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(565.30 KB 2109x3200 mishima working out.jpg)
(3.37 MB 480x272 Real Talk.webm)
(597.81 KB 967x945 chad meditating.jpg)
/smg/ - Self-Mastery General Blackshirt 02/14/2022 (Mon) 00:54:37 No. 24026
Get your shit together, Blackshirts Books and Info: >EasyPeasy Method (free yourself from porn) https://easypeasymethod.org/ >Calisthenics Archive https://anonfiles.com/H0v9FdC7p5/Calisthenics_zip >Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics) https://archive.org/details/ConvictConditioning_201602 Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness - Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=2E5273EE8AE2E8A63F491E18327EEFB5 Convict Conditioning 2: Advanced Prison Training Tactics for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, and Bulletproof Joints https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=963F555D23D6E51F23C0C05101666403 >Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima (Attached) Previous Threads >>11 https://archive.fo/ZjihA https://archive.fo/WDYRl
I'm moving through the Convict Conditioning program, but I'm having flexibility issues with my hamstrings. Is there anybody here with advice or experience in remedying this?
I head The Anatomy Of Stretching by Brad Walker is good book in general.
Here is a powerlifting program for noobs. I haven't tried it myself, maybe anons have done something similar and have comments on it.
>>24015 It might be because you have anterior pelvic tilt or overdeveloped hip flexors. Here are a couple videos from Youtube that might help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1sfPfsESDQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-CrEi0ymMg
>>24015 I don't know if I have flexibility issues but I hardly play my electric guitar anymore, my hand feels so cramped and feels awkward compared to my acoustic, ironically I complained a year ago that playing acoustic feels awkward because have to stretch out my hands but now I feel the opposite, everything feels so close together. I have no pain, maybe I am just not used it anymore
>>24048 Maybe you have a mild early-onset form of arthritis. Do you eat much meat and drink alcohol? Avoid both a couple of days and see if it gets better. Either way if you have issues with flexibility you need to exercise to counter that.
>>24036 I tried a hip flexor stretch and had instant positive results. Thanks for the good advice
Any good guide for military preparation?I mean physical training for absolute newbie which seat all life in computer
(343.68 KB 825x510 mishima.png)
Yukio Mashima, weird homo larper. https://www.unz.com/article/against-mishima/
(47.76 KB 669x893 1641099792593.jpg)
>>24074 >believe so strongly in what you preach that you embody it physically >attempt to enact it in real life >commit suicide when you fail, as is your belief <bc0186, porn addict, calls you a larper
>>24075 Wasn't him a fag? I can't take a fag seriously.
>>24077 Mishima was a hero. Even if he has a few flaws, he exhibits the fascist spirit and has bigger balls than anyone on this board. He grew up as a weak and sheltered boy, and even as an adult he lived a stuffy intellectual life, but felt as if something was missing as a writer. He decided to become perfected in the physical sense, balancing body and mind, fully embracing the sun and steel. The more fit he became, the more he openly embraced fascistic beliefs, writing prodigiously in novels and essays that conveyed the themes of beauty, death, and the degeneration of Japan. He founded a militia that trained with the Japanese military and even almost married a Japanese princess at one point. He had a family and multiple children, and debated openly with communists at universities in the turbulent years of the 1960s. At the end of his life he decided to take action, launching a coup, and then committing suicide in one of the most gory and gruesome ways possible. He exhibited the perfect unity of thought and action, and this very theme was demonstrated in his masterpiece Runaway Horses. This anon posts >>24074 in a desperate attempt to keep anons from reading Sun and Steel, which would result in them becoming ironpilled and embracing the sun and the steel. The man is a legend.
>>24077 I really don't care that he was a fag, his accomplishments, morals, and personality outweighed his vices.
>>24083 What about the link 24074 posted? It sounds pretty bad for the gook fag.
>>24077 >>24086 >>24095 The gay journo who claimed to have an affair with Mishima was sued by Mishima's widow successfully for slander or libel, I forget which.
(37.77 KB 320x425 mishima patriotism 2.jpg)
>>24095 It's a hit-piece. The other anon >>24097 is correct that Mishima's wife and children denied his homosexuality and have successfully sued multiple times to get works in Japan claiming that to be removed from shelves in Japan. Regarding Paul Schrader's 'Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters', Wikipedia says: <The film was withdrawn from the Tokyo International Film Festival and never officially released in Japan, mostly due to boycott exercised by Mishima's widow and threats by far right wing groups opposed to Mishima's portrayal as a homosexual. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mishima:_A_Life_in_Four_Chapters I'm not even saying that Mishima never did anything homosexual in his life, but I am saying that Mishima did not fit into the degenerate modern categories of sexuality as understood in the West, and this has been denied by his wife, his children, and vigorously opposed by 'far right' groups in Japan to this day, who support his patriotic death and values. A great deal of this comes from the conflation of Mishima's own works with himself. Confessions of a Mask is not 1:1 autobiographical! - Mishima researchers such as Andrew Rankin have noted that there are discrepancies in what we know of Mishima's life and this work. It's a common myth.
What sort of martial arts can be practiced in private with minimal equipment?
>>24146 Define "minimal equipment." Do you have something you can practice hitting? If so, Muay Thai and Boxing can be practiced alone. But you won't be as good as someone who spars and I recommend finding a gym near you that does a martial art unless you're a poorfag.
Does anyone have a good diet plan for following Convict Conditioning? I'm not trying to bulk for now, I want to work on my overall shape and get stronger.
>>24245 eggs, meat, peas, beans, rice and similar everything with protein but DON'T go overboard with any of these fatty. You don't need to stuff yourself. Learn cooking, dont buy the processed shit burgers think is a meal, it's going to kill you. Avoid salt and sugar, that means NO soda but no fruit juices either. They are choke full of the sugar jew.
>>24146 Do you want to do actual martial arts (a sport) or learn how to fight?
Youngfag here. In my commute to school onfoot, which is about 1 and a half miles, I've taken to adding weights in my bag. Currently - alongside the ~2 pounds worth of paper, water, metal, and other shit in the backpack - I have 10lbs worth of weights in my bag; and I'm planning on upping it to 20 by Lent. Is this a good idea? Is this a good method to gain any sort of strength?
>>24277 Just run on your way home, and do pushups and pullups as well for exercise. If people find weights in your backpack they will think its weird, and schools these days are pretty panicky about what you are allowed to bring, no need to get into trouble. If you want to carry a pack over long distance i recommend hiking/trekking.
(6.78 KB 189x267 proxy-image.jpeg)
>>24277 >to school onfoot that's already great and puts you above 80 percent of your peers, well done fren >I have 10lbs worth of weights in my bag This will built some muscle but is more of a cardio thing. If people think weights are weird just use some soda bottles filled with water. In general I wouldn't add too much weight, certainly not 20 lbs, since carrying over long times, and over one mile is, will fuck up your joints. The idea behind bodybuilding is actually to hit the muscle with as much weight as necessary but for as short as possible. Some say a particular exercise shouldn't be repeated more than like 30 times (IIRC) a week so try to do some variation >pic with Ubermensch Schwarzenegger started in his early teens by putting stones in suitcases and walking the stairs in his home up and down. Later he would train by lifting the fridge lol
>>24284 >certainly not 20 lbs After reading it again some clarification. My recommendation is actually that people should be able to carry 20 lbs and additionally handle 20 lbs of whatever in your hands but this will be stressful on your joints if you do it daily. You need to get to that goal over time.
>>24277 Are you admitting to violating global rule 1?
>>24230 >Define "minimal equipment." Generally, the fewer external components the better. Do you think a punching bag and a bar for pull-ups would be a good investment? I'd think I'd be better off with a bag of rice and hanging from trees or door frames for pull-ups. I would rather not have to spend money on expensive equipment and gym memberships. >>24268 >Do you want to do actual martial arts (a sport) or learn how to fight? I should be able to reliably defend myself from most physical threats. Mostly I've been focusing on physical conditioning, but I find it hard to get into the right mindset for dealing with threats, especially when I'm taken by surprise. Usually my mind will freeze up and I can't do anything but flail aimlessly and get hit.
>>24283 Well, thanks for the tip on that. I know the benefits of doing calisthenics; but I'm focusing on fasting because my lardass is working from average urbanite physique into something that isn't below a living sandbag. The weights are there for back strength alongside increasing the expenditure of calories through fat reserves. >>24283 >If people find weights in your backpack they will think its weird Most people are fine with it. It's a blue-collar neighbourhood with minorities being restricted to Sikhs, and Sikhs I see as basically White for good reason. >>24288 Clerks at convenience stores wouldn't say so, so let's go with that.
I just ate a raw egg. Did I make a good decision?
Advise how to develop oratory if you have been silent all your life?
>>24397 I have the similar problem. I literally speak with an American accent and I'm English because I never socialised with anyone when I was a kid. The rare times I've spoken to people they thought I was American. I also have lisps and I'm guessing I use a lot of strange words and turns of phrase (people would laugh at me for random things I'd say in school during my teens). My guess is it's hopeless to fix these things.
>>24399 Look into speech elocution therapy
>>24396 eat more egg
>>24277 >>24286 >stressful on your joints if you do it daily It's 20 lbs, and not running. Get this fearmongering out of here. The only thing at risk is his backpack, since cheap ones aren't designed to handle that much weight.
>>24277 I like your line of thinking, but I'm not sure a heavy pack is an ideal exercise. I read somewhere that heavy backpacks are screwing up kids' posture. Also, backpack straps go over your collar bone, so that might not be ideal either, having all that weight on your collar bone might displace them over time, especially if you're still growing. You'd be better off carrying the weights in your hands, and holding your arms in a kind of jogging position. If you're worried that'll look funny, your best bet is to just go jogging after school, and lift weights in your room.
>>24288 Fuck off, nerd
>>24448 No, I don't think I will. Rules exist for a good reason. You know how easy it is to embellish such a story to fall within the rules? He could've said he was on his way to university or work and none would be the wiser, but instead he blatantly violates literally the first global rule and undermines their importance. You're a fucking drooling retard.
>>24447 >I read somewhere that heavy backpacks are screwing up kids' posture. Also, backpack straps go over your collar bone, so that might not be ideal either, having all that weight on your collar bone might displace them over time, None of this is a problem if you have a real rucksack/backpack, which will have a strap around the waist and chest at minimum. Most are rated for 50lbs. or so >>24460 I know people who used university/school interchangeably.
(111.51 KB 850x1200 smug aqua.jpg)
>>24460 >unironically being a rulecuck He does it for free.
>>24463 Not an argument, faggot. Kill yourself.
>>24462 The subsequent response leans toward being an adolescent, not a university student. But yeah, I'm such a rulecuck for expecting retards to think just a little bit harder on what they are going to post. It's like retards premeditating crime online and thinking the only reason anyone would find it dumb is because they are optics cucks or something. It's just not fucking intelligent to premeditate concrete plans over telecommunications. Pointless and tangible risk.
>>24466 Ah, I missed the convenience store comment. But yes, people need to understand opsec
any good reading lists?
>>24470 I will start. Anon also posted some suggested books on CIA nigger's ESP research (Remote viewing, project STARGATE et al.) and how (((they))) weaponized it (Remote influencing) >>24402
(2.76 MB 1548x4096 nietzsche list.png)
>>24496 >spelling mistakes who is the retard who made the pic?
>>24517 Probably some sort of ESL.
>>24445 >It's 20 lbs, and not running. Get this fearmongering out of here. As a shitty soft-confirm, the apparently jewish counseling lady I've been given due to unfortunate circumstances said the exact same thing. Remember the rule: always do the opposite of what jews say. >>24447 I'd personally say it's helped to improve my posture. Whenever the weights aren't on, I've noticed that I'm in a better posture than before.
>>24532 >Whenever the weights aren't on, I've noticed that I'm in a better posture than before. Second that, I also like to balance weight front-back with two backpacks. (I don't think it helps much with anterior pelvic tilt unless you remain aware of that aspect though. It is more the upper half of posture.)
>>24532 Still doesn't change the collar bone issue. You're basically shirking well-established exercise routines for something experimental. You'll probably be fine, though, so go for it I guess
>>24532 >>24535 I think rucking with an appropriate rucksack improves your posture by activating your hip stabilizers, which are underdeveloped for most people because they sit on their butt all day. >>24548 >experimental Walking around with weight on has been a basic part of military training for thousands of years. Do you think hoplites and centurions never did training marches in armor?
>>24445 >It's 20 lbs, and not running. Get this fearmongering out of here. Nahh bro. Everybody who's worn body armor/plates will tell you its absolutely fucking with your joints. I'm not even talking the heaviest of plates and or if anon is overweight. It's generally advised against for extended periods of time. So even for those shitty ankle weights it's recommend to not go over 3% of body weight, about 3 times a week and not much longer than half an hour. Don't ruin your health when you can find better methods to train. Short and hard it is. Just search any fitness forum ffs >>24595 >Walking around with weight on has been a basic part of military training for thousands of years. You don't do that every day and as far as I remember my bag back was almost never 20 lbs. All together perhaps but that's rare. >Do you think hoplites and centurions never did training marches in armor? They didn't. Armor was put on rather short before battle because it was almost unbearable. >>24532 > the apparently jewish counseling lady I've been given due to unfortunate circumstances said the exact same thing. sigh
(494.91 KB 1800x2156 welcome to fit.jpg)
(547.63 KB 1680x1077 welcome to fit2.jpg)
>>24595 >Walking around with weight on has been a basic part of military training for thousands of years Just do farmer's walks. Read a powerlifting book lol this shit is a solved problem
How do I study? I want to be able to do what the great German engineers did, but I can't study properly
(140.12 KB 1024x1229 1024px-ARMSoCBlockDiagram.svg.png)
>>24644 What type of engineering are you looking to pursue? Electrical, mechanical, civic, computer? Find the curriculum for a top engineering program and look at the books they study, then follow those. Here's an example https://ece.illinois.edu/academics/ugrad/curriculum/ee-curriculum-06 But a rough outline would be Math -- Pre-algebra Algebra Precalculus Calculus I, II, III Linear Algebra Differential Equations Probability and Statistics Physics I, II, III Chemistry survey course Statics DC Circuit Analysis AC Circuit Analysis The main components will be math, physics, some chemistry, then engineering classes. Read the book "A Mind for Numbers" to learn about studying math. I recommend Professor Leonard (free on jewtube) for math and MathTutorDVD for math and engineering classes (cheap streaming subscription or torrents). Use Khan Academy to work your way through problem sets on the math. You'll also want to get solution manuals for books (which you can find on libgen) and work through the odd numbered problems and check your answers againt the solutions manual. If you need good resources for something specific let me know, I can link you to the books and classes. Expect the process of obtaining the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in engineering to take at least 2-3 years of full time self-study. If you're asking about study techniques, I'd recommend just taking it one step at a time. Find a good video class and watch the lectures for a unit. Find a comfortable position so you can take notes during the video and pause as needed. Pause on example problems in the video and try to work them before the instructor continues to solve it, when possible. Do some sample problems from khan academy or the end of chapter exercises from a book. Just a few of each type then move on (you get rapidly diminishing returns after doing the first 1-3 problems of a problem type). Keep moving so you can build momentum. You get little value redoing things you already know. Make physical or digital Anki flash cards for the most important vocabulary terms. Print out cheat sheets for formulas on the topic so you can review them. Sparsely highlight the book as you go so you can quickly review the book after you're done reading it. Review your notes periodically so that you can get spaced repetition exposure to the material and build long-term memory. If you have any other questions let me know.
(95.31 KB 499x384 5455476567646535424385.jpg)
>try to do 1 set of 5 pushups >collapse after two >do four more pushups within the next 3 minutes and call it a day now my mantitties hurt like a bitch, gotta keep fasting >mfw
>>24673 Damn, son. How fat are you that you can't even do five pushups. Maybe you should start with the easier versions.
>>24677 I think I'm just weak at this point, but I gotta keep going somehow.
keystone habits are overblown but the basic three are actually real. they do help you add more habits and regenerate willpower meditation, exercise and reading from a physical book not sure if kindle counts as physical book >>24665 would recommend learning math with specific motivation learn real stuff first with direct practical motivation then learn and review math as it becomes required also probably applies to languages both programming and otherwise these three types of thing have just a lot to learn and you only use them a bit at a time beside some of the most essential elements like grammar or syntax or symbols anki is really good but slowly modulate the frequency of review on a per deck basis the default equation is not tuned to you nor the topic also don't fall into trap of overcreating cards if you can compress say a set of numbers describing a range down into the 4 boundary numbers you need not remember more than that they advise you to create cards that trigger your memory the same way you want your memory triggered in the real world but if you know your intellect can serve as the trigger by asking where do these ranges start and end then you don't need to design a bunch of cards that test you with numbers inside of the ranges and if you do want that anyway use a script to automate it as much as possible so you only have one card per tested range pretty sure anki supports that with bash or something >>24673 those are your titty muscles that ache not titties
(92.21 KB 533x800 ab implants 2.jpg)
(627.32 KB 479x599 ab implants.png)
>>24677 5-8 rep range is literally perfect for getting stronger. Once you get past that many reps per set you should be doing a harder variation anyways like diamond pushups or declines or something like that instead of repping out on easy variations.
>>24681 also progress pushups by throwing yourself up in the air further and further this will progress naturally into clapping pushups once you aren't fat ofc don't want to cripplekill yourself
>>24681 jesus christ what the fuck
>>24673 Just keep pushing yourself. You've got this.
>>24300 Also, what calisthenics programs are recommended besides Convict Conditioning? I've been doing push ups and Hindu squats for the last few days to great effect. Should I bother practicing any form of yoga or similar?
>>24705 what >>24681 posted is more than enough motivation good lord
OP doesn't have full version of Sun and Steel for whatever reason. Posting now.
(226.93 KB 853x1280 Saki-Shimizu-Feet-1222259.jpg)
(650.45 KB 872x1486 1629746230139.jpg)
>>24932 I'm surprised you're posting here. But really, this is a problem I see with Abrahamism: even when they emphasize the correct morals, they do so in a heavy-handed, guilt-ridden, deontological manner. All this moralizing puts pressure on people, and some respond by rebelling and going to the opposite extreme. That's why utilitarian ethics are much better, eg Buddhism. >>24992 Very true, pics related. On the left we see the feminine ideal (I know, she's not White, but she's Japanese at least). On the right is Chelsea Manning, a perverse mockery of womanhood. Even after years of feminization, there are still countless physiological differences. And as you said, notice how her bikini looks nice, while his looks retarded. It all goes back to svadharma, we have different ideals to fulfill. Trying to fulfill an ideal that was never meant for you is a doomed prospect.
Is it right to have sex with a woman before marriage if you are ruining her chances of entering into a functioning relationship?
>>24705 >>24677 >>24680 In my attempt to get a fucking hold of my life, I've decided to create "regiments" wherein for a week I do a set of exercises from Convict Conditioning. For the month of March, I'll be doing four regiments of increasing intensity, and I'd like some input, both for this week's and for the weeks onward. Regiment 1 (From today to March 5th) >4 sets of 5 incline pushups in the morning. >2 sets of 10 incline pushups in the evening. >4 sets of 5 full squats in the morning. >2 sets of 10 full squats in the evening. >2 sets of 10 Flat-Bent Leg Raises in the morning. >1 set of 15 Flat-Bent Leg Raises in the evening.
>>25275 What about Hindu squats and pushups? I've been practicing the former regularly for about a week.
>>25275 >Flat-Bent Leg Raises Anyones hips make this weird sound when doing this
>>25276 >Hindu squats Will add as replacements for full squats for next week then. My lardass walks everywhere so I have strong legs. >Pushups I need to do inclines because I can't fucking do full pushups, do keep in mind that I'm working from urbanite zoomfag physique.
>>25280 I mean Hindu push ups, not regular push ups. I already do those.
>>25282 I'll be sure to include them when I can do full pushups, plus a week or so.
(45.02 KB 600x459 1641099798652.jpg)
>>25203 It's never wrong to have sex with a woman, unless she isn't White (or she is White if you aren't). Number of sexual partners is pretty low on the list of why women these days are incapable of functional relationships - they're all on dope all the time. >>25275 This is great, anon. Keep at it. Maybe in future you could alternate exercise regimens daily, so for today you'll do the one you posted, then the next day you do another, and so on. That way one muscle group won't be majorly sore after five days of working it. But if this works for you, don't let me stop you.
>>25289 >It's never wrong to have sex with a woman But why? If sex exists for the purpose of procreation, is it not wrong to have sex without the intention of having a child?
>>25340 >>25289 Any action divorced from its essential function (its telos) is either nihilistic or hedonistic, what you might call degenerate. The function of sex is procreation
Even if one has sex with a woman with the express intent of impregnating her, I think it's a bit degenerate not to remain for any resulting children. The chances of them finding a positive male role model outside of their own father aren't good. Nobody gives a shit about raising some other man's kid.
Any thoughts on intermittent fasting or OMAD? Does it really help you gain more focus/concentration and energy? My interest is strictly for the mental boost benefits.
>>25367 Yes. Never eaten lunch in the past like how many months. Gets you on that mindset.
>>25349 >Nobody gives a shit about raising some other man's kid. sad but true, it's a cold world for orphans, and always has been. >>25367 yes, intermittent fasting works. disregard keto.
>>25372 Both intermittent fasting and keto works. Total fasting is even more effective.
>>25340 Sex is about more than procreation. Dominance over others is a major part of what sex is (this is why cuckolds exist). It isn't good to fuck anything that moves but anon didn't imply that.
>>24026 Considering ripping my own tooth off because it got broke, it's hurting like a bitch and I don't feel like getting ripped off by a dentist. Whats your advise for this?
>>25561 dammit anon, did you read Tom Sawyer or what? Don't touch that fucking thing. It takes real dentists sometimes half an hour to remove a tooth. You might break it even more and just get it infected. You also don't know if root canal surgery is required. See a dentist!
(27.36 KB 300x300 Meta300.cleaned.jpg)
>>24026 Ke noʻonoʻo nei i ka ʻoki ʻana i koʻu niho ponoʻī no ka mea ua haʻihaʻi, ua ʻeha ia e like me ka ʻūhā a ʻaʻohe oʻu manaʻo e huki ʻia e ka niho niho. He aha kāu ʻōlelo aʻo no kēia? LifeProTip. ʻO ke kōkua wale nō. Hoʻohui i 1oz White or Apple cider Vinergar + 1 tsp cayanne pepper + 1 tsp blackpepper + 1 lemon a i ʻole lime i ʻoki ʻia. Hui pu me ka ikaika. I ka ʻai ʻana, e holoi a puni ka wai i loko o kou waha, ʻoi aku ma kahi o ka niho haʻi. E ʻoluʻolu e ale koke. E inu i ka 10 oz + H2O / Wai koke. E hana i kēia x1 i ka lā no x3-4 mau lā. ʻO ka hui ʻana e kōkua i ka pala o ka niho a maloʻo pono i kahi e lilo ai i mea palupalu a maʻalahi hoʻi e huki iā ia iho me ka liʻiliʻi a me ka hoʻoikaika ʻole. ʻO nā mea ʻala a me ka lemon ke kōkua pū me ka pale ʻana i ka maʻi ʻoiai e hana ana i kēia a hoʻopau i ka ʻeha me ka ʻole o nā hopena ʻaoʻao. Pōmaikaʻi iā 'oe. ʻAʻole he hoʻohenehene ka pohō o ka niho ma kou waha a ʻo ia ke kumu nui o ka make i ka pilikia o ka waha. ʻO kēia kahi hana palekana kula kahiko aʻu i hoʻohana ai iaʻu iho. ʻAʻole loaʻa kālā i ke kenekulia 20 e mālama i ka hygen niho ma kahi ʻāina i manaʻo ʻia ʻo ka 1st honua ʻona. Hoʻomaikaʻi i nā mea a pau. E ʻōlelo ʻole i ke kaua nuklea. E ʻōlelo ʻae iā jah rastafarian mentality. Aloha a māmā.
>>25563 >HAWAIIAN - DETECTED >Thinking of cutting my own tooth because it was broken, it hurt like a thigh and I had no idea it would be pulled by the tooth. What is your advice on this? >LifeProTip. Just to help. Add 1oz White or Apple cider Vinergar 1 tsp cayanne pepper 1 tsp blackpepper 1 lemon or chopped lime. Combine that with energy. When eating, rinse around the water in your mouth, especially around the broken teeth. Please swallow quickly. Drink 10 oz H2O Water immediately. >Do this x1 a day for x3-4 days. The combination helps the tooth decay and dries so much that it becomes softer and easier to pull on with less effort and effort. The spices and lemon also help prevent infection while doing this and relieving the pain without any side effects. Good luck. Tooth decay in your mouth is not a joke and is a leading cause of death from oral problems. This is an old school safety device I used myself. There was no money in the 20th century to maintain dental hygen in a country that was considered the 1st world’s richest. Congratulations to all. Not to mention nuclear war. Say yes to jah rastafarian mentality. Love and light.
For those who have essentially beaten their porn and masturbation addiction, when did you stop being bothered by it mentally? I'm triggered by literally the tiniest things and it's ridiculous. >>25392 There's also a pair-bonding side to sex that is important, just below reproduction in importance, I'd say.
>>25599 When you have a girlfriend or wife to fuck you won't care about porn
>>25606 t. has never been longer than two years in a relationship
>>25606 I wish it were that easy.
>>25599 For me it was hard the first two weeks, then easy until about 2 months in. Since I crossed that threshold it's been easy again, though (currently 8 months in). The last time I tried to quit the 2-month mark was where I failed.
Hello. I would like to better my math skills. Do anyone here have some experience with self-studying math, or have some good information on how to start?
>>25666 Where are you starting, arithmetic/agebra or something higher? And what are you having trouble with exactly? See >>24665 let me know if you have any specific questions or sticking points and I can guide you through it, from building a curriculum, to how to approach studying math, to reading/writing proofs, specific resources that are best for each subject, etc. If you just want a single starting point, look up professor leonard and do the sequence starting from pre-algebra and going up. If you stall then switch tactics.
>>25666 That sounds very generic. You can just grab a school book from whatever grade you're comfortable with and read it. I would say it's not the best use of your time to learn things just for the sake of it. It's better than watching porn or playing video games, of course, but you still need a plan. Why do you want to learn math? What do you plan on doing with it? It's also a lot more fun to learn things that have an immediate impact on your life because you can actually use the things you learned. There's an infinite amount of things that can be learned and if you learn things that you aren't going to use you're most likely just going to forget it.
>25668 I am currently studying electronic engineering, but I am extremely bad at math and chemistry. I don't intend on finishing it, but am staying there until i figure out what else I want to do. I don't remember any math except the simple ones: plus, minus and divide. >>25669 I want to study math since I have a very bad understanding of it. Maybe you're right it's a waste of time. I don't have any plans at the moment.
>>25666 (nice trips satan!) In my experience people who struggle with math just need to find some real world application because looking at all these strange formulas is just too much for them. Like try some DIY project where you have to calculate measurements of something you build, calculate the growth of something. Hard to recommend something when we dont know you better. Not saying you should post it here, don't, but look at your hobbies and where you could use math.
>>25203 >>25289 It is wrong to sex a woman without intent to seal her to you alone in time given the opportunity. If you have the noble intent, it is permissible to fight for that intent amid any circumstances.
>>25670 If you need to start somewhere, start with khan academy. Not sure how important it really is to be good at doing the calculations quickly, it might be a good idea to focus on just getting the concept and only practicing enough to solidify it. Maybe if you are in engineering this will not apply as much? Even if you need to do multiplication you can just get a calculator- even great mathematicians have been slow at manual arithmetic because they don't need to operate at that level to work their magic. >>25671 great advice, absolutely endorse gunning for math you actually need/want with high priority
>>25670 You should download some math school books online and have a look through the contents. This kind of book about such a general subject can easily be found online for free. Try to identify what you're having trouble with exactly and look further into that topic.
(160.92 KB 1280x847 1280px-Usenix84_1.jpg)
>>25670 If you're studying EE you need a very good understanding of math. The workload is great and there are a lot of weeder classes that weed out those who don't have the work ethic to study. But in reward, you get one of if not the most respected engineering degree, one that will open doors to many high-paying career paths. Watch professor leonard and do khan academy exercises as "homework". Start with pre-algebra, then move on to algebra, then precalculus, then calculus. Once you've made it that far you will have developed enough math maturity to help steer you further.
>>25690 >precalculus I recommend Precalculus Mathematics In A Nutshell by George F. Simmons.
What is the best way to defend myself against covert hypnosis as suggested by >>25637 in the mind control thread? I am interested in the idea of using self hypnosis of some form to help gain control over my own mind and make myself more resistant to outside influences.
>>25635 Interesting to hear that there is an initial hurdle, and then some smooth sailing, and then more struggle for a time. Thanks for the insight, anon. The stimuli that will 'trigger' me are absolutely ridiculous. Even stuff like a picture of a girl in a swimsuit on 4cuck can lead to a domino effect that causes me to fail, or even reading something overly sexual in nature. It's pathetic, but it is good to hear that it gets easier if one just endures for a time, and then to even then be prepared for more. >>25709 The self-hypnosis angle could be interesting, I'd be curious to know if or what results that could produce. I'd probably say meditation isn't a bad suggestion either. As is defined in the yoga sutras, meditation is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind substance, and it is precisely external subtle impressions and the like that shape future behavior, which is what hypnosis does. Master the mind, become immune.
>>25776 >The self-hypnosis angle could be interesting Agreed, at the very least you should be familiar enough with the feeling to recognize it when it happens to you, so that psyops like pic elated would be more easily detected. I would also think that this form of discipline could be helpful for controlling other types of compulsions, especially sexual desire. Threads like this tend to focus on physical training, but I think that having a disciplined mind is just as important, especially for guarding against hypnosis and brainwashing. I honestly wish there were more resources out there for this kind of thing.
>>25709 post to check out, recs a good starter manual: >>23918 keywords to research: for hypnosis: ego strength for lucidity: Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory (FMI) presence subscore A lot of potential in defensive hypnosis research is defused by the suspicious popularization (with expert support) of the opinion that hypnosis is always voluntary and anything else is hollywood. this is despite purported criminal cases to the contrary, some probably fear-based and others less so even some with support from hidden camera footage. arguably even denied by experts like stage magicians etc. when they report that troublemakers in their crop of stage patients may revert to proper hypnotic behavior, apparently due to some lapse in lucidity. anyway, belief in the effectiveness of hypnosis is one variable to manipulate. Unless there is some kind of "if you think you can't be conned, you can be conned" effect in place there should be no disadvantage to hypnotizing yourself to be less susceptible to hypnotizing effects. This seems unlikely, because hypnosis has a documented tinkerbell effect where it depends upon the subject believing in it to work. There is also a purported "core principles" effect where hard resolution is incorruptible even under hypnosis, haven't looked into it much myself. I think that the best option to maximize defenses (while minimizing risk of con-mark-style brash vulnerability) is -ego strengthening to cultivate your willpower and thus raw resistance to hypnotic control -hypnotize yourself to be self-aware, even just for an instant, prior to entering any pseudo-hypnotic states.
How to start doing electronics from 0? I would like to start with soldering simple circuits, but later I would like to design them
>>25913 allaboutcircuits has some tuts
(1.10 MB 576x576 door_alt_tab.mp4)
>>25913 >start doing electronics from 0 I don't think you will get much pay off spending time learning and hand crafting a board that can be bought for $1.95 I think diving into creating a board from scratch is probably the wrong route, if you dont have any clue how the board works or what you will be doing with it. Look into working with breadboards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WReFkfrUIk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnzuMJLZRdU Or better yet for some real world application you could start with Arduino https://www.arduino.cc/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoBUXOOdLXY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL34zDTPkcs This is very entry level shit, you can create real world products and it will give you a lot of the understanding to make going back to breadboards later and even creating circuit boards from scratch in a post apocalyptic world
(245.37 KB 1200x900 art of electronics.jpg)
(10.86 KB 291x300 microelectronic circuits.jpg)
>>25913 >How to start doing electronics Read "Practical Electronics for Inventors" to get started. Then you can get "Art of Electronics later" later if you want a comprehensive reference. Beyond that, for an EE-level bible, get Sedra/Smiths's Microelectronic Circuits. Here's a good playlist on electronics basics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uezoQ5fkixY&list=PLAROrg3NQn7cyu01HpOv5BWo217XWBZu0 And check out Ben Eater's channel for breadboard-based electronics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE-_rJqvDhQ
>>25846 Yeah, it seems like sort of untrodden ground for the most part. It seems like what the best course of action would be for one who would want to pursue this path would be to dedicate a good amount of time researching hypnosis, its techniques, and then beginning to experiment in various ways and seeing what, if any effect was to be found. But there would be the issue of the placebo effect in this situation too, but that's not entirely bad - the placebo effect is real and it works. You're very right when you say that a disciplined mind is just as important if not more. Absolutely.
>>25926 Utility will vary by traits, only those most susceptible, with the most to gain, should dive deep. That said, anything with a large mental component can be very useful to have on hand to fill gaps in your day when you can't focus or work on anything else for some reason. (although understandably many induction methods and convincers are not things you can do in any context, especially public) good resources for scholars: https://cognitiveengineer.blogspot.com/2011/11/resources.html
>>25936 you can tell if you are highly hypnotizable by how far back you can roll your eyes. if all your pupil is hidden when you roll your eyes that is very, if only a fraction then correspondingly you are less capable of autohypnosis. (some bias towards neuromuscular feats exists in this metric)
(279.14 KB 300x577 suit pepe walk.gif)
>>25937 >tfw not highly hypnotizable Feels great.
Any methods on training your memory?
>>26009 You can't train your memory, but you can learn methods to memorize faster and longer. The best way to remember something over long periods of time is through spaced repetition software. Anki is the most popular one, although it's better to start out using Supermemo so you don't make idiotic mistakes. Anki lets you mess around more and change up the algorithm settings, so it's easier to mess up with. There's also mnemonics, but I can't comment because I've never become any good at them.
>>26013 Thank you.
How to start in Nietzsche? From 0 if i dont know history,philosophy
>>26020 >dont know history "The Penguin History of the World" by Roberts >philosophy "A History of Philosophy" by Copleston Those should give you a decent survey level overview.
(2.76 MB 1548x4096 Where to start with Nietzsche.png)
>>26023 Richard Spencer who, like him or not, is the only prominent Nietschean in our sphere, recommends starting with Genealogy of Morals. I'm not an expert on Nietsche or anything but I started with GoM and didn't feel like I was missing anything important by not having done background reading. >Max Stirner Give me a quick rundown on this guy. I've seen /leftypol/ shill him for years so I always have a visceral negative reaction to seeing that smug sketch of him posted.
>>26030 Stirner is based af. I've only read the first half of his main work, the Ego and its Own, but his core idea seems to be that all ideologies, from religion to liberalism and socialism encourage us to sacrifice our own self-interest on the altar of "spooks" or phantasms like morality. He's usually considered an anarchist despite being despised by much of the left. Even Marx hated him lol, although they were both protoges of Hegel. If you like him you should check out Renzo Novatore, too. An interesting Italian illegalist poet who died young in a shootout with police
>>26038 >Stirner is based af And has nothing to do with fascism. Stirner is no more than an apologist for reckless hedonism and individualism, which is the antithesis of true fascist ideals, which call for discipline, self-sacrifice and national collectivism. He is the opposite of based. >>26020 Twilight of the Idols isn't bad. Genealogy of Morality is another key work of his. I'm not sure how this will go over though if you aren't really into history or philosophy. Nietzsche can be pretty dense and reference all sorts of thinkers and expect you to know them.
>>26066 The convict conditioning guy actually wrote an entire book about building body mass. Using weights isn't wrong per in my opinion, but they're not the only option.
>>26023 can any anon give a quick TL;DR to me the most important things about Nietsche? I have seen tons of jewtube videos but I know how much modern kike philopshers twist the truth about him. I read anti-christ a while back and found it a very good take on christfaggotry and recently listened to an audiobook of twilight of the idols, right now I was listening to an audiobook of birth of tradgedy but have a bit harder of a time getting through the thickness of the autism coming from the man.
>>26087 >TL;DR to me the most important things about Nietsche? Most people on /fascist/ will probably be more interested in the master v. slave dialectic that Nietzsche discusses in a lot of his works. There are basically two types of moralities, and one of them is good versus bad, and the other is good versus evil. Nietzsche posits that in the past, before Christianity, and maybe even pre-Socrates (whom Nietzsche hated as well), that the morality then was a good versus bad framework, which was defined by the elites, and the quality of goodness was essentially defined by who they were. It flowed from their own nature, they defined themselves as the good and noble ones, and the opposite was just everything that was not them, i.e. the common, the ordinary, the weak, the pleb. Nietzsche said this essentially engendered a reaction among those who bore the brunt of this. The oppressed in this situation invert the good of the masters. Strength, pride, wealth, and power become what is 'evil' to the slaves and oppressed. What is good to the slaves is what was merely 'bad' to the masters. This system springs from their own impotency. The weak cannot act against the strong, and they come up with imaginary forms of revenge such as judgement day, hellfire, and many other things. The driving mechanism of this framework is ressentiment, a sort of envy. Nietzsche also says things like that culture is the process of taming the animal in man and enslaving him. Domestication threatens destruction. He also explores the value of 'bad conscience'. Nietzsche says it comes from this very civilizing process. What one could previously do openly and freely as outward actions become repressed as inward actions. Nietzsche sees this as unhealthy, the instincts are restrained. The feeling of guilt or bad conscience comes from the breaking of moral rules and the fear of punishment, which eventually becomes internalized. He also views that the current trajectory of society over a long period of time has led to a self-destructive process of nihilism, the lack of all values, and that this is negative and is going to lead essentially to the destruction of Europe and the formation of a meek society of 'Last Men'. He seeks to find an alternative to this through somehow creating new values. He rejects religious and scientific surrogates as well. The so-called 'Death of God' has led to a collapse of all values and assumptions held prior to that about the nature, and the world, and people in general, and the loss of a grand narrative of history. Nietzsche in his writings also questions whether anything like 'absolute knowing' or objectivity is possible, and is famous for his idea of perspectivism, where there are no facts and only interpretations of phenomena. All knowing is based on perspective. He also, from this, of course denies that there is such thing as 'moral facts' of any kind. That's just a few things, though.
>>26089 Based response anon, I am familiar with most of these ideas minus the facts vs perspective. It does help to reinforce it and I do appreciate it. What do you think of Nietzsche stating that basically christfags are natural leftist thst eventually become the modern post-god left we see today? It is ironic that leftist and right wingers hate each other when both follow kike belief systems of poison, only difference with the leftist ideals being the absense of the kike god with (((science))) in its place.
Any books I mighy want to read as primers to heathen religion/fascist philopshy? I get the feeling my low attention span is something that will be hard to overcome, combined with my tendency to be somewhat confuesed by philopshers autism I am wondering if I am missing something.
>>26090 Nietzsche's analysis is mostly total bunk, I think. The idea that Christianity naturally leads to its own self-destruction and inversion into leftist post-modernism is unsubstantiated as far as I'm concerned. I think if we look at the reigning ideas today, we will see that it is the ideas of the Renaissance, and its successor the Enlightenment, that led to the situation that we are in today. The Protestant Reformation was also bad for Europe, since it led to a major destruction of tradition, European art, greater individualism (b/c of sola scriptura, etc) and many other things. The cauldron of all of this being mixed together is what has led to Nietzsche's so-called 'death of God'.
>>26092 >Nietzsche's analysis is mostly total bunk I still can't help but see the comparisons to christianity and other abrahamic religions with the nu-science religion of the post modern left, the sort of absolutism and good and evil spectrun are uncanny but maybe that is because the west was intrenched in christianity until very recently and it rubber off as a result of that. They also both preach muh equality and deny race. >the Renaissance was bad I was under the mainstream impression it was the true rebirth of greco-roman thought in western europe, also heard it was a place where humanism florished. >reformation was bad Agreed, as it was a Luthors meddling that further drove European nations away from european philopshy and tradition and more into jewish tradition.
>>26093 >I still can't help but see the comparisons to christianity and other abrahamic religions with the nu-science religion of the post modern left Of course, most people hold truth to be inherently valuable, and Christians and other religions will put God as the pinnacle of absolute unchanging truth, with all things relative to said truth. Science itself is founded on a quest for truth, and increasingly verisimilitude with reality. Science has a much weaker claim to absolute truth though, as it is constantly changes and is subject to inquiry and progress. It is the perfect truth for the modern man, one that is dynamic, constantly in flux, and marching ahead. Leftist values aren't black and White at all, they are really about increasing negative liberty (absence of constraints) to the highest degree possible as long as it allows one to be a degenerate hedonist. >They also both preach muh equality and deny race. This can't be said about traditional forms of Christianity, which is why I placed most of the blame on the Protestant Reformation, in particular the Radical Reformation. The early history of the Christian church before all of the major schisms, and even after it, was very hierarchical, affirming various divisions of clergy, admonishing people to obey the government insofar as it didn't conflict with one's religious obligations, and of course affirmed gender-roles and slavery. All of this is right in the New Testament. This is why Nietzsche's analysis is so weird. Not to say that it's entirely incorrect. It's a sort of strawman which does reveal some truths, and is most accurately applied to very degenerate Christians and to leftists, communists, BLM activists and similar types. >I was under the mainstream impression it was the true rebirth of greco-roman thought in western europe, also heard it was a place where humanism florished. The Renaissance was the return to classical scholarship and values, and the rise of philosophies such as humanism which have been destructive for the West. This philosophy of course puts emphasis on the individual, his inherent potential and the celebration of the human subject. It is an anthropocentric worldview, one that naturally led to the Enlightenment, where there was for the first time a faith in human progress, perfectability and the near-deification of reason, which is the enemy of tradition, eventually resulting in the suicide of rationalism itself via people like David Hume.
>>26092 You say that as if those things happened in a vacuum, when the whole protestant nonsense was a backlash against the corruption within christianity.
>>26095 Thanks for the response anon, can't help but seem to feel a christian bias in it but I am not so sure I know enough to respond in good faith. >>26099 It was also an attempt to steer christianity away from being as europeanized at it had become and back to its kike roots. I agree the church was corrupt but every government has corruption.
>>26101 Doing my best to steer myself back on track, got into stretching to adress my muscle and other bodily issues.
I don't know much about this book, but i heard it helps so here you go /SMG/
>>26105 I'm at the dietetics part, some things like avoiding industrial oil and not drinking after a meal are based, some others like induction and microwave being bad and only GMO being dangerous is cringe. Too bad books with this kind of title are always a bit disappointing.
>>26100 Just explore the history for yourself from multiple angles. Doesn't matter whether one likes Christianity or not ultimately, but Nietzsche's analysis is heavily geared towards 19th century Protestantism in Germany.
>>26105 >astrology Hard to take seriously.
What is the easiest and most painless way to commit suicide? I'm doing really badly in one of my university classes and I don't think I'd be able to respect myself if I fail.
>>26410 >suicide over poor academic performance i knew we had at least one younger poster these days. don't kill yourself bud. i dropped out of college four times, but i never gave up. i had a 3.3 gpa which isn't even that bad. life is about learning to endure through the struggle, and pick yourself up after you fall. keep at it old chap.
Hey does anyone know that guide/site "Anon's guide to stop being a neckbeard" or something along those lines?
>>>25276 >>25277 >>25289 Alright, three weeks later and I fucking butchered it. I've fallen off from consistently doing all of these exercises - although I did make sure to do at least *some* of them in the morning. I think it may have to do with the fact that it's something I'm not used to yet. Do you think it would be wise to set my personal *minimum* standards lower, as considering my personal motivation has pushed me to do a portion of the exercises even though I already knew I would mark them off as "completely undone" could likely end in me doing the exercises plus another set or so from personal want?
>>26435 >Do you think it would be wise to set my personal *minimum* standards lower No. Your standards are already low as-is. Lowering the bar even further invites sloth
>>26435 >Alright, three weeks later and I fucking butchered it. I've fallen off from consistently doing all of these exercises Should have done starting strength with a clear progression where you just have to show up and put more weight on the bar each week. You invited this issue by picking a program where you can trick yourself into doing "some" of the exercises (aka fuckarounditis). Pick a real program and start training for real.
>>26447 >invites sloth And that's what I'm avoiding. I'm such a lazy goddamn lardo where I do the full exercises one day, and the next go "No it was really hard yesterday, I'm gonna not do it today and make up for it tomorrow" and then shift it back until the end of the week or start of the next week. I think with this method, my fatass can ease myself into not being a weak fatass. Being able to consistently condition myself to constant, asscrack of dawn work starting with "literally nothing" would probably be a more pragmatic approach to the whole ordeal.
>>26411 Here is why I'm tempted; 1) If I fail now, I won't be able to graduate, and I probably won't get another chance 2) I have nothing else to do. I'm unemployed and have never been good at anything except getting good grades. 3) I can't live with myself knowing that obese trannies and soyboys can get ahead, but I can't. I'm way behind and barely understand the material. I can tell the instructor looks down on me for my stupidity and I hate the thought of asking him or anyone else for help. What should I do if I do fail? I worry that I'll end up brain damaged instead of dead. I would like to avoid having to make this choice, but I honestly don't know what to do.
>>26489 >What should I do if I do fail? I worry that I'll end up brain damaged instead of dead. I would like to avoid having to make this choice, but I honestly don't know what to do. there are drastic measures that you should consider before suicide. e.g. the bonkpill (to self inflict dangerous level of brain damage in an effort to force neuroplasticity, often combined with binging khan academy videos or classical music for 48 hours sleeplessly on adderall before crashing indefinitely. the hope is that you become a fucking prodigy from redeveloping your brain around patterns while healing. some guy did it just with a completely black room and a dripping faucet which gave him some mathematical insight) don't try anything crazy unless you are really desperate, but if your other option is die why not test if you are psychically capable of remote viewing or something. sure if doesn't work you've wasted some hours but if it does hey there is your ticket plus hours don't really count as wasted when you are suicidal for some reason. even the bonkpill is better than suicide, you just got mkultra'd into thinking about suicide so much that it is availability biased into your toolset
>>26480 I too am a lazy lardo Hence i tie my exercise into my groceries, i have to work out before i allow myself to buy more food. You worked hardto build all that fat so no hurry in getting rid of it. You will appreciate your fat when you are starving. Kek. Currently its thirty more pullups before i get to buy my next meal, it's a real a direct motivator. And i dont feel bad about not working out because it just means i fast longer
>>26489 >I hate the thought of asking him or anyone else for help. Suck it up and go to office hours. You'll have a better chance of learning the material, the professor or TA might give a hint for what's going to be on the exam, and they might grade a little more generously if they see you putting in some effort. >I can't live with myself knowing that obese trannies and soyboys can get ahead, but I can't. They know how the game is played. Why don't you?
Does anyone have the photo where it shows a list of hobbies/activities that you're supposed to do during the day? It has a part of it specifically where it says that you need to spend at least an hour in spirituality/religion. thanks
>>26502 Based. I'm also a poorfag, so I just walk and backpack groceries.
>>26489 >If I fail now, I won't be able to graduate, and I probably won't get another chance Who cares? Start working on a construction lot. Get a job as a night guard somewhere. You'll be better off anyway. >never been good at anything except getting good grades Well start getting good at something. >trannies and soyboys can get ahead but I can't The system is designed to cater to them. If they are beating you in a broken game whose prize is "be a faggot nerd forever" is it really your loss?
sage for double posting >>26502 That's pretty hardcore. >>26521 Never seen this before, what else do you remember about it? >>26545 Try pushups/situps and so on if you have time. You can get pretty far with literally zero equipment. A lot of "bodyweight" routines require a pullup bar and so on, but if you can afford absolutely nothing there are still things you can do.
>>26552 >didn't sage wew
>>26552 >Try pushups/situps and so on if you have time. You can get pretty far with literally zero equipment. A lot of "bodyweight" routines require a pullup bar and so on, but if you can afford absolutely nothing there are still things you can do. this. I don't have ton of equipment and im still doing okay just with bodyweight stuff. if you have trouble figuring out exercises don't use that as an excuse you will build muscle memory just focus on a category per day so you get a sense of what you should be feeling ache
>>26489 Which class are you having trouble with? I can help you put together a study plan, or find resources for you to study with, show you how to study, and answer specific questions about material. We have engineers, programmers, architects, electricians, linguists here, and I'm sure some of them would be willing to help as well. As for asking for help, you need to understand that you are literally paying for help. That's what they're there for. You can ask the professor or if you don't like him, find another professor in the department, or a TA, or other students in the major or taking the class. Or ask us, or look elsewhere on the Internet. All these jews and spics are helping each other and getting help from the government. Why should you be ashamed to get help from us? Helping out your racial brethren ties in pretty well with what we're about here. Get help, commit to following their advice, then repeat whenever you hit a blocker and need to make adjustments. Mentors love it when you follow their advice. They lose interest in people who ignore their advice or don't bother.
(1.80 MB 1692x1252 ClipboardImage.png)
Sorry for the bother guys, but does anyone have any resources on learning to draw? Sieg heil!
>>26571 I'm studying linguistics, this specific class is about phonology. You have to know everything about natural class, ie which classes each phoneme falls into, and which features they have or don't. I didn't put any serious effort into memorizing the material at the beginning, and I ended up failing several writing assignments in a row because I misinterpreted the instructions. I'm sitting at around sixty percent right now, so I have to be pretty close to perfect from now on if I want to have any hope of ending the semester with a C- or better. This is a required class for my major, so I have to get a good grade or at least a passing one. >Or ask us, or look elsewhere on the Internet Any specific recommendations would be welcome.
>>26572 I'm confident /loomis/ can point you in the correct direction sir. http://tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/loomis/
>>26602 >This is a required class for my major, so I have to get a good grade or at least a passing one. Apply yourself as hard as you can, and if you fail this time then re-take the class. I'm sure you'll pass next time Anon. Cheers.
>>26554 image for ants
>>26602 Sorry, I made a longer post for you earlier today but it didn't go through. What book were you assigned for the class? I made an Anki deck of the 120 terms in the Glossary section of the Odden text. Anki is kind of like a cheat mode for retaining information. Just download the program, load the deck, and start studying. If you know the answer put "Good", if it's easy put "Easy", if you didn't know it put "Hard". It has a smart algorithm that adjusts to what you know over time and helps you only study what you need to work on. You can also get Anki for your phone and sync between it and the computer, so you can study while you're standing in line at the grocery store or taking a deuce. See the attached videos for an overview of what it's like. I uploaded the Anki deck here, it's 4.4MB: anonfiles.com/p2J1JeQex9/Phonology_apkg . It took me a while to put together but I think it came out well, so let me know how it works for you. If you need, I can make more decks for other stuff you might be getting stuck on, like the IPA table, or a deep-dive into a chapter on something like natural classes. Going through this content I can tell it's really deep and technical, so don't feel bad if you find it difficult. I looked up the curriculum for a linguistics program at the University of Maryland and saw it's a two semester class in the third year, which reminds me a lot of "weeder" classes in engineering programs where the difficulty and workload ramps up fast. So I guarantee you're not the only one struggling. I myself failed a weeder class three times many years ago, before I knew how to study or had the right mindset and work ethic, and before Anki existed haha.
>>26680 Sorry man had a couple videos of what the Anki deck was like but I'm having trouble uploading any attachments. But the deck should be good to go for you >>26572 drawabox.com is a good supplement to the usual Loomis advice you'll get
>>26552 I already am. Right now, with a great track record compared to my more "intensive" (In the sense of "intensive" for the lefty who says a 16oz can of beef stew is a real workout-maker) regiment, I'm doing 7 incline pushups, full squats, and sit-ups every morning. Next week or so, I'll move up 2 sets of all three of those, and so on and so forth. The pushups, however, I'll likely end up upgrading to proper pushups when I can do at least 21 incline pushups in the morning. By the way, /smg/, I decided to invest in some Ashwagandha supplements. I'll report back to see if there's any - at the very least placebo - improvement.
>>26701 >Ashwagandha Waste of time only supplements worth it are Vitamin D, and possibly protein powder and creatine if you are doing an intense powerlifting routine. Oh yeah and of course steroids.
>>26742 I second this. I have some Ashwagandha and trust me it does more harm than good.
>>26743 Like what kind of harm?
>>26751 Feels more like an aphrodisiac than a T boosting supplement, even without porn it'll get you riled up for no reason that sounds allright and all til you count in nocturnal emmisions.
>>26765 definitely sounds like a t boosting supplement to me
>>26765 Opposite of my experience. I'm much more mellow when I take it.
>>26742 Retarded. I've been taking cordyceps and cat's claw and my balls are huge.
>>26765 >>26780 >>26781 Drugs often have different effects for different people.
>>26680 >What book were you assigned for the class? We weren't, the instructor expects us to go off his notes and the videos he records of himself lecturing us. A textbook would have been better, but I've had a hard time finding anything suitable on Libgen. Thanks for the Anki deck though, right now I'm just trying to get the fundamentals down so I don't have to flunk out.
>>26850 >no textbook assigned Holy shit anon, that's highly unprofessional of him. >had a hard time finding anything suitable on Libgen Check out Hayes, and Odden. They came highly recommended from my research online. And skimming Odden, I find it to be a quality book. http://libgen.is/search.php?&req=hayes+phonology&phrase=1&view=simple&column=def&sort=year&sortmode=DESC http://libgen.is/search.php?&req=odden+phonology&phrase=1&view=simple&column=def&sort=year&sortmode=DESC Good luck!
>>24083 Thank you for posting these Anon. I just watched "Mishima in 4 chapters" (Paul Schrader film) last night. Yukio is someone to be admired and emulated. Seig Heil!
good resources on improving handwriting?
>>26876 Does one really need resources for this? Doesn’t anyone else just look at someone else’s style they like and gradually progress towards writing that way? Just practice writing more, and focus on your writing instead of being sloppy.
>>26876 The Lost Art of Handwriting
>>26876 Watch this video too and you'll be set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAWA5qw065k
Any recommendations on good German hobby news sites to follow to practice reading German? For things like trading card games, computer hardware, programming news, videogame news, car news, board games, whatever really as long as it's not "news" news (Lügenpresse).
(3.91 MB 848x464 yuvalnoahharari.mp4)
How to defend against the type of "hacking" he is describing in the video? Obviously staying off the clearnet and avoiding surveillance are good first steps to keep from being fully profiled, but this solution is a limited one. Is it possible for the mind to condition itself to be more resistant or at least less responsive to external stimuli?
(2.55 MB 1434x1668 789.png)
>>26893 Like this
Is there a way to improve IQ? From brith i have been pretty retarded my IQ has been tested and its 68 when i was in my mothers belly she did drugs and when i was in my fathers balls he was on drugs growing up i was surrounded by drugs (until i was taken away) Is there a way to somehow heal from the damaged caused?
>>26893 influence operations only work when they have hooks already in you. The bedrock of your soul beneath all the hooks should be different from mine or anyone else's, so it is only marginally useful to describe our unique paths to psychic autonomy. My path was founded on a realization that I did not align with ideology I saw and that I would prioritize the well being of those I loved above any utilitarian value or theory of rights.
>>26903 If you try hard and can't get smarter, accept your role and form a trusting brotherhood with a good dude who can help you achieve stuff. Even if you don't understand or originate everything you do, you can still have a hand in great things. Plus, bitches love dudes who have each others backs. First stop options: -exercise -caloric restriction (intermittent fasting) -more good fats (omega-3, so eat fish) -eat blueberries, spices like turmeric, dark chocalate -make sure you get your vitamins and minerals, keep in mind that pills might not be good enough and foods are more likely to let you absorb them right. -Sunshine is a very good thing to ward off schizophrenia, as is living in a rural area with a tight knit community and eating fish -ivermectin or other anti-parasite meds might be worth looking into, as might probiotics like yogurt. -green tea, especially matcha, has l-theanine in it which is a good and perfectly safe nootropic -sleep is a necessity, meditation is also a good thing to train your mind -if you can cut back your lifestyle with frugality to reduce your stress in some way, that may help your mind heal in good ways I know this sounds like general wellness advice well that is because it is you need a fit body for a fit mind. To tell if it is working, you need to find a task and really set your mind to it. You also need to really try and really test your brain. See if you can get through a chapter of a textbook without needing to take notes and remember the important parts of what it said. Keep in mind that brain damage will only affect your IQ if it reaches the "multiple demand" region of the brain. If you have brain damage the prevents you from reading easily throw text into a service that reads it aloud for you. Similar stuff for whatever other damage you might have- route around damage to get info into and out of your core intellect. specifically for you there might be trauma or something you need to work past, honestly most therapists don't work the only way to fix yourself is to become lucid about quirks of your mind and confront them. I would recommend lucid dreaming if you can, idk if any lucid dream drugs are worth it and would advise to just go at it with your own efforts only unless you are desperate. you could also try taking a regular pillcase full of nootropics, but this requires some risks. Addiction: if you fail to distinguish between a "real" nootropic and a mere buzz/adderall type drug and habitually take it for too long at unsustainable dosage. Disregard this if you have strong willpower and will do what it takes. other health: improper sourcing or overuse could mess up your kidneys or something like that, maybe even worse. I would stick to stuff you can be sure won't fuck you up. I can get some guys to post more detailed notes on all the different types of real nootropics if you want. There are only like 4 main kinds IIRC. if you just want some names to try: methylphenidate, nicotine, donezepil, tolcapone, l-dopa, modanifil I have heard phenylpiracetam is a superpower that lets you go genius mode for 2.5 to 4 hours, perfect photographic memory, great for studying topics which require making a lot of connections in a large text I guess. Also, supposedly stops working after ~30 uses.
>>26907 oh, and circulation is important. if you can, stop sitting down and instead slow-bounce on your toes or stand with spread legs + bent knees or walk in place or lie down and look up a screen/projector. Basically anything that gets your body out of a bent twisted shape like sitting down and into a form that allows your blood to flow. This might be the most important one imo
>>26907 >exercise i already to i do streches in the morning and then push ups i used to do sports but it has ended >fasting my motabolism is insane dude i been trying to gain weight i gain 1-3 in a week then lose it all in a day if i dont eat a lot my body fat is 8% >more good fats does canned tuna count? >eat blueberries, spices like turmeric, dark chocolate I put spices in most of my food blueberries and dark chocolate would be annoying to regularly eat >get ur vitamins i have no idea how i would keep track of that -Sunshine is a very good thing to ward off schizophrenia, as is living in a rural area with a tight knit community and eating fish I live in a rural area we grow some food in my household so i go outside a lot to get rid of weeds and make sure nothing fucky is happening to the plants like if its gonna be cold windy or if theres bugs -ivermectin or other anti-parasite meds might be worth looking into, as might probiotics like yogurt. ivermectin sounds so autistic idk man >green tea is bottled from the store fine? i know for a fact some of those bottles is fake and gay idk how i'd start drinking tea i drink a lot of coffee though >sleep and meditation i get 6-8 hours i go to sleep at 8 or sometimes 10 and wake up at 4 and sometimes 5 i rarely meditate >remove stress im moving out in two months so i dont know how i'd stop me from being stressed >whole thing about testing your brain Reading online is boring af but i can read a whole book fine its hard to remember anything at all so i take notes a lot ive tried to keep remembering something extremely important and i always fail yet i remember stupid facts or random shit for some reason >brain damage i have know idea if i do medically I have two Intellectual disability >stuff about addiction and trama i dont THINK I have trauma my therapist is pretty good I haven't had a incident violent altercation in a very long time most of my trauma is behind me and i have not been addictied to anything in years exept well porn its always on and off i end up not cooming in a month then seeing something hot af then can't resisting the urge >other health aka druggie stuff the only drugs i have ever taken was for pain and they were herbs I dont know shit about drugs i have not read much or not at all on nootropics might be interesting to look at >phenylpiracetam wym 30 uses like if you take it 30 times even if months apart the effect will be gone? Sounds useful but i'd rather not fuck with such a thing tbh >>26908 ill give it a try
>>26910 >i already to i do streches in the morning and then push ups i used to do sports but it has ended cardio is also a good thing, again for circulation. even just walking a bit >my motabolism is insane dude i been trying to gain weight i gain 1-3 in a week then lose it all in a day if i dont eat a lot my body fat is 8% yeah, I don't fast and this is my excuse too. You need to be more careful that most when fasting. Note though that this isn't about weight loss, this is about putting your brain into a specific state. >does canned tuna count? yeah, but lay off it for a while if you get shakey hands (mercury content) >is bottled from the store fine? i know for a fact some of those bottles is fake and gay idk how i'd start drinking tea i drink a lot of coffee though probably, not sure if brewing your own with just hot water and teabags is better since those teabags have plastics >>get ur vitamins >i have no idea how i would keep track of that this is easier with meal prep. It is fine to overshoot the daily recommended, so just find different ways to add snacks together to reach your nutritional needs. Like, figure out how much nutrition you can get from some fruit or veggies and get your hands on about htose proportions of fruits/veggies. You don't need to get it all done right away, even just take 10 minutes every week to look at another nutrient and figure if you have had enough recently. You can look up websites that will tell you how much of different nutrients to expect in different things. Wolfram alpha if nothing else does this. Yeah maybe you don't want to weigh your peeled bananas but as long as you have a good sense of what you are eating and improve it you can get some benefits. >ivermectin sounds autistic granted, but sounding autistic doesn't change what options you have. If you are skeptical, hold off until you've tried other stuff. It wouldn't do you any good anyway if you don't have parasites in the groundwater where you live. >i rarely meditate just try a few minutes a day, or try to take a moment or two every day to clear your head >yet i remember stupid facts or random shit for some reason no clue what your problem is, but maybe try studying a broad swathe of things so that if your "remember shit for some reason" ability actually picks up things from a topic that is useful you can exploit that to its fullest. Like, yeah it might not be that cool to remember all kinds of facts about marine biology but it is something and maybe it could be a start. Work with what you have in any way you can, and maybe you will eventually find a useful aspect of it or find a way to generalize it. >i end up not cooming in a month then seeing something hot af then can't resisting the urge I wouldn't worry too much about it, that sounds fairly normal. As long as you aren't masturbating really frequently or acclimating to ever more fetishistic shit the main damage is averted. People say that not masturbating raises your test a little bit, but that is like the final 10% buff from a chaste mindset it isn't a must have. >wym 30 uses like if you take it 30 times even if months apart the effect will be gone? Sounds useful but i'd rather not fuck with such a thing tbh a lot of this is second hand stuff I'm passing on here, that is what they meant. But yeah, with more spread out doses or maybe lower doses maybe they could have gotten more out of it.
>do cardio I can add some of that in the morning and before bed also I already walk a lot >metabolism I'll look into it even when i dont eat much im always the same weight might be better then trying to gain more weight >Tuna I can easily eat tons of tuna almost everyday prop mixing it in once a week would be good >tea It's better that i spend my money on tea then soda so i'll start giving it a try even if it's bottled >food prep I mostly eat meat with spices with random veggies mixed in a burrito with a side of rice and some fruit so i almost always have pretty much the whole food food pyramid when eating so meal prep seems unneeded but if this changes ill give it a try >ivermectin idk man i havn't seen anything about it so ill guess ill look into it >coomer stuff that may be true but its still degenerate and i want to stop >second hand info sounds pretty interesting kind of sounds like snake oil though I might look into it to summarize what i have gotten out of this convo is that i should try to challenge my brain and do stuff that will help my body be healthy thansk for the info
>>26913 >I mostly eat meat with spices with random veggies mixed in a burrito with a side of rice and some fruit so i almost always have pretty much the whole food food pyramid when eating so meal prep seems unneeded but if this changes ill give it a try yeah, sounds good to me. Since you have a pretty balanced diet maybe just hunt through a list of nutrients one by one and see if there is anything that you don't get from rice and veggies.
>>26914 Ill give it a try
Hi, this folder is from a friend i had who was a oldfag and witnessed 8chan. /Smg/ helped me a lot so i thought it'd be nice to give something back. Thanks Anons. https://anonfiles.com/X3O7m6Sdxe/for_my_anons_rar
>>26907 >falling for such obvious bait Come on man. As a side note I have tried nearly all of the “racetams” and found minimal effect. Bought them in bulk as “research chemicals” and capped them myself. Wouldn’t do it again.
>>26903 Intense training like powerlifting will help with neuroplasticity as it maps new connections in your nervous system from your brain to the rest of your body. You can also learn new things that activate different parts of your brain. For example learn things that require motor skills like an instrument, learning to draw, read long fiction books. You can also learn things that help you develop abstract mental mapping and short term memory like practicing basic math and slowly working your way up. At the same time you want to get out there and meet new people and talk to them to develop the social parts of your brain. It will take a while to build momentum, but all of this will develop new pathways in your brain. It might not turn you into a genius, but it will definitely create new adaptations in your brain. The evidence of that adaptation are your new abilities. And you'll notice a crossover effect where learning one thing will help you in other areas.
>>26917 so true bro im totally baiting >>26919 Power lifting would require me to go to a gym and thats not happing anytime neither my buying my own equipment I might be able to something like that though
>>26921 If you can get a minimalist squat rack, a barbell, and some weights you're good to squat, deadlift, and overhead press. If you can get a bench too then you're good for bench press. But even without a bench you can do floor press, which is basically a bench press but you are lying on the floor. Yep it's a real exercise. Slightly less effective than bench press since you have less range of motion, but people use it to train the top of the bench press.
>>26916 Saved, thanks anon. >>26921 Maybe try a martial art if anything around you is open.
Is there a way to get by on less sleep? I know that you should be getting 7-9 hours every night, but the exact amount varies by individual. Is this amount fixed or can it be changed through training?
>>27077 people say meditation in the morning can replace it at 2x the rate once mastered, some monks are said to not sleep at all (but I don't know if that saves them time, or could save you time at that magnitude)
>>27077 If you want more than sleep benefits try Buteyko I have been practicing Buteyko for a long time now, and for every 10CP increase, your body will naturally require one hour less of sleep. By naturally I mean, your body will automatically sleep less. Buteyko is not only beneficial for sleep, but also for optimizing your bodies ability to process nutrition. You will feel less tired, get cravings for exercise, your posture will improve, you will be more relaxed, and when you reach 40CP you will be asthma free. Check out these websites if you're interested: https://www.normalbreathing.com https://reddit.com/r/buteyko The theory behind this method, is that most people over breathe due to bad posture, western diet, sedentary lifestyle, overeating, etc. The so-called "Buteyko" exercises, are 3x15-20 minutes of reduced breathing sessions each day. These exercises makes your body tolerate more CO2, and makes you breathe less. Start by transitioning to nasal-breathing 24/7, put tape over your mouth while sleeping. It may seem scary or weird at first, but you will notice the benefits fast, and your sleeping quality will increase.
I just went for a jog and realized how out of shape I was. I used to run almost every day, now I run maybe twice a week at most; I'm constantly tired and find it hard to keep a consistent schedule. When I do run I get tired much quicker and take longer to cover the same distance. Should I try to get back in the habit or focus on training for upper body strength with calisthenics? >>27180 I vaguely remember a book about Buteko being posted in the older /smg/ thread. Any anons have success with this method?
>>27185 >Should I try to get back in the habit or focus on training for upper body strength with calisthenics? I don't see why you can't do both
>>27185 I do, and people on r/buteyko do as well. Buteyko was used in Russia, and still is today. There are certified Buteyko teachers around the world, and it seems like people are beginning to notice the existence of Dr. Buteyko's exceptional work, over the course of 50 years. Most Buteykoists focus on achieving 40CP, as this is the normal respiratory rate for humans: >“If a person breath-holds after a normal exhalation, it takes about 40 seconds before breathing commences” From the textbook Essentials of Exercise Physiology, McArdle W.D., Katch F.I., Katch V.L. (2nd edition); Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, London 2000, p.252. Your nose is for breathing your mouth is for eating. >It can easily be said that the modern man or the man of this era get quite less or at times no benefits at all from exercise. The main reason behind this is that most of the people today, or around 97 percent of the people who live in this world tend to breathe through their mouth instead of their nose while exercising. Try measuring your CP with the help of this method: https://www.normalbreathing.com/measure-cp/
Does anybody here have any tips on how to smell good with or without cologne?
>>27187 I ask because while I was regularly running I was never successful building up my upper body strength, even though my lower body and legs did get a lot stronger. I had to wonder if my cardio habits had anything to do with it, but then again I wasn't exercising in an organized or disciplined way at the time. I'm interested in breathwork and the like because it seems like a way to get at least some of the same benefits without the same constraints on space and time.
>>27227 >but then again I wasn't exercising in an organized or disciplined way at the time Yes that was the issue, you need a real training program not just random exercises
>>27228 Are there any calisthenic exercises that incorporate breath work? The only things I can think of are some forms of yoga.
>>27229 All of them, at least according to Convict Coditioning, you have to control your breathing as part of doing the exercises, if you wish to find ways to incorporate more advanced breath work into the exercise it is up to you.
>>27229 You breathe out while doing the rep, breathe in while resetting for the next rep. When bracing for a heavy movement you can do the valsalva maneuver.
(1.72 MB 3897x3246 lifechanging.png)
>>26919 >>26917 >>26907 good image on this topic nabbed from 4chan /g/ /sig/ Higher = better results, rightwards = more confidence in the validity of those results. So something like skimming the top right corner and heading rightwards + down as you discount or attempt options may be a good strategy. Note that not all these things are chems, some are lifestyle or exercises. lol at "learn math" tho that requires some prerequisite ability
>>26916 A lot of great stuff. Thanks for sharing.
Can video games be addictive? I wonder if there is an equivalent of Easypeasy for videogame addiction.
(1.83 MB 427x240 1603810129971.gif)
>>27281 You could find some other time consuming, but more productive, leisure hobby to replace it with
>>27281 >>27243 hehe, we were wearing the same exit node. yeah it def can be. I quit about a half decade ago with mild non-binge remission and some nearly as time-wasting replacement habits. I could definitely feel it pulling me back in whenever I went back to playing it a bit. I don't take the alcoholics anon theory about cold turkey or bust- if you can get something down to a reasonable level that is success. If you want to struggle beyond that for sake of self mastery, that is also good. At first I replaced it with twitch/youtube streams of video games, resizing the windows to have something else on screen I could study or work on at the same time. Didn't work very well, it was still sort of distracting. I got an intuition that the two components I wanted from the stream were colorful shiny shapes and some sort of narrative/strategy to follow/consider. I still do this sometimes, but footage that is interesting enough to captivate me yet not require a ton of prior strategy knowledge is (thankfully?) pretty rare. (plus they lose their appeal once I get the concept.) I think I got into youtube commentary channels at about that time. Eventually, that became podcasts, lectures, web serial fictions and just throwing any interesting/useful text I could find into screenreaders. No visuals, very little distraction. Supplemented that a bit by browsing fantasy art subreddits image-by-image when I felt the need to see a spectacle, a large space or unique form. there might be better sites for that, idk. I tried to ration my image intake so I wouldn't grow too accustomed to the interesting portrayals to enjoy them. Any advice I might give is a bit suspect because I never had access to all the games other people could play and so I had less to struggle against.
>>27281 Here is some food for thought. Do Spirits Play a Role in Addiction? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMxdZiguxlI
(1.05 MB 1280x720 spirits.desire.png)
>>27281 Play games until you run out of good ones
day 6 of nofap - homosexual thoughts are gone - I woke up with morning wood - Decided to spend my morning nude - I need to stick my dick in something
>>27324 Nice. I didn't know you had a parasite thread here.
>>27324 that was a good read. there's also the fact that autism rates have spiked up in recent decades, which is probably related to all this.
>>27323 No I haven't seen that. I'm not really big on that conspiracy theory stuff unless the evidence is overwhelming like the holocaust. That said, I think I'm going to start taking dewormer.
A technique I heard of. The idea is to attempt to envision your entire day of conscious experience bit by bit in as much detail as you can manage before you go to bed. This was sold as a willpower/discipline or self-awareness thing, might have been an excerpt from a smart person's book. Specifically it was meant to make you appreciate the passing of time/life more like a meditation upon liveliness to push your towards a noble dissatisfaction- and thus a determination to not waste your time. I think the main benefit you can get no matter what is further integration of your conscious experience. I did this, except throughout the day I took about a dozen short detailed memories of my experience and committed them to memory: the position of my body, the feeling along every limb, the shades and lighting, etc. Each time, I briefly reviewed two prior instances that I felt I had not reviewed recently or were slipping out of memory. Before bed I reviewed all the memories I could, remembering them by location and sequence. Had a lucid dream that night, might be able to replicate that. side note, lucid dreaming is way under-rated even if it is over-rated by coomers. It is very powerful when you receive an intuition of something indescribably, even persuasively, beautiful in your dreams. Sort of like a mega-dose of healthy self-assured ego: here is who you are meant to be, you are right to feel good for wanting to be this. >>27326 >>27329 not sure if it is mentioned in the thread, but I know that it is very, very mainstream to recognize a correlation between schizophrenia (infamously a very multi-cause illness) and the cat shit parasite: toxoplasma gondii. I heard people (but this time on imageboards w/out sources) implicate it in homosexuality but maybe that is just the schizo-homo connection. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3035534/ https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/10/141029133448.htm
>>27281 >Can video games be addictive? Yes and no. Depending on the game design, a video game can just be gambling and follows the same addiction models and mechanisms. Most of today's video games are nothing but a thin disguise for an online gambling program and that is why older gamers, who still remember different ways of game design detest them on an instinctual basis. Look at action RPGs like Diablo and Looter Shooters and compare them to games like Gothic and Unreal and you understand. People can become addicted for decades to these gambling mechanisms,but sooner or later the human brains burns out on them and they become dissatisfying to play. The second way games can become additive, is when they become a total escape from reality for people and a replacement for social interactions with real humans, similar how social media replaces social interactions with real humans for many teenagers. These ways of addiction are usually connected with online games and virtual reality. To quit them, you have to build yourself a live outside your home. Do sport, join a club, become a regular costumer at a local dinner, go on holidays in different countries or in nature, connect with your family, visit events etc. Overcome the fear of making yourself a fool, learn to deal with people and stand your ground. That being said, if you don't suffer from being addicted to gambling mechanism like random stats generation and you don't suffer from a lack of a social life, there is nothing wrong with playing a good video games after you have done your duties for the day. Many video games tell greater and more intelligent stories than other media even if they are simplistic and they are interactive. The biggest factor in self improvement and to quit addiction is taking action and the right game can teach us that while being entertaining and relaxing at the same time.
Anyone here with experience on Win wenger's exercises and techniques of accelerated learning?
>>27359 >Most of today's video games are nothing but a thin disguise for an online gambling program and that is why older gamers, who still remember different ways of game design detest them on an instinctual basis. I grew up with NES/SNES/N64, and this is absolutely true. Microtransactions especially are a form of usury. >That being said, if you don't suffer from being addicted to gambling mechanism like random stats generation and you don't suffer from a lack of a social life, there is nothing wrong with playing a good video games after you have done your duties for the day. Many video games tell greater and more intelligent stories than other media even if they are simplistic and they are interactive. The biggest factor in self improvement and to quit addiction is taking action and the right game can teach us that while being entertaining and relaxing at the same time. also true.
Seriously, microtransactions in video games need to be outlawed. Not just because they are destroying video games as an art form and beneficial pastime, but more importantly that it's predatory against children. It's fucking literally gambling. If children aren't allowed on gambling floors in most places, then why the FUCK is even emptier gambling targeting them right in the home?
(3.02 MB 1914x1920 BIONICLE-_Maze_of_Shadows.PNG)
>>27359 I don't actually play many recent video games, most of what I play is just braindead kiddie crap on emulators like pic related. I've noticed these games seem he most appealing when I'm under pressure and I need something to distract myself. As for social interaction, I don't have much of a social life IRL but I also play a lot of /tg/ type games with strangers online.
(43.72 KB 500x375 1242623753566755647854.jpg)
>lift set of weights that weigh ~40lbs >have to check, they feel 30-35lbs >they have the full 40lbs I'm actually getting somewhere. Nice.
>>27572 What's your routine?
>>27574 I'm both >>26435 and >>26480 obviously, but my routine has been split into two types of days, "Alpha" and "Omega" routines. The "Alpha" routine is purely fixated on arms - incline pushups, full pushups, and concentration curls. The "Omega" routine is focused on the whole body, however - with incline pushups, full squats, and situps. Because I made a much more slow approach to it with this attempt, I've been able to consistently get it to work; doing 21 total incline pushups on Alpha days, a feat that would seem near impossible to me a few months ago.
>Have to film myself speaking for class >Write and memorize script, rehearse a few times >Film myself, rewatch footage >Look and sound like a stuttering idiot How do you get good at public speaking and acting?
>>27728 everything takes practice. doing vocal warm-ups can also help.
>>27330 I tried the method you described today, and will update on if I experience a lucid dream tommorow
Any tips for more energy in general? I get home from work and I'm so tired I don't have the energy or willpower to do the things I want to do and ive been stuck in this rut for a while now. I get up at 5am for work and finish at 2pm, so on theory I should have the time, I just feel so shattered after that I go to bed after. I've made efforts in improving my diet, but my exercise has been on and off because of this after work tired issue. I don't know what to try. I have energy and will during the weekends since they're my days off but the weekday rolls around and Monday to Friday I'm just fucked
Is it a good idea to use photos of attractive women, like pin-up art, to motivate yourself for workouts? There are certain combinations of clothing and physical features that always seem to get a response out of me whenever I encounter them unexpectedly.
>>27810 Have you had your testosterone checked?
>>27841 I nose breath primarily all the time but I will further into this, thanks man >>27852 It's above average m8, not everything boils down to testosterone. Also not anemic either.
>>27820 >I will update tomorrow >3 days ago Well?
(517.44 KB 4340x1554 MSDOS_family_tree.png)
For anyone trying to get a high paying programming job, I think I've found a good method for these leetcode style interviews. Check out the intro video on the youtube channel neetcode where he explains how to use his site neetcode.io. Basically you do the neetcode 150, it breaks down leetcode problems into patterns that once you learn you can apply to almost any leetcode problem. Then check out this site for an overview explanation of each pattern: https://hackernoon.com/14-patterns-to-ace-any-coding-interview-question-c5bb3357f6ed. Do NOT buy AlgoMonster or Grokking the Coding Interview subscriptions. You can pirate Grokking on libgen if you want it.
I live with some very bluepilled people. I'm very worried that I'll lose my temper and say something I regret. What is the best way for me to avoid this?
>>28483 Realize that political arguments with your own family more often than not lead to nothing good, and no one will be convinced either way, and that the consequences of anger are often worse than their causes.
>>28483 You don't live with these people. You're a demoralization shill, and you fucking suck at it. Go back to 4chan or reddit and practice some more, idiot.
>>28509 If your own family is dressing in BLM garbs, and actively supporting them, it's time to start feeding them rat poison. Go slow.
>>28509 this, you can and probably should always try but you have to be in a position of power or a high level of indifference n confidence over the normaltard >>28483 avoid normies and find real frens, you'll just torture yourself otherwise
>>28509 To clarify I live in an area very similar to Portland Oregon, only in the upper Midwest. I don't have my own house and can't move for financial reasons. Most people around me are bluepilled but not to the extend of >>28483's pic. I've always had a short temper and gotten into lots of trouble because of it. I think it would be best for me to control myself so I don't end up living on the streets because I got into a fight with some nigger or White commie. I've been thinking of taking up a combat sport like boxing or muay thai to help deal with my anger and make myself better able to handle fights when they do break out. Is it worth it to join a club or similar?
>>28542 This is retarded, the opinions of lemming family members are irrelevant. In a National Socialist state, those same nigger loving cucks would be the first to advocate for making kikes extinct. They are your blood, and there are things more important than political beliefs, there's a reason why kinslaying was considered one of the worst crimes among our ancestors. Also, you'll likely get caught, and a National Socialist getting thrown into jail for murdering worthless lemmings is never a good trade.
>>28541 >immediate aggression >kill your family I've had people tell me to kill my family before, guess it's a common tactic. Shills are scary stuff, stay aware anons.
>>28542 >kill your family bro Retarded. I don't care what my family do politically, they are wagecucks and don't harm anyone. You have the same mindset as the tard that shot up a supermarket.
>>28542 kill yourself glowie
>>28584 It's not really their fault, anyway. Jews control the MSM and the flow of information, they are just brainwashed. With the right re-education they can be saved. And if kikes were rid of they definitely could be saved
>>28586 Yeah, exactly. What lemmings think is irrelevant for all intents and purposes. The fact that there are people who don't understand how this works in the current year is honestly sad.
>>28509 Would you say that training in combat sports is an effective way to manage anger? I have to hide my power level most of the time and I don;t like the idea of not being able to take it out on anything.
(1.60 MB 1600x1200 koevoet - sean crozier.png)
>>28483 Keep everything short and sweet. If someone is asking your opinion on the big 3 that shouldn't be discussed in public; sex/religion/politics, then state in an honest-sounding tone, that you don't know much about the topic at hand, and change the subject to something lukewarm, so that you don't lose your cool and become a target for ruination yourself. those are all jews in your pic btw
>>28654 I haven't much experience with combat sports except for having done them a short time when I was a kid, so I can't really provide you any first-hand experience. I can't see any reason why it would not be helpful potentially though.
>>28654 There's an anon in one of the /pol/ threads where they were talking about martial arts who has a shitload of experience. Like HS or college wrestler, years of MT and BJJ experience and amateur bouts or some shit. I'd try and find that thread from the catalog and ask him.
anyone got any tips or books for OCD? I’ve been trying to improve my self for a while now but I keep losing progress due to my ocd. By this I meant that I lose confidence and motivation because of hocd and pocd specifically. If any anons have gone through this please give me some tips
>>28681 first you must remove the mind-virus of modern psychology from your brain. there is no such thing as OCD. there is no such thing as depression. bipolar disorder is a jewish fiction. you thinking you have OCD is what creates the OCD. next time you find yourself repeating a pattern you wish to stop, simply choose to stop and do something else in that moment. it is merely a habit you have formed which is ingrained in your mind. with time and patience, all bad habits can be reformed into positive behaviors. you will not change over night, and long down the road you may relapse, but you must remember that each time you make the right choice, it gets easier to make that choice the next time. each time you make the wrong choice, it gets easier to make the wrong choice the next time. make the right choice NOW, and watch yourself change.
>>28683 what should I do when I can’t get rid of an image/thought in my head that distresses me? Your advice is good for compulsions but I don’t see how it applies to the obsessions as I can’t really control what pops in my head
>>28686 Close your eyes, focus on the ambient noise around you, and try to void your mind. Every time the image pops back up, let it go and return to focusing on the noise. Eventually, it should go away. This is what I do to get songs out of my head. Remember, those images and thought patterns ARE NOT YOU. They've been implanted into your mind by jewish media. They are invasive thought patterns that should be expelled from your mind through the method I described.
>>28686 Not him, but what he's describing is basically mindfulness. That means instead of trying to force yourself to not think of that thing, you accept that it's in your mind and observe that thought as if it's not a part of you. When you do this you understand it has no control over you, and it'll eventually go away. If you consciously try to not think about it, you're still thinking about it and it'll never stop.
>>28686 I would add to what these guys >>28699 >>28700 are saying is you're putting too much weight on the intrusive thought. Lots of people have intrusive thoughts/images. I used to hear the words "ENTER HELL" repeat occasionally when I was having a really bad day. Sure, I didn't like hearing that but I didn't make a big deal out of it and tell everyone "I have these thoughts that come into my head and I can't make it stop!" I just acknowledged that my mind was reacting to the bad day and moved on with what I had to do. As the others said, acknowledge the thought as separate from yourself, and let go of it. If you are patient eventually it will subside. Also if you're consuming alcohol, cigarettes, or any other drugs illegal or otherwise I would stop or you will likely never be able to heal yourself.
>>28701 no drugs but I struggle with porn, my obsessions started around when I started looking at porn at a young age so maybe quitting it will help with it
>>28706 I believe more than 9 in 10 men struggle with porn. Personally I haven't found it difficult to quit porn itself, but quitting masturbation is very difficult. This https://easypeasymethod.org/ is often recommended as a good resource. Maybe start there.
(8.25 MB 960x720 porn anime.mp4)
>>28706 Quitting everything that enslaves you will be good for your health, whether physical, mental or spiritual. I've been fighting against it on and off for a while.
(38.21 KB 400x300 1566770007048.jpg)
>>28709 i can attest that i once saw actual child porn on the front page of pornhub. it is not hyperbole. less than two months later they nuked like 2/3 of their content, as well as on other major sites.
(238.82 KB 1125x1125 degenerate tranny.jpg)
>>28711 Unfortunately the internet is full of it. Once pornhub was discovered, the Jews had to quickly shuffle around their material to hide it from all coming out.
>>28712 Yes if they hadn't I was looking into suing them.
>>28714 Probably would have been the right thing to do, but I would have been too worried that they'd drop charges on you for even reporting it and thus having it in your browser cache or something. Dumber things have happened.
is it possible to reverse lactose intolerance that you weren’t born with? I could drink tons of milk when I was younger but now I usually get bad shits when I drink it
>>28706 >>28709 It's always worth it to try and quit porn and masturbation. I struggled with quitting for 2 years, seeing various amount of success, until recently when I quit it for good. I've been off porn and masturbation for about a year now. It's possible. Don't be afraid to fail; eventually you get to a point where you fail for the last time.
>>28725 this is good advice, I'm the same way, I coomed for well over a decade before I ever even perceived that it might not be good for you, then it took me years of attempting to quit in my experience the trick is don't stop give up
>>28727 what spiritual entities are you thinking about?
>>28722 start with small amounts. it's called "tolerance" for a reason. have more yogurt and kefir, which are typically more tolerable. build up over time. you may always have a certain amount of irritability. i've had such things come and go over the years. >>28727 kek
>As Thomas Laqueur has noted with respect to Western conceptions of sexuality, traditional Indian medical literature conceived of the bodies of men as normative and viewed women's bodies as inferior copies >The female equivalent of semen is either menstrual blood or an undefined substance, which is also produced through a process of refinement of food and contained in bodily tissues. >One reason for considering women to be weaker and more prone to loss of vitality is the belief that the process of menstruation robs them of their vital essence. - John Powers, ''A Bull of a Man" >When a man has sex, something issues forth from his body and is lost >This is not so for the woman. In bodily terms, the woman is the actual winner of the sex act; the male is the actual loser >[...] In an earlier section we treated the fact that the male orgasm is really his period. He is weakened by it physically and especially he is weakened in character. >Through his "period" he loses his energy and vitality. He loses his drive and ambition. He loses his courage and nobility - Julian Lee, Bliss of the Celibate Masturbation robs you of your vital essence and kills your drive and ambition. It can be difficult to appreciate what you're losing until the behavior becomes particularly destructive. Also it's interesting how they equate ejaculation its aftereffects with male menstruation. t. period fetishist
>>28733 you must be 18 to use this website
>>28733 idk could be a jungian solution, maybe the threat you feel represents something your repressing like a past trauma
>>28734 Columbine shooters weren't based. One of them is jewish. Oh, and how edgy of you to kick one of your brethren down.
>>28761 I got the meme from this very website you whiny clown. It is not edgy to state the site rules, go fuck yourself.
>>28762 hot tempered, i see.
>>28763 The poor kid is complaining about supernatural entities scaring him in the dark on a website filled with glowniggers and all manner of other deviants, and he is underage to boot. Get a fucking grip, the kid needs to be told repeatedly to pack his bags and go elsewhere, or lurk 2 years. He is not old enough or of sound mind to participate on this website. I merely stated the site rules and you sperged on a mini crusade about my childish meme on a site that frequently discusses shootings. If you’d read my other posts (in brown) you would see I was supportive of the other fellow.
>>28765 >>28762 >rule-cucking >supporting jewish shooters who wanted to kill 'rascists' Lol >>28765 > (in brown) Just like your skin
>>28775 Lol whatever faggot
>>28683 >>28699 >>28700 >>28701 thanks bros, I’m the op with the intrusive thoughts if the id isn’t the same. I was worried that I would be told to kill my self or something because of my intrusive thoughts. best wishes to you all
What do you think of the idea that the state of fatigue and irritability after masturbation is really the male equivalent of PMS? I have certainly had similar thoughts myself. It's been years since I actually had sex, but I'm far from completely celibate. I masturbate regularly and of course I'm exposed to all sorts of filth online daily. Whenever I try nofap, I usually fail because I found an exciting image where I wasn't expecting it. Anything that shows off the pubis or inner thigh area seems to set me off, especially photos of models in leotards or miniskirts. I've also been drawn to other, more perverse thing on occasion, that I'd rather not discuss here. It seems like the more I deplete myself, the more willing I am to entertain deviant thoughts and fantasies, even though my libido tends to be weakened at the same time. Is complete celibacy worth it?
>>28722 Buy a good probiotics supplement without FOS.
What are some ways to build lower body strength and endurance for long distance running, aside from running itself?
>>29034 Any kind of cardio. Cycling.
>>29036 I was thinking more about leg strengthening exercises in general. I've heard of swimming being upper body cardio because it works the arms instead of the legs but has similar benefits to running. What then would be the equivalent of a push-up or pull-up for the lower body? I've tried doing pistol squats but my legs are still too weak for the full sequence even though I do a lot of long distance running.
>>29038 Probably rowing and rowing machines to some degree, though that is upper body as well. If you’re looking for strength and not endurance any kind of squats, calf exercises and the like will do. If you’re looking for endurance that isn’t running, why not cycling?
>>28990 >What do you think of the idea that the state of fatigue and irritability after masturbation is really the male equivalent of PMS? It is probably not entirely inaccurate to draw such parallels. I know for me, I often feel dirty, somewhat nauseous, drowsy and irritable after masturbating. The annoying part is though, when I get the urge really strong, I can hardly think straight. My heart will be pounding, and even if I know I shouldn't break my streak, I usually, almost as if I was drawn by an invisible force, end up clicking over to somewhere I shouldn't have gone, and the rest is history. Oftentimes I fail because of similar things that you do. It can be something as benign as a woman's ass, whether bare or in tight pants posted on /pol/ that can make me fail, so I usually try to avoid going there. Porn has made my tastes completely deranged, so I try hard to keep from it as much as possible, because the more one engages in it, the weirder one's taste gets, unfortunately. I don't know if complete celibacy is worth it, but keeping oneself reasonably under control is pretty important, I think.
>>28765 Are you trying to claim that supernatural entities are not real?