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Women and Fascism Blackshirt 03/18/2021 (Thu) 02:26:52 ID:4e73d1 No. 78
This thread is a continuation of our thread at Anon Cafe, dealing with the topic of women and fascism, or more broadly, the topic of women and pro-White politics, anti-feminism and the discussion of any notable female fascists. Old thread: https://archive.fo/h5Eje
A quote by some young women to the wind god Vayu in the Ramayana. This is a good example of the attitude of the dharma of women: >The time will never come when we will cross our father, transgress dharma and resort to svayamvara (choosing one’s own husband). Our father is our lord. He is our supreme divinity. Our husband will be the one to whom our father bestows us
What're anons thoughts on the place of women in a fascist world? I know in National Socialist Germany women were allowed to have careers, though were encouraged and expected to become mothers. The family comes first of course. Would you allow women to have jobs/careers outside the home? Do you think it's viable? Personally I think if they do, they shouldn't be in male careers. Something specific for women perhaps. Though preferably they'll dedicate their time to the family.
>>898 Long term it would be desirable for women to dedicate themselves to motherhood and care for their families, so the first task of the government would be to (1) incentivize motherhood and make it affordable for families. The Third Reich of course started to do this by giving new families large interest-free loans which were automatically deducted by 1/4th for every child had by the family. This is a great policy, and one that I would support a re-implementation of in the future. Also important is making sure that it is not necessary for the woman to work. It's worth noting that women began to enter the workforce en masse when real incomes started to stagnate in the 70s and 80s. If a man could support his family financially single-handedly, there's no reason a woman would feel compelled to work in the first place. First and foremost this kind of soft pressure is the best route to take. It doesn't involve literally forcing them too, but there would be numerous benefits for them if they did. If the feminist propaganda is turned off and feminine virtues again encouraged and not demonized, I personally believe that we would see a good change fairly rapidly (even if not overnight). The good thing about our ideals is that they are not anti-nature like that of the jew. We're not fighting an uphill battle like they are, we're merely going with the natural flow of things. For jobs and careers outside of the home, first and foremost they need to get out of the military, especially from combat roles. That is simply retarded and always will be. I think they can be decent teachers in some scenarios still, especially with younger children. There's still nothing really wrong with them working in nursing and the like either. Honestly though a lot of the jobs they hold today are so-called 'bullshit jobs' that could probably be almost eliminated under sensible government and organization. The really vital jobs in society are still essentially 100% male-occupied
(64.41 KB 632x562 feminism.jpg)
(467.01 KB 640x640 wahmyns day.png)
(320.02 KB 915x900 Ev_Kpk8VoAMYNZJ.jpg)
(186.69 KB 1024x1020 1600562139816.jpg)
>>898 >>903 This And would add >soft pressure especially this. Not every woman is cut out to be a great or even a good mother, some can't even have children, and there are many jobs that women are well suited, if not even better suited for like teaching small chilren, healthcare giving etc. Anything that deals mostly with social interactions. That said if you pay men enough that they can buy a house and feed 4 children (and remove the jewish programing), you will find the vast majority of women will be happy to return home.
(70.80 KB 500x464 aryan woman baby.jpg)
>>905 Plus if we were to resort to 'hard' pressure immediately, it would likely cause backlash. Feminist brainwashing has been going on for quite some time now, and as we all know it won't be fully undone overnight. Ideally we want to use as little force as possible, especially in delicate social issues such as this. Of course though, I think as time passes it's becoming clearer and clearer to those watching the behavior of lemmings carefully that you can do almost anything to them without them lashing back too hard (talking in regards to the virus hoax), so to some extent we will get what needs to be done done. And I definitely agree that the vast majority of women would be happy to return home. Statistics even indicate that women have been unhappier since the 1960s, to no one's surprise in our circles. If a woman is not busy with children, there's nothing wrong with her doing some sort of work that's suited to her like you said, especially older women with adult children and the like. The home, needless to say, should be her first priority though.
>>903 >interest-free loans It's important to note that Hitler pretty much hacked the jew-engineered economy. At this moment in time, where most nations have an external debt higher than 80% of their GDP, it should be assumed that any /fascist/ government would completely break away from the global financial market and start over entirely economy-wise. When all you've got to work with is a more or less ruined nation, the primary industries, and an authoritarian, nationalist government, how would you provide new couples this incentive to have children? It's important to start designing these sort of flexible policies ahead of time, as they can be applied even if you don't have total control over an entire nation.
(378.29 KB 1080x1350 pregnant white woman.jpg)
>>941 >When all you've got to work with is a more or less ruined nation, the primary industries, and an authoritarian, nationalist government, how would you provide new couples this incentive to have children? For a period it might not be an immediate focus. Ideas for the future should be ready ahead of time much like you say, but in general it will be difficult to persuade people to have children at a greater rate when the nation is a complete wreck. Also, so long as the problems of non-White invaders is not definitively solved, the issue of getting up birthrates is almost in vain. Removing them will not be done overnight either, as there are literally tens of millions of them in America, and many thousands if not millions in European countries as well depending on where one lives. But once things have become more stable and well-functioning, there will be every opportunity to immediately put many good policies in practice.
>>903 Interesting note about the interest-free loan policy is that apparently the woman was required as part of the stipulations of the loan to give up her job by the time of her wedding and undertake not to rejoin the labor market again before the time the loan was paid off. Also the loan was not issued in cash, but in vouchers for furniture and household equipment. Very, very good policy.
(532.69 KB Hawaii-Bill.pdf)
New Hawaii amendement over "domestic abuse"
Woman should not be political spokespeople, but should be good faces for the movement.
>>1466 In principle I have to agree, but I also can’t help but realize the effect that Isabel Peralta had when she made her little speech. Seeing a young woman exposing the jew caused waves in the media and online. Part of the reason for this is because our society is so gynocentric. Anything a woman does will garner infinitely more attention than anything a man does, unfortunately. The question is how to approach this then. I think Isabel did more good than bad, certainly, but to center our movements around women just to get attention is obviously a disaster waiting to happen.
(132.93 KB 737x737 1567781835032.jpg)
(419.03 KB 1065x810 1574136008933.jpg)
(250.23 KB 805x757 1576022075140.jpg)
(100.04 KB 960x952 1600837716848.jpg)
"Who cares if women are attracted to our cause? If our cause is popular and successful, women will flock to it because it is popular and successful; if it isn't, they won't be seen having anything to do with it. Either way, they don't matter, only the men we attract to our cause do."
(255.76 KB 1440x1301 1592172963548.png)
(609.27 KB 1808x3731 1564934070028.png)
(148.34 KB 744x1024 1564933524628.jpg)
(514.50 KB 1344x3216 1578007178873.png)
(215.24 KB 960x572 1568769800238.jpg)
(250.63 KB 912x300 1568769818538.jpg)
(151.34 KB 1080x1350 1567442177494.jpg)
(1.02 MB 908x778 1572641058451.png)
>>6549 Women only support political/social causes for three reasons: >1 it is popular and socially acceptable; women are extremely conformist and groupminded and want to be as mainstream as possible >2 they can use it to virtue signal to their friends (most of whom they actually hate, because women can't stand other women) and earn brownie points for being a good girl; mostly ties into motivation 1, making them seem popular and mainstream so their 'friends' don't attack them for not being popular and mainstream >3 it fills the void of their biological purpose; women consume wine, have eight cats, donate to some charity buying schoolbooks for niggers in Ghana, and demand more third-world shitskins be imported for them to care for with charity work so they can virtue signal and find something, anything, to fill the hole in their lives left by not having children and a husband; women with no kids literally go insane and desperately try to find something to fill the void with, something to fulfill their maternal instinct before their biological clock runs out and their egg carton is empty Jews have successfully hijacked all three of these. Our responsibility is take them back. >1 we must convince women that our cause is popular and will succeed; women don't compete in the race, they wait at the finish line and flock to the winners. Convince them that we're on the winning side, and they'll start defecting to us. >2 hijack their need to virtue signal; make everything about their children and family. "My children are more important than any refugee!" Give them something to preen over and make other women intensely jealous; see how they seethe in jealous rage over a woman who bothers to look good for her husband, has a clean house, puts effort into pleasing her man, and finds wholesome outlets for her creative urges and need to stave off boredom? Women don't climb the mountain to reach the top, they get pissed that there is a top, declare wherever they happen to be to be the new mountaintop, and spew hatred at the women who climbed higher than they did. Convince them that they can make all their 'friends' jealous of them by behaving a certain way and that it will give them an opportunity to show off, and they'll suddenly discover that they were 'trad' all along. >3 Put a fucking baby in them as early and as often as possible and keep them at home. They'll genuinely be happier that way, and will be too busy raising children to get involved in feminist nonsense. Yes, you can afford to have multiple children and a stay-at-home wife on a single income. Get a real job in a trade and work your ass off, it's worth the sacrifice; don't buy the latest gadgets, don't live in the trendy, expensive part of town, and don't try to keep up with the Jones's. Buy a used car and drive it until it dies. You only need one television, and you honestly don't even need that since everything on tv these days is trash. Buy a cheap phone and hold onto it until it dies; fuck the latest iPhone. You don't need to go on trips every summer. Your family and posterity are the most valuable things you can possess; that's what you should be investing all your time and income into. Do this, and more and more women will join our cause over time. The more women see women on your side, the more they will want to flock to it. It's like dating: if you're single, no woman will want you and they'll treat you like a pariah. If you're wearing a wedding ring, or at least seem popular with girls, women will all want you, because some other woman wants you and you must therefore be worth something. They're stupid conformists; use that to your advantage.
(77.43 KB 820x476 1569610536593.jpg)
(38.39 KB 503x644 1574321185714.jpg)
(86.56 KB 1024x984 1574322044937.jpg)
(141.15 KB 899x687 1590850827049.jpg)
(100.69 KB 719x493 1592536846057.jpg)
>>6554 Women don't compete in races, they wait at the finish line and fuck the winners.
(124.98 KB 1024x878 1599068515104.jpg)
(134.41 KB 1024x698 1601345048432.jpg)
(299.94 KB 1283x1275 1606398804266.png)
(96.12 KB 1280x544 1606398626398.png)
>>6555 So be a winner. Quit being an incel loser and become a winner. Go to the gym and work out. Go camping. Learn how to work on your car and household appliances. Own tools and know how to use them. Get a real job instead of flipping burgers or being an Amazon warehouse slave. Make yourself attractive, and women will follow. Don't act desperate and go for the first one that shows interest; women can sniff out desperation and nothing makes their cunts dry up faster than a desperate man. Be selective and pick the right one; she is, after all, the vessel in which you will create your children. You want a good one, not the first one that comes along. Make it clear that you have standards and she needs to live up to them, or you'll find one that will; a woman who might consider ditching you for a 'better' man would rather stay with you if you make it clear you're willing to ditch her for a 'better' woman. She'll subconsciously be afraid that she doesn't measure up and therefore can't find a 'better' man than what she currently has, and will therefore struggle to meet your standards so you don't ditch her for a younger, more compliant, model.
(88.46 KB 1000x1000 34.jpg)
>>6555 Lool look at those numbers, but even if they're as accurate as purported all most of us men have to do is suck it up and game the odds. Which means just rolling dice. Annoying. And evidently that's all what we have to do today swipe yes and go schmooze over text. And I don't mean to be disparaging but that's literally how it is my dudes. Doesn't help that jews are trying to fuck us over in any way possible including the trend and dating shit. It's all intentional but the solution for near everyone based on the data is literally a numbers game where we just roll the dice. Really though it's been that for a long time already. Now if you don't want to do any of that shit go get a nice hooker, aka escort and purchase some just to take the edge off. before some of you fags might go off saying degenerate, degenerate is having to be in a relationship with stuck up bitch who eventually wants you to beg for pussy just because you don't play "her way" and let her "tame" you and so on, that's fucking degenerate. fuck.
(448.04 KB 1333x1000 1559497266726.jpg)
(106.88 KB 1125x882 1567642964956.jpg)
(104.88 KB 1024x848 1570173382504.jpg)
(54.10 KB 540x293 1602152155392.jpg)
(58.12 KB 377x750 1611676983677.jpg)
(355.37 KB 480x480 1544506210938.png)
(133.54 KB 788x1000 1526960121544.jpg)
(365.02 KB 1280x1098 1467176485939.jpg)
(787.81 KB 1139x1500 1561362042282.jpg)
(148.87 KB 1359x960 1535320917797.jpg)
>>6558 >>6557 You're a failure because you've chosen to fail.
(375.23 KB 918x944 concern.png)
>>6559 That's such a ridiculous reply, what does it have to do with accepting the fact that we have to be playing the numbers game on tinder/with women in general as a men to succeed you gay turbonigger? It's the truth. And It's the same thing in nature as well. It's not a special phenomenon at all.
>>6557 >relationship with stuck up bitch who eventually wants you to beg for pussy just because you don't play "her way" That's just failure on your part
>>6666 If you were in my shoes you would have just accepted it and gone full gyno mode. which would mean wasting your life on some overly controlling crazy and be that guy who eventually has their woman boss them around about everything trying to micromanage you like if you were some fucking rts unit, because that's what it is. I'm not interested in that though.
Women side with the winners. Who among us would claim a prize before winning the race?
>>6686 >Women side with the winners. More so with the herd. Women hate the idea of not being socially-accepted and will usually align their opinions with that of the herd and whatever the Jews tell them to think. The only cure for this is a man that she is infatuated with enough so that it overrides the programming and herd morality.
(84.41 KB 836x1024 1608978529745.jpg)
>>6697 This could work on an individual level. The final solution to the Woman Question is to win the war, oust our enemies and dictate new social rules they will adhere to.
>>6701 Yeah what I said really isn't even a solution, it's just a byproduct of how women work at the individual level. Ultimately, like you said, it comes down to who controls the state and the important centers of power. Feminism will fall quickly, as it is anti-Nature.
(358.98 KB 1024x1024 749.jpg)
>>78 I am working on a documentary film about Judeo-Feminism. It will be about one hour long about the different stages of feminism, and how it affects the family unit, divorce, promiscuity, finishing with identifying the Jewish roots of feminism. Who's interested?
(62.17 KB 1008x1008 1603730234284.jpg)
>>6733 Go ahead, I will give it a watch.
(98.44 KB 1000x644 girls fascist.jpg)
>>6733 This could be a very good documentary. I will watch.


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