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(34.50 KB 382x381 ClipboardImage.png)
QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Blackshirt 05/06/2022 (Fri) 16:08:22 ID:3f3441 No. 27993
If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it in this thread. Previous thread: >>19638 https://archive.ph/lU8ic
Edited last time by FashBO on 05/06/2022 (Fri) 16:13:08.
(70.61 KB 471x796 gregor strasser.jpg)
Cheetah, where is the bunker? I know you know my email address, sent it to me.
How do I meet fellow travellers when I live in a liberal shithole and can't afford a car? Think Portland but smaller and in the Midwest. I'd prefer to avoid relying on the internet since social media is poison
How long until the USA has its Remember lads moment? What could the implications of such an event be?
I know pornography is generally considered harmful, but is it harmful to occasionally view pin-up art or cheesecake?
(95.54 KB 722x554 america.jpg)
All evil empires eventually become ridiculous.
(68.75 KB 881x901 1651464335600.jpg)
>>28080 it produces libido does it not? even if on its own its not the worst it drives you to seek more.
>>28098 We've basically already had a few before and after Christchurch with Robert Bowers, and then with Patrick Crusius, who had roughly ~23 kills if I am remembering correctly. All in all, it's fairly surprising how little of a response these things have had over all. Even larger non-WN attacks like that of Omar Mateen on Pulse, or Las Vegas with Paddock seem to have not led to much. So what impact would really depend on what happened, how many were affected, and the exact situation domestically at the time. It probably will happen eventually though given the trajectory of America towards total race war. >>28096 Does the collective IQ of the assembled three here even get above 100? >>28080 I wouldn't consider any of those to be particularly edifying.
>>28079 Didn't we already have that with McVeigh and co.?
>>28098 >>28106 I don't mean straight up porn I mean like photos or drawings of attractive women like the ones you see on this site's /aus/ board. As for libido I have plenty of that already because I work out regularly and spent a lot of time online or in close proximity with female coeds. The pictures are mostly there to motivate me to keep fit and serve as an outlet for my fantasies.
(140.62 KB 799x1000 pin up girl.jpg)
>>28124 As long as you're not talking about straight-up porn (as you say), then I don't really have too many objections. Men do like to see attractive women, and if it helps you stay fit and work out or something, then ultimately it is more good than bad I would say. Not my cup of tea, but whatever. A good litmus test though: usually if one has to ask if something is degenerate, it probably is. Pin-up type stuff has a long history though. It's less clear-cut. Really depends how you use it.
ITT: Anons confess their lewd thoughts as if /fascist/ is some kind of church, how adorable. t. shameless coomer
>>28161 Being a slave to your animal impulses is pathetic, anon.
>>28162 >Fap >No more animal impulses >No more distractions or desires Simple as
>>28165 And then the desires come back, and often worse than before. If you tried to stop for any extended amount of time, your slavery would become evident. You're almost surely a hypofrontal coomer who can't go more than a few days without playing with his cock and looking at jew-made pornography.
All of you need to read https://easypeasymethod.org/ Porn, yes even those innocent pinups, cannot give you sexual pleasure or sexual release. It's a photo, of course it can't. It also can't "raise your libido", because you're fooling your brain into thinking that photos are the same as actual sex, which actually lowers your desire for real women.
>>28168 >>28172 Is there any method to recover the burnt-out dopamine receptors? To get the libido back? Abstaining does lead to a passing build-up, but it doesn't increase the sensation. It became like chronic smoking.
>>28175 Yes, stop watching porn (and other supernormal stimuli, and doing drugs). Your brain will recover quite quickly, as long as you don't go back to doing it.
>>28172 >>28180 I see your point but really you can't get away from it entirely in (((today's world))). Not everyone can be a monk, so you may as well focus the urges into more productive pursuits. As for desiring real women that hasn't changed for me much, though I don't act on it because I don't want to take the risks.
>>28180 >Your brain will recover quite quickly Not really. I want to go back to a state where I was excited by the sight of a woman in lingerie in some magazine as a teenager. Well, not entirely since that's likely impossible due to imprints and aging, but at least somewhat. There has to be some method to achieve that. >>28187 >though I don't act on it because I don't want to take the risks What risks? Just use protection lol
>>28187 >>28189 How about you read the book I posted, then you can keep watching porn when you're done if you want.
(51.90 KB 640x628 grill watchmen.jpg)
>>28075 Just want to add for the anons who remember our discussion in the Aryan Philosophy thread, I'm gonna have to agree with radical centrists not making good friends. They may listen to what we have to say but when it comes down to actually fighting left-wing dominance of society they're nowhere to be found. Basically the non-Boomer version of "I just want to grill." People who think that if they hide their powerlevel they'll somehow be able to avoid the cancel culture mob despite it taking over more and more institutions. The more polarised society gets the less interested I become in dialogue or associating with people who have no interest in radical action (inb4 glownigger).
>>28245 A fence-sitting centrist is never an interesting friend. I'd rather argue with the dumbest most Jew-brainwashed leftist all day than spend time with a humdrum fence-sitter. They're at least just as fun to talk with as fellow travelers who are up-to-date on the machinations of the elite in my experience. And yes, you are right. We're really at the point where dialogue is not going to accomplish much. The other side is actually irrational and have willingly given up their ability of free-thinking and independence. Covid-19 was one of the greatest demonstrations of this, but it is really a ubiquitous phenomenon from the last five or six years (and probably longer) I wish I were able to give some good advice to you about your situation here >>28075 . With no car it is very difficult to do anything, when I did not have one, I basically did not do anything or go anywhere.
>>28248 It's more fun to argue with leftists to a certain extent, if only because they seethe so hard and parrot ridiculous talking points. But I've learned to avoid revealing my powerlevel to those people because some of them will try to cancel you irl. I just recently missed out on a job opportunity because of this And yeah guess I should just get a car lol
>>28270 >>I've learned to avoid revealing my powerlevel to those people because some of them will try to cancel you irl. I just recently missed out on a job opportunity because of this Ah, that would really suck. Hopefully they did not cause any major problems beyond that. Modulating it from situation-to-situation is definitely the best. Sometimes I want to show it but decide not to for my own best interest. Sometimes it's not worth it. I don't advocate for totally hiding it, but sometimes to not hide it is foolish. Probably the best option to get a car in the long run, even though it might cost you a lot, unfortunately. But the benefits will outweigh the costs.
Help me bros. I need good starting books on race/racial differences/race realism. I want to be racially conscious. Do you guys any recommendation? Thanks in advance.
>>28305 Search for Alternative Hypothesis on Bitchute, he has a wide variety of videos covering that area and sources it all from what I recall, also has a website with traditional articles on a wide range of such subjects. https://thealternativehypothesis.org https://www.bitchute.com/channel/thealthype/
(180.16 KB 518x659 Arthur_de_Gobineau.jpg)
>>28305 Arthur de Gobineau was a French writer from the mid 1800s who predicted pretty much everything happening right now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_de_Gobineau
>>28308 Why do you use a heavily biased source such as wikipedia? Wikipedia is not worth a stained toilet paper.
>>28308 Nietzsche did it better.
>>28310 If you want a list of his books the titles are on there so just read his book directly. It's called "An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races" or "Essai sur l'inégalité des races humaines".
>>28311 The same Nietzsche who said that Jews are the strongest and most pure race in Europe? Hilarious to even dare associate Gobineau with such a man.
>>28315 The same Nietzsche who despised them and their bastard children Christians without fail, and despised the jews as much as he respected them, and he was right the jews are indeed the Strongest in their conviction to destroy us, Toughest in the fact that even then they were victorious, Purest in their nature, and this remains true today, Read this essay, at least at the end, you'll maybe be a little bit less of an idiot.
Does anyone have the video edit of Tatu's 'All the things she said' with different footage of the 2011 Oslo attack? I can't find it no matter how hard I search around.
>>28324 Jews are among one of the most mixed and least pure races on this planet.
>>28332 >Where did I or Nietzsche imply that they are genetically pure? <he was right the jews are indeed the Strongest in their conviction to destroy us, Toughest in the fact that even then they were victorious, Purest in their nature, and this remains true today, Nature includes genetics. Nature does not exist apart from it. Behavior is downstream from genetics and race. You said that they were the 'purest'. It's hard to say Nietzsche is right on this one, given that he wanted to drive anti-Semites from Germany and would prefer to kill us (his words)
>>28330 Where did I or Nietzsche imply that they are genetically pure? Genetics didn't exist in his time and "purest in their nature" quite obviously means that they are pure to their natural instincts, and that they are purest to their nature, which is Anti-Life, Anti-Nature, and Anti-Aryan.
>>28333 If their natur is to be a so called "Anti-Race, they would indeed be pure but the Ashkenazi Orthodox Jews are probably who he was referring to and they have kept much of their lineage quite pure, for a very long time, even they will fall to their nature, eventually.
>>28335 Ashkenazis are only pure if you consider severe inbreeding and a predisposition to schizophrenia, Tay-Sachs and other genetic disorders 'pure'. Even then, Jewish intermarriage is at a record high if we are to trust the studies and the kvetching over it that pops up from time-to-time. Savitri Devi said it best in The Lightning and the Sun, the Jews are literally just a conglomeration of genetic garbage that blends in with other groups in whatever society that they settle in with, via miscegenation to receive a semblance of resemblance to the host population. It's key to Jewish crypsis. To speak of Jews in any way as 'pure' is to fundamentally misunderstand how the work. Nietzsche's comments need to also be read in the light of the other praises he gave to them, and his hatred of nationalism.
>>28337 And you have not read either the essay or Nietzsche's works in full, or really at all, if you honestly think that he truly hated either nationalism or that he loved the jews, he respected them greatly, true, and any real opponent of them absolutely should respect them. He gave them plenty of praise to that effect, but ultimately he viewed them as an enemy to the Aryan race, and Christians as essentially their tools within our race, to manipulate our race in their favor, he was and is absolutely correct on that. He hated Germanism or rather the Germanism of his time, and quite directly states what he disliked about his people, the State of Germany, and how they were at that time. He disliked petty Nationalism and petty anti-Semitism, and despised liberalism but idolized pre-christian Rome, it's natural morality and how it took it's nation to it's height and emohasizes who it was brought low by jews and their primary tool, Christianity. Considering many of his most important works shit all over the jews, while praising them where a proper thinking enemy of such a people should praise them, he was not an "Anti-semite" but anti- the jewish race, in the truest sense. His writings provide a clearer picture of jews and their motivation, and how they succeded than any petty caricatures of today or yesteryear show or depict. Hitler agreed with much of Nietzsche's writings and while Nietzsche may have disliked the methods he used to attain power, such as appealing to petty anti-semites, but if they could have had an opportunity to talk, had Nietsche not fallen victim to brain cancer, and really hash each other out, something Hitler certainly would have done. I think Nietzsche would have immensely liked the man himself, and would have agreed with Hitlers ultimate plan and goal, which, of course, we never got to see. All this just to illuminate to you that Nietzsche isn't quite so clear cut to discard as you claim. Which you would know already, if you had also read Hitler, as he says right in Mein Kampf, to take what's useful and leave the rest.
>>28337 Also jews are "pure" in their nature, which is to corrupt, bastardize and destroy, it is not a fundamental misunderstanding of them, and that comes from Savitri Devi, who, if I recall, says that they are quite purely a force for disintegration, and veiwed from that angle would be pure, in a sense. I believe she shared that perspective with Nietzsche, but that is just my intuitive leap.
(1.94 MB 1284x965 ClipboardImage.png)
>>28342 >He hated Germanism or rather the Germanism of his time Nietzsche was writing at the exact time that German united into a single unified Reich. If he hated this 'Germanism' it says quite a lot about the man. To see what Nietzsche says about nationalism throughout his works shows that he hated it in general. He was not a nationally-minded man, and indeed spent his life wandering through Europe like a rootless cosmopolitan, even renouncing his own Volk <this sickliness and want of reason which is most opposed to culture, and which is called Nationalism,—this névrose nationale [national neurosis] from which Europe is suffering acutely; this eternal subdivision of Europe into petty states, with politics on a municipal scale: they have robbed Europe itself of its significance, of its reason,—and have stuffed it into a cul-de-sac. Is there any one except me who knows the way out of this cul-de-sac? Does anyone except me know of an aspiration which would be great enough to bind the people of Europe once more together? Let us emphasize again that Nietzsche wrote this work, Ecce Homo, in 1888, at the height of the great national unifications of European nationalities, when countries like Italy were formed (1861), or Germany (1871). We also see Nietzsche link the new German Reich in The Twilight of the Idols with a 'decaying' form of the state and calls it 'petty-state' nonsense, which again, is Nietzsche directly ridiculing states founded on the principle of nationality! He links it with democracy. The very state that Hitler fought for and sought to restore Nietzsche despised. <I already characterized modern democracy and all democratic halfway measures, such as the “German Reich,” as a decaying form of the state. In order for institutions to exist, there has to be a kind of will, instinct, imperative, anti-liberal to the point of malice: the will to tradition, to authority, to responsibility for centuries to come, to the solidarity of chains of generations forwards and backwards in infinitum. If this will is there, something like the imperium Romanum [Roman Empire] is ounded—or like Russia, the only power that has physical endurance today, that can wait, that can still promise something—Russia, the antithesis of the pathetic European petty-state nonsense and nervousness which with the foundation of the German Reich has reached a critical condition . . . And from the most telling passage from The Gay Science §377: <No, we do not love humanity; but on the other hand we are not nearly 'German' enough, in the sense in which the word 'German' is constantly used nowadays, to advocate nationalism and racial hatred [Nationalismus und Rassenhass] and to be able to take pleasure in the national scabies of the heart and blood poisoning with which European peoples nowadays delimit and barricade themselves against each other as if with quarantines. For that, we are too uninhibited, too malicious, too spoiled, also too well-informed, too 'well-travelled': we far prefer to live on mountains, apart, 'untimely', in past or future centuries, merely in order to avoid the silent rage to which we know we should be condemned as eyewitnesses of politics that are destroying the German spirit by making it vain and which are, moreover, petty politics - to keep its creation from falling apart again, doesn't it need to plant it between two deadly hatreds? Mustn 't it desire the eternalization of the European system of many petty states? We who are homeless are too diverse and racially mixed in our descent, as 'modern men', and consequently we are not inclined to participate in the mendacious racial self-admiration [Rassen-Selbstbewunderung] and obscenity that parades in Germany today as a sign of a German way of thinking and that is doubly false and indecent among the people of the 'historical sense'. In a word - and let this be our word of honour -we are good Europeans, the rich heirs of millennia of European spirit, with too many provisions but also too many obligations. This is a man who hated Germans so much that he LARPed as a Pole and cried about racial hatred and bemoaned the fact that Europe was uniting on the principle of Volk. The very existence of a united Germany made him seethe. He isn't a /fascist/ thinker.
(41.01 KB 600x495 1652427481885.jpg)
There was a shooting today in Buffalo that was live streamed on twitch. Does anyone have the footage?
(4.22 MB 2212x1252 hehe.png)
>>28375 No Only one leaf has the full video but he was too scared to post it. this is all I have : https://no-cookie.kiwifarms.net/data/video/3281/3281655-9939e0f79dd8b6256d077b64f8d59058.mp4
Devon Stack is a faggot.
>>28344 None of these facts matter, because 1. He greatly inspired Hitler and many Volkisch movements. 2. He was one of the few thinkers who challenged modern thought, something that also gave birth to fascism. 3. He speaks many truth about the current state of the world and future of Germany. 4. His personal opinions do not effect us in any way nor strive us from admiring his works, while still criticizing him for his dumb opinions. You're are both the first anti-Nietzschean to skim through his works to find ways to shit on him, but are still the most retarded anon for trying to determine how fascists should think or act. You're doing exactly what every Platonic or anti-Nietzschean do, attempting to control narratives, while trying to dictate our thoughts on how we should and shouldn't think about just like the Jew. To say he isn't a /fascist/ thinker is retarded, because without him being the ingredient to Adolf and Mussolini's influences they would of probably stayed basic bitch cuckservatives. You aren't a /fascist/ , but /faggot/.
>>28330 Did you not read the part where he said pure in their nature? >Muh genetics!! Jews are mixed right? Even mutts have a nature and it always tends to be hostile and destructive. Jews are in their pure nature to be corrupt and in their attempt to be chaotic, which we clearly within this present.
>>28399 I'll respond in full to him tomorrow, I've had a hell of week, and he didn't read the essay I posted either which explains from a National Socialist how exactly Nietzsche matches up with Hitlers and our thoughts.
Thoughts on respecting one's enemies? Not talking some gay Christian turn the other cheek shit, but admiring their strengths even though they use them for evil. I've been reading BHL and I can't help but appreciate his intellect even if he is a NATO shill. I would rather be up against worthy opponents, you know? I feel like we could even stagnate if all we had to deal with were slave races
Would you say that National Socialism only is compatible with Germans or those who belong to the Germanic language tree? For example, I see a-lot of Anglos who continuously take their own interpretation of NS into something Christian-like or atheistic. It seems to me that Anglos and Slavs cannot grasp National Socialism without bringing up their own or ethnical ideas into something that is clearly incompatible with the Germanic volk. >>28401 There's nothing wrong with admiring your enemies' qualities as long as they are honourable. Take Saladin as an example. Despite him being a devout Muhammadan, he still had respect for the crusaders who willingly fought to protect and expand the Kingdom Of Jerusalem (die for Israel goy!). There's also the story of Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, two legendary leaders/fighters who were both rivals and friends. But in the end, we must always do what is necessary to advance our path, even if it means to kill the men we respect so dearly.
(265.04 KB 1500x1550 language families.png)
>>28457 English is a Germanic language. Look into Old English.
>>28469 Anglos act more Jewish Latin than they do Germanic. They constantly go around bashing great German leaders such as Arminius and are full-blown Romanboos who detest their Saxon heritage. It seems to me that they only speak a Germanic languages, but have the soul of the French. For example, Anglos are said to always have their minds in the marketplace daily or will always seek the merchant's life above all things according to Nietzsche, Spengler and Evola who are correct in their analysis. While National Socialism is in for true aristocratic values and seeks to re-establish and affirm their primal traditions and origin. To me it seems that our values cannot work with the kinds of people who want to be like Jews than their ancestors.
>>28489 If you wanted to make a rant you should have just done it to begin with instead of coyly pretending you had a question lol
>>28496 I wasn't making a rant, I'm asking the question to get your opinions. If you don't have an answer or cannot understand the question, then don't make time-wasting responses.
>>28469 >>28489 England's identity is defined as being essentially the mutt nation of Europe, for better and for worse. Almost every ethnic group, especially in Western Europe, sent some of their best men to England to fight and die, with only the best of those remaining and reproducing. From neolithic farmers, to Indo-European Celts, to Latins, to Germanics, to Norsemen, to Norsemen-Latin mutts in it of themselves, etc. England is an island with the unique quality of whomever steps upon it becomes English. That's the key factor to England's identity, and perhaps to its success as well. That isn't to say that race-mixing groups with extremely large differences is beneficial; moreso the mixing of these similar groups caused a sort of filtration to occur where only the best qualities were shat out of the Franken(((stein))) monster that was, and is, the English identity.
(163.64 KB 602x745 Gay science 1.PNG)
(304.37 KB 1046x801 Ecce Homo.PNG)
(360.47 KB 1254x873 Gay science 2.PNG)
>>28344 First with these pictures lets demystify, and broaden the context within each work you quote, There are some differences in translations, obviously, but even with the ones you quoted, you're leaving out the context, which, as your kind always do, changes the meaning of things greatly. btw many of those who study Nietzsche think that his larping as a pole was something of a joke, as he knew he was fully German, and he would never have been taught otherwise. >Let us emphasize again that Nietzsche wrote this work, Ecce Homo, in 1888, at the height of the great national unifications of European nationalities, when countries like Italy were formed (1861), or Germany (1871). What Nietzsche was specifically criticizing was the petty part of the nationalism, as he makes quite clear several times both within your quotes and in the text surrounding them that he wished for a BROADER unification of Europe, of the Aryan race, and in fact he goes on right after one of your quotes to shit on Martin Luther, rightfully so, who single handedly caused the disgusting state of affairs and the protestantism which has caused no end of problems since he broke from the church, such the disgusting convention of naming our children after jews in the bible. He disliked Martin Luther because he destroyed the potential transvaluation of values that the election of Cesare Borgia could, and to him would, have brought right to the heart of Roman Catholicism, which would have destroyed it. None of those states was based on ethnos or preserving it, particularly in the case of Germany, and Austria, we have Hitler's testimony to the truth of Nietzsche's words, what? some thirty years later? and he makes very clear that he was criticizing it on the grounds of it's basis on Christian Morality >We also see Nietzsche link the new German Reich in The Twilight of the Idols with a 'decaying' form of the state and calls it 'petty-state' nonsense, which again, is Nietzsche directly ridiculing states founded on the principle of nationality! He links it with democracy. The very state that Hitler fought for and sought to restore Nietzsche despised. He directly showed an example of the decay he was talking about just after the end of your quote following this quote of mine, pointing out how hollow, in the 1880's, marriage already was. Showing, whether he knew it or not, that reactionaries are completely fucking delusional. he was right to link it as he did, as Hitler himself also did, and no he wasn't trying to restore that Empire, he was trying to create a new one, this time with the Race at the center of the States actions and reason for existing, and yes even Hitler, like Nietzche, was a racialist for more than just Germany and it's people, he also wished for a unification of the Aryan race, across borders because he foresaw where this would end up, and he could have stopped and reversed all of the decline that both Nietzsche and he saw, had he won, but he was not fated to win. For the most part nietzsches word speak for themselves did he have some opinions or beliefs we, or Hitler, would have disagreed with, sure but if you actually follow Hitler you would know he advocates taking what is most useful and discarding that which isn't, and he took more from Nietzsche than he did from almost anyone else, how interesting that is.
>>28376 Well, here it is. I found it on one of my discord servers. 16chan isn't letting me post it, probably because it's 80mb, so here's a mediafire link https://www.mediafire.com/file/9ljpprr7i7aelh8/buffalo_prank_full.mp4/file Does anyone have the Christchurch one? I want to save it.
(13.41 KB 320x320 always the sun.png)
https://nitter.net/Levi_godman/status/1524904639925309456#m >by the name of the sun >we swear an oath what did they mean by this? Has the sun any prominence in modern Russian political philosophy / state doctrine? I know one could argue the Christian cross is a symbol of the sun but this song doesnt feel Christian to me
(375.88 KB 626x571 ClipboardImage.png)
>>28574 Apparently is by Robert Rozhdestvensky. I dug up this quick rundown on him on a book of Russian poetry but wasn't able to find the poem referenced. Ostensibly everything mentioned about the sun could be Biblical references to God / Jesus, but this guy comes from the USSR and was associated with the Soviet bureaucracy at some point, so who knows. I can't find any references on what religion he was.
>>28780 Thanks for that. Given the Soviet background I guess it's safe to say that the poem was originally just meant to be some atheist yet mildly spiritual piece of art with probably not much deeper meaning. It's more interesting that it's used now in a public context where you would expect something Russian orthodox.
(558.25 KB 606x840 ClipboardImage.png)
>>28783 > Given the Soviet background I guess it's safe to say that the poem was originally just meant to be some atheist yet mildly spiritual piece of art with probably not much deeper meaning. I'm leaning towards the same interpretation. You point out something worth underlining - Soviet atheism wasn't necessarily some sort of sterile materialism in the way that Marx, Engels and Lenin's writings were. It sort of verges on mysticism and panpsychism at times if one reads about the Russian Cosmists and into some of the stuff that Soviet science fiction writers were writing about. Modern Russia seems to have a weird stance towards its past.
Someone call the 16chan superadmin and tell him to get off the 56K wire and do something about the shitty lag.
>>28344 He seems to have hated the petty nationalism that led to intra-european wars. The Jews exploited this mutual nationalistic hatred as it provided a formidable tool of division against what seems to be their greatest fear, a pan-Aryan reich centered on White people and the highest virtues. This greatest challenge is by definition meant to be solved in Europe. America as it is called is most certainly slated for dissolution and partition into few remaining smaller states liberated from a monolithic superficially monocultural behemoth. I for one wouldn't be surprised that within a hundred years, some western smaller states would be forced back into a position of colonies of a greater European empire.
>>28911 I thought it was just me. Can BO please report these problems to site owner?
>>28911 >>28918 The problem is intermittent and is only affecting the 16.onion and not 16.xyz Sometimes its fine, then minutes later connection goes to shit. Not sure if it's caused by attacks or just issue with tor network in general.
>>28914 Europe in Nietzsche’s time was hardly even split up into nation-states in the way it is today. There was still an Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottomans controlled territority in Europe, the Russian Empire still had Finland, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and many other areas. What would be considered ‘petty’ nationalism during his time would be new formations such as the Reich. >The Jews exploited this mutual nationalistic hatred as it provided a formidable tool of division against what seems to be their greatest fear, a pan-Aryan reich centered on White people and the highest virtues This only works in America, where the label ‘White’ has actual currency as a catch-all for Euromutt. Europeans should certainly not fight among themselves, but their individual nations ought to be preserved, as well as their cultures. The idea of some sort of European superstate is just giving in to the globalist / communist agenda of the EU, which will erode European sovereignty and nations in the long-term. > America as it is called is most certainly slated for dissolution and partition into few remaining smaller states liberated from a monolithic superficially monocultural behemoth And of course this will be a good thing. America had an alternate future as a pan-European federal state, which developed organically through its historical circumstances, but it chose (or rather was forced onto) the path of race-mixing, negroes, mass immigration and degeneracy. A collapse will be a rebirth.
>>28927 I've been having problems with tor where the circuit I'm on will be going fine, but then it slows to a crawl and only getting a new circuit fixes it. But then the new circuit has the same problem a little later. No idea if it's a problem with me, a problem with the tor network or if something spooky is going on.
>>28968 I’ve been having similar problem’s with this site’s onion for months on and off.
Is it worth trying to meet like minded people IRL?
Can anyone read the file here https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/the-myth-of-homosexuality-in-ancient-greece_btfBAYWsHNW5SG5.html "The Myth of Homosexuality in Ancient Greece"
Does anyone have any statistics or studies on how AMWF and WMAF have high divorce rates or are just highly unstable as interracial marriages with niggers?
>>29115 Didn’t save but last chart I saw showed AMWF as significantly lower divorce rate than WMWF. WMAF was in between, but still lower divorce rate than WMWF.
(49.40 KB 251x400 media_57996842.jpeg)
I'm about to read into Anthony C. Sutton's theory that the Anglosphere were the reason why the Soviet Union were able to acquire advance technology and became a 'global superpower'. Is there any faults is this book? Should I avoid it for it being BS?
>>29120 *Are* *Within* It is 2 am for me.
>Baby formula this baby formula there Are burger femoids so detached from nature, too fat to find their tits or too retarded to just breastfeed? Too puritan? Have tits become so sexualised that you stupid degenerate fucks can't even imagine they are literal milk bags and there for a reason. Hanging right in front of your disgusting whore torso? Why would you even feed a baby with an (((artificial))) product when you have the real deal right there with you? Explain, this is political!
>>29120 They did prop up USSR with lend lease and I'm sure them acquiring nukes was just a mere coincidence. The end goal was giving them to non-White 3rd world countries so their population numbers are no longer kept in check by conventional wars. USSR was controlled opposition for most intents and purposes. >>29127 I've seen the ingredients on those, and hell, I wouldn't consume that myself, let alone give it to a child. HFCS, Soy and other garbage with practically no healthy ingredients. Feeding children with goat milk would be better.
>>29127 >Are burger femoids so detached from nature, too fat to find their tits or too retarded to just breastfeed? It's the retarded one. Back in the 50s there was a marketing push that using only baby food and not breast feeding was healthier. Some people still fall for it. (frankly the fact that the corporate execs that pushed that shit weren't publicly hanged proves that america is zog to me) On top of that, apparently some women don't produce enough milk for their baby so they use formula, but like you said they can just use milk or soft foods and not that chemical crap. >>29129 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_spies reads like a bar mitzvah attendance list
>>29136 Modern diet also reduces the milk women are able to produce, and decreases its nutritional value. There are specialists that can help women produce more milk, or even start lactating if necessary so formula is still unnecessary.
I confronted the shitlib who tried to get me fired from my job (for saying something racist off-the-clock). In the interest of reaching across the aisle I told him that perhaps isolating dissenters from society isn't the best way to get them to reconsider their views. I'm still pretty lefty in comparison to the rest of this board but holy shit can I understand how society is polarising so fast after being on the receiving end of something like this. Fortunately my co-workers are on my side
>>29140 Funny I recently reached out to a buddy at work who I’ve only messaged on Steam prior to now (for about a year). I’ve been talking to him more and wanted to send him a meme, so I messaged him “send me your number, nigger.” He didn’t reply and it was awkward at work. At least now I know how far right he is. Apparently stuck in the Crowder/ Charlie Kirk zone. Sad.
>>29127 Always good to know like-minded people. The problem is finding something that doesn't glow brighter than the sun.
>>29146 You don't have to blow up your local federal synagogue with them just drink beers and hang out or whatever and you'll be fine. If they try to get you to do something illegal then drop contact.
>>29142 See, I have centrist and even liberal friends who are okay with the word nigger, you never really know if someone is gonna have a stick up their ass, sadly. I almost miss the mask mandate cause it helped distinguish the actual freethinkers from the sheep. Now that they're optional I automatically assume anyone still wearing one is clinically insane and/or a tranny
>>29198 Yeah. A lot of the Asians still wear them too. I enjoy probing the Asians that aren’t for psychological differences.
>>29200 They seem to do that a lot in Asian countries too.