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(239.48 KB 643x340 footwallcalf.png)
Shit ankle mobility Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 12:22:23 No. 68
I've been doing a good bit of squatting for since the start of the year, albeit admittedly with quite a few lengthy breaks due to a lack of self-motivation, and preoccupation with other things. I had been squatting for 3 times a week, and started off with the 5x5 program, later altering it to a 5 set x 8 rep in order to work a bit on endurance as well as pure strength, as I found that building strength alone, without much endurance was kneecapping me when lifting heavier weights. The best I got to is 5 sets x 8 reps at 100Kg, before I started to ponder on my technique, which I knew was kinda shit, but for the most part just went along with it anyways. To put it simply, I can barely break parallel without falling over, and my back is way more horizontal than it should be when squatting down. I looked into it and came to the conclusion that my ankles are restricting my mobility greatly, specifically my right ankle, which is way tighter than my left.
I looked online for some guides, and found a few exercises and stretches that are supposed to help, like the weighted dorsiflexion ERC, and another one, whose name I can't remember, but is basically putting your foot as flat as possible against a wall, and pushing your leg in, decreasing the angle between the leg and wall, and stretching the muscles that way. However, I can't seem to get them working. I tried the first exercise, and placing a weight and pushing the knee out seems to not do anything; it just forces me to lift my heel, and trying to resist that just prevents any movement or stretches. The second exercise seems to be a bit more effective, although I feel stretching in the calves, much higher than I think I should, and am unsure if I'm doing it right. Are there any better/more effective exercises/stretches that can improve ankle flexibility, am I doing it all wrong, or should I keep going with the wall stretch thing?

Pic related is the second exercise, more or less.
the best ankle/calve stretch ive found is just leaning forward on something and putting your foot back and stretching the calve and ankle, additionally you could also get weightlifting shoes that help with that problem. Really though Ive found that ankle mobility is kinda a meme when it comes to squatting, you really dont want your knees going forward a whole lot, if you watch the stongest squatters their knees stay almost stable in the squat they do not go forward, really i think sitting back gets you much more power even when you go high bar but I dont know everyone is different, all I ve found is that when i stop pushing my knees forward and sat back more my knees felt a whole lot better
like look at this guy hes squating atg but he knees really dont go forward very much he sits back

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