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(145.39 KB 1200x798 kotleba.jpg)
IRL Fascism Thread Blackshirt 06/23/2021 (Wed) 18:07:23 No. 7342
Have any of you anons ever worked with or checked out any IRL Fascist / NatSoc groups? I think that this sort of work is absolutely necessary, but from my vantage point right now I do not see anything that is worth putting my neck out there for at the moment, not to mention the petty drama and feds that seem to crawl all over these things. The feds part is probably unavoidable to a degree, but it is quite sad how there are almost no groups right now that really call out to me. The last one that could have would have been the National Alliance, but Pierce has been dead for nearly two decades now, obviously, and the group fell apart when he died. Personally I just try to redpill on personal basis right now select people IRL.
any public group is likely going to get subverted or targeted for removal by ZOG. these groups place too big a target on their backs in this stage of decay. the solution at this point is small groups of close friends working on learning valuable skills and studying how the system works, how it's pigs operate, and maintaining a low profile. we all need to familiarize ourselves with the surveillance tools ZOG uses from forensics to facial recognition and license plate scanners. read plenty, get a baofeng and learn about ham radio (but don't get a ham license because it's a public dox), learn about how to secure your communications and live a more underground life. ditch your cell phone, rely on computers and the internet less. grow vegetables, learn how to can food and stockpile useful things like guns, ammo and food. we all need to cover our bases in this regard before doing anything. that's the dream. once you are on the system's radar it's harder to do anything so keep that in mind when something you see gets you riled up and makes you want to say or do something in public.
>>7344 All good points, and I can't really find anything that I heavily disagree with here. I just wonder though how this will culminate in a pro-White state eventually coming into power. Our ideas are spreading slowly among some groups of the population (particular demographics of young men, etc), but if things went rapidly south I feel like the odds would still favor cuckservatives / Christcucks coming to power over NatSocs or Fascists. Though when we hit that stage within a decade at most, perhaps White Nationalists, Fascists, etc. in our countries will be more organized and advanced. Either way your advice about learning about the nature of how the System works and other things are highly important for all of to learn.
>>7342 No, I avoid public affiliation groups, because frankly, the first membership applications they're gonna get will be from undercover police. I know this because I'm acquainted with a Schizophrenic bloke who tried to start a "Christian Youth League" to "Fight The Devil", and the only attendees to his first night were all undercover plod. Like >>7344 I tend to keep my politics personal, though I share it perhaps a little more freely than I should if I ever wanted to be allowed to do anything or be anyone. Mostly I'm "tolerated" because of my excellent interpersonal skills and conspicuous generosity, but it's an uphill battle. Still, I try to make every conversation a meeting of minds, and to understand the viewpoints of other people. How else am I supposed to interface with them? I won't however compromise on my disgust for the nepotism and outsized power of the Jews, or my scorn for consumer culture. There are some things that are inexcusable.
>>7342 I would encourage it. The existence of feds is an excuse and shouldn't be a reason to give up on mass movements. Cointelpro applied to communists as well, with the Weathermen being the worst affected, and it didn't affect their influence in the slightest. Feds can only harm you and your movement when something illegal takes place, which can be faked or instigated by feds. This can be avoided by disbanding and starting afresh.
>>7695 >The existence of feds is an excuse and shouldn't be a reason to give up on mass movements. I agree. Feds are unavoidable. They need to be screened for as much as possible but one should realize that if you're doing something that is going to threaten the status quo or jewish power in any way it is going to become a complete fed magnet in no time. The key thing is to learn how to recognize them and weed them out. Unfortunately many today are advocating for some sort of near-exclusive form of lone wolves with no centralized organization efforts being made. This is a strategy for defeat. While the lone-wolf can be immensely effective for one-off operations or a small spree, only an organized force can beat an organized force like the government. As we all know, the force does not need to be as powerful as the government, but it needs some form of organization.
(19.76 KB 1280x1280 1460572041064.png)
These groups are necessary because there needs to be some form of organizational structure ready to coalesce and fill the void during a power vacuum. That way you are not starting completely from scratch.
>>7706 This. If don’t start organizing until after shit hits the fan it’s already too late.
>>7342 No, wanna know why? READ SIEGE, FAGGOT
>>7941 kek I remember when this was a circulating meme. I am enough of a newfag to have missed the Iron March era, sadly.
>>7342 >Have any of you anons ever worked with or checked out any IRL Fascist / NatSoc groups? No, because they have the same problem as militia groups. First you have to find a group that isn't just made of degenerate faggots LARPing and then you have to watch out, that the group you joined isn't a honey pot operated by the establishment, which is fucking thirsty for some real Fascist terrorism. Look at Germany for example, authorities are so thirsty for real right wing terrorism, that crimes in which the victim was a minority or foreigner get automatically labeled as a right wing crime regardless of the true background of the crime.
>>7942 Did you read it? if not, do so.
>>7342 Find like minded individuals to make friends with but don't get stuck in a GroupTM. Communities shouldn't have to be formalised with a members list. idk about other counties but in mine once you know one person in "the movement" you know everyone. Having your name on a members list can be a huge liability but having 100 reliable peoples phone numbers is a massive resource.
>>7950 >that crimes in which the victim was a minority or foreigner get automatically labeled as a right wing crime regardless of the true background of the crime. That's a bit of a stretch. If that were the case, every brown-on-brown crime would be labeled a terrorist attack. Though it is true that the authorities treat non-Whites as a protected class, especially Jews. Remember the NSU committed crmes for over 12 years and were never caught.
>>7342 I have an IRL organization. It's not political in the sense of being involved with electoral politics, making public demonstrations, etc. It's a physical community rather than a political party, if that's a clear enough way to put it. But, obviously, our goals are political in nature. We have what we believe is a pretty concrete method for preventing fed or other forms of infiltration. If you're interested in joining an actual organization (in the US) of living breathing humans, but your fear of infiltration is your only hesitation, I'll drop a contact email for you. But it's not nearly as exciting as what you'd probably imagine. We don't march, we don't have uniforms. (I'm not opposed to uniforms in themselves, we just don't have one.) Also, for lack of a better term, we're ecofascist. So bear that in mind. But as other anons have mentioned, I've found that fear of infiltration is usually just a cop out for inaction. Our policy is no fear. We have to DO something. Anything is better than nothing. (Shit posting is nothing.) >/wall
>>18151 How big is your group?
>>18151 >no fear Not gonna tell you to pack it up, but I do think you should be very wary of what information you are willing to share with newer members. I would imagine some state agents are sophisticated enough to play the long game instead of immediate do a terrorism sperging.
>>18151 How much personal information would I have to give if I wanted to join?
>>18179 NSO should not have boldly said that they want a world of White people only as their main objective. Besides securing a future for White people and children, I don't know if their goal is possible. it seems odd for NSO to claim that as their vision when the norm is to restore White culture and countries.
>>18211 Where do you think you are?
>>18211 yep that point on their agenda really took me off guard aswell
>>18211 NSO and Atomwaffen are literal glowniggers. Any of their propaganda should be deleted on this board. https://national-justice.com/exclusive-fbi-paid-leader-satanic-pedophile-death-cult-82000-take-over-atomwaffen-division-order
>>7342 >kotleba >fascist Kotleba isn't fascist, he's just a braindead larper. don;t know if you're a fellow butatot or just heard about him, but i really dislike the guy. one of the main reasons is how ingenious and w*man-like is he. a year or so back he was being prosecuted for giving some cripple children a cheque and he gave them exactly 1488 euros. (((they))) tried (and succeeded) pinning him on propagation of forbidden symbols and instead of being a man about it he was whining the whole time that he didn't know what it meant and so on. and it's not just him who's a massive pussy -- his party members are not different. there was this older guy who was posting some (((anti-semetic))) shit on facebook and when confronted his excuse was that he does not know how to operate computer and therefore it was not him. i just despise this approach, if you do something and especially if you do something consciously -- own it. that's actual aryan treat, not sticking their head into sand and backpedalling whilst trying to act like they are innocent. bunch of spiritual jews, nothing more. slovakia has no real fascist / natsoc force bcs majority of parties are cuckservatives with some socdem tendencies
>>18244 Given the fact that they have even got into the Slovakian government in the first place, I am hardly surprised to read this.
>>18244 >>18247 Are there any post World War II political leaders that you approve of, or are they all golems and controlled opposition? It almost seems like you have to cozy up to ZOG to have any sort of political power in this day and age.
>>18262 There are people that are decent like Bashar Al-Assad, Idi Amin, Thomas Sankara, etc. Not many good ones in the West though, at least that had power to any extent.
>>18226 At this point there are no true or real fascists in the world. Just spooks and kikes entering our circles and subverting everything. Even siegetards have been taken over by gay discord LARPers, mutts and/or literal feds, because of maymays. Christcucks argue about muh moral system, but even their groups are filled with gays and haven't done anything virtous since the 10-13th centuries. The transhumanist and China shill set an example of what I'm talking about.
(2.54 MB 640x480 nasheed english.webm)
>>18271 This is essentially why the future will Muslim
>>18271 You are retarded. If your beliefs about how this works were worth crap you'd have been capable of better resistance to infiltration and wouldn't have had to blame gay clowns for your failure. Analyze, improve and learn from your mistakes, don't whine and blackpill. If your fascism does not work even in principle, it's not worth mentioning. >>18275 The future of Muslims is best understood through Palestinian example.
>>18278 >You are retarded. If your beliefs about how this works were worth crap you'd have been capable of better resistance to infiltration. Yes yes, I know we're supposed to actually put what we say in practice, but this besides the point, because I'm talking about how so many groups that have claimed to be fash are just LARPers, failures or people who brand themselves as ones, because they think it's edgy or some shit. Of course this doesn't just apply to fascism but other than ideologies as well. >>18275 You get btfo'd by kikes everyday and many Mudslimes are Jewish cocksuckers. Islam and along with every Abrahamic religion is dead.
>>18281 >Yes yes, I know we're supposed to actually put what we say in practice, but this besides the point, because I'm talking about how so many groups that have claimed to be fash are just LARPers, failures or people who brand themselves as ones, because they think it's edgy or some shit. Of course this doesn't just apply to fascism but other than ideologies as well. Honestly, any group that advertises itself on social media is almost certainly a honeypot. Any real national socialist, at this point, would know that the entirety of the internet is being actively monitored. The only groups that are sort of exempt from this are Azov and it's affiliates, because they operate in an active warzone and are sanctioned by the local government to some extent.
>>18280 Only a fed could be as ignorant as you are. The NSO IS Atomwaffen, retard
>>18244 Deffinitly better then KSS
>>18283 based azov they are to us what the nationalists in spanish civil war was in the 30s
>>18271 lmfao ok bro with that attitude sure
>>18271 I see National Socialism as a vehicle for White men only. So there are true fascists/NS, it's just small town White men.
>>17471 I'm thinking about starting up a social club, no damned lists or membership fees, but some degree of formality to get talking to people IRL. What I've been learning has taken root, National Socialism reaches a mans soul, it can save the younger Aryans from a lot of trouble in life if applied correctly, so I want a space where this is the ultimate goal. What do the bright minds of this board think? Would that work? I'm not in the US, We're Germanic stock around here for some context.
>>18568 This is probably a much better idea that founding a political party, thinking you'll take over your country and become the next Hitler, only to burn out from activism in a few years. That sort of stuff happens far too often. What you are proposing is a good idea, in that it would have a pro-White purpose beyond just pure politics, such as building friendships, connections, improving oneself and one another.
>>18577 Indeed. I see the pattern repeat itself over and over again, a political movement is born (99% created as a fed honeypot) we are enticed by the ideas, we expose ourselves, some idiotic real world event occurs, we are made into pariahs and the movement is killed. By using a different approach, engaging people without the baggage of political action now! I might be onto something more useful, a slower burn, but ultimately more effective.
(114.29 KB 1200x675 index1.jpg)
Are they worth joining or not? I sometimes see their propaganda on my college campus, and while I'm glad to see some IRL activism, I'm not sure I want to risk my identity by associating myself with a well documented White nationalist group.
>>18959 I’m starting to think they might be worth it. Check out the news thread if you haven’t. They just did a march in DC. They seem to do a lot of good stuff like this. I’ve also seen their propaganda around my campus too. No clue how one would join. It would be cool if we had some members here.
(2.14 MB 1335x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18959 99% of the time I've seen them online, they always take care to conceal their identity in public
>>18967 >that tattoo What a bad goy! I hope they're smart enough to not bring cell phones everywhere.
(1.57 MB 1370x793 ClipboardImage.png)
LUCCA CORGIAT is not PF at least not 'officially' He also did the reporting on TRS protest in Waukesha last week http://media2rise.com/about-us/ https://odysee.com/@Media2Rise:4 https://t.me/media2rise https://www.bitchute.com/channel/media2rise/