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Race War General - /rwg/ Blackshirt 03/18/2021 (Thu) 08:29:23 No. 81
This thread for the discussion of pro-White resistance, past or present, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Discuss! Previous thread https://archive.is/nEctv
If any of you archived the previous /rwg/ we had on julay, post it here for te sake of being thorough.
(220.73 KB 1530x925 Highscore.png)
(69.97 KB 1006x812 Ethnic replacement explained.png)
(2.71 MB 1256x2154 numbers.png)
(486.99 KB 1024x875 1614107969422.jpg)
(83.19 KB 500x508 FORGIVE ME BASED DOORCHAD.png)
I will leave here a "masterpiece" of antiWhite propaganda that truly deserves someone to go and compliment the author in person for his cockiness in pushing islamization through jewish style propaganda and cherry picking (while at the same time accusing the other side of doing the cherry picking). Here we can also find the opinion of Joram van Klaveren former far-right European politician, once a close ally of Geert Wilders who >once submitted a bill in the Netherlands parliament that called for a ban on Islam because it permits violence against women. But in 2018, Klaveren renounced Freedom party’s politics. While researching a book that was supposed to highlight the dangers posed by Muslims, he ended up writing Apostate - a book about his conversion to Islam. But let's fully admire the chutzpa https://archive.ph/k7j2h >Tarrant, 30, who has been imprisoned for life, without any possibility for parole, for the killing of 51 Muslim worshippers in the city of Christchurch on March 15, 2019, was well-versed in White supremacist propaganda. >He cherry-picked historical events to justify targeting Muslims, who according to him, are migrating in large numbers and have more babies, something that threatens to turn White Europeans into a minority. Of course the factual data of higher birthrates from immigrants and the preponderant portion of non Whites among younger age range in the West are to be disregarded: stating reality is simply cherry-picking according to the author. >“What Tarrant and the others from the far-right do is that they bring these stories out of history, twist them around and use them to scare everybody,” says Joram van Klaveren Muslims never hurt anyone, past wars are far away and muslims totally will not engage in aggressive behavior today (Thousands of victims of terrorism, rape and murder are not something to be scared, right? That would be cherry picking). >“They don't say that we in Europe should be thankful to Muslims for algebra, maths and hospitals - the things we borrowed from the Islamic civilisation.” Still waiting for muslims and other shitskins to express gratitude over pretty much anything regarding tech, scientific and intellectual progress they borrowed (lol) from White people. >“Our government doesn't want Islamic organisations and mosques getting funding from abroad. But it’s okay for a Church or a political party to get funds from abroad.” Sounds like a plain lie, mosques keep popping up everywhere with no end in sight. Same for uncontrolled immigration. >Nevertheless, the New Zealand attack made European Muslims realise that they have to come together and that has encouraged them to better organise themselves. Nothing they didn't already do before in order to ensure the invasion and predominance of their fellow muslims in kaffirs' lands. >Tarrant’s infamous manifesto, which he wrote before carrying out the attack, spoke about the perceived threat that Muslim migrants pose to White Europeans. ... perceived threat. Once again, the murders and the rapes must be a collective hallucination of the last decades. >“That perception hasn’t really changed,” says Klaveren. Especially as Europeans are not being given the true picture of Islam, he adds. lol >“More often they see the news of terrorist attacks and young Muslim migrants shown as hooligans. A combination of this worries people. There are Muslim organisations, which are doing a lot of charity work but it never gets the media coverage.” Ah, the famous muslim charities... I wonder if they only engage in helping fellow muslims, that might be the reason why other people never heard of them. >“A lot of people, in a sort of spiritual way, have lost their God. They go do drugs, they start drinking, they go partying, and they join the ranks of extreme-right nationalists - do everything to fill up the hole,” he says. “Then they are confronted by a group, in this case the Muslims, who are still very practicing. They do believe in God, it's clear what we think and what we want to do. And it scares them. The extreme right misuses this fear.” Very sanctimonious, as if there are not tons of muslims engaging in the same degeneracy. Apparently though muslims are only capable of goodness and sanctity. Funny, since "White nationalists" are often accused of being bigots for refusing all kinds of degeneracy. Cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy aplenty. Tarrant was right: traitors are the worst.
>>83 Forgive me based Doorchad. He was great during trial. What's up with other disciples' trials? Why are USA courts so slow?
>>93 They're delaying them all because of Covid allegedly, and the fact that these are death penalty trials probably slows things down a lot. Unfortunately there's really no news on people like Earnest or Crusius really.
>>95 What about Bowers?
(65.33 KB 900x900 bowers smug.jpg)
>>96 It seems like the last news involving him was over a half a year ago. That whole trial is basically an information blackhole as well.
>>97 Bowers was literally an ultra chad we should start sending them letters sometime
(782.06 KB 1423x660 bowers game.png)
>>97 I checked the last news about Bowers and it was hilarious. Basically the son of killed jew couple are sued NRA for "hateful rhetoric, that allowed to this massacre happened" and blaming Colt’s Manufacturing Co because they made AR-15 rifles which Bowers used in attack. So he trying to redirect the Bowers own reasons to kill HIAS jews and blame it on NRA & Colt instead, and shilling for more gun control in result. Lawsuit: NRA’s rhetoric spurred deadly synagogue shooting >PITTSBURGH (AP) — The son of a couple killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue attack that killed 11 worshippers is suing the National Rifle Association, arguing the group’s inflammatory rhetoric led to the violence. >Marc Simon, the son of Sylvan and Bernice Simon, filed the wrongful death lawsuit Thursday in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court against the NRA, the gun maker Colt’s Manufacturing Co., and accused shooter, Robert Bowers, news outlets reported. Colt manufactured the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle allegedly used by Bowers. >A fourth defendant is the unknown business that sold Bowers the gun. >Bowers is charged with killing 11 congregants at the Tree of Life synagogue in the deadliest attack on jews in U.S. history. Police said the former truck driver expressed hatred of jews during and after the October 2018 rampage. >“Bowers was not born fearing and hating jews,” the suit claims. “The gun lobby taught him to do that.” >Bowers has pleaded not guilty. No trial date has been set, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >The plaintiff argues gun lobbyists like the NRA radicalized people with “mendacious White supremacist conspiracy theories.” The lawsuit also says Colt could have prevented the AR-15 from “bump firing,” or using a modification that allows the rifle to fire more rapidly. >An NRA spokesperson declined comment on the lawsuit. The group filed for bankruptcy last week, and the claims against them in Simon’s lawsuit will be stayed as a result of the group’s reorganizing. >Colt did not respond to request for comment. Besides a wrongful death claim, the complaint accuses Colt of product liability and says the gun is more akin to a military-style weapon than a civilian product. https://apnews.com/article/religion-shootings-pittsburgh-synagogue-massacre-pittsburgh-lawsuits-726fbe03a9a11afbcd0888686399c353 And here is the whole dateline of articles related to Bowers: https://apnews.com/hub/robert-bowers
>>111 >“Bowers was not born fearing and hating jews,” the suit claims. “The gun lobby taught him to do that.” jews made me hate jews. I've never been inside a gun lobby in my life.
>>112 I started hating jews from my own personal experiences with (((usury))), which led me down the rabbit hole to (((central banking))). Then I got thinking (((who))) is behind feminism, and the (((age of consent))))
>>163 For me it was the sudden explosion of anti-White vitriol that began in the early 2010s. I was only slowly led to Fascism and being woke on the JQ, but afterwards all of the pieces gradually began to fall into place. I remember chuckling at the absurdity of the scale of the jewish conspiracy talked about by Hitler during my first read-through of Mein Kampf, but now I realize how right he was. I never wanted to believe that they were behind literally everything, but I couldn't deny what was right before my eyes.
>broke - hating jews >woke - hating anyone non-White
>>222 <bloke- just hating
>>226 Your point being? Hate makes you stronger.
>>229 You misunderstand me, brother. I relish in the hatred, the only emotion I have left is utter disdain for our enemies.
(64.05 KB 1127x158 bhagavad gita kill duty.PNG)
>>222 >bespoke
(926.99 KB 2000x2000 long meme.png)
>>384 I can't wait to get more info on Robert Long. A South Korean newspaper reported the following, apparently: >Chosun Ilbo, a top South Korean newspaper, reported Wednesday that the shooter reportedly yelled, “I’m going to kill all Asians!” They cited a surviving witness. https://www.kxan.com/news/atlanta-shootings-put-spotlight-on-surging-anti-asian-sentiment-in-america/ https://archive.fo/gKboz If this is true it's possible that he was redpilled and /ourguy/.
>>387 >If this is true That is a pretty big fucking IF >/ourguy/ Christcuck coomer, lol Next you are going to try and tell us that pedo's are based?
>>389 It's not out of the realm of the possible. He's obviously not on the same level as a real saint like Breivik, Tarrant, Crusius and others, but time will tell if he is more or less tangentially related or not. The Christcuck part is irrelevant. I do not like Christcucks much, but Earnest was a Christcuck and he attempted to give the jews hell. Him having issues with sex addiction of some kind is something more to be pitied than anything. We do not know the nature of it. If it was related to pornography this guy is a victim more than anything, and we only know about it because he actually tried to get help with his problem, unlike millions of other White men who suffer with this problem alone.
>>390 >The Christcuck part is irrelevant. Not if it was his prime motive Granted we don't have the whole picture, and perhaps we never will. If there was anything pointing towards being /ourguy/ we do know they would be running that story 24/7 So far the story, from quotes by his schoolmates, is he was "extremely religious", and also that frequented these parlors. Reading between the lines, it looks like this was some kind of self loathing coomer
>>389 t. deradmin.
(1.93 MB 2048x1123 ACCELERATE TARRANT CAR.png)
>>392 Either way, I am just glad that he has accelerated for us. Even if he's not /ourguy/ the results will just be more anti-White propaganda and acting as if he was /ourguy/
>>395 True. More non-Whites are dead regardless and people become more polarized and racial identity is strengthened.
>>387 The sauce >On the 17th, the Hankook Ilbo, Atlanta, quoted an employee A of the massage parlor'Gold Massage Spa' where the shooting took place, and said that the suspect at the time of the crime said that he would'kill all Asians'. It is known that Mr. A was in the store at the time of the shooting, but managed to evacuate and then conveyed the information to a nearby Korean business. https://www.chosun.com/international/us/2021/03/17/XSDXYLMAQZCC5JWMQ4HGRZGOG4/ Meanwhile police have said there was no racial motivation
>>396 Yes, exactly. They are so blatant in their kikery in their reporting of this new shooting that even my bluepilled boomer parents are complaining about this shooting. Not to blogfag or anything, but in general I've noticed my parents complaining more and more about anti-White media and niggers being shoved down their throats the last year. If they are like (both Democrat voters), I can't imagine what effect it has on the average White in general. It could be though that my comments I drop regarding this shit are pushing them right a bit though
>>397 Hmm I guess we really shouldn't make any judgements. Really if there was a racial motivation the police would not hide it all, they'd definitely let everyone know.
>>395 >>399 To be against degenerate prostitution is actually a fascist mindset. So even if his motive was to eliminate the temptation it would still be based.
>>402 That's basically my thinking. If the police won't clean up the mess, at least someone did.
>>83 Do you actually believe the official OKC bombing story? you should read this https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Oklahoma_City_bombing
>>419 From your article; > false flag attack (aren't they all) carried out by the cabal for a range of purposes including discrediting the militia movement Let's ponder this for a minute. Timmothy McVeigh did absolutely nothing wrong. The us government is the most evil institution in the history of mankind bar none and Timmothy McVeigh retaliated against a massacre against people whose only crime was not wanting to be a part of it. The militia movement, in their supreme cowardice and hypocrisy, imploded not because anything McVeigh did was wrong (he wasn't even a member of a militia) but because of conservative cuckoldry. Any movement which includes as its foundation conservatives or is predicated upon the ideals of conservatism will implode and lose every engagement. That's all conservatives do. They cuck and cower and lose. They are the bane of all political movements and the death of all civilizations. They are worse than liberals because they pretend to stand up for manly virtues yet bravely surrender to their own enemies and consider this treachery to be an act of civic duty. >Seismographs registered more than one explosion This was the first claim which I checked the source on and the source links you to a page that repeats word for word what the Wikispook article says. >Police who arrived on the scene after the bombing discovered at least two even larger unexploded bombs That's interesting but the source links to a video of a journalist. Is he lying? Is he misinformed? And if this is a FBI conspiracy, why would they not blow up their own bombs? What is the point of having three bombs if their purpose is to expose the true nature of conservative cowards? >The blast damage was incompatible with the claimed bomb Poppycock. The IRA detonated similar bombs and caused similar damage. And their bombs were unshaped while McVeigh shaped his bombs to direct the full force of the blast at the enemy of the people.
(390.51 KB 450x450 ryder mcveigh.png)
>>419 Yes I do. McVeigh did nothing wrong.
(304.97 KB 992x1039 exid team baele.png)
(321.21 KB 619x350 crest its afraid.png)
Shameless repost from Neuchan. Stephane Baele and his buddies are also operating under the name "ExID". Neinchan was also mentioned by them again. They still seem ignorant about Neuchan: https://archive.is/4265U >while all /pol boards are homes of online RWE communities, they are not all equal in terms of their content and pace. Instead, the /pol boards exist in a three-tier hierarchy, as characterised by their popularity and extremity of conversations. Here, 4chan/pol constitutes the first tier, and is the most popular as defined by the average number of posts per day and also hosts the least extreme content, through to iterations such as Neinchan/pol in the third tier, which hosts the most extreme content, often concerning neo-Nazi ideas and discussions about the manifestos of different RWE attackers. >This gateway role played by the chans is crucial when conceptualising the role they play in the broader online far-right ecosystem. A number of lone wolf far-right attacks in recent years have been perpetrated by individuals who are known to have been chan users, particularly of the /pol boards. This is indicative of the interplay between online discussions on these forums and offline action. >The chans do not only constitute an active online community for far-right discussions, but also act as a gateway to external far-right content. Given the rise in far-right terrorism, the ever-evolving and diversifying nature of far-right online activity, and the interplay between online discussions and offline actions, it is crucial to understand the role that the chans play in the wider far-right ecosystem. >Further work on the online far-right ecosystem is currently underway as part of the Extreme Identities (ExID) project, details of which can be found here or on Twitter @ExID_project.
I've spent some time struggling to come to terms with the fact that we really are in a race war but as time goes and I start to digest the information more and more, the angrier I get at the fact that it's happening. I don't know what to do with the information, but I can let you alll know you're right. Never be dissuaded, anons. Our race is too important. Stay strong, stay armed, stay vigilant, and stick together.
(205.90 KB 889x261 evolution tarrant.png)
>>1275 It's certainly a difficult pill to swallow. The jews have been waging a war of extermination against Whites for decades now right under our nose. They've been subtle and sneaky, and even today a vast majority of people have no idea, or they blame it on imaginary causes or puppets, missing the true causes operating in the shadows. Literally every form of cultural subversion from feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism, race-mixing propaganda, mass-immigration downwards, etc is designed first and foremost to destroy Whites. Every other effect is just an added bonus
>>1278 That image is fuckin' perfect because it's about how I feel right now.
(14.04 MB 480x270 tick tock smal.mp4)
>>1287 Hang in there, fren.
A realistic White resistance is not doomers and suicide bombers. Learn how to talk to people besides your mom, and spread your ideology to your community. Prepare for the gulags in 2030, and have an underground movement before then (though I would suggest being finished by 2025). >>222 >>229 >>231 Hatred is neither magically good or bad for you or humanity. Both the jews and the neckbeards are wrong on this one. Hatred, when directed towards a singular common enemy, can accomplish change. Otherwise, it becomes nothing but wasted energy.
(404.20 KB 576x544 christ.mp4)
So you're telling me that in order to solve my problems, I should go public and turn myself in? Ok Mr. FBI <3 >>1308 This made me smile. While un-coordinated doomers killing themselves to attack the thorns (as opposed to the roots) only helps this New World Order come sooner, their heart was in the right place. >>1278 Tarrant become pessimistic because he used Facebook. >>1209 >the rise in far-right terrorism You won't do anything. We're literally the least violent race on the planet, and all public (actual) White nationalist leaders are murdered on site. >>389
>>1308 There would've been a time I'd have been shocked or apalled by that video, but I could only smile at it. Brave men. Braver than I. But good men.
>>1387 They are definitely very brave men. I have doubts about the ultimate effectiveness of their strategy, but they certainly can't be faulted for doing what they did.
>>1397 It shows that Whites can fight back, which is something we all need. I'm not combat effective but I'm not horrible with words, so that's what I've been trying to do. I find places online to try and inspire and teach members of our race, try to inspire them and make them take action for themselves by building communities and networks. Families. To put action to thought, not just blabbering to the air.
(136.74 KB 900x901 sinking ship.jpg)
>>1372 >Prepare for the gulags in 2030, and have an underground movement before then (though I would suggest being finished by 2025). The gulags are already here you retard. The ZOG picks anons off one by one and puts them in prison for things such as this and that gun restrictions, and hate speech laws, or bad goy talk etc. The ZOG took note of the Turner diaries, and has switched course because of it, prioritizing INCREMENTALISM. >>1397 That video is extremely based. Tarrant and his disciples were extremely effective because they have inspired and showed millions the accelerationist solution. Even if we took out every single kike in the world and every single politican, the invaders will not remove themselves. >>1404 Building communities is no good when ZOG sterlizes them, denies them all resources, cuts off everything from them, and kills them. We are at war, we cannot just bury our heads in the sand as the enemy grows stronger. I ask everyone to look at South Africa. There are isolated White communities just as fantasized by the conservakikes, but these townships are ruthlessly hunted and destroyed by niggers. The niggers have outbred the Whites in South Africa in unthinkable numbers. The Boers went from more than half the population to a tiny minority. That could have been prevented. We have to enact exterminationism now if we are to have any chance to continue the existence of our race.
>>1405 I never said to bury our heads in the sand, just make sure we have something to come back to when we win.
>>1397 There is no one path forward. Their strategy is not a single strategy or solution unto itself. It's part of a broader war that will have many strategies each playing their part in a collage of independent actors, small groups, medium groups, and changes in zeitgeist that snowball into something larger. And there is no scenario in which we achieve victory without a few lads striking back in righteous anger. That reaction is entropy as a result of the situation we have been pushed into by the jews and their social experiments with replacement migration and destruction of the family.
>>1405 >I ask everyone to look at South Africa. There are isolated White communities just as fantasized by the conservakikes, but these townships are ruthlessly hunted and destroyed by niggers. Exactly. The same is true in latin america but who in their right mind think that is a sustainable or healthy path forward? Those White communities will just continue be strangled off and absorbed into the greater malaise over time.
(338.69 KB 2023x1717 1616640629681.jpg)
>>1405 >Tarrant and his disciples were extremely effective because they have inspired and showed millions the accelerationist solution. Even if we took out every single kike in the world and every single politican, the invaders will not remove themselves. There is a reason why kikes panicked over Tarrant and the disciples: they know accelerationism works because it's the strategy they commonly use to reach their goals. Cannot allow White bad goyim to do the same to save themselves.
>>1411 Unfortunately we can still see from time to time those who try to propose little isolated-off White communities, thinking that this has not been tried or proposed a million times already, and has not been shown fruitless. Retreat into little Whites-only enclaves is admitting defeat and showing cowardism. They will be overrun by invaders and dismantled by a hostile government in time. Until the problem of ZOG and until the problem of the colonization of White lands by invaders is ended once and for all, there is no stopping White Genocide. It doesn’t matter how many tiny communities are made, how many White babies one has or how many people are redpilled. The mud flood won’t stop
>>1457 What do you suggest? Open warfare? If so, start us off. Be the signal that kicks the rest off.
>>1479 I haven’t been able to answer that question yet. I do know what won’t work though: >isolated communities >pure political solutions >voting for cuckservatives >waiting for the collapse
>>1482 Seems we only have one option left then don't we? But who has the balls to finally kick it off?
>>1485 This is a dubious idea in itself. Many of the people who have gone out and have done lonewolf attacks have believed that their actions would set off the race war (Roof in particular, I believe, but I think there are more), and of course it didn’t happen.
(381.28 KB 1920x1080 screenshot_1920_1080_9pkQ1lM.jpg)
>>1482 >I haven’t been able to answer that question yet. No one has. That's the trillion dollar question that everyone has been asking for years now. >>1486 Precisely this. No one is willing to throw their life away in a lone wolf attack, but what else is left? In many cases these attacks play into ZOG's hands anyway. I'm certainly not going to do it, and I wouldn't expect anyone else to want to do it either. This is the nature of the gameboard ZOG has set for us.
>>1490 We have to do something. If we do nothing when our race is under such duress then we're worth less than nothing.
(151.30 KB 1187x722 1553290431019.jpg)
(210.56 KB 639x564 1562661893349.png)
(1.06 MB 1229x1733 1615377743727.jpg)
(419.51 KB 610x709 1566682918268.png)
>>1490 >No one has. That's the trillion dollar question that everyone has been asking for years now. We have known the solution to the jewish Question since the 1970s when William Pierce wrote and published The Turner Diaries, but every decade since, it has been conservative crybabies like you who want to do nothing, that have allowed this mess to happen. WLP clearly laid out the situation. Voting will not remove the invaders. The Zionist occupation government works incrementally to prevent revolution. The solution is not up for debate anymore, its been shown clearly to the whole world. McVeigh showed us, Breivik showed us, Roof stood up tall to the enemy and Tarrant broadcasted the accelerationist solution to the whole world. The solution to an enemy attacking you, is to kill the enemy. It always has been. >I'm certainly not going to do it This is the pathetic whine of a coward. Fighting the ZOG in service of your people is the greatest action you can do with your life. HONOR HIM
(1.71 MB 1722x1012 racism field.png)
(269.26 KB 878x566 1616779233749.png)
(103.96 KB 645x708 232730275036530142.jpg)
>>1521 I'm quoting you here >That's the trillion dollar question that everyone has been asking for years now. It's not a question. It's like your fumbling around with a load of venomous snakes in your bedroom and you're thinking...hmmm what should I do? This is a trillion dollar question! >Right I would say most of the debate is around targets. All targets are good targets. Here's some copypasta There is often distractive discussion about how some individuals like Saint Tarrant or Crusius went after the wrong people, that they should have gone after [X], usually some elite group or Soros being mentioned. This is nonsense, as a multipronged approach is what is necessary to eventually cleanse an area. Both low-level and high-level targets are valid, as the swarms of nonhumans will not remove themselves even after the parasites who brought them in and cover for them are gone, just like removing niggers from an area won't hurt the ZOG. All are issues, and all must be dealt with. For example: an urban unemployed nigger. He seems pointless to remove. However, he is a constant drain of resources to the tune of hundreds of thousands with all the gibs given to him, there are the litters he spawned and the single mothers he impregnated and those he will spawn, the drugs he pushes making their way into White areas and the young Whites corrupted in such ways. His mere existence is an affront to a civilized society and an insult to the hundreds of thousands who died in wars and who built White countries. Removing him not only is a benefit, it will put fear into other niggers who figure out it's not the usual gang violence, with the eventual goal of driving them out of an area, repeated until countries are clean. If not removed, they will continue to spread and infest White lands. Another example that can be found locally is the usual liberal. Often moving in from a place like California, they buy up good housing and immediately start pushing their cancer upon formerly nice areas to turn them into the hell they moved from. They come in many varieties, from teachers and professors pushing indoctrination and journalists with their propaganda, to richer "philanthropists" pushing bullshit like tranny sex offenders reading to kids in libraries or changes to laws, new housing for niggers, etc. This includes those going into local politics such as city councils where they have an inordinate amount of power to make lives miserable. Conservatives also fall into this category; they are controlled opposition and both support the ethnic replacement of White people. Removing them sends a message that people don't want to put up with their bullshit. They might not be on the level of Soros but they are all worthwhile and the impact will be felt in that area. What a lot of people do not consider are two concepts: Hard and Soft Targets, and Confidence Targets. The first, Hard vs Soft Targets, is often talked about with counterterrorism, hardening a place or protecting a person in ways to make them more difficult to be targeted and removed. For example, not only more guards, but changing up the usual routes they take, ease of access to an area, the level of watchfulness being maintained, etc. The mosques Saint Tarrant went after were Soft Targets as they didn't fight back much, they were open to him, and law enforcement were nowhere around at the time. Crusius' Walmart also counts as a Soft Target. Both of these men were captured, but it doesn't have to be this way. Soft Targets doesn't only imply a mass of people; it can also apply to individuals. (continued)
(1015.67 KB 962x778 crusius screw your optics.png)
(99.03 KB 1242x809 ballietmask.jpg)
Harder Targets will be things like a jewish oligarch’s mansion, or a military target. There are still ways to get at them but it could require more people, specialized knowledge, an insider to help get inside, and so on. It's still worth looking at but may not be doable at the time. Don't bite off bigger than you can chew, but if you see the opportunity and get the necessary aid/expertise, don't hold back either. The concept of Hard/Soft Targets can be applied to things that aren't people too, like utilities. Then there are Confidence Targets. Essentially, this is something a lot easier to do, suitable for a first time attempt to wet your feet. It will help iron out any issues you may not have foreseen, it will give real-world practice before attempting something more difficult, it will let you experience the rush of adrenaline, and other benefits while you try to minimize the risks involved. You don't want to overreach and get yourself captured/killed the very first time you attempt something, and building experience can lead to better results for the bigger targets you are aiming for down the road. Essentially, gain experience, observe, learn, and do what you can. Keep an open mind and be thorough in your reconnaissance before attempting anything, but don't let fear keep you from doing anything either. All of this is still very risky and can result in imprisonment or death, so make every effort to maintain good OPSEC, leave as little trace as possible, and do not talk about details with anyone unless they are in your unit. There is really only one bad target – no target.
(417.83 KB 802x500 oklahoma.png)
“I guess there are a lot of other people who think they are playing it smart by looking out for themselves and letting us take all the risks and do all the dirty work. They figure they will reap the benefits with us if we win, and they won't lose anything if we lose. That's the way it has been in most other wars and revolutions, but I don't believe it will work out that way this time. Our attitude is that those whose only concern is to enjoy life in these times of trial for our race do not deserve life. Let them die. In the conduct of this war we certainly will not concern ourselves with looking out for their welfare. More and more it will be a case of either being for us, all the way, or against us”. - The Turner Diaries
>>1520 >>1522 >>1523 >>1524 i get the same pasta from you every time i push my domino over.
>>1457 >>1479 >>1490 The problem is that, as it stands, the government is extremely powerful. Their intelligence complex is all encompassing. And it is global, don't misunderstand, there isn't an American intelligence complex and a British one and an Australian one, there is one global intelligence network (look up the five eyes). If you attend a protest, they know who you are. If you form a militant group, they will know. If you form an isolated community, they will know. Any organization you join, they will have undercover agents in it, spying on what they do. If they find you stockpiling weapons, they will send the ATF to slaughter you all. Women and children too. They have full control over the media, so the public will be completely fine with it. Maybe cuckservatives will say something like "this is an injustice! remember the 16chanBase massacre!" but they won't do anything. Or maybe they can manipulate some kid to shoot up a grocery store (instead of, you know, the elites actually behind everything). Then they arrest everyone involved and throw them in jail for life, or at least shut down your website. They don't even have to do that, if they unleash their antifa dogs on you and you fight back, they'll throw you in jail for decades for "assault". And this is in America. In many European countries it is illegal to even be a member of an openly fascist group and to have racist beliefs. I in no way mean to diminish the accomplishments of Hitler, but compared to us, the Weimar government was completely incompetent. Same thing with Mussolini, he just walked up to the capital and took over. Could you imagine that today? The jews have seriously stepped it up a notch since then, they won't rely on just slander in newspapers and fights with communists to put a stop to us. The way I see it, our only hope is to wait for a moment of weakness in the government, and to strike then. I don't mean a total collapse, but just that they are stretched to thin to properly deal with a large movement/uprising. Until then, we need to focus on improving ourselves, physically and intellectually, and spreading propaganda to get as many people following fascism as we can.
>>1526 ah, now there's a reasonable response.
>>1526 This is fair. I just hate seeing all of this shit being levelled against our race and no one doing anything about it when it seems so fucking obvious. I'm none too smart but if *I* can see it, why can't everyone else?
(257.77 KB 1080x439 1612902854596.png)
(475.56 KB 998x1635 1613029273689.png)
(1.54 MB 1359x3139 1612902986241.jpg)
(152.94 KB 1280x914 police reform.jpg)
(388.87 KB 477x364 wdt.png)
>>1526 >Their intelligence complex is all encompassing. Dylann Roof was arrested two times in the same month (March '15) while planning out an attack. He was also investigated by the police while he had a whole load of empty AR magazines in his car. - but yet even with all the intelligence of big brother zoggy, he could still buy a firearm even though he had a criminal record. >(look up the five eyes) We know this, but the ZOG does not have 1 agent for every person they monitor. The ZOG is not omnipotent. The ZOG is not all seeing. The ZOG is not all powerful. >If they find you stockpiling weapons, they will send the ATF to slaughter you all. As I said, they are not omnipotent. They do not have mindreading devices that scan you thoughts and remote vision. >I in no way mean to diminish the accomplishments of Hitler, but compared to us, the Weimar government was completely incompetent. Same thing with Mussolini, he just walked up to the capital and took over. Could you imagine that today? This is objectively true. >our only hope is to wait for a moment of weakness in the government, and to strike then Now here, the shill reveals himself. He tells anons to wait. "WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO BECOME WEAK" the shill says just as the government is outright exterminating White people with the sterilization shots pushed as 'vaccines'. >Until then, we need to focus on improving ourselves We need action now. It must happen now. It is urgent. Whites are becoming a minority everwhere, there is nowhere to run and the government will destroy your life just for thinking anything pro-White or pro-NS. The great reset means the total abolition of all freedoms, all property, all our culture, and the destruction of everything we have ever had so that the jews have everything. The coming 5 years is the deciding moment of our existence. We either eliminate the zionist enemy and the invaders in our lands, or we perish from this earth for all time.
>>1542 >our only hope is to wait for a moment of weakness in the government, and to strike then <Now here, the shill reveals himself. He tells anons to wait. "WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO BECOME WEAK" the shill says just as the government is outright exterminating White people with the sterilization shots pushed as 'vaccines'. He's not a shill. Remember, these are essentially awakened average townspeople you're trying to radicalize. You're trying to get the rice farmers to revolt against the king and his tremendous army. Can you really be surprised they're a little hesitant and timid? Have a little self awareness and you might be more successful. Your red text is good though.
>>1526 >Their intelligence complex is all encompassing. This is because our dissidents are actually really fucking stupid and take their cell phones everywhere while texting to people they shouldn't about things they shouldn't. The system is overreliant on you using comfortable technology. As soon as you don't, they're just as incompetent as before if not more so now that they're so culturally enriched within their own organizations, they can't fall back to the old methods very well, especially at the level you're likely to be dealing with if you aren't a fucking idiot like the people who joined "The Base" or whatever that Virginia honeypot was and then took their cellphones with them everywhere like how fucking dumb can you be goddamn
Speaking of race war. The niggers are mobilizing for a chimp out if Chauvin walks and they're already fucking around in my state. Admittedly they're targeting Asians but they'll come for Whites soon enough. Updates as they happen anons.
(347.16 KB 400x548 george floyd body cam.png)
>>1653 I'm not surprised if they're already planning to riot. In truth there are going to be chimpouts regardless of the outcome. The real question is how big the chimpout is going to be. if Chauvin gets a light penalty, they will cry that he got off too lightly. If Chauvin walks (which is not entirely implausible) we are almost surely going to see a mythical max-level chimpout. Planet of the Apes territory. It will make Ferguson look like a playground in comparison. If this is so, we're approaching a perfect redpilling opportunity. I've personally noticed more Whites complaining about nogs since the riots a year ago, and this is only going to drive it home a little deeper. People are going to see the exact same stuff that happened last year happen again except for (most likely) on a much greater and more violent scale. The jews and Cultural Marxists will go into overdrive against White people, pallets of bricks will mysteriously appear in the center of cities and Whites will be mobbed and killed by roving gangs of pavement apes. I feel bad for anyone not armed.
>>1653 >Admittedly they're targeting Asians Some say that this is good. Because of how Asians are a bigger threat than niggers.
>>1654 I genuinely think he's gonna walk. It's gonna be maximum nigga chimp hours but I can tell you now, my state (Wisconsin) isn't gonna roll over for them. They got Kenosha, but we all saw what happened there. They fuck with rural and suburban cheeseheads they're gonna litter the streets with bodies. >>1669 If it pushes them out I'm happy. Then we just have to focus on niggers and beaners next.
(506.99 KB 694x614 HERO OF KENOSHA.png)
>>1676 My gut-feeling is that he is going to walk as well. It will be interesting to see what happens. I would hope that people can only put up with this nonsense so long. It is allowed to happen, period. It could be shut down hard if (((they))) wanted it to, and people need to realize this.
>>1669 Specifically the mainland Chinese act like knockoff jews. Not very worried about any of the others too much (although they should still go home and stay there).
>>1678 The weak will die, the strong will take action. The amount of clueless suburbanites now realizing that these "people" will not stop until they are beaten and burned out of their homes is much larger than before. They may not be willing to take on ZOG, but rioting leftists and nogs are seen as valid targets by your average boomer. Just look at the fucking gun sales. >pic That hispanic 17 year old single-handedly proved that Antifa are a bunch of fucking pussies. It's hilarious that after all the bluster of 'burn it down' and 'can't stop the revolution', 5 shots from an AR-15 was all it took for them to freeze in place and cry. Also, when is the verdict expected?
>>1678 If I remember right, Wisconsin has a huge land army of hunters (the largest in the USA I think) and despite what happened in the election (little as that shit matters), most of Wisconsin's very conservative. Conservative, armed, pissed off and angry about it. They chimp out, it'll be Rittenhouse writ large.
I tell you though I'm not afraid of niggers. I'm afraid of what's gonna happen if I ineveitably have to shoot them to get them to leave my fucking family alone. It's illegal for White men to defend them and theirs, but not for niggers to destroy neighborhoods. I'm sure the BLM will try and attack me, my fiancee, my dad.
>>1654 The jews will go easy on him. They already spent tons of money on barricades around the courthouse. That means they're expecting trouble. Also they'll try to take full advantage of the opportunity to D&C races as much as possible, as usual. And they need to take care of their zogbots or some might turn on them.
>>1682 Niggers are really just cowards who only act tough in packs. As you say, what is to be feared more is ZOG and its jewdicial system. They are trying to make self-defense illegal. Just see what happened to Michael Drejka
>>1689 I know, that's what worries me.
>>1689 >>1691 >The general turned to his colleague and asked of him, "What is the punishment for inaction"? <"Death", the other replied >"And what is the punishment for rebellion"? <"Death" And so they turned their armies around, and began to march.
>>1694 I'm not afraid to defend my family. I just worry what's gonna happen to them when the state comes for me.
>>1712 Instead of worrying about what's going to happen when the state supported diversity squads come for you and your family, maybe you should consider if it's the best course of action to do nothing and wait till you're led to the slaughter. You know what's going to happen if you do nothing, so why not do something about it and strike while you still can? Think of it this way, you might protect your family from niggers for a while, but unless you have kids and homeschooled them, you won't save them from kike pedo teachers teaching them the "Gay B Cs". Very few people can overcome the mental obstacle of accelerating the hard times for their family by striking back first, but all other paths lead to eventual ruin.
>>1654 >I am going to pose as a racially conscious White on fascist and write wanky fanfiction about ZOG's power to sow capitulation. You do realize the only people who the government catches are retards who brag about their plans on telegram. Actual White terror organizations won't have a leader. Rather, they'll be a bunch of cells operating in certain regions. Their operations can range from killing non-Whites in a specific area, all the way to planning and executing the assassinations of people like Soros or Schwab. It can even be something as simple as pasting propaganda leaflets on walls.
>>1853 >leaderless cells If you look at the general consensus here and in various places, this may as well already be the case. National Socialists universally agree on the enemy, how to fight, and where to fight. Most anons have been preparing for a while now, training, researching, and arming themselves. Most of it has been in the standard imageboard meme form, but discussion in our circle has ultimately resulted in a step-by-step guide on how to perform an insurrection, so universal it can be applied anywhere, under any condition, with the only requirement being a willingness to put your life on the line and fight. If anything's missing, it's probably that last point. People need to see their own comfort and safety come to an impending end, before they'll actually take action. The situation is only getting worse, though, so that point may be closer than most of us realize. Can you see yourself forced to take action in the near future? If so, chances are other people will too.
>>1862 >Can you see yourself forced to take action in the near future? If so, chances are other people will too. Not the anon you were responding to, but I know I can. I can see it and feel it coming.
>>1522 >>1523 >someone saved my effortpost Nice. As an aside, another topic: >The concept of Hard/Soft Targets can be applied to things that aren't people too, like utilities. My last post went over mainly people, but there are many other valid targets. They can affect things more indiscriminately, but, they also act as huge force multipliers, reaching far more people than eliminating single targets. One is very surgical, the other is more akin to a sledgehammer. A lot of infrastructure is very vulnerable, aging, and overburdened. A very recent example of a large failure was in Texas during the snowstorm. There was power lost in many parts of the state, and due to relying on wind and solar, they ended up compounding the problem compared to years past when Texas used more oil. The situation was stabilized, but what if it was ongoing, if the situation worsened? There are large transformers in substations. The oil inside those transformers is flammable. The steel they make those out of is not hardened. Enough holes could drain the oil and make the machine overheat, or the oil could be drained out. There are not many replacement parts and enough of them damaged will result in a long wait time to repair them. These substations are scattered about cities, some of them in areas with far larger numbers of subhumans than others, so one failing in one area could disproportionally impact different populations (However, this is an educated guess as it's a large, webbed network, and there could be secondary effects or it could turn out differently than expected). What about major roadways? The Iraq War is filled with examples on how the highways and such were approached. A roadway that is targeted and known to be a target, ie not an accident, can make people panic and essentially cut off that route until people are sure it's safe again, also wasting manpower sweeping that area which could thin out responders in other areas. If there are only a couple of major roadways, travel could become very choked due to fear until things calm down and open back up. Be creative. Educate yourself on your Area of Operations, AO, thoroughly. Be sure to find and take note of all the points of interest, and not just the terrain but the human terrain as well, how the population is distributed, how LE are around and their behavior, and so on. There are methods to analyze an area for how vulnerable it could be, used in counterterrorism and more proactively by the military. From FM 34-36, SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES INTELLIGENCE AND ELECTRONIC WARFARE OPERATIONS, Appendix D: The CARVER Method: Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effect, and Recognizability Factors https://fas.org/irp/doddir/army/fm34-36/appd.htm This document goes into detail about how targets can be judged on a variety of factors and weighted based on the impact and feasibility of them. Counterterrorism uses a similar idea, looking at what is vulnerable and how to "harden" them to dissuade bad actors. This analysis comes after mapping out the AO, though. Some things may be more promising than others, but you want a comprehensive list first. How you approach the situation, how you plan, how you act, that's up to you to figure out based on your resources and will to act. But, don't act impulsively, don't act blindly, act methodically, intelligently. One person with a long enough lever, with the right fulcrum point, can move the world.
(705.40 KB 1280x930 1laZFiy.png)
>>1896 >>1862 I don't think it's going to come anytime soon without our efforts. Which is the whole point of accelerationism, right? To make it happen under our terms, not theirs. Act as soon as you're ready.
>>1682 Your whole family should be ready to fight to the death at any moment honestly. The current status quo has niggers attack White families, as zogbots imprison those who defend themselves. There is no way to win. So how about we change this status quo? Ironically, the way to do this also involves killing niggers. But you don't get caught. You do it methodically and intelligently so that you can continue the holy work for a long time, each death striking fear into the hearts of the enemy. Or maybe they'll just get angry and chimp out like we've never seen before. This is even better, because it means more Whites are forced to shoot the chimps until it becomes normalized. And when it's normalized, ZOG can't stop it.
>>2622 I don't think he's going to be very successful in his efforts here, unfortunately. It's pretty clear by now that NZ has made it their life's goal to make Tarrant's life a living hell. I'm not surprised that he was a no-show. The article is literal saying they weren't even giving the dude the documents he needed for the proceedings. One interesting thing I read is that media would have been permitted at this hearing. I would really like to see Tarrant, even if his efforts are fruitless.
>>2632 He would not have been there in person, he should have been present via phone call. Prison faggots probably impeded him from attending via phone, then told the court he "backed out for lack of documentation".
>>2633 Even if he wasn't their in person it would still be nice to have a potential glimpse into how he is doing. We have tidbits of information regarding his conditions, but we have not seen Tarrant in roughly seven months now, when he was sentenced to life. Seeing him alone, even over a link from his cell or wherever they would take him would say much more than any sort of report on his conditions through the media. Though it's possible that they impeded him in some way or threatened him, it also sounds like there's plenty of kikery from the court itself in not letting him be properly prepared for any potential proceedings on this matter.
>>2622 Did Tarrant really say those things about regretting what he did or is that the usual bullshit?
>>2723 I wouldn't take any of those words too seriously. If he's doing stuff like this it's because he probably wants to have more accommodations in his cell. He's trapped totally alone for like 23 hours a day, with a special contingent of guards to guard him, and only gets to watch two hours of the gardening channel each day. Saying things like this, admitting that he was guilty, and refusing to speak in court are all ways for him to get better prison conditions. They are basically torturing him as we speak
Was the El Paso kid a White supremacists.
(299.77 KB 727x567 patrick crusius word cloud.PNG)
>>2729 Read his manifesto for yourself.
>>2730 Wasn't his father a jew? His manifesto just seems so glowie.
(75.84 KB 1024x505 bryan crusius.jpg)
(220.52 KB 907x1360 crusius father book.jpg)
>>2732 His father is some New Age loon, there's proof he's a kike. >His manifesto just seems so glowie. Meaningless sentence. There's nothing wrong with his manifesto. It's not that deep but he says nothing disagreeable. He mentions White Genocide, the problem of race-mixing, environmental degradation and how both parties are corporate-controlled and how automation is going to destroy millions of jobs. He's 100% right in all of these points He did nothing wrong, and he's /ourguy/
>>2733 >there's proof he's a kike. *no proof he's a kike
>>2733 >His father is some New Age loon, there's proof he's a kike. Except for the giant star behind him? >Meaningless sentence. There's nothing wrong with his manifesto Umm what? Are you idiots also willing to accept cringe way of speaking your demands from a nigger as well? The dudes a literal mutt with a suspicious father. How is this not glowie?
>>2735 Most of the people on this board are actual mutts and are tolerant of ethnic and/or political background of mass shooters as long as they mention White extinction, that even includes an actual CIAnigger. His supporters here also forgot that he mostly shot at Whites and some spics, but hey anything is fine as long as they mentioning the White race dying out and it satisfies the petty ego of morons who don't do anything, but masturbate and cry 24/7 about all the system will collapse and the White race will die out at any moment. Just giving more fuel for liberals to throw at the fire like morons. /fash/ is retarded lmao. Blowing up the fed's headquarters is based, but randomly shooting up a Walmart and claiming it's revolutionary is an example why fascism rarely reaching out to White people.
(1.16 MB 840x490 ClipboardImage.png)
(239.99 KB 800x532 hindu swastika and shatkona.jpg)
(1.04 MB 665x664 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2735 >Except for the giant star behind him? Are we supposed to believe he's a Buddhist too because there's a Buddha head on his shelf, or a Hindu because there is a statue of Ganesha? The guy is a crazy New Age syncretist. The so-called Star of David is stolen from Hindus by the jews. It's real name is the Shatkona, symbolizes the divine masculine and feminine, or spirit and matter. It's totally plausible that this dude would have some shit like that, especially when the Shatkona is also used to represent the Heart Chakra / Anahata https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shatkona https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anahata
(149.87 KB 301x399 Stfu beaner crusius.png)
>>2736 > His supporters here also forgot that he mostly shot at Whites and some spics Let's look at the names of the people killed by Crusius and see how White they are, Schlomo: >Jordan Anchondo >Andre Anchondo >Arturo Benavides >Mario De Alba >Jessica Coca Garcia >Memo Garcia >Sara Esther Regalado >Adolfo Cerros Hernández >Jorge Calvillo García >Elsa Mendoza de la Mora >Gloria Irma Márquez >María Eugenia Legarreta Rothe >Ivan Filiberto Manzano >Leo Campos >Maribel Hernandez https://archive.fo/6eYbn Not seeing many White people... you anti-shooting shills always lie and lie.
>>2739 So because be shot a bunch of spics at a Walmart he's /ourguy/? Fuck this board it's glows. >>2737 >Are we supposed to believe he's a Buddhist too because there's a Buddha head on his shelf, You do realize that jews disguise themselves as Buddhist too right? You're making excuses, literally defending mutt the absolute state of /nigger/. >The so-called Star of David is stolen from Hindus by the jews. Who fucking cares? That has nothing to do with the fact that he's a potentially a jew. I've seen plenty of mutts born from jews, but rarely authentic buddhists who birth mutts and they begin killing random people. This is just desperation for attention and making our side look bad, and not because I disapprove of killing spics, but because it gives the dumb ass liberals more ammo to lie about muh supremacy.
(1.08 MB 706x732 ClipboardImage.png)
(700.33 KB 696x348 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2739 >you anti-shooting shills always lie and lie. 23 dead 23 injured >Cherrypicks 15 spics from the bunch Its El Paso, so yes the majority were spics and/or mixed There was also actual Whites in the list of dead David Alvah Johnson >David Johnson, 63, died protecting his wife and 9-year-old granddaughter, according to his nephew Dominic Partridge. >His last words were spent telling his family to get down and then to run after they heard gunshots. Johnson was fatally shot, but he acted as a shield for his wife and granddaughter until they ran to safety. >"It was the ultimate selfless act," Partridge said. "That’s just who he was. He took care of his family until his last breath."
(2.58 MB 2160x1215 crusius dab 2.png)
>>2740 >Fuck this board it's glows. Go back to cuckchan Also you have zero proof he's a jew. I'm waiting, go on. >>2741 >There was also actual Whites in the list of dead Collateral damage.
(34.62 KB 876x706 Pierce laugh.jpeg)
>>2737 >tfw hexagram are actually non-kosher symbol and stolen by jews from Hinduism Is there something jews are actually created and not stole from gentiles ?
(261.79 KB 566x696 ClipboardImage.png)
(97.44 KB 546x256 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2743 >Is there something jews are actually created and not stole from gentiles ? No, they are an entire race of thieves and parasites. It's really astounding how little they can actually bring about via their own efforts. The Talmud is the peak of their "intellectualism". Pics related
>>2743 >>2744 They invented nuclear weapons, though. However, some claim that nukes were invented by an Anglo-Saxon or Germanic White man.
>>2735 >>2736 >>2740 You have to go back to 4cuck.
>>2737 Not to say the jews did or did not steal the star of david from hindus. But if you step back for a second it's two triangles with one upside down overlaid on top. A pretty simple geometric pattern. It's not surprising that some of these basic geometric symbols get re-used. For example with the swastika in the west vs its use in the east.
(18.95 KB 263x304 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2769 Interestingly outside of the Hindu usage the only usages mentioned on the Wikipedia page have to do with jews, Freemasons and Abrahamics. The Thelema symbol is also a variety of a hexagram. This whole thing might have something to do with Saturn, since as we all know the jews are obsessed with Saturn, sixth planet from the sun
>>2769 So its basically just "as above so below" but with triangles?
>>2810 If you're talking about the Hindu use of the hexagram it's apparently some sort of symbolism for the intersection of spirit (purusha) with matter (prakriti), as in the case of a person, which is the conjunction of both, at least in Samkhya philosophy. Purusha is metaphysically masculine, while Prakriti is metaphysically feminine (because matter is essentially passive and "used" by the spirit)
>>2773 jews are obsessed with Saturn because Saturn was compared to El as being the father of the Thunder Son (Baal/Jupiter) Thus the Caananite El is then therefore conflated with the Judean Yahweh.
Reposting from Neu THEY DID IT AGAIN >Christchurch mosque shooting: Terrorist drops legal challenge over prison conditions https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/christchurch-mosque-shooting-terrorist-drops-legal-challenge-over-prison-conditions/CMIGKTSLB6C6S3AVSF7XUM2LGA/ https://archive.ph/bAv7U >Tarrant had sought a judicial review, challenging his prison conditions and his "designation as a terrorist entity". >However, a minute just released by the High Court's Justice Geoffrey Venning says Tarrant has now withdrawn his application. >"The informal applications for judicial review are withdrawn by leave. The proceedings are at an end," Justice Venning said.
>>3442 This makes me so mad. It’s so obvious that they forced him to drop this, and likely cut his accomodations or tortured him until he obeyed. I can’t imagine what they are doing to that man daily.
>>3450 Previous media reports from the failed phone call in court hearing mentioned the fact that Brenton had 14 days to proceed further with his judicial review. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/124843490/christchurch-mosque-shooter-not-ready-to-proceed-with-legal-challenge-of-jail-conditions-terrorist-status Those media reports were from April 15. Today, not even ten days later, they say he dropped his perfectly legal request, no explanation given. I'll let you do the math.
Some actual news about Bowers, I am stunned—we’ve really gotten nothing on this dude for the longest time. Unfortunately the news is another delay. Do we still really only have one picture of this guy? Judge Grants Pre-Trial Motion Extension For Robert Bowers >Defense attorneys for Robert Bowers, the accused gunman in the Tree of Life shooting, have been granted a 90-day extension to file pre-trial motions. >- Another delay in the trial of the accused gunman in the Tree of Life Synagogue shootings, Robert Bowers and his defense attorneys have submitted a request for more time. That happened on Sunday. They asked for a 90 day extension for pretrial motions, saying the case is, quote, very complex and that the government intends to seek the death penalty. The judge granted that motion, now shifting the original deadline from tomorrow until July 19. https://news.yahoo.com/judge-grants-pre-trial-motion-201214732.html https://archive.fo/aIyS5
(48.21 KB 640x895 Bowers_young.jpg)
(369.54 KB 1440x2000 Bowers_police_photo_1.jpg)
(72.71 KB 1140x797 Bowers_police_photo_2.jpg)
(3.51 MB 2338x1701 Robert Bowers drawing.jpg)
(52.90 KB 640x360 Robert Bowers drawing 2.jpg)
>>3494 > Do we still really only have one picture of this guy? At least 1 photo from his teenage times and 2 police photos after arrest. + several drawings by court artist
>>3495 Ah, I had forgotten about the one of him as a teen and the mugshot. Looking at those pics of him in a wheelchair in the court drawings, I hope Bowers has healed up well. Apparently he was shot multiple times before surrending to police. Hopefully in good time we will get to see his face again. In many of these cases it has been too long. So many delays and postponements
(139.12 KB 480x466 glowie.png)
>>4215 some mossad faggot claiming to hate jews and ending up killing two Whites "killed two liberals" absolutely based some zionist fag who killed muzzies bases sdavdfkgnsdaoi aljnh gnigger
>>4216 The lives of White liberals and Muslims are worthless.
>>4216 Go away
>>4217 Do we know the people Balliet killed were liberals? it seems to me he just gunned down any random person he saw on the street.
>>4250 Yes. He admitted it and also said he was sorry that he didn't accomplish killing his targeted enemy in the synagogue. This does not change the fact that Balliet still did more than any of us because he at least tried.
(61.37 KB 1024x1024 balliet cartoon.jpg)
>>4250 Balliet made many mistakes, but as the anon above me said - he realized this afterwards and apologized, regardless of whether they were liberals or not. His planning was also second-rate, but in court Balliet did a magnificent job of representing the pro-White cause and caused loads of kvetching. The fact that he showed that even in gun-cucked countries that White men could arm themselves and attempt to fight back was also a great positive to the whole thing.
>>4250 Balliet who was a trannime fag: killed two whitish people. Tarrant who wasn't: Killed 51 shitskins. You decide, White man!
>>4267 And then there is (you) who doesn't even try
>>4267 read >>4217 Balliet didn't fail, actual failure is no action at all. He's a legend.
>>4270 >legend >retard fed plant who can't even kick down a door Dude is either being raped by a nigger in kraut jail or he's having cheeze pizza with israeli kikes.
>>4273 Hey ultra coward or glowie I hope you understand the futility in appealing to emotion over 1 dead leftoid and some dead turk at a kebab shop. Nothing wrong with giving it a shot literally(lol)
>>4273 They have to do everything they can to appeal to emotion here and deradicalize the weak. Some of these posters might even be bots with how predictable their posts are
(297.88 KB 1986x1456 realpicofleftoidshills.jpg)
>>4319 Can't expect much lol this is what these strange demented creatures actually look like.
(24.38 KB 400x400 144967848944.jpg)
>>4321 Are that pic and article real?
>>4324 I think it's fake, but the horrifying thing is that such creatures actually exist in the world we inhabit at this very moment.
(439.10 KB 770x1065 KF.jpg)
>>4326 For being fake it's practically real since apparently leddit is so infested with these mentally ill vile subhumans, there was some drama going on there on a place called "true lesbians" where they had a meetup and a bunch of cockchopping men roleplaying actually showed up to hit on them, the women went back and started discussing the weird perverts and the entire sub got got banned for "promoting hate". It's so fucking hilarious it caused a massive butthurt. 🤡 Wow the butthurt fags even seemed to have removed the fucking hilarious thread from waybackmahine fucking LOL. just a fragment left https://archive.ph/LwxlO
>>4324 >>4326 >>4329 Yeah, only search results were a couple meme sites and these threads conspiracies.win/p/12i3uWvSzA/reddit-behind-the-scenes-grabbed/ www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/me094d/reddit_moderators/
>>83 Fill me in, what did the doorcuck do to to earn the title doorchad?
>>4433 Here’s a few things from the old board: >>Already during the first day of the trial, Balliet shocked those present with his cold-bloodedness, racism, hatred of blacks and jews, as well as his absence of compassion. >He shot the woman in the back first. “I can’t blame her for turning her back on me,” he said. Then he left, but returned to her and shot the helpless woman again. “If you’re doing something, you have to finish it!” >If he hadn’t shot her, “everyone would have laughed at him,” he said. He thus came across the fact that the attack on the synagogue was broadcast live on the Internet. >He told criminalists during the investigation that he originally wanted to attack Muslims, but eventually decided to choose jews as his target because they are “the biggest problem” for “disgruntled White men” like him. >Asked what triggered his talks, he said it was an event in Christchurch, New Zealand last March. “A White man is fighting even if he can’t win. He took it in his hands, “he said. According to him, the event impressed him. “The only way to ensure your existence is to arm yourself and fight,” he said. His speech is full of attacks on jews and “multicultural development” in Germany. “I am one of the men who worked to keep Europe White,” Balliet said. >He rejects German refugee policy. “I’m angry, angry!” He says of the refugees: “They are conquerors.” The judge asked him what personal losses and disadvantages he had suffered because of the refugees. “In Germany, you are not free to express your opinion,” he says. >The trial is taking place under strict security measures in Magdeburg, where the largest courtroom in Saxony-Anhalt is available. Balliet tried to escape from custody this year. https://www.archyde.com/i-had-to-finish-it-the-killer-from-the-synagogue-in-halle-was-shocked-in-court-by-a-cynical-account-of-the-shooting/ >Judges at the Naumburg state court, which met in Saxony-Anhalt state’s capital of Magdeburg for security and capacity reasons, on Monday found him “seriously culpable.” That means he will be effectively barred from early release after 15 years, which is typical for people in Germany given life sentences. >Presiding Judge Ursula Mertens described it as a “cowardly attack” as she announced the verdict, news agency dpa reported. Balliet showed no reaction but took notes. >He apologized to the court for killing the woman, saying that “I didn’t want to kill Whites.” >“You are a fanatical, ideologically motivated lone perpetrator,” she told the defendant. “You are anti-Semitic and xenophobic.” >At the end of Monday’s nearly three-hour court session, Balliet threw an object — apparently a rolled-up file or folder — toward representatives of victims who had joined the trial as co-plaintiffs, dpa reported. Four guards then grabbed the defendant and carried him out of the courtroom. https://apnews.com/article/germany-europe-shootings-judaism-b65cdc03bb566053eb3ca8c1dfc631a7
>>4433 In his plea in the trial against the Halle assassin, the defense attorney advocated a “just punishment”. His client then had the last word. What he said there undermined the efforts of his lawyer. One question ran through the proceedings against Stephan Balliet, the Halle assassin: What is going on in his head - why does he think that way and did he act that way? As soon as he took the floor, he fantasized about world conspiracies directed against “Whites”, an alleged jewish superiority and his “fight” against foreigners and Muslims who pushed “White Germans” into the minority. There was only hatred, only delusion, the 28-year-old always let his madness run free. No reflection anywhere. During the whole process, those involved in the process seemed to be waiting for an answer, for an indication that there was a human impulse, perhaps a word of regret, remorse. "We are all human, we all have to die at some point, no matter what skin color or religion we have", the representative of the Federal Prosecutor's Office tried to draw a bow to the dock at the beginning of the trial. But the accused remained in his self-chosen isolation. He felt that the two victims he had shot were collateral damage and otherwise only regretted not having “shot more jews”. I have nothing to do with your humanity, he seemed to be calling out to the court and everyone else in the room. In addition, Balliet claimed in his closing remarks on Tuesday that the result had already been determined. Previously, the State Security Senate of the Naumburg Higher Regional Court had demanded a life sentence with a particularly serious guilt. A subsequent preventive detention is also in the room, as requested by the federal prosecutor. The defendant remained true to his three-minute closing remarks on the penultimate day of the trial in Magdeburg, described the trial as a “political show trial”, announced that he would continue to fight an alleged “anti-Semitic globalist world conspiracy” and finally denied the Holocaust. "For that he should sit again!" Angry protests by the co-plaintiffs interrupted him. “Stop it”, shouted the lawyers, “take a record of that”, it rang in the direction of the presiding judge Ursula Mertens. One of the lawyers, Alexander Hoffmann, said: "This is a criminal offense, he should sit down again for it!" There was little to defend. According to the old principle “It is not the deed that is defended, but the person”, Balliet's lawyer Hans-Dieter Weber was only able to deal with the legal assessments of the individual acts. His client was too convinced, too fanatical, for any kind of mitigating circumstances to be distilled out of his biography or his statements. https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article222127524/Stephan-Balliet-Zum-Schluss-noch-einmal-Hass.html
>>4433 He also escaped prison briefly but was recaptured. After a lot of his actions in court and stuff like this people warmed up to him a bit for his good performance in court https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/06/05/german-synagogue-shooter-attempts-prison-escape/
>>3495 Interesting that there's still someone who can draw that well out there.
(916.50 KB 1357x1322 bt147.jpg)
>>4438 It is pretty impressive. I'm horrible at drawing. Luckily though we have anons on our side who are able to draw just as well as if not better.
https://www.bitchute.com/video/egahem92xHOP/ Message from the Kommandant regarding Brenton Tarrant
(70.21 KB 672x458 crest table.PNG)
(80.40 KB 566x529 crest table 2.PNG)
(3.17 MB CREST.pdf)
CREST STRIKES AGAIN > close reading of the /pol boards leaves the impression that each possesses its own identity; in other words, each /pol iteration appears to have its own subculture. For instance, whereas some appear to host favorable opinions of Brenton Tarrant, who became a cult “saint” figure, others regularly criticize the Christchurch shooter because he targeted Muslims instead of jews. Overall, while all these /pol boards might be grouped under the very broad common umbrella of right-wing extremism, differences in ideological content and perhaps interaction practices do seem to exist >the table seems to suggest that NeinChan hosts the most extreme content, which is perhaps not surprising given it exists solely on the dark web. A cursory look at this particular board demonstrates that users tend to discuss matters directly related to violent attacks, such as comparing the manifestos of various shooters (with Brenton Tarrant even having his own board aside from the /pol one). https://www.jstor.org/stable/26984798
>>4823 >cuckchan >"donald", "j": 62 >"hasnt", "done": 62 >"done", "anything":61 I laughed
(9.71 KB 156x108 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.02 MB 244x156 rookie.gif)
>jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew
(670.34 KB 640x687 oh shit.png)
(19.09 KB 480x510 153985472586.jpg)
>>4827 I don't get it >>4823 >mfw they only target /pol/ boards and apparently are not interested in /fascist/ Do you think /fascist/ flew under the radar, lads?
(74.89 KB 651x182 ClipboardImage.png)
(113.87 KB 501x245 ClipboardImage.png)
Some funny mentions of 16chan and the recent documentary an anon made about Brenton Tarrant: https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/brenton-tarrant-the-full-film-biographical-documentary-of-the-australian-saint_xR3nyASiIWS4jjY.html https://gnet-research.org/2021/03/24/two-years-on-understanding-the-resonance-of-the-christchurch-attack-on-imageboard-sites/ >>4858 >Do you think /fascist/ flew under the radar, lads? It's weird, because there's almost no way that it could. It seems like they are hyper-focused for the most part on the /pol/ name above all else. It's also possible that since /fascist/ has moved like four times now since August 2019 that researchers keep losing tabs on us until we pop up in a new location. I know we're not totally unknown to them though. We were mentioned in conjunction with Neinchan in a news article from Slate a while back, and even further back on 8chan we were mentioned in an article about that garlic festival shooter for spreading copies of Ragnar Redbeard's book. It can't even be that we're too kosher either, as we are linked directly to arguably the most radical imageboard around right now, i.e. Neuchan / Neinchan and regularly make posts supporting terror attacks and the like. On one hand it may be good that we are obscure, but I also like it when boards I use are mentioned.
(3.95 MB 307x325 15397458844.gif)
>>4865 top kek Why do these all serious lectures about internet posting sound so unbearably cringe to me? I cannot help but laugh. I mean, these people get paid to produce this crap. We truly live in the end times of a civilization. It sucks but at this point I am enthralled at learning where all this will get us into. inb4 genocide
(38.26 KB 438x263 balliet waifu.PNG)
>>4871 The posts here with all of their memeing and irony start to seem extremely surreal when put in the context of dry academic writing. It's pretty jarring and hilarious. Just see pic related discussing Balliet, where they seem to take his stuff about waifus at face value. These humorless fucks have no clue when we are being serious and when we are joking and it's hilarious
>>4446 who painted this?
(251.90 KB 905x1118 bt43.png)
>>4875 Parsifal. He's the same guy who has made all of the little Tarrant cartoons. He posts new stuff occasionally over on Neuchan. Not sure if he posts here but I know he posted in the Neuchan thread on Anon Cafe /fascist/ back when Neinchan was having the shitshow surrounding deradmin
(1.48 MB 1290x720 screw optics.png)
FBI, DHS Cite ‘Kill Count’ Gamification as Key Threat Inspiring Future Domestic Terrorism >Gamification, in which violent extremists liken attacks to video games and try to achieve a high score or kill count, will likely “continue to inspire future plots” along with the societal-collapse ideology of accelerationism, said a joint domestic terrorism report to Congress from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. >“The threat posed by international and domestic threat actors has evolved significantly since 9/11. The greatest terrorism threat to the Homeland we face today is posed by lone offenders, often radicalized online, who look to attack soft targets with easily accessible weapons,” the report said. “Many of these violent extremists are motivated and inspired by a mix of socio-political goals and personal grievances against their targets.” >“Themes like ‘gamification’ and ‘accelerationism’ partly inspired some of the attacks in 2019 and likely will continue to inspire future plots,” the report said. “Gamification is a term where fatality counts in attacks are referred to as ‘scores,’ as the actor desires to accomplish ‘achievements’ or high kill counts. Messaging from RMVEs espousing the superiority of the White race has furthered this narrative by framing previous attacks as resulting in a ‘score.’ Additionally, widely disseminated propaganda on online forums and encrypted chat applications that espouse similar themes regarding kill counts could inspire future attackers to mobilize faster or attempt increasingly lethal and more sophisticated attacks.” >References are also found on these online forums to accelerationism, “a belief amongst some neo-Nazi and/or fascist RMVEs that the current system is irreparable, without apparent political solutions, and hence violent action is needed to precipitate societal collapse to start a race war.” I think they're talking about our memes here kek >The FBI formally created the Domestic Terrorism-Hate Crimes Fusion Cell in April 2019 to handle the crossover between domestic terrorism and hate crimes cases, but doesn’t have full data on how many hate crimes cases evolved into domestic terrorism cases because law enforcement agencies submit hate crimes data to the UCR on a voluntary basis One anon on Neu noted that April 2019 is of course one month after Christchurch. >>“The DHS is committed to expanding its ability to collect DVE and DT information that is publicly available through social media and other platforms, while simultaneously safeguarding privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of all persons, in order to enhance the Department’s ability to rapidly analyze and communicate DVE and DT threats so that policy makers and our homeland security partners are enabled to take appropriate action.” i.e. ZOG is datamining literally everything posted here and on similar sites. https://www.hstoday.us/subject-matter-areas/counterterrorism/fbi-dhs-cite-kill-count-gamification-as-key-threat-inspiring-future-domestic-terrorism/ https://archive.ph/TkDw2
(5.65 MB 854x480 Minecraft_Strategies.mp4)
TARRANT IS BEING TORTURED AND DRIVEN MAD >Jim Thacker wakes in the mornings to the sound of a mass killer talking to himself. >Thacker, president of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, is being held in a high-security segregation unit at Auckland Prison in a cell next to the terrorist who slaughtered 51 people in the 2019 Christchurch mosque attacks. >“When he first got into that unit next to [the terrorist] he reckons he was bragging about all the people he’d killed. It was f...ing with him,” a relative says. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/125293727/mongols-president-jim-thacker-has-been-held-for-eight-months-in-prison-segregation
>>6045 They're spending millions of dollars in security to keep him incarcerated, and while I appreciate his commitment, it's common knowledge to not allow the enemy to capture you alive.
>>6045 Entirely expected. And the principal reason I was quick to join the chorus declaring him a saint. The Passions Of The Tarrant have only just begun. See how he suffers for you, White Man. >>6055 Worked out alright for Nelson mandela. Not saying it's likely he'll be released by a sudden regime change, but having a few martyrs to the cause languishing in jail in every country, will make such an event an inevitability somewhere, on a long enough timeframe. Still, Branton Tarrant never named The jew, always bear this in mind.
>>6058 >Tarrant never named The jew, always bear this in mind. He did. Stop parroting shills' talking points unironically debunked two years ago. He literally said jews are invaders in White countries that must be expelled and that the jews scheming against White countries from Israel are enemies to be dealt with. Anyway, not to sound dramatic or anything, but I never understood the Christcucks' worship of a concept like sacrifice. After Tarrant - who actually sacrificed his life in a real action and for a practical cause - now I do.
>>6058 That's because Nelson Mandela wasn't fighting against evil.
>>6058 >Still, Branton Tarrant never named The jew, always bear this in mind. You have to be willfully ignorant or purposely deceptive at this point to repeat such nonsense
(19.52 KB 775x222 jews.PNG)
(134.88 KB 1439x301 anuda shoah.jpeg)
>>6058 >Still, Branton Tarrant never named The jew, always bear this in mind. He did it.
>>6070 >were/are you antisemeitic >No >a jew living in Israel is no enemy of mine The fuck? How does this not make you guys question him and who he really is? If he's on our side, then he would know that all jews are our enemies whether they're in Israel or not. As matter of fact I would say that this is barely naming the jew.
>>6072 You're so dishonest, read it carefully. It's an impossible condition to meet >A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, NOTICE THAT COMMA, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT BY ITSELF, RETARD >so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people jews are incapable of this
>>6073 >You're so dishonest I'm not dishonest you're asshurt that I question your little e-celeb. the statement is a red-flag and example that Tarrant fails to understand the jewish Question. >so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people This means he's willingly to allow them to live even after what they've done from centuries and fails to acknowledge that the jew was always and will be forever the enemy of the Aryan. Sympathy with the jew is a no go and is impossible. Every NatSoc after WWII knows this and should know this when we've covered mountains of evidence of the evil that is the kike. >jews are incapable of this If you acknowledge this, then why aren't you questioning Tarrant's retardation?
>nitpicking about the semantics about Tarrant's worldview You niggers would find faults even in the Fourth Reich.
>>6078 >nitpicking about the semantics about Tarrant's worldview Ah yes, questioning the behavior, perspective and beliefs of a supposed fascist or White nationalist that contradicts our current beliefs and knowledge is "nitpicking".
(374.09 KB 510x765 tarrant ethnic cleansing.png)
>>6080 > that contradicts our current beliefs >our Don't think I didn't notice this tactic here. Tarrant said nothing that contradicts commonly-held White Nationalist / Fascist beliefs. He saw that European nations were being flooded with non-White immigrants and were outbreeding us and taking over our nations. He wanted to strike back, and therefore chose a mosque directly associated with Islamic extremists / terrorists, slaughtering fifty of these fuckers. He's a hero. He evidently chose to highlight the replacement aspect of what is happening, along with the corporate / environmental concerns at work. It's clear from several sections in his manifesto and from the symbolism he used on his weapons that he was anti-Semitic.
>>6075 >fails to acknowledge that the jew was always and will be forever the enemy of the Aryan The statement is clearly tongue-in-cheek. The entire manifesto is full of memes and absurdities, and only a retard would not think more deeply about what is being said here. You're take it at face-value and not looking at the meaning of the sentence as a whole, integrated line of thought. It is completely impossible for jews not to subvert people, whether they are living among us, or if they are living in Israel. We have millennia of proof for this at this point. Therefore what Tarrant is positing here is about as logical as the existence of square circle. It can't exist, jews can't not subvert. Therefore they are his enemies. It's like saying "A nigger with high intelligence who doesn't steal, rape and hate White people is no enemy of mine!"
>>6081 Then he should have attacked a synagogue instead. Tell me... why did he visit Israel?
(259.99 KB 1504x980 tarrant travel map.jpg)
>>6083 Why did he visit so many Arab countries? Was he false flagging for Muslim sympathy? You know anyone can travel to Israel, right?
>>6081 >Tarrant said nothing that contradicts commonly-held White Nationalist / Fascist beliefs Lol! You're a Tarrant cock sucker >No, I'm not antisemitic >I-I'm only against j-jews if they harm my race! These are bluepilled statements, no fascist would say these things after being redpilled for more than two fucking years of understanding the mentality and spirit of the jew, agent Johnson. >He saw that European nations were being flooded with non-White immigrants and were outbreeding us and taking over our nations. And he says nothing of it being the fault of the jew and why the jew are doing this in the first place. >He wanted to strike back, and therefore chose a mosque directly associated with Islamic extremists / terrorists, slaughtering fifty of these fuckers. If he wanted to truly strike back, then he should of aimed at a synagogue as well. >He's a hero For you. >He evidently chose to highlight the replacement aspect of what is happening, along with the corporate / environmental concerns at work And he failed to prove that the cause of the replacement was done behind the jews and their hatred of White people by attacking only muzzies. >It's clear from several sections in his manifesto and from the symbolism he used on his weapons that he was anti-Semitic >Doesn't mention any notion of the jewish Question within his books and spergy >Shoots a mosque and accelerates the disarmament on Whites and nothing else happens as a results. You do indeed suffer from autism. I wonder if you have any proper counter-arguments that he wasn't a jew and trained by Israel. >The entire manifesto is full of memes and absurdities, and only a retard would not think more deeply about what is being said here. I agree his manifesto does suck ass and is something to be read by a racist child, then someone who takes the White Replacement seriously. He didn't say anything deep, stop deep-throating e-celebs. >You're take it at face-value and not looking at the meaning of the sentence as a whole, integrated line of thought. Lol Tarrant's manifest says nothing of like 99% of your post on here. > It can't exist, jews can't not subvert. Therefore they are his enemies. Then say it like it is and stop pussying it out or being a suspicious glowie. You either name the jew or you're no use to us, we established this before with Tucker Carlson as an example. >It's like saying "A nigger with high intelligence who doesn't steal, rape and hate White people is no enemy of mine!" Which is what I'm arguing against Tarrant about with the >so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people bullshit. I understand this, but apparently you can't get the bigger picture here.
Notice how all of these (1)s pop up ITT to start attacking Tarrant
>>6086 1. This isn't my first time posting on here and you can check it for proof. 2. You can't help IP switching on this board retard. It's still kind of scuffed.
>>6084 Okay, now is there anything that proves that Tarrant isn't a jew and was trained by Israel? We know little about the guy.
>>6085 >These are bluepilled statements, no fascist would say these things after being redpilled for more than two fucking years of understanding the mentality and spirit of the jew, agent Johnson. This has already been explained to you two or three times now, yet you continue to act like no one ever said anything. I can only conclude that you're either retarded, or that you're being purposely (((deceitful))). >And he says nothing of it being the fault of the jew and why the jew are doing this in the first place. If I were him I would have focused on the jew more, but it ultimately doesn't matter. He was calling attention to an issue which is desperately in need of attention, i.e. White Genocide. It's possible he thought that if he made it all about the jew, it would overshadow the emphasis Tarrant was putting on the phenomenon of the Great Replacement itself. It's clear that this was his main motive, given how he named the manifesto itself after this. >You do indeed suffer from autism. I wonder if you have any proper counter-arguments that he wasn't a jew and trained by Israel. Show proof he was a jew and was trained in Israel. I'm waiting. >I agree his manifesto does suck ass and is something to be read by a racist child, then someone who takes the White Replacement seriously. He didn't say anything deep, stop deep-throating e-celebs. I never said his manifesto was a masterpiece. I don't think it's that impressive, honestly. No one would give a shit about it if it was not linked to dozens of deaths. I am merely saying that in certain parts you have to use a modicum of critical thinking (which is hard for you, I know) >'so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people' bullshit. I understand this, but apparently you can't get the bigger picture here. jews can't not subvert. It's that simple. Why would jews stop believing they are the chosen people and suddenly stop trying to fuck us over after millennia of doing so? They wouldn't, and IF Tarrant believed that this could happen, he would be deeply mistaken. Even then I still applaud him for slaughtering Muslims in their terrorist mosque. You should spend more time spreading awareness about jews rather than tearing down White men who sacrificed it all and are now being tortured in a prison cell
>>6088 >prove a negative Retard. The burden of proof is on you
>>6090 >Retard. The burden of proof is on you You're acting and doing the same stupid shit that all shills repeat themselves in, also I wasn't judging Tarrant or anything only trying to confirm that my doubts are wrong. And yes you should disapprove a negative instead of blindly worshipping someone you barely know anything about. We have had too many e-celebs who turned out to be kikes and mutts who only turned out to be massive faggots or controlled-oppositions and fascist/White nationalist circles have it bad. If you can't disapprove a theory wrong, then you shouldn't be calling anyone retarded, because it only makes it even more questionable on who Tarrant really was. Either prove he's not a jew or admit that you're are indeed sucking off a random e-celeb.
>>6083 >>6085 >>6091 All the same poster. Different IDs, hopping onto Tor, just wew
>>6092 >All the same poster. Different IDs, hopping onto Tor, just wew Proof or GTFO.
>>6091 Nah, I'm not going to assume someone is a jew in light of there being absolutely no proof besides you wanting him to be a jew, and that he stepped foot in Israel once as part of a much larger trip Until you have pics of him dressed in an IDF uniform, or wearing a yarmulke, or finding out that he has demonstrably jewish members of his family past or present, etc. you have no ground to stand on.
>>6093 The proof is obvious. Every post is crying about how Tarrant is an 'eceleb', and harping on the same points. He was even called out and forced to backtrack here >>6087, immediately switching to tor afterwards
>>6089 >This has already been explained to you two or three times now, yet you continue to act like no one ever said anything. You didn't explain anything only spout nonsense like a retarded CIAnigger. No true NatSoc or WN believes in compromise with the jew nor gloss over the JQ in the open. You keep calling me deceitful, but you've yet to answer anything I said that would cast all arguments against Tarrant as stupid. >If I were him I would have focused on the jew more, but it ultimately doesn't matter. It does matter you retard, for it's the reason why exist in the first place. You shouldn't gloss over what is actually ULTIMATELY IMPORTANT. >He was calling attention to an issue which is desperately in need of attention, i.e. White Genocide. And he failed and became the jews example that WNs are idiotic and crazy instead of actually doing damage. He only made White genocide clear to the people who know that it is happening, while he became the jew's scapegoat. His attention to White genocide was mocked and he didn't accomplish anything other than throw his life away. Which is what glowies want. >Show proof he was a jew and was trained in Israel. I'm waiting. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/03/16/intel-drop-shooting-real-shooter-fake-jewish-born-freemason-like-brevik/ https://jewishracism.blogspot.com/2019/03/brenton-tarrants-propaganda-of-deed.html?m=1 >I am merely saying that in certain parts you have to use a modicum of critical thinking (which is hard for you, I know) He was literally spouting a bunch of memes and shouting that White Replacement was real. Again he didn't take anything he's done very seriously, which isn't a good look. >jews can't not subvert >Subvert that White Replacement is a hoax to normalfags >Gets away with lies about the holohoax >Takes over Abrahamic religions and place themselves as top of their hierarchy and that Israel is God's heaven >Takes over White countries and push White genocide narratives CIAnigger.jpg >You should spend more time spreading awareness about jews rather than tearing down White men I've been this and trying to save our circles from being subverted once again by faggy e-celebs. You can't even confirm that he's White and make up a bunch of vague statements like low IQ negroid. As a matter of fact telling me how I should worry about the jew is a literal glownigger tactic. >>6092 >I-IP hop! You're stupidity andexcuse my cuckchan lingo, cope knows no limits.
>>6094 >Nah, I'm not going to assume someone is a jew in light of there being absolutely no proof besides you wanting him to be a jew It takes only two sentences to disapprove that someone is a jew, especially if you believe or know that they aren't one. You're resorting to petty excuses and this is proof you do not know anything about Tarrant at all and are worshipping him without any extended or hidden knowledge. >Until you have pics of him dressed in an IDF uniform, or wearing a yarmulke, or finding out that he has demonstrably jewish members of his family past or present, etc. you have no ground to stand on. And the same can be said for you as well, you have no proof that he is indeed a White man outside of mere claims of his background of being born and raised in Australia. Again I'm not saying that he is jew, I'm merely questioning if you can confirm that he is White and has no connections to Israelis at all. >>6095 > Every post is crying about how Tarrant is an 'eceleb', >Multiple people agreeing and arguing with one common place is IP hopping This line of logic fails as both evidence that I'm 9da609 and IP hopping on and off Tor. Again if you don't have concrete and decisive proof that I am who you claim I am, then you're just an idiot with assumptions. >Tarrant isn't an e-celeb >even though he is worshipped everywhere you find a WN circle. Yeah.....right..... > He was even called out and forced to backtrack here >>6087, immediately switching to tor afterwards You are suffering from schizophrenia, and proving to me that you either don't pay attention to the boards or are newfag who found his way on here for some reason. You can go on the rules thread and ask the admin why you see frequent (1)s. Crying out about (1s) appearing on the thread is not evidence that I'm IP hopping, especially when I have only used Tor when I'm posting on imageboards.
>>6097 >>6097 >>Tarrant isn't an e-celeb I just realized what you meant by it being suspicious to call Tarrant an "e-celeb", although he is still worshipped like (((Spencer))) is with his fellow agents. Only that Tarrant had more balls to encourage action and not intellectual garbage.
>>6101 he had jewfro hair, and he said he didnt mind jews living in israel
>>6088 Easy, he's closer to native Brits. You're clearly some kind of strange autist, or Paki, so I'll make it clear. You can outright tell a lot about somebody and the way that they speak. Tarrant is an intelligent man of a poorer, working/middle class background. He holds strong views of what is right and wrong - his fitness shows he has a strong sense of self interest and is a naturally honest man, for better or worse, and is totally confident in his worldview. He found his father dead as a teenager, giving him a "warped" view of violence which simply meant he was more easily able to stomach extreme violence - in the same way that once you're no longer a virgin, you will naturally feel less nervous during sex. Nothing about Tarrant's speech patterns, personality, background, appearance, methods or anything of the sort could be mistaken for anything else. Just as you can hear how a person speaks, you can read how a person writes - and Tarrant writes like an ethnic Brit of a poorer suburban background. Certain rhetorical devices are more common depending on culture, language and how they learned to speak. I'd imagine Australians, who also use British Sign Language and often sound British, use these same devices, which is visible in his fucking Manifesto - such as the "Q&A" structure. Everything I read shows a Brit who spends a lot of time in his own head and clearly thought a great deal about what questions to answer, rather than give an autobiography as Americans like to do.
>>6102 So you have no proof, got it.
>>6102 Yeah, he's native British. Thick, dark hair is common among Brythonic groups, same with his skintone, chimp-like build and face.
>>6105 This, by the way, often comes with one unique feature to native English (Not Anglo-Saxon, pre-Roman English) is in the eyes, one of the few places to find dark-blue eyes without contact lenses.
(8.81 KB 268x188 1518445560.jpg)
>>6096 >Again he didn't take anything he's done very seriously, which isn't a good look. <kill 50 invaders <some guy on a small imageboard says you didn't take it seriously
(75.64 KB 436x494 1.png)
(186.68 KB 1242x899 2.jpg)
(167.48 KB 1920x1080 3.jpg)
(80.60 KB 693x461 4.png)
(58.33 KB 480x375 5.jpg)
Look at the shill lurkers coming out of the woodwork at the newest mention of Tarrant, coming here of all places to parrot 4cuck tier shillnigger arguments repeatedly BTFO in these two years, and unironically posting veterans today (CIAnigger cointelpro fake news site) that was uncovered on 8chan two years ago. Absolutely fucking disgraceful.
(669.28 KB 574x574 uaf.png)
>>6115 The truth you cowards keep hiding from is that we will have peace only when the traitors and the enemies of our people are dead. They will no longer be so brave when they understand their treason has real consequences. Enough violence and the problem of traitos be solved. Because our political prospects are made nonexistant by ZOG just like Hamas in Palestine, however there's a lot more of us than there are traitors and their parasites. Tarrant and everyone like him is a hero, will be remembered forever in our hearts. Death to ZOG. Death to Traitors. Heroes will be honored forever.
>>6101 You literally can't read. > There are multiple confirmations of advance notification and involvement by members of the New Zealand police authority who belong to Freemasonry. This is identical to the Norway shooting under Anders Brevik, which was also a Freemason “sponsored” event. As you remember, Brevik was allowed to buy fertilizer, own an assault rifle, attend training with neo-Nazi and pro-Zionist (now one in the same) organizations in Europe, which our “caught” shooter, Brenton Tarrant has done also. >Tarrant’s travels took him through much of Europe, North Korea, India and Japan. Last year, he described Pakistan as “an incredible place filled with the most earnest, kind hearted and hospitable people in the world”. >The 28-year-old, fake, 42-year-old boy of two British parents of jewish origin who fled his family from the occupied territories after the 1948 war to Britain and then to New Zealand and stayed for 11 years and then settled for residency in Australia and obtained Australian citizenship in 1970. >>6103 >You can outright tell a lot about somebody and the way that they speak. Yeah I can perfectly tell that Tarrant is either a coward or a kike himself with the hole "I'm fine with jews as long as they are in Israel!" which is something that always exposes fags and subversive in our circles. >Tarrant is an intelligent man of a poorer, working/middle class background. He holds strong views of what is right and wrong - his fitness shows he has a strong sense of self interest and is a naturally honest man, for better or worse, and is totally confident in his worldview. You literally do not a single thing about the guy outside of his own claims that he's an White Auzzie and was born from a White family. The only reason why you're saying this is because he boosted your autistic egos and made you retards think that you can battle against Zog by shooting up Mosques, even though it was the jew who brought them into our lands in the first place and Tarrant isn't even specifically stating this like an intelligent and brave fascist would do. But Tarrant for someone reason gets a free pass and needs to be shilled everywhere I find fascists from forums to imageboards. No one has yet to confirm that he isn't controlled opposition, because of what he's supposedly done even though CIAniggers have shot masses just to illude people that White supremacy is killing people and not kikes and niggers. Again you're an idiot making shit up like the other retard. Tarrant made no mistakes he's either a coward or likes jews, unless they fuck with Whites. (((Charles Martel))) being printed on his rifle should drawn suspicion that he may be a kike as well. >>6105 Ah so Britons naturally look likes kikes is what you're saying as your poor excuse? >>6126 >wojack You still haven't counter-argued anything I said further proving that Tarrant posters are low IQ shills. Tarrant is a coward or a kike, disprove me wrong or face the facts.
>>6141 Yeah you're a fucking mong, I explained that for Americans who may not be sure how to differentiate different ethnicities. He speaks with the same "Not my business" method common among the 100,000,000 or so Brits, Aussies, NZers, Irish, some Canadians, South Africans, even HK Chinese which is observable both in their speech and in their writings. People with no strong opinions on something which they don't fully understand, while confident in other things, are self aware of their own limitations. >There are multiple confirmations of advance notification and involvement by members of the New Zealand police authority who belong to Freemasonry. So you're blaming the Orange Order? They haven't been a "thing" since '97
>>6142 >are self aware of their own limitations. This is rarer among other cultures, even Americans, who may try to convince the person that they know more about the chosen subject. As far as I'm aware, some other Europeans do this but it's very much a British habit in my experience. The other giveaway is opting for more "sophisticated" words to appear more "serious" in tone, which Americans tend to do to appear sophisticated. >Auzzie You're not a native English speaker, are you?
>>6141 meant for >>Auzzie You're not a native English speaker, are you?
>>6144 The blatant failure to spell "Aussie" denotes not only poor English skills, but absolutely no differentiation between America and other English-speaking countries. Since you don't understand basic capitalisation, this shows me you don't speak any European language natively. Your focus on jews makes me think you're a Paki, since you don't seem to follow any real structure and there's no "rhythm" to your words. This would make sense, since "This is identical to the Norway shooting under Anders Brevik" makes no strict grammatical sense, and iirc Urdu uses "Under" to describe this sentence.
>>6145 >>6144 >>6143 >>6142 In conclusion, >>6141 is just some butthurt Muslim. His English is lacking, his foreskin is gone and he's angry about it.
>>6141 You're wasting your time. Somebody who outright calls himself pro-Zionist (Breivik) and says that we have common cause with israelis multiple times in his manifesto will be defended by the people on this board. Just like how Qboomers believe Trump was playing 4D chess, they'll say Breivik was doing something similar. I will say though, that there's no chance Tarrant is a jew. That Veteran's Today article is unsourced horsehit, which just makes wild claims without proof. The other article you linked is by Bjerknes, a kike who thinks Hitler was a Zionist. He's a moron that peddles spurious propaganda originating from Strasser and other traitors. >>6145 If I were to play your game, I'd say the spacing in your posts and your hyper-focusing on grammar indicates that you're a redditor >Your focus on jews makes me think you're a Paki kek, I guess everyone on this board is a paki then.
(replying to my own post) >>6147 >Just like how Qboomers believe Trump was playing 4D chess, they'll say Breivik was doing something similar. Which still doesn't make sense. You'd think he'd realize his "sales narrative" would be invalidated by his direct actions; that people would be more likely to dismiss his ideas due to the shooting, rather than by any criticism of the jews in his manifesto.
>>6147 Whereas I suspect many boards have some, there's a difference between the approach of "These people are a threat" and the zealous approach. The zealous approach is most common among Muslims - a singleminded approach and an almost-personal vendetta against Tarrant. The type of venomous hatred you'd expect to see against jews isn't present here - on the contrary, most posters seem to shy away from describing violence and given the option, would simply choose to have jews vanish to another world rather than go through the hassle of killing them. Zealous posters stick out because they appear to hold personal animosity towards an abstract concept, whereas most posters speak about jews as an abstract antagonist. In truth, jewish opponents are outnumbered by Gentiles - solving the jewish Problem would not fix the structural problems which have allowed not only jews, but Arabs, Pakis, fucking Indians, Nigerians, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, endless cliques which undermine our societies on a global scale. Our focus on legal fairness has allowed dozens of conspiratorially-minded groups to proliferate, similar to the Irish and Italian mobs of the USA. It's mostly coincidence that jews have been so successful - they made some ridiculously risky gambits over the last 400 years, and the jews of today are their direct descendents.
>>6149 jews. Is there a capitalisation filter going on here?
>>6150 The world filters here capitalize White and make jew lowercase
>>6148 I personally don't subscribe to that direct action method. It's a harrowing display of violence used as an exclamation point, but you don't earn public support through that - terrorism is only part of the Problem to solve. The winning strategy combines vigilantism, policing, terrorism, finances, media, activism, all in parts depending on exact circumstances. All blend into one course of action, each one requiring different expertises to succeed in. The appropriate course of action would be to begin as vigilantes, since this is often the action which would earn the most public favour and would reduce the public favour towards the state. Americans could easily handle this with a few hundred dollars - to create either the illusion or the reality of vigilantism. The IRA did this a lot. The PIRA would simply buy a van in cash, or steal one, or sometimes carjack a target, press a sawn-off into their back through the car, force them to drive to a location and kill them there. They would either have found the guy dealing, or "found" the guy dealing, executed him to the applause of their audience, the Irish, while the police could only sit there and say "w-we couldn't find enough e-evidence, h-how dare you" If I'm not mistaken the IRA did film this occasionally but they didn't see the extreme violence as fitting for their society - modern American society is different. >>6152 That seems like it'd be more annoying than useful.
>>6141 >Tarrant is a coward or a kike, >disprove me wrong or face the facts >face the facts Chaim this shilling will not work here. We will not disavow any martyrs so you can be feel good about concern trolling or being the weak little cow you are, infected by this pathethic false morality that will for some reason not even allow you to mentally accept violence. Violence is fine, violence solves all problems. The murder of enemies of our race isn't a problem, in-fact it's defense because their criminal actions already, most importantly genocide demand them dead as they really are waging a war on all White nations, in contrast a similar claim of genocide(although unproven) by the USA resulted in America bombing civilian cities in Serbia with in the 90's. For some reason, that was fine, but only because it was ordered by jews in the American congress, a pathetic husk of a pedophile government which now worships gay niggers. Do you think that we don't know many countries(ZOG) have since WW1 for virtually no reason ordered their people to murder and maim a hundred million people "in the name of democracy" already-- So, then, by this same logic it is perfectly fine to defend ourselves by violence in the name of race and it's survival, and as it's defense even more valid, it's just that you are a sycophant and a coward who will let untold amount of White children like Charlene Downes or Ebba Akerlund be raped and gruesomely killed by shitskin invaders just so you can keep consuming, stuffing your face, just so you can keep doing what the system which create all our problems, allows and let's all this happen says, That is your problem, coward. Not ours. It's you, a shameless filthy coward. We have all rights to defend ourselves from this tyrrany of jews, traitors, and invaders and they should die for their genocidal actions against our nation and peoples because no court will persecute them for their complicit in crimes such as their breach of the Genocide Convention charter.
>>6154 >into their back through the car (seat) To continue, usually the target would be stalked until he got his keys and went to his car. Then he'd find a man having walked up behind him and opened the car behind, while threatening him into driving to a predetermined location. The PIRA were usually very clean, making use of industrial equipment to destroy evidence. This is because both the Irish and the British are not especially violent people, and most were ashamed of brutality and made attempts to hide it. >>6155 >The murder of enemies of our race isn't a problem, in-fact it's defense This is what I meant by >>6149 The type of venomous hatred you'd expect to see against jews isn't present here Most sane people see it as self defense, and most sane people would see it as self defense provided they didn't have trillions of dollars spent on trying to keep as much information away from them as possible.
>>6148 >You'd think he'd realize his "sales narrative" would be invalidated by his direct actions; that people would be more likely to dismiss his ideas due to the shooting, rather than by any criticism of the jews in his manifesto. Well, we now know ten years after this happened, and after other shooters like Tarrant, that this isn't the way to approach things. I think regardless of what one thinks of these shooters, we can at least agree on that. This sales narrative strategy was seen as a failure even by Breivik, and all it does is bring out shills against you online if you attempt to do something like this. In truth Breivik's manifesto is a disaster due to this, and while Tarrant's is better, the lack of direct focus on jews has brought about stuff like what we see ITT. >>6154 >That seems like it'd be more annoying than useful. The only annoying one is the jew one. I like the White one. Maybe I will change it and let people do it themselves here soon.
>>6156 *car door behind the drivers' seat >>6157 It only annoys me because I like to see how people think by how they type. It makes me feel far closer to you all than reading it at face value would.
>>6158 It's a double-edged sword, because sometimes it makes newfags mad and flip out when they see when it autocorrects it Not calling you a newfag, but I've seen some bunkerchan retards sperg over it before
>>6159 Honestly I'm "new" to this board but have been around these communities for my entire adult life. Each one has its own distinct subculture - I'm not a fan of filters on principle, but I don't feel strongly about changing board cultures for minor reasons.
(603.91 KB 787x564 tarrant and hitler.png)
>>6141 >Tarrant is a coward You're sound a lot like a normalfag right now, and that is good proof that you might be a CREST researcher or some sort of deradicalization shill. What Tarrant did is the opposite of cowardice. It took nerves of steel. He realized that there was something greater than his own individual existence, and that it was worth 'throwing away' his life for. And that is what he did. He armed himself and exterminated the enemies of our people, exterminated them unflinchingly. Massacring dozens of people is the opposite of cowardice. >or a kike No evidence and there never will be :^)
(2.50 MB 480x360 moredemocracy.mp4)
>>6149 >solving the jewish Problem would not fix the structural problems which have allowed not only jews, but Arabs, Pakis, fucking Indians, Nigerians, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, endless cliques which undermine our societies on a global scale. It absolutely does solve the problems, kill jews with their banks media control and nepotism, kill their freemason politicians(very important), kill their democracy, take their control evil power away from them. They are not that many, and they are cowards. They would never be able to stop a formless people's army, and if everyone did a brevik at once no more problems, enough freemason traitor politicians advocating or allowing genocide killed for their crimes would make their policies socially unacceptable. That being said Germany however without a real revolution which saved time and they transformed themselves from a bankrupt degenerate society to a flourishing one in under 10 years. They did the impossible by historical standards, just by removing the jewish cancer.
>>6157 I'm well aware of his letters, and there's no reason to trust them over his manifesto. You're essentially telling me to arbitrarily dismiss the direct words and meaning of the one, while accepting the other. If he was lying for optics (to attract the public) in one, why wasn't he lying for optics (to attract people like us) in the other? I shouldn't take the manifesto on face value, but I should take his letters on face value? Of course, this explanation still ignores the obvious; by executing pinko faggots, you contravene any "sales narrative" you hoped to achieve. Arguments like this, however, ultimately lead nowhere. We've already traversed these same exact arguments, back and forth, on anon.cafe.
>>6165 They didn't just remove Jews. They removed almost all other cliques and actively removed opportunistic cliques when they found them, within their own party.
>>6166 >>6165 I don't see the point of arguing over the useless semantics so long as everything fulfills the same purpose. I think more of a focus on movement and self-sufficiency, tactics, is needed. You know what would have made Tarrant even more effective? If it took the NZ police two weeks and twenty million to find him.
(30.19 KB 600x413 gungnir odin breivik.jpg)
>>6166 Well I don't think the argument is entirely based off of the question of whether to take the manifesto more seriously or the letters from afterwards. There is some evidence outside of this that points towards Breivik potentially being more similar to the post-attack Breivik than one would think at first. For example there is the fact that he attacked the island with the names of the weapons of the Norse gods etched into his weapons. This is not a very Christian thing to do, and it aligns with his Odinism in prison. I believe he also called his outfit for the attack 'Loki's armor' from one account that I read. He also had an account on Stormfront, so he was clearly associating with NatSocs and those awake on the JQ before his attack. Anyway, none of that is definitive or anything, and we have had this same argument hundreds of times kek
(21.56 KB 474x424 image_proxy.jpeg)
>>6168 >I think more of a focus on movement and self-sufficiency, tactics, is needed. You know what would have made Tarrant even more effective? If it took the NZ police two weeks and twenty million to find him. Well as you can see the belgian has not removed anything so far on his camping trip, so no loss to ZOG but face, minorly. Cost to some zogbot golems getting a free drill does literally nothing. Actually all it does is to prepare potential targets. >movement and self-sufficiency Movement is good but this alone will likely not do anything without weapons and use of force at least the preparedness of that should things not go their way because zog will ban, all things considered tech luddite outward facing cells would probably be best as long as they are actually radical and keep commuting to propaganda or attacks. Because ZOG will NOT ALLOW a people's party to flourish either, if it does they ban it or falsely arrest all members for earshot or arrest political party's great leader: The base USA, UK, Finland, Hungary, and more. Most likely will jail all dissidents soon under the "great reset" that's why they are building all those camps known in Germany and Canada, they will jail political dissidents, probably next financial meltdown which will be intentionally like 1929 or worse. Notice how America is already declaring all self aware White people "White extremist terrorists" that's why at this point every White person alive now must be armed with AT LEAST one or two slam bang shotguns and some shells. With the state of this world if you are not organized, at least mentally you will for sure just do nothing, do such things as letting them arrest you so they can do whatever they want with you like in USSR days. If any note:new political movement or organization should happen these days in 2021 it must be backed up with a clear idea of revolution and actual force or high preparedness of said or it will fail due to ZOG and be futile, bark with no bite does not work. Exactly why the local conservacuck party scares no one, they know what to fear. You can go try to get self sufficient by buying land, obtain weapons by any means, cache said weapon, store food and valuables all you want, that won't make a fucking difference if you're not gonna do anything. It would be selfish if you dont. Because of jews and White genocide with birthrates it would be futile even if we had at least 8 kids each many nations can not keep up with the open sluice gate of shit skinned trash and that is the truth. America already has a majority nonWhite shitkids now. That's why the actual solution is that enough of the enemies especially traitor politicians and jews were removed from the face of this earth. Also Remove enough shitskins to make them fear us and destabilize multiculturalism so that the policy fails and we can get a race war. The truth is should anyone be smart enough with opsecs, exexexesplolololosifs, seemingly random attacks or some big fire vandalism and they probably won't even be caught.
>>6176 The Belgian is overrated right now, but he is doing great at PR. Hasn't fired a single shot, yet the state is now brazenly proving to its public how much it fears them, while they drag their feet at every opportunity when it concerns none-Whites terrorising Whites. The group to study are the PIRA, specifically. If you do things right, you'll find Leftists will try to coopt your movement. This is fact, and the 1992 "Night of the Long Knives" was how they handled it. What we have discovered is that "Innawoods" will fail. That Belgian is not in any woods. I reckon he had a second vehicle parked in the woods, abandoned his vehicle and took a second vehicle out of the woods. He's probably parked in a car park in Brussels, waiting to attack. A small bucket, some bags of jerky and multivitamins, some oats, all you'd need would fit into a small van. A bed, a bucket for shitting in and a lot of bottles of water. Move every few days and you could stay like that for weeks - travel at night, sleep during the day, or even just blend into daytime traffic. Imagine that, but without your face being known.
>>6179 To go into detail - the Provos used a variety of tactics to stay hidden, and camping out in the woods wasn't exactly one of them - it sort-of was, but they actually just lived more like gypsies. Many were gypsies, infact, "Irish Travellers" (I'll just say gypsy from now on, not Roma though) This fact is the key to your success - there's a reason this is not widely known. The PIRA would use vehicles and live like gypsies in mobile campsites - many being gypsies, knew full well how to live on the move, and being able to hide in vehicles for prolonged periods of time was essential for their success. It meant that the state couldn't get enough men to perform checks, and they'd have to check every single vehicle in the country to figure out who exactly is staying in the vehicle for longer than a journey.
>>6129 Your reading comprehension needs some work anon.
It's real hypocritical how you cried about someone samefagging in this thread, while doing the same thing in a form of absolute butthurt.
>>6129 This. (((They))) openly admit it on their media, btw https://www.politico.eu/article/belgium-jurgen-conings-manhunt-culture-war/ >Almost three weeks on, Conings is still on the run, but Belgians now view him as something more significant than just a crazy lone gunman. The true shock-factor of the case is that tens of thousands of people have rallied to support him >Politicians and opinion leaders erupted in outrage. Where did this support for an extreme-right terrorist come from? >Van Grieken stressed that those frustrations have no outlet. Last week, members of a radical right-wing organization were sentenced to six months in jail for incitement to hatred and violence because of a banner that said “Stop Islamization.” The government is also trying to fix a loophole in the law to make prosecution for hate speech easier. “People are told what to do by politicians they didn’t elect,” Van Grieken said. “They are not allowed to demonstrate, they get convicted for statements and are censored on social media … People feel like they are being muzzled. That’s a dangerous combination.” >Conings’ case ties into wider fears across Europe that the military is a fertile breeding ground for far-right extremists, who can gain access to weapons. >The nightmare scenario for European security forces is that the heavily armed Conings could follow other ‘lone wolf’ types who became infamous by perpetrating acts of mass violence like Anders Breivik or Brenton Tarrant
>>6201 Conings has really set himself up here to become god-tier if he plays his cards right. These lockdowns and really everything tied to Covid is an absolute goldmine for us nationalists, fascists, WNs, etc. I am surprised that the wave following Tarrant actually died down during 2020-21. Part of the reason might have been because there were less people out, or maybe it fizzled out after a strain of low-quality attacks such as in Baerum and Halle, but any serious accelerationist can look at Covid and see that there is a lot of room for good things here. Conings seems to see this. The question is what he does now. They know that he is extremely dangerous to them.
>>6201 >those frustrations have no outlet We don't want an outlet. We want our countries back you fucking kike. Godspeed Conings
>>6235 It's really telling how they describe as "grievances" the perspective of White people being literally cleansed from their own lands.
>>6237 This is only one way they hide information. The USA is better for this, but they try to control past information massively. For example, how many terrorist attacks against White civilians have been conducted by Muslims? You'd assume there'd be some running tally somewhere.
>>6383 There used to be a web tracker on that and in general the world back in the day, muzzie shitskins carry out something like over 3 terror attacks every day globally. I cannot remember the site though, if anyone else remembers it'd still be reachable by wayback machine. https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx?Yr=2021 Got it.. Features stuff never actually reported(and barely doesn't count you fucking kikes its a national outrage) such as > 2021.05.04 France Mérignac 1 0 A woman is honor-killed by her strict husband, who shoots her in the street and then burns her alive. > 2021.04.23 France Paris 1 0 A mother-of-2 is stabbed twice in the throat by an Allah-praising Tunisian migrant. >2021.03.03 Sweden Vetlanda 0 7 A migrant attacks victims along a city street with an axe. > 2021.05.04 France Mérignac 1 0 A woman is honor-killed by her strict husband, who shoots her in the street and then burns her alive. 2020.06.20 England Reading 3 1 A migrant from Libya yells praises to Allah and "victory over infidels" as he stabs three innocents to death in a park.
(77.89 KB 742x768 kid dies twice "covid".jpg)
>>6237 It really is.
>>6386 It really goes to show how overblown the terror threat of 'White supremacism' is compared to the daily Muslim attacks carried out, which top the score of our attackers from the last year or so within a week or so every week. What a shame. If wanted to report on Muslim savagery there would be rioting in the streets over these people. That of course does not further the White genocide agenda. Dar al-Harb will be destroyed for the Jews.
>>6201 Conings is the best thing to happen this year. I hope he manages to brutally, and painful murder an important jew rat before he gets captured. Glad to finally see some ex-military make a stand, it's a shame there aren't more doing the same considering how they've been used and discarded.
>>6506 > it's a shame there aren't more doing the same considering how they've been used and discarded. It really is. If Conings does have a good run though, ZOG will get really worried. I could see a lot of military copycats trying to do something similar. Even if he never gets caught it's bad for them.
>>6506 We can help him. Everyone from there and who also speaks the language from the area should call in false reports just to mess with ZOG saying that they've seen him and shit. Just using voips. Even english could probably work but thatd be sused faster. How can we meme this?
Four members of a Muslim family were killed in a "premeditated" vehicle attack https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57390398
>>6562 >We grieve for the family, three generations of whom are now deceased." Noice. Can’t wait to see what else we learn about this. About time we have a happening
(59.01 KB 621x615 1623092940444.png)
>>6562 S to spit on invaders' graves. Meanwhile, on Jew York Times kikes gloat about White Genocide while simultaneously rubbing into our faces that accelerationism is right for me but not for thee goyim, teehee. https://archive.is/FLvwQ
(1.11 MB 260x186 cen4.gif)
>>6567 The average newspaper-reading golem probably can’t even see these contradictory messages are being blasted at them. >Oy vey there’s no genocide! >Here’s why White people are declining, and why it’s a good thing! Also S Unfortunately because this new accelerationist’s name is Veltman tons of shills will claim he is a Jew
(229.15 KB 435x463 accelerate.png)
>Veltman appeared to be wearing a “body armour-like” vest when police arrested him in a mall parking lot after he sped away from the scene. >Paige Martin, who witnessed the aftermath of the attack, said she thought it was initially “an erratic driver”. >As she drove closer, she saw a chaotic scene of first responders, police – and bodies lying on the ground. “I can’t get the sound of the screams out of my head,” Martin told the Associated Press (AP). https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/07/canada-killings-london-ontario-motorist-targeted-muslims-police
>>6591 Shame, he gave so much for so little. How long before somebody starts actively shooting at coppers?
>>6593 Give it time. This is basically the low intensity stage of the race-war. These minor attacks will probably become more frequent. For most of the time Whites have been passive, but of course in the last few years we've seen more and more attacks like this. >>6594 Praise him! I can't wait to make memes and icons for him.
(46.46 KB 232x392 ClipboardImage.png)
Meme magic make it true...
>>6598 Random muslim family jaywalked across the road, and a freak accident happened. There is no way this could have been a planned attack. I see muslim women with their children cross the jaywalk across the road where there are cars quite a bit in my town.
>>6602 How do you explain what he was wearing? See: >>6591
>>6603 >"There is no known previous connection between the suspect and the victims," Det Supt Waight said, adding that the suspect was wearing a vest that appeared to be "like body armour". It is entirely possible the guy was just wearing a regular spring vest, and witnesses reported they "thought it might be body armor" and the media is selectively quoting shit to make it sound like he was, in fact, wearing armor
>>6604 Definitely possible, we'll have to see. I wouldn't discount the possibility that they could be just using some accident to push an anti-White narrative until the actual info comes out in the near future, and by that time most of the lemmings would merely not go look at it again and would just remember the 'White terrorist' narrative.
>>6604 Question from Dale Carruthers/The London Free Press >Witnesses reported that the suspect was wearing body armor at the time of his arrest. Can you confirm this? Det.-Insp. Paul Waight (long pause) >He was wearing a [uh] a vest that appeared to be like body armor https://london.ctvnews.ca/police-say-driver-intentionally-crashed-into-muslim-family-in-london-ont-killing-4-1.5458887
Casting doubt on the body armor claim until I see photos of him in it.
>>6608 Globohomos are fast to cast "hate crime" accusation. I tend to call bullshit on this. If the guy had a body armor and intended to do harm, I would've expected a premeditated act like ramming a large gathering of invaders (like open air prayer time, for example). This doesn't look premeditated thing like Saint Bissonette. It was just an accident and canadian globohomo needs a distraction from the Great Reset and the extermination of White canadians taking place, so they exploited a single incident where White guy happened to hurt muslim passers-by.
(54.55 KB 260x256 crusius.png)
(73.46 KB 260x255 earnest.png)
(31.26 KB 766x538 image.png)
(100.75 KB 260x255 tarrant.png)
More "extremism research" based on the false assumption that White Genocide is a conspiracy, and that in-group preference shown by White freedom fighters is inherently evil. https://gnet-research.org/2021/06/07/the-role-of-conspiratorial-narratives-in-the-violent-radicalisation-of-right-wing-lone-actors/ https://archive.ph/Kqjfn
(123.88 KB 804x1024 ameripoz.jpg)
>>6618 LOL It's freaking hilarious how most of this "research" is basically some amerigolem mutt's thinly veiled marxist/leftist academic seething contempt oy veying and kvetching over us freedom fighters. They've admitted it's real themselves multiple times, and not a "conspiracy." of course they would, In america the government is openly far left extremist, genocidal nigger worshipping maniacs ordered around by psychotic jewish maniacs and they do literally all they possibly can to subvert other nations. Now If it were even allegedly happening to uyighurs, tibetans, muslims in kosovo or again jews, they would kvetch to high heaven and say how "Omg international community this genocide is terrible stop it!!!" But just because it's happening to White people they all kvetch in unison "it's a conspiracy!"(heretic!!!) because it gives us agency, casus belli. The fact is we're justified.
(61.68 KB 474x349 88 miles.jfif)
Nathaniel Veltman lived alone, neighbors say he 'played video games very loud' >While the suspect does not have a criminal record and is not known to be a member of any hate group, his neighbors have said that he was an odd person. Speaking to the London Free Press on Monday night, June 7, some neighbors at his apartment building described Veltman as a person who rarely interacted with others. >One neighbor, who only identified herself as Chelsea, said that she had had arguments with him over “constant noise” from his home, where he allegedly lived alone. “I had a lot of fights with him and had to bang on his door and ask him to stop because I have a four-year-old and it was just constant, even, like, at 3 am,” she said. >Another neighbor, on condition of anonymity, said that Veltman, who had lived at the address for about a year, “just looked like a nerdy White kid, I guess, who played video games very loud.” >In the March 2019 mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, Brenton Tarrant, the man who carried out the deadly assault, was found to have expressed racist views. He was also found to be an avid Internet user and online gamer, who had few childhood friends. Aside from that, as an adult, he reportedly rarely made long-lasting relationships with people outside of his immediate family. https://meaww.com/nathaniel-veltman-lonely-gamer-who-killed-muslim-family-neighbors-comment Gamers rise up!
Alleged photos of Veltman
>>6662 >>6679 Absolutely based! Did he write a manifesto and is there footage of his attack?
>>6680 There is nothing. Media and Canadian ZOGosexuals from government jumped on this 5 minutes after it happened, labeled it terrorism with zero proofs and immediately pushed the "need to persecute right wing terrorist groups" (that do not exist, let alone in Cucknada), which is of course is just a code word for the persecution of White people under the Great Reset communist coup waged upon Cucknada. This is imo the case of a random incident immediately exploited by ZOG as an excuse to accelerate persecutory policies against White people.
>>6679 I mean, come the fuck on. This poor guy is almost 100% a patsy, assuming this shit actually happened to begin with
(664.18 KB 1242x1593 1623220730541.jpg)
>>6684 Forgot pic
>>6684 >>6685 Do you really think that ZOG is not going to say that it will respond to terror attacks? I would be surprised if Trudeau said nothing, or that he would do nothing at all. When someone strikes, the enemy will strike back. Most of these ‘far-right’ groups literally do shit except for putting up posters and getting beat on by Antifa. This alone shows that they aren’t even trying to fix the ‘problem’. People like Veltman appear like a bolt out of the blue and kill a bunch of people with zero warning. They’re not even affiliated with these groups. We have to realize that ZOG is going to exterminate us no matter what we do. And if absolutely nothing of any kind is done, they will exterminate us slowly. It’s a lose-lose situatuon unless good positive action of some sort (not necessarily involving violence, mind you) is taken. All this said, this theory >>6683 is not impossible at this point unless we have more evidence
More White children harassed by lugenpresse for shitposting on the telegram honeypot. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/christopherm51/neo-nazi-feuerkrieg-division-returns-recruiting-us https://archive.ph/9x8Bd >An international neo-Nazi group is again actively recruiting extremists in the United States and Europe. >The Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), which was founded in late 2018 by a 13-year-old boy from Estonia and was composed of mostly young men before it announced its dissolution in February 2020, resurfaced on the messaging app Telegram in May. >At the same time, FKD recruiting leaflets and propaganda posters began appearing on the streets of Estonia, Bulgaria, and other European countries. “Strive for the collapse” and “join the revolution,” read digital and physical propaganda posters created by the group that were adorned with swastikas and skull-masked figures carrying bloodied assault rifles and doing the Sieg Heil salute. >Moreover, FKD also announced on Telegram that it had forged a partnership with the US-based Injekt Division, a neo-Nazi community founded by a Texas man arrested last month for allegedly planning a mass shooting at a Walmart >In encrypted Telegram channels and chats accessed by BuzzFeed News, FKD members discussed the process of recruiting and vetting US citizens. >While FKD is not banned in the US, a member of Congress is pushing the Biden administration to label the group as a “foreign terrorist organization.” FKD was proscribed as a terrorist group by the British government in July last year. >BuzzFeed News was unable to verify whether the “Commander” behind the FKD reboot was the same Estonian teenager previously running the group. But an extremism researcher who closely followed the group previously and an expert who helped European authorities investigate the teen also said the behavior of the person behind the “Commander” Telegram account and channel matches that of the boy who ran them before. Remember that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny.
>>6736 >the US-based Injekt Division, a neo-Nazi community founded by a Texas man arrested last month for allegedly planning a mass shooting at a Walmart How many of these fucking 'Divisions' are there now? And why are all so ineffectual? I'm glad there's so many people interested in forming groups but they talk big game while doing nothing.
(442.77 KB 455x395 ClipboardImage.png)
Suspect in alleged London hate killings laughed during arrest: Witness >The man charged in an alleged hate-motivated attack that killed four family members in London laughed as police arrested him in a mall parking lot, a traumatized taxi driver who witnessed the arrest told his boss. >The pickup driver was wearing what appeared to be a bullet-proof vest, a military-style helmet and clothing that perhaps had swastikas on it, Savehilaghi said he was told by the cabbie. "Perhaps had swastikas" Haha >“It was damaged with blood,” Savehilaghi said of the pickup’s front end, adding the cab driver said he thought the vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run and called 911. >Police have confirmed the driver was wearing a body-armour-style vest at the time of his arrest, but a police spokesperson declined to say whether he was also wearing anything depicting swastikas. FRIENDS AND CO-WORKERS WEIGH IN >“Nate is not a radical terrorist. He is nothing like that. He is not an Islamophobe. That’s not who this kid is,” said one friend. >The friend, who hails from the Middle East, said he never heard Veltman say a bad thing about the Middle East or Muslims. “Nate was a very close friend and never said anything bad to me,” the man said. >Another friend said Veltman “never said anything hateful” about any groups. >“He’s Christian and has a great relationship with God. . . . He was always pretty calm towards other people,” that friend said. >Only a few weeks ago, Veltman went fishing with friends and seemed to them as happy as ever, the co-worker said. A photo from that trip shows a smiling Veltman showing off his catch. >This past Thursday – three days before the fatal attack – Veltman was having trouble with the steering of his new truck, the co-worker said. “I actually drove with him on Thursday.” >He said on Friday, Veltman asked him to finish his work for him because a family member, maybe his grandmother or great-grandmother, had died, the man said. >“He seemed broken up over it on Friday. That’s the last time I saw him.” >Other co-workers were shocked Monday to learn of the arrest, the man said. “He’s not a violent guy. He’s a bit high-strung sometimes, but other than that, he’s a good guy. He gets along with everybody at work.” https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/who-is-nathaniel-veltman-accused-in-alleged-london-hate-killings https://archive.fo/hzOlW This story is very strange. The cabbie said he was laughing as he got out of his blood-splattered car and that he was wearing body-armor that 'perhaps had swastikas on it'. But then on the other hand his friends seem to act like this guy would never do anything like this and was a good little Christcuck. And then to add on to this, one of the friends quoted even mentions that Veltman was having trouble steering his truck and was broke up over his grandmother dying. This means one of two things, I would say. This dude is a 4D-chess master in that he planted these little seeds and timed his attack in accordance with all of this in order to effect subsequent reporting and evidence gathered from friends, or this really is just an accident of some sort. If it's the first, Veltman knew he was going to be doing an attack in the near future and pretended that his car was fucked up in the day or two beforehand and was in general very good at hiding his power level. If it really is just an accident, there's the question of why he's wearing the body-armor type vest (assuming that he was).
>>6743 >If it really is just an accident I still believe this is the case. How could he had possibly know when and where the full family of mudshits would be crossing the road? It's an accident and witnesses claiming he had a vest and was laughing are shitskins provided by ZOG afterwards to push pic related here >>6685
>>6744 Apparently a little over 4% of London is Muslim. That's definitely not a lot compared to some places. I don't know how often you'd see whole families of them walking around on the streets like that, for sure. It's not impossible that he was driving around town looking for non-Whites to kill in groups in his car, but that's obviously just speculation on my end. Until I see some hard evidence it wasn't an accident I'm going to have to start leaning towards what you are saying. This is a fine example of what a real fake attack looks like. The kid could be a patsy
>>6745 >4% muslim Sure it is. Check out how nonWhite it is.
>>6774 They always underreport the number of non-Whites and Muslims. When it says 16% visible minority we can be sure it's at least 5-10% more.
>>6743 This dude either snapped or this is all a cover story to arrest a completely innocent dude over a crime he didn't do.
This article has gone 404 but someone has snagged an archive https://archive.fo/8KDYR https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/court-documents-portray-london-attack-suspect-as-prone-to-anger-medicated-for-mental-illness-1.5464021 Court documents portray London attack suspect as prone to anger, medicated for mental illness >OTTAWA -- New details about the man accused of intentionally driving his truck into a family in London, Ont., killing four, are emerging from court documents in which his parents reportedly describe him as “peculiar and challenging.” >Documents filed in Veltman’s parents’ 2016 divorce proceedings make no mention of racism or radicalization, but portray someone prone to anger and who was medicated for mental illness. >According to divorce records, his parents agreed to encourage him to continue therapy and to ensure he was not left unsupervised with his younger siblings. >He was often awkward socially, lacked confidence and was preoccupied with what others thought,” according to a 2017 report on custody issues, prepared by London psychologist Dr. Richard Zayed, in a section titled “Nathaniel’s struggles.” Worth noting that this Richard Zayed follow looks like a massive Jew (pic) https://uwaterloo.ca/mental-health-research-treatment/news/dr-richard-zayed-workshop >As his parents' marriage faltered, Veltman became “frighteningly angry” and was particularly disrespectful to his mother “raising his voice and towering over her in an intimidating way, and pounding on doors,” the report said. His mother said she locked herself in her room to avoid him. >Veltman later apologized to his mother for his behaviour, the report says. She tried to address his issues with him but, “Nate refused to discuss these issues, rejected the need for boundaries and refused to discuss his mental health,” Zayed wrote. >She told the psychologist that “he is not a bad kid” but said he “lacks discernment” and does not make good decisions. ONCE AGAIN this seems to paint a completely different picture from>>6743. This entire story is weird.
>>6774 >Sure it is. Check out how nonWhite it is. >As per the 2016 census, the most common ethnicities in London, Ontario are English (28.4%), Canadian (25.8%), Scottish (20.9%), Irish (19.8%), German (11.6%), French (9.6%), Dutch (6.3%), Italian (5.0%), Polish (4.4%), and British Isles Origins, n.i.e. (3.4%).[68] Visible minorities make up 16% of London's population and include Arab (2.8%), Black (2.5%), South Asian (2.4%), and Chinese (2.2%), in addition to 2.4% Aboriginal population. >According to the 2011 census, the majority of Londoners profess a Christian faith, which accounts for 62.8 percent of the population (Roman Catholic: 27.0%, Protestant: 25.0%, other Christian: 9.0%). Other religions include Islam (4.4%), Buddhism (0.8%), Hinduism (0.8%), and Judaism (0.5%), with 29.9 percent of the population reporting no religious affiliation. >>6775 >They always underreport the number of non-Whites Its not under-reported, with today's pro globalhomo, lefty municipal government, they would love nothing more than to brag that the place is 50% non-White, were that the case. London isn't a big city, and is easily over 80% White. I'v been there a ton of times visiting a girl I was dating for a while, even accounting for the last 5 years of immigration its not over 20% non-White
>>6778 >they would love nothing more than to brag that the place is 50% non-White If you read the articles and/or watch news reports from London, they often mention how proud they are of their Mudslime population, adding many of whom "have been in the community for generations"
>>6777 Narrative is falling apart >This article has gone 404 Soon to be memory holed They wanted this to be some nazi extremist Truck of Peace story, and of course are running unfounded shit like "An eyewitness, told his boss, who told his neighbor, who told our reporter, on the condition of anonymity, that the suspect might have been wearing what looked like body armour and maybe it had swastikas drawn on it blabla bla" Its all starting to seem like bullshit, and if this was just a regular cuck, who was off his meds and had some manic episode they are going to have to start to downplay the story now, and only run the occasional rumour mill tabloid story. Of course they are going to keep up the Islamophobia angle, they cant stop now, just listened to another report and some mudslime was on saying we KNOW this was a terror attack. When nothing could be further from the truth. Where are the Hitler memes he posted? Where are the texts about hating shitskins? The court has already put a gag order on his case. Clearly they have decided to railroad this guy though. I don't know about any of you, but if I ever went postal, and media interviewed my co-workers, they would say I was a nice guy, but they would also not be shocked, and a couple would even state I was openly Natsoc
>>6780 >who was off his meds and had some manic episode Not only that, we even have statements from co-workers that his steering was fucked up, he seemed weird at work and his grandmother had just died. This dude probably spaced out at the wheel and unintentionally took out a whole family of Mudslimes. I’m just glad they weren’t White. They’re going to push this as long as they possibly can, but it’s interesting to see how much of a mess this story is. <h-he totally laughed as he got arrested, he was covered head to toe in Swastikas! He was wearing a full suit of body armor! No I won’t show you pictures or footage! Hilarious
(97.63 KB 1440x810 WYWJCOY4AS7WLL72XA3LXUGZQM.jpg)
They are going to do a movie about Christchurch, apparently. Rose Byrne is going to play Jacinda Ardern. https://archive.is/kwOBM Title is going to be "They Are Us" and will basically be a propaganda movie centered around the Ardern character, even though NZ gov said they are not involved. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/christchurch-mosque-shootings-prime-minister-jacinda-not-involved-with-new-movie/WDOP6HCBWVQB5C4Y2V5HLT33FM/ Muzzies are not happy about it, still screeching about being oppressed victims and not getting enough money: read this shit, absolutely infuriating. Typical semitic "crying in pain as they stab/bomb/mow down/rape you" behavior. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/opinion-christchurch-mosque-shootings-they-are-not-us-and-it-hurts-to-be-props-in-a-hollywood-movie/ULRMX7G7236AVOWORQW7GBDJAY/ https://archive.ph/RBfTC >OPINION: By Mohamed Hassan >In the months following the Christchurch attacks [...] it was unsettling trying to process and grieve the unimaginable, while watching the world celebrate a New Zealand "success story", a "heroic" leader, a country overcoming racism and horror. The country was being held up as a beacon of tolerance and peace just days after the worst terror attack in our recent history. >But what did we have to celebrate? >The mantra of They Are Us repeated over and over like a prayer soon began to lose its meaning. After March 15, many of us felt more isolated than ever before. We looked over our shoulders when we walked through a crowd. We felt our chests tightening while walking into a mosque. Some of us stopped taking our children to Friday prayers. >All of us were grateful for the beauty we witnessed in the days that followed, the empathy and warmth and shared grief we were able to experience as a country. But [...] We are not ready to move on, and the road is long and difficult. >There are dozens of March 15 survivors who are still being treated for their injuries. Men, women and children dealing with deep trauma that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, barring them from being able to ever return to normal life in their societies. There are families still fighting the Government and ACC for compensation. Others who feel silenced and ignored by police, intelligence and a Royal Commission that failed to hold anyone to account. >Now, watching this same phrase being used so callously to market and finance a film adaptation makes it hard to think of it as anything more than just another tourism slogan. >Even worse, that the film has chosen to focus not on the tragedy and the victims, but instead on the Prime Minister and the rest of the country and their response. It is being sold as a feel-good story, a portrayal of heroism in the face of terror. >In its essence, it is a story about an act of White supremacy that is centered around White voices, White feelings and White heroism. The irony is nauseating. The lack of self-awareness is profound. >As a Muslim, I have never had any faith in Hollywood. My people, my history, my culture and my religion were plot points film producers in California salivated over in writing rooms, shaking each other's hands while making millions off of our systematic erasure. >And here we are again, being spoken about but not spoken to. Our intimate and devastating trauma packaged and sold by yet another twinkle-eyed Hollywood producer. Our voices are irrelevant. Still crying for not being heard, after having an entire unprecedented procedure and travesty of a trial to put the invaders on a pedestal and to crush the White freedom fighter Tarrant and make an example out of him as demoralization tool for Whites worldwide. Still crying for compensation after being showered with money and free stuff like visa and medical care. And most of all, crying about "White people" making money by painting muslims as the bad guys in movies, purposely avoiding to point out that no White has a say in the jewish Hollywood propaganda machine (same goes for the wars in Middle East). However, I hope that a war or something will happen before they manage to realize this abomination of a movie. I cannot fathom the amount of filth they will pour onto Saint Tarrant in this.
>>6785 I hope this causes muzzies to chimp out, riot, and attack people. it will be a good reminder of why Tarrant did what he did in the first place.
>>6786 They are disgusting hypocrites and liars, like all abrahamitic religions teach them. They will happily parade on the red carpet craving attention and some money on their side when this garbage movie will come out.
>>6785 https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/all-about/cobridge Compare the coverage of this to how the local newspaper of Usman Khan treats him. I don't understand how anybody can deny that the media is in favour of these Islamists.
(926.52 KB 724x476 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6785 Kek, that horse-faced traitor went as far as to put on the fucking hijab and Muslims still cry out about how she is a White supremacist. Serves her right. Anyone with a brain has already realized that there is no satisfying these invaders and they must be exterminated to the last man, woman and child. Muslims are truly the scum of the Earth. I can't wait to see how they slander the Saint in this movie though.
>>6742 >How many of these fucking 'Divisions' are there now? And why are all so ineffectual? I'm glad there's so many people interested in forming groups but they talk big game while doing nothing. Doubt it even fucking exits. It's just kike demoralization propaganda. "oy vey goy don't even try and plan anything because we will know and stop you!1!!"
>>6809 Plausible. Just looking at how a lot of these ‘Division’ spin-offs are named raises some eyebrows for me. They take some German word and tack on ‘Division’ on the end and have them hyped up as major WN / NatSoc terrorist groups that do literally nothing except put out posters and get arrested—worth noting that the ones arrested seem to invariably be teen boys. Names like ‘Sonnenkrieg’, ‘Feuerkrieg’ and ‘the Base’ are almost meaningless, not to mention that the last one is just a direct translation of ‘Al-Qaeda’. I’m not the one to call everything honeypots but these might be.
>>6742 >>6809 >>6813 They are all edgy groups meant for young lads to vent and express their anger and edginess, then they get infiltrated by ZOG and fed as boogeyman in their propaganda and turned into honeypots by glowniggers. Most of these are just chats and social media channels. The real deal like Tarrant and Breivik never joined such groups, they just kept their heads down and got shit done on their own. The only effective way for a small group to be a real danger to ZOG is if people from the military will start to amass weapons and intel as insiders to strike important ZOG assets. That's why all NATO armies are getting purged.
>>6814 >>6813 >>6809 The real thing I've noticed is that many of these "groups" can't speak German, and those who can have a poor grasp of its culture. Germany is worth paying attention to. It's funny. Many have been conditioned against violence for decades, but their industrial culture has been furthered. Infact a lot of the modern weaponry we see in the opp-controlled states are developed by German engineers. German engineers who are very proud of their work. It surprises me that there are so few "Armouries" in Europe - it really can't be so hard to stamp metal. If you can have meth labs, you can surely handle recycled high-grade steel and make your own unregistered firearms. Similarly with brass casings. The equipment doesn't seem particularly difficult to manage either, a lot of it was based on simplicity until the last thirty years, which implies a lot of the German weapons like the MP5 can be smithed with relatively small tools. Similarly with ammunition, from what I understand this is a hydraulic press, some heated brass and a shaped "stamp" which folds the metal equally to the appropriate shape. Across a lot of Western Europe, you can find this equipment in antique stores, sheds, garages and the like with no real way of tracing it. The reason they target German language and culture is the same reason that the media hates Germans - they think of the Germans as an evil race and want to imitate it to feel powerful. I have seen this so frequently, and few can even speak German. Any experience with Germans should tell you that not only are Germans literally just White people with some vaguely defined nation built around them, they are not special in any regard. They're not a master race, and they themselves didn't consider themselves uniquely positioned as above their neighbours either. These "Deutscheswort Divisions" should probably interest you less than a German man in his shed - the DDs aren't going to give you anything you haven't seen before, but that German guy might come out with a 10mm submachine gun given enough time.
>>6820 >The reason they target German language and culture is the same reason that the media hates Germans - they think of the Germans as an evil race and want to imitate it to feel powerful. Also worth pointing out that here in the US a lot of people like to say that German is an 'angry-sounding' language. The Jews have conditioned them through Hollywood to associate anything German with their caricature of the Third Reich. When a normalfag sees words like 'Atomwaffen' or 'Sonnenkrieg' the conditioning probably kicks in even faster than it would have otherwise. I've noticed too in WWII documentaries that they love to play snippets of Hitler speeches, but they almost never translate them. You just here 'angry' Hitler. If they translated what he was saying the audience would probably be in tears as he speaks right to their soul, realizing that he was right.
>>6823 >hitler speeches I know it sounds dumb, but I literally was redpilled and aligned myself to National Socialism by just reading translations of Hitler speeches. Alerta Judiada videos are really top notch in this.
(2.76 MB 480x480 hitler video.mp4)
>>6832 It would not surprise me in the slightest. His speeches are powerful. Seeing 'Hitler did nothing wrong' memes softened me up a bit towards Hitler, but it was eventually hearing from the man himself that made me realize that the memes were right. For me it was The Impartial Truth's videos.
>>6823 I have noticed this and it pisses off actual Germans to no end, and since it's such a widely spoken language, Americans should be more angry that that are lied to this way. They overpronounce the consonants in such a naked and crass way that they are literally just playing games. Germans are an extremely pleasant group of people, especially by world standards. I dislike the pathetic fags who attach themselves to angry people to feel stronger. We have every reason to be angry, and I didn't come here because I have some religious calling to the far-right. I came here because it has been brought to my attention that our states are dominate dby organised crime, much of it motivated by ethnic hatred. I don't believe the Jews are against us for religious reasons, either, making me somewhat less NatSoc than most here. I believe that black, Hispanic, Paki, Chinese, all sorts of organised rackets see Whites as a threat and Jews are the only people willing to sell out so readily.
>>6835 >I don't believe the Jews are against us for religious reasons, either, making me somewhat less NatSoc than most here. I'm not sure about this. Judaism is more of an ethnic cult than a religion as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't deny that there is a possibly a religious angle to this though, since many Jewish Supremacists will outright admit that goyim are worthless and animal-souled, but if we look into it a lot of the Jews that have been particularly detrimental to White societies have been openly atheistic Jews. Just think of Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Saul Alinsky and many, many others. I almost have no doubt that these people are the exact soulless materialists that they make themselves out to be. Even without religion they remain neurotic and insane, and work to undermine the goyim at every step of the way
>>6836 But the scale of this, over the last ten years even, they are not working alone. This focus on Jews rather than the Paki politicians working in local councils to actively stamp out White businesses, the nigger black-nat crime lords in the USA working with the DNC, the ISIS-related criminal gangs keeping their foot soldiers hidden by bribing local police and immigration control - we have a HUGE fucking problem. Gossiping about Jews is one thing, but I just noticed - finding any reliable arms dealers is almost impossible in Europe, but I could find ten prostitutes and order mail-in heroin in the center of London with no eyebrows raised.
>>6837 There's definitely a risk of over-focus on the Jews at points. This shouldn't be read as any sort of downplaying of the JQ, of course, but you're definitely not wrong that there are lesser players at work here that shouldn't be ignored. I'd argue that ultimately these are expressions of the larger problem, but they are always worth pointing out, because they are indeed really problems.
>>6843 It's the lack of focus. /pol/ shut fucking down that talk of the coke dealer a while back - a coke dealer who had the local paper in his pocket and was bragging about it on Facebook. I have seen enough of the local papers in the UK to see that they worship these Pakis, and I reckon their journos are coked up tarts - hardly any of them can type for shit. Actual specific information, local level, all that good shit. Speak with your mates where you can. Real information isn't infographs - it's a database of corruption, real names and information on these cunts.
>>6836 >goyim are worthless and animal-soul Call me a kike in this one, but with the exception of Whites, how are they wrong in describing nonWhites in this way?
(315.34 KB 1357x1825 chabad jews goyim animal soul.jpg)
>>6846 The Jewish view is based entirely on their religious dogma of being 'Chosen' by the demon Yahweh.
(26.79 KB 1200x600 ckhupccahp471.jpg)
New pic of Veltman. I still have some skepticism regarding whether this was truly purposeful or not but it's worth keeping tabs on it.
>>6793 >The producer of a movie about the Christchurch terror attacks in New Zealand has pulled out of the project after mounting criticism over the film. >Philippa Campbell apologised for her involvement and said she had not realised the hurt the film would cause. "I now agree that the events of 15 March 2019 are too raw for film at this time and do not wish to be involved with a project that is causing such distress." >Her resignation does not mean that the US-backed film project is off the table. >A petition from the National Islamic Youth Association asking for the movie to be cancelled has gathered almost 60,000 signatures, arguing the film would sideline "the victims and survivors and instead centres the response of a White woman". https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-57465471 https://archive.ph/9BbGi Horse faced cunt BTFO Hollyjew producer smells danger of allah snackbarring and backpedals. Even if for completely different reasons I agree with the mudslimes, I don't want this movie (or any Hollyjew movie, for what it's worth) about Christchurch to be done. If they will do it nonetheless because they smelled potential profits, I hope some muzzie will blow the fuck out of them, literally. Would be truly awesome.
(287.88 KB 800x600 tarrant middle finger.png)
>>6951 >>6951 Imagine my shock. The article is saying that the movie is not cancelled because of this resignation, but Mudslimes are gonna keep chimping until it is cancelled, and if there is one thing that we do know, it is that no one in the West ever seriously opposes Muslims. This film is as good as dead, and like you said, good riddance. No films of Tarrant should come out until they are made to glorify him and Tarrant himself is attending the opening night premier. Hoping for many more lulz either way.
(73.66 KB 1763x338 ClipboardImage.png)
(543.55 KB 1200x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>Terrorism charges have been filed against the suspect accused of killing four members of a London, Ont., family in what police have called a targeted attack on Muslims. >Federal prosecutor Sarah Shaikh told the court the deputy director of public prosecutions had approved charges last Wednesday alleging the killings constituted terrorist activity. >The vehicle ramming in Edmonton, Alberta by a known extremist with an ISIS flag was not prosecuted as terrorism. >West said charging the London attack as terrorism would have the effect of denouncing anti-Muslim violence, and sending the message that terrorism would be consistently treated as such. >Witnesses have described seeing Veltman outside a shopping mall following the attack, wearing what looked like a military-style helmet and a vest. >His pickup truck was allegedly fitted with a ram bar.
>>6968 BookAnon already made a Documentary about Saint Tarrant already, So i suggest watching it. https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/bt720p_xR3nyASiIWS4jjY.html>>6968
>>6971 I'm not a big car guy, but looking at 'ram bar' images I see this type of stuff literally every day on pick-up trucks. This looks like another example of trying to grasp at straws when seen in isolation. Now we're hearing about a military-style helmet along with the vest it seems. I'll wait until I see pictures though. I have some skepticism but at the end of the day I don't care because three generations of muds were splattered. >>6972 I have already seen it and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the link though. I saw it had been removed from Bitjewt for 'promoting terror' or something, so I was wishing I had downloaded it.
>>6971 And yet no official statement by the guy though a lawyer has been made yet. I still call bullshit. >>6968 I agree. And Brenton was the one making a powerful movie on his own anyway.
(1.61 MB 1440x1171 1554687942034.png)
>>6972 >so I was wishing I had downloaded it. You can download the video from WorldTruthVideos just by playing the video and right clicking and click save video as. PRAISE HIM
(152.51 KB 1113x876 1509189284964.jpg)
>>6975 >second pic iirc it was made in 2019, 8chan was still up. fuck, I miss the memetic warfare so much. I am probably addicted to it.
>>6974 So far we're getting about as much info on this dude as we got from Bowers and Crusius, i.e. almost nothing. It sucks.
>>6982 Not the same in the slightest, both Crusius and Bowers posterd about their intentions online (the former directly by composing and uploading a manifesto, the latter by making his views clear on his gab profile).
>>6983 Yeah I guess that's a good point. I don't really have suspicions at all about Crusius and Bowers either. Those events happened as it was said they did. Now this one on the other hand is much different for a whole host of reasons already recounted ITT. It also seems like every White shooter / attacker of note post-Tarrant has announced their actions online first like you said.
>>6983 Can you post what Bowers posted on Gab?
>>6985 Collection of Bowers' GAB posts posts imgur linka/cwB9QkR
New paper about right wing movements, looks like authors are a couple of authentic kikes (Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Samuel Hodgson). Title is "Skinheads, Saints, and (National) Socialists. An Overview of the Transnational White Supremacist Extremist Movement", published for FOUNDATION FOR DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES in Washington, DC I have not read it yet, but here are link and a screenshot https://www.fdd.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/fdd-monograph-skinheads-saints-and-national-socialists.pdf
>>7017 Here's the PDF for anyone who doesn't want to click directly. I am about to read it myself. The saints part makes me think this is gonna be quality.
(407.96 KB 764x493 ClipboardImage.png)
A lot of this was pretty basic stuff unfortunately, but the last section on policy suggestions may be worth looking at. They suggest (1) creating a domestic designation statue that would criminalize funding bad goy groups and would freeze their assets, (2) mapping and discovering the organization behind groups, especially in relation to their financing, (3) propagandizing against White Nationalist groups in a similar way to what has been used against ISIS and other Jihadist groups, (4) working with social media and technology companies to shut down White Nationalists and (5) having politicians clearly condemn 'extremist violence'. There are a few more but they are not as relevant in my opinion. Anyone wanting to see those can look at the PDF. Out of all of these (3) is the most funny, because anyone who has read anything about how America attempted to engage with pro-ISIS accounts on Twitter will see how big of a failure their program was, which was nothing more than bickering with Jihadists on Twitter and getting BTFO by them. Somewhere there is an article about this but I was unable to dig it up. The biggest thing to worry about is (4), and that is what we have been having to deal with for a few years now. As long as we can keep finding new places to set up shop though we do not have to worry as much.
(253.60 KB 1280x837 1603814282344.jpg)
>>6972 >>6973 >>6975 Thanks for watching and sharing the film folks. I have a brand new film that should be released today for you to enjoy. https://worldtruthvideos.org/@BookAnon
>>7022 Nice, I'll be sure to tune in.
(3.20 MB 3120x4160 1566688022957.jpg)
>>6968 After the movie chimpout, New Zealand muslims chimped out at the National Counter-Terrorism Hui (?) held for the first time this year. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/christchurchs-muslim-community-walk-counter-terrorism-hui-protest-hurtful-speech Apparently they were triggered when the New Zealand Jewish Council’s spokeperson labelled the military wings of Hezbollah and Hamas as “prescribed terror organisations in New Zealand”. Lol, these dumbasses will soon learn that the jews are at the top of the oppression Olympic Games podium, and that them muzzies are allowed to chimpout without consequences only against Whites.
(30.56 KB 500x535 wehrmacht nig laughs.jpg)
>>7064 Mudslimes are some of the biggest babies on this planet next to Jews. No surprise given the similarity in religion and behavior we see here. It's really just been one tantrum after another from these guys lately in New Zealand. If we're really, really lucky, it would be nice if one of them snapped and carried out an attack. I would love to see the damage control that would result from such a thing, but I am sure that the government would just further capitulate to the invaders. With what is going on now with them crying about 'racism' at this conference, they will be allowed to do this until they mention the fact that this lady is a Jew. Then they will be mysteriously shut down until the narrative needs them again. This whole set of events has been hilarious though. They always try to give an 'Islam stronk' vibe off as they bomb concerts full of teenage girls, run over crowds with trucks and behead innocents, but as soon as they get even the slightest pushback they start throwing a tantrum and acting like they are the victim. The Muslim cries out in pain as he strikes you
Race war general? Negroes and Jews need to be wiped out worldwide, other non Whites just need to get out of our nations, unless they refuse… our people always first!
>>7071 >No surprise given the similarity in religion and behavior we see here And perhaps the biggest factor is their genetic similarity, both being semites.
>>7076 Very true. This is probably the main reason why Christianity developed in some ways differently from Judaism and Islam, since its was elaborated and interpreted from pretty early on by non-Semites who were trained in Greek philosophy and the like. This isn't to say that Christianity isn't cancer though.
>>7078 I heard Catholicism shares a lot of similarities with European Paganism.
>>7102 >>7102 I always hear this said, but I'm not too sure I believe it. Usually it is Protestants chimping out against Catholics who are saying this, and usually their biggest points of contention are the fact that Catholics use icons and statues in their worship more than Protestants do (esp. the more austere ones), and in the fact that Catholics have extreme adoration for the Virgin Mary. The large amount of Saints too are another thing they are reproached with, and they are often called pagans for praying to saints. Looking at this for a moment, it's hard to see much in common with European pagan traditions or Dharmic religions in the East. The best point of comparison may perhaps be when it comes to use of icons or statues in worship. The role of Mary I can't seem to closely integrate with anything I'm familiar with either. Pagans of course had many goddesses they worshiped, but nothing akin to her. I once read a book on atheism that pointed the blame mostly at Protestantism too for secularization and the creation of modernity, since the Protestant worldview sort of removed the presence of God from nature and worship, and made him only accessible for the most part through the words of the Bible. It's not hard to see how this would undermine spirituality. Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy on the otherhand didn't go down this path, or at least as far, and were willing to accomodate old festivals and traditions to an extent This isn't to deny that these two churches destroyed much of European culture and spirituality.
>>7104 Agreed. It seems that Catholicism did just the bare minimum now that I think about it, and isn't really that similar. Certainly more similar to Catholicism than Protestantism, but that isn't saying much...
(466.31 KB 2804x1464 Untitled.jpg)
Also I don't know why it took me this long to realise this, lol.
>>7104 The similarities between Mary and many, many other mythological figures have been noted in several places. It's usually an archetypal Maiden being raped by a God (often a storm or war god) and bearing a demigod Son. The Son is a hero in the mythology, the Maiden becomes the Mother. In Christianity, after the apotheosis of Christ, Mater Maria was elevated to the Queen of Heaven in the Jewish context - the Queen being the King's mother. So you could draw parallels between both Virgin and Mother to other deities, even if the two are not linearly connected in the narrative. Cybele, Ishtar, Parvati or Lakshmi, Isis or Hesat, and Freyja are all fair parallels - significant matriarchal figures. I am less aware of Maiden figures in mythology, and the ones I am aware of don't quite seem to fit. Artemis is virginal but by no means demure. Persephone would make a suitable Virgin archetype, and the Romans provide some blend of the two in Vesta. The veneration of the saints has precedence in that they are the demigods of a monotheistic religion. Both eastern and western churches have different canonical pantheons, and these arrays of saints are regarded in much the same way as a buddha or yogi vis-a-vis Bhagavad Gita.
>>71121 Nah. Brenton's head from that still picture looks elongated due to how webcam distorted the shape. His head is actually more large than long, with impressively big forehead. I don't know what's the anatomically correct word for that part of the skull, however it's really big. Hence his skull, nose, eyebrow shape don't actually have any resemblance with the other picture.
(79.09 KB 840x586 download.jpg)
>The man accused of opening fire in a Poway synagogue, killing one person and wounding three others, has signed a conditional plea agreement that is now in the hands of the U.S. attorney general, >The terms of the plea offer were not disclosed. John T. Earnest, 21, is indicted on 113 counts in the case. >Newly installed U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland could accept the terms of the plea or negotiate new ones. Or he could reject the possibility of a deal and continue to trial, a choice that would also have to include whether to seek the death penalty. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/pomerado-news/story/2021-06-04/poway-synagogue-shooter-plea-agreement https://archive.ph/LY3xJ
>>7115 You know a lot about Paganism, do you know any books that I can more about European Paganism? >>7117 Agreed I should've specified that in this particular image he looked like Reinhard Heydrich lol.
>>7118 >The terms of the plea offer were not disclosed. So frustrating to really never learn anything about what is happening except for these vague tidbits occasionally. I almost have no doubt that they will reject this though. If Earnest is not given the death penalty I will be stunned. Especially in this current climate where ZOG is saying that WN terrorism is the biggest threat on the planet, they are not going to let a White man of action who killed a Chosenite live.
(3.59 MB 640x480 1623909051240.webm)
>>7130 On one hand I hope civil war accelerates as fast as possible to balcanize the USA and have a chance to free the fighters like Earnest and Bowers who are imprisoned and going to be sentenced to death, but on the other hand I am afraid they will just kill all political prisoners if things will go the way of an actual race war with Whites against the rabid globohomokike communists.
>>7139 It wouldn't surprise me if they start executing pro-White warriors rapidly if shit really hits the fan. From past experiences it is clear that these men who take one for the team and end up imprisoned for years have a high chance of becoming major figures to rally around in civil wars and insurgencies.
(1.08 MB 1145x829 murdered latvian prisoners.png)
>>7139 >>7142 The ZOG has a history of applying the samson doctrine. If we were to storm a prison or holding facility, it is incredibly likely that they will kill our saints held in captivity rather than risk letting them free, even if 100 zogbots die in the process, because they are just cannon fodder to the elite kikes.
>>7148 I should further add, that this isn't to say we should abandon our racial kinsfolk locked up, but we should be very smart about it and take heed of the possible outcomes.
>>7150 Yes, we definitely can't just leave them to die if we can help it. To be able to raid a prison would be in an advanced stage of the civil war / race war, admittedly, but if we had the capability, it would be worth the attempt. Just have to be careful. Plus we can't staff our successor to the Dirlewanger Brigade without some convicts, eh?
Now Ardern is speaking out against the movie and is saying that her story is not one to be told, and that this is a 'very raw event' for the Muslims of New Zealand. This movie's all but toast now https://www.nbcnews.com/video/2019-christchurch-shootings-very-raw-event-for-new-zealand-arden-114986565978 https://archive.fo/dNcyw It's just like some 20 second clip, I'm not sure if it plays in the archive or not.
>>7148 The only thing this shit warrants is more extreme, more vile terrorism; if an inbred jew kills your neighbor, for revenge you must hunt down the jew, torture him, hang him in the trees by rope to bleed to death, carve his face up to mark him and set an example. Then do the same to 10 others he associated with. Ofcourse you can get creative with the methods. Our biggest mistake historically is showing any form of mercy to a demonic, psychotic, parasitic race. The are the SHIT that must be scraped from our collective heels, permanently and at ANY COST.
(17.59 KB 720x606 jew nose.jpg)
>>7193 >Our biggest mistake historically is showing any form of mercy to a demonic, psychotic, parasitic race. The are the SHIT that must be scraped from our collective heels, permanently and at ANY COST. Indeed. Any enemy with no honor can be shown no honor in return. The starkest example of showing any sort of mercy to the Jews and their golems lies with the Third Reich. Even though Hitler dealt one of the greatest blows against Jewry since the time of Hadrian, he was too merciful towards them. How I wish the Holocaust was real. There is no other solution to the JQ. I have yet to hear one viable alternative to the exterminationist solution that takes the JQ seriously and is founded on a firm understanding of Jewish / Aryan relations throughout history and the nature of this tribe of parasites themselves.
>>83 Forgive me Based Doorchad.
One more brit jailed for tarrantposting (I guess on telegram, where the guy was entrapped apparently) >Michael Nugent, 38, used different identities to share extremist material online >He posted videos celebrating the Christchurch mosque attacks in New Zealand in March 2019 >Judge Peter Lodder QC sentenced Nugent to 54 months in prison >Nugent unwittingly sent copies of manuals for the creation of bombs and other firearms to undercover police officers https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-surrey-57578664 https://archive.ph/owlgV
>>7370 >Nugent unwittingly sent copies of manuals for the creation of bombs and other firearms to undercover police officers I'm not sure how this could be done unwittingly, but that aside, that's the one thing that it would be smart to avoid at all times unless one thinks they have rock solid opsec. I'm not surprised that they nailed him for this, as unfortunate as it is. I've been noticing that all of these people who are being arrested over Tarrant stuff always seem to be on Telegram. We never hear much about people on imageboards being arrested. That makes me glad that I stay on places like this and really don't do any bad goy posting on anything tied to a namefag account. As much as its unfortunate to see people arrested for supporting Tarrant, it at least shows me that there is still support and interest for him out there, which is vital. I expect that we'll see more copycats in the future. It's just that most of them have been stopped before anything happened, but I imagine those would have been the lower quality ones anyway.
>>7381 >We never hear much about people on imageboards being arrested. One exception was the retard kiwi who posted a threat to do a car bomb attack on cuckchan the day of Christchurch anniversray , shills immediately called the police and he got instav&
>>7399 Kek I missed that one. I guess it goes without saying that even on imageboards don't be a retard. Cuckchan especially. I don't post there very often except for on /lit/ every now and then, but I'm almost certain 4/pol/ is a honeypot at this point.
>>7399 There was also a guy who said he was going to shoot up his school, but was only going to shoot the niggers and the spics. He also posted it the day of Christchurch IIRC. He wasn't doxed because hi was a minor.
>>4321 >>4324 Cbeebies is a tv program for toddlers and little kids, they don't put documentaries on that channel, it would be believable if it was BBC3.
INTERVIEW WITH PHILIP MANSHAUS Some highlights: >he’s unrepentant about killing his so-called sister >affirms non-Whites must be removed from Europe either peacefully or violently >refuses to answer kike journalist’s questions because they have no relevance to his message about preserving Europe <inb4 reddit https://old.reddit.com/r/masskillers/comments/o8tzi2/philip_manshaus_prison_interview_subtitles/ Comments are full of retards
>>7607 He's a good man. I feel like many of this first wave of fighters who were influenced by Tarrant into taking direct action against jewish tyranny were acting on impulse and didn't plan things out well enough. Hopefully this will change in the coming years.
>>7608 It seems like in the aftermath of Crusius’ 23 kills, Manshaus was quickly roused into action with little to know forethought. I vaguely remember reading somewhere how quickly he went from reading Tarrant’s manifesto to carrying out an attack. It was an exceedingly short amount of time. He had zeal, and it is always Whitepilling to see him still strongly on our side even behind bars. Even the lowliest of disciples are highly motivated, it seems. It will be interesting to see how things develop for sure.
Winthrop shooting being investigated as hate crime, suspect ‘executed’ Black victims >Authorities are investigating whether a man who killed two people in the Boston suburb of Winthrop targeted the victims because they were black after officials found “troubling White supremacist rhetoric” in the gunman’s handwriting. >Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who identified the shooter as 28-year-old Nathan Allen, said investigators uncovered writings that express “anti-Semitic and racist statements against Black individuals.” >Authorities say Allen shot and killed David Green, a retired Massachusetts State Police trooper, and Romana Cooper, an Air Force veteran, after emerging from a stolen truck that he crashed into a building on Saturday afternoon. Officials have described them as innocent bystanders. Allen was fatally shot by police moments later. >The shooter “walked by several other people that were not black and they are alive. They were not harmed,” Rollins told reporters Sunday. “They are alive and these two visible people of color are not. We will continue to look and see,” she said. https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2021/06/27/winthrop-shooting-state-police-trooper-air-force-veteran-killed/ https://archive.fo/yUGjP This is a little weird but belongs ITT. I don’t get why this guy would steal a truck, crash it, and immediately shoot two blacks before being killed by the cops himself. I would be interested in seeing the bodycam footage and these alleged writings. Seems like some sort of bizarre instant of a dude snapping and then deciding to kill these people randomly to me.
>>7607 Based af and true. On another note about his "sister" can you imagine being a kid, getting some gook stranger that doesn't even look like you or your friends shoved in your face and being told "this is your sister"? That is messed up and evil in the first place man. It's beyond irresponsible.
>>7614 Yeah I can't imagine some strange mongoloid being deposited into my family from such a young age. I am sure his parents thought that they were being some sort of do-gooders by taking in this girl. It's like those Whites who go and adopt niggers. The mere idea of it makes my skin crawl. I'm surprised at what balls Manshaus had here, honestly. Not everyone would have had the strength to do that.
>>7610 >anti-semitic statements...against black individuals That doesn't even make sense!
(210.35 KB 1117x1600 roof 2.jpg)
>>7642 >“anti-Semitic and racist statements against Black individuals.” Kek this is the perfect example of how bad the journos writing this are at their jobs. I know what they mean here, but it's just so poorly written. On another note, I wonder why this shooting is literally not all over the news. Usually they would latch onto something like this immediately and use it to spread hatred about Whites, especially when the victims are niggers, but it seems not to have made a huge splash.
(3.94 KB 767x105 ClipboardImage.png)
MANSHAUS INTERVIEW PART TWO In this part he talks about the importance of the internet in mass-redpilling people and in his own awakening. Reddit is crying about him being given a voice
>>7657 >>7659 Thanks for posting this. Reddit is hopeless, they will probably all get vaxxmaxxed and will have no time to cringepost on the internet anymore in the future.
>>7660 It's always amusing to read what Redditors are saying about some of these guys over on the /r/masskillers subreddit. Some interesting info and photos are published there, but the comments are always pure seething and impotent rage against the perpetrator, especially when it comes to Tarrant, Breivik and those who followed them. Typical normalfag stuff like homoerotic prison fantasies.
>>7662 Reddit is one of those websites I'd rather not taint my browser with. All you'll find about there is what people are allowed to think rather than what they actually think.
>>7665 99% of the time, I personally like to try and redpill them sometimes by writing the plain truth on my many alts which enrages a lot, it's effortless trolling and free entertainment. In some cases though what I say makes people really speak out for what I'm saying with rage. It's surprised me more than once actually.
>>7665 >All you'll find about there is what people are allowed to think rather than what they actually think. You're definitely not wrong. The only reason to lurk that subreddit is for news articles and pictures. It used to be that /pol/ was a great way to get the latest information on these topics, but nowadays the thread will hit bump-limit in a few minutes due to bot-posts and people falling for bait. No real digging or discussion happens. That's why places like this are great though. It can be pretty slow here at times, but it is at least clear that the average IQ is well above average.
>>7668 Kek is that why I so often see so many deleted posts there?
>>7670 For sure, it's just like a bunch of freaky jews and degenerates like in the soviet union holding people mentally captive behind a bunch of barbed wire, guards, minefields, that's reddit and normiespace, you're just trying to help free them, there are some genuinely brainwashed ones but a lot of people are held captive, that are neutral and literally don't know any better. The kind of brainwashing that goes on in general in ZOG now and on these sites is actually really dangerous, at first a person will be hesitant or disagree but as time passes with the brainwashing and (((targeted content))) they might genuinely start to believe in these things. I think what they're doing is a form of mental torture, it should not be legal.
>>7659 This is why I am more optimistic about the internet than some people. Yes, it has fostered the most degenerate shit that has ever afflicted mankind and made it popular. But it has also allowed communication between people disgusted by that shit in a way that has never been possible before.
>>7674 It's definitely a double-edged sword. I have been exposed to lifetimes-worth of degeneracy due to the Internet, but also to its antidote and many things I would never have otherwise considered. Unfortunately the average person is basically corralled into the normalfag-web and is too afraid to even visit 4chan, and are fed a steady diet of propaganda.
Can someone post a link to full archive of Breivik writings and manifesto ?
(603.61 KB 960x892 copy.png)
>>7979 Reported, dumb niggerkike >>7980 You beat me to it
(15.14 MB 640x360 pumped up kicks.mp4)
>>7981 I'm always vigilant when it comes to the saints
(251.93 KB 905x1118 tarrant_cool.png)
>>7980 Thanks !
Philip Manshaus audio from before and after his failed mosque attack. This is probably from that documentary that came out in Norway, there seems to be a lot of good quality material in it, to the extent that he is probably one of the better documented shooters at this point. I feel like we'll never learn more about Crusius or Bowers.
(1.52 MB 878x2155 lugenpresse.png)
>>8049 >I feel like we'll never learn more about Crusius or Bowers. Their trials still have to begin yet, so we still have a chance to hear from them. The one they don't want us to hear from ever again is Brenton Tarrant. His complete farce of a """trial""" was finished in 3 days, they tortured him into giving up a real trial first and a final spoken address at the end. Not to mention he suddenly "renounced" his right to appeal his prison conditions earlier this year. They have suppressed his interviews with the court for ever. Think about that. They could never let happen a trial where he could have told the truth about the Great Replacement for everyone to ear. If ZOG will not fall, Brenton Tarrant will remain the most concealed and secluded warrior of our race, and they shall kill him in that cage whenever they'll feel it's time to eliminate him.
(42.75 KB 620x470 tarrant escort.jpg)
>>8056 I think about what they did and what they are doing to Tarrant almost everyday. He has been tortured, threatened and controlled at every single point throughout the process. Every day for him is a monotonous living hell. He was simply too powerful and inspiring to let him have any freedom or say in anything. Not that I am surprised. They had to prevent another Breivik trial. His manifesto alone caused dozens of deaths after his original attack. Only the hopelessly naive belief in the concept of a fair trial or an impartial judicial system, especially one that is bent on our genocide. Though he holds out hope for ZOG to fall, I would certainly not look down on him if he were to take his life. He has done us a great service.
(89.18 KB 903x818 1608973594849.jpg)
>>8058 >think about what they did and what they are doing to Tarrant almost everyday Same here, mate. If I could join one suicidal mission to make an attempt to free him, I would.
>>7644 Same thing with the White guy who allegedly ran over some Muslims recently. There was also an article a while ago about some guy who killed 2 niggers at separate occasions, then later was arrested, and then was found to have racist literature at home. The article said they were still investigating the case. I've been wondering ever since why this wasn't/isn't in the news more. It could be that the media is really afraid of copycats these days.
>>8072 >It could be that the media is really afraid of copycats these days. It's probably this. The effect of the Tarrant attack was unprecedented in terms of its effects to make young White men just go out and start gunning down invaders. I don't think we've ever seen anything like that before, at least in recent history. They have to be careful to balance the use of a given shooter or story for anti-White purposes (to frame Whites as terrorists and dangerous so they can crack down on us more) and to prevent Whites from being inspired and picking up weapons themselves. It's a dangerous balancing act for the Jews.
>The far right or right-wing extremism as an ideologically motivated violent extremism (IMVE) is the least understood security threat in the Southeast Asian region. >Existing far-right movements in various states in Southeast Asia share ethno-religious aspirations to preserve the purity of their respective nations, separate from the presence of other religions or ethnicities that are not considered to have a legitimate claim in the state. Like White supremacist extremism in the West, ethnonationalists in the region desire authority over the legitimacy and sovereignty of their homeland. >What these actors have in common is that they subscribe to a belief not too dissimilar to Brenton Tarrant’s Great Replacement ideology – that their existence, survival and privilege are being threatened in the presence of minorities who are seeking equality. https://gnet-research.org/2021/07/14/right-wing-extremism-has-deep-roots-in-southeast-asia/ OY VEY! HOW DARE THESE PEOPLE TO WISH SOVEREIGNTY IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES!?!
(86.98 KB 735x490 wirathu reading time.jpg)
>>8652 What is lost on the retarded author of this article is two things - (1) The only way to crush extremism is to radicalize yourself, and (2) the natural state of humans is what is neatly boxed up and labeled as 'far-right extremism' today. Anyone who can grasp these two points can make sense of all of this in a heartbeat. To crush Islam, become as radical as the Muslim in fighting for the cause. The natural move for a Buddhist country under threat by Abrahamism is the total destruction of the Abrahamist fifth column within the nation, as Japan did in the past, and apparently like how the 969 movement is doing to an extent in Burma.
>>1550 This is good, the answer is snail mail and burn your letters, there is no internet that can check your physical mail and it is illegal for anyone else to check it and it is easily monitored by you alone. Modern technology slowly eroded discipline and propped up instant gratificiation. Mailing letters is the safest way to organize, no return address? No porblem.
>>8893 The question is though, how do we get physical addresses without using phones or internet? And if the question is solved it'd be stupid to post it here.
>>8652 <Now the jews are targeting asians in their own countries Who could have seen that coming.... oh right, we did, almost a decade ago I still remember when we predicted this on 4/8chan. Because it was indeed very predictable. They will of course not stop at Whites.
>>8898 Yep. Chinese and Japanese are next. Koreans in the ROK are already terminally degenerated too.
(421.92 KB 600x331 dissapoint.png)
>Breivik shooting anniversary >not 1 single post about it
(23.99 MB 640x480 breivik video.mp4)
>>9335 The absolute legend has held his record for ten years now!
>>9338 >The absolute legend has held his record for ten years now! sadly
>>9345 Give it time, we haven’t even hit the truly hard times yet. Anti-White pressure is hard and rising, but from a material standpoint most of the populace is still able to scrape by and are not forced to act. When we look at the 2011-2021 timeframe we see a whole host of attacks unprecedented in the decades before. I see a bright future before us.
(38.57 MB 1440x1080 pumped_up_kicks_remix.mp4)
>>9351 The Hitler quote at the beginning is a misattribution, there are better quotes in Mein kampf itself.
>>9362 Didn't Hitler even condemn in Mein Kampf the sort of terrorism that has become more frequent today? Not that this matters. Hitler lived in a much different time. There was a political solution in his age.
Two years since El Paso and all we see are more delays.
>>10047 What is point of delaying hearings, if they can just do it immideatly and imprison perpetrator ? Or zog fears, that rushed imprisonment/execution of our martyrs can inspire new copycats and this is why they postponed it ?
(3.20 MB 2160x1215 crusius dab.gif)
>>10049 Officially they are saying that there is massive backlog in cases due to Covid-19 and this has kept postponing the trial. There was recently an article saying that they don't even have a trial date set. This sounds like a load of nonsense to me though, personally. I can't imagine that the state would not work to deliver 'justice' in a case where there are 23 dead victims in a timely manner. You are probably onto something when you say that there could be an alternative motive here, either to demoralize and gradually dehumanize Patrick, or to make everyone forget him by the time the trial happens so that there can be no further inspirations or anything. I imagine they are going to try to paint him like a complete subhuman when the trial eventually does come, for there were already leaked slides that showed that he may have been drunk and allegedly had problems with pornography.
>>10049 I think Crusius might just have better layers than Tarrant They are building his defense around mental illness, they probably hope to avoid death penalty..
>>10060 That's almost surely what they are doing. They're going to point out that he was allegedly drunk during the shooting, and that he was seen as 'psychotic' afterwards and during the shooting. I don't think it will work, but that's what they'll try.
I remember Crusius had some sort of rich dad with a giant (((hexagram))) on his shelf and all sort of (((weird connections))). So it wouldn't surprise me if he got a good deal. That's how the (((justice system))) works. If you got (((connections and money))) you can get away with murder.
>>10069 His dad is just some crazy New Ager from what I have seen. In that picture you could see all sorts of Buddhas and shit as well. Not to mention the fact that the hexagram is a symbol the Jews stole that originally represented the heart chakra
>>10069 >If you got (((connections and money))) you can get away with murder. #SigmaMaleGrindset But seriously, you're a faggot and >>10070 is right.
(41.02 KB 700x394 fire.jpg)
Just out of curiosity, have there ever been any right-wing serial arsonists? There have been WN "serial killers" in the past, who killed non-Whites at random. This made it so that the authorities could not investigate it as a "hate crime" or as terrorism, because they couldn't immediately find a motive. The result was that it took years to catch them. The most prominent examples of this are the National Socialist Underground and Joseph Paul Franklin. Since arson is a much less severe crime than murder, the authorities would have even less resources at their disposal to solve it. This would make it so that, theoretically, someone could torch dozens of businesses, houses, vehicles, etc. owned by non-Whites and never get caught. He could then claim responsibility for all of these fires years later, via a manifesto or something. I was wondering if this has ever happened before. I'm not advocating for anything illegal, and I'm only asking out of historical interest.
(409.33 KB 500x493 engineer.png)
>>6157 leftists are faggots but this is one instance where reading anarchist and communist theory would actually be helpful. the insurrectionists and nihilists in the early 20th century called stuff like what tarrant did "propaganda of the deed" and gave up on it because it didn't work. it's less about respectability more about it getting all your most committed operatives imprisoned without actually motivating much imitation
>>6836 I wonder if atheist jews have the same problem as new atheists where they've internalised the abrahamic god to such an extent (in this case thanks to genital mutilation and other forms of ethnocentric brainwashing) they literally can't conceive of other religions being different let alone better. so they project their resentment trying to destroy everyone else's culture instead of coming to terms with how fucked up theirs is and breaking with it entirely (like gilad atzmon for example) I'm not saying we should be trying to convince the jews to worship odin or vishnu but I do pity their self-imposed situation
>>6843 yeah if you look at the lineup of the world bank it isn't just jews (they're in charge of course) there are a lot of chinese and indians as well. I saw an article the other day from 2006 where a bunch of jewish leaders had got together and met about how the decline of the west as an economic power and safe haven was a threat and they needed to establish better relations with asians before the pivot to the east is complete
>>11509 Millennia of worshiping Yahweh has literally warped them on a genetic level. People like to talk about ‘you are what you eat’ or that one becomes like that which they meditate, but as an extension of this, one is what they worship. Even when they are not directly worshiping Yahweh they are still bound by their inherited nature. At this point Jews seem to have a powerful predisposition towards evil. Who knows what they were like before Yahweh.
>>7104 >The best point of comparison may perhaps be when it comes to use of icons or statues in worship. The role of Mary I can't seem to closely integrate with anything I'm familiar with either. Pagans of course had many goddesses they worshiped, but nothing akin to her. from what I can remember all the major greek goddesses were either virgins or wives / mothers. mary just seems like a combination of the two archetypes. the trinity itself (father/mother/son) goes back to ancient kemet with the myth of isis and osiris but really it was just a common motif in general. and before you say "mary was never part of the trinity hurr durr" remember that the holy spirit is akin to the shekinah in kabbalah or shakti in hinduism both of which are specifically characterised as feminine
>>11514 >Who knows what they were like before Yahweh I actually think kikery predates any jewish contributions to broader canaanite mythology. you can tell from the use of the plural elohim in genesis for example that they just took older pagan stories and adapted them to fit an exclusivist monotheistic worldview. the ancient egyptian historian manetheo talks about the hyksos settling in jerusalem after they got kicked out of egypt for destroying other people's temples but they weren't yahwists or anything at the time. these people just go around infiltrating other people's cultures and using them against them. they did this to the greeks with christianity and they'll probably find a way to do the same in a hindu context once they try to take india over. it will be interesting to see how that strategy plays out in a mostly atheist country like china though
Shoot up your local federal synagogue.
Court upholds death sentence for church shooter Dylann Roof >A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld Dylann Roof’s conviction and death sentence for the 2015 racist slayings of nine members of a Black South Carolina congregation, saying the legal record cannot even capture the “full horror” of what he did. >A unanimous three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond rejected arguments that the young White man should have been ruled incompetent to stand trial in the shootings at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. >Biden has connections to the case. As vice president, Biden attended the funeral for one of those slain, state Sen. Clementa Pinckney, who also pastored the congregation. During his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden frequently referenced the shooting, saying that a visit to Mother Emanuel helped him heal in the aftermath of the death of his son, Beau. https://apnews.com/article/religion-389bcc56019f268cb1056e37a517bd6c
>>12457 unfair tbh, let's break him out
(545.58 KB 2000x2000 1629727657865.png)
>>12457 >A unanimous three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Disgusting anti White parasites, all of them. I don't know if the anon who was compiling the list of anti White persons of interest on Neuchan is lurking. If you are, you can repost the stuff on /cob/, people like you and The Noticer are worth your weight in gold.
>>12473 I wonder how many of the judges were Chosenites. I’d be willing to bet 2/3
(219.33 KB 636x872 drw.PNG)
>>12457 Surrender should never be an option against an evil such as zog anyway. Always fight to the last bullet.
>>12502 This is what I have always said. Breivik, Tarrant, Roof, Crusius, Bowers, Earnest, etc. all are dumb for not killing themselves. Literally no point rotting in a cell and being tortured in isolation by ZOG for decades or getting executed after decades on death row.
>>12505 Just out of curiosity have their been any White suicide bombers?
>>11516 >probably find a way to do the same in a hindu context once they try to take india over Good. Fuck indians. Do you know how sexually desperate they are? Rapist scum, all of them. Even the "good ones" wished they had a crumb of White pussy. They see us as Gods (a good thing nonetheless). Whatever, they're still a liability, like all the others. If ny non-White vs non-White matters manifests, let it happen. Stop caring for them. Let them die as they were not chosen to lead the world. As per Manifest Destiny and the Might is Right rules, Whites are the only doctors of the world.
>>12509 >. Do you know how sexually desperate they are? Rapist scum, all of them. "India has been characterised as one of the "countries with the lowest per capita rates of rape [...] The willingness to report rapes have increased in recent years, after several incidents received widespread media attention and triggered local and nationwide public protests.This led the government to reform its penal code for crimes of rape and sexual assault" Cope. India has lower rape rates than America and Japan
(83.38 KB 1608x905 1i65el.jpg)
>>12508 Forgot pic
(40.64 KB 600x522 chechen suicide bomber.jpg)
(804.13 KB 1004x1200 159083537.png)
>>12505 >Breivik, Tarrant, Roof, Crusius, Bowers, Earnest, etc. all are dumb for not killing themselves. I don't think they are dumb. And I find their path braver than the suicide path getting shilled, personally.
(130.72 KB 837x673 fire and brimstone.jpg)
>>12524 >I find their path braver than the suicide path getting shilled This too, furthermore it will go to show the rest of the, still wanting honor, the dishonor of the courts and the fact thee is no honorable solution when playing with dishonorable foes. The awakened Saxon is now seeing the mudbloods and lessers are not to be held to the same standards or else dire consequences (civilization collapse).
In the case of Breivik at least he gets to play video games. It's not really bravery to allow yourself to be captured by an evil enemy. Hitler didn't allow himself to be captured. It's more like foolhardiness at that point.
>>12508 The closest is Franz Fuchs. Timothy McVeigh was also prepared to shoot the bomb if the detonator didn't work. There's also a bunch of WN suicide attacks that weren't bombings. >>12505 If they're alive they'll drain resources from the state, and provide a cause the rally around for other WN's. There's also possibilities for spreading their message and gaining notoriety (and thus spreading fear among enemies) like Breivik.
(133.96 KB 740x960 Kill me, pete..jpg)
>>12524 I don't think those people spamming the suicide were shills, just pathetic whiny soyboys whose brains were too feminized from dangerously low testosterone. So with their feminized brains, they post suicide posts for attention, just like fucking woman who can't handle the fact Chad broke with her. However, I do get why they are in the state they're in. I am not trying to demoralize here, but it's fucking scary. We are, to be quite blunt, facing a repeat of the black death, with potentially most if not all of our women being sterilized from this event. Now I am not blackpill shilling, I am just stating why some anons might choose the easy way out. I see a total of three very grim scenerios unfolding, all of which equally depressing Pyrrhic Aryan victory: Whites win but the Jews have rendered most of the women sterile, resulting in a White society that's broken up into tribes fighting over the few fertile, White females left in our lands. Decisive Jewish Victory our race is annihilated as the poison kills off 2/3rds of our race in a similar manner to the black death. However, unlike the Black death, we don't have homogenous nations to recover in, and are thus, outnumbered by subhumans, who go door to door slaughtering us under the order of Jewish commissars. Jewish decisive victory: we are all rounded up, placed in Gulags, and then lined up by some hook nosed kike and shot. None of those are pleasant outcomes, but all three are the most likely scenarios I can predict from all this. So I can understand why some anons want a visit from Heavenly Pete.
>>12555 >>12536 >>12531 The future of guerilla warfare and terrorism should be obvious to anyone with a brain considering the past year: make a virus that targets non-Whites. Now, it takes about a week to make a virus, so the military undoubtedly has thousands made already, but you yourself could learn enough biology to make one by the end of the year. Just read a biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology textbook, then download a lab techniques book. In the face of genocide, genociding others single-handedly isn't so bad.
(16.51 KB 228x309 1569873579178.jpg)
>>12531 >Hitler didn't allow himself to be captured. Are you serious? Imagine if Hitler killed himself for fear of going to prison the first time. Pic extremely related. The final defeat in war is completely different situation, and I believe he chose the right thing in that case. War has not even begun here and blackpillers are already suggesting anons to kill themselves left and right. Give me a break.
>>12556 LARP. Many White Nationalists have been promoting that for years and nothing came of it. It's extremely hard to pull this of and it requires millions of dollars, at the very least.
>>12562 >LARP Ebin buzzword. >White Nationalist Rent free effeminate faggot. >for years and nothing came of it. Do you expect things to happen within mere months or a couple of years Mr. faggot in chief? Why would we throw our lives on the line in a situation and circumstances of events that are unfairable to us? Anon was suggesting an idea that in case shit actually esclate, anyway. Sperg somewhere else.
>>12562 >it requires millions of dollars Nice liberal talking point, lol. Surely when a race war comes the first thing we should worry about is how much money we need to spend to make biochemical weapons.
>>12515 Chechens and Dagestanis aren't White though. They are more similar to MENAs than to Europeans.
>>12587 Chechens are almost undeniably White as far as I'm concerned.
>>12557 When Hitler was arrested and imprisoned after the failed coup, he was in a sympathetic climate. He was allowed to give long impassioned speeches in front of the courts and was only sentenced to like five years imprisonment for attempting to overthrow the government. He was also favored by the guards and basically living like a king in his prison cell. People like Breivik, Tarrant and the others are in an extremely hostile environment, and the courts are going to execute judicial murder against Roof, Bowers, Crusius and Earnest eventually. It's not like Hitler broke out of prison or had a life sentence. He got off easy.
>>12588 Chechens descend from both Europeans and the residents who reside in the Caucasus. They're not entirely White.
>>12593 I'll concede that. Some of them look Whiter than others. With some people in Russia its hard to make judgements on these topics at times.
>>12594 >Some of them look Whiter than others. This is probably due to the fact that some of them have maternal European grandparents. You can still see the West Asian and some East Asian influences on some of their faces. I think they are a cline and slightly shift towards Europeans in terms of genetic affinities and phenotypical similarities, but I would rather consider them mischlings. Just like the Tartars, they are a multi-racial group with some Slavic and other Asiatic influences.
>>12591 Barend Strydom was released and is now a free man with a large family.
>>12584 A lab is much cheaper as well. To finish a single experiment, and only one experiment, you could probably get it done for 25,000, which is obviously in range for anyone committed and not a ZOG debtslave
>>12588 People like Kadyrov are just cherry picked examples. If I were to go by the same logic, then I could argue that Syrians are also White, by bringing up Bashar Al Assad as an example to prove my point. If you want to know how the people in question truly look like, then you should look up pictures of them in crowds, at protests, their provincial football teams, etc. Granted, some of them and other North Caucasians look a bit like other Europeans, but to me they overwhelmingly resemble Gypsies or MENAs. https://varlamov.ru/1575278.html?thread=540935278
40 day old article... but I’ve never seen anyone talk about this. California synagogue shooting suspect pleads guilty, avoids death penalty >A 22-year-old former nursing student pleaded guilty Tuesday to murder and other charges in connection with a deadly shooting at a Southern California synagogue on the last day of Passover. >John T. Earnest avoided the death penalty with his plea in San Diego Superior Court. The San Diego County district attorney’s office said he agreed to serve the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole in state prison. Sentencing is scheduled Sept. 30. >Earnest faces similar charges in federal court, where federal prosecutors faced a deadline of Aug. 30 on whether to pursue the death penalty. His next appearance in federal court is Sept. 30. The U.S. attorney's office in San Diego did not immediately respond to a request for comment. >“While we reserved the option of trying this as a death penalty case, life in prison without the possibility of parole for the defendant is an appropriate resolution to this violent hate crime and we hope it brings a measure of justice and closure to the victims, their families, friends and the wider community,” the office said. “This plea ensures the defendant is held accountable for his crimes under California state law.” https://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/california-synagogue-shooting-suspect-pleads-guilty-avoids-death-penalty/YY6GGRJPXJD45CUZP2RAYF4PH4/ https://archive.fo/3D3jK This really looks like he only dodged one attempt at the death penalty if I am reading this correctly though, since it says that there are similar charges in the federal courts. I am sure they won’t let him free as easily here
>>12591 >muh shooters are sufferin' All the more reasons to shoot at ZOG's police forces. Oh but they always have excuses not to do so and instead always surrender. They always give up when someone, anyone, but most of the time a ZOG pig, points a gun at them. And then we're supposed to lament them?
>>12830 >then we're supposed to lament them? Yes, faggot. Because unlike you and I here, they actually did something. >>12813 He and his lawyer must have been working at avoiding death penalty since the start. ZOG is going to kill Roof and Crusius too.
(98.85 KB 838x798 robertbowers.jpg)
>>12830 >Oh but they always have excuses not to do so and instead always surrender. Not true
>>12834 >Because unlike you and I here, they actually did something stupid. Same old retarded counter. You mean they were led by the nose into doing something actually inconsequential. I also suppose you' are doing "something" too? >>12836 A glaring exception. The local rabbi came out of it alive btw. Absolute waste. What he did was perhaps useful in making sure fewer Jews would ever want to believe they have anything to do with racially aware Whites. Overall his actions appear coherent considering the political activities of the synagogue. The method, however, is absolute garbage. After having identified the rabbi, he could have made sure this scoundrel would have eaten a bullet with his name on it by stalking him or waiting outside. This really appears wasteful and regrettable in that it would not allow Bowers to escape. If someone is willing to mow down Jews we could at least tell them to take their time, think this through and aim for maximum effect in the shortest amount of time possible. Lone wolves don't post their opinions blatantly on clearnet with most terrible OPSECS either. Moreover, eleven grannies is fucking lame and borderline retarded. That's the lowest hanging fruit anyone could have grabbed. Imagine camping outside and seeing that your targets are all old people who have more fingers than real teeth. I guess age is not an excuse. Anyway as I said that's at least going to spare us Jews from wanting to have anything to do with White Nationalists. Death penalty might sound horrible but in light of what's awaiting him in jail, I wish him out of this world as fast as possible now.
(1.94 MB 2500x1000 pentti linkola war updated.png)
>>12841 >Moreover, eleven grannies is fucking lame and borderline retarded. That's the lowest hanging fruit anyone could have grabbed. Imagine camping outside and seeing that your targets are all old people who have more fingers than real teeth. I guess age is not an excuse. Yeah, this is the biggest downside about it all. I doubt Bowers knew what he would really run into in advance, but that is of course just speculation on my part since even several years out we still know just so little about Bowers and the attack itself unfortunately. They are really trying to make the period leading up to these trials for the shooters in the US as long as they can. I am just assuming it is some sort of demoralization tactic. Grind them down with years in a tiny cell and then bring them to trial. A yeshiva might have been better than a synagogue ultimately, but Bowers is still one of the most effective we've seen.
>>12846 Articles say he was encouraged to do so on Gab, perhaps by (((fellow White people))). It seems nobody told him to calm down or at least try to make sense of what he should do. Perhaps we have found another reason why Gab exists.
>>12847 Where are you people coming from?
>>12850 Deradicalization shills are always around, and there are always braindead cuckervatives around the corner.
>>12841 >>12847 Go away (((cuck)))
>>12850 >>12857 >>12858 Please make your point clear instead of spamming nonsense.
>>12850 Go look at 4plebs. People are spamming about 16chan there every day of the week on /pol/. Just the other day I saw a ton of people on 16/pol/ saying that they had just discovered this place on 4/pol/ (this was in the GATE thread). Cuckchan cancer is flooding into every board on this site. That is why there have been endless shills here the last few days
>>12857 >Deradicalization shills are always around We're not stopping you from blowing yourself up for Allah or Wotan either. There are four types of war: 1. Total (WWI & II) war. 2. Guerilla. 3. Civil war (completely fucked up mess that tends to, on the best day, morph into case 1 or 2). 4. Repeat targeted assassinations (ninja tier). Anything else is bullshit or (((bullshit))).
(669.67 KB 1857x1627 1630486570309.png)
(420.83 KB 848x1200 1630482474883.jpg)
>>13010 >he doesn't know he is already at war You are not going to make it.
>>13014 >can't make the difference between a civil genocide and a war You think anyone will read those long pictures except CREST faggots who have the most useless lives of all?
(122.96 KB 759x785 1465359727209-2.jpg)
(2.28 MB 4000x3500 1397487861721.png)
(756.52 KB 3000x4500 1459924845308-1.png)
(557.96 KB 842x833 1435515913773-1.jpg)
Once all the dust settels, we really need to have a racial policy in which we do not share technology with lesser species. It only leads to their downfall, at the often price of our pathologically altruistic brothers, while the environment suffers. Lose, lose, lose. A people is only worth of the technology they can understand and recreate themselves. Without Aryan aid the lessers would have never gone much beyond the chariot much less mass plastic, petrol, & chemical, & radioactive pollution. >>13014 >>he doesn't know he is already at war He isn't gonna make it at this rate. Maybe cognitive dissonance will set in faster with this one. >>13022 You either fight for your soil, blood, culture, & the salts of the Earth or the untermensch tide shall come over a once fertile land and desecrate it, like locusts whom bread beyond control with too much artificial food inflation.
>>13038 >no more sharing of technology Yeah I agree. Let the inferior races all either and die. As said in Bhagavad-Gita (or somewhere else if I'm wrong), Kalki will come down and slaughter the shitskins, who stupidly pray to such a God (poo Hinduism). Whites were the Kalki the whole time. We just need initiative to render the other species powerless and useless.
(754.74 KB 854x474 whats up money money money.mp4)
>>13010 >not listing replacement migration as a form of warfare You're stuck chasing words and losing sight of the effect of actions
>>13046 Confirmed for never having read the Bhagavad Gita or any scripture where Kalki is mentioned. Embarrassing case of imageboard brain, right here.
>>13038 Why do you feel the need to vomit your pictures as if you tried hard to make a point? You and the other anon, assuming you're not samefagging, are speaking of war but I'm not seeing Whites fighting the proper enemy. That is, the ZOG. Are you? All I see is all a bunch of dupes who ruin their lives throwing lead at literally the most useless and non-relevant types of targets one could think of. The last brainlet who seemed to at least target anything remotely related to the tribe went for grannies and missed the rabbi. That is downright pathetic. FFS people, you dare call that a war? If you really think true lone wolves are already operating in System territories, start posting newspapers articles of traitorous politicians, top kikes or POC community leaders who mysteriously get removed from the grid. Then and only then we will be talking. Anything else is, as I said, mere bullshit and food for retards. Now, on not sharing the technology, I absolutely agree but it's a bit late to think of it. This might not even be that important once we've won. Right now, the enemy keeps sharing the tech and Israel or China will surely provide all the tools necessary even if we tried our best, with our limited means, to sabotage any form of supply. These mass shooter threads are populated by ZOGfags anyway, I'm most likely wasting my time here.
>>13057 My fault. I supposed it was Kali. Fact is - the Gita showcased the spiritual and mental superiority of Aryans over the lesser "peoples". Was there not a quote about a God hating the inferior ones solely for their black skin? If a God has such beliefs (I'd think this God does not hate them for skin colour alone but included rotten genes too), then it would seem foolish for the only clean race to follow said path.
(1.32 MB 1280x720 ceuta_invaders.webm)
>>13058 >These mass shooter threads are populated by ZOGfags anyway, I'm most likely wasting my time here. Gee I wonder why you would have interest in not classifying replacement migration as a form of warfare
(414.83 KB 5032x4184 fbcb1ad008dd014bfd878a0e9f780af1.png)
(174.18 KB 1779x311 1454071852195.png)
(313.09 KB 1741x540 1454933100266.png)
(229.35 KB 1898x910 1455329391523.png)
>>13058 Since you are clearly new here cough reddit posting cough I'll spare you some of the normal ire and get to visceral business, welcome to the land of the real, please see pic 2 >Why do you feel the need to vomit your pictures as if you tried hard to make a point? Since clearly you don't see the relation f the first image. We are already at war it's been lower burn for awhile and the lines of resistence, both 5th column and enthused cells of red blooded americans, the counter mechanism of the Illuminati machine was already at a nearly 'full-tilt hot war' >You and the other anon, assuming you're not samefagging, are speaking of war but I'm not seeing Whites fighting the proper enemy. That is both a projection and a strawman. You're not really good at this. See >>>/pol/16860 for rules of logic, debate, & fallacies. >That is, the ZOG. Are you? With as hostile as you are I could ask the same thing, though I'm nearly sure you're just extremely ill-informed to give you the benefit of the doubt, though really see >>>/pol/16860 especially the last image as you are showing currently several traits of disinformationalists. >All I see is all a bunch of dupes who ruin their lives throwing lead at literally the most useless and non-relevant types of targets one could think of. The last brainlet who seemed to at least target anything remotely related to the tribe went for grannies and missed the rabbi. That is downright pathetic. Projections >FFS people, you dare call that a war? It's pressure cooking right now, but have no idea, once the war is hot & exoteric it will be too late for anything but action. >If you really think true lone wolves are already operating in System territories, start posting newspapers articles of traitorous politicians, top kikes or POC community leaders who mysteriously get removed from the grid. If not you then who? >Now, on not sharing the technology, I absolutely agree but it's a bit late to think of it. This might not even be that important once we've won. This is the most important time! lest we repeat our mistakes in cyclical fashion. <Inb4 >I'm not reading any/all of that Then remain a pleb.
>>13060 The Bhagavad Gita is a text which emphasizes the importance of acting without attachment to the fruits of your actions and to fulfill your dharma. Liberation is granted by the grace of God. The text affirms castes divisions and following the moral rules of the scriptures. 9.32 affirms that anyone who takes refuge in God whether they be of low birth, women, vaishyas or shudras, can attain liberation. Aryan castes, like other castes, are the creation of God and fulfill a role in the four varna system. Aryan castes are qualitatively superior to the lower ones, obviously. This is essentially what every spiritual / theistic tradition on the planet is like one way or another. The stuff about black skin has to do with a few particular devas like Indra battling other tribes in the Rigveda. >I supposed it was Kali. Kali is just some random demon
>>13084 >Gee I wonder why you would have interest in not classifying replacement migration as a form of warfare You could do that but I spoke of WAR and sorry for being perhaps classical here but I expect at least two sides making copious use of weapons, ZOG versus Aryans. You can say it's a form of war as used loosely in the general sense, not the military engagement which my post was absolutely clear about. I am not denying the ongoing genocide at all.
>>13143 It is indeed a war, in every sense of word. The ongoing replacement-level migration, mass brainwashing and destruction of our people is a war in all but declaration, a war against an entire race. The issue is that only one side is currently fighting the war; the other side is limited to pointless arguments online and on shady imageboards and forums, and limited individuals who are promptly condemned by the same people who otherwise know what is happening. It's essentially a war against an enemy that not only doesn't fight back, but doesn't WANT to fight back, and instead chooses to ineffective pleading against a ruthless enemy whose goal is domination and destruction alone.
>>13085 >about war See >>13143 Spare me your lecture. I'm laughing at your hypotheses and conclusions about me. >Projections I'm stating facts. Besides, have you seen the Jewish dead bodies? Has anyone seen them? >>If you really think true lone wolves are already operating in System territories, start posting newspapers articles of traitorous politicians, top kikes or POC community leaders who mysteriously get removed from the grid. >If not you then who? <usual variant of: then do it/why don't you do it/etc. No, that's not the question. I'm asking you the sign that any of this has already started for real, because all I see is crazy shooters that apply shock and terror that just happens to be what kikes need for their propaganda, but get us no real benefits since they are not even hitting decision makers. When you look at them these shootings are completely ridiculous at how they miss the target, both rhetorically and physically. Once, you can say it's a mistake. Twice or more, not so much.
>>13144 >The issue is that only one side is currently fighting the war Sorry for being pedant but then it's precisely not a war in "every sense of word". It's more like a Holodomor with everybody clapping their hands as the comfy gulag grows. My opinion is that we will be at war when we will be fulfilling the RAHOWA. For now we're just idling while one side keeps pushing its pieces on the checkered board. Anyway it is not even worthy of arguing over semantics since we agree on what is going on, regardless of how we like to name it.
>>13090 >anyone who takes refuge in God whether they be of low birth, women, vaishyas or shudras, can attain liberation Why did god make "castes"? Why did he have to make everyone unequal? A bit fucked up don't you think? All problems in the world would've been solved if everyone was of one and only one race.
>>13168 Samsara is essentially where souls act out their free will outside of the spiritual world, and they are assigned different bodies in accordance with their actions. It's essentially a system of spiritual evolution. Those at the lower levels, closer to animals in temperament, have different capacities and abilities compared to those who are in better quality bodies and are living more spiritualized lives. It's the system of reintegration and natural law both. >A bit fucked up don't you think? <judging the wisdom of infinite intelligence
I think it's time us fellow blackshirts read the Brigade. https://archive.org/details/TheBrigade
>>13199 Just remember cellphones are a trap. They are used in his books as a means of communication but glowniggers love using phone metadata/spying on texts/etc.
>>13255 The 5Cs are a trap. Credit cards, computers, cell phones, CCTV and cars. Most modern investigations (2005+) heavily involve these. Most of the time, it is the Police State, not “forensics” doing the tracking.
(46.10 KB 577x422 all in this together.jpg)
>>13168 I've only read the gita once but the way I interpreted it was that the four varnas work in harmony to keep society running. If the brahmins are the head, the shudras are the feet etc. then my thinking is the body cannot function well without all the parts working in tandem. that isn't to argue for equality per se, obviously some people are born slow and destined for menial labour, but it's certainly counter to the capitalistic idea that the lower classes are completely disposable. I know it's a meme to argue that feudalism was "more organic" but I think there's a grain of truth to that tbh. even slavery in the ancient world was less brutal than what it became under the watchful purview of the jews, especially in the american context. I think part of the problem with the modern right is everyone fancies themselves as some sort of warrior or member of the spiritual elite and discounts the value of the little people who really form the foundation of any revolutionary movement. you don't have to read a bunch of esoteric theory or nill kiggers in minecraft to help the White nationalist cause. even if you work a bullshit job you can still drop little redpills to your coworkers and customers now and again. not to mention the value of community organising, which in my town is sadly dominated by commies atm. romanticism is great in moderation but we can't all be at the center of things. and note that I'm not arguing against self-improvement, since according to my understanding there are many examples of people transcending their birth caste in the hindu scriptures. but more recently I have found comfort in embracing my "varna karma" and acknowledging that I need to work on myself mentally and physically for a long time before I'll be able to contribute more than just a little bit this sounds strange but I think we have a lot to learn from certain leftist revolutions, particularly cuba. say what you want about castro and che but they were able to take over a whole country, a veritable sodom and gomorrah of western capitalism no less, with an army of a few hundred or so men because of passive support from the locals. as a certain austria antisemite once said history is made by determined minorities but I think the national socialist experience made it clear that winning over the masses is crucial even if they have to be propagandised because they don't have the time or the IQ to see anything close to the whole picture sorry if this post is ignorant I've been thinking a lot about organising recently and am starting to come to the conclusion that we're doomed to irrelevancy if we don't start focusing more on forming organic support structures wherever we have power instead of larping as SS or whatever. decentralised of course because the modern security state has made it impossible to organise coherent groups let alone mass movements without them getting co-opted fairly quickly
>>13285 to add to this briefly there was a massive kerfuffle in my city a few years ago about a White nationalist vendor at the farmers' market. they ended up getting chased out sadly -- this town is infested with virtue-signalling libs -- but if something like that scares the jews so much imagine how they would shit themselves if we started emulating the black panthers or the modern anarchists by feeding our own vulnerable people, teaching them (real) history, basic self-defense, financial literacy, good health etc. without (immediately) doing anything that would render the population unsympathetic like lone-wolf terror. the right is woke to the perils of individualism when it comes to homosexuality and feminism but not in a broader sense as of yet imo. there's too much negativity (lightning), not enough focus on building dual power (sun). big part of the reason why I'm more comfortable calling myself a third positionist than an outright right-winger. love for yourself and your own race is more productive than criticism and kvetching; if we don't realise this we're bound to end up as insufferable as the marxists
(17.13 KB 385x319 schweitzer_2.jpg)
>>13286 finally the hitlerjugend was one of the germans' single best ideas and I think something similar could really help today in my country (america) at least. covid has destroyed millenial and zoomer social lives and suicides in those age groups have fucking skyrocketed. I think a lot of us could really appreciate the sense of belonging and purpose that would come from organisations like that. young people aren't as brainwashed as you think, either; anti-zionism is very popular and I've had more success than I expected broaching thr topics of jewish power and holocaust revisionism with progressives even since I know my shit after years of research. the 100+ years of jewish domination has become too obvious for a lot of people to ignore. in the future we will have to focus also on improving White people's parenting skills cause part of the reason the youth are so fucked up is cause they were raised by narcissistic boomers and older gen-xers who bought everything the jew media, churches, and doctors ever told them. but for now we can take advantage of the emotional vacuum created by those inadequacies sorry for the wall of text my (national) comrades I just needed to get this shit off my chest. hopefully this will generate some fruitful discussion even if I'm wrong
>>13285 When Aryan societies were made solely of White people, castes were more informal and it was possible to have some social mobility within them, as in, merit was valued over inheritance. It was just far more likely for you to stay within your caste since that was the lifestyle that you got used to since birth and people weren't chasing the carrot like today but were content with the lifestyle that their position brought. They instinctively knew their role and position, because that society was organic and not a Talmudic abomination like the ones that we have today. Those of shudra caste would likely be deeply unhappy if placed in a higher role. Stricter caste system was only developed later, when Whites began to form societies along with muds, to avoid race-mixing mostly. Muds also accepted it because it benefited them regardless of their position, Whites brought knowledge, civilization and better life. But as usual, this kind of setup was only a temporary solution and didn't last for long. The problem today is that we live in societies entirely controlled by Jews, who are chandalas (untouchables). So we are witnessing a complete inversion of values. The funny thing about Jews is that they have practically genocided their own aristocracy at one point. Social rules and values imposed by them have turned the majority of Whites into chandalas as well.
>>13146 Yeah it really depends on your definitions so it's subjective. I'd argue that Europeans have been and are fighting back, just at a relatively low intensity since they are being suppressed by the state. And by the same manner you could say the state is at war with the European race since they are the ones responding with force when Europeans strike against the invaders. A few exhibits to demonstrate.
>>13290 >untouchables Meant as: those who should not be touched because of their impurity.
>>13285 >even slavery in the ancient world was less brutal than what it became under the watchful purview of the jews, especially in the american context. The illusion of democracy has a strong scent. Don't ever try to break a NPC's vidya or you'll soon reveal the snitch sleeping in him. >doing something IRL That is right but the difficulty is filtering the normies and potential traitors. Forming a community is interesting but the ZOG will make your life shit just for living that way with like minded Whites, whereas staying where you are, assuming it's not too full of niggers, is perhaps the best camouflage yet. The advantage of MAGA and I'm sorry to have to say that is that at least they're half of the voting population and provide a decent cover for more radical Whites, if only because of the large mass of people including in this. So move into unshakeable MAGA areas and proselytize once there.
>>13285 >I've only read the gita once but the way I interpreted it was that the four varnas work in harmony to keep society running. If the brahmins are the head, the shudras are the feet etc. then my thinking is the body cannot function well without all the parts working in tandem. That's exactly what it is. It's classic organicism. >that isn't to argue for equality per se, obviously some people are born slow and destined for menial labour, but it's certainly counter to the capitalistic idea that the lower classes are completely disposable. It's certainly not equality whatever it could be called. To return the body metaphor, we cannot say that he hand and the lungs are 'equal' - clearly not. Their functions are radically different. Some functions might be more vital than others - no one can dispute that the lungs are ultimately more important than the hands, but both of them fulfill important functions that contribute to the well-being and functioning of their entire state organicism. This is what the varna system is built on. >even slavery in the ancient world was less brutal than what it became under the watchful purview of the jews, especially in the american context. 100% true. Modern people work mucher more dehumanizing and unfulfilling jobs than do premodern people. I would rather live under a feudal lord 500 years ago at this point rather than live in clownworld under the Jews. >I think part of the problem with the modern right is everyone fancies themselves as some sort of warrior or member of the spiritual elite and discounts the value of the little people who really form the foundation of any revolutionary movement. you don't have to read a bunch of esoteric theory or nill kiggers in minecraft to help the White nationalist cause. even if you work a bullshit job you can still drop little redpills to your coworkers and customers now and again. not to mention the value of community organising, which in my town is sadly dominated by commies atm. romanticism is great in moderation but we can't all be at the center of things. Definitely. Action > Thought.
>>13300 god that video is just devastating. he's just a kid and now he has to spend the rest of his life in prison because he lashed out in frustration at a real problem that wasn't being addressed adequately any other way. I still think a lot of muslim terrorist attacks are mossad false flags designed to push the "war between edom and ishmael" but that doesn't mean I want them living here, either
(1017.13 KB 1370x950 RAHOWA! This planet is ours!.png)
(200.43 KB 400x225 hunt non-whites.gif)
(25.99 MB 640x480 Creativity-Rahowa.mp4)
Since the race war is going to happen in America, I'm going to mostly talk about America. American society is shaping rapidly for the worse, and as it does this the whole authority system is going to become a lot weaker, which means we will have a greater opportunity to strike. Since most Americans live in the big cities all we have to do is conquer the country side, presumably the frontier first, and then make our way up to other parts of America. After that, we'll starve the remaining cities in submission, and get rid of every non-White specimen left in America, and Canada. After that We must conquer all other remaining non-White parts of North America, and then make way for an autocratic White nation stretching from Greenland, to Hawaii, to Panama.
>>13332 I'm not sure if the attacks themselves are false flags, but the Jews are definitely working to precipitate the war between Edom and Ishmael. Jews make Muslims in the Middle East radicalized by drone-striking them, killing their kids, spreading their degeneracy, sucking out their oil, etc. And the Muslims start to chimp out at the West (and not without reason). The Muslims then commit attacks on Western military bases and on Western civilian-targets in the West as a sort of 'eye for an eye' retaliation against the Jewish machinations in the Middle East. The Jews then use the anger generated at Muslim terrorist attacks to fuel their Middle Eastern policies and then frame it as a war between good and evil, or a war between progress and barbarism. Most Westerners eat this up, as they love these sorts of concocted metanarratives. So Westerners see Muslims as the source of all evil, and the Muslims see the Westerners as the same, and meanwhile the Jew escapes almost all of the anger. Many Muslims are woke on Jews, but they don't do nearly enough. They are inherently kosher at core. Excessive hatred of Muslims is definitely part of the Zionist narrative though. I just don't want them in my country, I don't give a shit about them otherwise. Anyone committing an attack (in Minecraft of course) shouldn't waste their time on mosques.
(147.14 KB 385x343 ClipboardImage.png)
Poway synagogue shooter receives life in prison without parole >POWAY, Calif. — A young man who carried out a hate-motivated shooting at the Chabad of Poway that killed one woman and injured three other people was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without the possibility of parole. >John Timothy Earnest, 22, pleaded guilty July 20 in San Diego Superior Court to murder and attempted murder charges for the April 27, 2019, shooting. He also pleaded guilty to an arson charge for setting fire to the Dar-ul-Arqam Mosque in Escondido on March 24, 2019. >Under the terms of his plea deal, he was sentenced to life without parole, plus an additional 137 years to life. https://archive.fo/pNoB3 https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/crime/poway-synagogue-shooter-sentencing/509-3ea6727a-6fc1-4bc2-b5c1-882470f430f0
>>15275 >plea deal >life without parole ... should of not taken the plea
(594.45 KB 239x158 suicide bomber muslim.gif)
>>15277 I can't for the life of me figure out why these people don't off themselves after they do their attack. I'd be checking out.
>>15281 one of the reasons for seppuku/hara-kiri among the samurai was to avoid capture.
>>15282 It always made sense to me. Being captured is the greatest humiliation. Never fall into the hands of your enemies.
>>15281 Most of them just give up once the authorities arrive even though theyre armed enough to make the place look like North Hollywood.
>>15281 Life in prison is awesome. No worries in the world. Lounge around all day. Plenty of time to exercise and meditate. I heard you can even read and write books in prison. And if you leave/escape everybody will think you're a badass. What else can you ask for in life?
(35.98 MB 1280x720 John Earnest.webm)
>>15275 HEIL JOHN EARNEST When the ZOG regime collapses you'll be our new governor.
>>15277 >should of not taken the plea His lawyers avoided death penalty at least. John can still hope in a future revolution - same for Bowers, Crusius, Roof etc.
>>15299 You’re the perfect slave. Being a prisoner in the US is literally becoming a legal slave for ZOG, working for pennies on the hour. Every day the same, living in a cage, unable to have any form of freedom or spontaneity, unable to go outside, etc. Earnest is 22, he might be in there for nearly 60 years. Not offing yourself to avoid this slavery and dehumanization is a pathetic coward move
>>15309 No way. The zog slaves are all kept out of prison so they can serve better. Prison is the freest place in America.
>>15309 Normalniggers are prisoners just as much as prison inmates, if you didn't notice you literally have to show proof of being injected with a kike poison to be "free" to do anything. Stop this blackpilling nonsense. It's not over tl you're buried six feet under.
>>15310 Read the 13th amendment. You’re literally an owned slave of ZOG if you are imprisoned in America. Why do you think America has the prison model that it does? Quakers pioneered prison reform favoring incarceration and reform rather than punishment, and this eventually led to mass incarceration in the US. Due to the 13th amendment the government uses its massive prison population as a source of unpaid labor to make shit like like license plates, coathangers and other cheap goods. Imagine wanting to live as a government slave in a skinner box for the rest of your life, bullied by loud-mouth niggers and egomaniac roid-raging guards for the rest of your life. >>15313 I am not intending to blackpill anyone, though I still stand by my position regarding Earnest and what he should have done. And you’re not wrong about normalfags either. They are slaves of a different kind. They’re slaves and don’t know it. Basically they’re prostitutes of the Jews, selling their lives to various Jew-owned corporations in order to survive and get food. It’s like Nietzsche said. Everyone has become a herd-animal.
>>15317 >read muh constitushion. Nah, I'm not out of toilet paper yet.
>>15322 The Constitution’s not worth the paper it’s written on, clearly, but in this matter ZOG makes full use of its powers here.
>>15281 Tarrant already discussed this. >drain resources from the government >spread your message further if possible (IE Breivik, Lane, etc) >inspire others >attack more non-Whites (IE Darren Osborne) >>15300 Earnest is playing SS Marchiert in Feindesland on his piano, as we speak.
>>15328 also >get a relatively short sentence so you can resume your career in politics in a couple years (e.g. Luca Traini)
>>15328 >Tarrant already discussed this. None of you here are going to this. Who cares what Tarrant says, he's outdated and overrated, especially when some of you anons are only going to LARP on this board and refuse to admit he has done nothing to save us.
(5.63 MB 320x248 paulie laugh.gif)
>>15332 >andrefuse to admit he has done nothing to save us. I bet this is the same boomer who's talking about muh constitution ITT
>>15332 >Who cares what Tarrant says We cares. >he's outdated and overrated And yet he still did more for our cause by promotion of accelerationist solution, than your pathetic attempts to pacify us.
>>15332 Though I don't necessarily think that Tarrant's solution is the best solution, he is neither outdated or overrated. He had an effect on the local Muslim community and likely stopped hundreds of future Muslims from being born.
Some info on Anton Lundin Pettersson: >The first author (7) found that the police failed to investigate a large part of the offender’s digital life: his Hotmail account, his Facebook account, and his gaming accounts. It was on one such gaming site that she found the secret farewell note quoted earlier in this case study. >The person who received Pettersson’s secret, digital farewell message was located and interviewed by the first author. The 25-year-old Dutch man was openly transsexual or homosexual and described how Pettersson flirted with him and the other transsexual men online and never showed any racist tenden- cies. He was shocked over what happened and questioned if Pettersson really had racist motives. The first author also found another digital friend, a British young man, who was also openly transsexual or homosexual. The British man described Pettersson as kind and thoughtful. Both of these friends were genitally male at birth, but were unclear as to both their sexual identities and orientations, and communicated their lack of clarity through their social media accounts. Once the British man was depressed, and Pettersson did all he could to cheer him up. >Pettersson’s contact with these two men broadens the pic- ture of the offender and his motives: Pettersson was an acutely suicidal man filled with self-loathing and lived in a world where it was unthinkable to be anything other than a White, heterosexual man. Pettersson never revealed his sexual orientation and his family refused to believe that it was true. The first author’s investigation into Pettersson’s digital traces also shows that he consumed a particular type of pornography involving shemales. This is a nickname for men who undergo surgery to become a woman, but keep their penis. Pettersson did not consume any other type of pornography and significantly increased his consumption in the weeks before the attack. One of the last things he did the night before the attack was to watch a shemale porn video (7). Although both Pettersson’s sexual identity and orientation were unclear at the time of his death, it is evident that he wanted to associate with those in the HBTQ digital world. >It was sent less than an hour before the killings to a gam- ing friend online, a 25-year-old man in Holland, and that note differs significantly from the letter that the offender knew that the police would find: >Hey man! I don’t have a lot of time so I’ll get right down to it. I’m going to be dead in the next hour or two, max. I remember all the fun we had playing SWTOR together and I want you to know that you’re the best friend I’ve ever had, you’re awesome. I’m going to miss you so much, even though I know I could have been more active, but you know me, fucking hate myself. If there’s an afterlife I hope to see you there! Those fucking cops better aim straight; I really don’t want to survive the rampage. Anyway. I love you.//Anton.” https://drreidmeloy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/The-Swedish-School-Attack-in-Trollhattan.pdf
>>16853 Weird. Any other sources on this? >the fun we had playing SWTOR together that may explain the star wars mask
>>16905 >Any other sources on this? Not that I'm aware of. It seems like it's some info that the authors dug up in their own research on a case and later published in a recent book, and also information from Swedish reports on the incident. Unfortunately the book where this info was published is in Swedish too looking at the references.
>>16853 It seems he went full Yukio Mishima
>>16853 >The first author’s investigation into Pettersson’s digital traces also shows that he consumed a particular type of pornography involving shemales. >shemales
(23.69 KB 464x713 mishima sword.jpg)
>>17128 >into shemales >downed his enemies with a katana >took kino photos with girls as his sword was dripping with blood during the attack This is pretty Mishima-esque when you think about it.
The mass shooter who killed 51 people at two New Zealand mosques in 2019 is expected to appeal his convictions because he feels he was under duress when he pleaded guilty, a report said. Brenton Tarrant recently provided his lawyer, Tony Ellis, with a 15-page description of the alleged mistreatment the murderer said he experienced while in custody for the unthinkable massacre at the mosques in Christchurch, Stuff.co.nz reported. Ellis outlined Tarrant’s allegations in a memorandum that he sent last week to the chief coroner, Judge Deborah Marshall​, the report said. “[Tarrant] means he was subject to inhuman or degrading treatment whilst on remand, which prevented a fair trial,” Eillis wrote in the memo. The lawyer said all New Zealanders by law are entitled to be treated fairly with dignity and respect. The judge said Tarrant is welcome to address the issue at a separate hearing next month related to a coroner’s inquiry. Tarrant was imprisoned for life without parole after pleading guilty in March 2020 to 51 charges of murder, 40 attempted murder charges and engaging in a terrorist act. The mass killer is the only person in New Zealand to be designated the status of terrorist. https://nypost.com/2021/11/07/new-zealand-mosque-shooter-brenton-tarrant-expected-to-appeal-convictions/
>>384 What was the point of the Moncton shootings? >>12687 >cherry-picked Most of these Muslim Caucasians are Aryan with a significant amount of mischlings and non-Whites as they still intermix based on cultural-tribal affiliations rather than anything based on race. Mountain people are racially pure(r) due to their rough location and small society.
>>17145 kek, I hadn't even thought about the Sword - Katana resemblance. It really is weird how Pettersson isn't better known. That picture of him with the girls was kino.
>>17639 I think he's about where we would expect him to be in terms of being known. He didn't kill that many people, which of course will translate into lower levels of fame, but the distinctive nature of his attire and his method of killing definitely boost him in recognition. His mentions by people such as Tarrant have also kept him somewhat relevant.
Tree of Life synagogue shooting suspect won't pursue insanity or intellectual disability defense >The man accused of killing 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill will not pursue an insanity defense, his attorneys said this week. >Robert Bowers also will not raise an intellectual disability claim when he goes on trial for the Oct. 27, 2018, mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue building. >Bowers has offered to plead guilty in exchange for a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole, and leaders of Dor Hadash and New Light Congregation, two of the three Jewish congregations that worshipped in the Tree of Life building, have both asked the attorney general to reach such a plea deal with Bowers. Members of the Tree of Life congregation have not spoken publicly about it. >The government has rejected those offers. >No trial date has been set in the case https://triblive.com/local/tree-of-life-synagogue-shooting-suspect-wont-pursue-insanity-or-intellectual-disability-defense/ This trial is literally never going to happen at this rate
Potential trial date discussed for alleged El Paso Walmart shooter >EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14) — An official trial date for Patrick Crusius, the alleged gunman who committed a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart in 2019, is expected to be set in the next 30 days. >The judge and the prosecution agreed on a potential trial date of March 6, 2023 however, the defense asked for more time to discuss it with their entire team. >She said once a trial date is set, the trial could span at least 4 to 6 weeks. https://kfoxtv.com/news/local/potential-trial-date-discussed-for-alleged-el-paso-walmart-shooter
>>7117 >he has a big head 4u
>>18002 >trial date potentially years away >not counting all the shit he goes through before then >inevitably a life sentence if not executed There is no reason to get captured like Brevik, not at this time. Not if you can help it. It’s just a slow death if you are.
>>19154 Yeah I’d be feeling like I wasted my life if was in this situation. No wonder Tarrant stopped caring.
>>19156 Tarrant did fantastic. Unfortunately he thought he could do similar to Brevik, but he’s also proof for everyone else that they’ll torture you and do as much as possible to dehumanize you, even taking away his name in most mentions of him. All of them are heroes no matter what they do/what happens to them in prison.
>>19161 I’m still not quite sure what they accomplished. The Jihadi model doesn’t work for White Nationalism. Jihadis don’t even care about the results of their actions, nor care if they die. But when a White Nationalist does this, they often won’t kill themselves or they are entirely focused on the results which are usely irrelevant or a drop into the ocean, and then they get blackpilled and are trapped in a cage for the rest of their life.
>>19162 He accelerated, inspired others, gave us hope, eliminated 51 invaders, and dried up the slime community in a city. Plus these individual actions won't change everything by themselves anyways. They are part of a larger timeline and series of events. And you don't have some alternative model with a successful track record that stands alone on its own. If you want to play the critique game don't forget your own critique is fair game as well.
BREIVIK IN COURT DEMANDING PAROLE The man, the myth and the legend himself has made a new appearance (pic rel.) He remains unbroken and an advocate for our people. https://archive.fo/xCH2f
>>22102 fk off shlomo
>>22104 >>22102 Strange how shills appear immediately after news about Breivik appears. These points have been brought up and debunked six million times. Read the thread and lurk more if there is even the slightest chance that you aren’t a bot or an Israeli Jew
Somehow Breivik knows about the ‘Ok’ sign
(5.60 KB 225x225 images.jpg)
>>22109 Just like many other neocons
>>22109 Judging how prisons are very comfy and lenient in Norway he probably gets to read newspapers about about any topic of his request such as global geopolitcs. Though I doubt It he may even have some minor access to the internet though heavily restricted.
>>22093 >>22095 >>22109 Veldig basert. >>22106 Let me guess, "random White kids" and "pro-Zionist freemason"?
>>22093 >>22095 If just one in one hundred of our men could develop that kind of dedication, we would be unstoppable.
Breivik giving fist-bumps in court now. He always brings a smile to my face. >>22111 Hopefully Breivik lurks on /fascist/ Let a man dream!. It's cool though that this means he is completely aware of all of the saints from the last few years though. I saw Norwegian anons on /pol/ even saying that Breivik was demanding to serve his sentence with Manshaus. Wonder what he thinks of Tarrant. >>22112 >Let me guess, "random White kids" and "pro-Zionist freemason"? It would be a miracle if it was anything different. >>22122 Indeed. Especially when one realizes that Breivik's main purpose for coming to this hearing is quite evidently not even something to do with him personally getting out of prison. It appears to me like the only reason he decided to do it was to spread awareness of the genocide going on in the West. I saw anons reporting earlier that Breivik claimed to be representing dozens of White nations while in court today. Regardless of whether he said that or not, it's true. Ten years in prison have done nothing to him. He's hardly aged a day He is unstoppable.
Rabbi Shot in Poway Synagogue Attack Sentenced For Fraud Schemes >A former San Diego rabbi who was wounded in an April 2019 hate-filled attack on his Poway synagogue was sentenced Tuesday for his role in several fraud schemes, including one using charitable donations to commit tax fraud. >Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein was sentenced to 14 months in custody and must pay nearly $3 million in restitution for the schemes involving the misuse of at least $6.2 million in contributions and donations to the synagogue. Of those millions, Goldstein admitted to keeping approximately $620,000 for himself. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/national-international/rabbi-shot-in-poway-synagogue-attack-sentenced-for-fraud-schemes/2771081/
>>22143 Classic fraud-filled rabbi.
>>22143 Just think that this sort of stuff is happening in every synagogue in America. These places are literally centers for left-wing activism, swindling and child abuse. It is a crime that they’re even allowed to remain open.
Breivik trial videos: Download before they shut it down. https://youtu.be/iAxZdMNpeaY
>>22159 (((Broadcast))) was censored at source The TV station only really showed one of his exhibits (pic) then purposely they kept the camera behind him so no other papers would be broadcasted. They also muted his mic a few times. Anyways here is upload >2022 Breivik Parole Plead - Day 1.mp4 >720p, size 533MB, length 01:54:02 https://anonfiles.com/X6y8ifC4xa/2022_Breivik_Parole_Plead_-_Day_1_mp4
>>22159 >>22162 Sven streamer https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/357079696/ https://archive.fo/dg1Fy >https://mega.nz/file/ANNEFZiD#IrtadbZprdVvq60NErTg9ucADAHc2_jxU2Rsmcr-suI >https://youtu.be/iAxZdMNpeaY Mirror https://litter.catbox.moe/exayu3.mkv https://web.archive.org/web/20220118202813/https://litter.catbox.moe/exayu3.mkv https://1.filedit.ch/1/ShtsabrnIyueWFZsPqnm.mkv https://web.archive.org/web/20220118195057/https://1.filedit.ch/1/ShtsabrnIyueWFZsPqnm.mkv Audio https://files.catbox.moe/b5cjot.aac https://web.archive.org/web/20220118203228/https://files.catbox.moe/b5cjot.aac https://files.catbox.moe/fyiz6q.ogg https://web.archive.org/web/20220118203344/https://files.catbox.moe/fyiz6q.ogg Hash mkv 3f686f54376266c6b2bb610a52eca113a298daafbc2392d20b87c60f34b020e53c9496bf5d09d58d8b80e095708c44c9117e4e46160d9de2014b72d632558873 (sha-512) fec3d71b38b32da3cac082c3359f43efbbdca394e5bc3825f71540dd716638c8 (sha-256) Audio aac 9e357752635f707b4b024fab607221aeda8a105c2fef7a4093eaec9113c983406ffac432f3fd6f1e0575a4342061d3e53dace78a30f271813e6f7ff14f4bcaee (sha-512) 0e854d9a8999d2a84d434152de9a10bd39bc52752873389406daee025338d94b (sha-256) Audio ogg 3d03acea3c9ce0d84245b19359be7ede7cf19fb5617a6bb79e4a8866cf611439ffb2f394493d544371749cd4aa102e77e293bd9dbfeb9b5a767bbca19df3b9af (sha-512) 7473e8879b7fb90074a9113df04f02f8dc2e42b6fd1516fce7fe4b4257b81697 (sha-256)
>>22168 Sven2 QRD https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/uid/kAygbTMv/order/asc/ MANIFESTO: >https://publicintelligence.net/anders-behring-breiviks-complete-manifesto-2083-a-european-declaration-of-independence/ Summary: Breivik: Takes a position distancing himself from violence and terror, claims he will fight for national socialism, and that he wishes to align with the Nordic resistance movement if they will accept him. Says he was brainwashed, and those who brainwashed him are guilty of what happened 22 July. Talks about the culture war, you need to understand tribalism, sectarianism was the norm. Talks about Marx VS nationalists. Talks about difference between natsoc and commies. Breivik: Talks about far right doing a shitload of terror, and that several thousand far right like himself are in jail. Whites are subjugated to genocide, and race mixing, immigration and abortions and feminism is the cause. Lefties want to make White a minority. In Oslo, Whites are a minority, and the same applies for the rest of the country. After ww2 far right was denied democracy, the reason for White rage, Nazis are view as a thread by default, the state is given the opportunity to crush us through political means. 40 million natsoc agrees to this, 1% immigration yearly creates millions of attacks on Whitey. Whitey lost all rights the last hundrerd years, and femis and immigrants are favored. White power: White global population: lists numbers, most are not radical, conscious and unconsciously. Was radicalized by blood and honor. (WW2 contemporary peoples like Quisling) Mentions Tarrant as being the fourth generation of blood and honor. Talks about local right wing political parties being shit and sidelined. Breivik Radicalization: You are online, and searches might lead you to being radicalized by rabbit holes. Blood and honor is at fault for my brainwash. You are brainwashed into collectivism. Guilt-tripped if you don't act, which is the last link in radicalization. >> Anonymous ID:kAygbTMv Tue 18 Jan 23:23:08 2022 No.357084674 [View] File: 137KiB, 254x527, 1642503246574.png [View Same] [Google] [ImgOps] [iqdb] [SauceNAO] 357084674 Breivik: Lists nations who have moved to the right. Social Democrats have experienced massive losses in support worldwide, triggered by actions like his own and feminism/abortions. Lists 7 fronts/methods to change political opinion, and terror is amongst one of those fronts. Fake news: Democracy is perfect, critics must be crazy, everything said about my upbringing is a lie, I had a good childhood, I took some wrong decisions, and was radicalized taking a break from business. The press are lying about me and my story. Stochastic terror.. Pushed this, terror is meant as a way to create a discussion. Asks for a sovereign nation/state within Norway, as a solution. Breivik: Suggests refraining from politics, and living at Svalbard, to regain freedom. Willing to be geotagged, be deemed persona non grata, (basically anything to be release somewhere in the world). Wishes to regain human rights, has not been able to communicate with free world for 10 years. Happy in prison, and would be happy in the free world, will follow all terms presented. Main arguments: Political ambitions, would like to work within legal political framework, these are my plans; present paper work. Appraises his work value and business ideas between 4.5 up to 20 million USD in value. Business ideas: Wants to make a podcast/site/be a YouTuber/influencer. Suggest living in northern Norway as punishment enough. Wants to make docus, and merch and all kinds of branding to push sectarian politics. Breivik: Promises to help stop the culture war, and it is in the best interest of the state to work with Breivik, he promises, seriously. This will not end unless you take this seriously. He will forgive if you forgive him. The far right will not forgive unless you do the same.
>>22169 cont' >> Anonymous ID:kAygbTMv Tue 18 Jan 23:24:20 2022 No.357084825 [View] File: 84KiB, 780x520, _methode_times_prodmigration_web_bin_079c381a-c3d4-3a2a-99e2-be5f33e9ec27.jpg [View Same] [Google] [ImgOps] [iqdb] [SauceNAO] 357084825 Questioning by prosecutor: I was radicalized by blood and honor. >Who are they? They are a product of post ww2 doctrine, "a hive mind" that works independent. They make you radical, and guilt trip you into being radical on a personal level. Collectively. I have no intentions to be violent, but I was radicalized through the collective hive mind though the blood and honor doctrine. Equates FRP (right wing party) with the same ideology, at least it's founder. Equates himself with a common soldier, and not at fault for his own actions, he was led to do what he did. You (court/state) need to deem me as a non-participant before I can refute my membership or allegiance, before it can be viewed formaly as a legitimate defection from a violent movement. *Muted* reivik: 40 Million people world wide, views (((you))) as a threath. I was a militant, but I am no longer militant. >What do you feel about your actions? It is not possible to take all the tragedies into personal consideration. *muted* Breivik: I am sorry for what I did and both parts of the culture war, and I am sorry we can not have an open conversation about these matters (culture war) Feel traumatized himself, and view his action as a crime of war, but is mainly bothered by the crimes that will inevitably come. "you" are letting this propogate with your actions. I was just a tool for the far right. I was surpised to live, as a soldier for blood and honor. I have gained nothing personally, except following my orders. >You said it was horrible but necessary, agreed? Am I sorry? Violence is no longer necessary, politics is the solution. Historically, it's a different matter, but I do not support terror anymore. >Do you still think your actions were valid? It's not about my personal opinion, it's a matter of fact as to what political change entails. Blood and honor is at fault, not me personally, I was radicalized, and it was not something I intended (to be radicalized). >> Anonymous ID:kAygbTMv Tue 18 Jan 23:27:10 2022 No.357085179 [View] File: 311KiB, 680x425, 1642513222436.png [View Same] [Google] [ImgOps] [iqdb] [SauceNAO] 357085179 >You did a nazi salute, why? It represents my cultural heritage, and is just a roman salute, no offense intended. Whites are subjugated to White genocide. >Why are you saying this to? All those who believe the same as me (100million people worldwide) Breivik; No intention of violence after 22 july. I have not been violent since. >Do you feel the same today? Yes. You controlled 75 countries before (lefties), and you now only control, 25 countries, I am not sorry for that. >this is directly correlated to your actions? Yes, just like Japan and Dresden during ww2. Breivik: Most don't understand my actions, it's too complicated, but I am trying to explain it to you. Knights Templar was just an analogy/obfuscating my allegiance to blood and honor. Breivik: I'm just a soldier, I was brainwashed/influenced, and I was a victim of this, but I share guilt. Blood and honor (BH from now on) wanted me to do this.
Anders “there is a political solution” breivik Anders “shoots up leftie kids summer camp and is now open to dialogue” breivik Anders “i promise to stick to only spreading right wing pro-White propaganda by pen and not by bullet” breivik Anders “ why would you ask me about those teenagers i shot? Heh, it was nothing personal kid” breivik Anders “i just wanna be a famous vtuber” breivik Anders “idk svalbard sounds kinda cool” breivik Man, what a top tier dude. Really got me bust out laughing He is correct ofc, there is no need for terror. The world fertility rate is 2.4, if White women simply have the required three kids each then we win by sheer demographics on a global scale. The thing is, White men get bored and then feel guilty for not slaughtering their enemies. And i suppose he is a victim of that process, entirely outside his control you know. He was tricked into bombing his government Kek
(72.93 KB 980x549 breivik stop white genocide.jpg)
>>22169 >>22170 This man is a literal legend. It's so nice to see a White man standing up and speaking truth even from within prison, especially after Tarrant turned out to be such a disappointment.
>>22193 >especially after Tarrant turned out to be such a disappointment. That's hardly fair seeing as they won't let Tarrant speak or even write letters.
>>22194 I guess it really comes down to whether Tarrant was mistreated and tortured as many think he was.
(336.06 KB 936x862 BREIVIK GIGACHAD.png)
(191.76 KB 1701x945 download.jpg)
>>22193 Breivik is the greatest White warrior currently alive, but Tarrant did not expect what he found in prison, he miscalculated the evilness of ZOG New Zealand prison and was hoping to find an environment similar to Norwegian prison. Tarrant and Assange are both political prisoners in the grips of the same torture system by ZOG right now, and unlike the latter, the former has literally no one publicly speaking in his favor and attempting to fight a legal battle for his life.
>>22123 >that cunt's face lmao
>>22207 Yeah, the parasites are constantly breathing on our necks. They monitor us every day, they track every migration we make and every new development of our community. They still monitor /fascist/, /cob/ and Neinchan. They were all over Neuchan as well.
>>22208 They've gotten more subtle lately. For a while, CREST shilling was going rampant, but they went quiet and even removed some of their articles when we began to expose them and post images of them. I imagine that there are a handful of them lurking in this thread as well speak. For any Jews and journos reading: We will hang you from a lamppost one day.
>>22193 You sound like that muslim fag crying at him. Tarrants was a spiritual victory will always be considered a hero and still at least some payback for islamic rape gangs. Plus Tarrant made the most kino video.
This was supposed to be critical of Breivik but I think it achieved the opposite.
>>22277 That's just a cringe take tbh. Breivik didn't see muslims as "weak". Quite the opposite, which is why he wants them removed.
(25.82 MB 854x480 tick tock 2.mp4)
>>22288 (heil'd) Same with Tarrant. They all recognized that these people were indeed strong: <Strong men do not get ethnically replaced, strong men do not allow their culture to degrade, strong men do not allow their people to die. Weak men have created this situation and strong men are needed to fix it.
Is the race war over? Are we winning son?
(2.74 KB 189x267 download.png)
>>22109 >>22109 All rise for Justiciar Knight Commander Anders Breivik of the Knights Templar Europe. In hoc signo vinces. All rise for Saint Brenton Tarrant of the White Race. Europa Rises. 88 plus these two
>>22297 I was actually going to add that to that post, but decided against it to avoid retards calling me a Muslim shill.
>>22365 Ignore the retards, It's a valid point that Muslims show more willingness to fight for their own culture than the average White man in most nations. The exact reason for that is up for debate, but recognizing an observable phenomenon is not the same as a wholesale endorsement of a religion / philosophy.
>>22365 Disregard those posters. They do not want White men to have a sober and accurate analysis of the situation, which involves recognizing that Muslims are indeed on average stronger and healthier than White society. This is just an obvious fact. There is nothing wrong with admitting that we face strong enemies. Like the other anon said, one would have to be a mouth-breathing retard to think that admitting that Muslims right now are relatively healthier in most ways than the average Western society means that someone is shilling for Islam. >>22313 The race war has hardly even begun.
I've been waiting for this article for nearly a year now. One of the authors is our friend Stephen J. Baele from CREST. THE “TARRANT EFFECT”: WHAT IMPACT DID FAR-RIGHT ATTACKS HAVE ON THE 8CHAN FORUM? PDF attached. Interesting screenshots will be posted if I find any shortly.
(45.82 KB 847x297 ClipboardImage.png)
(46.63 KB 857x298 ClipboardImage.png)
Direct mentions of 16chan, Neinchan and Julay World (and thus almost surely an indirect mention of /fascist/).
(26.58 KB 837x164 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22512 Can you post and archived link?
(265.62 KB 841x1083 comfy tarrant.png)
>>22530 Saving PDFs on archive.fo apparently doesn't work, so I have plugged the link below into the Wayback Machine. It hasn't done any progress in saving within like 15 minutes, but I'll let it go for a while since it is a 40 page PDF. I'll check back later. https://ore.exeter.ac.uk/repository/bitstream/handle/10871/123955/BaeleBraceCoan_Terrorism8chan_Accepted.pdf?sequence=2
>>22173 A heavily vindicated and awarded Warrior conducting an exclusive training session with a prized pupil
(10.86 KB 336x437 wojak_pinkwojakgunman.jpg)
>>1372 >. Prepare for the gulags in 2030, and have an underground movement >learn how to convince Beware of exposing yourself too much anon. Worst enemies are those who pretend to be at your side, can give you hope and actually get to your heart. >"It's what we love, miss Everdeen, what destroys us" You are all trying and thinking how to counter the strategies of kikes, but... you are all just with your enemies in the same sack. Did you manage to achieve financial success in large scale? To rival kikes in wealth? To convince people on why they should stop feeding them through usury and buying cinema tickets? You people are just like a wounded soldier fighting to breath, laying on the floor, waiting for a real threat, nearby brewed to put an end to your misery. >nobody remembers the taxi driver, Gabriel Diaz You need better plans for those desires of yours. Not like this: >>1676 , for doing that way you are just messing your environment. Your desperations about others being incapable of sapping the real enemy of everyone will make them join the left. >some fo you may reproduce but still live under ZOG's manipulated regime >with lefties around >with increasingly bad reputation >becoming more sectarian and isolated >being recognized >being spread >having no plan B not C for future. >your enemy controls media and also means of production and markets. money rules and you don't learn this >you do not, you also do nothing against these grinding machines, you also are trapped in the system and therefore paying your taxes and stuff, therefore, feeding it. >shooting gangs of intruders is just a short term victory. may do but not for long >>4329 this is actually an excellent strategy. >learn from it, please You need money and influence and making the enemy fall into their own games
(11.92 MB 400x300 russian nazi murder snuff.mp4)
Operation of the National Socialist Party of Russia to Arrest and Execute Two Colonists from Dagestan and Tajikistan
(20.07 MB 682x384 2.mp4)
This is getting ridiculous Walmart mass shooting trial: Prosecution wants 2023 start, defense wants a delay to 2025 A federal judge Wednesday postponed setting a date in the trial for a man accused of killing 23 people Aug. 3, 2019, in an El Paso Walmart. U.S. prosecutors want the trial for the accused shooter Patrick Crusius to begin in June 2023. Defense attorneys are asking for a date no sooner than March 2025. U.S. District Court Judge David C. Guarderrama postponed setting the date, saying he would consider attorneys' competing proposals. He said he would reconvene the court in late March. Guarderrama said the community's anxiety "is not lost on the court" and affirmed his desire to set a date. He also said he wanted the government to confirm whether it would pursue the death penalty. Federal prosecutor Ian Martinez Hanna said the government was not ready to determine the death penalty but would do so in "a reasonable time" ahead of a trial, once scheduled. Defense attorney Joe Spencer told the court his team is considering "affirmative defenses," including insanity, for the accused shooter. He said the defense needed additional time to prepare for the trial and said there are "1.7 million files" and "793 gigabytes of video" attorneys needed to comb through in the ongoing discovery process. Crusius is accused of killing 23 people and wounding dozens of others in a racially motivated attack targeting Hispanic shoppers at the El Paso Walmart. The attack is one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history. https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/2022/02/16/el-paso-walmart-shooting-patrick-crusius-defense-wants-2025-trial/6820636001/
(92.00 KB 640x640 1647357951541.jpg)
Happy Saint Tarrant day, lads.
(8.63 KB 206x245 holy crusade.jpeg)
>>26248 Happy Saint Tarrant Day
(648.79 KB 2208x3847 tarrant party.png)
>>26248 >>26249 I can't believe how it has been already. I wish we had some news on Tarrant. I wonder how he is doing.
>>26047 >the defense needed additional time to prepare for the trial and said there are "1.7 million files" and "793 gigabytes of video" attorneys needed to comb through in the ongoing discovery process. Why? He admitted that he did it. Are the jews so afraid of him that they won't even give him a trial?
>>22512 After spending who knows how much money "studying" 8chan, their conclusion is >Examining the forum’s metadata and textual content allowed us to find that overall, there is no single, clear type of offline-to-online impact. >These findings also call for further research
>>26568 >These findings also call for further research Of course they do, how else are these freaks gonna get more money for peddling more bullshit? At least jannies do it for free.
>>26566 Well this was a redflag gayop explictly designed to kill 8ch. I'm surprised their other two setups didn't, since otherwise they made a bigger splash. What kikes are afraid of is IBs. It's the sole part of the Internet they don't have absolute and utter control of. Feels good tbh.
>>26580 >"Of all the segments of the population from which we had hoped to draw new members, the "conservatives" and "right wingers" have been the biggest disappointment. They are the world's worst conspiracy-mongers - and also the world's greatest cowards. In fact, their cowardice is exceeded only by their stupidity. The current conspiracy theory being circulated among conservatives is that the Organization is actually in the pay of the System. We are hired provocateurs whose job is to raise enough hell to justify the repressive counterrevolutionary and anti-racist measures the System is taking. If we would just stop rocking the boat, things would be easier on everyone. Whether they believe that theory or not, it gives them an excuse for not joining us." From The Turner Diaries - Written in 1975 by William Pierce
>>26580 >this was a redflag gayop explictly designed to kill 8ch. How so? What did Crusius do that was wrong? Based on my analysis, he did literally nothing wrong. >>26590 I always think of this every time I see one of these retards who are so desperate to keep losing that they reject any and all counter-System action. Conservatism kills every movement.
>>26580 You must lurk ten years before posting
>>27170 Praise him
(92.00 KB 640x640 praise him.jpg)
>>81 In My Opinion. Brevik had the aims of punishing the leftist parents of the victims of Utoya. Perhaps also the idea that you cannot reeducate a communist despite the absolute youth of those on the island. However there is also the possibility that he killed a future N.S. stalwart or something. Kids have no fukn clue what they believe and indoctrinating them early seems unreliable, especially in the face of life experiences to come.
>>81 If someone is going to do something, post your manifesto on 16chan. fuck 4cuck
>>81 Have you read Protocol 5:5 ? >FOR A TIME PERHAPS WE MIGHT BE SUCCESSFULLY DEALT WITH BY A COALITION OF THE “GOYIM” OF ALL THE WORLD: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up. We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the GOYIM, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong – there is no evading our power. THE NATIONS CANNOT COME TO EVEN AN INCONSIDERABLE PRIVATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT OUR SECRETLY HAVING A HAND IN IT.
(1.24 MB 640x640 video_2020-10-07_17-46-55.mp4)
>>27291 Brevik was a jew, very interesting that he didn't go for anyone else other than wh*toids. Also look at the sentence he got out of it, its a joke, they were all in on it, Retarded kike didn't even an hero cause he knew the ZOG would treat him like a good cock goblin.
David Lane's Precept 40: A race must Honor above all earthly things, those who have given their lives or freedom for the preserv
>>27291 Those kids were being groomed to take administrative roles in the White Genocide agenda. They weren't just some random tankies. Antifa (system approved) has the green light to spread terror and scare Whites from organizing, why should Whites lie down and take it while they're being replaced?
(105.34 KB 978x649 wkpqhjzqo0m81.jpg)
>>27291 >>27293 >>27302 Is this Newfaggots special day or something?
>>1417 >The shame of not being fathers dirves White men to contemplate removing invaders as equivalent to having children The incel naturally fills the role of the White terrorist, once a White male has children he drops off the alphabet watch list.
(109.26 KB 715x717 asio violent incel.png)
(11.48 KB 150x234 turner diaries.jpg)
>>1541 Aside from cucked race traitors, there are heaps of Whites who seethe at the ZOG selling thier future and their children's future out to non-Whites. (You) dont have to orgainze the entire resistance yourself, just be an asset to a bigger organization and in turn the organization will be an asset to The Order. This has been gamed before.
(166.40 KB 1416x874 VDARE-race-reporting.jpg)
Something we've known for a very long time
>>2748 yeah, and Eintstein "invented" general and special relativities by "borrowing them from his Serbian wife. She failed the exams because she was pregnant but she did understand advanced mathimatics much better than Einstein ever could (his own admission)
I feel like the hype around these guys has really died down since 2019. It has been shown how fruitless their tactics are in the long run. Sure, gunning down people at Walmart or killing some elderly Jews at a synagogue may generate a wave of 'ebin' memes, but for White people it literally doesn't do anything. Personally, it is quite tragic that a gifted young man like John Earnest will now enjoy a lifetime in prison with no possibility of parole. He could have done many good things for his people.
(42.29 KB 718x330 quote.png)
>>28004 It had to begin somewhere. Breivik set in stone the hard truth and was the first to respond to the total war waged against our race with meaningful action against the enemies within. Tarrant redpilled and radicalized thousands, had actual copycats and is still considered the most dangerous White man to ever dare to go against the ZOG in such a magnitude. These people are heroes, one or two in a million. If we'll ever be able to fight back and win, we will set them free and live a life of honor they deserve. They knew what they were doing, it was their choice and it's not up to you from the absolute nothingness of your position in the war against against the ZOG to judge their heroic deeds as useless. Respect them instead of wasting more of our precious time with you nitpicking.
>>27291 >Perhaps also the idea that you cannot reeducate a communist despite the absolute youth of those on the island. However there is also the possibility that he killed a future N.S. stalwart or something. Wiemar Hitler had them within his target audience and competed for them against the communist party.
>>28018 No he didn't, he had your everyday worker who supported communists because there were no alternatives prior to Hitler, he did not have normal commies as his target, nor did he recruit many of them, there were many who joined him and were purged once he needed to solidify his position.
>>28026 > he had your everyday worker who supported communists because there were no alternatives prior to Hitler Isn't that what i said? >there were many who joined him and were purged once he needed to solidify his position. I guess he did since there were not as many high echelon betrayals late in the war aside from the prior aristocracy.
>>28312 I wonder if he is still receiving letters from women in love with him to read in prison
>>28329 Undoubtedly, last I heard even police women were falling in love with him.
(2.41 MB 2163x1242 happening 1.png)
Some sort of mass-shooting just occurred in Buffalo, NY. Appears to have been livestreamed. Digging for more material now.
(2.43 MB 2315x1421 happening 2.png)
(157.58 KB 456x482 happening 3.jpg)
(79.39 KB 1024x599 screengrab.jpg)
(1.37 MB 480x846 aftermath shooting.webm)
(861.68 KB 1103x626 screengrab 2.png)
(37.24 MB 1080x608 rickroll.mp4)
Part of stream. It ends with a rickroll before anything of interest happens.
(167.59 KB 655x816 potential manifesto.png)
Not sure if real or fake.
(28.34 MB Yeah.docx-1.pdf)
Manifesto located.
(898.88 KB 896x498 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.67 MB 480x716 shooting aftermath.mp4)
>>28357 The manifesto really is amazingly sloppy, sometimes even direct copy and paste from Tarrant. Either way, this dude is a retard, because White people are going to have even more niggers shoved down their throats here in America.
>>28359 Because sitting on your hands will stop that.
>>28360 >cry about elite Jews controlling society in your manifesto >kill niggers shopping at some ghetto grocery store Weird!
>>28359 I just hope the full video leaks eventually
>>28366 I'm sure it eventually will as someone is clearly sitting on it and taunting anons on 4/pol/ right now. The only thing that has me worried is that it seems like a lot less people saw it or got a hold of it than happened with Tarrant. Literally the only thing I care about is the video. The manifesto is lame
(144.68 KB 976x294 ClipboardImage.png)
He basically did exactly what he said the Jews were doing.
>>28345 >Austrian camo from the seventies nice to see that, it used to be quite popular with right-wingers in Europe cuz it's kinda similar to the one the SS used
>>28368 What did he say about the other races besides kikes?
(50.21 KB 886x357 ClipboardImage.png)
(60.45 KB 857x416 ClipboardImage.png)
(43.07 KB 823x291 ClipboardImage.png)
>>28370 Here are some screencaps from here >>28354
(164.12 KB 600x308 headshot.mp4)
(3.67 MB 480x716 shooting aftermath.mp4)
(3.55 MB 720x1270 video of arrest dead bodies.mp4)
(14.36 MB 806x436 without rickroll.mp4)
Compressed video (15MB) without rickroll. And a snippet of him shooting someone who looks White or possibly hispanic/mulatto? Can't easily tell from the video.
(550.10 KB 1092x2560 reddit1.png)
(548.20 KB 1092x2876 reddit2.png)
(479.60 KB 1092x2619 reddit3.png)
(416.06 KB 1092x1991 reddit4.png)
Payton's Reddit account history
(413.55 KB 795x3899 steam1.png)
(435.22 KB 795x4080 steam2.png)
(370.96 KB 795x4051 steam3.png)
(350.23 KB 795x3476 steam4.png)
(3.02 MB 3226x2301 R T S group at Lockheed 2.jpg)
(1.91 MB 2700x1797 R T S group at Lockheed 3.jpg)
(2.66 MB 3000x1996 R T S group at Lockheed 4.jpg)
Pictures of Payton
(496.79 KB 1752x803 silver stack.jpg)
(211.88 KB 578x1024 silver stack2.jpg)
Pics of his silver stack
(89.52 KB 946x1424 black female victim.jpg)
One of the victims, appears to be a black female
(1.01 MB 1101x705 ClipboardImage.png)
>>28379 Was certainly a black neighborhood
(129.54 KB 655x816 manifestglow.jpg)
>>28380 Apparently the Buffalo shooter publicly posted his to-do list on Discord (see link below) and the first person he shot was a White woman. This shit glows. https://web.archive.org/web/20220514202436/https://twitter.com/JoMiMi_h/status/1525552992497246208 also dropped manifesto. Reddit mentioned
>>28381 >a White woman >random ass-headed mulatto probably fucking with nigger