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Race War General - /rwg/ Blackshirt 03/18/2021 (Thu) 08:29:23 No. 81
This thread for the discussion of pro-White resistance, past or present, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Discuss! Previous thread https://archive.is/nEctv
If any of you archived the previous /rwg/ we had on julay, post it here for te sake of being thorough.
(220.73 KB 1530x925 Highscore.png)
(69.97 KB 1006x812 Ethnic replacement explained.png)
(2.71 MB 1256x2154 numbers.png)
(486.99 KB 1024x875 1614107969422.jpg)
(83.19 KB 500x508 FORGIVE ME BASED DOORCHAD.png)
I will leave here a "masterpiece" of antiWhite propaganda that truly deserves someone to go and compliment the author in person for his cockiness in pushing islamization through jewish style propaganda and cherry picking (while at the same time accusing the other side of doing the cherry picking). Here we can also find the opinion of Joram van Klaveren former far-right European politician, once a close ally of Geert Wilders who >once submitted a bill in the Netherlands parliament that called for a ban on Islam because it permits violence against women. But in 2018, Klaveren renounced Freedom party’s politics. While researching a book that was supposed to highlight the dangers posed by Muslims, he ended up writing Apostate - a book about his conversion to Islam. But let's fully admire the chutzpa https://archive.ph/k7j2h >Tarrant, 30, who has been imprisoned for life, without any possibility for parole, for the killing of 51 Muslim worshippers in the city of Christchurch on March 15, 2019, was well-versed in White supremacist propaganda. >He cherry-picked historical events to justify targeting Muslims, who according to him, are migrating in large numbers and have more babies, something that threatens to turn White Europeans into a minority. Of course the factual data of higher birthrates from immigrants and the preponderant portion of non Whites among younger age range in the West are to be disregarded: stating reality is simply cherry-picking according to the author. >“What Tarrant and the others from the far-right do is that they bring these stories out of history, twist them around and use them to scare everybody,” says Joram van Klaveren Muslims never hurt anyone, past wars are far away and muslims totally will not engage in aggressive behavior today (Thousands of victims of terrorism, rape and murder are not something to be scared, right? That would be cherry picking). >“They don't say that we in Europe should be thankful to Muslims for algebra, maths and hospitals - the things we borrowed from the Islamic civilisation.” Still waiting for muslims and other shitskins to express gratitude over pretty much anything regarding tech, scientific and intellectual progress they borrowed (lol) from White people. >“Our government doesn't want Islamic organisations and mosques getting funding from abroad. But it’s okay for a Church or a political party to get funds from abroad.” Sounds like a plain lie, mosques keep popping up everywhere with no end in sight. Same for uncontrolled immigration. >Nevertheless, the New Zealand attack made European Muslims realise that they have to come together and that has encouraged them to better organise themselves. Nothing they didn't already do before in order to ensure the invasion and predominance of their fellow muslims in kaffirs' lands. >Tarrant’s infamous manifesto, which he wrote before carrying out the attack, spoke about the perceived threat that Muslim migrants pose to White Europeans. ... perceived threat. Once again, the murders and the rapes must be a collective hallucination of the last decades. >“That perception hasn’t really changed,” says Klaveren. Especially as Europeans are not being given the true picture of Islam, he adds. lol >“More often they see the news of terrorist attacks and young Muslim migrants shown as hooligans. A combination of this worries people. There are Muslim organisations, which are doing a lot of charity work but it never gets the media coverage.” Ah, the famous muslim charities... I wonder if they only engage in helping fellow muslims, that might be the reason why other people never heard of them. >“A lot of people, in a sort of spiritual way, have lost their God. They go do drugs, they start drinking, they go partying, and they join the ranks of extreme-right nationalists - do everything to fill up the hole,” he says. “Then they are confronted by a group, in this case the Muslims, who are still very practicing. They do believe in God, it's clear what we think and what we want to do. And it scares them. The extreme right misuses this fear.” Very sanctimonious, as if there are not tons of muslims engaging in the same degeneracy. Apparently though muslims are only capable of goodness and sanctity. Funny, since "White nationalists" are often accused of being bigots for refusing all kinds of degeneracy. Cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy aplenty. Tarrant was right: traitors are the worst.
>>83 Forgive me based Doorchad. He was great during trial. What's up with other disciples' trials? Why are USA courts so slow?
>>93 They're delaying them all because of Covid allegedly, and the fact that these are death penalty trials probably slows things down a lot. Unfortunately there's really no news on people like Earnest or Crusius really.
>>95 What about Bowers?
(65.33 KB 900x900 bowers smug.jpg)
>>96 It seems like the last news involving him was over a half a year ago. That whole trial is basically an information blackhole as well.
>>97 Bowers was literally an ultra chad we should start sending them letters sometime
(782.06 KB 1423x660 bowers game.png)
>>97 I checked the last news about Bowers and it was hilarious. Basically the son of killed jew couple are sued NRA for "hateful rhetoric, that allowed to this massacre happened" and blaming Colt’s Manufacturing Co because they made AR-15 rifles which Bowers used in attack. So he trying to redirect the Bowers own reasons to kill HIAS jews and blame it on NRA & Colt instead, and shilling for more gun control in result. Lawsuit: NRA’s rhetoric spurred deadly synagogue shooting >PITTSBURGH (AP) — The son of a couple killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue attack that killed 11 worshippers is suing the National Rifle Association, arguing the group’s inflammatory rhetoric led to the violence. >Marc Simon, the son of Sylvan and Bernice Simon, filed the wrongful death lawsuit Thursday in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court against the NRA, the gun maker Colt’s Manufacturing Co., and accused shooter, Robert Bowers, news outlets reported. Colt manufactured the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle allegedly used by Bowers. >A fourth defendant is the unknown business that sold Bowers the gun. >Bowers is charged with killing 11 congregants at the Tree of Life synagogue in the deadliest attack on jews in U.S. history. Police said the former truck driver expressed hatred of jews during and after the October 2018 rampage. >“Bowers was not born fearing and hating jews,” the suit claims. “The gun lobby taught him to do that.” >Bowers has pleaded not guilty. No trial date has been set, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >The plaintiff argues gun lobbyists like the NRA radicalized people with “mendacious White supremacist conspiracy theories.” The lawsuit also says Colt could have prevented the AR-15 from “bump firing,” or using a modification that allows the rifle to fire more rapidly. >An NRA spokesperson declined comment on the lawsuit. The group filed for bankruptcy last week, and the claims against them in Simon’s lawsuit will be stayed as a result of the group’s reorganizing. >Colt did not respond to request for comment. Besides a wrongful death claim, the complaint accuses Colt of product liability and says the gun is more akin to a military-style weapon than a civilian product. https://apnews.com/article/religion-shootings-pittsburgh-synagogue-massacre-pittsburgh-lawsuits-726fbe03a9a11afbcd0888686399c353 And here is the whole dateline of articles related to Bowers: https://apnews.com/hub/robert-bowers
>>111 >“Bowers was not born fearing and hating jews,” the suit claims. “The gun lobby taught him to do that.” jews made me hate jews. I've never been inside a gun lobby in my life.
>>112 I started hating jews from my own personal experiences with (((usury))), which led me down the rabbit hole to (((central banking))). Then I got thinking (((who))) is behind feminism, and the (((age of consent))))
>>163 For me it was the sudden explosion of anti-White vitriol that began in the early 2010s. I was only slowly led to Fascism and being woke on the JQ, but afterwards all of the pieces gradually began to fall into place. I remember chuckling at the absurdity of the scale of the jewish conspiracy talked about by Hitler during my first read-through of Mein Kampf, but now I realize how right he was. I never wanted to believe that they were behind literally everything, but I couldn't deny what was right before my eyes.
>broke - hating jews >woke - hating anyone non-White
>>222 <bloke- just hating
>>226 Your point being? Hate makes you stronger.
>>229 You misunderstand me, brother. I relish in the hatred, the only emotion I have left is utter disdain for our enemies.
(64.05 KB 1127x158 bhagavad gita kill duty.PNG)
>>222 >bespoke
(926.99 KB 2000x2000 long meme.png)
>>384 I can't wait to get more info on Robert Long. A South Korean newspaper reported the following, apparently: >Chosun Ilbo, a top South Korean newspaper, reported Wednesday that the shooter reportedly yelled, “I’m going to kill all Asians!” They cited a surviving witness. https://www.kxan.com/news/atlanta-shootings-put-spotlight-on-surging-anti-asian-sentiment-in-america/ https://archive.fo/gKboz If this is true it's possible that he was redpilled and /ourguy/.
>>387 >If this is true That is a pretty big fucking IF >/ourguy/ Christcuck coomer, lol Next you are going to try and tell us that pedo's are based?
>>389 It's not out of the realm of the possible. He's obviously not on the same level as a real saint like Breivik, Tarrant, Crusius and others, but time will tell if he is more or less tangentially related or not. The Christcuck part is irrelevant. I do not like Christcucks much, but Earnest was a Christcuck and he attempted to give the jews hell. Him having issues with sex addiction of some kind is something more to be pitied than anything. We do not know the nature of it. If it was related to pornography this guy is a victim more than anything, and we only know about it because he actually tried to get help with his problem, unlike millions of other White men who suffer with this problem alone.
>>390 >The Christcuck part is irrelevant. Not if it was his prime motive Granted we don't have the whole picture, and perhaps we never will. If there was anything pointing towards being /ourguy/ we do know they would be running that story 24/7 So far the story, from quotes by his schoolmates, is he was "extremely religious", and also that frequented these parlors. Reading between the lines, it looks like this was some kind of self loathing coomer
>>389 t. deradmin.
(1.93 MB 2048x1123 ACCELERATE TARRANT CAR.png)
>>392 Either way, I am just glad that he has accelerated for us. Even if he's not /ourguy/ the results will just be more anti-White propaganda and acting as if he was /ourguy/
>>395 True. More non-Whites are dead regardless and people become more polarized and racial identity is strengthened.
>>387 The sauce >On the 17th, the Hankook Ilbo, Atlanta, quoted an employee A of the massage parlor'Gold Massage Spa' where the shooting took place, and said that the suspect at the time of the crime said that he would'kill all Asians'. It is known that Mr. A was in the store at the time of the shooting, but managed to evacuate and then conveyed the information to a nearby Korean business. https://www.chosun.com/international/us/2021/03/17/XSDXYLMAQZCC5JWMQ4HGRZGOG4/ Meanwhile police have said there was no racial motivation
>>396 Yes, exactly. They are so blatant in their kikery in their reporting of this new shooting that even my bluepilled boomer parents are complaining about this shooting. Not to blogfag or anything, but in general I've noticed my parents complaining more and more about anti-White media and niggers being shoved down their throats the last year. If they are like (both Democrat voters), I can't imagine what effect it has on the average White in general. It could be though that my comments I drop regarding this shit are pushing them right a bit though
>>397 Hmm I guess we really shouldn't make any judgements. Really if there was a racial motivation the police would not hide it all, they'd definitely let everyone know.
>>395 >>399 To be against degenerate prostitution is actually a fascist mindset. So even if his motive was to eliminate the temptation it would still be based.
>>402 That's basically my thinking. If the police won't clean up the mess, at least someone did.
>>83 Do you actually believe the official OKC bombing story? you should read this https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Oklahoma_City_bombing
>>419 From your article; > false flag attack (aren't they all) carried out by the cabal for a range of purposes including discrediting the militia movement Let's ponder this for a minute. Timmothy McVeigh did absolutely nothing wrong. The us government is the most evil institution in the history of mankind bar none and Timmothy McVeigh retaliated against a massacre against people whose only crime was not wanting to be a part of it. The militia movement, in their supreme cowardice and hypocrisy, imploded not because anything McVeigh did was wrong (he wasn't even a member of a militia) but because of conservative cuckoldry. Any movement which includes as its foundation conservatives or is predicated upon the ideals of conservatism will implode and lose every engagement. That's all conservatives do. They cuck and cower and lose. They are the bane of all political movements and the death of all civilizations. They are worse than liberals because they pretend to stand up for manly virtues yet bravely surrender to their own enemies and consider this treachery to be an act of civic duty. >Seismographs registered more than one explosion This was the first claim which I checked the source on and the source links you to a page that repeats word for word what the Wikispook article says. >Police who arrived on the scene after the bombing discovered at least two even larger unexploded bombs That's interesting but the source links to a video of a journalist. Is he lying? Is he misinformed? And if this is a FBI conspiracy, why would they not blow up their own bombs? What is the point of having three bombs if their purpose is to expose the true nature of conservative cowards? >The blast damage was incompatible with the claimed bomb Poppycock. The IRA detonated similar bombs and caused similar damage. And their bombs were unshaped while McVeigh shaped his bombs to direct the full force of the blast at the enemy of the people.
(390.51 KB 450x450 ryder mcveigh.png)
>>419 Yes I do. McVeigh did nothing wrong.
(304.97 KB 992x1039 exid team baele.png)
(321.21 KB 619x350 crest its afraid.png)
Shameless repost from Neuchan. Stephane Baele and his buddies are also operating under the name "ExID". Neinchan was also mentioned by them again. They still seem ignorant about Neuchan: https://archive.is/4265U >while all /pol boards are homes of online RWE communities, they are not all equal in terms of their content and pace. Instead, the /pol boards exist in a three-tier hierarchy, as characterised by their popularity and extremity of conversations. Here, 4chan/pol constitutes the first tier, and is the most popular as defined by the average number of posts per day and also hosts the least extreme content, through to iterations such as Neinchan/pol in the third tier, which hosts the most extreme content, often concerning neo-Nazi ideas and discussions about the manifestos of different RWE attackers. >This gateway role played by the chans is crucial when conceptualising the role they play in the broader online far-right ecosystem. A number of lone wolf far-right attacks in recent years have been perpetrated by individuals who are known to have been chan users, particularly of the /pol boards. This is indicative of the interplay between online discussions on these forums and offline action. >The chans do not only constitute an active online community for far-right discussions, but also act as a gateway to external far-right content. Given the rise in far-right terrorism, the ever-evolving and diversifying nature of far-right online activity, and the interplay between online discussions and offline actions, it is crucial to understand the role that the chans play in the wider far-right ecosystem. >Further work on the online far-right ecosystem is currently underway as part of the Extreme Identities (ExID) project, details of which can be found here or on Twitter @ExID_project.
I've spent some time struggling to come to terms with the fact that we really are in a race war but as time goes and I start to digest the information more and more, the angrier I get at the fact that it's happening. I don't know what to do with the information, but I can let you alll know you're right. Never be dissuaded, anons. Our race is too important. Stay strong, stay armed, stay vigilant, and stick together.
(205.90 KB 889x261 evolution tarrant.png)
>>1275 It's certainly a difficult pill to swallow. The jews have been waging a war of extermination against Whites for decades now right under our nose. They've been subtle and sneaky, and even today a vast majority of people have no idea, or they blame it on imaginary causes or puppets, missing the true causes operating in the shadows. Literally every form of cultural subversion from feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism, race-mixing propaganda, mass-immigration downwards, etc is designed first and foremost to destroy Whites. Every other effect is just an added bonus
>>1278 That image is fuckin' perfect because it's about how I feel right now.
(14.04 MB 480x270 tick tock smal.mp4)
>>1287 Hang in there, fren.
A realistic White resistance is not doomers and suicide bombers. Learn how to talk to people besides your mom, and spread your ideology to your community. Prepare for the gulags in 2030, and have an underground movement before then (though I would suggest being finished by 2025). >>222 >>229 >>231 Hatred is neither magically good or bad for you or humanity. Both the jews and the neckbeards are wrong on this one. Hatred, when directed towards a singular common enemy, can accomplish change. Otherwise, it becomes nothing but wasted energy.
(404.20 KB 576x544 christ.mp4)
So you're telling me that in order to solve my problems, I should go public and turn myself in? Ok Mr. FBI <3 >>1308 This made me smile. While un-coordinated doomers killing themselves to attack the thorns (as opposed to the roots) only helps this New World Order come sooner, their heart was in the right place. >>1278 Tarrant become pessimistic because he used Facebook. >>1209 >the rise in far-right terrorism You won't do anything. We're literally the least violent race on the planet, and all public (actual) White nationalist leaders are murdered on site. >>389
>>1308 There would've been a time I'd have been shocked or apalled by that video, but I could only smile at it. Brave men. Braver than I. But good men.
>>1387 They are definitely very brave men. I have doubts about the ultimate effectiveness of their strategy, but they certainly can't be faulted for doing what they did.
>>1397 It shows that Whites can fight back, which is something we all need. I'm not combat effective but I'm not horrible with words, so that's what I've been trying to do. I find places online to try and inspire and teach members of our race, try to inspire them and make them take action for themselves by building communities and networks. Families. To put action to thought, not just blabbering to the air.
(136.74 KB 900x901 sinking ship.jpg)
>>1372 >Prepare for the gulags in 2030, and have an underground movement before then (though I would suggest being finished by 2025). The gulags are already here you retard. The ZOG picks anons off one by one and puts them in prison for things such as this and that gun restrictions, and hate speech laws, or bad goy talk etc. The ZOG took note of the Turner diaries, and has switched course because of it, prioritizing INCREMENTALISM. >>1397 That video is extremely based. Tarrant and his disciples were extremely effective because they have inspired and showed millions the accelerationist solution. Even if we took out every single kike in the world and every single politican, the invaders will not remove themselves. >>1404 Building communities is no good when ZOG sterlizes them, denies them all resources, cuts off everything from them, and kills them. We are at war, we cannot just bury our heads in the sand as the enemy grows stronger. I ask everyone to look at South Africa. There are isolated White communities just as fantasized by the conservakikes, but these townships are ruthlessly hunted and destroyed by niggers. The niggers have outbred the Whites in South Africa in unthinkable numbers. The Boers went from more than half the population to a tiny minority. That could have been prevented. We have to enact exterminationism now if we are to have any chance to continue the existence of our race.
>>1405 I never said to bury our heads in the sand, just make sure we have something to come back to when we win.
>>1397 There is no one path forward. Their strategy is not a single strategy or solution unto itself. It's part of a broader war that will have many strategies each playing their part in a collage of independent actors, small groups, medium groups, and changes in zeitgeist that snowball into something larger. And there is no scenario in which we achieve victory without a few lads striking back in righteous anger. That reaction is entropy as a result of the situation we have been pushed into by the jews and their social experiments with replacement migration and destruction of the family.
>>1405 >I ask everyone to look at South Africa. There are isolated White communities just as fantasized by the conservakikes, but these townships are ruthlessly hunted and destroyed by niggers. Exactly. The same is true in latin america but who in their right mind think that is a sustainable or healthy path forward? Those White communities will just continue be strangled off and absorbed into the greater malaise over time.
(338.69 KB 2023x1717 1616640629681.jpg)
>>1405 >Tarrant and his disciples were extremely effective because they have inspired and showed millions the accelerationist solution. Even if we took out every single kike in the world and every single politican, the invaders will not remove themselves. There is a reason why kikes panicked over Tarrant and the disciples: they know accelerationism works because it's the strategy they commonly use to reach their goals. Cannot allow White bad goyim to do the same to save themselves.
>>1411 Unfortunately we can still see from time to time those who try to propose little isolated-off White communities, thinking that this has not been tried or proposed a million times already, and has not been shown fruitless. Retreat into little Whites-only enclaves is admitting defeat and showing cowardism. They will be overrun by invaders and dismantled by a hostile government in time. Until the problem of ZOG and until the problem of the colonization of White lands by invaders is ended once and for all, there is no stopping White Genocide. It doesn’t matter how many tiny communities are made, how many White babies one has or how many people are redpilled. The mud flood won’t stop
>>1457 What do you suggest? Open warfare? If so, start us off. Be the signal that kicks the rest off.
>>1479 I haven’t been able to answer that question yet. I do know what won’t work though: >isolated communities >pure political solutions >voting for cuckservatives >waiting for the collapse
>>1482 Seems we only have one option left then don't we? But who has the balls to finally kick it off?
>>1485 This is a dubious idea in itself. Many of the people who have gone out and have done lonewolf attacks have believed that their actions would set off the race war (Roof in particular, I believe, but I think there are more), and of course it didn’t happen.
(381.28 KB 1920x1080 screenshot_1920_1080_9pkQ1lM.jpg)
>>1482 >I haven’t been able to answer that question yet. No one has. That's the trillion dollar question that everyone has been asking for years now. >>1486 Precisely this. No one is willing to throw their life away in a lone wolf attack, but what else is left? In many cases these attacks play into ZOG's hands anyway. I'm certainly not going to do it, and I wouldn't expect anyone else to want to do it either. This is the nature of the gameboard ZOG has set for us.
>>1490 We have to do something. If we do nothing when our race is under such duress then we're worth less than nothing.
(151.30 KB 1187x722 1553290431019.jpg)
(210.56 KB 639x564 1562661893349.png)
(1.06 MB 1229x1733 1615377743727.jpg)
(419.51 KB 610x709 1566682918268.png)
>>1490 >No one has. That's the trillion dollar question that everyone has been asking for years now. We have known the solution to the jewish Question since the 1970s when William Pierce wrote and published The Turner Diaries, but every decade since, it has been conservative crybabies like you who want to do nothing, that have allowed this mess to happen. WLP clearly laid out the situation. Voting will not remove the invaders. The Zionist occupation government works incrementally to prevent revolution. The solution is not up for debate anymore, its been shown clearly to the whole world. McVeigh showed us, Breivik showed us, Roof stood up tall to the enemy and Tarrant broadcasted the accelerationist solution to the whole world. The solution to an enemy attacking you, is to kill the enemy. It always has been. >I'm certainly not going to do it This is the pathetic whine of a coward. Fighting the ZOG in service of your people is the greatest action you can do with your life. HONOR HIM
(1.71 MB 1722x1012 racism field.png)
(269.26 KB 878x566 1616779233749.png)
(103.96 KB 645x708 232730275036530142.jpg)
>>1521 I'm quoting you here >That's the trillion dollar question that everyone has been asking for years now. It's not a question. It's like your fumbling around with a load of venomous snakes in your bedroom and you're thinking...hmmm what should I do? This is a trillion dollar question! >Right I would say most of the debate is around targets. All targets are good targets. Here's some copypasta There is often distractive discussion about how some individuals like Saint Tarrant or Crusius went after the wrong people, that they should have gone after [X], usually some elite group or Soros being mentioned. This is nonsense, as a multipronged approach is what is necessary to eventually cleanse an area. Both low-level and high-level targets are valid, as the swarms of nonhumans will not remove themselves even after the parasites who brought them in and cover for them are gone, just like removing niggers from an area won't hurt the ZOG. All are issues, and all must be dealt with. For example: an urban unemployed nigger. He seems pointless to remove. However, he is a constant drain of resources to the tune of hundreds of thousands with all the gibs given to him, there are the litters he spawned and the single mothers he impregnated and those he will spawn, the drugs he pushes making their way into White areas and the young Whites corrupted in such ways. His mere existence is an affront to a civilized society and an insult to the hundreds of thousands who died in wars and who built White countries. Removing him not only is a benefit, it will put fear into other niggers who figure out it's not the usual gang violence, with the eventual goal of driving them out of an area, repeated until countries are clean. If not removed, they will continue to spread and infest White lands. Another example that can be found locally is the usual liberal. Often moving in from a place like California, they buy up good housing and immediately start pushing their cancer upon formerly nice areas to turn them into the hell they moved from. They come in many varieties, from teachers and professors pushing indoctrination and journalists with their propaganda, to richer "philanthropists" pushing bullshit like tranny sex offenders reading to kids in libraries or changes to laws, new housing for niggers, etc. This includes those going into local politics such as city councils where they have an inordinate amount of power to make lives miserable. Conservatives also fall into this category; they are controlled opposition and both support the ethnic replacement of White people. Removing them sends a message that people don't want to put up with their bullshit. They might not be on the level of Soros but they are all worthwhile and the impact will be felt in that area. What a lot of people do not consider are two concepts: Hard and Soft Targets, and Confidence Targets. The first, Hard vs Soft Targets, is often talked about with counterterrorism, hardening a place or protecting a person in ways to make them more difficult to be targeted and removed. For example, not only more guards, but changing up the usual routes they take, ease of access to an area, the level of watchfulness being maintained, etc. The mosques Saint Tarrant went after were Soft Targets as they didn't fight back much, they were open to him, and law enforcement were nowhere around at the time. Crusius' Walmart also counts as a Soft Target. Both of these men were captured, but it doesn't have to be this way. Soft Targets doesn't only imply a mass of people; it can also apply to individuals. (continued)
(1015.67 KB 962x778 crusius screw your optics.png)
(99.03 KB 1242x809 ballietmask.jpg)
Harder Targets will be things like a jewish oligarch’s mansion, or a military target. There are still ways to get at them but it could require more people, specialized knowledge, an insider to help get inside, and so on. It's still worth looking at but may not be doable at the time. Don't bite off bigger than you can chew, but if you see the opportunity and get the necessary aid/expertise, don't hold back either. The concept of Hard/Soft Targets can be applied to things that aren't people too, like utilities. Then there are Confidence Targets. Essentially, this is something a lot easier to do, suitable for a first time attempt to wet your feet. It will help iron out any issues you may not have foreseen, it will give real-world practice before attempting something more difficult, it will let you experience the rush of adrenaline, and other benefits while you try to minimize the risks involved. You don't want to overreach and get yourself captured/killed the very first time you attempt something, and building experience can lead to better results for the bigger targets you are aiming for down the road. Essentially, gain experience, observe, learn, and do what you can. Keep an open mind and be thorough in your reconnaissance before attempting anything, but don't let fear keep you from doing anything either. All of this is still very risky and can result in imprisonment or death, so make every effort to maintain good OPSEC, leave as little trace as possible, and do not talk about details with anyone unless they are in your unit. There is really only one bad target – no target.
(417.83 KB 802x500 oklahoma.png)
“I guess there are a lot of other people who think they are playing it smart by looking out for themselves and letting us take all the risks and do all the dirty work. They figure they will reap the benefits with us if we win, and they won't lose anything if we lose. That's the way it has been in most other wars and revolutions, but I don't believe it will work out that way this time. Our attitude is that those whose only concern is to enjoy life in these times of trial for our race do not deserve life. Let them die. In the conduct of this war we certainly will not concern ourselves with looking out for their welfare. More and more it will be a case of either being for us, all the way, or against us”. - The Turner Diaries
>>1520 >>1522 >>1523 >>1524 i get the same pasta from you every time i push my domino over.
>>1457 >>1479 >>1490 The problem is that, as it stands, the government is extremely powerful. Their intelligence complex is all encompassing. And it is global, don't misunderstand, there isn't an American intelligence complex and a British one and an Australian one, there is one global intelligence network (look up the five eyes). If you attend a protest, they know who you are. If you form a militant group, they will know. If you form an isolated community, they will know. Any organization you join, they will have undercover agents in it, spying on what they do. If they find you stockpiling weapons, they will send the ATF to slaughter you all. Women and children too. They have full control over the media, so the public will be completely fine with it. Maybe cuckservatives will say something like "this is an injustice! remember the 16chanBase massacre!" but they won't do anything. Or maybe they can manipulate some kid to shoot up a grocery store (instead of, you know, the elites actually behind everything). Then they arrest everyone involved and throw them in jail for life, or at least shut down your website. They don't even have to do that, if they unleash their antifa dogs on you and you fight back, they'll throw you in jail for decades for "assault". And this is in America. In many European countries it is illegal to even be a member of an openly fascist group and to have racist beliefs. I in no way mean to diminish the accomplishments of Hitler, but compared to us, the Weimar government was completely incompetent. Same thing with Mussolini, he just walked up to the capital and took over. Could you imagine that today? The jews have seriously stepped it up a notch since then, they won't rely on just slander in newspapers and fights with communists to put a stop to us. The way I see it, our only hope is to wait for a moment of weakness in the government, and to strike then. I don't mean a total collapse, but just that they are stretched to thin to properly deal with a large movement/uprising. Until then, we need to focus on improving ourselves, physically and intellectually, and spreading propaganda to get as many people following fascism as we can.
>>1526 ah, now there's a reasonable response.
>>1526 This is fair. I just hate seeing all of this shit being levelled against our race and no one doing anything about it when it seems so fucking obvious. I'm none too smart but if *I* can see it, why can't everyone else?
(257.77 KB 1080x439 1612902854596.png)
(475.56 KB 998x1635 1613029273689.png)
(1.54 MB 1359x3139 1612902986241.jpg)
(152.94 KB 1280x914 police reform.jpg)
(388.87 KB 477x364 wdt.png)
>>1526 >Their intelligence complex is all encompassing. Dylann Roof was arrested two times in the same month (March '15) while planning out an attack. He was also investigated by the police while he had a whole load of empty AR magazines in his car. - but yet even with all the intelligence of big brother zoggy, he could still buy a firearm even though he had a criminal record. >(look up the five eyes) We know this, but the ZOG does not have 1 agent for every person they monitor. The ZOG is not omnipotent. The ZOG is not all seeing. The ZOG is not all powerful. >If they find you stockpiling weapons, they will send the ATF to slaughter you all. As I said, they are not omnipotent. They do not have mindreading devices that scan you thoughts and remote vision. >I in no way mean to diminish the accomplishments of Hitler, but compared to us, the Weimar government was completely incompetent. Same thing with Mussolini, he just walked up to the capital and took over. Could you imagine that today? This is objectively true. >our only hope is to wait for a moment of weakness in the government, and to strike then Now here, the shill reveals himself. He tells anons to wait. "WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO BECOME WEAK" the shill says just as the government is outright exterminating White people with the sterilization shots pushed as 'vaccines'. >Until then, we need to focus on improving ourselves We need action now. It must happen now. It is urgent. Whites are becoming a minority everwhere, there is nowhere to run and the government will destroy your life just for thinking anything pro-White or pro-NS. The great reset means the total abolition of all freedoms, all property, all our culture, and the destruction of everything we have ever had so that the jews have everything. The coming 5 years is the deciding moment of our existence. We either eliminate the zionist enemy and the invaders in our lands, or we perish from this earth for all time.
>>1542 >our only hope is to wait for a moment of weakness in the government, and to strike then <Now here, the shill reveals himself. He tells anons to wait. "WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO BECOME WEAK" the shill says just as the government is outright exterminating White people with the sterilization shots pushed as 'vaccines'. He's not a shill. Remember, these are essentially awakened average townspeople you're trying to radicalize. You're trying to get the rice farmers to revolt against the king and his tremendous army. Can you really be surprised they're a little hesitant and timid? Have a little self awareness and you might be more successful. Your red text is good though.
>>1526 >Their intelligence complex is all encompassing. This is because our dissidents are actually really fucking stupid and take their cell phones everywhere while texting to people they shouldn't about things they shouldn't. The system is overreliant on you using comfortable technology. As soon as you don't, they're just as incompetent as before if not more so now that they're so culturally enriched within their own organizations, they can't fall back to the old methods very well, especially at the level you're likely to be dealing with if you aren't a fucking idiot like the people who joined "The Base" or whatever that Virginia honeypot was and then took their cellphones with them everywhere like how fucking dumb can you be goddamn
Speaking of race war. The niggers are mobilizing for a chimp out if Chauvin walks and they're already fucking around in my state. Admittedly they're targeting Asians but they'll come for Whites soon enough. Updates as they happen anons.
(347.16 KB 400x548 george floyd body cam.png)
>>1653 I'm not surprised if they're already planning to riot. In truth there are going to be chimpouts regardless of the outcome. The real question is how big the chimpout is going to be. if Chauvin gets a light penalty, they will cry that he got off too lightly. If Chauvin walks (which is not entirely implausible) we are almost surely going to see a mythical max-level chimpout. Planet of the Apes territory. It will make Ferguson look like a playground in comparison. If this is so, we're approaching a perfect redpilling opportunity. I've personally noticed more Whites complaining about nogs since the riots a year ago, and this is only going to drive it home a little deeper. People are going to see the exact same stuff that happened last year happen again except for (most likely) on a much greater and more violent scale. The jews and Cultural Marxists will go into overdrive against White people, pallets of bricks will mysteriously appear in the center of cities and Whites will be mobbed and killed by roving gangs of pavement apes. I feel bad for anyone not armed.
>>1653 >Admittedly they're targeting Asians Some say that this is good. Because of how Asians are a bigger threat than niggers.
>>1654 I genuinely think he's gonna walk. It's gonna be maximum nigga chimp hours but I can tell you now, my state (Wisconsin) isn't gonna roll over for them. They got Kenosha, but we all saw what happened there. They fuck with rural and suburban cheeseheads they're gonna litter the streets with bodies. >>1669 If it pushes them out I'm happy. Then we just have to focus on niggers and beaners next.
(506.99 KB 694x614 HERO OF KENOSHA.png)
>>1676 My gut-feeling is that he is going to walk as well. It will be interesting to see what happens. I would hope that people can only put up with this nonsense so long. It is allowed to happen, period. It could be shut down hard if (((they))) wanted it to, and people need to realize this.
>>1669 Specifically the mainland Chinese act like knockoff jews. Not very worried about any of the others too much (although they should still go home and stay there).
>>1678 The weak will die, the strong will take action. The amount of clueless suburbanites now realizing that these "people" will not stop until they are beaten and burned out of their homes is much larger than before. They may not be willing to take on ZOG, but rioting leftists and nogs are seen as valid targets by your average boomer. Just look at the fucking gun sales. >pic That hispanic 17 year old single-handedly proved that Antifa are a bunch of fucking pussies. It's hilarious that after all the bluster of 'burn it down' and 'can't stop the revolution', 5 shots from an AR-15 was all it took for them to freeze in place and cry. Also, when is the verdict expected?
>>1678 If I remember right, Wisconsin has a huge land army of hunters (the largest in the USA I think) and despite what happened in the election (little as that shit matters), most of Wisconsin's very conservative. Conservative, armed, pissed off and angry about it. They chimp out, it'll be Rittenhouse writ large.
I tell you though I'm not afraid of niggers. I'm afraid of what's gonna happen if I ineveitably have to shoot them to get them to leave my fucking family alone. It's illegal for White men to defend them and theirs, but not for niggers to destroy neighborhoods. I'm sure the BLM will try and attack me, my fiancee, my dad.
>>1654 The jews will go easy on him. They already spent tons of money on barricades around the courthouse. That means they're expecting trouble. Also they'll try to take full advantage of the opportunity to D&C races as much as possible, as usual. And they need to take care of their zogbots or some might turn on them.
>>1682 Niggers are really just cowards who only act tough in packs. As you say, what is to be feared more is ZOG and its jewdicial system. They are trying to make self-defense illegal. Just see what happened to Michael Drejka
>>1689 I know, that's what worries me.
>>1689 >>1691 >The general turned to his colleague and asked of him, "What is the punishment for inaction"? <"Death", the other replied >"And what is the punishment for rebellion"? <"Death" And so they turned their armies around, and began to march.
>>1694 I'm not afraid to defend my family. I just worry what's gonna happen to them when the state comes for me.
>>1712 Instead of worrying about what's going to happen when the state supported diversity squads come for you and your family, maybe you should consider if it's the best course of action to do nothing and wait till you're led to the slaughter. You know what's going to happen if you do nothing, so why not do something about it and strike while you still can? Think of it this way, you might protect your family from niggers for a while, but unless you have kids and homeschooled them, you won't save them from kike pedo teachers teaching them the "Gay B Cs". Very few people can overcome the mental obstacle of accelerating the hard times for their family by striking back first, but all other paths lead to eventual ruin.
>>1654 >I am going to pose as a racially conscious White on fascist and write wanky fanfiction about ZOG's power to sow capitulation. You do realize the only people who the government catches are retards who brag about their plans on telegram. Actual White terror organizations won't have a leader. Rather, they'll be a bunch of cells operating in certain regions. Their operations can range from killing non-Whites in a specific area, all the way to planning and executing the assassinations of people like Soros or Schwab. It can even be something as simple as pasting propaganda leaflets on walls.
>>1853 >leaderless cells If you look at the general consensus here and in various places, this may as well already be the case. National Socialists universally agree on the enemy, how to fight, and where to fight. Most anons have been preparing for a while now, training, researching, and arming themselves. Most of it has been in the standard imageboard meme form, but discussion in our circle has ultimately resulted in a step-by-step guide on how to perform an insurrection, so universal it can be applied anywhere, under any condition, with the only requirement being a willingness to put your life on the line and fight. If anything's missing, it's probably that last point. People need to see their own comfort and safety come to an impending end, before they'll actually take action. The situation is only getting worse, though, so that point may be closer than most of us realize. Can you see yourself forced to take action in the near future? If so, chances are other people will too.
>>1862 >Can you see yourself forced to take action in the near future? If so, chances are other people will too. Not the anon you were responding to, but I know I can. I can see it and feel it coming.
>>1522 >>1523 >someone saved my effortpost Nice. As an aside, another topic: >The concept of Hard/Soft Targets can be applied to things that aren't people too, like utilities. My last post went over mainly people, but there are many other valid targets. They can affect things more indiscriminately, but, they also act as huge force multipliers, reaching far more people than eliminating single targets. One is very surgical, the other is more akin to a sledgehammer. A lot of infrastructure is very vulnerable, aging, and overburdened. A very recent example of a large failure was in Texas during the snowstorm. There was power lost in many parts of the state, and due to relying on wind and solar, they ended up compounding the problem compared to years past when Texas used more oil. The situation was stabilized, but what if it was ongoing, if the situation worsened? There are large transformers in substations. The oil inside those transformers is flammable. The steel they make those out of is not hardened. Enough holes could drain the oil and make the machine overheat, or the oil could be drained out. There are not many replacement parts and enough of them damaged will result in a long wait time to repair them. These substations are scattered about cities, some of them in areas with far larger numbers of subhumans than others, so one failing in one area could disproportionally impact different populations (However, this is an educated guess as it's a large, webbed network, and there could be secondary effects or it could turn out differently than expected). What about major roadways? The Iraq War is filled with examples on how the highways and such were approached. A roadway that is targeted and known to be a target, ie not an accident, can make people panic and essentially cut off that route until people are sure it's safe again, also wasting manpower sweeping that area which could thin out responders in other areas. If there are only a couple of major roadways, travel could become very choked due to fear until things calm down and open back up. Be creative. Educate yourself on your Area of Operations, AO, thoroughly. Be sure to find and take note of all the points of interest, and not just the terrain but the human terrain as well, how the population is distributed, how LE are around and their behavior, and so on. There are methods to analyze an area for how vulnerable it could be, used in counterterrorism and more proactively by the military. From FM 34-36, SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES INTELLIGENCE AND ELECTRONIC WARFARE OPERATIONS, Appendix D: The CARVER Method: Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effect, and Recognizability Factors https://fas.org/irp/doddir/army/fm34-36/appd.htm This document goes into detail about how targets can be judged on a variety of factors and weighted based on the impact and feasibility of them. Counterterrorism uses a similar idea, looking at what is vulnerable and how to "harden" them to dissuade bad actors. This analysis comes after mapping out the AO, though. Some things may be more promising than others, but you want a comprehensive list first. How you approach the situation, how you plan, how you act, that's up to you to figure out based on your resources and will to act. But, don't act impulsively, don't act blindly, act methodically, intelligently. One person with a long enough lever, with the right fulcrum point, can move the world.
(705.40 KB 1280x930 1laZFiy.png)
>>1896 >>1862 I don't think it's going to come anytime soon without our efforts. Which is the whole point of accelerationism, right? To make it happen under our terms, not theirs. Act as soon as you're ready.
>>1682 Your whole family should be ready to fight to the death at any moment honestly. The current status quo has niggers attack White families, as zogbots imprison those who defend themselves. There is no way to win. So how about we change this status quo? Ironically, the way to do this also involves killing niggers. But you don't get caught. You do it methodically and intelligently so that you can continue the holy work for a long time, each death striking fear into the hearts of the enemy. Or maybe they'll just get angry and chimp out like we've never seen before. This is even better, because it means more Whites are forced to shoot the chimps until it becomes normalized. And when it's normalized, ZOG can't stop it.
>>2622 I don't think he's going to be very successful in his efforts here, unfortunately. It's pretty clear by now that NZ has made it their life's goal to make Tarrant's life a living hell. I'm not surprised that he was a no-show. The article is literal saying they weren't even giving the dude the documents he needed for the proceedings. One interesting thing I read is that media would have been permitted at this hearing. I would really like to see Tarrant, even if his efforts are fruitless.
>>2632 He would not have been there in person, he should have been present via phone call. Prison faggots probably impeded him from attending via phone, then told the court he "backed out for lack of documentation".
>>2633 Even if he wasn't their in person it would still be nice to have a potential glimpse into how he is doing. We have tidbits of information regarding his conditions, but we have not seen Tarrant in roughly seven months now, when he was sentenced to life. Seeing him alone, even over a link from his cell or wherever they would take him would say much more than any sort of report on his conditions through the media. Though it's possible that they impeded him in some way or threatened him, it also sounds like there's plenty of kikery from the court itself in not letting him be properly prepared for any potential proceedings on this matter.
>>2622 Did Tarrant really say those things about regretting what he did or is that the usual bullshit?
>>2723 I wouldn't take any of those words too seriously. If he's doing stuff like this it's because he probably wants to have more accommodations in his cell. He's trapped totally alone for like 23 hours a day, with a special contingent of guards to guard him, and only gets to watch two hours of the gardening channel each day. Saying things like this, admitting that he was guilty, and refusing to speak in court are all ways for him to get better prison conditions. They are basically torturing him as we speak
Was the El Paso kid a White supremacists.
(299.77 KB 727x567 patrick crusius word cloud.PNG)
>>2729 Read his manifesto for yourself.
>>2730 Wasn't his father a jew? His manifesto just seems so glowie.
(75.84 KB 1024x505 bryan crusius.jpg)
(220.52 KB 907x1360 crusius father book.jpg)
>>2732 His father is some New Age loon, there's proof he's a kike. >His manifesto just seems so glowie. Meaningless sentence. There's nothing wrong with his manifesto. It's not that deep but he says nothing disagreeable. He mentions White Genocide, the problem of race-mixing, environmental degradation and how both parties are corporate-controlled and how automation is going to destroy millions of jobs. He's 100% right in all of these points He did nothing wrong, and he's /ourguy/
>>2733 >there's proof he's a kike. *no proof he's a kike
>>2733 >His father is some New Age loon, there's proof he's a kike. Except for the giant star behind him? >Meaningless sentence. There's nothing wrong with his manifesto Umm what? Are you idiots also willing to accept cringe way of speaking your demands from a nigger as well? The dudes a literal mutt with a suspicious father. How is this not glowie?
>>2735 Most of the people on this board are actual mutts and are tolerant of ethnic and/or political background of mass shooters as long as they mention White extinction, that even includes an actual CIAnigger. His supporters here also forgot that he mostly shot at Whites and some spics, but hey anything is fine as long as they mentioning the White race dying out and it satisfies the petty ego of morons who don't do anything, but masturbate and cry 24/7 about all the system will collapse and the White race will die out at any moment. Just giving more fuel for liberals to throw at the fire like morons. /fash/ is retarded lmao. Blowing up the fed's headquarters is based, but randomly shooting up a Walmart and claiming it's revolutionary is an example why fascism rarely reaching out to White people.
(1.16 MB 840x490 ClipboardImage.png)
(239.99 KB 800x532 hindu swastika and shatkona.jpg)
(1.04 MB 665x664 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2735 >Except for the giant star behind him? Are we supposed to believe he's a Buddhist too because there's a Buddha head on his shelf, or a Hindu because there is a statue of Ganesha? The guy is a crazy New Age syncretist. The so-called Star of David is stolen from Hindus by the jews. It's real name is the Shatkona, symbolizes the divine masculine and feminine, or spirit and matter. It's totally plausible that this dude would have some shit like that, especially when the Shatkona is also used to represent the Heart Chakra / Anahata https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shatkona https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anahata
(149.87 KB 301x399 Stfu beaner crusius.png)
>>2736 > His supporters here also forgot that he mostly shot at Whites and some spics Let's look at the names of the people killed by Crusius and see how White they are, Schlomo: >Jordan Anchondo >Andre Anchondo >Arturo Benavides >Mario De Alba >Jessica Coca Garcia >Memo Garcia >Sara Esther Regalado >Adolfo Cerros Hernández >Jorge Calvillo García >Elsa Mendoza de la Mora >Gloria Irma Márquez >María Eugenia Legarreta Rothe >Ivan Filiberto Manzano >Leo Campos >Maribel Hernandez https://archive.fo/6eYbn Not seeing many White people... you anti-shooting shills always lie and lie.
>>2739 So because be shot a bunch of spics at a Walmart he's /ourguy/? Fuck this board it's glows. >>2737 >Are we supposed to believe he's a Buddhist too because there's a Buddha head on his shelf, You do realize that jews disguise themselves as Buddhist too right? You're making excuses, literally defending mutt the absolute state of /nigger/. >The so-called Star of David is stolen from Hindus by the jews. Who fucking cares? That has nothing to do with the fact that he's a potentially a jew. I've seen plenty of mutts born from jews, but rarely authentic buddhists who birth mutts and they begin killing random people. This is just desperation for attention and making our side look bad, and not because I disapprove of killing spics, but because it gives the dumb ass liberals more ammo to lie about muh supremacy.
(1.08 MB 706x732 ClipboardImage.png)
(700.33 KB 696x348 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2739 >you anti-shooting shills always lie and lie. 23 dead 23 injured >Cherrypicks 15 spics from the bunch Its El Paso, so yes the majority were spics and/or mixed There was also actual Whites in the list of dead David Alvah Johnson >David Johnson, 63, died protecting his wife and 9-year-old granddaughter, according to his nephew Dominic Partridge. >His last words were spent telling his family to get down and then to run after they heard gunshots. Johnson was fatally shot, but he acted as a shield for his wife and granddaughter until they ran to safety. >"It was the ultimate selfless act," Partridge said. "That’s just who he was. He took care of his family until his last breath."
(2.58 MB 2160x1215 crusius dab 2.png)
>>2740 >Fuck this board it's glows. Go back to cuckchan Also you have zero proof he's a jew. I'm waiting, go on. >>2741 >There was also actual Whites in the list of dead Collateral damage.
(34.62 KB 876x706 Pierce laugh.jpeg)
>>2737 >tfw hexagram are actually non-kosher symbol and stolen by jews from Hinduism Is there something jews are actually created and not stole from gentiles ?
(261.79 KB 566x696 ClipboardImage.png)
(97.44 KB 546x256 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2743 >Is there something jews are actually created and not stole from gentiles ? No, they are an entire race of thieves and parasites. It's really astounding how little they can actually bring about via their own efforts. The Talmud is the peak of their "intellectualism". Pics related
>>2743 >>2744 They invented nuclear weapons, though. However, some claim that nukes were invented by an Anglo-Saxon or Germanic White man.
>>2735 >>2736 >>2740 You have to go back to 4cuck.
>>2737 Not to say the jews did or did not steal the star of david from hindus. But if you step back for a second it's two triangles with one upside down overlaid on top. A pretty simple geometric pattern. It's not surprising that some of these basic geometric symbols get re-used. For example with the swastika in the west vs its use in the east.
(18.95 KB 263x304 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2769 Interestingly outside of the Hindu usage the only usages mentioned on the Wikipedia page have to do with jews, Freemasons and Abrahamics. The Thelema symbol is also a variety of a hexagram. This whole thing might have something to do with Saturn, since as we all know the jews are obsessed with Saturn, sixth planet from the sun
>>2769 So its basically just "as above so below" but with triangles?
>>2810 If you're talking about the Hindu use of the hexagram it's apparently some sort of symbolism for the intersection of spirit (purusha) with matter (prakriti), as in the case of a person, which is the conjunction of both, at least in Samkhya philosophy. Purusha is metaphysically masculine, while Prakriti is metaphysically feminine (because matter is essentially passive and "used" by the spirit)
>>2773 jews are obsessed with Saturn because Saturn was compared to El as being the father of the Thunder Son (Baal/Jupiter) Thus the Caananite El is then therefore conflated with the Judean Yahweh.
Reposting from Neu THEY DID IT AGAIN >Christchurch mosque shooting: Terrorist drops legal challenge over prison conditions https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/christchurch-mosque-shooting-terrorist-drops-legal-challenge-over-prison-conditions/CMIGKTSLB6C6S3AVSF7XUM2LGA/ https://archive.ph/bAv7U >Tarrant had sought a judicial review, challenging his prison conditions and his "designation as a terrorist entity". >However, a minute just released by the High Court's Justice Geoffrey Venning says Tarrant has now withdrawn his application. >"The informal applications for judicial review are withdrawn by leave. The proceedings are at an end," Justice Venning said.
>>3442 This makes me so mad. It’s so obvious that they forced him to drop this, and likely cut his accomodations or tortured him until he obeyed. I can’t imagine what they are doing to that man daily.
>>3450 Previous media reports from the failed phone call in court hearing mentioned the fact that Brenton had 14 days to proceed further with his judicial review. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/124843490/christchurch-mosque-shooter-not-ready-to-proceed-with-legal-challenge-of-jail-conditions-terrorist-status Those media reports were from April 15. Today, not even ten days later, they say he dropped his perfectly legal request, no explanation given. I'll let you do the math.
Some actual news about Bowers, I am stunned—we’ve really gotten nothing on this dude for the longest time. Unfortunately the news is another delay. Do we still really only have one picture of this guy? Judge Grants Pre-Trial Motion Extension For Robert Bowers >Defense attorneys for Robert Bowers, the accused gunman in the Tree of Life shooting, have been granted a 90-day extension to file pre-trial motions. >- Another delay in the trial of the accused gunman in the Tree of Life Synagogue shootings, Robert Bowers and his defense attorneys have submitted a request for more time. That happened on Sunday. They asked for a 90 day extension for pretrial motions, saying the case is, quote, very complex and that the government intends to seek the death penalty. The judge granted that motion, now shifting the original deadline from tomorrow until July 19. https://news.yahoo.com/judge-grants-pre-trial-motion-201214732.html https://archive.fo/aIyS5
(48.21 KB 640x895 Bowers_young.jpg)
(369.54 KB 1440x2000 Bowers_police_photo_1.jpg)
(72.71 KB 1140x797 Bowers_police_photo_2.jpg)
(3.51 MB 2338x1701 Robert Bowers drawing.jpg)
(52.90 KB 640x360 Robert Bowers drawing 2.jpg)
>>3494 > Do we still really only have one picture of this guy? At least 1 photo from his teenage times and 2 police photos after arrest. + several drawings by court artist
>>3495 Ah, I had forgotten about the one of him as a teen and the mugshot. Looking at those pics of him in a wheelchair in the court drawings, I hope Bowers has healed up well. Apparently he was shot multiple times before surrending to police. Hopefully in good time we will get to see his face again. In many of these cases it has been too long. So many delays and postponements
(139.12 KB 480x466 glowie.png)
>>4215 some mossad faggot claiming to hate jews and ending up killing two Whites "killed two liberals" absolutely based some zionist fag who killed muzzies bases sdavdfkgnsdaoi aljnh gnigger
>>4216 The lives of White liberals and Muslims are worthless.
>>4216 Go away
>>4217 Do we know the people Balliet killed were liberals? it seems to me he just gunned down any random person he saw on the street.
>>4250 Yes. He admitted it and also said he was sorry that he didn't accomplish killing his targeted enemy in the synagogue. This does not change the fact that Balliet still did more than any of us because he at least tried.
(61.37 KB 1024x1024 balliet cartoon.jpg)
>>4250 Balliet made many mistakes, but as the anon above me said - he realized this afterwards and apologized, regardless of whether they were liberals or not. His planning was also second-rate, but in court Balliet did a magnificent job of representing the pro-White cause and caused loads of kvetching. The fact that he showed that even in gun-cucked countries that White men could arm themselves and attempt to fight back was also a great positive to the whole thing.
>>4250 Balliet who was a trannime fag: killed two whitish people. Tarrant who wasn't: Killed 51 shitskins. You decide, White man!
>>4267 And then there is (you) who doesn't even try
>>4267 read >>4217 Balliet didn't fail, actual failure is no action at all. He's a legend.
>>4270 >legend >retard fed plant who can't even kick down a door Dude is either being raped by a nigger in kraut jail or he's having cheeze pizza with israeli kikes.
>>4273 Hey ultra coward or glowie I hope you understand the futility in appealing to emotion over 1 dead leftoid and some dead turk at a kebab shop. Nothing wrong with giving it a shot literally(lol)
>>4273 They have to do everything they can to appeal to emotion here and deradicalize the weak. Some of these posters might even be bots with how predictable their posts are
(297.88 KB 1986x1456 realpicofleftoidshills.jpg)
>>4319 Can't expect much lol this is what these strange demented creatures actually look like.
(24.38 KB 400x400 144967848944.jpg)
>>4321 Are that pic and article real?
>>4324 I think it's fake, but the horrifying thing is that such creatures actually exist in the world we inhabit at this very moment.
(439.10 KB 770x1065 KF.jpg)
>>4326 For being fake it's practically real since apparently leddit is so infested with these mentally ill vile subhumans, there was some drama going on there on a place called "true lesbians" where they had a meetup and a bunch of cockchopping men roleplaying actually showed up to hit on them, the women went back and started discussing the weird perverts and the entire sub got got banned for "promoting hate". It's so fucking hilarious it caused a massive butthurt. 🤡 Wow the butthurt fags even seemed to have removed the fucking hilarious thread from waybackmahine fucking LOL. just a fragment left https://archive.ph/LwxlO
>>4324 >>4326 >>4329 Yeah, only search results were a couple meme sites and these threads conspiracies.win/p/12i3uWvSzA/reddit-behind-the-scenes-grabbed/ www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/me094d/reddit_moderators/
>>83 Fill me in, what did the doorcuck do to to earn the title doorchad?
>>4433 Here’s a few things from the old board: >>Already during the first day of the trial, Balliet shocked those present with his cold-bloodedness, racism, hatred of blacks and jews, as well as his absence of compassion. >He shot the woman in the back first. “I can’t blame her for turning her back on me,” he said. Then he left, but returned to her and shot the helpless woman again. “If you’re doing something, you have to finish it!” >If he hadn’t shot her, “everyone would have laughed at him,” he said. He thus came across the fact that the attack on the synagogue was broadcast live on the Internet. >He told criminalists during the investigation that he originally wanted to attack Muslims, but eventually decided to choose jews as his target because they are “the biggest problem” for “disgruntled White men” like him. >Asked what triggered his talks, he said it was an event in Christchurch, New Zealand last March. “A White man is fighting even if he can’t win. He took it in his hands, “he said. According to him, the event impressed him. “The only way to ensure your existence is to arm yourself and fight,” he said. His speech is full of attacks on jews and “multicultural development” in Germany. “I am one of the men who worked to keep Europe White,” Balliet said. >He rejects German refugee policy. “I’m angry, angry!” He says of the refugees: “They are conquerors.” The judge asked him what personal losses and disadvantages he had suffered because of the refugees. “In Germany, you are not free to express your opinion,” he says. >The trial is taking place under strict security measures in Magdeburg, where the largest courtroom in Saxony-Anhalt is available. Balliet tried to escape from custody this year. https://www.archyde.com/i-had-to-finish-it-the-killer-from-the-synagogue-in-halle-was-shocked-in-court-by-a-cynical-account-of-the-shooting/ >Judges at the Naumburg state court, which met in Saxony-Anhalt state’s capital of Magdeburg for security and capacity reasons, on Monday found him “seriously culpable.” That means he will be effectively barred from early release after 15 years, which is typical for people in Germany given life sentences. >Presiding Judge Ursula Mertens described it as a “cowardly attack” as she announced the verdict, news agency dpa reported. Balliet showed no reaction but took notes. >He apologized to the court for killing the woman, saying that “I didn’t want to kill Whites.” >“You are a fanatical, ideologically motivated lone perpetrator,” she told the defendant. “You are anti-Semitic and xenophobic.” >At the end of Monday’s nearly three-hour court session, Balliet threw an object — apparently a rolled-up file or folder — toward representatives of victims who had joined the trial as co-plaintiffs, dpa reported. Four guards then grabbed the defendant and carried him out of the courtroom. https://apnews.com/article/germany-europe-shootings-judaism-b65cdc03bb566053eb3ca8c1dfc631a7
>>4433 In his plea in the trial against the Halle assassin, the defense attorney advocated a “just punishment”. His client then had the last word. What he said there undermined the efforts of his lawyer. One question ran through the proceedings against Stephan Balliet, the Halle assassin: What is going on in his head - why does he think that way and did he act that way? As soon as he took the floor, he fantasized about world conspiracies directed against “Whites”, an alleged jewish superiority and his “fight” against foreigners and Muslims who pushed “White Germans” into the minority. There was only hatred, only delusion, the 28-year-old always let his madness run free. No reflection anywhere. During the whole process, those involved in the process seemed to be waiting for an answer, for an indication that there was a human impulse, perhaps a word of regret, remorse. "We are all human, we all have to die at some point, no matter what skin color or religion we have", the representative of the Federal Prosecutor's Office tried to draw a bow to the dock at the beginning of the trial. But the accused remained in his self-chosen isolation. He felt that the two victims he had shot were collateral damage and otherwise only regretted not having “shot more jews”. I have nothing to do with your humanity, he seemed to be calling out to the court and everyone else in the room. In addition, Balliet claimed in his closing remarks on Tuesday that the result had already been determined. Previously, the State Security Senate of the Naumburg Higher Regional Court had demanded a life sentence with a particularly serious guilt. A subsequent preventive detention is also in the room, as requested by the federal prosecutor. The defendant remained true to his three-minute closing remarks on the penultimate day of the trial in Magdeburg, described the trial as a “political show trial”, announced that he would continue to fight an alleged “anti-Semitic globalist world conspiracy” and finally denied the Holocaust. "For that he should sit again!" Angry protests by the co-plaintiffs interrupted him. “Stop it”, shouted the lawyers, “take a record of that”, it rang in the direction of the presiding judge Ursula Mertens. One of the lawyers, Alexander Hoffmann, said: "This is a criminal offense, he should sit down again for it!" There was little to defend. According to the old principle “It is not the deed that is defended, but the person”, Balliet's lawyer Hans-Dieter Weber was only able to deal with the legal assessments of the individual acts. His client was too convinced, too fanatical, for any kind of mitigating circumstances to be distilled out of his biography or his statements. https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article222127524/Stephan-Balliet-Zum-Schluss-noch-einmal-Hass.html
>>4433 He also escaped prison briefly but was recaptured. After a lot of his actions in court and stuff like this people warmed up to him a bit for his good performance in court https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/06/05/german-synagogue-shooter-attempts-prison-escape/
>>3495 Interesting that there's still someone who can draw that well out there.
(916.50 KB 1357x1322 bt147.jpg)
>>4438 It is pretty impressive. I'm horrible at drawing. Luckily though we have anons on our side who are able to draw just as well as if not better.
https://www.bitchute.com/video/egahem92xHOP/ Message from the Kommandant regarding Brenton Tarrant
(70.21 KB 672x458 crest table.PNG)
(80.40 KB 566x529 crest table 2.PNG)
(3.17 MB CREST.pdf)
CREST STRIKES AGAIN > close reading of the /pol boards leaves the impression that each possesses its own identity; in other words, each /pol iteration appears to have its own subculture. For instance, whereas some appear to host favorable opinions of Brenton Tarrant, who became a cult “saint” figure, others regularly criticize the Christchurch shooter because he targeted Muslims instead of jews. Overall, while all these /pol boards might be grouped under the very broad common umbrella of right-wing extremism, differences in ideological content and perhaps interaction practices do seem to exist >the table seems to suggest that NeinChan hosts the most extreme content, which is perhaps not surprising given it exists solely on the dark web. A cursory look at this particular board demonstrates that users tend to discuss matters directly related to violent attacks, such as comparing the manifestos of various shooters (with Brenton Tarrant even having his own board aside from the /pol one). https://www.jstor.org/stable/26984798
>>4823 >cuckchan >"donald", "j": 62 >"hasnt", "done": 62 >"done", "anything":61 I laughed
(9.71 KB 156x108 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.02 MB 244x156 rookie.gif)
>jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew
(670.34 KB 640x687 oh shit.png)
(19.09 KB 480x510 153985472586.jpg)
>>4827 I don't get it >>4823 >mfw they only target /pol/ boards and apparently are not interested in /fascist/ Do you think /fascist/ flew under the radar, lads?
(74.89 KB 651x182 ClipboardImage.png)
(113.87 KB 501x245 ClipboardImage.png)
Some funny mentions of 16chan and the recent documentary an anon made about Brenton Tarrant: https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/brenton-tarrant-the-full-film-biographical-documentary-of-the-australian-saint_xR3nyASiIWS4jjY.html https://gnet-research.org/2021/03/24/two-years-on-understanding-the-resonance-of-the-christchurch-attack-on-imageboard-sites/ >>4858 >Do you think /fascist/ flew under the radar, lads? It's weird, because there's almost no way that it could. It seems like they are hyper-focused for the most part on the /pol/ name above all else. It's also possible that since /fascist/ has moved like four times now since August 2019 that researchers keep losing tabs on us until we pop up in a new location. I know we're not totally unknown to them though. We were mentioned in conjunction with Neinchan in a news article from Slate a while back, and even further back on 8chan we were mentioned in an article about that garlic festival shooter for spreading copies of Ragnar Redbeard's book. It can't even be that we're too kosher either, as we are linked directly to arguably the most radical imageboard around right now, i.e. Neuchan / Neinchan and regularly make posts supporting terror attacks and the like. On one hand it may be good that we are obscure, but I also like it when boards I use are mentioned.
(3.95 MB 307x325 15397458844.gif)
>>4865 top kek Why do these all serious lectures about internet posting sound so unbearably cringe to me? I cannot help but laugh. I mean, these people get paid to produce this crap. We truly live in the end times of a civilization. It sucks but at this point I am enthralled at learning where all this will get us into. inb4 genocide
(38.26 KB 438x263 balliet waifu.PNG)
>>4871 The posts here with all of their memeing and irony start to seem extremely surreal when put in the context of dry academic writing. It's pretty jarring and hilarious. Just see pic related discussing Balliet, where they seem to take his stuff about waifus at face value. These humorless fucks have no clue when we are being serious and when we are joking and it's hilarious
>>4446 who painted this?
(251.90 KB 905x1118 bt43.png)
>>4875 Parsifal. He's the same guy who has made all of the little Tarrant cartoons. He posts new stuff occasionally over on Neuchan. Not sure if he posts here but I know he posted in the Neuchan thread on Anon Cafe /fascist/ back when Neinchan was having the shitshow surrounding deradmin


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