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(7.41 KB 660x256 luminance_vs_color.png)
dumb brain Anonymous 11/25/2019 (Mon) 23:25:04 No. 614 [Reply] [Last]
I was reading this https://github.com/leandromoreira/digital_video_introduction End up at: Colors, Luminance and our eyes Fuck me, I really fucking tried to see that the squares A and B was the same color, but could not do it. I ended up opening the image in Gimp and use the dropper.. shit seems same. Draw a line between A and B in the color and brain explode.

(74.49 KB 381x237 cyber.jpeg)
Today I found some fucked-up shit Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 21:05:34 No. 600 [Reply] [Last]
A fuckin GIF that crashed my server. Had to login over the network to reboot the computer because even the framebuffer console was hosed.
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(2.55 MB 1152x1152 1574571583231-hogs-all-memory.gif)
^ forgot file
(61.48 KB 1014x724 identify.png)
Now here's the weird part. The GIF has 484 frames that vary in size between 1x1 and 1152x1152 pixels. Pic is part of the output of "identify" (from ImageMagick). It's fucking weird.
(11.75 KB 804x484 mpv.png)
Also mpv plays it just fine, whereas sxiv sucks balls for larger GIFs in general.
>>603 It's blended, your server is crap. if you opened it in an image editor you would clearly see the frame types.
(76.42 KB 500x500 pepesmoke.png)
It's not really my server, it's just the default Xorg server that comes in Ubuntu. And I really don't think the problem is related to the X server since mpv plays the GIF just fine. In fact, I just checked with "top", and it uses only 2% of the memory. But sxiv tries to hog everything right away. I also tried "animate" (from ImageMagick) and it also wants to hog all memory. Those softwares suck.

(12.66 KB 200x200 YhRtTm8c_400x400.jpg)
Anonymous OS Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 06:21:16 No. 328 [Reply]
What is the best os to run to keep anonymity on tor? Im looking at Devuan or OpenBSD right now, but am open to other options.
Tails linux. 10/10 os. except its based off of tor and not i2p
little init
What about Whonix or Qubes?
Bruh, someone code qubes with openrc init. Lmao just covertly have intel agency pay durgas and backdate it

(140.26 KB 450x399 1568559026529.jpg)
Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 09:46:25 No. 99 [Reply]
>based durga
>code java
>make money
>we fly his flag proudly
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(613.52 KB 1897x1542 are you indian looool.png)
(2.41 MB 275x207 Untitled.gif)
Durga is a most respectable man who feeds his family with Java and he pays all of his taxes as well. He lives in a very modest home and collects comic books.
>Durga is a most respectable man

Durga (Sanskrit: दुर्गा, IAST: Durgā), identified as Adi Parashakti, is a principal and popular form of the Hindu Goddess.[4][5][6] She is a goddess of war, the warrior form of Parvati, whose mythology centres around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity, and Dharma the power of good over evil.[5][7]Durga is also a fierce form of the protective mother goddess, who unleashes her divine wrath against the wicked for the liberation of the oppressed, and entails destruction to empower creation.[8]
Durga is a respectable man. Shame on you for trying to defame him.

(222.91 KB 450x399 TAD.png)
Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 14:14:41 No. 130 [Reply]
This should be in the sticky. The man created a whole operative system and programming language by himself, he's a mentor to all of us.
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(195.30 KB 902x762 1573614893830.jpg)
Come on mods. Stallman is a fat disgusting FAGGOT, and we're tired of seeing his bloated face on the front page. Get woke, repent of your sins and promote Terry to his rightful throne.
(24.77 KB 589x621 terry-davis-game1.png)
fuck the cianiggers they're going to pay big for what happened to Terry
Bumping for terry. Add him under RSM.
Rms is autistic?
Based. Terry is and will always be a meme.

P.cool what he did with brainworms tho

(375.17 KB 474x304 1573558226418.png)
Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 21:55:23 No. 554 [Reply]
How can I know for sure that my sd-card is corrupted and beyond saving?

I cannot format it or delete any content on it. On the other hand the content is somewhat corrupted, many folders cannot be copied/accessed.

I have tried everything from cmd commands to testdisk.
Might want to hit the liquor. Take off network to isolated machine. Run file forensics and deep analysis. Check perms. Buy new one if needed. Shits like 20-30 bucks. Check why the issue occured in the first place.
If it's a raspberry pi, it probably got corrupted from insufficient power to the board.
>>561 Do research.

(1.98 KB 128x128 favicon-touch.png)
Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 00:38:20 No. 536 [Reply]
Daily reminder that:

As human beings your thoughts produce radio waves that can be measured and decoded.
Majority of governments on earth access all human brains the same way you access host computers on a network. 1950's research.
Its 2019 and the cell phone doesnt include a firewall.
People are suppose to be on earth to learn and live for their creator country and families however they are manipulated, studied and harvested as energy sources from birth.
You are fed lies poisons and disinformation from birth from your government to attempt to rob you of salvation.
Every citizen in the US unwillingly participates in an MKULTRA Behavioral modification program that scans your social media phone thoughts and body language and assigns you a "score" allowing you to progress in society.

Resist the Jew.
do you have any further reading on brainwave interception. i think wed have neurolink tech.public already then no?
Bullshit. If this is true (which it isn't), you would be under mind control right now. And if you were under mind control, you wouldn't be writing that.
Stopped reading right there
1) MUltra is part of CIA and FBI Torture, Military Torture and DHS/FEMA torture.
2) MKUltra was programmed and automated into the Joint Task Forces' JADE software deployment planner management execution application. Original version from the 1970s as well as 2.0 and 3.0 (if that exists yet like GEOIntv website mentioned). Localized Radio signal transmissions were used for the MKUltra project prior to addition of satellites and computers. MKUltra showed up in the USA under NAZI CIA Project Paperclip, though it is OBVIOUS the Americans had something already going with radio signal remote control over Human Beings to begin with. Children were showing up under this influence from it's inception beginning with Signal Intelligence in the late 1800s (not KIDDING). The Nazi MKUltra just ramped it up and Computer Advancements have made this worldwide, lethal and dangerous.
3) Military, FBI and Local Jurisdictions used JADE 1.0 on the Public starting with Infants/babies and Children in Neighborhoods across the US and around the Globe (NATO & Allies). Did NOT Stop the MKUltra program! Still continues today and they STILL use that name to reference what they are doing. Says something.
4) MKUltra = Operation Mind Control = FEMA Re Education brainwashing w/computer = Mastering the Human Domain (by electrical means for command & control using Operators & a autonomous computer in Real time)

What MKUltra REALLY Does.... is it Allows Other People or a Computer to USE ANYONE
They can use ANY Person ANYWAY they Want - for ANYTHING they have written into a computer battle planner.
Worse case scenarios involve ways we've heard of to TRAUMAtize/Break to Discredit/Disable, as Killers/Assassins or as Makeshift Soldiers/Public Army.
This NeuroCognitive warfare uses a neural disruption to the real brainwaves for computerized version to operate. This IS the ZOMBIE stuff they had drills on - just didn't mention Remote Controlled radio frequencies/BCI computer controlled people part)

It's used on Unsuspecting Real People they refer to as FLESH Puppets (targets) or Players (incrowd) to Mask the REAL Criminals. It's Even USED for "Normal Mind Control" to induced Deliberate Trauma & RESPONSES. (Not just excessive, violent, cruel trauma but ALSO the "regular" traumas associated with Life experience as a human being/person - divorce, abuse, assaults, theft, violations, education problems, employment problems, vehicle problems, health problems, pet deaths, people deaths, relationship problems - capitalizes on EVERY aspect of Life experience And I Mean Every Intimate Aspect) NSA Life Management information used by computer for automatized attacks.

What MKUltra IS.... is Commanding and Controlling a Human Being's Speech, Perceptions, Senses, Memories, Thought Processes, Physical Movements & Agility like a Actor without their Knowledge
using Biometrics with Radars, Radio Frequencies, or Computer generated Synthetic Neural Signal Transmissions (also called wave forms).
Equals Wireless/Remote delivered Weaponized Neurology via Biometrics - Electrical Neurological Intracranial Control (RHIC)

I'd say it's not really quite what we thought or were told AND I'd say there's a huge problem that our Security Forces are using this as a Weapons System on the Unsuspecting Public. Here in the USA and Governments around the world.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(213.00 KB 787x622 1573354803752.jpg)
Anonymous 11/10/2019 (Sun) 15:37:44 No. 532 [Reply]
Where do you think the future of online entertainment is going. with millenials tuning out of social media and youtube. wont there be a huge opportunity awaiting? vr/ar. discuss. also resources much appreciated.

(11.14 KB 151x231 Question_mark_liberal.jpg)
Platforms Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 04:30:50 No. 503 [Reply]
Basic fuck off analytics tools:

Linux, BSD- non system d init
Iptables / UFW
Icecat - Firefox is mossad malware
DNS over TLS stubby resolvers/DNS over HTTPS
System wide SSL/HTTPS Proxies
Browser proxies
PQ self hosted VPN or MSP
3 posts omitted.
Alphabet's Google is a company that exploits human rights violations and is criminal through and through and survive through government contracts with Langley and Ft. Mead. Alot of analytics is black op budget type work. Youtube's algorithm is AI and machine learning and can literally read a soul past TOR or VPN's.
(37.20 KB 218x205 yo.png)
no longer supported by gentoo devs
i could install it from a different source, or use an overlay, but is there any other good browsers in the gentoo repo? i'm still using firefo, but midori seems like it'd be bretty gud.
i meant icecat
quadruplechan doesn't quote like quarterchan does
When did this happen? Ill have to check it out. I switched to Icecat when I ran wireshark on firefox and almost shit my pants over analytics. Next best thing is a hardened config file and a finetuned proxy overlay or something and WAF. midori is ok for browsing but not auth since lack of integrity with HTTPS and downgrade.

Actually was considering coding my own version here soon and publishing.
>>516 surf is also good, i used it for a wile but i have switch to TBB because its easier to block crap and only allow js form some sites

(621.08 KB 960x960 9flp.png)
Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 02:58:00 No. 524 [Reply]
It is against the law to say that you are not trans in a programming job.
Yes. It's a violation of cyberlaw.


no cookies?