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Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 05:24:47 No. 33
So this is going to be a pre-2012 /fit/ but with fuck all people?

How many of you guys lift more than 1/2/3/4
I use to be able to. People on /fit/ seem to have forgotten that this is the overall standard of strength.
(15.14 MB 1920x1080 My Movie.mp4)
I do
Used to lift 1/2.5/3.25/x but i have crohns so i frequently lose tonnes of weight. Just at 0.5/1.8/2/x right now.
I'm at 1/2/2/3, coming back from a long break from lifting
1/2/3/4 is currently right where I'm at at 188, I'm always caught between wanting to cut and get stronger. Program rec for getting these lifts up (especially bench and ohp)? Sleep may be the biggest issue for me rn.
Ive been doing 531 for bench and have gotten some good gains from it, as for OHP i feel like you need more volume than 531, usually I use a longer 14 week program that I made that starts with high reps and tapers down while adding weight as such most programs follow this method
tfw I only do calisthenics, and not even regularly

I fucking dropped out of college and since then haven't been to the gym bros... JUST my life up
Thanks anon, dips and db bench have been helping me lately but trying 531 again might be a good idea. I guess I just felt like I was losing leg strength on that program, maybe I wasn't hitting the last set of the major lifts as hard as you're supposed to.
I definitely agree, I felt the same when I did it for squats, I really like higher total reps on squats, I just feel like its easier to grind out reps than other exercises, thats why I just use 531 for bench and deads and then higher rep stuff for OHP, squats

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