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(54.74 KB 640x713 hitler brown house.jpg)
Rules / Moderation / Request / Meta Blackshirt 03/14/2021 (Sun) 18:45:31 ID:92820e No. 3
WELCOME TO /FASCIST/, PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING OLD MATRIX CHAT BANNED, NEW ONE MADE /fascist/ Matrix community chat: https://matrix.to/#/#getvaxxed:matrix.org 16chan on Tor: (save locally!) http://mbv5a7cc6756lkpqts6si5zcpxwvd43cyb4atbqzjqypktsdoftphyqd.onion/fascist/ Secondary Bunker: https://8chan.moe/fascist/ /fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism, etc). Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, non-fascists are permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs as long as they respect the rules of this board! This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation (currently just me), banners and general bitching. BASIC RULES 1. Global rules apply (see https://16chan.xyz/.static/pages/globalRules.html ) 2. Literature requests should go in the proper thread >>4 3. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go in the QTDDTOT 4. No avatarfagging, namefaggjg or tripfagging without reason 5. No self-advertising. No Discord shilling. 6. No degeneracy* 7. No spam, flooding, serial double- / triple posting 8. No fedposting** * Note on 'No degeneracy' For purposes of this board, this means no unspoilered gore, no pornography, no advocating for race-mixing, transgender ideology, homosexuality, bisexuality, sexualizing prepubescents, etc. ** Note on 'fedposting' Fedposting will be defined as posts that actively attempt to rouse users into carrying out terrorist attacks or acts of violence. Speaking positively about Breivik, Tarrant or similar individuals does not count as fedposting, think more of ""Hey kid, you wanna bomb a federal building?" type posts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT TYPE OF CONTENT WE WANT Here on /fascist/ we want high quality on-topic discussion and threads. If a major news event occurs (e.g. war breaks out, major terrorist attack, migrant crisis 2.0, another 9/11-tier event), go ahead and make a full thread. WE ARE NOT A NEWS BOARD, generally speak. We don’t care about what Trump did today or muh Republicans and Democrats. That should go to the /pol/ of your choice. LOW-EFFORT THREADS ARE DISCOURAGED This means we don’t want here on /fascist/ shit-tier threads which do not foster any interesting discussion or contribute anything of worth. This style of thread will in most cases be locked after being directed to the QTDDTOT or outright deleted. Examples of this type of thread: >what do fascists think of X Y Z >can gays / blacks / trannies / jews be fascist? IS FUN ALLOWED HERE?? Of course, but the main objective of this board is to foster actual discussion about fascism, third positionism and related ideologies, movements and literature. Some archives of the old boards: https://web.archive.org/web/*/8ch.net/fascist/ https://web.archive.org/web/*/julay.world/fascist/ https://web.archive.org/web/*/anon.cafe/fascist/ http://picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/fascist/
Edited last time by FashBO on 09/16/2021 (Thu) 22:56:13.
In case we get the backups, would the newly posted threads here be erased?
>>15 I just asked and the threads will apparently be preserved if the old threads are able to be gotten.
Added a Matrix chat thing in the OP that we've been playing with. We'll see how that goes.
friendly reminder to archive anoncafe content by the 20th.
>>108 Good reminder, I will put another one up as the board message. Luckily people seem to have gone above and beyond in archiving so far.
this got posted at Cafe: tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/fascist/res/15492.html#25214 >>>/meta/14193 (https://anonDOTcafe/meta/res/18.html#14193) > I have no personal beef with [8moe] or Mark, but I'd like it if you could consider temporarily dropping (and getting yourselves dropped) from [8moe's] links on the webring. > The reason being that Mark, [8moe/v/'s] moderator, has been interviewed by HBO for an upcoming Cringementary about Qanon and left links to the new [8moe] domain (not 8kun) in his bio as well as possibly parts of the interview itself. > I'd prefer if the Cafe avoided the fallout from the swarm of journalists, triple letter agents and cuckchanners just because of one fatso's oopsies. > Proof: https://8chan.moe/v/res/259671.html#q260047 > https://archive.fo/vUuTX > https://archive.ph/I6MyM > However, understand that I don't believe that the actual [8moe] owners (Acidman, Codex) had anything to do with it, so consider it as a precautionary measure. tl;dr Hide /fascist/ board on 8moe and delete all links to anon.cafe and 16ch (and other clear web sites) from the 8moe/fascist/ meta sticky
>>134 Thanks for the heads up. All of the links should be out of date but I'll do it just in case.
finally found you guys. forgot you moved for awhile
>>147 need muh flag
>>147 >>148 Yeah we just got deleted within the last hour, so this has officially became our new spot.
It is gone, they finally deleted the previous board. Rest in peace.
>>150 Beat me to it.
(265.62 KB 841x1083 comfy tarrant.png)
>>151 >>152 Yeah, kind gave me the feels honestly. I'll miss that place. I'm glad we have a new home though, so far it's been pretty comfy.
(35.17 KB 480x640 ae.jpg)
Hey lads, did you notice those homos at the end timidly trying to taunt? Lol what a bunch of faggots.
(1.90 MB 375x375 tranny btfo.gif)
>>160 They were like vultures, except for they don't realize the fact that we're not dead. No matter whether they are trannies from /leftypol/ or people from Anon Cafe, it's very pathetic. I believe that Anon Cafe will suffer greatly from deleting their first or second largest board, and 25% of all posts ever made on their site, just due to flimsy justifications and what was likely some gay-ops. I know I'm never going back to Anon Cafe now. What am I going to post about? Cuck fetishism and Islam?
(24.42 KB 474x316 toast.jpg)
>>161 Funny shit, and I don't even know what the fags were crying about, some random guy's shitpost making fun of rape. Literally baseless because I see worse on 4Chaim almost every time I go there. >I believe that Anon Cafe will suffer greatly from deleting their first or second largest board, and 25% of all posts ever made on their site It will die lol the /k/ucks will probably stay with censortrannies, which means they have no honor. Welcome anyways lads I raise toast for the new board.
(153.32 KB 938x808 roof bowlcut.jpg)
>>165 /k/ will just get targeted by the same gay-ops that we used to get now that /fascist/ is gone. They were already taken over by a literal glownigger at one point. I have heard some theorize he might be behind pressure being put on the Cafe to get rid of us, because it was the BO here in the first place who called attention to the weird attempts to reveal some sort of info on people.
>>161 >tranny btfo the best source I've come up with so far: https://kaotic.com/video/c9fef67008acd7168a82abf5832485ff I only wish you could see the aftermath.
>>211 Unfortunately that’a the best vid we’re going to get of it. According to this article the footage comes from someone’s Vine, which explains why it’s in such small chunks like that https://thegavoice.com/news/georgia/trans-woman-brutally-attacked-little-five-points/
>>211 It's heartening to see this stuff happen more often, hope I'll run into a tranny myself soon. Violence is getting normalized against all degenerate and foreign demographics, curbstomping a homosexual is as good as curbstomping a nigger.
>>165 >some random guy's shitpost making fun of rape Really? Is there screencaps?
Hello FashBo. I'm the administrator of picochan and I put up an anon.cafe/fascist/ archive. See: http://picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/fascist/ http://picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/meta/67#609 I was wondering if you could upload all of the banners you used on anon.cafe just so that the archive is more complete. Picochan has support for archive files, so you can upload a zip file to that meta thread, or you can upload them individually in the banner thread: http://picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/meta/82
They really just deleted it and didn't even put a link to the new place, assholes. Guess their true colors have been revealed. At least this new place seems more supportive of us. BTW admin you still have the archive message at the top, no point having that now.
>>230 Very interesting, I was not expecting that, but thank you. I was going to request that you keep it locked, but it looks like you're already ahead of the curve in regards to that. I will have to gather up the banners sometime today or tomorrow and I'll post a link over there. >>238 Oh whoops, I probably should change that now. I considered requesting that they post a link up top for any less frequent /fascist/s to be able to find our new home, but they are not cooperative at all. Like I said they didn't respond to our emails, they didn't want to negotiate on staying on the site, which I was more than willing to do, etc. I guess though with that attitude it's better that we came here after all.
Edited last time by FashBO on 03/21/2021 (Sun) 16:26:16.
>>242 I scraped some banners from here and posted them in that banner thread. Let me know if I missed any.
I noticed your Matrix chat is hosted on matrix.org. Their terms and conditions states that using their server in a way that breaks UK/EU law isn't allowed, I think we're on shaky ground there. I imagine if the sites's admins caught wind of our server they'd shut it down. Their privacy policy seems okay, but not fantastic. They also have a code of conduct with gay "be nice and no being racist :)" rules, but it seems to only apply to communities that are part of matrix development. https://matrix.org/legal/terms-and-conditions I'd say the admin of 16chan should set up their own matrix server and let board mods make groups on it, since they already have a site-wide matrix server. This way we don't have to worry about deplatforming.
>>551 Just did some reading, the equivalent of a Discord server in Matrix is a community, so 16chan admin would set up a Matrix server and board mods could have their own communities.
>>551 >>553 Apparently there are other ways to host it other than the way we have now that might have a better position that doesn't have to do with EU/UK law. I'm glad you noticed that. It looks like the 16chan ones are with privacytools.io. I really need to learn more about all of this stuff. I only started to use it because the admins here wanted to be able to reach me easily. But you're definitely right that it's better if we're not liable to take-down. What we have now should also be invite-only right now, but since the link is right up top bad actors could easily fuck with us.
>we want high quality discussion >no degeneracy, which we define as advocating for positions "we" (the mods) don't like If your community isn't capable of arguing on its own against certain positions and strengthening itself in the process, you have already failed. The failure is evident in whiners like >>238, who see every obstacle in their path as a personal slight to resent forever rather than as an opportunity to work hard and get shit done. >inb4 muh psyops, muh negativity, and the likes I'll give you an example of anon who is worth following: >>551 He proactively went looking for possible issues, found one, documented it properly, and even came up with a simple actionable solution.
>>614 This board has functioned for more than two years now with no problems. You newfags are like immigrants who come into a working country and complain about how it is run even though you didn't build it.
>>614 Not the guy you quoted, but there is pretty much nothing more to constructively debate about someone who decides to kick you out and stops replying to your emails like a menstrual thot. Such childish behavior well deserves the mockery.
>>617 >Ethiopia functioned for centuries now with no problems >and by no problems I mean no problems I'm willing to recognize, because that would hurt my ballooning ego >and you faggots come here and annoy me with all this "agriculture" and "planning" nonsense, even though you didn't build my mud huts Hilarious >>620 >ruler with nigh absolute power expels you >he also gives you some time to move and an explaination of his reasoning >WTF childish behaviour!!! What did you expect? Democracy? Why did you rely on someone else's site when the webring exists to encourage decentralized hosting? And even ignoring all of that, why didn't you tell the whiner to shut up if there really is nothing to debate? Is it perhaps because "nothing to debate" means "please let us circlejerk about how the world is mean to us"?
>>628 >What did you expect? Democracy? The same applies for the rules here. No one has ever complained about them before, and everything in general runs very smoothly. It deals in one swipe with all sorts of pro-fag threads, and other tranny nonsese.
>>628 This is a community, we don't need your permission to talk about stuff that happens within our community. Now you can kindly fuck off back to anon cafe.
Apparently one of the retard namefags (the one who keeps making threads with the same picture) linked our board on a fascist group on fucking Gab with 1400 members, so this is where the namefags and other assorted outsiders are coming from. I'm glad it hasn't been worse. Just report retards you see.
(106.07 KB 1290x1240 159873215974.png)
>>673 Something was definitely off, this must be the reason then. ATTENTION NEWFAGS Lurk two years before posting Thanks.
the Matrix is kind of dead
>>704 Kek yeah. For the time being I’ll keep it around—I’m using it for when the mods here need stuff in the first place, but we’ll see if the chat ever gets anyone in it. I’ve had some comfy chats on there once or twice though, but that’s only with one guy.
>>707 I think everyone using boards like this is extremely paranoid of new technologies. I can vouch for Matrix being safe though.
(2.37 KB 640x480 alt.smug.smug.smug.png)
>>724 There's a reason for that. Most new tech is bloated crap code. Even the modern hardware is full of holes. It's so bad they just outright fucking gave up trying to fix it and instead push nonsense "migitations" (which is really just adding more crap on their big house of cards).
>>724 I was wondering if that was part of it too. I had two or three people in the QTDDTOT say it would be cool, so I thought I might as well make it. Really though most of the stuff to talk about is easily done on here without any sort of namefagging or sign-up needed, so I can see why it's pretty dead. In the future it could come in handy, who knows.
>>629 >The same applies for the rules here. Which is why I presented an argument, not a poll or a claim that many anons dislike those rules. >No one has ever complained about them before. >everything in general runs very smoothly. No shit nobody complains, the entire problem I complained about is that the rules have encouraged and nurtured intellectually lazy anons who keep circjerking and exciting themselves over more and more extreme fantasies. With time they crossed enough lines to get the board kicked out once, keep tolerating them and they'll get it kicked out again, and again, and again... I'm not telling you to encourage tranny nonsense, I'm telling you to wake the fuck up and realize that discussion of books and philosophy has only gone down in recent times while 8kun tier schizoposting and sensationalim has only gone up. How to solve that is your responsibility, you're the boss of this board. >>631 >we don't need your permission to talk about stuff Empty words, technically correct yet utterly worthless as an argument.
>>728 I haven't looked into Matrix but my first impression is it's probably just another way to get doxed.
>>733 >the entire problem I complained about is that the rules have encouraged and nurtured intellectually lazy anons who keep circjerking and exciting themselves over more and more extreme fantasies. I don't really see how the logic follows. For one, I have rarely if ever had to actually enforce the no degeneracy rule, and in general (for better or for worse) am rather lax on the rules in most situations. Occasionally in the past we have had people from places such as /leftypol/ come in and break many of these rules, but were allowed to stay and speak their piece so long as they didn't shit up the entire board. When you speak about retards with 'extreme fantasies' - depending on what you mean by this - I complete agree that they are annoying and a net-negative to the board. I'm assuming you're referring to people who make every single post they make up about ethnoglobe and extermination. I don't have a disagreement in principle, but it gets tiring to read. My advice (and what I have done) is either to ignore them or make fun of them. Their posts are boring. I really think it comes from one or two people at most, but I have no evidence of this. On average I do not think that they have overtaken the board or anything, personally - I know that I have not provided a very good solution in this post, but I am aware of the problem and hoping it will be solved. The real problem is >>673 and I'm glad that did not completely destroy the board.
Edited last time by FashBO on 03/26/2021 (Fri) 00:24:08.
>>734 Even in the best case scenario where it's an actually secure platform, it's still a net negative for anyone who uses it. Group-based instant messaging is a huge time waster, to the point that I've deleted my accounts multiple times in the past for that very reason. If you enjoy having conversations (which I do very much) and have an inflated ego (which I do very much), you could be opening that window every 5 minutes. Furthermore, the actual quality of discussion drops massively, because instead of answering a fully constructed argument once every few hours, people start going for witty replies and one-liners. The very layout of most of these platforms is designed to best fit single-sentence messages, having well-constructed posts becomes seen as non-casual and cringe. Putting aside how you're now spending inordinate amounts of time on getting meme clout and having worthless arguments, there's an inherent security risk in the way the technology itself works. On imageboards, especially with tor, your post could be made by anyone. Beside your typing style and habits, little else can be used to profile you, such as a daily routine, timezone, etc. On a group chat platform, you'll literally have a real-time "online" indicator, meaning anyone can write a script for the API to log your daily activity and piece together a routine. All your messages have a name attached, meaning whatever little details you let slip can be associated to you with 100% confidence, as opposed to imageboards where you have to guess whether that specific post was made by that specific anon. Couple that with the retard meme discussions and the heated instant-reply environment, and you're likely to reveal more or less everything important about yourself over the course of a month or two, in those little, insignificant tidbits. There's a reason why imageboards are still used after years of successive "disruptive" chat platforms. This continues to be the superior format for the development of quality ideas and a healthy life, and will likely remain the social platform meta far into the future. >>733 >extreme fantasies Name one. Are you talking about the covid and debt reset stuff? Maybe ethnoglobe as a theoretical end-point of fascism? How "extreme" or "fantastic" are the posts you're kvetching about? >get the board kicked out once <it's your fault for doing wrongthink So your point is that we should be censoring discussion and topics, in order to stay on a particular platform with particular leanings and views, whatever those topics and discussion may be. I don't see where your attachment to anon.cafe comes from, but the moment they decided to ban an entire community for being "extremist," they lost all value to us. You are right, though, in that /fascist/ should have never relied on them in the first place. The ideal would be to host an independent site, preferably darknet-only,
>>740 it seems apparent to me that some entity/entities leaned on anon.cafe, and they folded under pressure.
>>773 It's certainly possible. But the simplest and therefore most likely explanation is the admin got triggered after observing us for some time and decided to shut it down. Especially since he went through such thorough privacy measures.
>>781 yes, but I can't help questioning the wisdom of kicking out one of their largest, most active communities.
>>828 i think it was more likely what >>781 said. truly menacing parties such as glowies would love to associate fascism with the webring.
>>829 you make good points. either way, anon.cafe will reap what it sows.
>>842 Looks like /k/ even shrunk a bit. Numbers seen down across the board really. That’s definitely not surprising. Personally I’ve removed anon.cafe from my bookmarks and everything. I have no reason to go there now. And this is probably why their #2 and #3 boards now are about cuckery and a “trash panda club”
>>851 There was significant overlap between /k/ and /fascist/. Between the glow BO and deplatform cuckery it was inevitable that overall traffic would lower there.
>>858 It's a shame, really. Hopefully the /k/ here will grow over time.
>>851 Me personally, I only went there for /fascist/ and I can imagine it's the same for several others.
>>920 Definitely the same for me.
Is it possible to have an OC thread? I wanted to see more of that Integralist-chan model in KK. And also because the thread got lost during migration.
>>935 That would be no problem.
>>947 Thank you very much.
>>935 >Integralist Chan Oh god not this shit again.
>>1010 If we didn’t have a shitstorm over her again it wouldn’t be /fascist/
>>1013 What's an Integralist Chan and why does it sound like something an animefag would like?
>>1022 It's the board-tan we have from the 8chan days that was created to make low-quality /pol/tards seethe, and has been a source of shitflinging ever since
>>1022 It's ironically retarded
(153.61 KB 500x483 i love integralist pepe.png)
>>1025 I've always found the idea of a board-tan retarded since back when I used to post on 8chan's /christian/. Integralist-chan, moreover, also suffers from being a literal shitskin (and apparently trying to load a revolver with a shotgun shell). Can't say I'm a big fan of it, though I do like the irony of a subhuman representing a board where ethnoglobe is all but consensus at this point. >>1030 I guess you're the elusive animefag then? Thanks for outing yourself.
>>1032 anon there are fucking revolvers that use shot gun shells you stupid nigger
>>1032 looks like she is using a Taurus Judge u tard
(56.15 KB 500x375 int gif fingers.gif)
>it's another Integralist-chan shitstorm It feels like home again, finally
>>1033 >>1034 >>1038 Who even are you and what are you on about holy shit. Stop masturbating to anime.
>>1042 bruh leave me alone I have autism ok?
(40.28 KB 285x364 eugenics natsoc.jpg)
>>1044 >>1038 >>1034 >>1033 >bruh leave me alone I have autism ok? We can tell
>>1045 no u
>>947 What the hell, why are you allowing integralism? They are against racial separation. This contradicts rule 6 by advocating race-mixing.
>>1050 If I remember correctly BO made integralist chan so....
>>1050 It's just a hangover from stuff on 8chan. In reality I think I have ended up banning every poster advocating for Integralism in the past, especially since posts about it seem to be trolls and subversives more often than not. I wouldn't take these pics that seriously. They're silly, honestly, and they were used to filter out retards on 8chan who would cry about different types of Fascism being discussed. And then it just kind of stuck and drawfags started making their own pics and doing crossovers with other board-tans like Grace from /monarchy/ and Aurelia from /liberty/. Now if I were to bother to come up with a board-tan today I wouldn't have chosen a character like this (probably wouldn't even have bothered), but I'd feel kinda bad throwing her out at this point. It's really been around since the beginning, and as >>1032 said its an endless source of laughs at this point. >>1051 Yeah I made the first one
Edited last time by FashBO on 03/30/2021 (Tue) 16:44:57.
> but I'd feel kinda bad throwing her out at this point. It's really been around since the beginning It is a good idea to do so though.
>>1050 >They are against racial separation Integralism ≠ race mixing. Integralism definition, the belief that one's religious convictions should dictate one's political and social actions. The movement was popular in fascist Spain and Italy. They simply reject the Second Vatican Council approved and Pope Paul VI cucking on the question of religious freedom.
(132.00 KB 276x325 JPEG_20210319_104130.jpg)
guys just enjoy anime for once, it isn't gonna kill you
(111.30 KB 600x898 integralist poster.jpg)
>>1054 That's one definition of Integralism, but Brazilian Integralism in particular seemed to downplay race to a great extent. It was essentially an Italian Fascism-inspired form of civcuckery, though there were also some Catholic links from the little I do know about them.
>>1050 >The term is sometimes used more loosely to refer to a set of theoretical concepts and practical policies that advocate a fully integrated social and political order based on a comprehensive doctrine of human nature. In this generic sense some forms of integralism are focused purely on achieving political and social integration, others national or ethnic unity, while others were more focused on achieving religious and cultural uniformity. Sounds pretty based
>>1056 you should give some examples because most anime is garbage. here is also a thread with some suggestions: >>>/pol/40375
>>1056 Lmao I use this board but I still watch pirated western TV shows and youtube. No biggie.
>>1060 a lot of femboys like the gay shit personally i just enjoy Lupin the third but i understand yall think its the kikes fucking with ya brains by somehow messing with the trannime and getting it overseas, its not all bad even though most of it is feminine trash like 30% or less of it is good
(31.35 KB 400x462 disdain for plebs.jpg)
>>1062 >western TV shows Literally worse than anime
>>1064 Oh no :o
>>1063 >a lot of femboys Who are these femboys and why do you know them? You've got a lot of explaining to do, anon.
>>1075 Anyone who has spent some time observing tranny madness will notice the link
>>1063 i would say more like 5% is good and people on this board would probably only tolerate 1% maximum. most entertainment media in general isn't very thought-provoking or even just well-written/performed, jewish or not.
>>1064 Mythbusters is good. There's plenty of decent ones that released in the last two decades.
>>1056 Nah. It's for faggots.
(8.79 KB 145x87 jxm4dh9qs8p61-1-1.jpg)
>>1218 How am i supposed to have social interactions if the state tells me to stay in 24/7 and i don't even fap that much that's for the sex starved
>>1217 what the fuck kind of faggot impostor are you
>>1219 >caring what the state says
>>1219 Even normalfaggots hang out and party together without masks on regardless of what the state says. I hope you're not more cucked than normalfaggots.
>>1220 >waahhh how dare White people watch media that has White people in it Eat shit, kike. I like White people. >>1219 Just fucking go outside. Who cares what the state says.
Holy SH. I went off for about two months or so, lotsa work here! I knew about the Hola femfash and I knew we'd get (too much?) attention, I followed the 9 drama with BO snapping on mass shooters (all but Breivik--haha if he knew) and then anon.cafe has lost its own and best f#??? We're hopping aren't we? A small onion link on 9, move move, stop, move again, can you believe that? It's so tiresome. Did all the threads getting lost? I cannot be bothered to restart everything, we had such such good content. We talk about bunkers but we barely organized, all output of years from our intellectual might (and almost non extant shitposting) can collapse within hours or less. (((( Please tell me we have archives of all of them!! We have no presence in banks, medias, computer technologies. USA and Russia want to pull the same cold war farce but all are full of jews. http://tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/shelter/ >ZZZchan was brought online by the feds once Zchan died. It was an ideal replacement to monitor IPs and track anons posting there. If you posted on /fascist/ or /dup/ among the same times you posted on any ZZZchan board you are being monitored and tracked. Writing style, time of posting and IP tracking are all in place. Don't trust Lynxchan's security, it's amateur compared to the feds tracking abilities. >They are on the ring and they are taking up positions so they can track more anons. Trust no one and nothing. The feds run game nights to catch your Steam username, install keyloggers in the pirated games and capture player IPs, they have cytube channels to track you across multiple platforms and get your IP if your VPN hiccups. Cytube had a problem with IPs leaking to images hosted else where, which is how many of the Gunt stream got doxxed, feds are still using it on many channels. When feds raid email servers like cock.li or visit people like Mark they aren't always looking for specific people or threats. They build a giant data web using alternative image boards, streaming websites and e-mail providers. Webring admins are compromised and silenced, warrant canaries don't exist on the webring because of this. >My friend was just arrested under suspicion of domestic terrorism. He was shown posts he made on ZZZchan and alog.space. Gahoole isn't the only one getting fed visits. You have been warned. can some one confirm that??? Im surprised 16c accepted this, I remember how several months ago they blocked tor out.
>>1258 That particular copy-paste was spammed on multiple boards and zero proof was ever offered.
>>1261 A fair analysis. At the end of the day, we may never know the truth. What does matter is: were they effective at taking down even a small piece of ZOG, or did they make things harder for us? The latter seems more evident.
(7.66 MB 1280x720 Reeeeeeee.webm)
>>1258 >Please tell me we have archives of all of them!! https://archive.fo/oAJh5 https://archive.fo/https://anon.cafe/fascist/* >Im surprised 16c accepted this, I remember how several months ago they blocked tor out. Normally TOR is enabled. Occasionally it is temporarly disabled from time to time for the usual reasons. >>>/meta/1537 >>>/meta/1538
>>1258 why would zzzchan be a honeypot when they have no pol boards? it is just autistic gamer shitposting. its only alternative is run by a fat dumb literal jew who spreads his ass for everyone online.
The shill wave continues. See "organic" posts like >>1261 and >>1267 which were totally made by long-time /fascist/ posters. We're probably just seeing the shills that have finally moved on from Neinchan, right around the same time (((CREST))) got another round of funding under a new name. Get ready to bully and btfo, you know the drill.
>>1270 I'm thinking that there is another persistent shill along with these other types, He always posts via Tor, and concerns trolls about ethnoglobe constantly and needlessly, or makes constant concern troll posts about Non-Whites lurking. Shills never change.
>>1271 What you mean?
>>1270 I haven't heard of CREST, could I get some info on it?
(1.76 MB 1241x8770 crest.png)
(321.21 KB 619x350 crest its afraid.png)
>>1302 It's some research group getting money from the government in the UK. They've mentioned Neinchan a few times in their papers. Once Neuchan lads caught on they removed the big image that I've attached to my post. They're also linked with something called ExID which has many of the same members and is concerned with monitoring 'right-wing extremists' with artificial intelligence. https://crestresearch.ac.uk/
>>1271 Yeah he's pretty annoying. I've seen posts in the same style, with that exact kind of impotent whining both on Neinchan before the spergout and more recently on Neu, almost definitely the same guy. I'm not sure he's a shill, but in the end he acts like one, so it doesn't really matter. There's also the now-enraged pedoposters who've given up on trying to appear redpilled and are just spamming cp and deranged jewish drivel about Ebba. CREST shills are pretty recognizable in their sterile derad posting style, but plenty of degenerate cucks also do it for free.
>>1307 >CREST shills are pretty recognizable in their sterile derad posting style, but plenty of degenerate cucks also do it for free. Please prove that CREST is behind this! I think your argument is weakest and it's doubtful because although I recall real derad blatant cases at 9, I think they were there to poison the wells, but if you remember it was posted everywhere, and also at 8chan, jews like to control all sides so they send obvious trolls and then they also send those who shout derad derad but then the second group also pollutes the threads and boards because they are in truth there to attack truth seekers, included anti mass shooters. On fascist it wasn't much like that, 9 was containing this and also attracting pro and anti mass shooters, but in old /fascist/ the ones used the derad accusation were always doing it against criticizers of mass shooters and not real White heroes. I dnot see much derad against Hitler Rockwell Pierce or Frei Korps and the proud Spain people who fight against Communists in 30s. The people you can derads now, I don't know but they are seem not to be against war at all or do you have examples maybe here??
(5.58 KB 255x227 404 crest.PNG)
(187.51 KB 1128x658 new page edit crest.PNG)
>>1321 As soon as anons discovered CREST we (/fascist/ and Neinchan) got hit by a shill-wave unlike we had ever seen before. There were multiple well-organized shill ops launched against /fascist/ within a period of a week, including a group of Christian shills and Communist shills. These people would descend into a thread and argue like complete normalfags. They were outsiders, and they obviously weren't trolls. They were shills. Neinchan was hit by a massive shill-wave too, and really it ended up killing the site, because the admin went full retard and revealed himself as a cuck. Then Neuchan was of course born in response. Shortly after we realized that Stephane Baele and his buddies at CREST were watching our boards, it just so happened that the whole study posted here >>1306 completely vanished from the Internet and was was replaced by the page in the second image I have attached. Going to the original link gave a 404. This happened within days of CREST being discovered, and people trying to figure out what exactly was going on. There were also some very convenient and suspicious memes produced within this timeframe that appeared to be in favor of Stephane Baele, which were used with posts to gloat about CREST immediately afterwards. CREST is undoubtedly monitoring /fascist/ and Neuchan as well speak with their AI and other computer programs. What I described above will be familiar to anyone who saw it firsthand.
>>1330 Thanks alot! I went away for serious reasons so cuoldnt read or post. Im not surpsied they do monitor us and attacked too. Not sure how much cucking Admin did I understand the doubts and pressure is horrible but neu is really good looking. It is weird because they force us moving a lot and we become like the gypsies you see? Like gypsies!! Fuck CREST btw )))
This is something the UK bnai birth could be funding too.
>>1336 >Not sure how much cucking Admin did If you want to read the archives, here is the thread where the events were described and Neuchan was made: https://archive.fo/z7z9z
>>1330 >Neinchan was hit by a massive shill-wave too, and really it ended up killing the site, because the admin went full retard and revealed himself as a cuck. I think it may be more than coincidence. Raises some suspicions about the possibility of shills knowing some personal info on admin and a shill-wave being specifically targeted or him being a part of it.
(3.83 KB 256x192 zombies.png)
>>1260 >>1265 It's clearly a demoralization troll. Just look at the writing style, the attempt to inject emotion, and the way he's jumping all over the place.
>>1362 This post makes no sense it is like it is a bot or like??
>>1369 >This post makes no sense Only if you are illiterate or you are a no JS nigger, and fail to realize he is replying to >>1260 >>1265, and he is referring to >>1258
>>1371 >he is referring to (the green text in*) >>1258
>>1371 What does using niggerscript have to do with anything? Replies work just fine without your kike shit, you click on them and they scroll to the post in question.
>>1371 >no JS nigger You can click the post numbers to jump to them by anchor hash even without javashit, or search for the ID and jump to the post that way too.
>>1378 >>1379 So it's illiterate then.
>>1378 The links work, even in my crapi Web 1.0 browser. Which means either you're a troll or a dumbass.
>>1371 Accusations are cheap then? His formatting really looks like random bot post but what do I know. If real, its his opinion, I shrug and I say just take some sunlight it isnt hurting. What kind of man is this if feeling cold about crazy shooters is demoralizing, if not weakness? that you so badly need the killers to keep your hopes up that's ridiculous, it's almost the genocidal version of snowflakes. What is wrong with reason and intelligent talk? It is like he doesn't want any talk to happen he wants things to remain ultra extreme so we all agree because of online threats and complaints to mods, but I'm in failure to see what supports us in this, and this is just a matter of opinion too. There is plenty of topics we can be radical on without feeling like we're endangered because someone on internet is saying mean things about muh shooter, we're all must be equally questioning about why some people post here yet dont want debate and sanity to happen. As for zzzchan I didn't know because I was off internet for long, it changed fast in little months so I must ask people who know better than me. >>1378 I think without js you dont have the popup on mouse rollover thats all. It's a cool ib function you dont have on forums but it requires js so be careful with this.
>>1383 >His formatting really looks like random bot post To reply to 2 different posts about the same thing while referencing a third post, would be some pretty advanced AI. When most anons say 'bot' the are referring to shills that paste the same copypasta (whether on topic or not) seemingly at random. In either case the post in question certainly wasn't a bot
>>1384 >To reply to 2 different posts about the same thing while referencing a third post, would be some pretty advanced AI. It isn't. AI are capable of good context scanning since 15 years already, combining pretyped sentence elements is also not too hard, ok?? Modern AIs can simulate ongoing discussions and this isn't even a discussion so AI has more time for analysis and working. Most bots in use are bottom level, some lazy spam types, but there are better systems. But I not need more paranoia I just found the typing weird. I also understand him in being cautious but he's stupid by attack anyone who is in disagreement.
Is Neuchan down aswell? If so where did it move?
>>1566 It's down right now, but no one is sure why. Keep an eye on the crossposters thread here.
Can the BO please remove shit-stirrers and retards who shit up threads? Is it also possible for you to detect IP hoppers, because faggots have been doing this in the Covid-19 and unpopular opinions threads?
>>3377 >Can the BO please remove shit-stirrers and retards who shit up threads? Is it also possible for you to detect IP hoppers, because faggots have been doing this in the Covid-19 and unpopular opinions threads? I've cleaned up everything related to Trump, for or against in the Covid thread to nip it in the bud in response to this post, and partially because I had been following it myself. Also, I have no really way that I know of detecting IP-hoppers, and I really don't see any evidence that there is IP-hopping happening, and I've seen accusations of IP-hopping towards and against pro-ethnoglobe posters, so it seems to be a lot of throwing around of accusations with little to no proof. I might clean up the unpopular opinions thread too, but less thoroughly than the Covid thread since unpopular opinions are what started the shitflinging in there. Posts that are of no substance I might delete (e.g. accusations of IP-hopping with no other substance, etc)
>>3378 >I don't see any evidence of IP-hopping beyond people being buttmad about being mocked about spelling or people complaining about topics How about the fact that we're on a dead board and there were multiple (1)s all responded around the same time within the Covid-19 thread? Or take a look at the unpopular opinion threads. Just delete the spergy, I'm tired of seeing the same retards fight back and forth on Tor, then on another IP.
>>3381 Sorry I deleted and rewrote the post you responded to, but the mere fact of getting lots of posts in a short period of time doesn't immediately imply IP-hopping. This board seems to operate in cycles of almost zero activity, to peaks of high activity and lots of posters posting at once. Maybe there is IP-hopping, but I really don't know. Anyway, like I said in the second response I wrote >>3380 I'm cleaning the shit up. Covid thread is already clean.
>>3377 What exactly are considered shit-stirrers? Because they have a different opinion or what?
>>3381 This has happened in multiple threads lately, not just that one. It's only natural on a board where positions are established and everyone more or less lurks until something controversial is posted or there is a happening of some kind. Was that too hard for you to figure out that you had to jump to totally baseless assumptions?
(248.52 KB 538x800 wiz.jpg)
Pretty much all of my opinions are unpopular, and this makes you uncomfortable. Clearly I don't fit in here, so farewell.
>>3403 >>3387 >What exactly are considered shit-stirrers? Arguing and bickering over something that isn't even important, while becoming a third or most of the posts within the thread. Or worse taking your argumentation over every little thing from one thread to another only to say absolutely nothing intelligent. >Because they have a different opinion or what? No it's because it's was two faggots shitting up two threads over something really petty, and won't drop the conversation. >>3392 >This has happened in multiple threads lately, not just that one. I didn't say or imply it only happened once. So cool that you can't read, because I mentioned the Unpopular Opinion thread as well, also it didn't happen on multiple threads, just two to be exact and around a time where there were few anons on here. > It's only natural on a board where positions are established and everyone more or less lurks Yes it's totally natural for retards to shit up a thread that has little or nothing related to the subject of the thread. Totally normal that two egoists won't just drop the argument and call each other faggots, so we can talk about actual important things. I don't want to have to skim through a bunch autism, and have to make an another thread myself just because both parties couldn't understand each other due to egos. There wasn't any argumentation just insults and crying boogeyman back and forth. Either calm your autism or leave.
(83.70 KB 640x360 knowing.png)
>>3406 If your opinions are shit, then you be best keeping them to yourself, especially if it has to do with race-mixing. >>3407 I can understand where you are coming from, but the best way to counter spergs is to either tell them to shut up or ignore them.
The derailing was deleted in the virus thread and the unpopular opinion thread was cleaned up while leaving the unpopular opinion and ontopic discussion regarding it untouched, I don't see what the problems are. Drama, as usual, is gay
>>3407 >Either calm your autism or leave. Again, I'm not the one calling it a "dead board" and going around accusing people of things that aren't remotely true. Who is the autist here?
(61.91 KB 768x576 cya.jpg)
Thanks for the censorship. I'm not actually surprised, violence and censorship are your strongest points, after all (hence the name fascist). If you don't consider the only difference between you and the commies (private property), you are in fact commies. Enjoy your circlejerking. Oh, and remove this post as well, coward (as I said, like a commie).
>>3897 >Thanks for the censorship. You're very welcome, friend. Funny how you come to the meta thread to cry over how your attempt at derailing over some ESLfag's word misuse was deleted
>>3897 <MUH FREEZE PEACH never existed, dumbass nigger. using below-middling knowledge of english to correct somebody isn't impressive to anybody anyway.
>>3906 You guys are hilarious. What a joke this place has revealed itself to be. 16 was better before /fascist/. Even /ausneets/ has suffered.
>>3907 nobody said you can't disagree here, but deleting a grammar nitpick isn't losing anything of value. get the fuck over yourself.
(14.38 KB 192x255 laugh.jpg)
>>3907 >n-no pl-please don't delete my worthless posts and d-derails, y-your board sucks! Based BO cleaning up the trash
>>3909 I’m not that anon but I watched the antics go down. Had my own negative interactions with you all. Funny that you paranoid fucks care so much about IDs though. I found it to be a good move when they removed them on /pol/ because of all the tor posters. I mostly use a VPN out of convenience, myself. I had high hopes with the initial post quality on /fascist/ but you have proven yourselves to be a bunch of petty faggots. Imagine getting worked up because someone critiqued someone else’s grammar. Literally defending niggerspeech because muh esl. You know those posters are browns from South America right? We have at least two site regulars with that style that admitted to being beaners.
>>3912 >IDs different boards have different cultures >beaners didn't the faggot who was correcting grammar (and also baiting a deletion from post one btw) admit to being an ESL nigger anyway? the jarring grammar detracts from conversation less than the grammarfagging as was evidenced. it was made to promote off-topic responses.
>>3912 btw i was one of the people who agreed with disabling IDs on pol
>>3912 >I mostly use a VPN out of convenience, myself Read: >I'm a lazy nigger
>>3930 I see no need to draw attention to myself through the use of TOR, nor do I believe it protects me. I post from VPN because site owner and board owner are faggots. You are a loser baby whiny pee pee nigger.
(234.19 KB 1000x1333 nigger.jpg)
>>3962 >nor do I believe it protects me There's a reason drug dealers and buyers use Tor, which you can stack on top of a VPN anyways. You're just ignorant about information security. Probably have javashit enabled too.
>>3966 >implying feds care about small time drug dealers in a nation being led intentionally off a cliff >USPS literally revealed to be spying on citizens web use (as if they care about some leftists ordering pills and weed) >implying local cops are capable of monitoring tor I'm not ignorant about information security at all. It is you who assumes a special browser, muh linux, and old hardware is sufficient to protect you from people smarter than both of us combined. By assuming I am never anonymous, it is more than likely my security habits are more robust than yours. I also have a life, eat shit poo nigger.
(203.55 KB 900x672 Ivanov-art-1.jpg)
>>3989 >USPS literally revealed to be spying on citizens web use Yeah but only on normie SOYcial media (at least which has been revealed so far LOL) >protect you from people smarter than both of us combined. This is untrue chauvinism. Beyond threats to a site, trolling or otherwise Zogbots are literally mediocre leftoids who almost dropped who's government they are working for simply buy literal spy software suites from private companies in germany/usa/israel from actual nerds that for the most part bases itself on an exploit or existing data that has been harvested lol, monkeys could do their jobs. >special browser, muh linux, and old hardware isn't sufficient to protect you from people smarter than both of us combined. Yes it is idiot, linux does not send info to jew companies like microsoft/google(android) every interval, as long as you are not stupid and not some VIP they will NOT personally assign some zogbots to pester your onlineadress or gameralias and will not be able to if you were smart. For now AI might help them but they don't have the actual capacity to individually monitor or deal with everything or every person to say persecute them because most of it is dragnet surveillance that is collected and stored relating to IP address which trackers like cookies use to identify users, this(your) information is sold by actual data brokers in turn.
>>3995 I've heard your argument before, I just don't agree that it is sufficient. You will never test it by making specific threats of violence against political targets, thus you are relegated to making posts no more or less edgy than mine. Therefore, my "convenience" rationale still stands. Your text messages and other metadata have likely already revealed you to be a dissident (let alone any time you've let your power-level slip to friends, family, and coworkers), and thus if the government ever comes to "round us up" you will likely receive the same or similar treatment as the rest of us.
>>3996 It's sufficient when drug dealers, White collar criminals, and all kinds of people including myself have gotten away with it all the time, and in basis they do so because their online identities are properly separated. It also it is not difficult or inconveniencing the least to pay for at least 1 or 2 services and/or items to the standard you want and use an operating system that does not spy on you. You're just being lazy, and do not try to justify this to me because it is completely false.
>>3996 I propose somebody who considers themself tech-literate creates an identity off their neighbor's wifi and uses it to say something stupid. If the blue helmets show up next door, we know Tor or whatever is compromised. If nothing happens, ZOG is either less competent than you think or (less likely) so competent they know who did it and that the threat was just a feint.
What's the bump limit per thread on 16chan?
>>4192 Presently, 750
>>4195 Alright, thanks.
In case BO isn't aware, some imageboards (in and outside the webring) are being hit with spam/DDoS attacks/bots. Doesn't seem that it's reached this place but wanted to give a heads up so we aren't caught unawares. May want to pass word to the site admins so other board owners and mods can be vigilant as well.
>>5539 Thanks for the heads up. When it comes to thread spam, we’re pretty safe due to the limits I have set. Repetitive spam should be easy to deflect as well, but in case of any active attack I’ll probably be able to turn on captchas temporarily within a short time of it happening since I am on here too much. I’ll let the higher ups know just in case
(72.18 KB 500x622 1386984876467.jpg)
I cannot connect to Neuchan, is anyone else experiencing this?
>>5596 Could it have been DDoS'd? We were distracted by the Jap/Chink samefag shilling for Christianity and crossdressing
>>5596 >>5598 It might just be that time of the month for Neuchan kek. Interesting time with the shill attacks though
>>5608 >>5598 >>5596 Neuchan is back up, lads
>>5596 >>5598 >>5608 Neu admin possibly forgot to pay the monthly hosting fee on time again.
>>5635 Kek, classic
(11.58 KB 683x143 ClipboardImage.png)
Keep in mind pic related
Perhaps /fascist/ Chadmin 2.0 should unban some of the TOR nodes that were banned due to Japrick's shilling. It doesn't stop Japrick from swapping to .onion; all it does is make it more frustrating to use TOR for those who prefer the IDs, since the banned TOR nodes end up getting shared.
>>6263 I've just unbanned a good deal of them. I use Tor occasionally myself so I will unban them as I find them. If anyone ever runs into a banned one just write 'Tor ban' or something in the appeal and I'll lift it.
(104.05 KB 850x638 mpee.jpg)
>>6525 Awesome. I'll keep appealing as I find them.
>>7060 At least add a spoiler when you post this stuff on here
test onion doesn't work
(4.35 KB 492x42 test.png)
>>7324 what do you mean friend? remember to check the homepage periodically, or find new circuits. some tor nodes could be erroneously banned. v2 will soon be deprecated and there were problems getting it to function on 2.6 version of lynxchan. v3 link here: http://mbv5a7cc6756lkpqts6si5zcpxwvd43cyb4atbqzjqypktsdoftphyqd.onion/ posted from tor btw if this has been no help to you, please give us more information about the issue.
>>7325 thanks, I was not aware of the new v3 link. all seems fine.
Where's Neuchan?
>>7351 It went offline without warning a few weeks ago and the owner never gave us any information about what happened. So we have no idea what happened. Seems to be a dead site now.
>>7351 Some anon has tried to start up a board on Balkanchan: http://26yukmkrhmhfg6alc56oexe7bcrokv4rilwpfwgh2u6bsbkddu55h4ad.onion/cob/
(709.20 KB 1370x1080 based ai.png)
The image board software is preserving image exif metadata. Can you install exiftool and have it clean all of the images as they come in? For user safety.
>>7724 I’ll bring this up with the owners right now.
>>7724 On one hand anons should practice some level of opsec themselves (ie don't allow your camera to have access to geo location, or scrub your photo's yourself) And on the other, anons that want to dig would want to have the data available. Can think of a few threads where anons were digging into the data of photos While it is possible for chans to scrub the data, most don't
That one christcuck shill thread probably would've been better up, but locked, just to show on display how they act when unable to actually debate. like a public hanging. That guy just side-stepping everything and laser-focusing on the insults was hilarious, also he was a phoneposter lmao
>>7855 That probably would have been the smarter move. I was going to anchor him but I don’t have an anchor feature apparently. Since I banned him too he started crying in his thread, which is why I deleted the whole thread. He’s been trying to remake his thread and is crying about how I censor lying, pilpuling Christian shills. I’m sure he’ll turn into a new regular shill since he thinks he was shut down for spreading the truth. I create my own issues sometimes it seems, oh well. If we can get a rematch I’ll lock it next time. Thanks for the feedback
Edited last time by FashBO on 07/01/2021 (Thu) 04:52:10.
I was expecting the thread to last a while, but no matter, 4cuck shills don't deserve a thread
>>7857 It wasn’t the original plan I had. If someone wants to make a non-shill Christianity thread go ahead
It's funny how Jewish that style of argumentation was, making every excuse possible to address nothing said to him and artificially drawing out the conversation. Not that anything more should be expected from a double-whammy 4cuck/christcuck. He just wanted to play victim like his jew on a stick, it seems.
I left my browser on overnight on accident and captured part of the thread. It's obviously incomplete then but it gives us a good picture of how this guy acted. >>7862 >He just wanted to play victim like his jew on a stick, it seems. They just love to do that. Christianity is all about suffering and how it is 'holy'. They would love if they themselves were nailed to crosses just like their jew. I hope they are given that one day.
(1.32 MB 480x270 Rockwell.gif)
>>7863 So this board -does- believe in god?
>>7869 If they do, it is certainly no Semitic deity. Most of what is attributed to the Abrahamic god is quite literally appropriated from Ahura Mazda, Vishnu and other Aryan conceptions of a Supreme Being
(2.87 MB 480x360 xavierrenegadeangelgod.mp4)
>>7869 I can't speak for everyone, but do I personally believe, even if just in a shallow way, there's something far bigger than our eyes can ever see, an abstract supreme entity, that we are all part of, for whatever reason it may be. I certainly no longer have any sort of good faith for this (((god))) abrahamists love to yap about though.
>>7869 Theistic / Deistic arguments actually have a lot of merit and explanatory power for various features of our world, I think. They don't prove Christianity (A Jewish hoax) in the slightest though, much like >>7871 says. Much like many of the ancient Aryans believed, the more I look into things, the more it seems like there is a single unifying principle informing the multiplicity we see in the universe. I won't pretend to know its intentions (if there is one) or anything, though. Even Hitler believed in Providence. Things like numerous reports of Near Death Experiences, mystical experiences and the like also strengthen this.
Calling BO for cleanup. >>7992 >>7991 >>7994 >>7989
>>8002 >>8008 It's the retards from soyjak.party they finally decided to get "revenge" on le ebil fasgist >>8015 Pathetic
>>8002 >>8008 Thanks, anons.
(54.85 KB 1080x960 ice breaker.png)
>>8100 Basically, Gnosticism is true in a sense. God exists, but the god worshiped by most of humanity today is a creation, a sort of lesser god, a demon or an asura of some kind known as YHWH. The Jews have entered into a covenant with YHWH. If they provide him with foreskins, worship and devotion, he will provide them with world domination and temporal power. In order to carry out the terms of the covenant the Jews aggressively co-opted attributes of the true and unique God or Absolute and grafted them onto the demon YHWH. They might even believe that YHWH is really God and have been fooled themselves, but at this point it doesn’t even matter, because they are willing servants of this demon. Over the past two thousand years the Jews have convinced Whites to neglect the cosmic hierarchy of chthonic, localized and celestial deities for the worship of a single false Semitic godlet. It’s the greatest form of ID theft the world has ever seen. More importantly, we know from studying the records of the past that this sort of stuff has happened before. The demon Bali once conquered the three worlds before an avatara of Vishnu (God) won them all back in three long strides. Ravana terrorized the gods and the three worlds before another avatara Rama came to slay him. YHWH is the Kali Yuga / Iron Age version of this as far as I can tell. It sounds insane but the more research one does, the more one realizes that it’s true.
>>8108 Jews don't believe in the same God that Christain's worship. Jesus denounced the Jews many times.
(102.89 KB 1024x1024 15996815446.jpg)
>>8373 >Jews don't believe in the same God that Christain's worship You trying to ruse me again, cuckstain?
>>8408 No, he was just mentioning that pharisees=kikes in the bible. Jesus whipped and beat the shit out of them and kicked them out of their own temple etc.
>>8410 >Jesus whipped and beat the shit out of them and kicked them out of their own temple etc. You mean the temple that Jesus literally called 'my Father's house?' (John 2.16). It's undeniable that Jesus respected and worshiped the same God as the Jews. Christians continually embarrass themselves by not even knowing why or what Jesus did and said. Let's not forget that what was done in the temple was in accordance with the Old Testament, namely 'because zeal for Your house has consumed me' (quoted in John 2:17, from Psalm 69:9)
>>8529 Listen 8chaim was betraying its users as early as 2016 when they by self admission installed dedicated packet sniffers for ZOG-political police. And I'm sure you know what happened afterwards where they, among other things reported their users to ZOG because the owners were grifters who took bribes, selective moderation where jtrannies allowed all sort of literal low shills and topic diluters while deleting legit threads for not going along with the (((narrative))). You can dig around where I have posted how nmap scans showed the main 8chaim server delreysys was located a mere block from FBI HQ in houston if i recall correctly. I can assure you they are doing even worse now. You have to learn warn others, ALL the people related to 8 are comped and worse. Stop wasting time on a site where the people running it want our race dead, broke and they think it's funny because that's what all collaborators with ZOG do.
(128.66 KB 1618x363 Permanent Ban Evasion.png)
>>8529 >>8529 >Yesterday I posted about 40 photos of great paintings in the aesthetic art thread (which were requested by anons), and they were deleted. So was my post requesting information about inventions and discoveries in the Questions thread. Type: Ban *Global* User: Anonymous Board: fascist Time: 07/11/2021 (Sun) 11:13:34 User Anonymous globally banned the posters of the following posts: 8405 from board /fascist/ permanently with reason "Global Perm ban evasion Mar 14 posted CP >>>/b/19672 User Anonymous deleted the following posts: 2575/8375, 2575/8376, 2575/8377, 2575/8378, 2575/8379, 2575/8380, 2575/8381, 2575/8382, 2575/8383, 2575/8384, 2575/8385, 2575/8386, 2575/8387, 2575/8388, 2575/8389, 2575/8390, 2575/8391, 2575/8392, 2575/8393, 2575/8394, 2575/8395, 2575/8396, 2575/8397, 2575/8398, 2575/8399, 2575/8400, 2575/8401, 2575/8402, 2575/8403, 2575/8404, 2575/8405 from board /fascist/. You really want to do this here, faggot?
(524.15 KB 942x912 3r245T3g245te32w45.png)
>>8532 LOL I thought this nigger was complaining about the other site, did this (((ZOGfag))) just really post that in "art" thread and then trying to falsely accuse moderation when deleted? How pathetic.
(102.14 KB 141x256 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8533 His posts yesterday were "art" although many would be right at home on /lg/
Edited last time by Anonymous on 07/13/2021 (Tue) 10:59:04.
(42.22 KB 568x137 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8533 His original ban was because he was butthurt about moderation he posted a cunny video so he retaliated by posting actual cheesy pizza on 16/b back in March. He knows there are screencaps of his post and him claiming credit for it Needless to say his ban from 16chan is permanent and if he is going to namefag his posts like he did yesterday, or admit who he is like in >>8529 while engaging in (((d/c))), they will be deleted
Edited last time by Anonymous on 07/13/2021 (Tue) 12:00:08.
>>8534 the faggot needs to stop being so fixated on desiring to fuck little girls.
>>8534 Sad that William-Adolphe Bouguereau's paintings have been tainted by fags like this. >>8537 He needs to get help and put some of that energy into something better.
>>10505 >Any kind of porn >Based Who's the real kike here?
Ban this and faggot >>10671 >>10672 He's only here to shill and argue in bad faith and constantly repeat himself. Stop allowing these niggers to post.
>>10694 I want to see how he responds to something or if he just ignores it first, but it will probably happen before long, don't worry.
Probably a good idea to make the news general not-cyclical anymore. You can archive individual threads fairly easily, but archiving cyclical threads means you're trying to catch individual posts before they fade out of existence.
>>11340 I do like to know when there are new posts and it is hard to tell when maxed out. I’ll make a new one like I do with the QTDDTOT.
I think a lot of people are coming to this site from 4chan, I guess someone is shilling it on there. We need to focus on making posts that will redpill the new users and making sure they're aware that low IQ posts are not accepted.
>>12075 Looking at 4plebs it looks like some retards are shilling it rather frequently. Be sure to report 4cuck retards too if I don't see it. People need to learn to lurk.
Now this is just rumors from the grapevine, but I heard blackpill nigger gets completely pissed at Turkish memes. Or memes about turks, not sure which. Anyone got any spicy ones, and if so, can we just embed them in the site so every time he comes around he's forced to see them?
(71.71 KB 1216x684 tobias muhammad.jpg)
(119.37 KB 1024x662 tobias floor.jpg)
(368.12 KB 2787x1351 intense crunching tobias.jpg)
>>12863 Tobias Rathjen memes are always good for these situations. I would recommend usually just reporting and ignoring though, shills love attention
>>12866 Turkroach memes are the best
The blackpill samefagger has moved on to greener pastures... in picochan. Don't warn the mods, as it is best to have a containment chan for the faggot.
>>13081 They're never gone for long. I have seen him here (on a different iteration of /fascist/) before. Usually he will leave for a few months, and then return. It's weird.
>>13088 he thinks everyone is retarded as him and forgets within that time, or expects he can use any new users to get a foot in the door. faggot just needs to kill himself already.
>>13088 I have been on picochan. He's using the exact same tactics, exact narrative, and the userbase of PicoChan is apparently retarded enough to fall for it. Look at this shit: http://picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/pol/2049#2061
>>13098 I'm sure the majority of those posts are samefag.
>>13101 >>13098 yeah, a good amount of blackpill fag's shilling scheme is just to samefag entirely rapidly
Hey FashBO, you lose your element login? Haven't seen you online there in a bit.
>>13377 I’ve still got it. I just haven’t gotten on for a reason that I’m not even sure of. I’ll pop in now since it’s on my mind now.
(18.56 KB 426x262 strasser shit.png)
get rid of the Black Front banner.
>>13473 They're third position in the most literal of senses if one reads any of the books put out by them back in the day, so they belong here. Doesn't change the fact that most of their Internet followers happen to be so pozzed today though, sadly.
Edited last time by FashBO on 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:15:58.
(660.68 KB 1078x874 Disappointment.png)
>>13475 Strasserism is literally just vanilla judeo-bolshevism coated in a thin layer of brown paint. It does not belong here.
>>13476 Based on Strasser's writings alone, he does fit here. He rejects capitalism, and he rejects Marxism / Bolshevism and its components such as class-struggle and materialism. His biggest mistake was opposing Hitler, and that is why his opponents got the long knives. Even if he's not a popular figure, he's a third position figure nonetheless
>>13081 >in picochan I guess someone is pissed at picochan's admin because as small as it is, pico is constantly shitted up by floods and spammers. The other day Neinchan tor was raided by leftychan (they posted their cringe memes all over /pol/ and /btg/) No rest for leftoids, apparently.
>>7725 So, does this chan now virginize the pictures posted in the messages?
I think the Element chat is down, FashBO.
>>14225 What happened to it? Did we get banned? I hadn't looked it for a few days, did something happen? I hate that I am the one having to ask these questions but I honestly didn't expect anything like this to happen. I will set up a new one in a few hours.
Edited last time by FashBO on 09/15/2021 (Wed) 19:21:50.
New chat up now (for now, at least)
>>14233 It says I need an invite to join. How do I get invited?
>>14302 The link in the OP of this thread doesn’t work? I’ll play with the settings of the room I guess.
(76.04 KB 600x600 degenerate.jpg)
>>7060 Anon, what the fuck.
>>7060 I should kick your fucking ass for posting this.
(94.16 KB 703x1024 cover.jpg)
Any good info on the Silver Shirts and American fascism in general? I did a quick search on lib gen and all I could find was pic related, even though William Dudley Pelley was apparently very well published.
(3.89 MB 200x200 wwwwwwwwwe.gif)
What's this absolute bullshit with matrix server being banned? I can shamefully say I've never visited, wasn't it supposed to be censorship proof or something? So lame and embarrassing on behalf of these sites.
>>15024 I'm not sure what actually led to it being banned, unfortunately. Someone probably filed a false report against us and got the entire chat banned - that is my guess. The new chat I made is lightly disguised and not clearly a fascist chat, so we will see if that gives us good cover for a while. If not I will have to look into different options.
>>15032 Are you using the default .matrix homeserver? Make sure you're not on there.
>>15052 Right now, yes, but I'm going to try something else when we inevitably get banned again.