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(58.25 KB 526x526 BLACK SUN CAT.jpg)
Neuchan crossposters general Blackshirt 03/14/2021 (Sun) 18:58:55 ID:84e530 No. 7
All discussion regarding /fascist/ TOR bunker goes here. All anons are welcome to suggest improvements, assist Neumoot with tech advice and especially grow the board by posting and letting cobbers know that we moved on Neuchan. Shillniggers and butthurt people will be reported and shat on.
Latest update about Neuchan The /lit/ board has been set up and is active. All interesting and censored literature can be collected and requested. For now there is 4MB file size limit, but you can also use file sharing platforms to add bigger files ready to share or use external links to archived material . Threads by topic are welcome, so if you want to start by sharing basic fascist literature you are welcome. But pretty much anything interesting can and should be shared, as cancel culture is going real crazy. dibzdpeu52cpmeuvdynm5mf6nawoslxozxmhx3fjozjz44cksodhkaqd.onion/lit/
(123.50 KB 338x609 baste.png)
>>59 The filesize limit has been nuked from orbit, uploads over 100mb should now be possible. I'll take this occasion to upload a lesser-known but very impressive book, especially for those seeking and studying Aryan lore. I also have to say, the new /fascist/ is looking very nice already, hopefully it'll be a long, comfy chapter in the history of Aryan thought.
(107.72 KB 250x238 green pepe.png)
>>80 >The filesize limit has been nuked from orbit, uploads over 100mb should now be possible. Holy shit what an upgrade
(136.93 KB 500x510 1518934784573.jpg)
>>91 Webm upload was also fixed.
(64.72 KB 826x960 1528893496541.jpg)
mp4 files can now be uploaded on Neuchan.
(279.14 KB 300x577 suit pepe walk.gif)
>>363 Highly based, Chadmin
(3.64 KB 194x260 rod.jpg)
>>373 Yes, he is. I am just the humble RodJannie of /lit/ though, not our Chadmin.
>Onionsite Not Found
(186.70 KB 366x550 1570655596121.png)
>>1499 Did Chadmin forget to foot the bill again?
>>1501 >dat pic kys faggot
(108.15 KB 700x373 yes chad balliet.png)
>>1504 No disrespect of Saint Balliet was meant, anon.
>>1501 SHEEEEIIIT! It was up a few hours ago. Same thing happened one month ago, I hope Chadmin will show up asap.
>>1516 Kek I don't think it will take long for him to figure it out at least.
I remember when nein was regularly down and mods couldn't be arsed to give any explanation or notice whatsoever. Now it's starting to be the same with neu. fuck lads, get your shit together and tell us what's wrong. Also, is /fascist on pico frozen forever?
>>1528 We at least got an explanation last time with Neuchan, it was that Chadmin forgot to pay the bills. With Neinchan we were completely left in the dark. >>1528 It's an archive
>>1531 >Also, is /fascist on pico frozen forever? Second half was addressing this.
>>1531 >>1532 Thanks lad
(28.36 KB 834x414 pol - Q PTDDTOT.png)
>>1531 >We're back. Had to pay server bills. Was 4 days ago, doesn't explain today's downtime
>>1539 That was in relation to Picochan. I thought that Chadmin said the same thing in relation to Neu a few weeks ago.
>>1564 You're right, my mistake
Server's back up, really fucking embarrassing. I hope this doesn't become a thing. >>1531 I'm setting an alarm for it this time, remembering to do a specific thing on a specific date is clearly too much for me. >>1539 This makes me feel marginally less retarded, at least I'm not the only one who can't into dates.
(219.36 KB 962x829 bt68.png)
>>1584 Kek glad to see everything working fine and that you're not v&
(32.38 KB 680x450 awkward.jpg)
>>1965 I don't even use neuchan and yet I'm not so sure that was the actual problem with the content of anything you posted. Just a shot in the dark...
>>1967 >who doesn't exist Uh, we had that exact problem here in the past couple months.
>>1967 >pedo boogieman who doesn't exist >t. faggot that used Ebba to create CP image
>>1969 Point is someone had been sexualizing discussion of Ebba very recently, at least on 16chan's pol. They posted a blatantly pornographic photoshop and went on some retarded rant about how much they loved her, so there is potentially a reason to lash out over seeing her posted.
>>1971 He knows full well. The same sperg posted the same CP image on Neu
Posting pictures of young girls for no reason gives always pedo vibes no matter if it happens to be Ebba or not. As long as it lacks context and isn't say part of a longer post with perhaps other pictures to illustrate a point it should be deleted.
(550.12 KB 616x340 rifle girl.PNG)
>>1974 Sometimes one just wants to attach something cute to their post
>>1975 Nobody really has a problem with that either though. It's only when the pictures are suggestive or attached to some agenda that it becomes cancerous.
>>1990 Yeah I would be surprised if they did. I don't like the suggestive ones either obviously, it's just asking for kikes to shut the site down.


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