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(226.56 KB 800x300 ancient aryans 2.jpg)
The Hidden History of the Aryan Race Blackshirt 04/14/2021 (Wed) 14:33:25 ID:9a0652 No. 2541
ITT we gather and discuss information concerning the origins, history and historical distribution of the White race. This thread is not primarily about genetics, though it may play a small supplementary part, with due caution being afforded towards such information. Areas of Potential Discussion: >Where did Whites in ancient times live? How big of a percentage of the population were they? >Why does White Genocide seem to be something that has gone on for millennia rather than decades?
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(212.10 KB 320x401 muhammad grandson white.png)
(140.44 KB 959x550 muhammad.PNG)
(41.94 KB 962x364 genghis khan.PNG)
(366.73 KB 966x665 tocharians.PNG)
(134.51 KB 602x598 tarim mummy.jpg)
(97.97 KB 800x531 wall painting tarim.jpg)
(549.69 KB 776x603 tarim basin fresco.jpg)
(42.75 KB 768x311 cherchen man tarim.jpg)
(639.55 KB 1151x849 buddha blue eyes.jpg)
(125.47 KB 956x483 china.PNG)
(205.35 KB 956x417 wusun china.PNG)
(25.20 KB 644x374 chinese coverup 1.png)
(34.97 KB 624x503 chinese coverup 2.png)
Some excerpts from an article on the red-haired mummies of the Tarim basin, and how only Chinese scientists are allowed to stud them. https://archive.fo/58dDc
(2.00 MB 2000x1411 bhagavad gita race mixing pic.png)
(762.55 KB 800x1280 Indrapill India Aryan past.jpg)
Anyone got info about the Persian Emperors and nobility having blond or red hair, and blue eyes or green eyes?
>>2553 Ismail I was one king who had red hair and brown eyes, and the only depiction of Cyrus left didn't portray him having a sharp nose and big brown eyes as is so commonly touted. As for light hair and eyes the general population used to have those but now have been largely relegated to the north of the country and within the mountains of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. A sidenote on that, I believe the Kalash are what the Aryans (or closest resemblance) to them that invaded or migrated to India looked like.
>>3517 >A sidenote on that, I believe the Kalash are what the Aryans (or closest resemblance) to them that invaded or migrated to India looked like. I think that is a fair assessment. Another good hint might be to look at the Pashtuns in Afghanistan. Even today many of them are remarkably Caucausoid in appearance (pictures attached). The reason I mention them in particular in connection with your mention of the Kalash is that because the Pashtuns are directly mentioned in the Rigveda, which is of course the oldest text in any Indo-European language under the name of Pakthas. Even today another name for the Pashtuns are Pakhtuns. Since even today these people use the same name as applied to them in the Vedas and a number of them look remarkably White, it’s likely that certain members of their group such as pictured looks similar to the original White inhabitants of India. The Kalash provide even more proof
Any good articles about the legitimacy of the Oera Linda Book? Even if only partly true it would pretty much link all of the posted information here together. Can also recommend the documentary "Skeletons in the Cupboard" which uncovers the hidden and purposely destroyed history of White Natives in New Zealand / South pacific. Actual descendants are shown and interviewed with genetic proves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf_inGOubEg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g15ROUH3gAQ
>>3575 Farsi and especially Yaghnobi are probably the closest live example of what the Scythians and whole Aryan race spoke before migrating to Europe, Iran, Tarim, and India.
(378.03 KB 1600x1067 Wakhi girl pakistan.jpg)
(655.87 KB 2500x1755 wakhi women pakistan.jpg)
(83.37 KB 705x1024 wakhi girl gilgit baltistan.jpg)
>>4648 I've often heard Lithuanian touted as being a very conservative IE language as well. Speaking of the Yaghnobi, the Wakhi people are another Iranian ethnic group living in remote regions of Afghanistan, Tajikstan and Pakistan who retain many Aryan features in the photos I have seen.
ITT: We wuz Egyptians! We wuz Indians! We wuz Chinese! White civilization is glorious enough as is; no need for grafting ourselves onto the histories of other people. >>2548 Note that these are mummies from the far west of China. We wuz not da Han Chinese.
(516.28 KB spp214_japan_king.pdf)
(2.43 MB 1280x857 krlupl2waud41.png)
>>4999 Found a reddit thread about possible Indo-European influences in Korea and Japan. https://www.reddit.com/r/IndoEuropean/comments/evm4pj/indoeuropeansteppe_influences_in_japan/ >>4992 Note that these mummies were in the Tarim Basin, were Caucasian and was not a province of China until the Qing Dynasty conquered it. There's no implication that we were Han retard, it's the fact that Indo-Europeans expanded as far as East Asia, and had possible influence on Ancient Chinese culture.
>>4992 >We wuz Indians! "For maternally inherited mtDNA, each caste is most similar to Asians. However, 20%–30% of Indian mtDNA haplotypes belong to West Eurasian haplogroups, and the frequency of these haplotypes is proportional to caste rank, the highest frequency of West Eurasian haplotypes being found in the upper castes. In contrast, for paternally inherited Y-chromosome variation each caste is more similar to Europeans than to Asians. Moreover, the affinity to Europeans is proportionate to caste rank, the upper castes being most similar to Europeans, particularly East Europeans. These findings are consistent with greater West Eurasian male admixture with castes of higher rank." "Collectively, all five datasets show a trend toward upper castes being more similar to Europeans, whereas lower castes are more similar to Asians" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC311057/ Let's not forget the point that Vedic civilization was founded by Sanskrit-speaking Indo-Europeans, a language related to Greek, Latin, Russian and the Germanic languages. Why are you trying to diminish our great White past? >We wuz Chinese! "we compared the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences of three populations that lived in the same location, Linzi, China, in different periods: 2,500 years ago (the Spring-Autumn era), 2,000 years ago (the Han era), and the present day. Two indices were used to compare the genetic differences: the frequency distributions of the radiating haplotype groups and the genetic distances among the populations. The results indicate that the genetic backgrounds of the three populations are distinct from each other. Inconsistent with the geographical distribution, the 2,500-year-old Linzi population showed greater genetic similarity to present-day European populations than to present-day east Asian populations. The 2, 000-year-old Linzi population had features that were intermediate between the present-day European/2,500-year-old Linzi populations and the present-day east Asian populations. These relationships suggest the occurrence of drastic spatiotemporal changes in the genetic structure of Chinese people during the past 2,500 years." https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10958855/
>>4992 >We wuz Egyptians! We wuz Indians! We wuz Chinese! Except we fucking were, retard. Even basic ancient history collaborates this. Look up Indo-Scythians and Tocharians.
(701.80 KB 493x476 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.15 MB 774x507 ClipboardImage.png)
Check this out - >>5167 - Carthaginians were literally Semites, but why did they look so White?
(189.95 KB 1062x678 2015-04-11_10-06-07.jpg)
(81.18 KB 220x195 220px-Shem,_Ham_and_Japheth.jpg)
(9.97 KB 324x156 images.jpg)
(55.80 KB 740x400 wp-1451061507833.jpg)
>>5169 It gives me the impression that they're simply aryans who spoke a different language
>>5180 Highly possible. Unfortunately I was unable to find any descriptions of Hannibal or anyone close to him, but I think that the coins and statues are telling enough. The only possible 'cope' I could think of for anyone wanting to describe these people as being the same Semites / Arabs who live in Tunisia today is to say that the Carthaginians were copying off of the Greek style and making their statues and coins look like Greeks. This isn't satisfying to me, because people aren't going to depict themselves as what their note. Occam's razor would suggest that they really looked something like that. And needless to say though Indo-European languages are closely tied to White people, language isn't tied to genetics. I will have to spend a bit more time looking at the coins of ancient peoples that we have and seeing if we can learn anything interesting.
>>5001 There were divergent results regarding the Linzi DNA, and morphological studies of the skulls are inconsistent with european features http://www.ivpp.cas.cn/cbw/rlxxb/xbwzxz/201203/P020120321548021521705.pdf
>>5250 We can't read chinkoid, retard. Also trusting China is low IQ, because the chinks are known for lying and really didn't want it known that White people brought origin to some of their culture. When an international team of scientists found that there were Caucasian mummies with blonde and red hair within the the pyramids, further investigation and research was prohibited and now it is forbidden for non-bugmen from reporting the case of the Tocharian mummies. You're retarded and didn't even make an attempt to prove him wrong, only took a PDF that you don't understand yourself and unironically believed the chinks when they are known for lying for their supposed innovations and the first mummies were clear as day were Caucasian and not Asian.
(928.90 KB 1564x1296 muhammad white.png)
>>2542 Another good infograph sourcing the ahadith on the White features of Muhammad. It's certainly interesting. On a side note I always found it interesting how Savitri Devi referred to Muhammad as a fellow 'man against time' in her 'The Lightning and the Sun' if I am recalling correctly.
>>2542 >>7210 Anons, by your logic, do you consider Jews to be White too?
>>7258 Of course Jews are not White. The only reason why some people falsely think that Jews are White is because Jews moved into Europe and mixed with gentiles to an extent, Whitening their skin but not hiding their ratlike features from the discerning eye. If Jews had stayed where they were in Palestine since the dawn of time they would probably look like the Arabs who live in surrounding areas today. What’s interesting about Muhammad is that he lived among these brown people in Arabia and was apparently pale enough where it was remarked upon in the narrations repeatedly. That certain raises eyebrows, as do the reports of a blue-eyed, red-haired Genghis Khan. Now what there is no proof of is that Muhammad was an Aryan. Genghis Khan might have a connection with Scythians and other Aryan groups that lived in Western China, but I am not aware of anything similar with Muhammad. Aryan or not, there seems to be a general trend around the world that it was much Whiter in the past and has gradually been browned over the course of history, and in some areas out of nowhere are born exceptional men of White color. A sort of atavistic appearance of what may have been dominant in the distant past.
>>3575 I totally agree
>>7266 You have to remember that horses were domesticated 6000 years ago by Aryan people, this gave them a mobility advantage over other ethnic groups for a long time, until they too learned to use horses. On top of that the slave trade from Sub-Saharan Africa didn't exist in the same dimension as it would during the Middle Ages and Niggers were mostly kept in Sub-Saharan Africa by the desert. Add to that the lower human population and it's just logical that North Africa and Eurasia was populated by mostly light colored racial groups, as they were naturally evolved groups that adapted to their climate, with the only big migration waves coming from White steppe nomads. Hell even Africa was mostly populated by San people and not the Bantu Niggers that raped and pillaged Africa during the Middle and early Modern Ages. Ancient Egypt is a good example. The native ancient Egyptians saw themselves as a red race and know of other races that were White, yellowish and black. Ancient Egypt was successful invaded a number of times and the first one was the Hyksos. The Hyksos were a mixture of different ethnic groups, but they are known to have brought horses and chariots to Ancient Egypt. To the Hyksos belongs an ethnic groups called the Hurrians and we know that the hurrian Kingdom of Mitanni(today Syria) had an indo-aryan ruling class. Mitanni itself was later conquered by the indo-aryan speaking Hittites Empire from Anatolia. Later in their history, the Egyptian were invaded by the Libyans, the Assyrians, the Achaemenid Persians, the Macedonians and the Romans, but only a single time by the black Nubians.
>>2545 Any possibility of blue-eyed Buddhas being an anachronism resulting from a post Greco-Bactrian world?
>>8068 I'm not sure. It's certainly possible that Siddhartha Gautama was a blue-eyed man. For one, this is a traditional trait of the Buddha, though it must be kept in mind that other traits ascribed to him in the same category are very odd (such as a 'Well-retracted male organ' and 'Toes and fingers finely webbed'). That said though, the Shakya people that the Buddha came from among have been connected by many with the Scythians, who were well known for features such as blue eyes and red hair, and there were many, many people out in the East in the area around India and Western China two millennia ago with those features, and one can find reports from Chinese writers attesting to this (and think of people like Bodhidharma who is described too as the 'Blue-Eyed Barbarian, and pre-dates Alexander the Great and his conquests, or the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom).
(355.52 KB 302x452 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.09 MB 900x424 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8068 Not sure, but like >>8070 said, those features were common. Boddhidharma, who like anon said was also called: The Blue-eyed Barbarian or The Blue-eyed Devil, lived in China and had blue eyed and a red beard. According to Chinese sources he was either the son of a south Indian king or Persian. And he's always depicted with non-asian eyes.
>>5250 I don't know why you posted this, because the researchers before were an international team who confirmed that they were indeed Caucasian Europeans. For this study that you obviously did not read yourself and probably did not understood a lick of what it said was done by a field of Chinese scientists only. Reminder that the CCP were the same bugmen who didn't want anyone but themselves to handle the study and research of the mummies. Now we have retards like yourself who will believe paper for your own personal agendas like a moron.
(253.89 KB 800x764 chinese merchant.jpg)
>>8123 It really is telling how much the second paper is damage control. The first paper, like you mention indirectly, is a mixture of Chinese and Japanese scientists. I'm unable to tell where exactly the Chinese ones are from, but I imagine given the track record of China with regards to other evidence of White people there in the past, these are likely people from Taiwan or elsewhere. Authors of the first study: >Li Wang >Hiroki Oota >Naruya Saitou >Feng Jin >Takayuki Matsushita >Shintaroh Ueda https://www.researchgate.net/publication/12362832_Genetic_Structure_of_a_2500-Year-Old_Human_Population_in_China_and_Its_Spatiotemporal_Changes Authors of the damage control study: >Yong-Gang Yao >Qing-Peng Kong >Xiao-Yong Man >Hans-Jürgen Bandelt >Ya-Ping Zhang https://www.researchgate.net/publication/10889155_Reconstructing_the_evolutionary_history_of_China_a_caveat_about_inferences_drawn_from_ancient_DNA All of the Chinks here are affiliated with PRC universities, meanwhile the Japanese researchers above really have no motive to say that Causasian people lived in parts of China in the past. Even if one were to say that it is mere nationalistic attempts to delegitimize the Han foundations of China, we already know from many other kinds of data that Chinese civilization was not founded by the people who are called Chinese today, as is shown in this thread
Does anyone have possible connections of the Indo-Europeans, Korea, Taiwan and Japan other than what >>5000 had sourced? I also saw something from Robert Sepehr about blue-eye gods within Chinese folklore. >>>5169 I think it was said that the Queen who brought birth to Carthage was blond. >>8128 Sounds like Taiwan and Japan are very honorary, while the Koreans and Chinese only have some who are worthy of the title.
>>8501 For Taiwan I doubt there are any connections with Indo-Europeans. Apparently the aboriginal population of Taiwan has been there for over six millennia, and they themselves are almost indistinguishable from Chinks, and traditionally speak Austronesian languages just like people do in the Philippines, Hawaii and in Indonesia. I'd of course be interested if anyone knew anything.
>>8128 That reminds me of these guys making a case about Genghis Khan being White. https://www.radioalbion.com/2021/03/the-daily-nationalist-genghis-khan-was.html
>>8501 >Connections with China http://www.sino-platonic.org/complete/spp167_old_chinese_proto_indo_european.pdf All I have is a pdf I found that shows a connection with a couple of words that may have been borrowed from the Indo-Europeans. But I think I did see something about a Southern Chinese tribe or at least somewhere South of China that had people with blonde and red hair with blue-eyes. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the tribe and do not have any sources, but you can try your best to find it, because all I remember is that it had a name that started with a H. >>8511 The jew/libshit will always kvetch when it is revealed that Aryans are a powerful people. We already have accounts from a Persian writer that described the Khan family and their physical appearances, so this is just a chimp-out that he wasn't a gook.
>>8501 For China, we have information from Pliny on how there were Europeans in a place called Serica. >>Serica (/ˈsɛrɪkə/) was one of the easternmost countries of Asia known to the Ancient Greek and Roman geographers. It is generally taken as referring to North China during its Zhou, Qin, and Han dynasties, as it was reached via the overland Silk Road in contrast to the Sinae, who were reached via the maritime routes. >>These people, they said, exceeded the ordinary human height, had flaxen hair, and blue eyes, and made an uncouth sort of noise by way of talking, having no language of their own for the purpose of communicating their thoughts. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Plin.+Nat.+6.24 I don't know much about Taiwan, except that they are a combination of aboriginals and Chinese. The blue-eyed gods and more info on Japan you mentioned are still things I haven't found yet.
(161.71 KB 1305x639 the blond gods of greece.png)
(48.28 KB 747x501 blue-eyed buddha.jpg)
For the sake of collecting a lot of material in one thread here is another post from the paganism thread on descriptions of the Greek gods. This is of course interesting because of the second pic attached. >>8551 I'm wondering if the blue-eyed god thing of Japan might just be a garbled transmission of info about descriptions of the Buddha, or of Bodhisattvas, or figures like Bodhidharma. While they are not gods really, I see how the error could be made by outside observers.
>>8551 Continuing possible evidence of Europeans in China, the Wusun are said to be a people with distinct features from common Hans. >>According to Yan Shigu’s 顏師古 commentary on the Hanshu, ch. 96A “Among the various Rong in the Western Regions, the Wusun’s shape was the strangest; and the present barbarians who have blue eyes and red hair, and are like a macaque, belonged to the same race as the Wusun.” >Initially, when only a few number of skulls from Wusun territory were known, the Wusun were recognized as a Caucasoid people with slight Mongoloid admixture.Later, in a more thorough study by Soviet archaeologists of eighty-seven skulls of Zhetysu, the six skulls of the Wusun period were determined to be purely Caucasoid or close to it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wusun Then we have the Yellow Emperor who is rumored to be blonde. >In characteristic open-mindedness and provocative radicalism, Mengzi [Mencius] 孟子 cheerfully asserts that quite a few of the Chinese sages, such as Shun 舜 and King Wen 文王, were not even ethnically "Chinese": >Shun... was one of the foreigners in the east [of the northern "Chinese" heartland] and King Wen... was one of the foreigners in the west [of the northern "Chinese" heartland]. 舜...東夷之人也。文王...西夷之人也。... >Already the Han dynasty commenter ... Zhao Qi, explains the scandal away by simply saying that the place where Shun was born was in the lands of the eastern foreigners, and that therefore when Mengzi says that Shun is one of them he actually only says that he is a "Chinese" who happened to be born there; the same claim is made for King Wen, whose place was a bona fide Zhou place but "close" to the Western foreigners. https://sedulia.blogs.com/sedulias_quotations/2011/11/was-the-yellow-emperor-huangdi-a-blond-hmm.html >>8553 >I'm wondering if the blue-eyed god thing of Japan Never heard of blue-eyed gods in Japan. >While they are not gods really, I see how the error could be made by outside observers. Well Buddha and his teaching has been corrupted by discples and sent over to various nations that are not Aryan, so it only makes sense that they would worship a great teacher as god, because inferior minds will only listen to you unless you claim divinity.
(16.27 MB spp080_saka_sai.pdf)
>>8554 Forgot Sino-Platonic pdf for various Chinese accounts of Western barbarians in China.
On the topic of Serica, Pliny the Elder mentions them under the name Seres in his 'The Natural History'. Their capitol Sera, according to the footnotes, has been identified variously with Singan (Sian or Xi'an in modern orthography) or even with Beijing. <The first people that are known of here are the Seres, so famous for the wool that is found in their forests.5 After steeping it in water, they comb off a White down that adheres to the leaves; and then to the females of our part of the world they give the twofold task of unravelling their textures, and of weaving the threads afresh. So manifold is the labour, and so distant are the regions which are thus ransacked to supply a dress through which our ladies may in public display their charms. The Seres are of inoffensive manners, but, bearing a strong resemblance therein to all savage nations, they shun all intercourse with the rest of mankind, and await the approach of those who wish to traffic with them. The one footnote: <The people of Serica, which country with Ptolemy corresponds to the north-western part of China, and the adjacent portions of Tibet and Chinese Tartary. The capital, Sera, is by most supposed to be Singan, on the Hoang-ho, but by some Peking. Pliny evidently refers to the same people, and has some notion of the locality of their country. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.02.0137%3Abook%3D6%3Achapter%3D20