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(9.04 KB 100x100 tor-icon.png)
OFFICIAL DAB ON WINTARDS THREAD Anonymous 10/13/2019 (Sun) 21:00:59 No. 329
Daily reminder to all anons that you should be using a real operating system and a real browser.
(also testing if thread creation works. if you see this thread, chrome/wintards btfo)
Mint is for super-plebs who can't even into Ubuntu tbh.
I'm realistic. All you can do is run from tyranny when it's too efficient. Linux doesn't work, newer software just gets worse, you may as well keep older software and live in a anarchy village out in the middle of nowhere. The powers that be would not even care if you did. You just have to be far enough away.

Seriously though, Linux is trashy. It always will be until it works as well as windows 95 did, but doesn't due to lack of streamlined options and no offline guides. I've legit never installed a bit-torrent application on Linux and had to install Lakka before just to get emulation to work. If I can't use a normal GUI desktop distro with just those two things easily installed then it's trash. So I give up on it. I will never take Linux seriously with how it behaves.

And no you can't fight the powers that be. Just run.

Linux can't be used by non-autistics. You're spinning your wheels too often to have common sense is why, when using Linux. Everything is a waste of time.
(115.65 KB 1024x768 20141224_codeediting.jpg)
Just write your own OS, bro.
(999.99 KB 400x300 90s.gif)
>if society is broken just fix it yourself
(31.38 KB 1280x1024 decwindows-vms5.5-vax.png)
Well that's all you can do. This is the ultimate red pill. If you sit around complaining and waiting for someone else to fix your shit or make your dream OS, it's never gonna happen. So you might as well just get started.
Rather than do that I'd probably force myself to learn how to put puppy together manually. It's multiple Linux distros put together after all.

It's one reason puppy was in my head earlier in the reply chain. Even arm cpu can have it. Berryboot includes puppylinux alpha 4 for that reason, very versatile. Though, I tried to install it on a system on a chip once, and it gave me a black screen even after troubleshooting the resolution and driver types. I'll have to get a different monitor to use it.

>complaining about pis
Install Openbsd on it then if you are going to be fully autistic.

I recall it being compatible with at least one of the system on a chip computers.
>see image
>look at text
Today I learned this exists.
Yeah guys, anti Linux user back. Ever tried using this to replace windows WITHOUT network access? Just something to think about. Things like lakka (basically retroarch) for the PC can't even run n64 nor can it's psx load iso files even though that's what everyone would have. Installing other emulators without network access, from tar, seems to be autistically hard too. Installing anything from a file you copy and paste seems balls to the wall hard. I can't move on from windows because I'd like to be able to replicate my system without having to result to cloning hard drives. Backing up files, installing a distro, trying to install the apps though, I mean, fuck. Try doing it from tar and compare your asspain to the windows experience. People downright expect you to be on the grid, and yet linux users are.... better than the windows? Linux is botnet more than windows due to this. Needing to always be online. That and the emulators being shit in comparison to old windows ones.
>>582 Do not worry young goyim. Based US Gov images your machine every second with nano dna drones and stores in on Petabyte storage that is microscopic. Think jews mind fund it idk. Tempes is a cowardly as fuck. Lol.
Tempest Mr.BigJewInCharge Large Oil company jew gets first review. Very powerful. Much money. Very large nose. Smell you from long way away. No run from me. Me not nephilim. Instead powerful tiny stature banker. Hide behind money.
>>582 32 bit pc's rather can't. Snes emulators as hard as psx. Aside from emu's literally it's the networking computer. It's probably why that one schizophrenic that designed temple os didn't have network on it, it's evil. The government is trying to be god. They pay into Linux and made the web. Gates just wanted money and anarchist capitalism is far better than commie/fascism. * >>586 yes
(2.92 KB 768x540 cap.png)
Only emulators I care about are for 70's and 80's era systems. I compiled Caprice32 for armhf (32-bit) just yesterday, in fact. Runs pretty good, but then again it's an old emulator from 2005. Most newer ones got crazy and expect botnet hardware with speculative execution, OpenGL, and all that lame shit. Well I don't want any of that. I want to keep it simple, so that's what I do.
>Linux doesn't work, newer software just gets worse, you may as well keep older software yeah keep using windows 7 so you can get hacked because no more updates. >Seriously though, Linux is trashy. It always will be until it works as well as windows 95 did Which Linux? specify, faggot. Plenty of distros out there that just work. >If I can't use a normal GUI desktop distro with just those two things easily installed then it's trash. So I give up on it. Lol, ok just install windows 10, retard. >And no you can't fight the powers that be. Just run Found the jew. Take your black pills and get the fuck off this board, kike!
>Yeah guys, anti Linux user back. Lol, ok kike. >Ever tried using this to replace windows WITHOUT network access? And why would you want to do that, considering almost every activity is done online? WTF are you, some kind of fucking offline hermit? GTFO already!
>>594 >why on earth would you want to be independent of the military owned and made capitalistically controlled Internet?
(32.90 KB 474x506 picture.jpeg)
>>384 here, imma adjust this: >operating systems godtier: <tails linux good tier: <linux mint <whonix <qubes <ibm operating system <ubuntu <lindows bad tier: <windows <chrome os cuck tier <android >browsers god tier <tor <i2p good tier <waterfox <opera <epic privacy browser paired with a vpn meh tier <firefox bad tier <microsoft edge <google <brave cuck tier <internet explorer >search engines god tier <metager hidden service (http://b7cxf4dkdsko6ah2.onion/tor) <proxy.metager.de <metager.de <metager.org <swisscows good tier <mojeek <startpage bad tier <bing <yahoo <duckduckgo cuck tier <google
(203.26 KB 1014x724 cb.png)
For a couple years I was offline (except for weekly trips to the library), but I was running OpenBSD on an old i386 Thinkpad, and had already burned the install CD and downloaded *every* package from the repository, plus grabbed all the source codes for the OS, the ports tree (and whatever distfiles I needed), all firmwares, etc. This took up a lot of room, but I had a 500 GB portable USB HDD, so there was plenty of space for it. I also downloaded other various other source codes, plus tons of media stuff like emulators, games, movies, pdfs/ebooks, cbr/cbz files and whatnot. This was back in 2010, before demonoid and megaupload went down, so it was easy to get lots of stuff.
(974.27 KB 200x106 1477962068848.gif)
For being usable because I'm a faggot and not him, going to adjust your adjust: >from most usable to least <windows 7 <windows 10 <android 5 <debian based linux distros >browsers Depends on what you're doing faggot. But mozilla if not a 'cool' kid fucking around with backtrack stuff and shit nor an idiot on jewlge's browser. Nothing else is relevant but mozilla and chrome and tor is based on mozilla so really just mozilla.
>>335 use linux mint not ubuntu and use waterfox or icecat not firefox.
@DOJ @Langley Use to think I needed a disguise to be anonymous. Lmaooo. Check your operatives. Theyre interfeering with my pussy gathering opetation.
>>599 Please do go on and elaborate on this story.
>this was back before >before Like I said. Linux is trash. Now.
>>642 *inb4 freebsd isn't Linux
(80.91 KB 755x788 KFC+.jpg)
>>373 >when the vpn/tor connection drops This provides a small metadata leak, keep this in mind. >>383 >duckduckgo Check out https://github.com/asciimoo/searx/wiki/Searx-instances https://www.yacy.net/ >>418 >use a PC not a laptop Why? Laptops are a nomads and dissidents only friend. It is mobile and easily disposable. You can make copies of encrypted drives incase of data loss, ensuring you are confident of your hardware before encryption. Theft and surveillance is most effectively countered by encryption or anticipation of theft, not by how inaccessible your hard-drive is. If it is not feasible or recommended to rely mostly on encryption, it is still easier to relocate, conceal, or destroy a laptop and it components than a desktop. I however can't vouch for the security of hardware between the choices for which I am not a hardware engineer. I've read you can render a reliable thinkpad if you find an untampered BIOs and wipe the drive with a fresh OS. Write the boot sector to a USB or something if you can't trust your machine around others. I would add that in the instances of physical theft, social engineering, or torture, there should be a method of preventing this. I wonder if this would work, hear me out: Passphrase from memory + Key from disk --> Decryption You could carry a SDcard or some sure destructible medium with part or most of the passphrase on it, destroying it when necessary. This combo prevents someone from stealing a full storage key OR torturing you for a full working passphrase, but not both at once. Now considering you're sure about randomness, secure passphrase, hardware, all that jazz.. it may be more likely to convince your enemy that is would be impossible to recover the full passphrase as the medium was destroyed. This does seem like a pain but it would help securing very sensitive data when it could be fatal. It also gives you more bargaining chips, more routes for setup and negotiation after capture because you know a passphrase and the location of one or more keys, otherwise intact or destroyed. It is up to you what to reveal, explain, or manipulate to the interrogator. I think this key feature already exists and is possible on linux LUKs but I haven't tried it personally. I don't think it's a popular approach, it's too >no WiFi cards or blue tooth or other crap Agreed but you have to know what you're looking for. I think discounting the immutable benefits of a laptop because of this is a bit shortsighted. Other then that, yours is security by isolation. Good basics. >>472 >rocks and sharp sticks at tanks and drone FMJ, IEDs, and EMP.. or you know, realize we don't fight on battlefields in rows anymore. Most warfare is now insurgent warfare with very high risk of causalities and crossfire that is very costly to Blue Team defenders (i.e.) the system. >like robots who will hunt the land Resources aren't unlimited retard. Not to mention with the acquisition of all these robots poses major liabilities and disasters waiting to happen, a-la a-hackin'ing or manipulation. >satellites >Facebook uses publicly available geological data The establishment, rebels, and most of the general public have access to this data. The point isn't to stand out from the average population in the wild, it's to blend in, wait and look for an opening using this publicly available data. >>560 >Linux is trashy It is becoming trashy. BSD looks promising but I'm not sure how to make it similar to my new Qubes/Whonix setup. We need specialized members that know this so everyone can be secure. Not everyone can invest weeks to months of their life in OSINT and nerdy things. All members that care should protect the whole of the group. >>565 >do everything yourself >Ultimate red pill It takes a village. I don't care if you are triggered by this. >>596 > Tails is better than Qubes & Whonix Tails is amnesic, but so is Q and W but by user intervention. Tails has a lower barrier to entry than Q/W. Q/W is installed on disk, Tails is recommended on a bootable medium They are both debian/linux based but Tails requires that you trust not only the hardware but the additional software installed on the base OS. All humans struggle with anonymity, we have predictive behaviors. Q/W can be the biggest pitfall for this if you don't know what you're doing like on all systems, but most apparent here were it is your responsible to dispose of VM containers and not engage in predictive behaviors along with this metadata. Q/W encourages you to study intensively and act accordingly. This is why it has a wiki. Tails is advertised to plebs like journalists and activists. It is recommended for them in dire conditions and under timely conditions where time to study the details of technology isn't feasible. This isn't a bad thing in concept.
yeah i only use a real os like chromebook os or MS-DOS


no cookies?