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(14.20 KB 600x400 output.png)
Anonymous 11/12/2020 (Thu) 02:40:41 No. 1282 [Reply] [Last]
anyone listen to Tech Discussion Surge?

(1.04 MB 402x400 1603684212609.gif)
Anonymous 10/28/2020 (Wed) 03:53:09 No. 1264 [Reply] [Last]
Tty only is the way to go on linux desktop w3m works for browsing this site and soyjak party and lainchan vim + LaTeX for word processing dvtm for tiling terminal vim for code editor Best of all it uses very little ram, tty only ubuntu uses less than 250 mb all the time so you can use it with 512mb ram pc and it mostly uses less than 10% of cpu with low end intel baytrail dual core cpu, it won't reach 1 percent if you have competent hardware
(31.20 KB 512x384 1603827729354.jpg)
>>1264 and how would one go about doing things like graphic/video editing, image processing in a practical way? I mean, if you set a RAM limit on 512 MB these things are almost impossible.
>>1264 >LaTeX Just use groff, it's pre-installed. I think mandoc is the BSD alternative.
(3.59 MB 1600x1200 A4000.png)
>>1277 I have GrafX2 2.3 working on my 32-bit ARM SBC in the framebuffer console. Had to build with "make NOTTF=1" because otherwise it segfaults on startup (I guess those fonts only work in Xorg). But anyway it's an image editor in the Deluxe Paint style that used to be popular on Amiga and DOS, and still used today in demoscene. The build dependencies are basically just SDL and Lua. I'm even using the old SDL 1.2 because I don't like the new 2.x stuff that requires GPU and Xorg. So basically this program will run on whatever hardware you got. I dunno about video editing other than ffmpeg. It used to be possible to do fancy stuff on Amiga computers with a video toaster, and those computers didn't have much memory at all. Probably even the old BeBox computers could edit videos in much less than 512 MB RAM. SGI workstations too, but those were hella expensive.
>>1279 I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm only curious as to why would one want to do be so extremely minimalist? I mean, one could get all its image/video editing done in C with just vim and gcc but it wouldn't be practical compared to using inkscape or blender.
(8.18 KB 640x480 mc.png)
>>1280 Well I don't personally care about video editing, and I don't even bother with youtube. The most I ever do is watch some short video clips downloaded from chans, or some old movies I got from archive.org or from demonoid or an FTP site years ago. I use ffplay to watch those on the framebuffer console, since I hardly ever run Xorg. I don't want to edit them or make new videos. And I don't want to edit images either, unless I'm making a game mod, and there a program like GrafX2 is enough, because I only care about old games that use sprites (basically everything up through Doom/Duke3D/Descent) rather than the 3D polygon stuff that followed. Really all I need Xorg for is if I want to use a modern web browser (I don't like it, but have to sometimes). I even convert PDFs with pdftotext or pdftoppm, because I have some image viewers that work fine on the tty (fbi and fim). But when I download ebooks, I try to get them in epub format, since it's a simpler format that's often offered as an alternative to PDF. You can "unzip" the epub file and you'll end up with a bunch of xhtml files (and often images files too), and for this I configured my ncurses file manager (Midnight Commander) to use the Lynx browser for the xhtml files, and fim to load images. Or if I hit the "v" (view) key instead of "return/enter" on an xhtml file, it'll page it through "lynx -dump $1 | less" so I can have just the plain text (sometimes that's more comfy to read).

(1.09 MB 1920x1080 1568562627304.png)
Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 14:28:07 No. 199 [Reply] [Last]
Hello lads, I'm looking for a new VPN provider, I'm currently using ExpressVPN.
Any recoms?
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>>1240 based AirVPN
Is ProtonVPN trustworthy? On one hand, it's in Switzerland and they have good data privacy laws and aren't apart of five eyes or even 15 eyes. On the other hand, isn't Switzerland the home of world kikery and all the banking Jewry? Even though AirVPN is apart of 15 eyes that is one of the most secure VPN's out there and I was really happy with them. ProtonVPN is good too and works but idk
>>1252 I'm using proton and have no complaints. Both protonmail and protonvpn are open source now, so those that care to, can look under the hood. When it comes to "5 eyes" assume any option including TOR can be spied on. You have an ISP and a monthly bill in your name, they can certainly monitor you IF they want to
>>1253 Ya I'm gonna stick with them I think. Really happy with Protonmail too. Fuck Gmail and Google kikes

(6.70 KB 1200x1200 Grey.png)
Help me out plz real quick Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 21:27:52 No. 1250 [Reply] [Last]
I'm looking for links or names to forums that have codewords for amazon and ebay items that are banned like vapors and nic, under different names. Asking for a g, if you can help you're a real one.
vaping is kind of gay but whatever. I'll contribute a little bit - I bought a bunch of nintendo DS flashcarts (banned) by searching " DS SD adapter" and "DS memory adapter". no idea if they're still there, this was a few years ago. nigger

(195.06 KB 640x360 trump-hacker.mp4)
Nobody gets hacked Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 22:51:28 No. 1248 [Reply] [Last]
Nobody gets hacked

(66.75 KB 1080x761 empanada.jpg)
Computing in AMD GPUs Anonymous 09/29/2020 (Tue) 22:40:58 No. 1236 [Reply] [Last]
Is there any framework or library to easily make computing in AMD GPUs, something like cuda?

(32.03 KB 512x512 OTitRCfI.png)
Anonymous 07/11/2020 (Sat) 02:32:15 No. 1170 [Reply] [Last]
Can some please tell me what lokinet is of use for.Also how to use it.

(46.16 KB 580x409 ban_mc_donalds.jpg)
Anonymous 09/10/2020 (Thu) 06:17:17 No. 1218 [Reply] [Last]
what is the worst someone can do with an ip address?
with enough luck and resources you can isolate it down to a single person. from there "what's the worst that could happen" depends heavily on what past actions you've done on that IP address and/or how motivated and competent your attackers are. so probably absolute worst case scenario is they manage to botnet you and use your computer to store and distribute CP. followed by you being arrested and made a non-person by everyone in your life and getting thrown in jail with by prisoners who torture 'child molesters and pedophiles' for fun as a way to try to salvage some modicum of self-respect for themselves so they can pretend they still have some semblance of morality. so yeah that's pretty much the worst that could happen. use a vpn and tor.
(123.82 KB 300x300 Michiru_pushing.png)
>>1218 Realistically nothing. They could flood you with packets and cripple your connection, but it would take a fair amount of resources and achieves nothing. If you have some stupid port forwarding rules on your router and shitty passwords they might be able to get in. Most default settings are good enough here. They can't externally track you without help from your ISP. Basically only the government can pull those strings and if they're going that far you've fucked up. 99.9% of normal users have a dynamic ip anyway so an attacker only knows it's you for like, a week maybe. And by "you", all they have is a string of digits and a vague geographic area. Now that's assuming they ONLY have your ip. Depending on how they got that info they likely got some other tidbits as well. Malicious websites can track you across ips and urls with cookies and by getting a "fingerprint". And of course malicious software from that sketchy torrent you downloaded can wreak havoc. tl; dr: If someone is out to get you it's cheaper and easier to send goons to your front door.
>>1219 what if said person found an ip using a packet sniffer like wireshark, what else could they find?

Do people still care about Windows?

(31.34 KB 800x533 USB-thumb-drive-16-GB.jpg)
(47.87 KB 720x405 serveimage.jpg)
(107.98 KB 330x250 serveimage(2).jpg)
Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 04:25:01 No. 526 [Reply] [Last]
500GB Storage medium. ~480GB free.


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>>615 Did you mean to reply to me? I did not contradict your claim, I only said I was a treehuggin ecofaggot.
>>608 >>613 make that tree fiddy, faggot. many of us noticed the left was incapable of producing real green movements well before we read ASAIF.
>>1139 >ASAIF It is ISAIF. Industrial Society and its future. Based otherwise.
1TB/1000GB is roughly always 931GiB GiBibytes is different to GiGaBytes. Calculation is to multiply it always to 0.931 so a 512GB drive would show up as 476GB in windows because they're dumb and use the INCORRECT notation of GB instead of GiB. Winfags BTFO


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