
>>10058 I have a theory that animals can sense your spiritual essence, and react to it instinctively. that's why they were so friendly towards Hitler, and also towards myself. dogs come up and sniff/lick/paw at me, and cats rub against my legs. just the other day, I came across some kids walking a dog, and he tried to climb up me to lick my face. animals are drawn to the good, and avoid evil. so maybe you're in need of spiritual improvement, or defense against evil spirits. there's no way I can diagnose it, you'll have to study and look inward.
(5.06 MB 472x264 Hitler dog 3 gif.gif)
>>10077 Yeah I think you might be onto something. There's a good deal of work I still need to do in the spiritual sense that might be a reason for this. Luckily I am not in such a state where they will bite me or scratch me on sight, but they take a while to warm up to me. I have seen a lot worse cases though, like niggers who are terrified of dogs because they apparently are always bitten or growled at by them (Gee, I wonder why?). I think your theory about dogs and other animals being able to somehow read one's inner nature is 100% accurate though and gels well with some of the experiences I've had and seen.
>>10058 Don't be jittery or high strung, let animals come to you. Chances are if you're nervous or persperate a lot you will spook any feral/wild animal that is near you. Also a good chance that those animals standing near Hitler were domesticated Zoo animals so don't take it personal. >and will even help insects out of spider webs or out of my house and still animals seem wary of me I don't think animals give a shit whether you rescue insects. Maybe you're pissing off the spider who was just about to have lunch and he's cursing you, anon.
>>10089 >Don't be jittery or high strung, let animals come to you. >Chances are if you're nervous or persperate a lot Well this explains a lot as well in tandem with what >>10077 was saying. That's basically me >Maybe you're pissing off the spider who was just about to have lunch and he's cursing you, anon. Kek, maybe you're right. I should have been letting the natural order play out there.