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(61.50 KB 579x575 E3PWwB9qSK.jpg)
Okay! How do I use this shit!? Anonymous 07/19/2020 (Sun) 23:26:18 No. 1171 [Reply] [Last]
A time ago my brother brought me a SMD Rework Station, to help me on repair our things. But, HOLY SHIT! WHY IS SO HARD?! Everytime I tried ended up with me burning the component or the board, or both. I tried to decrease the air or the temperature but the result end being the same. I know that I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what is.
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(71.45 KB 633x730 FILE2926.JPG)
>>1172 How much time I need to remove a SMD? It doesn't hurt the component?
usually like 20-30 seconds if you have a good setup. if you don't have a good setup you should do a ghetto preheat by waving the gun around quickly all over the board. like I said, you want the board to be nice and warm (~70-80C) all over so you won't waste as much of your heat into the big copper pours on the inner layers. if you just jam the heat on full blast to a cold board you can end up with the top of the component scorched at ~400C while the solder is still only like 170C (SAC305 needs 220C-245C to melt) on the connections to the board since the heat just keeps bleeding away into the copper. you will learn to hate ground planes with a fiery passion, seriously fuck emc compliance and all that garbage, fuck controlled impedance, fuck dcr. components are typically packaged in some sort of plastic package. if you solder it fast enough you can get the terminations up to 220/245C while keeping the silicon on the inside under it's critical temperature. like 140-160C or some shit maybe, forget exactly at the moment and it varies per-component.
>>1171 Hi I work in a smartphone repair shop. Depending on the size of the board, sometimes you need to hold the hot air a FEW MINUTES on the board just to heat it up enough to melt the solder. and don't worry about overheating; if the solder isn't melted yet, that means the board hasn't even reached solder's melting point temperature. I suggest setting your hot air temperature around 350C, watching tutorials on youtube and PRACTICING on garbage dead PCBs.
>>1187 Thanks bro
>>1172 >having basic skills is based and redpilled the absolute state of w*ggers reminder that there is no software (let alone hardware) made by wh*tes aside from SJW tier crap like gnome and firefox

Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 17:59:37 No. 480 [Reply] [Last]
retro my dude
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(1.20 MB 2576x1932 20181212_170113.jpg)
(279.49 KB 1212x1212 IMG_20181025_231047_468.jpg)
(1.65 MB 2183x2894 1564352606435.jpg)
(142.12 KB 800x626 1567007095599.jpg)
(1.34 MB 2576x1932 20191105_231428.jpg)
>>482 could you really read books on c64?
>>485 I loved OS/2 Warp 4 Connect... Used to dual boot it next to Slack
>>482 >tea spills over hate those fucking cups with a much larger top than the bottom spilled so many glasses of water like you wouldn't believe. I'm probably just a retard though.
>>553 I like to think of it like classic cars. Cool and not like they make 'em anymore.

(38.89 KB 651x201 8kun like imageboard.png)
Need an 8kun like imageboard Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 07:27:43 No. 1140 [Reply] [Last]
I need an 8kun like imageboard for students and teachers. Can someone help me set up an imageboard site?
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>>1158 >I'm not surprised by the concerns you listed above. I made a mistake. I thought you were serious. but turns out you are someone I would shun in real life.
>>1160 I see you have found a partner already, or you are going to do it yourself. You can't even justify your own plan, and you expect serious people to work with you. If I wasn't serious, I would had just asked to be paid upfront and vanish after settjng it up. The only one not serious is you, chink English teacher.
>>1159 .>tripfagging People who ask don't usually lurk. When everyone can make a tripcode, authority has to be proved. The site can indicate trusted trips. At that point, may as well go to stackexchange or reddit. >old posts, small user base Most learners are teenagers or underages, They are known for impulsive behaviors. Raids can easily be triggered and executed against the site. I have been thinking about a dictatorship tech ib. All shills and fags will be banned. Of course users will disagree with me, but they can use another site. Thoughts?
>>1163 >I have been thinking about a dictatorship tech ib. All shills and fags will be banned. Of course users will disagree with me, but they can use another site. Thoughts? Muh freezepeach is over rated and good moderators are under rated. Not a /g/uy but I would frequent your board anon ps. fuck jannies
>>1165 There are many free speech sites, many was high quality. Possible reasons to why free speech stopped working are shills and bad mods. If mods stop shills and retard newfags, >post flame war, shill shit >oldfags exists, report and sage >>no explanation was necessary because the truth was proven long ago >mods delete and ban >tourists more likely to get redpilled >tourists integrate and become oldfags >new and ground breaking info can be argued with high culture integration (anyone speaks shitpost?) and logical arguments >mods don't delete them, may even delete flame fags >>mods have to be based and openminded Instead we have >shill everywhere >b&r posters shunned by newfags and shills >mods do nothing, even actively destroy board culture and ban oldfags

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Windows vs Linux Anonymous 02/01/2020 (Sat) 10:15:05 No. 718 [Reply] [Last]
Base up, W10 is superior. Easier, more efficient, better support and compatibility, less hassle. But for the die hards, why is Linux better to you?
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op is a fagget. the entire net runs on linux.the milky way runs on unix. everybody knows that.
(509.64 KB 586x743 Andou eats a baguette.png)
>>718 I used to run Wingblows 8 which was okay-ish early on but later would update rape me, constantly crash, and lag from all the shitty spyware that I kept uninstalling but the OS would reinstall shit on boot like Skype and MSM. I'm not the most tech savy guy just competent enough to not be borderline retarded and Jewbuntu hasn't a hiccup once on any of my computers so far, infact it actually runs some of my games even better than Wingblows. I like the fact that if I delete a shitty bloatware program it stays deleted.\ Also Bill Gates is a glow in the dark globalist nigger. >>869 Based and practical user pilled.
apples and oranges, linux is objectively superior in most metrics, there are only a handful of applications that don't run on linux and then Windows is best for gaming, once those gaps close though there will be little reason for users to use Windows
Easier makes it so any chimp can use it. Only chads are smart enough to use Linux.
Is Mint a good starting OS? I want to blow outta Winblows. It used to be based, but Gates has now become a jew.

(702.52 KB 1920x1080 2018-06-13-desktop-tc.png)
Why aren't you using a microkernel hypervisor? Anonymous 04/20/2020 (Mon) 08:01:09 No. 873 [Reply] [Last]
SculptOS (Genode Framework+seL4) is a secure microkernel operating system that can easily be used to run virtual machines. It supports a variety of real hardware including Intel WLAN and iGPUs. It's less than 30MB and boots almost instantly, and even has a basic GUI built in. https://genode.org
2 posts omitted.
>>873 You literally give z e r o evidence to back up your claims.
Having a smaller kernel would certiantly make it faster, but how would that make it more "secure" and in what way? Not to mention you would have to have a much smaller library of call commands to mantain the kernel's micro status; thus reducing usability and compadability by alot. Which I guess would make it more "secure", but that's like saying you're secure against being robbed because you can't leave the house. Why not just use base Unix if we are going this dinosaur? Why even have a GUI? We can make it even "faster" without one.
>>1113 Qt has been ported and it offers some POSIX compatibility. What are you even talking about? >>966 Read the seL4 and Genode docs, smooth brain
(2.85 MB 200x234 laughingterrydavis.gif)
>>873 >micro kernel on a pozzed chip is secure wew
(254.39 KB 480x232 DAY OF THE SEAL.PNG)
>>873 >wow t3h microkernel will fix everything cuz muh memes >shows picture of broken terminal and broken XML >claims OS is secure yet somehow it can still run qt based software and a ported web browser (or ported engine) stay oblivious DAY OF THE SEAL SOON

(90.32 KB 1000x1000 cheap-dell-sff.jpeg)
Used Business Desktop Thread Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 01:58:46 No. 785 [Reply] [Last]
I made a bunch of posts on rikchan about old business desktops that I will copy here. you can get a machine with moderate performance at a very good price-to-performance ratio if you are okay with some of the tradeoffs I will discuss. Perhaps this information will be helpful to my fellow /g/tards.
23 posts and 16 images omitted.
>16 GiB ram >2 TB hard drive nice, that's worth the 80 on its own. and yeah there's something neat about realizing you can rescue old hardware with SSDs - I'd rather use an 8-year old CPU with an SSD boot drive than a modern CPU on spinning rust. You can get little PCIE cards that will add USB3 ports. I suppose if you are good at networking then saturating a wired gigabit link gives you ~100 MiB/s which is a fair bit better than the 35/15 MiB/sec that USB2 gives you in real-world bandwidth. although, I do notice that about 95% that I am trying to move big batches of files around at home it is either for games or music, none of which are necessarily essential. It's no problem pushing a ~100 KiB source tarball around even over usb2 or even wifi b.
>>862 I plan on upgrading to an i7 2600 soon and eventually 32GB RAM since that's unofficially supported on this model. Unfortunately this machine came with only 4GB DIMMs so I'll have to buy all new RAM. But they're probably compatible with the Core2 shitbox I use as a server that has 6GB right now so that'll get a nice upgrade most likely.
The USFF offerings are most interesting, like ThinkCentre Tiny. They're usually upgradeable, so you can have a really small desktop with a proper CPU and maxed with RAM and storage. Been thinking about getting one for a home server, that, a Rasbperry Pi, or ideally something custom so I can get rid of my shitty WD NAS.
I got some free computers from a local library since they were "broken"; but after doing some fixes they all worked save for one (which I scrapped for parts). I guess throwing them out is cheaper then paying for a compentant I.T guy. This happens more often than you would think, I got a free laptop through this method... all I did was open it up and reseat the fan and apply fresh thermal paste.
>>785 I can't imagine buying one of these... I get them for free all the time, but I work in I.T. I haven't paid for a computer in 20 years... ETA PRIME is always fucking with these and other low cost tech, good channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1NpJj9rUMM

Help me niggers Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 09:02:01 No. 194 [Reply] [Last]
Hey /g/

I need help

Newfag, know fuck all about tech, but am trying to build a computer to be completely anonymous online

Want to put Devuan on a rasberrypi 4, but have know idea how.
Can one one of you give me a step by step.

Also if there are any wholes in my opsec, please point them out to me.

Pic related. The anon that inspired this whole half assed attempt.
9 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>399 All of this for what? To shitpost? If glowniggers want you they'll get you, retard.
>>292 If you can hack the pentagon, you can surf anonymously 99% of the time. To make sure you never get caught, you must surf the internet only 20x in your life.
>>194 >building your own computer It pays off to have multiple macs. also, get an un pozzed cpu
>>424 The cheapest, shittiest WiFi chips are very cheap thanks to IoT cancer. You can buy Chigger "smart" bulbs from chink sites for less than $5.
>>194 Go to pawn shops and some computer shops looking for very old cheap cheap hardware. Collect as much of this shit as you can. Next, frankenstein them together into your very own 'botnet', operating on cloud computing principles. For internet access, you'll need to telescope public wifi. Use Qubes OS or some seL4 microkernel OS.

(160.44 KB 1264x644 BTC sub discord2.jpg)
BTCsub token Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 17:57:26 No. 954 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone know about BTCsub token ? is it a scam or a real deal?
4 posts omitted.
(109.38 KB 702x509 postitNOOOOOOW.png)
I personally don't think it's a scam or a pure pyramid scheme. They are implementing WorkLock-controlled referral plan in order to distribute their tokens economically as they want to avoid paying hefty amounts to FANG corporations and enriching them farther. So referral-based WorkLock smart contract is not their primary business model. They are also implementing a proof-of-asset subprotocol to display cryptoassets under management transparently in realtime. So I can't say it's scam as the 3x14 matrix gets terminated irreversibly at 14th level. You can't grow your network of referrals any farther. Plus their total supply of tokens hardcapped. They can't arbitrarily mint new BTCsub tokens either.
Amazing ! I also came across this and was thinking about investing! This really sheds more light! Seems legit to me!
This is certainly a good investment opportunity as well as a means to expand the capital. Just had small initial query indeed, whether only depositing 1 ETH is the only pre-requisite to enter the investment plan to receive more ETH in return as we refer and get more people on the platform or is there more to it?
I have spoken to BTCsub team on their telegram handle. They will be pushing conversion and data oracles contracts next month to their github repo. But they refused to give me a specific date.
>>954 Neither, it's just noise. And your post is spam.

(138.96 KB 959x1138 062118rigetti0584finalsquare.jpg)
Anonymous 01/12/2020 (Sun) 17:10:36 No. 707 [Reply] [Last]
Red-pill me (and I'm sure others) on Quantum computing. Lets not get left behind in a new computing age.
>>707 It’s a completely meme. Not useful for anything outside of some very niche scientific applications.
>>708 yet
It's just multi-state computing, like using a trinary or larger base. Currently our computers work with little pseudo-switches that are either on or off, 0 or 1. Using multi-state switches you can exponentially increase computing power BUT... it just means a faster computer. It's not like it's going to magically turn into some kind of AI singularity due to inherent mathematical limitations, namely the "curse of dimensionality". Also keep in mind our computers, even quantum computers, currently use a flow of electrons... which means they use mono-dimensional energy. It's possible though to use other energy forms, even biochemical energy forms as well as modulated energy forms, like light wavelengths in order to create photonic processors. And then of course, if you want to go full science fiction you could theoretically create a quantum temporal processor using tachyons. Where a calculation could be performed and then the results of the calculation could be sent back in time by a few nanoseconds. So basically the computer would know the results of a calculation before it even performed it. And the further back in time the weirder it would get. For example if information could be sent back in time by a few seconds it would be possible to create a computer that would know what you want before you even knew you wanted it. Essentially an interface-less computer. The interface would be there, but you wouldn't actually need to use it.
(99.96 KB 1280x720 bmb12-h9.jpg)
Don't know too much but you will need an alternative when transistors are only the size of one atom because you've reached a bottle neck.
>>750 Holy nigger those vidoes are creepy. very cool though.

(423.80 KB 1024x953 1568463958528.png)
anons need a new OS any tbh just needs to be secure Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 18:39:36 No. 88 [Reply] [Last]
need a new OS
tails OS or cube OS
12 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>240 hey man, im just going to throw this out there. do you know how to configure usb speakers as opposed to the default audio1 port. Damn I had the command saved, but got wiped with a fresh install. kicking myself.
>>247 don't be led astray by the schizos. find a distro that works for you. any linux unix os respects your privacy, to a degree. it's mostly up to you and what you do on your computer. hope you didn't get caught in the crossfire of distro wars. >>699 openbsd is good for isolated stuff. wouldn't use it for a desktop though. but i do have it on my laptop if i want to convert ebooks safely.
(433.07 KB 1920x1280 schrift-paper-and-pencil.jpg)
>>88 here's a new OS I made just for (you) nigger
>>88 seriously though bro >tails live distro good for reasonably anonymous surfing. Beware of your writeprints and clickprints - they say more about you than fingerprints can. >cube OK for desktop running proprietary malware like Chrome Neither is failsafe, use both with caution if you doing a Snowden. >>104 >Gentoo >Not knowing there are Gentoo systemdicks pozzed versions to avoid like Debian
Arch, Gentoo, anything not Ubuntu. Really it's mostly user preference, if you're new to Linux I would recommend Arch over Gentoo. But that's about all. "Secure" is vague, securing your system is mostly up to you and not being stupid. Just avoid shit like Windows or Mac OS which have more security holes than a block of Swiss cheese fucked by a pack of starving sex crazed Nambian children.


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