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(140.31 KB 1024x1024 vaccine numale covid.jpg)
(7.30 MB 1280x720 israel covid.mp4)
(126.20 KB 1443x828 leaked plan covid.jpg)
Covid Thread 2 Blackshirt 06/24/2021 (Thu) 15:00:35 No. 7378
This is a continuation of the thread on the isolation & elimination of dissidents under guise of "COVID-19". This is a global matter of importance to the White race and especially those who are actively fighting or preparing to fight for the preservation of our people. Previous thread: >>71 https://archive.fo/tZhdS
(1.40 MB 1197x1247 vaccine menstrual cycle covid.png)
So now mainstream outlets are talking about the vaccine's effects on menstrual cycles, of course couching it with the 'reminder' that it allegedly has no effects on fertility. They don't even say that it is not known at this time, there is zero ambiguity in their response - "there is no impact on fertility". Let's not even mention that they have no way of knowing this only a few months in. It's various humorous seeing them come out again and again saying that 'sure it causes blood clots... but keep getting vaxed!' or 'sure it screws with your menstrual cycle... but it's totally safe, girls!' https://twitter.com/i/events/1403290435691245574
(88.70 KB 799x479 1624181060791.jpg)
I am not sure what to think about the rate of voluntary adhesion to the vax roll out at this point. On one hand we've had stuff like pic related, where hordes of braindead NPCs assaulted vaccination hubs to get their Good Goy Shot. On the other hand, ZOG seems desperate to lure more people in with pathetic handouts (donuts, french fries, lotteries etc) and they keep pumping out disturbing, invasive and dystopian propaganda to convince as much people as possible to take the shot voluntarily. Maybe they wish to reach their threshold of vaxxed cattle without having to resort to more serious threats, coercion and concentration camps.
>>7397 >Maybe they wish to reach their threshold of vaxxed cattle without having to resort to more serious threats, coercion and concentration camps. Yes, even ZOG knows that this must be the last resort. ZOG is like a monster wearing a smiley face mask. The mask tricks a lot of people, and they fail to see the monster behind it. They want to keep it this way, so they try to hand out donuts, beer and all sorts of garbage to get people to get vaxxed. All of the best golems lined up immediately to get vaxxed a few months ago, and then after that another group of them got it after being coerced with bread and circuses. Another group is going to get the vaccine because they are being coerced into doing so through their job. The amount of people who are truly die-hard about it, i.e. those like us here that will never get the vaccine no matter what pressure is put on us, are unfortunately in the minority. If I can't be unvaccinated and work somewhere, I will quit. If I can't attend a university if I'm not vaxxed, I will drop out. It's that simple for me. The real question is whether people like us are large enough where they will actually have to drop the smiley mask eventually. There's more skepticism than they think, it seems. People were talking at the end of last thread how Biden didn't meet his quota, and the feds are sending out door-knockers to get people to get vaxxed. I'm sure Biden is fuming right now. I expect to see more hardcore measures soon. The (((Delta Variant))) has something to do with this too.
Look at that faggot in the OP's post. I can't classify that as a man. That is a bearded woman with a bald head and maybe a limp dick.
>>7414 I have nothing but contempt for such creatures. We need another war, or at least lots of suffering to purify our society of these things
(176.34 KB 1024x1536 virginvschadpyramid.jpg)
Is there any particular advice that a guy can follow if he has unwittingly taken the science juice, other than trying to boost the immune system as hard as possible and hope for the best? >>7414 Physiognomy is a real thing, my friend. People keep telling us to not judge by appearance alone, but it's becoming really hard to believe that these days.
>>7416 Prepare for symptoms very similar in a lot of ways to the side effects of radiation exposure. The vaccine modifies the DNA in our cells, causing cancers, neurological problems, and reproductive issues. It's not a vaccine, it's technically gene therapy. However, unlike in Jewish fantasies where it's an (((ethical))) form of eugenics, it only modifies clusters of cells, causing our bodies to reject the cells. These types of genetic damage can cause cancers, tumors, neurological problems, among others. The reason why there's two doses is because the kikes want the damage to be permanent. If only a certain amount of cells were damaged genetically, the body's healthy cells will simply replace the genetically fucked up cells. That is why people with minor radiation poison often recover with no permenant after affects. What the vaccine gives you is quite similar to radiation poisoning, minus the burns, hair loss, and diarrhea, but with all of the long-term effects of moderate to severe radiation exposure.
(567.38 KB 820x3023 1.png)
>>7416 >Is there any particular advice that a guy can follow if he has unwittingly taken the science juice, other than trying to boost the immune system as hard as possible and hope for the best? Not that I know of. I was reading about some italians doctors claiming to be able to "cure"post vaccine thrombosis, I found the papers with their findings from post-mortem investigation but I can't find the specifics about the treatment. I am posting the results of these autopsies because it's interesting to read the massive vascular damage these "vaccines" cause all over your body, in both big and small veins, basically killing you with extensive hemorrage triggered in multiple organs. They also gave it a fancy name: "vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenic syndome" (VITT). This is a study about adenoviral vector vaccines though (like Astrazeneca); I didn't read the one about mRNA vaccines where they found spike proteins being stored in all organs. Sources https://haematologica.org/article/view/haematol.2021.279075/73365 https://www.mdpi.com/2075-4418/11/6/955
(1.09 MB 1777x3213 1624545834989.png)
I juxtaposed the latest covid vaccination rate per country to the Deagel depopulation forecast. It looks like the highest vaccination rate countries match the most depopulated countries so far (highlighted in yellow below). I know a (((coincidence))) when I see one. The fact that they pulled down the forecast only adds fuel to fire.
>>7429 One could try to say that it's expected that the listed countries would have the highest vaccination rates since they are the most (((developed))), and that the Deagel forecast just chose the most developed countries for its depopulation forecast as well. But I guess the issue with saying this is that it doesn't explain what the fuck that Deagel forecast is in the first place. I've never seen a satisfying explanation. It definitely seems to be what people say it is, and like you said since it was pulled down that is very concerning. If this is all real though I wonder how such a population decrease will even happen. I imagine it would be slow.
What is it about the Deageal infographic in particular that makes people latch onto it out of all of the boomer predictions?
>>7441 There's some sort of alleged link between the site and Edwin Deagle (note the spelling difference). Edwin Deagle taught at West Point, attended Harvard and got a PHD there. He was a special assistant to William Perry (secretary of defense at one point). In 1997 according to his obituary he formed a strategic consulting company. Some people say this connection is disinfo. Deagel was also referenced by Stratfor in a Wikileaks dump on North Korea as some sort of intelligence reference. It's a weird site. I'm not sure what to think of it. If it's a troll it's a good one. It could just be a plain disinfo site put up by the government too. But it's worth keeping one's eyes on.
>>7441 Their forecast has been around for years. It floated around in the realm of "conspiracy" tier internet talk because up until a couple of years ago it made little sense and everyone could make up his own schizo explanation about it - from nuclear WW3 to aliens invading earth. Now.... well, now everything is coming full circle. Same thing can be said of the "Project Pogo and Zyphr conspiracy". Everything can be labeled a conspiracy, until it happens before your very eyes (just like the Protocols and White Genocide).
Vaccines 2021, 9(7), 693; https://doi.org/10.3390/vaccines9070693 https://www.mdpi.com/2076-393X/9/7/693 The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy (pdf attached) First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (pdf attached)
>>7445 It's amazing that we're even seeing this stuff published, but it's slowly trickling out This final sentences of this paper are the most telling: >Currently, our estimates show that we have to accept four fatal and 16 serious side effects per 100,000 vaccinations in order to save the lives of 2–11 individuals per 100,000 vaccinations, placing risks and benefits on the same order of magnitude. At first glance this makes one think that the vaccine is still less dangerous than the virus itself. However, we already know that the numbers of deaths from Covid is extremely overblown due to how they count case numbers. This stuff about 2–11 individuals per 100,000 is probably in reality clustered heavily towards the lower half of that range, making is so that the vaccine itself is most likely more deadly than the 'virus', not to mention the adverse reactions that are very frequent in those who have gotten the injections. Even if this Deagel shit is just disinfo, huge numbers of people are going to die due to the vaccines.
(71.82 KB 462x462 1589119287522.jpg)
>>7429 >>7378 is it over?
>>7458 It’s not over until the last White person is dead.
>>7466 if you were the faggot talking about hapa superiority, then it's pretty obvious why. you can act like an insufferable, obnoxious nigger over on 4chan all you want.
>>7471 think about it this way, retard: demoralization ensures loss. as much as i might agree, i am not so autistic as you to spread my gay blackpill shit to others and i continue to pursue my hobbies. the future is bleak, but what you are saying amounts to telling Whites to kill themselves. you are brown and/or retarded to post in this manner.
>>7473 niggerpilled garbage. this is the path of defeat, death, and extinction. it's about this life, this world, achieving things in the corporeal world that exists, no matter how impossible it may seem. to retreat to some world beyond death is cowardice, plain and simple.
>>7378 Once again falling for the conspiracy hoaxes about martial law being implemented soon. It's going to be a giant nothingburger once again, just like how Q kept on saying that Trump was gonna win and arrest all the deep state democrats—until he disappeared without a trace. Or like how people were saying that Obama was going to declare martial law to stay in office. >>7473 Don't be demoralized anon. God loves every one of us; it is therefore not permitted to commit suicide. Jesus has accompanied the White race, as well as all of humanity, over the past few millennia. We've had wars and disturbances but He's always been there for us. Political disputes over demography and racial nationalism are not as important as God's gift of life.
>>7467 We’ve been hit by a shill wave of blackpillers, hapa-spam, christcucks and japnigger all on the same night. What a coincidence
>>7481 most of the posts were probably samefag
>>7473 >Why not just rob the jews the satisfaciton? It doesn't matter if it takes balls to follow through (it does). What takes more balls is battling until the bitter end, and that is what all Whites should do. Little faggot ugly jew queers will be happy however they get their desired outcome, but Whites have no reason to throw it to them freely. It needs to be as bloody as possible, and then we might be able to even win. Saying it's over is fucking dumb and has absolutely no place on a pro-White board. The European race are gods in the making and must see the conquest of Earth through.
Anyone else have thoughts about the vaccine being used to save the sheep who survive in the "next pandemic" while they release a more deadly virus that will kill people like us (unvaccinated)? Wasn't a key part of this "vaccine" to keep the body making antibodies non-stop? It just doesn't make sense that they would willingly kill the gullible sheep they want alive and allow the people smart enough to smell the bullshit to survive. There has to be another component at work here, these inbred demons know how we think and I can't help but sense we are being duped into our own death. I'll never take that kosher cocktail, but it's hard to discern exact what the scheme is here.
>>7429 How do we know for sure the deaths are not the unvaccinated? It seems like a mistake to assume it will only be the vaccinated who will die when these are the chumps they want left alive.
(33.46 MB 490x480 Qpsyop.mp4)
>>7476 >Once again falling for the conspiracy hoaxes about martial law being implemented soon. It's going to be a giant nothingburger once again, just like how Q kept on saying that Trump was gonna win and arrest all the deep state democrats—until he disappeared without a trace. Or like how people were saying that Obama was going to declare martial law to stay in office. They want martial law, make no mistake. They've already partially installed it in D.C., the next step will be making inter state, inter city checkpoints USSR style. it will allow them the protection the rats need against the rising tide of martyrs in 4th Gen warfare. The Q shit is a different animal, but one repeated from long ago. A Soviet operation designed to make the opposition think they are "winning" to prevent them from organizing or doing anything constructive.
>>7485 >>7486 This has been debated over and over, what you are impying is basically a fallacy because (((they))) don't care if all the people killed by their poison will be "left" or "right" (a false dychotomy in itself within the ZOG): their goal is WHITE GENOCIDE, and doesn't differentiate. As long as White people will be dead and enslaved, they will have reached their goal. The release of a "second deadly virus" is also nonsense: it would be too dangerous to release a virus and than almost certainly lose control of it and risk it could reach (((you and your circle))). The safest way to exterminate the targeted portion of population is to inject the weapon into them directly, which is what is happening right now (there are many deads already, but we don't know if/when more will die in next years or if they or their offspring will be sterile).
>>7493 Every group of extremists is worrying that the vaccine is there to kill them specifically. Muslims are saying that vaccines target them for sterilization; so are nigger nationalists and a whole host of other groups. Maybe the truth is that this is simple paranoia. If everybody started dropping dead or becoming sterile there'd be no hiding ZOG plans and there'd be a big rebellion. So they're unlikely to use the vaccine to do that. If they wanted to use a drug to target White people they'd put it in the food and the water, not a vaccination that you can refuse.
>>7487 This type of conspiracy theort has come up over and over again, and it's never come to fruition. Already pandemic restrictions are being lifted in many countries, states, and provinces. In places like New Zealand restrictions have been low for months. All the supposed leaked martial law timetables are from unverified anonymous sources and most them have not panned out. Until we stop being schizo conspiracy theorists and start looking at reality we will continue to be a fringe movement. We need mass public support to succeed in changing things.
>>7506 This is actually partially correct. Many of these martial law conspiracy theories believed by boomers have crumbled due to the lack of martial law being implemented. These boomers are being prodded using these conspiracy theories to vote Republican, even though the Republicans are neocons who wouldn't hesitate to violate civil rights and have no real commitment to small government. But this time it's different. COVID is a globohomo operation and not a simple domestic partisan phenomenon. Injecting vaccines turns you into an impotent femboy obedient to the Jews.
>>7503 >Every group of extremists is worrying that the vaccine is there to kill them specifically. <Using the term extremists Slip of the tongue much, Derad oniichan? >Muslims are saying that vaccines target them for sterilization; so are nigger nationalists and a whole host of other groups. Many of these groups are paranoid. But the genocide of Whites is real, while muzzies need to be kept by the ZoG for now. >If everybody started dropping dead or becoming sterile there'd be no hiding ZOG plans and there'd be a big rebellion. So they're unlikely to use the vaccine to do that. There's no rebellion if they're able to use nanotechnology or brain altering substances in the vaccines to keep you docile. >If they wanted to use a drug to target White people they'd put it in the food and the water, not a vaccination that you can refuse. Once again a ZOG talking point. Maybe their plans require it to be an injection.
>>7506 Nigger, this shit in third pic here >>7378 has happened almost by the letter. Only supply chain and military enrolling are still not in full by now. I suggest you to stick your head out your ass asap, this is not cuckchan. >>75203 >If they wanted to use a drug to target White people they'd put it in the food and the water Which they've already been doing during the last 80 years, creating miserable creatures like the one in OP pic.
>>7503 >Maybe the truth is that this is simple paranoia. Maybe the truth is that this vaccine is actually deadly and there is plenty of evidence that it is horrible for peoples' bodies. Everyone that takes it is putting themselves at risk. Even though Jews are trying to spread their vaccine around the globe, it is being pushed hardest in developed western states, therefore Whites will always be hit the hardest by this, and the fact that there is a White genocide agenda is undeniable.
>>7515 Many states and provinces are rapidly deconfining, allowing indoor dining and bigger public gatherings. This whole martial law thing is bullshit.
>>7518 This was already talked about last thread, you would have to be incredibly naive to think that Covid is over. It's set to last until 2025. Already they are prepping the public for the (((Delta Variant)))
>>7429 The fact that they're mass vaccinating Israel kinda puts a damper on that theory.
>>7519 Nah. The politicians are bowing to public pressure and economic pressure to reopen and are even ignoring public health experts in doing so. They're gonna simply say that the vaccine protects against the Delta Variant enough to justify not closing down anymore. Lockdowns are bad for business interests; they won't continue forever.
(495.22 KB 620x539 third vaccine.PNG)
>>7520 Kek I bet you think that politicians take the same vaccines as the rest of the population too (let alone any vaccines at all). >>7521 Again, you're naive and unable to see this matches the 2020 pattern almost exactly. In the summer the cases were down and stuff went back to normal, but after a few months they clamped back down hard and started their Covid fearmongering again. Vaccinations were almost surely timed to align with the summer in order to give the goyim a bit of hope that it was reopening. You don't realize that there are powers above business that can shut it all down if they will it. They are already shilling for a third vaccine. Again you have to be blind not to see what is ahead. I'm going to laugh hard in a few months when you people are all proven wrong.
>>7518 >Many states and provinces are rapidly deconfining, allowing indoor dining and bigger public gatherings. This whole martial law thing is bullshit. This is the eye of the storm. When they bring back another made up "variant" they will use it for justification for military involvement and a clampdown.
>>7520 >The fact that they're mass vaccinating Israel kinda puts a damper on that theory. You actually believe that bullshit? They only reason it's even in the news is for plausible deniability that jews "were the first" to vaccinated EVERYONE goyim! Know your enemy.
>>7520 no, it doesn't, because certain groups get the placebo.
(891.29 KB 1140x1176 delta variant covid.png)
Shills can't reconcile their narrative ITT with the headlines.
>>7520 watch utopia (the uk version) the vaccine by design doesnt effect the jews who all have common genes. in utopia, they portray it as a gypsy scientist making the vaccine favor gypsies and everyone else just becomes sterilized. its actually quite red pilling because the (((gypsy))) scientist gets upset and says he was supposed to pick east asians and that would be the logical choice but he couldnt help but chose his own kin. in reality east asians represent Whites and gypsies represent jews. its actually a really good watch, tons of jewlumunatti references and you even see the (((Club of Rome))) et cetera. just bypass the globohomo race mixing aspect of it and read between the lines when you watch it.
>>7506 This poster is a jew: >>7505 >>7547
is that you OP?
(171.32 KB 375x595 ClipboardImage.png)
I can't imagine being this big of a cuck if I were to take this and have massive medical problems. The second and third images are particularly pathetic.
(265.50 KB 680x818 beard to kill.jpeg)
>>7484 While I don't disagree with the anon who posted the suicide posts as a solution, I don't want to live in a world run by Jews. Right now, I am just getting my ducks in row before I run into a synagogue, ready to burn every kike to death with a fucking flamethrower. Bullets are too nice of a way for them to go. I would hack them limb from limb with a machete or burn them alive, even the little kikelets and Kikesses, too. Their screams of agony would bring a kind of satisfaction I have not felt since march 2019. And if I burn to death or die of smoke inhalation, so be it. It's better to burn out than to fade away. Especially in this world. Let's say I survive and retreat to the woods All you have to do is not bring your cellphone, use a stolen car, and get out before the pigs drop their donuts and coffee. Another day alive, another synagogue gets burned with the kikes still inside. Hell, I might even seal the fucking exits, so they can't even be salvaged as disfigured burn victims. Oh, and if I come across any nogs or shitskins in the woods, I'll hunt them, butcher them, cook them well-done, and eat them like the animals they are. I'll use their hides for making ropes and bow strings.
>>7575 here at /fascist/, we do not condone such acts.
(38.25 KB 425x593 rally of peace.jpg)
>>7575 /fascist/ is a board of peace
>>7577 >>7578 Anon was edgy with his post, but you are cringe.
(7.16 MB 854x480 8chan reaction.mp4)
>>7577 >>7578 >Muh Website >Muh Optics >Sloppy Job, Mossad You faggots are not going to save the White race by posting pics on the fucking web like a couple of limp dick soy boys circle-jerking each other's dicks about philosophies that won't even matter when we're extinct. Whenever some White man grows a pair, you simply call him a CIA operative, a Mossad asset, or something even more retarded. The reason why we have very few men like Tarrant is because White terrorists get demonized by everyone, even by fellow White Nationalists whom they are fighting for. If White Nationalists/Fascists stopped demonizing warriors who are advancing our cause by any means necessary, White terror attacks would be as common as muslim terrorist attacks, if not orders of magnitude more, considering our desperate situation.
(3.83 MB 852x480 nasheed islam.webm)
>>7584 /fascist/ is a board of peace in the same sense that Islam is a religion of peace
(2.92 MB 640x356 Queen Edit.webm)
>>7584 This times a fucking billion. Saving the White race doesn't involve circle-jerking about which European ethnicities are White or which religion/philosophy is better. All that matters is simple survival. It simply boils down to kill Shitskins, kill kikes, and White race saved. Roll credits. It is not rocket science.
>>7589 Yeah, people don't seem to understand that fascism is a doctrine of action, not shitposting.
>>7589 >>7584 >encourages action >never has acted himself You strike me as a samefag
>>7592 I have, but it was mostly small shit like painting Swastikas all over the Synagogues or in my neighborhood. It makes shitskins leave because they associate that symbol with methed out White trash. It also keeps the kikes away. Just leave your phone at home when you do that. The ZOG literally can't do shit, unless you were seen by more than one person. I am working my way up.
(263.82 KB 800x990 thorax_anterior.jpg)
>>7575 The most successful saints did not anounce it like this. A lot of failed ones who got busted did, though. Sort your shit out little nigger. And good luck.
(255.53 KB 556x433 wham.png)
Fascism is not about hate. it's about love for the White race & Western civilization, and the betterment of man. we resort to violence only to defend ourselves against subversive parasites and enemies who wish to destroy us.
>>7601 Great love manifests itself against our enemies as great hate. However, hate is not of one kind. Some types are not healthy to dwell on and subsist in. I am not against violence, and see it as inevitable though.
(595.74 KB 756x708 image.png)
>>7424 Found the study of mRNA vaccine autopsy https://www.ijidonline.com/action/showPdf?pii=S1201-9712%2821%2900364-7
(44.32 KB 759x344 reut.png)
Guys, science is settled: reuters dubunked rumors about the vaccine causing infertility. Plus, if Israel says it's safe, we can trust them! https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-sperm-vaccine-idUSL2N2N42EC https://archive.ph/7MOFU
>>7627 I mean (((they))) wouldn't be wrong. But they don't mention anything about the science juice affecting the female's reproductive organs though. :^)
(16.39 KB 576x249 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7627 Kek, their study from Israel isn't even peer-reviewed and says it should NOT be used as a guide for clinical practice, i.e. it's worse than useless. Not that peer review really means anything of value at the end of the day, but if the vax-critical were to use such methods we would be chased out of the room. It being from Israel merely seals the deal here. >>7630 >But they don't mention anything about the science juice affecting the female's reproductive organs though Exactly. Most of the symptoms I've read from getting the vaccine are from women too. I've seen a couple about testicle pain but the overwhelming majority of issues of this kind have been from women and period issues.
(74.69 KB 750x501 Redneck.jpg)
>>7646 There's three possibilities for the vaccine side effects: 1. They're permanently sterilizing women. 2. The symptoms are temporary. 3. It causes female pregnancies to be high risk rather than making it impossible for White women to conceive. That's perfect to the Jews, as it has the most plausible deniability. Most White women are overweight or obese to begin with, and that fucks with fertility greatly as well. Even the 2nd and third scenerios are really bad. To exterminate a race, you don't even need to sterilize half the race. Hell, you don't even need to sterilize an entire gender. You only have to severely fuck up the ratio of fertile men to women. If there was only one fertile man for every four fertile woman, that means the man in the OP would have no offspring and Chad gets four wives instead. If, however, there 1 fertile female for every four fertile males, the race is headed for extinction. That is my most optimistic prediction. It could be far worse. And with jews, it's often twice as bad as you initially fear. At that point, it wouldn't matter if we fought back and won the race war. The Jews will be laughing as we face a severe shortage of fertile women, behind the safety of their new Chinese golems. What happens after that is, we either die or become so badly inbred we're falling apart genetically just like the kikes. With what I have stated in one of my previous, White men would be killing each other in a post-ZOG civilization over the remaining fertile women left. >>7601 Hate is the only natural response to the kikes sterilizing your population and replacing you with the subhumanity of the third-world. The only people who don't hate are domesticated faggots like that Numale with the childish bandage. Even then, they are thought to hate us, the very people who have their best interests at heart. Every day I am either depressed or just so angry that I am on the verge of murdering random people, just because I want something to vent my frustration out on. Hell, I smashed up some chink's business in a fit of rage at night. They put their business up for sale and left before I could do worse after that. Hell, the slants blamed it on the White meth heads who live in my neighborhood. Funnily enough, the White meth heads on welfare who shit out babies to increase their welfare checks are even smarter and more intelligent than the fucking numales. Hell, they're even better at holding a conversation, too and are not as childish.
(968.35 KB 1618x3578 bvyej003gwv11.png)
>>7661 >If there was only one fertile man for every four fertile woman, that means the man in the OP would have no offspring and Chad gets four wives instead No, a surplus of women would actually benefit all men. In post-WWII Russia, there were something like 60 fertile men for every fertile 100 women, you saw similar numbers in other parts of Eastern-Europe. This is why Eastern-European women were far more submissive than their western counterparts and those countries didn't really have to deal with radical feminism. It's probably also what started the whole Russian mail-order bride phenomenon. If there's a shortage of men, women become far more desperate to lock down a partner and men can have higher standards. Since there are always slightly more men being born than women, those kind of scenarios generally only happen after wars.
>>7661 >If there was only one fertile man for every four fertile woman That would be a great thing, actually, mainly for reasons like >>7663 has already laid out. If there is a huge surplus of women, women will see themselves as readily interchangeable and will likely behave much better than they do when their SMV is extremely overblown as it is in our current society and in societies in which there are less women available than men. The truly dangerous situation is having more men than women. This is why it wouldn't surprise me if the Jews would target our women for extinction before the men. A shortage of women is the fastest way to creating intense male competition over women, likely leading to restlessness and violence. This is what happens in places where rich landowning chads marry all of the young women and leave the other men in the dust, or where the price to marry a girl is so high that most can't afford it. Monogamous semi-arranged marriages are actually great for this reason, as it promotes societal and familial stability, keeps a damper on female SMV, and balances personal choice and familial interests.
>>7663 It definitely seems like the more pozzed a country is, the higher the amount of men there are relative to women. Interesting.
(38.21 KB 626x680 1613577401323.jpg)
>>7661 >I smashed up some chink's business in a fit of rage at night. They put their business up for sale and left before I could do worse after that. Based
>>7589 >This times a fucking billion You're going to have to try a little harder
(335.45 KB 525x238 oralvaccine.png)
Hey goyem, would you like some corona vaccine in your yogurt? Portuguese study potential oral vaccine against Covid-19 https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://eco.sapo.pt/2021/06/29/portugueses-estudam-potencial-vacina-oral-contra-a-covid-19/ https://archive.is/YOwS8 (Can't archive the entire article, sadly.) >Portuguese researchers are studying a potential oral vaccine against the coronavirus responsible for Covid-19 and the results of the first phase of the study are promising. >A group of Portuguese researchers is studying a potential oral vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, responsible for Covid-19 , and the results of the first phase of the study reveal that it is capable of creating antibodies in the immune system of mice. The project, which is now taking its first steps, will be presented on Wednesday at the national science and technology meeting, Ciência 2021, and is the result of a partnership between the (((Gulbenkian))) Science Institute (IGC) and the Chemical and Technology Institute Biologist António Xavier (ITQB) from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. >If proven effective, this will be a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 that is very different from those currently available, as it is an oral vaccine that uses bacteria to induce antibodies. <This bacteria is introduced orally as a probiotic, “like a yogurt”, and it is when it reaches the intestine that its work begins: “Inside the intestine, the immune system sees what the bacteria are showing, that little piece of coronavirus spike, and produces antibodies,” continues the IGC researcher. >The first steps of this study have already started to be taken and preliminary results are positive, revealing that the potential vaccine was able to produce antibodies against the new coronavirus, as expected. >Another researcher, Adriano Henriques, explains, quoted in a statement, that for this vaccine it was essential to ensure that the administered bacteria could survive in these extreme conditions, in order to reach the intestines intact , and that this resistance also represents an advantage for storage and transport of the vaccine. <Based on this consolidated knowledge, Isabel Gordo stresses, even so, that if this vaccine works, it will be “completely different”, easier to produce, distribute and administer, in addition to the ease in modifying the structure of the introduced protein, “an advantage when we have mutations of the virus to emerge and it is necessary to adjust the vaccines”.
(135.92 KB 1024x801 jews vaccine.jpg)
>>7720 >that pic It's really amazing how 0.2% of the population are behind such a larger number of vaccines ranging from Pfizer, to Moderna, to Sputnik V... We are so grateful for the Chosen People
>Covax is leaky i.e. non sterilizing This makes the population an evolutionary mechanism for viral gain-of-function >getting immuised with a single spike protien versus natural immunity from infection This sets you up for yet unknown immune responses when presented with inevitable variants. Natural immunity gives thousands of times the level of protection from future muations. Prepare for an epidemic of autoimmune disorders and Antibody Dependent Enhancement cytokine reactions. The catastrophe is coming
>>7432 >If this is all real though I wonder how such a population decrease will even happen. I imagine it would be slow. If I remember correctly the Deagel forecast was for 2025, so if it's accurate it's all going down pretty quickly. Don't get disarmed anons..
>>7873 What they're gonna do is attribute deaths from the vaccine to the (((Delta Variant))). The set-up is as clear as day. Even despite this, they are still going to scapegoat those of us who have refrained from their experiment al gene therapy. The next few years are going to be wild. I hope I am wrong though.
>>7415 The reason so many of these creatures exist is because two world wars killed the majority of real men, men who still have an internal voice, men who still have a soul, men who could fight. France is a perfect example, after the second world war france quickly slid into the weak coward filled shit hole we know today and the "migrant" crisis was its killing blow. another war would only kill more men, not these subhumans
>>7895 The two world wars definitely slaughtered the majority of real Aryan men. We’re gradually reaching the point though where only suffering can forge new strong men. The war along with the hedonistic and materialistic lifestyles of the modern day has created legions of weak men who might not have been quite so bad under other conditions. Now of course due to the weak men and due to hostile parasitic races we are drowning in a morass of degeneracy. Such times historically have created the seeds for its destruction.
(34.22 KB 1095x581 ClipboardImage.png)
Now nearing 7,000 vaccine deaths, 23,000 hospitalizations and 54,000 visits to urgent care. I imagine it is much worse than this. https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data
>>7946 This is just the USA and is just a fraction of the real number of injured and deads, most of which goes unreported.
>>7960 Yeah, exactly. If they're using extremely general definitions for what constitutes a Covid death, I imagine they have an extremely specific definition of what constitutes a vax death, so we can fairly safely assume that Covid deaths are overblown and vax deaths are and will be massively under-reported in the US and around the world. I don't even think we've seen the peak effect of this stuff yet though. I don't know if some of the more apocalyptic scenarios put forth in this thread will come true or not (it does not seem to be how our enemies typically operate), but we'll see something.
>>7429 Anyone know of a place that hasn't yet holocausted the full data?
>>8055 The full data of what? The deagel forecast or the vaccination rate?
>>8063 Deagel forecast.
>>7378 I think we should go back to the old thread, bigger the better, In any case I don't want to see that annoying disgusting faggot NPC pictured in the OP on the overboard ever again either.
(70.23 KB 583x499 1625642798230.jpg)
>>8120 kek, old thread reached bump limit, anon. But yeah, OP could have spared us the sight of that ugly soyboy. Pic to avoid a completely off topic post. They are going to pump up the number of "cases" this fall by adding common flu+vax adverse reactions, they will claim it's a new dangerous variant (called Covid 21 in the original leak), blame it on the unvaxxed and fan the flame of chaos with more economic collapse.
(179.08 KB 1125x1124 rudolf steiner spirit.jpg)
>>8120 The old thread had to go. On one hand, like the other anon said, we've hit bump limit, and though there would be the option of turning the Covid thread into a cyclical, then comes the problem of information loss, which would be a major issue in a thread like this that is dedicated to posting information about progression of the elites' plans for the West with their virus, their vaccines and any potential variants, as well as how fascists should be responding to all of this.
(194.86 KB 718x1766 1625653409492.jpg)
(34.22 KB 725x231 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8152 Kek they even added a disclaimer to the article. It will be interesting to see in the coming years the side-effects of forcing the body to produce foreign proteins and genetic information. We're going to see some prion problems before long I bet, if not cancer.
>>8121 Up to three oil/gas pipelines have coveniently blown up, creating resource scarcity. Most people don't care, especially in Europe because of morons running after a ball.
>>7876 >(((Delta Variant))) Epsilon one already. Vaccines totally ineffective.
Damage control in the alt-press: yes goyim, you were perhaps correct after all, it might have been an accident, the damned thing escaped, just like that. We were studying it for the Greater Good though.
(279.14 KB 300x577 suit pepe walk.gif)
>>8169 I am roughly at the 4th level of truth according to this scale, but the last parts of what is said in the 5th level about perhaps trying to avoid economic collapse and its repercussions are definitely worth considering and I have wondered about that myself before. The Stuff about IOT is also 100% true. So maybe I am around a level 4.5
The truth scale, below. NPC | | 1) SARS-Cov2 is natural and originates from bats and pangolin, then went into humans living in Wuhan, then spread globally because of public and modern transportation technologies. | It is quite infectious and lethal to many people. We need repeat jabs of vaccines but other treatments are known to work on SARS-type viruses. Some countries reject them though. | | 2) SARS-Cov2 is natural and was studied in the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan and likely other labs around the world to prepare for new natural pandemics, but it escaped by mistake and spread in China. | Several governments were already creating Covid vaccines based on their own research and are now embarrassed. We still desperately need vaccines as other types of treatments won't cut it. | Most Covid vaccines use modified mRNA strands that get inserted into our muscular cells to produce the spike proteins that will be detected locally by our immune defense systems. | | 3) SARS-Cov2 is artificial, perhaps a bioweapon, it was created in Wuhan or elsewhere, and was either released by the Chinese government or by a foreign nation to incriminate China. | The coverup needs to be maximal and scare tactics will keep the nations all over the world confused and lost in the hysteria, as some people realize it's not so dangerous, variants included. | The spike protein is observed migrating outside of the locus of injection in some patients. This might have negative effects on these patients' health. | Vaccination may need to be partially halted but won't because we are being vaccinated by force so Big Pharma can make a lot of money. | | 4) SARS-Cov2 may literally not exist as the virus was never isolated. All numbers have been manipulated beyond measure by the governments, sellout scientists and the MSM. | It is not the virus that provokes the Covid-19 but the spike protein. Altered cells now generate the enemy within our bodies to make us sick on purpose. | Forced vaccination is all about population control through invasive tests and health passports, all at the expense of people's lives and liberties. | The Great Reset can then be rolled out so as to allow Bill Gates and Capitalists to grab more of our remaining assets as repayment for the inflated domestic debts. | | 5) Graphene oxydes are a nanomaterial that causes the dire and adverse effects attributed to the virus or the spike protein, plus others such as cancer. | They are extremely destructive to the human body. These non disclaimed G.O.s are present in PCR tests, nasal swabs, masks, older and current Covid vaccines. | G.O.s also react positively to 5G frequencies, enhancing the destruction of organs and cells. Wuhan was a hotspot of 5G deployment. | IoT pushes us towards a networked and all electronic panopticon, a Communist property-less mass surveillance society to control, tame and weaken us until we can be safely eradicated. | The Great Reset is to control the chaos, buying time by avoiding a new Great Depression which would unavoidably lead to an uncontrollable Global Aryan Revolution and White Crusade. | Jews will finally own Earth, after thousands of years of messianic hopes and scheming. | Lord of Basedom >>8173 Sorry, had to edit. Pain it is not to be able to format before posting. secretly wonders if local chan simulator could help
>>8171 >>8172 Do you have some sources/screenshots for this stuff? I don't follow the lügenpress
>>8175 (5) might be a bit fringe at the moment but the adverse effects of graphene compounds of human organs and cells are already documented. There's also magnetism involved, would have to check out, still cold on this last bit atm.
>>8176 Not yet because my opsec sucks more than a tranny at a commiefornian gay pride, but this should happen more often as an attempt by the ZOG to generate confusing red herrings. Here wikipedia on the Epsilon variant. en . wikipedia . org/wiki/SARS-CoV-2_Epsilon_variant
>>8126 What would this vaccine target exactly? The pineal gland? Some other organ? Affect the heart (seat of divine inspiration)? Could this relate to changing one's belief in God with specific electromagnetic frequencies, as was disclosed in some study last year I think? If it's not purely chemical, it might be a future mix of some Neuralink and wi-fi remote control.
You can reply to multiple posts in one go, faggot. No need to spam replies on a slow board. >>8179 >What would this vaccine target exactly? The pineal gland? Some other organ? Affect the heart (seat of divine inspiration)? VMAT2 AKA God's gene. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_gene >The God gene hypothesis is based on a combination of behavioral genetic, neurobiological and psychological studies.[2] The major arguments of the hypothesis are: (1) spirituality can be quantified by psychometric measurements; (2) the underlying tendency to spirituality is partially heritable; (3) part of this heritability can be attributed to the gene VMAT2; (4) this gene acts by altering monoamine levels; and (5) spirituality provides an evolutionary advantage by providing individuals with an innate sense of optimism. There was a webm from the Pentagon talking about an injection that makes people less religious, but I don't have it here sadly. >>8175 >5) Graphene Oxydes Hold on, does this have anything to do with the whole morgellon schizo shit from a few months back?
>>8179 It's hard to say, it could be a host of different things. I think they are taking a multi-pronged approach in the West through psychiatry, education, pineal gland (ajña-chakra) calcification, electromagnetic and genetic research. We know, of course, that they have theorized that turning off parts of the brain with magnets will make people more open-minded towards foreigners and atheism. The VMAT2 gene has also been looked into by various government spooks and has been labeled 'the God gene' in that it apparently has influence on spiritual inclinations. Psychiatry has basically tried to claim that anyone who doesn't fit their modern materialistic model of the world is mentally ill and insane (all of our ancestors were mentally ill by modern psychiatric standards). There is an all-out war on non-materialistic views of the world being perpetrated by these people (who tellingly themselves engage in all sorts of insane occult rituals)
>>8179 >>8180 >>8181 vid related
(3.70 MB 1494x9428 1625120619324.jpg)
>>8180 No. Some spanish scientists apparently analyzed a vial of covid vaccine and found these particles in it. Maybe it is to be connected with the arms of vaxcucks becoming magnetic? Reposting from stuff I found on cuckchan This is the official study by a PhD in Chemical and Biological Sciences from the University of Almeria in Spain showing that the vaccines are 99% Graphene oxide. https://www.docdroid.net/zZcxnlc/microscopia-de-vial-corminaty-dr-campra-firma-e-1-horizontal-pdf#page=3 Pfizer has shares in Graphene Oxide production companies and the company tries alter behavior/perception/"reduce anxiety" with graphene solutions >Researchers from Graphene Flagship partners SISSA in Italy, ICN2 in Spain and the University of Manchester in the UK, in collaboration with the Ribeirão Preto Medical School of the University of São Paulo, have discovered that graphene oxide inhibits anxiety-related behaviours in a model study. They found that injecting graphene oxide into a specific region of the brain silences the neurons responsible for anxious behaviour. https://graphene-flagship.eu/graphene/news/soothing-the-symptoms-of-anxiety-with-graphene-oxide/ >Genetically engineered 'Magneto' protein remotely controls brain and behaviour https://www.theguardian.com/science/neurophilosophy/2016/mar/24/magneto-remotely-controls-brain-and-behaviour Symptoms of graphene poisoning are the same as vax side effects graphene can bypass the barrier and will end up in your brain graphene interferes with electromagnetic waves antennas that produce electromagnetic waves are everywhere it is possible to alter brain functions with electricity Vaxxd to become a part of the upcoming Internet of Things monitored and controlled via graphene in their brains. >Spanish scientists determine there is graphene in the vaccine https://www.europereloaded.com/analysis-of-vaccination-vial-confirms-presence-of-graphene-nanoparticles/ >covid spike proteins degrade the brain barrier allowing graphene through https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7786155/ >graphene alters fear response in mice https://graphene-flagship.eu/graphene/news/soothing-the-symptoms-of-anxiety-with-graphene-oxide/ >graphene has potential for mind control https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/01/190124105309.htm a paper about toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles https://archive.is/WQF3L the symptoms of graphene poisoning are the same as injection side (or maybe main) effects. So far the effects of graphene poisoning include: - acute inflammation response and chronic injury by interfering with the normal physiological functions of important organs; - serious damage to the gastrointestinal tract; - A high dose of GO (graphene oxide) that forms aggregations can block pulmonary blood vessels and result in dyspnea, and platelet thrombi; - GO reportedly disrupted the alveolar-capillary barrier, allowing inflammatory cells to infiltrate into the lungs and stimulate the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines; - In the chicken embryo model, pristine graphene flakes decreased the ribonucleic acid level and the rate of deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis, leading to harmful effects on brain tissue development and the atypical ultrastructure was observed in the brain;
>>8180 >You can reply to multiple posts in one go, faggot. No need to spam replies on a slow board. Fuck off and learn what spam means before posting.
>>8181 good reps Without surprise, they are the same who push for trans- and post-humanism 24/7. When a religion says that you were made of dust and then a divine spark was breathed into you, it takes a short leap to think this "ghost" can be moved to another form of dust-golem, this time made of other materials equally unearthed from the ground. There would seldom be any debasing of the body at all from their point of view since they would see it as a temporary and imperfect vehicle. In fact it would most certainly be insulting for these people to even think they must share the same biological standard with their sworn subhuman enemies when they could take control of their destiny and right such a wrong through the most artificial and abstract means. With a desert religion born amidst dry and hot lands, should we be surprised to find a core idea of some eternal fight against what is identified as the gross world?
>>8190 >>8175 Good posts.
(4.24 MB 3269x2138 elijah chariot of fire bible.jpg)
>>8200 Actually, Jews are very this-worldly, believe it or not. The idea of an immortal soul that pre-existed the body and moved on after death to a new body or plane of existence is an idea that can be found 'originated' (if such a word is appropriate here) in Vedic civilization and among the Greeks. The Jews on the other hand originally had no concept of life after death. This can be seen all throughout books such as Job, many of the Psalms, Ecclesiastes, etc. Even in Jesus' time there were elite Jews who belived in no life after death, the Sadducees. Death meant to the Jews that the body returns to dust, and that the breath of YHWH is withdrawn and returns to YHWH (which doesn't mean that the person goes and resides with YHWH, that is by far the exception in the OT, except for the cases of Enoch and Elijah, who are basically raptured by YHWH in their physical bodies). All that mattered was the promise of YHWH to Israel, not what happened to the individual. We see here the roots of the current Jewish insanity we are facing. YHWH gives his people a great promise for the future (greatness, prosperity, etc). Many Jews don't even believe in God. They are often some variety of atheist, at least according to the statistics I have seen. But despite not literally believing in YHWH, they re-work the concept so that THEY are God. Judaism becomes viewed as an advancing civilization, created through Tikkun Olam, which will actualize the this-worldly promises of Yahweh on Earth. It is immediately clear how this collapses into materialism, progressivism and transhumanism. When everything that is happening is viewed from the standpoint of Tikkun Olam, it all begins to make sense, Covid and the Great Reset included. 'Eternal life' must be created by the Jews through bodily modification rather than a supernatural act of bodily reconstitution by God. Jews basically believe that this is all they've got, so they have to become immortal transhumanist 'gods' in this body.
>>8210 >Actually, Jews are very this-worldly, believe it or not. Oh I actually totally agree with you but it seems this opinion didn't come out as intended in my former post. I shall post a substantially documented series of post in the Aryan Religion thread to keep this one on track.
(113.02 KB 426x553 tarrant thumbs.png)
>>8229 >I shall post a substantially documented series of post in the Aryan Religion thread to keep this one on track. I will be looking forward to it.
(448.72 KB 1122x2208 irl_soyjak.jpg)
Now the pharmakikes want to inject vaxxed cattle with a third dose against the delta variant. I didn't see this coming at all! https://nitter.42l.fr/pfizer/status/1413273558860668934 I'm anticipating (((they))) are going to try more lockdowns with this latest joke. I can't wait for the sigma smegma gigatron niggabyte variant that requires the cattle to get another "booster" shot. This really is a clown world. I live in isolation from society and so-called pop culture, the Internet is the only attachment and source of information I have. It's hard for me to realize exactly how crazy and backwards most "people" are until I see it with my own eyes and witness the degraded husks that will blindly trust any lie the government or corporations tell them. I have even lied and played little games on these kind of people to see what I can get away with, and it's not hard to convince them of one thing or another so long as it reverberates through their empty head -- that is to say it sounds like something they would agree with. The few times I have been to a city were really eye-opening and jarring, the last time being during this joke. As far as I can tell anyone who calls a city his home for long enough is a nigger or becomes one. Apologies for the tangent but I thought many of you would share my sentiments, and because it appears that those most willing to get and proselytize others with the vaccine are city-slicking cell phone addicted punching bags like in OP's pic.
>>8267 >I'm anticipating (((they))) are going to try more lockdowns with this latest joke. I can't wait for the sigma smegma gigatron niggabyte variant that requires the cattle to get another "booster" shot. This really is a clown world. And they'll keep implying that using masks would still be preferable as a supplementary caution, because the vaccine isn't 100% perfect even after a bazillion stings. There is a great joke on us when as they roll out more vaccines, they're saying that we're facing an even greater danger. They do so to maintain the threat. More vaccines, but more dangerous variants which absolutely flies against scientific evidence that viruses of this type become less and less dangerous, if only because of a natural immunology that happens even outside of campaigns of vaccination. >I live in isolation from society and so-called pop culture, the Internet is the only attachment and source of information I have. We are by definition a small population, a minority within a minority, then part of a race that is the minority in this world. We cannot expect all people to come close to fascism, it's simply not realistic when we have literally no propaganda power. Now, alternative news websites are growing in popularity although a significant portion of them are nowhere near the far right. The good point is to remember how the voting population in the United States did vote for a candidate who used a far right rhetoric in some of his speeches and many more truths have reached this population. It is going to take time unfortunately for the whole mass of Whites to start tipping closer to our side. >As far as I can tell anyone who calls a city his home for long enough is a nigger or becomes one. Support of homosexuality and expanding rates of migrants are a growing reality, spreading like cancer. I live in a very White suburb but during the last three years I have observed that our neighbors' kids are in bed in colored race people, and the few migrants are with White teenagers. For years I saw migrant populations amass like locusts in clusters and sharing the same culture, but now the ZOG has decided to fragment these amalgamations of orks and sprinkle them over wider areas. They are doing everything for this, building them new cheap houses close to transportation axes that reach far into the countryside. The dysgenics program for miscegenation is accelerated. I understand why I see Jews who coalesce during their holy days, out in the streets, very happy while the host populations suffer more and more, they sense that they're about to reach the tipping point where Whites will not be able to reverse the genocide. I wonder how long we will be able to resist both the vaccination pressure and the push for more invasive biomedical systems. The only resistance to be found is again only on websites. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens IRL. The climax is approaching, we will have to cross the Rubicon one way or another and unleash everything, absolutely everything. >pic rel >>as our race slides into the abyss of extinction at breakneck and exponentially >>increasing pace, some lines must be drawn, some rules must be set and every aware >>Aryan must cross his or her personal Rubicon. The fence-sitters, the lukewarm, the >>hobbyists and the C.R.A.P. (Christian Right-wing American Patriots) either do nothing or >>they continue the exact same losing and genocidal tactics as their predecessors over the >>last century or more. Those who speak and act with the eloquence of emergency and the >>fanaticism of desperation, with their focus on racial survival >>as elucidated in the 14 Words are friends. >>All others, at best, are blobs of inconsequential proto-plasm, >>and more likely, mortal enemies.
(499.44 KB 828x725 vaccine golems.jpg)
>>8267 >Apologies for the tangent but I thought many of you would share my sentiments No need to apologize, anon, I definitely sympathize with all of what you are saying here. Covid-19 and everything about it has been one of the biggest redpills I have ever swallowed, hands down, especially when it comes to the true nature of (((science))), the behavior of lemmings and how our enemies can quite literally conjure a crisis out of thin air and make people afraid without the vast majority of people even knowing one person who has gotten this virus. There is no defending democracy at this point after witnessing this. The lemmings will line up like cattle for their third vaccination. These people are mentally, spiritually and physically degenerated and many are beyond all hope of saving.
>>8271 >vaccine golems Enjoy your graphene, faggots!
With much irony, the jews are doing us a great service because those who are getting vaccinated are NPCs, soyfags, individuals so devoid of any sense of self preservation that they can't even feel something wrong, that and other biological failures. Not sure 2025 is still THE date, but we won't have to wait for long either. The usual Makow guys are going to scream EVIL NAZIS AND THEIR T4!! >>8182 I expected they could certainly drop that shit from the above (aerosol) or just go with the usual well poisoning (tap water for example). Forget about fluoride to keep people nice and obedient, the new tool turns you into a materialistic consumer. If this video where people talk about making you HATE the divine by injecting a virus is legit, then it's 16 years old already.
>>8190 That Guardian article though. >The new technique builds on this earlier work, and is based on a protein called TRPV4, which is sensitive to both temperature and stretching forces. These stimuli open its central pore, allowing electrical current to flow through the cell membrane; this evokes nervous impulses that travel into the spinal cord and then up to the brain. >Güler and his colleagues reasoned that magnetic torque (or rotating) forces might activate TRPV4 by tugging open its central pore, and so they used genetic engineering to fuse the protein to the paramagnetic region of ferritin, together with short DNA sequences that signal cells to transport proteins to the nerve cell membrane and insert them into it. >When they introduced this genetic construct into human embryonic kidney cells growing in Petri dishes, the cells synthesized the ‘Magneto’ protein and inserted it into their membrane. Application of a magnetic field activated the engineered TRPV1 protein, as evidenced by transient increases in calcium ion concentration within the cells, which were detected with a fluorescence microscope. How they build the protein, how it's activated, what it does. >Next, the researchers inserted the Magneto DNA sequence into the genome of a virus, together with the gene encoding green fluorescent protein, and regulatory DNA sequences that cause the construct to be expressed only in specified types of neurons. They created the virus that would alter the DNA but added a controller to target specific neurons. >They then injected the virus into the brains of mice, targeting the entorhinal cortex, and dissected the animals’ brains to identify the cells that emitted green fluorescence. Using microelectrodes, they then showed that applying a magnetic field to the brain slices activated Magneto so that the cells produce nervous impulses. Freaky. Literally dead brains were made to shoot up new electrical signals by way of magnetic fields activating the proteins that were grown by the modified neural cells. If that shit keeps going on, they'll soon be able to make robo-zombies. >To determine whether Magneto can be used to manipulate neuronal activity in live animals, they injected Magneto into zebrafish larvae, targeting neurons in the trunk and tail that normally control an escape response. They then placed the zebrafish larvae into a specially-built magnetised aquarium, and found that exposure to a magnetic field induced coiling manouvres similar to those that occur during the escape response. (This experiment involved a total of nine zebrafish larvae, and subsequent analyses revealed that each larva contained about 5 neurons expressing Magneto.) Turning specimens into puppets. Literal organic golems. Wanna escape little goy? Why not escape back into your cell? >In one final experiment, the researchers injected Magneto into the striatum of freely behaving mice, a deep brain structure containing dopamine-producing neurons that are involved in reward and motivation, and then placed the animals into an apparatus split into magnetised a non-magnetised sections. Mice expressing Magneto spent far more time in the magnetised areas than mice that did not, because activation of the protein caused the striatal neurons expressing it to release dopamine, so that the mice found being in those areas rewarding. This shows that Magneto can remotely control the firing of neurons deep within the brain, and also control complex behaviours. They can build traps with attractive (rewarding) magnetic fields. Hey, see that cliff over there? Jumping never looked so good. >Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez of Harvard University, who uses optogenetics to manipulate memories in the brains of mice, says the study is “badass”. Your identity and culture? Away with them! > “This system is a single, elegant virus that can be injected anywhere in the brain, which makes it technically easier and less likely for moving bells and whistles to break down,” he adds, “and their behavioral equipment was cleverly designed to contain magnets where appropriate so that the animals could be freely moving around.” >‘Magnetogenetics’ is therefore an important addition to neuroscientists’ tool box, which will undoubtedly be developed further, and provide researchers with new ways of studying brain development and function. Hahahahahaha "development and function", jewspeak for turning you into a slave drone. Meanwhile they'll probably focus on growing genetically modified humans in vats, altered for specific tasks, then given only what they need to know via "memory manipulation" and then sent to work via remote control, given rewards and punishments, for jobs robots cannot achieve. Plus sex slaves, because they love to defile bodies.
(275.86 KB 601x532 1625234716671.png)
It's all so tiresome. I'm completely burnt out. I feel better since I don't watch this fucking board anymore. I'll just see if your theories end up to be true. I'll just let the goyim cattle to line up for their goy shot and see what happens. There's nothing I can do and I don't care at this point.
>>8322 I also haven't followed any news for a couple of weeks. It sure is liberating.
>>8267 >It's hard for me to realize exactly how crazy and backwards most "people" are until I see it with my own eyes I feel you I know live in a medium sized western European city after NEETing for several years, cause my parents applied me to some government job training garbage. Apparently it pays mmore to try to reintegrate natives than to get the imported nigger cattle to work. It's really crushing to take a look outside the window and to see the demographic shift that has taken place in the last couple of years. I'm just going with it because at this point I could just die. I can't imagine holding a job for any extended period of time.
>>8309 >Not sure 2025 is still THE date, but we won't have to wait for long either. Yeah I'm not sure about the exact timeline either, but from what I've seen 2025 is just when they put the Covid-19 narrative to bed. It's hard to say at this point how big of a problem the vaccinated will be having. We're of course already seeing many negative side-effects and studies being conducted here and there saying that people are dying at a rate that is unacceptable since it is basically two dead for every three allegedly saved (and it's really probably that more are dying, period, given how the numbers are manipulated). In 2025 they are planning on rolling out the next step of their plan according to the SPARS simulation, assuming it will come true, but given the advance warning we had with Covid-19, it is very likely. Maybe this will be the virus that they unleash for real to kill everyone. It's certainly not the (((Delta Variant))). That is clearly just another hoax narrative used to shill for more vaccines, lockdowns, restrictions and for the scapegoating of those resistance to being a lab rat for the Jews. Either way, 2030 is the major year. I can feel it. >>8322 There's obviously a lot of speculation going on here, but looking back at the past year, the so-called conspiracy theorists have been hitting the nail on the head over and over (at least the more rational ones that aren't trying to poison the well and aren't suffering from schizophrenia). Definitely worth keeping an eye on everything, especially because you can be smug about normalfags being wrong over and over.
(56.64 KB 680x385 vax squad biden.jpg)
(141.63 KB 759x672 vaccination.jpg)
"Ignore No Soliciting Signs, Use Your Script": Vaccine Door-Knocking Documents Revealed As the Biden administration peddles its plan to send door-knocking missionaries across America to spread 'vaccine awareness' (and keep track of who's vaccinated and who's not), White House-coordinated FEMA "surge teams" are being assembled to reinforce local efforts on the ground. The 'Helpful Hints!' include: >If you're nervous, that's ok! We all still get nervous, even if we've done this before. >You don't need to have all the answers. If you are unsure of an answer, be honest. Tell the person asking that you are a volunteer, and you will take down their question so that a health department staff person can get them the correct answer. >Inform, don’t convince. Your job is to equip the person at the door with the information/resources they need to make an informed decision about their health. You are not trying to convince anyone to do something they don’t want to do. >Ignore no soliciting signs. You're not soliciting! You're offering critical information and resources. What you are doing is not illegal. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/ignore-no-soliciting-signs-use-your-script-vaccine-door-knocking-documents-revealed Who's ready to be put on a bad goy list?
>>8347 seems like they're just gonna hire some poor saps to be like jehova's witnesses, wonder how long they're gonna hang around outside the door tho
>>8348 >Perhaps most importantly, volunteers are told to keep a list of who's been naughty or nice. >Report on your work! Be sure to fill out the Doorknocking Spreadsheet with the counts of who still needs a vaccine, who is already vaccinated, who needs more info, etc. This is important information that the Health Department is relying on! yep, there's the kicker. >Knock and then back up. Follow COVID-19 distancing protocols and speak clearly. If someone is uncomfortable with you being there in person, offer to give them more distance or leave them a flyer.
(354.04 KB 796x1448 vaxx religion.png)
>>8348 >>8349 >seems like they're just gonna hire some poor saps to be like jehova's witnesses, wonder how long they're gonna hang around outside the door tho Too long probably. You'd think no one would be dumb enough to answer the door when these people come, let alone to say anything to them that would get you on a bad goy list. I'm sure we'll get a few funny incidents of boomers chimping out though.
>>8350 yeah, unfortunately i think just saying you're vaxxed isn't gonna cut it, especially since they seem to actively have papers for that. so chances are it'll get sent to higher-ups who check doctor records, and then once they don't see anything, chances are they'll use that as an excuse to fine you at the very least for lying to a federal agent. chances are they might apply that for not answering your door, either.
(835.15 KB 573x690 vaccine.png)
>>8347 >>8349 >FEMA "surge teams" are being assembled to reinforce local efforts on the ground. FEMA and Paramilitary ZOGbot organization https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AmeriCorps will be used, those are probably the ones hired to rat on Americans. >>8348 They've already hired partisan zogbots for years >AmeriCorps is a voluntary civil society program supported by the U.S. federal government, foundations, corporations, and other donors that engages adults in public service work with a goal of "helping others and meeting critical needs in the community." >The program is often seen as a domestic Peace Corps.[2][3] It employs more than 75,000 Americans in intensive service each year. Boomer documentary that's worth a watch on fema https://yewtu.be/watch?v=GsuKmiTcS0w >>8351 DO NOT talk to the fags DO NOT open the door.
>>8364 Whats the over/under on these hapless (((volunteers))) getting filled with buckshot?
>>8366 I could see people being pretty hostile towards them. If they are aggressive enough something like pic related happening at least somewhere would not surprise me
(37.06 KB 478x473 skullnation_dees.jpg)
>>8366 >>8369 I hope some of these seniors blow their traitor heads off hostility and everything, spit on them. How can we meme this? We need a new blueman.
>>8369 Violence is the plan. I believe the purpose of the door knockers is to enable a few false flag attacks against them to justify gun grab legislation or putting unvaxxed in camps or something along those lines.
>>8411 The purpose of the door knockers isn’t to push vaccines, that’s for sure. I would imagine most people who want them have taken them. Gov. knows that, too. I think it is to harass and demonize refusers in another incremental psyop so that the media has a way to further psychologically push the vaccinated into a place where they’re mentally ready to accept the slaughter of the unvaccinated.
>>8412 Going further, most people have been so brainwashed by tv that while they may be okay with their neighbors getting killed en masse, they are simply physically and mentally unprepared to enact such mass killing. Most Americans are fat, lazy and antisocial. They aren’t going to be able to just jump off the couch and run around killing people. This is a step towards the creation of individuals capable of doing so. These door knockers are being “warmed up” so to speak. The weak will be weeded out and the strong will be practiced and mentally hardened. After months talking to “dumb religious anti-vaxxers” they will start to believe “these people need to die” and the media will help the public accept that as well.
Interesting thing : some countries doesn't want to follow WHO's plan to vaccination and ... are "curiosly" eliminated ... Know your ennemi.
>>8414 Fucking wew! This is literally the third third-world leader that the elites have killed for not complying with their plans. They know they can just kill these leaders whenever they want and there will be no repercussions. These countries are powerless, and Westerners don't care even though the (((real reason))) is as clear as day to anyone who takes a look into what is happened. I might have to make some OC detailing the two African leaders killed over Covid-19 and now this guy. It could be good.
>>8309 >With much irony, the jews are doing us a great service because those who are getting vaccinated are NPCs, soyfags, individuals so devoid of any sense of self preservation that they can't even feel something wrong, that and other biological failures. Actually it harms us more than them, it singles us out as targets for political terror campaigns. The vaccine serves as a loyalty test of sorts; those who took it are already slaves to them, willing slaves. I don't think many consider possibility that the news sources of the vaccine deaths could be just as fake as the PCR test "cases" and "COVID" deaths. Not that I advocate taking it in any capacity, but one must consider their larger plan; which is to expose those individuals who will be a threat to their system so that they cannot hide in plain sight. Think of the Russian scenario of the last century: With each step they took to seizing control over the Russian people; they simotaneously made it impossible for counter-revolution, it was a hallmark strategy. They know and understand how guerilla warfare works and they cannot risk the same tactics being used on them from within their corrupted/infected organizations. The "vaccine" no matter what it does to one's biology serves as the basic litmus test that weeds out the perceptive/intelligent hiding among the goyish trash.
>>8414 Archive link to article?
>>8426 ussanews.com/News1/2021/07/10/before-his-assassination-haitis-president-denied-covid-19-vaccines-from-un/ https://archive.fo/wip/8yl7Z Also picrel www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-06-08/haiti-is-the-only-country-in-western-hemisphere-without-vaccines archive.ph/c0oga
>>8414 The Haitian president was a nigger involved in domestic political disputes with other niggers. His assassination was no international conspiracy.
(1.21 MB 2360x1407 covid kill list.png)
Shitty OC
>>8438 You're a retard. There are only three (3) countries on this planet whose government officials refused to accept the COVID-19 vaccine from the World Health Organization: Burundi, Tanzania, and Haiti. The officials in those countries who declined the vax were Presidents in each of those countries. In Burundi it was President Pierre Nkurunziza In Tanzania, it was President John Magufuli In Haiti, it was President Jovenel Moïse All three of those Presidents are now dead.
>>8444 Oy vey goyim, stop noticing things! Didn't Lukashenko refuse 9 billions from (((IMF))) to lockdown the country? Don't know if he's allowed Belarus to administer the Sputnik vaccine though. What about Sputnik? Is there a record of adverse reactions and deads for it?
(606.54 KB 978x580 Vax effects 1.png)
(280.68 KB 1654x2339 Vax effects 2.png)
(249.53 KB 1654x2339 Vax effects 3.png)
(257.80 KB 1654x2339 Vax effects 4.png)
(240.19 KB 1654x2339 Vax effects 5.png)
>>7378 Some new interesting information came up. https://www.adrreports.eu/en/search_subst.html C then scroll down to "covid"
>>8467 Apparently Sputnik is made in South Korea. It is closer to a traditional vaccine as far as I know, but I still wouldn’t take it. I do recall reading about some effects but I don’t remember the details and I’m confident you can research it yourself. Keep in mind Sputnik translates to “companion” or “fellow traveler” in English.
(1.53 MB 931x650 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8490 >>8467 Yeah, Sputnik is a traditional vaccine from what I understand, however, it is being produced by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, which is ran by a Jew named (((Alexander Gintsburg))). It was also founded in 1891 by a Jew named (((Filipp Blymenthal))). It's probably nearly as bad as the mRNA vaccines. Pic related is Gintsburg.
(26.26 KB 587x223 asd.png)
It begins.
>>8525 The only potential Whitepill in this situation is that if anyone will raise hell over this, it will be the French.
>>8541 They started the Yellow Vests for much less. Then they had those generals trashing globohomo in their strong worded letters. France is to keep an eye on, too bad not even one single Saint has ever arose from there.
(632.76 KB 864x841 ClipboardImage.png)
Kek this is a total glow-op with Haiti https://archive.fo/sbzhf >>8544 Yeah after what happened at the Bataclan I'm surprised there were a dozen Tarrant or Breivik types appearing, but like you said France is definitely one to keep an eye on. At least they will give a big 'fuck you' to the government if they feel the need to. Mass vaccination resistance could be inspiring to other countries.
(143.07 KB 1200x750 Claude Sinké 2.jpeg)
>>8544 >too bad not even one single Saint has ever arose from there
>>8548 F How could we forget him?
(172.70 KB 1080x2340 1626187664548.jpg)
Is pic related real?
(522.50 KB 650x364 ClipboardImage.png)
(540.47 KB 654x367 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8544 >>8541 It's already started happening, kek. Get comfy. Livestream now, will probably be over by the time most of you see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzf073XJFt0
>>8364 Do you have any documents or image proofs of this? It'll be important to warn folks about this, and not everyone will want to watch a boomer-tier documentary.
>>8590 >FEMA "surge teams" are being assembled to reinforce local efforts on the ground. >FEMA and Paramilitary ZOGbot organization https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AmeriCorps will be used, those are probably the ones hired to rat on Americans. For these statements, excuse the double-post
Almost as telling as the 'euthanasia' slip from a few months back
(19.89 MB 640x360 60eaea3e9814d4.84071492.mp4)
(63.87 KB 251x241 goebbels disgust.png)
>>8666 Fitting digits indeed. When on earth did people on this planet become so utterly revolting?
(347.93 KB 550x824 the jew and his pet.jpg)
>>8668 Who controls the media? Who controls the government? Who are the influencers that control mass culture?
(191.51 KB 232x198 qui jew rage.gif)
>>8675 Who indeed...
>>8666 seeing that fuckin' guy apply hand sanitizer to his gloves makes me think he's more of a germaphobe than a coovid cultist but it still makes me ashamed to be a germaphobe anyway
>>8688 >but it still makes me ashamed to be a germaphobe anyway I advise you to look into the reality of so-called 'germ theory'. Antoine Béchamp's 'terrain theory' is where the truth lies.
(1.17 MB 1642x2000 1614202011603.jpg)
What do if your virgin qt3.14 has been pozzed with the jew juice?
(27.86 KB 984x441 ClipboardImage.png)
(24.70 KB 935x434 ClipboardImage.png)
(32.39 KB 763x332 ClipboardImage.png)
VAX GENOCIDE ACCELERATES We've reached the point where more people are now dying from the vaccine than from Covid. Between 7/2 and 7/9 (the latest released data from VAERS) there were 1863 new deaths from the vaccine reported. During this same period, 1358 people died from COIVD. 505 more people died from the vaccine during this period than from COVID. This all rests on the assumption, of course, that Covid deaths put up here are anything more than a random number generator, and we must keep in mind that only a tiny fraction of adverse effects from vaccines are even reported. https://www.medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?TABLE=ON&GROUP1=AGE&EVENTS=ON&VAX=COVID19&DIED=Yes https://web.archive.org/web/20210712065147/https://www.medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?TABLE=ON&GROUP1=AGE&EVENTS=ON&VAX=COVID19&DIED=Yes https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#trends_dailytrendsdeaths
>>8695 it's game over for her
>>8695 Don't pull out and cum inside repeatedly, for scientific reasons of course.
>>8698 Wow
(48.14 KB 564x472 vacid.png)
First time posting here, just trying it out. This thread seemed appropriate.
(520.55 KB 1031x618 155897575268.png)
>>8703 lol, this >>8719 While showing this data to a bunch of NPCs I experienced first hand what Bezmenov described in his interviews about demoralization. I provided to these NPCs the link of the website where the data come from, and I also explained them how to add up all the numbers of deaths to obtain the total from that shitty and deliberately dispersive website. Well, they refused to believe it. They refused to check by themselves how to add up the numbers and insisted that "no, I don't obtain such number, you're wrong, there cannot possibly be 18000 deaths, tv never mentioned this". Even when showed actual data collected by the EU itself (that they trust as authority) they still refused to acknowledge the truth and kept going with the mantra "vaccine is safe and effective" that the media hammered into their mushy brains. I can understand why The Powers That Be are absolutely sure they will get away with their genocidal plans. I provided to these NPCs the link of the website where the data come from, and I also explained how to
>>8719 What's the source of the screenshot? And is the database public? If so I'd like a link to it please
>>8726 >>8726 I've found exactly the same thing. What I have come to realize is that in my experience 90% of people, regardless of their background, employment or so called "intelligence level" have ZERO interest in actual fact based information. Be it, statistics, studies, papers, books or lectures from educated, respected doctors, actual science etc. They will hold fast to what the ZOG Box says at all times and that is all. If the EU announced tomorrow that Santa Claus was real and put in on all their news / propaganda channels EU wide, I'm CERTAIN at this point that within a couple of weeks 70% of the population would believe it. For anyone interested the website this came from is europereloaded.com also there is thefallingdarkness.com
>>8728 europereloaded.com | thefallingdarkness.com
>>8728 Source of the data is in the link here >> 8468
(227.45 KB 725x391 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8731 Yup, it's sad. I remember when the Fauci emails came out a bit a while ago and he said that stuff about how masks are completely useless, but if you bring that up to normalfags they instantly get enraged. Same sort of stuff with expressing any sort of skepticism over the narrative and the numbers put out by the CDC and the media. They instantly get upset. It's just insane. In a healthy White society free from subversion this would be a great strength. I don't care if normalfags don't have rational reasons for what they do in a healthy society, but when it is a system of genocide we live under, it is infuriating to witness. I cannot imagine having such infinite trust in the government or whatever comes out of the Talmudvision, especially when it does not align with the reality I observe everyday. I guess it is weird to trust your intuitions, experiences and research more than anything else.
(277.03 KB 707x329 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8783 Another pic
>>8783 You see to me, it shouldn't be wierd at all. One would have thought that the first thing that makes us human is to initially trust our intuition first, then research. If you fall off a ladder and smash your leg and it starts hurting, intuition tells you, I might have broken it. Then you research, read what the possibilities are from a fall, maybe you sprained it, what would that feel like compared to being broken etc, read what actual science has determined, watch testimonials from people who had the same thing and then determine on your own which way you want to proceed. This seems like basic, simple logic. However, it would appear that today, if that happened to most people they would have no immediate intuition, instead they would run to mummy (TalmudVision, echo chamber etc) and if a couple of peer NPCs told them "It is simply impossible to fall of a ladder" and they read artciles that said "why falling of a ladder is impossible and if you do its a good thing" , "Why a broken leg left unhealed can actually improve your life" and so on. That would be the end of it. If you were so much to suggest, have you thought of the possibility it might be broken/strained and looked into what you might do, YOU are labelled the idiot! How have people come to this point? I'm talking to people in their 50's, 60's 70's. Have they not been on the planet long enough for even experience to kick in? How have they made it this far in life even doing basic tasks?
>>8783 It's a curse and a blessing. On one hand, it's a benefit because it means that if you control the narrative, they will follow whatever you say without questioning. The idea of populism or grass-roots revolution is a myth, all historical conflicts were between two groups of intelligent people fighting over control of the retarded normalfag masses. As soon as a new group takes power, the normalfags instantly switch sides and all their past loyalties are memory-holed. The most prominent example of this in modern times is Europe during German and then American occupation. When the Germans came, they were pro-German. When the Americans came, they were pro-American. Of course, it's a curse when the wrong type of people take control, as is now the case. >>8799 Normalfags are normalfags because they lack self-awareness and don't think for themselves, they just follow the herd. You need to stop viewing them as humans that can be convinced with rational arguments and more like creatures that still follow the primitive social codes of primates. if the alpha of the group says vaccine good, then vaccine good. I remember reading once of an experiment where primates were put in a room with a chair and any of them sitting on the chair would be physically punished somehow. After that, the primates all started avoiding the chair. When a new primate was introduced to the group, the physical punishment was lifted yet when this new member tried standing on the chair, he was attacked by the group. I forgot the name of the experiment but it's about the idea; normalfags are essentially still trapped in this primitive worldview similar to that of animals. >why falling of a ladder is impossible and if you do its a good thing That made me kek.
>>8799 >why falling of a ladder is impossible and if you do its a good thing >Why a broken leg left unhealed can actually improve your life Hearty kek. And you're right, it's not weird to have trust in your instincts. My instincts tell me that Jews and blacks are dangerous, and the statistics, historical documentation and footage all over the Internet confirms this. Same with things labelled 'pseudoscience' like physiognomy. And same with getting the vax. I have a deep feeling that I should not get this and I will do anything at this point to not get their poison in my veins. And sure enough, there Internet is slowing filling up with reports about normalfags having serious side-effects, blood-clotting problems, miscarriages and all sorts of things. The modern system tries to undermine, as you humorously demonstrated, via peer pressure and (((science))). Always trust your instincts. Don't let them denature you.
(41.55 KB 600x574 devilishdigits.jpg)
(12.39 KB 337x390 postaldude.jpg)
>>8666 Checked, Normalniggers need to be gassed.
it seems (to verify) anti-vaccine heads of poor countries could have been killed. On purpose of covid-19?
>>8783 People are also getting stupider. It's not just about subversion. This is a society that has chosen individualism, harm avoidance and cowardice over excellence, sacrifice and truth. That's a choice that carries with it consequences. https://odysee.com/@JollyHeretic:d/why-will-not-get-enslaved-by-elite:9
President of Madagascar Island just escaped an assessination. Two french citizen arrested. It's one of countries which promoted herbal cures against covid-19, no jab.
(443.03 KB 573x485 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9305 Okay, anyone saying that there is not a link between these assassinations or attempted assassinations at this point is the real schizo. There can only be so many (((cohencidences))) before it becomes obvious that they are literally trying to exterminate every leader who doesn't kowtow to the plan of the Great Reset. I bet they're going to try to kill this guy another way now, or maybe they would think it too obvious if he were to die after this now. Either way, we should be on the look out at the presidents of places like Tanzania, Liberia and the Republic of Congo in the coming months, because Madagascar's herbal remedy has apparently been ordered already by these countries according to an article that I will link below. https://www.enca.com/news/madagascar-continue-selling-covid-19-herbal-treatment https://archive.fo/HqUE8 https://www.enca.com/news/madagascan-leader-covid-vaccine-u-turn-0 https://archive.fo/bxCbC
(59.04 KB 1235x486 pol was right again.jpg)
(379.39 KB 2626x1198 pfizer jewish ceo.jpg)
>>9326 Yeah the coincidences are certainly adding up. Even without a "great reset" plan if you follow the money these mega corporations like Pfizer are heavily incentivized to eliminate any obstacles to get their product introduced to all geographic markets. With government mandates and even subsidies to buy their product it's like a printing press for money. I mean just one look at the CEO of Pfizer.
I'm now in a situation where I am being blamed for the future death of all the people who are dear and close to me, by these same people, for not taking the jab. I'm not good at argumentation or debate. Could you guys dump normie safe but effective information that I could use and recommendations on how I should approach the situation?
(12.13 MB 232x424 MASSACRE IN COLOMBIA.mp4)
>>9339 How could you be responsible for the future of death of people who got the vaccine themselves? If they didn't get the vaccine they are in the same boat as you. Probably your best bet is just to avoid argumentation or debate. In truth most people aren't looking to deepen their knowledge when arguing about something, they just want you to agree with them to feed their ego. if they don't already agree with you, they can't be convinced unless they are already following you like your wife or small children. So you either pretend to agree with, avoid engaging in the first place, or argue and they will carry disdain for you.
>>9339 You're probably not going to be able to change any minds, let's be real. Not because you think you are bad at arguing or debates, but because these people, especially if they are at the point where all they can do is repeating shill lines like 'safe and effective' and throw emotional responses like 'wahh you're killing me' at you, are beyond all open-mindedness, reasoning and logic. They're just golems at this point. The best thing to do would be to look for several examples of famous people in your country who are vaccinated and who have been tested positive for Covid after being vaccinated, and using this as evidence that the vaccines are defective. For example since I live in the US, I have used the example of Bill Maher getting sick after getting vaccinated, several members of the Yankees baseball team and even more recently examples of people arriving in Tokyo getting Covid despite being vaccinated. It's becoming and more and more widespread phenomenon. The vaccine is literal defective garbage, even if we are to assume that the media and governments are being totally truthful about everything. If the vaccine doesn't prevent the vaccinated from getting sick, why get it? But also, if they think that you are killing them and are vaccinated themselves, why are they so afraid? Shouldn't they be immune by their logic? I would also say that many of these vaccines are using experimental technology that has not been extensively tested, and essentially that we are the test-subjects here. There are no long-term studies, and there is no way to tell if it is truly 'safe and effective' at all. If you live in the US it's important to point out that vaccine companies have zero liability and cannot be legally sued for problems with the vaccines. Best thing to do is just to say that you don't feel comfortable getting (probably throw in a 'yet' to get them off your ass even though you never intend to), and even throw out some leftist rhetoric like 'my body my choice'. The latter there sounds pretty cringy, but when you're dealing with people who are just NPCs spouting what the Jews told them, little slogans like that can be pretty powerful. I can barely discuss Covid in my house without my mother screaming at me, but at least I got them to fuck off when it comes to the vaccine. Just be unwavering about it, and don't be manipulated. If they want to destroy bonds over Jewish propaganda, that is on them
I will ask here hoping to find lurkers from different countries. I wanted to collect all the news regarding odd stuff happening in various western countries in regards of logistics in the wake of covid and the great reset, but I find it difficult because of language (this stuff is usually reported in local news). So far I have heard: >project in London to set up an area to store many corpses "in case of extraordinary events" >norway ordering 3 million body bags to be delivered within 2 years (it's like half of Norway's population, but I still have to find a norwegian source for confirmation) >italy building container camps to host up to 8000 people for each of the 21 italian regions If you have more similar news from your country or that you heard from any country, provide the link. I want to collect some of these to start building a bigger picture here.
>>9417 > >project in London to set up an area to store many corpses "in case of extraordinary events" >norway ordering 3 million body bags to be delivered within 2 years (it's like half of Norway's population, but I still have to find a norwegian source for confirmation) >italy building container camps to host up to 8000 people for each of the 21 italian regions NP. Can you show us any links for these?
(92.63 KB 737x802 1.jpg)
(195.03 KB 1251x1277 2.png)
>>9418 first pic >The Authority seeks to procure a framework agreement for temporary body storage in the event of an excess deaths situation for the 32 London boroughs and the City of London, led by Westminster City Council. The framework agreement will appoint a single provider and will be for a period of 4 years. https://www.find-tender.service.gov.uk/Notice/013120-2021 second pic >Setting up of container camps for the assistance of the population in case of emergency events https://www.acquistinretepa.it/opencms/opencms/scheda_altri_bandi.html?idBando=06261172d495b253 Archived link because a few time after this was found out, "conspiracies" started circulating and the original link was shut down https://archive.ph/vEHm8 No explanation given about what kind of "emergency" would require setting camps all over Italy, instead of providing supplies directly into the specific places where an "emergency" might happen. I also remember seeing random posts on 4chan and twitter about "quarantine facilities" in UK, where people were kept behind fences, but didn't save them so I should dig them back. Also, such facilities are confirmed to exist in Canada. Now I'd like to collect similar info coming from local news all over western countries. I'd like for some scandinavian anon to find the source for the norwegian body bags thing, meanwhile I'll try to search myself too.
>>8783 They pull the rage shit when you deny the holohoax too. It is sadly very ingrained
>>9443 As the old one expired, the NHS are putting out a new tender for blood clot treatments and doubles the money for it (£3.2 billion) https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/notice/bbec3a9a-168a-46c5- The Scottish Police Authority opened a tender on 19th May 2021 to purchase shelters for Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) purposes in the event of a Mass Fatality incident https://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/search/show/search_view.aspx?ID=MAY415504a71d-990c2a8a8212?origin=SearchResults&p=1
(427.60 KB 1280x1280 covid protests recently.jpeg)
Haven't heard a peep about these protests here in the US media, and I wouldn't have at all if it weren't for /pol/
I was browsing other imageboards and one anon referenced this interview, Interview with Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer: https://rumble.com/vg4inv-michael-yeadon-full-interview-planet-lockdown.html It was a really good interview so I look more into to it and found that it is for a documentary which has many other interesting interviews: https://planetlockdownfilm.com/full-interviews/
>>9593 >april 2021 this board is hopelessly behind
>>9598 Granted, this isn't strictly a news thread. Any information that can help piece together the plans for the Great Reset and mass vaxxing can be helpful.
>>9598 Well this is a slow board which is not focused on Covid or current events but the discussion of fascism and third-position ideology. I still find these interviews quite relevant even if some of them are from a few months ago.>>9598
>>9339 Just be unwavering in your rejection of it, but don't be a sperg about it. Nothing makes golems more angry than 'I just don't want to get it'. That is what I have been saying. My parents are practically begging me to get it but I will never get it. Even if they kicked me out of the house I would not get it. I don't even care if it is harmless, I shouldn't be forced to take some experimental vax for a fake pandemic when I will never get sick and die from this virus.
>>9689 Nevermind the science-worshipper spewage; the decision to reject this should be made clear to them on the basis of the metaphysical matter of perspective, in that they simply fail to comprehend a perception other than their own, in particular, one which does not associate itself spiritually with the world in its current state, has no interest in partaking in it beyond the bare minimum necessary for survival, is mortally disgusted by the absolute state of the average human being, and prays each for day for cosmic justice or the total annihilation of the mundane, idolatrous masses. Why on earth would such a brain ever perform an action that is meant to maintain or keep propped up such a world?
>>9696 Unfortunately normalfags don’t understand the higher dimensions to these matters. My father has complained during these arguments over the vax that I ‘read too much’. These words right here are basically the encapsulation of the golem mindset. You’re damn right I read too much, and that is why I am awake on these matters. The one thing I’m worried about is when ZOG inevitably scapegoats the ones of us who have abstained. Normalfags are going to get angry that the Jews aren’t giving them back normality. In reality it is of course (((they))) who aren’t letting things return to normal, but the rage will all be let out on us.
(184.04 KB 485x346 [].png)
Iceland's Chief Epidemiologist Suggests COVID-19 Restrictions Could Last For Up To 15 Years https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/icelands-chief-epidemiologist-suggests-covid-19-restrictions-could-last-15-years https://archive.is/CV4eQ (Archive)
(896.48 KB 1388x2048 golem vaccine.png)
(1.14 MB 1158x808 iceland rabbi.PNG)
>I feel like we're in a big experiment. I don't know what to believe anymore. Pic related. It seems like normalfags are getting rightfully confused over the endless flip-flopping and the fact that the vaccine is increasingly being exposed as useless, as everyone ITT predicted. It feels very comfy to have been right about absolutely everything. Once one gives ZOG even the tiniest amount of power they will never give it back. ZOG tyranny only expands, never contracts. Normalfags will be locked in their houses for the rest of their lives over endless fake 'variants' if they don't stand up and say 'no' at some point, just look at what >>9789 is saying, they effectively want to destroy the society over the common cold. Iceland went pozzed as soon as they got their first rabbi.
(290.20 KB 636x613 smart.png)
>>9793 >normalnigger Whites still wear a mask even after the vaccine >shitskins just go on with normal life without the vaccine or a mask Pretty funny that niggers and spics ignore and undermine all the anti-pandemic efforts of Whites without any media criticism, while rural normalfag Whites who don't comply take all the blame when where they live there isn't even the population density to meaningfully spread a virus
(316.69 KB 673x524 dolsten pfizer White genocide.PNG)
>>9796 It really goes to show how literally everything that happens is geared towards demoralizing and dividing White people among themselves. One would expect that Covid-19 would have nothing to do with White Genocide, but on a closer look it is more about White Genocide than anything else. It is only through knowing this that we can even make sense of why such a hoax would be pulled in the first place, at least aside from the more basic fact of the elites wanting to establish complete technocratic control over the populace. Same with climate issues and literally everything else that happens on this planet. It's wild.
>>9797 I don't think corona virus and ecological problems were necessarily engineered from the ground up to promote White genocide. But every single phenomenon that possibly can be, is hijacked and retooled toward that end because it's part of the jewish agenda (along with profit of course). To the point that there is little meaningful difference in the end one way or another. "Never let a crisis go to waste", after all.
>>9808 >I don't think corona virus and ecological problems were necessarily engineered from the ground up to promote White genocide With the Coronavirus I'm less sure about where it really comes from, but you're right when we're talking about ecological issues. This is almost exclusively the result of greed and the desire for easy, hedonistic lifestyles at the expense of the future. There's some truth to it, but like you say it has been hijacked and retooled into a sort of 'woke environmentalism' where they want to force everyone to go vegan, eat the bugs and live in the pod even though it is their corporations creating the pollution and selling us the garbage in the first place. It's an excuse for more technocratic control over the populace, just like Coronavirus. Right now the narrative is 'you're killing grandma!' if you don't comply with the Covid narrative, and soon it will be 'you're killing mother earth!' if you don't accept their way of fixing those problems.
(15.10 MB 596x1278 SKE1s_YfP8jRZ-d0.mp4)
NHS Nurses Demand To COVID Test Newborn Baby, Claim It's Not Mother's Property Once Outside Of Womb https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/watch-nhs-nurses-demand-covid-test-newborn-baby-claim-its-not-mothers-property-once https://archive.is/ExTgn (Archive)
UK Lockdown Advocate Now Says Official COVID Infection Rates Are "Fishy" Because They're Dropping https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/uk-lockdown-advocate-now-says-official-covid-infection-rates-are-fishy-because-theyre https://archive.is/wHmIP (Archive)
>>9893 Isn't it completely unsuprising that a highly contagious virus will have variants over time? Typically they become more contagious and less deadly outside of externalities caused by poorly designed vaccines like with Marek's disease.
>>9893 more like the ligma variant
>>9899 this new one will make people fake and gae
>>9898 That's what one would expect given the phenomenon of rushed and leaky vaccines. I'm not even sure this Delta Variant, or the Lambda Variant, or the Ligma Variant (God forbid) are even real at all though. I am willing to admit that there's probably an actual virus that this is based off of (only to expected due to globalization, really), but what they are doing here is trying to scaremonger the population again to control them more. They are going to blame these fictional variants on the unvaxxed, though if they were real and deadly, it would absolutely be on the shit vaccines that they forced so many golems to get while not stopping them from actually getting it or transmitting it. >>9870 >>9871 Absolutely clown-tier.
>>9870 They keep overstepping and slipping. These parasites expect everyone to trust them with shit like this and have no instinct to protect their children or newborns. Such things cannot be completely removed or de-programmed unless the person was souless and unthinking to begin with. It is concerning however, that they are being this open about it. >>9898 Much like 9/11 and everything that came from that, they are playing (and putting hopes) on the ignorance and apathy of the masses to keep the panic going and make them more susceptible to the increasing control put on them. If that doesn't work, they find ways to get the masses to fight each other over trivial issues so those that could influence the masses against the real issues cannot do so.
Dave Cullen of "Computing Forever" (used to be a YouTube channel, has since migrated to Odysee) has been very outspoken against the vaccines and has been doing a great job covering "The Great Reset" since early last year. He has done a number of wonderful pieces on these and other related topics over the last year and a half, and was featured on Millenniyule (gathering of small time pro-White e-celebs, if you could call it that) for Christmas 2020. Dave recently put out a video detailing how he was attacked after doing a piece on Freemasonry (and COVID). His property was defaced with "PEDO," masonic symbols, and his car was vandalized. Alex Jones has stated US and European intelligence agencies have been tasked to frustrate anyone speaking out against the vaccines and other mandates. It is not yet clear who attacked Dave, but it is notable that these are the kinds of attacks one can expect when one has a large audience and speaks against what is happening. There have been other stories of doctors and scientists receiving death threats, but I haven't seen any evidence like Dave presents in the linked video below. I recommend checking out his channel, as some of the content is normie friendly if you have anyone in your life who is questioning the vaccines/narrative. I do recommend looking past Dave's silly cartoons of himself, I personally fine them quite unappealing, but he is a decent content producer. I myself have considered producing content of this nature but I have been afraid of such attacks. Losing one's life seems reasonable, but being labeled a pedo in front of your neighbors is difficult to come back from. I have long believed this is why pedo links are posted on this website and others like it, to serve as a form of entrapment for dissidents. They are likely posted by intelligence agencies. https://odysee.com/@ComputingForever:9/A-Message-to-My-Harassers-Broadband-High:2
>>9911 I have a feeling 'pedo' is gonna be the word these guys will use against anyone, just look at Twatter for example. There's a whole bunch of people who are "against pedophilia", which you think might sound cool and all... until you realize that half of them are going rabbid at anyone even accused of being a pedo with zero proof, and the other half are just going after small-time loli posters, with actual pedos going free.
>>9913 Its easier to strike the branches of oppression than to strike the root.
>>9913 >>9914 >I have a feeling 'pedo' is gonna be the word these guys will use against anyone. >Its easier to strike the branches of oppression than to strike the root. Absolutely, this was why I brought it up. I see this as only the beginning of the move to demonize anyone who stands in the way of those who seek to fully enslave us body and mind. It is a very powerful tool since blackmail is absurdly easy to obtain in the days of the internet. There has been a large push to create as many pedophiles in the populace as possible, and I believe this is one of the reasons why. I'm sure the proliferation of pedophilia serves several purposes for the elite, a big one being blackmail and coercion/enslavement. I believe Dave may only be the beginning of the "blackmail of the little people" that will unfold over the coming years. It would be easy to start a witch burning. I actually heard a prophesy from someone who believes this will be perpetrated against "right wingers" to destroy their moral credibility vs. "the left." This gets us into the intriguing topic of blackmail inflation, (I believe) coined by Patrick Ryan. It has to do with improvements in deepfakes. It is a sort of singularity where deepfakes will become so good, it will render blackmail mostly obsolete. Patrick speculates the events regarding Epstein and similar happenings are essentially the deepstate getting the last juice they can out of the blackmail they have before it is rendered useless by deepfakes. Perhaps "the elites" will use the blackmail they've gathered over the years through social media, Google, ISPs and the like soon. This is all high-octane speculation of course. Sorry for somewhat off-topic post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlmhhh9HYqc
(1021.10 KB 2364x2364 hey.jpg)
>>8267 agreed, the city is fucking horrible. I live in a red state but our virtue signalling neolib mayor just reinstated the mask mandate. I'm fucking livid. they're probably gonna lock us down again this winter, too. everyone in my age group (gen z and younger millenials) is a woke "progressive" golem so of course they see no problem with it, and treat me like a crazy person for not listening to the mandates, let alone calling all this a hoax. >As far as I can tell anyone who calls a city his home for long enough is a nigger or becomes one. they're worse, at least blacks don't trust government medical experiments. the average city White is obedient cattle for the jews
To Fight Vaccine Lies, Authorities Recruit an ‘Influencer Army’ >The White House has teamed up with TikTok stars, while some states are paying “local micro influencers” for pro-vaccine campaigns. >To reach these young people, the White House has enlisted an eclectic army of more than 50 Twitch streamers, YouTubers, TikTokers and the 18-year-old pop star Olivia Rodrigo, all of them with enormous online audiences. State and local governments have begun similar campaigns, in some cases paying “local micro influencers” — those with 5,000 to 100,000 followers — up to $1,000 a month to promote Covid-19 vaccines to their fans. https://archive.is/0ljOO https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/01/technology/vaccine-lies-influencer-army.html It's really sounding like young people in the US really aren't getting this shit. Up to $1000 a month to promote the vax? Wew
>>10001 >at least blacks don't trust government medical experiments You stupid fuck, it's BETTER if the niggers take the vaccine. <muh blaaacks
>>10021 When are you going to convert to Judaism?
>>10022 >Wanting a racial enemy to get fucked over is Judaism Are you guys cucks or what?
>>10024 Nah but he was comparing. In a way it's "good for them" that they don't trust that shit, in this simple retard way of auto suspecting anyone and anything not black they are smarter than most Whites at this time and thats the bitter truth because obviously abstract as animals in-group is ultra important without it its impossible to survive. Obviously It has less to do with intelligence and more to do with targeted anti White mental terrorist brainwashing by jews done to our people for almost 3 generations though obviously. They haven't been doing that to other races. >>10004 I fucking knew it. They're all paid shills lol. I've been thinking and can't come to a conclusion on how they are doing this, they could tailor the vaccine to name and person, (potentially metadata by jewgle from the kike databnks), they could just make it target, edit genes(creating retards for example), they could make it target reproduction, or White DNA specifically, or all of them. And as it seems women are having most of the side effects... obviously but what do you guys think about the fine details of it? Is anything confirmed yet? What am I missing? We know it's very bad this poison has been confirmed by European Medical Agency having MURDERED 40.000 people which is literally warcrime genocide levels of people in Europe alone already.... 40.000 White people murdered by ZOG. That's something real to never forget.
>>10004 Definitely a lot of shitskins are not getting the vax. Many MMA fights are being cancelled from niggers and spics still getting Rice Rabies. Wouldn't surprise me if it's similar in other sports.
>>10026 I overheard 2 shitskins on the train a week ago, one npc shitskin was shilling it to the other one who wen't ".... naah it's not for me" to which the other one replied "lol u pussy??" and repeat.
>>10024 I don’t want *anyone* to live their lives wallowing in Jewish degeneracy, addicted to porn and enslaved to big pharma. Whites come first, obviously, but I have a degree of compassion for others as well, as I do with animals as well.
>>10030 >I don’t want *anyone* to live their lives wallowing in Jewish degeneracy So you are cucked, because I couldn't give a shit about anyone else. Death to midwits.
>>10032 >I couldn't give a shit about anyone else. You’re naive if you don’t think there is a ripple-effect.
>>10021 this is a gross misrepresentation of what he was saying. >imagine being this pointlessly divisive on purpose gay
>>10032 why should we care about you in return? you're a clown.
NYC is requiring at least one frankenshot to enter restaurants, gyms, and theatres. There isn't even gonna be an option to get a negative test instead. Clown world. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/03/nyregion/nyc-vaccine-mandate.html
>>10025 >in this simple retard way of auto suspecting anyone and anything not black they are smarter than most Whites at this time exactly >brainwashing...They haven't been doing that to other races. gangsta rap has been used by jews to sabotage the black community with bad role models etc. the naacp was founded by jews and malcolm (an actual black nationalist) criticised them for that exact reason. the jews may pretend to care about blacks and gays but they're just using them to advance jewish interests. at the end of the day they view all goyim as lesser White or otherwise
>>10082 Feels good not to live in a big city, honestly. I do wonder how such things will really be enforced though. >>10084 >the jews may pretend to care about blacks and gays but they're just using them to advance jewish interests. at the end of the day they view all goyim as lesser White or otherwise Exactly, Jews don't really care about niggers, it's obvious that the elite Jews just view them as subhumans just like we do, but see them as golems and shock-troops to forward their agendas against White America. Unfortunately for niggers, they are a very easily-controlled population. They do not have much control over their lower selves, and are thus quite easily manipulated by consumer goods (fancy shoes, watches, necklaces, etc) and music - music is really something which is extremely potent to the extent that it's basically mind-control.
>>10084 >gangsta rap has been used by jews to sabotage the black community with bad role models etc. not just blacks, but other groups, including Whites. >music is really something which is extremely potent to the extent that it's basically mind-control. Plato discussed this in the Republic. he warned that poetry can stir up the irrational elements of the soul, and that applies to music as well. I've seen firsthand how it can affect people and warp their minds.
(76.24 KB 680x391 DJ race mixer music jew.jpg)
>>10086 Exactly, I'm sure I had Plato floating around somewhere in my mind when writing that, because I have looked into this topic before and fully agreed with what he was saying. Islam recognizes this as well, but in a typical Abrahamic fashion, oversteps and goes into the extreme of almost all music all together. This is a misstep, of course. Music can be both edifying and destructive, it really comes down to the nature of the music, the type of instruments, the mood that it conveys, the message (if there is one), etc. Most music today is destructive for the soul, but there are exceptions here and there. One becomes like that which they meditate on. It's the same principle as eating garbage processed food and becoming fat and unhealthy oneself.
How long will it take for normalfags to realize they’ve been played?
>>10170 Never, they will never realize they have been played.
>>10170 how long until the jews at ft. dietrich release the giga nigga 9000 variant that'll kill everyone who isn't vaccinated? >>10172 this. if we had deconstructed the propaganda right away during the "flatten the curve" phase and got our message out there effectively we may have had a chance. but being a covid doomer has become a cult for pathetic libtard atheists with unfulfilled religious impuses. not only do they need the masks to virtue signal, the lockdowns to justify their shit social lives, but they have too much sunk cost fallacy to acknowledge this is a hoax at this point. it would also require them facing the reality of global government and essentially jewish conspiracies which is too earth-shattering for most woketards to even process
(794.09 KB 514x724 anime nazi.png)
>>10173 it is truly ironic how these people are so quick to call any right-winger a fascist yet when we stand up to propaganda and an attempt to foist medical totalitarianism on the whole world's population we get treated like lepers. I mean hell, not everyone on this board seems like a violent "domestic extremist." we just want self-determination instead of being ruled by jews. meanwhile liberals and leftists are a ok with state power being used to ruin livelihoods, coerce vaccination, even imprison people not trying to samefag the covid thread on leftypol is hot garbage so I've been bottling up a lot of these thoughts. lord knows I can't talk about this shit irl
>>10174 I'm pretty curious to see what the /leftypol/ thread on Covid looks like. Unfortunately it seems like Bunkerchan is down right now. I am sure that they support vaccines but have some milquetoast criticisms of measures as being harmful to the working class or some shit. And yeah, it is pretty funny what is happening, at least in a tragic sort of way. It is routinely White Nationalists, Fascists and NatSocs who I see online actually critical of governments, and who are actually against this technocratic overreach. We knew from almost day one (at least after we stopped being fooled by fake videos from China) that this was another sort of thing like the 'War on Drugs' or the post-9/11 'War on Terrorism'. It is the 'War on Covid-19', and they are never going to give back normality without any sort of struggle or fight. They are almost inevitably going to create violent domestic extremists through doing this sort of overreach. I can't even begin to say how big of a redpill the last year and a half has been for me. Never before did I understand just how evil these people were until then.
>>10184 >hey are almost inevitably going to create violent domestic extremists through doing this sort of overreach and if that fails they'll do another false flag to justify their overreach just like 9/11. glowniggers have already thoroughly inflitrated patriot orgs anyway >I can't even begin to say how big of a redpill the last year and a half has been for me same I went from a communist to a right wing anarchist after seeing those red bastards line up behind this psyop. they want technocracy too they just think they should be in charge of it instead of the libs lol
>>9339 The vaccines basically do nothing to slow spread, and that's coming from big pharma itself. According to the independent study done, at least 200 people need to be double-vaxxed to prevent one case of transmission, that's the NNV number. The type of people you're dealing with don't trust independent studies, so according to the (((pharmaceutical))) companies themselves, the NNV is at least 78, depending on which one it is. According to the most recent and comprehensive study of the Infection Fatality Rate, done by Ioannidis (the pre-eminent researcher in the field of statistical analysis in science and medicine), is 0.15%. I.e. 0.15% of people who contract covid end up dying. If you combine the NNV of 78 and IFR of 0.15% you get NNVx100/IFR= 52'000 people that need to be double-vaxxed to stop one person dying. If you use the independent NNV it's at least 133k. Basically the vaccines are useless. It's really easy to demolish the whole narrative if you have basic facts like this. What does stop you from getting covid is Iv*rm*ctin; see the attached vid (edited because that word is prohibited on many sites, including some chans). If everyone used Iv*rm*ctin prophylactically this "pandemic" would be over in a month, because it reduces your chance of catching it so significantly. Iv*rm*ctin is so cheap it's used in Zimbabwe, albeit as a treatment not a prophylactic. Iv*rm*ctin is also several orders of magnitude safer than the vax, see last pic, and keep in mind billions of doses of Iv*rm*ctin had been administered in 3rd world countries as an anti-malarial.
>>10189 >they want technocracy too they just think they should be in charge of it instead of the libs lol That's one of the biggest redpills on communism - it is just technocracy with a red coat of paint. Engels himself wrote that communism will be even more tyrannical and technocratic than discipline within a factory after the revolution. It all starts to make sense why liberals and communists are essentially on the same page about everything, except for one wants a hammer and sickle and a red color scheme, while the other doesn't. >>10208 It's slightly surprising that even the pharmakikes have admitted that their vaccine doesn't do shit. Makes me wonder whether this is part of the plan though. Because I have successfully shut down normalfags who want me to get the vaccine by telling them that it literally doesn't even work, and they have no answer at this point. I'm starting to wonder if they are just priming people for a purge of dissidents who didn't want to obey. We have already discussed that the variants they are pushing, like this >>10170 are to be blamed on the anti-vax boogiman.
>>10210 The normalfags will believe whatever the ZOG-media tells them, they aren't interested in the actual studies. The media as you say is conditioning the blue-pilled normalfags to turn against the unvaxxed. I suppose this is to make it easy for our governments to start rounding us up and putting us in "covid camps" or "isolation centers", or forcefully injecting us; or perhaps to prime violents antifa-like actions against us unvaxxed people.
>>10213 >I suppose this is to make it easy for our governments to start rounding us up and putting us in "covid camps" or "isolation centers", or forcefully injecting us; or perhaps to prime violents antifa-like actions against us unvaxxed people. Most likely both. First they are going to try to squeeze us unvaxxed as hard as possible, and to make our lives hell. Some of the weaker ones among us will inevitably cave to the pressure and give in. More though will refuse. There is going to be a portion of the population that is inherently unpersuadable. I am among them, as are most of the people ITT, I'd hope and assume. With people like us, or the generally vax-hesitant population, they are going to continuing dehumanizing us in order to ignite bouts of vigilante violence on us, as you said. These won't be everywhere, but I imagine that it is already happening to an extent to some more outspoken people. Normalfags are already eating up dehumanization propaganda by reveling in the fact that we unvaxxed are apparently going to be suffering in the hospital on a ventilator begging for the vaccine. I have seen a lot of comments like that in various places. When ZOG finally realizes that some of us will not budge no matter what, that is when the camps come in. I don't even know what to speculate on that matter. Obviously some people are going to end up in camps. Another amount will flee into the woods, others will probably go down in a volley of gunfire rather than go to their camps. If it gets that far I'm going to the woods, personally. All I know is that everyday it becomes ever more clear that this is a load of bullshit.
>>8175 Wew. Has there been any substantial confirmation about level 5? I wouldn't put it past the top kikes but I wouldn't want to parrot information that might have been planted there to discredit the opposition. The hasty push of 5G is obviously extremely suspicious but can we already know for sure how it combines with other parts of the plan? For example, it's obvious they are going for a gook-like Social Credit system, but this would already work with the current 3/4G network and current DSL+ system. From a capitalist pov companies don't even have time to return enough investments on the deployment of the former GSM networks. Logically big companies would actually be slowing down as much as they could. Can 5G be only explained as a need to push more (((Disney))) and (((Netflix))) into our eyes and heads when we know the propaganda on Whites is less and less effective, especially with the considerable push of cucks, liberals, niggers and fags in ads? Level 4 is absolutely based though. I also see more and more people reaching level 3 which is a very good sign. People stuck at level 1 and 2 are the greatest dangers because they would validate the overall tyrannical heist and voluntarily act as snitches for the neo Stasi.
>>10210 >It's slightly surprising that even the pharmakikes have admitted that their vaccine doesn't do shit It's actually part of the psychological warfare. 1984 Objective truth doesn't exist. Truth is what the Party says.
>>10173 >how long until the jews at ft. dietrich release the giga nigga 9000 variant that'll kill everyone who isn't vaccinated? This. whycontainit.jpg Lots of hesitant people and even antivaxx or antipass will cave in. But it's very risky too because it can blow up in (((their))) face since the ZOG has lost a lot of authority on the peoples. Tons of people hate politicians already and it's not getting any better. Even NPCs are shocked about political u-turns within months or weeks and feel betrayed when they learn about it. However, looking at the BS posted on social networks and sanitized forums, there's still a lot of retards who just don't get it. In a way, this waste will have to go down the drain.
>>10238 We need to be careful talking about the vaccines having graphene (see pic), but it's a possibility. See also the vid on magnetizable proteins. Some of the people who are vaxxed are definitely magnetic and some people claim they can connect to bluetooth devices.
(263.92 KB 750x903 magnets brain god.jpg)
>>10241 What is the purpose of injecting magnetic proteins and having them be able to connect to bluetooth devices? Is it something like pic related, where they can basically turn you into a leftist by using brain magnets? That is the only thing I can think of. I am wondering if this is finally when 5G comes into play, even though I have been reluctant to consider this in the past.
>>10254 >Is it something like pic related, where they can basically turn you into a leftist by using brain magnets There are far worse chemical warfare going on. >Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5584433/ >An Assessment of Potential Exposure and Risk from Estrogens in Drinking Water https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2854760/
(113.03 KB 1000x1000 1628251820622.png)
Is this a plausible explanation of the neverending scheme kike pharma has set up to enslave goyim for life? I am still convinced this is also a sterilizing drug for young people or their offspring.
>>10269 What this image depicts is definitely plausible. We already know that their goal is total technocratic control of the populace. In the coming decades they are going to completely enslave the goyim with technology and medicine. Expect to see everything from microchips, to brain implants to the patenting of genes so that the Jews and their corporations will literally own you and your family down to a genetic level, like Monsanto does with crops. Every single aspect of the goy's life must be regimented and technocratically planned. Assuming the virus is real they could be trying to create a super-strain that will kill all dissidents off rapidly and leave the Jews to lord over their earth, forcing mankind to live in pods and eat maggots
>>10269 I'm not convinced of the "leaky vaccine" narrative. All we have is data from the pharma companies and our governments, all massively kiked organizations. I suspect the vaccines do nothing other than harm people, i.e. they don't offer any protection from whatever covid is, and they don't reduce transmission at all. What is an empirical fact is that countries with high vaccination rates like Israel have a very similar surge in "covid cases and hospitalizations" shortly after that mirrors the vaccination rate. Luc Montagnier talks about this. I think @RealJoelSmalley on twitter had a thread on this. It looks like what's happening is the vaccine is damaging people, and the health authorities re-name it as covid patients, because nobody is allowed to say the vaccines are injuring people. So because nobody is allowed to say publicly that the vaccine is injuring people, they have to get around it by saying the leaky vaccines are driving mutation and therefore cases and hospitalizations. But the vaccines at best have a very negligible effect on transmission. Also, there's been no proper sequencing of any of the "strains" so how can we know anything about covid itself, such as whether it really is distinct from ordinary flu, much less the variants. Dr David Martin talked about this with Reiner Fuellmich recently. The fact is they're trying to coerce everyone into taking the vaccine, because the vaccine is the thing that's going to kill and injure billions. The whole "variants" thing is an attempt to scare the unvaxxed in my opinion, or to condition the public into accepting a harsher treatment of the unvaxxed, like denying us entry into various places, no jab no job, or eventually forced vaccination.
>>10269 I'm also not convinced with the explanation you are presenting. I'm not convinced because if what you are presenting is true then there is no need for the massive push to vaccinate everybody. Only a portion of the population would need to be vaccinated the rest would die from the new and stronger variants "proving" that the unvaccinated were indeed insane and so making the remaining population completely obedient to their respective governments. I currently believe that that they are pushing for vaccinating everyone so that there is no control group. With no control group many if not all deaths caused by the vaccines could be blamed on covid. If we assume that these vaccines will require booster shots from time to time to control their possible deadly effects, creating a dependency, then this would also work for the depopulation agenda without massive backlash from the public. 1) They would vaccinate everyone; 2) Every death from the vaccine would be called a covid death; 3) They would "try" and fail to manufacture enough vaccines for the "new and more deadly variant" on time; 4) Tons of deaths and fear among the people; 5) Population massively reduced and completely compliant. Of course this is just a theory but it would explain why they are accelerating like crazy. If in the near future vaccinated older people die of "covid" (aka natural causes, other medical conditions they already had or the vaccines) then the fault will be attributed to the unvaccinated but if the vaccinated of any age group start dying in huge numbers while the unvaccinated continue healthy then shit will hit the fan real fast. Also I've seen what you are presenting being push a lot all of a sudden. Not calling you a shill or anything, we all have doubts and theories about all this, but I have a feeling that this is to cause fear among the unvaccinated, to make them doubt their decision and finally getting them vaccinated.
>>10269 This is disinfo. Kill yourself.
>>10269 That's essentially how Marek's disease evolved into what it is now and what would the kikes ideally want to inflict on humans, I guess. But vaxtards seem to be getting fucked by ADE and other sort of bizarre problems more quickly than desired, and we're just on Summer. With how things are going, I can only think the oncoming flu season is going to be a real shitshow.>>10269
(45.76 KB 794x371 Capture.PNG)
>>10291 Mass deaths of vaxxed would indeed be among the more favorable outcomes of all this.
>>10292 Is there a way to mitigate the vaccine's ADE and other possible autoimmune problems though? This is a long shot, but I was thinking on Iv*rm*ctin and perhaps doxicilcine administration to keep the viral load from going too high, and when the vaccine effect starts to wear down to use antihistamines to prevent the immune system from sperging out too hard and burn down the whole body when it finds out it's riddled with actual pathogens.
>>10293 I have not personally done any research on mitigating the harmful effects of the vaccine because I will never take the vaccine. I am fully prepared to lose all of my family to vaccine death because they would not listen to me and freely chose their demise. If you have taken the vaccine I hope you die as well, you are the enemy and you are complicit in enabling this medical tyranny.
>>10294 *I now see from your other post you have not taken the vaccine. Perhaps if you are interested in saving your family, some of the ideas you posted sound plausible. I'm sure there are plenty of doctors researching this subject out there if one digs in the right places. Personally I am hopeful ADE will be effective in removing "vaxtards" swiftly from the earth, so long as they do not crash on the freeway in the process. I believe it may make "our struggle" a bit easier, but at present that is very difficult to assess. It is a blind hope.
>>10283 >>10292 Basically this. I'm convinced from all the propaganda that they have presented from the beginning that the vax is the solution to their Hegelian dialect, because the vax is the thing that's going get their massive population reduction. They tell us covid has killed 4 or 5 million, that's really nothing compared to a global population of about 7.8 billion. Further I believe the vax is so dangerous most people are getting a placebo, and only say 10% at a time or whatever are getting the kill-shot. This is really the final stand. It's do or die time now.
>>10293 Try this protocol from Dr Richard Fleming: flemingmethod [dot] com/best-available-published-evidence I know there's more out there, I'll get back to this later.
>>10254 Nobody's quite sure yet, as far as I know. There must be some connection with 5G and the internet of things, Musk's chips etc. I have really seen anyone put it all together. Maybe to digitally ID everyone and track us, thought control, who knows.
>>10289 How so?
>>10302 Calm down, I posted the picture to ask opinions about it, not because I was sure about it. Ultimately I think >>10271 and >>10283 are probably closer to the truth.
>>10297 >Further I believe the vax is so dangerous most people are getting a placebo, and only say 10% at a time or whatever are getting the kill-shot. There is some evidence that a placebo is being given to the population (first two videos related), if that is the case then what I said before in >>10283 might not be accurate. If only a small percentage of the vaccinated get ill or die and the unvaccinated continue healthy (with the occasional non-covid death being called a covid death because of the faulty testing) then some of the vaccinated might start to question what's happening but a quick bombardment of blame directed at the unvaccinated, by the media, will convince them that the unvaccinated are really to blame since they can't accept that they are being lied to. Also according to your video of Dr. Charles Hoffe (4:10), the video I posted of Sucharit Bhakdi and assuming that all the different vaccines always cause blood clots then the percentage of people that are actually vaccinated is between 33% and 62%. This difference might be explained by some doctors only recently doing the d-dimer tests (since only recent blood clots are found with this test, meaning that if this test is done on people vaccinate early on nothing will show up) or that different countries or states have different percentages of placebos being administered.
Pathologist discusses some of the dangers of the vax: https://www.bitchute.com/video/cYG19mvkAKPa/
(332.83 KB 1920x1920 yes honey wojack.png)
>got into another shouting match over the vaccine with brainwashed parents These people literally think that healthy males like myself are going to be put on ventilators and will possibly die. Absolute madness. How can I placate them?
>>10377 if you live with them, you will have to suffer through the arguments. they are mind-controlled, you must treat the situation as such (highly unlikely you will be successful in deprogramming them). if you do not live with them, cut them out of your life until they change, if ever.
>>10302 I did not expound on my reply because I wanted people like you to ask yourself "how so?" I will never spoonfeed this board again. There are several very obvious answers to your question. Figure them out yourself, faggot.
>>10380 Yeah, it looks like I just have to suffer through it. Deprogramming people once they have been caught in the narrative is almost impossible, especially when they don't spend any time researching these things beyond consuming kosher prepackaged news stories. I've noticed that they even can't think outside of predetermined categories. If you tell these people that you don't want the vaccine because you think that you're young, healthy and there's no risk of getting sick, they instantly claim that you think Covid-19 doesn't even exist, even if that is never said. It is very telling. I'm starting to see doublethink kick in majorly though, I'd be interested in hearing if other anons have seen similar things in their interactions. They're claiming simultaneously that the virus is deadly and that people like us are putting them in danger, and that we need to get the vaccine - even though they're vaccinated themselves and would by their logic still be in danger.
>>10305 So what is the solution here? I had a feeling this was one of the possible schemes they were using, and it makes sense given the appointment driven process they are using to "vaccinate" people. They probably have a specific vaccine for each person and cross check it with your wrong think history/racial background. It's guaranteed that any jew who claims to have been vaccinated is either lying, or has received the placebo. At the end of the day this is a passport program that will be impossible to escape/ fein without insider help... I am not taking my chances with this jew jab, is this going to be the mountain many of us die on?
>>10388 Yeah, we can all tell stories of how these people are acting. There are countless articles and videos about it in the alternative media. I don't see the point in spending my time telling my own stories. It isn't actionable intel, we already know what is going on with these people. You can't deprogram them because they are receiving daily "mental downloads" from the "mothership," inoculating their mind against your "logic and reason." We are post-truth, and you need to accept that and move on. You seem young, or new to this fight. These people (your friends and family) know there are contradictions in their logic, but they simply don't care. They refuse to be a "kook" regardless of the now massive population of kooks out there. There may even be more "kooks" than vaxxers for all we know. You have to suffer through it, and prepare yourself as much as possible for the coming hardships for anyone who refuses to take the vaccine. It is going to get EXTREMELY difficult for us to just live our lives. You will not be alone, but you will have to work hard to connect with other like-minded people IRL. I have a number of people in my life that refuse to take the vaccine, but they are all older Gen X and are pathetic nihilists, incapable of any significant action. I do not trust them to fight with me in the trenches, or to protect me while I sleep. They are fat and stupid. Regardless of their opinion on the vaccines, they are ripe for the slaughter. One of them is a prepper, though in my estimation even he is too retarded to survive any significant hardship. This is to say it is very difficult to find people you can stand with, but we must all do our best to try to reach out. We will die alone. Do not let perfection get in the way of progress, we must make do. >>10389 >It's guaranteed that any jew who claims to have been vaccinated is either lying, or has received the placebo. Schizo shit. JEW JEW JEW, WHO'S JEWING WHO? >is this going to be the mountain many of us die on? Is that really a question for you?
>>10389 >is this going to be the mountain many of us die on? Yes. I will sooner die by my own hand than take the vaccine. There are things that I do not budge on, and this is one of them.
>>10394 >>It's guaranteed that any jew who claims to have been vaccinated is either lying, or has received the placebo. Schizo shit. JEW JEW JEW, WHO'S JEWING WHO? Did you even read what a wrote, retard? Do you actually think that a jew is going to take that "vaccine"? You don't understand jews very well. >>is this going to be the mountain many of us die on? >Is that really a question for you? It was a semi-rhetorical question. I was stating that it seems there is no way out of this outside of taking a stand. I am not taking that shot.
>>10398 Yes, I read what you wrote (retard). Your fixation on JEWS JEWS JEWS keeps you from finding the latest information or forming a clearer picture of everything that has happened in the last year. But don't let me stop you, I'm here because of a love for my people just as you are.
>>10399 >Your fixation on JEWS JEWS JEWS keeps you from finding the latest information or forming a clearer picture of everything that has happened in the last year. Jews are at the center of it, as they always are in everything anti-White. Seems like you are just here to misdirect and obfuscate that fundamental truth. It's almost impossible to get a crystal clear picture because discerning truth from jewish fabrication has become a monumental task. They are on both sides poisoning the well.
>>10402 I'd argue that it is impossible to understand aspects of the Great Reset / Covid-19 without reference to the Jews and their ongoing war against Whites. Not that they are sole party at work here in trying to achieve this, but they are near the center.
(1.31 MB 800x533 dr soystein.gif)
>>10406 could someone redpill me on jewish involvement in the covid conspiracy? I know klaus schwab is jewish, israel is leading the charge with vaccine passports, and some jews are involved in the companies making the vaccines themselves. Fauci is obviously a converso and the fact he got a million dollar "award" (read: payment for services rendered) from tel aviv university just cements that for me. but that's where my awareness ends I suspect bill gates is a crypto-jew as well because of his enthusiasm for mass circumcision campaigns in africa but that may just be typical eugenicist quackery
>>10412 the problem is a lot of nonWhites are dying from both "COVID" and the vaccines. Sure, a lot of blacks aren't taking the vaccines, but other than that there isn't any solid evidence COVID or the vaccines are a jewish attack on Whites, specifically. I have not seen any compelling evidence or theories, only loose speculation on jews being in control of the operation. All the evidence suggests jews in Israel are dying in great numbers from the vaccines, but "our circles" adamantly state these are complete fabrications, though no evidence for this assertion exists other than "jews always lie." Trouble is, none of us can go to Israel with a camera to find out, because he will be labeled as a crypto-jew/jew-apologist for simply stepping foot in Israel.
>>10412 Anecdotally the two people I know who were seriously harmed by COVID were an obese hispanic woman and an obese nigger. Of all the Whites I know who have had a positive COVID test, only a few have had flu-like symptoms, of which they recovered within 10 days. Some of these people are in their sixties. Regarding the vaccines I know a 50's White woman who has literally had all 3 major US vaccines, 5 shots total. This includes Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J. So far she has not suffered any significant side effects, she is my "canary in the coal mine" (a friend's wealthy lawyer mother).
(5.23 KB 150x150 Jummai-Nache-2-150x150.jpg)
>>10305 Yeah, I vastly under-estimated the number of people getting the kill-shot. What it looks like to me is 50% of the batches are kill-shot and 50% placebos. The batches then get randomly distributed, so some areas get a higher or lower proportion of kill-shots by pure chance. Also, some people are dying in a few days , others will take years, according to the Dr Hoffe vid and >>10362 The fact that those getting the placebo with get the vax-passport, and the fact that they're ignoring natural immunity, just goes to show that whole thing is not about fighting some virus, it's about forcing people to take the vaccine. It should be obvious to everyone by now. Given that booster shots will be needed every 6 months, and natural immunity lasts longer and is stronger (re-infection is very rare), just shows what a farce this all is. If it's about immunity to fight the virus, natural immunity would be far preferable to vax-induced immunity. The obvious thing to do would be to let the under 60 and healthy mingle freely, get covid and get over it, and give everyone else vit C, D, zinc, Ivermectin or HCQ. For natural immunity see: https://archive.vn/yaJoq >>10389 > is this going to be the mountain many of us die on? Absolutely. People should really watch >>10362, the list of ways this vax can kill you is horrific. Woman in the pic lost all her limbs, probably from the micro-clots Dr Hoffe talks about. Nobody should be taking this vax, not even the vulnerable, because covid can be cured with HCQ and Iv*rmectin protocols, look up Dr Shankara Chetty.
(7.30 MB 1280x720 israel covid.mp4)
>>10412 You've basically summed up the fundamentals of it yourself there. We of course cannot overlook the fact that it is precisely the Jewish media who has been whipping up the fear-mongering around the virus now for over a year too. They all work in tandem like an octopus with its tentacles. The video attached is worth looking at as well. The Jews clearly have a key role in all of this, as well as keeping the narrative alive. The fact that they are in charge of so many of the vaccines and their production, as well as the Great Reset itself, is extremely telling for me. This is Jewish enterprise at work here, though this is not to deny that there are interests of general NWO-type, globalists, capitalists, technocrats and others at work here as well. The alleged pandemic has been extremely profitable for mega-corporations and devastating for small businesses. It's all about wealth and power consolidation. The end goal is described here: >>10270 >>10415 >the problem is a lot of nonWhites are dying from both "COVID" and the vaccines. Sure, a lot of blacks aren't taking the vaccines, but other than that there isn't any solid evidence COVID or the vaccines are a jewish attack on Whites We can't forget that Jews don't really give a shit about non-Whites. They use them as proxies for their own interests. Whether the Jews are the main force behind Covid or not, I am pretty certain that this is true based on what we have seen with George Floyd and other stuff related to BLM (which can be directly linked with Jewish Marxists and is even headed by a black Jewess) >All the evidence suggests jews in Israel are dying in great numbers from the vaccines, but "our circles" adamantly state these are complete fabrications, though no evidence for this assertion exists other than "jews always lie." It's possible that this is all true regarding Jews dying from vaccines. See: >>10332
>>10412 As in, knowing that they control every aspect of the world is not enough for you? Every government, every university, every major media organisation, bank, public health institution, think tank, scientific journal... As for direct evidence, I haven't come across much other than: https://archive.vn/50XpQ
>>10423 There are two sets of "jews": the ones the ordinary person thinks of as a jew, worshipping the God of the OT, and then there are the worshippers of Molech or Moloch, who also regard themselves as jews and zionists. This is actually expressed in the OT. The latter group is the one that actually runs the world and is behind the current depopulation scheme (see Ronald Bernard); and other than fulfilling their zionist goals of a greater israel for all "jews", they have no interest in the former jews, even to the point of murdering most of them with the vaccine. They just pretend to be the former type of jew in order to manipulate the other type and to hide their true identity. I'll admit I'm not the most knowledgeable on this and I may be off, but that's the way I see things.
>>10427 The real question is how different is Yahweh from Moloch, truly. >>10428 The only Christians banned here are literal 4chan shills and spammers.
>>10427 They're all evil scum who only care about themselves.
>>10420 They also have divisions based on bloodlines, if I'm not mistaken some rabbis believe that there are a limited number of Jewish souls, therefore the high hierarchy of Jews does not even consider all Jews in the world as equal and worthy to inherit the kingdom of the coming messiah .
>>10430 >The real question is how different is Yahweh from Moloch, truly. They are both desert gods warring over their sandbox
>>10419 Death is better than living like that. Whenever I hear a so-called doctor say "you are lucky to be alive!", I wonder if they are being sarcastic. Our ancestors would kill people as an act of mercy in pre-christian times when someone was maimed that badly. Here, with christcuckery, life, no more how miserable, is to be cherished. BTW, I don't feel bad for the nigger. I just don't see the point in trying to save people when they are that badly fucked up. More humane to just let them pass on into the afterlife.
>>10449 Most doctors are psychopaths. If the patient dies they can’t keep milking money. This reminds me of some video I saw on /pol/ once of a dude who seemed to have fucked up his suicide attempt and basically blew his entire face and jaw off but stilled lived. So they have him writhing around on a hospital bed with no face, completely fucked up. Killing them is the compassionate thing at that point, same with tard babies and other abominations. Maybe if reincarnation is real they’ll get a better body eventually after that too. Christcuckery thrives on preserving that which ought to perish.
>>10453 >Most doctors are psychopaths That fact alone makes me mad at the fat acceptance movement when they accuse the doctors of 'fat shaming' them. If anything, most doctors want their patients fat and unhealthy, so they can milk as much money from them as possible. Those types of people are the perfect cash cow for the medical industry.
>>10271 >Also, there's been no proper sequencing of any of the "strains" so how can we know anything about covid itself, such as whether it really is distinct from ordinary flu, much less the variants. Just to play devil's advocate or to see what the other side says and how the narrative must be controlled, or poisoned: https://leadstories.com/hoax-alert/2021/08/fact-check-alberta-man-did-not-prove-covid-19-is-a-hoax.html >Dr David Martin talked about this with Reiner Fuellmich recently. A link pls? Video or else. >>10283 >I currently believe that that they are pushing for vaccinating everyone so that there is no control group. The entirety of Sweden was a control group back in Q1 2020. The whole country was literally memory holed. Blaming deaths on Covid was a two part story: at first they needed to blow numbers out of proportion and create hysteria, then the vaccines would be generating the issue but it would be ignored despite an ample and growing body of evidence. We called this very early in the former thread, we knew the science jewce would cause the problems and the media would have this perfect self fulfilling prophecy to exploit in a rinse and repeat fashion. The globalists' problem is how their program cannot be perfect, there are way too many red flags that illustrate the lack of compassion and common sense expected in such conditions, starting with no real debate at all, everything being silenced, all TV doctors being paid shills.
>>10292 Unironically that's part of the plan. >>10293 >Iv*rm*ctin Stop fagtyping like that you're on /fascist/ ffs! >>10297 >Further I believe the vax is so dangerous most people are getting a placebo, and only say 10% at a time or whatever are getting the kill-shot. How can the plan be put into motion if 90% are actually jabbed with water? That would only play into legitimizing the technocratic passport, but it would not anything to the population reduction program. It's possible the real poison was implanted a few years earlier, perhaps in other vaccines and in food and water. This gets so complicated and crazy. Even following this shit show is blackpilling in itself. >>10299 Well at least the oxide graphene thingies would actually begin to explain things regarding activation via 5G but there has been nothing new on that front. If it's true, then I suspect that the whistleblowers in the 50+ Covid threads at 8kun were part of the (((cabal))), enjoying as usual their talmudic methodology of shifting the blame on the stupid goyim who would not catch on the clues and warnings.
>>10449 >>10453 I agree entirely. We give animals peaceful deaths when we think it's the right option. Taking nembutal for euthanasia has been described as flicking a switch off. Also, people should look up "iatrogenic deaths", which is deaths caused by the medical industry itself. Before covid it was well-established that it was the 3rd or 4th largest cause of death, at least that's the extent that the medical industry itself admitted, so probably even higher. And this is what they're doing with covid. Someone comes into a hospital with some sort of respiratory disease, which they call covid. Before 2020 they would have treated the person with antibiotics, antivirals, steroids, blood-thinners, whatever; but for covid the authorities said doctors were only allowed to put patients on oxygen, and if they deteriorated to put them on a ventilator: see Peter McCullough's interview with Tucker where he talks about this. So would it not be correct to say based on this alone that most "covid" deaths were iatrogenic? Never mind what we learnt later about treatments with vit D, zinc, HCQ, Ivermectin etc., if doctors had used pre-2020 treatments for respiratory problems how many lives could have been saved?
>>10402 >>10406 Perhaps the questions to answer here is what have the globalists planned to do with the Jews in Israel. There are more of the slightly browner type in that country than in the diaspora living in the US and Europe, even if I have perhaps a hard time combining this information with the other one that often comes up on internet that 90% of current Jews are of the Ashkenazi type. You think top kikes are ready to throw under the bus the lower ones, including many rabbis? Are Jews over there only getting watervax, with the death-by-covid being the usual result of propaganda and forcing elders' deaths into the Covid category? A small price to pay, would the top kikes say, without hurting too much the overall Israeli population?
>>10467 There is no Virus - Dr David Martin and Reiner Fuellmich https://www.bitchute.com/video/PECF9tt0TLnZ/ I haven't really been following the Patrick King story but what I understand is the court said what he was asking for isn't relevant to his case, or something like that. Here's more on FOI requests on isolation: fluoridefreepeel [dot] ca/fois-reveal-that-health-science-institutions-around-the-world-have-no-record-of-sars-cov-2-isolation-purification/ I don't think this is actually important in the sense that, so what if you force the government to admit they can't prove covid exists? It should be obvious by now that our governments are not going to listen to any legal or scientific arguments, they are ploughing on regardless. So our response needs to be mass action, not more arguments with the tyrants trying to kill and enslave us. I don't think this isolation angle is a good way to go with people who have believed this scam up to now, they'll probably just dismiss it as more fake and "far right" science.
>>10415 You still have a high concentration of Jews involved in this. Most lowly Jews are kept out of the loop and let to their affairs, to jewing in the old ways, but when it comes to the great plan they might not cut it. What we know for sure is this obvious attempt at policing the entire world in a Communist fashion is tied to the debt bomb and the destruction of all White nations and heritage. It's likely many top Jews think the lowly Jews wouldn't get it, at least the liberal ones. Those close to the rabbis however most likely share the want to put some distance between themselves and the goyim, if they don't plainly hate the goyim and Whites in particular as a lot of rabbis certainly do. There is a necessity here to differentiate between the real planners and the followers, but we must not forget how the top kikes come from the population they control too, notably through the rabbis. The exceptional Jews who go up the ladder are quintessential Jews because this is what their people generates, living Jewish archetypes, whereas the Jewish population at large acts more like a partially expandable bag of biological waste onto which the clever worms feast and grow. >>10418 >Regarding the vaccines I know a 50's White woman who has literally had all 3 major US vaccines, 5 shots total. This includes Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J. So far she has not suffered any significant side effects, she is my "canary in the coal mine" (a friend's wealthy lawyer mother). She might be overtaxing her system and playing with fire, but then again everybody who got vaccinated never looked into what floats in those vials to begin with. Nobody. >>10419 >The fact that those getting the placebo with get the vax-passport, and the fact that they're ignoring natural immunity, just goes to show that whole thing is not about fighting some virus, it's about forcing people to take the vaccine. It should be obvious to everyone by now. Especially in light of numbers which are not that critical when we look at them. Imagine if the Spanish people had ruined their economy and locked everyone and then forced the entire population into a pass scheme for a decade or more. They didn't, they suffered though but moved on. Globalists on the other hand want the police state to be forever. Can't wait for the 5G variant. >Given that booster shots will be needed every 6 months Now that's the kicker. Above in another post I didn't believe in the 10% deathvax but if the shots are becoming mandatory, are repeated twice a year and forced for over a decade or more, there are chances that you'll end jabbed with one of the skull'n'bones vaccines, but since this whole campaign will be spread over so many years, the potential for deniability will remain as high as ever for the globalists. I read a recent government's lax text in my country and there, at the top of the paper, they put a line that basically said there will be other viruses, some more lethal. They are literally forecasting the shit to come. Viruses and Variants all over again and with the panopticon and Chinese system, it will be all the more easy for them to silence opposition and get people [email protected] This is what kikes did in Russia. Pravda or Die. >The obvious thing to do would be to let the under 60 and healthy mingle freely, get covid and get over it, and give everyone else vit C, D, zinc, Ivermectin or HCQ. There are many obvious protocols and methods that would have been applied by any sane Aryan government in face of such a potential threat, all and PCR tests would have been verified too, etc. Nothing logical is done though and that's our main rhetorical line of defense, many people see they're being forced into this evil totalitarian planetary camp (lol @ prison planet). (((Their))) plan is certainly not water tight, they rely a lot on lies, confusion and above all terror but they might have underestimated the wearing effect on people becoming more and more jaded about it and becoming less and less receptive to the psyops campaign. This is why kikes need absolute control of the populations where privacy doesn't even exist inside your body and mind anymore. Yeah, where are all those hysterical feminists with their "my body my choice" slogans? >Woman in the pic lost all her limbs, probably from the micro-clots Dr Hoffe talks about. Nobody should be taking this vax, not even the vulnerable, because covid can be cured with HCQ and Iv*rmectin protocols, look up Dr Shankara Chetty. But many people would love not to have to take it, but they are caving in because of the pressure. No "common sense" applies here because you're dealing with a true, to the letter, Orwellian nightmare.
>>10420 There is one thing that rubs me the wrong way and activates my jew radar, it's how Israel has often been presented as an example country and always doing the right thing first. What surprises me the most is how there's so little testing done on the vaccines themselves to really see what they're made of. Consider this: today you can get a yourself a genetic assessment of your own heritage for an affordable price, by sending a blood sample to a laboratory. But we're supposed to think that despite decades of systems and checks and other assorted protocols existing to certify of the efficiency of any type of vaccine, using similar tools to know what's put into the Pfizers and Modenas and Jew&Jews is too difficult or expensive??? Look at the conspiracy involving the graphene elements, we're all dependent of one single small laboratory, perhaps even one single doctor? Come on! We're literally giving the globalists all the reasons to mock us. >>10427 Perhaps. Then the expandable type would be the more Semitic one. >>10434 Yes but I've seen them rationalize this with stories of souls being divided. That's most likely a minor school of thought but it's also possible the official explanation is just there to avoid the plebe to panic at what these few rabbis really think.
>>10472 >I don't think this is actually important in the sense that, so what if you force the government to admit they can't prove covid exists? It should be obvious by now that our governments are not going to listen to any legal or scientific arguments, they are ploughing on regardless. So our response needs to be mass action, not more arguments with the tyrants trying to kill and enslave us. There actually are a lot of people looking for solid arguments, not to throw at the governments' faces, but to push as far as as they can a counter narrative on the social networks and IRL Even the police and the military are not so thrilled about it, there are some cracks and sometimes, with such inverted pressure, it only takes perhaps one slip on a TV set to start a snowball rolling. Obviously the traitorous politicians, their complicit masons and random kikes are not going to listen, but their power is not unlimited. Besides, the more solid facts we have on our side the better. What I wish we'd see more is a summary of the event, international with key factors in specific countries to demonstrate the reach of the manipulation. We really need easy infographics to meme around. In the last two months I've seen two news, perhaps it was about the same item, I can't remember, that announced how in a Western country a whole range of PCR test kits were removed because they produced plenty of false positives. There's hardly been an easily shared, dumbed down explanation of why the way the PCR kits are produced makes them literally pointless. We need a synthesis, distilled facts for our underground propaganda.
Anyone else not shocked in the slightest to see data like this?
(411.86 KB 680x383 image.png)
>>10481 >Dats raysis
>>10481 What do you mean? That graph seems to represent roughly the racial distribution of America.
>>10484 It's showing that Whites are going out and getting vaxxed at much higher rates, while non-Whites are refraining from taking it. Unless I am completely misunderstanding this chart.
>>10484 Key word "seems" to Look at the grey bar percentage of demographic Only 13% of all blacks are vaxxed 60% of all Whites are vaxxed
>>10487 >>10489 No, you're both misunderstanding the graph. The orange and red bars show the % of the American population who are vaxxed and belong to that racial category.
>>10490 This. The graph actually shows Whites are less likely to choose the vax per capita than most other racial categories, at least “within the last 14 days.”
>>10474 >Especially in light of numbers which are not that critical when we look at them. I agree, the raw numbers are nothing to be afraid of anyway. 4 or 5 million killed in 1.5 years, when the global population in 7.8 billion, it's really nothing even if you accept their fake data. >They are literally forecasting the shit to come. There's that infamous clip of Bill Gates of Hell saying he knows something much worse than covid is coming, then he and his "wife" at the time grin into the camera. >where are all those hysterical feminists with their "my body my choice" slogans? They're going with the angle that the unvaxxed are affecting their bodies by spreading variants. Well that's fallen apart too because the head of the CDC--another over-dodger I'm sure you're surprised to find-- recently said the vax doesn't stop transmission (picrel). So the only thing giving vague credibility to vaccinating everyone has collapsed, from their own words. But never underestimate the power of cognitive dissonance, as Orwell wrote about. The tyrants will continue coercing everyone into getting this Kool Aid jab. >>10476 Yeah, I suppose having a large arsenal to fight this war with can only be a good thing. On the other hand I've seen qualified people arguing against this line, saying that isolation or sequencing is not as important as some people make it out to be, but the argument is too technical for me to follow. I don't personally fell it's a good line to take, but every can approach it whatever way they feel is best. >What I wish we'd see more is a summary of the event These are the key facts as I see them. According to official date, covid has killed about 4 or 5 million people so far. Global population is 7.5 to 8 billion, so at worst covid is killing about 0.035% of the world in a year, i.e. your chance of not dying from covid in a year is about 99.95%. Imagine if the media had repeated this fact over and over instead of fear-mongering. Smoking kills many more people every year, and we just accept that as a normal part of life (see pic). The median age of people dying with covid (not from) is roughly the same or slightly higher than life expectancy. So this is the opposite of the Spanish Flu, which killed vastly more young people so had a vastly larger impact on mortality; the affect covid has had on life expectancy is minor. Covid is curable with cheap and safe drugs: archive.is/kyRgH. By comparison the covid vaccines are by far the most dangerous medical treatment (many sources in this thread). On top of that we now have the CDC admitting the vax doesnt stop transmission, so even if everyone was vaxxed, we'd all still be able to catch covid and pass it on, so the swill about the unvaxxed spreading variants is also irrelevant.
Dr Peter McCullough on the increasing crack-down on dissent: https://www.bitchute.com/video/N0xysIXkeuhP/
Prof. Luc Montagnier talks about the dangers of the vaccine, including neurodegeneration, joined by Wolfgang Wodarg: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Z7xeTSDwApe2/ Article: https://archive.vn/N2Tow
>>10481 Actually if you look at the three horizontal bars for each race, since the gray one represents its percentage in the US population, a longer gray bar that is not followed by other pink and red bars indicates that people of that race are getting less vaccinated. You can see that some other races have pink and reds bars that reach well beyond their representation in the population. There's even that laughable "others" at the bottom where despite being almost non extant, they get vaccinated in huge rates. A gray bar longer than the others might indicate a better resistance against the vaccination campaign, ergo a better rhetorical spirit, opposition to the propaganda and sense of danger. In this case, Whites are on top. >>10490 >orange bar Wait. >>10502 >the vax doesn't stop transmission (picrel). So the only thing giving vague credibility to vaccinating everyone has collapsed, from their own words. But they twist this (and it's logical) by speaking of percentages, namely that vaxxed people will have greater chances of limiting the spread of the virus than non jabbed ones. It is true that they totally dropped the "perfect vaccine" narrative that was pure car salesman shilling to get the goyim comfy with that ziontific BS! >small casualties But they'll say that's because of the quarantine and vaccination campaigns, otherwise it would have absolute Hell on Earth. This is why we, above all, need to know the facts about the countries that were reported as hit by the Covid but did fuck all in terms of population control, like Sweden or Iceland, and find more cases like that. Or how Japan's population is like, 18% vaccinated, right? and I haven't heard them going through economical-destroying lockdowns ala Australia (which really takes the cake in terms of sheer gratuitous terror as they're using the army in some sport I read). We also have to expect that if we manage to make these 2020 pre-vax facts reach the surface as they ought to, that the jewish medias will even call this some kind of antivax revisionism. >is curable Yes and that's something they cannot lie about, it's well documented and supported by many reliable doctors.
Dr Mercola is deleting his entire archive because of government pressure: https://archive.vn/J1HvG The totalitarianism is really going into over-drive. The time to do something is now.
Natural immunity from infection roughly 6.7 times stronger than vax immunity: https://archive.vn/1ze5H
18y.o. Italian girl dies from blood clotting in the brain after taking the vax. Head of neurosurgery and brain trauma said: “I had never seen a brain reduced in those conditions by a thrombosis so extensive and so serious. “All the venous sinuses were blocked by thrombus [blood clots], a scenario which I have never seen in all my years in this profession. “Considering what I saw in that girl’s head, it’s clear that we are facing something not normal.” https://archive.vn/SAJol
>>10567 I wonder why some die almost instantly, but others seem unscathed, for now. Some of these people might not even die for years afterwards.
Dr Zelenko coming out very strongly against the vax, calling out the death cult behind it. https://www.bitchute.com/video/tcBIYhJTtYIz/
>>10567 >don't worry goy, the vaccine will never leave the locus of inoculation. It's totally safe! Think of the deadlier variants we will release that could spontaneously appear in any country by now. Get vaccinated and live long and prosper.
>>10571 that's what the "boosters" are for. I have seen dozens of boomers that are still perfectly fine, and they were the first to rush getting the shot earlier this year.
>>10599 Some people are getting placebos. See >>10305
>>10608 These are good news. Are there news from France about the construction of "quarantine camps"? I have been following some of these news and collected the official communications by the governments of several western countries, I posted my findings on the /grg/ thread on /cob/ You should definitely take a look and watch out what the hell is going on in your area, also please if you know more post links and sources.
>>10608 Good find anon. Ivermectin destroys the "delta variant" in the parts of India where it's used: https://archive.vn/FjQpW >>10293 More info on dealing with vax side effects: https://archive.vn/e97GB
Holy fuck, it's happening: someone has calculated the deaths the vax has caused! https://archive.vn/fWTtq >estimated 200 to 500 deaths per million doses delivered >800,000 to 2,000,000 of the COVID-19 deaths recorded are actually vaccine-induced deaths (Allegedly 4 million have died from this holocough jewflu-19, which includes the above vax deaths) >$1M grant offered to any academic that can prove that it wasn't the vaccine that was the primary cause of the excess deaths or if they can find an error that changes the result by a factor of 3X or more downward: https://archive.vn/wavjr Spread this please anons.
>>10621 >Ivermectin destroys the "delta variant" in the parts of India where it's used Fuck, the shitskins got a cure? I thought let CoVid vaccine wipe out all the shitskins. Why are shitskins GETTING THE FUCKING CURE
I am well aware that this is going to sound schizo, but just humor me, anons. If / when the mass die-offs begin, how are they going to cover it up? Will they cover it? Has it already begun? This anon's >>10625 links seem to suggest that it has already begun in a trickle. I have recently read schizos on /x/ talking about how cities are seeming more and more empty lately. I have heard a few people (who are normalfags) make similar remarks as well. Could it be that there are already huge numbers of deaths from the vaccine? It seems impossible that they could kill large numbers of people without us noticing though. Maybe they will attribute it to Covid, or to more car crashes, or to all sorts of other causes. Everyone will just trust the numbers anyway uncritically.
>>10630 They'll just say it's variant Zeta and get the retards to take another booster shot.
>>10630 >If / when the mass die-offs begin That was, I suppose, 2025. It kinda meets with the official Great/Covid Reset schedules. >>10632 Then back to variant alpha as the whole thing loops on itself forever.
>>10630 We don't need to speculate, it's happening now: of the 4 million who allegedly died of covid, 0.8m to 2m died from the vax, i.e. they're calling vax deaths covid deaths, just as everyone predicted.
>>10627 >Why are shitskins GETTING THE FUCKING CURE Becauase pajeets are producer of the most generic pharmaceuticals in the world, ivermectin is now a generic drug for instance. >The Government started to encourage the growth of drug manufacturing by Indian companies in the early 1960s, and with the Patents Act in 1970.[11] .... The government has addressed the problem of educated but unqualified candidates in its Draft National Biotech Development Strategy. This plan included a proposal to create a National Task Force that will work with the biotech industry to revise the curriculum for undergraduate and graduate study in life sciences and biotechnology. It's that easy folks, remove patent jewing and allow people with not always perfect grades to contribute(something that they now want to remove) rather than ZOG slam the door shut in your face if you don't have that 3-4GPA and perfect SAT's. Not that ZOG wants any White country to be successful or educated though, they just want to silently destroy everything, everyone and that's evident. I read in india apparently you cannot have a phone number if you are not vaxxed. France is worse off, nobody can do shit without jew poison. The absolute state.
>>10625 >>10634 It's mass murder.
>>10632 The real question is whether they will actually release something or whether we unvaxxed will be safe so long as we don't get the poison.
>>10642 For dissenters there will be the gulags. These "variants" are just smoke and screen to hide the vax deaths. Reminder that all this shit has been done for one specific purpose: White genocide and seizure of private property. aka multiracial global communism.
>>10639 >Becauase pajeets are producer of the most generic pharmaceuticals in the world What the fuck, since when? White men should be doing that. Pajeets and other stinking niggers shouldn't be educated and be six feet under instead.
>>10648 You're really far too try-hard in your posting, anon. Fuck off back to /pol/ or take the time to actually write something of value for once.
>>10481 Where is the chart from? Always post your sources in archive form, nigger.
>>10682 Not sure of the source. I pulled it from the 16chan Matrix chat.
>>10469 Here's a discussion of iatrogenesis (being killed by the medical industry) in the context of covid: https://www.bitchute.com/video/A5I7lDiqoLf7/
(68.40 KB 500x500 hitler I have failed you.jpg)
my wignat muslimah friend called me hysterical crying saying she was going to jump off a bridge because her university reintstated its mask mandate and she feels like she got the vaccine for nothing now I haven't heard from her in 10 hours I tried to talk her down but I'm not a trained therapist I feel like I did everything wrong and she hung up on me. I hope she's alright and just muted me or something this covid shit has absolutely become personal though. ruining my life for a year and a half is one thing but after seeing how it's affected her I'm just absolutely livid. she's intelligent beautiful and should absolutely not be having to go through being exploited and experimented on. the jews did this and we absolutely have to put a stop to it before it becomes permanent sorry for the blogpost I understand how young White women being murdered by immigrants radicalises people now I had been talking to her a lot the past month or two trying to convice her to abandon islam for the gods of our ancestors. the misogyny of that religion has definitely not helped her mental health
Crisis actor cracks live on air: https://youtu.be/_EjUfu7dktM
>>10735 Look at that fat kike skank blinking with her left eye at 0:09 to signal her satanic tribespeople that she's ony faking it.
>>10761 >>10735 The nose knows
>>10661 No he's right and you're a cocksucker. >>10735 >>10764 Is she autistic or high?
>>10731 This needs to be drummed into people's heads >>>/pol/42077 If you asked the right questions, they've been telling you from the start that taking the vax changes nothing. We now have kosher academics saying the vax won't even give us herd immunity (https://archive.vn/nvbbA), and if you remember they sold this vax as allowing us to reach herd immunity when 70% were vaxxed, or the most vulnerable, or whatever, and then we could "go back to normal". And now they've shifted the goalposts again. Obviously the scam is to get people to take 'booster' shots every 6 months, so they'll keep trotting out 'variants' that the last round of vaccines didn't cover, supposedly, so they have an excuse to continue jabbing us for the rest of eternity. The scam should be obvious to everyone by now. It doesn't matter if you've taken the vaccine already, the mask has slipped, they're telling us no amount of vaccines will ever end the madness. The only way out of this is mass violence, mass disruption. And for your consideration, a Spanish girl being force-vaccinated against her will: twitter [dot] com/EliseiNicole/status/1425773536438849540 When do we say enough is enough and start being men?
>>10768 exactly. I told her it wasn't her fault for believing getting the damn thing would be enough the constant goalpost shifting that's been going on is narcissistic abuse tier - "we've always been at war with eastasia." I think she fucking did it though it's been almost 24 hours since I last messaged and they haven't even been delivered yet. I can almost understand why though I had similar feelings to what she was expressing when I learned the truth about (((circumcision))) this has motivated me to get fit armed and organised. things are far too corrupt for there to be any options left other than tnt griefing the government in minecraft healthy trad gender roles are definitely about men protecting women (not abusing them as was said by some damaged manchildren in another thread recently). with covid I've gotten the impression that they're more likely to cave to social pressure and for all we know these vaccines are designed to sterilise or slow kill. if we don't start acting like real men I genuinely think White women will continue gravitating towards islam or any other religion that at least pretends to offer them protection and stability
>>10768 >Spanish girl being force-vaccinated against her will mp4 attached. Can you drop a screenshot of that archive link about herd immunity?
>>10776 >if we don't start acting like real men I genuinely think White women will continue gravitating towards islam or any other religion that at least pretends to offer them protection and stability It's also protected by the ZOG government so it's in a good spot right now.
>>10777 (checked) If that was me, they'd never get me even into the building. I guess I'm not a woman though, so that might explain the difference.
>>10768 >We now have kosher academics saying the vax won't even give us herd immunity (https://archive.vn/nvbbA), and if you remember they sold this vax as allowing us to reach herd immunity when 70% were vaxxed, or the most vulnerable, or whatever, and then we could "go back to normal". But they will just say it was about the current virus, and hadn't measured the problems caused by the ever so dangerous and hyper lethal and contagious variants. >And for your consideration, a Spanish girl being force-vaccinated against her will: >twitter [dot] com/EliseiNicole/status/1425773536438849540 >When do we say enough is enough and start being men? That's touching but how do we know she's not just afraid of needles? Besides, she says por favor yet that video was shared across several Twitter accounts with an Italian flag. What reinforces the idea that it's Covid related is because of the mask, but this video could be from 2020 when vaccines weren't even a thing but masks were mandatory in many states or countries. People with phobias will react like that and break apart. I've seen it with anything from pets to spiders or even some inanimate objects. We shouldn't react to this until we know for sure this girl was Covid-vaxxed against her will.
>>10777 Of course she knows she's being murdered. She most likely has a gruesome death to expect; at best a reduced life-expectancy suffering with some debilitating vaccine-induced injury. We all know it. Those nurses know it. When do we start fighting back? Also, my apologies for being a retard, but I don't know how to screenshot an entire article so I just did the headlines.
>>10791 >Of course she knows she's being murdered. She most likely has a gruesome death to expect; at best a reduced life-expectancy suffering with some debilitating vaccine-induced injury. Don't overdo it. ITT we have already considered the possibility of several batches being nothing more than placebos, if only because ZOG would not deploy such a lethal agent all at once. #NeverForgetSweden2020
>>10793 Ok, so shes knows she's playing Russian Roulette; is that any better?
>>10777 Is the spanish girl a spic? If so, who gives a fuck. Give all vaccines to the shitskins.
>>10802 Getting tired of you kikes
Board certified occupational therapist from Hawaii: >I’ve seen 32 elderly people pass away immediately after taking the Moderna vaccine. None of that is being talked about on the news. It doesn’t fit their narrative. >I’ve seen more people pass away from the vaccine, than I have in COVID units. >My advice to people: if your elderly are sick, your grandmother, your great grandmother, your mom, don’t send them to a skilled nursing facility. They’re not going to receive adequate care. Treatment is going to be withheld from them. They’re going to be forced to wear a mask all day, and social distance. They’re going to become depressed and want to commit suicide. Because that is what I am seeing in our facilities. https://archive.vn/0mFF9 More medical malpractice in the name of covid: >This young man went into the hospital recently for pneumonia. He was diagnosed with pneumonia when he got to the hospital. >But because he was having so much difficulty breathing, he was rushed on to one of those respirators. And then because he said that wasn’t helping, they actually put him into an induced coma. >After he was in an induced coma for three days, he woke up in ICU following that. He was then moved to the COVID ward. >He noticed some really strange behaviour from the nurses. They were being very “shifty.” He was being asked to take some medicines he did not understand why he had to take. He was being treated as a COVID patient, when he did not have that. >After a few days he was feeling better and wanted to go out of his room to see what was happening outside, because he had heard some rumors from others. >He reportedly stated that when he opened his door, what he saw “looked like a movie.” He said there were people on the floor, people were being restrained by nurses and police to receive treatment for COVID-19, and people were screaming “I don’t have it! I tested negative.” >Some of the people were allegedly being carried off to a psyche ward after making these claims. https://archive.vn/HbuvI
>>10818 >More medical malpractice in the name of covid: Scary if true. It's just the beginning, these staff members are crazy. I'd probably try to flee or kill someone in such cases. Australia is a mad place, an open gulag and Whites are not even reacting. Places like Canada, Spain, France and Australia are damn awful right now. >A very disturbing video posted by a woman on Instagram who claims to be from Sydney, Australia, reports that a young man who was taken to an unnamed hospital in Sydney for pneumonia, and had tested negative for COVID-19, was forced to receive COVID standard protocol treatments anyway against his will, which resulted in him going into an induced coma where his heart stopped beating for several minutes and he was declared dead, a “COVID death.” Way to pump up the casualties numbers! Of course, with kikes this is perfectly legit. It counts as a death. They can snuff you out by claiming you have Covid. >>7378 >This is a continuation of the thread on the isolation & elimination of dissidents under guise of "COVID-19". It's happening.
>>10821 >My brother got “COVID” a few weeks ago. My niece (who shares an apartment) actually had it first, but recovered using the vitamin protocol and Ivermectin. My brother was helping to take care of her. >Then he got sick, but it really hit his GI system and he had bad diarrhea and vomiting and after 2 days got really dehydrated. >My older sister (who also shared the apartment) rushed him to the local ER where they promptly gave him fluid iv’s. >Then an oxygen tank. Then lots of drugs. Then a ventilator. And more drugs… lots of drugs to put him in a coma and “paralyze” him so he wouldn’t fight the ventilator. >I begged them not to put him on a ventilator, to try HCQ, Ivermectin, VIT C IV… but “none of those are FDA approved or protocol.” >I pleaded to deaf and dumb ears. >They even admitted that not one patient who went on the ventilator came off of it! They knew they were killing him! >But they said “he would die” without going on it. You have been... ventilated. Ventilators were already used in 2020 to artificially boost casualties of elderly people. The NPC nurses are so dumb and scared they think they're doing something good. Now, nothing proves these testimonies are true. They're just "letters sent".
>>10821 >It's happening I remember shills in the last thread saying we were just being alarmist and schizos. Now it’s all happening, everywhere. I wish they were right though, for once.
>>10822 >Ventilators were already used in 2020 to artificially boost casualties of elderly people. Interesting video with David Crowe (R.I.P.) from a little over a year ago: https://www.bitchute.com/video/LwaCtgyWj0PB/ They discuss many things, one of them being that they knew from SARS (sars-cov-1, and covid is sars-cov-2) that the ventilators were killing people. Just like they knew HCQ was an effective treatment for SARS, and just like Fauci knew Remdesivir is a dangerous drug that killed many covid patients >>10707
>>10806 How is someone a kike because he's saying "death to non-Whites"?
>>10833 It's low-effort garbage-posting. No one should be taking the vaccine.
DHS ADVISORY >These actors are increasingly exploiting online forums to influence and spread violent extremist narratives and promote violent activity. Such threats are also exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions. >Through the remainder of 2021, racially- or ethnically-motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists will remain a national threat priority for the United States. These extremists may seek to exploit the emergence of COVID-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a rationale to conduct attack https://archive.fo/gxI3U https://www.dhs.gov/ntas/advisory/national-terrorism-advisory-system-bulletin-august-13-2021
>>10889 So they finally labelled us all terrorists now. See also: https://archive.fo/PiqfV >The Department of Homeland Security just released a terrorism bulletin implying that those who question, resist, or disobey government COVID-19 restrictions, or question the origin of COVID-19 or vaccine effectiveness, could be (or are being) treated as a domestic terrorism threat. It's too late to do anything now, we'll just have to go to the covid gulags.
>>10892 >It's too late to do anything now, we'll just have to go to the covid gulags. Not with that attitude. I'm not going to a fucking gulag.
>>10903 >>10901 >>10892 >>10889 >imagine using such hopeless language we will win, kikes are grasping at straws. the state is facing a crisis of legitimacy and is in its death throes. so long as the public does not view us as violent extremists worthy of being put in camps, .gov has already failed. in fact, it is our pacifism and deep tolerance that is winning us this battle. ZOG can't dupe the public into hating White nationalists because White nationalists put up with nigger riots throughout 2020 without so much as a single nazi rally. you all are negative nancies and/or glows. i have deep faith we are winning and will vanquish this incompetent "regime." they are afraid because people are turning off the tv (and other ZOG programming) in droves. i repeat, crisis of legitimacy. all major institutions have become illegitimate. the state will fail before it succeeds in putting us in gulag. hold strong, my friends.
>>10905 Two of those posts were a known shill who samefags doomposting
>>10906 <based vindicator
>>10905 Fuck, I'm sorry anons. It's just that very little resistance has happened in most countries, specifically the JewSA and we're already labelled terrorists. > i repeat, crisis of legitimacy. all major institutions have become illegitimate I want to believe, but I'm pretty sure at least 60% of people in White countries have fallen for this hoax.
>>10910 belief is the beginning, my friend. FIRST, you must BELIEVE. less than 50% have fallen for "the hoax," this is why ZOG is reaching so hard. this is an information war. whether you believe you're winning or you believe you're losing, you're right. you and many others in our circles have given into a mindset of hopelessness, believing ZOG has power beyond measure. this is what ZOG wants you to believe, it is not true in the slightest. all of you are cowards and faggots. we can defeat ZOG without firing a shot!
>>10912 for those of you who still aren't getting it, ZOG is causing you to build a prison for yourself within your own mind. this is literally Matrix level warfare. you must break free of the belief that they can control you, and spread your belief in liberty to others. if you are still having trouble "breaking free," i command you to make a painting or create something this weekend, and then think about it again.
(227.33 KB 850x400 hitler struggle quote.png)
(17.63 MB 854x480 never despair hitler.mp4)
>>10910 As soon as one gives into the blackpill or defeatism, the Jew wins. This is what Hitler was getting at in his famous quote about struggle - He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist. If they were winning so easily they wouldn't have to shill for the virus 24/7, they wouldn't have to push for vax propaganda so hard, they wouldn't have to try to make our lives hell for not getting their vaccine. More and more people are waking up. The media is covering up the extent of the dissent. France has had massive demonstrations going on for over a week, with Jews being called out left and right. The "QUI?" meme has gone mainstream in France. It's not as black and White as you would think. It is not over. It hasn't even begun. ZOG is not omnipotent. "Never Despair" - that is another teaching of Hitler that everyone must grasp. You should be prepared to die before being put in a gulag.
(803.27 KB 700x581 ClipboardImage.png)
(328.65 KB 2048x969 jew signs france 2.jpg)
(287.17 KB 2048x969 jew signs france 4.jpg)
(393.04 KB 2048x969 jew signs france.jpg)
More Whitepills from France. 1st image: >Some anti-Semitic signs still carried in certain processions of the #Protest14August 2nd image: >No to the health pass! >WHO can we not critique? >WHO is the enemy? >WHO feels targeted? >but WHO? 3rd image (abbreviated): >Without truth there is not liberty >Who? Why? When? >[a bunch of names of people like Macron, Soros, Schwab, Fauci] >Our health, our freedom, our foundational rights and the future of our children are [don't understand this part] via Big Pharma! >How? Where? How many? 4th image: >Who wants to poison us? Who?
>>10922 (((QUI?)))
>>10922 >Our health, our freedom, our foundational rights and the future of our children are [don't understand this part] via Big Pharma! Not french but I think the part you don't understand is 'vendus aux mondialistes' which means 'sold to the globalists'.
(148.37 KB 347x402 jew qui named.gif)
>>10926 >Not french but I think the part you don't understand is 'vendus aux mondialistes' which means 'sold to the globalists'. Ah, thanks anon, that makes perfect sense. My error was reading mondialistes as 'nondialistes' which I wasn't able to find in the online dictionary I was using for obvious reasons. >>10925 Oy!
>>10889 >>10892 Of course pigs. You have been waiting for decades to have an excuse to call us extremists and fight against us openly. Well extremists we are, but this word rings almost like injustice to what we strive for, which is so absolute. You will be betrayed by people close to you, you won't even see it coming. Day of the Rope was just a little joke to scare you, for teasing. But it is way too tame. If you knew what we had in store for shit bags like of your type, you'd find hanging quite a nice way out in comparison. The shit will be so gruesome that Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be toddler compliant against what is coming for you, your friends and families. Sincerely. We have names, lists, a long history to tap into, and you won't be able to run forever. You know it's coming. Total war against traitors, kikes and all hues of turd people standing in our way. >>10904 >Potential terror threats: >9/11 anniversary Look truthers! Simply mourning your dead relatives makes you a terrorist. >religious holidays Come on. Our real root Aryan religion isn't even tolerated to begin with so we can't even publicly be identified as celebrating anything. Besides, does this mean Hannukah makes Jews terrorists too?
That QUI meme is interesting. It seems to unhinge Jews like never before. How come? Any story on this?
>>10933 It’s just an effective dog whistle and a nice portal for onboarding “normies” as well as being a true grassroots meme. To top it off it comes from a general of all places, patriarchy/strong paternal figures being Jews kryptonite. This is basic stuff, are you 16?
(1.13 MB 220x180 qui qui qui jew.gif)
>>10933 It's a great meme for a couple of reasons. For one, it is an extremely common word. Just a simple question - Who? Qui? On top of this, it came from the mouth of a Jew, and this is what must anger them the most, that they accidentally created something with a good deal of mimetic momentum. The Jew began to rage, and the man did not answer the question. But the reaction of the Jew said it all. Normalfags watching it who are bluepilled probably began to wonder themselves 'Qui? Qui contrôle les médias??' Some may be led to research. MAIS QUI? is the perfect meme
(66.53 KB 648x747 goebbels_quote_jews.jpg)
>>10912 >>10916 >>10919 Thanks for setting me straight. Despair is not an Aryan trait. > less than 50% have fallen for "the hoax," this is why ZOG is reaching so hard >If they were winning so easily they wouldn't have to shill for the virus 24/7, they wouldn't have to push for vax propaganda so hard, they wouldn't have to try to make our lives hell for not getting their vaccine. The way I see it, they're trying to get everyone jabbed because they can't leave an unjabbed group because then it would be obvious that those who had taken the vax are the ones dropping like flies. Also, there's something else in these "vaccines" that's making many people magnetic, I can only guess it's something to do with tracking or chipping, another reason for them to coerce everyone into getting it. Some music for the moment: https://www.bitchute.com/video/0d0bAyfpDYrJ/
Some covid news. If people think this is spam I will stop posting it. More protests in France. Empty cafes, worker strikes: https://www.johndenugent.com/macrons-vaccine-passport-empty-cafes-in-paris-police-firemen-nurses-and-doctors-protest-dramatically/ Taxi company denies service to masked and vaxxed: https://nationalfile.com/st-louis-taxi-company-is-rejecting-masked-and-covid-vaccinated-passengers-mask-fans-complain-of-anti-vax-discrimination/ (I don't agree with this approach. In fighting the jew we can't stoop to its level; we have to show that we are morally superior to them. I think it would be better if companies took a neutral stance and said that don't care what you choose to do.) Honolulu Fire Captain pleads against vax mandate: https://www.bitchute.com/video/s-_BBplybl4/ Prof. Christian Perronne talks about all the covid insanity. He is head of the Medical Department at Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garches, formerly head of Department for Infectious and Tropical Diseases: https://fos-sa.org/2021/08/14/christian-perronne-frances-long-time-vaccine-policy-chief-covid-policy-is-completely-stupid/
>>11048 Sorry I forgot one. >German chief pathologist sounds alarm on fatal vaccine injuries >Peter Schirmacher, director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, has carried out over forty autopsies on people who had died within two weeks of their vaccination. >Schirmacher assumes that 30 to 40 percent of them died from the vaccination. In his opinion, the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccinations is underestimated. >The pathologist cited “rare, severe side effects of the vaccination – such as cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases”. >The pathologist received support from his own ranks, and the Federal Association of German Pathologists stated that more autopsies of vaccinated people who died within a certain time frame after vaccination should be performed. Also in the article, Alex Berenson suspended from twitter for pointing out Pfizer's own trial data shows no mortality reduction: >It stated that the causes of death were balanced between [vax] and placebo groups: 15 people who took the vaccine died and 14 people who took the placebo died. >But tons of people who were in the placebo group have now taken the jab, thus “the trial blind is broken now” and “this is all the data we will ever have,” Berenson pointed out. Source: https://archive.fo/CYYIx
Not Covid related but Fauci is involved. Behold the insanity that occupies the mind of such people, notably Fauci who would even want to be involved in this demented experiment: https://www.lifenews.com/2021/05/04/scientists-use-scalps-from-aborted-babies-to-create-humanized-mice-and-fauci-is-funding-it/ Scientists Use Scalps From Aborted Babies to Create “Humanized Mice” and Fauci is Funding It >The information comes from a study that University of Pittsburgh researchers published in September 2020 in the journal “Scientific Reports.” It describes how scientists used scalps from aborted babies to create “humanized” mice and rats to study the human immune system. >Along with the study, the researchers published photos of their experiment – horrific images that show tufts of babies’ hair growing on the rodents. >The Center for Medical Progress video raises even more concerns about unethical and potentially illegal practices at the university, including babies potentially being born alive in abortions, killed and then dissected for their organs. >What’s more, a number of the experiments using aborted baby body parts at the university are funded by U.S. taxpayers through the National Institutes of Health and, in particular, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases office, CMP found in its investigation. Literally "let's sew body pieces of exterminated babies onto rats and see what happens, because why not?" On the aborted babies: https://www.lifenews.com/2021/08/03/university-caught-harvesting-body-parts-from-babies-born-alive-left-to-die/ University Caught Harvesting Body Parts From Babies Born Alive, Left to Die https://www.lifenews.com/2021/08/05/university-admits-harvesting-kidneys-from-unborn-babies-while-their-hearts-are-still-beating/ University Admits Harvesting Kidneys From Unborn Babies While Their Hearts are Still Beating Always the same University of Pittsburgh. And that is the stuff they allowed themselves to store on paper. I wonder if Fauci's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases office is involved in those too.
>>10630 Some country prone to accidents can stage a nuclear accident.
What's everyone's plan for when they mandate the jab for work? I really don't want to get it, but looking for more work is going to be a bitch. I've read some places have room for exemptions but I don't know if they'll truly be approving them. I'm thinking of delaying for as long as I can by making up every excuse in the book.
>>11155 if your work does make the jab mandated and you can't sue/talk them out of it, make sure they fire you over it rather than you just quitting. there's a difference between the two
(44.50 KB 704x528 mycard.jpg)
(564.36 KB 1024x758 george floyds vaccine card.png)
>>11155 Just print yourself a vaccine card
>>11058 We can all agree that is horrific and unnecessary research, but the Fauci-worship is a cult, how many of these people do you think can be saved?
>>11182 If one has gotten to the point where they idolize Fauci, there is probably no saving them. He has entered the incipient Holy Trinity of the leftist cult. George Floyd died for our sins of racism. Fauci saves us from invisible enemies and protects us from evil, representing the enlightening powers of science. Who will be the third person in the trinity? Time will tell.
>>11171 i've always considered this but i'm never sure if it works, it'd be my luck if whatever official wanted my card would decide to check whatever doctor i put on there even if they were 10 states away lmao
>>11197 Your employer isn't going to go to that trouble. You just flash it and you're good.
>>11230 yeah sure, employers, but what about state cops pulling you over when you're out-of-state?
>>11245 You say you don't have it with you?
(718.20 KB 1045x989 64646365436.png)
(90.24 KB 1024x512 1629157770519.jpg)
(46.74 KB 720x501 646465463546354.jpg)
Wait for it
>>10468 >How can the plan be put into motion if 90% are actually jabbed with water? That would only play into legitimizing the technocratic passport, but it would not anything to the population reduction program. They're talking about booster shots, a third jab to neutralize the delta variant. People get their shot, 10% die, then you hear about the epsilon variant, get your 4th shot with this new booster... Repeat and profit.
>>11048 >Taxi company denies service to masked and vaxxed. I don't agree with this approach. In fighting the jew we can't stoop to its level; we have to show that we are morally superior to them. I think it would be better if companies took a neutral stance and said that don't care what you choose to do. I totally agree about the last part, but as for the reason why it's a bad idea to discriminate based on vaccination status I think it's more about not falling for the divide and conquer tactics of the jew rather than aspiring to a higher moral standard. We need to stand united against the eternal enemy and not let something trivial like vaccination status for a mild respiratory illness get in the way of that unity. We should feel sorry for the ones who have become so brainwashed that they willingly take the kike jab; not shun them.
>>11261 The question is who will chimp out first, the niggers, or the Hasidic Jews of New York?
>>11266 My thoughts exactly. In addition, it may only be a small number, but some of the vaxxed are having regrets either from injuries to or deaths of people they know, or because they took the vax and they still have to follow all the restrictions; although for the latter they generally blame the unvaxxed rather than their ZOG government making arbitrary punitive laws. Like you say, the people who have taken the vax have been tricked by the jewish lies, they may still see the light and come round to our side.
You have to ask yourself why there is no IRL resistance from those that post in this thread. For all the big talk of /fascists/ not a single one of you has done a single thing to slow this machine down. You're all experts at cursing the jews, nothing more than foul-mouthed keyboard warriors. Board owner spends the entire day monitoring /fascist/. Clearly he has no time for a normal life with wife and children. Does not even hold a job. He doesn't give a shit about Whites, he just likes to shit on Christians, because that is what he is paid to do. Hinduism isn't going to save any of you from the vaccine. This place is an absolute joke. Imagine coming here every day to click on a thread with that purple shirt faggot.
(71.19 KB 600x900 do it faggot.jpg)
>>11287 >just go throw away your life and shoot random people goy, it will make the virus narrative and vaccines go away! Fuck off retard, the same thing applies for (you) as well. Why aren't you doing what you are wanting other anons to do? I've noticed people like you always seem to want others to act but never get their own hands dirty in these matters. I'm not getting the vaccine, I'm not complying with their orders and I spread information IRL on this hoax and this is about all that one can do that will actually have an effect.
>>11288 >people like me I'm not saying to shoot random people. I'm saying to find the names and numbers of people constructing the COVID camps. I'm saying to talk to any police officers you know and see what their opinions are, see what they know about what is happening. I'm saying to post locations to protest, or plans for what to do when they try to deny us food or put us in camps or block the roads. There are many more ways we can resist than simple boycotting and refusing to wear masks or take vaccines. I'm not just some run of the mill faggot telling people to shoot a bunch of normies, get over yourself.
>>11288 > I've noticed people like you always seem to want others to act but never get their own hands dirty in these matters. I've personally written almost this exact sentence on this website at least a dozen times in the last 2 years.
>>11289 And are you doing any of these yourself? I highly doubt you are.
>>11287 >Hinduism Not only that, Hinduism is for poo niggers. The right answer is ancient Aryanism/Vedicism. No one should stoop to the level of poo niggers. Some people like to post that Pooprada guy here. Let me tell you this: if the gods of Vedicism come back, they'll slaughter all shitskins (including the beloved Pooprada). He's a fucking idiot for thinking that he can be redeemed for being religious and "understanding" racial castes. He's a fucking Dravidian, his fate was already decided by nature (to be culled) and yet people respect him. What a joke.
(386.25 KB 1662x823 sacrifice to the gods.PNG)
>>11296 The gods of the Vedas probably hate White people today since we do not give them sacrifices, offerings or anything else they desire. The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (1.4.10) says that humans are like livestock for the gods, and are useful for them, and that they are enraged when they lose even a single human. They don't even want people to learn esoteric truths for this reason. Among the Europeans, Socrates says a similar thing in Phaedo (62b-c). Humans belong the gods, and if they try to escape from them by suicide, the gods will get vexed and punish them. It's the same principle today. White people have abandoned the gods, and the gods are likely enraged and punishing and tormenting our people at death right now before having them reincarnate, while non-Whites, though inferior, actually still offer sacrifices and offerings. It's the idea of 'do ut des' - 'I give so that you may give' - the gods don't think you're worth shit unless you are providing for them. So start caring for the gods again.
>>11289 I saw a comment on jewtube, one guy claimed he was burning dvds with videos, articles, graphics etc. about covid and leaving them around--he didn't say it but probably with a note attached like 'take me!'--and left a burner email address as well. He said dozens of people had contacted him thanking him for changing their minds. I've been thinking about doing this with flash drives, but yes admittedly I haven't done it yet.
>>11292 I made legitimate points, legitimate attempts to move the discussion forward, whereas you're being an ass. Who is the shill?
>>11302 I know someone who did this at work. I have no idea if it worked on anyone, the people I heard it from thought it was insane. It's still a good idea. I've thought about setting up a table outside with a sign and a couple empty chairs and seeing if I can get random people to sit down for a chat about the subject. I would buy and bring a bullhorn so if a crowd forms I can speak to all of them and get them worked up. Then we can start meeting and come up with further plans, leaving cell phones at home. Something along these lines.
(257.48 KB 1840x662 6465476574567.jpg)
I think calling out the establishments bullshit can be allot simpler. Their plan is most likely to just demonize one side while making the other group feel "superior" by calling them "scientists" for wearing underwear on their face. Pic related, even anons in the Wuhan happening threads a year ago figured it out. Look up the "The Wave", another book/film that shared to same fate as Orwell's 1984 in becoming a strategy guide. Also not calling it a communist virus or stoking fear that its a Chinese bio weapon is such a fucking waste. If the zonald wasn't a kiked faggot he should have called it a communist bio attack right away and started pogroms for communist sympathizers.
>>11261 >loot & burn >tv: fiery but mostly peaceful The state of
>>11287 Hello glowie, I suppose you haven't found another useful idiot to send into a shooting rampage against some random collection of shitkins yet, to fuel Biden's anti-White rhetoric? Best kisses to the hasbara fags btw.
>>11289 >pokes anons into being violent >then says hey let's ask blue pigs what they think and maybe plot some protests Looks like your mom forgot to grant you the magic power of coherence.
>>11313 >>11314 You people are sick. This is behavioral psychology used to keep people below the threshold of “DANGER DANGER.” You are both misrepresenting what was said as if it was fedposting when it clearly was not. It is obvious you are not “genuine anons.” Good luck with your globalist plan, faggots.
>>11315 Nice IP hop, fed
>>11322 Yes it is still me, I never tried to pretend otherwise. I am a VPN poster. Why do you complain when you yourself post from TOR? What a sissy whiny faggot. Whose side are you on here? That should be obvious to any real anon reading this exchange. Eat shit
(209.12 KB 512x512 suit pepe laugh.png)
>>11324 >kvetching about Tor Every time.
>>11329 No one kvetched about TOR, but someone kvetched about switching IP. You knew that though, you just assume those reading this thread are too stupid to see what you’re doing.
(3.60 MB 3608x2706 Cuckposting 2.png)
To all of the people posting optics cuckery in the thread, I bid you this. If the Bolsheviks were made up of people who call anyone advocating armed revolution a fed, White men would still be ruling Russia. Simple as that. Fags like (((you))) are going to be the death of us! I swear!
(28.24 KB 800x561 Fatty doo doo.jpg)
>>11313 This is what you fucking look like, you optics cucking faggot.
>>11355 The difference today is the jews control all the intelligence agencies, law enforcement, tech companies, judicial system etc.; while the Bolsheviks were the jews. Only the jews are masters of deception and subversion.
>>11362 that's true. also, there's a difference between posts calling for direct action, vs posts that do this while seeming provocative and calculated to portray us in a bad light. I once said a poster was glowing because they described how they would murder Muslims & Jews in gory, over-the-top detail. something about it just felt off.
>>11355 Let's pretend for one moment that you haven't forgotten that an armed revolution/coup aims at wrestling power out of the hands of those who hold it firmly; i.e. revolutionaries go for the seat of power. Trotsky's thousands of henchmen didn't decide on launching a surprise attack on a Siberian stone church located in some totally forgotten place in the fucking smack middle of nowhere just because it might have been a secret meeting place for White Russians.
>>11324 >hey goy, please come post on clearnet by leaving a nice trail in our VPN's backdoored database? >>11357 So original.
>>11386 >Let's pretend for one moment that you haven't forgotten that an armed revolution/coup aims at wrestling power out of the hands of those who hold it firmly; i.e. revolutionaries go for the seat of power. And we can't get any seats in our countries today, because we will either end up arrested or shot. The only solution is to kill niggers, scientists and politicians. Our only solution is violence faggot. Any revolutionary who knows they cannot usuper power through office knows this. >>11313 >Hello glowie, I suppose you haven't found another useful idiot to send into a shooting rampage against some random collection of shitkins yet, to fuel Biden's anti-White rhetoric? Biden has already sucessfully fuled anti-White hatred. How many White children have to die and be raped, because you cucks are afraid of the goberment? They are sterlizing them as we speak and are using non-Whites to attack us daily and yet you cucks are still worried about what the big suits in congress are gonna do to us when they've need to justifications to do so.
>>11287 >there is no IRL resistance from those that post in this thread Who told you this is true? Is /fascist/ one person? You're just a hypocrite when you come here and accuse people of being keyboard warriors while your very post is keyboard big talk itself. We've already seen people like you coming here to sow discord, to shit on this community and on BO: you have no power here. Go back to 4chan where you belong.
>>11389 >when they've need to justifications to do so. meant they don't.
(6.69 MB 240x160 aluminium in vaccines.mp4)
(56.34 KB 365x492 ct-n.png)
>>11395 Can someone find the date the original video was posted on these other platforms or whene this hearing was held and where? Maybe there is some sort of archive somewhere. The only thing I found out so far is that the channel CT-N is the Connecticut Network. Their website is completely down for me. http://www.ctn.state.ct.us/ https://ct-n.com/
>>11389 >Biden has already sucessfully fuled anti-White hatred. >Biden What is it with conservatives where they can't process systems and they need to refer to immediate characters, like a television flashback that recaps the previous season? Biden is basically a nobody. A total system of anti-White occupation and genocide has been in place since the second zionist war.
>>11407 They just can't think beyond the immediate golems who are propped up as bad guys expressly for them to hate and rage against, since it's of course a huge waste of energy. Biden is just some demented old man. Anyone who thinks that he has any real decision-making abilities is fooling themselves. Biden is like a glove that the Jewish hand of state wears for four to eight years.
(130.91 KB 1153x499 Correlation.png)
>>11395 Pic is from https://www.lifelinediag.eu/us/how-to-remove-aluminium-from-a-childs-body/ After watching that video, I went to go see if there are any effective ways to remove aluminum from the body, and found this. But (((correlation))) does not equal causation, right? Surely this must be a (((coincidence)))
>>11406 I found the clip here: https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/this-video-is-apparently-blocked-on-all-social-media-including-telegram_ZAi8DV4wWyEiOG9.html And that's all I know. I was hoping someone here would at least know the name of the doctor/scientist.
>>11389 >be violent, guys Preaching to the choir
(811.38 KB 694x673 zyklon-b.png)
>>11407 It's the same thing with both teams of the partisan system and people who identify with those teams. People actually thought that Trump being in office was going to 180 an entire system. I'd go as far as to suggest that these figureheads largely serve as distraction to pilpul over. It's like arguing about who is the captain of a massive ship who only has control over a tiny rudder.
(393.49 KB 2308x1732 1628822390684.jpg)
>>11424 >Aluminium nanoparticles Well metals in vaccines aren't good news, but the real truth is there is 10,000 times nanoparticles in the air due to chemtrails. You just get a megadose of it in a short period of time. Long term exposure does the same, it's just the same sped up with mRNA on top to boot.
>>11439 >chemtrails Could you give me the rundown on this? I never really looked into them.
(24.56 MB 1280x720 048061.mp4)
>>11421 Alright mystery solved. The doctor speaking is Lawrence B. Palevsky. https://www.northportwellnesscenter.com/practitioner/lawrence-palevsky/about He is speaking on a public health hearing held by the Connecticut General Assembly on February 19, 2020 (Check document, the part from the video starts in page 198). I made a quick check of the document and this doesn't appear to have anything to do with the covid vaccines but with vaccines in general. Also this video isn't purged from the internet since I posted a different and cleaner version then the one posted before. It was found in Odysse. https://odysee.com/@STOP_Masques_Vaccins_National:2/-Vaccin-Aluminium-Nanoparticules-dans-le-cerveau---Aluminium-nanoparticles-in-the-brain--Corona--Covid--Vaccine:6
>>11407 >>11412 Nice samefag retard, but I was clearly responding to your stupid shit here >>11389 >to fuel Biden's anti-White rhetoric? >>11422 >don't be violent goys, sit down do nothing and just eat shitty food! Optics will save us At this point you should just blow your brains out being this retarded.
>>11407 >What is it with conservatives where they can't process systems and they need to refer to immediate characters What is with (((You))) constantly coming on here and needing to call everything you don't like conservative? Did a conservative fuck your wife or something? If so, then based, because I can't blame someone cucking a moron who fails at reading and comprehending post like a nigger and has boogeymanz rent free inside his peanut-sized brain. > Biden is basically a nobody Biden is a puppet, a speaker who is to be used to fuel and assist anti-White rhetoric all across America and he has clearly done this since he's got into office retard. He isn't a nobody, otherwise he wouldn't be in power doing the shit he's been doing against White Americans. Again the braincells of this board is drastically dropping.
(41.05 KB 500x594 EUoqM7UXQAUkVJQ.jpg)
(80.91 KB 680x680 ET7mw60WoAI2tUl.jpg)
>>11441 Good sleuthing anon
>>11389 >And we can't get any seats in our countries today, because we will either end up arrested or shot. The only solution is to kill niggers, scientists and politicians. Our only solution is violence faggot. Any revolutionary who knows they cannot usuper power through office knows this. You should read before posting. You have quoted me explaining what true, efficient and logical violence amounts to. Case in point, what Trotsky's men did. Wasting bullets on targets away from the seat of power reeks off of stupidity or subversion. Blacks are a problem but if for the most part they can be contained in their areas, they're only a secondary concern, especially if the food chain does not get too damaged, since a coup does not need a complete collapse of society, especially when we can see how weak in reality the ZOG is. The real target is: politicians, judges, journalists, CEOs and finance and media groups that hold power. >>11389 >Biden has already sucessfully fuled anti-White hatred. How many White children have to die and be raped, because you cucks are afraid of the goberment? Why do you assume we're afraid of it? >>11395 They argue that it's stabilized or laced aluminum. I mean I don't recall the argument but shills on social networks claimed it's in very small doses and the type of aluminum is inoffensive because of how modified it is. I didn't buy this but it would again need to be looked into. >>11407 Sure, but each president has its own program and Biden has clearly been cast to be the one increasing the witch hunting on Aryan Whites. Before that, and before Trump, we had three decades of war against Muslims, all accelerated with 9/11 in 2001. There surely were attempts at forming counter-supremacism cells in the 90s but it was never that brazen and open. Biden is the first POTUS obsessed on catching and destroying any pro-White group like it was once a thing to crack down on communist cells.
>>11413 >the body dumps 99% of aluminum in food >aluminum in food mfw >>11422 You're tiring. Admittedly if you want to shoot down migrants, we'll try to give you sensible targets to go after such as some of their militant and religious leaders for example, or groups of colored people identified as rapists or scavengers, but I hope you won't mind when we will actually focus on targets that matter when trying to kill traitors and grab power where it actually stands (obviously not in mosques, in case some retards haven't gotten it yet).
>>11440 Complex. It's a mix of dysinfo, real experiments, regular patents, and a huge dose of misunderstanding of meteorological processes. And morgellons.
>>11439 >>11469 Well, you've made huge claims about chemtrails and I have been interested in them as well. If you're knowledgeable, please give us more info.
>>11395 >>11406 >>11421 >>11441 With that name and nose, he is almost certainly a jew, but I trust what he's saying here because it aligns with everything else we've suspected and goes against big pharma. Here's another vid where Palevsky speaks on general vaccine damage to the Connecticut General Assembly a few months later: https://odysee.com/@Archive-2020:4/signal-2021-06-02-183832:c?
>Additionally, reports from our international colleagues, including Israel, suggest increased risk of severe disease amongst those vaccinated early. Given this body of evidence, we are concerned that the current strong protection against severe infection, hospitalization, and death could decrease in the months ahead, especially among those who are at higher risk or who were vaccinated earlier during the phases of our vaccination rollout. Here we go... https://www.Whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/press-briefings/2021/08/18/press-briefing-by-White-house-covid-19-response-team-and-public-health-officials-50/
I have no reason to believe this is a planned sterilization effort. They wouldn't be vaccinating Israel, zogbots, or shitskins otherwise. You can argue about graphene, but all vaccines use metals to trigger immune reactions, and those metals have been poisoning people since the polio vaccine with oxidative stress. Covid may or may not have been intentionally released, the initial response was a little too chaotic for it have been planned but you never know. The Jew then took the opportunity to enrich their megacorps and empower the surveillance communist sate. Never let a good crisis go to waste
>>11496 The vaccine is a holiness test, it is a Leftist/Progressive baptism. It outs Christians and political dissidents, serving as yet another wedge to demonize the remnant of White people in the US who refuse to kneel. It will kill many, but I doubt it will kill more than 10% spread out over 10 years. The deaths will be suppressed, and are within manageable levels. The "vaccines" serve many purposes for the elites, who love to stack functions. Ultimately they can be considered a "political tool," rather than mass euthanasia. I believe the vaccines serve as another step towards eliminating Christianity which, in addition to the constitution, remains a large thorn in the side of those who wish to totally dominate/control the West.
>>11496 >Covid may or may not have been intentionally released, the initial response was a little too chaotic for it have been planned but you never know. The Jew then took the opportunity to enrich their megacorps and empower the surveillance communist sate. As if Event 201 didn't happen. Anon, they planned it.
>>11511 How do vaccines work to eliminate Christianity though? I bet more Christians are getting vaxxed than not, and basically every mainstream church does nothing but shill for refugees, Zionism and sodomy.
(416.77 KB 1280x1185 burqa.jpg)
>>10731 >>10776 update: my friend is alive. the cops stopped her before she could jump. she was parked by a bridge though jesus christ I'm glad she's okay this whole thing has radicalised me so much before I was just tolerating the covid psyop and hoping it would be over soon now I can hardly resist the urge to have an autistic ragefit when the nigger security guard at the public library tells me to wear a mask lol
(195.59 KB 364x418 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11535 >pic
>>11496 >I have no reason to believe this is a planned sterilization effort. It's incredible someone can still come out with a statement this ignorant. As for what's happening to the jews, read earlier in this thread, starting around >>10412. See also picrel for a timely reminder >>11535 What are we going to do, anon. That's the only question now.
(35.96 KB 694x767 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11538 personally I'm just gonna focus on getting my own mental and physical health in order you can't fight anyone otherwise there was a good article about this in lew rockwell of all places a couple days ago lemme see if I can dig it up https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/08/allan-stevo/it-is-okay-and-natural-to-part-paths-with-friends-in-a-time-such-as-this/ I'll come back and post some good excerpts when I have more time
(151.39 KB 862x872 sores2.jpg)
>>11535 at-least burkas are loose and made of cotton so they should be more comfy then a mask. They hurt my ears and checks. fuck I am starting to get mask burn on my face.
>>11527 The entire vaccine bit with Sam and Nick (clip at the end of video) was hilarious. I felt much better after laughing about the whole situation. https://youtu.be/hGBuJWkF1gk
>>11547 Whoops meant to link >>11538
>>11546 Damn how I love not being a wagie holy fuck the mistreatment and duress these fucking people will accept it's actually nauseating.
>>11546 How the hell do muzzie women stand being in a fucking cotton, sometimes black burka in the desert heat?
(100.15 KB 800x800 camcon-shemagh.jpg)
>>11546 Why are you wearing an N95? At my job they let us wear bandannas, procedural masks, or cloth masks. I work at a BIG ASS GLOBOHOMO company and I wear a blue procedural mask on my chin all day (mouth fully exposed), no one says anything. I'm in a deep blue state, in a metropolitan area, didn't wear a mask in the grocery store even though we have mandates... no one said anything. The only other people in the supermarket without masks were a nigger and an old lady. Are you a sissy faggot? I've been considering buying pic related and wearing it in public if this shit progresses any further. Going to try weaning myself off smartphone and watch soon.
(15.45 KB 337x324 exit bag.jpg)
>>11538 >>What are we going to do, anon? That's the only question now. Most likely what we've been doing for the past sixty years: wringing our hands in womanly despair when all of their (((plans))) go accordingly. We're too scattered, divided, above all, too cowardly to do diddly dick against our genocide. We might as well just accept it at this point, and no, I am not a shill. All I am doing is telling you like it is. What we are is too scattered to do anything, as we have always been for the past forty years. The best I can see happening are lone wolf attacks, like Dr. Fauci getting his brains blown out by a lone sniper, who gets away to assasinate more ZOG political figureheads. I can also see vaccination centers getting the Oklahoma city bombing treatment. Other than that, however, we are well and truly fucked. White resistance, at best, is going to be a consistant series of lone wolf attacks, ranging from political assassinations to bombings of vaccine companies. Outside of that, I don't see anything else. I can totally see these lone wolf terrorists getting away with it because law enforcement is being staffed with diversity hires, who would be too incompetent to catch their own people, let alone White men who understand the concept of forensic countermeasures. Still, I don't think anything going to happen, which really says something about the pathetic state of our race, when even racially conscious White men are still trying to look good for the lemmings. What makes it even more pathetic is that getting away with a crime in the West, even a very serious one like murder, is piss easy. Hell, sniping a politician enforcing the vaccine mandate would be easy, too. Just leave before the ZOGbots drop their donuts and coffee. Alas, none of us seems to have the balls to do any of this shit, which means dust bin of history here we come.
>>11551 They don't. They're not supposed to go outside.
>>11538 >It's incredible someone can still come out with a statement this ignorant. Calling me names isn't proof. There's no evidence of a planned sterilization effort. Twitter posts aren't proof. They would not vaccinate jews if the vaccines were intended to harm people.
>>11556 Absolutely there is evidence, there are many reports of abortions and infertility. "Twitter posts aren't proof." You are terrible at your job, you know that? Cycle your IP and try a different angle, or talk to your boss. You should be ashamed.
>>11553 Then off yourself, defeatist coomer faggot. I bet you haven't even tried to do shit or even prepare and have kept a degenerate lifestyle. We don't need trash like you in the movement, if you are not going to fight nor help those who are fighting, feel free to join globohomo or kill yourself because you might as well be an enemy. People like you are a cancer in every movement. Lone wolf and small group actions are the future. They will increase in intensity as ZOG becomes less and less competent. It is the holy duty of every self-proclaimed National Socialist to dedicate their efforts to these endeavors, or at least to assist people who are on them. Sitting here and crying about the hopeless situation will not change anything. You now have a choice. Will you fight? Or will you perish like a dog? COWARDS DIE IN SHAME
>>11557 >Absolutely there is evidence, there are many reports of abortions and infertility Neither of which proves infertility/abortions were INTENDED results. This isn't even the only vaccine with those side effects shit has been going on since polio. And no, twitter posts aren't proof and it's hilarious you believe otherwise. >shill! shill! Go back to cuckchan.
For those who haven't seen it, Harry Vox (blue-pilled, but you can still get what you need from his reporting), in 2014 talking about a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document which is the plan for covid, only a few minor details have changed: https://www.bitchute.com/video/MCnAinXCDbX0/ And a paramedic talking about vax injuries: https://www.bitchute.com/video/tRTUjgXr2Rpx/
>>11558 He's right, you know. That is some big talk from you, buddy. > I bet you haven't even tried to do shit or even prepare and have kept a degenerate lifestyle. What have YOU done? Nothing. Just like everyone else. >COWARDS DIE IN SHAME Imagine being this deluded about yourself >>11559 Virtually none of those twitter posts presented any proof or evidence. They merely presented logic. It is by the same logic your posts belong in the dust bin. It makes no difference whether you're an actual shill or not, you are clearly the enemy. You have presented no evidence yourself.
>>11546 The first cloth mask I wore gave me a severe rash, nearly all of the skin it covered got a rash and peeled off. Of course everybody denied it was related to the mask, because <"Safe and Effective!" had been repeated a gazillion times. >>11553 Actually I agree with this. The people who oppose what's happening now are too fractured. Even those of us who recognise the sea-bed pedestrians as the real problem can't unite, we keep picking arguments with each other over ideology and methodology; while sitting on our hands. The only resistance I can see anywhere is protests in France and Italy, but we're been having those for over a year and it hasn't slowed ZOG at all. All I can say now is everyone needs to have their exit plan sorted; even Uncle had his cyanide pills. These subhuman psychopaths will commit horrors beyond your worst nightmares. >>11558 Why has nothing happened yet? They've been vaccinating children for months now. They're killing White children and maiming them for life. If anyone was going to do anything, they would have done it by now. Does it look like anyone is ever going to do anything?
>>11549 Same. NEETs are modern day aristocrats. I (almost) have pity for wagies
>>11561 >What have YOU done? Nothing. Just like everyone else. Speak for yourself, cuck nigger. Not everyone is docile coomer faggot whose idea of resistance is complaining on the internet. >Imagine being this deluded about yourself Pathetic projection. >it's not just twitter opinions it's logic! Cope. >t makes no difference whether you're an actual shill or not, you are clearly the enemy. And since we've already established that you're a coward who will not fight his enemies, I eagerly await your capitulation. >You have presented no evidence yourself. I'm not the one making the very retarded claim that vaccines are a sterilization tool.
>>11564 You're a really shitty disinformationist. You only have ad-hominems. Cuck nigger, faggot, complaining, pathetic, projection, cope... surely there are a few more chan-names you can throw at me. I actually have 6+ months of food, cleaning supplies, batteries etc. and am locked and loaded, ready for collapse. I would take a photo but you'll criticize whatever I post anyway, because you're not here to help. You're here to divide us and waste our time with petty argumentation. You have tacitly said vaccines are safe. Like I said, you really should bring your boss over to proofread before you post next time.
>>11564 I've spent years on this website, years watching your same old rhetoric. We're in the same loop we always get in. You can greentext me again and pick me apart line by line each time, but you stand out like a sore thumb. Because you never help. You have no empathy. Any time empathy is shown by others, you use it against them. No one who is here to help would do that. You can try to fit in with your shoddy jingoism and edgy memes, but those of us on this board have been here too long. We know the game. You will lose, in the end.
>>11562 >Why has nothing happened yet? They've been vaccinating children for months now. They're killing White children and maiming them for life It's mostly retarded liberals getting the vaccines among the White population. These people rarely breed with other Whites in the first place, and when they do, their kids tend to end up fags or trannies. Literally nothing of value was lost. It's when they start forcing needles into right wingers that any kind of mass action could be expected. > If anyone was going to do anything, they would have done it by now. Does it look like anyone is ever going to do anything? Actually yes. The french are still going strong with more vaccination centers being burned down or vandalized by the day. They will only further radicalize as time goes on. There are violent protests in Ukraine right now, which by the way has an active NatSoc right wing akin to Hezbollah. Australians are massive cucks and have no excuse, but that's typical anglo submission culture at work. Burgers still have an easy time ignoring everything, so they have no need to revolt yet. I'm not saying there's going to be a mass global awakening, that's retarded, lemmings don't relinquish their peace and comfort unless cornered. But to say nothing has been going on only proves how out of tune you are. And let's not even get into all the Attomwaffen splinters that were conducting assassinations and sabotage even before the pandemic. >>11566 >please stop calling me names! Coward, cuck, craven, defeatist faggot. Are you gonna cry? Why should I respect you? You're literally giving up without a fight and trying to drag us down with you. Fuck you, you piece of shit. >waah waaah I have guns that I will never use! I don't give a shit. >waaah waaaah stop trying to exclude toxic elements and calling out defeatism! Your tears are delicious. Words without actions are worthless. So either take action, support those who do, or kindly keep your limp-wristed self out of my natsoc terrorist movement. > You have tacitly said vaccines are safe Prove it faggot. My first fucking post said vaccines were poisoning people long before covid. >>11567 I have no empathy for cowards. >y-you're g-going to lose! Pathetic.
>>11568 As predicted, no arguments, only names. Link us all to your first post. we can't tell since you're on TOR (I don't mind TOR users, we just can't see). Prove you're not a coward. What have you accomplished?
>>11568 Why should WE respect YOU? You treat others like shit. "I'm an internet hardass." Holy shit what a joke.
Chill out lads, you need to lurk moar about the vaccine, it's NOT SAFE at all killed 40.000 in europe based on european medical agency data alone, under any other circumstance it would be called mass murder.
(56.77 KB 480x674 Whatever.jpg)
>>11564 >>11568 Yeah, sure! Whatever delusions that prevent you from offing yourself, faggot.
>>11574 Anyone shilling about the vaccine is probably just mad they were too weak to resist it. That, or they are on a government paycheck
>>11568 >>11564 >>11558 this guy's posts should really have been directed at this guy >>11583 but i wouldn't be surprised if they came from the same place.
>>11586 This poster >>11583 is likely a shill. I have noticed that blackpillers and pro-suicide shills target it quite often. They are easily identifiable in contrast to momentarily demoralized posters who just need a boost.
>pro-suicide shills target it quite often Target what? Not sure if I follow. I saw a similar demoralization post on 16pol the other day with the same image (text was a variation on same theme).
>>11588 (heil'd) >Target what? This thread and similar threads, I think he means.
>>11589 perhaps. perhaps not. in the end i cannot control others, my faith will see me through. >>11590 ah, thank you. yes this thread is much more "important" than most others on /fascist/. really i think there are about 3-5 shills that work the whole site in shifts. the site has suffered from the same types of posts since the earliest days. i think it was shill-free for my first 6 weeks, that was years ago now.
>>7378 I'm tired of seeing that ugly fucking face in the catalog every time i open it Goddammit OP
>>11594 Good. Your disdain should increase when seeing them in real life now.
(555.51 KB 647x656 anime guenon.png)
>>11546 I'm exmoose but I would unironically rather wear a burqa than a mask. the blue ones can be pretty at least >>11552 do it haha bonus points for learning some random arabic phrases to shout and scare the libs when they give you weird looks >>11553 there have been a few vaxx center arsons in france probably easier to get away with than going full mcveigh (bonus points for not killing any innocents) >Dr. Fauci getting his brains blown out by a lone sniper inshallah >>11556 zionists collaborated with the natsoc expulsion of jews my nigga the little ones are basically just meat shields (not saying they aren't still genetically predisposed towards kikery) >>11568 you're an asshole, bro. everyone is in a different place when it comes to making their politics born and you aren't contributing anything to the discussion that someone else hasn't already said in a more constructive way. stop posting any time
>>11563 any tips on milking gibs? all i've got is my autismbux that doesn't even come close to $1K a month like nogs probably get, and even then they sometimes like to fight me on that
>>11561 >What have YOU done? He didn't post an emo demorilzation post. When I feel down about how things are going I don't come on here and try to bring everyone down as well and tell them to give up. Failure is not an option. So the only choice we have from there is figuring out the best path forward.
>>11599 There is a difference between making an “emo demoralization post” and speaking your mind. >>11553 clearly was sharing his personal sober analysis of the situation. Some might say accepting where things are is the first step to moving forward. I don’t see calling others fuckwit and personally attacking them as productive. >failure is not an option Too late, buddy. You’ve already failed numerous times. I don’t see you in the news leading an army against globohomo. Doesn’t mean you’re a failure or deserve to be shit on. Perhaps we need to fail forward. Take a little pressure off and try things.
>>11596 What reason did you leave Islam and what did you go to afterward? Just curious, feel free to reply to me in /aag/ if this is too off-topic for this thread >>1395
(89.57 KB 928x1200 photo_2021-02-16_23-36-27.jpg)
>>11570 If it wasn't obvious >>11496 >Prove you're not a coward. What have you accomplished? Well hello officer, I've been playing minecraft for a while, learnt a lot so far! >>11572 >WE >us You're the only one sperging out here champ. >respect I neither want nor need the respect of cucks. >I'm an internet hardass And you're an internet cuck, by your own admission. Holy shit what a joke! >>11574 No vaccine is safe anon, they're all charged with metals including graphene oxide. There are compelling arguments for the notion that the proliferation of inflammatory, chronic diseases starting from the 50s was caused by vaccines. Source: https://bpa-pathology.com/deceptology-in-cancer-and-vaccine-sciences-2/ >>11579 Cope, seethe, etc tranny.
>>11605 Simple inversion, my dear Watson. Such is the life of the humble Sabbatean.
>>11608 Because nobody wants to hear your faggotry.
>>11608 You’re supposed to tell people to kill themselves, not kill yourself.
(1.67 MB 998x774 If only.jpg)
>>11601 I wrote that post about what you are referring to, and yes, if we are to actually have even the faintest hope of surviving this, we need to focus on the present and not on the romanticism of a Natsoc future, or crying to doom porn about how the world will look after the Great Reset. That means ditching the keyboard. Guns are more threatening to ZOG than words typed from a keyboard—fists and knives are more threatening—fuck, even your erect cock is more threatening to ZOG than mere words. Tarrant didn't romanticize or wring his hands in womanly despair, he worked with what he had and got results. Jews and their traitors getting killed or maimed for life actually does something. It sends a clear as day message that we're not going to take it! Like good little goys! That we'll fight back and slaughter them like vermin, just as our ancestors would. The Jews, for all their bluster, are even more cowardly than that numale faggot getting the poz jab in the OP. Alas, people on here would rather romanticize than do diddly squat. Yeah, you talk about getting fit and quitting masturbation, but do any of you actually do it? If people on here actually were fitter and higher test than numales, you would see lone wolf attack on ZOG almost every week. That's what it would look like if we actually walked the walk. I have nothing against people on here. They have families and careers they probably have to look out for. But as for me, a lone twenty-three year old White male, I have nothing. All I have is a steam library and a room I rent. That's it. I don't worry about children. More than likely, I will never have any. But what's wrong with that? As a White man, I have two choices: have children or a legacy. And if the current world is anything to go by, I choose a legacy. I choose to be immortalized as a hero in a post-ZOG Western Civilization or a villain in the Post-White Western world. A legacy like that is like being the father of thousands of White children. With that said, I am done with image boards. They are nothing more than a time waster. >>11608 Oh shut up, you fucking faggot. If you were not a shill, you wouldn't have announced your suicide like a whiny, spoiled woman, who just got dumped by Chad for gaining too much weight. In fact, you would be on the news with the headline "Deranged Nazi guns down Jews before being taken down by police," because White Nationalist men prefer to die with their head held high rather than on their knees like a good, Christkike cuck slave.
>>11608 If you’re suicidal, you are a loser, plain and simple, and of no interests to fascists, White Nationalism or users of this board. Just kill yourself, faggot, you’re useless and a traitor to your people.
>>11617 That's what I was telling that faggot. If he was truly suicidal, he would kill Jews or liberal traitors, before leaving this world, just like the men of the past. It would be on the fucking news right now! We would be hearing of vaccine centers being shot up or ZOGbots getting shot, not some whiny faggot shitting up this thread for attention.
>>11618 Yeah, Attention-whoring about suicide and how allegedly hopeless shit is is peak feminine behavior. Most suicides are like this. The only ones I can respect are ones like Hitler’s, Mishima’s, Kamikaze pilots, suicide bombers, etc.
>>11619 >implying hitler committed suicide
>>11620 I considered mentioning this. I definitely have grave doubts. They never found the body, and claims that he was alive circulated for a long time. Plus, the skull the Soviet’s had turned out to be a woman’s. Something is fishy.
Stop being retarded anons, the suicide faggot is obviously a subversive, they literally described how demoralization is part of how they handle these boards on documents that they released for the whole world to see. You know that as well as I do. >>11616 Considering you're not a "hey kid wanna blow up a federal building" type, which I think is questionable since you also tried to push "don't have more White children goyim", then let us know when your big act of courage is to be expected on all the kvetching papers around the world, fag.
>>11623 >don't have more White children goyim That's not what I was saying, what I was saying is not to have children unless ZOG is burned down in your nation. Otherwise, impregnate your wife until she's menopausal. I am thinking in the now, not in some distant future that may or may not come.
>>11624 >I'm not saying to not have children >what I was saying is not to have children Let me make this very clear to everyone reading this: children are the things that tie us to this world and its future and are the only way to continue the existence of our race. Have White children. Do not let the Jews intimidate you into not having children. And do not think you are somehow unable to serve your nation just because you have children.
>>11623 >documents that they released for the whole world to see Someone please enlighten me.
(135.72 KB 1024x768 boston.jpg)
>>11601 >we're too cowardly to do diddly dick against our genocide >might as well just accept it at this point >dust bin of history here we come That's not a sober analysis, it's despair porn. No need to simp for him. Even your post of saying it's "too late" is the same type of shit. All of these thoughts can be expressed in a more constructive way that doesn't try to bring everyone down at the same time. Imagine if you were playing a team sport where you were down on score and a teammate was talking like this how all is lost it's too late. That player would be worse than dead weight.
>>11607 Search SPARS pandemic by Johns Hopkins institute. They have on their website. The released the first "simulation" where they outlined how COVID19 "pandemic" would have happened. Then they released the second where they have already "simulated" things until 2028. We've discussed this stuff before, you can also find threads about it on 4plebs if you want to read the stuff that was found out on 4chan.
>>11630 was meant for >>11627
>>11627 >>11630 Here is the SPARS stuff from the last thread: >>1536
(90.80 KB 1280x720 1587340645223.jpg)
>>11633 A clip from that thread that's still relevant >>1444
Clip from earlier this year so apologies if it's been posted already
Got an email from the hospital they are now recommending a third vaccine dose for immunocompromised people
>>11644 >a third vaccine dose for immunocompromised people This will quickly turn into a quasi-mandatory third dose by fall. No doubt. It's so transparent at this point that it's not even funny.
(23.62 KB 220x296 Damsel.jpg)
>>11628 No, what I see is someone who spends his time on here 24/7, waiting for the savior of the White race to show up. Now, I fell into that trap when I was first redpilled. And boy, that was a recipe for depression. Waiting for a savior in the way a woman waits for a prince to rescue her from her boring, pathetic life is pathetic, gay, and feminine as all fuck. Personally, what I recommend for those types is to step away from the keyboard and do something in meatspace. I am not talking Tarrant shit here. Simple stuff like working out, putting up leaflets, or graffiti are all more productive than waiting on here for a White savior to appear. Waiting for a happening is like a spoiled, entitled woman waiting for a handsome prince to fuck her and rescue her from her boring life. It's pathetic. It only leads to depression and despair. If you want to make any progress in saving, you need to think like a man, not some romantic woman, and that means thinking in the present. Prince charming is not ride in on his horse and smite the kikes with his sword. You, as a man, have to do it yourself. My advice to those posters: stop being a damsel and be a man.
(2.69 MB 320x678 stream (1).mp4)
(5.08 MB 624x352 stream.mp4)
If you're not vaxxed you're not allowed to buy food in the supermaket and we are going to used africans to guard the entrance so that if you do something we can call you racist as well. Vive la France! THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION
>>11649 Pretty devious to use niggers, since there will be lower empathy between Whites and the nigger enforcers. But seriously though - when will people actually start getting violent in France? It's far past that point. They sperg out over higher gas prices and burn stuff down, but they don't seem to be doing as much with this compared to Gilets Jaunes stuff.
>>11649 Is it mandatory or are certain businesses choosing to implement it? Also, hospitals and doctors are no longer treating the unvaxxed: https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/64-year-old-heart-patient-removed-transplant-list-refusing-covid-vaccine https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/alabama-doctor-pledges-stop-treating-unvaccinated-patients-n1277316 So either die from the jab, or die from some untreated real illness you have, or get treated but they try to kill you with a ventilator, remdesivir or medazolam >>10821
(937.72 KB 960x663 1544415462562.png)
>>11648 Based. ANY action is better than no action. It doesn't matter if it's arson (arguably the most accelerationist option), assassinations or outright optics-screwing, the jew will know and it will be afraid. That said, one must be well prepared, tactically and mentally. Don't be like doorcuck and don't get caught alive.
>>11652 They're burning down vaccination centers, so it's a start.
>>11537 Well, at least they got the color right. >>11546 >sores Talking of which, it's fantastic how the case of toxic epidermal necrolysis is so downplayed by NPCs. https://www. cureus. com/articles/68051-toxic-epidermal-necrolysis-post-covid-19-vaccination---first-reported-case They're staring at pictures of a woman who looks like she's been hit square and true by a new form of Black Death but, you know what? it's an acceptable risk because otherwise covid-spread-something-blah. This shit writes itself. Vaccines are safe anyway!!!!1! >>11553 It is true that it is disheartening that no spark seems intense enough to ignite any form of public outrage that would quickly escalate. It's just that the feeling of isolation, division and fear of war completely nips in the bud any violent impulse in the jaded lemmings, and we're not doing any better. >White resistance, at best, is going to be a consistant series of lone wolf attacks, ranging from political assassinations to bombings of vaccine companies. Outside of that, I don't see anything else. You wish. Sure it would be something, but when you look at the quantity of people who are armed and have knowledge of combat, literally millions on our side, and nothing has happened yet, it's like everybody's waiting for some fucking messiah to rapture them all into a sacred war of epic proportions. I too keep asking myself what is it, this secret ingredient, that would whip all these Whites into a bloodthirsty frenzy. Facts alone don't seem to suffice. Reason must make place for emotion, pure hatred, irrational and fiery. It's almost like everybody's looking for some form of otherwordly revelation, a religion of war that redefines life from the ground up and makes our current existence entirely pointless outside of a divine plan of utter destruction and sacrifice. >What makes it even more pathetic is that getting away with a crime in the West, even a very serious one like murder, is piss easy. It's so true, especially if you kill with tools that are not going to wake up the whole neighborhood. People are not even prepared, ready, or willing to move away from their homes to regroup into segregating White areas. Do these places even exist to begin with? Perhaps in Eastern Europe, yup. Perhaps. Of that I'm not even so sure.
>>11556 >They would not vaccinate jews if the vaccines were intended to harm people. See above what the other anon said >>11523 Some vaccines do definitely have very adverse effects and we have absolutely no vision of what the long terms effects are going to be. I just recently got a new clue as to what this graphene topic is all about: it might relate to the sort of capsule they use to carry the spikes into the body. Look at it the other way round: since their entire program hinges on the trust they can gather from the crowds of NPCs, why would they risk their plan with blatant and terrible side effects when they could just sell us the usual types of shitty vaccines the industry has been churning out for decades already? Something new is in the pipe and although I'm sure some of these monsters get a boner with so much suffering and perhaps attach a religiously ritualistic and sacrificial nature to these deaths, the fact that they are willing to pay for these cases has high chances than being limited to a mere sadistic form of ego trip, although there's definitely a lot of that in the way they routinely demonstrate that they are not moved by truth that gets totally blotted by the veil of sheer tyranny and brutality they unleash on us. The ZOG has spent billions for decades searching on all sorts of technologies mixing electronics and chemicals to create mind-altering/controlling drugs. The forced deployment of 5G keeps getting more and more suspicious, now that we're starting to get data and plausible interactions between nanostructures and electromagnetic frequencies. It does not need to happen now, the first phase might just be to make sure the control grid gets deployed before they can begin to really spread the man-machine terror. >>11558 >>11564 Dude, that shit is cringe. Could you just shut up. We're already sufficiently discouraged like without needing some random cunt posturing like some kind of gigachad. We're actually observing a real issue here and lamenting our lack of unity. Even the majority of protesters are just out because someone hurt their little pathetic microfreedom they still had and just want to be able to go to Walmart masked. It is sad but it's going to take a lot of suffering for these people to be ripe for a true revolt. >>11568 >There are violent protests in Ukraine right now, which by the way has an active NatSoc right wing akin to Hezbollah B. Azov? They're so-so, rather easily manipulated if not already headed by ZOG agents. >And let's not even get into all the Attomwaffen splinters that were conducting assassinations and sabotage even before the pandemic. Be explicit please. Examples. >>11594 >I'm tired of seeing that ugly fucking face in the catalog every time i open it Me too but it's brilliant. it really sums it up about the degenerate libfag NPC archetype that runs into the vaxxenters.
>>11616 >Tarrant didn't romanticize or wring his hands in womanly despair, he worked with what he had and got results. He pointlessly ran at the symptom instead of going for the cause, then let himself get caught by the same ZOG blue pigs who would, nine months later, participate into the enforcement of this bolshevist hellscape. Funny how it's not the slimes who allowed themselves into our countries. Funny how it's not the slimes who poison us. Funny how it's not the slimes who are pushing for this world wide takeover. Why the fuck all these pseudo motivational posts always reek off of deception? >>11618 You twat don't know what suicide means. It leads to pure hatred of yourself, it does absolutely not give you the will and energy to go after people who have wronged you. What we need is HATRED, as it was praised by Italian Fascists in the 30s. It is this pure emotion we need. Let me provide a quotation from a well respected man that, obviously, most people here have no read. >27th Precept >It is not constructive to hate those of other races, or even those of mixed races. But a >separation must be maintained for the survival of one’s own race. One must, however, >hate with a pure and perfect hatred those of one’s own race who commit treason against >one’s own kind and against the nations of one’s own kind. One must hate with perfect >hatred all those People or practices which destroy one’s People, one’s culture, or the >racial exclusiveness of one’s territorial imperative.
>Vaccination among NYPD workers goes up 4% in one month to 47% https://nypost.com/2021/08/20/only-4-more-nypd-workers-vaxxed-in-past-month/ It will be interesting to see how this shakes out, I was expecting a much higher number to be vaxxed.
>Finally find a good thread on goyvid >It gets derailed by shills inciting violence Anyway, did any other anons notice a distinct sewer smell every time there is another "wave"? It resembles the smell of sulfur, and differs from the typical sewer smell. I always feel ill after inhaling it for prolonged periods. And strangely, it was almost entirely absent when they announced a great decrease in cases. When the situation was at it's worst (most people getting sick/dying), I felt a smell resembling garlic/onions at many places. After a bit of research I found out that it could have been Arsenic. Unfortunately, there is no antidote for it and Arsenic poisoning causes a lot of symptoms similar to Covid. Some dude in my country allegedly sent a sample to USA for testing after certain toxicological analyses supposedly got banned in here, and it turned out positive, but I didn't look much into it back then. A theory that the chemical weapons are being used to increase damage/lethality when needed should also be considered.
Pfizer killshot could get full FDA approval as soon as Monday: https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/08/report-pfizers-covid-19-vaccine-may-get-full-fda-approval-monday/ >full approval is expected to spur a wave of vaccination mandates >However, full regulatory approval is not necessary for mandates—and many employers have already issued them. In May, May 28, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined that employers can mandate COVID-19 vaccination, given reasonable accommodations. It's all accelerating now. Expect complete mandates everywhere.
>>11546 >>11673 Those photos look like makeup to me. Those came out early in the pandemic, likely spread to tug on heartstrings to promote "first responders." I wouldn't pay much mind to them. Came out alongside the dancing nurses videos. >Getting away with a crime in the West is piss easy >People are not even prepared It will get even easier as society continues to collapse and general discord ties up the police and other services, we are already in a snowball effect. We are entering a period that I've heard referred to as "durable disorder." >>11649 One really has to wonder. I highly doubt these people are being held from entering the grocery store or there would be violent riots, everything would burn. Does anyone speak French? Current restrictions in France do not include supermarkets. Only restaurants, fitness clubs, and other "less essential" establishments. The bit about the blacks guarding the entrance is interesting though, we saw that from videos at the beginning of the pandemic as well regarding masks. It is pretty obvious the elites are trying to start a race war on top of this, or more generally create as much chaos as possible. I don't see blacks being a significant roadblock if they were standing in the way of people's only access to food. One has to be vigilant of such videos, many on this very website were fooled by the early videos coming out of China with people falling over or coughing on eachother to spread the disease. I believe these videos are often leaked here as predictive programming and/or to test our reaction. >>11654 Reading on the ground reports from France on other websites, it sounds like it is more by choice than mandatory. Not everywhere is checking the passports and there are various ways people are circumventing it. >>11677 >Why the fuck all these pseudo motivational posts always reek off of deception? Based seer. >>11684 >did any other anons notice a distinct sewer smell every time there is another "wave"? It resembles the smell of sulfur >it was almost entirely absent when they announced a great decrease in cases I think that may be in your head mate. The majority of the vaccinated I know look and smell about the same as always, though they wear masks more diligently and that appears to be slightly affecting their sharpness though it's barely noticeable. >When the situation was at it's worst (most people getting sick/dying), I felt a smell resembling garlic/onions at many places. You're a riot. Watch out for the nanobots and graphene oxide! >>11686 >Pfizer killshot could get full FDA approval as soon as Monday I've been expecting it to come in time for fall in the northern hemisphere. This is why we're hearing about the boosters now as well, it makes sense to market these things in time for "cold season." >It's all accelerating now. I would say more like they release and contract based on the seasons. Clamp down when the day is shortening because it's easier to spread fear when the night is long. >Expect complete mandates everywhere. Has anyone reading this thread not expected this to come soon? If you've been pissing your time away playing videogames during the minor reopening, good heavens... I spent the whole summer prepping.
(52.93 KB 540x386 escuchar.jpg)
>>11683 >~56% unvaccinated Eventually ZOG and their media apparatus will have to either confront or pilpul over the reality that in urban centers it's mostly shitskins that are not getting the jab. Tyrone and Pablo are living their lives normally without a mask, unvaccinated.
>>11693 >One has to be vigilant of such videos, many on this very website were fooled by the early videos coming out of China with people falling over or coughing on eachother to spread the disease. I don't know one way or another, but the original variant of rice rabies may have been deadlier. Viruses evolve to become more contagious and less deadly/serious side effects over time.
>>11644 If the ADE thing is true, then soon all vaxxed will be considered immunocompromised. These kikes have this shit planned, I have been telling you guys for almost two years.
>>11693 >The majority of the vaccinated I know look and smell about the same as always Did you even read the post that you replied to? No mention of vaccines whatsoever, just that they are likely releasing small doses of chemical agents to make the symptoms worse in order to boost the fearmongering (and slowly weaken/cull the unwanted population). >Watch out for the nanobots and graphene oxide! Chemical warfare is far more economical, easier and consistent. For most intents and purposes mentioned ITT. It beats nano-materials and even different variants of the virus in every category (except maybe detectability when it comes to 1st world countries). Release an engineered virus with low lethality but very high contagion rate, then simply release and/or close the poison valve as needed. They could target individuals, neighborhoods, regions ... with much more precision and much less risk than virus mutations. They are actually working on using EM weapons and nanomaterials, but it's too expensive to be used on a global scale, so you'll hardly encounter it outside of few designated experimental zones. It's also infrastructure-dependent, but all those relays did pop up literally over night during the lockdown, at least in here.
>>11723 No, it was never deadly, many of those videos were years old, and completely unrelated illnesses, and people in china do regularly wear masks because of the smog and pollution, so that is nothing out of the ordinary there.
>>11724 ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) is an important redpill. there's scholarly literature strongly suggesting that the Covid vaccines are a liability due to ADE, and that other vaccines (which went through proper testing) were rejected due to this.
>>11723 I meant to type infected not vaccinated, apologies. Those that have gotten sick and go to get tested and test positive tend to believe more in the existence of an actual specific virus sars-cov-2. I myself have considered a chemical component in the vaccines. If the virus is fake, the vaccine doesn’t have to be real either. Just put a bit of obscure poison in the vaccines and let it kill and maim slowly. No need for high tech mRNA or nanobots.
(482.00 KB 1074x631 ClipboardImage.png)
Any info on what is happening in Australia right now? Vids related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=618QEaUW0Xo
>>11721 It's hard to know really. One line of thought is they have to get everyone vaxxed within the next year or two before the mass deaths starts happening, because at that point it will be obvious only the vaxxed are dying in huge numbers. Or perhaps they don't care either way because they'll just send the unvaxxed to gulags or roll out the Marxist death squads as they always have. On the other hand, it's also highly plausible the kikes are mainly interested in the vax rate among the Whites, for obvious reasons; but in my opinion what's happening in Israel suggests otherwise. >>11725 >Chemical warfare is far more economical, easier and consistent. Money is no object to the people who own the money-printers; especially for this their final solution for the goyim. Some of the vaxxed are undoubtedly magnetic. There's also something going on with the roll-out of 5G; and I can't believe these things are unconnected. I remember a comment somewhere about the 'internet of bodies'. These kikes want full-spectrum control over your body and mind. >>11750 Apparently this mRNA vaccine technology is cheap, and the thing is, it apparently turns on a spike-protein factory in your body that can never be turned off; so they may see it as necessary to have this specific type of vaccine. A thought just occured to me: perhaps the reason for two doses of the mRNA vaccine is because one dose is mRNA to turn on the production of the spike protein, and the other dose is connected to the magnetism somehow, perhaps with the graphene or some other mechanism. This fits in with what this Slovenian nurse is saying: https://www.bitchute.com/video/WEnEy0jEjhDJ/ The vax comes in batches of 3, one being a placebo; so why the necessity for two other batches? There are other reports of a specific vaccine being matched to your ID, they need to do this in order to make sure you receive each of the two types of shots, if my guess is correct. The placebo group, then, would be to slow down the rate of injuries and deaths, to make the culling less obvious, as they can just point to a body of people who experienced no adverse effects. All pure speculation, but it fits with the few facts we have.
>>11756 >what's happening in Israel suggests otherwise. Something I just realized recently when looking through the Old Testament, is that the Jews fully expect most of the Jews to be annihilated before they are granted their world-rule from Jerusalem. They of course traditionally word this as being Yahweh's doing, but significantly large strands of the Jewish world (esp. rabbis) are well-known for trying to bring about and force prophecies into fruition. Amos 9:9-11 <Behold, the eyes of the Lord God are upon the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it from the surface of the ground, except that I will not utterly destroy the house of Jacob,” declares the Lord. <“For behold, I will command, and shake the house of Israel among all the nations as one shakes with a sieve, but no pebble shall fall to the earth. <All the sinners of my people shall die by the sword, who say, ‘Disaster shall not overtake or meet us.’ Basically all of the bad Jews are sifted out and destroyed first. Isaiah 6:11-13 <Then I said, “For how long, Lord?” And he answered: “Until the cities lie ruined and without inhabitant, until the houses are left deserted and the fields ruined and ravaged, <until the LORD has sent everyone far away and the land is utterly forsaken. <And though a tenth remains in the land, it will again be laid waste. But as the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land.” The holy seed being a stump in the land refers to the Jews being destroyed down to a stump, yet the stump is still alive The Jews fully anticipate this, and would likely kill off most of their own as long as the holy seed remains at least a stump.
>>11756 >All pure speculation, but it fits with the few facts we have. Interesting video, thanks for sharing. I agree with your analysis, and I do believe the vaccines (or those that are not placebo) do contain mRNA. Simple poisoning is just another theory I keep on the table. This is the first I have heard about the vaccines coming in batches of 3, but I have heard elsewhere that some people are not always given the vaccine brand they ask for. I have seen the rumors of vaccines being matched to your idea in countries outside of the United States, but haven't seen solid evidence of it myself (yet). >Some of the vaxxed are undoubtedly magnetic. There's also something going on with the roll-out of 5G; and I can't believe these things are unconnected. It is entirely possible they are using the wider panic around the vaccines and pandemic to run other more covert experiments that they would not otherwise be able to get away with. In this regard it may very well be that some people are receiving injections that are wholly different than most others are receiving. I'm still not convinced by the "magnetic vaccines" videos, but I don't discount any new evidence out of hand. I've mentioned in the last thread that I've purchased a microscope, so if I encounter anyone who claims to have this magnetism I plan to take a sample and take a look at 2000x magnification. >>11754 YES! MORE!!! >>11757 Interesting analysis. There are a number of places in the Bible where it says the Jews will be reduced to a remnant in the end.
>>11756 Kikes control both sides of the narrative, I'm pretty certain that they are creating a scenario where you are screwed regardless if you take the vaccine or not. I'm not buying the gulag scenario, it would be far less risky and far more efficient to gradually get rid of the dissidents by other means, rather than bringing them all together while alarming even the most bluepilled normie at some level. And knowing their usual modus operandi, I'm inclined to think that they will flip sides and try to appear as "saviors" from the types like Bill Gates if their vaccination agenda turns out to be much less successful than expected. Of course, a difference in approach won't really change the goals. They are simultaneously running a social experiment, for example which population group is most likely to give in to which kind of pressure. Peer pressure, media campaigns, psyops/threats, financial incentives, etc. This data will be very useful once they roll out the next stage of the agenda and implement some kind of good goy point system. >Money is no object to the people who own the money-printers No, but according to Talmud they must never spend more shekels on a goy than what they can get from the goy. For most poor countries in the world, it's not justified in their eyes even if they use the infinite money cheat that's the modern "economy". >There's also something going on with the roll-out of 5G; and I can't believe these things are unconnected Of course, and they might even use those without any nano-materials involved (PDF related) >These kikes want full-spectrum control over your body and mind That's the endgame, likely reserved for the later stages. How much depersonalized biomass do they actually need?
(9.92 MB 1280x720 Melbourne protest.mp4)
>>11781 Finally some action. You need to press home advantages like that.
>>11684 >can you smell what I smell where I live? What is this nonsense? Assuming you even wanted us to compare your situation with ours, we'd first need to know where you live which is stupid, for obvious reasons. And no, I didn't smell anything like that. I hope you're not trying to throw us on a tangent with some stupid flat-earth type bs theory now?
(28.83 MB 854x480 e492b3.mp4)
>>11754 >>11781 >>11782 I like seeing a lot of those (((QUI??))) signs.
>>11693 >Reading on the ground reports from France on other websites, it sounds like it is more by choice than mandatory. Not everywhere is checking the passports and there are various ways people are circumventing it. It seems they still allow for the PCR tests in many places. The government is certainly unpopular, Macron already had the Yellow Vests, now this. I think they have presidential elections coming soon, so he might be tempted to push this as far as he can. He probably knows that in democracy he won't get threatened, that any legal actions will be postponed. Countries such as Canada, Australia, France, England, plus some democrat states in the US are really moving this at breakneck speed. I am well convinced that these vaccines contain something that will pile up and generate a more catastrophic situation. This is why we should not let our guard down because some other jewed countries don't seem to tag the frontline ones, as it's obvious that the governments of these nations will be as draconian when the evil nasty variant arrives and kills more people, notably in the 20-40 years old range and perhaps even younger people. On the other hand, the ZOG's propaganda might is already reaching its limits. No matter the amount of planning, I think these kikes and their minions have greatly underestimated the resistance and think that at worse things will simply fizzle out as people will not seek civil war for what has happened and might happen in 2022. Kikes are not prescient nor perfect, they always fuck up their crimes but count on the media and docile shabbo goyim to cover all the lies. However it's not going to work. Antisemitism is on the rise. Redpills keep being shared and reach more people every day. In the United States, their best tool is to resurrect Trump as the savior of mankind once again. He was fairly silent all that time but now he's coming out against Pfizer and the big kapital. Would you believe it! Kikes will try to avoid the complete collapse as long as possible but it's over for them. It's totally over. Talks of secession are getting more and more regular. We have not forgotten the polls about 9/11 and who the population thought were behind it. Kikes are so full of themselves that they think they can eternally confuse Whites. They cannot close the internet either as it would be the most blatant admission of their complete lack of control over the population. But by letting internet open, they are allowing all our people to spread the truth in so many different ways. Would they release the equivalent of a bubonic plague, it would end like it did in Europe, with blood and pogroms against these rats and we would, this time, have all the data one could dream of to prove our point. Even a racial war wouldn't cut it. The current times suck but I can't imagine how they could win this one. We're in for the kill and they know it. They're in complete panic mode and it shows. We must prepare, arm ourselves, turn some cops and army men into giving us access to weapon caches. Did you know that a month ago, during some of the French marches, we actually saw some cops side with the plebes?
>>11756 >All pure speculation, but it fits with the few facts we have. That is definitely possible and if I were a kike that's what I'd do because it's technologically feasible now and necessary to their plan. In the former thread, I remember some anon posting info about a Swiss or French kike related to the Wuhan lab's funding or management, but who also spearheaded whole gene cataloging projects which aimed at collecting the population's genomes -- as they said, all to provide better targeting (((medicine))), like they better target you with ads, cookies and other pieces of leaking privacy data. The placebo doses would logically be to dilute the overall process, to make it far less violent and obvious so they can control the narrative. We know they're going to trigger or release something nastier. They absolutely need to do this because the current level of terror is not sufficient enough to excuse the crackdown on liberties that's happening in Western countries (other countries are much much less affected). But their propaganda will fail and when people will have had enough, and they will, cops will start to drop like flies too. When this happens, there will be little left standing between us and them. Even if their best option to walk out of this would be to tone down the scare tactics and let the virus die in the MSM, they are gorged on the fear and blood of their victims, they think they can achieve the complete control of the population with their IoT, drones and constant security checks. Finally, their best option would be to deploy this bullshit alien invasion false flag they've been distilling for decades. Bluebeam etc. I have no idea how far they could push this though. Maybe this should be reserved for another thread because it's becoming a serious problem too, all with these supposed UFO revelations.
>>11785 Not really, just noticed something strange and wondered if other anons noticed the same. Different sewer smell could be the side-effect of this virus somehow leading to a different bacterial flora becoming dominant. Sickness-inducing garlic/onion smell in places where there are no kitchens might be indicative of chemical agents. It's unlikely that they using WW1 field poisons in 1st world countries however, but it couldn't hurt asking, eh. Anyway, a theory that poisons are being used is far more plausible than more fringe (but still quite possible) theories like radio controlled nano-particles or what MSM is pushing (more lethal variants etc.)
(11.27 MB 1280x720 zogbot btfo.mp4)
>>11786 Cops are among the lowest forms of life in this modern world. If I were one of these people I'd just desert at this point, I don't know who is devoid of any principles enough to be paid to douse people in pepper spray and beat them with batons for not wanting to be locked in their houses for eternity over a meme virus and driven out of society for not getting their experimental gene therapy. Hopefully some of these cops start dying soon.
>>11794 If they don't separate themselves from ZOG we will proceed against them uniformly.
These protests are a pressure release valve just like every other gay protest in the past two decades that wasn't instigated directly by the lugenpresse. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that might have any affect is mass arson and killing politicians and jewish CEOs pushing for these vaccine mandates and restrictions on small businesses.
>>11801 Even if they let out a little pressure every now and then, there will still be an explosion eventually if they keep putting on the pressure more than they are letting out
>>11804 A White Nationalist insurrection will not resemble the Turner Diaries in anway. What we may be seeing are lone wolf attacks, particularly assassinations of high profile figures in ZOG. When ZOG politicians and CEOs start getting killed as often as Roman Emperors during the latter days of the Roman Empire, we will start to organize, as ZOGbots would be too tied up in protecting VIPs to stop any organization in the chaos.
>>11496 Shut the fuck up newfag.
(3.46 MB 352x640 truckers australia.mp4)
(193.66 KB 641x760 ClipboardImage.png)
Hope this is legit. All it takes is one fucking country's people to stand up and stop this madness.
Clip allegedly shows Chink killing a covid cop: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kSJShvkG3DKh/ But it looks to me like it could be over anything, so who knows. >>11849 I hope so. I was thinking, if you got 20 thousand people, let's say, you could surround the house of someone like the health minister, president, chief of police, whatever, and then put them under siege or <fedpost--use your imagination>. >>11757 I believe that's why they have always been kvetching about the 6 million, long before WWII, it must be in the Talmud that they must return to Israel minus 6 million "burnt sacrifices" i.e. holocausted before their messiah returns or whatever.
>>11858 >allegedly shows Chink killing a covid cop Gonna have to call BS, seeing as there is literally NO ONE even wearing a mask
>>11858 >>11859 The lack of masks is strange. Who knows what it is like in China at this point though, since Covid seemed to vanish pretty quickly after the initial stuff back in early 2020.
Some tactics from the Hong Kong protests: https://www.bitchute.com/video/KNyJns31mSr9/ Did they get CIA training or something? I never followed that story.
>>11870 Yeah, there’s definitely CIA influence going on in those Hong Kong protests. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the tactics they use come ultimately from them. There were a lot of carefully staged photographs of them waving around American flags for the cameras as well. These are all good tactics though, so hopefully the people protesting in Australia, France and elsewhere will learn and innovate too.
>>11881 how would they know to film before it happened? same as the people dropping over. china is a fucking black box. i wouldn't trust anything that comes out of it.
>>11801 >>11849 It's often good to wonder who really start all of those things. OTOH a partial collapse of the economy is going to push a lot of people out of their comfort zone. It will not directly damage the ZOG but it will get more people open to desperate action, to radicalization. The easy food and games of this clown world must come to an end anyway.
>>11849 Based as fuck
>>11883 Yes but for all we know maybe its a glownigger/another police, for some reason there was a lot of cops around and you saw 2 were running away, reported someone livid perhaps who knows.
>>11849 Anybody know about the Pfizer contract he's referring to? He says they know it's poison.
Covid vaccine spike protein could destroy natural immunity >The vaccine turns off transcription of/depletes AUF1 and WRN deleting telomeres >With this activity inhibited, it takes time for the inevitable immune cell exhaustion to appear. This may be the signature Trojan Horse ‘gift’ of the spike. Whatever short-lived immune response is fool’s gold replacing the ability of the immune system to replenish itself >According to Chesnut, “we are basically seeing the effects of chemotherapy with the spike protein." >Without telomerase, “key cells in the body are unable to replenish themselves and ‘run out’ well before they should in the course of a normal lifespan,” explained researcher Elizabeth Blackburn. >Prof. Perrone says vaxxed should be isolated as they pose a greater risk. https://freewestmedia.com/2021/08/19/repeated-booster-jabs-may-be-lethal-researcher-warns/ German Professor and Covid Critic Flees for His Life >Prof. Stefan Hockertz says covid is comparable to flu, and gene vax "presents gross bodily harm". >Has his house raided in June supposedly to investigate possible tax evasion, his accounts blocked, and a garnishee order put on him for 820k euros. >Hire lawyers to get his confiscated phone and computers back, finds they've all been pozzed with surveillance software. >Fled Germany several days ago fearing for his life. https://freewestmedia.com/2021/08/21/german-corona-critic-fears-for-his-life/ I remember those kikes running Germany did something similar to a regional judge who ruled against mask mandates or something like that. And he has reason to fear for his life, big pharma already killed Brandy Vaughn for talking about the holocough-19. Bunch of Brits occupy some media building: https://twitter.com/pcrclaims/status/1429840437435674627
I keep seeing comments on mainstream social media sites that if you don't get the vaccine you are putting unvaccinated people like the old and children at risk. But the mainstream media already admitted that the vaccinated are still able to spread the virus. It's so confusing are these people somehow not hearing about the vaccinated still being able to spread it, or are they holding two contradictory thoughts in their head at once or what?
Alex Berenson is saying a new paper from Japan "suggests delta variant is mutating in a way that may soon produce ADE to the Pfizer vaccine and boosters may make the problem worse": https://twitter.com/AlexBerenson/status/1430177657535279117 Paper attached. He's hysterical about this, but it seems to me this is just about shilling a new round of vaccines to cover the new "variants". There are no breaks on the vax train. >>12056 The narrative long ago moved beyond the point of reason and evidence; now it's just about coercing people into taking the killshot.
>>12056 I don’t even think the narrative is supposed to make sense. It’s designed to disorientate and bamboozle the masses with doublethink. They’ve successfully put millions of people into a neurotic or borderline psychotic state of mind. I’ve debated with this people in real life, it’s just madness at this point.
>>12056 Anon, the tiranny of globohomo is funded on two basic principles: a) projection b) cognitive dissonance It's basically an antihuman ideology that rejects nature and literally drives the people mad.
Possibly the only un-kiked academic in America: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Vm07PoRONIJb/ David Clements professor of law talks about why he won't wear a mask or get the killshot. Unfortunately there's some nonsense at the end. >>12077 Yes, it's scary right now, anon. This is our WWII. If you're going to die either way, by the shot, the police, the gulag, or your own hand, may as well do something useful with your life first.ration, could they spread their
(523.15 KB 654x368 reptilian jew bourla.gif)
(11.91 MB 1280x720 bourla.mp4)
What the fuck is happening with (((Bourla's))) throat around 40 seconds?
>>12056 It is a game of percentages. We went from the perfect vaccines to the imperfect vaccines that need a constant Windows update (booster), but which nevertheless provide a better chance at blocking the virus both ways (in and out of the body, sorta), whereas the idea being that the virgins, the unjabbed, oppose no resistance at all. Yet this is totally debunked by the most basic science brought forth by several doctors as natural immunity is superior and would, by now, have been acquired by the vast majority of the population: Many people were coerced into accepting the vaccination despite the fact that they, by all likely probabilities, already got visited by the Cough-19 and at worse, just got very annoying symptoms. Again, very few people died of this and the vast majority of them were elders with health issues already, which begs repeating again how numbers were manipulated which isn't much of a secret anymore. >>12071 >I don’t even think the narrative is supposed to make sense. It’s designed to disorientate and bamboozle the masses with doublethink. Precisely and I clearly remember a boomer meme circulating comparing the anti-Covid measures and those applied in a communist country like North Korea, showing they were simply always illogical and contradictory, having only one purpose in creating a massive confusion and depleting people's hope, energy and sanity. It's a constant psyops Dresden on our spirit. It's torture meant to make exhausted and scared people willingly submit. It's as simple as that, it's purely Jewish and they get a huge power trip out of this. >>12104 This is like the glitch on Assange. It's perhaps meant to, first, assess the response to such blatant manipulations from people living on the fringes of internet (/x/ domain), trying to see how far they can push this. It's an artifact that is likely produced by an AI trying to maintain a coherence between different video samples. But these sadistic bastards also love to throw red herrings at us. >reptilian Don't push for that nonsense here, Icke has his own little online house of madness you can sign in.
>>12129 These pre-written bot posts are just cringe. I think that for the sake of this board's quality we should report them.
>>12146 I don't really believe in reptilians (file name aside), but there is a pattern where this sort of stuff seems to have with people on the news. If anything it's them experimenting with CGI and deepfakes over the more fantastical explanations. Pretty much all news is going to be completely fake within a decade or so, I'd bet. They're already able to create almost entirely separate realities with the current narratives about the virus.
>>12146 >by all likely probabilities, already got visited by the Cough-19 and at worse, just got very annoying symptoms When the whole covid thing started my whole family including me got a nasty cold which lasted a few days, we thought it wasn't covid because the symptoms were just that of a cold, but now we think it might've been. >having only one purpose in creating a massive confusion and depleting people's hope, energy and sanity. It's a constant psyops Dresden on our spirit. This is why people like Hitler are so powerful to us and so terrifying to our enemies. A person who can see the world with perfect clarity and describe it to others in a perfectly clear and frank way has a rare gift, and people flock to him to escape from the world of lies and confusion of the Jews.
>>12180 I am not the anon with the same id, I forgot to use the tor link.
Reminder: CDC Study Counts People Hospitalized within 14 days of receiving the Vaccine as "Unvaccinated" >Persons were considered fully vaccinated ≥14 days after receipt of the second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines) or after 1 dose of the single-dose Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine; partially vaccinated ≥14 days after receipt of the first dose and <14 days after the second dose in a 2-dose series; and unvaccinated <14 days receipt of the first dose of a 2-dose series or 1 dose of the single-dose vaccine or if no vaccination registry data. If you die 60 days after getting Covid-19 you are a Covid-19 death >COVID-19–associated deaths were defined as deaths occurring ≤60 days after the date of a first laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection or deaths with COVID-19 listed as a cause of or contributing condition to death. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/pdfs/mm7034e5-H.pdf
Information Security Expert Ehden Biber Reveals Details of Pfizer Contract https://archive.fo/D3k2H >Dr Yeadon states “the most stunning revelation” in the contract is the clause that stipulates “if there are any laws or regulations in your country under which Pfizer could be prosecuted, you agree to change the law or regulation to close that off.” >Even if alternative therapeutics are found, contract cannot be voided So bye bye Ivermectin and all the other safe and cheap drugs. >Governments have no recourse to law if Pfizer fails to deliver. >The agreement is above any local law. >Governments must acknowledge "the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known." >Governments must completely indemnify Pfizer. >The court in New York has the capacity to hold international assets of a country if the country failed the contract. Article from Biber's website: https://archive.fo/7Tb0W CoptiGate >Why do Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen etc. use a technology that both they and the regulators know will cause unknown results? >From my professional experience, refusal to measure risk IS ALWAYS an indication that someone knows there is a real problem. ALWAYS. >Manufacturers use code substitution to generate proteins, known as Codon Optimization. >A 2011 Nature Medicine article described how codon optimization can trigger disease in a number of ways. >A protein which was manufactured with codon optimization has different ways it folds and a different 3D shape, and it “could cause immunogenicity, for example, which wouldn’t be seen until late-stage clinical trials or even after approval”. This statement relates to the NORMAL approval cycle. The covid vaccines went via an accelerated one. >Protein mis-folding is associated with neurodegeneration, cardiomyocyte death, heart failure and many other pathologies. Romania and Bulgaria Reject Vaxx https://archive.fo/ik5l0 >25% vax rate in Romania and cases and deaths are plummeting >Romania and Bulgaria are Europe's least vaxxed countries, and they're selling the rest because none of their citizens want them. Sweden and Covid https://archive.fo/u2uTo >Sweden took relatively few measures against covid: all-cause mortality was average, i.e. no excess deaths. That pretty much ends the debate over whether there was a "pandemic" last year. It also suggest government intervention caused the excess deaths (no surprise really). Recommended you read the full article. Unverified claim nurses are refusing to give the covid vax in France: https://twitter.com/DoctorWallman/status/1430285802559397888 Unfortunately no context given at all.
>>12245 We knew they were going to use every trick to make covid look much worse than it is, and to hide the vaccine deaths (1st pic). Some of the people who died from the vax were called covid deaths, see >>10625. That doesn't even take into account those who died from the vax and their deaths were labelled something else.
>>12099 >What the fuck is happening with (((Bourla's))) throat around 40 seconds? shape-shifting vampire
Here's a good example of the media's mental gymnastics and talmudic tricks from the Daily Beast: https://archive.ph/HUnee Reporting on the use of Ivermectin in a southern jail, more than half the article is kvetching and crying about the "dangers" of the "animal drug" being used by "far-right" nutjobs, comparing it to the Tuskegee experiments, only to reveal 3/4 of the way down: >Nonetheless, he said he believed that whatever Karas’ team had been doing was working. “As far as our morbidity rate,” he said, “it is zero.” He said that out of over 500 people infected in the detention center, only one was hospitalized for a brief stint. “I will stack their record against any medical provider in a correctional institution anywhere in the United States,” Helder added. >representatives from the Sheriff’s Office during the budget meeting defended Karas and his team, saying they’d been “fantastic” throughout the pandemic. Sheriff Helder later spoke to the board in their defense, too, calling them “amazing partners.” 500 infections and zero deaths, can you claim that with the clot-shot? Of course (((Big Pharma))) and the (((regulators))) will just claim this, and the results from thousands of other doctors, are statistically insignificant. See also this update: https://twitter.com/brittanyv09/status/1430666786526142472
Sorry for the spoonfeeding request but does anybody have that video from c. 2004 of some glowie doing a presentation on how disabling certain parts of the brain can turn one atheist and suggesting that the US military use it on the derkas?
>>12293 Here's a low quality version.
(71.59 KB 599x449 ^_^.jpg)
That was quick! Thanks, kamerad.
Gab has a board for jobs that don't have a vax mandate: https://news.gab.com/2021/08/24/the-no-vax-mandate-job-board
>>12302 i can't say i trust this too much, but i'll give it some time and see how it goes. gab feels like such a honeypot it's unreal
(35.07 KB 400x400 trump not this time schlomo.jpg)
>>12305 I had similar feelings about Gab, but I gained a bit of respect for the site after the owner rejected Trump and Kushner's conditions for getting on the site. Basically Trump demanded that Gab would have to ban all criticism of Jews, Holocaust revisionism and racism for him to come onto the platform, but Torba refused. And then sure enough, this was confirmed to be true when Trump joined other platforms like Rumble, and the sites instantly kosherized their ToS.
>>12305 I've seen a few people say this: why do you think Gab is a honeypot?
>>12307 Bitchute is the same shit. All these 'freeze peach platforms' will throw freeze peach under the bus the moment some mandarin tells them to do so. It's just a marketing scam.
>>12309 i'm calling it a hunch out of pure principal -- like 99% of sites that call themselves "right wing" usually end up having funders or data flat-out linked to the government in hopes that their users were dumb enough to actually give real info but if >>12307 is right, this could be a time i'm wrong
>>12310 Bitchute has proven itself to be jewed beyond doubt though, seeing as how you can’t even search terms like ‘jew’, ‘Hitler’ or ‘holocaust’ anymore. You just get no results. And then they banned NRM for no reason and made their terms of service even worse recently due to ‘anti-terrorism’ measures. I don’t think Gab is anywhere near that bad to the extent that it is completely unusable as a platform, but admittedly I don’t really keep tabs on the situation over there, nor do I have an account. Trust no platform though, it goes without saying in this era
>>12312 gab is easily the most promising social media site for right wingers. if you must use such a thing, gab is easily the best option. that said, i fully agree with you that gut feeling indicates gab may sell out eventually or has already been compromised. everyone knows what happened with parler. why should gab be any different? our entire movement needs to move offline if it is to survive. if you can't find real people to join you in person, the whole thing is already dead anyway. fundamentals are fundamental.
>>12293 >>12295 posted earlier in thread here: >>8182
The last two days I just went from interacting with my parents (both vaxxed) and friends to going back to a university full of vaxxed people. The thought never crossed my mind beforehand, but I noticed within two hours of being on campus I started to feel horrible. Now I’ve had a throbbing headache for two days straight and just feel kind of sluggish. Am I being poisoned by spike proteins? Or is the viral load being carried by these vaxxed people getting into my system since the vaccine is so leaky?
(202.36 KB 1290x1600 Linus_Pauling_with_rope.jpg)
>>12318 Maybe who knows. It's a fact that the vaccine sheds the virus though and some medical experts have said in their opinion that they are even dangerous. Their blood plasma certainly is. Vaxcucks may no longer donate their plasma to red cross blood bank, because they're fucking HIV-like pozzed. Instead of admitting the fact that their blood is tainted the red cross now collects dedicated, separated vaccinated blood. I suggest you take at least 1000to2000mg of vitamin c every day, some 200-500mg spread out throughout the day until you get better. ----- "Results have indicated that regular vitamin C supplementation (at an average dose of 1-2 g/day) resulted in a significant reduction in the duration of common colds, an 8% reduction for adults and 14% reduction for children. The severity of cold symptoms was also reduced." For some life experience I take 1000-2000 every time i feel a cold coming on or have one. I take it if i feel any other ill for that matter. Fixes it right quick like a miracle every damn time, If i have symptoms coming on and can take it, if i even get sick it's maximum 2 days of just feeling slightly congested and tired.
(384.20 KB 1325x2560 81Id1NmzwWL.jpg)
(376.84 KB Wellmune Study.pdf)
>>12318 You are likely ill because you just entered an environment with a lot of new people, touching the same door handles and other surfaces. Your body is under mild stress due to increased obligations and cognitive load, while you're sleeping in a new location and talking more. You probably aren't managing your liquid intake as well, and possibly eating different, at different times, or in different amounts. It is very normal for students to get sick within their first month back at school, particularly as the northern hemisphere heads into the fall season. You are probably overreacting to the information about the spike protein because you have been primed by the alternative media to associate sickness with either COVID or the vaccine. I would suggest finding a vitamin that contains magnesium, zinc, vitamin c and vitamin d. Alternatively you can get EmergenC tablets or powder which contain vitamins that support your immune system. The container in the image contains 3 of those mentioned, and you can find something with vitamin c easily. I personally drink 1 of these every day: https://www.liquid-iv.com/products/hydration-multiplier-immune-support/?variant=32382748983332 It contains vitamin c as well as a proprietary immune booster called Wellmune. I attached a study. It is a good idea to support your immune system through into spring as the vaccines have lowered everyone's immune system function by approximately 35% according to the latest data circling the alternative media. We will likely see a very strong cold&flu season this year regardless of COVID because of the deleterious effects of the vaccines and the various poisions/heavy metals they contain (let alone the mRNA spike proteins produced). Furthermore there is a fresh study on Nitric Oxide which reportedly lowers SARS-COV-2 viral load by as much as 95% within days. Apparently it is available via a saline nasal spray, though I have only seen the study thus far. It merits more research if you are interested. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8117664/ To recap, you are likely mildly sick due to disruption of your body's homeostasis. Take it easy, get some sleep, drink fluids, eat well and take vitamins and you will be fine. The spike protein is more than likely disinfo meant to frighten unvaxxed and drive them to stay away from vaxxed and communicate with them less. This lowers the spread of information regarding the true effects of both the virus (if it even exists) and the vaccines. There are many microscopic particles on every surface we touch every day. Our skin and immune systems are designed to handle these naturally. The spike protein is no different, it is a small protein crystal, not some magic contaminant. Take care of yourself all winter, there is likely to be a lot of sickness of all kinds going around, the latest talk in alternative media is more virus and diseases are being released (on top of immigrants flooding into US carrying disease). Unfortunately I had to type this twice as I accidentally refreshed the page, sorry if this version is less coherent. Be grateful anons out there care that much about your health. Now time for you to care for yourself. All healing comes from within. It is always we who heal ourselves. No one else can do it for you, listen to your body.
>>12323 Sorry you had to type this stuff up twice, anon. But thank you for going through the effort. This is also certainly a possibility, so I will take these suggestions.
>>12326 forgot to mention vitamins are fairly easy to steal if you are poor or on parents money. wear a jacket or backpack and use self checkout. be careful not to jostle the bottle or it will make noise, and check for magnetic stripe and peel it off if it has one. casually drop it somewhere in a high traffic area when unnoticed before checkout. i did this years ago when i was your age, now i pay like a good goy.
Japan Halts Use of 1.63 mil. Moderna Vaccine Doses Over Contamination https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20210826/p2g/00m/0na/002000c >Japan's health ministry said Thursday foreign materials were found in some portions of unused doses of Moderna Inc.'s COVID-19 vaccine and the use of around 1.63 million doses manufactured in the same production line has been suspended as a precaution.
>>12321 >Vaxcucks may no longer donate their plasma to red cross blood bank, because they're fucking HIV-like pozzed. Instead of admitting the fact that their blood is tainted the red cross now collects dedicated, separated vaccinated blood. Got some links for this? Vitamin C works very well, just be sure to take it along with food so it doesn't damage your stomach in very high doses (ascorbic acid is still acid)
(4.33 MB 720x720 stream.mp4)
Don't you just love the happy, light, hopeful music in the background that is used to make you feel like all of this is ok. Don't listen to what I'm saying, just listen to the music and be happy.
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9928939/BBC-presenter-Lisa-Shaw-died-complications-caused-AstraZeneca-covid-jab-coroner-rules.html#comments Interesting thing about this article is the top comments are all sceptical of the covid vaccine. Maybe the DailyMail just attracts those types of people, and it's not a true reflection of broader society. Or maybe not.
Man who gets vax ends up in vegetative state: >This person only has the basic primary instincts such as defecating, eating, sleeping, and little else. This is how this gentleman has become after the inoculation process with Pfizer and, probably, with the exposure to electromagnetic radiation nearby. The researchers at La Quinta Columna are connecting this to graphene oxide. https://archive.ph/PVaot
This is what the LORD says: "About midnight I will go throughout Egypt. Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn of the slave girl, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well. There will be loud wailing throughout Egypt—worse than there has ever been or ever will be again." — Exodus 11:4–6 Before this final plague, God commands Moses to tell the Israelites to mark a lamb's blood above their doors in order that the Angel of Death will pass over them (i.e., that they will not be touched by the death of the firstborn). Pharaoh orders the Israelites to leave, taking whatever they want, and asks Moses to bless him in the name of the Lord. The passage goes on to state that the passover sacrifice recalls the time when the LORD "passed over the houses of the Israelites in Egypt" Just a reminder that the descendants of those who wrote this are producing the vaccines ...
>>12376 Fuck off yahgey nigger.
(449.71 KB 530x503 1608340733-0.png)
>>12245 >14 days threshold and more >you got the jab but you're not vaccinated >kafka This is disgusting trick neatly explains how they can claim the deaths are that of unvaccinated people, as they know the deleterious effects kick in much sooner. You just have to look at the cases of deaths by vaccine, they happen within the first week following the shot. Lemmings will logically think that by taking a shot, they're officially part of the free world. Well, no. >>12259 >Codon Optimization. That's a new one but we will have to keep an eye now on anything that explains how this science juice can trigger all sorts of terrible debilitating, disabling ill effects, or even death. >Romania and Bulgaria But will they go at the local ZOGs though? It's one thing to push them back, it's another thing to uproot the source of evil. This being said, getting the marxist jab decades ago seems to have proved efficient. >Sweden Sweden does not exist! Why do you insist on bringing up this social construct? >>12279 >Sheriff Helder may die sooner than later.
>>12310 Well it was a site created and maintained by lolbergs, so that should of been a redflag for us years ago. They are enemies to us as much as communists and liberals are.
Do we need alternative social platforms? Normies or half awakened people still clutter on Twit and Fedbook. >>12307 It just makes the website more credible perhaps? wikipedia.org/wiki/Gab_(social_network) >On September 12, 2018, Gab purchased the Gab.com domain name from Sedo for $220,000 on Flippa, an online business marketplace; it had previously been using the domain Gab.ai. >Gab.ai. Sure, several IT services began adding .ai as part of their address and they go to say that it was in reference to the slang word, so it could be a case of bad coincidence. Nevertheless, let's look at this word in more depth. wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabbai >Gabbai >A gabbai, also known as shamash or parnas or warden is a beadle or sexton, a person who assists in the running of synagogue services in some way. The role may be undertaken on a voluntary or paid basis. A shamash or gabbai can also mean an assistant to a rabbi. wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabai >Gabai is a surname. For people with the surname spelled Gabay, see Gabay. >Notable people with this surname include: > David Gabai, American mathematician > Eliyahu Gabai (born 1943), Israeli politician > Sasson Gabai, Israeli actor > Yisroel Meir Gabbai Not bothering with the echo curves, you get the point. watchmenonthepod.com/2021/04/06/mystery-jew-is-33-years-old-not-30-a-genius-in-torah-his-name-is-rabbi-shlomo-yehouda-beri-nicknamed-the-yenuka-not-jizkiahu-ben-david/ kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/lyakhovichi/Rabbonim.htm > LIESS, Eliyahu >Remembered as a great scholar who served as gabai in the Kalte Shul by his brother-in-law Alter Brevda writing after the Holocaust in the 1950s. wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_Iraq >Rabbi Moshe Gabai; in 1951 petitioning President Ben-Zvi to help his Zacho, Iraq, community freemasons-freemasonry.com/zeldis14.html (i'm having issues to get through this one, may need another anon to archive this for sake of greater availability, or get a cache of this page if it exists) findmyheritage.wordpress.com/pop-culture/list-of-sephardic-jewish-surnames/ (such a useful list) >Gabai (H) See Gabbai, synagogue treasurer >Gabaij (H) See Gabbai, synagogue treasurer >Gabay (H) Synagogue treasurer >Gabbai (H) Synagogue treasurer >Gabbai, Ibn (H)(A) Son of Synagogue >Gabbay (H) See Gabbai https://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2017/10/06/gab-ai-mossad-clickbait/ (nuked by WP for violating their TOS) Exodus 8:2-14: frogs over Egypt, to ruin the land, as instructed by Yahweh. Frogs then lead to die. >Andrew Torba and his wife both openly declare themselves to be Christians. >Gab not open to Google searches >requires javascript Is it a containment area or not?
>>12419 Bad: requiring email address Good: picrels
>About 1.6 million doses of Moderna's coronavirus vaccine have been taken out of use in Japan because of contamination reported in some vials, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said early Thursday. >The ministry said later in the day that the substance that had been mixed in may have been metal. "It's a substance that reacts to magnets," a ministry official said. "It could be metal." https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/COVID-vaccines/1.6m-Moderna-doses-withdrawn-in-Japan-over-contamination Schizos were right again!
(612.72 KB 500x706 practice-safe-secs.png)
>>12419 >Do we need alternative social platforms? Yes. Do we need social media apps on smart phones? No. The flaw of today's mass media is that it is interactive with the people in ways that wasn't possible in the past. In the past you could send a letter to the media, but ultimately they decided what was shown or printed. Today if people don't interact with your media It#s a sign of disinterest and failure. This is good for us, because it means we are almost impossible to silence. However it also means that we can be drowned out by bots, shills, 2 cent armies and so forth. Not only that as 8chan /pol/ after 2016 has shown to us, every platform that has more half-awakened people than redpilled people will devolve into something that looks more like /x/ than /pol/ or /fascist/. What is needed are secure and hardened platforms that allow for small groups that have more redpilled people than half-awakened people and then introduce the half-awakened people slowly into the group, one at a time and don't add new members, until the new ones are fully awakened.
The whole gabbai crap was always so fucking retarded. 'Look the domain name sounds like a kike word except not really because it's missing a b it must be a jewish site'. What kind of faggot comes up with this shit?
Look who piped up about covid; not that I like the guy, but hopefully this will shake a few of the normaltards. >>12480 As much as people hate to admit it, quarterchan has woken up a lot of people to the JQ; archive.org too, that's where I learnt about the holohoax. We need these platforms that can appeal to a wide range of normies, otherwise we're just in an echo-chamber of people who are already aware.
>>12476 So this basically confirms graphene, magnetism and people being picked up by bluetooth?
>>12488 Seems so. Honestly out of all of the things to be seemingly confirmed, this would be the one that I would least expect. But post-2020, nothing surprises me at this point. The wildest, most theories are the real ones in this world. I’ll be interested to see if this surfaces in US news at all. I am very doubtful.
>>12485 It’s not like the missing ‘b’ changes the pronounciation or anything. If it was a coincidence, it was a very unfortunate one. It’s also suspicious how they changed it from gab.ai to gab.com after people started to notice the gabbai connection. This said, it’s still better than Twitter, for now at least. All of these alt-tech sites kosherize eventually.
>>12493 >I’ll be interested to see if this surfaces in US news at all. I am very doubtful. Already happening, believe it or not. The article I’m linking mentions nothing about magnetism or the nature of the (((contamination)))—no surprises here https://archive.fo/g5szf
(309.88 KB 1162x573 gabaiinvestor.png)
>>12485 There's also picrel
Dr Kazuhiro Nagao, professor and clinic director recommends the use of Ivermectin after treating 500 patients with it with a 100% success rate: