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Music Thread Blackshirt 05/06/2021 (Thu) 16:21:48 ID:10d7a5 No. 4371
Post relevant mp3s, mp4s and webms ITT. The song by the Carapintadas has a little speech at the beginning, it's underrated I think though.
>>5892 ywnbaw
(75.94 KB 520x746 Robert Gysae.jpg)
There's lots of mosic on https://argentbeacon.com/
>>8264 is the show from first video any good? i figured it's the typical trashy muh ebil nazis drivel so i never gave it a chance.
(102.79 KB 1200x650 third reich statues.jpg)
>>8265 It's only funny to look at in order to see the perfect NatSoc utopia that it depicts. Most attempts to paint National Socialism badly always end up painting a picture of a veritable utopia.
(67.94 KB 500x500 french (is) toast.jpg)
drumkit and electronic so others may think it's niggery. i like it and it's from 8mu oldniggers. delete if you want.
>>8471 So the board doesn't allow .flac after all >>8471 It's cool
>>8477 No It doesn't work, not even when re-converted.
>>8480 you are correct, i think. as far as i know, the max filesize is 50mb. i tried a 31mb flac file and it was denied. i will post on meta about it.
>>8480 sorry, hope you will post in flac when you get a moment. would love to hear that music in higher fidelity, but i'm not complaining.
>>8502 >>8507 Nice job, glad you like it. The album is Brandenburg Concertos - Musica Florea. Being a big fan of classical music I have a big archive. If you like classical but you're not sure what you like yet get Harmonia Mundi 50 CD's.
>>7456 >17MB
(4.54 MB 640x480 rahowa.mp4)
(10.39 MB 640x480 activism.mp4)
(1.37 MB 552x310 latvi.webm)
(9.76 MB 606x348 1587957478774-0.webm)
(7.75 MB 640x360 1420615256140-1.mp4)
https://altcensored.com/watch?v=aoT44oSkzQE One of the best SS marches/songs
I like the Estonian version of Erika
(31.83 MB 640x480 hatemonger.mp4)
(47.26 MB 640x480 intimidation one.mp4)
(30.06 MB 854x480 victory day-rahowa.mp4)
Hail Rome!
(18.80 MB 872x480 ALL HAIL THE BLACK SUN.mp4)
(8.95 MB 480x360 Sturmperecht_001.mp4)