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Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 07:40:10 No. 250
Why do you use VPN providers ? Are you took stupid to rent a vps and install your own VPN ?
I don't use a VPN, but I currently rent out a few vps and have OpenVPN installed on them. The issue with this approach is that you're not getting the real benefits of a VPN, which is anonymity. Because there are thousands of users sharing the same servers for their requests, companies can't track you as easily. By using the OpenVPN approach, all you're doing it securing your connection in case you visit a site that only uses HTTP, and that's fine. That's a good reason to use a self hosted VPN, for example if you're in a library or starbucks. However, that's all it will do. You can't do illegal stuff on it because your VPS has you by your credit card credentials and because you're limited on the number of IP addresses you have. (Of course it's almost impossible to do illegal things on a VPN as well, but at least you have a bunch of people using the same server as you which can potentially mask you)
(97.42 KB 400x452 9b3.gif)
I don't use either! I get off on the thrill of the possibility of being detained over autistic shitposts and the datahoarding of profitless media made decades ago before everything became awful!

Also, neets are too poor to afford anything mommy won't approve of... so yeah...
(19.88 KB 720x291 IMG_20191014_083455.jpg)
>you're not getting the real benefits of a VPN
>Are you took stupid to rent a vps and install your own VPN ?
>took stupid
Fuck off nigger. Come back when you know why that's a dumb idea.
Just kidding. FUCK OFF FOREVER
>Instance is as easily traceable to you just using your own computer.
Why aren't you owning boxes using your leet haxxor skillz & setting up SSH port forwarding? Oh wait, because your'e a nigger.
based and fashpilled. fukken saved.
VPNs are a bunch of jewish bullshit. sure, it is better than nothing, but seriously. plus then i can't get my shitposts in.
>>289 KEK
What about TEMPEST anon? Jew clones my vps overseas in microseconds. /:
>>307 wait what?
>>289 Pretty much this. If I get caught, it:s whatever. I heard Federal prison is comfy. My mom won't have to feed me tendies anymore.


no cookies?