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(292.67 KB 450x399 RMS.png)
Welcome to Technology! 663 Board owner 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:24:02 No. 1 [Reply]
Welcome to /g/ - 16chan's Technology Board.

This board is dedicated to the discussion of all topics pertaining to computers and technology.

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Edited last time by 663 on 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:24:48.

(1.98 KB 128x128 favicon-touch.png)
Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 00:38:20 No. 536 [Reply]
Daily reminder that:

As human beings your thoughts produce radio waves that can be measured and decoded.
Majority of governments on earth access all human brains the same way you access host computers on a network. 1950's research.
Its 2019 and the cell phone doesnt include a firewall.
People are suppose to be on earth to learn and live for their creator country and families however they are manipulated, studied and harvested as energy sources from birth.
You are fed lies poisons and disinformation from birth from your government to attempt to rob you of salvation.
Every citizen in the US unwillingly participates in an MKULTRA Behavioral modification program that scans your social media phone thoughts and body language and assigns you a "score" allowing you to progress in society.

Resist the Jew.
do you have any further reading on brainwave interception. i think wed have neurolink tech.public already then no?
Bullshit. If this is true (which it isn't), you would be under mind control right now. And if you were under mind control, you wouldn't be writing that.
Stopped reading right there

(9.04 KB 100x100 tor-icon.png)
OFFICIAL DAB ON WINTARDS THREAD Anonymous 10/13/2019 (Sun) 21:00:59 No. 329 [Reply]
Daily reminder to all anons that you should be using a real operating system and a real browser.
(also testing if thread creation works. if you see this thread, chrome/wintards btfo)
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(112.31 KB 660x556 IMG_20191101_230020.jpg)
(134.23 KB 629x511 IMG_20191101_230003.jpg)
(72.86 KB 653x456 IMG_20191101_225948.jpg)
The United States Government severe has mental health problems. Funding into tor is good because it at least appears to assist with anti analytical satanism by big tech. Either than or it is a psyop to calculate the x coefficient. Either way its best paired with vpns and proxys to create chained SSL/TLS. The jew is extremely advanced and actually sits on the US Government through private companies. We're talking Google, Facebook, Microsoft controlling local state and federal law enforcement through advance AI quantum computing. The constitution was lost many years ago.
I'm currently using win7 plan on taking backing up data before replacing the current (veracrypted) hdd with ssd+hdd with 2 partitions on the hdd, the other for a windows dualboot.

Meanwhile I have a win10 laptop. I have an nearly irresistible urge to install linux mint on it right now (have a bootable stick) after checking if there's any data worth backuping. What leaks are there compared to an PC considering it's a relatively new lenovo thinkpad? The webcam is obscured (duh) and the mic is untouched for now.

I'll learn about whonix and such later, therefore mint. I have some limited linux experience, first tried it with ubuntu in 2008.
Sorry for the braindamaged first sentence, I edited my post several times and butchered it
What do you mean what leaks?

(762.38 KB 640x640 1571607579628.webm)
Anonymous 10/21/2019 (Mon) 03:33:10 No. 415 [Reply]
Women are not attracted to programmers.

How does it feel to be an incel?
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sorry ants are to hard for u to understand bro. not everyone can understand them
>How does it feel to be an incel?
I do not need them - simple as that. I am fine on my own. However, given how much they screech about being lonely when they hit the wall in their 30s it seems like I have won. Call me an incel, tell me to have sex, but you will blow your head when I ignore you.
But don't you get it poor incel there is no such thing as hitting the wall. When they turn 30 they will marry a 18 year old zoomer and be just fine without you.
incel = involuntary celibates.
Its hard to force this definition if I'm not involuntary. Is it?

What no new insults from the woman brain here?

You tell her.
You don't understand genetics and are objectively wrong. Maybe you are to inferior intellectually already to understand it.
Enjoy disgenics.
Have sex incel. You should program java on windows. Give up on linux.

(213.00 KB 787x622 1573354803752.jpg)
Anonymous 11/10/2019 (Sun) 15:37:44 No. 532 [Reply]
Where do you think the future of online entertainment is going. with millenials tuning out of social media and youtube. wont there be a huge opportunity awaiting? vr/ar. discuss. also resources much appreciated.

(11.14 KB 151x231 Question_mark_liberal.jpg)
Platforms Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 04:30:50 No. 503 [Reply]
Basic fuck off analytics tools:

Linux, BSD- non system d init
Iptables / UFW
Icecat - Firefox is mossad malware
DNS over TLS stubby resolvers/DNS over HTTPS
System wide SSL/HTTPS Proxies
Browser proxies
PQ self hosted VPN or MSP
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Alphabet's Google is a company that exploits human rights violations and is criminal through and through and survive through government contracts with Langley and Ft. Mead. Alot of analytics is black op budget type work. Youtube's algorithm is AI and machine learning and can literally read a soul past TOR or VPN's.
(37.20 KB 218x205 yo.png)
no longer supported by gentoo devs
i could install it from a different source, or use an overlay, but is there any other good browsers in the gentoo repo? i'm still using firefo, but midori seems like it'd be bretty gud.
i meant icecat
quadruplechan doesn't quote like quarterchan does
When did this happen? Ill have to check it out. I switched to Icecat when I ran wireshark on firefox and almost shit my pants over analytics. Next best thing is a hardened config file and a finetuned proxy overlay or something and WAF. midori is ok for browsing but not auth since lack of integrity with HTTPS and downgrade.

Actually was considering coding my own version here soon and publishing.
>>516 surf is also good, i used it for a wile but i have switch to TBB because its easier to block crap and only allow js form some sites

(222.91 KB 450x399 TAD.png)
Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 14:14:41 No. 130 [Reply]
This should be in the sticky. The man created a whole operative system and programming language by himself, he's a mentor to all of us.
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(543.59 KB 766x758 Richardo Stallmanu.jpg)
Bump for Terry sticky
bump for sticky
(57.13 KB 1000x584 glowniggers.jpeg)
fuck u cianiggers
(138.22 KB 667x891 1561257867790.jpg)
not having terry's smiling visage in the sticky is a major downer and a problem that must be rectified. this thread should be bumped until Board Owner gets the message and puts terry in the sticky.
(409.31 KB 640x360 Do it like a White man.mp4)

(31.34 KB 800x533 USB-thumb-drive-16-GB.jpg)
(47.87 KB 720x405 serveimage.jpg)
(107.98 KB 330x250 serveimage(2).jpg)
Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 04:25:01 No. 526 [Reply]
500GB Storage medium. ~480GB free.


This is because when you make silicon transistors that are that small there is a probability that you will have bad sectors. this is why there are intel chips with different numbers of cores as option. They produce all the chips with the same cores but some come out with faulty cores even if they did everything perfectly.

With an intel chip it is an expensive enough item to disclose the amount of breakage on the packaging. With usbs they are so cheap that they don't do this.

Also usbs can often have hidden sectors that are used by the operating system of the usb. Some usbs that sell as 16 gigs actually have closer to 32 gigs.

(621.08 KB 960x960 9flp.png)
Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 02:58:00 No. 524 [Reply]
It is against the law to say that you are not trans in a programming job.
Yes. It's a violation of cyberlaw.


no cookies?