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(64.67 KB 1100x775 backpain.jpg)
Back Pain General Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 19:44:17 No. 21
I have had back pain in the past from lifting heavy things at work with a fucked posture. It ended about a month after I quit, and that was two years ago. Now my back pain is back and different. It doesn't ache all day like it use to. It only hurts at the bottom of a weighted squat. I tried stretching, but that has had no effect. I tried slowly working up the weight starting with the bar, but that only made it worse. Now it hurts to sneeze. What the fuck is going on /fit/? I wasn't lifting when I hurt my back, and I don't see how I could of possibly hurt it.
(90.63 KB 935x1000 354534535266.jpg)
swimming is pretty good for your back.
also you could try strengthening the muscles that surround your back, such as the hip and glutes etc. sometimes when the surrounding muscles are fucked up it can manifest in areas other than where the true problem is. stretch them glutes and go hiking.

sincerely yours, /ted/
what this guy said and not doing anything is gonna make it worse, Ive fucked my shit up multiple times in my back but I still deadlift and squat now with zero pain cause having muscles and strength around that area is gonna help
Partly in for answers, but work glutes and abs especially. Do gay exercises like side leg lifts actually work really good for glute min development
Get into pilates nigga. Or just static holds in general. You need to work on postural support & supporting your joints. Balance your gainz with some health preservation.
Go to chiropractor.

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